ComradeHaz`I'd tell you for sure if my machine worked :D00:00
ComradeHaz`So, somewhat interestingly, I've just managed to install Windows 700:00
Gibbytry to boot to livecd now00:19
ComradeHaz`Yeah, did. No go.00:22
ComradeHaz`Even upgraded BIOS while I was in wondows.00:23
fluvvellGibby, remote?00:39
Gibbyfluvvell, yes an IR remote00:41
* fluvvell spent previous week in lirc lockdown, not getting out until it was working00:41
fluvvellnot much experience with mce though, mainly hauppauge00:41
Gibbyfluvvell, over in mythtv-users they think my receiver is using devinput and not lirc00:42
fluvvellGibby, thought devinput was used by lirc,00:42
fluvvellThere are about 5 "ducks" that need to get in a row to make lirc work00:43
fluvvelldevice module (unless already in kernel) hardware.conf  , lircd.conf  and lircrc00:44
fluvvellwell thats 4, but a serial one needs two devices installed00:44
Gibbylirc uses /dev/lirc devinput is /dev/input/mouse and /dev/input/keyboard from my understanding00:45
fluvvellyeah but in your /etc/lirc/hardware.conf it should be dev/input00:46
Gibbynope /dev/lirc000:47
Gibbyshould i change it?00:47
fluvvellthen iirc  something like /dev/input/event#    =5, 6 or 7  depending on what /proc/bus/input/devices says00:47
Gibbyi have event 0-700:48
fluvvelldoes it say an mce device in your /proc/bus/input/devices file ?00:49
Gibbyhmm nope00:50
fluvvellmm, must be something compatible. Pastebin?00:50
Gibbyit is the HOLTEK i think00:52
fluvvellyeah, was wondering that.00:53
Gibbythis is it from lsusb Bus 003 Device 002: ID 1241:e000 Belkin00:53
fluvvellevent 4 and 400:53
fluvvellOh, Belkin?00:53
Gibbyso i need to edit /etc/lirc/hardware.conf and make REMOTE_DEVICE="/dev/input/event4" ?00:54
fluvvellWonder why they dont identify as belkin in the devices.00:54
fluvvellwell yes, or 300:54
Gibbywhich one is it? lol00:54
fluvvellyou're gonna have to try each one individually00:55
fluvvelland REMOTE_DRIVER="dev/input"00:55
fluvvellnext is to check on what is coming in as codes00:56
fluvvelland that is irrecord00:56
Gibbythought it was irw00:56
fluvvellyou're not at irw yet00:57
fluvvelldo irrecord --help00:58
fluvvellyou'll need irrecord -H dev/input -d /dev/input/event3 -n   belkinremote.conf00:58
fluvvellor name the file whatever suits really. the -n stops forcing you to use pre-determined names for the buttons00:59
Gibbydo i need to use sudo?00:59
Gibbyok i got alot of ................... when i held the up arrow on the remote01:00
fluvvellI take it you're following the onscreen instructions01:00
Gibbynope lol, it just said Hold down an arbitrary button so i did and that was it01:01
fluvvellwell yes, thats the first instruction lol!01:01
fluvvellyou have to keep holding it down till it says stop!01:02
fluvvellor RETURN or somesuch01:02
fluvvellI'm guessing you didn't find the exact remote descriptor in MCC ?01:02
Gibbynope not in MCC the remote is a Hootoo :)01:03
fluvvelleek, sounds like something from Hotel Rwanda!01:04
fluvvellso yeah, go through and name your buttons then check out the file it created.  I guess I've sometimes redone this 3 or 4 times for a remote until I was happy with it.01:06
Zinn[cgi.ebay.com] eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices01:06
fluvvellspam ?01:07
fluvvellubotu: spam01:07
fluvvellurr, wrong channel.01:07
Gibbyno not spam, the remote i got01:08
fluvvelloohhhh, thats cheap.01:09
fluvvelllol "Remote Control for Windows XP/Vistar"    <--   Vistar ????01:09
fluvvellright, you might have a wiggly stick for mouse emulation?   or perhaps just the arrow keys.01:10
fluvvellso yeah, it was definately event 301:10
Gibbyok lol01:11
Gibbyi like cheap01:11
fluvvellI'm not so familiar with everything to understand what KEY=10000 7 ff800000 7ff febeffdf ffefffff ffffffff fffffffe  means, but its probably in there somewhere to do with pulse timing.01:12
fluvvellso what does your belkinremote.conf  file look like?01:12
Gibbyjust finished, only 4 keys were not recongnized, standby(dont care) volume + and - i do care, and mouse don't care01:13
Gibbyo and mute01:14
Gibbyall codes are 0x001:14
fluvvellvolume + and -, thats odd01:14
fluvvellmaybe your existing keyboard has them as well.01:15
Gibbyhas what?01:16
Gibbyright now volume works tho01:16
fluvvellthe last part of the trick involves creating an lircrc file than goes in your /home/user/.mythtv/   directory that tells myth what buttons do what.  Look at the one thats been created for you already for ideas,  it will be a simlink into one ofthe usr/share/lirc   files01:17
Gibbyseems as if when i push the mouse button it all goes funky, i push it again and it comes back, pause and play don't work and now menu key01:17
fluvvellso by defining the button names in the lircrc file you get all of your buttons working.  Voila.01:17
fluvvelland increased understanding in the process.01:17
Gibbythat is my  belkinremote.conf01:19
Gibbydoesn't look right01:20
fluvvelllooks good.01:20
fluvvelloh no\01:20
fluvvellyou're right, all oxo!!01:21
fluvvell0x0 lol01:21
Gibbyfound though... it might work, i was serarching for belkin and hootoo before holtek might work01:21
fluvvellyeah, if holtek is in the mcc, that would be a way to go.01:21
fluvvellbut I think you screwed up some part of the detection process, it looks at timing and gap pulses01:22
fluvvellif it gets those wrong, you're recording is pulp.01:22
Gibbyre did, just did 1 button it got it01:23
Gibbydoing 50 buttons is a pain01:25
fluvvellyeah, it takes a while.  Someone should write a script with the pre-determined names or a skip key01:26
fluvvellat least irrecord is better than nothing.01:27
Gibbytrue i am trying MCC01:29
fluvvellwll looking in the mythtv.org wiki, you could also use xev, which I haven't done because I don't have an MCE remote, I have hauppauge.01:31
Zinn[mythtv.org] MythTV, Open Source DVR01:31
fluvvellI have what purports to be an MCE type receiver but its not.01:31
fluvvellor  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Generic_HID_%22MCE%22_Remotes01:32
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Generic HID "MCE" Remotes - MythTV01:32
fluvvellbut you then need to remap keys from it.01:33
Gibbywhere to start01:35
Gibbywell another beer first01:35
fluvvellyeah.  I think I'd try xev looking at that wiki page.  I mean I know the  irrecord route works but all that button pressing and typing,  but using xev you still have to press the buttons to find out what it has.01:37
Gibbyhmm brb, let me go get another beer and i will try it, i mean right now the volume, numbers, arrow keys, clear, enter and ok work, just not the like play pause or anything to equal and I or M01:38
fluvvellyeah, not worth spending too much time over I guess.01:40
Gibbyis there away i can just get the hex output of it? i could figure it our from there i thought that is what irw would do01:44
Gibbywhere did you find the xev stuff?01:46
Gibbyo n/m01:47
fluvvellif the  count{empty-beerbottles} >6  you might find the configuration goes out the window he he.01:53
fluvvellyeah, its irrecord that gives you the hex codes.01:53
Gibbyi think i got it with xev now :)01:55
Gibbywill finish mapping tomorrow, taking my zotac down starts to see if i can get it working on my tv down there01:56
=== Gibby is now known as Gibby_away
fluvvellcheers Gibby.01:56
rhpot1991fluvvell: irrecord once and back it up somewhere01:56
rhpot1991thats what I've done in the past01:56
rhpot1991empty beer bottles > 6 is an expensive night in my books01:56
fluvvellrhpot1991, he he, yeah me too.01:57
fluvvellrhpot1991, I've nearly always made a backup somewhere but sometimes I've edited them just to get the names a bit more consistent01:57
fluvvellGibby_away, you might need   apt-get install inputlirc as well01:59
_olo_Hi All, my mythbox stopped showing recordings, google told that it might be "lenght missmatch" problem so upgraded to autobuilds 0.23.1, but problem persist. Backend records scheduled shows, livetv works fine. what else could i try without messing mysql completly? thanks10:09
_olo_MSqlQuery::exec(DBManager1) SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'queryinitialfilter' AND hostname = 'mythbox' <<<< Returns 1 row(s)10:28
_olo_2010-09-18 10:26:24.300 MSqlQuery::next(DBManager1) Result: "data = 0"10:28
_olo_2010-09-18 10:26:24.300 PlaybackBox Error: SortedList is Empty10:28
_olo_that what it says runnung mythfrontend -v all and entering recordings. weird thing is it moans about /dev/sr0 No disk i've just noticed10:30
unwarhi all10:41
unwarcan somebody tell me if Mythubuntu supports irda dongles for remotes?10:43
miststlkrtrying to add a remote frontend and did something wrong. I set the mast backend's IP address as the database location, and it loads the database fine, but when i try to play a video it tries to load the video fro localhost rather than the master server's location.  what did I screw up?14:06
tomai've changed my motherboard which now includes intel hdmi graphics, but its output is way too green, almost as if blue is completely missing19:50
tomaanyone able to tell me how i can correct that?19:50
bogus-wiggle around with your cable?19:53
tomabogus-: i've first tried with a dvi->hdmi cable, but now i bought a hdmi->hdmi cable, and the problem remains19:54
bogus-does the problem exist in your bios screen?19:56
tomabogus-: the bios is not shown on the hdmi output19:56
bogus-you also have a dvi output you use?19:56
tomait has dvi output too, but not used19:57
tgm4883miststlkr, does the master backend machine host the database as well?19:57
tgm4883or is the db on a separate machien19:57
bogus-can you pres delete and go to the bios menu?19:58
miststlkrtgm4883 - I have it set up right now that way, yes.19:58
bogus-because if that's not even blue, I think it's a hw problem19:58
tgm4883miststlkr, ok, so the master backend has the database, is there a frontend on the masterbackend as well?19:59
tomabogus-: well, i can not check that19:59
bogus-maybe it's a driver setting19:59
bogus-maybe it's a monitor setting19:59
bogus-tried the monitor on another machine?20:00
bogus-I don't know about the confiigurability of intel drivers in linux20:00
tomabogus-: yes, my tv worked fine on my nvdia card i used up to an hour ago20:00
tgm4883toma, US?20:02
tomatgm4883: no, pal20:02
tgm4883usually ntsc/pal wrong settings show up as black/white picture, but I'd check that just in case20:03
bogus-yep indeed, normally not green :)20:03
tomatgm4883: i did not find any setting for that in the bios20:03
miststlkrtgn4883 - Sorry, Let me be more specific instead of making you fish for info.  The way I have it set up right now is the HTPC hooked up tot he TV is a master backend and a frontend, and works fine as it is.  I am trying to add a frontend elsewhere.  That frontend had the HTPC's IP address set as the master backend and the database location.  When I go to "watch video" the database loads correctly from the master backend's lo20:03
miststlkrcation but when I pick a video to play I get a "Please Waiting" then spit right back to the video window.  mythfrontend.log has an error that the file can't be found on localhost20:03
tgm4883toma, might be in the driver settings in xorg20:04
tgm4883miststlkr, on your masterbackend, go into mythtv-setup, is the backend location set as the actual ip address or
tomaThe console is green too20:05
bogus-via ssh?20:05
tgm4883the console is green too?20:05
tgm4883sounds like faulty hardware/cable20:05
toma2 cables then20:05
bogus-that's mostly the case when things turn green/blue/red :P20:06
tomaso must be my tv making a mess20:06
bogus-why not the intel board? :p20:06
miststlkrtgm4883 - the master backend has "localhost" as the local backend and the specific [static] IP under master20:06
tgm4883miststlkr, use the actual IP for both20:06
tgm4883toma, could be the intel board, there are bad boards from the factory20:07
tgm4883toma, also, are you using the same input on the tv that you were using with nvidia?20:07
tgm4883ok, then I think bad intel board20:07
tgm4883out of curiosity, why not just use the nvidia board?20:08
tomaother mainboard and proc20:08
miststlkrtgm4883 - Thanks, that was a stupid one....20:08
tgm4883miststlkr, no worries, it's an easy overlook since it works fine in one location20:09
miststlkrso what did I essentially do, loop it back?  The frontend asked "where's the backend?" the other machine said "it's at localhost" so the frontend checked [its own] localhost?  if there were several backends, [c/w]ould you just daisy chain them doing that??20:10
miststlkrmeh, forgot to aim that last one, sorry.    I have a rather short stupid one now, if you have another minute.  I can't seem to figure out how to remove a Storage Group.   can add one, and edit an existing one, but what do I hit to remove one?20:12
tgm4883miststlkr, to remove a storage group, highlight it and hit D20:14
miststlkr:-/    sorry tgm4883... It's amateur night I guess :-\20:14
tgm4883miststlkr, if there were multiple backends, you would select the actual IP for the local backend and the actual IP of the master backend20:14
tgm4883the frontend connects to the master backend, and gets all info from there20:15
tgm4883it's really easy when you don't use localhost in your environment20:15
miststlkrtgm4883 - got it.  If I add a system that is only a frontend, I never saw where to add the backend's address.   Does it assume that the database is stored on the same system as the files, as I did?20:15
tgm4883miststlkr, kinda20:16
tgm4883it would query the database for the location20:16
tgm4883which is why when it was set to localhost it confused the frontend20:16
miststlkrexcellent.  Thanks20:17
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miststlkrtgm4883 - if you have a second for another, if for some reason I wanted to host videos on one backend and music-only on a different one, is that possible?20:51
=== Gibby is now known as Gibby_away
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Gibby_2where is this channel logged at?21:50
mrandGibby_2: zinn knows I think?21:52
ZinnHi mrand, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.21:52
Gibby_2!channel log21:53
ZinnSorry I don't know about channel log21:53
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ZinnI am an IRC bot written in perl, but my code is not yet released.  I am named after Howard Zinn, you can learn more about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Zinn21:53
ZinnI am alive.21:53
Gibby_2!you suck21:53
ZinnSorry I don't know about you suck21:53
Gibby_2lol hmmmm21:53
Gibby_2!irc logs21:54
Gibby_2zinn is no help there22:00
ZinnHi Gibby_2, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.22:00
Gibby_2yeah zinn tell me where the channel logs are !! lol22:01
tgm4883I dont' think this channel is logged22:11
ComradeHaz`Evening all. Having all sorts of fun with a new box I have put together. I had a test machine working with a new GPU that I am still using. I have now upgraded that test machine with most of a new machine. ie moved the new gpu and the hdd into a new box. Sadly, there are issues. The first thing I did was play an mkv that worked fine. Last night, however, I tried to play an iso that had previously22:12
tgm4883I know -dev isn't22:12
Gibby_away http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Generic_HID_%22MCE%22_Remotes22:12
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Generic HID "MCE" Remotes - MythTV22:12
ComradeHaz`played fine on the old hardware but it is causing crashes. I would like some assistance diagnosing those crashes now please but have more to tell you that may be of importance. (I have debugging tools installed and so forth but do not know really how to use them).#22:13
ComradeHaz`The further information is that I decided that as I hadn't spent any appreciable time configureing my setup that I would just do a fresh install and get around these crashes that way but I have found that all Ubuntu installers send this GPU / mo-bo combo into spamming out something that is 'unsupported' or  'out of range' of my monitors.22:14
ComradeHaz`Mythtv version 0.23.1+Version: 0.23.1+fixes26231-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu222:17
ComradeHaz`Gibby_2 what logs do you need?22:18
ComradeHaz`I've been here for months :D22:18
mrandGibby_2: why isn't http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ helpful?  the logs are there.22:20
Zinn[irclogs.ubuntu.com] Index of /22:20
ComradeHaz`Oh, by the way, that mkv still plays. Nothing else I try does.22:20
mrandtgm4883: I believe most all "official" ubuntu related channels are logged22:20
ComradeHaz`Anyone there who can help?!22:22
Gibby_2mrand: yes it is there, searched for the wrong team22:22
Gibby_2term i mean22:22
Gibby_2ComradeHaz`: whats up?22:22
ComradeHaz`Plsease sea above, I have described rather acuratelt.22:23
* ComradeHaz` cries :D22:23
mrandComradeHaz`: when you say nothing else does, have you tried something other than an iso?22:24
ComradeHaz`avi just now.22:24
Gibby_2i was looking for the link i pasted from Gibby, had ran to my office and just repasted it. thanks for the log info tho22:26
Gibby_2ComradeHaz`: What is your playback profile?22:27
ComradeHaz`What do you mean?22:27
ComradeHaz`Sorry, I have only been messing with Mythtv related stuff for a few weeks really22:28
Gibby_2Under settings tv settings playback i believe22:28
mrandComradeHaz`: have you tried playing it back outside of myth?22:30
ComradeHaz`Errm, I'm either being a n00b, 'missunderstandifying'  you or something :D22:30
ComradeHaz`yes mrand, X crashes.22:31
mrandWhat are you using to play it?  X shouldn't be crashing.   I'd be suspecting hardware problems.22:32
ComradeHaz`sound of file plays, video window stays blank, X crashes.22:32
ComradeHaz`and whatever is default for frontend22:32
ComradeHaz`real, iirc22:33
ComradeHaz`and yeah, clearly there's some kind of incompatability between the mo-bo and the GOU in this box22:33
ComradeHaz`Funny thing is, it doesn't seem to manifest itself under windows.22:34
mrandhmm, well then maybe it's not a hardware problem, but rather serious bugs in drivers22:35
ComradeHaz`Aye, fwiw problem seems to exist for Debian propper too.22:35
ComradeHaz`How do I get rid of all things nVidia?22:36
ComradeHaz`I have an ati card I can try22:36
mrandSorry, you'll have to find some resources (via google or ubuntu help pages, or ubuntu forums).22:41
Gibby_2ComradeHaz`: what is the GPU that is in it now?22:44
Gibby_2what drivers are you using?22:48
ComradeHaz`I think, or whatever it is ubuntu installed iirc22:49
ComradeHaz`Dunno, just removed them :D22:49
ComradeHaz`Let's see.22:49
ComradeHaz`Oh, cock, just rebooted machine when I meant to restart session22:49
ComradeHaz`Oh good grief.22:50
Gibby_2i will be back and forth, i am programing my remote via xev22:50
ComradeHaz`this display looks a bit scary22:50
ComradeHaz`I think the gpu just exploded.22:50
ComradeHaz`just random pixles lightiong up22:52
ComradeHaz`nope, not gpu, it's showing debian installer correctly22:53
ComradeHaz`non graphical throws an error22:53
ComradeHaz`OK, so removing nvidia driver has boned me.22:58
ComradeHaz`OK, how on earth do I trouble shoot this. It's clearly driver related as Windows works fine. Just tried again.23:07
ComradeHaz`(and nvidia-glx works 'kind of'23:10
Gibby_2yes, i would use the latest nvidia binary driver23:10

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