wgrantlifeless: I'm pretty sure that 566339 is not fixed by the branch in question.00:16
wgrantAnd 564491 needs somebody to drive DF.00:17
lifelesswgrant: is it made worse?00:17
wgrantJust not fixed.00:17
lifelessso remove qa-needstesting from it00:17
lifelessfor the other can you arrange that with StevenK ?00:17
wgrantWell, can somebody else remove qa-needstesting? It's not my bug, and I'm not really Soyuz, so I don't really want to screw with their QA :)00:17
lifelessrevno: 11556 [merge]00:18
lifeless  [r=stevenk, thumper][ui=none][bug=564491,00:18
lifeless        566339] Fix an OOPS when an archive admin uses the +queue page to00:18
lifeless        accept uploads that close private bugs.00:18
lifelessits qa-needs testing because of that landing00:18
wgrantIt is, yes.00:18
lifelessoh, bigj00:18
wgrantbigjools thinks it fixes it, but I'm pretty sure it's irrelevant.00:18
lifelessyou only filed it ;)00:19
wgrantsinzui: What's the UI for pages like +configure-translations going to look like?00:27
sinzuia lot like bugs and answer00:27
wgrantBecause the current one that almost made it out to production is very confusing :(00:28
lifelesswgrant: what rev?00:28
wgrantlifeless: The one I mentioned yesterday. r1155200:28
wgrantSo not in your initial set.00:29
lifelesswgrant: it is in the second set00:29
lifelessRevision 11547 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11548 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11549 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11550 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11551 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11552 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11553 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11554 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11555 can be deployed: qa-ok00:29
lifelessRevision 11556 can not be deployed: not-ok00:29
wgrantThis is what I was worried about.00:29
* wgrant wonders why it isn't FF'd out.00:30
lifelesswgrant: I explicitly asked about it00:30
lifelesswgrant: and sinzui believes its an improvement even though not perfect00:30
sinzuiwgrant, the registry team is only worked on the unknown, not-applicable, launchpad enum. The translations team can consider doing a unified page that does everything in one view like bugs00:31
wgrantsinzui: IMO the current translations/answers UI is a regression.00:33
wgrantWhat does it even mean?00:33
wgrantI don't know -- how will users?00:34
lifelesswgrant: wgrant huh00:34
lifelesswgrant: sample url? I don't recall it being confusing00:34
wgrantlifeless: https://edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+configure-translations00:34
sinzuiwgrant,  I do not think so. consistent UI  is better, being clear about what is being used or where something can be found is better.00:34
wgrantsinzui: Why not FF it out for a couple more weeks, until the new pages are built?00:35
wgrantAnd not roll out a half-finished awesome feature?00:35
wgrantAwesome features are much better when people don't see broken implementations first.00:35
sinzuiwgrant, I do not understand. My entire team is working on this and we need edge feed back there are only a few things left to be done00:35
sinzuiI think there is plenty of time to complete this00:36
wgrantsinzui: edge is fine.00:36
wgrantI don't think lpnet is the best idea yet.00:36
sinzuigod knows spending a year on a so-called 6 month vision has burned me out00:36
sinzuiMy only regret is that I still think the DSP page is near useless and I want to be able to state where external questions and FAQs can be found00:38
wgrantWe need to work out a strategy for linking them better to projects.00:38
wgrantParticularly since there are a lot of Canonical projects now that only want to use one bug tracker.00:39
lifelesss/Canonical/Ubuntu ?00:43
wgrantlifeless: Sometimes.00:43
wgrantBut if you categorise Ubuntu One as Ubuntu, I will not be amused :)00:44
lifelessu1's ubuntu-only components are open source00:46
marslifeless, mind if I bug you with a question about bug 598289?00:46
lifelessI think *if* a healthy set of packages in say fedora nd suse were to spring up, that they would see the need for 2 trackers for those components.00:46
lifelessmars: shoot00:46
wgrantlifeless: They're not Ubuntu-only, but OK.00:47
lifelesswgrant: the developers are only targeting ubuntu today;00:47
lifelessunless something radical has changed00:47
wgrantYes, but there's no reason they can't run elsewhere. Like Software Center, and other stuff like that.00:48
marslifeless, So the question was: is it safe to use feature flags to protect access to profile generation.  The answer was... yes, I think?  zope-funcertainty00:48
marslack of zope-fu leads to zope-funcertainty00:48
lifelesswgrant: thats true; the question is whether upstream get bug reports that aren't relevant to Ubuntu00:49
lifelesswgrant: and until they are geting patches and so forth routinely, the broad answer is going to be 'no'.00:49
lifelesswgrant: which is why I talked about healthy packages in other distros00:49
lifelessmars: certainly00:49
lifelessmars: you'll need two patches.00:50
lifelessmars: one patch to add a team membership scope00:50
lifelesssee rev 11536 for a very similar scope definition that does team membership scoping00:50
lifelessthat does pageid scoping00:51
lifelessand please add it to https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/FeatureFlags at the bottom00:51
lifelessmars: or fix the self-documenting bit00:51
lifelessbecause team lookup is a db thing, we probably want a note that using that scope will trigger team membership checks, so we don't go overboard on it.00:52
lifelessmars: secondly, you need a patch to force 'permit_profiling' or whatver it is on via a feature flag00:53
lifelessmars: see e.g. the memcache feature flag patch for an example of what that might look like00:53
lifelessthese two patches are entirely unrelated to each other00:53
lifelessbut together much power can be had00:53
wgrantIf you don't want to hit the DB, you could use the pre-populated developer flag in ILaunchBag.00:54
wgrantThat's populated for every request.00:55
lifelessthats true00:55
lifelesswe could have team:<name> and special case well known names.00:55
wgrantYou could.00:55
lifelessthat shouldn't be needed if its populated sanely we'll get cache hits..00:55
lifelessyou could also have a flag called user_is_developer00:56
lifelesswhich is less general but fits the actual intent here a little more closely.00:56
lifelessI'm easy.00:56
lifelessnot flag00:56
lifeless*scope* called user_is_developer00:56
lifelessmars: I'd add the flag ('permit_profiling') or whatever name you choose, first.00:57
lifelessmars: because onces thats added sysadmins can turn profiling on and off on staging without restarting it00:57
marsthis is why I like pre-implementation calls :)00:58
lifelessI think flag are still misunderstood00:58
marshow so?00:58
marsand what is the 'fix the self-documenting' bit?00:58
lifeless(third discussion I've had today showing the difference between scopes/flags and how it hangs together.00:59
wgrantDoes the infrastructure support scope conjunction?00:59
lifelessmars: no00:59
lifelessfor a given flag, the rules are evaluated in priority order00:59
lifelessmars: self documenting: we should be able to query the code to find out what scopes(including pageid: magic ones) and flags (like memcache, gmaps2 etc) exist01:00
lifelessthis would let us:01:00
lifeless - display that as help in the fictional editing UI01:00
lifeless - not have a redundant list in the wiki page01:00
marsfind -iname '*py' -print0 | xargs -n0 grep getFeatureFlag | sort -u01:01
lifelessmars: you'll miss all the page template ones01:03
marsTAL flag isn't mentioned in the LEP01:03
marsonly in the listmail01:03
lifelessI'm not sure there are ones deployed in tal yet, but there probably are and we should have some way of documenting them01:04
lifelessmars: find might be the answer01:04
marsfind -iname '*py' -o -iname '*pt' -print0 | xargs -n0 grep -e 'getFeatureFlag' -e 'features/' | sort -u01:04
marsdo two find calls01:04
marsadd a 'make doc' target01:05
marsand do the work in there01:05
lifelessmars: what might be nice is a makefile rule to do it01:05
marsalong with the API docs01:05
lifelessI'd like something out that the admin UI can include and show01:05
lifelessmars: in templates getFeatureFlag isn't it01:06
lifelessits view/flags/flagname01:06
lifelessI think01:06
mars<div tal:condition="features/show_message">hello world!"</div>01:06
lifelessah yes01:06
lifelessthats it01:06
marslifeless, so, the difference between flags and scopes: a flag only applies in-scope I assume?  Sounds like a scope is a flag to turn on and of a set of flags01:07
marsor override a flag01:07
wgrantlifeless: Can I see OOPS-1721K2125?01:08
marsso you could have feature:X scope:default :off01:08
marsand feature:X scope:server.edge :on01:09
marsWhich saves you from having to write:01:09
marsif feature:X and feature:server.lpnet then :on01:10
marsif feature:X and feature:server.lpnet then ...01:10
marswhich is messy.  You have to change the code if either of those two assumptions needs to change.01:11
lifelessmars: code is controlled by flags01:13
lifelessthe value of a flag is determined by the highest priority rule with a matching scope01:14
lifelessrules are a tuple (scope, flag, value) sorted by priority01:14
lifelessmars: so yes, you have the point01:20
lifelesswe define a name for condition we want to control01:20
lifelessand use rules to dynamically implement the particular flow control we want01:20
mars\o/ I get yet another opportunity to use the awesome bzr pipeline plugin01:25
lifelessmars: for this?01:26
marslifeless, three patches, so yes01:26
lifelessmars: personally I wouldn't, they are totally separate patches01:26
marsflag, scope01:26
lifelessmars: unrelated01:27
lifelessmars: thats the point really ;)01:27
marslifeless, well, you could add the flag in one patch, and not use it01:27
marsthen add the scope, and use it as well01:28
lifelessmars: huh? once the flags added we can use it.01:28
marslifeless, I must be missing something: when I write getFeatureFlag(), I have to pass in a scope, no?01:28
lifelessyou pass in a FLAG01:28
marsso where did I get the wrong idea from...01:28
marsreading over what I read again01:29
marsOk, so I thought I had read getFeatureFlag(flag, scope=foo) somewhere as the API.  That is wrong, and I can not find the reference.  Maybe I was confusing the "getFlag(scopes => None)" line from the LEP with the actual implementation.01:33
marsok, this stuff needs a cheat sheet01:40
lifelesswgrant: that oops01:41
wgrantlifeless: That oops?01:44
lifelesslooks the same as the one in https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/27695001:45
wgrantAh, yes.01:46
wgrantIn fact it's the same OOPS.01:46
wgrantI was interested in the content.01:46
wgrantBecause I don't see what is so slow.01:46
wgrantUnless it's the bad copy checker stuff.01:46
lifelessits a different oops #01:46
lifelesswgrant: the huge numbers of repeats01:47
wgrantlifeless: It's the one in comment 3.01:47
lifelessare at least 2.5 seconds01:47
wgrantOh, there are details in the description. I see.01:47
lifeless600 bug lookups01:48
lifeless200 das lookups01:48
lifeless200 archive lookups01:48
lifelessits just horribly inefficient01:48
wgrantI might be able to reproduce it locally, then.01:49
lifelessif you can't, shout01:50
lifelessthe params aren't visible so I can't see what packages are being manipulated01:50
lifelessI'd guess at something stupid like all-bugs-ever-on-the-package being manipulated01:50
lifelessone at a time01:50
lifelesswith an added helping of 'cache miss due to complex query results in reading what we had already' or some such01:52
marskomodo only found 5 occurrances of the string getFeatureFlag() in the devel source tree... odd.01:53
lifelesslooks a little few01:54
lifelessbut not far off01:54
marsMartin's mail said to "use lp.services.features.per_thread.features to look things up"01:55
marsso maybe people were doing that01:55
lifelessbecause it has getFeatureFlag as the method01:55
lifelessthere are < 10 flags in use - I know of three in python code, and a couple in templates01:56
marslifeless, which three in Python?  I can look up the exact string/symbol01:56
lifelessI documented them on https://dev.launchpad.net/LEP/FeatureFlags01:57
lifeless11519 claims to be behind a flag...01:57
marsah, like I said, my editor only found 5 occurrances of getFeatureFlag in the code base.  Over to grep!01:57
lifelessoh fugly01:58
lifelessfolk are using FeatureController and in_scope manually.01:58
marssee?  Quickstart guides needed :)01:58
marsLooks like rf-get did the wrong thing01:58
marsand didn't update my source tree01:59
marseh?  No - 'bzr switch -b' did something odd instead02:00
lifelessmail sent to the list02:01
lifelessok, we need to fix up02:02
marslifeless, did you work around that ec2 database issue you had earlier?02:02
lifelessmars: no, I'm assuming ec2 AMI is fucked and won'y try yo land stuff till tuesday02:02
marsugh, sorry :(02:03
lifelessand registry/browser/__init__.py02:03
lifelessmars: possibly a postgresql dep change or something02:04
marslifeless, should feature flags return a boolean?  Because the memcached one does "features.getFeatureFlag('memcache') != 'disabled'"02:05
marswhich feels a bit strange - what other values for the flag could there be?  'maybe'?02:06
lifelessmars: they return the value02:07
lifelessmars: look up the bug for timeouts via flags02:07
lifelessI pasted a sample interpreting flag there02:07
lifelessmars: other values are useful if we wanted to (for instance) keep memcache on a couple of pages but disable it globally02:07
lifelesswe'd set a priorty (say) 50 rule for (default, memcache, disabled)02:08
lifelessand add priority 0, 1, 2 etc for02:08
lifeless(pageid:pagetousememcacheon, memcache, '')02:08
lifelessmars: __nonzero__ is perfectly cromulent python02:11
lifelessas long as it doesn't have unusual consequences (like being terribly slow, or some such)02:11
marslifeless, comparison to the string 'disabled' for a flag is a poor API imho.  featureIsEnabled('foo') => returns Boolean True or False, sounds like it would cover 99% of the cases02:12
marswith this code, bool(getFeatureFlag('memcache')) == True, even when the memcache flag's value is 'disabled'02:14
marsthat's just not right02:15
marsanyway, I need to run, have to put the kids to bed. ttyl02:15
lifelessmars: ttyl02:17
lifelessmars: I think bool would be overly restrictive for no benefit02:17
lifelessmars: this is schemaless. Its a *benefit*.02:17
lifeless  Hard / Soft  Page ID02:23
lifeless     164 /  335  BugTask:+index02:23
lifeless     107 /  277  CodeImportSchedulerApplication:CodeImportSchedulerAPI02:23
lifeless      70 /   16  Distribution:+search02:23
lifeless      39 /   18  DistributionSourcePackage:+filebug02:23
lifeless      16 /    0  Product:+bugs02:23
lifeless      14 /   69  Distribution:+bugtarget-portlet-bugfilters-stats02:23
lifeless      14 /   18  DistroSeries:+queue02:23
lifeless      13 /   43  Archive:+packages02:23
lifeless      13 /    4  Archive:EntryResource:syncSource02:23
lifeless       8 /    4  Person:+rdf02:23
lifelessmars: I've tweaked the LEP02:30
marslifeless, by schemaless, do you mean key/value pair storage?  Don't we get that already from lazr.config and from memcache?02:30
lifelessmars: lazr.config is horrific02:36
lifelessmars: and memcache is transient02:36
lifelessmars: by schemaless I mean no defined schema02:36
lifelessthis is more than just keyvalue (but not a great deal more)02:37
marslifeless, ok, put another way: is there a problem with:02:37
marsif getFeatureFlag('foo'):02:38
mars  bar = config.feature.value02:38
lifelessit will take hours to change.02:38
lifelessit will be static02:38
lifelesswe'd need a new config.feature section for every rule in the DB02:39
lifelessand rules are dynamic, so I don't see how we'd do that02:39
lifelesslazr.config is a very powerful, very complex, schemad system which pushed all integrity checking out to the setting-of-it02:40
lifelessthis has the following consequence:02:40
lifeless - its hard to use02:40
lifeless - and complex to use.02:40
lifelesswe're now, judging from what people are doing, abandoning it rapidly.02:40
lifelessI wouldn't be surprised if folk route around it completely in the next 12 months and we have a bug called 'remove the last dependencies on it'02:41
marslifeless, so lazr.config stores data - what are they using instead?02:42
lifelessstub has added ini files02:42
lifelesspoolie added feature flags02:42
lifelessstub is looking with interest at zookeepr02:43
lifelesswho knows what else will turn up.02:43
lifelesslazr.config is also very intolerant, making it hard to evolve.02:44
lifelessFrom what I've seen of it, I'd be entirely happy to just switch to configparser now02:44
lifelessbut perhaps I've missed something.02:45
lifeless(but even doing that owuldn't do what feature flags do).02:45
lifelessfeature flags are: very powerful, very simple, very dynamic.02:45
marslifeless, ok, then I would suggest a convention: 'on' or None02:46
lifelesswe can do A/B testing; dynamic configuration and more02:46
lifelessmars: Why?02:46
lifelessmars: what do we gain by limiting it02:46
marslifeless, because then bool(getFeatureFlag()) still works everywhere02:46
lifelessmars: what value does that *have*02:46
marslifeless, bool('on') == True, bool(None) == False.  That makes sense.  The memcached flag (and it is a Bool flag right now) doesn't follow that convention.02:47
lifelessbecause that convention doesn't exist.02:48
lifelessAnd I don't see what value we'd get from it.02:48
lifelessWe'd destroy the usefulness of flags.02:48
lifelessfor a consistency we don't need.02:48
marsI am not saying "only use 'on' or None"02:48
lifelessmars: did you look at the bug I suggested you do, about pageid based timeout control?02:48
marsI am saying "if it is a flag, try to stick to 'on' or None02:49
marsif it is not a flag, but a keyvalue, then you're on your own :)02:49
lifelessits not a flag, its not a keyvalue02:49
marslifeless, I saw the example you pasted in the channel, but not a bug #02:51
lifelessmars: look at launchpad-foundations bug02:51
marsfound it, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/62770102:56
sinzuiI think my weekend plans just went tits up. Has anyone noticed that ec2 images use PG 8.3, but that our own scripts to make the environment are 8,4?03:18
marslifeless, ^ that might explain the error you saw03:19
* sinzui thinks03:19
marsdid someone land a fix to the scripts to get Maverick running?03:19
sinzuiI do not know I think there is just one real error in setup: /etc/init.d/postgresql: command not found03:20
sinzuiI can update my branch to try 8.4 then fallback to 8.303:20
sinzuiah, we have two script and the image does not know which one to use. This may be a one line fix03:22
marssinzui, yep: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/revision/1157003:23
marssinzui, consider switching to the /usr/sbin/service utility03:24
marsthen it will always do the right thing03:24
sinzuiokay thanks for the advice.03:24
wgrantHow will that work with version selection, though?03:47
lifelesswgrant: no idea04:03
sinzuiwgrant, I see I can pass the version to service, but I do not know if service supports version in Hardy. I assume there are still some machines on Hardy04:03
lifelesswe stil have dc machines on hardy04:04
lifelessbut I don't know that we run any developer pg controlling scripts on them04:04
sinzuitake the safe path by adding a switch between the old command and the new one04:04
lifelessjames_w: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/fixtures updated04:07
sinzuiwgrant, lifeless. My pg hack played on my maverick instance and in ec2. If my branch passes, we will have a fix in the tree04:22
lifelesssinzui: thanks04:30
lifelesswe'll need that CP'd to production-devel04:30
lifelessby hand04:30
lifelessor is it the local content on disk when you submit that controls this?04:31
wgrantWhy does production need it?04:32
wgrantIsn't production still 8.3, so EC2 should probably use 8.3 too?04:33
lifelesswgrant: we need to keep running ec2 land for prod-devel branches04:34
lifelessdo you have reason to think that that isn't affected in the same way?04:35
lifelessone way to make sure its not affected is to run pg 8.3 and only 8.3 on it and make the dev scripts do stuff for 8.3; I don't know if thats the case.04:38
lifelessits also of minimal use because production doesn't take db patches04:38
lifelessit hatses them04:38
wgrantAlthough there was a bit of specialness WRT that this cycle...04:44
lifelessthis is not the patch you are looking for04:46
wgrantThe Django Debug Toolbar is handy.05:17
lifelesswgrant: how are you going with the +queue perf thing05:19
wgrantlifeless: Doing some uni stuff first. +queue is being attacked this evening.05:19
lifelesswgrant: K, I'll probably be around if you want to bounce ideas05:20
wgrantlifeless: I was just adding an "assuming that maverick continues to be well-behaved"... when I got my first X hang in a few months.05:21
wgrantlifeless: Do you know if there's a known issue with the revision karma allocator?05:37
wgrantI've checked a few users, and nobody seems to have any in the last couple of days.05:40
wgrantHm, there was some two days ago.05:40
wgrantSo maybe it just didn't run yesterday.05:40
lifelessnot aware of any incident report about it05:42
* StevenK kicks Maven until pieces fall off05:50
lifelessanyone know the list that zope testing patches and plans are designed on?08:16
lifelesswgrant: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/629921 -please-09:21
lifelessI'm begging you.09:21
wgrantHmm. That was filed two weeks ago, and we are around 12000 bugs further along now... does that mean we are having 1000 filed a day!?09:23
wgrantBut anyway, let's see how difficult that is...09:24
wgrantAhh, I see.09:24
wgrantlifeless: Am I allowed to violate the no-implicit-truth guideline? That would reduce the fix to deletion of a few characters...09:25
lifelesswgrant: no implicit truth?09:26
wgrantlifeless: It's suggested not to say 'if whatever' -- instead we are told to say 'if whatever is not None'09:27
wgrantThis particular case is currently 'if requested_name_filter is not None', but actually wants to be 'if requested_name_filter is not None and len(requested_name) > 0'. But 'if requested_name_filter' would work just as well.09:28
lifelessif requested_name_filter is clearer IMO09:28
lifelessgiven I just wrote email to the list suggesting *just that* for flags earlier today :)09:29
* wgrant fixes the Maverick psycopg2 compatibility breakage.09:48
lifelessits compatible; honest.09:49
wgrantIt is, but our celebrity code sucks.09:49
wgrantThis does not inspire confidence:10:06
wgrant    def source_fies_dict(self, package_upload_source_dict, source_files):10:06
wgrant        """Return a dictionary of source files keyed on PackageUpload ID."""10:06
wgrantlifeless: So... DistroSeries:+queue redirects after post.10:09
wgrantlifeless: I was looking around to see how the action handler was called.10:09
wgrantIt turns out it's called by the template.10:09
wgrantAfter it calculates all the data to display in the event of a GET.10:09
lifelesswgrant: hah10:10
lifelessI think I speculated on that somewhere.10:10
lifelesslike in the bug or something10:11
wgrantHeh, so you did.10:11
wgrantI knew it redirected, so I didn't suspect this... but I went digging, and couldn't find anything calling the handler.10:11
lifelessI'm glad you've confirmed it10:12
lifelessit suggests an immediate obvious improvement ;)10:12
wgrantHeh, yes.10:12
wgrantNow to work out how to make it not do that.10:12
lifelessis it a systemic thing10:12
lifelessthat is, do all our template render-the-GET< process-the-POST ?10:12
wgrantThis one isn't a real form.10:13
wgrantSo it's speical.10:13
lifelessI would have cryed.10:13
wgrantI wonder if I can stuff it into a LaunchpadFormView.10:13
lifeless 3 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)10:15
wgrantWhat's that?10:15
lifelessported the fake librarian to python-fixtures10:16
lifelessI might go on a code deletion wander next week10:17
lifelessmight be fun10:17
lifelessthen again, I might not10:17
wgrantlifeless: What are the columns in the repeated statement report (looking at the +queue bug description)?10:21
lifelessRepsTotal timeAverage timeSavingDatabase idStatement10:27
lifelessreps total avg saving db statement10:28
wgrantAh, thanks.10:30
lifelessfor some reason irssi + screen turns columns from chrom into '' rather than '\t'10:31
lifelesssinzui: when you see this, I'd love to know how to show multiple batchednavigators on a single template. lib/lp/bugs/templates/bugtrackers-index.pt specifically.13:30
lifelessnight all13:31
sinzuiI have an example for you13:31
sinzuiperson.TeamMembershipView uses two subclasses of BatchedNavigator, ActiveBatchNavigator and InactiveBatchNavigator13:33
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JesperHansenSeeing that launchpad is starting to modify bugreports on mozilla's bugzilla since yesterday with "See Also" links. What launchpad bug report is related to this change?20:26
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lifelessJesperHansen: I'm not sure it was a bug report that drove it, rather a long term plan23:27
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
JesperHansenlifeless: seems that is almost year old23:30
lifelesshttps://edge.launchpad.net/bugzilla-launchpad/bugzilla-3.2/1.0-3.2.2 is a bit newer23:32
JesperHansenlifeless: Is "Code" page any indication of if the project is active? Says many weeks. What we're seeing is that feedback@launchpad.net has started yesterday to modify bugs23:36
lifelesswhat bug tracker?23:38
lifelessah mozillas23:38
lifelessso my guess - and its only a guess - is that this was designed way back and implemented in the plugin23:39
JesperHansenAnd it would seem to require some rework as its modifying bugs See Also' on which the bug is RESOLVED DUPLICATE.23:39
lifelessJesperHansen: please file a bug about that23:40
JesperHansenyea, Just trying to figure out why it has begun in the first place23:40
lifelessJesperHansen: we started syncing *into* launchpad this last week23:40
lifelessI think the plugin is doing the comments, not launchpad23:40
lifelessthat is, Launchpad is saying 'we've synced comments to <location>' and the bugzilla plugin is noting and recording that.23:41
lifelessyou'll have seen a lot have that happen because we've only just enabled the syncing into launchpad23:41
JesperHansenk, just beginning to see this random behaviour is hanging feedback@launchpad.net on the edge of getting a ban23:43
lifelessfirst step23:43
lifelessplease filea  bug23:43
lifelessif it is the plugin causing the comment to be added, banning lp won't stop it :P23:44
lifelessmkanat will know more than I about how its meant to hang together23:44
JesperHansenmkanat. I will try to remember that name23:45
lifelessmax kat-alexander23:46
lifelessbugzilla upstream :)23:46
lifelessI think?23:46
lifelesssorry, Kanat-Alexander23:47
JesperHansenThat name actually rings a bell. Saw some comments or bug reports actually related to launchpad with him on bugzilla23:47
JesperHansenI am guessing that this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/596931 relates to the search for dupe'ness. But seems incomplete.23:48
mkanatlifeless: I am around. :-)23:49
lifelessJesperHansen: no, that bug is a little different23:49
lifelessmkanat: hi; JesperHansen here is finding 'see also' links on resolved-duplicate bug reports in mozilla's bugzilla instance23:50
lifelessmkanat: since this week (which is when we turned on sync-into-lp for buzilla trackers)23:50
lifelessmkanat: I seem to recall you knowing a bit about this stuff :)23:50
mkanatlifeless: Oh, I think that gmb maintains the launchpad side of that.23:50
mkanatlifeless: I did write the Bugzilla side of it, though.23:51
JesperHansenNoticed when I got the 4th email when feedback@launchpad.net modified the 4th bugreport23:51
lifelessmkanat: yeah, I think so to; I don't know though that lp would trigger a see-also unconditionally, would it ?23:51
lifelessgmb: ^23:51
mkanatlifeless: I think that would mostly be a question for gmb.23:51
lifelessJesperHansen: gmb is in a uk tz, so won't be around now; he may well pop in in 9-10 hours23:51
JesperHansenlifeless: excellent. I am CET. Just 1 hour ahead of him23:52
lifelessJesperHansen: please file a bug though23:53
lifelessor say that you want me too23:53
mkanatlifeless: My suspicion is that launchpad is linking unconditionally.23:53
JesperHansenlifeless: I never found out how to use launchpad23:53
JesperHansenmkanat: but wasn't the plugin denied to be set in use? https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48116123:54
mkanatJesperHansen: Bugzilla 3.4 and above don't need any plugin to interact with Launchpad.23:54
JesperHansenThough you do have https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=474902 which was kinda allowed over a year ago23:54
mkanatJesperHansen: Canonical is pretty much the entire reason that the See Also field exists--they funded the development of it (although it's something we wanted anyhow).23:55
JesperHansenmkanat: which was what I talked to lifeless about that I remembered seeing a bugreport or two with you :)23:55
mkanatJesperHansen: Ah, yeah. :-)23:55
lifelessJesperHansen: do you have an LP account?23:56
lifelessJesperHansen: or an Ubuntu one account?23:56
JesperHansenlifeless: Its 1am here and its pirate day, so I hope you can do it ;)23:56
JesperHansenTrying to restrict myself from doing some YARRRR23:57
lifelesssure; you'll need to subscribe to get notified of comments though23:57
JesperHansenlifeless: I will however make a bugzilla report that you can "link" up against after making a sandwich23:58
lifelesssudo make me a sandwich?23:58
JesperHansen[sudo] password for JesperHansen:23:59
JesperHansenwith the exception that you cant make users with capital letters23:59

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