MadnessRedI pushed the new treeview menu00:04
MadnessRednot quite done yet but its close00:04
OmegaWe're doing great guys!00:05
OmegaKeep up the good work.00:05
OmegaKeep up the good work.00:06
MadnessRedjust pushed another revision, now single clicking on the treeview should load the page00:06
OmegaI've been putting off working on my thesis.00:07
OmegaHave to have a rough draft ready for October first.00:08
MuscovyWhat's your thesis on?00:09
OmegaThe sad part is I haven't deciced _exactly_ what I want.00:10
MuscovySounds like a neat topic.00:10
OmegaIt is!00:10
OmegaBut, ubuntu-tour is the priority in here! :)00:11
MuscovyHave you narrowed down an area yet?00:11
MuscovyThe topic of crypto is sort of a massive cloud to me.00:11
MadnessRedhm, I don't like the treeview background colour, gonna see if it can be changed to match the html00:12
MuscovyI'm pulling the new branch now to see what this is all about. :D00:14
Muscovy...now is it just me, or do only two chapters display in the current code branch?00:16
MadnessRedonly 2 show00:18
MadnessRedbecause they others are setup yet00:18
MadnessRedwe need to put a tour.info file in all the other tours00:18
MadnessRedwhich will tell it where to put the tour00:18
MuscovyIs that to prevent an exclude list for things like ./html?00:19
MadnessRedno, it so that we know what catagory each tour belongs in and, where it should be placed00:19
brandonjis ubuntu-tour.py supposed to be crashing?00:22
MuscovyI think not.00:22
MuscovyWhich revision?00:22
brandonjmost recent code-development00:23
MuscovyWhat's the crash error? It works fine for me.00:23
MadnessRedand me,00:24
MuscovyMadnessRed, out of curiosity, how does the "open in default browser" work?00:24
MadnessRedMuscovy: There is a python module called Webbrowser00:25
MadnessRedwhich opens a url in the default browser00:25
brandonjsomething wrong with that gconf stuff00:25
MadnessRedWhen the "url-changed" event occurs, it triggers a call back which intercepts it00:25
MadnessRedthen if the is local, eg file:// it lets webkit load it, if not, it lets webbrowser load it00:26
MadnessRedbrandonj, there appears to be00:26
MadnessRedcan you run get_theme.py00:26
brandonjrather than run gconftool-2 can we use python-gconf?00:26
brandonjget_theme.py runs, but I get "no value set" for both keys00:27
MuscovyI get no value for both as well, but it prints theme info.00:28
MadnessRedcan you copy and paste the entire output00:28
MadnessRedwhat theme?00:30
MadnessRedand what colour scheme?00:30
MadnessRedhm, so quite a popular one00:31
brandonjis there a way to bypass all this theme stuff?00:31
brandonjthere should be a boolean to disable it00:32
MadnessRedno, but I will make it so if the important ones aren't there, it uses the default00:32
brandonjthats also reasonable00:32
MadnessRedtrying to work out how to set the background of a treeview00:32
brandonjgtk doesn't set that based on the theme?00:33
MuscovyI guess not the main page.00:33
MuscovySince it's like a browser.00:33
MadnessRedit does00:34
MadnessRedbut it makes it white00:34
MadnessRedI want it to blend but I think I got it anyway00:34
MadnessRedok yh it works :)00:36
MadnessRedit was modify_base not modify_bg00:36
MadnessRedim pushing now00:36
MadnessRedlet me know what you thing, Im gonna make a fallback system from elementary now00:37
brandonjit should fallback to ubuntu default colors00:38
MadnessRedok, brandonj, try now00:42
MadnessRedrevision 40 should work for you00:42
MadnessReddoes it work?00:47
brandonjyes, it does00:50
brandonjso the text area is rendered in html?00:50
brandonjcan the right click menu be disabled in there?01:08
MadnessRedI dunno, I'll see01:25
MadnessRedsome of it is useful though like the copy part01:26
brandonjyeah but things like the reload option break it01:26
brandonjwell, sort of01:26
OmegaOne of our members is called italian translator.01:30
OmegaDo you guys think it is a good idea to include how to use assistive software?01:31
brandonjIt certainly isn't a bad idea.  Once we get the software sorted we can make as many tours as we want and distribute them seperately01:32
moisoHello everybody... my name is Moises, I'm a native spanish speaker (from Costa Rica) and I would like to help this project with the translation stuff)02:26
moisohow can I join the team?02:29
MuscovyWhat are you interested in helping with, moiso?02:30
moisoI was tinking in translations, but I could do some other things as well02:31
maheshmohanHi guys, I commited some edits & typo's using bzr, but my launchpad page is not updated(my karma & recent activities remains same!)02:32
Muscovymaheshmohan: Karma is calculated once a day.02:33
Muscovymoiso: Keep in mind as we're not finished writing the tour, translating it is an uphill battle right now.02:34
maheshmohanalso, I can run ubuntu-tour.py. am getting errors02:34
maheshmohansorry. I can't02:34
MuscovyIf you want to, how much do you need to know? Just how to translate, or do you need to know how to get the code too?02:34
MuscovyCould you paste them for us, maheshmohan?02:35
maheshmohanhere it is http://pastebin.com/jGjhDgS102:35
MuscovyWhen did you last update your branch?02:36
MuscovyWe had an error just like that, but it was solved about a day ago.02:36
maheshmohanok. I will pull now.02:37
maheshmohanok.it's now working02:41
MuscovyGood. :D02:41
maheshmohanwhen will the project be finished? will it ship with maverick as default?02:42
MuscovyI wish it will ship in Maverick.02:42
MuscovyWe'll have a moderately functioning tour by Maverick that we may make our own CD with.02:43
maheshmohanI meant, will it ship with official iso?02:43
MuscovyIt'll be for 11.04 that we'll start lobbying for inclusion.02:43
MuscovyNot for Maverick, but hopefully in 11.04.02:43
maheshmohanthe, how people use it in maverick? ppa? or in official repo?02:47
MuscovyI assume we'll make a PPA, but we might make it into the official repo by then.02:47
MuscovyHowever, we loose a lot of usefulness if people have to search us out.02:48
MuscovyThe ultimate goal is inclusion in the ISO.02:48
maheshmohanok. A good idea may be higlighting it in the ubuntu s/w center02:48
maheshmohanuntil included in iso02:49
MuscovyYeah, but I bet it'll take just as many hoops to do that is it will to include it.02:49
maheshmohanyes. promo via omgubuntu will help us. I think that's why ubuntu manual got this much appreciation!02:50
moisosorry I'm back. OK so I'll wait until the project is finished and then I'll work on the translations02:54
moisomaybe it's not the most important part of it, but many ubuntu users aren't english speakers :)02:55
MuscovyHave you added your name to the wiki list, moiso?02:55
MuscovyWe made that especially to collect willing translators for when we need them.02:56
moisook that's great02:56
moisohey muscovy, I'm kind of a noob in this regards, so I have a question02:57
maheshmohanI have a question to programmers02:58
maheshmohanCan I code in glade or I have to handcode pygtk?02:58
MuscovyI don't think we're using Glade.02:59
moisoWhat if I click the "join this team" link in the launchpad project page? Will I become a collaborator then?02:59
MuscovyBut I'm not familiar with GUI programming, and we've been to busy for me to get up to speed with the coders.02:59
Muscovymaheshmohan: brandonj or MadnessRed would be good people to ask.03:00
maheshmohanok Muscovy03:00
OmegaWe're not using Glade03:00
Muscovymoiso: yes.03:00
brandonjI've been summoned?03:00
MuscovySummoned wantonly.03:01
brandonjcertainly no glade03:01
moisoOk done! I'm with you guys03:10
MuscovyI'm not quite sure how to do it myself, but the other chapters in the dev branch ought to have the tourinfo files.03:27
brandonjthat was strange03:45
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laurent_I must say the updates to the code-development branch with the tree as opposed to buttons and the bugs fixed are impressive05:40
grymanYeah? I'll have to check it out!05:58
grymanI just got home from C# class05:58
laurent_Do you know where I can find high quality ubuntu logos in the new branding?06:30
SilasleHmm, MadnessRed did an nice work.06:41
kurohew do I get the latest revision from the server?06:42
grymanDo you already have a local branch?06:43
kuroyes I used bzr branch06:43
Silaslebzr pull06:43
laurent_bzr pull06:43
grymanbzr merge06:43
grymanor pull06:43
laurent_bzr pull lp:ubuntu-tour for the writing06:43
laurent_the code is bzr pull lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development I think06:44
kurodeosn't that upload my work?06:44
Silaslebzr push uploads06:44
grymanpush does06:44
kurookay thanks06:44
grymanshift insert doesn't work in Visual Studio, fyi...  ;)06:49
aksharpatel47Can someone explain to me what would happen if : I pull the code from bzr, I make some revisions to it, somebody else pushes his revision before me and then I push my revisions06:55
grymanYou'll be asked to merge before you push yours06:56
grymanand then you can fix any conflicts, if any06:56
aksharpatel47so that part has to be done manually06:57
grymanIf there's any conflicts, yeah, you'd have to fix them manually06:57
grymanYou don't really want the computer guessing which spelling of a word is best06:58
aksharpatel47he he06:58
aksharpatel47sure I don't06:58
aprilghi all07:02
aprilgre the screenshots, I'll be placing them under the images folder, is that alright ?07:02
aprilgwill upload to lp:ubuntu-tour07:02
laurent_place them in images/screenshots maybe aprilg07:10
laurent_the reason is that there will be other images such as the icon and logo etc.07:10
laurent_if you agree of course07:10
laurent_I am just pushing a commit to lp:ubuntu-tour now07:11
grymanOMG NO07:11
laurent_it contains a logo I made for the first page, just a draft07:11
laurent_tell me what you think07:11
laurent_it's finished on my end07:11
aprilglaurent_ I'll place them under /images/screenshots/folder name (about-ubuntu or empathy or ... ) wachuthink?07:25
kurothe localization system doesn't yet work does it? I just translated a page but I still get the english version.07:26
kuroallthough the tour.info works07:28
kuroand there will be language spcific images, right?07:30
laurent_aprilg, do you want me to start linking in some of those screenshots?07:49
aprilglaurent_ if you want to, go ahead07:49
laurent_I'll do that now07:49
laurent_are they resized?07:49
aprilgI think the only one I missed was the desktop.jpg07:49
aprilgeverything else was cropped and resized07:50
laurent_I'm just pushing some of the inserted images08:12
laurent_I think it will change a lot though08:13
laurent_also, I'm beginning to think now that images are being added and I was using a lot of div tags for placement, it's kind of annoying having the auto BR on \n etc.08:13
aprilglaurent_ just let us know if you want to remove the autoBR on \n so we can edit the text :)08:15
laurent_I can remove it but some might prefer it with the auto br, it just makes the HTML in the text files look ugly because you have to remove whitespace08:15
aprilgoh, ok. I'm fine with either way. whatever makes things better, I guess.08:25
aprilgby the way, I like the tour bus :D08:25
laurent_I was bored when I got home from work :P08:26
aprilglooks great. and it makes the ubuntutour seem fun.08:29
aprilganyway, I'll head out for a bit08:30
aprilgbe back later08:30
laurent_I'm going to edit the two panel images to make them fit inside the tour08:32
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=== loonycookie is now known as aprilg
marco____Buongiorno a tutti11:39
SilasleDo we have some list of in which order the sections should be displayed?15:23
SilasleMadnessRed: Are you here?15:38
MadnessRedSilasle, the sections are in an array in tour.py15:38
SilasleHow was the tour.info planned15:38
Silasleposition means position in the whole tour or in the current section?15:39
SilasleBecause numbers higher then 9 doe sent work.15:42
kuroI looked at the tour.py code, and if html is disabled, the html_to_raw method doesn't even get called because of a bug, which I already fixed, but anyhow, that method only removes br's so I added some regex's to remove other tags, but what should I do with the image links? for now they are just lost15:48
SilasleDo we need the possibility to disable html?15:49
kurowell I guess not, I just saw it in the code and tried to fix it :-)15:56
kurobut with html the user needs python-webkit also, that's an additional 180k15:57
MadnessRedHi Silasle, what did you say after position men position ...16:01
MadnessRedmen -> means16:01
Silasleposition means position in the whole tour or in the current section?16:07
MadnessRedyh, that was the last message i got before my internet died, what did you say afterwards16:07
Silaslekuro: Isn't python-webkit default?16:07
MadnessRedand it means, the position in the caragory16:08
MadnessRedit is16:08
SilasleBecause numbers higher then 9 doesn't work.16:08
MadnessRedlol, comparing strings, not integers :/16:08
kurowell then there's no point in having the text displayed in raw form is there?16:09
MadnessRed1 sec, easy fix, I'll sort it16:09
MadnessRedkuro, no, it should enable html by default, raw for is just incase, eg is someone tries on Feisty or something16:09
kurobut this program is intended for maverick, shouldn't it check at the beginning for that, and maybe give a warning and then stop execution if it's not?16:12
MadnessRedI pushed the fix for positions higher than 916:15
MadnessRedcan you push all the tour.info files16:15
kuroshoul'd it stay in there, it would be good to know where the images would go16:16
SilasleOk, i'm back16:24
SilasleBut positions change the whole category order.16:26
SilasleLooks like this now: v16:27
Silasle* http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4997718/Screenshot-19.png16:27
SilasleDont know why it start whit emphaty.16:27
SilasleThe Hmm, about-ubuntu seems to be nr 1116:33
MadnessRedcan you push all the tour.infos16:36
MadnessRedI only have 2 atm16:36
SilasleMadnessRed: But how can the order of the categories be changed, the position way sort of worked.16:44
MadnessRedIn tour.py16:44
MadnessRedthe default catagories are listed in a list16:45
MadnessRedif you jsut change the order of that list for now16:45
MadnessRedI will make something more complex later16:45
SilasleWhich list?16:45
SilasleAh, found it16:46
SilasleLooks as it should now.16:48
SilasleI'll update the texts to them from the main branch, ok?16:51
SilasleWhat's that: self.load_page(self.children[self.parents.keys()[pos[0]]][pos[1]],0) ?16:54
SilasleMadnessRed: You can write but i'm away..16:54
GiulioChi all16:54
MadnessRedhi, sorry, we a bit distracted16:55
MadnessRedpos, is the position in the treeview16:55
GiulioCno problem..16:55
MadnessRedwhich is a touple, [0] is the parent, [1] is the item16:55
MadnessRedhow are you GiulioC?16:55
GiulioCbut..why don't we use launchpad for translations?16:55
kuroI'm too looking at that line right now16:55
GiulioCfine thanks, you?16:56
kuroi get an indekerror16:56
MadnessRedodd, it looks like Internet and Multimedia are the wrong way round16:58
MadnessRedim ok17:05
MadnessRedkuro: I think its because dictionaries are sorted :/17:05
MadnessRedeasy to fix though hopefully17:05
MadnessRedok sorted, does it work now kuro?17:08
kurowell I don't get any output now, and many pages don't work17:11
kuronow I only get a GtkWarning every now and then17:12
MadnessRedwhat pages don't work?17:13
kurowell like you said before, internet and multimedia is mixed, so is office, and when I click for example on photo management, nothing happens, that's where I got the indexerror before, but also an mail, ubuntu one and network settings17:15
MadnessRedtry doing a pull17:16
MadnessRedI fixed that on my version17:16
kurono revisions to pull17:17
kuroshould be the newest one17:17
MadnessRedand things are still mixed round?17:17
kurohmm I tried bzr branch ... and this one works17:18
MadnessRedok kl17:19
MadnessRedok, try and see if you can get 4517:20
MadnessRedit should show the right first page17:20
kurobut the sections are sorted, wouldn't it be better if getting started was on the top and so on17:21
kuroworks fine on the now branch I downloaded, but on the old one I get some conflicts17:23
MadnessRedgetting started is on the top17:24
kuroit's alphabetically ordered17:25
kurook not really17:25
kurobut getting started is at pos 317:25
MadnessRedits top for me17:26
kurothen there must be something wrong17:26
MadnessRedwhat is the order for you?17:26
kurocontinue playing, internet, getting started, multimedia, office17:27
kurofrom top to bottom17:27
MadnessRedah, I see what has happened17:28
MadnessRedI used self.catagories for 2 different lists17:31
MadnessRedfix commited and pushed17:32
kuroworks now17:33
kurowhat about the progressbar? it's kinda bugging me that it doesn't start at 0, wouldn't that be nicer?17:34
MadnessRedif you would like17:35
MadnessRedthe thing is that say there are 4 pages17:36
MadnessRedby the time they have got to the bottom of the 4 pages, they have done 1/417:36
MadnessRedAlso what if there is only 1 page?17:36
MadnessRedThe last page should be 100% and the first 0%17:36
kurothat's what I mean, right now the 1st page is never 0%17:37
MadnessRedso say you had 4 pages, would you like to see:17:38
MadnessRed0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/317:38
MadnessRedas the progress for those pages?17:38
* Silasle is back17:41
kurowhy not17:42
kurolook fine17:42
MadnessRedok, so what does a 1 page tour look like?17:42
kurowell that would be 100%17:42
MadnessRedbut then there is an inconsistency, between starting at 0%, and then one suddenly starts at 100%17:43
MadnessRedI agree with you for the most part though17:44
kuroright nom 1 page is 100% so what does it matter if it starts at 0 or 1517:44
kurobecause when I first saw the progressbar I tried to slide it to the right xD17:45
MadnessRedI did too17:46
MadnessRedI agree with everything you are saying, I am just a bit worried about it looking odd for 1 page tours17:46
SilasleSeems to work except of one thing no images displayed17:46
kurohow about implementing a sliding thingy? :-)17:47
MadnessRedI commit the 0% to 100% progress bar17:47
MadnessRedand pushed17:47
kuroin the main branch are already images17:47
MadnessRedSilasle: What images?17:48
MadnessRedkuro: What do you mean by a sliding thing?17:48
kuroyou only had to remove the +1 right xD17:48
SilasleAt the first page for example17:48
MadnessRedok, is that jsut because they haven't been added yet?17:48
MadnessRedkuro: yes, and do a check for division by 017:49
SilasleI have them17:49
SilasleWait, i'll send an screenshot17:49
kuroyou know like what some webpages have, if you slide the slider to the right the content moves to the left and the next content comes from the right17:49
kurowhy div by 0? it's one page minimum isn't it17:50
kurocheck your link17:50
MadnessRedyes, but with 1 page, the last page is 017:51
kuroit might be wrong17:51
kurobut I just removed the +1 and it worked fine17:51
kuroeven with 1 page17:51
MadnessRedwell, no harm being safe17:52
SilasleYea, i found out the problem, but why is it checking at one page above the directory whit the .py files ?17:52
kurodon't know, must have been implemented that way17:53
MadnessRedSilasle: Because I told it to17:53
Silaslecrazy, that folder could be named everything17:53
kuroknew it xD17:54
MadnessRedyes but surely the name will be whatever the creator named it17:54
MadnessRedbut yes, I'll change17:54
SilasleFor our branch it's code-development and for the main branch it's ubuntu-tour17:54
kuromousepad is only in xubuntu default not ubuntu right?17:56
MadnessRedok pushed to code developement17:56
MadnessRedits in the folder above the text,17:57
MadnessRedwhich means that stuff can be shared between languages easier17:57
SilasleWhat is it at for example about.ubuntu/ ?17:58
SilasleWhy that?17:58
SilasleRight now the images are at images/17:58
MadnessRedso your folder may looks like: en, en_GB, images17:59
MadnessRedand you would do <img src="images/img.png" />17:59
kuroIi think it should be images/en; images/es etc17:59
SilasleHmm, but we will need different images for different languages.18:00
MadnessRedbut each file loads its own images18:00
kurochanging language in ubuntu is easy anyway18:00
MadnessRedmaybe I should just keep it simple and put the images in the en folder18:00
MadnessRedso its en/images18:00
MadnessRedand you would still do <img src="images/img.png" />18:00
kurofine with that18:00
MadnessRedso the htmls act from their own folder18:01
MadnessRedand if they want to share18:01
MadnessRed<img src="../shared_img/shared.png" />18:01
kuroI even like that better. nice done :-)18:02
kuroyou push so much, you know that?18:03
MadnessRedToo much?18:03
MadnessRedI try and push every change asap to avoid conflicts18:03
kurooh right, there's that18:03
kurook, keep pushing18:04
MadnessRedAnyway can someone push the images?18:04
SilaslejI'm working on to change the html and move the images18:05
MadnessRedalso, 1 thing I should say about positions18:06
MadnessRedsay you have something you want at the bottom of a list, or you want to leave a gap for something else, thats file18:06
MadnessRedyou can give somthing a position of 100, and that is fine, positions don't need to be consequtive18:07
SilasleOk, i already recognized that.18:07
kurohey what is better, using os.popen or subprocess18:07
SilasleNever heard of subprocess18:07
MadnessRedsubprocess was designed as a replacement to os.popen and os.system18:09
MadnessRedgives you a bit more control18:09
kuroallright thx18:09
MadnessRedI mean sometimes os.system is easier18:10
MadnessRedos.system('clear') for example18:11
SilaslePushed for about-ubuntu18:11
kuroI thougth of something, how about checking if python-webkit is installed, if not then prompt the user to install it to continue, so I would use subprocess to call 'software-center python-webkit'18:12
SilaslePython-webkit should be installed  as one of the dependencies.18:13
SilasleIf it's not default, i dont think i have installed it.18:13
kuroi know, just to be safe, people can uninstall things you know18:14
SilasleIt cant damage18:15
kurosomethings wrong, I can't seem to find any about-ubuntu page18:15
SilasleI have it18:16
MadnessRedubuntu tour logo is slightly too wide18:18
SilasleI know18:19
MadnessRedThing is the browser window depends on the items in the menu18:19
MadnessRedperhaps if you set the width to 100%18:19
MadnessRedIt would shrink as required then18:19
SilasleComes whit the next push18:20
MadnessRedalso the panel image18:20
MadnessRedmaybe you should have Ubuntu Tour running18:20
MadnessRedthen they would see where the programs go18:21
SilasleI haven't changed anything there except uri, it's from the main branch18:21
MadnessRedI think I will make a new profile for Screenshots :)18:22
kuromaybe somebody should add to the tour how to do that18:23
MadnessRedHow to add a new profile,18:24
SilasleOk, pushed18:27
* Silasle is away18:29
* Silasle is back18:41
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Toki2Will you enable translations in Launchpad for translators?19:01
Toki2I'd be interested in translating the tour into german. :)19:02
kurothen do it19:03
Toki2Launchpad says: "No translation activities recorded for Ubuntu-Tour Team." :/19:03
kuroyou need to download the code19:04
kurouse bzr branch lp:ubuntu-tour19:04
brandonjWe don't have translations setup in launchpad yet19:04
Toki2I guess I have to learn to use bazaar then. XD19:05
Toki2Thanks for the info. ;)19:06
aksharpatel47any one knows the results of the doodle poll for the meeting?19:17
brandonjsaturday 11am EST19:18
brandonj(15:00 GMT?)19:18
aksharpatel47where will the meeting be held?19:19
aksharpatel47on IRC?19:19
brandonjEither me or somebody else will send out an email to the list soon19:19
aksharpatel47thanks for the info :)19:20
MadnessRedhi all, my internet got disconnected, did I miss anything?19:48
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MadnessRedhi all23:23
MuscovyHi everyone.23:46
MadnessRedits a bit quiet in here this evening23:51
Muscovy86 revisions to the main branch.23:53
MadnessRednot me23:55
MadnessRedI like in the code branch23:55
MuscovyI see people have already started adding pictures.23:55
MuscovyOne or two will need replacing though.23:56
MadnessRedcan you push the page updates to code-dev please23:56

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