Trian3Hello all01:49
Trian3Anyone available to lend a hand?  I'm having some boot issues on a new install of Ubuntu.01:50
Trian3I'm sure it's something simple, but all my googling has gotten me is a case of bug-eyes and a slight headache.01:51
Trian3Anyone there?01:51
duanedesignTrian3: what seems to be the issue?01:57
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Vastwell, im not exactly a beginner, but im having a very odd problem04:09
Vastan image of UNR was corrupted to the point of being unbootable (it would throw me into initramfs)04:10
Jerkback with more problems :(05:42
aveilleuxJerk: Sup?05:43
JerkI downloaded WUBI, which then installed Ubuntu on my desktop. so now I have a dual-boot system, with WinXP and Ubuntu. however, whenever I boot up Ubuntu, my pc reboots automatically after some time.05:45
Jerkwhy is this?05:45
Jerkaveilleux: bad stuff05:46
aveilleuxJerk: I know very little about Wubi installs, sorry :(05:48
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Jerkhello everyone.....just wanted to know whether it's true that Ubuntu uses up a lot of power08:52
Jerkyou know, power o_008:56
hobgoblinas in electricity?08:56
hobgoblinwell my bill didn't go up08:57
JerkI hope neither will mine :p08:57
Jerkthe thing is, I've finally got a dual boot system08:57
Jerkwith WInXP and Ubuntu08:57
hobgoblinI tell a lie - my bill went up - but the usage didn't - power companies are greedy08:58
Jerkexcept that, when I boot up from ubuntu, the system automatically restarts08:58
hobgoblinseen that on the forums08:58
hobgoblinnot remembering what you installed - was it a normal dual boot or wubi08:59
hobgoblinI'd have no luck trying to troubleshoot that09:00
Jerkso, I was wondering, if Ubuntu is using so much power that the hardware can't keep up09:00
ibuclawJerk, powertop09:00
Jerkstrange hypotheses, I know09:00
Jerkibuclaw: what's powertop?09:00
ibuclawusually there is a thread, or process - or multiple threads/processes that keeps the CPU/Hard disk in constant activity (aka - waking up).09:02
Jerkibuclaw: okay....09:03
ibuclawJerk, powertop is a monitor for power activity on a workstation. Just came to mind when you mentioned "Ubuntu is using so much power" :-)09:04
Jerkcan I use it to manage the power, as well?09:05
ibuclawJerk, not really, no.09:05
ibuclawScrolling up, you say the system automatically restarts. Perhaps it's not power related then...09:06
ibuclawwhen you say "boot", do you mean you reach the login screen? your desktop loads up?09:06
ibuclawoh and hobgoblin - welcome back. :-)09:08
ibuclawcongrats hobgoblin - looks like you've made it.09:22
hobgoblinnice one ibuclaw - ty09:23
ibuclawcould have done it sooner, but it was a weekday.09:23
hobgoblinthey all merge into one here09:24
tenachHello hobgoblin, ibuclaw09:29
hobgoblinmorning tenach09:32
tenachHow goes ?09:33
hobgoblinpretty good sun is shining and the day has just begun :)09:33
hobgoblinbit chilly though but hey ho09:34
hobgoblingonna be cooking with little one today - this is an important task - if she lived with her mum she'd be expected to learn  - not usually a dad thing - but as it is just her and me someone has to do it :)09:35
hobgoblinand of course I am a greedy git09:35
hobgoblinwhoops - wrong channel for all of that09:37
duanedesignmorning all10:31
Mohan_chmlduanedesign, o/10:32
duanedesignAnyone want to try out the new Ubuntu Font who has not gotten it yet?   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu%20Font%20Family#Howto11:11
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johnny_Hello, I have a question about installing a printer.12:43
lukjadjohnny_ Hi12:51
johnny_hello, lukjad12:55
lukjadjohnny_ What seems to be the problem?12:55
johnny_I've never used Ubuntu before and don't know how to install my HP network printer.12:56
lukjadjohnny_ What's the model?12:57
johnny_hp deskjet 694012:57
lukjadjohnny_ And which version of Ubuntu are you using?12:58
johnny_10.4 netbook12:58
lukjadjohnny_ As far as I can see, you should be able to just plug it in, power it up and be prompted to install it13:00
lukjadjohnny_ Looks like it's well supported :)13:00
lukjadIf you run into any problems, just ask here. :)13:00
johnny_ok, If I go and hook it up via usb will I then be able to go through network to print it?13:00
johnny_that is what I'm worried about.13:01
lukjadjohnny_ Just to be clear, you want to be able to print to that printer from other computers on your home network?13:01
johnny_i want to print to that printer from this computer running Unbuntu through my network.13:02
johnny_i do have it installed using Wubi if you think that makes a difference.13:04
lukjadjohnny_ So you have multiple computers and you wish to share a printer?13:04
johnny_I already have multiple computers set up in a home network. The said printer is already shared.13:07
johnny_I just installed Ubuntu using Wubi and need to install the printer so that I can print from Unbuntu.13:07
lukjadjohnny_ I didn't understand that.13:12
lukjadjohnny_ Go to System → Administration → Printing13:13
lukjadClick the New button or go to Server → New → Printer.13:13
lukjadExpand Network Printer.13:13
lukjadYou should see a list13:13
lukjadIf you see the printer, select it13:13
lukjadjohnny_ How is this printer networked?13:14
johnny_when I expand network printer there is some options, but no printer listed.13:15
johnny_not sure what you mean by how networked, but it's connected to my wireless router.13:17
lukjadjohnny_ Do you have the IP address of the printer?13:17
johnny_if there is one, i don't know what it is.13:17
johnny_hold on I think I may have just figured it out.13:18
lukjadjohnny_ great! Also, here's a guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu13:19
lukjadalso here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/printing/C/printing.html13:19
johnny_thank you.... I have a few thinks to check out.13:26
lukjadjohnny_ Hope it works out for you :)13:31
johnny_i figured it out. I use Mac address filtering. I forgot to turn it back on. When I discovered this a bunch of other things where using the network. It order to crack back down I deleted all the Mac address and started over. guess I forgot about the printer.13:37
johnny_I fix that, it found printer, send test print, going to check now.13:37
johnny_printed fine. thank you lukjad!13:38
lukjadJoeb454 Yay!13:43
lukjadjohnny_ !13:43
lukjadSorry, tabfail13:43
lukjadjohnny_ Great, I'm glad. If you need any more help just ask :)13:43
johnny_do you have much experience with open office?13:57
duanedesigni ahve not used open office much, have you lukjad13:59
lukjadjohnny_ Some14:00
lukjadJoeb454 What's up?14:00
Mohan_chmllukjad, welcome to the tab failers :D14:00
Mohan_chmljohnny_, yes sup?14:00
duanedesigni am not alone!14:00
lukjadjohnny_ What's up?14:01
Mohan_chmlduanedesign, I am speaking with my friend in phone and I am also not alone =]14:01
johnny_I have a table with two columns with text in both columns. I can't get the text to line up right.14:01
johnny_each column has different sized paragraphs, but I like them to line up. I usually just enter until it lines up with the next paragraph, but they are not lining up.14:03
IAmNotThatGuyjohnny_, like http://i55.tinypic.com/502nvs.png?14:05
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johnny_no, it's one row by two columns.14:06
Mohan_chmlduanedesign, Any Ideas about the issue?14:08
johnny_would it matter any that these are Word documents?14:09
lukjadjohnny_ Only in that Word doesn't always follow the same conventions14:13
duanedesignjohnny_: i think i know how to align to the baseline in OO14:13
johnny_could it be the font? I'm using times new roman, but can't even find that in front drop-down.14:13
duanedesignView > Toolbars > Text Formatting Paragraph dialog. There is a Space Above and Below Paragraph14:15
duanedesignjohnny_: that will give you a little finer control then using Returns.14:17
johnny_duanedesign: that's zeroed already. thank you.14:17
johnny_I want to say that a line of text is not equal to a return.  for whatever reason that is what it looks like.14:19
johnny_yes, if I enter a letter in a blank line the text below it shifts down. Is this a normal feature?14:22
johnny_i got to go. thanks anyway.14:27
duanedesignformat > objects > text attributes14:29
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Mohan_chmlHello Silver_Fox_. Are you coming to classroom at 16:00? Its pedro16:21
Mohan_chmltaking a session16:21
Silver_Fox_Hello Mohan_chml16:21
Silver_Fox_On what?16:21
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Mohan_chmlSilver_Fox_, session started18:01
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tieinvid lTeCi37A019:18
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equivocatehey i need soe help getting past the root or something20:37
equivocateim trying to get a folder into another and it keeps saying i don't have permission20:37
hobgoblinequivocate: use sudo cp20:38
equivocateso i have to go through the terminal?20:38
hobgoblinor sudo mv20:38
hobgoblinor gksudo nautilus20:38
stlsainthobgoblin: yo yo yo20:38
hobgoblinequivocate: nope - you can open file manager aas root = be VERY careful you could cause problems if you do the wwrong thing :)20:39
stlsainthobgoblin: well you can use the gui to take ownership of the folder....actually what folder do you not have acess to?20:39
equivocateim trying to add a song onto a guitar hero style game20:40
equivocatehow do i take ownership of the folder?20:40
equivocatethrough the gui20:40
hobgoblinif it is not in /home it's not really your folder20:40
hobgoblinmuck about with permissions at your peril :) but talk to stlsaint I'm not really here - I'm passing through20:41
equivocatehm ill just go through the terminal20:41
equivocatewhats the command to move a folder as i know where i want to put it20:42
equivocatedont want to mess anything up :s20:42
equivocateahh got it mv will give sudo a go20:45
lukjadhobgoblin !20:48
equivocatewhy got it going :D20:53
equivocateta for the help20:53
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diana1068hi everyone22:14
stlsaintdiana1068: hello22:15
diana1068are you alone here?22:16
stlsaintdiana1068: oh no, there are lots of folks here22:16
diana1068yeah, i see that :D22:16
stlsaintdiana1068: you just visiting or do you have an issue you need help with?22:16
diana1068an issue :)22:16
stlsaintno one wants to visit BT?! :D22:17
diana1068i cant update my kernel22:17
diana1068im currently using 2.6.32-2422:18
diana1068and i was purposed to update it lately22:18
diana1068to 2522:18
diana1068but the process was corrupt22:18
stlsainthave you tried running: dpkg --configure -a22:19
diana1068sure, and cleaned the cach after all22:19
diana1068but no luck22:19
stlsaintcan you pastebin the error you are getting22:20
diana1068the last string in terminal's output is: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)22:21
stlsainti need the whole thing please in a pastebin ;)22:22
diana1068and now, when im getting smth from synaptic, software center or just thru the terminal ends with an error22:22
diana1068whole thing?? hm22:22
diana1068it might be a problems with understanding22:23
diana1068as it would be non-readable for u22:23
diana1068it is not english22:24
stlsaintdiana1068: i can translate it :D22:26
diana1068allright. where u want me to drop it off?22:26
diana1068http://pastebin.com/mWZstfDm - this is it22:29
stlsaintdiana1068: are you using a custom kernel?22:33
stlsaintdiana1068: aye, thats where the issue lies, you have some dependency problems going on...try using aptitude autoclean22:35
diana1068can u write it for me, please ;)22:35
diana1068the command22:35
stlsaintdiana1068: sudo aptitude autoclean22:37
diana1068done, it says 0 bytes od space was freed22:38
diana1068no errors thou22:38
stlsaintdiana1068: go into your synaptic package manager and go to File>Fix Broken22:39
diana1068in the main menu u mean?22:40
diana1068if so, than i dont have such feature22:41
stlsaintdiana1068: open up synaptic package manager22:42
diana1068its opened22:42
stlsaintin the edit menu22:42
stlsaintdiana1068: you see it22:46
diana1068u right, it was there :)22:48
diana1068i made it22:48
diana1068it was too fast i think :/22:48
stlsaintdiana1068: sudo apt-get check22:50
stlsaintdiana1068: then use sudo apt-get build-dep <name_of_package> (your kernel)22:50
diana1068E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)22:51
diana1068E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:51
stlsaintdiana1068: oh sorry, you must close the synaptic window22:51
diana1068ooops :)22:51
diana1068what kernel should i type in: the current one or the higher one?22:52
stlsaintdiana1068: my i ask how you came to be using a custom kernel?22:53
diana1068i dont get it22:56
stlsaintdiana1068: you say you are using a custom kernel...did you build it yourself?22:56
diana1068nah!! :D22:57
diana1068sure not. i've installed it from the disk22:57
stlsaintoh ok, thats not custom kernel :D23:01
stlsaintdiana1068: can you run sudo aptitude update23:02
stlsaintdiana1068: then: sudo aptitude safe-upgrade23:02
diana1068Errors were encountered while processing:23:05
diana1068 linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic23:05
diana1068 linux-image-2.6.32-25-generic23:05
diana1068 linux-image-generic23:05
diana1068 linux-generic23:05
diana1068but no error notification after it23:05
diana1068is that smth good?23:05
stlsaintcan you run command: uname -a23:06
stlsaintdiana1068: and post the output here23:06
diana1068its still 2.6.32-24-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 16 14:17:33 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux :(23:08
diana1068but shoudnt i restart the system now>23:09
stlsaintdiana1068: did everything update as needed?23:11
diana1068not yet at least. i think i have to reboot first23:11
diana1068or it should displays by now?23:12
diana1068i mean show itself up un terminal23:17
diana1068i see no changes by now23:17
stlsaintcan you run: sudo update-grub23:19
diana1068what for?23:19
stlsaintthat updates grub23:20
diana1068its miracle my dear helper !23:20
diana1068it has updated23:21
diana1068i've got no errors inside of terminalits miracle my dear helper !23:21
stlsaintdiana1068: well really we are needed the update to go through to fix the issue23:22
diana1068and it seemed to be all because of stupid quotes23:22
diana1068in grub config file23:22
diana1068i've put three quotes23:22
diana1068instead of 223:22
diana1068how ridicilous23:23
stlsaintare you able to run: sudo aptitude safe-upgrade23:23
diana1068im going to sleep now. thank u very much. KISSES23:27

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