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chuckfhaving a major mental block here...how do I change the wallpaper in kubuntu 10.04?00:40
phonicHello fellow Kubuntu users00:40
James147 chuckf: many ways... right click desktop settings... drag and drop a picture...00:41
James147click the cachew > desktop settings...00:42
chuckfJames147: thanks, that got me there00:42
James147(might be configure desktop)00:42
chuckfI was looking under system settings00:42
James147chuckf: nah :) wallpapaers are per activity, so is easier to rightclick the one you want... also activities are under heavy development and dont have a system setting mudule yet00:43
phonicI have flash player issues... My Firefox browser plugins say no flash but kpacket and synaptic say its there.. please advise me on how to correct this00:44
* James147 grumbles at flash and firefox...00:45
chuckfJames147: good to know. thanks for the info00:45
James147phonic: does konquror find the flash plugin?00:46
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phonicPS flash works on most pages but will stall the browser when right clicking the embedded video except when on ytube page then flash works properly00:48
phonic I have flash player issues... My Firefox browser plugins say no flash but kpacket and synaptic say its there.. please advise me on how to correct this PS flash works on most pages but will stall the browser when right clicking the embedded video except when on ytube page then flash works properly00:49
James147... if flash is working they why does it matter if firefox does list it in its plugins?.. it clearly know about it if its using it00:50
James147phonic: and the flash crashing is a flash issue... they dont like to support linux as well as windows so we get stuck with a lesser version :( its never worked very well for me either00:52
phonicyes but some pages I visit, firefox says the version of firefox is older than 9.0.4 This is not the case as it is version 10.01++00:53
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phonicHere I thought IRC community help would be faster than Forums BOY am I wrong I'll wait a little longer and see if anyone responds to this slap????01:48
phonic I have flash player issues... My Firefox browser plugins say no flash but kpacket and synaptic say its there.. please advise me on how to correct this PS flash works on most pages but will stall the browser when right clicking the embedded video except when on ytube page then flash works properly01:49
bazhangphonic, 32 or 64 bit01:49
phonicthanks bazhang01:50
bazhangphonic, stall the browser? could you clarify please01:50
phonicI thought no one was gonna speak to me...01:50
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phonicOk when using flash to watch embeded videos and I am no longer interested in the video one should be able to right click over video and select "stop download" but my fire fox just hangs for hours unless I terminate the browser and start again....01:53
bazhangphonic, you wish to dl them?01:53
cfwhello all01:53
phonic.... also on one page firefox even says there is no flash installed and that the version is 9.0???? but the installed one IS 10.0.1 from the repositories01:54
FanfareQ: Is it possible to restrict a user to only use one windowmanager?01:54
bazhangphonic, could you answer my question? are you trying to dl them?01:55
Fanfarelike user guest is only allowed to use session xbmc.01:55
phonicNo not trying to download them01:55
phonicjust watch or stop01:55
bazhangphonic, stop download?01:55
phonicYes when one watches video online one is essentially streaming which flash call download....01:56
bazhangphonic, lots of extensions in FF? same problems with other browsers?01:57
phonicI thought the FF updates from the kubuntu repositories would be ok but the last ones obviously have stuffed up the browser....01:59
phonicSo are my options to unistall and reinstall???02:00
bazhangsounds like an adobe flash issue02:00
phonicWow do ya think!!!!02:03
bazhangphonic, pardon?02:03
bazhangphonic, are you using the 'square ' version?02:04
phonicThanks for the ride around the merry go round I'm going back to forums02:04
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melkorhello, in my launcher menu, the leave icon does not have the option to shutdown.  Can I change that?02:40
melkorIts odd that shutdown isn't a default option.  I either have to logout then shutdown or I have to use the terminal?02:46
FireCrotchIs there are particular service/process that has to be running in order for Dolphin to use ftp:// and fish://  protocols?02:51
claydohFireCrotch: not as far as I know - ftp no problem here, or sftp haven't used fish02:53
FireCrotchclaydoh: Thanks. I was just curious because ftp and fish are both broken on my Maverick machine right now02:54
claydohFireCrotch: my ftp and ssh are fine in maverick atm02:58
vbgunzdoes anybody have a problem with disqus comment powered sites? Both in konqueror and firefox the disqus box just takes over02:59
Xand3rhey, my laptop is too slow for HD videos is it possible to decode the full video and the watch it?03:00
WalzmynXand3r: look into handbrake03:03
JimiFioreWhere are the Pink Unicorn Ponies?03:06
Xand3rWalzmyn: thx03:07
claydohvbgunz: yes, it is aweful tho it doesn't seem to be as bad in Rekonq03:09
vbgunzclaydoh: I am so tired of it03:09
claydohI usually stay away from those sites, I wonder if it the sites' code? having it in both FF and Konq seems a bit odd03:10
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JooliaHi! I have a problem with tabbed windows in KDE 4.5.1. When I click a tabbed window the click sort of falls through to whatever is behind the window. The tabbed window is visible and movable, but not responsive. Anyone know what I'm talking about?03:20
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FloridaGuyis kde 4.5.0 ready yet....been useing it in other distro's05:13
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: 4.5.0 has been out for a while now in the kubuntu-backports ppa. 4.5.1 has even been available for a week or two05:14
FloridaGuyjmichaelx, how do i add kubuntu-backports ppa05:15
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: however, some have had problem with upgrading to 4.5.0. some have even drowngraded to 4.4.x again afterward05:15
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: do you ever look at the kubuntu website? all of this is right there.05:15
FloridaGuyjmichaelx, i wont be upgrading...im still ubuntu desktop...no kde yet05:16
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: ahh05:16
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: well, 10.10 will be out in another month or so, and 4.5.x will come with that05:17
FloridaGuydont want to wait05:18
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: like i said, you don't have to wait. it is all available right now. just add the kubuntu-backports ppa, and 'sudo apt-get update % sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'. all there is to it.05:20
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: sorry for the typo, that should be 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'05:20
DaveWMhow do i completely get rid of the kubuntu splash at startup, maybe at shutdown too?  i added "nosplash text" to grub kernel line,  but there's still a kubuntu thing that comes up short before the console login,  and sometimes it gets stuck on that screen05:24
DaveWMcant even switch to other vt's05:24
DaveWMi removed all the plymouth scripts from init.d as well05:25
DaveWMand uninstalled kdm05:25
FloridaGuyjmichaelx, im looking for the ppa repo right now05:27
FloridaGuyfound for 4.5.0...havent found 4.5.105:31
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: this is all the very first link at kubuntu.org. you should not have to be doing any looking around05:43
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FloridaGuyjmichaelx, i clicked on this...   Packages Available for KDE Platform, Plasma and Applications 4.5.1 .... then ..  Software Repository Guide  ... and added....  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main to repo...and it dident put 4.5.1..it gave me 4.5.006:00
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: that is the kubuntu-ppa. you also need the kubuntu backports ppa for 4.5.106:01
FloridaGuyjmichaelx, this is the only other thing i can find...   ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports06:02
jmichaelxFloridaGuy: you are losing me. that is what i just said you needed to add06:03
FloridaGuywhen its in that format like i just pasted that last..how do i add that one06:04
FloridaGuydo i add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports just like it is06:05
FloridaGuyi guess add it like that and it auto puts the http://ppa.luanchpad.net06:07
FloridaGuyjmichaelx, does kde have a kubuntu-minimal....like ubuntu...or is it just kubuntu-desktop06:10
FloridaGuynever mind ill install desktop...then purge gnome tomorrow06:14
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hlshahhi, I just started with kubuntu and clicked "remove permanently" rather than "remove" for certain packages in Synaptic package manager...Is there any way to reverse this or restore the default listing?07:31
okapi14Hi all, I have a system that hangigng at "loading Hardware", no other error. How can I find the faulty hardware?07:46
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alberthi everyone09:13
alberti've got maverick beta installed and update, but i can't get any sound of it09:13
albertit seems to be problem of lack of a driver for my soundcard in the kernel ( but in 10.04 everything worked perfectly)09:14
albertor a wrong configuration of alsa/pulse audio.09:14
albertkmix shows my some 'dummy output'09:14
albertwhen i backuped pulse configuration folder in /etc/ and removed it, then i had alsa output showable09:15
albertbut it didn't work.09:15
albertis anyone able to help me?09:15
Zvezdichko`can somebody tell me how I can kill a nick in use?09:18
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maitreyhi guys, question. How is the situation around ati drivers, did it improve a bit with 10.04? I have ati hd 4350.09:21
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tom__can i have a link to download Perl complete reference book....09:49
tom__i have tried different sites .... cannnot download from anywhere...09:49
tomdavidsonhi. setting up computer for my 5yr old with netbook workspace (10.4 w/ kubuntu backport). i want to edit the "main menu" widget  to sonly have the app launchers relevent for a toddler... any ideas?09:53
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jussi01tomdavidson: right click it, then click something like "edit menu"09:59
tomdavidsonhi jussi01: if i edit the search and launch settings i have a main menu option... but i can only enable/disable a small handfull of launchers... ie, something like gcompris is not an option10:02
jussi01tomdavidson: oh hang on, you are on netbook interface, I was thinking of the normal kde, sorry10:02
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tomdavidsonnp jussi01, thanks anyway... i might end up just disappling all/most and adding differnt widget. too bad becuase the effect and grid of the main menu is pretty sweet10:05
mime1111hello, anyone knows if there are any visualisations for amarok 2.3, thank you10:40
BajKis therer a way of making the failsafeX option in recovery start menu work?10:41
BajKbecause when starting failsafeX I end up in the menu that appears as well when X cannot detect graphics adapters "Ubuntu is running in low graphics mode blabla" and if I choose "run Ubuntu in low graphics mode for just one session" and press OK I end up back in the failsafe menu10:42
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_stroghello people, i wanted to know how to increase the screen resolution of the system. And when i talk of screen i mean the terminals at ALT+CTRL+F1... etc.11:31
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indcntHi, should I use kubuntu or kubuntu-mobile on an asus eee pc? What do you advise me?11:34
indcntor is plasma mobile desktop for mobile phones and smaller screens?11:35
indcnti found it here http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta11:36
phoenix__strog: you have to edit some settings in grub11:36
phoenix__strog: locate the line "set gfxmode=" in grub.cfg and change it with a compatable video resolution you like.11:39
phoenix__strog: backup the grub.cfg before you start.take care11:39
phoenix_indcnt:what version of kubuntu you want to install11:40
_strogphoenix:is it like in xorg.conf?11:41
phoenix__strog: like what?11:42
_strogis it like "800x600" for example? with the quotation?11:42
indcntphoenix_:  I dont know, im asking for advise. I wanted to try 10.10 but there are kubuntu, kubuntu-netbook and kubuntu-mobile11:44
phoenix__strog: example --> "1024x768x32,800x600x32,640x480x32,1024x768,800x600,640x480"11:44
phoenix_indcnt: for 10.04 use netbook remix, for 10.10 both netbook and desktop are integrated into 1 setup disk11:45
indcntphoenix but i just saw this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-netbook/daily-live/current/11:45
indcntit seems it is another version apart from the normal kubuntu one11:46
phoenix_indcnt: i would recommend 10.04 netbook remix or if you want to use 10.10 wait till october 2811:46
phoenix_indcnt: 10.10 is in beta stage , do you want to try it?11:47
indcntwell i will try 10.10 in a new partition but as I see there are 2 options I guess, normal and netbook avaliable for download11:47
phoenix_indcnt: use the one which you gave me now11:48
indcnti'll try11:48
indcntthanx phoenix_11:48
phoenix_indcnt: enjoy11:48
indcntmany time i dont use kubuntu11:48
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wer_Does kubuntu dvd contains packages12:05
wer_like build-esential etc ?12:06
Pliskinwer_ yes12:10
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wer_Pliskin: thanks12:15
aze_qulq'1  sait comment installé mozilla sur kubuntu 10.04 ??12:15
bazhang!fr | aze_12:16
ubottuaze_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:16
aze_ubottu : merci beaucoup!!12:17
Pliskinaze firefox installer12:17
Pliskindans le menu12:17
wer_Pliskin: would there be any diff in performance if I use 32 bit kubuntu on 64 bit PC12:19
Pliskinwer_, I can't help you with that but some say it's a good compromise12:27
wer_Pliskin: that'll do :)12:28
shadeslayer_wth is happening 0_o13:40
FloridaGuyruning kde 4.5.1....going thru package manager synaptic...see kwin 4.5.0...dont see kwin 4.5.1 so what is kde 4.5.1 useing13:42
shadeslayer_FloridaGuy: try : alt+f2 > kwin --replace13:42
FloridaGuyshadeslayer, dont need to replace....im asking if 4.5.1 is still useing kwin...sence i dident see it in package manager for 4.5.1...seen it in there for 4.5.013:44
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HaDAkis this where i can pose questions about the recent updates to KDE in the kubuntu 10.10 alpha/beta?14:16
bazhangHaDAk, #ubuntu+1 for that14:17
markithi, how can I assign a name to an activity?14:48
markitI've tried f2, double click, right click...14:48
^wizardhelloe anbody here?14:50
^wizardnobody here? :S14:52
^wizardcan anybody help: how can i make my laptop auto shutdown when it reaches some temp?14:54
odinsbanemorning.  Everytime I shut down, when I restart my screen resolutions are not setup correctly.14:54
odinsbaneAlso is there a backports with kde sc 4.5 for lucid.14:56
^wizardseems like nobody here14:58
fmagnoguys what is the oppen office channel ?14:59
odinsbaneok I found the backports for the newer kde.  I still dont know how to save my screen resolution settings.15:05
markitpeople here seem all asking help, no one able to provide instead :)15:20
v3nd3tta``uhm everyone should be able to provide help, if he knows about the topic the user asks for :)15:21
markitanyone recalls what effects have been activated by defoult in 4.5.x and were not in 4.4? Now, after upgrade, some pc crash after login15:21
markitone more question: anyone using kubuntu with ltsp?15:21
James147markit: I think its unlikly to be the desktop effects, they normally turn off if your computer cannot handel them15:22
James147markit: I suggest you try launching "startx" from a tty (after stopping kdm)15:23
James147and see what it says15:23
markitJames147: seems to me to remember that there are some problems with some hardware that tells kde "I can handle" but scrashes instead15:23
markitJames147: it's a ltsp client... I could try with a live though15:23
James147markit: either way, kwin would crash, not all of kde (at least I think thats what would happen)15:24
James147markit: try launching startx from a tty anyway, it should give you more information15:25
markitJames147: good idea, thanks, I'll fight with some other issues of kubuntu ltsp server now and then try it15:27
markitseems that using kde for ltsp is a sort of suicide, since is tested almosto with gnome and seems that kde people don't follow ltsp needs to make the system work smootly15:28
markitand is a pity, because GNU/Linux is multiuser, so everything should work smootly taking care of this important aspect too15:28
markitbtw, do you know also how to rename activities by chance ?15:29
markitI've tried d2, right click but nothing works15:29
James147markit: what kde version?15:29
markitbtw, 4.5.1 right click on the desktop has the option of recreate the default panel! I'm so happy for this15:29
James147right click > desktop settings > activity: "Name"15:30
James147markit: yup :) makes things allot simpiler... should also support creating your own designes... although you may need to know java script to do that :)15:31
markitJames147: I've debian here and kde 4.4.5,  but in my kubutu laptop I remember you click the "cashwhatever" (don't recall it's name)15:32
markitselect "add activity"15:32
markitthen a big pannel appears at the bottom with the default activity and the new one15:32
markitwith a strange icon like a "barcode"15:32
James147in kde 4.5.1 you name them in the desktop settings15:32
James147(create them that way though ^^)15:33
markitoh, no way to rename them in that stage? not nice15:33
markitthanks :)15:33
markitJames147: are you a developer ?15:33
James147markit: I am, not of kde though :)... (yet... maby)15:34
James147markit: as far as I know activities are under heavy development atm so you should see allot of chnages in the coming reales15:34
markitI've not fully understood them... and I get confused with multiple desktops15:35
markitwhat I miss for my productivity15:35
markitis a sort of "icon" that if I click runs multiple programs15:35
markiti.e. when I do ruby on rails developement15:36
markitI need a termina, netbeans, and some dolphin instances open in specific folders15:36
markitwhen I spend my time online I need konversation, firefox and iceweasel instead15:36
markitand so on15:36
markitwould love to be able to have activities with the "start related programs" icon15:37
markitdon't you think is a good idea? :)15:37
James147markit: I think actitivies might be what you want (not in their current state though) since what I heard was they plan to make it groups "tasks" (such as programs)15:37
v3nd3tta``yeah. i would use it 215:37
v3nd3tta``quassel, netradiant and amarok :P15:37
markitor at least the activity should have a "close activity" option, and recall their state (like kde does)15:38
v3nd3tta``or similar :D15:38
James147markit: and there are plans to make it start/stop applications in activities when you switch between them...15:38
* markit googles for netradiant15:38
James147although thats just what I heard :)15:38
v3nd3tta``uhm markit "Radiant" is a Program to create Game's Levels15:39
James147there are allot of plans for activites as far as I can gather, so I would expect them to change rapidly in thecomming releases, and expand allot more into more usefull functions15:39
markitv3nd3tta``: thanks :)15:39
v3nd3tta``here for quake 3 and mods :D15:39
v3nd3tta``even if the Game is 10 yrs old, it works like a charme15:40
markitJames147: maybe the problem is that is too easy to activate the activities, and not easy turn back or understand what you are doing15:40
markitso I'm very afraid of the usage students will do of them15:40
markitwell, back to my server problems :)15:41
markitI'm fighting whith trying  to provide sane defaults15:41
markitfor all the students... but I have to manually modify config files15:41
markitat the level is not overriden by kubuntu defaults15:41
markita lot of "try and error" time waste so far15:41
markitalso complicated by the thing that if I ask for help in ltsp they tell me "use gnome instead" :)15:42
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markithow can I edit /etc/kderc so I can add my own "defaults" that override kubuntu ones (and survive kde update)?16:20
markitI've tried to add a line like:16:20
markitbut seems that I've got that now not mine nor kubuntu defaults are taken16:21
markitmaybe a url list with ":" separator?16:21
odinsbaneDoes kubuntu remember screen size/settings for anybody else here?  It seems like I might need to make the changes manually in my xorg.conf ?16:42
James147odinsbane: its a known bug I believe, (might want to file a bug report if there isnt one already), best way is to configure it in xorg, however you can use xrandr in a script and place that in kde Autostart folder16:46
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odinsbaneHow would I run krandrtray on startup?16:54
tsimpson!autostart | odinsbane16:55
ubottuodinsbane: Use the tool in System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Autostart to make programs automatically start in your KDE session. See !boot for managing which services start at boot time16:55
James147odinsbane: ^^ although normally it should be started at login anyway (most programs are by default)16:56
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melkorI like the look of kde, but having to redo my screen resolution every time I log in is to much.  Maybe Ill give it another try when that bug is fixed.17:08
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James147odinsbane: it shouldnt be to hard to set it up with xorg17:09
James147odinsbane: that way you should also get the right resalution in kdm17:10
odinsbaneI'm using gdm since I was just trying out kubuntu.17:10
James147is it at the right resalution?17:11
odinsbaneno, it doesn't really bother me though.17:11
odinsbaneI tried the kde desktop at work, on a faster computer and it was really smooth, on my laptop with multiple displays it wasn't so smooth.  Ill just stick to gnome for now.17:12
James147odinsbane: btw, what version of kde?17:13
theconartiston my laptop with multiple displays?17:13
odinsbaneI tried the default that comes with 10.04, and I tried the 4.5.1 from the backports.17:14
theconartistdid you disable desktop effects?17:14
odinsbanetheconartist: no17:14
theconartistwell thats your problem17:14
theconartistthey are disabled in gnome17:14
odinsbanetheconartist: I have desktop effects.17:15
theconartistliar liar pants on fire17:15
James147theconartist: desktop effects have nothing to do with resalution17:15
theconartisti guess he said more before i joined17:15
James147(which was the orignal problem)17:15
odinsbanetheconartist: part of the problem is I have ubuntu and I'm trying to run kde, so I can't tell if some of these are real bugs or because I am just trying it out.17:15
James147odinsbane: if you have kubuntu-desktop installed then that is prity much what you would get if you installed kubuntu from cd17:16
odinsbaneThe screen resolution seems to be a known bug, with two fixes: I tried one that didn't work.17:16
theconartistis there any downside to to installing using the -desktop iso then installing kubuntu-netbook after?17:17
odinsbaneJames147: Ill probably wait until I reinstall ubuntu again to give kde a try.  It looks great.17:18
theconartistyea odinsbane17:18
theconartistonce 10.10 is finished it will be perfect17:18
James147theconartist: increased disk usage... otherwise no (note that in maverick they are being murged into one image so you will have both installed bydefault there)17:19
theconartistand 2011 will be the year of the linux desktop17:19
James147theconartist: people have been saying tyhat for years :)17:19
theconartistwell thats what im installing James147 so i guess thats good17:19
theconartistya it was a joke :<17:19
dasKreechodinsbane: Did you try krandrtray?17:22
dasKreechJames147: to clarify. You mean Kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-netbook ? Not Kubuntu and Ubuntu ?17:24
James147dasKreech: being merged? I mean kubuntu-netbook and -desktop17:25
James147(no way they can merge gnome and kde on one cd :D )17:25
dasKreechJames147: They can barely put gnome on one CD17:25
* dasKreech votes that they have a BluRay Image17:26
odinsbanedasKreech: Thats what I tried.  I didn't want to get into doing the xsettings.17:26
James147dasKreech: lol, do they really need that much? the dvd image dosnt get used that often :)17:26
dasKreechJames147: Think of the possibilites :)17:27
James147dasKreech: think of the wasted bandwidth  :D17:27
dasKreechYou could keep a copy of Windows on it so people can test Wubi in a live cd :)17:27
odinsbanethat was awesome I just uninstalled everything.  gnome & kde, slowly my desktop is desolving sorta like the neverending story.17:27
dasKreechodinsbane: yep I've uninstalled X while running it17:27
dasKreechIt's quite fun to see what's cached and what's now17:27
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WalzmynWhat I'd prefer is an image made to go on an SD card17:30
dasKreechWalzmyn: Isn't that all images?17:30
WalzmyndasKreech: well, I mean a little broader. I've no use for my optical drive other than installing my OS. I'd like to switch EVERYTHING to SD cards17:31
James147Walzmyn: I tend to install teh cd image to a usb flash drive and use that to install kubuntu... havnt used my optical drives in a very long time17:32
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:32
Walzmyndangit. Flash keeps crashing as I'm trying to watch ESPN's feed17:33
odinsbaneWalzmyn: are you using 'square'17:33
Walzmynis that the new beta? odinsbane17:34
dasKreechWalzmyn: yes but you can write all the images to an SD card anyway17:34
odinsbaneWalzmyn: yes17:34
WalzmyndasKreech: i'm probably going to start doing that now that I have an extra 2gb card laying around17:34
Walzmynodinsbane: no. I'm leary of flash, i'm real leary of flash beta17:35
* dasKreech doesn't have flash installed17:35
theconartistwell that sucks17:35
Walzmynalthough it is nice to see that the company holding the entire interwebs hostage has finally decided to build their app for 64bit computers17:36
dasKreechI'm not sure how they are holding anyone hostage17:36
Walzmynodinsbane: will installing square replace my current install, or go in beside it?17:36
dasKreechit's a choice to use Flash17:36
dasKreechone that has to be made conciously trained for and then paid for17:36
WalzmyndasKreech: yeah, it's ESPN's choice, not mine17:37
odinsbaneWalzmyn: I don't know how you installed flash isnt it just a .so file that you put in your plugins folder?17:37
dasKreechOh well yeah write an angry letter17:37
Walzmynodinsbane: i've no idea. I just installed it from apt17:37
dasKreechOr better yet ask them with great enthusiasm and shining eyes if you can please please please be part of the testing for the HTML5 website they are doing17:37
dasKreechYou ARE doing HTML5 as a replacement right ESPN? Right?17:38
* Walzmyn laughs17:38
odinsbaneThey put all these little features on their stream but it'd be really nice if it just streamed the station.17:40
mushroomGuten Abend zusammen.18:08
dasKreechgten tag18:08
mushroomKann mir jemand bzgl einer Netzwerkeinrichtung helfen?18:08
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:08
mushroomlol thank you @ ubottu18:09
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Walzmynht eitem in Apt for Flash is "flash-installer" if I uninstall that, is it going to remove flash itself?18:18
dasKreechProbably not18:19
dasKreechthat's an automated installer that grabs the flash files. unless it lists those files as part of it's package then they will be removed18:20
Walzmynhow do I get rid of it? The new beta says to remove old installs before installing the new one18:20
WalzmyndasKreech: yeah, I was looking through the installed files, don't look like it's going to actualy remove flash18:21
WalzmynI needa reboot after update. see y'all18:22
tjingboemxorg eats 28% of my CPU. how can i reduse this?18:26
dasKreechtjingboem: New drivers?18:27
dasKreechturn off compositing etc18:27
tjingboemwher do i do that?18:27
tjingboemCtrl+Shift+F12 does not work18:30
dasKreechDo you have desktop effects turned on?18:31
tjingboemi guess so dasKreech18:32
tjingboemwhere can i shut it down?18:32
dasKreechAlt+F3 -> configure Window behaviour18:32
tjingboemAlt+F3 takes me to my 3 desktop :)18:33
dasKreechlol Ok18:33
tjingboemi am looking for sustem settings or the like18:34
dasKreechHorya for customization18:34
dasKreechClick the icon on the top right of your application and choose configure window behaviour18:34
Walzmynwhat's the command to update the 'locate' database?18:35
WalzmyndasKreech: that's all?18:36
WalzmynI was just expecting the word locate in there somewhere, thanks18:37
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Guest3111turkey kanal18:45
Guest3111ırc turkey canal18:45
Guest3111grup file not edit18:46
Guest3111grup file  nasıl düzenlenir18:47
BajKhow can I make Kubuntu only play sound oin my headset but not on the regular speakers?18:53
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro19:02
James147dasKreech: ^^19:04
dasKreechJames147: yes?19:05
James147just wondering why you prompted that :) didnt think you would need it19:05
dasKreechDoesn't mean others don't :)19:06
daved92pol1hello every119:07
sogreghaving a problem with my wireless card. new to linux and trying to get all the specific drivers i need. found some but its telling me i need to build them and i confused as to where to start. http://paste.ubuntu.com/495666/19:16
James147sogreg: what problem are you having? I thourght all intel cards just worked in kubuntu :) (at least the drivers)19:19
tomdavidsonhi, anyone know know to add mozilla prism apps to the main menu?19:20
sogregjames147: im getting disconnected randomly and i have to restart my wireless card to get access back, i cant ping the router when it happens and other computers on the network are working fine19:20
James147tomdavidson: rick click teh kmenu > edit menu (or run kmenuedit from krunner or terminal)19:20
tomdavidsonhi James147, sure and thanks. i can edit the kmenu, but i do not quite grasp the prism app19:23
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James147sogreg:  so the drivers are working... at least initally... hmm... havent see that behaviour before... (I assume you have a decent signal strength), you could try using wicd (installing it will replace network-manager) or the gnome applet instead (knetworkmanager still has a few kinks, trying wicd should tell you if its network-manager or the drivers )19:25
tomdavidsonthere is the desktop shortcut, but i do not want a buch of apps in my desktop folder...  in ~/.prism/ there are folders for each app, but nothing that loos like an excutable or scritp to add to kmenu19:26
James147tomdavidson: not fimular with that app, what dont you 'grasp' about it?19:26
sogregjames147: thank you very much, ill give that a try19:26
James147tomdavidson: *.desktop files are created by kmenuedit... (they are plane text files the describe the applications, you should be able to open it in kate to find out where the executable is)19:28
James147tomdavidson: or you could move the *.desktop file to one of the locations kmenuedit looks at19:28
Jiminihi there. atm i am trying to install kubuntu, but i'm having trouble with my sata-hdd - the installer simply does not recognize it. my mainboard uses the ICH7-sata-controller. suse and gentoo have no problems with recognizing my hdds. i've tried the normal installation cd and the alternate installation cd19:29
Jiminiif i open a shell and take a look at /dev/sda with fdisk, it is recognized as expected. any ideas?19:29
tomdavidsonJames147:  ahhhh just but the exec line in to a kmenu entry? i got it now. thanks.19:29
James147tomdavidson: every enrty in kmenu is a *.desktop file :) the aplication that is run when you click on it is on the "exec=" line19:31
James147Jimini: does it give an erropr when yoiu try to install? for is just not listing the device?19:33
JiminiJames147: it does not list any devices19:34
Jiminifirst i thought of a kernel problem - but then i should not be able to "use" the disk in a shell19:34
Jiminij #gentoo19:34
Jiminisorry for the typo19:35
James147Jimini: weird, never seen the installation not list a device thats listed in /dev19:35
JiminiJames147: me too :\19:35
Jiminii've tried THREE installation-cds now19:35
* James147 prefures to use flash sticks :)19:36
JiminiJames147 i don't care about the number of cds i've burnt ;) it's just frustrating19:36
James147Jimini: :) sorry I cant be more helpful... have no idea whats going wrong19:37
Jiminiotherwise i could try to use an ide-hdd, but that would be just a workaround19:37
James147Jimini: not sure if its sata releated, I have had no problems with them19:38
JiminiJames147 nevermind, thanks for your effort though19:38
JiminiJames147: i've set up (k)ubuntu on a number of sata-discs yet19:38
James147Jimini: and it work (or doesnt) on them?19:39
Jiminihehe, it worked19:39
BajKis there a way of disabling kde's annoying behavior of guessing file types by file name extension? (the same shit windows does)19:40
James147BajK: ... its the quickest way of telling19:41
BajKJames147: i don't care19:41
BajKI just dont want that19:41
BajKit knows the filetype without extension, so why does it try guesing if there is one?19:41
James147BajK: what problems is it causing?19:41
BajKJames147: i hate them, it looks bad and they are unneccessary19:41
James147BajK: they are needed by some programs...19:42
James147BajK: kde or not19:42
BajKJames147: you mean bad applications whose developers were too lazy implementing a file()-check? It's not about .config files or .20 in udev or something, it's just about .jpg, .pdf and such that I want those files without that stuff19:43
BajKI don'T want a file called "Queen - Innuendo.ogg but "Queen - Innuendo" and not just hiding that19:43
BajKis there no way of disabling that first-check-extension-then-filetype check?19:44
tsimpsonI suggest you ask in #kde (and perhaps a little politer than you did in here)19:44
James147BajK: last I checked kde managed things like that...19:44
James147(just renamed a *.mp3 to * and it worked19:45
BajKJames147: but if you rename it to .jpg19:45
BajKit thinkgs they are jpg19:45
BajKalthough they are not19:45
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James147same, it opens in the chosen app19:46
James147(for that file type19:46
James147sorry, that was renaming a *.jpg to *)19:47
James147but renaming a *.mp3 to *.jpg causes problems.... although why would you do that?19:48
James147BajK: personally I dont see a problem here... if a file has an extenstion kde (and I presume linux) uses that, if it dosent then it finds out... so if you want to rename all your *.ogg to * it should have no problem with that but if you rename them to *.jpg... i have to ask why are you doing that?19:50
BajKJames147: it's about the general term that file extensions are stupid and not about that renaming it to xyz is stupid20:01
BajKI know that I don't need to give my files an extensions - which I don't do - but if someone with windows sends me a file it automatically determins its type by extension20:01
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theconartisthow do i make my wireless auto-connect?20:34
theconartistor connect at all?20:35
ViaNocturna85hey just wondering, if you installed kubuntu on top of ubuntu, is there a way to get the me-menu on kubuntu?20:35
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jinzougenHey. Have any of you ever had an issue where, in Okular, when you fill in PDF form fields, it renders the text rotated 90 degrees?21:26
jinzougenThe form fields seem to be lined up correctly on the lines and everything, but when I switch to the hide forms view, so the text boxes go away, the text is on it's side, and squished so it can fit into the height of the text bok.21:27
jinzougenits side*21:27
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dasKreechBajK: are they giving you with the wrong extension?21:30
TaMaS__hey guys21:34
TaMaS__Can I ask a quick question?21:39
TaMaS__or maybe 2.21:39
niemandask but i am not sure if i can help you21:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:44
niemandI have a question too - i think kernel-update of today broke something concerning networking. I have no time for further investigation at the moment. Did anyone notice something similar?21:47
dasKreechniemand: jump back to an old kernel21:55
dasKreechBajK: I would like to note that if you rename a file badly and highlight it in Dolphin it does say what type of file it thinks it is21:55
theixleI can't find a windows xp shared printer in kubuntu. I've tried everything on the forums and worked with someone in #ubuntu for a while. They suggested I come here.22:00
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dasKreechtheixle: What have you tried? Did you add the printer manually?22:21
theixledasKreech: I've just been using system->printers->add printer->windows printer via samba22:22
theixlebut it can't find the shared printer for some reason22:22
* dasKreech knows nothing about samba or printers22:23
dasKreechHaving said that what shows up in smb:/ in dolphin ?22:24
jhamboHey folks when I use device notifier to mount a FAT32 usb drive, it mounts with permissions that don't allow me to write to the drive.  How can I make it so that I can write to the drive? (ubuntu 10.04)22:49
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NeoPhoenixalguem sabe como descompactar arquivo .bz2.out?22:55

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