sinmanholstein are you there04:26
holsteinsinman: hey04:27
sinmani done a slow format last night writing zero's to my hdd took about 4 1/2 hours04:28
holsteinsounds like a good start :)04:29
holsteindid you test it too?04:29
holsteinwhile you were there?04:29
sinmanand about 5 minutes ago i saw those files again and said noway. so I check my usb stick and had it show hidden files and I found the hidden trash file on it with those files, so i deleted thoise files from the usb stick and now they aren's in my trash bin04:29
sinmanyes everything check out great04:30
sinmanI let it done the format while i was in be d last night04:30
sinmanthis time I only installed ubuntu studio04:31
holsteinso they were on you USB sticks trash04:31
sinmanif i had know that there was a hidden trash file on my usb stick, it could had save me from all this headache. lol04:32
sinmanhow can i format this usb stick back to fat 32, I need to use it to back up things on my neighbors computer before I reinstall vista on her computer04:33
holsteinsinman: gparted04:35
sinmank thanxs04:36
sinmaninstalling it now04:36
holsteinsinman: should be in lucid04:37
holsteinsystem - administration - gparted04:37
holsteinmight not be in studio04:37
sinmannot by defzault had to install it rom synaptic04:37
holsteinnow you know :)04:38
holsteini like to do that full format and test when i have the chance04:38
sinmank well i'm outta of here, not gonna stay up most of the night like i done for the past week dealing with the trash can. lol04:39
holsteinsinman: :)04:39
holsteinglad you got it sorted out04:39
sinmanhave a nice night holstein04:39
sinmansame here. :)04:39
maheanuuIaOrana Ia Oe, hello from Raiatea in French Polynesia, I am having some sound probs and need to ask for some assistance if possible04:51
holsteinwelcome maheanuu04:52
maheanuuI am running US 10.04 on a Toshiba Laptop 64 bit with a 64 bit US installed and my sound volume is very low, and HI Mike04:53
maheanuuI removed and reinstalled Pulse audio and it didn't make any change04:54
holsteinmaheanuu: did you look in aslamixer ?04:55
holsteinin a terminal04:56
holsteinthen hit F504:56
maheanuuI did before I dumped it and everything was at 100 percent04:56
holsteinwhats the model?04:56
holsteintoshiba satellite something?04:57
holsteinmaheanuu: you might want to look at04:57
holsteinthat might be helpful04:57
holsteinits a script to update alsa04:57
holsteinmaheanuu: is this the first time youve had linux on this notebook?04:58
maheanuuNo I have run 9.10 and Ubuntu 10.04 and sound was fine before04:59
holsteingotta be a config thing then05:00
maheanuuI am running a Toshiba Satellite A355D-S693005:00
holsteintheres not much difference in ubuntu 10.04 and ubuntustudio 10.0405:00
holsteinwhat kernel?05:00
holsteinuname -a05:01
maheanuuYes, and with my handicap (stupid) I come heere for help05:01
holsteinwell, in the future05:01
holsteinwhen you have ubuntu installed05:01
holsteinand running happily05:01
holsteinjust add the packages you want to use from the repo05:01
holsteinthe ubuntustudio metapackages05:01
holsteinOR just the ones you need05:01
holsteinmaheanuu: no worries :)05:02
holsteinwe're here to help05:02
maheanuuOk.........   I did that when I changed to 10.04 but wasn't sure about Studio05:02
holsteinits *should* be the same under the hood05:03
holsteinpretty much05:03
holsteinyou might have the -lowlatency kernel05:03
holsteinand that might not like your soundcard for some reason05:03
holsteinbut i bet its a setting we're just not thinking of05:03
holsteinseems like if something was wrong with your sound card support05:04
maheanuukernel is 2.6.32-25-preempt05:04
holsteinit just wouldnt work05:04
holsteinmaheanuu: BUT05:04
holsteinthats a difference right there05:04
holsteinthat might be worth exploring05:05
holsteinyou would have had a -generic kernel05:05
maheanuuI am not understanding05:05
holsteinin vanilla ubuntu05:05
holsteinmaheanuu: im just trying to find what is different05:05
holsteinbetween your perfectly find 10.0405:05
holsteinand this ubuntustudio 10.0405:05
holsteinand the kernel is one thing05:05
maheanuuOk, and this kernel is only meant for US and not the LTS?05:06
holsteinwell, you can use it where ever you want to05:06
maheanuuI changed this over as there are some of the islanders who are wanting to get into the recording aspect here on Raiatea and they looked at what US had and slobbered all over the place05:07
holsteinif you just install the vanilla 10.04 LTS05:07
holsteinyou get a -generic kernel05:07
holsteinnot a -preemt05:07
holsteinor -RT05:07
holsteinmaheanuu: yeah, its nice :)05:07
holsteinmaheanuu: in ubuntustudio05:08
holsteinwe mostly use JACK05:08
holsteinas the sound server05:08
maheanuuOk, so can I do a "degrade"?  And will I loose everything05:08
holsteinmaheanuu: how did you get it?05:08
maheanuuthe os?05:08
holsteinthis install with the funky sound05:09
maheanuuFrom a 2 day download05:09
holsteinwell, i would try a few trouble shooting step05:09
holsteini would try the kernel for one thing05:09
holsteinsudo apt-get install linux-generic05:09
holsteinthen edit grub so you can choose that kernel when you boot05:10
holsteini would05:10
maheanuuWe just got a good upgrade I have a 2 meg download speed now with on limit, before I wasted 2 months of downloads as I kept getting dropped and about a week in I was cut off as I had reached my 11.5 gig limit05:10
holsteinsudo apt-get install pavucontrol05:10
holsteinmaheanuu: i really think its a setting somewhere05:11
holsteinif it was broken, it wouldnt work05:11
holsteinthe sound05:11
holsteinand its really all the same software05:11
maheanuucan I do this and not loose anything on the machine?05:11
holsteinmaheanuu: ??05:11
holsteinthose step?05:11
maheanuuor should I do a back up first05:11
holsteinmaheanuu: well, you should always backup05:11
holsteinmaheanuu: if i were you05:12
holsteini would sleep on it05:12
maheanuuI have always done that and that is why I was asking05:12
holsteinand double check all the settings again05:12
holsteinin the light of a new day :)05:12
holsteinmaheanuu: you can do that though05:13
holsteinsudo apt-get install pavucontrol05:13
holsteinand look there05:13
holsteinthats just an extra volume control05:13
maheanuuI study and learn then try and study and learn some more, like I said earlier I am not a spring chicken...   I am a old and I mean old retired navy chief and am in my early 70;s, but I still can follow instructions05:14
holsteinmaheanuu: i have a theory05:14
holsteinmaheanuu: run gnome-volume-control05:14
holsteinin a terminal05:14
holsteinand look there05:14
maheanuuhang on will do the gnome thingey now05:14
holsteinmaheanuu: yeah, i just hate to tell you to do a bunch of steps05:15
holsteinwhen i think its something easy that i cant think of :/05:15
maheanuuYou are not inconveniencing me at all....05:16
maheanuufor the run command, what is it in linux?05:16
holsteinyou can hit05:16
holsteinand run gnome-volume-control05:17
maheanuuOk and i get hung on a waiting for sound system note05:18
holsteinim not sure about the pulse uninstall nad reinstall05:19
holsteinmaheanuu: but thats a good clue i say05:19
maheanuuI already did that earlier, before I came in here....   I have always been taught that the amount of knowledge gained is equal to the cube of the equipment destroyed and I doin my share05:20
holsteinyou ran gnome-volume-control ??05:20
maheanuuI just entered it again and it disappeared05:20
holsteinmaheanuu: well, im not sure how you unisntalled and reinstalled pulse05:21
holsteinthats should be looked at05:21
holsteinthe steps05:21
holsteinim proposing05:21
maheanuuNo I have a note that was hidden that sez waiting for sound system to respond05:21
holsteinthat there is no sound icon in ubuntustudio's panel05:21
holsteinand thats where the sound would need to be turned up05:21
holsteinand thats something that is in the normal ubuntu05:22
holsteinand not in ubuntustudio05:22
holsteinmaheanuu: did you look at a guide?05:22
maheanuuok, and so I should install Jack?05:22
holsteinfor the pulse work?05:22
holsteinmaheanuu: its installed already05:22
holsteinbut i think you got pulse issues now05:22
maheanuuI had them before, because I was getting the same thing before I did the remove and re install05:23
holsteinthe same thing when trying to run gnome-volume-control ??05:24
maheanuuShould I remove it again?05:24
holsteinmaheanuu: im pretty sure you shouldnt have removed it the first time ;)05:25
holsteinmaheanuu: did you look at a guide?05:25
holsteinhow did you do it?05:25
maheanuuNo I was wandering around and trying to use the icon on the top right for pulse audio and it told me the waiting for the sound system to respond05:25
holsteinmaheanuu: have you logged out, or rebooted since the reinstall ?05:26
rebirthhow do you copy one channel to the other channel in audacity?06:31
holsteini think you just make a new channel06:38
holsteinand select it06:38
holsteincopy and paste06:39
holsteinjust drag across it06:39
* holstein hanst used audacity in a while though06:39
holsteina guide :)06:40
tishammeri'm trying to understand how to install linux-rt. i've apt-get installed it, but i see it's basically an empty package.10:13
jussitishammer: linux-rt depends on the rt kernel and its components, so it should have pulled everything in12:02
jussiif you restart, you should have a rt kernel in your grub list12:02
tishammerjussi: ok14:38
djindyHey, I've used Ubuntu Studio before but on this fresh install I did the desktop layout has changed from the standard 2 panel with "Application-Place-System" setup like in regular Ubuntu, how do I change it to the Ubuntu layout?16:55
holsteinhey djindy16:57
holsteinyou dont have to install ubuntustudio16:58
holsteinin the future16:58
holsteinif you want the software16:58
holsteinyou can just add that to vanilla ubuntu16:58
holsteinthe theming is really where the differece is :)16:58
holsteindjindy: you should check and see that ubuntu-desktop is installed16:58
holsteinthen you can go and change the theme16:59
holsteinand add a panel16:59
djindyYes, I've done that before many times but decided to try a fresh install on a new system this time.16:59
djindyAnd doesn't Ubuntu Studio do better integration with the live-kernel?17:00
holsteinubuntustudio = ubuntu17:00
holsteinwith a few extra things17:00
holsteinand a few things taken out17:00
holsteinquite a few extra things actually depending on what you choose during installation17:00
djindyI know, to a degree, I just thought there were some bigger differences. In any case, I like the other aspects of the theme change, just not the menu setup. But changing to ubuntu-desktop should fix that? I know when I've changed FROM that to Ubuntu-Studio before it has kept the menu setup the same, just with different color scheme, login screen, etc.17:02
holsteindjindy: what i just decribed17:02
holsteinthat'll get you back to a vanilla desktop17:02
holsteinwhat do you not like about the menu?17:03
holsteinthere is a package17:04
holsteinubuntustudio-menu - Menu for Ubuntu Studio17:04
holsteinmaybe thats all you want to remove17:04
holsteini cant imaging why though17:04
djindyI like having Applications, places and system lined up along the top for slightly quicker access to each, and I think its a better way of organizing that way (at least for me). I also like having the lower panel (which, yes, I can easily add) with a desktop changer and more apps to add there (which yes, I can easily add, but wanted to check if all these things could be done at once)17:04
holsteinseems like it just groups the audio tasks17:04
holsteindjindy: AH17:04
holsteinjust right click on the panel17:04
holsteingo 'add to panel'17:05
holsteinthere is17:05
holsteinmain menu17:05
holsteinand \17:05
holsteinmenu bar17:05
djindyah, I see now. I knew there was an easy way just didn't know what it was. Thank you!17:06
holsteinmenu bar is the custom one17:06
holsteindjindy: :)17:06
holsteinno problem17:06
djindyalright, great, everything looks good now, thanks again.17:09
holsteinanytime :)17:09
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