white_magicoh em gee.. it is actually downloading this time around00:00
LBoBut it gives an error while starting that it wants sun java :)00:00
white_magicstill, the packet loss is worrisome00:00
IdleOneWXZ: welcome00:26
WXZhi idleone00:26
WXZback to the topic, adding old versions' repositories00:26
WXZfor the purpose of installing old versions of apps00:26
WXZwhat could go wrong?00:26
bazhangcomplete data loss00:26
IdleOnedependency issues00:26
IdleOnefor starters00:27
IdleOnecomplete data loss is a strong possibility also00:27
WXZI don't understand how, but I'll trust you00:27
WXZso the question is, how do I get old versions of applications if not that way?00:27
mark_hi all. can someone help me with ubuntu 10.10 grub?00:28
IdleOneapplication XY in karmic depends on lib1 but lib1 is now lib3 in maverick. 10 apps depends on lib3 but you have lib1 because you need the older version for appXY00:28
WXZthat's what I thought IdleOne00:28
IdleOnecausing multiple apps not to work right00:29
WXZso lib1 replaces lib3?00:29
IdleOnewell the way apt works is it will always favor the newest version available00:29
WXZand thereby, those 10 apps which need lib3 don't have it anymore.. right00:29
WXZok, so ... does lib1 replace lib3 or not, I'm confused00:30
IdleOnebreaking everything00:30
IdleOneWXZ: it will if you force it to00:30
WXZwould downloading an app (from an old repository) which depends on lib1 be forcing it to?00:30
IdleOneafter it all breaks down you come back and tell us how much ubuntu is the sux and Ubuntu is crappy....00:30
IdleOneyou will need to also install the old lib so yes00:31
bazhangWXZ, back up data now00:31
WXZbazhang, all my data's always backed up00:31
IdleOneI would backup like bazhang is saying and then do a fresh install00:31
bazhangWXZ, then remove all karmic repos, but it may well be too late00:31
WXZthe only thing I installed was tomboy from the old repo00:31
IdleOnedon't mix the repos!00:31
IdleOneWXZ: why do you need the older tomboy?00:31
WXZeven if I installed just ONE package00:31
bazhangseriously consider a fresh install00:31
WXZbecause this one doesn't like crontab00:32
IdleOneWXZ: yes one package might have 10 depends and many other apps depend on the same ones00:32
bazhangWXZ, its maverick. its still in beta.00:32
WXZbut tomboy specifically, it's got like 1 dependency00:32
IdleOneif you need a stable release then 10.00:32
bazhangalready iffy enough without adding older repos.00:33
WXZI haven't had any problems though idleone00:33
bazhangWXZ, yet00:33
WXZand that version of tomboy, from 10.04.. doesn't work with crontab eitherway00:33
IdleOnewell it is up to you. but it is not supported and when something breaks we can't help because you don't have a supported "default" install00:34
WXZafter you install tomboy 1.0+, crontab fails00:34
IdleOnereport a bug on that00:34
WXZok, ok... let me check the dependencies on tomboy1.000:34
WXZit's a known bug idleone00:34
WXZcrontab has problems with x-apps00:34
bazhangWXZ, go back to lucid then, wait until maverick is released00:34
IdleOnethey are probably working hard on it00:34
IdleOneor install karmic00:35
IdleOneif the karmic version works00:35
WXZok, if *nothing* breaks00:35
IdleOneIF yeah00:35
WXZwait, so I'm not allowed to have old versions... of -anything-?00:35
bazhangnot if, when00:35
WXZso how do I get old versions of things?00:35
bazhangyou dont00:36
WXZ.... that's, pretty bad :|00:36
IdleOneWXZ: the computer is yours, do what you want with it. we are just telling you that it is not supported for a reason. things ALWAYS break when people mix older apps with newer release and vice versa00:36
WXZok, but *if* (I live in a magical universe) it doesn't break00:37
IdleOnemaybe not right away but sooner or later00:37
bazhangno it's not bad.  it's a beta. stick with regular repos, and file bugs00:37
WXZno, I mean the whole concept of *not being allowed to install older apps*00:37
WXZis pretty bad00:37
bazhangany way its moot.00:37
WXZfeatures, and looks, themes are constantly changed w/ new releases of apps00:37
bazhangits not supported00:37
IdleOnemaybe crontab is broken right now because of a security issue?00:38
WXZI don't think it's crontab's fault00:38
IdleOneI don't know but I know that if it isn't working for me in maverick I report the bug and wait for it to be fixed00:38
WXZok, back to the issue though...00:38
WXZso if I don't like the *new* tomboy or the *new* pidgin, I have to change my entire operating system00:39
WXZto get it back to the way it was... even if I like everything else?00:39
IdleOnehard to answer that.00:39
WXZwell that's what bazhang suggested00:40
IdleOnebut to keep your system in a stable working state, yes00:40
WXZ"(07:35:53 PM) WXZ: so how do I get old versions of things?00:40
WXZ(07:36:02 PM) bazhang: you don't"00:40
bazhangWXZ, correct00:40
WXZwell can I atleast get newer versions, on older operating systems?00:40
bazhangWXZ, stick with whatever system you want00:40
IdleOnesame problem arises with the depends00:40
WXZthat's a very serious drawback00:41
bazhangWXZ, with backports or proposed, sometimes00:41
bazhangWXZ, and extras.ubuntu.com with the release of maverick00:41
Alpha_Clusterhow do i make it so i can execute a program that is on a fat32 flash drive?00:41
IdleOnethere is backports, that has a lot of newer apps back ported to older release00:41
WXZoh, ok idleone00:41
WXZso you can go up... just through backports00:41
WXZI *am* gonna keep it this way though, if it *doesn't* blow up... what do I do?00:42
IdleOnesafest bet is to stick with the repos that are meant for the release. if there is backports (which is use at your own risk) then yeah they are normaly safe to use00:42
bazhangWXZ, then zero support00:42
WXZthat's cool bazhang00:43
WXZbut wouldn't that be contradictory to your theory?00:43
erahey, do you guys find it acceptable that the iwl3945 driver will be non-functional for the 6th release in a row?00:43
IdleOneWXZ: the packages in backports are built to work on the older release so say tomboy from lucid is backported to karmic. it /should/ work fine00:44
WXZI understand idleone00:44
WXZwhere can I make the suggestion that 'there should be a warning message if you're adding old repos"00:44
bazhangWXZ, its a well known fact00:45
WXZbecause if it can cause as serious problems as you guys are saying, then it shouldn't be so easy for the user to do so00:45
WXZI didn't know it bazhang00:45
IdleOnethere is ( or at least I think there is) when you add a unsupported repo00:45
bazhangWXZ, you should read up on ubuntu , I would suggest the manual00:45
bazhangWXZ, at any rate brainstorm, if you feel it truly merits it00:46
bazhang!brainstorm > WXZ00:46
ubottuWXZ, please see my private message00:46
bazhang!manual > WXZ00:46
IdleOneif you edit the sources.list manually then I don't think you get a warning but it is presumed that if you are editing the sources.list by hand you already know what you are doing.00:46
WXZthat's true, I did do it manually00:47
WXZok, let me see if it gives me an error message if I do it nonmanually00:47
IdleOneif it doesn't that would be a good bug to report.00:47
WXZnope, it doesn't00:48
IdleOnebug report time00:48
WXZadd repositories > other sources > add source "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic main universe restricted multiverse"00:48
WXZjust told me "new repositories you should reload"00:48
IdleOnedid you reload to see what happens?00:49
WXZthat's not word for word btw00:49
WXZwhen I reloaded, nothing really happened00:49
WXZit just downloaded a couple packages00:49
IdleOnethen I agree that there should be some sort of warning.00:49
IdleOneit updated the cache00:49
WXZmaybe not idleone, it might not be showing me the packages from the old repository anyway00:50
WXZbecause I actually had to turn off the maverick repos to see the karmic-tomboy packages00:50
WXZotherwise it just wasn't showing me them00:50
WXZI'll still add it to brainstorm though00:51
IdleOneso yeah it favors newest available version00:51
Viper550How the heck is Linux Mint Debian ''faster'' than Ubunt00:57
bazhangViper550, its not. and its a derivative so unsupported, and offtopic00:57
Viper550I say this because00:57
Viper550If we figure out what they're doing differently, Ubuntu could be made faster.00:58
bazhangtry #ubuntu-offtopic00:58
Viper550or would -devel be better?00:58
bazhangnot a support or chat channel, so no00:58
Viper550don't get where you're getting that from, since trying to make the OS faster would be development related00:59
bazhangmore like a wishlist.01:00
bazhangfeel free to put it on brainstorm01:00
WXZwould it be okay to download packages as long as they don't *downgrade* existing packages01:01
bazhangWXZ, you fixed the repos?01:01
WXZyes bazhang, I did01:01
bazhangWXZ, paste.ubuntu.com with sources.list please01:01
erapeople really don't give a **** do they?01:02
bazhangera, watch the language01:02
eraubuntu bot. do your work. bug 340418. bug 581936.01:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 340418 in Linux "iwl3945 slow down after some time to 100kbps, unload/load module return speed to 1.5mbps" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34041801:03
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list.index(x): x not in list (https://launchpad.net/bugs/581936)01:03
bazhangWXZ, that's not the entire list01:03
WXZyes, it is01:03
WXZthat's the entire file01:03
WXZI can screenshot if you want01:04
WXZI still have the karmic community-maintained repository for some reason though :\01:05
WXZbazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/495610/ << that's my complete sources.list01:06
bazhangWXZ, that's odd, as my maverick sources.list is quite a bit more extensive01:08
WXZlet me see your bazhang01:09
WXZI can replace yours with mine, won't bother me01:09
WXZwould the global category for my idea be usability or security?01:10
WXZok, I'm putting usability I guess01:13
knoedel_hi, will texlive 2010 be inluded in ubuntu 10.10?01:17
bazhang!find texlive01:18
ubottuFound: texlive, texlive-base, texlive-bibtex-extra, texlive-binaries, texlive-common, texlive-doc-base, texlive-doc-bg, texlive-doc-cs+sk, texlive-doc-de, texlive-doc-en (and 84 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=texlive&searchon=names&suite=maverick&section=all01:18
Daekdroom!info texlive01:18
ubottutexlive (source: texlive-base): TeX Live: A decent selection of the TeX Live packages. In component main, is optional. Version 2009-10 (maverick), package size 27 kB, installed size 124 kB01:18
DaekdroomProbably not.01:18
DaekdroomWe are past feature freeze, aren't we?01:18
bazhangextras.ubuntu.com might or proposed01:18
knoedel_too bad01:19
bazhangdont know if PPA will still be around for 10.10 with extras now01:19
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories01:20
ZekeSQuestion: is there anything in Ubuntu 10.10 that would cause my Intel 5300 wireless card (using the autoassigned iwlagn driver) to have pathetic speeds? (transferring files at 5 to 10 mbit/s on an n network whereas with i.e. win7 it was more like 80-90 mbit/s)01:29
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the_dark_warrio1I'm trying to install proprietary drivers for my wireless, but I always get this error: "SystemError: installArchives() failed". Any hints?02:14
ultratekhow do i fix fglrx..says no displays.. i just upgraded to beta this evening?02:39
javatexanI am having trouble with wine, i installed it, purged it, now when I reinstall.....no shortcuts in main menu....is there a way to get those back?02:40
ultratekhelp please anyone?02:42
ultratekanyone here?02:52
elijahI am running Kubuntu 10.10 beta, everything has been working pretty well, last night I downloaded the system updates and installed then went to bed, I just rebooted for first time and now my SSID is not being identified via wireless. Any ideas on how I can get it back? I just wired to my router and downloaded latest updates for tonight but no cigar, last nights updates put a new kernel line in me GRUB too.03:07
elijahBtw, my Android identifies and connects to my SSID just fine, just me Kubuntu that won't see it nor connect.03:08
elijahI am also getting a KDE Daemon crash after every reboot since last nights update.03:08
jbichaSoftware in the partner repository such as skype & acroread is apparently considered "technical" and hidden by default even if I've enabled the partner repository.03:29
jbichawould I report that as a bug against software-center ?03:29
nigelbjbicha: maverick?03:32
jbichanigelb: yes03:35
nigelbI think the partner repo isn't ready yet for maverick.03:36
jbichawell the repo is active03:37
avi_Hey all, what's the deal with the new theme? Is there going to be a fix for the loss of window resize corners on most apps? I use the theme PPA on my Lucid, and it's kinda annoying, though I do love the whole theme and get around with by resizing via keystroke.04:06
avi_Surprsied to see that's its not a lucid thing but rather a theme thing.. just tried the latest daily of maverick and it's there too.04:06
jbichaavi_: You don't need an icon in the bottom right corner to resize an application window. That is what you mean, right?04:09
avi_I'm talking about the drag-handle that is currently a series of dots in a triangle that let you click and resize a window04:09
avi_they are in certain apps, such as nautilus, but not in most others.04:10
avi_when i say currently i mean the new style that just got added to the Maverick theme.04:10
jbichaI don't think that has anything to do what theme you're using, I'm noticing the same difference when I switch to Clearlooks for instance04:11
avi_oh, you're right.04:12
avi_However, that never used to be..04:12
jbichathe application designer can add that "grippie" thing if he likes, but it's not needed, you just hover your mouse over the edge of the app until it changes to the "drag-action" thing04:12
avi_and it only happened after an update to the theme04:12
jbichamaybe it's a gtk thing04:12
avi_that's not the reason the grippie thing exists tho04:13
avi_it's because there's not enough drag surface04:13
avi_like it becomes tedious to hunt for the right pixels to drag04:13
avi_i'm not sure what it is exactly,04:13
jbichamaybe the grippie is only there if the app uses a status bar04:13
avi_but i know its something to do with a change in Ubuntu, because all of those windows could be resized with handles before04:13
avi_interesting theory04:14
avi_let me check04:14
jbichaturn off the status bar in Nautilus, for instance04:14
avi_wait how might I do that?04:15
jbichauncheck View>Statusbar04:15
avi_you're correct.04:15
avi_it is 100% caused by that04:15
avi_but it didn't *used* to be.04:16
avi_i sure hope this isn't a permanent thing.. it SERIOUSLY reduces usablity for most people I'd think.04:17
DanaGavi_: tiny resize area?  yeah, it sucks.04:17
jbichaI strongly suspect the change (if it was a change) was made by the Gnome or GTK developers and won't be reverted04:17
avi_DanaG, So I'm not alone04:18
DanaGOn my laptop, 1 pixel is literally 0.1728mm.04:18
avi_yeah it's a bit crazy04:18
DanaGThat's a damn small drag area.04:18
jbichathat's impressive that you know that04:18
avi_if it WAS a gnome/gtk thing, i would def. hope that ubuntu fixes it downstream04:18
jbichaavi_: you could try older Ubuntu Live CDs to pinpoint when it may have changed04:18
DanaG1920x1200, 15.4".  Looks awesome once I get xorg to stop lying about DPI:04:18
avi_jbicha, It changed because I use a PPA for the maverick themes04:19
ubottuFreedesktop bug 23705 in Server/general "xserver 1.7.0rc0 uses wrong dimensions" [Normal,Reopened]04:19
avi_DanaG, So do you know what caused the change?04:21
jbichawhich PPA? because I'm still skeptical that the PPA was at fault04:22
avi_you might be right, but i distinctly remember it coinciding with a theme update04:24
avi_perhaps its a murrine thing04:25
avi_it would appear that this is the go-to-bug04:28
avi_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/16031104:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 160311 in metacity "Resizing windows by grabbing window borders is difficult [please no more comments; patches welcome]" [Low,In progress]04:28
avi_its assigned to a billion different projects.. including the Lucid paperclips cycle.. but never got fixed.04:29
avi_filed in 2007.. !04:29
bullgard4_When I started my Ubuntu Maverick laptop computer this morning, it reported: "s2disk: Snapshotting system." This message later disappeared from the display surface when booting continued. I could not find it in dmesg. What file does store this message?05:31
Arv3nCan anyone wise in this subject tell me if it's ok if my hard drive device name is located on /dev/sde05:35
Arv3nor should I reinstall. I just installed but I just wanna make sure no <major> trouble will come because of this.05:35
bullgard4_Arv3n: You will not get any major trouble.05:36
Arv3nExcellent, bullgard4_, thanks for the confirmation.05:36
lazyPowerHaving an issue with running an update. Its hanging on grub-pc on 10.10 beta x86. ps aux | grep dpkg results its trying to run a perl script that never finishes. it just hangs the update/package install indefinitely.06:59
lazyPowergoogle hasnt given me anything helpful so-far, if anybody has any ideas i'm open to suggestions.06:59
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WubbbiMarkDude: Hey :) awake?09:33
lapionI recently  installed meerkat, and to my surprise i915-xserver whise it was much more stable then lucid09:34
lapionhowever,  last update fscked up the i915 kms for i8xx chips again09:34
lapionI tried to see if it was due to kernel problems, but booting into one of the previous kernels did not solve the problem09:39
volodyadoes anybody know what's the story with pulseaudio in kubuntu maverick? Release notes say it's default, but I cannot find any evidence. In fact, KDE settings don't have pulseaudio at all10:04
volodyaand phonon settings don't have pulseaudio as possible output device or backend10:04
Dr_WillisHmm.. i always install ubuntu-desktp and kubuntu-desktop so my systems may be different.  I recall seeing pulse settings in the kde apps.. but that ay be because the pulse audio server is running by default10:07
volodyaoh, it seems pulse is running by default. However, KDE mixer only changes the raw backend devices.10:16
volodyaand there's no way to pick default pulse out device10:16
volodyaaha -- and default output device, as pavucontrol shows, is some "HDMI" thing10:18
volodyais padevchooser supposed to crash in kubuntu?10:22
Dr_WillisYea.. programs are supposed to crash.. :)10:23
Dr_Willisif they did not crash.. it would not be beta..10:23
BajKwhat is the reason vor kubuntu 10.10 being broken for a few days?10:36
volodyaDr_Willis: well, it's crashing that way since, like, 9.10 ;-)10:41
alvinDoes anyone else sees 5x Personal contacts in the Akonadi resources?10:43
BajKKubuntu starts, no plymouth appears but the text splash with the Ubuntu 10.10 text screen, shortly afterwards the KDE splash screen appears and at the moment where the last icon is supposed to appear (that KDE logo) X crashes and starts again and the whole process begins again10:44
BajKI cannot even switch to another tty because the X server grabs tty7 all the time10:44
Dr_WillisBajK:   can you ssh in from a remote box? KDM seems to be crashing/restarting..10:45
BajKDr_Willis: it's virtualbox10:45
Dr_WillisBajK:  you could still ssh in :) if you had ssh installed.10:45
Dr_WillisBajK:  you may want to use the 'text' grub option, or recovery option so it starts with out X starting, and try to trouble shoot why KDM is crashing.10:46
BajKDr_Willis: I can start the netrootconsole, but not failsafeX10:47
BajKwell failsafeX starts, but is useless10:47
Dr_WillisBajK:  what version of ubuntu is this anyway?10:47
BajKthat's why I am in channel ubuntu+1 :D10:48
Dr_WillisHmm.. ive not heard of anyone else having similer issues.10:48
Dr_Willishas it ever worked?10:48
BajKDr_Willis: it worked just fine until last week i did apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade10:48
BajKyes, just fine10:48
alvinNot exactly the same here, but X doesn't work with the nouveau driver10:48
BajKI did restart it. but after updating it the same happened10:48
Dr_WillisSo its possible if you can some how get to a terminall, and update/upgrade again. it Might be a fixed problem10:48
BajKDr_Willis: i did this a few times10:49
Dr_Willisbut if you just tried that.. well.. perhaps its time to check the bug reports.10:49
BajKbecause it was the first thing I thouhg could solve it10:49
Dr_Willisget to a command line and disable kdm from starting, and  try to debug whats going on with it.10:49
BajKSo, my fear is, that it is not just related to vbox but does not work on my PC either and I'll break my system with that^^10:49
BajKDr_Willis: how?10:49
Dr_Willistext boot option, or rescue/failsafe opthion at grub gets you to a command line...10:50
BajKso, i am at the rootshell now10:50
Dr_Willisyou are on the system, i would install the ssh server for starters. :) that will make it easier to ssh in and try to 'fix' things.10:50
Dr_Willisto disable kdm, you look in /etc/init/ there should be a kdm.conf file, rename it to kdm.DONTSTART10:51
Dr_WillisI think just 'ssh' pulls it in10:51
Dr_Willis!info openssh-server10:51
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.5p1-4ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 294 kB, installed size 800 kB10:51
BajKok ssh is installed now10:52
BajKand kdm disabled10:52
BajKok I am at the console now10:52
Dr_Willisyou Could go hardcore and set up the text option in /etc/default/grub that would pervent plymouth from startng also.. but thats a litle overkill10:52
Dr_Willisso console works,  login, try 'startx' see if KDE works..10:53
BajK17: /usr/bin/X (blabla) Segmentation fault at address (nil) - Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault) Server aborting10:54
Dr_Willisthats nasty...10:54
Dr_Williswhats your video card anyway?10:54
BajKnVidia Geforce 250GTS10:55
BajKbut I did not install guest extensions because they wouldn't on 10.1010:55
Dr_WillisOh yea.. virtualbox.. Hmm.. I dident try vbox and the guest addons here yet...10:55
Dr_Willissee if you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf   if you do - perhaps rename it. and try to startx again.10:56
BajKbut it already worked... weird10:56
Dr_WillisIm just thinking of 'common' fix's for X crashing.10:56
BajKno theres none, i already checked that10:56
Dr_Willisid say tme to hit the forums then.10:56
Dr_Williswhats the Host os anyway?10:57
BajKKubuntu 10.0410:58
Dr_WillisIf theres a known issue.. i bet there would be some forum posts. lots of people are testing 10.10 in vbox.10:58
Dr_WillisOther then that. im out of ideas10:59
Dr_WillisI wonder why the guest addations dont work..11:01
dooglusI just tried updating to 10.10 from 10.0411:13
dooglustowards the end, it froze11:13
dooglus'ps' tells me it was trying to run 'start smbd'.  running 'sudo stop smbd' in another terminal unfroze it11:14
dooglusshould I report this somewhere?11:14
Ian_cornedooglus: kill the smb process11:19
Ian_cornethe script it's trying to run11:19
Ian_corneIt'll continue then11:19
dooglusIan_corne: I ran 'sudo stop smbd' and that fixed the problem11:19
dooglusIan_corne: but this could be a problem for others too, right?11:20
dooglusso is this a bug in samba?  or in the upgrade process?11:23
aboSamoorwhat is the shortcut to reach the new search box in unity ?11:45
iShawnWOkay so upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 has rendered SMB dead purged it and reinstalled still no luck, any other suggestions11:47
Dr_WillisiShawnW:  i had issues with samba last night. but it installed properly this morning.11:53
Dr_WillisI had to kill the package manger/dpkg/somthing when it hung during the isntall of samba.11:53
iShawnWI would try that but my box apeeas to have lost net... but yet still sharing its mouse....11:54
Dr_Willissounds like there may be deeper issues going on.11:55
Dr_Willisa few were in here earlier mentioning a kernel regression.. but i dont recall what it was affecting11:55
iShawnWthat and I have a dropdown that hasn't disapeared for a while now even clicking on other windows11:55
Dr_Willisa menu? :) from what?11:56
Dr_Willisive see the me menu - behave.. oddly befor11:56
iShawnWlike the system menu dropdown11:56
iShawnWIts rebooting right now11:56
Dr_WillisNot seen that issue11:56
Dr_Willisseems a few dozen updates just got out.. i upgrade  8 hrs ago.. theres more now.11:58
iShawnWcute... Still can't download the updates, conneced to irc on same network and sharing the mouse and keyboard on synergy.11:59
Dr_Willisthats weird.12:01
iShawnWfound it12:01
Dr_Williscan you ping the apt servers?12:01
iShawnWGoogle Chrome was the issue, its dl link was bad12:01
iShawnWunselected it and no more issues12:01
Dr_WillisThis is why i tend to use the command line tools.. it would of kept on going I think..12:01
Dr_Williswas this in the 'Software center' ?12:02
iShawnWnormally I do but I am sitting at my desk and the desktop keyboard is closer12:02
iShawnWoh cute. need to reboot again, I see a new kernel12:03
Dr_WillisYep. update... reboot.. oh wait  an other update..12:06
iShawnWbeats updating xp or mac I have rebooted them like 5 times in a row12:06
Dr_Willissee that a lot woth XP...12:06
Dr_Willisupdate/ reboot.. oh wait.. it auto loaded linux.. :) i get busy in linux.. 5 hrs later i reboot to xp.... it then continues the updates12:07
iShawnWWinBlows by Micro$oft12:07
Dr_WillisSeems theres been some 'updates' to windows lately that power off the machines ive noticed. or else they are supposed to reboot.. but they dont.12:08
Dr_Williswife's pc seems to go off at least once a week.12:08
iShawnWthis new laptop is my first time back on windows in like a year.12:08
iShawnWotherwise I don't update windows in my vm unless I need to12:08
iShawnWbut I am nice and giving Winblows a chance to redeem themself with win712:09
iShawnWI still die and open up cmd and type linux commands12:10
iShawnWdang this Athlon is slow, two days with a quad core and I am already spoiled12:13
iShawnWDr_Willis: /facepalm create a share with smb and nataulis crashes12:16
iShawnWthis sucks12:16
Dr_WillisTrying that...12:17
Dr_Willisseems like nautilus did hang on the add the permissions.. stuff12:17
iShawnWhrm, System --> Preferences --> Personal File Sharing, It says I don't have the requied packages12:18
Dr_Willisi forget the package names somthing with samba in them. :)12:33
iShawnWokay so sharing dies when I say allow guest12:39
iShawnWscrew this I am done12:41
iShawnWI am going to bed12:41
jfAny known problem with nvidia ion?13:25
jfThinking about upgrading but want to be sure I still can play my 1080p in xbmc :)13:26
aboSamoorHi, can you tell me what is the shortcut to call the search box in unity ? how can I get the right click drop menu for a file in unity? By the way it looks gorgeous13:52
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=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
HaDAkis this where i can pose questions about the recent updates to KDE in the kubuntu 10.10 alpha/beta?14:17
shadeslayerHaDAk: fire away14:18
shadeslayerbut idk if i will timeout midway.. there seems to be some sort of issue in my connection -.-14:19
HaDAkafter updating the network manager plasma widget, i haven't been able to connect to any wireless networks. the widget no longer shows networks in range, and wicd-curses won't let me connect either. sudo iwlist scan does show the available networks, though.14:19
shadeslayerok lemme check14:20
shadeslayer!info plasma-widget-networkmanagement14:20
ubottuplasma-widget-networkmanagement (source: plasma-widget-networkmanagement): Network Management widget for KDE4 Plasma. In component main, is optional. Version 0.9~svn1176084-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 63 kB, installed size 284 kB14:20
shadeslayerHaDAk: you have ^ that version right?14:20
HaDAkwhere can i find the version of the one installed?14:21
marcoceppi I'm having a hard time finding the defaults.conf file for GDM in 10.10 - has it been (re)moved?14:21
shadeslayerHaDAk: open konsole > apt-cache policy plasma-widget-networkmanagement14:21
HaDAkmy version is 0.9~svn1176084-0ubuntu114:22
HRH_H_Crabhi, im running maverick and i have an m-audio audiophile. after rebooting following an update i seem to have lost sound, ive looked at alsamixer and gui controls and cant seem to find anything muted, can anyone assist?14:22
shadeslayerHaDAk: seems to be upto date14:22
* HaDAk nods14:23
shadeslayerHaDAk: can you remove the widget and start it using plasmoidviewer? that will give us debugging info14:23
shadeslayerseems lex79 did a new upload of the plasmoid 44 hours ago14:23
HaDAkshadeslayer: i haven't used plasmoidviewer before. there's no associated man page. do i pass plasma-widget-networkmanagement as an argument?14:24
shadeslayerand you can use plasmoidviewer as : open konsole > plasmoidviewer  plasma-widget-networkmanagement14:25
shadeslayerHaDAk: ^ yes14:25
HaDAkit says the object could not be  created because it could not find the requested component.14:25
shadeslayerhmm one sec14:25
HaDAkrunning it as root gives the same error14:26
shadeslayerHaDAk: nooo14:26
shadeslayernot as root14:26
HaDAki tried as user first14:26
shadeslayerand seems you are right about the issue14:26
shadeslayerthis is bad... we have to fix this immediately14:27
* HaDAk agrees14:27
shadeslayerit doesnt show the ethernet connections as well14:27
shadeslayerlemme investigate some more14:27
HaDAkethernet works if you plug it in.14:27
shadeslayeryes, but i have custom connections, doesnt show them14:28
HaDAkalso, i don't know *what* i did last night, but it ended up showing my wireless networks for a little while. let me connect to one, even.14:28
HaDAkah. i don't have any custom ones.14:28
shadeslayerhmm.. i have 0.9~svn1167391-0ubuntu114:29
HaDAkoh, good. the segfault i submitted a bug for has been resolved.14:31
HaDAkunless it's related to the wireless widget14:31
HaDAkand i'm still trying to figure out how it connected to a network without the widget running.14:32
shadeslayerHaDAk: run : nm-tool and see the output14:34
shadeslayerdoes it show the networks?14:35
HaDAkit shows the network i'm connected to via wifi, and the associated APs14:35
HaDAkand it shows the wired interface.14:35
HaDAkis that what you're asking?14:35
shadeslayerHaDAk: does it show the wireless networs around you>14:36
HaDAkno, just the one i'm connected to.14:36
shadeslayerHaDAk: ok im looking into this14:38
HaDAki'd also like to note, that if i right click the system tray, and go to settings... in order to add network management back to it, i need to unlock the widgets, but the unlock widgets button doesn't do anything.14:40
HaDAki have to manually unlock widgets *and* panel for it to work.14:41
shadeslayerno idea on that one.. maybe thats the way its supposed to work?14:44
shadeslayerHaDAk: http://userbase.kde.org/index.php?title=NetworkManagement&setlang=fy14:44
HaDAkdamn putty14:44
HaDAkok. what am i looking at?14:45
HaDAkor, what would you LIKE me to look at?14:45
shadeslayerHaDAk: thats the procedure to get debug output and troubleshoot your problem14:46
shadeslayerplease open a bug on bugs.kde.org14:46
shadeslayerim compiling the nm from svn to see whats the issue14:46
HaDAki take it that worked well for him. :P14:48
shadeslayerHaDAk: its fixed in svn... i think we need to fix our packages now :>14:52
HaDAki wonder what the issue was14:52
shadeslayerHaDAk: heres a diff http://paste.ubuntu.com/495902/14:56
shadeslayertheres no major diff in the code14:56
HaDAkit looks like mostly translations14:57
HaDAkhow can i test that package?14:57
shadeslayertheres no package for this right now :)14:58
shadeslayeri have a seprate install of kde svn14:58
HaDAki wonder what other goodies are hidden in svn :P14:58
shadeslayerhehe :)14:58
HaDAki was *really* happy when i updated to the 10.10 alpha and found the netbook interface.14:58
shadeslayerHaDAk: dont worry.. kde nightly packages coming soonish :)14:59
HaDAki promptly removed gnome, and i've been using it (happily) ever since14:59
HRH_H_Crabnoone about who knows much about audio?15:01
HaDAki know more than i want to :|15:01
HRH_H_Crabive just tried to fix things by removing and reinstalling various alsa / pulseaudio components and now ive even lost my volume control icon.15:02
HRH_H_Crabstill no sound though15:02
HRH_H_Crabnothing obviously muted in alsamixer15:02
HRH_H_Crabyeah on maverick15:02
HaDAkso, the volume icon is controlled via pulseaudio15:02
HaDAktry sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio start15:02
HaDAkor maybe it's pulse-audio15:03
HaDAkjust pulse<tab> should work15:03
HRH_H_CrabHaDAk: its running:15:05
HRH_H_Crabcrab@taipo:~$ ps aux | grep pulse15:05
HRH_H_Crabcrab      2186  9.8  0.2 225540  5252 ?        S<sl 15:00   0:31 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog15:05
HRH_H_Crabcrab      2189  0.0  0.2 117612  3940 ?        Sl   15:00   0:00 /usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper15:05
HRH_H_Crabcrab      2715  0.0  0.0   8964   844 pts/1    S+   15:05   0:00 grep --color=auto pulse15:05
HRH_H_Crabjust not showing the icon15:05
HRH_H_Crabtbh im waaaaay more stressed about the lack of sound than lack of icon.15:06
bazhangpastebin please15:06
HRH_H_Crabbazhang: sorry15:06
shadeslayerHaDAk: erm.. weird.. im getting the networks after a reboot15:06
HaDAkshadeslayer: with the repo version?15:06
shadeslayerHaDAk: yes15:06
shadeslayerim on my stable install now15:06
HaDAki got that yesterday, for a quick minute.15:07
HaDAkit worked while i was in class. when i shut down and went back home, it was broken again15:07
shadeslayerHaDAk: i just killed the wifi and started again15:07
HaDAkshadeslayer: i sorta did the same thing, too. i tried to bring the interface up, manually set the network, and connect... it wouldn't connect though. couldn't get dhcp.15:07
HaDAki may have done it wrong though.15:08
HaDAki did some iwconfig wlan0 ap <mac address> && iwconfig wlan0 essid <ap name> && dhclient wlan015:09
HaDAkwhich i thought should have worked.15:09
* BUGabundo pokes cwillu15:09
HaDAkHRH_H_Crab: pulse is running, but alsamixer doesn't show anything muted or the sound turned down?15:10
HaDAkHRH_H_Crab: what is the output of aplay -l?15:14
shadeslayerHaDAk: id say do a reboot, and see what happens..15:14
* Gnea is downloading 10.10 in an attempt to boot it off of a USB drive to try to make a new system work15:14
HaDAkshadeslayer: i've been doing reboots for the past couple of days. :P15:14
anon33_i'm having trouble installing dockbarx - i've added the ppa to my system but it says it can't find the package. i'm on 10.1015:14
shadeslayerand it still doesnt work?15:14
Gneasince 10.04 absolutely refuses to work correctly15:14
HaDAkshadeslayer: nope.15:15
HaDAkanon33_: does dockbarx have a 10.10 repo? they might only have one for 10.0415:15
HRH_H_CrabHaDAk: aplay -l shows information about my soundcard15:15
HRH_H_Crabhang on, ill pastebin it15:16
anon33_HaDAk: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/mono-icon-themes-for-dockbarx/ seems to suggest otherwise, but the written methods don't work15:16
shadeslayerHaDAk: pastebin output of nm-tool please,15:16
HaDAkHRH_H_Crab: step though this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting15:16
HRH_H_CrabHaDAk: done it15:17
HRH_H_Crabdid that prior to joining irc15:17
HaDAkanon33_: they don't say anything about 10.10 support on their homepage. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=10160415:18
HRH_H_CrabHaDAk: http://pastebin.com/KMEN45h715:18
anon33_HaDAk: bummer :(15:19
HaDAkHRH_H_Crab: try stepping through this one: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Speaker-test15:19
HaDAkanon33_: since 10.10 isn't technically released yet, you've gotta cut these devs a break. ;)15:19
HaDAkanon33_: if you can get a .deb, you can manually install that.15:20
turtle_has anyone eles had any issues with wireless networks in the beta15:20
HaDAkturtle_: we've been discussing that bug all morning15:20
turtle_ook, its been driving me nuts15:20
HaDAkyou and me both.15:20
HaDAkyour network manager plasmoid doesn't show wireless networks, right?15:21
turtle_it shows the networks, asks me for the password, but then just doesn't connect15:21
HaDAkah. that's what happens when i try using wicd-curses :|15:21
turtle_it worked perfectly yesterday15:22
HaDAkand if i try manually entering the information with iwconfig, it won't pull dhcp15:22
HaDAkyeah, two days ago for me. it was a set of updates in the middle of the night that broke it.15:22
turtle_and then decided to die after i got a 24 hour freeleach =/15:22
turtle_thats what i figured did mine as wlel15:22
turtle_worked for about 15 mins after the update, then nothing15:23
HaDAkglad to know it's not me. ^^15:23
turtle_also with the boot loader doesn't seem to like booting my xp install15:23
anon33_HaDAk: could you explain the .deb process?15:23
HaDAkanon33_: once you have a deb, just sudo dpkg -i <package>15:24
anon33_HaDAk: how do i go about acquiring the deb?15:24
HaDAkturtle_: now that i can't help with. grub2 is a bit weird. i'm still getting used to it.15:24
HaDAkanon33_: that's for you to figure out ^^15:24
HRH_H_CrabHaDAk: the commands all work fine (i.e. they dont bug out) but i don't get any sound.15:26
HRH_H_Crabits as if its muted, but i cant figure out where.15:26
HaDAkHRH_H_Crab: are your speakers plugged in and turned on? >.>15:26
shadeslayerHaDAk: btw you can revert to the earlier package if you want to15:26
HRH_H_Crabi checked the amp / speakers via my cd player15:26
HaDAkhate to ask, but i've seen people plug em in to the microphone port and complain about no sound15:26
HaDAkshadeslayer: how? :O15:26
HRH_H_Crabi guess i should boot a live cd and confirm the soundcard hasnt died.15:26
HaDAkHRH_H_Crab: yeah, try with something stable.15:27
shadeslayerHaDAk: sudo apt-get install plasma-widget-networkmanagement=0.9~svn1167391-0ubuntu115:27
HRH_H_Crabreally not looking forward to a reinstal15:27
HaDAkhang on, cleaning out my old kernels... praying i don't delete the one i'm using :P15:29
HaDAkgot a bit scared when it said i'll free up 421mb15:29
HRH_H_Crabthats going to be my next step if the live cd confirms a working soundcard - edit grub menu and try older kernels... ;/15:30
HRH_H_Crabi dont hold a lot of hope for that being the problem but im fast running out of ideas15:30
HaDAkshadeslayer: will running that replace my existing plasmoid? or do i need to remove the one i have installed first?15:30
shadeslayerHaDAk: install old package > re add plasmoid15:31
HaDAkhow about install, reboot ^^15:31
HaDAklets me test and make sure i have my kernel, too15:31
shadeslayerworks that way too15:31
HaDAkgrub thinks i do :P15:31
shadeslayergrub is usually right in these matters :P15:31
anon33_i'm trying to install google chromium (dev channel) and i get the following error when using the software center15:32
HaDAkno idea why grub2 wants to scan like 5 times though.15:32
anon33_Breaks existing package 'google-chrome-unstable' that conflict: 'google-chrome'. But the '/tmp/google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb' provides it via: 'google-chrome'15:32
anon33_i have chromium installed, but it's not at the latest version (and sudo apt-get update does not work)15:32
HaDAkanon33_: sudo dpkg --get-selections |grep chrom15:32
HaDAkwhat does that return?15:32
anon33_i just accidentally cleared my screen - do you mind typing that again?15:33
HaDAkanon33_: sudo dpkg --get-selections |grep chrom15:33
HaDAkshadeslayer: version not found15:34
turtle_would the previous most stable ubuntu be 9.10 (karmic) ?15:34
anon33_all of the following with a line that says "install": chromium-browser, chromium-browser-inspector, chromium-codecs-ffmpeg, google-chrome-unstable, xserver-xorg-video-openchrome15:35
HaDAkanon33_: try removing chromium-browser and google-chrome-unstable, then installing your package15:35
anon33_HaDAk: sudo apt-get uninstall?15:35
HaDAksudo dpkg purge <package>15:36
anon33_HaDAk: or sudo dpkg -r ?15:36
anon33_ooh, purge :-O15:36
gnomefreakmost likely the goole-chrome is messing it up, this is assuming you got that right from goole since we dont have it in repos15:36
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
anon33_depends on chromium-browser-inspect and chromium-browser--ffmpeg so it didn't remove15:37
HaDAkshadeslayer: is there a way for apt-get to list the available versions in the repo?15:37
anon33_unstable got removed15:37
HaDAkanon33_: purge those packages too.15:38
shadeslayerHaDAk: apt-cache policy foo15:38
shadeslayerwhere foo is the package15:38
anon33_HaDAk: and now to reinstall google-chrome-unstable do i have to install chromium-browser?15:38
HaDAkshadeslayer: i'm going to have to familiarize myself with the policy switch. didn't know about it before today.15:38
HaDAkanon33_: you're  purging all copies of chrome you have installed, so you can either install your .deb, or add the repo and apt-get install it15:39
shadeslayeri think apt-get install foo=version should install the package15:39
HaDAkshadeslayer: the version table includes the latest, and that's it.15:39
shadeslayerHaDAk: try removing the package and using foo=version15:40
HaDAkshadeslayer: apt-get only reports the one version15:40
shadeslayeryes, but the servers have all the versions15:40
HaDAkwhy doesn't it show it?15:40
shadeslayerbecause its dumb :p15:41
gnomefreakwe dont support the package so it is very likely you will have issues again if you install it15:41
gnomefreakdaily chromium works fine here15:42
gnomefreakchromium-browser (7.0.529.0~svn20100918r59893-0ubuntu1~ucd1)15:42
anon33_so i did a "sudo dpkg -i /tmp/google-chromium-unstable....deb" (that i downloaded from http://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel) and i don't know where it installed the executable..15:44
HaDAkanon33_: likely /usr/bin...but try which <exe>15:44
HaDAkso, maybe, which chrome or which chromium15:44
anon33_i mean, google-chrome is installed but i don't believe it's the right version i'm looking for15:44
HaDAktry google-chrome -v ?15:45
anon33_HaDAk: nothing15:45
anon33_i mean it launched15:45
anon33_going into About gives me 7.0.517.8 dev as a version number15:45
HaDAkwell, there ya go15:45
anon33_HaDAk: is that the latest or was that there before i purged?15:46
HaDAkanon33_: not completely sure. you can try purging it and reinstalling.15:46
HaDAkjust be sure15:47
anon33_HaDAk: that sounds fun :P anyways - thanks for your help15:47
HaDAkno problem.15:47
turtle_bah this is furstrating15:49
gnomefreaki gave you the latest version from the daily PPA15:49
turtle_i get an ESSID, 100% signal, but still she wont connect :/15:49
HaDAkturtle_: what method are you using to connect?15:50
turtle_just via the network mananger15:50
HaDAktry a lower level method of connecting.15:51
turtle_i havent used any flavour of linux before so haven't tried any other way, been thru alot of the help docs and they all seem to say that everythings fine15:51
HaDAkturtle_: try this.. as root:15:52
HaDAk(assuming you're using wlan0...)15:52
HaDAkifconfig wlan0 up15:52
turtle_yeh wlan015:52
HaDAkiwconfig wlan0 ap <your access point's mac address>15:52
HaDAkiwconfig wlan0 essid <your ap name> channel <the channel>15:53
HaDAknow, this won't work if you're using WPA/215:53
HaDAkif you're using WEP, you can do iwconfig wlan0 key s:<passphrase>15:53
HaDAkand then dhclient wlan015:53
HaDAkif you're using WPA/2...15:53
HaDAkwpa_supplicant -Dwext -iwlan0 -c <config file>15:54
HaDAkso you'd have to make a wpa_supplicant config file15:54
HaDAkbut for testing purposes, i suggest turning off your security for a moment15:54
anon33_is know this isn't specific to maverick but...is there an easy way to cp and chown?15:54
HaDAkanon33_: yes, with the cp and chown commands.15:55
anon33_HaDAk: time to learn zsh scripting :(15:55
HaDAkanon33_: i don't know zsh. ^^15:55
HaDAkbash ftw.15:55
anon33_HaDAk: yeah, okay15:56
HaDAkanon33_: ^^15:56
HaDAkok, so bash isn't the greatest...but it's like a warm blanket...always there when you need it.15:56
anon33_so's zsh15:58
HaDAkshadeslayer: so, when is pulseaudio going to be fixed? microphone input *doesn't* work on a default install. hasn't since like 9.04 or something.16:00
shadeslayerHaDAk: dunno... ask #ubuntu-devel :P16:02
gnomefreakif you dont file a bug than it maybe or may not be known to the devs16:02
HaDAklol, how could it *not* be known? it's people's biggest bitch about pulse.16:02
HaDAkgo ahead and google "pulseaudio is broken" :P16:02
HaDAkshadeslayer: thanks for your help this morning16:03
shadeslayerHaDAk: #kubuntu-devel in case nm plasmoid doesnt work16:03
HaDAkshadeslayer: thanks16:03
anon33_man, i'd really like to use dockbarx with maverick :(16:11
Nepheriushow do i find where firefox is installed and yes i know I suck at linux16:12
HaDAkNepherius: i don't care if you suck at linux or not ^^16:12
HaDAkNepherius: are you looking for the binary file?16:13
Nepheriussry wrong channel and ..uhm the folder with it I`m actually looking for the dl folder from firefox16:14
HaDAkso, the folder where firefox downloads files to?16:14
HaDAkit is generally ~/Downloads, i believe.16:14
Nepheriusi wish16:14
turtle_haDAk, all i get is 'sciocsfflags: permission denied' when trying ifconfig wlan0 up16:14
Nepheriusits somewhere else16:15
HaDAkturtle_: run it as root16:15
turtle_Nepherius: if you look in edit->Preferences you can see where it downloads to16:15
HaDAkNepherius: your download window in firefox should have a little button that shows you the default download location16:15
turtle_HaDAk: sudo?16:15
HaDAkturtle_: yes16:15
turtle_still says the same thing16:15
HaDAkNepherius: sorry, i'm thinking a different browser, or something. under preferences, general16:16
HaDAkNepherius: you will see a downloads section16:16
HaDAkturtle_: wlan0 might not be your interface. pastebin the output of ifconfig16:16
turtle_also tried turning off the wireless encrpytion, still no joy16:17
turtle_nah its definitely wlan016:17
HaDAkhumor me. :)16:17
turtle_i get eth0 l0 and wlan016:18
HaDAkwhat about iwconfig?16:18
turtle_l0 - no wireless , eth0 - no wireless, wlan0 - all my wireless info16:19
HaDAkdoes wlan0 show the ap and ssid?16:20
turtle_if i seti t trying to connect in the network manager yeah16:21
HaDAkwhat about if you set it with iwconfig?16:21
turtle_2 secs16:21
turtle_HaDAk: when trying iwconfig wlan0 ap .. i get 'wlan0 does not support ip address'16:35
HaDAkturtle_: what line did you input? (sorry, sitting in class)16:41
turtle_iwconfig wlan0 ap routers mac add16:41
HaDAkand when you put that in, it complains about the ip address?16:42
HaDAkwhat mac address are you passing?16:42
HaDAkuse : instead of -16:43
aguiteli install ubuntu and then kubuntu but when i try to uninstall kubuntu kdm is there16:43
aguiteli am in maverik16:44
HaDAkaguitel: sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop16:45
aguitelHaDAk, yes i do it but residual kdm remains16:45
aguitelHaDAk, i try to follow this guide but is not for maverick:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome16:46
HaDAkaguitel: are oyu using kdm as your display manager?16:48
aguitelHaDAk, no16:48
HaDAkhave you tried purging kdm?16:48
aguitelHaDAk, yes and there is error16:49
HaDAkwhat is the error?16:49
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest10072
aguitelwait i pasebin for you16:49
aguitelHaDAk, http://pastebin.com/Nr3LAknW16:50
HaDAkhmm. dunno.16:51
=== kancerman_ is now known as kancerman
jfIs there no way to enable multitouch on touchpad without taking a dive in to conf-files?17:47
gnomefreak  815 root      20   0  119m  21m 3004 R 88.2  8.9   8:58.37 Xorg17:54
gnomefreakthats never good17:54
BUGabundo3g of swap?17:54
gnomefreaki would hope not i only have 256mb17:55
txt-fileI want to test marvick but I have now tried 5 different daily images and the kubuntu beta. I use the "startup device creator" from ubuntu 10.04.1 to write the iso to a usb-pen but everytime I boot from usb I get "SYSLINUX ... <br> Unknown keyword in configuration <br> boot: _" (<br> represents a line break)17:55
BUGabundo 1047 259678     38       1806K 169.1M 39528K 169.1M 39528K   1% Xorg17:55
BUGabundoI barrely see xorg in my screen, its so low17:55
elijahIf I am running Maverick beta, when stable comes out, do I just apply the updates or do I need to do something else to stay at stable? Do I need to uncheck pre-release etc?17:58
gnomefreakelijah: apt-get upgrade17:58
gnomefreakno need to reinstall just update as normal17:58
elijahgnomefreak: So that will actually flag it to go to stable?17:58
elijahI am a bit new so I am trying to grasp this17:59
gnomefreakelijah: what do you mean. yuo are just updateing as you would get any other updates17:59
gnomefreakelijah: i suggest using Lucid if you are new17:59
elijahgnomefreak: I am sort of using Lucid, I am trying out Ubuntu  10.04 stable, Kubuntu 10.04 stable and Kubuntu 10.10 beta18:00
gnomefreakso you do know how to update as normal?18:01
elijahgnomefreak: I had Kubuntu Maverick working awesome and then I updated and wifi stopped working, but I was hoping that if I can get it working again then I would just not apply updates until Maverick stable hits.18:01
elijahI just use p;ackage manager and go to system updates18:01
elijahI don't do apt-get upgrade, is that the same command package manager runs?18:02
charlie-tca!final | elijah18:02
ubottuelijah: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Maverick Meerkat and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Maverick. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.18:02
gnomefreakelijah: if you dont want to update than tell update-manager to stop running and dont do updates. wifi is have issues from what others were talking about earlier18:02
gnomefreakelijah: update-manager apt-get aptitude ect... all use apt18:03
elijahthanks guys18:04
htrejhi tried kubuntu maverick beta & daily build of yesterday18:12
htrejhand after the kernel has been loaded, the x server displays black and white blocks18:12
htrejhi think the OS works, only there's a graphical glitch18:12
htrejhis this a known problem,18:12
txt-file1I want to test marvick but I have now tried 5 different daily images and the kubuntu beta. I use the "startup device creator" from ubuntu 10.04.1 to write the iso to a usb-pen but everytime I boot from usb I get "SYSLINUX ... <br> Unknown keyword in configuration <br> boot: _" (<br> represents a line break)18:13
penguin42txt-file1: That's a common problem18:13
penguin42txt-file1: Is your 10.04.1 up to date? There was a fixed usb disk creator18:14
txt-file1no .. I just burned the cd and have no updates installed18:14
penguin42ok, let me just find the bug18:15
penguin42bug 60838218:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608382 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Lucid) "Maverick images burned to usb key on lucid fail to boot - different syslinux version" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60838218:16
penguin42txt-file1: So there is an updated usb key creator in lucid-updates, or if you look at comment number 5 on that bug there is a simple edit you can do to the syslinux.cfg on the created image18:16
txt-file1thank you18:17
txt-file1I will try the second method18:17
Dr_WillisI recall having to edit the syslinux.cfg also.. but i know enough syslinux-foo to  see the issue.. :) heh..18:25
Dr_Willisperhaps some day the usb-key creatopr will use grub218:25
magicianlordAre you ready for maverick18:53
AzelphurIs maverick ready for you?18:53
penguin42it's already got me18:54
BUGabundowhere's 11.04?18:54
BUGabundoMM is old already18:54
BUGabundotoo stable18:54
penguin42yeh, boring18:54
BUGabundono really18:55
BUGabundoI haven't got A serious bug :\18:55
penguin42BUGabundo: Yeh a lot of the bugs I reported have got fixed18:55
magicianlordat least with 10.10, it isn't playing catchup for the time being to rolling-release type distros18:56
magicianlordi like dat18:56
BUGabundoit isn't it?18:56
BUGabundowe even have btrfs18:56
BUGabundoand a top notch kernel18:56
magicianlordis btrfs gud?18:57
elijahIs the WiFi fixed in Meerkat yet?18:57
BUGabundoelijah: never stop working for me18:57
BUGabundosince day one18:57
elijahBUGabundo: 2 nights ago I upgraded and it killed it. Someone earlier said others have been reporting issues as well.18:58
elijahby upgrading I mean from Meerkat Beta 1 night prior18:58
BUGabundoI do upgrades two times a day18:58
BUGabundoregular reboots18:58
BUGabundono prob here18:59
elijahBUGabundo: Good for you, we obvisouly don't have the same hardware installed then :)18:59
magicianlordelijah: what wifi19:01
elijahmagicianlord: 2 nights ago I did all system updates, now it will not recognize my SSID19:03
elijahmagicianlord: I installed 10.04 to a new partition for now19:07
magicianlordelijah: What19:11
magicianlordWho's got halo reach19:30
A71KR117Hi guys. Should I upgrade to the Maverick beta? I really want the new features.19:38
charlie-tcaA71KR117: Can you fix things if they break?19:40
charlie-tcaCan you live with a broken system? It is not supposed to break again, but, it is beta...19:40
A71KR117charlie-tca, I was thinking more of a fresh install.19:41
charlie-tcaIt is still beta, and perfectly capable of breaking.19:41
magicianlordShe is so pretty.19:41
A71KR117I guess I could live with a broken system, depending on the broken-ness. Any major bugs out there?19:42
charlie-tcaaye! and it is not broken bad for me, but the bugs are still being worked, too.19:42
A71KR117Okay, maybe later Ill reinstall.19:42
charlie-tcawireless fails for some19:42
charlie-tcaand once in a while, X gives up for some19:43
A71KR117Thats okay, im using LAN19:43
magicianlordUbuntu is always in flux.19:43
A71KR117X gives up? Maybe ill wait for the RC?19:43
magicianlordSo, you should expect things to be broken and not fixed for 6 months.19:43
A71KR117do you thing FGRLX will be available when the RC comes out?19:44
charlie-tcaWell, not very often. I think you have to be lucky now to have X quit19:44
charlie-tcaI haven't been following it. I have all nvidia cards19:44
charlie-tcaUsually by the time we see the RC, everything is working19:45
A71KR117Thanks for your advice everyone. I'll wait for the RC.19:51
litropyHi, peeps - is there a command out there that usually frees up the cursor? Sometimes upon bootup, I have keys, but no touchpad.19:56
litropyFurthermore, Unity seems to like to crash randomly. What log should I start with?19:56
MuscovyIn Unity, how can I turn off the automatic login?19:57
penguin42litropy: Well you can do ubuntu-bug unity   to report the unity one19:57
litropyMuscovy: gksu gdm-setup19:58
penguin42litropy: For the touchpad one, I'd probably report it against xserver-xorg-input-synaptics  preferably with a copy of dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log from when it isn't working20:00
Muscovylitropy: I was looking for a way to require a password for my user, actually. I'm getting annoyed with manually opening keyrings.20:01
=== duffy is now known as duffydack
litropyoh, wow. I just held down the windows key for the first time since unity. thaaaat's nice :)20:06
litropyMuscovy: Yea, I have that problem, too. I'm thinking about just deleting my keyring and canceling the keyring prompt when I enter network keys.20:07
litropybut I like your idea better.20:08
MuscovyI'm slightly worried about weird Ubuntu One issues if I use it while offline.20:08
litropyBoy, this freezing issue is getting bad. Is it only Unity when the whole screen freezes, nothing responds to input, and just the cursor moves? I don't believe so. Any ideas peeps? I did the bug report.20:11
penguin42litropy: Does ctrl-alt-f1 get you a text screen?20:11
litropyI'll try it during next freeze, penguin42. What do I enter to get back into the UI after I confirm?20:12
htrejhwhen booting maverick i see this: http://ubuntuforums.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=169876&d=128483461120:12
htrejhwhat can bethe cayse?20:13
Muscovylitropy: I haven't seen that freeze in desktop edition at all. It was happening up until a few days ago when I launched OpenOffice.20:13
litropyMuscovy: penguin42: This happens literally every ... I'd say 45 seconds.20:14
penguin42htrejh: Interesting20:14
penguin42htrejh: What is your graphics card?20:14
htrejhpenguin42: A nvidia GTS 360M20:15
htrejh(working perfectly on lucid)20:15
penguin42htrejh: Do you just see that during boot, or does it finally get to X?20:15
htrejhonly when x is started20:15
htrejhwell when X starts i see it20:16
htrejhbut switching to a console still displays that glitch20:16
penguin42htrejh: ok, do you use the nvidia proprietary driver?20:16
Muscovylitropy: I think I read a post at omgubuntu about that. Did you try installing older unity/graphics drivers?20:16
htrejhpenguin42: on my lucid insall yes20:19
htrejhbut with the default driver (nv probably) it worked on lucid20:19
penguin42htrejh: Was that problem you showed from a live cd or from an upgraded lucid?20:20
htrejhpenguin42: from a live cd of kubuntu maverick beta (and daily builds...)20:21
penguin42htrejh: OK, well that needs reporting, my guess is that it might be happier with the proprietary driver, but I would have hoped a live CD would have either worked or failed in a nicer way20:22
htrejhpenguin42: well can the driver (nouveau) be disabled?20:22
htrejhor maybe an alternate install would work? but i doubt as after install when booting i won't be able to switch20:22
penguin42htrejh: Not sure, I run ATI not Nvidia, you could try nomodeset20:23
htrejhwhat is that?20:23
penguin42htrejh: That's adding nomodeset to the kernel command line, and the alternate CD has a better chance20:24
htrejhok thx i'll try20:24
litropyWhew! Well, it's good to know how to get back to graphics mode from the text console now!20:28
penguin42litropy: Oops sorry, forgot to say that :-)20:28
litropyMuscovy: Nope, I have the stock drivers for my Intel n28020:29
penguin42litropy: OK, so you are getting pauses not complete hangs?20:29
litropy penguin42 I can go to text console while frozen. It seems it's the graphics ui itself with the trouble. I can even get back to graphics mode, and it's still frozen. After waiting ~10 secs, I'm back.20:30
penguin42litropy: Hmm curious; anything odd in dmesg?20:31
litropyTo clarify, ~45 secs of good ui use, then I hang for ~10, can go to txt mode during this time (no hang in going back and forth).20:31
litropySkipping EDID probe due to cached edid20:35
penguin42I get a few of those, but no problems20:36
litropythis is supposedly fixed20:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 531590 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Xorg is unusably slow and flickery" [Undecided,Fix released]20:36
litropyI don't flicker20:36
penguin42litropy: Sounds otherwise like a different bug, I mean slow is not 10 second hangs20:36
litropyyeah ...20:37
litropypenguin42: The numbers on the left of dmesg are seconds?20:39
litropysorry penguin42 - got disconnected. The numbers on the left of dmesg are seconds?20:44
litropypenguin42: Yeah ... since bootup, that's the only messsage I get, and it's like every 2 mins. This precedes it: [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id20:48
litropybut  it seems to have stopped since I began looking at dmesg.20:49
litropyso that's weird20:49
litropyit's like schroedinger's box.20:49
penguin42litropy: Hmm, this <---- machine gets the skipping EDID but not the invalid framebuffer iD20:49
penguin42litropy: I have seen it do hangs for a while, but it's pretty rare - but this <--- machine only gets used really for IRC/terminal/etc not heavy compute20:50
litropyoh hey! Unity just crashed, and I have new dmesg output :D20:50
litropy[ 3645.712475] show_signal_msg: 24 callbacks suppressed20:50
litropy[ 3645.712489] mutter[8301]: segfault at 1712 ip 06c88dae sp bfb30af0 error 4 in libsoundmenu.so[6c7e000+d000]20:50
litropyThat's the first time mutter has come up since bootup20:51
penguin42have seen a few people complaining of mutter segfaulting20:54
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lapionhello, as of last weeks updates every time my system is rebooted the root filesystem is checked, and the xserver doesnt do kms any more20:56
penguin42lapion: If it's getting checked each time I'm guessing that it's not shutting down properly - either that or the time/date is VERY confused20:56
lapionyes not going down nicely..20:58
lapionturned off way to fast20:58
magicianlordThere is an issue with X.20:59
magicianlordAnd it requires a simple solution.21:00
penguin42lapion: OK, so what graphics card isn't doing KMS?21:00
litropymagicianlord: were you commenting on my issue?21:04
penguin42lapion: Yeh, it was blacklisted from KMS because it was getting random crashes21:05
lapionpenguin42, i855 and it was finally working the way it was supposed too.. that is sionge the upgrade from lucid it had not hanged one time21:05
litropynow reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze21:05
penguin42lapion: Actually!21:05
lapionI removed it from the blacklist and forced it21:05
penguin42lapion: So, it was blacklisted, they've just unblacklisted it21:06
lapionsince it got unblacklisted my system is booting in fbdev21:06
penguin42lapion: Which kernel version are you currently running?21:06
lapionwich is strange because they are mutually exclusive21:07
magicianlordWhat is your problem exactly?21:08
lapionI have tried vmlinuz-2.6.35-19-generic all the way to vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic21:08
penguin42lapion: So 22 says it's unblacklisted them but provides a way to blacklist21:09
lapionxorg only starting in vesa/fbdev21:09
penguin42lapion: OK, so from 22 what does your xorg.conf look like and do you have an xorg.conf?21:09
lapionpenguin42, well strangely enough since installation of 22 it is not working for any of previous kernels21:10
lapionno xorg.conf21:10
lapionso I think it's the mechanism for blacklisting it is at fault21:10
magicianlordWhere is it blacklisted?21:11
lapionit is not supposed to anymore21:11
magicianlordWhat issue is it21:13
lapionor maybe I have to remove the modules options .21:14
magicianlordKindle vs iPod 4g21:15
penguin42lapion: What module options did you add?21:15
lapion/etc/modprobe.d/i915-kms.conf with as contents: options i915 modeset=121:17
lapionremoved the module options, and am now rebuilding initramfs21:18
penguin42yeh I'd put it back to as normal installation21:18
litropyWelp, just have to wait until I freeze again, then I believe I'll get a batchbuffer dump21:19
lapionto no avail21:20
lapionand still doesn't shutdown correctly21:22
penguin42lapion: What happens during shutdown?21:23
g0bl1nin Maverick 10.10, Netbook edition, how can one change the left icons menu ?21:26
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
lapionpenguin42, well it doesn't unmount the fs cleanly21:29
lapionupon shutting down the system remounts the root filesystem with commits=021:30
lapionI am going to do a reinstall..21:38
lapionnvm first going to try in a Virtual box to recreate21:38
lapionpenguin42, any ideas ?21:57
penguin42lapion: Afraid not21:58
Malkavian_there is a bug in Kubuntu Maverick (kde) affecting at least intel graphic cards: compositioning doesn't work or is disabled at start up; bugs were filled for this issue, for example here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/63063222:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 630632 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Maverick) "[i945GME] Kwin compositing fail on maverick" [High,New]22:04
Malkavian_does somebody knows if it will be fixed for the release version?22:05
yofelMalkavian_: the bug was filed by one of the kubuntu developers, best ask him (ScottK) in #kubuntu-devel if you want to know more22:06
Malkavian_k, thanks22:07
yofelkubuntu on intel here has gotten a lot better though with the newest mesa updates22:07
litropypeeps, the volume on my netbook is very low, even with it maxxed out via pavucontrol22:07
Malkavian_yofel: I know about mesa updates, but you cannot expect people to mess with messa when installing Maverick22:08
duffydackcould use pulseaudio-equalizer and up the amp.22:08
yofelMalkavian_: I mean the mesa updates in maverick, I don't use a ppa for that22:08
bullgard4At startup my  Maverick Beta computer writes after  1,8 s : "Magic number: 10:86:987". What does this number refer to?22:08
yofelit was pretty unusable a while ago..22:09
Malkavian_yofel: I just updated my system and the issue is still there22:09
yofelI did get compositing off by default on my 945GME yesterday, it worked fine after enabling though and it was enabled when I booted today, can't really tell more22:10
Malkavian_yofel: does present windows work for you?22:12
Malkavian_I mean pointing the mouse on the upper left corner of the screen22:12
yofel(I first need to enable that again)22:13
Malkavian_have you tried using digikam? with compositioning enabled, it is unusable slow22:13
yofelgreat, present windows freezes kwin until you disable compositing :(22:15
yofelhaven't tried digikam22:15
Malkavian_do the the taskbar thumbnails work? I see only a blank window, then the desktop freezes22:19
yofeltaskbar thumbs work fine here22:22
lazyPowerhaving a fun issue with dpkg hanging on updating grub-pc hooks. Its some funky perl script.. google has been less than savvy on helping me track down the issue. Ubuntu 10.10 32bit22:26
Jay-after upgrading to 10.10 my wireless card stopped being able to connect to my home network (worked previously in 10.04) according to lspci i have a RaLink RT286022:32
yofelworks fine here (kubuntu rt2860 wpa2 g) kernel -2222:34
guntbertJay-: you might want to tune your attitude a bit if you want help22:34
Jay-i'd rather get i dunno or nothing then someone saying that they aren't going to help22:35
yofelguntbert: ?22:35
guntbertyofel: regarding his comments in #ubuntu22:36
yofelah, I'm not in there22:36
yofelnvm then22:36
Jay-basically i asked a question and they told me to go away22:37
Jay-anyway... i could use some suggestions on my wireless predicament if anyone has any22:37
yofelJay-: well, maverick support is in here, and #ubuntu is pretty busy, makes some people fell edgy a bit :/22:37
yofelJay-: /var/log/syslog should have some information about the connection attempt22:38
Jay-wpa_supplicant[1132]: Authentication with 00:00:00:00:00:00 timed out.22:40
yofelok, I don't know too much about wireless, but that mac looks wrong o.O22:41
Jay-from what i can see it might be a kernal issue22:45
yofelJay-: what does uname -r give you?22:46
yofelhm, that kernel works fine here though, what encryption settings?22:47
* penguin42 hasn't tried upgrading his machine with an rt to maverick yet22:47
Jay-i think it's just wpa222:48
* yofel scratches head22:48
yofelhm, does 'iwlist <interfacename> scanning' list the network with the correct mac?22:50
yofelreplace interfacename with the name of your interface (wlan0 usually)22:51
Jay-yeah seems to be ok the reason i was saying it might be the kernals is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/59486622:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 594866 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Maverick][2.6.35] RT2860 (ralink) support seems to be broken (it fails to connect to secured wireless networks)" [Undecided,Triaged]22:52
bjsnideryofel, is there a module called mac80211 running on your system right now?22:52
yofelmac80211              231541  3 rt2x00usb,rt2x00pci,rt2x00lib22:53
bjsniderit's a usb device?22:54
yofelno, internal card (eeePC 1000H), maybe it's connected over usb with the mainboard?22:55
yofellsusb doesn't list it thouggh22:56
yofelJay-: what do you get for that btw.?22:57
lapionpenguin42, going to try to reinstall the last updates..22:58
Jay-with what? mac80211?22:58
bjsnideryofel, if there's a bug about your wifi chipset being broken in maverick, why is yours working?22:59
Jay-i don't think i have that22:59
yofelwell, even if you ask me, I have working wireless here, and lspci tells me 'Network controller: RaLink RT2860'23:00
Jay-03:00.0 Network controller: RaLink RT286023:00
Jay-maybe it's because i'm running 64bit?23:01
yofel01:00.0 Network controller: RaLink RT2860 in case the pci number matters23:01
yofelcould be, I only have x86 as choice here23:01
OlognThe ralink/rt drivers are odd in Maverick...they worked in Lucid Lynx, then broke a little23:07
Olognrt2860sta and rt2800pci often conflict... people blacklist rt2800pci, then it works23:08
Jay-ok how do i blacklist?23:10
bjsnideryofel, are you using a new version of the driver from the backports-wireless metapackage?23:11
OlognWell first do an lsmod and see if both modules are running...which they should not be (in their current state)23:11
bjsnidernewer version i should say23:11
OlognIf they are, then in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf append the line "blacklist rt2800pci".  When you reboot it should not load.  However, you don't have to reboot to do everything...23:12
yofelhm, backports-wireless -22-generic isn't installed and rt2860sta shows as: 'version:'23:13
OlognYou can use modprobe to load and unload the modules...there are some forum posts etc. on this...I have an RAlink wireless so I have the problem...23:14
yofelwell, I have both modules loaded here and it *works*, maybe it's because I had to mess with the network configuration as network-manager didn't work right without kded4 running here23:15
yofel(crashed thanks to some bluedevil bug)23:15
yofelit did work fine with network-manager and -20-generic before I got the kde crash23:18
Jay-i have both rt2x00lib, and rt2800pci23:20
yofel$ lsmod | grep rt : http://paste.ubuntu.com/496120/23:22
Jay-i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/496121/23:24
Jay-pretty much the same23:25
bjsniderdoes it just not see any network or what?23:26
Jay-it sees the network but will not connect23:27
bjsniderdoes it connect if you drop the security?23:27
Jay-haven't tried that yet as i have other people in the house using it23:28
bjsniderare you typing in the wrong passkey?23:28
Jay-no, i don't get an authentication failed or anything23:28
bjsnidermaybe the router's dhcp server is flaky?23:29
bjsnidertried power-cycling the router?23:29
Jay-never had a problem before 10.10, my macbook pro and an xp and a vista box and other network devices work fine23:29
bjsniderdoes hte router do any logging? can you check the log if there is one?23:30
Jay-i'll check23:31
Jay-don't see anything23:33
Jay-don't think it's actually communicating with the router23:33
aboSamoorwhat is the shortcut to invoke the search box in unity ?23:50

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