KE1HAcharlie-tca:  you around at the moment ?16:59
KE1HAcharlie-tca:  is there a fixed number of ISO point releases for LTS versions ?17:17
KE1HAcool, and for the non-LTS they dont do point releases correct?17:18
charlie-tcaAlthough that could change17:18
charlie-tcacorrect, no point releases for non-LTS17:18
KE1HAand for syncing LTS ISO's, if you use the basename say, 10.04, is is ln -s to the latest point release? 17:19
KE1HAis it*17:19
charlie-tcadon't know17:20
KE1HAHmm, need to test that. was just wondering if you sync the base ISO, if it will link to the latest point release.17:21
charlie-tcaI just sync from current, so for me, it doesn't use the point17:22
KE1HAas looking in the release directory for 10.04, they list both 10.04 and 10.04.1 at least for Ubuntu & Kubuntu17:22
charlie-tcapoint only counts if you sync from "release", not from daily17:22
KE1HAroger that, current it dev, and I've got my scripts workign for dev, was just working on migration from dev to release.17:22
charlie-tcaWhy? If you have the latest daily, it is what the release will be17:23
charlie-tcalucid point releases are tested from http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lucid/17:24
KE1HAsome folks like to keep a repository for previous release ISO's, so was woking on somethign to zsync them.17:24
charlie-tcaI see17:25
KE1HAthat's a good point though, point release testing is diffrent than release, and current / dev17:25
charlie-tcaNone of the images ever have the .1, .2, etc17:25
charlie-tcathe name doesn't change, only a file on the image changes to show it is a .1 image17:26
KE1HAbut if your only syncing current, that's dev, and not release .. I forgot about point release syncs17:27
charlie-tcaYou have to download from a different directory, instead of a different file name. Once they hit the mirrors, the mirrors will not all maintain the different versions, some will only keep the latest17:27
charlie-tcafor any release, the last development image before the release is still the released image17:27
KE1HAyeah, it's a bit complicated when for scripting.17:27
KE1HAso to test a point release where should your base sync be from, releases?17:29
charlie-tcaI don't know that there is any advantage of zsync vs downloading for final images of anything. If you have an image, there is no need to zsync it, and if you don't have it, zsync won't work anyway.17:29
charlie-tcalucid point releases are tested from http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lucid/17:29
KE1HAwell, yes and no, if you dont ahve it, and it's there, it will download it.17:29
charlie-tcaIf you are maintaining all the images, and it zsyncs, it will replace the current image you have, won't it?17:30
KE1HAif it's in the same dir, yes, but if you create dir's for the point it wont.17:30
KE1HAit also depends on the ISO name.17:31
charlie-tcathey maintain the same names17:31
KE1HAlike, you could zsync 10.04.iso then, merely move it to 10.04.1 and zsync for a lot less bandwidth usage, but with mv, you'd loose 10.04 base ISO17:31
charlie-tcanot much point in moving it if you are going to replace it anyway17:32
KE1HAso to keep both, 10.04.0 merely cp ./10.04.0 to ./10.04.1 and zsync that image.17:32
KE1HAI suppose it all depends on how many ISO's one wants to keep on hand :-)17:33
charlie-tcabut you don't start with .017:33
KE1HArr on no .0 it's merely 10.0417:33
charlie-tcathe first release is 10.04, then we start adding points17:33
charlie-tcaYes, and each one takes a lot of space17:34
charlie-tcaI maintain all the active server, ubuntu, and xubuntu images17:34
charlie-tcaand sometimes, I also add in mythbuntu and studio for testing17:34
KE1HAthis is al a mute point for non-point releases, which was what I was after, figuring out how dev operates, v.s. LTS point release.17:34
KE1HAcharlie-tca:  your gonna  like what Im working on :-)17:35
charlie-tcaI rsync, since my machines are old and slow17:35
KE1HAit's not ready for prime-time, but can send you a pre-alfa to ahve a look see.17:36
KE1HAcan I send a file through here, or is it better to e-mail ?17:39
KE1HAok, sent it too you. Several of the funcitons areant ready yet, and of cource the docs are finished.17:48
KE1HAopps docs are not finished.17:48
charlie-tcaI will look at it17:48
KE1HAits' optimised for a terminal windos size of 130x25 or so.17:49
KE1HAI just finished the Selection Function: Main >> Configure >> View List .. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu config screens are working, haven't codded EDubuntu yet. Zync is what Im working on still so it's not codded yet.17:52
KE1HAcharlie-tca:  also on the Config Menu >> Configure Options is borked still, that's why I was asking about point releases.17:55
KE1HAwhen it's done, all ya gotta do is select what ISO's ya want, and away it goes, or that's the theory any way :-)  You may want to comment on how easy it is to see the menu's, I tried to use High-Contrast coloring.17:58
charlie-tcaum, it will be a few minutes before I run it17:58
KE1HAno worries.17:59
KE1HAcharlie-tca:  sent you an updated version with some functions disabled and error handling, that way you dont get the trapped error [1] status / shutdowns.19:45
charlie-tcamr_pouit, umm, gnumeric in its present is unusable in Maverick20:02
charlie-tcaYou can not enter relative cell addresses, every time you need to enter data in a new cell, you must point and click that cell with the mouse, pointing a t a cell with data in it erases the entry20:03
charlie-tcaand, it zips the file when saving, instead of saving in gnumeric file format20:06
charlie-tcamr_pouit: Is this going to be fixable? 20:28
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: I don't understand/can't reproduce the first issue20:32
mr_pouitand afaik, gnumeric file format is gzipped20:32
charlie-tcabut the saved format won't open unless I change name from ???.zip to ???.gnumeric20:33
charlie-tcagreat... When I am entering data, I can not use the keyboard at all to move from the cell when the data is entered. I also can not use keyboard to copy/paste data20:34
mr_pouitmmh, it saves as .gnumeric here :/20:35
mr_pouitand for the other bug, could you give me a simple test case?20:36
charlie-tcaMaverick? maybe it is something to do with updates aren't quite the same as the new installation?20:36
charlie-tcaIf I enter =sum(A1,B1) and copy it, the cell references do not change20:37
mr_pouitmmh, works here too, if I copy it, it'll set the new one to e.g. sum(B1;C1)20:39
charlie-tcaWell, when the bug reports come in after release, they will be valid, anyway.20:40
mr_pouityou should try with a new profile, to see if it's reproducible20:40
charlie-tcaAs soon as I can get this spreadsheet finished. I had to install OO.o to get a usable app20:41

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