duffydackits a sign to remove my msn account..00:00
duffydackverterok, do you know why maverick has a dozen accounts for this 1 machine then ?00:04
duffydackwhich, I removed while booted in lucids client..I wanted to stop using it in maverick..I intend to remove this mav install.00:05
brush01ukgreetings Everyone, problems signing in to ubuntu onem keeps requesting passwords, honk00:36
duffydacknot the same trouble I`m having, I hope.00:38
brush01uki have just signed up00:39
brush01ukhi duffydack00:39
duffydackbrush01uk, what is requesting password00:40
brush01ukmy password00:40
duffydackwhat program.00:41
brush01uksorry ,just after siging up for the first time00:42
brush01ukubuntu one00:42
duffydackis it seahorse asking for you password to unlock the keyring?00:42
brush01ukdon-t know about seahorsem did not see it00:44
duffydackook, how are you signing in00:45
brush01ukok, i will try & explain, went to ubuntuone to sign /reg on ubuntuone ,username, t,brush01uk, then password,all ok at this stage, a window comes up with my00:49
brush01uk& keeps requsting mypassword00:49
duffydacksounds like seahorse.00:51
duffydackapplications>accessories> passwords and encryption keys00:52
brush01ukthe password has to have uppercas letter & also a numberas well :-)00:53
brush01ukok,will read up on my applications>accessories> passwords and encryption keys00:54
brush01ukThankyou for your time & help00:55
duffydackwhen it asks for password, can you alt-prnt scrn and post it00:55
duffydackneed to make sure if its seahorse or not00:55
brush01ukok  will doo, where to post ?00:56
duffydackI forget what seahorse passwords prompts look like ::)00:57
brush01ukduffydack,  great news just manage to up load a file to ubuntuone,Thankyou for your time & help01:16
duffydackI was no help at all..also great01:16
brush01ukok,just went back, & found i was logged in so i try uploading a file, work great01:17
brush01ukYou were Very Helpful01:18
brush01ukit made me think with my thick brain01:19
brush01uknot it, it was you01:20
brush01uktoo meny drugs here01:20
kklimondaso, has anyone tried syncing their ~/.Private/ with u1?01:20
duffydackhow are you uploading files, through web interface or nautilus/01:20
brush01uki will check01:21
brush01ukduffydack,web interface01:23
duffydackwell, that way always works.01:23
brush01ukgreat news, more to read up on  :-)01:24
duffydackwhatever you set as sync in nautilus (file manager) works too01:25
brush01ukok, thankyou01:28
brush01ukare you in the uk?01:29
brush01ukok, im in the midlands01:29
brush01uki ow you a drink01:30
duffydackI have one, but thanks anyway.01:30
brush01ukok, you can always e mail me at gmail01:31
duffydackas long as your problem is fixed, i`m good, for now01:33
brush01uktake care, Thankyou, barry01:35
joshuahooververterok: sorry, missed your question...yes, the login works with chromium...you have to have chromium set as the default but it should work if it's set there01:40
duffydackchromiums are set to defaults here...01:44
YokoZar1Am I reading the wiki right in that file sync is known to be broken on maverick?01:59
duanedesignmorning all11:25
duffydacksigh... still u1 connecting woes12:30
nessitahey duffydack12:30
nessitaduffydack: no good news yet?12:31
duffydackI have removed everything related to u1 on both this and my other laptop.12:31
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
duffydackthe packages, the configs in my home, the computers associated and even the files in the shared folders...12:32
nessitaduffydack: did you also removed .cache/ubuntuone?12:32
duffydackI reinstalled the packages, and run the client.  Didnt get taken to account page and cant add my computer again12:32
duffydackfind ~ -iname "*ubuntuone*"  ?)12:33
nessitadid you remove your U1 token from seahorse?12:33
nessitawhat system are you running?12:33
duffydacklucid.  I booted into maverick lastnight and it was still working there.12:33
nessitado you have your logs on debug mode?12:34
duffydackwill in a second12:34
nessita(for lucid may be a bit different, let me check)12:34
duffydacki added [logging]12:35
duffydacklevel = DEBUG12:35
duffydackto syncdaemon.conf12:35
duffydacku1sdtool -q12:35
nessitaduffydack: ok, that may work12:38
nessitaduffydack: first of all, check that you have no u1 processes running: ps aux | grep ubuntuone12:38
nessitaduffydack: what do you get?12:38
duffydackubuntuone-login, i killed it12:39
nessitaso, now, u1sdtool -c and wait12:40
nessitaduffydack: do you a browser opened in any virtual desktop?12:40
nessitaduffydack: nothing happens? :-/12:42
duffydacknot run the client yet lol12:43
duffydacknessita> so, now, u1sdtool -c and wait  (I took that too literary12:43
nessitaduffydack: yes12:44
nessitado you have a tail -F against the log file? if not you can do it now (without stopping the client)12:44
duffydackclient is disconnected12:45
duffydackwill press connect.12:45
nessitaplease paste the whole content of the log file. Also, is there any syncdaemon-exception.log file?12:46
duffydackoauth-login.log  syncdaemon.log  syncdaemon.log.2010-09-14_12-40-24  u1-prefs.log12:47
duffydackthats all there is in log folder12:47
nessitaduffydack: I know what's wrong (though I don't know why is happening). syncdaemon thinks you have no network12:49
ryeduffydack, are you using network manager to control your network?12:49
nessitasee: 2010-09-14 12:40:24,625 -  ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.EQ - DEBUG - push_event: SYS_STATE_CHANGED,  args:(), kw:{'state': READY (error=False connected=False online=False)   Queue: IDLE  Connection: Not User Not Network}12:49
duffydackwell, I`m lost.12:51
nessitaduffydack: can you answer rye?12:54
nessita(08:49:23 AM) rye: duffydack, are you using network manager to control your network?12:54
nessitaduffydack: syncdaemon relies on the information that networkmanager provides12:54
duffydackno, im using interfaces file... have done for months with no issues.12:55
nessitaduffydack: in lucid, using u1-client?12:56
nessitarye: is there any workaround for not using NM?12:56
ryeduffydack, if you shut down networkmanager - ubuntuone will connect12:57
ryeduffydack, are you using wired interface?12:58
duffydackrye, I dont have it running.. havent for months.12:58
ryeduffydack, hmmm12:58
duffydackI dont wanna wait 10+ seconds for NM to wake up and start connecting :) when I can have interfaces bring it up before i`m even logged in12:59
* rye logs into lucid vm12:59
duffydackguess I could set it back up again to use NM (ugh, I dont like NM)13:00
ryeduffydack, with system-level connection that's no longer an issue, i've been a fan of plain /etc/network/interfaces file for long long time and resisted nm as much as I could, until they implemented system-level connections will go up earlier than I log in so that I do not wait for that anymore, the only thing is that for some servers (e.g. httpd) the interfaces may not be set up at that time since it all happens async13:01
ryeduffydack, i wonder why ubuntuone thinks nm replies with 'nope, no networks here'13:01
nessitaduffydack: what ps aux | grep -i network13:01
nessita(whole output)13:01
duffydackroot      1079  0.0  0.1  84788  4932 ?        Ss   12:24   0:00 NetworkManager13:01
ryeduffydack, you are running NM! :)13:02
duffydackI have tried to kill the process in the past, but it never does wanna die...13:02
duffydackits not running on my desktop tho13:02
duffydackno applet to play with13:02
nessitayou can remove the applet and have the process running13:02
nessitaduffydack: try sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager stop13:03
duffydackok, stopped13:03
nessitaduffydack: and then the ps aux | grep -i network again13:03
nessitaok, now, u1sdtool -q13:04
nessitaa seconds after, u1sdtool -c13:04
duffydacktail the log?13:04
nessitaduffydack: look for "SYS_STATE_CHANGED" and show me the line13:04
brush01ukduffydack, Greetings,hope all well. I let you carry on the great work you do for us all,take care,cul13:05
nessitaduffydack: and the log keep growing, right?13:08
duffydacknot a lot13:08
nessitaduffydack: can you try u1sdtool -c again, without stopping it?13:09
nessitaand show me the output13:09
duffydack2010-09-14 13:05:00,385 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.StateManager - DEBUG - ConnectionManager returned None13:09
duffydack2010-09-14 13:07:00,375 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Main - NOTE - ---- MARK (state: <State: 'READY'  (queues IDLE  connection 'Not User With Network')>; queues: metadata: 0; content: 0; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=4 miss=1) ----13:09
duffydack2010-09-14 13:07:32,513 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.DBus - DEBUG - get_metadata: dbus.String(u'/home/dean/Ubuntu One')13:09
duffydack2010-09-14 13:09:00,375 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Main - NOTE - ---- MARK (state: <State: 'READY'  (queues IDLE  connection 'Not User With Network')>; queues: metadata: 0; content: 0; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=5 miss=1) ----13:09
duffydackthe last few lines.13:09
duffydack2mins between13:09
nessitaduffydack: check all your browsers13:09
duffydackonly one.. running13:09
nessitaduffydack: you should have a web page somewhere13:09
nessitato authentucate13:09
duffydacki`ll try with firefox.. rule out any chromiums problem13:10
nessitaI wonder if ubuntuone-login depends on NM, which I think it does13:10
nessitarye: ^13:10
nessitaduffydack: I can confirm everuthing is ok with syncdaemon, you can see13:10
nessita2010-09-14 13:05:00,381 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.DBus - DEBUG - connect requested13:10
nessitathat means that syncdaemon asked another process (ubuntuone-client) to provide credentials for you13:11
nessitaduffydack: do you have any content in the oauth log? (same directory)13:11
ryenessita, except dbus.exceptions.DBusException:13:12
rye            logger.warn("Unable to connect to NetworkManager. Trying anyway.")13:12
rye            self.acquire_access_token(description, store)13:12
duffydack2010-09-14 12:25:05,739:739.859104156 ubuntuone-login Starting Ubuntu One login manager version 1.2.213:12
duffydack2010-09-14 12:40:24,799:799.460887909 ubuntuone-login Starting Ubuntu One login manager version 1.2.213:12
duffydackthats it.13:12
ryenessita, so ubuntuone-login is happy13:12
nessitanot really13:13
duffydackif it relies on NM, why was it working until lastnight13:13
ryeduffydack, could you please patch the sources of /usr/share/pyshared/ubuntuone/oauthdesktop/logger.py - change LOG_LEVEL = logging.DEBUG13:13
nessitaduffydack: because before you remove your token, ubuntuone-login wasn't needed13:13
ryewas there a NM update?... hm13:14
duffydackI didnt remove any tokens before it broke13:14
nessitaduffydack: you mentioned yesterday (I may missunderstood) that you had tons of machines and you removed them from the web UI13:14
duffydackall was fine, sync worked fine, it was only when I tried to publish a file and got no url back for it, I checked the client, and here we are.13:15
duffydackI kept my machine and the other machine in there.13:15
duffydackjust the dozen or so bits of crud maverick put there13:16
duffydacksince then I have wiped everything in a last attempt at fixing it...13:16
nessitaduffydack: the problem is with the credentials. Let me check some coding13:17
duffydacki`ll just do that logger.py thing..hangon13:18
duffydackok, changed to debug. now what13:19
nessitaduffydack: did you kill ubuntuone-login? if not, please do so13:20
nessitaduffydack: then, u1sdtool -c13:22
nessitau1sdtool -q13:23
nessitabe sure no ubuntuone process is running13:23
duffydackweeee. browser13:23
nessitaok then13:23
duffydackadded computer, and looking ok13:24
duffydackits populating my empty shared folders...13:26
nessitavery nice13:26
nessitaduffydack: can you share with me the log for oauth, anyways?13:26
nessitaI"d like to see what was going on13:26
duffydackI dont get it..... nothing changed13:26
nessitawell yeah, the killing of ubuntuone-login may had helped13:27
duffydackI did that a few times.13:27
duffydackIve just been doing all what I did lastnight :)13:27
nessitaduffydack: including killing.stopping network manager?13:28
duffydackah, that was new13:28
nessitathat's crucial, because if it's running, syncdaemon an login believe what NM says13:28
nessitaso if NM is running and say "not network", syncdaemon and login do nothing13:28
duffydackits played happy with it for months.. I dont get it.13:28
nessitaduffydack: did you install updates? maybe network manager got some update that makes it run anyways, or something13:29
duffydacknetwork manager has always run..13:30
duffydackI just never had the applet loaded as Im using interfaces file13:30
duffydackwell, the applet doesnt show when you have the file anyways.13:31
nessitaduffydack: look, this is from your log from yesterday (http://pastebin.com/RWvYH4GZ):13:31
nessitalsat log line says:13:31
nessita2010-09-13 21:48:29,794 -  ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.EQ - DEBUG - push_event: SYS_STATE_CHANGED,  args:(), kw:{'state': READY (error=False connected=False online=False)   Queue: IDLE  Connection: With User Not Network}13:31
nessitaWith User == user requested connect and there are valid tokens13:31
nessitaNot Network == no network, do nothing until NM says we are networkly-connected13:32
nessitaduffydack: so, yesterday, syncdaemon didn't connect becauase he thought he didn't have network13:32
nessitaduffydack: today, we managed to cheat and make it believe there was network, but it had no credentials for you13:32
duffydackwell, its working now (??? odd it stopped working)  thanks!13:34
duffydackgonna reboot and see if it still plays nice.13:34
duffydackin fact..i`ll set it up on my other laptop as well13:34
nessitaduffydack: good luck13:36
duffydacklets see what happens..  the other laptop is same as this one, no NM applet, maybe the process is running but it has always..without issue13:36
duffydacksame again, disconnected with no browser activity.  so I have to stop network-manager..and try again13:41
nessitaduffydack: see the logs, what do you have in them? WIth User Not Network?13:43
duffydacknot user not network13:44
duffydackI ran u1sdtool -q  and stopped network-manager, then u1sdtool -c13:45
nessitaand now?13:46
duffydackI did that before13:46
duffydackand it gave me not user not network13:46
nessitalook in the log for wither "SYS_USER_CONNECT" or "connect request" (case sensitive)13:46
nessitadid you kill ubuntuone-login as well?13:47
duffydacka shooot13:47
duffydackok here we go....13:48
duffydacksync working13:50
duffydackmy other laptop is a lot slower at populating the folders.. its just made the folder structures but taking its time to put any files in there..13:54
duffydackok, I rebooted this pc and client says disconnected.  I dont normally have to tell it to..13:54
duffydackedit: ok other laptop is fine.13:55
duffydackSo.. this mean I have to be using network-manager properly from now on ?13:56
nessitaduffydack: or uninstall it completely13:57
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duffydackhmm, ok i`ll try13:58
duffydackok removing network-manager packages did the trick.14:07
duffydacksome update must have changed the need for it, because it worked fine before14:07
duffydacknessita, it worked with the same setup in maverick..  network manager installed but not used.  used interfaces file, but it worked.  odd14:20
nessitaduffydack: well, in maverick the login manager is a whole new app14:21
duffydackIve noticed.14:22
duanedesignbeuno: enjoyed the blog post.14:55
beunoduanedesign, thanks  :)14:57
duanedesignbeuno: /1214:59
ryefacundobatista, hi, is there something changed in share creating/deleting? I disabled sharing of a folder via the web but syncdaemon have not noticed it even after a restart15:46
verterokrye: do you have logs?15:47
ryeverterok, i do but I don't know what to search for, after i disabled the share on the server there was nothing printed to the logs15:47
verterokrye: ok, please pastebin/upload both logs, before and after the restart15:48
ryeverterok, before restart: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493681/15:51
ryeverterok, after restart: http://paste.ubuntu.com/493682/15:51
* verterok diggs15:51
ryeverterok, list of shared folders - http://paste.ubuntu.com/493684/15:51
ryeverterok, Documents is the one which was removed15:52
verterokrye: I see '500' error in http://paste.ubuntu.com/493682/15:52
verterokrye: nm, wrong pastebin :)15:52
* verterok is still sleepy15:52
* verterok gets another coffee15:54
ryeverterok, hm... it looks like syncdaemon was in READY state when i removed the share from the server; but when i logged in it still thinks that the folder is shared, but there is only one ShareVolume object15:55
verterokrye: is this using trunk?15:56
ryeverterok, that's nightlies - 1.4.0+r694~maverick115:57
verterokrye: ah, it's a "Shared" folder, not a "share"15:57
verterokrye: you shared a UDF, ~/Documents15:57
ryeverterok, yes15:57
verterokrye: from the shared_to user, you rejected/deleted the share15:58
verterokrye: but the shared_from user syncdaemon still see the folder as "shared"15:58
verterokrye: is that the case?15:58
ryeverterok, i went to the web interface, went to ~/Documents UDF and stopped sharing this folder; Then I returned to the terminal, ran u1sdtool --list-shared and saw that the share is still there (along with another one in another UDF which no longer exist at all, btw - /home/rtg/tmp/search_files/folder15:59
verterokrye: ok, it's a shared folder, not a share to you.16:00
verterokrye: try running: u1sdtool --refresh-shares16:00
verterokrye: I think I know what's the problem. It's a regression introduced with the "generations" change16:00
ryeverterok, booring... it worked perfectly but did not send ShareDeleted signal :-)16:01
verterokrye: you will not get a ShareDeleted signal16:02
verterokrye: because isn't a "share" it's a "shared" dir16:02
verterokrye: yes, I know the naming sucks :(16:02
verterokrye: do you think it should go into maverick? it's a high priority bug?16:02
verterokrye: if so, I can start working on it ASAP16:03
verterokwe are >< close to FF16:03
ryeverterok, not really high priority i think since it just misleads the client and currently it will affect emblems only, u1sdtool --refresh-shares is a quick and straightforward workaround which does what it means16:03
verterokrye: ok, I'll try to fix it before FF, as the fix is quite simple (just call the VolumeManager.refresh_shares method after server rescan is done)16:04
verterokrye: would you mind to file a bug about this? :)16:05
ryeverterok, wow, thanks. I will file a bug, actually i was reviewing rodrigo_'s branch with emblem support for folders shared to other users... Is there any signal sent when shared volume is deleted?16:06
verterokrye: nope16:07
ryeverterok, hmmm16:07
rodrigo_verterok, yes, seeing something maybe related, I share a folder from nautilus, the mail is sent, but --list-shared doesn't show the folder16:07
verterokrodrigo_: because isn't using the protocol to share the folder16:08
verterokrodrigo_: until someone clicks on the link, syncdaemon and the api server knows nothing about the share16:08
rodrigo_verterok, hmm, what does that mean?16:08
verterokrodrigo_: ^ :)16:08
verterokrodrigo_: it's a mismatch in the "shares" feature since the early days :(16:09
rodrigo_verterok, but it used to show it before, right?16:09
verterokrodrigo_: don't think so16:09
rodrigo_verterok, remember the bug I filed about path=""16:09
verterokrodrigo_: we you create a share via web/nautilus it's a share offer, not a "share" (this is from the fs storage client and server POV)16:09
verterokrodrigo_: afte a registered user click on the link, it's a share16:10
rodrigo_verterok, ok16:10
ryeverterok, ok, after user clicks a link - it's a share, but when the owner disables the share from the web ui then syncdaemon does not know about this, right?16:10
verterokrye: we could add a signal, but don't think we could do it at this point in the cycle16:11
verterokrye: huh?16:11
ryeverterok, no, i mean share_deleted signal in libsyncdaemon is not really working16:11
verterokrye: "disables"?16:11
ryeverterok, i mean cancels, stops sharing, whatever it is called :)16:11
verterokrye: share_deleted is for the shared_to user, e.g: when I share a folder with you.16:11
verterokrye: you accept the share, then I cancel/disable the share16:12
verterokrye: your syncdaemon will get a ShareDeleted notification16:12
ryeverterok, but your syncdaemon will not notice this right away, right? When you share a folder to me and I accept the share then you will receive ShareCreated signal, is that correct?16:17
verterokrye: no :)16:17
verterokrye: there are no signals from origin of the share, syncdaemon wil get a notification from the server: ShareAnswer16:18
verterokrye: but there is no propagation of that via DBus16:18
verterokrye: so, my syncdaemon will be notified that you accepted the share, but isn't sending any dbus signals16:18
ryehmm mm16:19
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ryeverterok, bug #638187 :)17:13
ubot4Launchpad bug 638187 in ubuntuone-client "SD does not refresh shares resulting in stale data shown in u1sdtool --list-shared (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63818717:13
verterokrye: thanks!17:13
* rye wonders whether metadata storage would have been better implementented using user extended file attributes17:52
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mandelduanedesign, got to go, but will you please let me know what you think about this: http://www.themacaque.com/?p=68418:06
mandelduanedesign, are instructions clear etc.. will be very appreciated18:06
duanedesignmandel: sure thing18:12
wasayado you use gmail guys, i would like to receive an invite?, wanna send me one?18:49
ryean invite to gmail? Looks like that person is a year late...19:28
kklimondarye: apparently it's sill required in few countries19:42
trueheartmikewow this was not as easy as i hoped19:44
trueheartmikei was trying to find a ubuntu beginners area19:44
trueheartmikebtw i am new to irc19:44
trueheartmikeand ubuntu  ;)19:44
trueheartmikeany sugguestions19:45
sandy|lurktrueheartmike: this channel is about UbuntuOne, the online service19:45
beunotrueheartmike, #ubuntu19:45
trueheartmike ahhh ok ty19:45
trueheartmikeok well while i am here .. i can ask  the ubuntu onlijne then19:46
trueheartmikeany idea when they will get the  contacts synch working ?19:46
trueheartmikei hav my ubuntu one connected19:47
trueheartmikeand want to get my bookmarks and email contacts to synch but it said it was not working now19:48
trueheartmikeaccording to i htink the status19:48
beunotrueheartmike, right, we are having problems owith one of our servers19:48
beunoso that is currently not working19:48
beunowill fix itself soon19:48
trueheartmikeahahh ok19:48
trueheartmikethank you for your time... I was wondering is there by chance a aproximate time or guess when it may be fixed ?19:49
beunotrueheartmike, we hope, within the next days19:49
trueheartmikeoooo sweet that is great  thank yo uagain for you time19:50
duffydackCan someone help me fix an old account I stopped using a long time ago and want to use again.. its not connecting, and I`m in maverick.20:34
ryeduffydack, hi, are you using NetworkManager on this machine?20:43
duffydackyeah.. not even setup wifi yet..20:48
duffydackIm thinking about ditching my msn/hotmail account completely, and I have an old u1 account I stopped using to fix issues I was having at the time, long ago.. its setup with my gmail address and I`d like to maybe start using it again, but its not playing ball.20:50
ryeduffydack, you don't need new account to change the email - login.ubuntu.com is your friend20:51
ryeduffydack, of course, if you already have two then sso is not yet capable of removing the accounts20:52
duffydackah.. i`ll just change it then20:53
duffydackthe gmail one is a mess..  this was back in the day U1 first started, and I was having trouble getting it to sync and allsorts of things..  There are 4 files left there on the server according to the webpage, and it thinks they arefolders.20:54
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brush01ukduffydack. Greetings hope you & family are well ,plus hope you had a good day?22:21
duffydackhmm, im ok, not sure about family, I dont see any of them.22:22
brush01ukok,understood,take care22:23
duffydackDid I help you with a problem the other day, I forget (no offence )22:34
brush01ukduffydack.Yes ,very helpful,you were brill, Thank you22:48
duffydackoh.. what was it22:52
brush01ukduffydack. Sorry i was reading, ref signing in,was requesting passwords,22:57
duffydackYeah, I remember now22:58
brush01ukall todo with my keyring22:58
duffydackjust seahorse complaining for a password all the time then23:15
brush01ukduffydack, Yes true Seahorse23:27
duffydacksetting to no pass fixed it ?23:32
duffydacknot the best advice, but its a dirty fix...23:33
duffydackAFAIC,  NM and seahorse need work23:33
duffydackIve seen far too many people complain of the same thing23:34
brush01ukoff to watch  Category5.TV23:34
duffydackwell, seahorse in particular23:34
brush01ukyes seahorse was the problem23:35
duffydackc u later23:38
duffydackwhy did I know that..23:39
* duffydack is down wi` the kids yo23:39

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