Emanonand btw pfifo dcfldd works better (i think)00:00
pfifoEmanon, guess it depends on the file00:00
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sebsebsebearthling_: anyway your welcome00:00
earthling_sebsebseb, so I can install other desktops at the same time, and then it keeps track of all the k programs if I want to delete it?00:01
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sebsebsebearthling_: uh no not exactly, but00:01
earthling_on aptitude00:01
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FalsAlarmsudo locate mysqld.sock00:01
sebsebsebearthling_: well maybe on aptitude, but  when I used aptitude I used it instead of typing in apt-get mainly00:01
FalsAlarmunable to find this file on my system, where can I get it from?00:01
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sebsebsebearthling_: there are  ways to remove other desktops with commands00:02
andre_plpfifo: yeah. its too slow though :( the file exists on a raid 5 array thats in the process of rebuilding itself for the next 12 hours or so... and writing all that extra data to disk is gonna take forever00:02
earthling_sebsebseb, you have kubuntu and gnome both installed?00:03
cjcopi andre_pl: checkout truncate(1) for a command line tool or truncate(2)/ftruncate(2) for a library routine.  The key will be to make sure you get the size you want to keep correct otherwise you will lose information!00:03
sebsebsebearthling_: not at the moment,  since  another distro, but  in  the past well yes, and Lubuntu and Xubuntu as well00:03
andre_plcjcopi: THANKS!00:04
sebsebsebearthling_: and in the distro I currently am on,  Gnome, KDE, and a preview of the look for the next Gnome00:04
sebsebsebearthling_: that will probably be changed quite a bit before the final version of Gnome 3 comes out, probably in March next year, but this has gone off topic now :D00:05
Emanonalthough dc3dd was updated more recently and is a patch instead of a fork so...00:05
FunkyELFWhen is the 10.10 release date?00:05
Emanonoctober some time FunkyELF00:06
sebsebsebFunkyELF: next month on Sunday the 10th00:06
Emanonthus the 10.1000:06
sebsebsebFunkyELF: 10/10/1000:06
Emanonthey actually going for 10.10.10?00:06
sebsebsebEmanon: yep00:06
sebsebsebEmanon: instead of Thursday 28th October00:06
haytham-med10 10 10 :)00:06
Emanonawesome think they will make the deadline?00:06
sebsebsebEmanon: of course00:06
sebsebsebEmanon: its nearly ready now00:06
hshshanyone use dd-wrt???00:06
Emanonhshsh: i do00:06
sebsebsebEmanon: normally they release final versions and alphas and betas and relase candidates on a Thursday00:07
FunkyELFsebsebseb, I've never used Ubuntu (Gentoo user) but I just built a new system and want to give it a go.... think I should use the beta now or just wait till 10.10?00:07
sebsebsebFunkyELF: oh this isn't really the channel for 10.10, since00:08
sebsebsebFunkyELF: the final version isn't out yet, but I'll answer that in #ubuntu+100:08
kronospheremy trendnet wifi pci card drivers are not compatible w/ win7 so i am wondering how to find out if it is compatible with ubuntu?00:09
sebsebsebFunkyELF: join there :)00:09
jseckronosphere: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported00:10
FunkyELFsebsebseb, joined00:10
kronospherejsec: you da-man!00:10
FalsAlarmwhat is the command to set the mysql root password00:13
FalsAlarmafter just installing mysql-server package00:13
ActionParsnipkronosphere: run: sudo lshw -C network   to find the chip out, websearch the product line to find guides00:15
wickedSAFalsAlarm: sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.000:16
_Neytiri_how do i install a gui onto 10.4.100:17
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: the desktop has a gui by default00:18
aeon-ltd_Neytiri_: well sudo apt-get install X for starters then sudo apt-get install (de or wm of choice)00:18
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: *desktop ISO00:18
FalsAlarmwickedSA, I have mysql-server package installed, should I switch to mysql-server-5.0 ?00:18
aeon-ltd_Neytiri_: are you on server?00:18
wickedSAFalsAlarm: I think mysql-server is a meta package, you can try that comand without the -5.000:19
FalsAlarmactually i only see the mysql-server-5.1 package00:19
FalsAlarmis that stable?00:19
wickedSAFalsAlarm: ok, try it with -5.100:19
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: if you wanted a desktop OS, why did you install server???????/00:20
_Neytiri_i want a server for most of what i run, i need a guy for 1 application on my server00:20
jrib_Neytiri_: what app?00:21
_Neytiri_one i maid00:21
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: you can install server apps on the desktop OS00:21
jrib_Neytiri_: pick your favorite window manager and install it I guess...00:21
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: if you install a desktop on it you wil essentially have the desktop OS but will have double the kernels00:21
_Neytiri_i would rather not have to resintall everything00:22
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop    then00:22
ActionParsnip_Neytiri_: next time, install the desktop system will you, its what you need00:22
_Neytiri_thaknyou and the rest of my rack is running server os so i would hate to have to have 1 desktip out of 48 servers00:23
aefon my lucid amd64 box i can get the package ia32-sun-java6-bin which only seems to be the java JRE. is there a way to get the 32 bit JDK on my 64 bit system?00:23
g0tchahey guys, im trying to compile something that requires openssl, openssl is installed but it still says it cannot find it.. i tried to ./configure wit the location of openssl and still nothing.. any ideas?00:24
Sir_Konradhey, am I allowed to use the Ubuntu logo on my site to show that I install it on machines that ship out of my company?00:24
ActionParsnipg0tcha: you'll need the -dev package for it too00:24
psusig0tcha, did you install openssl-dev?00:24
g0tchai dont think so00:24
g0tchalet me check00:24
ActionParsnipSir_Konrad: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy00:24
Sir_Konradthanks ActionParsnip00:24
psusiit's looking for the header and .a files, which are not in the normal package... you need -dev00:25
g0tchait says "it couldnt find package penssl-dev00:25
psusihopefully you can look at what you just pasted and spot the error yourself00:25
ActionParsnipg0tcha: try: apt-cache search open | grep ssl | grep dev | less00:25
g0tchaActionParsnip, hmm bunch of stuff i dont understand showed up.. what should i look for?00:26
psusihrm... actually... wtf?  there isn't an openssl-dev00:27
tacomasterok maybe im doing this wrong but when i click share my internet connection on my wireless so i can get a desktop internet (only have wireless) it changes my ip of my wireless to something off the subnet of my wireless router so it wont connect?00:27
kevin_i'm lost00:27
ActionParsnipg0tcha: the leftmost column are the package names00:27
kevin_this bot?00:27
UnknownExceptionif i have linux mint, can i install ubuntu without the live cd, etc?00:28
etrnlso I have a machine with 10.04 on it, it was working fine and then I rebooted it and now its stuck at the ubuntu boot logo, but I can still ssh into it00:28
messig0tcha: just try dpkg -L openssl-dev to see if there would be some output (none means not installed)00:28
g0tchathis libcurl4-openssl-dev ?00:28
kevin_how exit this chat?00:28
Emanonkevin_: /part00:29
kevin_bye all00:29
UnknownExceptionanyone got any ideas for my question.00:30
th0retrnl: I'm anyone00:30
pfifoUnknownException, yes you can00:30
etrnlo I have a machine with 10.04 on it, it was working fine and then I rebooted it and now its stuck at the ubuntu boot logo, but I can still ssh into it00:30
g0tchamessi, its not installed00:30
Emanonno idea etrnl00:31
etrnlall I did was uninstall/install the evtouch driver00:31
Emanonsame for UnknownException00:31
etrnland all the sudden gdm isn't starting00:31
Emanonyou were both heard but we're all stumped for now00:31
ActionParsnipUnknownException: if you have unpartitioned space, you can mount the CD and maybe run the nistaller but I doubt it. You should boot to USB / CD and install00:31
th0retrnl: if you can ssh into it, check dmesg and /var/log/messages for some indication of what went wrong starting X00:32
etrnllemme see if unininstalling it fixes anything00:32
Emanonactually you can use virt-manager to install to other partitions/drives from a running os try that00:32
UnknownExceptionhaha... thanks for the answer. ok so here is what i have done. im in linux mint right now, and i typed sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.00:32
jferhi. i would like o know how to package a deb from an archive of binaries00:32
Agent001Hi, I'm having trouble syncing ipod with rhythmbox 0.31.100:32
pfifoUnknownException, you can use the package debootstrap to setup and build a base system but it is not easy, your much better off installing from CD00:32
UnknownExceptionit did a lot of stuff. but i dont know the implication00:32
EmanonAgent001: yea its spotty00:33
UnknownExceptionpfifo: ActionParsnip thanks guys. i guess i will just try with cd. the last time i tried , ran into some issues with the grub loader. i could not boot into windows. but then somehow got it to work. just wanted to avoid that.00:33
Emanonsometimes it works sometimes it doesnt Agent00100:33
Emanoni have trouble with my iphone00:34
kasansweatAnyone using xpra? I've got it working, but only on the same LAN. Would love to get it working through the internet, but it appears to be a lag problem (windows pop up, but don't "populate") Any ideas?00:34
Emanonin fact i am installing a virtual machine with windows 7 right now to get around that00:34
kevin_existe t'il des serveur ubuntu francais?00:34
JrGongjust installed ubuntu 10.4 server and I guess because I installed without a network connection my sources.list is not populated....anyone know where I can find a copy?00:34
Emanon!fr | kevin_00:34
ubottukevin_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:34
ActionParsnipJrGong: i can give you one?00:34
JrGongthanks ActionParsnip00:35
JrGongfeel free to pm me :)00:35
Agent001I've unable to get rhythmbox, gtkpod, banshee, to sync to my ipod. Is that a coincidence?00:35
etrnlth0r, I should be looking for something relating to x11 or gdm, correct?00:35
ActionParsnipJrGong: http://pastebin.com/kYwGaH5q00:35
ActionParsnipJrGong: you may have to import some GPG keys but cross that when you get to it00:35
Emanonno Agent001 if your device decides linux aint cutting it you're pretty much SOL sorry00:35
th0retrnl: correct....there is also a boot.log if I recall correctly (don't have linux booted up at the moment)00:35
JrGongyup yup ...... I really appreciate it ActionParsnip00:35
Emanonpray that they will finish idroid soon00:36
ActionParsnipJrGong: no worries duder00:36
etrnlth0r:  weird it only has a log of up to starting CUPS, which never got a response00:37
Emanonif you have a computer that can handle VM's and a legit install disk you might try virtualbox or virt-manager Agent00100:37
Emanonthen you can just do it natively in windows00:37
etrnlremoved evtouch drivers and rebooting now00:38
th0retrnl: I am booting my vm now so I can take a look00:38
ssfdre38how can i update my server?00:38
Fredrickhow do i use neflix in ubuntu00:38
etrnlso its something with evtouch00:38
Emanonyou dont Fredrick00:38
etrnlrebooted just fine'00:38
Emanonnetflix wont allow it00:38
Fredrickthere is no support?00:38
Emanonnot yet00:38
Fredrickno way to use wine?00:39
Emanondont think so00:39
Fredrickthis sucks00:39
kasansweatFredrick: yeah, I have it, but I run XP in Virtualbox. Ugly hack, but in a beefy enough system it works well00:39
Agent001Can you run itunes on wine?00:39
Emanonsimilar to apple they have been fighting us00:39
kasansweatFredrick: how fast is your computer?00:39
EmanonAgent001: not after version 600:39
jferhow can i package a deb from an archive of binaries?00:39
Emanonkasansweat: is right but thats not exactly in linux00:39
Fredrickthis is my moms, so its pot a 1ghz prosseser00:39
Emanonmight try the wii version of netflix in the dolphin wii emulator00:40
etrnl1ghz procs still exist?00:40
kasansweatOh, I know. It sucks. It's the only reason I would even have it on there.00:40
Fredrickha yea, i know00:40
Emanonas soon as i get my wii re jailbroken ill make an image and try00:40
kasansweatI read somewhere that Netflix on Wii doesn't have all the same movies/shows as the computer version.00:40
etrnlok so it was a bag config option00:41
Fredrickwhats the point of a jail broken wii?00:41
Emanonactually there is an *ahem* certain version of windows 7 thats halfway decent kasansweat00:41
kasansweatNot sure if its true though00:41
etrnlback to the drawing board00:41
aeon-ltdFredrick: homebrew channel, and thats it also its not the right place to post here00:41
kasansweatEmanon: haha yeah, but since that's literally all I use that Virtualbox XP installation for, I figure i won't fix it if it ain't broke00:41
kasansweatthat's my media center pc00:41
Fredrickwhy not aeon-ltd?00:42
Fredricki use ubuntu, and its an ubuntu compatibility issue00:42
aeon-ltdFredrick: because this is #ubuntu00:42
Fredricki use ubuntu00:42
aeon-ltdFredrick: don;t matter, this isn't a club, this is a support channek for ubuntu issues not for ubuntu users in general00:43
ohshaith55hello, i would like to boot into ubuntu off of a dvd could somebody help me out?00:43
Emanonohshaith55: sure what trouble you having?00:43
aeon-ltdohshaith55: burn the iso to the disc00:43
Emanonyea thats pretty much it00:43
datacrusherohshaith55, can you download and burn the iso?00:43
ohshaith55no trouble yet, yeah i can handle burning it00:44
sirecatohshaith55: Yeah just restart the computer with the dvd in the drive. Look for an option to boot to cd/dvd and there you go00:44
tcais there a channel specifically for 10.10 beta?00:44
Emanonyea just get the desktop version burn it and boot from it00:44
aeon-ltd!ubuntu+1 | tca00:44
ubottutca: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+100:44
ohshaith55that's what i thought but i was warned by a friend who did something wrong and had to spend 3 hours in here so i wanted to make sure00:44
aeon-ltdohshaith55: you may need to tweak the BIOS00:44
ohshaith55i know how do that, too00:45
aeon-ltdohshaith55: oh, good. sounds like you'll be fine00:45
Emanonyea the live disk does nothing to your system no worries there00:45
ohshaith55it burned in like 30 seconds? does that most likely mean it didn't work?00:45
rbasticwhat type of computer is it oshaith55, on my asus g50v (approx 2 yr old machine, was higher-end laptop) i had to set bios mode to Compat..00:45
ohshaith55win7 like 4 years old00:46
gudmund_hi, i think i got an alsa problem, but im not an expert00:46
Emanonnah doesnt take very long to burn the desktop image00:46
ohshaith55i can handle the bios, i've booted from usb, before00:46
Emanon!details | gudmund_00:46
ubottugudmund_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:46
ohshaith55ok i'm gonna come into here on a mobile client in case something happens00:47
Emanonsounds good ohshaith5500:47
SubCoolHey, stupid question- I just asked this last night, and it helped, but now i remember why i was curious, I need to know a HD Format that is permitable between on 3 OS's, and - allows for greater than 4gb files (movies/OS images). WHich would be the best option?00:48
gudmund_im running ubuntu 9.10 on my new asus Eee 1001px, the sound works, but when i plug in the headset there is no sound00:48
SubCoolI already have a majority of my drive taken to Fat32, but now i also need something larger...00:48
BitEncryptwhere is a good tutorial on how to install source code00:48
ohshaith55ok, i gotta restore my droid incredible to stock so i get my apps back... i'm guessing you guys know what i'm talking aobut00:48
Emanonformat or container SubCool?00:48
ActionParsnipgudmund_: could try the latest alsa: https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/unstable00:48
jrib!compile > BitEncrypt00:48
ubottuBitEncrypt, please see my private message00:48
gudmund_i tried to install latest alsa backports like described here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules00:49
jribBitEncrypt: though in general it is better to use the repositories.  We can give you better help if you tell us exactly what you want to install00:49
aeon-ltdgudmund_: do you know how to use terminal?00:49
SubCoolEmanon, container?00:49
gudmund_but when i got new drivers the mic is not working00:49
jferSubCool if you are are running windows and linux i would use ntfs00:49
Emanonoh thought you meant high def sorry00:49
rbasticgudmund_, what drivers did you get?00:49
SubCooljfer, im using all three00:49
Emanonlol i was about to suggest .mkv haha00:49
SubCoolThis is for a Media server- All three will access it, and write to it,00:49
Emanonyea just go ntfs SubCool00:50
jferall three being?00:50
rbasticgudmund_, or are you sure you're using the correct ones? if you have the correct driver set in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:50
SubCoolWindows,  linux, MAC00:50
jferok yer ntfs would be best00:50
SubCoolbut mac cant write to NTFS right?00:50
newcan any body help me with backtrack00:50
Emanonhow new?00:50
SubCooli already have issues with it00:50
gudmund_aeon-ltd: yea i know terminal00:50
aeon-ltdnew: ask in #backtrack00:50
sebsebsebnew: Backtrack is not meant to be used as a desktop OS, its for security penetration00:50
rbasticgudmund_, then generally everything should work fine but you might have to check settings with alsamixer and also Sound Preferences in the gui00:50
sebsebseb!backtrack | new00:50
ubottunew: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:50
MrPPShey guys, i'm trying to get my ubuntu server to be a host for Xen VM's, and I'm trying to install xen-tools, but the package isn't available apparently, and ubuntu-xen-server won't install without it - anyone know how i can install it?00:50
aeon-ltdgudmund_: ok, go to a terminal type alsamixer00:50
gudmund_i got linux-backports-alsa-drivers00:50
jferSubCool you may want to checkout http://macntfs-3g.blogspot.com/00:51
gudmund_oky i got alsamixer running00:51
SubCoolawesome- thanks00:51
gudmund_can i as well use gnome-alsamixer?00:51
aeon-ltdgudmund_: using the up arrow key make sure you max out all bars and none if them show MM, they should be 0000:52
aeon-ltdgudmund_: yeah00:52
FalsAlarmhow do i check which packages are installed using apt-get?00:52
gudmund_ok everything maxed00:52
BitEncryptwould anybody help me install a driver00:53
aeon-ltdgudmund_: now try your headphones00:53
gudmund_but note that ive gone back to my old drivers00:53
BitEncryptfrom source code00:53
JLavernesure BitEncrypt00:53
randomOfAmberhow can I get a .deb and all it's dependencies into a folder? I don't know what it's dependencies are00:53
gudmund_oky no sound00:53
JLaverneBitEncrypt, i can help00:53
jribBitEncrypt: tell us *exactly* what you want to install00:53
SubCooljfer, Emanon  what about Ext3 or Ext2?00:53
aeon-ltdFalsAlarm: dpkg -l00:53
SubCoolCant PC write to HFS+00:54
EmanonSubCool: not natively supported with windows00:54
randomOfAmberSubCool: ubuntu can, but not journaled HFS+00:54
Emanonthere are utilities but not netive support00:54
gudmund_but with the newest alsa backports i remember i got another choise in soundpreferences, under output: "headphone output"00:54
aeon-ltdgudmund_: are the headphones working for sure? also check other sound settings00:54
SubCoolok- thanks guys, sorry. i already lowered my standards to fat32, couldnt help but try.00:54
SubCoolWooohoo to media server!!!00:55
aeon-ltdgudmund_: with the newest alsa backports try these solutions again00:55
BitEncryptjrib: i pm you00:55
gudmund_aeon-ltd_: yea the headphones are working, and iwe tried different ones00:55
jribBitEncrypt: use the channel00:55
gudmund_okay, then ill be back in about 3 minutes00:55
BitEncryptits a d-link driver00:55
BitEncryptfor ethernet00:55
rbasticrandom asus note: i've found asus-mode3 to work on my asus g50v laptop for alsa-base.conf00:55
rbasticthat includes internal mic support with Skype 2.1 beta00:56
jribBitEncrypt: are you sure it doesn't just work already?00:56
SubCoolinteresting- gparted wont make a ntfs partition. Does it have to be Primary? - sorry about the stupid questions, kinda a data dump after each time i use it.00:56
aeon-ltdgudmund_: ok hope it works, i might be gone so ask in general, and tell people what you've tried already00:56
EmanonSubCool: download ntfsprogs00:56
BitEncrypti know.....00:56
Emanonto let gparted make them00:56
Emanonsudo apt-get install ntfsprogs00:56
randomOfAmberhow can I get a .deb (for a package) and all it's dependencies into a folder? I don't know what it's dependencies are00:56
Emanonor is it ntfsutils?00:56
gudmund_okey, thanx :)00:56
JLavernei hope this is the right channel to ask this. Since broadcom released some of its drivers for linux, will they be included in the 10.10 release?00:57
BitEncryptjrib: i know00:57
ohshaith55turns out the first time it failed to burn the disc...00:57
Emanonnope i was right the first time ntfsprogs00:57
rbasticohshaith55, try another one ! ;-)00:57
ohshaith55then it said the disc was writable so i popped another in and i'm gonna try it now00:57
BitEncryptjrib: if you can assist, i would be grateful00:58
ohshaith55should i check verify?00:58
SubCoolEmanon, i guess i should install via the DVD from now on.00:58
rbasticrandomOfAmber - it's kind of a generic question, do you have a specific package in mind?00:58
ohshaith55ello? should i set it to verify disk after burning?00:58
jribBitEncrypt: not right now, no.  But it seems strange that it wouldn't work.  Anyway if you're sure you need to compile it, read both ubottu's link ndathe documentation for the driver00:59
EmanonProbably not JLaverne was too recent maybe 11.0400:59
BitEncryptjrib: ok00:59
Emanonsure ohshaith5500:59
randomOfAmberrbastic: I want to get linux-headers-2.6.32-21-generic for lucid, but then I might need more to install my driver on a server install00:59
ohshaith55hopefully it works. my computer is a bucket of bolts01:00
rbasticeek -- my only experience so far has been with desktop 64-bit edition (10.04) ... frankly everything works and is quite impressive :D01:00
ActionParsnipohshaith55: boot to the CD. When yu see the stickman, press space and run CD verifier there01:00
ohshaith55lol ok stickman. got it01:01
randomOfAmberi see, I'm running it on an old IBM, and got some drivers from intel's site for the wired/wireless (surprised it didn't have them already), so now I have to install them01:01
ohshaith55phone is now booted up so i can get on the mobile clietn01:01
ohshaith55then i can boot into ubuntu01:02
ohshaith55how do you pronounce that, btw?01:02
ohshaith55oo bun too?01:02
ohshaith55uh bun too?01:02
kasansweathmm, I go oo boon too01:02
pfifomaah gin ooh boon too01:03
Jordan_Uohshaith55: You can hear Nelson Mandela say it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQ4WiDsEBQ01:03
JLaverneEmanon, oh well. im glad they released them at least.01:03
Emanonyea no kidding right JLaverne01:03
ohshaith55oo boon too01:03
JLaverneEmanon, i switched to ubuntu on a laptop with a broadcom card, with no linux experience. talk about a nightmare.01:04
Emanonwell the hardware driver finder worked fine for me on my dads laptop but yea its a pain01:04
JLavernethe certain card i had, the hardware finder installs a driver that doesnt work at all01:05
JLaverneand you have to blacklist the driver before you can install the correct one from source code01:05
afeijohey guys !!!01:06
afeijome again01:06
afeijoI am recreating my usb with live ubuntu01:06
Emanon!hi | regeya01:06
ubotturegeya: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:06
rbasticwhat's the nature of the blacklisting process? i'm not familiar with what this is/why it's necessary, i've seen the files in modprobe though01:07
JLavernerbastic, it was something with the way it loads the drivers.01:07
regeyaMy apologies, Eamon.  I had said that in response to afeijo, who for whatever reason didn't receive the same treatment.01:07
ohshaith55this is not working with the dvd...01:07
JLavernei think the two drivers installed for the same card make problems01:08
regeyadoes my nickname annoy people, or something?  It seems often that people can be total weirdos in this channel, and if I have one errant comment, a ton of bricks comes down on my head01:08
afeijobut the app that create the initializable disk, have the extra space disabled!?!? :(01:08
afeijosorry if I translated it wrong, my dist is in my lang01:08
regeyathat's strange afeijo.  iirc there's an option to specify how much free space you can have for read/write01:08
BitEncryptJlaverne: are you jrib?01:09
JLaverneBitEncrypt, no lol. why?01:09
afeijoregeya, aye! but it is disabled, I formated the drive, restarted the app, and its still disabled01:09
gudmundhi i got a problem with my sound01:09
BitEncryptjlaverne: would you be willing to help install a driver01:10
BitEncryptjlaverne: source code01:10
JLaverneBitEncrypt, sure. which one01:10
regeyaoy vey.01:10
BitEncryptjlaverne: d-link ethernet01:10
JLaverneBitEncrypt, do you already have the source files downloaded?01:10
BitEncryptjlaverne: yes01:10
ohshaith55nvm. i'll be back tomorrow.01:11
* regeya waits for someoen to direct him to #ubuntu-yi01:11
gudmundi got an Asus Eee 1001px with ubuntu 10.04, first everything worked, but when i plugged headset there was no sound...01:11
JLaverneBitEncrypt, can i have a link to the download? then i can tell you exactly what to do01:11
Emanonoh hehe regeya i have irc in the background (im doing many things) so i miss things sometimes01:12
rbasticWhat are peoples overall experiences with the proprietary Nvidia drivers? (particularly those available for Linux 64-bit from nvidia.com)01:12
rbasticI hate to do it, but I want compiz-fusion to run well... Can't do it without them.01:12
Emanoni've been happy with them rbastic01:12
BitEncryptjlaverne: i will PM you01:12
JLaverneplease post the link here01:12
Emanonand they ARE proprietary but at least nvidia provides them for us01:12
pksadiqI  use Nvidia and ubuntu 64bit01:13
=== ohshaith55 is now known as ohshaith55|dead
Emanonand i do wish theyd make them open but it is their right not to01:13
rbasticSo, do you install the driver from the site or do you use a packaged one?01:13
JLaverneBitEncrypt, please talk on the channel01:13
rbastici.e. via Synaptic or via nvidia.com01:13
aguitelme too01:13
Emanoni use the hardware driver finder most times but sometimes i grab the latest from their site01:13
pksadiqit's nice to see compiz-fusion-extra01:13
jrgpI run lucid and every once in a blue moon my up arrow key stops working. The only way of fixing it is to restart. I really don't feel like restarting right now. What can I try?01:14
bribroderthey're definitely better supported than ati cards01:14
rbasticrestart x ? :p01:14
BitEncryptjlaverne: their is no download link...but i do have instructions. can i pm them to you01:14
rbasticctrl-alt-backspace maybe01:14
duffydack!dontzap | rbastic01:15
ubotturbastic: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap01:15
joshritgerwhat is the app that is used to manage users in gnome, I did an install from the net install disk and don't have the user editor01:15
rbasticOoooh, I see.01:15
JLaverneBitEncrypt, i would prefer to stay on the channel. is there an install text file, or a readme file included with the source code?01:15
cwryuuHmmm, there's not a vmware image of 10.4 desktop floating around somewhere is there?01:15
BitEncryptjlaverne: yes01:15
bribroderjoshritger, i think you want gdm01:15
jrgprbastic: yeah it probably is an X issue since the key works on the virtual consoles01:15
JLaverneBitEncrypt, open the install one01:15
gudmunddoes anyone with linux skills got some time? i got a netbook sound problem :/01:15
rbasticthat's incredibly strange01:15
jrgpgudmund: what's up?01:16
joshritgerbribroder: I have gdm, I am talking about the app used to edit users, not log on and off01:16
duffydackcwryuu, probably, but would you trust it?  download the iso, and install yourself.01:16
jrgprbastic: yes well I wonder if it has anything to do with vnc. I connected to my desktop via x11vnc a few hours ago01:16
pksadiqBefore installing nvidia drivers you need to backlist some installed drivers, Google for  more details01:16
gudmundfirst the sound seemed good, but when i plugged headset the sound dissapeared01:16
victorhHi! Two days ago there was a guy here who said that ubuntu 8.04 has a bug when using "sudo -k echo "password" | ...". But I don't remember the command to use. I wanna try it here.01:16
gudmundso i installed new alsa drivers like described here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules01:16
rbasticjrgp, maybe01:17
BitEncryptjlaverne: their "rhine"01:17
bribroderjoshritger, it's users-admin01:17
gudmundnow the headset work, but not the mic anymore01:17
JLaverneBitEncrypt, im not following you... are you familiar with terminal?01:17
jrgprbastic: I'm kind of not inclined to restart X since I've got some vm's running under virtualbox that are acting as servers. Can I make them go to the background or somehow not depend on X running?01:18
macovictorh: it was:   sudo -k && echo "fakepassword" | sudo -p "" -S bash -c 'whoami > output' > /dev/null && cat output01:18
BitEncryptjlaverne: no01:18
cwryuuduffydack: the one's I see on rapidshare probably not. Was hoping to avoid having to do another ISO install (the 10th in the last 7 days) but oh well :/01:18
JLaverneBitEncrypt, move the whole source folder to your desktop01:18
victorhthank you, maco01:18
JLaverneBitEncrypt, just drag and drop01:18
macovictorh: they said itd say "root" but i dont see that happening...though i probably need to actually use sudo before i can sudo -k so lets see...01:18
BitEncryptjlaverne: it is in a folder on my DT01:19
joshritgerbribroder: do you know if that is part of a package, I get nothing in synaptic01:19
macovictorh: mm nope still doesnt. it just tells me incorrect password three times01:19
victorhmaco: it's true01:19
victorhmaco: "root01:19
JLaverneBitEncrypt, what is the name of the folder01:19
TuplarioHi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get automatic spellchecking for all X apps?01:19
duffydackcwryuu, surely, having the ISO is quicker to install then downloading already installed from who knows where01:19
BitEncryptjlaverne: Linux01:19
JLaverneBitEncrypt, when you open that folder what is inside it?01:20
BitEncryptjlaverne: thats right off of the cd01:20
bribroderit's part of gnome-system-tools01:20
victorhmaco: I got this message, but when I was on 10.0401:20
bribroderyou'll get a bunch of other stuff with it01:20
BitEncryptjlaverne: rhine.h01:21
macovictorh:  im on 10.10 and it tells me "Sorry, try again" 3 times then "sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts"01:21
elliot_I have warcraft 3 running but I can't see it, the music is still going but it is minimised and there is no icon01:21
JLaverneBitEncrypt, what happens if you open that?01:21
victorhmaco: maybe the problem was solved to 10.*01:21
gudmundjrgp_: you dont know anything for my error?01:22
victorhmaco: or to > 8.0401:22
jrgpgudmund: sorry no idea01:22
jrgpgudmund: have you looked through the volume control settings? at the switches?01:22
cwryuuduffydack: true true, I'll probably just do an install once, shutdown the vm, then copy it for future use01:22
gudmundyes i have tried all switches...01:23
BitEncryptjlaverne: it opens gedit, and its source code01:23
jrgpgudmund: I wish I could help you further but I honestly haven't a clue01:23
gudmundi removed   linux-backports-modules-alsa-2.6.32-24-generic and  linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic01:23
JLaverneBitEncrypt, that is strange. there are no other files in the Linux folder?01:23
gudmundand installed   linux-alsa-driver-modules-2.6.32-24-generic01:24
gudmundthanx anyhow01:24
BitEncryptjlaverne: their are 13 files in that folder01:24
JLaverneBitEncrypt, is there a file named "MAKE"?01:24
afeijowhat else can I do to enable the extra space to the create initializable disk app?01:24
noisewaterphdhey, I really, really, want something like Xshell for Ubuntu: http://www.netsarang.com/products/xsh_detail.html what are the options?01:24
BitEncryptjlaverne: yes "makefile"01:24
snow_usais it possible to apt-get install somepackage without root permission ? ( I may want to install it in my home dir)01:24
macovictorh: i'll spin up an 8.04 vm when i get home tonight and have a look01:25
possomcrasthey guys just dual booted 10.4 for the first time01:25
JLaverneBitEncrypt, open terminal and type "cd ~/Desktop/Linux" without the quotes01:25
macovictorh: since 8.04 is still supported on servers01:25
noisewaterphdsnow-usa: I believe apt itself requires elevated permissions01:25
macovictorh: ok its still supported on desktop too, just not much longer01:25
gionnicoi installed UNR 10.04 in my aspire one a100 and updated the kernel (0-day update after fresh install). well I LOST THE BOOTSPLASH! Now weird text appears and it's not even aligned. every line has a different position in the screen01:26
noisewaterphdcome on, there has to be a great terminal manager for linux01:26
gionnicowhy and how can I restore the cute bootsplash?01:26
BitEncryptjlaverne: ok01:26
JLavernegionnico, same problem here, ive just been ignoring it01:26
macogionnico: the misalignedness is normal01:26
gionnicomaco: but it's ugly: why did it work after fresh install?01:26
macogionnico: check that plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo is installed?01:26
gionnicois it a kernel issue? maco the write appears for few seconds01:27
noisewaterphdeven something like putty connection manager would be better than nothing01:27
gionnicothen it's screwed up by text.. [ok] stuff01:27
joshritgerwhat group does a user have to be part of to allow shutting down, I currently have to log off then shutdown from gdm01:27
gionnico*the write I mean the logo01:27
macogionnico: no, plymouth not displaying shouldnt be related to the kernel in any way01:27
victorhmaco: yes. I will talk with alexander later to tell him it worked in my ubuntu01:27
macovictorh: which version are you on?01:27
JLaverneBitEncrypt, ready for the next step?01:27
BitEncryptjlaverne: ye01:28
fugdnscerdquestion about system cloning... Wondering if its possible to use a boot image from an amd 32 bit machine on an intel 32 bit machine01:28
gionnicoJLaverne: do you have plymouth installed?01:28
JLaverneBitEncrypt, now type "sudo make" without the quotes01:28
victorhmaco: i'm on 8.0401:28
macovictorh: k01:28
JLavernegionnico, yes, latest version01:28
gionnicoJLaverne: i hope at least it will be fixed soon01:28
gionnicoi think they care more when they release kernel for a media01:29
victorhmaco: sorry, I'm on Ubuntu 8.10 - Intrepid Ibex01:29
macogionnico, JLaverne:  when you boot, hold down shift to get to the grub menu. hit 'e' to edit the boot line. see if "quiet splash" is in there. if its not, add it to the end of the long vmlinuz line01:29
gionnicoor anyways if it isn't kernel, any package in general01:29
JLavernegionnico, but plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo was not installed, as maco suggested01:29
rbasticHello, back again. How do I kill X to run the Nvidia installer script?01:29
macovictorh: 8.10's not supported anymore ;-) but 8.04 is so i'll talk to security team folks01:30
JLavernemaco, thank you, ill try that after i finish helping on here01:30
BitEncryptjlaverne: ok01:30
macoJLaverne: if you didnt have that package installed, then the vmlinuz line wont matter01:30
JLaverneBitEncrypt, now type "sudo make install" without the quotes01:30
JLavernemaco, ok. so installing it should fix it?01:30
victorhmaco: i didn't know that :D let me try this command on my server01:31
macoJLaverne: both that package and the instructions to make use of it need to be there.  the line *shouldnt* have changed at random, so having that package not be installed is likely the issue01:31
victorhmaco: how do i check the version in terminal?01:31
LabanMan.... my machine just hates Nvidias own drivers.01:31
BitEncryptjlaverne: ok01:31
macovictorh: lsb_relese -a01:31
macovictorh: er.... lsb_release -a01:31
JLaverneBitEncrypt, that should be it. does it work now?01:31
joshritgerI need help with user groups, which group does a user have to be in, in order to shut down the machine? I have to log out first then hit shutdown01:31
macojoshritger: admin, i think01:32
BitEncryptjlaverne: :1695: error: ‘CHECKSUM_HW’ undeclared (first use in this function)01:32
joshritgerhmm, I thought I was in that one, will check01:32
BitEncryptjlaverne plus manu more01:32
gionnicojoshritger: you can just cat /etc/group | grep 'main user'01:32
victorhmaco: Description:Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS01:33
gionnicothis will tell you what groups belong to the 1st user you created01:33
victorhmaco: Sorry, try again.01:33
victorhsudo: 1 incorrect password attempt01:33
gionnicoand will give you a hint on what group you want for other users01:33
Tempus_Fugitok I need some help implementing some of these ideas on this page for security http://www.itsecurity.com/features/ubuntu-secure-install-resource/01:33
JLaverneBitEncrypt, gahh. what is the model of dlink card you have?01:33
c0nfusedi need help with my boot up of ubuntu i need to keep the cd for it to boot up even tho i have it installed it says Warning cannot boot up because a error in syntax cant cd to imit.d01:33
victorhmaco: it did not work01:33
macovictorh: sounds like it was a bug in 8.04 two years ago but not anymore then01:33
joshritgergionnico: the user I am trying to fix is the first/only user, the install was a minimal install from the minimal disk, I started with xfce then added gnome01:34
dclakeI need help I'm running maverick beta and all my windows open maximixed01:34
BitEncryptjlaverne: DFE-530TX+01:34
joshritgerIt didn't have the user settings changer or anything01:34
victorhmaco: yeah, sounds true01:34
JLavernemaco, thank you. it doesnt really bother me, but if it is that easy to fix it then great lol01:34
joshritgerI got that now, but still can't shut down from inside gnome01:34
gionnicoi have another trouble: I updated 8.04->10.04. i did fresh install but just keep /home partition. well i have a canon eos 350D rebel XT digital reflex camera but gphoto (PTP) doesn't work ANYMORE01:34
Tempus_Fugitalot of things on their need to be compiled and I would like to learn but havent had to do that yet01:35
gionnicoif i plug the camera i get error and if i unplug it well the camera remains screwed up and ANY COMPUTER can read it using PTP. i have to remove battery..01:35
noisewaterphdgionnico: don't use gphoto, but did you upgrade it?01:35
gionniconoisewaterphd: as i said i did fresh install. i'm sure in 2 years gphoto was updated01:35
ssfdre38how can i un-install vsftpd on a ubuntu server?01:36
gionnicobut i still have the old config files01:36
JLaverneBitEncrypt, i will try to find something compiled for you to install with one click01:36
gionnicofor everything. gnome eog, f-spot gphoto : all my config files01:36
BitEncryptjlaverne THX01:36
gionnicoand dont know which could be broken by an updated package01:36
dclakeI also have a problem that in my "tweet box" I cant type anything01:36
macoTempus_Fugit: the "permit root login" thing for ssh doesnt really matter on a normal ubuntu install since root has no password... try as much as you want, you cant brute force a non-existent password01:36
noisewaterphdgionnico: OH, I thought you just updated the OS, I missed the fresh install thing01:36
gionnicoconfig files should auto-update and new version should cope with old version config files01:36
gionnicofresh install but i kept /home01:37
gionnicoit was in a separate partition and told to use that during installation01:37
ssfdre38how can i un-install vsftpd from ubuntu server01:37
Tempus_Fugitmaco: ok so what about the other issues with a firewall and securing during boot01:37
noisewaterphdgionnico: install the medibuntu repositories and see if that gets your canon functionality back01:37
JLaverneBitEncrypt, http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/84076-d-link-dfe-530tx-netword-card-doesnt-work.html01:38
JLaverneBitEncrypt, read the last post. that may help you a lot more than i can01:38
noisewaterphdgionnico, I sort of remember needing a few libraries from medibuntu to get my XTI working in lucid01:38
=== pfifo is now known as asus-fanboy
macoTempus_Fugit: for booting i'd say if they have physical access you're screwed anyway. they can boot from a live cd to get root, pull your hard drive, pop the cmos battery to reset the bios password if you use one of those to lock it... there is no security if there's physical access01:39
Tempus_Fugitmaco: cuz there is def something going on with my system that I am trying to figure out for example I cant go to certain sites.....for example facebook times oout everytime i try01:39
noisewaterphdgionnico: I am just shooting in the dark though without a pastebin of your logs01:39
macoTempus_Fugit: i'd use traceroute (mtr -nt facebook.com) to debug that01:39
gionniconoisewaterphd: theres something weird because the same camera works on fresh install UNR 10.04 !!01:39
macoTempus_Fugit: and as to the firewall... by default no services listen on any ports. that means its equivalent to DROP all. if you're running a server, you may want to limit ssh to your usual IP range or something like that though01:40
noisewaterphdgionnico: ah, yes, then pastebin as verbose of a log as you can get then and we'll track it down01:40
looterhello all.  I am trying to install eclipse 3.5 which is a newer version not in the repos but I am having some trouble.  I have untarred the archive and I see the eclipse executable but everytime I try to run it from the command prompt I get a message saying eclipse is not installed.  anyone help?01:40
macoTempus_Fugit: and now my battery dies01:40
Tempus_Fugitmaco: I am not so much worried about physical access as I am curious if someone has a finger in my system I know it can be done, I am just trying to learn as much about this OS as quickly as possible so that I can at least be defensive in security01:40
gionniconoisewaterphd: ok i dont have that machine now. i'll be back here then01:41
BitEncryptjlaverne: THX01:41
tensorpuddinglooter: you probably need to install it01:42
JLaverneBitEncrypt, i have to leave to fix a business computer. i hope i was of some help. if not, someone else on here will be able to help you01:42
tensorpuddinglooter: it's likely that it requires some sort of configuration to work01:42
Tempus_FugitI would say to assume that just because not only Ubuntu as well as Linux in general are more secure than most windows systems that does not make them impervious to attack or intrusion01:42
afeijowhat else can I do to enable the extra space to the create initializable disk app?01:42
gionnicoTempus_Fugit: i can't trust windows. how can i know there's no backdoor? indeed, i'm pretty sure WGA does IS indeed a backdoor and that there are backdoors since vista and XP SP301:43
lootertensorpudding:  the tutorial online I am following just says to create a launcher for it point to that executable....what am I missing?01:43
tensorpuddinglooter: well, i'm assuming that you have all the java requirements installed01:43
noisewaterphdlooter: here is what I like to do for eclipse: do not install from repos, causes depenency hell if you need plugins. 1. Download the eclipse that you need 2. Create a folder called Apps, or Applications in your Home Folder. chmod -R 777 Apps/. 3. Unzip eclipse and put the eclipse folder in your Apps dir 4. double click the eclipse icon inside the eclipse folder01:43
lootertensorpudding: correct01:43
noisewaterphdlooter: also make sure you are running Sun Java, not OpenJDK01:44
lootertensorpudding: i believe its Sun Java anyway to confirm for sure?01:44
noisewaterphdlooter: from command line: java -version01:45
lootertensorpudding: java version "1.6.0_20"01:45
looterJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_20-b02)01:45
looterJava HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 16.3-b01, mixed mode)01:45
tensorpuddingthe eclipse from the repositories works fine with openjdk01:45
Tempus_Fugitgionnico: yeah well I love linux specifically Ubuntu and telling everyone I know they should at least try it out......However if I intend on being a courteous tour guide I should at least know what I am talking about.....so I digress back to having to learn a lot one time which I am enjoying tremendously Im actually having to use my brain again01:45
noisewaterphdlooter: ya that is sun01:46
hackelDoes the shitty binary Nvidia driver just have huge memory leaks or does Ubuntu's Xorg have a problem?  After just 3 days uptime my Xorg is using 1.6G resident memory...really pissing me off.01:46
lootertensorpudding: i am trying to install Android SDK and it recommends 3.4 or greater01:46
noisewaterphdtensorpudding: many eclipse plugins DO NOT work with openjdk01:46
tensorpuddingSo don't use those plugins?01:46
lootertensorpudding: thx for your help I am gonna go give it a whirl01:47
noisewaterphdtensorpudding: or if you need them, just use Sun Java until OpenJDK can get its crap together01:47
tensorpuddingI don't see what this has to do with looter's error01:47
gionnicohackel: do you use compiz?01:47
tensorpuddingAnyway, isn't the version of Eclipse in lucid 3.5?01:49
tensorpuddingThat's what I have installed.01:49
noisewaterphdtensorpudding: nothing, he was asking how to make his DOWNLOADED eclipse distro work properly01:49
lootertensorpudding: same thing.  I am not getting anything when I click on it from nautilus and am getting the same message when I run from command line.  Might I have to make the eclipse file executable somehow?01:49
noisewaterphdtensorpudding: the eclipse from the repos works fine, and works fine on openJDK01:50
tensorpuddinglooter: it should be executable already01:50
hackelgionnico, yes, but I don't remember it ever being this bad before...01:50
lootertensorpudding: thats what I was thinking but it is behaving like it isn't.  I am really close here has to be something really minor I am missing01:50
victorhHi, I was thinking in compile linux kernel to enable just the modules I use. How can I surely know which modules I'm using? Using "lsmod" command is enough?01:50
tensorpuddinglooter: I can tell you that I have the Android SDK working fine on the Eclipse from the repos, which is 3.5.201:50
Tempus_Fugitis anyone running 10.1001:51
tensorpudding!ubuntu+1 | Tempus_Fugit01:51
lootertensorpudding: well shit then01:51
ubottuTempus_Fugit: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+101:51
gionnicohackel: yeah no if ram size increases when you do nothing or after you close something there's a leak. i can't help further01:51
Tempus_FugitI got a partial update like 4 days ago and it never finished01:51
afeijohow can I create an usb bootable disk?01:51
twymerafeijo: unetbootin01:51
tensorpuddingafeijo: unetbootin is one way01:51
noisewaterphdlooter, tensorpudding, I'm not running eclipse from repos, but can also confirm that Android SDK works fine here as well01:52
Tempus_Fugitty ubottu01:52
afeijodoes that unetbootin create extra space in the usb so I can install my apps?01:52
BitEncryptpermission denied when making a temp folder....why?01:52
BitEncryptsudo mkdir /temp01:52
noisewaterphdBitEncrypt: sudo01:53
noisewaterphdso nobody has a good recommendation on a terminal session manager for Ubuntu?01:53
tensorpuddingterminal session manager?01:54
tensorpuddinglike tmux?01:54
tensorpuddingor do you mean something else01:54
MrPPSnoisewaterphd: i like byobu/screen myself01:55
noisewaterphdtensorpudding: ya, like tmux, but I just don't like it much01:55
SubCoolif i use gparted to resize a partition, will it format it or just resize it and move the data?01:55
MrPPSnoisewaterphd: try byobu/screen then01:55
looternoisewaterphd: can you verify what version of eclipse you are in fact running?01:55
MrPPSSubCool: generally, just resize and move01:55
noisewaterphdMrPPS: I was just about to start playing with screen/byobu01:56
MrPPSthough backup first01:56
SubCoolawesome, do i dont have to like defrag or something to make sure it is ok..01:56
MrPPSnoisewaterphd: i use it on all my systems, and find it much nicer and more flexible than the others01:56
SubCoolya, its backed up- just takes 4 hours to backup.. so just making sure01:56
MrPPSSubCool: i've never needed to defrag it before resizing01:56
MrPPSthough resizing sometimes can take a long time01:56
MrPPSto be prepared to wait01:56
noisewaterphdMrPPS: true transparancy?01:56
possomcrastUBUNTU IS SO BEAUTIFUL01:56
afeijoubuntu came with an app that create usb boot device, but mine isnt enabling the field to pick extra disk space :(01:56
SubCoolOk thanks.01:56
MrPPSnoisewaterphd: transparency works in the gnome-terminal with compiz, etc.01:57
MrPPSand in the kde konsole01:57
noisewaterphdMrPPS: sweet01:57
rweeksplease ignore this message... just having some trouble with my CLI irc client...01:58
smcI'm trying to setup my keyboard switcher in openbox, does anybody know the code for the us-alternate-deadkeys keyboard? Such as the US is just "us", the spanish is just "es".01:59
bobbytek2what's the best way to fix fan noises, wd40?02:00
bobbytek2vegetable oil?02:00
jimlovell777Can I have two versions of a library (libwxgtk) installed concurrently? A recent update broke a package I need but another package I use requires the newer version of the library.02:01
khelvanHello, I'm having problems getting S/PDIF HD audio sent through my NVidia Geforce 240 and out via HDMI in Lucid Lynx. I've been through the community help sound troubleshooting but I still get no sound. Can anyone assist?02:01
maksonhow can i set timezone on my VPS so when users connect it will auto adjust to there specific time zone?02:01
Labankhelvan: Welcome to the club =)02:01
LabanI resorted to going back to analog audio for now...02:02
noisewaterphdmakson: set your time as GMT02:02
hackelkhelvan, how are you trying to do it?02:02
maksonnoisewaterphd: how do i do that? with date command? or do i edit this /usr/share/zoneinfo ?02:02
=== possomcrast is now known as binginate
noisewaterphdwhen you set your timezone just choose GMT instead of your timezone, then clients will comvert the GMT to their own zone02:03
rweeks1138sorry I know this is a little OT but can anybody explain how to register my nick?02:03
Labankhelvan: But I did get audio through HDMI, but it took a while... As if pulse audio had to adapt itself or something02:03
Jordan_U!register | rweeks113802:03
ubotturweeks1138: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:03
LabanContinously opening audio files until it played... relly strange.02:04
Aemaethis there a way to choose when startup programs will load? say mount my data drive before compiz loads up?02:04
hackelkhelvan, this is how I do it.  I run: "pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,1" (you have to figure out which device is your digital out), then you can freely move streams back and forth between it and other devices.02:04
khelvanhackel - I've tried following all the steps in the alsa sound troubleshooting in the community help section, as well as "Digital Out" in the Alsa wiki02:04
noisewaterphdkhelvan: try medibuntu if you haven't already. it just depends on your hardware02:06
Tempus_Fugitfor those that think I am nuts worried about security might wanna take a look at this http://www.security-database.com/view-all.php?date=All&sev=All&type=Ubuntu02:06
looternoisewaterphd: can you verify what version of eclipse you are in fact running?02:06
niglopthere is a video on a page that i want to download, how can i download it02:06
niglop1200 people in the channel and nobody can answer me.. k02:08
Daekdroom!details | niglop02:08
ubottuniglop: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:08
DaekdroomWhat kind of video are you trying to download?02:08
MrPPSniglop: assuming you're referring to flash videos, like youtube, search for some firefox plugins02:09
MrPPSthere's thousands of them to do it02:09
niglopits not youtube tho MrPPS02:09
rottieI have just loaded ubuntu 10 as duel boot, however the owner want it to default to windows?  it this an easy fix?02:09
DaekdroomYou can also grab them directly from the /tmp/ folder if you manage to find them there.02:09
MrPPSniglop: same thing applies for many of them02:09
MrPPSi said like youtube02:09
kpkarlniglop: try looking in /tmp after the video completly loads02:09
MrPPSnot just youtube ;)02:09
SubCoolhow can you tell if your Kubuntu is transfering at USB3 speeds? its not showing me mbit/s02:09
p0rkwell I guess I should try that again.02:10
ratdog how can i purge this ppa http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz02:10
victorhHi, I was thinking in recompile linux kernel to enable just the modules I use in order to enhance performance. How can I surely know which modules I'm using? Is "lsmod" command enough?02:10
GoodMuppetwho will be upgrading to 10.10 in october02:11
noisewaterphdlooter: helios, build 20100617-141502:11
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rbasticaren't there known problems with programs on Windows overwriting the MBR and trashing GRUB or something?02:11
Tempus_FugitGoodMuppet: when I know its stable I will upgrade02:11
khelvanlaban, hackel, noisewaterphd - Thank you, I am using the on-board sound on an ASUS P5W PH Deluxe (ALC882 Digital is card 0 device 1), passing through HDMI out of my Nvidia Geforce 240.02:11
rbasticnot trying to flame, just responding to rottie's mention of dual-booting ubuntu02:11
matthewlHi. Anyone run into a situation where a drive fails, but is still in fstab and the machine freezes trying to mount the drive still in fstab? Is there a trick to dropping to a single user shell prompt from there?02:11
GoodMuppetIts not very stable at the min02:11
khelvanhackel, once I get that working, what would the next step be? I am not familiar with working with audio/video streams.02:12
Tempus_Fugitrbastic:  I have a dual boot system with vista but I never use vista anymore02:12
LabanGreat... HD video looks better with Nouveau driver than Nvidia's driver...02:12
LabanToo bad 3D doesn't.02:12
Tempus_FugitAs soon as I have an external drive to store all my data gonna re-format/partition my drive and go completely ubuntu02:13
Zelfjedata is overrated ;)02:13
willUbuntu LiveUSB -- is there any way to mount the USB drive that the LiveUSB is installed on?02:13
khelvanrbastic - If you install Windows after Ubuntu it will overwrite the boot system, but you can just run update-grub (with Grub2 at least) and it should set itself up, including the Windows partition.02:13
hackelkhelvan, well that would add it as a PulseAudio device, then you can run pavucontrol to switch audio between devices.02:14
Jordan_Urbastic: Yes, and it's usually part of the software's DRM.02:14
khelvanrottie - Yes, it is an easy fix. Start here: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CBcQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D1195275&ei=f8yOTJW9IIy8sAPb_NydCw&usg=AFQjCNHsPsdiLiSfK_ARNS8auvRfO0S4KQ02:14
hackelkhelvan, I guess you have to install the pavucontrol package for that.  Of course, this is assuming that your mixer settings are correct.02:15
Jordan_Ukhelvan: update-grub just re-writes /boot/grub/grub.cfg. You need grub-install to actually restore grub after installing windows.02:15
GoodMuppetanyone here using elegant gnome02:15
khelvanJordan_U - ok, thanks....rbastic listen to him, he knows better than I ;)02:15
willLiveUSB -- is there any way to mount the USB drive that the LiveUSB is installed on?02:15
GoodMuppetit should automatically mount02:16
rbasticNods... I had just read some forum postings that confirmed it02:16
willi want to use the space not taken up by the live usb install (it's on a 4GB usb drive).02:16
desnaikeGoodMuppet I am hope I can help02:16
rbasticWell... Now my nvidia drivers are working, compiz-fusion is **flying**, and it's time to reboot to double-check that everything is kosher.02:18
Jordan_Uwill: Yes, you can mount it just like any other partition.02:18
willOK they were right -- it is mounted, but it's mounted on /cdrom, and I can't write to it.02:18
Jordan_Uwill: What program did you use to create the Live USB, and are you booted into the Live USB right now?02:19
afeijounetbootin aint good02:19
khelvanhackel - ok thanks, I successfully used pactl to add the device, I guess now my only question is what I should be using for the Profile for HD Audio Controller (Digital Stereo HDMI Out I assume? I can't send 5.1 out?) and Internal Audio (No idea here...)02:19
willJordan_U -- I forgot what it's called.  Ran if from inside Ubuntu ("liveusb-create" maybe).  And yes i'm booted in a VM.02:20
Jordan_Uwill: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" and "sudo blkid"?02:21
ratdog how can i purge this ppa http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz02:22
trojan_spikewaoh,, VMbox's seemless is really impressive02:23
seduloustrojan_spike: it is02:24
willJordan_U:  fdisk -l and blkid   http://pastebin.ca/194017602:25
ai9371what is ubuntu desktop edition?02:25
ai9371why not iubuntu 9.202:25
ai9371or ubuntu 10.202:25
seduloustrojan_spike: it creates an uncomfortable sense of potential security issues but otherwise it's cool, yes.02:25
xanguaai9371: ubuntu 10.04, 10 is the year, 04 the month it was released02:26
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
willJordan_U:   I should mention that there is a virtual HD in the VM that has Ubuntu on it, but I am booted from the LiveUSB.02:26
ratdoghow can i close all synaptics with terminal02:26
trojan_spikei dont see any security issues with it.. none that it would cause or can take advantage of..02:27
sedulousai9371: “Ubuntu Desktop Edition” is what many people just call “Ubuntu”02:27
afeijoI formated my usb drive with 4gb ext4, will bootable usb use the whole space?02:27
ai9371what about ubuntu for windows02:28
trojan_spikewubi ai937102:28
willJordan_U: I should mention that there is a virtual HD in the VM that has Ubuntu on it, but I am booted from the LiveUSB.02:28
Jordan_Uwill: Try running "sudo mount -o remount,rw /cdrom/"02:28
Tempus_Fugitai9371: wubi02:28
ratdoghow can i close all synaptics with terminal02:28
ai9371yah will wubi run ruby on rails02:28
seduloustrojan_spike: it depends on how well the integration is implemented. it obviously adds more bridges between the host and the guest than a plain VM that just display an image inside a window, without clipboard or mouse pointer sharing. of course that's absolutely not an issue as long as you're not dealing with hazardous, evil guests :)02:28
Aemaethany way to mount my data drive before compiz and my torrents start up, since both need my data drive?02:29
trojan_spike:) stayin in control sedulous ..02:29
khelvanai9371, "Desktop Edition" just means that it has the Gnome window manager, unlike "Server Edition" where you have no graphical user interface.02:29
Jordan_Uai9371: Yes, with only a few notable exceptions (like hybernation) anything you can do with a normal Ubuntu install you can also do with a wubi install.02:29
mac9416ratdog, sudo killall synaptic02:30
willJordan_U:  WOO HOO!  Thanks a lot, friend.  :)02:30
mac9416ratdog, I believe.02:30
Jordan_Uwill: You're welcome :)02:30
AemaethJordan_U, ai9371 the harddrive  space is limited in wubi, isn't it?02:30
trojan_spikeWUBI cant read your windows folders etc,, read/write is slower too02:31
Jordan_Utrojan_spike: Wubi can read and write to windows' files just fine.02:31
Aemaethwhy is read/write slower?02:31
AemaethJordan_U, he's right though, you can't see the windows files from the os it's installed in02:32
Aemaethunless there is a fix or mount point you can use02:32
Jordan_UAemaeth: You choose how large you want wubi.disk to be when you install. It's possible to make it larger after the fact but it's unfortunately much more technical than it should be.02:32
trojan_spikeJordan_U, last i used it , it couldnt access windows..02:32
Jordan_UAemaeth: trojan_spike: The windows partiton is accessable via /host IIRC.02:32
Aemaethexternal harddrive it can read windows fine (ntfs/fat)02:33
trojan_spikenews to me..02:33
Jordan_UAemaeth: If I Recall Correctly.02:33
Jordan_Utrojan_spike: It's always been able to. If it couldn't then it wouldn't be able to write to the wubi.disk (which is a file on the Windows partition).02:33
chowderHi, I'm running Xubuntu and my headset isn't working. I plug in the mic and headphone plugs but neither work.02:33
AemaethJordan_U, at any rate, it's different than dual-booting, which by default had a link for the windows partition02:34
chowderAnyone have any ideas what the cause of this could be?02:34
Aemaethchowder, you played with sound prefs?02:35
trojan_spikechowder, of what?02:35
chowdertrojan_spike: what do you mean of what?02:35
Aemaethchowder, sound prefs > output, dropdown menu for headphones02:35
chowderAemaeth: I haven't touched the sound preferences02:35
Jordan_Uchowder: Any chance you have more than one sound card? It's more common than you'd expect in desktops.02:35
ai9371chowder maybe your card went bad02:35
trojan_spikedont matter ,, didnt see ur prev post02:35
chowderJordan_U: I don't02:36
ai9371I have had sound car go bad02:36
ai9371mic port02:36
chowderits a laptop02:36
ai9371my mic port went bad02:36
chowderai9371: its brand new. It worked on arch. My sound card is fine02:36
ai9371when did it stop working02:36
Aemaethchowder, if it's usb then it will also be there02:36
chowderAemaeth: its not USB02:36
Aemaethdid it ever work?02:36
chowderAemaeth: yes. It worked fine on archlinux02:36
teegorHello hello. I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, trying to associate a program (google voice's plugin) to interact specifically with a USB headset and not play sound over the speakers. I have pavucontrol installed, and it'll let me associate it once, but then when I go to use it again it defaults to the speakers again. Any tips for making it a permanent link?02:36
Aemaethwhy are three people helping, but i can't get a bootup question answered?02:37
Jordan_U!patience | Aemaeth02:37
ubottuAemaeth: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com02:37
chowderAemaeth: and its not USB. the headset is just a regular headset02:37
trojan_spikeAemaeth, ? whats your boot up question?02:37
teegor(Also, chowder have you tried going in to alsactl on the terminal and making sure everything is turned up?)02:37
soreauAemaeth: the 'helpers' here are volunteers and do not know everything.02:37
chowderteegor: you mean alsamixer?02:37
soreauAemaeth: Restate your question and we will try to help02:37
csmith1994OK guys I have a problem. I am taking a beginner programming course at school and I require the use of processing (processing.org). However, on my netbook running 10.04, when I try to execute a simple program that simply creates a 640*480 and changes the background to red, my computer shuts down and reboots02:37
tizzohey, I'm trying to install a tomcat app and the installation instructs me to add some files to 'tomcat_home', does anyone know where apt puts that on ubuntu by default?02:37
soreau! ask | Aemaeth02:37
ubottuAemaeth: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:37
teegor(that, sorry. :P)02:38
Aemaethtrojan_spike, i have a problem when i add a mount command into startup, i need it to be before other programs02:38
sedulousAemaeth: I assume you tried it with /etc/fstab and it somehow failed02:38
Aemaethsoreau, it's been a while since i asked, calm down02:38
soreau! attitude | Aemaeth02:38
ubottuAemaeth: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:38
Jordan_Ucsmith1994: Sounds like a graphics driver issue. What GPU do you have?02:38
hackelkhelvan, I've never even looked at the Profile settings before, to be honest.  Not sure about them.  I've only got stereo on my TV anyway, so never bothered.02:38
Aemaethsedulous, not failed, but if torrents come up before drive is mounted, since it references the mount point it creates the folders, and mounts the real harddrive in a new location02:38
justine777wgnea: hello..you have a great skill at helping people solve their problems. Would you mind helping me with another problem I am having?02:38
chowdersoreau: don't you think you're abusing the bot? Lay off, man.02:39
csmith1994Jordan_U I don't know. The problem is, it kind of just flashes off and then back to the command line boot screen02:39
hackelkhelvan, When you are playing audio, under "playback", you can click the button to the right of the application name to switch it between the devices.  For me the labels are meaningless (e.g. my HDMI out is labelled "Internal Audio").02:39
sedulousAemaeth: i'm not very familiar with ubuntu but /etc/fstab mounts should always happen before any GUI is started02:39
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
Aemaethsedulous, i'll check that then02:40
Jordan_Ucsmith1994: What is the output of "lspci | grep VGA" in a terminal? (if the output is more than two lines please use pastebin instead of pasting it directly into the channel).02:40
csmith1994Jordan_U: I have a Gateway netbook, I don't know if that helps. Are you familiar with processing or Java, because does the x or y coordinate come first in the window, because my screen is 1024*600, and i made it 640*48002:40
teegorRepeated, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04, trying to associate a program (google voice's plugin) to interact specifically with a USB headset and not play sound over the internal audio / my speakers. I have pavucontrol installed, and it'll let me associate it once, but then when I go to use it again it defaults to the speakers again. Any tips for making the association permanent, i.e. make it the default output for that program, without making ...02:41
teegor... the headset default for everything else?02:41
Jordan_Ucsmith1994: I'm familiar with java, but this is universal. Resolutions are always widthXhight (note that coordinates can sometimes differ).02:42
khelvanhackel - I have three devices under Playback - HDMI, Internal Audio, and Internal Audio 5.1. Assuming I don't have to stop and restart audio altogether to test, none of the settings work.02:42
aconradhi, I'm trying to make my DELL 30" screen to display at higher resolution than 1280x800 which is the only one proposed. I have an Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series VGA. I played with xrandr to add more resolutions but then my screen goes blank.02:43
FahidHello Guys02:43
Jordan_Uteegor: Try asking in #pulseaudio.02:43
Aemaethkhelvan, not sure if this helps but i often have to restart sound hardware for new settings02:43
teegorThanks, Jordan_U.02:43
Jordan_Uteegor: You're welcome.02:43
Fahidcan anyone help me a little about compiling a driver02:43
aconradis there a way to detect what are the resolutions supported by my video card?02:43
trojan_spikeu get sorted Aemaeth ??02:43
Aemaethin fact the sound going out is the only consistent problem i have, oh no, that program uses alsa, crash02:43
Aemaethyeah i should be fine02:44
hackelkhelvan, No, you don't have to restart the audio.  But you may have a problem with your mixer settings.  Run alsamixer and toggle the mutes of the various spdiff/iec958 options until you find a working combination. :)02:44
justine777wCan someone please help me with instructions on how to set up my printer? I have read all the forums and tried to set it up myself, but I must be doing something wrong.02:44
csmith1994Jordan_U: Output is: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Coproration Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)02:45
hackelkhelvan, that's assuming there isn't some *other* problem, in which case, who knows...  I've been using HDMI out this way on a GeForce 8600M for a couple years though, so hopefully there's a way to make it work.02:45
FahidI need some help with compiling of smartcam driver on Ubuntu 10.0402:46
khelvanhackel - I have everything unmuted - are you suggesting I need to mute some of it?02:46
Aemaethmy laptop displays webcam upside down, i've learned to live with it02:46
chowderFahid: have you ever compiled anything before?02:46
ratdog Firefox was just mentioned on the 2cond most popular network commedy sitcom >:)02:47
khelvanAemaeth - Have you tried guvcview?02:47
Fahidno chowder, I am a geek at windows but new to linux, but I followed the instruction from Readme02:47
Aemaethkhelvan, installing now02:47
Fahidinstructions from readme didn't worked, so I tried googling around and saw some forum posts but nothing helping02:48
chowderFahid: did you get an error message?02:48
Fahidyes, can I start with you in private and discuss in detail as I do it02:49
chowderFahid: yes you may02:49
Aemaethkhelvan, do you know if this will give an output that would work on something like skype?02:49
csmith1994OK I'll ask again because it's been a while and I don't think anyone can see it anymore. My query is that processing (processing.org) doesn't work on my system. a simple program crashes my system, which simply changes the window size and the background02:50
khelvanAemaeth - I am not sure, but you could probably use gstreamer to do that, of course you'd have to write a pretty intensive script02:50
justine777wanyone knowledgeable of setting up printers not compatible with Ubuntu 9.10, such as the Dell 720 Printer?02:52
Aemaethkhelvan, webcamstudio is a oddly gui heavy version, which can stream to another webcam output, but it doesn't work with skype :(02:52
khelvanAemaeth, see if guvcview can help you, if not you can also try luvcview, which is a non-GUI UVC viewer02:52
Jordan_Ucsmith1994: This is somwewhat more a work around than a solution but you might want to run processing within xephyr. Xephyr allows you to start a second X server within a window, so an application will think that it's full screen when it's not and if an application tries to change the resolution it will just change the size of the window.02:53
khelvanCan anyone tell me how to change an IEC958 channel to "PCM Out" in alsamixer?02:54
hackelkhelvan, Heh, no but on mine there are some toggles and switches,  "S/PDIF Playback Source" which should be set to Digital, for example.  Unfortunately they are all different.02:54
ptinghow do i have apt only upgrade php5 related projects if i have maverick builds added to my source.list?02:54
afeijodamn, I had the wrong iso... netbook not the normal one lol02:55
jimbroGo To Dell website at http://www.dell.com and find your printer and download the Cups wrapper and lpr driver for your printer02:55
khelvanhackel - In alsamixer I can't toggle S/PDIF and S/PDIF Default to anything other than Mute. I can't get it to do anything other than sit on [00] or M.02:55
SubCoolim getting ticked- i cant even record simple webcam stuff? it has to crash02:56
SubCooldumb gf with WINDOWS got her going first02:56
matthewlIs there a way to drop to a shell to edit fstab during a stuck boot?02:57
hackelHmm, I'm not sure then.  It may be a quirk with that graphics/sound card combo.02:57
hackelkhelvan, another weird thing--I sometimes have to cycle my TV through all of the input sources before the audio from my computer will play right.02:57
Aemaethkhelvan, gstreamer-properties and webcamstudio might work...02:57
justine777wi keep getting error messages when trying to extract redhat in order to install my printer02:59
thune3matthewl: i think it depends on where it got stuck. the catch-all recommendation is to boot livecd or other linux and make changes from outside.03:00
virusdesiriusI have a very stupid doubt on ubuntu, could anyone help me?03:01
Tempus_FugitAnyone help explain some of this page??? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/en/man8/ufw.8.html#toptoc903:01
Tempus_Fugitwhat is the --dry-run??03:01
hiexpojustine777w, that ? was confusing when trying to extract redhat   > redhat the distro ?03:01
thune3Tempus_Fugit: dry run ususally mean to calculate the changes/output and show you without touching existing configuration.03:02
virusdesiriusHow can I do this simbol ->   ¬03:02
Tempus_Fugitthune3:  ok cool ty03:02
mbrigdanTempus_Fugit, It actually tells you on that page. It means it will show you the changes03:02
virusdesiriusI used to make it by ctrl+alt+6 on windows03:02
virusdesiriusubuntu doesnt seem to recognize03:02
justine777whiexpo: I have been trying to install my printer for months. I can not do it. I have been trying to follow the directions in the forums and nothing is working. Not sure what redhat means.03:02
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, If you're using gnome, you can enter it with its unicode number03:02
khelvanhackel - One problem I see is that even though my motherboard is showing an IEC958 device in aplay -l, alsamixer doesn't have an IEC958 device listed. So I must be doing something wrong.03:03
Marine_Marine is gaming.  !gameinfo for more info.03:03
virusdesiriushow can I tell if I'm using gnome? I installed ubuntu 10.04 yesterday03:03
virusdesiriusGuess I am, there is a "about gnome" app03:03
matthewlthune3: thanks, this is a test machine I'm trying to figure this out on. I'm mainly a BSD guy, and that drops right to a shell for any fstab problems. Right now, I just see: "/dev/sda1: clean", and the number of blocks a files on the partition. It just sits there forever afterwards trying to mount /dev/sdc1, which doesn't currently exist.03:04
Evan0how would i install the latest and greatest version of php curl?03:04
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, Unless you installed Kubuntu, you're probably using gnome03:04
virusdesiriusSo, what should I do to get an ¬03:04
praxiskunta kente03:04
IdleOne!language | praxis03:04
ubottupraxis: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:04
MalvoroHi everybody03:05
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, First, you need to find its unicode ID, which isn't normally to hard, except I can't google for your symbol. Do you know what its called?03:05
chowdervirusdesirius: that's the logical operator for "not03:05
chowder¬a = not "a"03:05
strAlanhow can I verify vino-server is running? I don't see it in ps -ae :(03:06
chowder¬(a and p) = not "a" or not "p"03:06
mbrigdanchowder, thanks03:06
omnydevianyone know how to go about uninstalling a nvidia hardware driver and upon reboot getting absolutely 0 video output? :)03:06
virusdesiriusI've spent 13 years beliving it was "the eye" sign03:06
chowdermbrigdan: no problem03:06
justine777whiexpo: do you understand what i am trying to say?03:06
strAlanhow can I verify vino-server is running? I don't see it in ps -ae :(03:06
chowdervirusdesirius: nope, that's a mathematical symbol used in formal logic and discrete mathematics03:07
hiexpojustine777w, no i do not sorry03:07
virusdesiriusand how do I get its unicode?03:07
justine777whiexpo: do you know how to set up the Dell 720 printer on Ubuntu 9.10?03:07
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, So, what you need to do, is hold Shift+Ctrl then type "u", followed by "00AC" (Without the quotes, and still holding Shift+Ctrl). Then, let go of Shift+Ctrl and it should type the character.03:07
hiexpojustine777w, no sorry again i do not03:08
justine777wdoes anyone know how to set up a dell 720 printer in Ubuntu 9.10?03:08
chowderjustine777w: why not upgrade to 10.04 first?03:08
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, I found its unicode id on http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/search.htm , you can use it to find other characters if you want.03:08
chowderalso, did you check to see that your printer is linux compatible?03:09
aetarici asked this in #ubuntu-server, but no one knew if this was possible. I want to boot an Ubuntu cd via PXE, but i don't want to use the netboot iso.03:09
hiexpojustine777w,  http://www.seanelavelle.com/2008/03/24/installing-a-dell-720-printer-in-ubuntu-linux/03:09
hackelkhelvan, It's not a separate device though.03:09
thune3matthewl: there should be a way to get the busybox shell to come up, but i can't search it since all the hits are how to NOT get it.03:09
strAlanhow can I verify vino-server is running? I don't see it in ps -ae :(03:09
hackelkhelvan, at least for my HDA Intel...03:10
matthewlYeah, this is something that shouldn't be very difficult.03:10
virusdesiriusmbrigdan it didnt worked03:10
aetaric!repeat | strAlan03:10
ubottustrAlan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com03:10
khelvanhackel - I know, but according to the Alsa wiki it should be showing up as a channel for my HDA Intel device in Playback in alsamixer03:10
justine777wchowder: I am afraid if I upgrade I will lose all my information (documents, music, etc) and I already went through thats once...It was a big hassle and i do not know how to save all the info on the computer and I do not have enough flash drives, etc to save all my info.03:10
Evan0how would i install the latest and greatest version of php curl?03:11
virusdesiriusWhen I press 00 it selects everything writen03:11
justine777whiexpo: thanks, but I have been using all the forums and keep getting error messages. therefore i need someone who knows how to install the printer to help set by step03:11
chowderjustine777w: I've never lost info to an upgrade. When did you last lose info?03:11
thune3how can I get the busybox shell to come up, on purpose?03:11
justine777wchowder: when ubuntu crashed03:11
=== tizzo_ is now known as tizzo
chowderjustine777w: what release was that?03:11
chowderthune3: in terminal: busybox03:12
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, Hmm, it works for me: ¬. Try it in a different program. (Sometimes some programs grab the key, and it won't work. I know open office does this)03:12
justine777wchowder: 9.10 I think. before 10.04 came out.03:12
SubCooli would like to THANK the Loving OS of UBUNTu for SCREWING UP MY $EX Life....03:12
trojan_spikejustine777w, do a backup of what you need.. the upgrade would be in your best interest.. 10.10 is the latest release..03:12
SubCoolLet me Play a song- 3 clients later, i can play a song.03:12
thune3chowder: is there a way to get it before init, in the boot sequence?03:12
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
SubCoolLet me go on Pandora- and just make something work.03:13
mbrigdan!ot | SubCool03:13
IdleOneSubCool: drop the caps please03:13
ubottuSubCool: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:13
virusdesiriusmbrigdan it worked on gedit03:13
virusdesiriusthank you03:13
virusdesiriusthanks alot for the help03:13
mbrigdanvirusdesirius, Your welcome.03:13
chowderSubCool: your sex life was screwed up before you used ubuntu, tard03:13
justine777wtrojan_spike: i do not know how to do all that. If i do that will the printer automatically work?03:13
IdleOnechowder: no need for that03:13
SubCoolKonquror, chrome fialed.. finally i got Firefox to work.03:13
SubCoolchowder, haha- quite not.03:13
prayiimbrigdan: i had to let go of ctrl+shift after typing "u" to get it to work03:14
trojan_spikeits possible.. the printer would need drivers to work.. its just a matter of finding one made for ubuntu.. this is usually done by a developer..03:14
mbrigdanSubCool, Even though I really shouldn't, you've got me interested. How on earth can an OS screw up you sex life?03:14
ToddEDMcan someone help me here, im looking to get wireless working, i have downloaded the broadcom-sta.deb but it wont install , someone please help me...03:14
SubCoolEvery normal thing any normal person would like to do ona  computer when they simply turn it on, and isntall it- i cant do after installing it, setting it up.. and working with most of you to make sure it works,(not blaming you) but this is utterly rediculous.03:14
khelvanhackel - the more I read, the more I believe that my problem is due to the same reason I can't see an IEC958 channel in alsamixer - all the fixes for this problem seem to revolve around changing the settings of that channel in alsamixer.03:14
hackelkhelvan, Really?  Huh, it doesn't do that for me!03:15
chowderSubCool: idk if anyone can justify using an OS as a scapegoat for not being able to get laid but that's just me03:15
IdleOneSubCool: if you feel like ranting start a blog otherwise ask a support question.03:15
justine777wtrojan_spike: it does not matter to me which ubuntu I have really....i just want my printer to work. Ya know?03:15
mbrigdanprayii, Hey, that makes it work for me in OpenOffice. Thanks!03:15
SubCoolmbrigdan, girl wanted webcam, failed miserable, then she wanted Music, failed miserable, then we just wanted to go onlilne, internet crashed, system stood at a stand still. here she is mad at me, because my great ubuntu is nothing to her getting dressed, geting her laptop, turning it on- turning on music, webcam, and telling me goodnite- maybe tomorrow.03:16
trojan_spikething is the ubuntu 9.04/9.10 wouldn't have the support that 10.04/10.10 has.. Can you tell me the made of your printer..03:16
ToddEDManyone have a good link to setting up wifi on netbook remix?03:16
justine777wtrojan_spike: Dell 720 Printer03:17
SubCoolchowder, no- i cant get it, but now i have to work for it.03:17
khelvanhackel - Well I'm stuck. Tried different settings, cycled the input on my receiver, all sorts of things, but still no audio.03:17
SubCoolIdleOne, How come my webcamdoesnt work.03:17
IdleOneSubCool: I don't know03:17
sirecatHow do I verify that the fglrx driver is working? It suggested I install it, which I did. I don't know what command to use to check it out?03:17
SubCoolIdleOne, when i turn on cheese, camorama or anything, nothing works03:17
justine777wtrojan_spike: I have gone through the forums and have tried to follow the directions and I keep getting error messages.03:18
IdleOneSubCool: stop directing your questions at me. ask the channel.03:18
trojan_spikewhat error message?03:18
dreamy_why does skype can show my camera image, and other apps dont ? anyone :S ?03:19
hackelkhelvan, yeah, that sucks, wish I could help more.03:19
justine777wtrojan_spike: well it says I have to download the redhat driver for linux, so I do and when I go to extract it through terminal it says that it was not found, doesnt exist.03:19
trojan_spikedid u direct it right?03:20
justine777wtrojan_spike: i do not know what that means03:20
chowderSubCool: check to see that you have the proper drivers or that your cam has linux support03:20
chowderoftentimes its a matter of reloading a module with different parameters03:21
BitEncrypt 8 U.S.C. §1101(a)(21) and 8 U.S.C. §1452. 03:21
trojan_spiketo install it through terminal you have to dir the terminal to it,, then sudo make install.. needs a sudo make file tho.. mmmm,, go to the driver u downloaded for me03:21
BitEncrypt 8 U.S.C. §1101(a)(21) and 8 U.S.C. §1452. 03:21
aetaricuh... ok BitEncrypt sup with the US legal Codes?03:22
BitEncryptnon-citizen national status03:22
justine777wtrojan_spike: go to it how? the file? its in my home folder03:22
ToddEDMis anyone able to help me with settimg up wifi on my Acer netbook, trying to run netbook remix03:22
SubCoolchowder, i already had it fixed..03:22
aetaric!ot | BitEncrypt03:22
ubottuBitEncrypt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:22
SubCoolother than its VERY slow warm up - it WAS working.03:23
BitEncryptpeace all03:23
trojan_spikeyea,, if u look through the folder.. look for a 'make' file..03:23
justine777wtrojan_spike: i do not have a make file...it says copying, readme and z600cups-1.0-1.gz.sh03:24
SubCoolchowder, see- now its working again..03:24
trojan_spikeread me.. it will tell you how to install03:24
[Adam|Miner]I installed ubuntu, then windows 7 on another partition, but windows overwrote grub (so I can't get into ubuntu), how can I still be dual bootable (either with grub or any other bootloader)03:24
justine777wtrojan_spike: okay I will try it03:25
sirecatubotu !hd260003:25
trojan_spike[Adam|Miner], reinstall grub03:25
[Adam|Miner]trojan_spike: How?03:25
trojan_spikeare u in windows or ubuntu now?03:26
[Adam|Miner]I am in windows, my only bootable at the moment03:26
justine777wtrojan_spike: it says: sh: can not open sh z600cups-1.0-1.tar.gz.sh03:26
chowder[Adam|Miner]: you can have the windows bootloader boot ubuntu if you don't want to use grub03:26
=== ring1 is now known as ring0
[Adam|Miner]How would I add it though?03:27
[Adam|Miner]Windows doesn't recognize any other OS atm03:27
Jordan_U[Adam|Miner]: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide03:28
erdnaseGood day. I accidentally removed my... I don't know how to call it. Mixer? Or volume control. How do i get it back03:28
trojan_spikek google ' easybcd' [Adam|Miner] .. download,, install and run the program.. u will have to set it to boot windows and ubuntu.. < this will fix your problem until u get bk to ubuntu>> then reinstall grub<< then uninstall eaybcd..03:28
Jordan_Uerdnase: Right click the pannel, add to pannel, "Indicator Applet".03:28
trojan_spikejustine777w, send me the link where u got the driver03:29
wasnik_hi guys i am trying to reinstall ubuntu, but the screen gets stuck on ubuntu promt, ctrl+at+del gives could not open /dev/sda03:30
erdnaseJordan_U, I can't see any indicator applet. I.. remember doing some crazy apt-get remove stuff yesterday, trying to fix my exaile because it wasn't working.03:30
erdnaseAnd it turns out, I also removed the mixer/volume control thing.03:30
ToddEDM____is anyone able to help me with settimg up wifi on my Acer netbook, trying to run netbook remix, i have the drivers in a folder on the netbook, also i have a deb with ndiswrapper03:30
justine777wtrojan_spike: http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=content&id=DR4360&actp=search&viewlocale=en_US&userlocale=EN_US&segment=DOWNLOAD&productCode=&searchid=128443144655603:31
Jordan_Uerdnase: The package is "indicator-applet"03:31
[Adam|Miner]trojan_spike: Alright, one last question, is 10.10 beta using grub legacy or 2?03:31
erdnaseJordan_U, Thanks. :)03:31
Jordan_Uerdnase: You're welcome :)03:32
trojan_spikegrub legacy at start,, i put grub2 on tho,, then burg.. :)03:32
wasnik_hi guys I am tryin to reinstall ubuntu, but it gets stuck on ubuntu promt, ctr+alt+del says unable to open /dev/sda03:33
[Adam|Miner]Thanks, off to test03:33
ToddEDMwhy does wifi have to be so difficult with linux? its always been a pain03:33
fr1scoToddEDM: does not compute.03:34
aetaricToddEDM: it has gotten better03:34
ToddEDMevery netbook distro i have tried (except jolicloud) has not worked03:34
trojan_spikejustine777w, in termin run 'sudo apt-get install devscripts'03:35
wasnik_hi guys I am tryin to reinstall ubuntu, but it gets stuck on ubuntu promt, ctr+alt+del says unable to open /dev/sda03:35
aetaric!repeat | wasnik_03:35
ubottuwasnik_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com03:35
Jordan_UToddEDM: Wireless hardware manufacturers have historically been particularly unwilling to work with the open source community. It's gotten a lot better in recent years though, and very recently the last major hold out, Broadcom, announced the release of completely Free drivers and distributable firmware.03:35
Jordan_UToddEDM: What chipset does your netbook use?03:36
aetaricJordan_U: really? how did i miss that?03:36
justine777wtrojan_spike: it says postfix configuration...please select a mail server03:37
aetaricToddEDM: which broadcom chip?03:37
Jordan_Uaetaric: http://lwn.net/Articles/404248/03:37
michael_wowHello, having problems w/ my nvidia chip after doing an update.03:37
ToddEDMnot sure exactly what chipset03:37
kuku_Hi what antivirus should i install for ubuntu?03:37
Jordan_U!virus | kuku_03:38
ubottukuku_: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus03:38
ToddEDMwhat cmd can i use to find out what broadcom chip i have in here03:38
tensorpuddingToddEDM: lspci03:39
justine777wtrojan_spike: i cant click on anything and when i hit enter nothing works03:39
tensorpuddingToddEDM: it will list all the devices connected to the pci bus03:39
ShiryuXHi guys03:39
kuku_Hi ubottu: i read the link, it says 'Linux virus infections are theoretically possible'03:39
ShiryuXI'm trying to install iDroid on my iPhone03:39
ToddEDMrestarting,,, some reason terminal wont come up03:39
trojan_spikeu have to tab,, scrap it anyway.. it wont go in ere for me03:39
[styx]ok idk if u guys can help but in google chrome i want to make the window half screen but when i click the bitton to do it nothing happens?03:39
ShiryuXbut first I have to install Bootlace03:39
ToddEDMwtf is iDroid?03:39
xangua!ot > ShiryuX03:39
ubottuShiryuX, please see my private message03:39
kuku_it's very interesting ... i was thinking to have antivirus for the ubuntu box03:40
ShiryuXxangua, iDroid is just a start, I have to run some commands on ubuntu03:40
tensorpuddingShiryuX: what does this have to do with Ubuntu?03:40
sebsebsebkuku_: ubottu is a female bot computer program03:40
ShiryuXand I don't know how to run them03:40
sebsebseb!gender | kuku_03:40
ubottukuku_: yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)03:40
michael_wowHaving problems with my nvidia driver for X, can anyone help?03:40
maximosorry to butt in but you need anitvirus for Ubuntu?03:41
maximothanks alot03:41
sebsebsebkuku_: at this time you don't need anti virus, unless your sharing files with Windows03:41
sebsebsebmaximo: no you don't03:41
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus03:41
maximooh okay03:41
ShiryuXI connect my iPhone to my computer, and install android in there USING ubuntu.03:41
=== maximo is now known as Nasra
FullFlannelJackeWhen i see an active virus in the Linux world, then I will say you need AV.  Until then forget about AV software.03:41
tensorpuddingThere's not enough malware targetting Linux yet.03:41
ShiryuXThe problem comes when I have to run the ubuntu commands03:41
Nasrasebsebseb: how are you man?03:41
justine777wtrojan_spike: okay it stopped running and is finished..now what?03:41
ToddEDMShiryuX, why not just buy an Android phone?03:41
ShiryuXNot enough money, and not fun :P03:42
hiexpohey sebsebseb03:42
tensorpuddingOf course, using Linux you are still vulnerable to security issues in the software you install, which are dealt with using Ubuntu's fast security updates.03:42
ToddEDMShiryuX, lol03:42
kuku_thanks sebsebseb, i don't share anything with windows, i run the ubuntu using  virtual machine03:42
ShiryuXIs like running windows because I can't deal with Linux03:42
sebsebsebkuku_: uhmm I would suggest putting Ubuntu or another distro, onto your computer for real :)03:42
trojan_spikeim trying something else.. u can remove that.. b.t.w,, it's a 720 ??03:43
FullFlannelJackeShiryuX: so you cant deal with Linux but want to install it on your iPhone?03:43
sebsebsebhiexpo: hi03:43
ShiryuXlol :P03:43
justine777wTrojan_spike: remove what? and yes 72003:43
trojan_spikeremove devscripts03:43
ShiryuXsort of03:43
justine777wtrojan_spike: how?03:43
greezmunkeytensorpudding: you may qualify that by stating the ppa's are not supported (generally) by security updates, and therefore should be thouroghly checked prior to installation.03:43
ToddEDMok got my info on the Broadcom chip, its a 4357 (rev 01)03:43
hiexpoShiryuX, Is like running windows because I can't deal with Linux / so you prefer windows ?03:43
trojan_spikesudo apt-get remove devscripts03:44
ShiryuXI have to run "sudo Tools/x32/loadibec OpeniBoot/iPhone\ 3G/openiboot.img3" I guess loadibec is the command to run?03:44
tensorpuddinggreezmunkey: Of course, software outside of Ubuntu's reach isn't covered, the same as with Windows.03:44
justine777wtrojan_spike: okay removing03:44
ToddEDMok got my info on the Broadcom chip, its a 4357 (rev 01)03:44
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents03:45
gerinychim trying to run a setup file, but it gives me an error saying "Couldn't load 'setup.data/setup.xml'". any way to fix that?03:45
tensorpuddingToddEDM: 43xx chips can be covered using a proprietary blob driver available through Broadcom.03:46
ShiryuXhiexpo, don't quote me off-topic03:46
ShiryuXI'm not having problems with windows.03:46
greezmunkeyI went to ##windows...asked them how to write a script that would turn my coffee pot on at 4:00 a.m. ... They sent me here...:P03:46
Jordan_UToddEDM: Can you pastebin the output of "lspci -vnn | grep 14e4" ?03:47
ToddEDMJordan_U, gimme a sec03:47
ToddEDMwell no i cant actually, i cant get online03:48
tensorpuddinggerinych: what is this for?03:48
dbernar1I am trying to add a partition using fdisk of type vfat...there is no type vfat in my list of known types. Is fat32 the same? (or rather vfat the driver for fat16 and fat32 drives)03:48
hiexpogreezmunkey, lol did they give ya the remote bro03:48
gerinychtensorpudding: its for a game called postal03:48
tensorpuddinggerinych: is there a setup.data directory in the local directory?03:49
Jordan_UToddEDM: Basically I'm trying to find the pci-id to determine if the b43 driver supports your card, as explained here: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b4303:49
gerinychtensorpudding: no03:49
gerinychtensorpudding: its supposed to be in the installer file03:49
tensorpuddinggerinych: what is?03:49
gerinychtensorpudding: setup.data03:49
tensorpuddinggerinych: it would appear not03:49
tensorpuddinggerinych: you are using it from an install cd?03:50
gerinychtensorpudding: yea03:50
ToddEDMJordan_U it says "Broadcom Corporation Device [14e4:4357]03:50
Jordan_Udbernar1: Do you understand that fdisk does not actually create a filesystem?03:50
ToddEDM14e4 is in Red03:50
tensorpuddinggerinych: is this file an executable script or binary?03:51
justine777wtrojan_spike: i removed the devscrpits03:51
nicnicI am trying to install Kubuntu 9.10 alternative, however the installer shows options for installing to sdb, how can I change this to 'sda' as that's the drive I would like it on?03:51
Jordan_UToddEDM: Then you'll need to use the proprietary driver as tensorpudding mentioned. Just a second and I'll get you a guide for doing it without an internet connection (it's easier if you can connect temporarily via ethernet though).03:51
trojan_spikei'll be with u soon]03:52
gerinychtensorpudding: probably a script, it03:52
gerinychtensorpudding: it's a .sh file03:52
ToddEDMJordan_U, yeah even my ethernet port isnt workgin too03:52
tensorpuddinggerinych: it might be worthwhile to pastebin the script03:52
gerinychtensorpudding: i can't open it in gedit and it's 23mb03:52
tensorpuddinggerinych: 23 MB ?!?03:53
trojan_spikejustine777w, 'sudo apt-get install alien'03:53
tensorpuddinggerinych: that probably isn't an sh script03:53
Jordan_UToddEDM: It's very rare for an ethernet card not to be supported, does your router use DHCP? Does the port work in another OS?03:53
tensorpuddinggerinych: why do you think it is an sh script? Is that what file says?03:53
ToddEDMJordan_U, yeah it does, i also tried my laptop on there, it worked, but not the netbook03:54
justine777wtrojan_spike: done installing03:54
gerinychtensorpudding: well, it's called linux_installer.sh and i've seen files that are one part script and one part archive of some sort03:54
abhijitGood Morning!03:54
Jordan_UToddEDM: What happens when you run "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" then "sudo dhclient eth0"?03:55
tensorpuddinggerinych: hmm, it might secretly be a shell archive with a ton of binary data tucked into it03:55
nicnicanyone know how to change the installation drive when using the alternate cd?03:56
tensorpuddinggerinych: are you running the script from the local directory, by the way?03:56
gerinychtensorpudding: no, from the cd03:56
ToddEDMJordan_U no such device03:56
Jordan_UToddEDM: What devices are listed by "ifconfig"?03:57
tensorpuddinggerinych: i mean, you're in the directory with the script03:57
tensorpuddinggerinych: that is, you cd'd to /media/cdrom/ and did ./linux_installer.sh03:57
gerinychtensorpudding: right03:57
tensorpuddinggerinych: it'd be hard to figure out what the issue is without reading the script03:58
tensorpuddinggerinych: is that error the only one?03:58
nicnichow do I specify the installation drive when using the alternative cd?03:58
ToddEDMJordan_U, ummm 'ifconfig'gave me some output, but doesnt look like any actual physical devices03:58
gerinychtensorpudding: well, it says parser error about "setup.data/setup.xml"03:59
ToddEDMlink encap:local loopback03:59
Jordan_Ugerinych: Can you pastebin the output of "head -n 500 /media/cdrom0/linux_installer.sh" ?03:59
Jordan_UToddEDM: Anything in the form ethN where N is a number?03:59
lkso much04:00
nicnicthis channel appears to be +m and i must be lacking voice hehe04:00
gerinychtensorpudding: http://pastebin.com/Z5vzyjkd04:00
ToddEDMJordan_U, nope, no eth*04:00
abhijitnicnic, no you are not04:00
hiexpono eth04:00
larsendtHi everybody. I'm having troubles with the rtl8187se wireless card in the Eeepc701sd. It worked fine in jaunty and karmic, but lucid doesn't seem to recognize it. Any suggestions? I'm using the UNR 10.04.04:00
nicnicabhijit: ahh, good to confirm, thanks04:01
jferi would try using the windows driver with ndiswrapper04:01
abhijitnicnic, till then why dont you just have alook at forum or document for alternate cd?04:01
yonahwI am trying to install 10.04 on an hp xw6000 which has an adaptec 7902 scsi controller. I can't even get to the installation menu as initramfs fails on mounting /dev/loop0. Anybody have any ideas on how to do this?04:01
Jordan_UToddEDM: That's a problem I don't think I've ever encountered before :)04:01
nicnicit doesn't mention anything about changing the target drive as strange as that may sound04:01
nicnicthat is not without creating a custom install cd so far04:02
Jordan_UToddEDM: Here are instructions for getting your wireless working at least: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43/STA%20-%20No%20Internet%20access04:02
nicnicwhich seems like overkill04:02
ToddEDMJordan_U , thanks04:02
dbernar1Jordan_U: well I sorta do, why?04:03
abhijitnicnic, hmm04:03
Jordan_UToddEDM: You're welcome.04:03
dbernar1I am trying to make it do that now with mkfs. But I am running into the problem of not knowing how to use it.04:03
abhijit!manual | nicnic see this04:03
ubottunicnic see this: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:03
larsendtWhoops. I may have found the solutions.04:04
nicnicthanks, will take a look04:04
tensorpuddinggerinych: try 'grep setup.data linux_installer.sh'04:04
tensorpuddinggerinych: it might be in setup.sh04:04
jferi would like to install the latest version of eclipse helios does anyone know if a deb package is available?04:04
dbernar1Jordan_U: I am told by fdisk that my partition names are /dev/sdb1p1 and /dev/sdb1p1, but thos don't exist in /dev04:04
Jordan_Udbernar1: You might want to stick with gparted. If not, you'll need to use "sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdXY" (and be *very* carefull that you choose the right device).04:04
dbernar1Jordan_U: so mkfs complains if I tell it that04:04
gerinychtensorpudding: "Binary file linux_installer.sh matches"04:05
tensorpuddingjfer: Helios is 3.6 right? Ubuntu only has 3.504:05
nicnicabhijit: this is for 10.04 which works fine and picks sda instead of sdb, the issue is with 9.1004:05
dbernar1Jordan_U: I am being careful, yeah :)04:05
goddardwhat a good pic programmer for linux cheap to?04:05
nicnicjust wanted to find out if there was a generic and simple way to specify the drive04:05
jferyes that is right04:05
Jordan_Udbernar1: You've added a partition table to a partition, you probably didn't intend to do that.04:05
nicnichad to downgrade from 10.04 because insight has been removed04:05
abhijitnicnic, ok. then look inside ubuntuguide.org and ubuntumanual.org04:05
nicnicahh, thanks04:06
jferi have the binary archive can i turn this into a deb?04:06
tensorpuddingjfer: there might be a PPA available for it, maybe04:06
kronospheremy C drive is 1TB, I am doing a Wubi dual boot installation with windows 7, how long should it take for the install of ubuntu to finish?04:06
ActionParsnipgoddard: can you expand on "pic programmer" please. FYI, most Linux software is opensorce and theefore FREE04:07
kronospherei am asking because it is taking a long time, not sure if its a problem, or perhaps due to the 1TB hard drive?04:07
dbernar1Jordan_U: I am partitioning a USB key. Can gparted do that for me?04:07
tensorpuddingkronosphere: depends on how fast your computer is, but i'd guess somewhere around 20-30 minutes04:07
abhijitjfer, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/how-to-create-deb-package-ubuntu-debian.html and http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/Linux-For-Devices-Articles/How-to-make-deb-packages/04:08
Jordan_Udbernar1: Yes, and you've used fdisk incorrectly.04:08
dbernar1Jordan_U: looks like.04:08
tensorpuddingjfer: if you really wanted to package 3.6, you should probably talk with the people who are maintaining the eclipse package04:08
TschackoRock da dancefloor04:08
goddardActionParsnip I'm not that familar with it so I was hoping some one could point me to good hardware / software package maybe that makes it easy to learn04:08
ActionParsnipkronosphere: depends on a whole slew of things, there is no single answer. FWIW wubi is god awful. Win7 can resize its own partitions and allow you to do a true boot so the performance will not be affected by the incredible shortcomings of NTFS04:08
Tschackoi_is_broke: how04:08
kronospheretensorpudding: is it normal for themonitor to go into sleep mode during the installation?04:08
nicnicanyone know how to specify the target drive when using the alternative cd?04:08
Tschackoi am a poweruser04:08
ActionParsnipgoddard: learn waht exactly?04:08
Jordan_Udbernar1: You probably ran "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb1" rather than "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb". But whatever the reason, it's probably best to just stick with gparted.04:08
jferdo you know the irc channel?04:08
dbernar1right right that's what I did04:08
tensorpuddingkronosphere: that depends on how your power-saving settings are setup04:09
dbernar1Jordan_U: ! thanks04:09
abhijitjfer, irc channel for what?04:09
nicnicie it's not listing when selecting manual partitioning04:09
Jordan_Udbernar1: You're welcome.04:09
tensorpuddingjfer: it's probably not a huge amount of work to adapt the old packaging files to 3.604:09
TschackofloodBot1: 404:09
abhijitjfer, #eclipse04:09
jferok thanks04:09
Tschackoi am superdong04:09
IdleOneTschacko: stop that please04:09
tensorpuddingjfer: the maintainers probably have an email, that would be available from packages.ubuntu04:09
yonahwcan anybody help me with installing from busybox. when I try to boot from cd it fails to mount /dev/loop0 and just dumps me into busybox with ash shell04:09
ActionParsnipgoddard: I cant  give you pointers on how to learn "it" if you dont tell me what "itI is, can I04:09
Jordan_Unicnic: Do you use any fakeraid?04:10
kronosphereActionParsnip: thank you; so i should just sit back and check it again in 30 minutes, eh? :)04:10
ActionParsnipkronosphere: i guess. I dont use wubi, its rubbish04:10
tensorpuddingjfer: it's actually possible that 3.6 is already packaged for maverick04:10
ActionParsnip!01.10.| tensorpudding04:10
goddardActionParsnip its cool I guess thanks any way04:10
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:10
nicnicJordan_U: no, surprisingly, sda and sdb are both listed in dmesg output, however, the installer only shows sdb04:10
dbernar1Jordan_U: and the thing is supposed to be unmounted, right?04:10
kronosphereActionParsnip: it worked wonders on my laptop that had xp in it ....04:10
ActionParsnipgoddard: the whole flow of that conversation made zero sense, just so you know04:11
Jordan_Udbernar1: Correct.04:11
dbernar1Weird, it tells me it can't find /dev/sdb04:11
ActionParsnipkronosphere: ntfs fragments at the drop of a hat, if yuo use wubi you have a drive image on ntfs so the performance will be affected when the drive fragments. If you use a true install you will use ext4 and performance will never degrade04:11
nicnici tried with nodmraid option as well, no cigar04:12
justine777wtrojan_spike: find any useful information?04:12
goddardActionParsnip ok thanks04:12
kronosphereoh, i did not know that04:12
coldboot|homeDoes anyone know why Amarok is linked into Nvidia OpenGL drivers? Here's the error: "amarok: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libGL.so.1: undefined symbol: _nv000132gl".04:12
Jordan_Unicnic: That usually happens when the installer thinks that the drive has fakeraid metadata that it doesn't understand. Rather than writing to it and possably destroying a RAID array it simply doesn't present it as an option (it should really warn the user that it's doing this but that's beside the point).04:12
tensorpuddinggerinych: it might well be a known problem, have you checked the forums for the game?04:12
dbernar1Jordan_U: good it worked this time04:13
dbernar1Jordan_U: can gparted set the bootable flag on my usb key?04:13
dbernar1well, on one of the partitions anyway04:13
dbernar1Jordan_U: got it, never minf04:13
nicnicJordan_U: i will double check the bios, any way to confirm this from a shell?04:13
ActionParsnipcoldboot|home: is there a bug for it?04:13
nicnicand thanks Jordan_U at least i have something to look into now.04:14
Jordan_Unicnic: Probably but I don't personally know how. The work around is to press F6 at the initial boot screen and select the "nodmraid" option.04:14
yonahwhas anyone actually seen my message about not being able to install?04:14
gerinychtensorpudding: ive tried googling for that specific error, but there are no results that involve the game04:15
coldboot|homeActionParsnip: Nope.04:15
trojan_spikeyea,, it needs to be transformed to a package ubuntu can read/use.. i.e .deb04:15
Jordan_Unicnic: Or zero out the beginning of sdb so that there isn't anything that would look like fakeraid metadata on it.04:15
ActionParsnipcoldboot|home: i'd create one then04:15
trojan_spikeeasier said than done tho04:15
trojan_spikeany1 got an easy way to change .gz.sh to .deb??04:16
justine777wtrojan_spike: please see PM04:16
nicnicJordan_U: you are right, this is an old drive and was probably used in a raid config04:16
nicnici will have to look into zeroing it out without having to install redmond os04:16
gerinychtensorpudding: i remember being able to install that game, like, 2 years ago04:17
trojan_spikeaww,, am sure u can sort it justine.. just remember it needs to be a .deb for ubuntu.. ;)04:17
Jordan_Unicnic: I'm not sure I understand, you have a windows install on sda currently that you want to preserve?04:17
nicnici was going to use the free space for ubunutu04:18
nicnicits a tb drive04:18
nicnica 1tb i mean04:19
Jordan_Unicnic: I'd just use the nodmraid option then (if you're sure that the drive isn't actually part of a raid array).04:20
nicnictried the nodmraid option with no cigar04:20
ActionParsnipnicnic: is the windows version win7?04:20
psusiif you have a drive that you previously used as part of a dmraid array and no longer are, you need to remove the raid signatures from it04:21
psusieither using the bios utility or with dmraid -E04:21
nicnicActionParsnip: yes04:21
Jordan_U!who | psusi04:21
ubottupsusi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:21
ActionParsnipnicnic: if you use the win7 tool you can repartition to make free space04:21
gerinychanyone know what happens when you enter "_POSIX2_version=199209" in terminal?04:21
psusiJordan_U, I guess that would be you and nicnic04:21
nicnicActionParsnip: ? i already have free unpartioned space....04:22
ActionParsnipgerinych: changes the posix code. i'm guessing you are instaklling a .run file04:22
gerinychactionparsnip: yeah, i tried to04:23
lingmhow do i make thunderbird the default email client such that on the top right mail icon it opens up thunderbird instead of evolution?04:23
ActionParsnipnicnic: cool, then i'd boot to live cd. If you run:  dmesg | tail    you can observe the boot and see whats going on....04:23
abhijitlingm, you cant04:23
gerinychactionparsnip: any way to revert that?04:23
ActionParsnip!default | lingm04:23
ubottulingm: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.04:23
nicniclive cd has issues of its own, screen goes blank04:24
ActionParsniplingm: http://www.kabatology.com/03/27/how-to-change-your-default-applications-mail-client-in-a-gnome-desktop/04:24
nicnicall this for insight04:24
xangualingm: maybe this work http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/05/how-to-add-thunderbird-to-the-ubuntu-messaging-menu/04:24
psusinicnic, does sudo dmraid -s say it found any arrays?  if so and you aren't actually using multiple disks in a hardware fake raid, then you need to fix that04:25
yonahwwhere can on find assistance with more advanced ubuntu problems?04:25
lingmxangua, aha yes that's what i was looking for04:25
ActionParsnippsusi: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html  wil help the black screen thing04:25
psusiActionParsnip, don't think you meant that for me04:25
ActionParsnippsusi: I'm at work so if s/he comes back can you relay, thanks :)04:26
wolterhi, i have a dell xps m1330 running ubuntu 9.10 and it has no wireless connection :( it is running the live session04:26
Loshkiyonahw: there are a number of specialized groups here on freenode. If you tell us what you need help on, we may be able to refer you....04:27
woltercan somebody help me?04:28
abhijit!irc | yonahw04:28
ubottuyonahw: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines04:28
ActionParsnipwolter: if you run:   sudo lswh -C network     you will see the devices, websearch for the product line of the output for the wifi to fnid guides04:28
Zyklonone quick question, whats the tool used for installing ubuntu on a win machine?04:28
Zyklonlmware or something right?04:29
ActionParsnipwolter: you may benefit from using a wired connection until you get drivered up. Makes life easier04:29
ZyklonActionParsnip: you know that right?04:29
ActionParsnipZyklon: vmware, virtualbox04:29
wolteryeah but i don't have wires here :S04:29
tjgillieswhats the root ubuntu ami password?04:29
Zyklonvmware yes that was it04:29
tjgilliesfor ec204:29
ActionParsnip!noroot | tjgillies04:29
ubottutjgillies: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.04:29
tjgilliesActionParsnip: NOTE:You will not be able to connect to this instance unless you already know the password built in to this AMI.04:29
tjgilliesunder no key settings04:30
ActionParsniptjgillies: whats an AMI?04:30
yonahwLoshki: thanks for responding, I actually mentioned my problem earlier. I am trying to install to an hp xw6000 with an adaptec 7902 scsi controller. Live cd never reaches install menu instead it loads me into busybox with an error of (initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: input/output error Can not mount /dev/loop0 (/cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs) on //filesystem.squashfs04:30
tjgilliesActionParsnip: amazon ec2 instance image04:30
ActionParsniptjgillies: then i'd contact the provider. Ubuntu doesn't support having a root password, nor is it needed04:31
gerinychactionparsnip: any way to undo "_POSIX_version=199209"?04:31
ActionParsnipgerinych: reboot is my suggestion, not sure what it is normally04:31
Zyklonanyone got the time to checkout a php source?04:32
gerinychactionparsnip: alright, ill try that04:32
ActionParsnipZyklon: i'd ask in #php04:33
Loshkiyonahw: all I know to suggest at this stage is the obvious: check the md5sum to make sure the CD isn't corrupt. Check google to see if the adaptec is supported or known to have problems.04:33
Zyklonbut can't get in there04:33
UnknownHello, can anyone help me move a file into /lib/modules? it says access is denied04:33
abhijitUnknown, use sudo cp04:33
devslashif i use the tutorial at http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15037/use-an-ubuntu-live-cd-to-securely-wipe-your-pcs-hard-drive/ to use the wipe command does that do a secure wipe ?04:33
abhijitor sudo mv04:33
ActionParsnipUnknown: sudo mv file /lib/modules04:34
ActionParsnipUnknown: or you can use: gksudo nautilus     and use gui04:34
yonahwLoshki: thanks, been there done that. cd seems to be good, can't really find much on the controller other than people have successfully install the drivers for the controller from the rpm hp provides but I can't get that far04:34
Loshkidevslash: depends on what you mean by "secure". Good enough to sell on ebay, yes. Good enough to hide from the FBI, doubtful...04:34
devslashLoshki: the hard drive in question contains private client info04:35
sinmanhow can i format my usb stick back to fat 32 in ubuntu04:35
blockheadI need help, I'm going to download Windows XP Black Pirate Edition, and, how do I convert it into a ISO?04:35
=== Cobalt-60 is now known as BlueCheeseBurger
Blue1sinman: gparted04:35
sinmank thanxs04:35
Blue1blockhead: dd04:36
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:36
Loshkiyonahw: if they used rpms, they weren't installing ubuntu (which uses debs instead of rpms).  Perhaps a different distro? Or a different release of ubuntu. I personally favor 8.04 for stability/ease of installation...04:37
yonahwLoshki: they used alien to convert the rpm to a deb04:37
wolterActionParsnip, well i installed the ones ubuntu recommended me with the hardware manager, but it says that i have to restart computer and i'm in a live session :S so what command should i run to restart only the necessary stuff? or do I have to reload the kernel?04:37
blockheadBlue1, dd04:37
Blue1blockhead: do a man dd04:38
blockheadNo idea what you mean?04:38
mattw1hi all, i had an issue with my ubuntu 10.04 and a partition being erased. now i have access to the ubuntu partition again but the file i need to get to is in my home folder. which is locked. how can i browse that folder and get at that file/s04:38
Blue1blockhead: nvm04:38
Loshkidevslash: if you are worried about the erase quality, try dban: http://www.dban.org/04:38
Saguarohaha, goddamn deluge04:38
Saguaroit was using 2.3gb of RAM04:38
devslashare you serious04:39
blockheadHi. I need help, I'm going to download Windows XP Black Pirate Edition, and, how do I convert it into a ISO?04:39
xangua!piracy | blockhead04:39
ubottublockhead: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:39
SaguaroI was wondering why my system was so slow04:39
gstarx90white pirate edition is better.04:39
Saguarowow, was maxing out my CPU too04:39
Blue1Saguaro: windows?04:39
Saguarowtf Deluge04:39
yonahwLoshki: thanks for the help. I will try 8.04 tomorrow when I can get more cd's. only have dvd's left and this machine doesn't have a dvd drive04:39
SaguaroBlue1, Ubuntu 10.1004:39
devslashSaguaro: are you talking about dban using 2.3 GB of ram04:39
Saguarono, Deluge torrent client04:39
abhijit!iso | blockhead04:40
ubottublockhead: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:40
=== BlueCheeseBurger is now known as The_Cat
Blue1Saguaro: you should /join ubuntu+1 for 10.10 issues04:40
Loshkiyonahw: that's a good sign that it worked with alien. I would try 8.04 next...04:40
=== The_Cat is now known as [The_Cat]
SaguaroBlue1, I don't think it's an Ubuntu issue at all04:40
mattw1I need to access an encrypted home folder under the username, matthew i have the password for the user to unlock the home folder but how can i do this?04:40
SaguaroI was just commenting on it04:40
sinmanwell goodnight everyone04:40
ActionParsnipwolter: you dont have to restart, is it a crappy roadcom 43xx04:40
blockheadabhijit, right, but there are a bunch of files that need to be converted into one iso, how is that done?04:40
wolterActionParsnip, lol, it just started working out of the blue04:40
devslashSaguaro:  what kinda shitty torrent client uses 2.3 gb of ram04:40
yonahwLoshki: I thought so too. I will try again tomorrow04:40
abhijitblockhead, use acetoniso04:41
ActionParsnipwolter: magic eh, restarts are for windows and kernel upgrades only ;)04:41
Blue1mattw1: something like this, although YMMV applies:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=904:41
Saguarodevslash, it's actually a pretty solid client, it's the first time I've seen anything like this04:41
wolterActionParsnip, yeah thats why I asked :D04:41
devslashwell its obviouslu buggy if it uses 2.3gb of ram04:41
Saguaromemory leak obviously04:41
bobstroSaguaro:  i've had mine running for days and no problem. any unusual circumstances?04:41
sedulousSaguaro: are you sure it uses 2.3 GB of resident memory, or 2.3 GB or VIRT (mapped) memory?04:41
Saguaroit was using 2.3gb of resident memory04:42
ActionParsnipSaguaro: what is the output of:   free -m   use http://pastie.org   to give the output04:42
mattw1Blue1, and this gives me access to that folder encrypted04:42
Saguarowell, I already shut it off and restart it04:42
Saguaroit's using 54mb now04:42
sedulousevil. apart from that, i concur, Deluge is a pretty decent client, especially with its new web interface.04:42
devslashSaguaro:  is that  linux only client ?04:42
Saguarodevslash, I believe they have Windows support too04:42
Saguaroand some minimal OSX support04:42
ActionParsnipsedulous: transmission has a web ui too and can run headless04:42
sedulousActionParsnip: i know. i prefer Deluge.04:43
SaguaroI don't like Transmission's UI04:43
SaguaroDeluge is more like uTorrent04:43
devslashi think vuze is good04:43
sedulousi have tried both04:43
SaguaroI prefer Deluge's UI04:43
devslashonce you turn off the vuze interface and stick to the older azureus like interface04:43
ActionParsnipSaguaro: i dont use the gui, only web ui. i gots a torrent / file server :)04:43
maheanuuIaOra from Tahiti and a cold rainy tahiti today04:44
SaguaroI prefer Deluge's Web UI over Transmission's too, ActionParsnip :P04:44
sedulouswell actually, I still use a horrible mess of about 20 rtorrent instances besides Deluge :-)04:44
sedulouswith data symlinked back & forth04:44
Saguaroyeah rtorrent is the way to go for remote servers04:44
mattw1ok let me re-write my issue. i am on a live USB and cannot get to anything or even boot the old ubuntu install. i need access to the encrypted file folder /home/matthew i have the password for it. what do i do?? thanks in advance04:44
maheanuuI am having a prob with sound on ubuntu studio 10.04 audio out is very low headphones or speakers04:45
CrazyTuxWhat SSD would you guys recommend for Ubuntu?04:45
CrazyTuxwanting to get one for my desktop04:45
seduloustoo bad rtorrent _still_ doesn't support IPv6... especially P2P programs should do that.04:45
Loshkisedulous: I use rtorrent too under vnc. Rtorrent instances are cheap and vnc gives me remote access...04:45
kneauxwhat happened to ipv504:46
sedulousLoshki: that seems like a waste of bandwidth. Why VNC and not SSH?04:46
Jordan_Umattw1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering%20Your%20Data%20Manually04:46
mattw1TY TY TY TY TYA04:46
ActionParsnip!ot | CrazyTux04:47
ubottuCrazyTux: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:47
Jordan_Umattw1: You're welcome.04:47
CrazyTuxActionParsnip: thank you04:47
sedulousCrazyTux: the Intel X25-M G2 is still a classic. don't let linear throughput rates fool you. IOPS are much more important.04:47
ActionParsnipLoshki: rtorrent has a web ui, why use a vnc session, makes no sense04:47
duckx0rCan anyone help me with something probably simple? I just installed ubuntu on my kubuntu box and for some reason I am unable to create any files or folders in my home directory, even as sudo. I get the error "mkdir: cannot create directory `test': Invalid argument".04:47
CrazyTuxsedulous: Yea I am kind of new to this whole SSD thing -- am I to expect to run into any compatibilities issues?04:47
sedulousCrazyTux: not that I know of, not at all04:48
Jordan_UCrazyTux: No.04:48
ActionParsnipduckx0r: boot to root recovery mode. then run: cd /home; chown -R foo:foo ./foo      replace foo with your username04:48
sedulousCrazyTux: i installed Ubuntu 10.04 on an Intel X25-M just a few weeks ago and it flies, i mean really.. wow :)04:48
Loshkisedulous: vnc allows rtorrent to keep running even when I'm not viewing it. I use vnc over ssh for secure remote access. Using vnc means it looks the same, local or remote (remote is slower, of course)04:48
duckx0rActionParsnip, I have multiple users, so I don't think that's a good idea04:48
ActionParsnipduckx0r: it only affects foo04:49
duckx0rActionParsnip, oh right, i missed that part. However if it were an ownership problem, wouldn't I be able to create a file with sudo?04:49
sedulousLoshki: you can use GNU Screen for that. it's a terminal multiplexer that allows you to detach and attach. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/72/GNU_Screen.png - notice the "tabs" at the bottom?04:50
sedulousmultiple shells in one "screen" that can be detached and reattached later as a whole04:50
LoshkiActionParsnip: I've never used rtorrent's web gui. How do I access it?04:50
sedulousmuch more bandwidth friendly than VNC04:50
sedulousLoshki: rtorrent itself doesn't have a web interface, however it has an API that can be used by 3rd party web interfaces. ruTorrent is a popular one, afaik.04:51
Jordan_Uduckx0r: What happens if you run "touch /home/you/foo"?04:51
ActionParsnipLoshki: here's one solution: http://www.wtorrent-project.org/trac/04:51
duckx0rJordan_U, hmm it works04:52
Jordan_Uduckx0r: What about just "touch foo" ?04:52
duckx0rJordan_U, still works04:52
Loshkisedulous: gnu screen is the same idea, but vnc gives you a full X11 desktop which is overkill for just rtorrent, but I used it for other things too. tightvnc uses less bandwidth, and nomachine's NX is supposed to be very light indeed...04:52
LoshkiActionParsnip: sedulous: thanks for the references...04:53
Blue1Loshki: i couldn't get tightvnc to work04:53
sedulousLoshki: whatever works for you :) i'm using Screen locally too though04:53
Jordan_Uduckx0r: What about "/bin/mkdir test" ?04:53
duckx0rJordan_U, I guess it's just not letting me create directories, but I can create files just fine04:53
duckx0r/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory `test': Invalid argument04:54
s3223I need a bit of help, am stumped, I need to make a bunch of files to ISO, is there a program for that?04:54
Blue1s3223: dd04:54
tensorpuddings3223: mkisofs i think04:54
Blue1s3223: ancora yes do a man dd04:54
mattw1Error mounting eCryptfs: [-2] No such file or directory04:54
riverskyhey guys04:54
mattw1i am getting that error when trying to mount encrypted home dir04:55
sedulousBlue1: i think he wants to create an ISO image from files, not from a cd/dvd04:56
duckx0rJordan_U, any ideas?04:56
Loshkis3223: I'm with tensorpudding. Use mkisofs or genisoimage e.g. mkisofs -J -R -o output.iso <files>04:57
sedulouss3223: if you prefer graphical tools, try the Brasero burning program. it can create image files.04:57
s3223From multiple other files Sedated04:57
wasnik_hi guys i am tryin to reinstall ubuntu and i just get the ubuntu screen and if i press ctrl del then it says cannot open /dev/sda04:57
sedulous(just a frontend for mkisofs)04:57
s3223I'll try what tensorpudding and Loshki said04:57
sedulousBrasero is the same, just a graphical frontend04:58
tensorpuddingwasnik_: what stage of the install are you at? can you be more specific on what you mean by "can't get to the ubuntu screen?"04:58
duckx0rJordan_U, I can't create any directories, but I can rename currently existing directories just fine. this makes no sense to me04:58
Loshkisedulous: I've always found brasero to be buggy. I prefer k3b. I don't recall if it will create isos though...04:58
Blue1sedulous: yeah mkisofs would do the trick.04:58
s3223I know how to create isos, but from multiple files to create an image04:59
Jordan_Uduckx0r: I'm guessing that you can also create new directories using cp -r to copy existing directories (if this is really just a really odd issue with mkdir).04:59
abhijits3223, use acetoniso04:59
duckx0rJordan_U, no, I can't copy, only mv04:59
Jordan_Uduckx0r: What error do you get from cp?04:59
duckx0rJordan_U, same one05:00
duckx0rInvalid argument05:00
Loshkis3223: just list all the files/directories on the command line with mkisofs. It should build them all into an iso...05:00
=== Guest4168 is now known as tukadafoonday
s3223Thanks abhijit Loshki05:01
s3223abhijit, acetoniso didn't work for me05:01
Jordan_Uduckx0r: Try running "sudo mount tmpfs -t tmpfs /mnt/" then "mkdir /mnt/foo".05:01
s3223It said it will not turn multiple ones into an ISO05:01
s3223multiple files.05:01
[styx]ho wdo i format a sd card in ubuntu? i right click and cant find the option05:01
ActionParsnips3223: http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?showtopic=1650305:02
duckx0rJordan_U, works fine. It's only in my /home/$USER folders I can't create directories for some reason05:02
Jordan_Uduckx0r: Do you have a separate /home/ partition?05:03
duckx0rJordan_U, yes, I do05:03
ActionParsnip<[styx]> : use:    gksudo gparted05:03
Jordan_Uduckx0r: What filesystem?05:03
ActionParsnip<[styx]> : you can format unmounted partitions there05:03
duckx0rJordan_U, UUID=fd200501-e605-4fff-b0e7-ca9b68779380 /home           ext3    defaults        0       205:03
s3223Is it possible to make a ZIP out of all the files and than convert that one file to an ISO?05:04
fuzzybunny69yhey everyone I am trying to use find to give the group execute permissions on all the subdirectories in a certain folder. This is the command I have so far but it doesn't seem to be working: find . -type d -exec "chmod g+x {}" \;05:04
Izinucss3223: why would you do that instead of just creating an iso?05:04
Jordan_Uduckx0r: Could you pastebin the output of "dmesg", and of "strace mkdir test" ?05:04
ActionParsnips3223: put the files in a folder, then the command in the guide I gave will make an ISO of them05:05
wasnik_tensorpudding: as soon as i put in my usb disk containg ubuntu and choose to load ubuntu from usb i get stuck at the ubuntu screen05:05
Loshkis3223: only by unpacking the zip file and then creating an iso. Pretty much the same arguments to create the zip file will make the iso using mkisofs05:05
duckx0rJordan_U, hmm I have a lot of "attempt to access beyond end of device" messages05:05
wasnik_tensorpudding: ubuntu screen with blinking dots is the first and only thing that comes up05:05
=== Kravl1n is now known as Kravlin
wasnik_tensorpudding: ctrl+alt+del says that cannot open dev/sda05:06
duckx0rJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/HZSHrDuL and http://pastebin.com/ezHkSurq05:09
gsp2009Hey all.05:11
tukadafoondaycan someone tell me... my computer now when it boots to the default kernel it just sits there with a blinking _05:11
tukadafoondayThe only way i can boot is boot into an earlier kernel that is in the grub menu?05:11
kneauxis that the question?05:12
kneauxhave you tried?05:12
Jordan_Uduckx0r: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -lu"?05:12
CrazyTuxsedulous: Also one last thing.. thanks for the info so far.. just looking into it more... I want to put this into my Desktop... what "adapter" or converter do I need?05:12
lorenzocabrinitukadafoonday: you can change the default kernel that grub will load05:13
CrazyTuxsedulous: as far as making it physically fit, and anything misc that I would need to buy so from the time I open the case I can get it installed.05:13
tensorpuddingwasnik_: does it just keep blinking dots forever, or does it freeze up?05:13
wasnik_tensorpudding:it keeps blinking dots forever05:13
duckx0rJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/yakjuzNc05:13
tensorpuddingwasnik_: try doing ctrl+alt+f1 while the dots are going05:13
tukadafoondaylorenzocabrini, I know that i can change the default kernel, however i would like the normal kernel to run, not the old one.05:13
lorenzocabrinitukadafoonday: normally the newest kernel should be loaded by default if you haven't changed the priority05:14
sfsdf343How do I use 'mkisofs05:14
Loshkisfsdf343: something like mkisofs -J -R -o output.iso <files and/or directories>05:15
tukadafoondaylorenzocabrini, the newest kernel is loading first, however its not loading, it just hangs one a black screen with a blinking _ in the top left corner. I want to try and troubleshoot why this is happening and how to fix it, though being so new to linux i am not entirely sure how to. Hence why i am here asking.05:15
duckx0rJordan_U, Maybe a fsck wouldn't be such a bad idea05:15
Jordan_Uduckx0r: Definitely, and before that make sure that your backups are up to date.05:16
duckx0rJordan_U, good thinking05:16
UBuntuMacI am here to seek to some help from current macbook pro users05:16
UBuntuMacI have a mid 2010 Macbook pro05:17
tensorpuddingsfsdf343: look under genisoimage, i think mkisofs is a link to that nowadays05:17
wasnik_tensorpudding: all i get is unable to enumerate usb port 205:17
UBuntuMacI tried ubuntu live cd and boy does it run hot05:17
UBuntuMacany advice on keeping it cool while running ubuntu?05:17
ActionParsnipUBuntuMac: keep it slightly raised and off soft surfaces05:17
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you don't get to a login?05:17
UBuntuMacActionParsnip: it just inherently runs hot05:18
UBuntuMacOnce i reboot into OS X it shows me a temperature of 70 C05:18
UBuntuMacwhile it cools down when running OSx on the same surface05:18
sedulousCrazyTux: SSDs are usually 2.5" inch drives while desktops have 3.5" hard disk bays. you'd need an adapter (should cost $1 or also comes with some SSDs)05:18
sedulousCrazyTux: otherwise, nothing. same S-ATA connector as any other drive.05:19
ActionParsnipUBuntuMac: if you can find out the EXACT model yuo can websearch and find guides05:19
UBuntuMacMacbook 6, 205:19
LordHawkeI've got Ubuntu with multiple desktop environments. Can I have separate main menus for each environment?05:19
tensorpuddingwasnik_: where did you see that /dev/sda error?05:20
ActionParsnipUBuntuMac: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156023505:20
LordHawkeGNOME, Xfce, and KDE.05:20
CrazyTuxsedulous: any special name for the adapter?05:20
ActionParsnipUBuntuMac: points to: http://art.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1467062   which has a script for controlling the fan05:20
wasnik_tensorpudding:when i pressed ctrl+atl+del, later lines and lines of , cannot enumerate usb port2, appeared. Same things happens with cttl alt f105:21
ActionParsnipCrazyTux: if you edit the files in /usr/share/applications   you can tell them to only appear in certain DEs05:21
ActionParsnipCrazyTux: why do you have so many?05:21
UBuntuMacActionParsnip: I did try that still runs hella hot05:22
ActionParsnipUBuntuMac: log a bug (or see if one already exists)05:22
tensorpuddingwasnik_: it sounds like ubuntu is having trouble with your hardware for some reason05:22
UBuntuMacActionParsnip: will do05:22
CrazyTuxActionParsnip: ?05:22
LordHawkeActionParsnip, were you talking to me and not CrazyTux?05:22
LordHawkeActionParsnip, If you were, I have only used GNOME. I wanted to try out the others.05:23
wasnik_tensorpudding:the reason I am reinstalling is because when i booted my previous install i get messags sayin cannot open /dev/root, no such file, when i try mountin /dev/sda it says /etc/fstab does not exist05:24
sfsdf343man genisoimage and misko is way too much reading05:24
ActionParsnipLordHawke: good fun  dude. I use LXDE, its slim and fast05:24
sfsdf343I'm looking for a simple program to bundle files to make 1 ISO File, similar to, IMageBurn with windows05:24
tensorpuddingwasnik_: was there any messages suggesting that filesystems failed to mount?05:24
ActionParsnipsfsdf343: mkisofs -R -o <name_new.iso> <directory_where_the_files_are>05:25
wasnik_tensorpudding: yes, when i tried to boot previous installed version, i got messages, coulndt mount /root/dev, no such file or directory05:25
tensorpuddingwasnik_: is this /dev/root or /root/dev?05:25
tensorpuddingwasnik_: are you using LVM2 or some other kind of volume management?05:26
wasnik_tensorpudding: /root/dev05:26
kronosphereActionParsnip: how do i set up a dual boot on win7, using a full install rather than wubi install? I'm thinking of forgetting about the wubi install.05:26
wasnik_tensorpudding: I did ls and it says dev exists, but when i go to root directory its empty05:26
tensorpuddingwasnik_: /dev/root is a symlink to your root partition05:27
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you installed onto a real hard disk, right?05:27
wasnik_tensorpudding:yes i did05:27
ActionParsnipkronosphere: use the win7 disk manager to resize the partition so you have unpartitioned space (make sure backups are suffucuently recent in case of catastrophe). You can then boot to an MD5 tested, CD verified Ubuntu CD and install to the free space05:27
wasnik_tensorpudding: and ubuntu worked fine, untill yesteday when i tried to boot05:27
tensorpuddingwasnik_: did you do anything before that that might cause problems?05:28
ActionParsnipkronosphere: as you have win already installed  the dual boot should be handled automagiacally05:28
tlhonmeyActionParsnip:  the liveCD installer you used for the wubi install should be capable of doing it.  Back up your drive first.05:28
LordHawkeActionParsnip, how would I do so?05:28
ActionParsniptlhonmey: wrong target dude05:28
tensorpuddingwasnik_: like editing config files, installing or removing hardware, shutting down power to the machine without a proper shutdown05:28
tlhonmeyActionParsnip:  Sorry.  Trying to do too many things at once. :S05:29
kronospherehow much unpartitioned space is needed?05:29
ActionParsnipLordHawke: the menu item thing. Very carefully05:29
wasnik_tensorpudding: I went to bios and set the timing for the boot screen message to 5 sec. Then this problem started. But when I went back to bios and loaded the default company settings the problem still exists05:29
ActionParsnipkronosphere: at least 6 or 7 gb to be comfortable05:29
duckx0rJordan_U, Thanks for the help man. I don't have enough room for a /home dir backup so I'm going to get another hard drive tomorrow, make a backup and hope for the best.05:29
ActionParsnipkronosphere: will give you enough space to install as well as upgrade the OS without running out of space05:29
Jordan_Uduckx0r: You're welcome.05:29
tensorpuddingwasnik_: it sounds to me that you either broke configuration, or somehow caused filesystem errors which fsck hasn't fixed yet, or your hard drive is corrupted05:30
tensorpuddingwasnik_: does your hard disk appear in the bios?05:30
kronosphereActionParsnip: i tried doing the wubi install 3 times.05:30
tlhonmeySo, I just upgraded a machine with an Intel 82852 graphics card to Ubuntu 10.04, and now X will only start in safe mode.  Reconfigure fails.  Any easy way to make the safe graphics settings permanent?05:30
ActionParsnipLordHawke: if you copy the applications folder out to back it up you can roll back if things go weird05:30
kronosphereActionParsnip: did those installation attempts do anything to the hard drive?05:30
wasnik_tensorpudding: how do i see that05:30
ActionParsnipkronosphere: possibly wrote a new bootloader, otherwise they just make a few files in the NTFS and  shouldnt interfere with windows' efforts05:31
tensorpuddingwasnik_: there should be a screen that shows the devices that are attached to the ATA and SATA05:31
tensorpuddingit depends on which style of bios you have where it is05:31
will_tensorpudding: Disk Utility?05:32
abhijitbye have a good day.05:32
wasnik_tensorpudding: my bios does not show me anything like that, all there is a command for hard disk test and i tested it today morning and it passed05:33
tensorpuddingwasnik_: what about boot device order? does it show the hard disks?05:33
HeatherHello. I have an HP PSC 2350. I want to see what the ink level is on it. However, checking the print dialog that should show that has the error 'marker levels are not reported for this printer'05:33
Heathergoogling hasn't found anything05:33
ActionParsnipHeather: try grabbing the latest HPLIP from the HPLIP site, it may help05:34
wasnik_tensorpudding: It shows notebook hard drive05:34
tensorpuddingokay, so this is a laptop05:34
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you should try booting again, and when you reach the grub menu where it allows you to choose a kernel to boot from, edit the first option and remove the 'quiet splash' from the line beginning with 'linux'05:36
wasnik_tensorpudding: what is grub menu05:37
tensorpuddingwasnik_: then boot it, and it should boot without showing the ubuntu screen and with all the diagnostic messages showing on the screen05:37
tensorpuddingwasnik_: looks like http://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/image55.png05:38
wasnik_tensorpudding: How do i get to this screen05:39
sfsdf343Thanks ActionParsnip05:39
tensorpuddingwasnik_: does it not show up when you boot?05:39
sfsdf343and tensorpudding thanks05:39
tensorpuddingwasnik_: before it gets to the purple Ubuntu screen, it should appear, or there should be an option like "press escape to enter the boot menu"05:40
imancwhen did #ubuntu start requiring users to register?05:40
glebihantensorpudding, wasnik_: if it's grub2, it's shift05:40
wasnik_tensorpudding:no all i have is the compaq logo and a the names of the keys u press to boot menu etc05:40
glebihantensorpudding, wasnik_: and sometimes there's no message about it05:41
tensorpuddingthis is 10.04 desktop right?05:41
glebihanwasnik_: just hold shift while booting05:41
khelvanBlah, I guess Ubuntu isn't the right O/S for an HTPC after all :P05:41
tensorpuddingthis is somewhat silly05:41
kronospheretensorpudding: actionparsnip was instructing me to resise partition so i will have 6-7gb unpartitioned space. To clarify, this means to "shrink" the partition by 6-7GB using disk manager? Is that correct?05:41
tukadafoonday my ubuntu has a problem with the newest kernel and will not load - it only boots to a flashing _ and then hangs, the only way i can get in is to boot into an older kernel. Could someone help me resolve this?05:42
tensorpuddingkronosphere: yes, you can shrink the partition using gparted05:42
wasnik_tensorpudding:got it on shift05:42
tensorpuddingwasnik_: actually, try booting into recovery mode, and see if that works05:43
kronospheretensorpudding: can i shrink the partition using win7 disk management utility?05:43
qpt`hi  i need help anyone here05:43
tensorpuddingkronosphere: almost surely not, since you need to shrink the filesystem as well as the partition05:44
tensorpuddingkronosphere: and Windows 7 doesn't have any tools for working with ext405:44
glebihan!ask | qpt`05:44
ubottuqpt`: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:44
tensorpuddingkronosphere: or wait, are you resizing an windows 7 partition?05:44
tensorpuddingkronosphere: you can resize a partition that is not the one that windows 7 is installed on using windows 7's disk management utility05:44
policei just installed ubuntu on a fairly old computer. whenever i open the screensaver gui it locks the pc up and display goes haywire.. i have to cold boot it05:45
kronosphereidk. I was trying to do a wubi install 3 times with no luck. It never seems to have completed. So I am going to do a full install.05:45
tensorpuddingpolice: what kind of graphics driver are you using?05:45
policei don't know... i'm a bit of a noob... its not proprietary tho.. i checked that05:46
tensorpuddingkronosphere: 7 GB is really small for a full Ubuntu desktop install05:46
kronospheretensorpudding: i think that is what actionparsnip meant for me to do, is resize the partition to allow for 7 gb05:46
mastaofdisastamy ubuntu machine is connecting to a AP that doesn't have internet05:46
kronosphereoh? How much space should i partition?05:46
tensorpuddingkronosphere: how much in personal files do you want to keep in Ubuntu?05:47
quiescensthe os by itself is about 3.5gb05:47
tensorpuddingkronosphere: and how much software do you see yourself putting on the system?05:47
quiescensat default, anyway05:47
tensorpuddingkronosphere: moreover you need space for a swap partition05:48
kronosphereProbably a lot of files. I have a 1TB hard drive, a new win7 install, and have barely used any of it, but i will probably have a lot of media files soon.05:48
tensorpuddingkronosphere: which should always be at least as much as the amount of ram you have05:48
wasnik_tensorpudding: I did what you said,  i deleted quiet splash and pressed ctrl-x to boot, but i got the messages back again05:48
kronosphere3GB ram05:49
tensorpuddingkronosphere: you'll be able to access the files from the w7 partition just fine05:49
qpt`**** blackace ON CHANNEL #gentoo SAYS: qpt`: turn it off, until then I'm going to +q you, join #gentoo-ops when you figure it out05:49
macoqpt`: turn what off?05:49
tensorpuddingwasnik_: did you catch all the error messages?05:49
ihabif I send mail from terminal using mail how can I see sent messages ?05:50
tukadafoondayfor some reason my kernel is working fine now... not sure what happened, but thanks anyways.05:50
qpt`**** aditsu ON CHANNEL #gentoo SAYS: weird05:50
tensorpuddingqpt`: please don't paste random things from other channels05:50
tensorpuddingwasnik_: for instance, did you see any failed filesystem mounts? any hard disk error messages? did the /dev/root error come up again?05:51
zcat[1]Trying to do a bunch of timed screenshots using scrot, but every time it takes one it freezes the screen briefly. Any suggestions of why, or what I can do to get around it?05:51
wasnik_tensorpudding: there were a whole lot of them, but all of them were shadowed because of repeated showing up of 'couldnt enumerate usb port 2"05:51
blackdoggyhi everybody  i have problem with rhythmbox and its visualization05:51
wasnik_tensorpudding:yes i got the couldnt open /root/dev message again05:51
blackdoggyeverythime i  enable visualition rhythmbox stops working... new to ubuntu05:52
tensorpuddingwasnik_: it should be /dev/root, because /root/dev doesn't make any sense05:52
U-b-u-n-t-uwhat is the command to see if i am using 32 or 64... not what my cpu can run but what I am running05:52
tensorpuddingwasnik_: /root is the home directory of the administrator, there should not be any system files there05:52
U-b-u-n-t-uis it uname -r05:52
tensorpuddingU-b-u-n-t-u: uname -r05:52
TDNet|Linuxi am starting to like this ubuntu 10.10 beta05:52
qpt`**** maco ON CHANNEL #gentoo SAYS: blackace: may i pm? it's about a user in this channel05:52
U-b-u-n-t-uok thanks05:52
TDNet|Linuxi have found zero errors05:52
tensorpuddingU-b-u-n-t-u: err, uname -m05:52
wasnik_tensorpudding:but that is what comes up05:52
glebihan!ot | qpt`05:52
ubottuqpt`: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:52
tensorpuddingwasnik_: that might explain the problem then05:53
U-b-u-n-t-utensorpudding,  it returned 2.6.32-24-generic05:53
U-b-u-n-t-uso the 32 means 32?05:53
wasnik_tensorpudding:so what do u suggest05:53
zcat[1]irony; getting =Q'd for complaining about a +q05:53
Loshkizcat[1]: if scrot won't work, how about some of these? http://tips.webdesign10.com/how-to-take-a-screenshot-on-ubuntu-linux05:53
tensorpuddingwasnik_: did you see the /etc/fstab does not exist error message again?05:54
kaushalI am using gnome-terminal on Ubuntu 10.04 Linux Desktop, I am connected to a remote server, is there a way to duplicate the session ?05:54
macozcat[1]: seems to be a bot05:54
ihabif I send mail from terminal using mail how can I see sent messages ? I mean outbox or something like that05:54
policehow can i tell what video card and driver i have? my pc locks up whenever i open the screensaver gui05:54
tensorpuddingwasnik_: it would seem that the only way to repair the system will probably be booting into a live environment05:54
wasnik_tensorpudding: /etc/fstab not existin only comes up if i try to use mount command05:55
tensorpuddingpolice: pastebin the dmesg logs05:55
U-b-u-n-t-utensorpudding, uname -m <<< machine??? what my cpu can support but not that I am running?05:55
riverskyanyone know how to use screen?05:55
wasnik_tensorpudding: what is live environment. My cd drive does not work so i have a problem there05:55
tensorpuddingwasnik_: "use the mount command"? you said that it didn't reach a login screen didn't you?05:55
Loshkimaco: seriously? It was such a good question...05:55
riverskyi'm trying to duck down screen and later on screen -r?05:55
policehow do i access the dmsg logs? i'm a noob05:55
tensorpuddingwasnik_: a live environment meaning that you boot from an OS on a removable medium like USB or CDROM05:56
macoLoshki: haha no, not saying zcat[1] is one, but that the other person seems like05:56
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you can make bootable USB sticks using unetbootin05:56
wasnik_tensorpudding: yeah it didnt reach login screen, when i tried to boot, but within the messages i typed mount command05:56
tensorpuddingU-b-u-n-t-u: what do you mean?05:56
tensorpuddingwasnik_: what?05:56
tensorpuddingwasnik_: that doesn't make any sense05:56
Loshkimaco: oops....05:56
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you can't enter commands without logging in05:56
wasnik_tensorpudding: I have tried installing ubuntu using an usb drive, but i got same problem05:56
riverskycan anyone please help me out?05:56
U-b-u-n-t-uwhat is the command to see if i am using 32 or 64... not what my cpu can run but what I am running05:57
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you want a live environment, which is different than an install environment.05:57
U-b-u-n-t-uI know my CPU can support a 64 bit os05:57
kaushalU-b-u-n-t-u: getconf LONG_BIT05:57
tensorpuddingU-b-u-n-t-u: uname -m, like i said05:57
ZykoticK9maco, <ot> are you involved with gentoo as well?  just asking due to zcat[1]'s post including your nic and gentoo on the same line?</ot>05:57
tensorpuddingU-b-u-n-t-u: if it says x86_64 it's 64-bit, otherwise it's not05:57
wasnik_tensorpudding: Once i get these repeating messages that 'cannot enumerate usb port 2", if i type "mount /dev/sda" I get 'no /etc/fstad' file05:58
macoZykoticK9: no i joined that channel to ask about qpt05:58
U-b-u-n-t-utensorpudding, ok but doesnt -m tell what my cpu can run.... but not necessarily what I am running?05:58
tensorpuddingwasnik_: is there a prompt?05:58
wasnik_tensorpudding: could u guide me in to how to make a usb live environment05:58
zcat[1]?! I mentioned gentoo and/or someone's nick?05:58
tensorpudding!unetbootin | wasnik_05:58
ubottuwasnik_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:58
glebihanU-b-u-n-t-u: another way in lsb_release -a05:59
wasnik_tensorpudding: Yes, that is where all the errors appear05:59
tensorpuddingwell wait, those aren't helpful necessarily05:59
macozcat[1]: no, qpt did05:59
U-b-u-n-t-uglebihan,  thanks05:59
U-b-u-n-t-utensorpudding,  thanks too05:59
macozcat[1]: everyone has lost the ability to read ;-)05:59
zcat[1]ok so import does the same thing as scrot.05:59
kaushalwasnik_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:59
U-b-u-n-t-utensorpudding, and glebihan I just realized I have sysinfo installed on xchat so I can find out by /sysinfo lol05:59
glebihanU-b-u-n-t-u: works too :)06:00
U-b-u-n-t-uyeah thanks guys06:00
glebihanU-b-u-n-t-u: you're welcome06:00
tensorpuddingwasnik_: well, if /etc/fstab does not exist, then you have some significant problems06:00
wasnik_kaushal:it says i need a live cd, to create a usb live06:00
wasnik_kaushal: where do i get a live cd from06:01
random_Does anyone know much about dvd playback on ubuntu?06:01
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you still have your installation usb right?06:02
U-b-u-n-t-uI have one more question... is anyone here using gyachi? and if so how is it?06:02
glebihan!anyone | random_06:02
ubotturandom_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?06:02
tensorpuddingwasnik_: there should be an option to "try ubuntu from the cd" when you boot up06:02
U-b-u-n-t-umaybe I cant ask that here?06:02
zcat[1]been through the whole page, only scrot and import will do a screenshot without prompting me for filename etc.. and both make the screen freeze briefly, which is what I'm trying to get around06:03
zcat[1]any idea why they freeze the screen?06:03
Morphene!seen bodwick06:03
ubottuI have no seen command06:03
random_I'd like to use ubuntu as a media center, I know how to get dvd playback enabled. I'm wondering if there is anyway to get it to remember the last place it was on a dvd when i put it in06:03
ZykoticK9random_, see my note for dvd playback at http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/enable-dvd-video-playback to get you started anyway ;)06:04
glebihanrandom_: depends on the the player you use, smplayer has this feature06:04
wasnik_tensorpudding: when i try to install from usb all i get are 4 option, 1. use without installin 2. install ubuntu 3.ceck disk 4. check memory 5. load from hard drive06:04
ZykoticK9random_, disregard my not if you already have playback06:04
Loshkizcat[1]: I'm guessing because of the huge i/o glut when it does the screen dump...06:04
tensorpuddingwasnik_: is this Ubuntu 10.04? and the first option is what you want06:05
random_Zykotic. Never hurts to read a full primer06:05
ZykoticK9random_, i use mythbuntu for my htpc and love it!  i believe it can bookmark, not sure about "last place"06:05
random_Glebihan thank you for the suggestion06:05
zcat[1]Loshki, but I can record a video easily enough... perhaps I should figure out how ti use recordmydesktop and just record a really low framerate video...06:05
wasnik_tensorpudding: yes it is 10,04, and when i use the option, try without installin i get the same error06:05
ZykoticK9!tab > random_06:06
ubotturandom_, please see my private message06:06
tensorpuddingwasnik_: what do you mean?06:06
sobczykis ubuntu planning to backport the new opensourced broadcom drivers?06:06
tensorpuddingwasnik_: it gives the usb error?06:07
ZykoticK9sobczyk, good question actually - that might have a place in the new repository for "new" software - perhaps that's only in 10.10? not sure.06:07
wasnik_tensorpudding:the screen gets stuck on ubuntu and when i press ctrl+alt+del i get the error, couldnt open /dev/sda and 'couldnt enumerate usb on port 2"06:07
tensorpuddingwasnik_: how long did you wait?06:07
wasnik_tensorpudding: before i didnt wait much, but did it again 2 mins back and am still waitn06:08
tensorpuddingwasnik_: your laptop sounds like a real bear of a machine06:08
glebihanwasnik_: in order to maybe get more informations, you should try to boot the live cd in recovery mode too06:08
tensorpuddingwasnik_: there is no reason for it to even attempt to open /dev/sda if it's starting a live environment06:09
random_ZykoticK9: Thank you for the suggestion, i'm off to go try smplayer06:09
glebihantensorpudding, wasnik_ : well it tries to mount hard disks, but it shouldn't freeze the computer if it doesn't get to06:09
tensorpuddingwasnik_: it might work if you disable ACPI or something06:09
Loshkizcat[1]: import doesn't see to freeze my 10.04 system when it runs, maybe it's a hardware difference. I can watch video while I run import06:09
needhelp1for some reason my cpu usage is going crazy, at 99 percent and im just using ftp.06:10
tensorpuddingwasnik_: what model of laptop is this?06:10
ZykoticK9sobczyk, good for broadcom!  i wish more hardware manufactures would follow that lead.  smplayer is just a front end for mplayer - don't know if mplayer has dvd resume, and i use mplayer a lot ;)06:10
wasnik_tensorpudding:it is a compaq presario06:10
glebihanneedhelp1: use "top" to see which process is using the resource06:10
zcat[1]Loshki, perhaps it's compiz?06:10
needhelp1Glebelg, top ?06:11
tensorpuddingwasnik_: which model number is it?06:11
glebihanneedhelp1: yes, type "top" in a terminal06:11
zcat[1]Loshki, you're using compiz?06:11
Loshkizcat[1]: sorry, I don't know enough about compiz to comment. I don't run a desktop as such, just fvwm...06:11
ZykoticK9needhelp1, using "top" and "ps aux" are really handy for identifying processes - which you can then kill.  glebihan06:12
needhelp1nice, thanks Glebelg  and ZykoticK9  ...06:13
needhelp1one sec06:13
tensorpuddingwasnik_: you might try disabling USB in the BIOS06:13
=== gabriel_ is now known as grantgm
wasnik_tensorpudding: I dont have any abling or disabling options in bios06:14
tensorpuddingwasnik_: are you sure? you looked everywhere?06:14
needhelp1so far it looks like plugin-container is using a large amount06:14
ZykoticK9wasnik_, tensorpudding i supported compaq for 4+ years, they're bios's are typically VERY limited06:14
tensorpuddingwasnik_: if not, maybe try doing what you did before with 'quiet splash' and replace it with 'noacpi'06:14
luci_39Hey all, I'm looking for a gui to configure grub. Does ubuntu already have one installed?06:15
glebihanneedhelp1: do you have a web browser opened ?06:15
needhelp1i found it06:15
needhelp1i caught the hidden cpu user06:15
ZykoticK9luci_39, most "GUI" apps for grub configuration are grub1 only - modern Ubuntu uses grub2.  just FYI06:15
needhelp1gwiber opens up for seconds and uses 99 percent of my cpu06:15
luci_39oh ok. So grub2 is installed on the newest ubuntu?06:16
tensorpuddingluci_39: yes06:16
ZykoticK9needhelp1, i've noticed the gwibber service using 100% CPU for short bursts - and should be considered normal...  but it typically isn't for prolonged periods.06:17
LoshkiZykoticK9: are there *any* grub2 configuration apps? I'd like to try one. Grub2 is a bear to configure...06:18
Jordan_ULoshki: What are you trying to configure specifically?06:18
luci_39Well my windows bootloader is corupted. Grub2 is using it to boot windows. So I have no recov disc for windos. Can I get grub2 to bypass windows bootloader?06:18
glebihanLoshki: no, there's no GUI application to configure grub, at least none I know and would do good job06:18
Jordan_Uluci_39: It depends on what way it's "corrupted", but most likely no.06:19
MrPPSis there any way to encrypt the filesystem after the OS has been installed?06:19
LoshkiJordan_U: actually, I gave up on it. I'm afraid. I still boot using grub1 into 10.04....06:19
shaiHi :) why is it, when I ssh to my machine, my .bashrc nor my .bash_aliases get sourced? I always need to manually source .bashrc before using it (which he has included .bash_aliases)...06:19
luci_39Windows bootloader says the file is missing or corrupted06:20
glebihanluci_39: what file ?06:20
ZykoticK9Loshki, honest to god, all i know about grub2 i learned from the !grub2 factoid - and one article about getting the development names "lucid" into the grub list ;)06:20
luci_39ntl.... something I think06:21
Jordan_Uluci_39: Did you delete any partitions recently?06:21
luci_39yes I did, but this was after the msg. So it's something else06:22
LoshkiZykoticK9: I looked through the shell scripts when grub2 first came out, and they are IMHO a mess. I much prefer grub1. I also still prefer gdm1, but on 10.04.06:22
luci_39I tried to use another windows xp disc but it couldn't detect a hardrive06:23
shaiFirst two lines in .bashrc say:06:23
Jordan_ULoshki: You don't need to edit the shell scripts in most cases.06:23
shai# If not running interactively, don't do anything06:23
shai[ -z "$PS1" ] && return06:23
shaiMaybe that's it?06:23
shai$ echo $PS106:23
shaiNot sure ...06:23
wasnik_tensorpudding: I saw the options on this page and i am goin about experimetin https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootParameters06:23
tensorpuddingshai: .bashrc doesn't get loaded by non-interactive shells does it?06:23
ZykoticK9Loshki, i had a hard time accepting grub2 at first but after understanding /etc/default/grub a little better, and the automatic nature of grub2 (with very high personal success rate) - I changed my mind.  Grub2 is pretty cool.06:24
shaitensorpudding, what does that mean?06:24
cibaohi, can anyone assist with a question?06:24
glebihan!ask | cibao06:24
ubottucibao: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:24
Jordan_ULoshki: /etc/default/grub is where configuration changes should be made.06:24
cibaohow do I determine if Im running amd64 image or the intel?06:25
Jordan_Ushai: Can you pastebin your .profile?06:25
tensorpuddingshai: i thought that .bashrc only gets loaded if the shell is interactive06:25
glebihanshai: what's your issue exactly and where do those lines come from ?06:25
glebihancibao: lsb_release -a06:26
shaiJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/9bw09udu06:26
shaiGlebelg, My issue is: Hi :) why is it, when I ssh to my machine, my .bashrc nor my .bash_aliases get sourced? I always need to manually source .bashrc before using it (which he has included .bash_aliases)...06:27
ZykoticK9cibao, i don't see it with lsb_release, use "uname -m"06:27
LoshkiJordan_U: ZykoticK9: I guess I'm just old-fashioned. I'm told grub2 is an improvement code-wise. I can't comment on that. But I definitely don't find it an improvement from an admin/user perspective...06:27
shaiglebihan, they come from:  "First two lines in .bashrc say:"06:27
xuekanwhy there is a bot asked me questions and it shows that i am unregged?06:27
cibaoglebihan that only tells me ubuntu 10.4, I was looking for something like amd64... or x86..06:27
Jordan_ULoshki: How so specifically?06:27
glebihanshai: oh sorry didn't see the previous message :)06:28
ZykoticK9cibao, "uname -m"06:28
tensorpuddingcibao: uname -m06:28
shaiglebihan, no worries mate :)06:28
Loshkixuekan: because for some groups, you must first register before you can join...06:28
xuekanoh, I see,thank you.06:29
ZykoticK9tensorpudding, :p beat ya by a fraction of a second (but i said it a few lines above)06:29
glebihanshai: is bash your default shell ?06:29
shaiglebihan, is that shown in passwd as /bin/bash?06:30
glebihanshai: yep06:30
shaiIf yes, then yes.06:30
tensorpuddingif you don't change your shell, that is what it will be06:30
LoshkiJordan_U: I multiboot at lot, 804/104/XP/BSD (or at least I used to, before vmware). I don't recall what I had to do at the time, but it involved editing some of the shell scripts. With respect: they were (are?) a tangled mess and I lost patience with them :-)06:32
Jordan_Ushai: How can you tell that .bashrc isn't being sourced when you login via ssh?06:32
MrPPSwith libcap2-bin, editing the /etc/security/capability.conf, i'm trying to set cap_net_admin to two users06:32
MrPPSdo i do a separate line for each, or both on the same line?06:32
glebihanshai: apparently, ssh doesn't source .bashrc but .bash_profile06:32
glebihanshai: so you may want to call .bashrc from .bash_profile06:33
tensorpuddingmaybe ssh is configured to start a login shell06:33
tensorpuddinglogin shells run .bash_profile06:33
shaiJordan_U, 1. bash_completion won't work until I manually source .bashrc. I have three EXPORTS I have at the end of .bashrc, they don't get exported until I mnaually source .bashrc and .bash_aliases doesn't work, until I manually source .bashrc.06:33
shaihance, .bashrc is not getting sourced.06:33
cibaouname -m=x86_64, do that means I'm running -amd64.iso or -i386.iso?06:34
shaiglebihan, what is the source of that answer?06:34
tensorpuddingcibao: 64-bit06:34
shaitensorpudding, can you tell me what you mean by that?06:34
glebihanshai: what tensorpudding said, ie ssh opens a login shell + http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-newbie/74491-how-automatically-source-bashrc-over-ssh.html06:34
shaiFYI, this is a pretty standard desktop install of Ubuntu 10.0406:35
Jordan_ULoshki: grub legacy's update-grub in debian didn't automatically detect other OSs at all, and you can manually add entries to /etc/grub.d/40_custom if you don't want to use grub2's automatic probing (that file is included verbatum into the grub.cfg, no scripting knowlage needed).06:35
meatbunthere a good pdf editor?06:35
meatbunwhat is the app name?06:35
shai$ echo $SHELL06:35
UnknownHow do I get permission to move something into /lib/modules/06:35
jussi!info pdfedit | meatbun06:35
ubottumeatbun: pdfedit (source: pdfedit): Editor for manipulating PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.3-1 (lucid), package size 2049 kB, installed size 6976 kB06:36
meatbunthx jussi06:36
tensorpuddingUnknown: you need to have sudo privs06:36
glebihanshai: to test it, you can put an "echo" command in the .bash_profile06:36
tensorpuddingUnknown: why do you want to move something there?06:36
cibaomy pc has a amd64x2 turion, and I want to make sure I'm using the right image, when I had the 9x version I had the amd image but it did the auto upgrade I think it installed the intel version and I'm tryin to confirm that?06:36
LoshkiJordan_U: good point! Maybe I'll take a look at grub2 again...06:37
ZykoticK9Unknown, the quick answer is "sudo", but it sounds like you're gonna have to learn about ownership and permissions if you're moving files there ;)  good luck man, enjoy Ubuntu.06:37
Unknowntensorpudding: I want a pairing android application to start without me having to open terminal each time06:37
tensorpuddingcibao: if you upgrade using ubuntu's facilities you cannot switch architectures06:37
haro1hi , I downloaded ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso , then wrote it to my usb pendrive using unetbootin , and booted from it. The login screen asks me first for "press login" and then for a user and a password, and none that I try seems to work. What should I do ? I'd like to be able to boot the image like a normal live ubuntu , that offers me the option to install.06:37
tensorpuddingUnknown: try using sudo06:37
shaitensorpudding, worked...06:38
shaiNow it is getting sourced....06:38
shaiwho knew...06:38
Unknowntensorpudding: I put sudo in front of the mv command, and typed in my password, but there was no confirmation and it doesn't appear to be in that folder06:39
ZykoticK9cibao, is uname returns x86_64 then you're using 64bit - which according to the web site is "not recommended for daily use" see bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/58594006:39
tensorpuddingUnknown: mv doesn't give confirmation06:39
Unknowntensorpudding: But it is no longer in its original folder, so do I assume it worked?06:39
tensorpuddingUnknown: are you sure that it isn't there?06:39
Jordan_Uharo1: That's a bug (likely X crashing the first auto login). An Ubuntu pendrive made with unetbootin should act exactly like a normal LiveCD. Have you tried booting the USB on another computer? Can you pastebin the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?06:39
tensorpuddingif it didn't mv the file correctly it would have given a write error06:40
tensorpuddingtry ls /lib/modules06:40
tensorpuddingand look for it06:40
tensorpuddingif the filename started with a . then it won't appear unless you use ls -a06:40
Unknowntensorpudding: it just worked, thank you06:41
haro1Jordan_U: I'm not able even to open a tty , since the graphics card garbles the screen when I type ctrl alt f1 , and anyway , no login combination works. I'll try in another computer and tell you my result06:41
glebihanUnknown: by the, I've seen that you were setting up an Android device06:41
glebihanUnknown: I think the instructions on Android's website are out of date06:42
Jordan_Uharo1: A blank password should work.06:42
haro1Jordan_U: with user ?06:42
cibao tensorpudding: I had ubuntu running for over a year and only god know's what I've done, cause I'm not too sure my self06:42
Jordan_Uharo1: "ubuntu"06:42
glebihanUnknown: what did you put in the file ?06:42
haro1Jordan_U: :-)06:42
haro1Jordan_U: I'll try it06:43
Jordan_Uharo1: Though since auto login failed you will likely be brought back to the log in screen when you try to log in manually as well (again, probably X crashing for some reason).06:43
Unknownglebihan: it was a .ko file that lets me use my android phone's camera as my webcam06:43
glebihanUnknown: ok so it's not what I was thinking about06:44
glebihanUnknown: thought you were setting it up for development06:44
cibaoI think somewhere I did a "force install"06:45
Unknownglebihan: No, I'm much too novicey for that, but thanks for inquiring... the past couple days, the IRC has not been too helpful, so I"im glad to have multiple people helping me out this time06:45
tensorpuddingcibao: more to the point, amd64 is not restricted to amd processors, intel's processors use it too06:45
wasnik_tensorpudding:tried all  options but end up with the same error06:46
tensorpuddingwasnik_: there is the possibility that there is a hardware issue06:46
glebihanwasnik_: did you try my suggestion of running live cd in recovery mode ?06:46
cibaoI used to logon to my company's website before the upgrade now is not letting me06:47
cibaoit just says browser is not compatible06:47
wasnik_glebihan: How do i run it in recovery mode. i have an usb and on the usb i have option run ubuntu without install. tensorpuddin told me its the live cd version for usb. but no recovery mode there06:47
tensorpuddingcibao: what do you mean? what browser is it?06:47
glebihanwasnik_: you should have the possibility to edit the options passed to the kernel06:47
glebihanwasnik_: then remove "quiet splash", and put "single"06:48
tensorpuddingcibao: firefox?06:48
tensorpuddingcibao: some websites reject browsers based on the identifications tags it sends in HTTP headers, it is probable that your website blocks firefox06:49
wasnik_glebihan: in using ubuntu without downloading i did remove quiet splash and substituted others for it, will try single and ley u know06:49
tensorpuddingcibao: is firefox included in the supported browsers?06:49
glebihanwasnik_: ok, you may want to try "acpi=off" too if you haven't already06:49
cibao in windows based yes06:50
cibaowhen I used to have the 9x version of linux I used to get in fine but does not let me with 10.406:50
tensorpuddingcibao: if they were matching on browser id strings, then it should work06:51
tensorpuddingcibao: are you using firefox 3.6 or whatever is the newest version?06:51
wasnik_glebihan:tried single as well as acpi=off, both dont work, it just seems that the booting is tryin to open /dev/sda on the hardisk and since the /etc/fstab file itself does not exist nothing constructive happens06:51
tensorpuddingcibao: it might be matching against particular versions or something06:52
glebihanwasnik_: that's weird cause when booting on live cd, an error with mounting the hard disk shouldn't prevent the computer from booting06:52
wasnik_glebhian:its also givin an error "cannot enumerate usb port 2"06:53
wasnik_glebhian: and i am installing from a usb drive06:53
glebihanwasnik_: that shouldn't be a fatal error either06:53
vu1kanis there a simple(hopefully one line cli command) way to test if a port is forwarded properly?06:53
tensorpuddingcibao: does the compatibility table list 3.6 as a version supported?06:54
cibaoI used to get in with version 3.506:55
tensorpuddingcibao: it lists firefox 2 only?06:57
wasnik_glebhian: is there a way to just erase the content of the hard drives and start afresh06:57
cibaoie 6 or later, and firefox 206:57
glebihanvu1kan: "iptables -L" should list the rules06:57
glebihanwasnik_: well, the problem is that you  can't boot on the live cd06:58
tensorpuddingcibao: you might need to do user agent spoofing06:58
glebihanwasnik_: did you check the md5 checksums of the cd ?06:58
wasnik_glebhian: what are md5 checksums06:59
Jordan_Uvu1kan: Can you give more detail about what you're trying to accomplish?06:59
Jordan_U!md5 | wasnik_06:59
ubottuwasnik_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:59
glebihanwasnik_: these are hash values that can be used to test whether a cd contains erroes06:59
tensorpuddingcibao: there is an add-on which does user agent spoofing07:00
vu1kanJordan_U: i'm just wanting to make certian i forwarded the port for my bittorent of the 10.04 .iso correctly07:00
cibaoI would have to look into that,07:00
glebihanvu1kan: you mean on a router or on the computer ?07:00
Jordan_Uvu1kan: Most clients have an option to test if a given port is correctly forwarded.07:00
vu1kanglebihan: i was under the impression that you only needed to forward through the router07:01
vu1kanJordan_U: i also do a bit of mussing with the python simplehttpserver, and i'd like to be able to set an alias to double check that port, as well07:01
sweetpivu1kan: if you just want to test if the port is accessible from outside, http://www.grc.com/ use "Shields Up" custom port probe07:01
glebihanvu1kan: usually yes, but could be that you were doing something more complicated07:01
cibaothanks for all your help..07:02
glebihanvu1kan: but in that case forget about the "iptables" command07:03
vu1kanglebihan: yea, it doesn't seem to suit my purpose, but i've used sheildsup before, it just seems  like a roundabout way of checking something that you should be able to set a custom ping(or something similar) for07:04
vu1kansomeone in ##linux was saying theres a method using telnet to check it, but it's be ages since i've use that proto/program07:06
vu1kan*it's been07:06
glebihanvu1kan: yes, that would be way, but you have to try to telnet your computer on ports 6881-6889 from outside your local network07:07
wasnik_glebhian:  I have ubuntu on a usb, i dont think there is an iso file there07:07
Jordan_Uvu1kan: The problem is that you need to have a server initiate a connection to you coming from the internet. You can test by trying to connect using your internet facing ip address from the machine itself but that can lead to false positives and negatives.07:08
glebihanwasnik_: isn't there an option to test the content of the usb key in the startup menu ?07:08
glebihanwasnik_: I know there is for cds but have never tried usb07:09
vu1kanhmm...off to google i go, portforward.com has a nifty utility for m$(ugh), maybe i can wine it07:09
Jordan_Uwasnik_: If you press any key during the first 5 seconds of boot you should get a menu with an integrity check option.07:09
vu1kanthanx much, Jordan_U, glebihan, and sweetpi; at least i've got somewhere to start now07:09
Jordan_Uvu1kan: You're welcome.07:10
glebihanvu1kan: you're welcome07:10
wasnik_jordan_U: dont understand. ur sayin i put the usb drive in and the boot from it and then in 5 second press any key, but then i just get to the option as to how to install the ubuntu07:10
harovaliJordan_U: luckily and thanks to your advice , I was able to login using the ubuntu 10.04 image.07:11
Jordan_Uwasnik_: Did you see a menu like this: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/tmp/Screenshot-3.png ?07:12
harovaliI'd like to proceed to a fresh install, over the old ubuntu here, but I'd like apt-get to install all the packages that are already installed in my system. Is there a general advice for that ?07:13
Jordan_U!clone | harovali07:13
ubottuharovali: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate07:13
harovaliJordan_U: thanks07:15
ashiswinhey, i know this should go to winehq but they aren't responding. hope u guys can help. I was installing a program with wine and it was installing to C:\Program Files but the files have disappeared and the space also has been used07:15
ashiswinany idea where i can find the files?07:15
Jordan_Uharovali: You're welcome.07:16
Blue1ashiswin: cd ~/.wine07:16
ashiswinits not there Blue107:17
harovaliI'd also like not to modify my /dev/sda8 partition , which currently holds /home . How can I instruct the installer not to touch it , but to use it without doing a mkfs on it ?07:17
Blue1ashiswin: cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files07:18
ashiswinits not there07:18
S_p_or_t_oright click and show hidden files?07:18
glebihanharovali: just instruct the installer to mount it in /home, and not to format it (you'll have to use custom partition)07:18
DaveWMhardwalker :  just tell it the mount point is /home,  and make sure its not set to format it07:18
S_p_or_t_osorry, view->show hidden files07:19
Blue1ashiswin: then I don't know....that's where it stores all the files.  try:  wine --version07:19
Jordan_Uharovali: Select manual partitioning, make the mountpoint for /dev/sda8 "/home" and be sure that format is not selected.07:19
harovaliglebihan: DaveWM: Jordan_U: thanks07:19
wasnik_jordan_U: yes i see the screen07:19
DaveWMharovali :  it won't format it without informing you first07:20
glebihanwasnik_: then select "check disk for defects"07:20
Jordan_Uwasnik_: Try the "Check disk for defects" option.07:20
RealOptywitch is a better machine A) dell P4 HT 3ghz or B) AMD Sempron LE-1250 2.2 GHZ07:20
glebihanRealOpty: try ##hardware07:20
Blue1RealOpty: I have the amd, and they have worked fine for me - as always YMMV applies07:20
Jordan_Uglebihan: Great minds think alike, and so do we :)07:20
glebihanJordan_U: :)07:21
tensorpuddingPentium 4 probably performs better.07:21
Blue1tensorpudding: maybe07:22
Jordan_URealOpty: The major factor to think about is probably which has better supported hardware.07:22
glebihanJordan_U: maybe we could take rounds here, us being here at the same time may not be that useful if we always give the same advice07:22
harovaliis there any other directory I shoud take care of , other than /home , provided I didn't write user data outside /home ?07:22
=== dancek_ is now known as _dancek
Blue1harovali: I always backup /etc/ as well07:22
Shvonderpeople. A samba question: Should we have a domain master browser for each workgroup or thehe should be only one DMB over all network?07:23
harovaliBlue1: sure, I'll backup it, thanks07:23
Blue1harovali: with /home/ and /etc/ you pretty much have cya'd07:23
harovaliBlue1: thanks again07:24
Blue1harovali: np07:24
Jordan_Uharovali: Did you actually have /home on a separate partition?07:24
harovaliBlue1: what does cya'd stand for ?07:25
harovaliJordan_U: absolutely07:25
Blue1harovali: cover your @$$07:25
wasnik_ghlebian: am gettin the same errors all over again07:25
harovaliBlue1: that's right , my girlfriend would kick my ass until the end of 2011 if I mess it up07:25
glebihanwasnik_: did you run the "check disk for defects" ?07:26
Blue1harovali: they do that :-)07:26
harovaliBlue1: oh yes, sadly07:26
hariomHi, what is the benefit of JeOS Server over Ubuntu server default install?07:26
wasnik_glebhian: yes i did that and i came up with the same errors all  over again07:26
glebihanwasnik_: while doing it or after ?07:26
Jordan_Uglebihan: The check disk for defects uses the linux kernel to do the check, so it's possible he's running into the same problem as a normal boot.07:26
glebihanJordan_U: yes I know, but if he does, it may also suggest that the disk has defects after all07:27
shaiSomething happened to my VNC server (I use VNC to do a remote desktop to my Gnome desktop via SSH) .. it won't accept connections anymore. I tried to do a /etc/init.d/gdm restart ; but that didn't help .. it worked just a half hour ago before I did Logout on my desktop ... what can I do to get this working again?07:27
glebihanJordan_U: the checking utility does not try to mount disks07:27
shaiI have ssh to my remote machine.. and trying to telnet to localhost at port 5900 fails too ...07:28
Blue1shai: the way vnc works, once the connection is terminated, vnc terminates, and must be restarted on the host machine.07:28
Four2zerowhen i run command: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart i get command not found ?07:28
shaiBlue1, I don't see a VNC service...07:28
Four2zerowhy when samba is installed07:29
shaiBlue1, what would its name be?07:29
ActionParsnipFour2zero: use: sudo service smbd restart07:29
shai/etc/init.d/vboxdrv ?07:29
ShvonderFour2zero: You should use other command07:29
Blue1shai: x11vnc is what I am running here.07:29
wasnik_glebhian: as i am doin it, in order to see what was happenin i deleted quiet splash even while checkin disk07:29
ActionParsnipFour2zero: ubuntu uses upstart now, not init.rd07:30
ShvonderFour2zero: 'sudo service nmbd restart' and 'sudo service smbd restart'07:30
Four2zeroShvonder what other command ?07:30
shaiBlue1, I didn't install it by hand AFAIR07:30
shaiBlue1, I just enabled remote desktop via the Gnome UI07:30
ActionParsnipFour2zero: I gave you the exact command you need07:30
Four2zerooh...wow, where are tutorials...lol07:30
Four2zeroi ran it.07:30
glebihanwasnik_: then if you have any way to do so, I'd suggest trying to get another image and try with it07:30
hariomCan anybody mention benefits of Jeos (Minimal Virtual machine install)?07:30
sweetpishai: your running vino-server07:31
glebihanwasnik_: if this does not work, I have no other idea than a hardware issue07:31
ShvonderFour2zero: Running samba is at least 2 demons: nmbd and smbd07:31
jameswhi all07:31
ActionParsnipFour2zero: use the same syntax but with the services you want to manage, it all tabcompletes nicely07:31
shaisweetpi, probabaly then... how do I get it restarted?07:31
Blue1shai: okay that might work.  I have mine set up, so that you must login via ssh, start x11vnc on the host, and then use remote desktop viewer -- bit of a pain, but quite secure07:31
ShvonderFour2zero: Also you could use: sudo smbcontrol all reload-config07:31
wasnik_glebhian: u mean try another version of ubuntu07:31
jameswmy x crashed or something so i did /etc/init.d/gdm restart, but it gave me a new X session, all my other programs are still running on the old session07:31
rob_phariom: It's a minimal install. That means you can add what you need to it and you don't have to spend time trimming the stuff you don't need.07:31
ActionParsnipjamesw: kill them off or I believe you can foreground them07:32
glebihanwasnik_: no the same version, but by downloading it and putting it on the usb the again07:32
sweetpishai: it should have started when you logged into X07:32
hariomrob_p: ok07:32
jameswanyone know how to foreground programs that "live?" in another (stale) X session?07:32
shaisweetpi, I had logged out though ... and I need it restarted...07:32
niglopYou see that built in command line on the bottom right hand corner of the mint symbol> http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/3700/screenshot32s.png     | Does anybody know how I can get that?07:33
wasnik_glebhian: but if i am gettin the error while booting from installed version on computer as welll as while loadin from usb, then wouldnt it mean that another image i would have same issue07:33
Blue1jamesw: restarting x should kill all user programmes.  however any system programmes will continue to run.07:33
rob_phariom: I have a jeos vm and it works fine but I had to install quite a few things to make it do what I wanted.  A more typical install would have already included most of the things I ended up having to install.07:33
ActionParsnipjamesw: alt-tab not work?07:33
jameswhow do i restart X? i did gdm restart07:33
sweetpishai: then you wont want to use vino, youll need x11vnc like Blue1 said. you need to be logged in for vino to work like that07:33
wasnik_glebhian: also in my bios i ran a test hard disk for defects and my hard disk passed07:33
glebihanwasnik_: well, you did install on the hard drive from the same usb key as you're trying to run from, right ?07:34
Blue1jamesw: sudo service gdm restart07:34
wasnik_glebhian: yes07:34
jameswdo i still do that? now? even after doing init.d gdm restart?07:34
hariomrob_p: I heard that it is suited well when running on VMWare as it is made to run efficient on it07:34
glebihanwasnik_: so if there are defects on the usb key, that would explain issues on both way07:34
Four2zerookay, when i try to access the shared directory, and be prompted for password and username which i did not specify in my smb.config http://www.upload3r.com/serve/130910/1284446022.jpg07:34
Blue1jamesw: what is that you want to do?07:34
TiKniglop: no but if you figure it out id like to know tik808@gmail.com07:34
jameswmy x crashed or something so i did /etc/init.d/gdm restart, but it gave me a new X session, all my other programs are still running on the old session07:34
shaisweetpi, Blue1: but won't x11vnc start a whole other X session and I won't be able to see my current x:0 session?07:34
ActionParsniprob_p: could run lubuntu too07:34
mneptokjamesw: alt + print screen (sysreq) + k07:34
wasnik_glebhian: but i had installed twice from the usb and the ubuntu installed, just since yestedray  i am havin hese problems07:34
jameswthe problem is my programs are in the other session07:34
Blue1shai: remember that when you logout, you terminate vnc. so no it shouldn't07:35
crazyharryso many protections07:35
sweetpishai: correct, but you said you logged out so whats the problem?07:35
ActionParsnipcrazyharry: how do you mean?07:35
rob_phariom: Yes, it's well suited for running under vmware.07:35
glebihanwasnik_: in that case, it strongly suggests a hardware issue, but it might still be worth trying (on another usb key then)07:36
glebihanwasnik_: just in case it's the usb key itself that has a defect07:36
ActionParsnipwasnik_: you can test ram from livecd. Wait for the stickman to show, press space then select memtest07:36
wasnik_actionparsnip: what is stickman, how do i get there07:38
ActionParsnipwasnik_: when you boot the usb you will see it at the bottom of the screen07:39
i_is_brokesorry i just sat down, wasnik, how much ram do you have?07:40
wasnik_actionparsnip: i just come to the menu which ask me how to install ubuntu or tryin ubuntu without install07:42
typemorein ubuntu;s xmms2 how do I repeat my palylist?07:42
ActionParsnipwasnik_: there is the memtest in that list of options07:42
glebihani_is_broke: the amount of ram isn't really the issue there, he is not getting to boot from hard drive nor live usb, getting an error that /dev/sda could not be found07:42
glebihani_is_broke: same error when trying to test for defects07:43
glebihani_is_broke: so trying a memtest now07:43
mamoothHi there07:44
i_is_brokewouldnt it be easier if he just went into the bios found out what kind of hard drive he had and test it?07:44
ActionParsniptypemore: I believe there is a button on the ui. One repeats one, the other repeats all07:44
i_is_brokeif it even shows up?07:44
ActionParsnip!hi | mamooth07:45
ubottumamooth: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:45
glebihani_is_broke: well the thing is that live usb should not give that kind of error, it should be able to boot even if there was no hard drive07:45
i_is_brokeglebiahan, yup your right, and seeings how i had a memory chip just a week ago give me cpu errors.. i understand..07:46
typemoreActionParsnip: how do I get the uI? i only see the commandline07:46
glebihani_is_broke: no problem, just trying to let you know where we were07:46
ActionParsniptypemore: ui for what?07:46
typemoreActionParsnip: xmms207:46
i_is_brokesorry been a long day.. makes sense now that i think about it.07:47
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.07:47
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
i_is_brokeActionParsnip, hes said xmms2 i believe.07:47
ubottuxmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.07:48
glebihanthat gives more informations...07:48
mamoothI have a question about a backup strategy. We have (at work) about 250 Go of shared data we're working on. But at the moment, we don't have any backup, so ut's very risky. I'd like to propose a backup strategy, and I would have some advices. The first one, is to maintain 4 versions : monthly, weekly, every 3 days and daily. The second option is to use an SCM, and commit changes every days after having rsync the data.07:48
glebihanthanks ubottu07:48
i_is_brokewell thats stupid...tells you to use it and then gives the same dumb error.lol07:48
ActionParsniphttp://xmms2.org/wiki/Clients typemore07:48
cjjnjustHi, I got a question that my Ubuntu have no max_min button .07:49
ActionParsnip!ot | mamooth07:49
ubottumamooth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:49
mamoothOk, got it07:49
ActionParsnipcjjnjust: press alt+f2 and run: metacity --replace07:49
cjjnjustActionParsnip: I got unable to get x display07:51
ActionParsnipcjjnjust: do you use an nvidia video chip?07:51
shaiBlue1, I'm trying to install x11vnc per this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45565 ; and it says there, that vncpasswd is installed by default and included in vnc-common .. but I don't such a binary and when trying to install vnc4-common, it won't install (just exists)07:52
cjjnjustActionParsnip: yes07:52
shaiBlue1, that guide, is 5 years old .. and still referenced in many places as the way to get it installed....07:53
ActionParsnipcjjnjust: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49457507:53
glebihanshai: it seems that vnc4-common has only been built for 64-bit architectures07:56
glebihanshai: looking if I can find more infos07:57
shaiglebihan, thanks!!!07:57
glebihanshai: you should be able to install it from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13505085/vnc4-common_4.1.1%2Bxorg1.0.2-0ubuntu7_i386.deb07:59
cjjnjustActionParsnip: I run  "sudo nvidia-xconfig --add-arg-glx-visuals" but got this 'nvidia-xconfig: unrecognized option: "--add-arg-glx-visuals"'08:03
razass_mhey guys, does ubuntu 10.04/10 have multi touch screen support?08:04
ActionParsnipcjjnjust: you need the options addargvisuals or something similar in xorg.conf. sudo nvidia-xconfig ,will generate a skeleton file08:04
=== tm_ is now known as tm
yin_yang2kHi! I need some advice on how to setup a ubuntu-machine for a single purpose. After booting it should just start the web browser and use a single webbapplication08:05
ActionParsnipcjjnjust: if you hunt around you will find the options and can add them08:05
ActionParsnipyin_yang2k: add it in startup apps08:05
s3r3n1t7yin_yang2k, check out kiosk mode and auto login, that should set you up.08:05
yin_yang2kkiosk mode sounds right. I already know about autostart. tnx for now! :)08:06
razass_manyone know about touchscreen support?08:07
ActionParsnipyin_yang2k: if you install ubuntu minimal then install your preferred browser you will get a very small install footprint08:07
glebihanshai: did you get to install it ?08:07
shaistill working on it...08:08
glebihanshai: the link I sent you doesn't work ?08:08
shaiI works.. I was just doing other things too.... (too much work :P)08:09
shaiI just got it installed now...08:09
shaiOk, now I have vncpasswd :)08:09
glebihanshai: ok nice08:09
glebihanshai: just wanted to make sure cause I'm going to leave soon, I like to know whether my ideas work08:10
shaiglebihan, ok ... trying it now...08:10
yin_yang2kActionParsnip tnx. right now I am looking for "kiosk-mode" on ubuntu... any links that would help?08:11
s3r3n1t7yin_yang2k, look into the addon section of firefox, that has them. I remember that one of them would auto activate it whenever firefox would start up.08:12
shaiglebihan, x11vnc won't start ... http://pastebin.com/EXUm9X7F08:12
shaineed to investigate it ...08:13
glebihanshai: try with "-display :1"08:13
shai*** x11vnc was unable to open the X DISPLAY: "1", it cannot continue.08:13
shaiactually ...08:14
shai*** x11vnc was unable to open the X DISPLAY: ":1", it cannot continue.08:14
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
glebihanshai: you may find some ideas and links there : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45565&page=408:15
cjjnjusthow to restart X?08:16
glebihancjjnjust: sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart08:16
yin_yang2ks3r3n1t7 tnx. didn't know firefox had that :)08:16
s3r3n1t7yin_yang2k, you're welcome. I knew about it because i've build a webbased narrow casting system and we needed it.08:16
niglophow can I make my program always run under neath others windows?08:16
glebihanniglop: gtk programming ?08:17
niglopglebihan»  uhh im using tilda to make my terminal run in the background but i want it to be under all other windows when i use the pulldown keybind08:18
cjjnjustglebihan: thanks08:18
glebihanniglop: sorry no idea about that08:18
glebihancjjnjust: you're welcome08:19
wasnik_actionparsnip: i did run the memcheck and it says the test passed08:19
Jordan_Uniglop: Look into devilspie08:23
wizzlei have blackberry smart phone, n trying to connect it with usb port to my laptop. it's charging but not connected at all. then i was check to "Computer", it's was there but not mounting. i've trying to, but it still wont mounting08:24
shellgodi have no blackberry phone now08:26
niglophow come when i edit /etc/bash.bashrc it always goes back to the previous file?08:26
wizzleJordan_U, do you know how to mounting a volume manually?08:27
ShredMasterhello, isn't  .daa file mountable, just like the .iso files?08:27
AleksanderHello. Why my Ubuntu 10.04 might not see my Kindle 3 device?08:29
wizzleShredMaster, i am sorry. r u talking to me? of course it, but it wont at all.08:29
bullgard4'~$ audacious2 -i gtkui; vis in tabs'. What does »vis« mean?08:29
ShredMasterwizzle: how do i run a .daa file?08:30
Jordan_UShredMaster: No, it needs to be converted to an iso first.08:30
ShredMasterjordan_U: ok08:30
wizzleShredMaster, sorry i have no idea.08:30
ShredMasterwizzle: ok08:30
Jordan_UShredMaster: daa2iso file.daa file.iso08:32
underdog`What's the command to generate a public RSA key from an already generated private key? Everywhere I look shows me how to generate the key pair all at once, but not a public key from an already generated private key.08:33
zcat[1]underdog`, I don't think you can do that ..08:34
hermanHi, just upgraded to Maverick, got a very weird bug. My laptop only does things when I hold a key (like Alt) down, otherwise it's frozen. Any idea how to start debugging this?08:35
hermanIe I have to hold down a key through the whole boot process, and even after boot in a VT the cursor stops flashing if I don't keep pressing keys.08:36
wizzledo anyone know how to mounting a volume manually?08:37
fargiolasdo you guys know if is there a command to tell dpkg to forget about package install failures?08:37
Flannelherman: #ubuntu+1 for Maverick support, thanks.08:37
extorman mount08:37
hermanFlannel: thanks08:37
xfrogi have had a two day war with a microsd....files wont delete...they reappear everytime i reload it....I need some guidance please08:38
junjieupdate 9.10 to 10.04LTS, got this "mounting none on /dev failed: No such device"08:39
niglophow come when i edit /etc/bash.bashrc it always goes back to the previous file?08:40
zcat[1]underdog`, apparently; ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -y > ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub08:41
zcat[1]I had to google it08:42
Logicwaxanyone up?08:46
Gneano, all 1159 people are asleep.08:47
parapannope - i think all peoples are struggling to get into the channel after being on an interview with the FloodBOT :d08:48
avelainhi all08:48
Logicwaxso I just finally upgraded to Lucid.  and dmraid doesn't seem to like my raid5 fakeraid (on siliconimage card).   however, i have an older HDD laying around with jaunty on it and when i boot from that install dmraid detects my raid5 just fine08:48
avelaincan you tell me what's the default gui editor of ubuntu08:48
GneaI tend to steer clear of software raid whenever possible08:49
Gneaavelain: gedit08:49
Logicwaxgoogle searching around, ive found that there is definitly bugs with dmraid on Lucid.....but no one has found any solutions08:49
avelainok thanks08:49
junjieSome help me, when I update to 10.04 I got "kernel panic - not syncing :VFS :Ualbe to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"08:49
SwedeMikebooting off of sw raid is tricky, I find it's fine for non-boot.08:49
LogicwaxSwedeMike: im not booting off of the raid08:49
Logicwaxthe raid5 is just storage08:49
Logicwaxlucid doesnt like it.   but when i boot from jaunty it sees the raid5 just fine08:50
SwedeMikeLogicwax: I've been using raid5 (and raid6) with sw-raid for quite some time, it works generally well.08:50
Logicwaxin lucid, i get "sil: wrong # of devices in raid set"08:50
Logicwax[3/0] for all the drives08:50
Logicwaxi dont get it08:50
Logicwaxis there a way i can use the older dmraid from jaunty?08:50
Logicwaxbecause like i said, Jaunty works just fine.  its only Lucid that has a screwed up dmraid08:51
SwedeMikedmraid? ew. I use mdadm.08:51
Logicwaxi use mdadm for another raid.  but for my fakeraid i need dmraid08:51
SwedeMikeno idea then, I stay clear of dmraid.08:52
parapanis there anyone familiar with video editing under linux ? basically coding a raw format into mkv ? but not only this .....also some authoring and so one ...08:52
Logicwaxwell you know of a way I could use the older dmraid with lucid?08:52
Logicwaxim not sure how to use older versions of packages wwith the new dist update08:53
SankyHello, is there a quick way to change ubuntu's datetime formats to YY-MM-DD?08:56
ahmad_hello every one08:58
bullgard4'~$ audacious2 -i gtkui; vis in tabs'. What does »vis« mean?08:59
tonikHi.  If I install Ubuntu 64-bit, will I be able to run 32-bit packages?09:00
Logicwaxwow....solved my problem.    downloaded the old karmic dmraid source, compiled it, and installed it on lucid09:03
tukadafoondayHi, I have installed linux on my machine / is on the first hard drive along with /swap. on the second harddrive i have put /home which is assume is not the only thing being used for home directory storage - i now however want to use the second harddrive for windows.... is there any way i can make my /home on HDD1? do i just resize the partitions and then make a new /home on HDD1 followed by copying all the files on the home dir09:03
tukadafoondayectory over the the new one?09:03
ikoniatukadafoonday: what version of ubuntu are yo uusing09:03
tukadafoondayikonia, 10.1009:03
ikoniatukadafoonday: 10.10 is not supported and is a development release (don't use it unless you know what you are doing) it can be disucssed in the channel #ubuntu+109:04
tukadafoondayIt is going well, no problems yet, and i figured as its just to play around with i can help with sending any crash information through.09:04
tukadafoondayplus, to late to take it off now. hah.09:05
junjieHi, update-initrafs return "cannot find /lib/modules/initrd..." What can I do?09:06
wizzlehow to mount a volume manually?09:13
arundraculaI've installed my wifi ethernet card in Ubuntu using ndiswrapper. Now what to do to know if my card is detected and working09:13
opehi, last I installed Win7 on my brand new Intel SDD Postville. Win7 does boot fast. After than I installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 with Grub2 (1.98). Linux boost fast, but Win7 does require a multiple time as before. Before install all, the partitons are align with gparted 0.6.2 with 1 MiB alignment. sda1 -> win7, sda2 -> ubuntu, sda5 -> linux swap. Anyway, ayn ideas what happens here to win7 ?? Googling does show that I'm not the first with this problem, 09:14
marckiwizzle : mount device location09:14
tonysanI can't enable color under terminal, someone have a clue?09:14
tonysanI edited ~/.bashrc, it doesn't work09:14
wizzlemarcki, yeah.09:14
marckiwizzle: device is /dev/smthing09:14
wizzlemarcki, can u explain that?09:16
marckiwizzle: what do you want to mount09:17
marckiis it a partition09:17
rob_wwhat are all the /.09:17
rob_wsorry hang on09:18
rob_wwhat are all the *.deb files in /var/cache/apt/archives/ for ? can i delete those ?09:18
wizzlemy blackberry phone09:18
marckiwizzle: usb connected ?09:18
wizzlei have blackberry smart phone, n trying to connect it with usb port to my laptop. it's charging but not connected at all. then i was check to "Computer", it's was there but not mounting. i've trying to, but it still wont mounting09:19
wizzlethat's my older post.09:19
marckiwizzle: so type "mount /dev/sda(the number of device) /dircectory to mount too09:21
alkisgaddgroup a1 &09:21
alkisgaddgroup a2 &09:21
alkisg==> running addgroup in parallel creates groups with the same gid, should I file a bug for that or is it expected behavior?09:21
Status0Hellow all ! do you know where i can find the translate team for ubuntu 10.10 installer09:22
wizzlemarcki, how to know its sda number?09:22
Status0on LP09:22
marckiwizzle: use TAB button it gives u all sda devices present and use" df -h" to see wich one is connected so one that is not listed is the bb09:23
TalibHi, I am a windows user trying out ubuntu. I was told that /usr/bin is kinda like program files. My question is why are there no sub-directories used here? It seems a bit disorganized.09:28
Tempus_Fugitok this might be a dumb ? but does linux use any http protocols or are they all tcp/udp09:29
Tempus_Fugitand if so how would I look at what type of protocol and website is using in real time09:30
Tempus_Fugitso like to connect to a website then look at either "ps" or netstat to see what type of protocol it was to allow or deny it in iptables09:31
wizzlemarcki, i see five sda number in my system n when i type "df -h" it's only two device that active. first is my partition second is my system09:31
marckiwizzle: ok forget about sda now and check the link i send it to you it might be something specified to blackberry :P09:32
set_killerhello guys. I am trying to install ubuntu 10.04 on a vary old computer - AMD Duron on 1.8 Ghz. But when i try to boot from usb i get somekind of error: There is no default configuration available for this computer. (or something like that). So HOW to install ubuntu on this old old computer?09:32
wizzlemarcki, thanks alot09:32
marckiwizzle: np tell me if it get solved09:33
wizzlemarcki, ok09:33
set_killeris there support for Durons?09:33
ectospasmset_killer: Duron should be OK09:35
aliveriusi want to use my box as both a server and a router. would it be ok to use ubuntu to do both or should i preffer running a router in kvm?09:35
jferis it possible to create a deb package from a binary tar.gz or must the source be used?09:35
ectospasmset_killer: does it actually start to boot the USB key?  Does it not even try to load the kernel?09:36
set_killerso maybe the motherboard is not supported?09:37
=== Nwab is now known as Benwa
ectospasmset_killer: could be the system can't boot from USB.  Does it have an optical drive?  Can you burn the ISO to disc and try booting off that?09:38
set_killeryes, there is a cd-rom drive and successfully booted ubuntu 6.10 from this drive09:39
sunilhi to all09:41
ectospasmset_killer: one other thing, make sure the ISO you burned to the USB key is valid, check the md5sum/sha1sum before you burn it to a disc09:41
sunilcan some help me about empathy09:42
younderHello I accidentally swapped two arguments when doing a dump of my home directory. Thus destroying my home directory partion. Well I downloaded the entire previous backup from the external disk. Logged in as root (sudo is rubbish here. The point being that /root is not under /home) Then I restored. FU at 0:20, Fixed at 5:30..09:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:46
younderQuestion: This would not work for my system directory. Is there a way to restore the / directory partion?09:46
younderI have a ton of extention packages and simply reinstalling wouldn't work so hot..09:47
tensorpuddingyou can backup your root partition09:47
tensorpuddingi use duplicity to do so09:47
younderYes... but I can't restore it while using it can I. And if I boot from disk I have a different SUID and thus not root access.09:48
pie_timecan thunderbird be ran as a daemon in the background in ubuntu? also: can it be integrated as well as evolution?09:48
=== tremmons is now known as iflema
Alex______Which games can I run on ubuntu?09:51
bazhang!games > Alex______09:51
ubottuAlex______, please see my private message09:51
bobai installed ros (robot operating system) on ubuntu, and it has suport on lucid but when i type ros it says no command found09:51
bobawhat could be the case, i tried " which ros-cturtle-base" and gives no output09:52
tensorpuddingboba: how did you install it? where did you install it09:53
bobatensorpudding: first did sudo apt-get install ros-cturtle-ros and then sudo apt-get install ros-cturtle-base09:54
bobatensorpudding: it was not need the first one09:54
mangamonkI've just upgraded to 10.04 ..in the process I've lost the bluetooth mouse09:54
bobatensorpudding: But I realized later that i need the second one and did not remove the first one09:54
mangamonkI've worked through09:55
mangamonkhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup#Setup Devices09:55
bobatensorpudding: can that be the reason for them now not working09:55
tensorpuddingboba: okay, so ros-cturtle-base is the binary that's supposed to come with it?09:55
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:55
bobatensorpudding: but when i type in the terminal "ros" it is not recognized09:56
tensorpuddingboba: what does 'ls /usr/bin | grep ros' return09:56
bobatensorpudding: kross09:56
youckerhi all09:56
bobatensorpudding: there is no only "ros", just the kross thing09:57
arundraculaplease someone help my wifi card detected , driver installed, hardware detected... but No device found for wlan009:57
pie_timecan thunderbird be ran as a daemon in the background in ubuntu? also: can it be integrated as well as evolution?09:57
tensorpuddingboba: did you read the install instructions on the ROS site? apparently you need to set some environment variables09:58
bobatensorpudding: echo "source /opt/ros/cturtle/setup.sh" >> ~/.bashrc . ~/.bashrc09:58
tensorpuddingboba: so you'll need to configure the startup files of your shell09:59
bobatensorpudding: i did that09:59
bobatensorpudding: but did not work09:59
bobatensorpudding: how can i configure them09:59
tensorpuddingboba: i mean, by editing .bashrc to include that source statement, but you did that already09:59
Alex______!games > Alex______10:00
ubottuAlex______, please see my private message10:00
bobatensorpudding: i just pasted that thing with echo and did not give any output10:00
tensorpuddingboba: but the tutorial doesn't suggest that there are any ros-cturtle binaries10:00
tensorpuddingboba: are you following the tutorial?10:00
glebihanboba: sorry coming in, in what context are you ? login shell ? ssh ? gnome-terminal ?10:01
bobaglebihan: how can I check that, i just do alt f2 gnome-terminal and type ros, also tried under root10:01
glebihanboba: lemme check something10:02
tensorpuddingboba: what do you get when you do 'which rosed'10:02
bobatensorpudding: nothing10:02
Alex______Is the source of ubbotu available?10:03
tensorpuddingboba: oh, right, after you do the editing of .bashrc you have to close the shell10:03
tensorpuddingboba: and then open a new one10:03
Alex______Is the source of ubbotu available?10:03
Alex______ubottu *10:03
glebihanboba: does it work if you put your commands in .bash_profile instead ?10:04
tensorpuddingboba: the echo command added a bit to source the configuration for ROS every time you start the shell; the shell must be restarted for the changes to take effect10:04
jayneubottu: source?10:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:04
bazhang!botclone > Alex______10:04
ubottuAlex______, please see my private message10:04
tensorpuddingAlex______: ubottu.com10:04
tensorpuddingboba: so if you try that command 'which rosed' again in a new shell, what do you get?10:06
bobatensorpudding: i closed the terminal pasted the command restarted the shel and did not work10:06
glebihanjayne: do you need help ?10:06
bazhangglebihan, helping Alex______10:06
SankySo, anyone knows if there is there a quick way to change ubuntu's datetime formats to YY-MM-DD?  :(10:06
velenohi. i have an error trying to add a key to my ssh-agent: http://pastie.org/115772410:06
tensorpuddingboba: it returned nothing?10:06
jayneglebihan: nope... just taking a guess at trying to help Alex______10:07
bobatensorpudding: nothing10:07
glebihanjayne: ok10:07
sunsonSanky: eh. you want hte date to change on the UI?10:07
bobatensorpudding: source /opt/ros/cturtle/setup.sh10:07
Sankyyeah, global date settings10:07
bobatensorpudding: what about that10:07
Sankym/d/y or anything that uses month names confuses me :|10:07
tensorpuddingboba: try running that in the shell, and then try running the 'which rosed' again10:08
Sankyy-m-d is simple, easy to sort and should be the standard10:08
tensorpuddingboba: wait, my bad, rosed isn't by default10:08
sunsonSanky: date +%Y-%m-%d should give that. otherwise date prints a standard string.10:08
sunsonchanging it might break quite a few scripts :)10:08
sunsons/few scripts/stupid scripts/10:08
tensorpuddingboba: apparently you need to source this rosbash thing10:09
Sankywell my locale is set to Czech so it uses a different date format but nothing breaks10:09
SankyI should be able to set Y-m-d somewhere :V10:09
bobatensorpudding: how can i do that?10:09
tensorpuddingboba: try 'which rospack' instead, that should work10:10
tensorpuddingboba: you should read the tutorial on the ROS wiki to find this stuff out10:11
NeoCicakhi all... somehow my ubuntu doesnt display the wireless network applet anymore... is there anyway to bring it back?10:11
bobatensorpudding: /opt/ros/cturtle/ros/bin/rospack10:11
tishammeri've apt-get installed package linux-rt. how is it now to get a linux-rt image running?10:11
bobatensorpudding: i get this one now10:11
tensorpuddingboba: okay, so that means that it is installed properly10:11
Jordan_USanky: You can alias date='date +%Y-%m-%d'10:12
bobatensorpudding: but typing ros still gives me not found command10:12
tensorpuddingboba: the sourced .sh script added /opt/ros/cturtle/ros/bin to your PATH, so the binaries for ROS are available10:12
tensorpuddingboba: what is ros supposed to do?10:12
ngirardHi all. I'm trying to get my gf to perform a dist-upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 on her laptop. My concern is, her network gets disconnected every 5 minutes or so. Is the update process resilient to these disconnections ?10:13
Jordan_Ungirard: Yes, it will download everything before actually committing to the upgrade.10:13
ngirardHi Jordan_U. Thanks. Shouldn't I increase some delay that the process considers before considering a deb file can't be downloaded ?10:15
bobatensorpudding: i try to test turtlesim10:15
bobatensorpudding: i do "roscore" then  "rosmake turtlesim" and then "rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node"10:16
Jordan_Ungirard: I'm not sure that's configurable.10:16
bobatensorpudding: roscore starts, and the next two commands should i type in a different terminal, because on the same it does not run the turtle sim10:17
Jordan_Ungirard: You may just have to restart the upgrade multiple times (previously downloaded packages will be saved).10:17
bobatensorpudding: i made it, thanks a lot for the help10:18
bobatensorpudding: the first process should be running in a different terminal10:19
bobatensorpudding: have a nice day and thanks once again10:19
pie_timecan thunderbird be ran as a daemon in the background in ubuntu? also: can it be integrated as well as evolution?10:19
ikoniapie_time: no10:20
ikoniapie_time: it's a client, not a daemon10:20
pie_timeikonia, thank you :)10:25
ikoniapie_time: ?10:25
ikoniapie_time: oh, sorry, the question, no problemn10:26
pie_timeikonia, you just answered a question for me, so I was thanking you.10:26
ngirardJordan_U: thanks for your feedback. I'm sure it can be configured as a global networking setting but I don't remember which one10:28
Jordan_Ungirard: You're welcome, and good luck.10:29
ngirardJordan_U: thanks10:30
chalcedonydoes anyone know of an online guide to the ubuntu 10.04 boot screens, to help us figure out why it won't boot, what the failure notices mean?10:33
chalcedonyor conversely if someone knows and can help?10:34
chalcedonyi haven't found it with google10:34
anomalyI have added restricted repos and medibuntu.. it installed libdvdcss, but it can not find libdvdread4.. googled a dozen pages.. what else is missing?10:36
erUSULanomaly: it is in the plain universe repos10:37
erUSUL!info lidvdread410:37
ubottuPackage lidvdread4 does not exist in lucid10:37
erUSUL!info libdvdread410:37
ubottulibdvdread4 (source: libdvdread): library for reading DVDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.3-8ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 56 kB, installed size 216 kB10:37
Katsumi32good mourning10:37
anomalyI have universe enabled, but a search for libdvdread4 is still giving me nothing.  quite odd.10:39
magnetronanomaly: are you sure you ran update?10:40
glebihananomaly: which release of ubuntu ?10:40
anomalyglebihan 10.04.. and yes.. apt-get update10:40
glebihananomaly: could pastebin you /etc/apt/sources.list file ?10:40
umcguys, can anyone please tell me what this error is from ? http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/1277/err1.jpg running ubuntu 10.04.1 64bit10:41
tensorpuddingumc: that's a kernel panic it looks like10:41
highlander84If someone could advise me... I am installing ATI drivers for a R420 card(X800XT) I downloaded the drivers. When I run the command sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/karmic it tells me " Distro Version entered incorrectly or not supported" I have 10.04. So which package should I tell it to install? the most recent in the driver is Jauntry and source...10:41
=== ndeah is now known as AnPar
erUSULanomaly: what version of ubuntu ?10:41
anomalyerUSUL 10.0410:42
umctensorpudding: could this be because of hdd or ram failure ? or what causes panics like this usually ?10:42
glebihanumc: try a memtest10:42
tensorpuddingumc: kernel panics are often either broken hardware or broken drivers10:42
erUSULanomaly: check in System>admin...>software sources do you have everything enabled?10:42
glebihananomaly: I've noticed the other day that some packages were missing in the us mirror10:43
umcglebihan: can that be done while the pc is running or do I have to boot from some live cd ?10:43
tensorpuddingumc: memtest is available from the grub boot menu10:43
glebihananomaly: maybe you could try some other mirror10:43
=== Aciid_ is now known as Aciid
tensorpuddingumc: it will usually be near the bottom, after the kernel boot options, with a name like Memory test (memtest86+)10:44
glebihananomaly: no, that's not the problem, libdvdread4 is available on the mirror10:45
umcalright, I'll try the memtest. if that succeedes, broken drivers or hdd ? can I check for those too somehow ? I had no problems setting it up, but I had little experience with diagnostics and debugging10:45
glebihananomaly: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/libd/libdvdread/libdvdread4_4.1.3-8ubuntu1_i386.deb or http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/libd/libdvdread/libdvdread4_4.1.3-8ubuntu1_amd64.deb10:45
tensorpuddingumc: you can check for filesystem corruption somewhat using smart, assuming your motherboard supports it10:46
tensorpuddingumc: err, hdd corruption10:46
umcit's a pretty new pc, motherboard is pretty smart10:47
tensorpuddingumc: as for drivers, are you running any proprietary blob drivers?10:47
umcnot that I know of...10:47
tensorpuddingumc: S.M.A.R.T., I mean. It's something that does diagnostics on hard drives10:47
tensorpuddingumc: it can be controlled through ubuntu's smart daemon10:47
pie_timeis there anyway to prevent thunderbird from opening links if you accidentally click one inside an email?10:47
umcoh, also, forgot to mention I have a raid1 setup, but cat /proc/mdstatcat reports everything is fine10:48
tensorpuddingumc: if you didn't add any drivers in the after-install process, you won't be10:48
anomalyglebihan oddly enough, again, I wget'd that file.. it installed, but totem is still complaining about missing files to run it.10:48
alexander_can someone tell me how to load the nvidia driver on boot?10:48
tensorpuddingumc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools10:48
umctensorpudding: I use it only as a server, no fancy video drivers, sound, etc. so only the default install stuff10:48
tensorpuddingumc: hmm, in that case it's highly unlikely that it's a driver error10:49
glebihananomaly: does totem mention the missing files ?10:49
glebihananomaly: or could you pastebin the exact error message ?10:49
anomaly"looking for a dvd source plugin that is not available"10:50
highlander84Any takers with my request?10:50
alexander_can someone tell me how to load the nvidia driver on boot?10:50
abhijit!nvidia | alexander_10:50
ubottualexander_: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto10:50
umctensorpudding: I have SMART support10:51
anomalyglebihan thanks for the help, though.. I just tried mplayer and it is crashing due to libdvdread errors.. will just go to another distribution10:51
umctensorpudding: if I run smartctl, will it disrupt the server's activity ?10:52
tensorpuddingumc: while you're running a test on the drive, it may slighly decrease read/write performance on that drive10:52
tensorpuddingumc: but it doesn't require any special treatment10:53
umctensorpudding: and one last question, if it's a raid1, can I safely run the test on sda and sdb individually, one after another ?10:53
alexander_abhijit, no help at all10:56
abhijitalexander_, dunno10:56
alexander_can someone tell me how to load the nvidia driver on boot?10:57
highlander84looking for advice on which driver package to install for ATI drivers 10.0410:58
sipioralexander_: certainly. add the driver name to the file /etc/modules.10:58
highlander84Not my problem...im running 10.04 the driver package only supports 9.04 and before. I got it directly from ATI's site tho.10:59
alexander_sipior: how do I see the name of the driver? I'm still new...11:00
=== thegrundo is now known as grundo[afk]
highlander84Someone with some ATI driver help...11:03
kodezgood day, how do i compile c++ in linux terminal?11:03
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:03
sipioralexander_:  i'm fairly certain the name is "nvidia", but you can have a look through /var/log/Xorg.0.log to check.  "xdpyinfo" might also return that name, can't remember at the moment.11:03
jribkodez: what are you compiling?  Your own code?11:03
kitari_louhello all11:03
sipiorkodez: g++ is the standard c++ compiler.11:03
abhijitkodez, g++ file.cpp and then ./a.out11:04
kitari_louI partitionned my hard when I installed ubuntu but I can't access the bigest part of my hard drive now11:04
kodezsipior, i tried g++ myfile.cpp and it says the command is not found11:04
sipiorkodez: then try installing the compiler package :-)11:04
sipiorkodez: "sudo apt-get install g++"11:04
sipiorkodez: you'll want to make sure you have build-essential, and the rest of the gcc friends.11:05
highlander84So with aht Bianary driver how to... on step 11. I am not running karmic... im running Lucid. So it will not install. The driver contains up to jauntry. So what do I tell it to install????????????????11:05
jrib!ati | highlander8411:05
ubottuhighlander84: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:05
michal__hello. i've installed ubuntu yesterday and having some problems. is there anyone that would be so kind to help me?11:06
kitari_louI partitionned my hard when I installed ubuntu but I can't access the bigest part of my hard drive now11:06
jribmichal__: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)11:06
tensorpuddingumc: sorry, yeah, it should be fine11:06
umcthanks a lot for the info11:07
tensorpuddingumc: smart is on a much lower level than software raid11:07
highlander84clearly karmic is not listed, so it will not buildpkg im asking which one to then tell it to build, I have it all listed in my terminal right now.11:07
kitari_louI partitionned my hard when I installed ubuntu but I can't access the bigest part of my hard drive now, how could I acces it?11:08
michal__my task bar(clock,network,battery) disapeared after installing updates?how to turn it on?11:08
jribhighlander84: have you read the link ubottu gave you?11:08
abhijit !panels | michal__11:09
ubottumichal__: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:09
michal__i have internal speakers and mic they don't work? how to turn it on?11:09
abhijit!sound | michal__11:09
ubottumichal__: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:09
kitari_louI partitionned my hard drive when I installed ubuntu but I can't access the biggest part of it now, how could I acces it? can someone please answer me?11:09
highlander84yes, I have it open right now. and have specified the exact spot in the guide I am having the problem and exactly what it is with the relevant information.11:10
jribhighlander84: not to me...11:10
umcalright... 58 minutes for a long test on a 250gb hdd...11:10
highlander84clearly karmic is not listed, so it will not buildpkg im asking which one to then tell it to build, I have it all listed in my terminal right now.11:10
michal__how to disable password on turning on and edit system?11:10
jribhighlander84: what exactly are you doing...?  There are several options on the wiki11:11
silv3r_m00ngoogle chrome on ubuntu 9.10 doesn't display hindi fonts , how can I fix this ?11:12
mofaphHi, all. I was wondering what the use of module 'ehci_hcd '?11:12
michal__how to change desktop from big icons to 'unfolding' from one button?11:12
highlander84jrib step 11, buildpkg Ubuntu/karmic  It will not build it because that package is not in the driver .run fild.11:12
abhijit!manual | michal__11:12
ubottumichal__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:12
kitari_louI partitionned my hard drive when I installed ubuntu but I can't access the biggest part of it now, how could I acces it? can someone please answer me?11:12
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, its chromium bug. use arora or firefox or opera11:13
michal__thank you thank you thank you!!!11:13
highlander84jrib, I just need to know which one to have it build so i can install it. useing sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run --listpkg i see no Lucid listed (10.04) so which do I tell it to use.11:14
silv3r_m00nabhijit: arora ?11:14
jribhighlander84: why are you not just using System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers?  Is it not available there?11:14
silv3r_m00nabhijit: but the same google chrome on ubuntu 10.04 does display hindi fonts11:14
highlander84jrib, Nothing comes up there. thats why im doing it this way.11:14
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, it displays the font but they are crashed. scatter. not readable. better use another browser11:15
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, arora is one of the browser11:15
jribhighlander84: did you read documentation on what --buildpkg does?11:15
d3vic3after trying to mount wmii socket using 9mount this way11:16
d3vic3"sudo modprobe 9pnet && sudo modprobe 9p && export WMII_NS_DIR=/tmp/ns.myhome.:0 && 9mount -i 'unix!'$WMII_NS_DIR/wmii /mnt/wmii"11:16
d3vic3i get no access to /mnt/wmii directory!11:16
d3vic3"ls -lh /mnt/wmii" gives me "d????????? ? ?    ?       ?                ? wmii"11:16
d3vic3any operation on /mnt/wmii gives an input/output error!11:16
FloodBot4d3vic3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:16
highlander84jrib, it basicly creats the deb files. but it cant when what i tell it to creat is not contained in the driver fild i got from ATI's site.11:16
jribhighlander84: "basically" isn't good enough obviously... why karmic?11:16
jribhighlander84: can you link me to the documentation? Or output of the help from the binary?11:17
silv3r_m00nabhijit: let me try arora11:17
kitari_louI partitionned my hard drive when I installed ubuntu but I can't access the biggest part of it now, how could I acces it? can someone please answer me?11:17
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, you may have firefox? why not use it?11:17
jribhighlander84: might as well throw in what you are running and the full output on a pastebin too11:17
neutronanyone can help me with this confirmed bug:11:18
michal__hi. after reseting gnome panel i'm getting: "npme-panel: no process found". why?11:18
jrib highlander84 my guess is this documentation just hasn't seen any love since lucid's release11:18
highlander84jrib, so the guild im useing and what else?11:18
silv3r_m00nabhijit: actually chrome is fast , firefox is very slow11:18
erUSULd3vic3: plan9? i guess this is too out of place here... maybe someone in #ubuntu-server have tried it11:19
jribhighlander84: the official documentation from ati and the help output from the binary you are running if there is any11:19
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, yah right. thats why i use arora and/or opera for devangari purpose and all other purpose - chromium11:19
silv3r_m00nabhijit: I installed arora , let me use it11:19
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, hmm11:19
jribhighlander84: and might as well throw in what you are running and the full output on a pastebin too11:19
highlander84jrib, I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI  let me see if i can get the help from the binary.11:19
jribI know you're following that :/11:20
d3vic3erUSUL: i'm just usnig the 9mount command under ubuntu11:20
Katsumi32highlander84, what ati card do you have?11:20
ChesterXWhat cpu are better for ubuntu (and linux in general), AMD or Intel?11:20
d3vic3wmii filesystem mount error http://paste.ubuntu.com/493558/11:20
abhijit!hardware > ChesterX11:20
ubottuChesterX, please see my private message11:20
silv3r_m00nabhijit: cool , its as fast as chrome and displays hindi fonts good , good tool , I didn't know abt it11:20
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, good. :D11:21
ChesterXabhijit, thx11:21
erUSULd3vic3: samba nfs ssh are known around here but i doubt many here know what 9p is. you are free to ask of course. just FYI11:21
silv3r_m00nabhijit: I hope this is a qt thing and not a gtk thing ?11:21
abhijitChesterX, also you will get more info about hardware to choose in release note11:21
abhijitsilv3r_m00n, i think so . not sure11:21
highlander84Katsumi32, ATI X800XT AGP11:22
d3vic3erUSUL: thx, I'll try #ubuntu-server as well11:22
glebihansilv3r_m00n: arora uses Qt11:22
silv3r_m00nglebihan: that's good11:22
silv3r_m00nwhy isn't there a qt port of firefox/gecko11:23
highlander84jrib: im just gonna run it with the latest the driver has sudo sh ./ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/jaunty and see what happenes.11:24
jribhighlander84: aren't you running lucid?11:24
tensorpuddingporting a project like that to a different graphics toolkit is a ton of effort11:24
Katsumi32highlander84, do you have ubuntu 10.04 or 9.10?11:24
highlander84jrib, yep thats my problem the driver only goes to jaunty...11:24
albech_what would the CIDR be for two IP addresses next to eachother?11:24
jribhighlander84: oh I see your card isn't supported by the this 10.4 driver on the page?11:25
albech_so if it wanted to target both and
highlander84jrib, card is OS is not. from what I gather.11:25
michal__could anybody help,try to enable task bar,after reseting to default i'm getting a message fter reseting gnome panel i'm getting: "npme-panel: no process found". why?11:25
albech_would do it?11:26
highlander84jrib, it built the packages for jaunty so now i just need to issue the command, sudo dpkg -i *.deb11:26
Katsumi32highlander84, if you have ubuntu 9.10 your card will should work with catalyst from amd if you have 10.04 your card is to old to work so u have to use open source driver the one already installed in your ubuntu11:27
Katsumi32and not everything will work perfect11:27
zambai've set up apache as a proxy for an internal web site.. the problem is that i externally use a dir name to access the internal web page that is running on the root of the server.. how can i "rewrite" the hrefs in the web page so that it refers to the correct path internally?11:27
zambawww.example.com/test/ -> www.example2.internal/11:28
highlander84jrib, I need to leave for a bit I will returne in 20-30mins..... The open source drivers did nothing for me. thats why im going to this.....11:28
tensorpuddingzamba: is this really an ubuntu question?11:28
glebihanzamba: you should try asking on #apache211:29
=== grundo[afk] is now known as thegrundo
highlander84jrib, I got 15more mins, so if i issue sudo dpkg -i *.deb will i get 3d support or should I take another route?11:30
glebihanhighlander84: best way to know is to try11:30
jribmichal__: does it really say "npme-panel"?11:30
jribwell there's that attitude... :P11:30
michal__yes. copied and pasted it11:31
highlander84jrib, Thats what I was gonna do, make it or break it. So if im not back for a while you know why. Thanks for the help!!!!11:31
michal__sorry G is missing11:31
michal__jrib: gnpme-panel11:32
jribmichal__: really?11:32
glebihanmichal__: never heard of that, I would guess on "gnome-panel" and jrib too I'm sure11:32
shane2peruis there any smart phone out there that I can sync my contacts with evolution???  Please only answer if you have sync'ed with Evolution, not seen a guide, I recently bought a Blackberry Storm, and have been extremely disappointed in the sync-less ness.11:33
jribmichal__: how did you "reset gnome panel"?11:33
michal__typed in the Termina: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel &&killall gnpme-panel.   gnpme-panel: no process found11:34
glebihanmichal__: type "killall gnome-panel"11:34
erUSULmichal__: typo - gnpme-panel11:35
harovalihi , I'm trying to get my Xorg in ubuntu 10.04 to work using the openchrome drivers since I have a VIA onboard video chipset. It doesn't allow for higher resolutions than 800x600, so I suspect something is going wrong. Is there anything I can do to try a better video mode ?11:37
michal__gnome-panel:  Could not connect to session manager: Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.SessionManager': no such name11:38
michal__killall gnome-panel11:39
michal__gnome-panel: no process found11:39
jribmichal__: do you have a panel now?11:39
michal__you're talking about taskbar/menu?11:39
jribmichal__: the panel that contains your menu, window list, notification area, etc11:40
erUSULharovali: check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file. maybe there is some error11:40
michal__No. after installing updates it is gone.11:40
jribmichal__: what updates?11:40
jrib!who | michal__11:40
ubottumichal__: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:40
michal__jrib: automatic updates from ubuntu from update manager11:41
jribmichal__: did you restart since the updates?11:42
michal__jrib: yes11:42
jribmichal__: and now when you login, you have no panel, correct?11:42
harovalierUSUL: yes , I've looked throu it http://paste.pocoo.org/show/261859/  , but can't understand why it doesn't work properly. Would you please help me ?11:43
michal__jrib: no panel at all. can't switch between windows,can't minimize firefox.11:44
jribmichal__: run "gnome-panel" in a terminal11:44
karmelcan anybody help with enabling software soft mixing with pulseaudio?11:44
michal__jrib: root@BeyondPhysical:/home/michal# gnome-panel11:45
michal__** Message: Could not connect to session manager: Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.SessionManager': no such name11:45
michal__** (gnome-panel:1890): WARNING **: Could not connect to session manager: Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.SessionManager': no such name11:45
icerootmichal__: why running it was root?11:45
jribmichal__: and no panel appears and you get a new prompt in your shell?11:45
jribah, good question11:45
karmelrun as a normal user11:45
erUSULharovali: do not see nothing wrong ... maybe you can add the needed mode with xrandr ?11:46
icerootmichal__: dont do it as root, because root is not the owner of the current gdm session11:46
live-cdhello everyone ... excuse me ... i'm here with an ubuntu-live_cd ... can you tell me how i can try and import "outlook express" emails into an email-program?11:46
harovalierUSUL: I'll try11:46
jattlive-cd: evolution11:46
erUSULharovali: what mode do you need? 1024x768?11:47
live-cdok, thank you jatt ... lemme check that :)11:47
harovalierUSUL: yes, for instance11:47
harovalierUSUL: that'd rock11:47
jattaka d-volution11:47
jatthave fun :)11:47
erUSULharovali: cvt 1024 768 85 --> Modeline "1024x768_85.00"   94.50  1024 1096 1200 1376  768 771 775 809 -hsync +vsync11:47
erUSULharovali: xrandr --newmode "1024x768_85.00"   94.50  1024 1096 1200 1376  768 771 775 809 -hsync +vsync11:48
erUSULharovali: xrandr --addmode VGA 1024x76811:48
erUSULharovali: xrandr --output VGA --mode 1024x76811:48
live-cdjatt: unfortunately evolution doesn't work! ... outlook express uses "dbx"-files ... unless you know of a free converter?11:48
michal__jrib&iceroot: after clicking on file in terminal and choose new, i got it back on.11:48
erUSULharovali: that's for 85 refresh rate you can choose another one... rerun cvt with the settings you need11:48
michal__jrib: should i go with killall option as well?11:49
jribmichal__: no.  But if you just typed "gnome-panel" in your terminal and hit enter, you probably want to hit ctrl-z, followed by "bg; disown" so you can close the terminal and keep gnome-panel alive11:50
harovalierUSUL: it says 'xrandr: cannot find output "VGA" ' when i run 'xrandr --addmode VGA 1024x768'11:50
cixahello where can i find a capcimeter for linux?11:50
cixasomething that emasure capacitance11:50
karmelno chance for help with my pulseaudio? I am fighting with it for a long time11:51
michal__ jrib: thanks a lot. gotta try it. will it bo OK after restart?11:51
jribkarmel: ask a specific question11:51
jribmichal__: should11:51
jattlive-cd: dude did a search for you, take a look at this thread11:51
jatttarget/my-app-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar com.mycompany.app.App11:51
jattI mean11:51
michal__Jrib: THANK YOU!11:51
live-cdjatt: :) wanted to show you this website too ... found that in the mean-time too :)11:52
live-cdand jatt ? ...  i imported the messages but i can't see them  :(11:52
live-cdit still has all standard-folders in it ... but not my imported ones11:52
jattI don't know man I have never imported data with outlook express I thought initially that you were referring to outlook for which evolution works11:53
harovalierUSUL: however, now it lists the mode , since i run 'xrandr --newmode "1024x768_85.00"   94.50  1024 1096 1200 1376  768 771 775 809 -hsync +vsync' and it didn't complain11:53
progre55Hi guys, how do you list your hard drives that are not mounted yet?11:53
progre55I'm installing ubuntu from a usb drive, but it cannot find my hd to partition..11:53
live-cdjatt: :) ... it's ok ... i'm just trying out a few things ... so don't worry11:53
jattdid you already try all things in that thread? like kmail?11:54
live-cdyep ... i tried kmail11:54
karmeljrib, I am trying to have software sound mixing on Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10 -  with pulseaudio. My sound card doesn't support hardware mixing. I have tried to copy .pulse and .pulse-cookie from live-cd (where mixing works) but it didn't worked for me11:54
live-cdbut i dunno why kmail doesn't display the messages jatt11:54
jribkarmel: you shouldn't have to do anything, especially if it worked on the live cd11:55
live-cdimport was successfully according to kmail ... but messages don't show up11:55
jattstrange no idea dude maybe just try a virtual machine (VirtuaBox) and just run Outlook Express from the VM11:57
harovalierUSUL: changing 'VGA' with 'default' makes ' xrandr --addmode VGA 1024x768_85.00' work. But when I run 'xrandr --output default --mode 1024x768_85.00' I get  'xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed'11:57
karmeljrib, I know, but I have this issue from 9.04 - I can have only one source of sound, after upgrading to 10.10 it works on clean 10.10 livecd but doesn't on 10.04 upgraded to 10.10.  I don't think that clean installation would solve the problem11:57
jribkarmel: create a new user, does it work for him?11:58
live-cdjatt: :| ... will need some help to do this too ... but not now ... i want to try out a little more11:58
jribkarmel: and if you're on 10.10, you need to ask in #ubuntu+111:58
karmeljrib, now I am on on 10.0411:58
karmelon new user there is something strange, because none of sound preferences dialog works (mixer, sound preferences etc) but sounds a mixed but I can't control volume12:00
karmelI think that works on alsa on new user12:00
ericblairI bought a dell inspiron 1525 with ubuntu installed about 2 years ago (fine but with some hardware problems - overheating etc) .. ok eventually no OS problems just hardware.  I have just upgraded to a dell 15R which I also ordered from dell -- they don't supply ubuntu so I got one with windows on it .... obliterated windows - I will get a refund.  I find that the new dell 15R is completely unuseable with ubuntu for the follo12:02
jribkarmel: well check for sure if he's using pulse or not12:02
ericblairie. look at the forum post maybe posit solution12:02
piyushmishrahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YujRncgaMN4&feature=player_embedded  I felt that you are more likely to know where a security bug lies when you know the source and the primary reason most cracking is done by reverse engineering is because the source wasnt available in the first place... am I wrong?12:03
karmeljrib, as I said - he works on ALSA12:05
karmelhave checked a moment before12:05
jribkarmel: well that's certainly not default behavior right?  So why is he using alsa and not pulse?12:05
karmelHmm, its a good question - will check it12:07
karmelthanks for your advice12:07
andrewfreebasically apt-get broke my box and I'm goign to have to do a clean install to fix it. Is there a command to put the box back to "factory settings" like remove everything it didnt come with or do I have to do a clean install12:10
jribandrewfree: how did apt-get break your box exactly?12:10
=== matteo1990 is now known as Matteo1990
andrewfreewhile removing ffmpeg it decided that it should remove zoneminder at the same time, now I cant reconfigure zoneminder and all these packages and configs for it are broken12:11
jribandrewfree: pastebin exactly what is happening.  "broken" is too vague for me to understand what is happening12:12
live-cdjatt: brb12:13
andrewfreejrib: There is nothing to show.. its just broke my zoneminder installing and I dont know how to reconfigure it and get it back. I can show you a a404 page12:14
DDAZZAHi, Is the safest and recommended way to share files on a home network to install ssh on all the computers? If not what?12:14
jribandrewfree: you said it broke your box, did you mean it broke only your zoneminder install?12:14
andrewfreejrib: Well thats all I used my box for so yes.12:15
jribDDAZZA: just use samba (right click on a directory, share)12:15
Stefanos90pokerstars is working on ubuntu :)12:15
bazhangandrewfree, zoneminder installed from repos? or some outside 3rd party source12:15
jribandrewfree: ok.  So why don't you just purge zoneminder and install it again?12:15
andrewfreebazhang: I got the newest build so I downloaded the .deb12:16
bazhangandrewfree, something outside package management then?12:16
rapageI want to know a good replacement to adobe flash and if it's faster then it.12:16
andrewfreewell both  http://snapplr.com/j5c9 it doesnt install that way when I want12:16
bazhangrapage, there is none.12:17
rapageI want to know a good replacement to adobe flash and if it's faster then it, for the mozilla firefox ubuntu came with.12:17
jribrapage: doesn't exist12:17
rapagewhat about swfdec12:17
bazhangrapage, there is none.12:17
andrewfreeI got dkpg to say it installed, but then it wouldnt load because there is no config stuff so I tried to reconfigure with dpkg and it told me it wasnt install12:17
andrewfreeso what the fuk12:17
jribrapage: try it and see if it's good enough for you12:17
jrib!language | andrewfree12:17
ubottuandrewfree: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:17
bazhangandrewfree, language please12:17
jribandrewfree: stop paraphrasing, pastebin commands and output12:17
rapageso what are those then gnash and swfdec12:18
rapagetheyr'e swf players tou12:18
Matteo1990 Hi all, i have installed ubuntu on my pc with live cd and all worked fine. When i try to boot i get blanck screen (no signal on the tv). What can i do? I have removed the option quite and splash and i can see the loading message, the last one that i see is "begin running /scripts/init-bottom ... Done." What can i do?12:18
rapagewhat r 212:19
zulaxi downloaded monace.ttf , how do i install it on ubuntu?12:20
tballAnybody experienced nautilus segementation faults lately on maverick?12:20
zulaxits not there on synaptik for automatic install12:20
andrewfreejrib:  http://pastebin.com/0RwXxf1n12:20
rapagetball, do u know what is swfdec or gnash is that replace for monopoly adobe12:20
bazhangtball, #ubuntu+1 for that12:21
Katsumi32zulax, untar it there should be txt installation file12:21
tballbazhang, ?12:21
bazhangrapage, they are not. please dont ask again.12:21
tballrapage, uhm, yes12:21
bazhangtball, maverick issues in there12:21
andrewfreejrib though it wont load because I reinstalled all the dependencies trying to fix it and now its just broke. THats why I need to just wipe it but thats a huge pain considering my box has no cd drive.12:21
jribandrewfree: zoneminder_1.24.2-1_i386.deb  is a file, not the name of a package12:21
tballbazhang, ahh okay. Thx12:21
zulaxKatsumi32, its only a ttf file, not compressed12:21
matteo1990 Hi all, i have installed ubuntu on my pc with live cd and all worked fine. When i try to boot i get blanck screen (no signal on the tv). What can i do? I have removed the option quite and splash and i can see the loading message, the last one that i see is "begin running /scripts/init-bottom ... Done." What can i do?12:22
andrewfreejrib: either way didnt fix it http://pastebin.com/nHxVtbaJ12:22
jribandrewfree: so it's installed, what's the issue?12:22
andrewfreeWell for example when I purged mysql all the DB stuff is gone, when I installed zm for the first time it had me setup all this crap it if was working http://andrewfree.com:9876/zm would load.12:23
jribandrewfree: did you purge zoneminder and install it again yet?12:23
=== MrPPS is now known as MrPPS_Away
andrewfreegot it back up actually apache had to be force restarted12:24
jrib!away > MrPPS_Away12:24
ubottuMrPPS_Away, please see my private message12:24
jribandrewfree: ok12:24
andrewfreeI might change to debian12:24
jribandrewfree: whatever you want.  Both use apt-get and apt-get tells you it will remove packages and asks for confirmation before doing it12:25
andrewfreeor some other distro, idk why apt-get would remove zoneminder when I remote ffmpeg they are unrelated12:25
tensorpuddingandrewfree: it might be that when you ran update most recently, it determined that zoneminder was an orphaned dependency?12:27
ProfessorBaconi might change my pants12:27
bazhang!ot | ProfessorBacon12:27
ubottuProfessorBacon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:27
tensorpuddingandrewfree: anyway, not sure why you'd go to debian over a problem with apt, since debian uses apt too12:27
=== Adzy is now known as help
andrewfreetensorpudding: have not done and update since I installed it12:28
andrewfreeyea I realized that after I said it tensorpudding12:28
=== help is now known as Adzy
matteo1990 Hi all, i have installed ubuntu on my pc with live cd and all worked fine. When i try to boot i get blanck screen (no signal on the tv). What can i do? I have removed the option quite and splash and i can see the loading message, the last one that i see is "begin running /scripts/init-bottom ... Done." What can i do?12:29
justine777wHello all...does anyone know how to install the dell 720 printer on ubuntu 9.10? I have tried all the forums and nothing seems to be working.12:31
Adzycan anyone help me un trying to update firmware for usb modem and keep getting this message12:31
Adzysudo: b43-fwcutter: command not found12:31
michal_jrib: it didn't work. it was gone after restarting. is there any command to put it there in place for good?12:33
ciupicrihow can I make a (sysv) service start when the computer powers up (runlevel 3)?12:33
michal_jrib: right now i got: michal@BeyondPhysical:~$ gnome-panel12:33
michal_** (gnome-panel:1488): CRITICAL **: panel_applet_frame_change_background: assertion `PANEL_IS_WIDGET (GTK_WIDGET (frame)->parent)' failed12:33
bazhang!runlevel > ciupicri12:34
ubottuciupicri, please see my private message12:34
glebihanAdzy: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter12:34
Dr_Willisciupicri:  its proberly easier to make a upstart  script to start it. see ones in /etc/init/12:34
Dr_Willisciupicri:  sysv is slowly getting phased out. Upstartis the replacement.12:34
ciupicriDr_Willis, bazhang : it's already written (it's ssh); I just want to setup it to start @runlevel 312:35
ciupicriI want something like chkconfig or ntsysv from Red Hat12:35
glebihanjustine777w: if I'm not mistaking, the Dell 720 is actually a Lexmark printer, which is unfortunately probably the most unsupported brand of printers under Linux12:35
justine777wglebihan: yes i understand, but many people have been able to install it, yet I seem to be missing something12:36
Dr_Willisciupicri:  ubuntu dosent use runlevels like redhat does.12:36
Dr_Willisciupicri:  by default basically everything is starting at runlevel 2 in any case.12:36
glebihanjustine777w: you know people who managed to make it work ?12:36
michal_i can't enable taskbar, can anyone help?12:36
ciupicriDr_Willis, ok; then in case I needed, how do I do the opposite, i.e. disable a service?12:36
justine777wglebihan: yes, i have read forums with people commenting that it was a success, yet when i try what they tried, I get error messages.12:37
glebihanjustine777w: what error messages and while running what command ?£12:37
Dr_Willisciupicri:  if its ran by Upstart.   you rename the proper /etc/init/whatever.conf file to be 'whatever.DONTRUN' or similer.12:38
Dr_Willisciupicri:  if it still handled by the older sysv method. you can remove the script link from the proper /etc/rc# directory12:38
justine777wglebihan: here is one of the forums which i tried: http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21565712:38
justine777wand after i download redhat and try to untar it, i get an error message stating that it does not exist, not found.12:38
opehi, last I installed Win7 on my brand new Intel SDD Postville. Win7 does boot fast. After than I installed Ubuntu 10.04.1 with Grub2 (1.98). Linux boost fast, but Win7 does require a multiple time as before. Before install all, the partitons are align with gparted 0.6.2 with 1 MiB alignment. sda1 -> win7, sda2 -> ubuntu, sda5 -> linux swap. Anyway, ayn ideas what happens here to win7 ?? Googling does show that I'm not the first with this problem, 12:39
glebihanjustine777w: ok but what error do you get ? I might help identifying the issue12:40
glebihanjustine777w: oh ok did not see the second message12:40
ikoniaericblair: you have been told to stop ranting about that, you'll need to file bugs to get the issues resolved12:41
justine777wglenihan: http://pastebin.com/hpRf7sdw12:41
ericblairi aint ranting12:41
ikoniaericblair: ubuntu 10.04 is supported, log a bug12:41
ikoniaericblair: people on irc are not going to fix core packages12:41
ericblairit isn't supported12:42
ericblairok i will log a bug12:42
ikoniaericblair: 10.04 isn't supported, of course it is12:42
ericblairwell it doesn't work12:42
Dr_Willis!bug | ericblair12:42
ubottuericblair: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:42
michal_i can't enable taskbar. tired gnome-panel and got: ~$ gnome-panel12:42
michal_ ** (gnome-panel:1488): CRITICAL **: panel_applet_frame_change_background: assertion `PANEL_IS_WIDGET (GTK_WIDGET (frame)->parent)' failed12:42
ericblairubuntu is unuseable on dell 15R - FACT - dell 15R is the standard cheapo dell laptop now12:43
Dr_Willismichal_:  tried resetting the gnome settings?12:43
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:43
rismananyone installed kde 4.5.1?12:44
Dr_Willisposter child for 'how to not get help on irc' I guess? :)12:44
rapageguys what is a repository12:45
justine777wglebihan: http://pastebin.com/hpRf7sdw12:45
rapagecan someone explain to me what is a repository12:46
popey!repo | rapage12:46
ubotturapage: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories12:46
glebihanjustine777w: yes I've seen, the problem is that you did not get the driver's file, I'm looking if I can find it somewhere, but the problem is that it's quite old12:46
michal_Dr_Willis: panel is gone.have to switch between windows using ctrl+tab12:47
michal_how to turn it on for good12:47
justine777wglebihan: oh okay. thank you. please let me know if you find anything12:47
DarkStar1lo ppl12:47
Dr_Willismichal_:  if its 'crashing' and not starting. resetting all the panel settings and restarting it may bring it back. also  you could try making a new user, and see if the panel works properly for them12:49
craig-tI'm trying to install Ubuntu Server in a VirtualBox.. it loads the screen, but when I select "Install Unbuntu Server" it just freezes.12:49
Dr_Willisreset the panels, run 'gnome-panel' and see if it still crashes.12:49
rapagethanks popey12:49
rapagedoes anyone here knows why google-analticis cookies are everywhere? like on ubuntu help pages and sites like cookmyfood or bbb.org12:50
rapageisn't this a spy gov project12:50
bazhangofftopic rapage12:50
rismanI installed kde 4.5.1 and the dolphin became crashy. I googled and saw a post that recommend to install newer dbus. so I downloaded dbus-1.4.1 tar file and installed it. now I have big problem and the message  was system_bus_socket: file not found.... anyone can help?12:50
michal_Dr_Willis: all was good, until i downloaded all the updates for ubuntu. i installed it yesterday and since then it's gone. i already did reset and "kill all" then it is gone so i have to turn it back on by"gnome-panel" cause i can't do anything.12:52
Dr_Willismichal_:  so you did the following command allready? --->   gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel12:53
michal_Dr_Willis: yes12:53
rismanI installed kde 4.5.1 and the dolphin became crashy. I googled and saw a post that recommend to install newer dbus. so I downloaded dbus-1.4.1 tar file and installed it. now I have big problem and the message  was system_bus_socket: no file or directory.... anyone can help?12:53
bazhangrisman, that sounds like #kubuntu issue12:54
phlak_user!kubuntu | risman12:54
ubotturisman: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde12:54
Dr_Willismichal_:  try making a new user, and see if the issue also affects them.12:54
unam3any one got a opinion if it would be beneficial to run ubuntu 64 bit over 32 bit, on my AMD athlon 64 3400+ 2 GB RAM ATI Radeon ?12:54
michal_Dr_Willis:  but why this? ** (gnome-panel:1488): CRITICAL **: panel_applet_frame_change_background: assertion `PANEL_IS_WIDGET (GTK_WIDGET (frame)->parent)' failed12:55
Dr_Willisrisman:  given how much youve modified things.. the forums may be the best bet12:55
Dr_Willismichal_:  no idea.12:55
michal_Dr_Willis: all the icons are gone from my screen, i'm lunching aplications through searching them in the system12:55
industrialMy Copy Dialogue is stuck right now on 2 jobs trying to copy over files to a gnome places SSH mount (~/.gvfs/*). How do I stop the move process? xkill doesnt work on the window (sorry, had to try :P)12:56
michal_Dr_Willis: i don't even have an option to add a new user 'cause no icons.12:56
awkhi, hmm.. I have made allot of changes to my ubuntu gnome look.. where can I look at adding show desktop to the top panel ?12:57
Dr_Willismichal_:  'sudo adduser billgates'  to add username billgates12:57
justine777wglebihan: could this help? http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/openprinting12:57
Dr_Willismichal_:  if a newly made user works properly. then that points to a '12:58
Dr_Willismichal_:  if a newly made user works properly. then that points to a 'setting' issue with the problem user.. if both have issues.. then theres some sort of bug/problem in the system.12:58
unam3any one got a opinion if it would be beneficial to run ubuntu 64 bit over 32 bit, on my AMD athlon 64 3400+ 2 GB RAM ATI Radeon ?12:59
Poul|RaiderHello, im looking into my /var/log/message file, and its beeing populated quite fast with lines like -> is this normal12:59
Poul|RaiderSep 13 06:54:04 access dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:15:5d:00:64:01 (WINDOWS2008R2) via eth012:59
Poul|RaiderSep 13 06:54:04 access dhcpd: DHCPACK on to 00:15:5d:00:64:01 (WINDOWS2008R2) via eth012:59
Poul|RaiderSep 13 06:54:20 access kernel: [53649.903036] martian source from, on dev eth112:59
FloodBot4Poul|Raider: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:59
Dr_Willisunam3:  encoding and other math intensive tasks can gain a speed boost.12:59
Dr_Willisunam3:  i use 64bit on all my machines that can do 64bit.13:00
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
B|ackPantherHi , anybody getting this error http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/98bR36s6 when compiling a .cpp file with g++ ?13:00
Raptorsdoes gnome mplayer have hardware acceleration?13:00
phlak_userPoul|Raider: looks like your dhcp server is renewing your ip too quickly13:00
unam3just what im looking for :-D thx so much bye :-D13:00
B|ackPantherthe cpp file contains a static function.13:00
phlak_userB|ackPanther: did you declare the function before you used it?13:01
Poul|Raiderphlak_user, remember where the config file from dhcp settings are ?13:01
=== umc is now known as umc-away
harovalihi , how can I install the propietary VIA video drivers ? openchrome doesn't do with my hardware13:02
phlak_userPoul|Raider: /etc/dhcp3/13:02
Katsumi32harovali, what card do you have?13:02
B|ackPantherphlak_user: the function is properly declared, i only get the error when i try calling the function like ClassName::function .13:03
phlak_userB|ackPanther: this is out of the scope of this channel (only Ubuntu Support). please check the c++ channels13:03
Emanonhey all, so my system crashed dont know why don't really care, just need to mount my encrypted home folder and back the stuff in it up before i reinstall i have the encrypted lvm it's on mounted just fine but the ecryptfs-mount-private utility seems to be foiling me, any ideas?13:03
harovaliKatsumi32: BoardName   "P4M890 [S3 UniChrome Pro]"13:04
KartagisI have the line for s in *.srt; do iconv -f ISO-8859-9 -t UTF-8 "$s" --output "$s";done which gives me a bunch of Bus errors. why is that?13:04
Katsumi32harovali, go to system adminisration hardware drivers and activate any drivers you see there13:05
Emanonfor details, i issue the mount command but it says it isnt setup properly so i assume im using the wrong syntax for the command anyone familiar enough to walk me through it?13:05
harovaliKatsumi32: I went there. The boxes appear blank after the scanning13:05
Katsumi32harovali,  so everything is installed13:06
Katsumi32harovali, do you have any problems with video?13:06
phlak_userEmanon: whats the command you're issuing?13:07
harovaliKatsumi32: yes, the 1024x800 mode can't be set13:07
Emanonphlak_user: ecryptfs-mount-private13:07
harovaliKatsumi32: or the 1024x768 either13:07
Emanonto mount an encrypted home directory in an encrypted lvm2 partition13:07
phlak_userEmanon: the complete one with the errors (pastebinit)13:08
Katsumi32harovali, does your card support 1024x768 at all ?13:08
harovaliKatsumi32: no xrandr operation works13:08
harovaliKatsumi32: yes13:08
Emanonhttp://pastebin.com/nmjgCDXy phlak_user13:08
Katsumi32harovali,  u have some dont even know what card it is its buid in you use open source driver which maybe doesnt work perfectly with your card if its pc i would upgrade graphic card13:09
harovaliKatsumi32: in fact, it did work months ago , but somewhere in time it stopped working. I upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 , expecting a better driver management , but everything goes the same as in 9.1013:09
harovaliKatsumi32: I wasn't able to understand that phrase13:10
Katsumi32harovali, can you type in termianl dmesg and past it http://paste.ubuntu.com/13:10
harovaliKatsumi32: sure13:10
miyamotocan any one give me the tutorials of wifi password cracking13:10
joe_ubu_userubuntu 10.04 -- how do I get rid of these pop up info window things? see screenshot example at http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/756/screenshot1ev.png13:10
bazhangmiyamoto, wrong network13:11
Katsumi32miyamoto, your ip adress has been reported13:11
AceKingI just installed "secure-delete" from the repository but I can't figure out how to use it. Does anyone know how to use this program?13:11
harovaliKatsumi32: please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/493611/13:11
phlak_userEmanon: ok, you havent setup your ecryptfs properly13:11
Dr_Willisjoe_ubu_user:  those are the notify dialogs.. if you dont like them.. well.. basically dont run gnome/ubuntu i guess.. you could try some other windowmanager/desktop such as xfce/xubuntu/kde/kubuntu/lubuntu13:12
Emanonso do i have any options to access the data in that directory phlak_user?13:12
phlak_userEmanon: you need to run ecryptfs-setup-private first13:12
Dr_Willisjoe_ubu_user:  theres some extra ppa/repo/hacks out that let you tweak the look some.  but ive not used them.13:12
Emanonwill that destroy any of the data in it do you know phlak_user?13:12
harovaliKatsumi32: here is Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/493613/13:13
Emanonor you could just uninstall the notification popup package13:13
Emanonjust saying13:13
Katsumi32harovali, onesec13:13
Dr_WillisEmanon:  that may cause other issues...  never tried.. i rarely consider the things a problem.13:13
phlak_userEmanon: and then run the mount command13:13
Dr_Willisjoe_ubu_user:  my IRC client even pops up one up for me when you just msg'd me :)  the things are handy13:13
phoenix__is pulse audio good or bad13:14
Dr_Willisphoenix__:  its a sound server that runs on top of alsa.. it 'is'  - i have no issues with it. and it has some nice features13:14
Dr_Willisjoe_ubu_user:  no need to msg me.. and as i mentioned theres some tools/hacks out to tweak the look of them. check the OMGubuntu web site or the webupd8 web site. i saw them at one of those sites I think13:14
phoenix__Dr_Willis: does it support ladspa filters well13:15
Dr_Willisjoe_ubu_user:  but any updates may break the hacks.. so good luck13:15
phlak_userEmanon: are you trying to mount the encrypted fs by booting from livecd etc?13:15
Dr_Willisphoenix__:  no idea that ladspa even is.13:15
Dr_Willisphoenix__:  check the Pulseaudio homepage/forums i guess.13:16
joe_ubu_useroh.  ok, i'll see what i can find. thanks13:16
phlak_userEmanon: ah; thats why it cant locate your other Private folder13:16
Emanonthus my consternation cause i have NO other way to access it atm13:16
Dr_Willisjoe_ubu_user:  even my Firefox pops up a msg there to tell me downloads are done. :)13:16
Katsumi32harovali, no errors there so it should work can you try to go to system preferences monitors and try to change resolution there ?13:16
phlak_userEmanon: i dont know if this will work, but you could chroot into the old home on the harddisk13:16
Emanontried it13:17
phlak_userEmanon: and then run the mount13:17
phoenix__Dr_Willis: thanks for the info13:17
joe_ubu_useri figured out how to turn that one off (in about:config)13:17
phlak_userEmanon: did you try this --> http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/03/mounting-your-encrypted-home-from.html13:17
Emanoni can access the home folder but all it has in it is the readme telling me to run ecryptfs-mount-private from terminal and the shortcut to do it from graphical13:17
Emanonno i havent ill try13:17
EMPulsehey guys13:20
EMPulsedoes anyone know how to change the default sounds in empathy?13:20
justine777wglebihan: i am guessing that this is an unsolvable problem?13:23
harovaliKatsumi32: there the only available options are low resolution ones (800x600 or lower)13:23
Emanonnope phlak_user13:24
harovaliKatsumi32: I cant't understand why the "activate" button in the drivers window appears disabled. Is there a trick to activate it ?13:25
Katsumi32harovali, so there is som problem dont know with what really. u use OS driver for your graphic in xorg i see your default is 800x600 but you should be able to change resolution13:26
cptblodi used the propieraty nvidia driver in ubuntu 10.4.1 but i cannot get vdpau to work, what do i need to do?13:26
mapetCan anyone tell me how I can add a custom version string to my kernel build, if I compile the official kernel with "debian/rules binary-generics"? I don't want it to be overwritten on each apt-get upgrade...13:27
Katsumi32vdpau work only with gnome mplayer as far as i know13:27
industrialMy Copy Dialogue is stuck right now on 2 jobs trying to copy over files to a gnome places SSH mount (~/.gvfs/*). How do I stop the move process? xkill doesnt work on the window (sorry, had to try :P)13:27
BluesKajcptblod,did you try the nvidia-current driver ?13:27
coffee412After a fresh install of version 10.04 I get caught in a login loop. Just recycles back to login menu. No error message. Anyone ran into this or knows what is causing it and /or solution???13:27
industrialits making my fan go wild13:27
industrialI cannot reboot13:27
meatbunso i install pdfedit, how to type something in there? is there a manual? i want to fill out this form13:28
industrialfuck it, killing nautilus then :13:28
cptblodBluesKaj: yeah, with that driver, i cannot start xbmc, says it needs opengl13:28
glebihanjustine777w: didn't you see the link I sent you earlier ?13:28
bazhangindustrial, language please13:28
justine777wglebihan: no i am sorry. I did not. Please send again13:28
BluesKajcptblod, which nvidia card ?13:28
glebihanjustine777w: http://www.downloaddelivery.com/downloads/cpd/CJLZ600LE-CUPS-1.0-1.TAR.gz13:28
Emanonu still there phlak_user?13:28
Katsumi32harovali, you can try to upgrade kernel maybe it will help u have 10.04 ubuntu and probably 2.6.32 go for 2.6.35  there is 2.6.35 for lucid13:28
harovaliKatsumi32: I'll try13:29
falzmorning, long time debian desktop user here trying ubuntu. I want to use thunderbird2 but it's not in repo, using the official mozilla binary is looking for libstdc++.so.5 but ubuntu (10.10 beta) only has libstdc++.so.6. I don't see a compat type of package in apt-get, any clean fix?13:29
Forkedanyone can help me?13:29
justine777wglebihan: okay so the gzip archive for this popped up...click open with archive manager (default)?13:29
ForkedI need to start a IRC server using ubuntu 1013:30
Forkedbut when I try to run the bash comand13:30
ForkedI get that13:30
glebihanjustine777w: no save it and then follow instructions you found on the forum13:30
Forked[root@noname ~]# sudo apt-get install ircd-hybrid13:30
Forkedsudo: apt-get: command not found13:30
cptblodBluesKaj: nvidia ion 213:30
justine777wglebihan: should i delete the other one from my home folder first?13:30
glebihanjustine777w: as you wish13:31
Forkedjustin777w: can ou help me?13:31
coffee412forked: Try sudo apt-get install or full path to apt-get (/sbin/apt-get?)13:31
Emanonfine afk a bit while i light my house on fire13:31
justine777wglebihan: just highlight and delete?13:31
Forked-bash: apt-get: command not found13:31
glebihanjustine777w: yes13:31
Forkedcoffee421 get that13:31
justine777wforked: with what? I am not too good with all of this.13:31
PiciForked: What version of Ubuntu are you running?13:31
Forked10, 32bit13:32
justine777wforked: 9.1013:32
erUSULfalz: #ubuntu+113:32
coffee412Does anyone know anything about the login loop problem? Login window appears, click login name, enter password and login screen refreshes asking me to login.??13:32
Forkedjustin777w: this is fine?   Ubuntu 9.04 32bit13:32
cptblodBluesKaj: also, the plymouth bootscreen gets low-graphics, like 8-bit or somethin13:32
falzerUSUL: thanks13:32
Dr_Williscoffee412:  i saw that issue the other day.. then it vanished...13:32
Dr_Williscoffee412:  i dont have the problem any more. Not sure what fixed/broke it/fixed it again13:33
coffee412Dr_Willis: I wish I could find more info on it. One post illuded to a graphics driver problem and others say its a gdm problem. No solution I can find.13:33
justine777wglebihan: same error message..13:34
Dr_Williscoffee412:  i dont see how it could be a gxf driver issue..   i also had the issue in 10.10 but its gone there also.13:34
glebihanjustine777w: did you type the filename correctly and from the right folde13:34
WorkWorkhey, someone here who know the default password for the scalix user sxadmin?13:34
coffee412Dr_Willis: Perhaps an update will fix the problem if I can get in - in text mode?13:35
justine777wglebihan: where did the file save to and what command do i use? I am confused.13:35
Forkedjustin777w: can u answer me?13:35
glebihanjustine777w: well only you can know where you saved the file...13:35
justine777wforked: i am sorry but I do not know what you are talking about.13:35
ForkedI've install ubuntu 9.0813:35
justine777wglebihan: it just said save file. did not speciify where13:35
Forkednow I am trying to install IRC Server using hybserv13:36
bazhangForked, there is no such version13:36
coffee412Dr_Willis: Is 10.10 stable ? I want to install for a customer. Right now I tried 10.04.13:36
cptblodanyone else who knows how to get nvidia drivers installed for ubuntu 10.4.1? tried activating nvidia 195.x from within ubuntu (propieraty drivers) they got activated, but i dont have vdpau support13:36
glebihanjustine777w: well then it must have been saved in the default folder of your browser, check that in the preferences13:36
justine777wglebihan: i found it under downloads. Put in home folder?13:36
glebihanjustine777w: no need to, just run the commands indicated on the forum from the folder where the file is13:37
Izinucscoffee412: 10.04 is LTS.. support for 3 years on the desktop and 5 on the server. 10.10 is beta and when out will have 18 months support13:37
coffee412Izinucus: Thank you.13:37
justine777wglebihan: i do not know how to do all this. It is in my home folder now. I can try again, but like I said before I am not sure what the exact command should be13:37
PiciForked: What does running    lsb_release -a    report?13:38
pshrhello every one One of the key in my keyboard (right directional key) is not function Is it possible to reconfigure that key to some other key ?13:38
justine777wglebihan: i think it might be working, not sure, but something other than an error resulted.13:38
BluesKajcptblod, according to my package manager your Ion2 reqiures the nvidia-96 driver for openGL option13:38
glebihanjustine777w: ie ?13:38
justine777wglebihan: what?13:39
ForkedPici: No LSB modules are available.13:39
glebihanjustine777w: what did you get ?13:39
Karen_mI installed gDesklets, and when running it... applications->accessories->gDesklets  ... I see on the bottom task bar "starting gdesklets..." a few seconds later it disappears and nothing opens.   No debug lines in /var/log/*, anyone know what is up?13:39
cptblodBluesKaj: ok, so sudo apt-get install nvidia-96 ?13:39
justine777wglebihan: http://pastebin.com/xaXgQ3iY13:40
Emanonso i'm SOL? or do i just have to insult linux so everyone will help me to defend the penguins honor?13:40
cptblodalso wierd that the plymout bootscreen gets very low gfx mode13:40
glebihanjustine777w: looks good, run the next commands13:40
meowawhy is 'events/1' u0 t 50 %?13:40
meowathe cpu spikes13:40
meowawhat is events/1 ?13:41
WorkWorkhey, someone here who know the default password for the scalix user sxadmin?13:41
meowai check top13:41
IzinucsEmanon: what's the question?13:41
meowa80% now13:41
meowa :(13:41
meowaserver is dying13:41
Emanoni can't boot my system, i'm in a live disk, i have the encrypted system mounted now i need to mount the encrypted home directory13:41
Emanonand ecryptfs refuse to do so13:42
Dr_WillisWorkWork:  thats not really Ubuntu related now is it?13:42
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=== God_Almighty is now known as No_one_at_all
Dr_Williscptblod:  nvidia and plymouth like to fight with each other13:42
WorkWorkit doesnt work realy good but maybe someone just using it on a other system and know it :P13:42
IntuitiveNippleLucid, OpenOffice trying to print Duplex prints to single pages. Duplexing enabled and selected in options. Spool files shows PS file in spool directory disables Duplex. Any ideas?13:43
bazhangWorkWork, try in ##linux13:43
IzinucsEmanon: sorry that one is beyond me.. people come and go in here.. wait a while and try again.. usually in a couple of hours there's a "shift" change as some go to bed and others come online.13:43
justine777wglebihan: okay everything seemed to go well in terminal. can you please help me with this: Once you have ran them through alien, you will find nice little .deb  packages in the folder you downloaded everything in. First install the  pddk (Printer development kit) then install the CUPS driver.13:44
glebihanjustine777w: to install the deb packages, just double-click on them, it will open the package installer tool13:44
pshrhello every one One of the key in my keyboard (right directional key) is not function Is it possible to reconfigure that key to some other key ?13:44
Dr_Willisjustine777w:  or via command line 'sudo gdebi whatever.deb' (is one way)13:45
jellowneed help installing java , I get rpm ran alien -k java.rpm then installed the .deb file , Then i created a link from /usr/lib/firefox/pulgins the the java.so , However firefox still does not pick it up?13:45
justine777wglebihan: where are these little .deb packages?13:45
cptblodDr_Willis: that's bad :( looks like shit atm13:45
cptblodno workaround?13:45
bazhangjellow, that is not the way to do it; enable partner repo for that13:45
bazhang!partner | jellow13:45
ubottujellow: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »13:45
glebihanjustine777w: they should be in your home directory13:45
bazhang!java > jellow13:45
ubottujellow, please see my private message13:45
Dr_Williscptblod:  never noticed or tried... it boots so fast. i rarely see it13:45
jellowbazhang: I don't want the one from repo it's old13:46
erUSULjellow: first uninstall the alinized package13:46
bazhangjellow, you dont want some rpm either13:46
stercorWhat is the name of the screensave that solves a maze?13:46
jellowbazhang: but i converted it to .deb13:46
bazhangjellow, that is explicitly not supported13:46
BownI am having problems with neighbors trying M-I-M attacks and setting rouge APs. what are my options in regards to setting up my wireless more securely? I have googles but the are all just basic solutions that I have already implimented. Any help is much appreciated13:46
Dr_Willisinstalling sun java from a deb converted rpm? thats scary13:47
erUSUL!alien | jellow13:47
ubottujellow: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)13:47
Dr_Willisjellow:  tell us why you are doing all this?13:47
bazhangBown, try ##networking13:47
pshrhello every one One of the key in my keyboard (right directional key) is not function Is it possible to reconfigure that key to some other key ?13:47
justine777wglebihan: i think i found it13:47
VCooliopshr: try something like this http://robdc.com/node/1013:47
jellowDr_Willis: I want the lastest version to play minecraft (game that uses java heavly)13:47
glebihanjustine777w: ok then install the packages13:47
bazhangDr_Willis, he wants a newer version13:48
pshrok VCoolio thanks13:48
Bownbazhang, thanks13:48
Dr_Willisjellow:  the latest sun java?   Theres proerly some ppa's for it. Ive not found many things that dont work with the java in the partners repo. or the icedtea java versions.. (not found any actually)13:48
justine777wglebihan: i just installed the CUPS printer driver, but i do not think i installed the pddk13:48
erUSUL!info sun-java6-plugin13:48
ubottuPackage sun-java6-plugin does not exist in lucid13:48
Dr_Willisjellow:  ppa's would be the best bet i imagine13:49
glebihanjustine777w: what's pddk ?13:49
bazhangerUSUL, not sure if partner stuff is in ubottu database13:49
Dr_Williswhat version of java is in the partners repo anyway? Im using icedtea13:49
glebihanjustine777w: if you have several packages, install all of them13:49
erUSULbazhang: apprently is not ;P13:49
justine777wglebihan: Printer development kit. i should install the .deb one not the .rpm one?13:49
glebihanjustine777w: yes install the deb one13:50
Emanonwell thanks for nothing everyone guess i lose my data this sucks13:50
PiciDr_Willis: 6.20dlj13:50
* Dr_Willis sends emanon the bill.13:50
justine777wglebihan: installing now13:50
Dr_WillisOne reason to not go berzerk with encrypted filesystems.. and a nother lesson in keeping proper backups.13:50
philinuxDr_Willis: sun-java6 in partner repo is version 6.2013:51
erUSULand last aviable version is 6.2113:51
cptblodDr_Willis / BluesKaj: i tried installing nvidia-96 drivers, but the system says they are activated, but not in use? how to fix that?13:52
Dr_Willisa big .01 differance. :) heh13:52
KritoslapHello, does someone use ati open source drivers on a ati hd 4330?13:52
BluesKajcptblod, you must remove the old driver first with X turned off , this is the procedure , http://pastebin.com/iQ8hxZdg13:52
Dr_Williscptblod:  can you run 'nvidia-settings' ?13:52
m8al boot di ubuntu al solito controllo degli errori...13:52
m8mi dice che sono stati trovati degli errori13:52
BluesKaj!it | m813:53
ubottum8: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:53
m8Premere I per ignorare, m per entrare nella consolle, ma quale tasto per correggere gli errori? non si vede :|13:53
glebihan!it | m813:53
bazhangm8 english here #ubuntu-it for italian13:53
m8sorry :|13:53
Kritoslap!italian | m813:53
cptblodi did sudo apt-get remove nvidia* in recovery mode first and then installed and then rebooted BluesKaj13:53
cptblodDr_Willis: will try after this reboot13:53
m8excuse me!13:53
Kritoslapm8,  Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:53
m8Kritoslap, e daje..13:53
cptblodDr_Willis: nvidia-settings says im not using the NVIDIA X driver13:54
BluesKajcpt nope you have to be at atty with gdm turned off , otherwise the old driver is still being used and can't be removed13:54
cptblodctrl+alt+f1 > sudo service gdm stop ?13:54
m8!it | m813:54
ubottum8, please see my private message13:54
BluesKajcptblod, yes13:55
cptblodand then sudo apt-get remove nvidia ?13:55
jellowWhere is the best place to find PPA?13:55
BluesKajcptblod, whtever the driver is named13:55
IntuitiveNippleLucid, OpenOffice trying to print Duplex prints to single pages. Duplexing enabled and selected in options. Spool files shows PS file in spool directory disables Duplex. Any ideas?13:55
Dr_Willisjellow:  theres a 'ppa-search' tool out.. google for the ppa for it. :)13:56
Dr_Willisjellow:  most of the time i use Ubuntu-tweak it has most of the ppa's i ever need included in its settings13:56
jellowDr_Willis: I see what you did there ;) , I'll have a look thanks13:57
cptblodBluesKaj: should i install new drivers when gdm isnt runnin too?13:57
philinuxjellow: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas13:57
Dr_Willisjellow:  with what? there is a 'ppa-search' tool.. but i rarely use it.13:57
jellowjava still13:58
Dr_WillisThe Software center tool may get some ppa search feature.. but theres getting to be so many PPA's its getting chaotic.13:58
jhattaraquick shell scripting related question: if i call another shell script within a script with & (run in background) can the original script continue processing and terminate itself before the child has executed itself ?13:58
Dr_Willisjhattara:  yes it can. (try making a test case that uses sleep )13:59
BluesKajcptblod, yes install the new drivers with gdm turned off13:59
cptblodok, will do BluesKaj13:59
phlak_userEmanon: i am now13:59
Dr_Willisjhattara:  the parent might 'pause' untill the child is done befor it toally exists..(but i dont think so) .. but it will keep going after the child launches..14:00
cptblodBluesKaj: reboot needed afterwards, or only restarting gdm?14:00
jellowwill the world end if i user a PPA that's not intended for my ubuntu version?14:00
=== sabayonuser is now known as Tiders
bazhang!ppa | jellow14:01
ubottujellow: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.14:01
BluesKajjust restart gdm , then reboot , if you wish, cptblod ...reboot is probly best14:01
TidersWhat music player is included with Ubuntu14:01
Dr_Willisjellow:  it might not install.14:01
bazhangjellow, any PPA is risky. especially for such a small version difference, its silly to use14:01
cptblodstarted gdm then rebooted, crossing fingers14:02
cptblodsame low gfx for plymouth at least.. :/14:02
cptblodvideo mode not supported when starting ubuntu.... :S14:03
Dr_Williscptblod:  plymouth is not a good test one way or the other.. :)14:03
Dr_Williscptblod:  do you have an old xorg.conf still in /etc/X11/ ?14:03
Rolandhow to disable the pop up when inserting a memory card?14:03
willinjawhere can i find virtualbox image for a fully configured ubuntu server 64 ?14:04
justine777wglebihan: it installed and tried to print a test page and got this message from troubleshooting: /usr/lib/cups/filter/raster14:04
cptblodmaybe, how can i tell?14:04
cptblod@ Dr_Willis14:04
qattusverseHi all, in Rhythmbox how do I tell it to rescan a cd for titles? when I first put it in I wasn't connected to the net14:05
justine777wglebihan: sorry didnt finish the error message it said:  /usr/lib/cups/filter/rasteroz600 failed14:05
ForkedNeed help how can I solve that: E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list14:06
Dr_Williscptblod:   look in /etc/X11 for a xorg.conf file :)14:06
Forkedwhen I try to install ircd-hybserv14:06
BluesKajcptblod, did you run sudo nvidia-xconfig, before rebooting..it's pasrt of the required procedure14:06
qattusverseor is there a better channel for Rhythmbox?14:06
cptblodno, u didnt tell me to do that14:07
jellowhow can i un-install a .bin?14:08
iceswordholy he asks me how much is 4+514:08
nettezzaumanahi there14:08
jhattaraDr_Willis, found out how: nohup child.sh & appears to be working as intended14:08
Dr_Willisjellow:  well if its done right. you rerun it and it asks to uninstall it.. otherwise.. well - hope it isntalled to /opt/ or somthing14:08
cptblodsudo nvidia-xconfig : command not found14:08
St00rI updated my server (yes I know it was dumb!) and now IP's outside the network can't contact with my server. How can I fix this? :( Version: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS \n \l14:08
nettezzaumanahttp://fpaste.org/Of4B << how can i terminate session 3 and 4 ?? i can't find it with sure between processes14:09
sta11how can I uninstall package that I installed via ./configure;make;make install ?14:09
cptblodsomeone's oughta write a script for installing nvidia drivers in 10.414:09
St00rThe iptables seems fnie..14:09
Dr_Willissta11:  if you are lucky 'sudo make uninstall' in the source directory where you did those commands14:09
nettezzaumanasta11: make uninstall ## if the Makefile supports it14:09
iceswordwhat happens if my calculating is poor? if my answer is 8 for 4+514:09
Dr_Williscptblod:  the little hardware-drivers tool works for my 3 nvidia machines.14:09
qattusverseanyone here use Rhythmbox?14:10
sta11omg, I removed the directory14:10
Dr_Willisicesword:  i never have figured it out what that bot does.. i answer wrong.. i still get in here. :) I  do think part of the issue is the services identify me slower then i can join. :)14:10
cptblodDr_Willis: mm, doesnt enable vdpau here at least, hence why i try to get new drivers... also removed nouveau driver14:10
TidersWhat is the name of that one music player with the dog emblem,..14:10
cptblodthinking of going back to 9.04, never had this much problems with that dist14:11
jpdsTiders: amarok?14:11
craig-tmy screen keeps going blank when I try install ubuntu 10.04 server edition.. any ideas why?14:11
Dr_Williscptblod:  vdpau is a bit of a new cutting edge thing. :) I only recently got a card that even supports it.14:11
Tidersjpds: THANK YOU lol14:11
Tidersjpds: Been trying to remember the name14:11
glebihanjustine777w: seems to be a common error with this printer, haven't found a solution yet, I'll let you know if I do14:12
St00rI updated my server (yes I know it was dumb!) and now IP's outside the network can't contact with my server. How can I fix this? Version: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS \n \l - And the iptables and hosts.deny is checked and fine..14:13
sta11Dr_Willis: I removed the directory, how stupid I am, then what can I do? reinstalling it with the same steps?14:13
Dr_Willissta11:  guess so..14:13
Dr_Willissta11:  one of the many reasons people use a package manager system. :)14:14
c3lSt00r: do an nmap scan in the range that the ip can be for your ssh port :)14:14
adacas root...hwo can I become an other user in terminal14:15
Dr_Willisadac:  'su' command.14:15
adacwasn't is sudo su otheruser14:15
Forkedroot@noname:~# tar zxvf Unreal3.2.3.tar.gz.114:15
Forkedgzip: stdin: not in gzip format14:15
Forkedtar: Child returned status 114:15
Forkedtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors14:15
FloodBot4Forked: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:15
Forkedgive me error when I try to unzip a tar14:15
Dr_Willisadac:  if you are root allready. you dont need sudo.   depends on what you are wanting to do exactly14:15
pradeepanyone installed linux mce14:15
willinjapradeep, i'm going to download the virtualbox img first :D14:16
philinuxForked: Use nautilus, right click file then "Extract Here"14:16
adacDr_Willis, yeah without sudo then! su OTERUSER14:16
Dr_Willisparapan:  it proberly has its own disrto support channel. If thats a ubuntu variant.14:16
adac^^ that shold work, shouldn't it?14:16
Forkedphilinux: I use VPS not computer with ubuntu14:16
Dr_Willisadac:  yep. see 'su --help'14:16
Dr_WillisForked:  you sure the files not currupted. whats with the .1 at the end?14:17
theyranosis there any way to change the X11 keyboard vairant from an ssh shell? The XKBVARIANT variable in /etc/default/console-setup doesn't appear to work.14:19
St00rc3l: Didn't really have something to do with my problem, but thanks anyway14:19
sta11Dr_Willis: sure :) I'm just too curious about newest things but not well prepared with the bugs hehehe14:20
St00rI updated my server (yes I know it was dumb!) and now IP's outside the network can't contact with my server. How can I fix this? Version: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS \n \l - And the iptables and hosts.deny is checked and fine..14:20
c3lSt00r: sorry, I misunderstood14:21
theyranosSt00r: Could the installation have messed up your routing tables? route -n to check that the correct IP is listed as your gateway for
guitar-maniacHey! I cant turn off my ubuntu? And my sounds are gone too :O Just started my pc this morning and couldnt shut it down anymore..14:24
TheScifiis it possible to modify the grub:s arguments so that you will not load x-server at all? i just have some issues with nvidia configurating my xorg.conf so that i wont have any output to my screen after the boot..14:25
jribTheScifi: use recovery mode14:26
guitar-maniacI cant seem to connect any USB devices either, says its not authorized14:26
KritoslapIs there a way to show the normal screen and not the ubuntu screen while booting?14:27
Dr_WillisTheScifi:  the 'text' option does just that..  No Plymouth, no framebuffer, no GDM (no X)14:27
TasManhow to ssh in windows machine?14:27
jribTasMan: putty14:27
KritoslapTasMan,  Use putty14:27
AnthLeekristoslap there is a way to get text boot but its annoying14:27
St00rtheyranos: They look good.. nothing wrong there.14:27
Dr_WillisTasMan:   you mean ssh TO a windows box? or FROM a windows box?14:27
KritoslapAnthLee,  I haven't found a guide on Google...14:27
TheScifijrib: its the same issue with that, eerything disapears after "running scripts/init/bottom / DONE"14:28
jellowthe wiki on installing java is wrong , tells the user to install to a dir that firefox does not use.14:28
iflema!nox | Kritoslap14:28
ubottuKritoslap: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:28
jribTheScifi: you're choosing to just drop to a root shell?14:28
Kritoslapiflema,  Thanks14:28
Dr_WillisAnthLee:  edit grub menu, alter one line, add 'text' to the end..14:28
kahlbguitar-maniac: did you try shutting down with "sudo halt"?14:28
theyranosSt00r: next thing to check would be sudo iptables -L14:28
TasManDr_Willis, to windows box.14:28
Ian_corneIf my computer hangs when shutting down, where should I look?14:28
jribTasMan: ask ##windows14:28
AnthLeethat bypasses plymouth?14:28
Dr_WillisTasMan:  then you nees some sort of SSH server On the box..14:28
Dr_WillisAnthLee:  yes..14:28
maedoxTasMan: You need Cygwin14:28
AnthLeeI did it a different way I set timeout on plymouth to 014:28
TasManeh.. jrib but i need to ssh from ubuntu14:28
Dr_WillisAnthLee: :  the 'text' option does just that..  No Plymouth, no framebuffer, no GDM (no X)14:29
Dr_WillisAnthLee:  and ive NO idea where i found out about that 'text' option at. :)14:29
guitar-maniackahlb: no i did not, does it turn off power aswell? or just put computer to "sleep"?14:29
jribTasMan: yeah, which means you need some sort of ssh server on the windows box.  You need to ask ##windows if/how that's possible14:29
AnthLeeI dont think it wants x gone though ..14:29
TheScifijrib: not so sure :D but anything where i can just modify my xorg.conf would suffice, booting from live cd is ofcourse one option..14:29
AnthLeeor she14:29
Dr_WillisAnthLee:   You can always 'startx' if you wanted.14:29
Dr_WillisAnthLee:  or 'sudo service gdm start'14:29
Nevstahhi guys, for months i have been running my pc on a static address no problem, i then modified /etc/network/interfaces to use dhcp for a day, then reverted back to the same static settings. this works for a while then the pc auto switches back to dhcp. any ideas? the interfaces file remains set to 'static'14:29
jribTheScifi: you should be able to choose recovery mode, and then when it gives you a list of options, choose "root shell"14:30
kahlbguitar-maniac: this should power-off the machine. the advantage of this way is that you definately do this with root-privileges14:30
Dr_WillisI justuse the 'text' option on my normal ussage. so i can get to console and do what i need.. if i want X . i 'startx' :)14:30
TheScifijrib: aah.. i just dont get to boot that far aparrently :(14:30
guitar-maniacok, what about that i cannot connect any USB devices? it just says its not authorized.. i checked my rights and nothing has changed..14:31
jribTheScifi: that's really strange.  There's no X involved anywhere in the process.  chroot from a live cd I guess...14:31
jribTheScifi: you do get to the grub menu and choose "recovery mode", correct?14:31
guitar-maniacAnd also my sounds are gone, rhytmbox seems to be playing the songs, but nothing comes out, last night everything worked14:32
TheScifijrib: yes, and after that i just get some basic output wich is normaly under the splash, and when you normaly would start seeing different modules etc. getting loaded, it just goes blank14:32
kahlbguitar-maniac: this answer is not very unix-conform, but try rebooting, if problem persists ask again. seems to be a problem with your rights, the shutdown problem will depend on it, too.14:33
guitar-maniacOk, i will finish my works on open office and then try that sudo halt. thanks for the help14:34
AceKingI just installed "secure-delete" from the repository but I can't figure out how to use it. Does anyone know how to use this program? I've been searching on the on the Internet but can't find anything useful.14:34
icerootAceKing: it doesnt have a manpage?14:35
AceKingiceroot, no14:35
St00rtheyranos: Lolz. The problem was that the router got an upgrade during the night, and fucked up the DMZ, so when I resetted it configured to the exact same settings it worked again.14:35
St00rah well, thanks14:36
theyranosat least you found it14:36
icerootAceKing: /usr/share/doc/secure-delete/secure_delete.doc.gz14:36
TheScifiDr_Willis and jrib, thanks for the help, ill got to test some stuff and see if i would get the actual xorg stuff osrted out :)14:36
AceKingiceroot, thank you!14:36
icerootAceKing: /usr/bin/srm --help  maybe is helping too. never used that program14:37
kahlbAceKing: http://techthrob.com/2009/03/02/howto-delete-files-permanently-and-securely-in-linux/14:38
AceKingiceroot, thanks again.. I have a USB stick that I need to be secure14:38
cptblodDr_Willis: so what can i do, nvidia-xconfig doesnt exist, i must be missin somethin?14:38
AceKingkahlb, Thanks, I'll check that out too14:39
Dr_Willissecure-delete package does not have a 'secure-delete' command. it has 5 other commands it installs.14:39
Dr_Willisuse the pacakge manager to see what files it installed. :)14:39
Dr_Willis'srm' is one command it includes14:39
Dr_Willis'man srm'14:40
AceKingDr_Willis, Will do.. On another note, is there a way to find deleted files on an ext.4 drive?14:40
Dr_WillisAceKing:  never tried.14:40
scjthose secure wipe programs are bullshit, a single pass of zeros is enough14:41
qwertDoes there exist a package of SPICE electronic circuit simulation for ubuntu?14:42
h00k!language | scj14:42
ubottuscj: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.14:42
No_one_at_allscj: according to?14:42
Nevstahwhy is TDNet|Linux trying to send me files?14:42
AceKingDr_Willis, Damn, I deleted my folder for Thunderbird accidentally and was wondering if there was a way to get it back. Everything I find is always for fat and ntfs14:43
scjNo_one_at_all: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_erasure#Number_of_overwrites_needed14:43
maedoxthere is an extundelete utility14:43
parapanhi there fellows > how do I start an Ubuntu 10.04 server edition with WOL ?14:44
jpdsNevstah: /ignore them if someone is bothering you.14:44
maedoxAceKing: Either way, you should unmount the partition you deleted from immediately or you might lose it forever.14:44
No_one_at_allscj : good to know.14:44
kai_Hey there, can someone guide me through how to install grub from a linux live cd? (ubuntu) however the link I have found points me to locate the grub in terminal but it's not finding it (sudo grub)14:45
qwertDr_Willis: Does there exist a package of SPICE electronic circuit simulation for ubuntu?14:45
AceKingmaedox, it is the drive I'm using, I never carried it over when I put a fresh copy of 10.04 on my desktop.14:45
justine777wglebihan: please see PM14:46
sipiorqwert: "apt-cache search spice"14:46
kai_(ubuntu 9.10)14:46
AceKingmaedox, So it may be gone for good.14:46
=== Cyclist2 is now known as cyclist2
qwertsipior: thanks.. Is there a software like that for windows as well?14:47
maedoxAceKing: It might, but you never know. You could get lucky. :)14:47
sipiorqwert: i don't really use windows.14:47
Nevstahis there any other file i should be looking for other than /etc/network/interfaces for network settings?14:47
AceKingmaedox, where did you fine extundelete? I didn't see it in the repository14:47
maedoxkai_: This should help: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restore-grub-2-after-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin714:47
qwertsipior: Nor do i14:47
maedoxAceKing: I don't know if it's in the repos. But it should be on Sourceforge.14:48
Oerqwert i found a outdated ubuntu 9.10 howto > http://www.binarytides.com/blog/install-spice-on-ubuntu-9-10-64bit-karmic-koala/14:48
maedoxAceKing: http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/14:48
maedoxNevstah: What are you looking for?14:49
kai_maedox, thank you. but I am not sure if that will work as it is a live cd? Would it still be able to update grub?14:49
AceKingmaedox, thanks, I just hope that I don't have to compile it. LOL, I never figured out how to do that14:49
qwertOer: Thanks! That was of help :)14:50
maedoxkai_: Yes, I have done it several times with success. You just have to keep your head cool.14:50
kai_maedox , Will do captain, thanks.14:50
Nevstahmaedox: i set ../interfaces eth0 to static, yet (i think) upstart is respawning? the network daemon and setting back to dhcp (which i dont want)14:50
kai_maedox, may I PM code I am getting from update grub?14:52
maedoxkai_: sure14:52
hebz0rlhi is there a way to get the last changed folder in a directory via commandline?14:53
Dr_Willishebz0rl:  what do you mean by last changed?14:53
maedoxNevstah: Could there be something wrong with the syntax in your interfaces file?14:53
hebz0rlDr_Willis, im using backintime to make snapshots of my files i want to backup that files but only the most recent version14:53
Dr_Willishebz0rl:  find can locate files by date, ls -al , shows the dates last modified also i belive14:54
Dr_WillisNot sure if those dates change for a directory. when you modify contents of a directory.. never really looked at them14:54
Nevstahmaedox: i chaned to dhcp for only a few hours, previously been running static with no problem for over 1 year. its the same settings14:55
hebz0rlDr_Willis, hmh but how can i get that date to use it in another script?14:55
maedoxNevstah: Weird. Can't say that I've experienced that before.14:55
kai_Okay, Don't know why but I can't PM maedox, the line I am getting is ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo update-grub grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /.14:55
Nevstahmaedox: ok14:55
AnthLeekai_ root isnt mounted14:56
kai_How do I do that?14:56
AnthLeeyou need to mount the partition that root is on14:56
erUSULhebz0rl: find has a -printf than can give you the mtime14:56
sta11how can I remove an autostart script via terminal?14:56
AnthLeeif it shows up in nautilus just double click on it14:56
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hebz0rlerUSUL, will try that14:57
hebz0rlthx for your help Dr_Willis and erUSUL14:58
Poul|Raiderif my /var/log/message gets spammed with Sep 14 17:59:08 access kernel: [179938.217820] ll header: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:00:13:46:59:fe:4b:08:06 Sep 14 17:59:09 access kernel: [179939.217697] martian source from, on dev eth1  - is that something i should be concerned with =?14:58
maedoxkai_: You have to do `sudo grub-install /dev/sd#` where sd# is the device you want to install on - normally /dev/sda.14:58
maedoxkai_: Oh, wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. :P   Did you do it like in the guide I sent you?14:59
kai_maedox lol I did but I got an error code ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo update-grub grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /.14:59
maedoxkai_: I have seen that error before, but I can't remember how I fixed it.14:59
Poul|Raidereth1 is my internet interface, and eth0 is the local with ip
AnthLeeroot isnt mounted I'm googling for a fix15:00
sta11How can I remove an autostart script via terminal?15:00
Dr_Willissta11:  depends on how its starting15:00
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot15:00
kai_also, here is another (PS sorry ops, can't PM) ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub.  No path or device is specified. Try ``grub-probe --help'' for more information. Auto-detection of a filesystem module failed. Please specify the module with the option `--modules' explicitly.15:00
add1ctus_Anyone with some shell experience can help me out? It's not very complicated..15:00
Dr_Willissta11:  theres the autostart directory, (not used a lot) then theres system wide auto-starting directories..  then there stuff ran befor the user even logs in15:01
AceKingmaedox, extundelete does need to be compiled. I tried following the "Read me" but I never had luck doing that. Can you help?15:01
bobstroadd1ctus_:  what's the issue?15:01
maedoxkai_: You fixed it?15:02
maedoxAceKing: Not sure, I'll give it a shot.15:02
sta11Dr_Willis what is the most used directory?15:02
add1ctus_Using the su <username> command in terminal is considered shell?15:02
AceKingmaedox, Thanks15:02
Dr_Willissta11:  it totally depends on what it is you are refering to being autostarted15:02
kai_Maedox I am speaking with AnthLee now abouty it15:02
qwertDr_Willis: Could you suggest me some electronic simulation softwares?15:04
Dr_Willisqwert:  clarify what is is you are looking for. You mean like the old 'spice' program?15:04
Dr_Willis!info spice-ng15:04
ubottuPackage spice-ng does not exist in lucid15:04
Dr_Willis!info spiceng15:04
ubottuPackage spiceng does not exist in lucid15:04
Pici!info ngspice15:05
ubottungspice (source: ng-spice-rework): A Spice circuit simulator. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 20-1 (lucid), package size 2357 kB, installed size 8256 kB15:05
sta11Dr_Willis: I added a script about service to autostart via gui tool, but then it caused login failure. I think I have to remove it but all I have is netroot15:05
Dr_WillisPici:  so mucjh for standard naming. :)15:05
qwertDr_Willis: Pici: Thanks :)15:05
add1ctus_bobstro: How do i block someone's access to shell? I know it can be done with /sbin/nologin, but i only need to restrict someone's access to my shell, not everyone's...15:05
Dr_Willissta11:  check the /etc/rc2.d directories or the /etc/init and /etc/init.d dirs15:05
shane2peruI need the latest Barry and opensync packages, and I can't seem to find a ppa, I'm on 64bit, opensync in the repo is 0.22, and 0.39 is released with 0.4 close to being released, any ideas??  0.22 has issues.15:05
sta11Dr_Willis: ok I will :)15:06
bobstroadd1ctus_:  how are they accessing the system? are they local at the keyboard, or remote?15:06
add1ctus_bobstro: multiple monitors connected to one computer, using xtenda i think...15:06
millertimek1a2m3short question: I am porting an application that uses unix based libraries to windows. I have found an equivalent for windows that will solve the problem, but it is at source level15:07
bobstroadd1ctus_:  so you want them to be able to open a shell using *your* account but not others?15:07
jellowwhen id the swap ever used ? free -m always shows swap file emty15:07
millertimek1a2m3The application that I'm porting has a bunch of #includes <library that I found equivalent to>'s15:08
millertimek1a2m3how will I make netbeans see the new source so that it automatically puts those in?15:08
add1ctus_bobstro: let me explain a bit more, it's like there are user01, user02, and everyone with same password that everyone knows... public computers.. now it happens that people just do su <username> in terminal, and just kill processes on other computers15:08
Poul|Raideri followed http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch14_:_Linux_Firewalls_Using_iptables  the part about port forward, but my port forwarding dont work. Anyone good at iptables and able to guide me to get it working15:09
add1ctus_bobstro: i want to prevent them using let's say.. su user01... maybe user01 could reject the connection or something?15:10
bobstroadd1ctus_:  ugh. shared accounts are always a bad thing. you can try things like using rbash but you've put yourself in a situation of playing cat & mouse that will be hard to win.15:10
votanHi, is there a reason why I get "Permission denied" when I do "sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" ?15:10
CharlieSuAnyone know if it is possible to have Rsyslog archive logs to S3?15:10
jellowvotan: do sudo -i then try15:10
bobstroadd1ctus_:  rbash lets you set up a restricted shell, but it requires some work. are these kids at a school or something?15:10
jellowvotan: you need root15:10
votanjellow worked, thanks. I thought sudo would suffice15:11
add1ctus_bobstro: yes.. at school...15:11
quiescenseasiest to just do virtualization these days15:11
add1ctus_bobstro: a lot of argues are happening because someone kills someone's firefox.. or just annoys them...15:11
Tasmancan i encrypt folders and make ubuntu ask password everytime it is opened?15:12
Emanonyes Tasman truecrypt15:12
bobstroadd1ctus_:  well, that's why accounts usually have passwords. you're having a hard time enforcing accountability.15:12
pensfanI have a server running in a vm.  When my system sleeps the network card of the vm will not get route.  I have an ip address, getting name servers and a default gateway, but I'm not able to ping anything but the host system.  ugh .. help15:12
Tasmanor.. just chmod -R 111 <foldername> and make ubuntu ask password if it is opened?15:12
bobstroadd1ctus_:  so while you could set up a restricted user environment using rbash, they will try things like ssh or telnet to another system and so on.15:13
bobstrobobstro:  along with rbash, you can restrict access to su certainly.15:13
TasmanEmanon, is truecrypt app? i cant see it when i do apt-cache search truecrupt..15:13
bobstroadd1ctus_:  heh... that was to you. :)15:13
bobstroadd1ctus_:  what do they *need* to be able to do?15:13
EmanonTasman, dont think its in the default repos let me get you the site sex15:14
Emanonsec i mean15:14
TasmanEmanon, heh..15:14
david506I run "apt-get upgrade" and it shows me packages that need updating, how can I see the change log or justification for these package updates ? - thanks15:14
Emanonhttp://www.truecrypt.org/downloads Tasman15:14
bobstroadd1ctus_:  something like http://www.debianadmin.com/howto-restrict-su-command-to-superuser-only-in-linux.html15:14
TasmanEmanon, but cant we just chmod it... and make it ask for password?15:14
rapagewoots da dif betweemnn apt-get update and upgrade15:14
add1ctus_bobstro: i will read that now15:15
Emanonidk probably i just like truecrypt15:15
sta11Dr_Willis: I can't find it. Actually that was a command "sudo service dbus start".15:15
quiescensdavid506: you can install apt-listchanges15:15
TasmanEmanon, ok.. tks15:15
=== cyclist2 is now known as cyclist
add1ctus_bobstro: i will try that... can't try it at the moment, but anyways, thanks for the help15:15
TasmanEmanon, btw it isnt just for crypting drives... is it?15:16
Emanonnope Tasman15:16
bobstroadd1ctus_:  normally, you could use sudo to provide specific access, but your core problem is that everybody knows everbody else's passwords. unless you have some way of knowing who is actually issuing commands (authentication), the system can't tell who's who. read up on rbash though, it's probably part of your solution.15:16
Emanondrives partitions folders or individual files15:16
bobstroadd1ctus_:  what do they actually need to do at the shell?15:16
add1ctus_bobstro: they just need to run some software like openoffice, and some other educational software, and they can open firefox in their free time, to have fun on the net...15:17
add1ctus_bobstro: i just need to restrict them from su ... nothing more.. i am preety much sure that they won't go any more than that...15:17
bobstroadd1ctus_:  so all gui programs? why not get rid of the terminal access?15:17
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Emanonnah bobstro then they could just use alt+f215:18
add1ctus_bobstro: i haven't thought about that... lol... yea, you're right.. it can stop them doing all those stuff15:18
bobstroEmanon:  sounds almost like they need a kiosk setup15:18
ScuniziIs the "Pre-released updates" in software sources the same thing as Backports?  or is Unsupported updates?15:18
add1ctus_bobstro: ok.. thanks again...15:18
bobstroadd1ctus_:  read up on kiosks... sounds like what you need15:18
PiciScunizi: pre-released updates is -proposed, unsupported updates is -backports.15:19
Erendoes anyone play enemy territory with punkbuster enabled?15:19
ErenI cannot run pbupdate script15:19
ScuniziPici: thanks.. there's a new version of upstart that's suppose to fix cups not starting on boot.15:19
zer0her0dumb question, is there a terminal command that spits out the hardware in the machine?15:19
ErenI would really appreciate the latest files gzipped so that I will extract them15:19
Picizer0her0: sudo lshw15:19
zer0her0Pici: thanks :)15:19
votan_mh, what's the iptables syntax to use a subnet like ? If I enter it like that it tells me that it is a bad arguement ?15:20
Emanon!hi | AnthLee15:21
ubottuAnthLee: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:21
Emanonforgot the spaces qwert15:21
qwert!Howdy| AnthLee15:21
ubottuAnthLee: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:21
qwert!Howdy| Aviram15:21
ubottuAviram: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:21
Katsumi32hi im trying to get vlc 1.1.1 so i added rep  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:c-korn/vlc but when  update it says the source doesnt exist15:23
Katsumi32any advice?15:23
undecimKatsumi32: check that you typed it right15:24
Emanonno that ppa is down i had the same problem15:24
Katsumi32yes i just copied fromt eh web15:24
maedoxKatsumi32: Yes, don't use c-korn.15:24
maedoxKatsumi32: I'll find what I have, one moment15:24
Emanontry the webupd8 ppa it has vlc in it15:24
Katsumi32Emanon, i need the ver 1.1.115:24
geirhaKatsumi32: The ppa probably doesn't have packages for the ubuntu release you are running.15:24
Katsumi32geirha,  i found its down the adress i have got so there must be other ppa i dont know15:25
EmanonKatsumi32, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=webupd815:25
extax_0it is better to start personal (additional) startup applications ( extra applications that we want like jdownloader, checkgmail,pidgin,screenlets...) after opened the desktop manager ? I mean i can write a script that will open those applications after 5-10 seconds after starts gnome ? It is more stable ?15:25
undecimAlright, so I'm working on getting a completely encrypted hard drive, with a USB drive to boot from. I've done this before on Arch, but not quite sure how to do it on Ubuntu. I've got everything down pat except one: In Arch, I would add the "encrypt" hook to mkinitcpio.conf and after rebuilding the initrd, it would unlock my drive provided I had the USB key. How do I add the hook to the initrd on Ubuntu? I can write a script if I have to, I just need 15:26
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DarkStar1Anyone know what standard daemon runs on port 8080?15:29
sacarlsonany one know how to adjust my webcam settings from cli?  I tried dov4l seems to do nothing.  cheese settings changes work so can I adjust those with a cli command?15:29
undecimDarkStar1: Usuallt stuff dealing with HTTP. A web server or proxy15:29
chibihogoshinoextax_0: no15:30
sacarlsonDarkStar1: many people use 8080 as a proxy port but you can set anything to use it.15:30
DarkStar1undecim: Thanks. So it could be apache or tomcat15:30
Emanonundecim, keyfile or passphrase?15:30
undecimEmanon: Keyfile stored on USB drive15:30
rapageis there a program that tells me what registry info a loaded program calls15:30
DarkStar1sacarlson: I know I just did a port scan and found something was running on that port15:31
Emanonautodetect on insertion darn idk how to do that15:31
sacarlsonDarkStar1:  well look and see what it is15:31
undecimEmanon: The USB drive will also hold /boot15:31
Emanonright thats how i do it undecim15:31
Emanontry the alternate install iso you might be able to define that in the crypto options15:31
Emanoni think there is an option for keyfile instead of passphrase15:32
sacarlsonDarkStar1: this should tell you what process is running on that port sudo netstat -pant15:32
undecimEmanon: I tried the alternate install and it didn't give a keyfile option15:32
Emanonoh ok darn sorry15:32
Katsumi32guys is it worth adding this ppa:lucid-bleed/lucidbleed-exp to your repisotry ? how big are chance after update your lucid will die ?15:32
DarkStar1sacarlson: lol.. pants :D15:32
Emanonlarger than if you dont do it Katsumi3215:32
extax_0chibihogoshino: are you sure ? i mean some people write me that it is little bit better to do that ... :( i dont know...15:32
=== votan__ is now known as Votan
rapagewhat's the difference between extended and stanrdard tab on services under manage my os15:32
chibihogoshinoextax_0: i think all it would do is stager the startup and have less of a load on the hd all at once15:33
Katsumi32Emanon, i have to risk cuz the vlc 1.1.1 have h264 support so no more high cpu load when playing HD clips15:33
qwertDr_Willis: What is the package name which install Ubuntu Software Centre?15:33
trojan_spikehow do i auto-mount ,, and not show on desktop?15:33
Katsumi32im talking about ati cards only15:33
Emanonahh Katsumi32 good lick15:34
undecimEmanon: I've already determined that I will just have to configure it manually and I know what I'm doing, I'm just missing the one crucial part of putting my script (or a script that comes with cryptsetup) into the initrd every time it is created15:34
Katsumi32sure good lick floor Emanon what are you really talking about lick what ?15:34
Emanongood lick sorry15:34
Nevstahhmm.. i have just disconnected from my network, deleted my /etc/network/interfaces file and replaced it with a default setup for static ip, yet the pc still insists on going back to dhcp15:34
qwertWhat is the package name which install Ubuntu Software Centre?15:34
Emanonluck darnit15:35
Emanoncan't type today15:35
Nevstahi dont understand what the log shows me15:35
Katsumi32Emanon, over here english only15:35
extax_0chibihogoshino: think a computer which is very very slow, but it starts many many applications on startup....15:35
DarkStar1sacarlson: Thanks for the help. It just show "java" as the process so I'm going to assume tomcat15:35
Emanonundecim, sorry i cant help i use passphrase and dont know the manual args15:35
chibihogoshinoextax_0: what window manager are you running15:35
sacarlsonDarkStar1: well good guess but java can put anything on it15:36
extax_0chibihogoshino: gnome with ubuntu 10.04 (updated).15:36
undecimEmanon: So you used the alternate install to setup encryption w/ passphrase?15:36
maedoxKatsumi32: I used this and it works perfectly in 10.04: http://n00bsonubuntu.com/content/install-vlc-114-using-ferramrobertovlc-ppa-ubuntu-1004-lts-lucid-lynx15:36
chibihogoshinoextax_0: try xfce15:36
chibihogoshinoextax_0: its lighter on resources15:36
DarkStar1sacarlson: Well I'm going to have to go with that now. I don't have time to investigate :-$15:37
chibihogoshinoextax_0: but yeah.. making a script would help15:37
Emanonyes i did undecim15:37
Emanonand i used pwgen to make good passwords too15:37
sacarlsonDarkStar1: can't you just user your browser on that port and see what comes up?15:37
Nevstahcan someone tell me what this means? : Interface eth0.IPv4 no longer relevant for mDNS15:37
extax_0 chibihogoshino i will use gnome because i am not grumbling about spped. i just want a stable start.15:38
chibihogoshinoextax_0: is it unstable now ?15:38
undecimEmanon: Could you maybe see if there is something to do with cryptsetup in /etc/initramfs-tools?15:38
extax_0chibihogoshino sometimes.15:38
extax_0chibihogoshino especially with live cd.15:38
chibihogoshinoextax_0: whats it doing ?15:38
undecimEmanon: Or maybe just give me a copy of that entire directory and let me look at it myself?15:38
Poul|Raideri setup my box as router working with portforwarding but it is not working, i captured these two packaged when trying to remote desktop to ip:4000 which should forward to local:3389  - i have no clue how to debug the issue http://pastebin.com/eebKHxuV15:38
Emanonactually im in a live disk right now i would if i could undecim15:39
undecimEmanon: Alright, that's fine. I'll do some more googleing.15:39
Emanongood luck bud hope you find something15:39
undecim... soon as my .mozilla folder is done syncing XD15:39
extax_0chibihogoshino the problem is on indicator applet for panel. it sometimes does not show som icons . also gnome notification area do this.15:39
extax_0chibihogoshino they have to start one by one.15:40
Kenjirogood morning/afternoon15:40
Emanon!hi | Kenjiro15:40
ubottuKenjiro: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:40
chibihogoshinoextax_0: hmm.. did you try updating ?15:40
extax_0chibihogoshino: updated everything.. 32 bit system.15:41
qwertCan anyone help me?15:41
Emanon!help | qwert15:41
ubottuqwert: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:41
qwertWhat is the package name which install Ubuntu Software Centre?15:41
Kenjiroguys, I have an Ubuntu Server 9.10 (if I am not mistaken). I am having problems to set the locale "Portuguese_Brazil.1252". Any ideas on how I do that?15:41
extax_0chibihogoshino: i mean it is better or not ? :) what do you think...15:41
Kenjiro(I need that because of a database which must be created on PostgreSQL)15:41
qwert!repeat| Emanon15:41
ubottuEmanon: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com15:41
chibihogoshinoextax_0: it cant hurt ..15:41
qwertEmanon: Sorry15:41
chibihogoshinoextax_0: i would do it and see if it helps.15:42
rapage!help sandy15:42
Emanonsok qwert15:42
extax_0chibihogoshino: yes. thank you!15:42
qwertEmanon: Huh?15:42
=== Afrix2 is now known as Afrix
Emanonyou said sorry i said its ok15:42
qwertEmanon: okay15:43
chibihogoshinoextax_0: no problem.. hope it helps.15:43
qwertEnamon: What is the package name which install Ubuntu Software Centre?15:43
Emanonprobably ubuntu-software-center15:43
qwertEmanon: What is the package name which install Ubuntu Software Centre?15:43
rapage!help sudo15:44
rapage!help su15:44
=== ballad is now known as datacide
JonathanDrapage: that's not going to do anything.15:45
rapagewhat? i wasn't trying to have I was trying 2gethelp15:45
cyclist_2Hello, there! I returned home today to find that my laptop had gone into hibernation; it was a first for me; the thing that concerns me is that I *never* use the laptop on battery power and for that reason it should be fully charged; save a major bug, I guess that there was a power shortage around here and the laptop went into battery power mode automatically [just a guess, though]; but that instead of maintaining the lapto15:45
JonathanDrapage: and what do you need help with?15:46
pat|nGi need help...i'm running my ubuntu on vbox...i would to check if my wireless card is working fine in my ubuntu distro any help?15:46
rapagewindows right now15:46
Emanon!su | rapage15:47
ubotturapage: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:47
DarkStar1sacarlson: Sorry I went aFK. I'll try your suggestion in a sec15:47
Emanon!hi | reut15:48
ubottureut: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:48
reutEmanon, can you help me iwht ubuntu? I'm trying to use bash for the first time and I can't seem to get it to work15:48
Emanon!details | reut15:49
ubottureut: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:49
Dr_Willispat|nG:  the os in virtualbox - just sees itself networked to the 'hosting' machine.  the Host OS is connected to the network properly?15:49
Emanon!hi | abhijit15:49
ubottuabhijit: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:49
reutI wrote (gedit) "#!/bin/bash" followed by "echo "hello world"15:49
reuti tried to run the file from sh15:49
reut(i set the premissions and everything)15:49
DarkStar1sacarlson: Thank you very much... My guess was right. Turned out to be tomcat.15:49
jribreut: what does "i tried to run the file from sh" mean exactly?15:50
Dr_Willisreut:  on 2 differnt lines right?15:50
reuti opened the terminal15:50
jrib!enter | reut15:50
ubottureut: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:50
reutand just wrote the file's path15:50
Dr_Willisreut:  if its chmod +x you just do ./whatever.sh  and it should run15:50
reuti set it to a+x15:50
jribreut: and what was the output?15:51
datacidereut, did you really write "echo "hello world"? echo requires no leading "15:51
reutwait i'll quote it...15:51
reutno, the code should be fine, i tried hello world and "hello world" neither worked. no leading "15:51
pat|nGDr_Willis i'm using a cable right now....all i want to know is to check if my eth0 is detecting on my distro cause i got an ubuntu on my partition and up until now wireless aint working :(15:52
aboSamoorwhere can I find the source files installed using apt-get source ?15:52
reutfilename : "command not found"15:52
jribaboSamoor: current working directory15:52
datacidedid you use ./script to execute it?15:52
reutwhat is ./script    ... I know nothing about bash, just tried to exsecute the hello world15:53
jribreut: if you just typed "filename", you need to instead type "./filename"15:53
datacideor try PATH=$PATH:</dir/scripts/are/developed/in15:53
reutohhh right. like C15:53
aboSamoorjrib: thanks a lot15:54
reutworked fine15:54
Kyle__Humm.  Reposting since vbox is asleep...15:54
Kyle__If you're running VBox-ose on ubuntu, should you have both virtualbox-ose-dkms and dkms installed?  Or just one of them?15:54
reutthanks jrib i'm rying this for like an hour!!15:54
PHAT6FOURShould be fine with default settings. I guess it would depend on what you are doing.15:54
bhauffWhat are the 5 postgres processes doing on a stock install of 10.04 server?15:55
zealiodim trying to get free radius working, but my radiusd usr/group can't access the shadow passwords, how can i change thi15:55
DarkStar1what's a good email-client for Ubuntu. I don't need something to download all my hotmail e-mails. Just something that will pop up on my desktop when I get new mail from any of my e-mail addresses15:55
philinuxreut: GUIway. Create a text file on desktop with script. Right click and under permissions tick "allow executing file as programme". Then just double click it.15:56
aetaric!good | DarkStar115:56
ubottuDarkStar1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:56
philinuxDarkStar1: Evolution is integrated well with the notifications, but it has to be running.15:58
DarkStar1aetaric: I know that I'm more asking for ppls opinions. Or if someone already uses such a software, for a recommendation. Apologies for not being clear15:58
AnthLeeisnt there a gnome applet for that?15:58
quiescensi would contend that was a very appropriate question, or are you just taking issue with the question having the word "good"15:58
DarkStar1AnthLee: for what? For what I'm looking for?15:58
AnthLeeDarkStar1 google cGmai15:59
DarkStar1AnthLee: cgmail?15:59
AnthLeeI pmed you a link15:59
PHAT6FOURDoes anyone know if there is a GUI for kismet?16:00
aetaricquiescens: because the words 'good' and 'best' tend to start holy wars, i.e. VI(m) vs EMACS16:00
ikarhey, i need help deleting a read-only filesystem16:00
=== toby is now known as Guest89763
PHAT6FOURKismet > GUI? Anyone?16:01
philinuxikar: more info needed16:01
quiescensaetaric: they specified the features they wanted fairly clearly, its not the same as asking "what is the best email client?"16:01
=== toby_ is now known as cookemad
aetaricquiescens: and it could still start a war over software.16:02
ikarphilinux, ok, this is the case: i need to change ownership on a ekstern harddrive, because i can't delete a directory who's maybe corrupted16:03
DexterLBwhy is it that when I go to telinit 1 plymouth starts and I cant go into the tty?16:03
qwertWhat is the package name which install Ubuntu Software Centre?16:03
AnthLeedid you try ubuntu-software-center16:04
=== toby_ is now known as cookiemad
quiescensaetaric: so basically the only issue is the question would have been better if they had just said "what is an email client that can pop up a notification when there's new mail on hotmail", as long as they never mention the word "good"16:06
=== jono is now known as jono-phone
=== rmrfslash is now known as foobiz
aetaricquiescens: i wouldn't have used the bot then. just trying to prevent holy wars.16:07
kernel32hello eveyone16:07
undecimOh, cool. Looks like just having cryptsetup installed adds the hook to initramfs16:07
undecimWell, that was easy16:08
Katsumi32hi kernel3216:08
qwertUbuntu Software Centre crashes while clicking on Install option.. How can i resolve it?16:08
kernel32I have some question please answer me?16:08
Katsumi32kernel32, the latest on for 10.04 is 2.6.35 are you from the future?16:09
Katsumi32kernel32 just ask16:09
kernel32ok well16:09
kernel32I want to 3D Game Engine16:09
ikari got this message, when i try to sudo rm -rf: "cannot remove Read-Only filesystem." what should i do?16:09
undecimikar: What filesystem are you trying to remove a file from?16:09
Katsumi32kernel32, you mean you want to play games and you cant?16:10
kernel32I want to develop game16:10
ikarundecim, i'm gonna check16:10
ikoniakernel32: what is your question ?16:10
ikarundecim, it's FAT16:11
kernel32I want to 3D Game. I use 3D GameStudio Engine on windows. Now I use linux and I want to create 3D Game. I searching 3d game engine16:11
undecimikar: You will need to remount it as rw. If the filesystem is /dev/sdb1 mounted at /mnt/sdb1, for example, you would run "sudo mount -o remount,rw /mnt/sdb1" or "sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdb1"16:11
ikoniakernel32: ok - that's nothing to do with ubuntu so offtopic for this channel16:11
ikoniakernel32: this channel is for ubuntu support issues only16:11
undecimikar: Usually, filesystems will be mounted rw already. Is there a reason this one is mounted ro?16:11
kernel32I use pardus :)16:11
ikoniakernel32: that is nothing to do with this channels topic so please stop discussing it16:12
ikarundecim, i don't know. I usually just plug it in and don't do anything else16:12
Katsumi32kernel32, try #debian-games16:12
ikarundecim, but i'm gonna try what u said16:12
kernel32thank you16:12
alexander_can someone tell me how to load the nvidia driver on boot?16:13
cenciuhi. i have installed kde partition manager. how can i run the application now?16:13
undecimikar: K. Even if it fails to remount rw, it may give an error that explains why it won't mount rw16:13
sjmundecim, is it an SD card with the write lock on it?16:13
sjmikar, is it an SD card with the write lock on it?16:13
fladdhi there, does anyone know of a way to tell ubuntu to NOT detect my usb harddrive as hda, because hda is my internal harddrive (where also ubuntu is installed on)?16:13
undecimsjm, ikar: That is a possibility. Most SD cards and some flash drives have hardware RO switched16:13
=== uRock is now known as uRock_away
ikarsjm & undecim , it's a harddrive 1TB16:14
sjmfladd, it won't.  If something is already there, it shouldn't.16:15
airtonixfladd, if you are talking in terms of just /media/hda then you specify a uuid for the new drive instead of a /dev path.16:15
undecimikar: Have you tried remounting it yet?16:15
* sjm thinks: 1TB formatted as FAT???16:15
alexander_can someone tell me how to load the nvidia driver on boot?16:15
ikarundecim, i'm gonne try now16:15
xektrumhello, how can I get the sector size of a drive ?(in ubuntu obviously)16:15
ikoniaalexander_: open the system->administration->hardware drivers and enable the nvidia option, they will then get loaded at boot16:16
ViN86sjm, lol you dont format 1TB drives with FAT? xD16:16
Katsumi32alexander_, if its installed it should be loaded auto16:16
javWhen I got dual-displays, how can I pick which one should be the "primary" one? In other words, which one the gnome-bars should appear on.16:16
fladdsjm, well, it does, I used to automount my sda5 to /windows and sda7 to /media. No, when my usb drive is connected during boot, then the mounting of both fails and if I mount (double clicking) my usb drive then, it is mounted to /windows16:16
ViN86sjm, i love using 1/100th of my drives16:16
Saguarojav, do you have a video card?16:16
fladds/hda/sda btw...16:16
javSaguaro: An integrated intel thingy.16:16
sjmfladd: try using the UUIDs in /etc/fstab16:17
Saguaroyou should be able to set default monitor in System > Preferences > Monitors16:17
jav"Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series"16:17
undecimikar: btw: NTFS is better for large drives like that, and works fine in Ubuntu nowadays16:17
alexander_ikonia: not after boot i want them during boot16:17
javSaguaro: The option "default" does not exist there...16:17
Saguarojav there should be a "Make Default" button16:18
ikarundecim, it worked! :) yes, i'm gonna reformat the drive to NTFS16:18
ikarundecim, thank you so much!16:18
undecimikar: no problem16:18
fladdwhere do I get the uuid from?16:18
undecimfladd: sudo blkid16:19
alexander_Katsumi32: i want it to load during boot not after16:19
javSaguaro: http://www.sics.se/~jav/Screenshot-Monitor%20Preferences.png16:19
sipioralexander_: given that you don't have an X window server running until after boot, i fail to see the problem.16:19
IdleOneMr_Blik_: #ubuntu-offtopic16:20
FriarI just insterted a 4GB drive, and it is mounted on /media/89f90252-61d7-4970-b90a-35325bdd7eaf. can I change it so that it is much easier to get to via command line?16:20
Saguarowhat version of ubuntu are you running, jav?16:20
sjmfladd, as undecim said:  sudo blkid /dev/sda1 (or whatever partition)16:20
Katsumi32alexander_, when you boot up your ubuntu and your nvidia driver propper one is installed it will load during the boot16:20
Mr_Blik_Saguaro:  thanks16:20
ChogyDanFriar: try tab16:20
undecimalexander: AFAIK, you can't get KMS with nvidia. The X server needs to load the driver itself16:20
ChogyDan!tab | Friar16:20
ubottuFriar: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.16:20
airtonixFriar, the "tab" key on your keyboard16:20
javSaguaro: Lucid (10.04)16:20
Katsumi32alexander_, it will load just after grub window is that good enough for you ?16:21
psusiFriar: yes.. give the disk a volume lable16:21
Friarha i get it!!16:21
Saguarobrb rebooting16:21
fladdthanks, I will reboot and see what happens...16:21
undecimalexander_: Oh, I stand corrected... Apparantly, Fedora beta had it as of Feb 200916:21
Friarpsusi, how do I do that?16:21
alexander_Katsumi32: sure16:22
airtonixFriar, http://liquidat.wordpress.com/2008/08/20/short-tip-bash-tab-completion-with-one-tab/16:22
airtonixFriar, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Command_line_completion16:22
Katsumi32alexander_, dont know what card do you have so try hardware drivers check it up if the drivers there are activated if any problems just ask16:23
alexander_Katsumi32: all this already done16:23
sjmfriar, not sure, but I think it's the "b" option in fdisk.16:23
geoffmcctrying to get samba working. Turn off firewall works fine and if enable dont work. Ports i have opened 137_139,445 am i missing one?16:23
Katsumi32alexander_, so any problems ?16:23
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Friarthanks for the replies guys...sjm, airtonix....I used gparted. I unmounted and then was able to rename and remount.16:24
glebihangeoffmcc: no those are the correct por