duanedesignmorning all10:32
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* akgraner yawns with one eye open a very sleepy good morning as well :-)12:16
duanedesigngood morning akgraner12:31
akgranerduanedesign, thanks you too!12:33
akgranerI wish there was a script I could run and my laundry would magically be finished12:34
duanedesignyeah,  sudo apt-get wash laundry   isnt as effective as one would like12:35
duanedesigni saw my application got mentioned in the UWN.I was very proud :)12:36
akgranerduanedesign, which application (sorry I don't remember off the top of my head)12:53
akgranerof course I can't remember where my keys are half the time either right now12:54
duanedesignakgraner: yes if it was not for Tomboy Notes would forget everything13:01
duanedesignakgraner, the application was CLI Companion.13:01
akgranerahh ok - I read about so many things that I don't always put applications and IRC nicks/names together right a way - clue bat often needed13:02
duanedesignakgraner: i can imagine13:06
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sensegood evening18:20
highvoltagehowdy sense18:25
sensehi highvoltage18:26
doctormoduanedesign: ping18:27
nigelbhola sense, highvoltage, doctormo :)18:27
sensehello nigelb!18:27
highvoltagehola nigelb :)18:28
nigelbsense: its been long since I've seen you around, busy times?18:28
doctormohey nigelb highvoltage and sense18:28
sensehi doctormo18:29
sensenigelb: We're moving to a different town and I'm in the start of a new school year. I haven't been very motivated lately as well.18:29
* nigelb hugs sense :)18:29
senseOur new house really is below sea level! :P There is even a bit of water in the space underneath the floor.18:30
senseThat's just groundwater, though. :)18:31
senseThe biggest problem of living in a low country.18:31
duanedesignhello doctormo18:38
duanedesignand friends18:38
doctormoduanedesign: We need to compare notes18:42
duanedesignduanedesign: sure thing18:42
highvoltagesense: I think lack of motivation is a natural part of the motivation cycle. I've been feeling demotivated about some things for a while, and the last week I've just suddently had this new burst of energy and just been doing things and it feels great18:55
sensehighvoltage: yeah, true18:55
senseThe upcoming UDS will probably help too. :)18:55
highvoltageI just have the feeling that this uds is going to be a particularly good one18:56
senseAny UDS is a good one!18:56
highvoltagetrue :)18:57
nigelbhighvoltage: I have that feeling too :)18:59
nigelbsense: Oh, totally agree.18:59
nigelbPut 300 geeks in a room, what more do you expect other than awesomeness :)18:59
sensea crashed network18:59
nigelbhahhaha, good one18:59
nigelbI think IS is used to it now.19:00
sense'Oh no! You really don't need to bring your own network! We've been providing internet to 300 business men without problems'19:00
nigelbI heard that the lobby could take our load at all during UDS-M19:00
senseThe school in The Hague where GUADEC 2010 was, didn't even put their firewall off, so it started to kill our traffic randomly.19:00
sensenigelb: Lobby not, that wasn't our network. The rest worked mostly fine.19:01
nigelbsense: no wonder it crashed.19:01
sensenigelb: If I'm correct the firewall used at the GUADEC 2010 venue is the worst nightmare of a sysadmin. The kind of software that makes people actually quit.19:01
nigelbsense: ouch19:02
sensebut the only guy authorised to mangle with the firewall went on holiday the week before the conference.19:02
senseNo one had ever thought that he might be needed...19:02
nigelbso, lemme guess, it got mangled?19:02
senseSo we ended up using VPNs and Google DNS.19:02
sensenigelb: The firewall was set up to believe all the attendending internet-addicts were one client, and it thought that client had gone berserk.19:03
senseIt only killed our DNS requests, though.19:03
senseI think...19:03
nigelbIn that case, google dns ftw :)19:04
doctormohighvoltage: The weather, I felt it too19:04
senseAnd we had expected so many great things! The venue was connected to the Dutch ISP for academic institutions, so it should be a 30 Gbit connection!19:04
highvoltagedoctormo: the weather?19:05
doctormohighvoltage: Not as hot, earth spin, sun spots, I don't know. Something about the summer just made it boring and unproductive.19:06
highvoltagedoctormo: heh, I came to Canada just as summer started here, so coming from the Southern hemisphere, I had a full year of summer :)19:08
nigelbhighvoltage: lucky guy19:09
nigelbbut then you have a year of winter to look forward to :p19:10
highvoltagea year? how so? I guess having winter in canada will totally make up for it :)19:10
nigelbhighvoltage: heh, town hall for meetings.  good one :)20:47
* nigelb goes to bed for real.20:47
duanedesigncya nigelb20:55
highvoltage'night nigelb20:56
AlanBelldo feel free to suggest additional words22:42
* cjohnston thinks that s/jono/mr. metal22:43
cjohnstonand then put mr. metal on it22:43
AlanBellBacon is in the list22:43
AlanBellhas to be words that could plausibly come up22:44
doctormoheh drinking game, did you do it AlanBell?23:10
AlanBelltonights little coding project23:12

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