bazhang* [nogo] (~user@122-124-130-97.dynamic.hinet.net): user  ban dodging in -ot00:01
bazhangshowing an oddly truncated sources.list ; mixing repos between karmic and maverick and now says its fixed.01:12
bazhangmultiple trolling in -ot03:05
bazhangthank goodness he quit03:18
bazhang<Tschacko> dalnetz flirt plz03:19
bazhangPici, nogo is ban evading in -ot03:36
bazhangaka gobo , chonema03:36
bazhang* [nogo] (~user@122-124-130-97.dynamic.hinet.net): user03:37
* Pici sighs03:43
collabrajust wondering why, after i've been allowed in #ubuntu,... that now i'm banned.08:19
collabracan someone please explain08:19
bazhangcollabra, seems to be the whole argument about ubuntu desktop and server using different repos part08:20
collabraso there's no forgiveness in ubuntu?08:21
collabrai thought there was,.. i've been in the channel for the past 3 or 4 days08:22
collabraunder collabra08:22
bazhanghmm. ban still in place08:23
collabracan you lift it please?08:24
bazhangcollabra, you say you still entered the channel anyways?08:24
collabrai say i've been allowed for the past four days08:24
collabracheck your records...08:25
bazhangcollabra, and now suddenly not?08:25
Tm_Tcollabra: did you discuss your ban here and it was removed?08:25
collabranot removed,.. discussed08:26
bazhangoh right08:26
collabraat least not formally08:26
collabrabut truthfully,... i've been in the channel for the past four days08:26
collabraunder the nick collabra08:27
collabrai thought the ban had been lifted08:27
bazhangnope still in place, just checked08:28
Tm_Tthank you for your honesty, collabra08:28
collabranp,... can someone lift the ban?08:28
bazhangusing a cloak perhaps?08:28
collabrai'm not that adept08:28
collabrathe only thought i have now,... is that i was behind a router,... a simple netgear,... i'm no longer behind it,... i don't know if that made a difference.08:30
collabrai don't know...08:31
collabrabut i enjoyed the channel before and for the past few days... i would like to be admitted back in.08:32
collabrado you have any record of my chats?08:46
collabrain the last days08:46
collabraanyway,.. i'd like to resolve this.... it doesn't have to happen today,.. i'll try again at another time.08:57
bazhangthought for certain he/she was told to come here to resolve first.09:03
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=== Mamarok is now known as Mamarok_FrOSCamp
histoI'm trying to point someone to a foreign language irc channel.  Is there a list somewhere?  They are looking for ubuntu bengali14:49
ubottuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams14:49
bazhangbengali is bangladesh?14:50
bazhangguess so14:51
IdleOneI believe it is14:53
bazhangyep he gave it to tanvir14:54
bazhanghisto, hi; was there something else you needed assistance with?14:56
gnomefreak#ubuntu-ops-monitor  is a invite only channel?14:58
bazhanghisto, please dont idle here, thanks.14:59
gnomefreakbazhang: .:09:57:37:. ==> Cannot join to channel #ubuntu-ops-monitor (You must be  invited)15:00
bazhanggnomefreak, weird, I just joined15:00
bazhangdid katsumi really tell the user to crack open his computer to look at the wireless card?15:01
gnomefreakeven doing it using /j i get same output15:01
gnomefreakbazhang: are you on the IRCC?15:02
bazhanggnomefreak, hah no way15:02
IdleOnechaneel was set to +i15:02
IdleOnehold on gnomefreak15:02
bazhangthat would give me ops in -ot and havoc would result15:02
IdleOnetry now15:03
gnomefreakIdleOne: thanks. are we setting +i again?15:03
gnomefreakwe == you ;)15:03
IdleOnein that channel seems so15:03
IdleOneI didn't set it I just follow it :)15:04
IdleOneall I did was add a +I so you can join15:04
gnomefreakits on my auto join15:04
IdleOneyeah but if you are not in the invite list you can't join15:05
IdleOnenow you are so problem solved15:05
gnomefreakIdleOne: thanks15:05
IdleOnesure thing15:05
gnomefreakbrb i am going to try something15:05
IdleOnenot sure why some gets +v on join and some don't :/15:06
gnomefreakyay it works. thanks again15:07
IdleOneno problem15:07
bazhangsupport from her seems to be: buy a different card15:08
gnomefreakthat is bad support IMHO15:09
bazhangyep. first it was 'crack open your computer and take out the wireless card', now this15:10
IdleOnewell if it ain't broke and you can't use it. buy a different one!15:11
bazhangand giving out completely wrong info about 64bit ubuntu15:11
IdleOnewell a lot of that happens15:11
IdleOnenobody really knows why the site says not to use 64bit15:12
bazhangthat was watching the channel for about 15 minutes alone15:12
IdleOneonly real reason I can find is that flash is messed up15:12
IdleOnebut flash works awesome for me in 64bit :/15:12
IdleOneso even that isn't a reason15:12
IdleOnesaw a lot of FUD this morning, from qwert and katsumi15:14
bazhangugh qwert15:14
IdleOnewell not really FUD but dubious help15:14
IdleOnehe had a user compile alsa for some reason but left him with a half compiled alsa15:15
IdleOneI saw this after the fact so couldn't really do much about it15:15
bazhangqwert did?15:16
IdleOnecouple hours back15:16
IdleOneworst part is that the user has intel ICH8 which should just work, probably only needed to unmute15:17
bazhangright abhijit hdaintel15:18
bazhangqwert is the same person who called ops in multiple channels to get technical help and was spoofing ops realname as his own, iirc15:20
IdleOnehe was spoofing mac0 yesterday and I made it clear that it was not acceptable.15:23
gnomefreakwhy do i get this feeling that mac0 was warned/kick/ban in the last week or 215:51
bazhangqwert was an issue so not surprised if so (well still is)15:53
IdleOnegnomefreak: he/she was and still is to an extent15:55
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (loln-at-freenode appears to be abusive - 4.5)16:11
bazhangoffensive host on bhah16:22
bazhangnice. PM grossness from bhah16:23
IdleOneDo they all set their alarms for the same time?16:24
bhahwhy are you such a cocksucking piece of shit?16:24
bazhangbhah, ?16:24
bhahyou lord over #ubuntu like you own it16:25
bhahban people with no warning16:25
bhah#ubuntu is not an extension of your already tiny ego16:25
bazhangthat seems to happen to him alot on freenode16:25
bhahyou people wonder why #ubuntu gets flooded16:25
bhahlook to bazhang and how he behaves16:25
bhahstop being faggots, for once in your petty little lifes16:26
bhahand oh btw, i'm still in #ubuntu16:26
* maco blinks16:27
IdleOneannon: how can we help?16:28
QwertHow to find ops of channel?16:28
IdleOneQwert: /msg chanserv help16:28
IdleOneQwert: if there is nothing else Please part the channel.16:29
IdleOneZykoticK9: what's up?16:29
ZykoticK9IdleOne, not much - just wanted to see outcome of annon16:29
bazhangZykoticK9, no spectating please16:29
QwertIdleOne: It says - >chanserv< help16:30
ZykoticK9ok sorry - good bye16:30
IdleOneZykoticK9: I see, well we have a no idle rule here. Please feel free to read the logs :)16:30
IdleOneQwert: this is not a support channel. for help with chanserv ask in #freenode16:30
IdleOnethank you.16:30
IdleOneannon: you said you wanted to ask about channel rules. Please ask.16:31
QwertIdleOne: Well that still din't clear my query16:31
IdleOneQwert: Like I said this is not a support channel. help with chanserv/nickserv/memoserv ask in #freenode.16:31
QwertIdleOne: Oh.. Okay Thanks :)16:32
annonIdleOne: first off, I'm not trying to troll here, I want to clarify that. second, I read the rules and it says one should avoid offensive language regarding "war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide." I don't see how the word r007 and I said falls into that or is even offensive. I want it to be clarified because IMHO there's a big difference between banning offensive *behavior* and bann16:32
annoning words which are perfectly neutral.16:32
IdleOneNow please /part this channel. there is a no idle rule here16:32
bazhangQwert, please part the channel, thanks16:33
Qwertbazhang: Would you please spare a moment in PM. I understand I shouldn't spectate.16:34
macoQwert: and thanks for stopping stealing my name16:34
macooh. left already16:34
IdleOneannon: it also says that Ubuntu irc channels are family friendly. I don't want my 10 year old son who uses Ubuntu seeing the word shit flung about like it is ok. Please keep the language clean is all we are asking.16:34
IdleOneyou are old enough and have enough common sense to know what words are acceptable16:35
IdleOnebesides when you use terms like winshit, winblows etc. it makes you look like a fanboy. the product is called Windows. use it's name properly.16:36
Qwertbazhang: I'm sorry but would you spare a moment in private chat?16:37
bazhangQwert, busy right now sorry16:37
IdleOneanything else annon ?16:37
Qwertbazhang: Thank you16:37
annonIdleOne: I respect that and you're finally the one who makes the rules and I'll respect that. but if I may offer my personal opinion, I do think you're going too far. it's not the words or the letters which are bad, it's the context. and protecting your son from seeing 4 letters in a particular order is completely missing the point, but that's not my decision to make. also, as I said, I wasn't the one who came up with "winshit". I was merely la16:38
annonughing at what r007 said.16:38
annonno, nothing else.16:39
annonnice talking to you.16:39
annonbesides, Katsumi32 is being offensive all the time and even racist in PMs towards me. No one seems to care about that.16:39
IdleOnethank you, I appreciate you understanding, for the record I didn't make the rules I do enforce them.16:39
elkyWell, PMs are not monitored by us.16:40
IdleOneannon: nothing I can do about what people PM. I suggest you ignore it16:40
IdleOneagain thanks for understanding. have a good day.16:41
annonyou too.16:41
bazhanghisto, hi16:42
bazhanghisto, please dont idle here16:42
bazhanghe's been idle here around two hours16:44
topylitrue about katsumi32 btw16:46
IdleOnehe is sending racist PM's?16:47
topylino no, being offensive in channels16:47
IdleOnehe/she I haven't figured it out yet16:47
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (xnqp19 appears to be abusive - 6)16:48
topyliwell he walks the line and pushes it from time to time, not always so gently. i haven't taken the time yet to talk to him more16:49
topylialso very good at sensing when it's best to /part just before someone removes him :)16:50
IdleOnesign of a good troll16:50
topylior a standard school kid :)16:51
IdleOneI was to busy with chasing girls in school16:51
IdleOnehad no time for internet16:52
IdleOnenot to mention it didn't exist in the 1920's16:52
topyliiirc usenet was there in the 1920s16:57
IdleOnenever used usenet16:57
topyliooh sauna time16:57
IdleOnehave a good sweat16:58
maco"have a nice nekkid time"?16:59
bazhangthe user bhah was quoting lines from #ubuntu in real time (after he had been banned and removed)17:25
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elkythere's only so much we can do. at least he's not game to disrupt #u now though.17:29
erUSULi do not have lynx installed but tried with w3m and only get strnag binary. is maybe karlo trying to missconfigure people's terminals?18:46
erUSULsomeone should take a look18:46
erUSULpretty harmless but ...18:47
erUSULis a gzip file http://paste.ubuntu.com/495993/18:49
erUSUL..... zZZzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ18:50
erUSULok; its an !ops call then18:51
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (karlo)18:51
AmaranthIt was an advertisement or something, some stupid Mac vs PC text and a reference to domain names for sell18:55
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1298 users, 12 overflows, 1310 limit))19:15
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1288 users, 14 overflows, 1302 limit))19:15
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1298 users, 14 overflows, 1312 limit))19:15
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1298 users, 15 overflows, 1313 limit))19:15
FlannelHi collabra, how can we help you?19:35
collabracurious if anyone has made a decision concerning my ban from #ubuntu19:36
collabrai would like to return19:36
Flannelcollabra: It's not a decision, it's a discussion and understanding that we need to have.19:37
Flannelcollabra: And I'd be more than happy to have that discussion with you right now if you've got time and are willing.19:38
collabramy understanding is that you were probably right in that linux is ever configurable, to the point you may have been able to take the persons concern about going from ubuntu desktop to ubuntu server... I give you that,...19:39
collabrai was in a poor mood, i admit.... and i apologize to you for the way i acted19:39
Flannelcollabra: That's good.  Should we expect that sort of behavior whenever you're in a poor mood? or was it a one-time thing?19:40
collabrai've acted out before in the channel,... nothing to the degree of that night,... i'm starting to realize that the most important thing is helping the 'clients' solve their problems... i have no excuse and no,... it's not typical behavior of mine.19:42
FlannelGood to hear.19:43
Flannelcollabra: as an aside, are you all sorted out on the fact that all flavors of Ubuntu use the same repositories?19:43
collabrai understand that they do,... i also understand that a 'default' install of 'server' doesn't include them,... am i wrong...?19:44
Flannelcollabra: Yeah.  That's inaccurate.19:45
FlannelAll installs, server, kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu, etc, share the same repositories (https://archive.ubuntu.com or one of its mirrors)19:45
collabrahmmm....then i was given incorrect information in #ubuntu-server.... they told me they need to be enabled.19:45
FlannelIf you do perform an install from an alternate (or server, or minimal) CD without being connected to the internet, they may be disabled in your sources.list (with the CD being the only repository enabled)19:46
collabraand that night, i was going off my own experience that i believe in 9.04 or 8 that they wern't enabled... again, i apologize.19:46
collabrato you and to the group19:46
Flannelcollabra: No worries.  We've all had bad nights at some point.  The important thing is growing and learning from them.19:47
Flannelcollabra: I've removed your ban in #ubuntu, please join there now to verify that I did it correctly.19:47
collabrai have to admit,... with my current knowledge,... i'm not a noob,... but absolutely not anywhere i ought to be for having used linux for roughly 5 years....19:48
Flannelcollabra: Eh, there is no "should be here" benchmark.  It's actually evidence of how far we've come when people can use the OS without being forced to know all about its internals.19:49
collabrathank you Flannel,... i'm very glad having resolved this issue.... truly,...19:49
collabrathis 'thing' is the most complicated piece of software i've ever used.... the learning curve is immense19:50
collabraan i admit i'm not raising it as i should19:51
FlannelEh.  Again, one of the overarching goals is to make the learning curve as habitable as possible.  I wouldn't worry about it.19:51
collabrain the future, please,... i dunno,... it's in my personallity at times,... but i can be turned pretty quickly,... if you ever see me getting out of hand,. or giving bad advice,... please stop me... :)19:52
Flannelcollabra: sounds good.  Anything else we can help with today?19:53
collabrai think it's the fact connections are hard to make...19:53
collabrano,.. thank you again Flannel: i look forward to working and learning with you.19:53
collabrahave a good day....19:54
FlannelOn the internet it's sometimes easy to forget that you're talking to real people on the other side of the screen, yeah.19:54
Flannelcollabra: You too.19:54
Tm_TFlannel: well handled, thanks (:19:56
FlannelTm_T: My pleasure20:04
ubottuIn ubottu, guntbert said: !forget linuxvirus21:26
guntbertIt is not very important but as linuxvirus is old and there is !av, so I guess it could/should get dropped21:29
guntbertplease have an ey on <spid3rxx> in #ubuntu - he seem a bit on the trollish side (backtrack, discussion,...)22:05
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (dispewtyik won't stop)22:14
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (TheLimeRunner)22:44
IdleOneI think songer is running a script. basically it tells people not to write in all capital letters or next time you will be removed22:46
nhandlerLooks like you were right IdleOne22:47
macojrib, IdleOne: why shouty shout?22:47
nhandlerIdleOne: Why not PM first instead of removing?22:47
macooh wait thats why22:47
jribmaco: because songer seemed like a bot22:47
jribI was/am in pm with him22:47
macoyeah i said that and /then/ read back22:47
IdleOnenhandler: I should of tried that first. I suppose22:48
IdleOneshould have22:48
jribI'm not sure he understands me though, he's asking me how I am :/22:49
nhandlerAcross the board, I think we could do a better job of not using a remove/ban as a first line of defense. A PM (maybe combined with a short 10/15 minute quiet, autobleh's /at is nice) works wonders in most cases.22:49
nhandlerjrib: Is it a bot? Language issue? Or something else?22:49
jribnhandler: language issue, it's a person though22:49
nhandlerAlright. That is at least one good thing. Maybe try using google translator to talk in his native language22:50
erUSULIdleOne: what's up22:50
EvilPhoenixwhere can I post a recommendation for an Ubottu factoid?22:50
IdleOnehey erUSUL thanks for joining22:50
jribEvilPhoenix: say: ubottu FOO is BAR22:50
jrib!ubottu | EvilPhoenix22:51
ubottuEvilPhoenix: Hi! I'm #ubuntu-ops's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots22:51
IdleOneCould you please explain to songer that he has to turn off that script22:51
IdleOneerUSUL: ^^22:51
EvilPhoenixjrib:  arigato gozaimasu (that's "thank you very much" in japanese)22:51
IdleOneat least in #ubuntu.22:51
jribdoing so IdleOne22:52
maconew visitor to #u-w says they know me and that theyve been banned for life in #defocus. i r confused.22:52
erUSULIdleOne: ok; will do. it is my channel. i didn't realice it was script ;P22:52
IdleOneerUSUL: it's your channel?22:53
nhandlermaco: Who is the user?22:53
erUSULIdleOne: #ubuntu-es ? well *my* is not right word i'm op there22:53
IdleOnehe was in #ubuntu and the script was triggered22:53
IdleOneerUSUL: hehe, it's fine if he wants to use it in -es but in #ubuntu if he can turn it off, that would be better22:54
erUSULit is now in #ubuntu-es22:54
nhandlermaco: Well, I have no clue what that #defocus comment was about. Tell him he can PM freenode staff about issues with that channel22:54
IdleOneerUSUL: thanks for your help :)22:56
IdleOneI have been a little fast on the draw lately, I apologize for that. I am going to make a conscious effort to be more diplomatic.22:58
maconhandler: was trying to name a channel where we met when i said i didnt know them22:58
IdleOneand less kick happy22:58
IdleOnedinner time22:58
erUSULIdleOne: claims it is another person with his nick ---23:07
jriberUSUL: yeah just said the same thing to me.  I think he's just unaware of some script he has installed23:11
IdleOnewhy doesn't nogo come up in BT?23:38
bazhanggobo chonema hinet.net23:38
bazhangat least 3 bans in -ot and he keeps coming back23:38
IdleOnenogo ban evading in -ot23:38
bazhangFlannel, you around?23:38
jandtdso what with this ban please23:39
jandtddidnt happen before23:39
IdleOnebefore when?23:39
jandtdlast time I was here23:40
bazhangIdleOne, we'd better let someone else handle this23:40
IdleOneprobably right23:40
jandtdI wasnt told I was banned23:41
bazhangjandtd, someone should be along shortly to help you.23:41
jandtdbut why Im banned?23:42
jandtdcan someone explain?23:44
jandtdso where should I go if this is not thr right place23:47
IdleOnejandtd: this is the right place, you just need to be patient and someone will help you soon.23:47
jandtdsoon? this is IRC no?23:48
bazhangjandtd, please be patient.23:49
jandtdjust very odd23:49
jandtdIve never been banned fron anywhere before23:50
IdleOnejandtd: you can join #ubuntu now.23:53
jandtdthanks  but why the ban in the first place?23:53
IdleOneThere has been a lot of abuse from your IP range and we were forced to set a broad ban. I fixed it so you can join.23:54
IdleOneplease join #ubuntu now and enjoy your stay23:54
jandtdoh ok so Its not me personly thats been banned23:54
IdleOneWhy is it you ask the same questions every time.23:55
IdleOnejoin #ubuntu, follow the rules and Please leave here now.23:55
bazhangnogo left -ot23:55
IdleOneI am not waiting all night for this troll to join the channel for 1 minute and then leave. I removed the +e I set.23:58
IdleOnejandtd: feel free to wait here for someone to help you. sorry I can't.23:59
jandtdhey I just tryed to join still banned23:59

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