Craigwdy2kWell: I have some great news: I just tried the AMD64 Xubuntu Alternate Installer 10.10 Beta 1 LiveCD & this time I ended up with an actual AMD64 distro.  It appears to work fine except for the Bluetooth icon that was present before is mysteriously missing...00:30
emveewhat version did you install before craig?00:31
Craigwdy2ki386 Xubuntu 10.10 Beta 1.  I tried both of the GUI based AMD64 Installers for Xubuntu (i.e. 10.04 & 10.10 Beta 1) but they wouldn't boot this particular PC laptop without issues...00:36
Craigwdy2kStrange considering I had no issues booting previously from both the AMD64 Kubuntu 10.04 & 10.10 Alpha 3 DVDs...00:38
Craigwdy2kThe Kubuntu 10.04 DVD even offered to fix my broken Windows XP Pro. SP 3 install when I mistakenly ran it in LiveDVD mode...00:40
Craigwdy2kIt felt as thought I had just burned two defective LiveCDs in a row or the CRC MD5SUMs didn't match whatever they should've been...00:43
Craigwdy2kThis PC Laptop's optical drive has been acting quite strangely lately though: it can play the Animusic Special Edition Dual Layer DVD in VLC 1.0.5 under Windows 7 x64 but yet it seemed to have trouble playing the Animusic 2 Dual Layer DVD despite my upgrading the optical drive's firmware to RPC-II first too...00:47
Craigwdy2kShould I consider replacing the optical drive...?  I can't even update it due to various issues like not knowing if my Windows XP Pro. SP 3 install will run right under WINE (an unofficial Patch for Windows XP previously caused it to get stuck in a infinite reboot loop...).00:50
Craigwdy2kThe firmware updater is Windows based: the laptop's optical drive is a LG GSA-T20L (a LG GSA-T50L in OEM clothing...)...00:54
Craigwdy2kI also need to find a way to make the invisible .wine folder in my User Directory visible so I can load the firmware file into MediaCodeSpeedEdit for RPC-II patching...00:59
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier01:00
Craigwdy2kStrange: that page doesn't even mention the existence of invisible folders in your Home Directory...01:02
subspiderCraigwdy2k, you want to chage propeties of folder right ??01:03
subspiderfrom hidden to show01:03
Craigwdy2kThe firmware files get unpacked into either the NTFS partition or the virtual C Drive but I'm not sure since I have no experience at all with using WINE with a real install of Windows...01:05
subspiderwine is to emulate some windows programs01:06
subspidernot all01:06
subspideris not vmware01:07
subspider.wine is folder with wine confis01:07
subspidervirtual c drive is just a folder01:07
subspiderso no ntfs01:08
Craigwdy2kYes: if they got unpacked into that .wine folder I might be able to manipulate the firmware file...  The other option would be to use Universal Extractor to force unpack the InstallShield packed Installer...01:08
subspiderif run installer normally he install on virtual c but you can run the program on NTFS partition if it is already installed on a windows partition01:10
subspiderto show the hidden file just press ctrl + h01:11
subspiderto have the folder viewble just take the . out01:12
subspiderimagine if i create folder ".lol" is hdden01:13
subspiderbut folder "lol" is not hidden01:13
subspiderhope i answered you question Craigwdy2k01:14
Craigwdy2kThe other issue is I can't get NTFS-3G to mount my FireWire External 80 GB LaCie Hard Drive...  I'd love to have access to all of my Downloads & Documents...  If I could convince NTFS-3G to mount my real C Drive or my External Hard Drive I would be able to get actual work done in Linux.  I had this very same issue in Kubuntu 10.04 & Fedora Core 13...01:14
subspiderso actually your issue is mounting drives??01:16
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:16
Craigwdy2kYeah: they refuse to mount properly: somebody in #kubuntu claimed it was just X being dumb...  I don't know if that's it or if my particular FireWire chipset has Linux compatibility issues or what the deal is...01:17
Craigwdy2kThis makes me wonder if I could mount the XP Pro SP 3 partition by editing /etc/fstab...: I keep seeing it in the GRUB boot-up menu but both KDE 4 & XCFE refuse to automount it correctly...01:20
subspiderlet me see you want to mount windows partitions01:23
subspideron same disk01:23
subspiderCraigwdy2k, are u suing xubuntu01:24
subspidersudo apt-get install ntfs-config01:25
Craigwdy2kYes: These hardware related issues keep making my wonder if there's an XFCE equivalent for KInfoCenter too...01:25
subspiderCraigwdy2k,  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountwindowsfstab01:26
subspidernormally i use that and it works grate since i shutdown my windows well01:26
subspiderif you want to use kde services on xfce you can01:27
subspiderAplications > defenitions > mager xfce >session > advanced >01:28
subspiderand check initiate KDE services on start01:29
subspiderhow to include path plz someone help01:35
Craigwdy2kI just checked that definitions Menu doesn't exist...: maybe we're running different versions of XFCE...01:44
Craigwdy2kSubspider: I just checked that definitions Menu doesn't exist...: maybe we're running different versions of XFCE...01:47
subspiderare you using xubuntu01:48
subspideryou must have it01:49
subspidermy menu is in other language01:51
subspidergo to application01:51
subspiderxfce 4 defentions manager01:52
subspiderCraigwdy2k, did you found it01:53
Craigwdy2kNo.  Subspider: I would think it would naturally be under either the Settings or Accessories Menus but it isn't in either of them...01:54
subspiderok i will take print screen01:54
subspiderCraigwdy2k, if you click ok applications the second options form up to down can you tell me what is it??02:04
Craigwdy2kIt's Accessories Subspider; I also just found this interesting bugs report page: http://bit.ly/aqeabN.  This is not looking too good for me at all...02:07
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subspideri think i can't help you Craigwdy2k02:11
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Ekusheywhat is the minimum hardware requirements for xubuntu?04:02
Ekusheywill it run on a 500 MHz machine?04:02
likemindeadYes, Ekushey.04:10
likemindeadRAM is more important.04:10
likemindeadHow much do you have?04:10
Ekusheylikemindead 256 MB04:16
EkusheyI hope the CPU clock speed will not be a big problem?04:17
likemindeadIf you can bump the RAM up to at least 512 it'll be okay.04:17
Ekusheyshould I try the alternate installer CD then, likemindead?04:18
likemindeadYeah, you can. It will install. Just don't expect too much. Firefox will be sluggish and no YouTube, etc.04:19
Ekusheyno youtube? can't I install flash plugin on xubuntu?04:20
Ekusheyor is that youtube doesn't work on PCs with low memory?04:20
likemindeadRight, not enough memory. It'll be choppy at best.04:22
Ekusheyoh ok, let me at least try :)04:23
Ekusheythanks for talking to me, likemindead04:23
likemindeadSure thing.04:24
Ekusheyoh one more question likemindead: the installation process, is it GUI based, or text based?04:28
likemindeadI haven't used an Alternate CD in a couple of years...04:29
Ekusheywhat about the standard one?04:29
likemindeadYes, the regular Xubuntu install has a lovely GUI.04:30
Ekusheythat's great :)  thanks again04:30
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changbinghello, I am using xubuntu 10.10 alpha 3, it is wonderful. but I can not play video clip in firefox browser,what shall I do now?14:53
changbingneither can I play audio clip with firefox browser. I confirm that the soundcard driver is properly installed since I can play music with VLC.14:55
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+115:05
knomeskit-lasse, i don't know if it's a script saying 'hi' every time you join or just you, but could you please stop that script/habit? it makes people think there might be somebody needing support in the channel continuously. thanks.17:12
knomeskit-lasse, oops, sorry :)17:12
knomeslow-motion, see my message two lines ago17:12
knomeskit-lasse, anyway, maybe try rethinkin your nick, i don't really think it's so nice...17:12
skit-lassei know17:42
skit-lassebut i have been using it now quite many years, and i think that only scandidavian people will understand it17:43
skit-lassebut anyhow, i donät know why i even still hang in this channel17:43
knomeskit-lasse, there is lots of scandinavian people here, and it's not really about majorities or minorities17:45
skit-lasseyou are right17:46
skit-lassei have actually thinking altering my nick17:46
skit-lassei have one in my mind already17:46
knomeskit-lasse, okay, thanks :)17:47
xubuntu653hi all18:49
likemindead!hi | xubuntu65318:50
ubottuxubuntu653: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!18:50
gverigStupid question... For laptop OS, desktop, primary machine, developer (java/C++/other), some browsing and what not- what do you think is better between [XK]*ubuntu22:42
charlie-tcaXubuntu, of course22:46
charlie-tcaHow much RAM, what speed CPU, etc?22:46
gverigcharlie-tca: core i5, 8G ram, SSD drive, decent graphics22:54
gverigProbably multimonitor setup while in the doc22:54
Sysigverig: there's only one true anver to that, and you should know it22:55
gverigcharlie-tca: Funnly, #ubuntu says Gnome FTW... it's almost like vested interest ;)22:55
Sysiwhat even you like the most22:55
gverigBut I'd like reasoning, if possible )22:55
charlie-tcaWon't make any difference, will it?22:55
charlie-tcapersonal choice22:55
Sysiif you got hdd, get al three desktops22:55
Sysi*ssd, space i mean22:56
gverigYeah... I am trying to save meself some time. I have tried both at different times and settled on Gnome. I guess I was wondering if anything has changed since then22:56
gverigSysi: I got it. It's more an issue of time rather than space. I don't want all 3 in the same partition (cause they tend to mess up menus and what not). And I'm not ready to spend a week trying them out (cause that's at least what it'll take).22:58
gverigI was looking for an easy ansewr and I guess there isn't one )22:58
charlie-tcaThe easy answer is dependent on the amount of RAM and the CPU. With your machine, there should be very little real difference23:01
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