aragood morning all!06:49
arajibel, can you remind me where mvo hosts the code for automated upgrade tests?11:07
jibelara, it's part of update-manager11:07
arajibel, but the launchpad code for it?11:09
jibelara, lp:ubuntu/update-manager in AutoUpgradeTester11:11
jibelara, it doesn't work in maverick and needs to be updated with the latest vmbuilder.11:12
arajibel, OK, thanks11:12
mvojibel: there is no fix for the "outputs a random filename yet"?11:14
mvojibel: in vmbuilder?11:14
jibelmvo, I haven't checked upstream, but in maverick the last update was in July and I haven't been able to specify an output file name with this version only an output directory.11:19
jibelmvo, but maybe I missed something.11:19
mvojibel: ok, I will poke soren and/or add code in the auto-upgrader-tester to just use glob to find the file11:20
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