MTecknologyIs there anything special a custom kernel would need to work in 10.10 as opposed to 10.04?01:18
jjohansenMTecknology: nothing comes to mind, what kind of failure are you seeing01:40
MTecknologyjjohansen: I've just been playing around - right now when I boot I get a kernel panic not being able to mount the root fs01:41
jjohansenMTecknology: well you probably need to build it in a Maverick chroot01:41
MTecknologyi did that01:41
jjohansenand make sure you have devtmpfs configured01:41
MTecknologyprobably didn't do that..01:41
jjohansenhrmm, I thought that was required for Lucid, but maybe it was just a recommends and would fall back to mounting dev on tmpfs01:42
MTecknologyoh.. CONFIG_DEVTMPFS ?01:42
MTecknologythat's enabled01:43
jjohansenhrmm, perhaps a driver?01:44
jjohansenI am assuming you have the same filesystems01:44
MTecknologyya, I'm using Ext4 for everything01:44
jjohansencan you mount from the command line in the initramfs?01:45
MTecknologyI've been building it without initramfs support01:46
MTecknologyI was trying to make the smallest little kernel that would work on my system - I was wondering what I could wind up with01:46
MTecknologyI'm running on the generic kernel now - ran lspci -vvkk and made sure everything that showed up was enabled in the kernel01:47
jjohansenis your grub boot line right for your rootfs01:47
jjohansenare you doing it by dev, uuid?01:47
jjohansengrub1, or grub201:48
MTecknologygrub2 - Ubuntu 10.1001:48
MTecknologyheh... why doesn't it use the UUID when I run update-grub2?01:49
MTecknologyI'll try with uuis01:50
jjohansenhrmm I'm not sure01:50
jjohansenbut if root is manually specified I don't think it will change it01:51
jjohansenhave you tried mounting an ext4 partition as ext2 in 2.6.36?01:52
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jjohansenshould work but maybe there is a regression there01:52
* jjohansen is just taking stabs in the dark01:52
MTecknologythis is maybe odd though.. when it boots - it shows a listing of partitions - but it's sdb1,2,3,401:53
MTecknologythere's no sda listed01:53
jjohansenhrmm that would do it01:53
jjohansenI wonder why the ordering changed01:53
MTecknologyI'll try it with that....01:54
jjohansencan you try uuid?01:56
MTecknologyI did and it didn't work01:57
MTecknologyI'd offer my .config but I imagine you're too busy to look at something like that. :P01:57
jjohansenhrmm, is sdb usually listed?01:58
MTecknologyI don't know - it was just listed in the kernel panic01:58
jjohansensadly I am atm, as I am about to leave for dinner01:58
jjohansencan you do it with an initramfs?01:59
jjohansenjust as an experiment01:59
MTecknologyhow do you build it that way?01:59
MTecknologyI build without module support too - if that breaks things01:59
jjohansenupdate-initramfs -k version 01:59
jjohansenshouldn't as long as everything you need is compiled in02:00
MTecknologyalrighty - I'll rebuild the kernel - toss it in there, then run that02:00
MTecknologyI could let you take off for dinner, take a nap, try it, and then bug you if it works or doesn't02:00
jjohansenyou'll need to update-grub to so it gets the initramfs line02:00
jjohansenokay, I might be back on later02:01
MTecknologythanks for the help - very much appreciated :)02:01
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tortihi. in ubuntu 10.10beta when i install linux-source, extract the .tar.bz2, do "make oldconfig" and "make modules_prepare" before installing the vboxdrv (virtualbox 3.2), the resulting vboxdrv.ko has magicversion, thus cannot be loaded since the kernel has 2.6.35-22-generic. is this normal in the beta or is this a bug?16:01
tortii think comes from ubuntu's /boot/config-2.6.35-22-generic, because it has: CONFIG_VERSION_SIGNATURE="Ubuntu 2.6.35-22.32-generic"16:01
torti(i can't type that fast. i copy-and-pasted it, because i initially asked that question in #ubuntu-devel)16:02
bjf[afk]tgardner: where you at?16:50
tgardnerbjf[afk], slc16:51
tgardner6 hour layover before tokyo16:51
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diana1068hi guys!!!22:25
diana1068can anybody help with my little problem?22:31
diana1068i got a problem with upgrading my current kernel 2.6.32-24 to 2.6.32-25.122:33
diana1068plz someone write me back if u will see this message. thank u22:34
oasikI having problem with installing new kernel22:37
oasikI compiled and installed this kernel git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ickle/drm-intel22:37
oasikI having problem with installing new kernel22:37
oasikmy system is ubuntu 10.0422:37
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