brycehRAOF, wow, Intel's getting flamed hard for 8xx on phoronix02:22
bryceh(at least, in the comments)02:22
ScottKDoes Phoronix ever say anything nice about anyone in the comments?02:25
ScottKLast thread I heard about it was Intel was wonderful and Kwin was just asking too much.02:26
brycehtis true, every comment there is a rant against something or other02:27
nigelbsomeone ranting about intel 8xx? I should join in02:39
bjsniderranting about it isn't going to solve anything02:54
RAOFWho wants to sponsor an xserver upload!  Fun for one and all!04:34
RAOFGah.  I don't think Intel are particularly culpable for i8xx.  Those cards are a decade old, don't work properly in Windows Vista (IIRC), etc.  We have *better* i8xx support than recent windows!04:36
ajmitch_RAOF: I'd be more impressied if you supported my old i740 card properly, with nice shiny 3d :)04:37
RAOFajmitch_: We do!04:37
ajmitch_with some 3d support?04:37
RAOFIt's just that your *hardware* doesn't support shiny 3D :P04:37
ScottKMy 865 box is only less than 5 years old.04:37
ajmitch_RAOF: oh it supported some 3D, I think04:37
ajmitch_I just don't have a motherboard to put it in04:37
RAOFajmitch_: Yeah, but you'd be better of with a software rasteriser in any modern system.04:38
ScottKajmitch_ should sponsor it since he needs a break from the last task I gave him.04:38
RAOFScottK: Oh, I didn't know you could get 865 cards that recently.04:38
ajmitch_I look forward to the day when I can replace fglrx with a free driver & get the same features & performance04:38
ScottKRAOF: Actually I think it's a little over 5 years now that I think about it again.04:39
RAOFajmitch_: That'll take a while, although Natty might get you the same features.04:39
ScottKIIRC it was early 2005.04:39
RAOFThe 855 and 845 are older, though probably not by _that_ much.  I stand corrected.04:40
ajmitch_RAOF: it's a relatively modern ati chipset in the laptop, the other one has i91504:40
RAOFWe'll almost certainly be switching to r300g for Natty, supporting all the GLL04:41
ScottKWin2K works with it very nicely.04:41
ajmitch_RAOF: which ati chips would that support?04:41
RAOFGLSL, GL 2.x, and suchlike fun.04:41
ScottKRAOF: How goes the Mesa FFe?  I didn't see much in the way of additional test results recently.04:41
RAOFr300-r500.  I think that's up to Radeon 2xxx.04:41
* ajmitch_ has a mobility radeon hd 4650, I think that's r600?04:42
ajmitch_hard to keep track of them these days :)04:42
RAOFThat's likely to be r700, I thinke.04:42
ajmitch_looks lik you're right04:43
RAOFI don't think anyone's waiting on me for more testing on the mesa FFe?  The next activity I expected was “go ahead”, followed by an upload.04:44
RAOFI was also expecting to have a 7.9 release branch open up upstream, but that hasn't happened yet.04:46
ScottKRAOF: You said "I'll test swrast on my nouveau system" in the bug, but didn't report results yet.04:47
* ScottK notes to RAOF that he's approved and goes to bed.05:25
Sarvattoh sorry about that, I thought I replied on the FFe saying nouveau with and without swrast is what I've been testing mostly with no problems. my wife's been using it and she's good at complaining about broken things :)05:41
SarvattRAOF: release branch tomorrow morning PST05:42
Sarvattidr said "I will do this on the morning (US pacific time) of 9/14", there's a release bug tracker at https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3012405:43
ubot4Freedesktop bug 30124 in Mesa core "Mesa 7.9 release tracker" [Normal,New]05:43
Sarvattonly one relevant bug on there - https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2783105:45
ubot4Freedesktop bug 27831 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "[regression] DynamicBranching3 does not render correctly" [Normal,Assigned]05:45
Sarvattbetter off getting it in now and updating later though if there's a sponsor around, I can try to find one in the morning and/or pull in the release branch if not05:49
RAOFSo, before I board this plane, the two sponsorship opportunities are: http://cooperteam.net/Packages/xorg-server_1.9.0-0ubuntu6.dsc & http://cooperteam.net/Packages/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics_1.2.2-2ubuntu4.dsc05:51
Sarvattohh, XDS already?05:51
RAOFSarvatt: Would you like to shepherd the mesa upload now that the FFe has been granted?05:51
RAOFAustralia is a long way from *everywhere*, so….05:52
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ScottKSarvatt: Do you have anything ready for upload for mesa?13:51
SarvattScottK: just woke up, building it now because RAOF made some changelog changes vs the one I had prepared14:03
Sarvatthave it building on that server atm and will put the build log in that directory when its done14:09
ScottKSarvatt: Why are you renaming libegl1-mesa-drivers-x11 to libegl1-mesa-drivers?  That means it will have to go through binary New?14:14
Sarvattlet me find where RAOF did that for the rationale, I'm not sure exactly14:15
ScottKAlso did anyone check if the dropped symbols are used by anything?14:15
tballAnyone know if mesa 7.9 make it into the final version of maverick?14:22
Sarvattthe only users of openvg and egl were experimental arm packages, the dropped symbols in libopenvg1 don't exist in the proprietary drivers for all of those arm platforms because they split it off into a separate libOpenVGU lib there14:23
Sarvatti'm not sure if symbols were dropped in EGL since RAOF updated that, need to go over the history and look14:23
Sarvattyes, all of the removed symbols were ones that should have been hidden in the first place, checked libgles1 libgles2 and libopenvg1that had changes. the EGL split was because they used to ship two different drivers for x11 or kms EGL backends but they are now all shipped as a single one14:30
Sarvattalf__: do you know anything about the rdepends on libegl1-mesa-drivers-x11 in linaro? afaik asac knows about the new mesa 7.9 packages, I'm not sure if RAOF discussed it with you guys?14:43
alf__Sarvatt: at the moment, we just really need libegl1-mesa and the swrast driver. We don't have a direct dependency to libegl1-mesa-drivers-x11.14:48
Sarvattyeah thats what I thought but wasn't positive, thanks14:48
Sarvattalf__: were you aware of the mesa 7.9 FFe? egl/gles/vg has changed quite a bit in it14:49
alf__Sarvatt: You mean the on the packaging guide or in general?14:50
alf__Sarvatt: s/guide/side/14:50
SarvattI was wondering if you guys had tested it at all and had any problems14:51
ScottKSarvatt: The binary package renames isn't mentioned in debian/changelog (that I saw).  Also there is some redunancy between your entries and RAOF's that should be cleaned up.14:53
ScottKSarvatt: I'm wondering if we really need to do the package rename or if than can wait until Natty.14:53
alf__Sarvatt: I haven't tested it yet, I don't think asac has tested it either14:56
alf__Sarvatt: I am not sure about asac, though14:56
Sarvattthe package rename looks necessary from what I can see, it only builds a single driver that has both the x11 and KMS backends built into it, not sure shipping that in libegl1-mesa-dri-x11 makes sense? we could stuff it in both but the x11 backend will be the default in both14:57
ScottKOK.  Please clarify in debian/changelog what's going on.14:58
SarvattScottK: thanks, you're right that this changelog is silly, cleaning things up now14:58
Sarvatthttp://sarvatt.com/downloads/merges/mesa/ - anything missing from that changelog?15:11
SarvattRAOF did the egl change so I added it to his section15:14
Sarvattwent through the git history for debian/ and there isn't really anything else user visible that makes sense in the changelog except maybe mentioning the changes in libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental, but we dont really want people installing that package anyway because its unsupported :)15:17
Sarvattack, speaking of which, that needs to be in universe15:19
Sarvattit's completely unsupported by upstream15:20
Sarvattfiled https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/638097 for the demotion request15:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 638097 in mesa (Ubuntu) "Universe binary demotion request for libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]15:40
* Sarvatt waits for bryceh's script to mark it incomplete because there's no lspci attached15:40
ScottKSarvatt: Looks much better.  Thanks.16:14
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ScottKSarvatt and RAOF: Mesa uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.17:19
Sarvattthank you so much for all of the help with it ScottK!17:19
ScottKSarvatt: LP closing bugs in changelog is broken, so you'll still need to mark all those bugs fixed by hand.17:19
* Sarvatt nods17:20
SarvattIn conjunction with the release of the E620 (600 MHz. processing speed) / E640 (1.0 GHz.) / E660 (1.3 GHz.) / E680 (1.6 GHz.) devices and their enhanced temperature (-40° to +85° C) counterparts (E620T, E640T, E660T, E680T), Intel has also concurrently announced the release of a new embedded graphics driver called Intel® EMGD which stand for Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver.18:18
Sarvattwoohoo? wonder if it supposed > xserver 1.6 now18:18
Sarvattsupports rather18:18
Sarvattor psb in general for that matter18:19
Sarvatt Intel® EMGD is NOT a follow-on/next generation driver to IEGD since both drivers support different chipsets18:20
Sarvattoh that answers that18:20
Sarvatttime to close out all these mesa bugs18:41
brycehugh, another intel driver?  is it open or closed?18:53
SarvattThe Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver and Video BIOS support the following Linux operating systems and APIs:19:02
SarvattFedora* 11 (Timesys kernel 2.6.29, X.server 1.6 DRI2)19:02
SarvattMeeGo 1.0 IVI Linux (kernel, X.server 1.8.0)19:02
Sarvattskipped lucid/squeeze xserver video abi completely, yay19:03
Sarvattoh wait19:05
SarvattEMGD does work with PSB19:05
Sarvattthey just dropped all the other intel chipsets noone used IEGD for anyway19:06
SarvattIntel® EMGD 1.0 supports these Intel® Atom™ processor- based platforms:19:06
SarvattIntel® Tunnel Creek system-on-a-chip (SoC). Tunnel Creek integrates an Intel® Atom™ processor core + GPU + other i/o functions.19:06
SarvattIntel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series (with Intel® System Controller Hub US15W/US15WP/WPT Chipset)19:06
Sarvattso lucid + xorg-edgers + EMGD will work on PSB19:06
Sarvattnautilus sure picked a good time to go belly up - (nautilus:30209): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: No such interface `org.gtk.UniqueApp' on object at path /Factory19:56
seb128Sarvatt, restart your session or nautilus20:07
seb128it's just that the running instance has issue with the installed one20:07
seb128it's a maverick to maverick issue20:07
seb128ie will not happen to users running lucid and upgrading20:07
vishSarvatt:  seems the new mesa does the same for all ATI in Unity.. its a white screen for me as well :(20:44
Sarvattwhat did you get before?20:46
Sarvattalso, :(20:46
Sarvattmultiple people said it was fixed for them during testing, what GPU are you on again?20:48
vishSarvatt: well , earlier , it was unity doing a repeated reload , but with mesa 7.9 its just a constant white page20:48
Sarvattit's certainly working fine now on r600+ when it wasn't before20:49
vishand mutter needs to be run with  VBLANK , else even mutter wont work..20:49
vishi mean CLUTTER_VBLANK=none20:50
Sarvatti need that on intel to use unity too :)20:50
Sarvatt(otherwise its a white screen)20:51
Sarvattvish: did I ask you to try changing driconf options?20:51
vishon ATI?20:51
vishhavent tried it.. will try now..20:52
Sarvattone sec, cant actually change the option i'm gonna ask via driconf20:52
vishyeah.! 20:52
vishyou made me do this the last time too ;p20:52
Sarvattoh, put something in ~/.drirc?20:52
vishno , i think i downloaded the driconf and tried some option you wanted me to change , but it turned out to be for intel..20:53
Sarvatttry that as ~/.drirc20:53
Sarvattohhh man that was a *long* time ago!20:54
Sarvattsurprised you remember that :)20:54
Sarvattthat was texture tiling when they turned it on by default on intel in mesa 7.7 I think20:54
Sarvattanyway gotta put that in ~/.drirc manually because you cant edit the dri2 driver options in driconf, they are listed for the actual driver and vblank_mode doesn't do anything there20:56
vishok.. in a few ,  making a new daily live...20:57
vish http://pastebin.com/t8nND0bV21:19
vish_was mesa 7.9 released or is it still in sarvatt's ppa?21:28
vish_oh if its still building in other architectures it wont be available as an update?21:32
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vish_Sarvatt: nope.. that .drirc dint help :(  mutter doesnt work..  but if i start mutter with $CLUTTER_VBLANK=none mutter --replace        mutter works21:49
vish_this is on an RV515 21:50
Sarvattwhite screen with mutter too?21:51
Sarvattanything in ~/.xsession-errors?21:51
vish_mutter is not white , its just a background with a few missing windows21:52
vish_Sarvatt: nope , nothing in .xsession-errors  after i launch mutter --replace21:56
vish_http://paste.ubuntu.com/493840/  after mutter --replace21:57
vish_http://paste.ubuntu.com/493839/  before21:58
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Sarvattdarnit, vish_ do you have your bug # handy about this?22:05
Sarvatt<Sarvatt> darnit, vish_ do you have your bug # handy about this?22:05
vishSarvatt: bug 616997 :)22:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 616997 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "[RV515] Unity keeps reloading with a white background (affects: 7) (dups: 2) (heat: 155)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61699722:07
vishSarvatt: btw, i logged in twice ;)22:07
Sarvattvish: so you still get this? (unity:9610): Clutk-WARNING **: [CheckGLError] GL_INVALID_VALUE error in File ./ctk-render-target.c at line: 28622:23
Sarvatt(unity:9610): Clutk-WARNING **: [CheckGLError] OpenGL Error 1281 in File ./ctk-render-target.c at line: 286 22:23
vishoh.. i need to log in again into unity and check! :D22:24
Sarvattsorry :( I'm pretty sure you do, you said you did with the PPA one22:25
vishyeah , got it with the ppa too.. 22:25
SarvattMESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE=-GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two unity doesn't crash with that same error for me anymore on intel, weird22:26
Sarvattits all grey though22:26
Sarvattsecond try using MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE=-GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two unity -p did it22:28
Sarvattare you using -p when you check it?22:29
Sarvattjust curious cus without -p its different22:30
vish_oh no.. for unity i just login into a unity session and its a white screen..22:31
vish_thso i havent tried with -p 22:31
Sarvatti really am clueless about all of this clutk stuff, but it seems like things should be checking for NPOT support before using it at least..22:32
vishthe other reporter for the ATI HD also mentioned the same issue..22:34
vishwhite screen.22:34
vishbugs 59974122:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 599741 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Major rendering issues using ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 (affects: 8) (dups: 1) (heat: 50)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59974122:36
vishthe mesa task was closed due to new 7.9 upload but the reporter mentions same white screen..22:37
Sarvatthe isn't the original reporter22:38
vishoh! then maybe he is having my issue then :p22:38
Sarvatthe's got a hd3200, not positive but i think that has a r500 based 3d engine?22:38
Sarvattnope looks like its really an r600+22:40
Sarvattvish: you've really got me stumped here22:49
vishodd was that the .drirc dint work?  but had to use CLUTTER_BLANK while launching mutter..22:51
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DinkHello I just posted, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/638496 I am not sure if its X or kernel related.23:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 638496 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i945GME] invalid framebuffer id; AOD250 netbook (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]23:47
Sarvattgnome-terminal is causing that?23:48
DinkThat has been the only way for me to actually freeze everything23:49
Dinkwithout things are slower and windows are locked, as in I can't click the other application.23:50
Dinksometimes works if I alt-tab to the other windows/apps when the window/app is locked.23:51
Sarvattthat error is pretty harmless and happens when someone shuts down or X restarts because of the plymouth junk, maybe X is actually crashing23:51
Sarvattoh boy, our friend 101_copy-fb.patch again in x-x-v-intel?23:51
Sarvatt[116756.332] 0: /usr/bin/X (xorg_backtrace+0x3b) [0x80e83bb]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 1: /usr/bin/X (0x8048000+0x5da8d) [0x80a5a8d]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 2: (vdso) (__kernel_rt_sigreturn+0x0) [0x12140c]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 3: /usr/bin/X (FreeClientResources+0xed) [0x808f04d]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 4: /usr/bin/X (FreeAllResources+0x60) [0x808f120]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 5: /usr/bin/X (0x8048000+0x1a5e6) [0x80625e6]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 6: /lib/libc.so.6 (__libc_start_main+0xe7) [0x93cce7]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.333] 7: /usr/bin/X (0x8048000+0x1a191) [0x8062191]23:52
Sarvatt[116756.334] Segmentation fault at address 0x423:52
Dinkso I guess that is when I do the kill -hup mutter it creates that message23:52
Sarvattyeah and that backtrace is from the copy-fb patch, probably not related to the actual problem either23:53
Dinkhmm so what can I run when it freezes to grab logs etc ?23:54
DinkI am sure I can reproduce it.. the windows are "locking" now23:54
DinkI will have to do it in vt1 since my screen completely locks up23:55
DinkI think it started happening during the beta updates phase23:56
Dinkor maybe right after that23:56
SarvattDink: does it only happen with compiz enabled?23:58
Dinkumm not sure how to enable/disable that.. running this on a netbook right now23:59
Sarvattsystem - preferences - appearance - desktop effects, set to none to disable23:59

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