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maheshmohanHi, I think it's almost time to start the meeting15:48
OmegaAlmost meeting time/15:53
OmegaToo bad I'm still sick.15:53
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aprilghi everyone15:54
OmegaI was wondering where you were.15:54
aprilgmy internet connection's choppy. so I might get disconnected any time :(15:54
aprilghey Omega15:54
aprilga lot of people getting sick nowadays15:55
MuscovyHello, you two.15:55
aprilghey Muscovy15:55
MuscovyAre we just about ready?15:59
OmegaI think we are.16:00
UndiFineDmaking a cup of coffee16:00
aksharpatel47Just arrived.. Has the meeting started?16:01
fieldse_the time is?16:02
MuscovyIf anyone hasn't pulled their branches in the last 12 hours or so, pulling it would be suggested.16:02
fieldse_hm, weird. I seem to be still logged in, wtf. brb16:02
Omega!meeting start16:06
Muscovyakshrapatel, aprilg, brandonj, Crisco, Dykam, fieldse, jeremymikkola, maheshmohan, Omega, popey, UndiFineD16:06
jeremymikkolasort of here (-:16:07
MuscovyLet the meeting begin!16:07
MuscovyShall we cover the branches first?16:07
fieldse_present, sort of. Don't know how I manage to be logged in twice, ehh16:08
* Dykam is here, but only for 25%16:08
fieldse_Link to agenda, please?16:08
MuscovyI'll topic it for now.16:08
=== Muscovy changed the topic of #ubuntu-tour to: Meeting agenda: http://openetherpad.org/UbuntuTourAgenda
Dykamit was already in the topic :]16:09
fieldse_doh. thx.16:09
MuscovyNow it's unmissable.16:09
MuscovySo, we've got two branches currently, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/maverick for writing, https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development for code.16:09
OmegaI wish more of the programmers were here.16:10
aksharpatel47I'm a python programmer16:10
aksharpatel47though learning gtk16:10
aksharpatel47along with my MBA exams16:10
* UndiFineD is a php programmer16:10
OmegaAs am I.16:10
OmegaOkay, braches.16:10
* Dykam is, not python, but that is not a problem. just busy16:10
UndiFineDwilling to learn python though16:10
maheshmohanam into pyGTK16:10
MuscovyThe two propositions in the agenda are to make a translation branch, and to merge the existing branches.16:11
MuscovyPersonally, I think we should keep everything all in one branch, now that the code is stable.16:12
maheshmohanyes. Why we have two branches? Any advantage with that? Correct me if I'm wrong16:12
MuscovyMore than one branch just means manual merges, and people putting things in the wrong one.16:12
Omegamaheshmohan: The code in the other branch was experimental.16:12
MuscovyIt was done because in the first two days or so, the code for the tour was getting wacky.16:12
UndiFineDI prefer one branch too16:12
aksharpatel47I'm all for one branch16:13
MuscovyAny objections?16:13
OmegaNo, okay, decided.16:13
MuscovyAlright. We can get that updated later.16:14
OmegaA definitive list of tours and categories16:14
MuscovyI'd say we need that.16:14
aksharpatel47The question would then be, why are we making this tour16:14
aksharpatel47to whom are we targeting16:15
OmegaNew users.16:15
aksharpatel47Absolutely Newbies?16:15
MuscovyTransitional or brand new users.16:15
UndiFineDbeginners, kids, transitional16:15
OmegaPeople that don't know their way around yet.16:15
MuscovyWhich also means the tour needs a good UI.16:16
aksharpatel47Then we can create levels of our tours16:16
aksharpatel47Like Absolutely beginners, Transitional16:16
aksharpatel47and so on16:16
aksharpatel47And about a Good UI, the new Ubuntu Image Slideshow is a great design16:16
MuscovyThe installer one?16:17
Omegahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Todo#List of Pages16:17
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aprilg_got disconnected. which topic are we on now?16:17
aksharpatel47Good UI for the app16:18
OmegaActually, we were talking about the list of categories.16:18
OmegaBut we got diverged.16:18
OmegaSo, back to the list.16:18
OmegaThe UI comes later.16:19
Omegahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Todo#List of Pages16:19
aksharpatel47Onto the list of categories then16:19
MuscovySome topics like Nautilus certainly need expanding.16:20
fieldse_List of ideas for "needs for expanding"?16:20
aksharpatel47Also, people coming over from linux need to learn a little bit about the file system organization16:21
UndiFineDand there are some 33000 packages in the repositories, hard to do them all16:21
MuscovyI'm not sure this is the place to explain the contents of /, if that's what you mean.16:21
aksharpatel47Nopes, not in detail16:22
aksharpatel47But a certain overview16:22
Muscovyfieldse: Nautilus ought to explain stuff like the UI and basic permissions too.16:22
UndiFineDyes, general overview, of LSB and filesystem access rights16:22
OmegaOr we can point to the manual ofr that.16:22
* fieldse_ nods @ muscovy 16:22
fieldse_muscovy, if you can think of a short list and pass it to me I can add it to the wiki16:23
maheshmohanNo. a big NO. I think, thw tour will cover how to use the default apps & how to get extra packages. that's all. he will gradually learn about the filesystem.16:23
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* fieldse_ agrees with maheshmohan - Filesystem structure is beyond the scope of our project, IMO16:23
aksharpatel47I understand, it might get too techy for a new user16:23
UndiFineDmaheshmohan, yes, but it will have to be in there at some point16:23
OmegaWe should provide the users with the basic tools he needs to survive.16:23
aksharpatel47I wrote that from a transitional users point of view16:24
MuscovyFilesystem structure is for more of Ubuntu Manual level of users, I feel.16:24
fieldse_Also, aksharpatel47 , while I agree with the need to teach new users about this, I think we have to keep our tutorial fairly short so as not to lose them.16:24
fieldse_Maybe a list of "learn more about" links at the end?16:24
fieldse_* idea ^16:24
MuscovyThere isn't a really non-technical reason go anywhere other than /media, IMO.16:24
OmegaWe need to teach them what they want to learn.16:24
maheshmohanfieldse_ ya.right. he may get lost after seeing the filesystem thing!16:24
aksharpatel47@fieldse :Learn more about would be great16:24
jeremymikkolaJust a random though: perhaps it would make more sense for it to be task-oriented, rather than application-oriented?16:25
OmegaThat's what I meant with pointing to the ubuntu manual project.16:25
Muscovyevince ./ubuntu-manual.pdf --page-label=X16:26
MuscovyIf we download the manual, we could use that to link to specific pages.16:26
fieldse_Hey, all? A point that's probably covered already, but who's taking minutes?16:26
* UndiFineD has all16:27
* fieldse_ blinks16:27
fieldse_undifined, you mean you're taking?16:27
MuscovyMinutes or logs?16:27
fieldse_Minutes for the meeting, now. I see "alexander" is signed up for this16:28
fieldse_Ok, I'm assuming the silence  means no one is doing it - so, I guess I am. Where / how do I need to post these?16:29
aksharpatel47I'm doing it16:29
MuscovyPost what?16:29
fieldse_aksharpatel47, thanks.16:30
aksharpatel47sorry, didn't see your post16:30
MuscovyOnce ubuntulo1 gets to it, logs will be at http://irclogs.ubuntutour.org/2010/09/18.html if that's what you mean.16:30
fieldse_muscovy, no, didn't mean to derail conversation, sorry, but what I meant was is anyone actually taking meeting minute notes, and posting them somewhere, aside from the IRC log.  Seeing this request in the EtherPad agenda: Somebody also needs to be responsible for taking minutes.  Any voulenteers? Alexander Lancey16:32
MuscovyI said I'd do it.16:32
fieldse_aite, apologies, continue.16:32
MuscovyDo we have more to say about the tour topics?16:32
UndiFineDI am not clear on the list for that16:33
aksharpatel47I'd say the tour topics are pretty solid16:33
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Omega                          pretty solid16:34
fieldse_It sounds like mostly everyone thinks the topics are solid, if you're seeing holes that you think need filling, why not suggest them and we'll add it to the list?16:34
MuscovyI can definitely see some small level tweaks, but on the whole it's pretty good.16:34
OmegaConsider what the user will be wanting to do first, and how we should be organising tools.16:34
MuscovyNautilus UI and permissions should be mentioned.16:34
MuscovyMaybe add bookmarks/history to Firefox.16:35
UndiFineDI see a whole bunch of launchpad issues, most are on audio, it would be great if users can learn a bit about that16:35
fieldse_undifined, like what?16:36
OmegaThat should be in the "getting help" tour.16:36
UndiFineDI was silly enough to subscribe to the kernel list, and most issues I get are on alsa pulse oss16:36
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MuscovyFor troubleshooting, this would be another good manual referral.16:37
fieldse_agh. Yeah, I think we have that covered with "get help" section links, correct?16:37
fieldse_Is there specifically a link to launchpad help mailing lists being included? 'cause if not, it needs to be.16:37
MuscovyI don't think there is yet.16:38
aprilgWe need to update the 'get help' section16:39
aprilgto include those links16:39
aprilgAre there any other tour topics we should include?16:39
UndiFineDgetting an email address16:40
UndiFineDtotally new people would have none16:40
MuscovyGood idea.16:40
OmegaHow to Get involved with Ubuntu/Contribute16:41
* fieldse_ blinks: undifined , like how would you suggest to get an email address?16:41
UndiFineDone of a list of free mail providers16:41
fieldse_Oh, right- do we have "setting up an email account" covered in the Empathy section?16:42
MuscovyYes, so we should link the two, perhaps.16:43
fieldse_IE, 'how to set up your existing email address with evolution/whatever'? Because this would be appropriate place for a link to 'creating a new email account' if you don't have one already16:43
aprilgthere's a few topics for Evolution16:43
MuscovyEmaothy only mentions making a new one, not who, so it should link to wherever that oage is.16:43
UndiFineDgetting help : LoCo support16:44
OmegaBut I don't want us to advertise any particulat email provider.16:44
fieldse_Yeah, I agree - this has been one of my long-standing "papercut" gripes with Ubuntu experience: they include Evolution by default, but not a very good intro to setting up your mail accounts, that the fact that it defaults as the "mailto" client without previously asking you for your choice is a pain.16:45
UndiFineDI just use webmail16:45
fieldse_Is setting up alternate default mail client covered in Empathy/Evolution section?16:45
aprilgfieldse_ I don't think so16:46
fieldse_undifined, same here - that's why I'd want to show them how to change "mailto" program.16:46
MuscovyAs in webmail or as in Thunderbird or something?16:46
fieldse_Okay, add ^ to topics list16:46
UndiFineDMuscovy, no I am worse I forwarded my own domain to gmail16:46
fieldse_muscovy, as in either webmail or thunderbird.16:46
MuscovyUndiFine: same here!16:47
aprilgby the way, should Evolution have be a stand-alone topic or should we change it to something more general, maybe e-mails ?16:47
MuscovyWe could easily link to a handful of mail providers, without endorsing one.16:47
aprilg*should Evolution be16:48
MuscovyI'm not sure, it depends how much we want to talk about browser mail.16:48
fieldse_aprilg, is it currently a just-touched-upon subtopic of the Empathy/chat client section?16:48
fieldse_muscovy, agreed16:48
aprilgif we use the topic email, we can just say htat the default eemail client for ubuntu is evolution. provide an overview for that, how to set up an account, etc. and then at the end, tell the user that ther are other options. and provide the list16:48
MuscovyProbably conglomerate the two though.16:49
aprilgfieldse_ right now, Evolution is its own separate topic16:49
OmegaI also forward my own domain to gmail :>16:49
aprilgit isn't under Empathy16:49
fieldse_aprilg, Agreed - I move we set up "email" topic as its own section, include empathy + mailto setup problem + setting up an email address in this section16:50
UndiFineDseems good16:50
fieldse_Ok, any objections?16:51
fieldse_Moving on ...16:51
MuscovyNone, I like it.16:51
maheshmohanany other topic suggestions? can we now talk about coding16:51
aprilgok. any other topics that need to be included or modified?16:51
MuscovyI don't think so.16:51
fieldse_Not here.16:51
UndiFineDgetting help : LoCo support16:51
fieldse_Oh, that's a good one.16:52
aprilgok. update getting help, and reorganize empathy and evolution.16:52
aprilgnext topic?16:52
aprilgon the agenda, I mean :D16:52
fieldse_Ok. If nothing else? "Consider what the user will be wanting to do first, and how we should be organising tools?"16:52
fieldse_What does "oranising tools" refer to?16:53
MuscovyI was thinking about having a "home page" that lists the tours, in a "suggested" order.16:53
fieldse_Sounds sensible.16:54
MuscovyI think order beyond desktop-apps-help is mainly opinion.16:54
fieldse_Personally, recommendation: Do not greet the user with this list / menu for first screen. Just put them right into the first tour after an intro.16:54
MuscovyThat seems better.16:55
fieldse_Personally, when I'm greeted with a menu of subjects 5 miles long, it deters me from ever starting.16:55
aprilgdoesn't the current left pane/navigation thing provide the same functionality as a home screen listing all the tours?16:55
MuscovyIt takes up more space, and looks a little scary.16:55
fieldse_So, if you present them with a first few (short) tours quickly, they can navigate to the "list of tours" menu if they're interested in skipping ahead16:55
fieldse_thoughts/contentions, muscovy ?16:56
aprilgim thinking we can directly launch the welcome to ubuntu/about ubuntu tour16:56
aksharpatel47Or we can have round buttons corresponding to each of the topic heads16:56
aksharpatel47and then have the Ubuntu Installer Slideshow kind of tour16:56
aprilgand then after that, direct the user to the list of tours16:56
fieldse_aksharpatel47, I like that idea. I don't want to keep adding to the programmers / UI designers' workload, but sounds nifty.16:57
maheshmohanakshar, yes.nice16:57
fieldse_Are we going to discuss the Ubuntu Slideshow model later in the meeting?16:57
OmegaYes, when we get to UI.16:58
fieldse_I'm going to have to split in 30, I'd like to be in on the UI discussion briefly.16:58
MuscovySorry, I was away for a moment.16:59
jeremymikkolaPerhaps we could also have some kind of quick start page that tells people what tutorial to follow in order to accomplish the thing that they are trying to do (i.e. "browse the web -> firefox")16:59
fieldse_jeremymikkola, this is a good idea.17:00
MuscovyI was thinking about a button that toggles you between your page and a list like that.17:00
fieldse_muscovy, okay, so question is if it goes to a menu of every subject on the tour, or if it goes to an "overview" page like aksharpatel47 was suggesting, with "main topic" buttons leading the user to subtopics from there17:01
MuscovyMaybe overviews.17:02
OmegaWe need to pick up the pace a bit.17:02
OmegaWe're one hour in.17:02
fieldse_Overviews, less intimidating. Menus, more informative.17:02
MuscovyAnd make the sidebar complete, but shrinkable.17:02
fieldse_omega, agreed.17:02
UndiFineDspoken details in the tours ?17:02
fieldse_undifined, I dunno, was this intended to be within the scope of the project?17:03
MuscovyMaybe at some point.17:03
MuscovyShall we move to difficult ratings?17:03
fieldse_Suggest first finishing the project with text-only, then maybe later releases add in spoken details.17:03
MuscovyOr jump to docs team stuff?17:04
fieldse_docs team.17:04
fieldse_muscovy, In the interests of keeping our meeting fairly efficient, I have a suggestion I've used from other organizational meetings:17:04
UndiFineDspeech requires timing17:04
UndiFineDif you speak the text at normal rate, you get the right timing for the slides17:05
fieldse_For those subjects where there seems to be a range of options, just set up a poll at the wiki (or at the Launchpad page, or elsewhere) and invite members to vote on their opinion for the choice.17:05
fieldse_muscovy, ^ will mean less time spent in deliberation in this meeting.17:06
jeremymikkola+1 to fieldse's idea17:06
OmegaI will try to communicate with the Docs team about Ubuntu Tour.17:06
fieldse_Can this be done?17:06
MuscovyHmm, good idea.17:06
OmegaWhen I am less sick.17:06
fieldse_Ok, omega signs up for the task. =)17:06
fieldse_Moving on.17:07
MuscovyScreenshots next?17:07
fieldse_Okay, so what's the deal w. the screenshots / consistency question?17:07
jeremymikkolaquestion about screenshots: should they be from 10.04, or 10.10?17:07
mahesh_it should be from 10.1017:08
aprilgyep. 10.1017:08
fieldse_I suggested a naming format in the email thread aprilg started -17:08
MuscovyAnd are we using pngs or jpgs?17:08
UndiFineDI prefer png17:08
mahesh_we have to update it for 11.0417:08
fieldse_Why png, undifined?17:08
MuscovyI would suggest pngs. If we need jpgs, we can make a converter script.17:08
jeremymikkolapng images look a lot better if they have text in them17:09
fieldse_muscovy, reason? I just suggest jpeg because of size issues. How big is this tour going to be?17:09
UndiFineDpng is free, has better quality, but besides png, I like to see scaleable graphics17:09
fieldse_And, muscovy: Are you hoping to get this tour included in future Ubuntu releases default installation? Because the size is going to be a large factor in that.17:10
Muscovyfieldse_: I was thinking .png partially because we can go to jpg easily from there, should we need to.17:10
MuscovyWait, yeah.17:10
UndiFineDmy res is 1950x108017:10
fieldse_Ah, yeah. There's another issue.17:10
OmegaWe can implement tour compression.17:10
fieldse_Resolution for screenshot.17:11
UndiFineDmy avg joe or jane might have 1024x78617:11
UndiFineDwhich is why i said scaleable17:11
Omegasvg then?17:11
fieldse_Okay, and considering the "tour window" is going to be minus area for toolbars, etc, it's goin to be about size of an average webpage.17:11
fieldse_undifined, how are you going to make scaleable screenshots?17:11
UndiFineDyou can't :p17:12
fieldse_undifined, Well, technically we *can*.17:12
OmegaBut it won17:12
OmegaBut it won't scale the way we want it to17:12
fieldse_Sort of - I can trace bitmaps in Inkscape pretty well.17:12
fieldse_So, we *could* have scaleable "screenshots" in SVG format. Seems like overkill, but ...17:12
fieldse_Can we just choose a sane default image size? Or will the application be capable of scaling the images to fit within like 50% of the window?17:13
fieldse_muscovy, you know the answer to this ^?17:14
MuscovyI feel in the vicinity of 300x300 would do.17:14
Muscovyfieldse: we could scale, but I don't know how to set a max scaled size.17:14
MuscovyMaybe we could link the images to open larger versions in the image viewer.17:15
fieldse_Would vote slightly higher res for some detail, plus fact "square" isn't best form-factor for average screen layout17:15
fieldse_Okay, so what's the decision? Can we put this via email vote to the UI/graphics team?17:16
MuscovyI think so.17:16
OmegaShould we moce onto programming now?17:16
UndiFineDand if you choose 400x300, it will not look right on wide screens17:16
OmegaProgramming team leadership17:16
mahesh_Can we move on to translation & then to programming?17:16
aprilgoh ya, what about where the images are to be stored?17:17
OmegaOkay, translation is short anyway.17:17
OmegaLauchpad translation support?17:17
aprilgthere was a bug filed about that17:17
MuscovyI don't know how LP translations work.17:18
OmegaMe neither.17:20
MuscovyPerhaps we should look into asking someone who does.17:20
UndiFineDbrandonj, you suggeted it ?17:21
aprilgmaybe we should set this topic aside for now?17:22
aprilgsince no one here really has any answers :)17:22
fieldse_Good reason to do so. ;)17:22
fieldse_I've got 15 minutes left with you here.17:22
fieldse_Muscovy, what is the current "leadership model"?17:23
OmegaProgramming team leadership17:23
MuscovyI'm not quite sure.17:23
OmegaI nominate MadnessRed.17:23
OmegaHe's the most active programmer currently.17:23
MuscovyI do too. He's been very useful, we couldn't have the GUI without him.17:23
UndiFineDalright with me, but does he want to17:24
fieldse_We definitely need project leaders for each section.17:24
OmegaWe'll ask him when he get's here.17:24
fieldse_There needs to be one head at the top of each section, or at least one, or this thing isn't going to happen because no executive decisions will be made.17:25
Omegafieldse_: Muscovy leads Design, aprilg leads writing, brandonj currently leads programming, I am the organizational leader.17:25
fieldse_This is part of the reason for gathering the volunteers list - so a project leader can then "tap" his volunteers for whatever undone that needs filling.17:25
fieldse_omega, ah, thanks.17:25
fieldse_This would also greatly simplify things for the volunteers to know that there's one contact person at the head of each team.17:26
OmegaOkay, let's move onto User Interface17:26
OmegaUser interface. We need a clear descision on what people want to be changed with the gui, preferably pre-prepared mockups could be presented.17:26
MuscovyI threw one in ./mock-ups in both branshes last night.17:27
MuscovyHere: http://i.imgur.com/PJdZa.png17:27
MuscovyIt's missing some sort of Home/Menu button.17:27
MuscovyI think we should try to decentralize the sidebar for more space.17:28
UndiFineDI like the ubiquity style17:28
MuscovyLike decreate the ont a bit, or make it hidable.17:28
Muscovydecrease the font*17:28
fieldse_Okay, needs: home button, collapsible "list of topics" sidebar17:29
fieldse_muscovy, I'd be happy seeing the image bigger.17:29
fieldse_eh, the screenshot image, that is.17:30
fieldse_Another suggestion?:17:30
MuscovyI figured there could be 4 or so curves, that are placed based of screenshots size, instead of forcing the screenshot to be that size.17:30
fieldse_Add a "search for topics on..." bar at the bottom17:31
MuscovyThat would be good.17:31
fieldse_Can we / are we able to implement a search function?17:31
OmegaIt shouldn't be difficult.17:31
fieldse_muscovy, what do you mean by curves?17:31
MuscovyThe section where the grey curves around the screenshot.17:32
fieldse_Another suggestion:17:33
fieldse_If this thing is using CSS styling .. (is it?) ...17:33
fieldse_You can have two "end piece" curves on either side.17:33
fieldse_With a flat middle section, expandable17:33
fieldse_So if user expands the window, the middle area will just stretch between endpieces.17:33
MuscovyOoh, that would be cool.17:34
fieldse_solves need for different curves for different resolutions17:34
MuscovyAnd useful, since the top of the curve will be more flat than at present.17:34
fieldse_So, mind if I take your mockup and hack it up a little tonight?17:35
aprilgso its gonna end up looking like a square/rectangle with rounded edges, right?17:35
MuscovyNot at all.17:35
aprilg*corners instead of edges17:35
MuscovyUnfortunately, I didn't think to make a .xcf.17:35
fieldse_Ok, np.17:35
fieldse_So, regarding a previous topic unresolved:17:36
fieldse_There's an item on the agenda under screenshots of using "Quickshot"?17:36
fieldse_As in the email I responded earlier, does this matter?17:36
aprilgI checked with quickshot, I think its only available with 10.0417:36
MuscovyWe could port it.17:36
MuscovyBut I'm not sure it really matters.17:37
fieldse_Is there any reason it matters what screenshot util we are using, as long as it comes out same resolution and quality?17:37
MuscovyIt's just reputed as easy.17:37
MuscovyNot really, fieldse_.17:37
fieldse_a PNG is a PNG17:37
fieldse_Ok, just checking I wasn't missing something.17:37
fieldse_So, we didn't resolve naming format.17:37
fieldse_and I have to ask this, bc I have to leave now.17:37
fieldse_so, example screenshot for, say rhythmbox selection dialog:17:38
fieldse_gnomepanel-mainmenu-soundandvideo-rhythmbox.png ?17:39
fieldse_Or can we use spaces in the filenames without screwing up the programmers?17:39
UndiFineDi would want to avoid spaces17:39
MuscovyWe could probably use spaces, but I'd say we should avoid it if possible.17:40
UndiFineDor you must like _\17:40
fieldse_Ok, anyone want to suggest a less-ugly naming system?17:40
fieldse_yes, no, any objections?17:40
MuscovyIs the screenshot of a Rhythmbox window?17:41
aprilgfieldse_ I'm fine with what you suggested17:41
OmegaWe'll get the same problem if there's a _ in the name17:41
UndiFineDmaybe add preseeding integer index17:41
fieldse_muscovy, this would be screenshot of the dialog selection from the gnome main menu17:41
fieldse_undifined, what do you mean index integer?17:41
UndiFineD000- gnomepanel-mainmenu-soundandvideo-rhythmbox.png17:42
UndiFineDwithout the space17:42
MuscovyThe code looks for _'s to add tour pages.17:42
MuscovyI think.17:42
fieldse_ah, crap.17:42
fieldse_Okay, so ... no spaces, no underscores.17:42
MuscovyWe could make it eclude .jpgs though.17:42
fieldse_some of our description names are going to need separation between words to be readable17:42
UndiFineDwith the integer index you can set the images in specifivc order17:43
fieldse_for ex. gnome-panel > main menu > sound and video would be the path here.17:43
fieldse_Ok, let's use undifined's suggestions, and we can add the index numbers later.17:43
fieldse_So 000-gnomepanel-mainmenu-soundandvideo-rhythmbox.png17:44
MuscovySounds good.17:44
fieldse_Ok, that's it for me, I'm out of here for today17:44
MuscovyThanks for your help!17:44
UndiFineDthanks for being here fieldse17:44
aprilgbye fieldse_ :)17:45
aprilgwhat's next on the agenda?17:45
MuscovyOk, next: website updates.17:45
fieldse_laters, all. muscovy, will you just post the meeting notes to the listserv?17:45
MuscovyI know we need wikilinks.17:46
Muscovyfieldse_: SUre.17:46
fieldse_aite, thanks, Peace!17:46
MuscovyIn particular, http://ubuntutour.org/contribute/ needs changing.17:46
MuscovyShould we treat that page as a verbose link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Volunteers ?17:47
aprilgMuscovy maybe the todo list instead of the volunteers17:48
aprilgthe volunteers page keeps changing17:48
MuscovyAnd I guess later we should merge the branches and removed references of lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/code-development17:49
aprilgbut lets not include everything on the to do list. maybe keep it to the first two levels ? maybe just these: overview, the Sections (writing, graphics, programming, translation, editing)17:50
aprilgyes, once the branches have been merged17:50
MuscovyOk, that will be done today.17:51
aprilgis there anything else we need to discuss?17:51
aprilgwe're approaching two hours :)17:51
aprilgthere's a few more topics listed under programming for today's agenda17:51
MuscovyShould we start with interactivity framework (bottom)? That one's fairly important.17:52
MuscovyLuckily, we've already skimmed/covered a bunch of stuff in the programming list.17:52
OmegaIt is, but the programmers should really be here for it.17:53
MuscovyIt seems we are done for now?17:54
OmegaI believe we are.17:54
UndiFineDyeah I am ok with it, going to translate a bunch of files into dutch17:54
MuscovyThanks for being here, everyone. :D17:54
OmegaRoep me als je me nodig hebt.17:55
MuscovyOk, so I'll send a minutes list and a link on the mailing list in a bit.17:56
aprilgwee :)17:56
aprilgthanks for being here everyone!17:56
MuscovyWell, we've certainly come a ways.17:58
UndiFineDI liked that we can get things done17:59
UndiFineDOmega, hmmm, doen we dubbel vertaal werk ?22:01
OmegaAlso, English please.22:02
UndiFineDI see Ivo did translations in "nl" folder and I did in "nl_NL"22:02
OmegaWell they should be mostly the same22:04

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