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diana1068hi girls! :)23:00
AlanBellhi diana106823:01
AlanBellso what do you do with Ubuntu diana1068?23:07
diana1068im trying to fix the updating issue23:10
diana1068i cant upgrade it from to
AlanBelloh, a new kernel for Lucid?23:12
AlanBellI have 100MB of updates to do, still on .24 here23:13
AlanBelllooks like the latest Lucid kernel it wants me to install is 2.6.32-24.4323:15
JanCmaybe it's in -proposed or such?23:18
diana1068im actually on 2.6.32-24.43 now. but i was told i can upgrade it to 25+23:19
AlanBellany particular feature you are after?23:19

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