quadrisproScottL,what do you think about asking archive-admins to sync swh-lv2 from Debian NEW?08:17
quadrisprowe should ask for a freeze-exception, of course08:17
scott-workciao quadrispro :)14:26
quadrisproehy scott-work ! :)14:26
scott-workwe may a little late for maverick for swh-lv214:26
quadrisproworking on new fluidsynth release right now with diwic14:26
quadrisproscott-work, yeah, I know14:26
scott-workalthough i *think* i understand you concern about syncing from unstable14:26
scott-workmy guess is that natty will be in development before swh-lv2 is moved into stable, is that correct ?14:27
quadrisproscott-work, lol, no, I concern about: when natty becomes the ubuntu+1, lenny may not be released again! :D14:28
quadrisproscott-work, please replace 'lenny' with 'squeeze'14:29
scott-workso we would still need to ask for exception to sync from unstable then?  (i'm still not completely fluent with debian release procedures)14:30
quadrisproscott-work, no, we would still need for a sync-from-debian-new :)14:31
quadrisproI hope it won't be so14:31
scott-workdoh, sorry, i read your statement that said debian-new and i erroneously have been saying unstable, my apologies14:31
scott-workmy hope is to hit the ground running for natty and make changes as soon as possible14:33
scott-workanyone who is interested can look:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/ReleasePlanning14:33
scott-workquadrispro: i suppose in a couple of months we will cross that bridge then14:33
scott-workquadrispro: oh, i have forgotten...would you mind updating hydrogen-drumkits?  i notice that debian is apparently outdated compared ubuntu14:34
quadrisprodon't have the time now, I'll take a look later14:34
scott-worki should note also that the release planning page is open to anyone to add to it14:34
quadrisproscott-work, I see the same revision -> http://packages.qa.debian.org/h/hydrogen-drumkits.html14:35
scott-workquadrispro: no rush on the hydrogen-drumkits, i just wanted to add it to the seeds for natty14:35
scott-workweird, this shows ubuntu at 0.9.4 :  http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/multidistrotools/ubuntustudio.html#outdatedinA14:36
quadrisprolol, it is14:37
scott-workhmm, quadrispro, very strange, but launchpad appears to have the same version as debian   :/14:37
quadrisproscott-work, take a look -> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=Debian+Multimedia :)14:38
quadrisproscott-work, no, take a look at this -> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=Debian+Multimedia&set=yes&bugs=1&version=1&ubuntu=1&excuses=1&bin=1&buildd=1&problems=1&popc=1&watch=1&section=1&ordering=0&uploads=1&packages=&uploader=&mirror=http%3A%2F%2Fftp.debian.org%2Fdebian14:38
quadrispro'ubuntu' colums should be shown now14:38
quadrisprocolumn *14:38
scott-workubuntu has -3 while debian has -1, but that doesn't explain 0.9.4 though14:39
scott-workeh, -3 is in testing/unstable14:40
scott-workas well14:40
scott-workgah, quadrispro, i'm an idiot :/14:41
quadrisproscott-work, no, I know a lot of idiots and you don't seem one of them :)14:42
scott-worki've been comparing hydrogen, not hydrogen-drumkits which isn't in the qa.ubuntuwire.com link i sent14:42
scott-workquadrispro: lol, thanks14:42
quadrisproah! hydrogen14:42
quadrisproplease give me some minutes14:42
scott-workthe whole purpose of my research was to get -drumkits into ubuntu studio, which means it isn't going to be on the qu.ubuntuwire.com link  *foreheadslap*14:42
falktxscott-work: is pyqt ok for ubuntustudio ?20:52
falktxafaik, ubuntustudio already has some Qt apps (mixxx, qsynth, hydrogen, etc)20:53
scott-workfalktx: i would probably defer that question to TheMuso or persia 20:55
scott-workbut i would imagine it should be okay since qjackctl uses it also20:55
scott-workwell, i assume it uses it20:55
falktxbut not pyqt, just 'qt'20:56
falktxmaybe i should start making c++...20:56
falktxscott-work: i'll use pyqt then, c++ is way too much for me20:59
falktxscott-work: let me know if persia and TheMuso are ok with it20:59
falktxscott-work: oh, and send me all the ideas for a config/patchbay you have now20:59

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