Riddellnew kpackagekit in ~jr PPA, please test00:18
RiddellScottK: sorry no time for that kde rev 1176110 tonight, maybe tomorrow night00:18
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1176110&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 1176110 | Disable Lanczos filter while moving windows in present windows. Thanks to the movement the change of quality is hardly visible.00:18
persiaRiddell, Are you really working on bug #635888?  I have a quick patch to disable kate support, unless you are in the middle of something complicated.00:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 635888 in vorbis-tools (Ubuntu Maverick) "vorbis-tools (main) build-depens on libkate-dev (universe)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63588800:39
danttiRiddell: did you added the packagekit patches?00:56
rbelemg'night folks00:58
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ScottKpersia: vorbis tools has been fixed.01:53
lex79ScottK: I pushed that "Disable Lanczos filter" patch in bzr02:06
lex79testbuilding now02:06
ScottKlex79: Cool.02:06
lex79go to bed, see you tomorrow ;)02:06
ScottKSee you tomorrow.  Thanks.02:06
ScottKWe should see if mgraesslin has anything for us on blacklisting tomorrow before uploading.02:07
lex79you're welcome, ok we will see.02:07
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jussi01yay. my Maverick doesnt start :(09:02
jussi01I get a lovely little x reconfig box, and no input... no mouse,keyboard etc. Recovery mode doesnt boot either...09:06
Riddellpersia: I have no involvement in bug 635888, I think doko is confusing kate the text editor with kate the codec09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 635888 in vorbis-tools (Ubuntu Maverick) "vorbis-tools (main) build-depens on libkate-dev (universe)" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63588809:23
persiaI think you're correct.  I also think that asac closed the wrong bug when he uploaded the same patch that I prepared (not seeing the bug against libkate, even though searching)09:26
persiaSorry to bother you about it.09:26
Riddelldantti_work: what patches are needed against packagekit?09:26
* persia wishes harder it didn't take > 6 hours for koffice to fail to build :(09:34
apacheloggerpersia: drop to shell and continue fixes with -nc builds09:35
persiaapachelogger, Works sometimes, not others.  When I change definitions of private members of classes, it's not always the case that things using that are recompiled properly.  -nc works for most changes though.09:36
persiaPlus -nc still takes ~30 minutes to get back to where I was for the last failure.09:37
apacheloggerbetter than 6 hrs :P09:37
apacheloggeralso changing anything in a file should make cmake redo the target IIRC09:37
persiaWhat would it take to split the package up?  Would that improve life in any contexts other than trying to port it on hardware that doesn't meet minimum requirements for Ubutnu?09:38
apacheloggerotherwise there is a bug in ko's cmakelists too ^^09:38
apacheloggerpersia: I do not think it would be of much use other than the porting case09:38
persiaThen there's a bug in the lists somehow: I've had at least two cases where I couldn't figure out what the FTBFS was complaining about, and retrying it post-clean allowed the build to move past that point09:38
apacheloggerif it FTBFS usually i is a missing file or so which can be fixed using -nc09:39
persiaIt was after krita built, when dealing with some krita plugins09:39
apacheloggeroh oh oh09:39
apacheloggerinline functions maybe?09:39
apacheloggerinline is about the most stupid thing in the world anyway09:39
* persia isn't really looking at syntax09:39
apacheloggerwell, if you change an inline implemented function only those objects in the target of the changed file would get the new function the others will most likely not get rebuilt and there you have your build failure :S09:40
* apachelogger is wondering how the educated user debus rekonq javascript foo09:40
persiaThat's probably it then.09:41
valoriethe educated user switches back to Konqueror09:42
apacheloggerthat is what those evil developers are supposed to do09:44
apacheloggerbut they arent listening to me09:44
valoriethe stubborn stay with it, I suppose09:45
valoriebut I'm not quite stubborn enough09:45
apacheloggernow rekonq lost them scrollbars :O09:45
apacheloggerholy smokes09:45
valorielost them all the time for me09:45
apacheloggerthat makes google 100% more useless ^^09:45
valorieuntil I couldn't stand it one more minute09:45
apacheloggeryou go to the settings menu09:49
apacheloggerthere you select web dev tools09:49
apacheloggerthere you choose selector or whatever it is called in english09:50
apacheloggerthere you go to the resources tab09:50
apacheloggerwhere you will get a couple of subtabs09:50
apacheloggeramongst which is XHR (XML HTTP REQUEST)09:50
apacheloggerand there you can track the xhrs09:50
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: so what do I do with the workspace improvement?10:15
apacheloggerwhere is sput? :O10:46
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ScottKapachelogger: It seems rather late in the game to be introducing such a change.  Also do we know who owns kubuntu-art.org?  I think adding an external third part like that would take some careful research (which you may have already done).12:25
CIA-116[muon] coles * 1176715 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/libmuon/ (DetailsTabs/DependsTab.cpp StatusWidget.cpp) Proof-reading: - dependants -> dependents - added plural form usage for one message12:53
apacheloggerScottK: kubuntu-art.org is, just like kde-look.org and open-desktop.org, which makes me and Nightrose ediors on kubuntu-art.org13:08
apacheloggerthe change itself does nothing more than add the content listing of the kubuntu wallpaper section to the list of possible wallpapers13:09
apacheloggerfrom the system's POV it is not even external since it draws the possible categories via http://download.kde.org/ocs/providers.xml  pointing at https://api.opendesktop.org/v1/ using the api defined at http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/open-collaboration-services#categories to https://api.opendesktop.org//v1/content/categories which as we can see actually gives us access to every category available on any opendesktop site (such13:12
apachelogger as kde-look, kde-apps, kde-files, gnome-look, xfce-look...)13:12
apacheloggerScottK: also, that feature was requested by sheytan otherwise I wouldn't have thought about that to begin with ;)13:17
shadeslayersomeone ought to fix kubuntu.org13:19
shadeslayerit says OK when you first visit the site13:20
shadeslayerryanakca: ^13:20
SputSput is here13:20
shadeslayerbah...sorry for that13:23
apacheloggerSput: server clock seems out of sync13:29
apacheloggeralmost 5 minutes ahead of me13:29
Sputah yes, I meant to fix that13:29
Sputstupid KVM13:29
apacheloggercronjob ;)13:29
shadeslayerapachelogger: we need something like http://ivan.fomentgroup.org/blog/2010/09/18/stripes-arch/ as our default wallpaper :P13:30
shadeslayersheytan: ^^13:30
* apachelogger had a suse vm on an ESX that constantly ran out of sync because the ESX had a bloody old 2.4 kernel13:30
apacheloggercronjob fixed this nicely ^^13:30
sheytanshadeslayer you mean the page?13:30
shadeslayersheytan: i mean the wallpaper13:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: why do we?13:30
SputI even have ntpd running on that box13:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: because we seriously need branding 13:31
shadeslayersomething i personally want in 11.0413:31
apacheloggerSput: cron is supreme13:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: just the wallpaper.... nothing else is required in terms of branding13:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: talk to nuno13:31
shadeslayeri shall13:32
apacheloggerif anything then we need KDE default with kubuntu branding13:32
apacheloggerand quite frankly I do not know what that would look like besides having the logo somewhere13:32
apacheloggerwhich I find super useless btw13:32
apacheloggerI do not want a flipping logo on my wallpaper13:32
apacheloggerI also do not stick wallpapers with logos onto my real wall13:33
shadeslayernot the point...really13:33
apacheloggervery much really13:33
apacheloggerlogos distrube the artwork13:33
shadeslayerthe point is that the user identifies with what s/he is using13:33
shadeslayersort of feels homely :P13:34
apacheloggerand that is archived by sticking a logo onto the default wallpaper? :O13:34
apacheloggeryou bun too and osx must have bad design teams really13:34
apacheloggerand yet the former one is so vocal that it consumes the planet all and entirely ^^13:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: no i mean we should really ship out a good wallpaper, ethias is foobar13:35
apacheloggerwhat does that have to do with branding then?13:35
apacheloggeralso, tell nuno to make a better one13:35
shadeslayerthe first thing i do after installing kubuntu is to install kdewallapers and change to Emotion13:35
* apachelogger would like something vibrant personally13:35
apacheloggerdefault KDE is very cold IMHO13:36
apacheloggerthough that probably comes naturually with blue and white colors13:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: i meant that a good wallpaper + some sort of branding on the desktop ( as minimal it might be ) works13:36
apacheloggerwell nuno will surely take care of former :P13:36
shadeslayeri have already pinged him :>13:37
shadeslayer_wth is happening 0_o13:41
sheytanHey guys13:59
sheytanyou should know this13:59
sheytanmine PC is connected with wifi and i want to share that network to laptop via eth, how can i do this?13:59
shadeslayer_sheytan: you mean theres no wifi on the laptop?14:01
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sheytanshadeslayer it is, but no drivers installed ;)14:01
shadeslayersheytan: broadcom cards? :D14:02
sheytanshadeslayer yes, Can you help me with the sharing? :D14:02
shadeslayersheytan: actually broadcom released their open source drivers, maybe they have the debs somewhere... lemme see14:02
sheytanshadeslayer it's kubuntu 9.1014:03
sheytana bit old14:03
sheytanbut i will install 10.04 today14:03
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shadeslayersheytan: no idea... ive never done it14:07
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shadeslayerlex79: pokey14:22
shadeslayerlex79: <HaDAk> after updating the network manager plasma widget, i haven't been able to connect to any wireless networks. the widget no longer shows networks in range, and wicd-curses won't let me connect either. sudo iwlist scan does show the available networks, though.14:22
shadeslayerthats from #ubuntu+114:24
shadeslayerScottK: we have a problem in nm plasmoid14:52
shadeslayerits fixed in svn14:52
shadeslayerthe issue is that it wont show wireless networks14:53
sheytanshadeslayer have you found the debs? :)14:59
shadeslayersheytan: no :(14:59
shadeslayercouldnt find any14:59
sheytanshadeslayer no problem, i'll connect it to my router :D14:59
sheytanbut it's downstairs :D14:59
shadeslayersvn diff here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/495902/15:00
shadeslayerill brb15:01
debfxthe nm-plasmoid works fine for me15:08
shadeslayerdebfx: works for me after a reboot too15:08
debfxshadeslayer: that diff contains only translations15:09
shadeslayerdebfx: yes.. thats what i noticed .. 15:13
shadeslayerseems it works after a reboot15:14
shadeslayerdidnt work on one particular boot... which is weird15:14
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shadeslayerSput: did jeffrai tell you if he was disconnecting the core?15:40
ScottKHello lex79.15:55
lex79shadeslayer: so nm-plasmoid works?15:56
shadeslayerlex79: not for a few users on #ubuntu+115:57
ScottKmgraesslin: Did you have a chance to look at the swrast blacklist question.15:57
ScottKWorking here.15:57
ScottK(NM plasmoid that is)15:57
shadeslayerWorks for me too after a reboot ..15:57
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shadeslayer^ lolwhut16:03
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mgraesslinScottK: I have not yet done anything for KWin today16:26
mgraesslinbut it's the first item on my todo list :-P16:26
jussi01Hrm, can we put colored nicknames on by default in quassel please? it would be nice...16:32
jussi01also, anyone know how to update your machine from the live cd_16:32
shadeslayerjussi01: live CD or USB?16:33
jussi01live cd16:33
shadeslayerjussi01: you could run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, but it wont change the contents of the CD16:33
shadeslayermaco: btw you live in NYC right?16:34
jussi01shadeslayer: no, I want to update my installation on the HDD <(16:34
macoshadeslayer: no16:34
shadeslayerjussi01: just chroot into it?16:34
shadeslayermaco: oh... ok...16:34
jussi01shadeslayer: just...?16:34
shadeslayeranyone else who does?16:34
shadeslayerjussi01: one sec16:34
shadeslayerjussi01: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD16:35
shadeslayerfollow the chroot instructions16:35
macoshadeslayer: shtylman is in nyc16:36
shadeslayerand then you get the bash of your installed system... with root access16:36
shadeslayermaco: oh.. thanks :) ...16:36
macojussi01: need alternate cd for that16:36
macojussi01: assuming your goal is to use the packages that are on the cd, not download new ones16:37
shadeslayerjussi01: erm.. dude.. you want to upgrade to 10.10 ?16:37
macolivecd doesnt have many debs. it just plops down an image. alt cd actually uses debs16:37
shadeslayermaco: i might have a 8-9  hour transit in NYC on my trip to orlando.. thats why i asked ;)16:37
maconigelb is apparently flying through my local airport16:38
shadeslayermaco: do you know his route?16:38
shadeslayeri didnt ask him...16:38
macodoha -> iad -> orlando16:39
shadeslayerhmm.. mine is New Delhi -> NYC -> Orlando... thats the easiest route i can find, the other one goes through frankfurt16:39
jussi01shadeslayer: maco, no, Ive a broken install, that I think will be fixed with a package update. I need to action that16:40
macoahhh ok16:40
shadeslayerjussi01: chroot then16:40
jussi01shadeslayer: so how is that acheived_16:40
shadeslayeri just showed you the wiki entry :)16:40
macojussi01: mount the drive "sudo chroot /mountpoint"16:40
shadeslayerjust follow the steps here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD16:40
jussi01oh, hehe16:40
macojussi01: and then you haz root16:40
shadeslayermaco: you need to mount sys and proc too16:41
shadeslayerand /dev as well16:41
macowell....sometimes. for grub definitely16:41
* shadeslayer doesnt take chances with chroots 16:41
jussi01complicated, as Ive a /home also16:43
macodont need home to do a package insall16:44
* shadeslayer tries making a zsync GUI16:45
jussi01ooh, happening now >(16:45
jussi01shadeslayer: thanks very much!16:45
shadeslayerno problemo16:46
jussi01shadeslayer: heres the reason why my machine dont boot... heheh http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/495949/16:48
jussi01interupted upgrades ftw16:48
dasKreechwhere is the KDE stable releases policy kept?16:56
* jussi01 waits for the upgrade to finish and be able to go back to kde...16:58
nigelbshadeslayer: did you talk to travel agent?16:59
shadeslayernigelb: nope, im waiting for my passport first :)16:59
shadeslayeryou talked to the BTS one?16:59
* nigelb kicks shadeslayer 16:59
nigelbyep, BTS16:59
nigelbtickets are booked.16:59
nigelbemail, yes16:59
shadeslayerawesome... 16:59
shadeslayernigelb: i just checked the AI site.. 17:00
nigelbif you call them it take some time for them to understand you and you to understand them :P17:00
* jussi01 still doesnt know if he is going to uds...17:00
nigelbshadeslayer: He'll give you options.  YOu're supposed to chose the cheapest one.17:00
shadeslayerhehe.. ill email them .. 17:00
shadeslayernigelb: i know.. ill have a looksie17:00
shadeslayernigelb: you already have your passport and visa?17:00
* nigelb is really scared of visa.17:00
shadeslayerme too :P17:00
nigelbshadeslayer: I haz passport17:00
nigelbfilling up visa forms now17:01
shadeslayernigelb: everything is filled here :P17:01
nigelbshadeslayer: how did you do that without passport number?17:01
nigelbdude you should have applied for passport /before/ sponsorship17:01
shadeslayerpassport form will be submitted on monday, should arrive on friday17:01
nigelbah, tatkal17:01
shadeslayernigelb: your filling it online?17:01
nigelbshadeslayer: yep17:02
shadeslayerand i was refering to the passport form :P17:02
jussi01dasKreech: I would have expected it to be here, but at virst glance I dont see it... http://techbase.kde.org/Policies17:02
nigelbshadeslayer: I filled it online when I applied, yes17:02
nigelb(passport I mean)17:02
shadeslayeroh.. i might even get the passport in 2 days.. but im taking it to be friday17:03
shadeslayereverything should be done till 1st october i hope17:03
nigelbOnce the visa comes, I'll start believing that I'm going :p17:04
shadeslayernigelb: are you applying under emergency?17:04
nigelbshadeslayer: nah, why?17:04
nigelbther's plenty of time.17:04
shadeslayernigelb: oh.. that way you get your visa in 2 days :P17:05
shadeslayertheres a 21 day waiting period17:05
shadeslayerdidnt you know? :O17:05
nigelbshadeslayer: waiting for what?17:05
shadeslayerissuing of passport17:05
nigelbshadeslayer: not under tatal17:06
shadeslayerthat is a emergency visa :>17:06
shadeslayerIIRC tatkal is only for passports.... visa's are called emergency visa's17:06
nigelbshadeslayer: ok, you have now confused me more than enough17:07
nigelbwhat the heck has a 21 day waitin period? visa or passport?17:07
shadeslayerpassport has a waiting period of 3 weeks :P17:07
nigelb21 days is for issuance or vfor interview?17:08
nigelb(and which counsulate?)17:08
shadeslayer21 days for issuance... it comes after the 21 day waiting period17:09
nigelbisn't that the processing time?17:09
nigelbi mean is that called waiting period?17:09
nigelbbecause it changes from consulate to consulate17:09
shadeslayerthats what dad told me :P ... that your visa comes after 21 days.. lemme double check17:09
nigelbum, no17:10
* nigelb is in mpanic mode thanks to you17:10
nigelbshadeslayer: I swaear, I'll kick you at UDS17:10
shadeslayernigelb: :P17:15
nigelbshadeslayer: dude, now you scare me.  I'm now reading of administrative processing17:15
shadeslayernigelb: my dad told me to look at the website.. hes smirking :D17:15
shadeslayerim scared as shit as well...17:16
shadeslayernigelb: we will be under Buisness and Tourism right>17:17
nigelbI see this17:17
nigelbTypical Wait Time (Workdays**) for a Nonimmigrant Visa To Be Processed****: 2 Days17:17
shadeslayernigelb: Apply Early! Although the vast majority of visas are delivered in a week or less, a small number of applications require administrative processing. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received your visa.17:18
nigelbnow what do I do :x17:18
shadeslayernigelb: thats from the new delhi embassy17:18
nigelbshadeslayer: My only choice now is to call up the consulate on monday :x17:19
nigelbshadeslayer: But, you're still getting kicked. 17:19
shadeslayerwhy? :P17:19
macoshadeslayer: 21 days IS 3 weeks!17:19
macoor are indian weeks 8 days?17:19
lex79shadeslayer: can you see if power management works in system settings in your installation?17:20
shadeslayerlex79: power management as in?17:20
macodid you ever read the book The Enchantress of Florence?17:20
shadeslayermaco: ive heard of it17:21
lex79shadeslayer: just click on power m. in system settings17:21
shadeslayerSalman Rushdie ...17:21
shadeslayerlex79: works for me17:21
macothe american tries to convince the mughal emperor that time works differently in the new world because being new it hasnt settled yet, and THAT is how his mother lived 120 indian years17:21
shadeslayernigelb: http://newdelhi.usembassy.gov/applyingmain/interviews-and-appointments.html17:22
shadeslayerunder emergency appointment17:22
nigelbshadeslayer: I still think ours isn't emergency17:23
nigelbemergency is in the case of death and you're traveling for funeral or something like that17:23
* shadeslayer goes looking all over the site17:25
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shadeslayernigelb: which tracks are you planning to attend?17:31
nigelbshadeslayer: community + QA track for sure17:31
nigelbthat's the ones I attended last time too.17:32
shadeslayeryouve been to UDS before? :D17:32
nigelbthere's really good infracture for remote participation17:33
* nigelb had a good time last time17:33
shadeslayernigelb: btw in the email to BTS, you just mentioned destination and origin right?17:33
nigelbshadeslayer: Just mail him, he'll reply with a form17:34
nigelbhola nixternal 17:34
* shadeslayer waves to nixternal17:34
shadeslayernigelb: done..17:34
nigelbnixternal: did you sort your problems with godaddy?17:34
nixternalyeah, they were pretty good actually...I told them their panel and their shell config sucks and they listened17:35
nigelbshadeslayer: My summary of day from last time http://justanothertriager.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/uds-m-day-1-overview/17:35
nixternalnow if they do anything remains to be seens17:35
nigelbnixternal: wow17:35
nigelbnixternal: we wanted them to put in a new person of php, just a minor revision and they refused to do it :x17:35
nixternali would like to know how in the hell they are worth $1 billion17:36
nigelbnixternal: haha17:37
nigelbshadeslayer: did you the diary milk silk ad?17:37
lex79shadeslayer: do you have the latest libbluedevil installed?17:39
lex79afiestas: the latest libbluedevil make kded crash, so power management and other kde services don't work17:41
lex79afiestas: do you have a patch for that? :)17:41
jussiyes!!! maverick works again!! :D17:46
shadeslayerlex79: yes17:49
* shadeslayer high fives jussi17:49
shadeslayernigelb: hehehe :P17:49
* jussi hi 5s shadeslayer17:49
* dasKreech so wants BlueTooth on his Motherboard so he can test bluedevil :(17:49
nigelbshadeslayer: haha, the form is very funny.  YOu'll get there17:52
shadeslayernigelb: erm whut? :)17:59
shadeslayeralso.. your wiki page is outdated :P17:59
* shadeslayer wonders who knows qt here17:59
shadeslayerand is free atm17:59
nigelbshadeslayer: the visa form, you'll get there18:00
nigelbI just finished my application18:00
shadeslayerohh.... 18:00
nigelbI'll apply for interview on monday \o/18:00
shadeslayernigelb: awesome...18:01
shadeslayertell me what they ask :P18:01
macomgraesslin: i didnt need to do things to kwinrc. alt+shift+f12 turned compositing back on. dont know why suspended desktop effects STAY suspended across reboots though18:01
nigelbstuff like, are you a member of a terrorist organization18:01
nigelbshadeslayer: ^^18:01
shadeslayernigelb: really? :D18:01
nigelbshadeslayer: yep, theres even more funnier ones18:01
mgraesslinmaco: failing selfchecks18:02
shadeslayernigelb: such as ?18:02
mgraesslinknown feature of recent drivers - started something like three/four months ago18:02
nigelbshadeslayer: Are you participating or do you intended to participate in prostitution after you enter the United STates of America :p18:02
shadeslayernigelb: rofl18:02
ari-tczeware there any russians?18:03
nigelbari-tczew: heh18:04
ari-tczewnigelb: are you a russian?18:04
nigelbari-tczew: No, Indian.18:04
nigelbshadeslayer: dude, we don't qualify for emergency visa for sure18:06
nigelbthe vfs shows the criteria for that.18:06
ari-tczewnigelb: I joined to #ubuntu-ru :P18:06
shadeslayerhmm... 18:06
dasKreechari-tczew: Looking for Russians?18:07
nigelb(unless canonical gives a letteer stating urgency of visa)18:07
ari-tczewdasKreech: yes! 18:07
dasKreechme too :) I've often wondered why I don't see more.18:07
shadeslayernigelb: ok.. but their site shows that your visa will be processed in 2 days? 18:07
dasKreech I'm meeting more of them on identi.ca now18:07
shadeslayerwe will know how long it takes in some days :>18:07
nigelbshadeslayer: yeah, if they don't need more processing18:07
shadeslayernigelb: aka "Your visa was rejected" :p18:08
* nigelb kicks shadeslayer 18:08
* shadeslayer uses qtcreator as shield18:09
* dasKreech breaks Qt with a Kommit18:09
shadeslayerdasKreech: it has the nokia power up.. no Kommit can break that :P18:13
mgraesslinScottK: svn rev 117678718:35
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=1176787&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 117678718:35
mgraesslinbut I am not considering backporting to 4.5 branch18:35
ScottKmgraesslin: Why not?18:36
Quintasanshadeslayer: did you ping me here?18:47
shadeslayerdid i? 18:48
shadeslayerdont think so18:48
* Quintasan finds backlog too short to find out who ping'd him18:48
QuintasanI feel like importing some kdestuff and packaging it18:48
QuintasanIs this good?18:48
ScottKlex79: Looks like http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/KDE/kdebase/workspace/kwin/scene_opengl.cpp?r1=1176787&r2=1176786&pathrev=1176787&view=patch is the other change we want to -workspace before we upload it again.18:50
ScottKIf you can take care of it, then I can accept it.18:50
Quintasanshadeslayer: do you know if maxb said anything about future imports? should I associate kdeedu import with neon or kdeedu project?18:52
mgraesslinScottK: because it's a change to the way it was before in 4.4. So it's not only fixing a regression and with default settings compositing won't be enabled with software rasterizer18:52
shadeslayerQuintasan: IIRC all upstream imports go to LP projects18:52
shadeslayerso id say new project for kdeedu :)18:53
Quintasanit is already imported18:53
ScottKThanks mgraesslin.18:53
lex79ScottK: I will add that patch then18:54
shadeslayerScottK: i still have a blocked kubuntu-desktop :S18:58
shadeslayermm.. manually removed and installed19:02
nigelbshadeslayer: http://gleez.com/articles/general/what-happens-if-inr-1-rs-usd-10019:23
shadeslayernigelb: lol19:25
ryanakcashadeslayer: That's outside of my control, I'll ask the sysadmins to do something about it20:41
shadeslayerryanakca: ok20:41
ryanakcaUs Kubuntu folks have little control over our website :/20:43
shadeslayerwe say that we are a community distro .. and we dont have control over our site :P20:44
lex79ScottK: have I to wait for swrast blacklist issue before upload -workspace?21:16
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
sheytanhow do i install AIT divers in kubuntu? :D21:33
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto21:38
sheytanthanks :)22:03
ScottKlex79: Yes.  Please.  That patch I showed you should be it though.22:08
ScottKI'm not sure what waiting is required?22:08
Malkavian_are there any chances for this bug to be fixed in the release version of maverick? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/63063222:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630632 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Maverick) "[i945GME] Kwin compositing fail on maverick" [High,New]22:10
Malkavian_it makes Kubuntu unusable22:11
Malkavian_although it is so beautiful.. :-)22:11
dasKreechJontheEchidna: ping 22:21
mgraesslinMalkavian_: there is an easy workaround: disable functionality checks22:27
Malkavian_I just did it 22:28
mgraesslinthe chance to get this problem fixed upstream increased, now two of my two systems are failing the selftest instead of one of one systems succeeding22:29
Malkavian_taskbar thumbnail show only a blank window22:29
mgraesslindriver bug22:29
mgraesslinyou can blacklist your driver for lanczos filter22:29
dasKreechryanakca: ping. What's the status of  kobby?22:50
Riddellapachelogger: what workspace improvement?23:19
dasKreechRiddell: ping Are the KDE Stable releases update policies hosted somewhere visible?23:20
RiddelldasKreech: there is no such thing23:20
dasKreechAh it's being formulated?23:21
Riddellsort of, I proposed it ages ago and some people moaned and I haven't found time to answer those moans23:23
persiaKrita has a sequence of assignments of the form "double foo = elt.attribute("foo", "0.0").toDouble();" in a few files.  These then get used to set values declared as qreal.  As qreal != double, I changed the type of the variables so that I didn't have to cast them in all the function calls.  Unfortunately, this means that I can't safely use .toDouble(), because I'm not assigning a double.  QString seems to have no member toQreal.  Any suggesti23:33
persiaons on how to proceed without waiting for upstream to make qreal == double?23:33
lex79ScottK: workspace uploaded23:37
rbelempersia, http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qtglobal.html#qreal-typedef23:48
persiaIndeed, which is why I ask the question :)23:48
lex79usualy I fix that issue with a cast23:48
lex79like here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-networkmanagement/0.9~svn1137272-0ubuntu223:49
rbelemi did not know about that23:49
persialex79, So, qreal foo = (qreal) "0.0".toDouble() ?23:49
persiaOh, yeah, I've been casting constants quite a bit, and fixing function definitions.  It's just the special lack of QString.toQreal() that I'm not sure about.23:50
lex79I only tryed to cast a costant23:51
lex79me too, I'm not sure23:51
lex79what about this ? double foo = qreal ("0.0").double()23:52
persiaProblem is that foo gets passed as qreal in N function calls.23:52
rbelempersia, typedef the qreal to double :-D23:53
persiaBut, yeah, I guess I'll go with qstring foo = "0.0"; qreal bar = (qreal) foo.toDouble()23:53
persiarbelem, I wanted to do that in July, and was told that upstream would probably do it in a new release, but that it would be very bad to switch without a new version because it would break ABI.23:54
rbelemi see23:54
rbelemi think that they will stay with qreal == float for arms23:55
rbelemthe docs says that they do that to be faster23:56
rbelemand qt4.7 is tagged23:56
persiaRight.  It would be a *new* release.  Probably 4.8 or 4.9.23:58
persiaOr maybe later.  Chicken-and-egg thing, based on FPU improvements in HW becoming available, etc.23:58
rbelemrsrsr :-)23:58

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