coz_hey guys.... I am noticing on edubuntu/lucid  menus dont always refresh with newly installed applications...something I havent seen for a few years...there use to be a command similar to  update-menus  in the past ...is something like that still available?08:56
markitltsp, how prevent thin clients to blank screen after some minutes of inactivity? I've kubuntu and was not able to do, wondering how is done with gnome18:37
highvoltagemarkit: good question18:57
markithighvoltage: thanks, hope for a good answer ;)18:58
highvoltageheh :)18:58
highvoltagewell I think in gnome you'll use gconf to configure that, but there's nothing like that in kde18:59
highvoltageI think there is an lts.conf setting, not sure if it will work on kde, but if it doesn't, I guessyou could ask on #kubuntu18:59
markitwhat does gconf do? because kde has the possibility to have "global config" files, the ones I'm using right now18:59
highvoltagemarkit: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man5/lts.conf.5.html19:00
markitthe problem is that I can't understand where they will act...19:00
markitI mean,the program is run on the server19:00
highvoltageon that page, it describes a setting for X_BLANKING19:00
markitlet me check19:00
highvoltagenot sure if that will do what you want19:00
highvoltageyeah, I guess if that blanking you're getting is kde-specific, then someone on #kubuntu would most likely be able to help you19:01
highvoltageI just haven't used KDE in a long time19:01
markit#kubuntu people don't use ltsp, seems19:02
markitand #ltsp say "use gnome"19:02
markitbut I don't understand how the config is intended to work, being gnome or kde19:03
highvoltagemarkit: if it's kde blanking the screen, then it probably wouldn't matter if you use ltsp or not19:04
highvoltagejust ask how you'd do it on a local machine and do it the same on your ltsp server, it should work19:05
markitthis is the problem19:05
markitI can do in local machine with systemsettings "power saving" features19:05
markitbut once I login as client, I've not available the same way19:05
markitand in any case seem they do no difference19:05
markiteven if I copy config files19:06
markitthat's why I ask how is it done in gnome19:06
markitbecause, in any case, gconf works on SERVER config files19:07
markitwhile ltsp is just a X-Window server19:07
markitso those config should not affect the client19:07
highvoltagemarkit: are you running anything as local apps? if not, it should really work the same. did you try the lts.conf setting?19:28
stgraberogra: ping23:45

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