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tarvidhow do i rescue an installation when X is out of range00:01
seduloustarvid: switch to a virtual console, Ctrl-Alt-[F1..F6]00:02
tarvidI can't get past login00:02
seduloustry it00:02
tarvidIt is set up for "Default Monitor and horiz is too high00:02
FloridaGuyChogyDan, dpkg --configure -a fixed00:02
FloridaGuyChogyDan, thanks00:03
ChogyDanFloridaGuy: cool00:03
tarvidand I get no boot options either00:03
tarvidand the 10.4 desktop cd will not boot00:03
coventryRegarding the resolv.conf issue I mentioned before... an apt-get upgrade has fixed it.  Should have tried it first, rather than in preparing to report the bug...00:04
balleynetarvid: what problems are you having booting the desktop installation? Have you tried booting your system into recovery mode through grub?00:04
tarvidi don't get a grub menu00:04
balleynetarvid: sorry, even without the desktop CD. Do you get a grub menu when you boot from the hard drive (even if you need to hit ESC to see the options)?00:05
tarvidi get the splash and then the monitor says the horiz frewuency is out of range00:05
tarvidI will try again but it goes directly to splash00:05
balleynetarvid: grub might appear for just a second or two before the splash, at least it does on my system (but I might still be using an older version of grub.. I've upgraded since 6.06, not a fresh install of lucid)00:06
balleynespitzi: did you get an answer about auto-mounting?00:07
ScoupI'm using cw23fx and my wireless dont work fine, I has read in forum to update my driver to lasted on. I'm reading http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download to do that, but I not sure about it. Where is this ./scripts/driver-select? Have I use it?00:08
abadabad00could someone help me transfer files on my network between two Ubuntu 10.04 machines? When I try to connect to folders that are shared for everyone on the network I get "Unable to mount location" "Failed to retrieve share list from server" errors00:10
Morg0thHello, I installed Ubuntu on a friend's computer and he did some updates but after that the system can't boot. It says that a file named with hex codes (like 818ac32...) doesn't exist and I get a ash shell. I had a look at the /etc/fstab file with chroot etc and the partition name changed from "/dev/sda4" to the hex name. do you know what could have caused this problem? I changed this line...00:10
Morg0th...but I still get this error00:10
ChogyDanMorg0th: probably a UUID00:11
ChogyDan!UUID | Morg0th00:11
ubottuMorg0th: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)00:11
Morg0thok thank's I'll look into that00:11
ChogyDanMorg0th: if you pastebin the errors and fstab, Im sure someone could help out00:12
Morg0thokay I'll try to do that but I'm not on this computer now. I'll try to look for the UUID thing and if I can't figure it out I'll try to pastebin it. thanks00:13
s_ongsanyone already experienced mouse clicks issues/temporary freeze with lucid lynx? ty in advance00:13
etrnlugggh, anyone have experience with manual touchscreen calibration? Trying to figure out the logic with minx, maxx, miny, maxy values00:15
tarvidballeyne, thanks, banging the ESC key in the dark got me in00:15
balleynetarvid: nice :)00:16
tarvidHow would one fix the default monitor settings and the lack of detection on this monitor?00:16
balleynetarvid: that, I can't help you with unfortunately, because I'm not too familiar with the setup in 10.04, and I have to run. Good luck though!00:16
mark_JOIN #ubuntu00:17
iShawnWanyone in here run ubuntu on a studio15? I want to know how your battery life is00:17
mark_JOIN ubuntu00:18
balleynemark_: you're in #ubuntu already :)00:18
prayiiiShawnW: i run it on an XPS M1530 and I have a friend who runs it on a studio 15. it is comparable to windows 7 battery time.00:18
WXZcan I somehow get synaptic package manger to show the same packages even if it's different versions00:18
balleynemark_: the command you were trying to run was probably "/join #ubuntu", but no need to, you're already here :)00:18
iShawnWprayii: ok, so about 4-6 hours00:18
ComradeHaz`Hi all. Trying to install Ubuntu on a machine but having video problems. The menu to selct 'run live cd', 'install', check disc for errors' etc shows up but as soon as I select one of those the video output turns off. If I leave it having selected run from cd I get the ubuntu startup drums. Please assist! :D FWIW, Windows installs and runs fine.00:18
WXZfor example, I have karmic and maverick repositories, when I search for tomboy I don't see tomboy v.1.0 (which is in the karmic repository)00:19
prayiiiShawnW: well I get 2 hours on my XPS. I don't know what my friend gets on average. I'll ask him real quick. What size battery did you get with it?00:19
rexnanyone know of an equivalent to "Giver" that's cross platform? http://code.google.com/p/giver/00:19
iShawnWprayii: 9 cell00:19
bazhangWXZ, mixing repos is explicitly not supported00:20
mark_Help with ubuntu 10.10, installed to HDD, gives me "minimal GRUB-like" command line...i'm stuck there. Help Please.00:21
bazhangWXZ, instability and breakage00:21
bazhangmark_, #ubuntu+1 for 10.1000:21
spitziHi. Something seems misconfigured in my UBuntu: In pysdm, both partitions sda1 and sdb2 are mapped to /dev/sdb2. sda1 is in fact my WinXP partition, how can I redirect it so in pysdm ?00:21
IdleOneWXZ: because it causes things like not seeing packages you know are supposed to be there00:21
WXZok, so I'm supposed to have 1 repository at a time?00:21
bazhangWXZ, yes.00:21
mark_join/ #ubuntu100:21
WXZthat's... weird :\00:21
mark_join/ #ubuntu+100:21
bazhangmark_, /j #channel00:22
prayiiiShawnW: i think I have the 6-cell. Asking my friend what he has now00:22
WXZwhy do I even have the option to checkmark multiple repositories then?00:22
bazhangWXZ, you would not. not for that.00:22
iShawnWprayii: for comparison http://pastebin.com/0w89PFse (its new)00:22
IdleOneWXZ: there are multiple repos but you should only have the repos for the version you are running00:22
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WXZwhat if I need older versions of applications idleone?00:23
IdleOneWXZ: so you would have main, Universe, Multiverse, possibly Partner and Backports00:23
WXZwhich I do, yes00:23
WXZI also added main, universe, multiverse and partner from an old version of ubuntu00:24
crucialhoaxMy parents HDD is about to take a dump, will clonezilla image the hard drive so I dont have to repurchase windows?00:24
IdleOneWXZ: but if you are running karmic, you shouldn't mix universe from karmic and maverick.00:24
bazhangWXZ, back up your data asap00:24
WXZI'm running maverick00:24
bazhangWXZ, then in #ubuntu+1 please00:24
IdleOneWXZ: then you don't need the karmic repos and yeah #ubuntu+100:25
WXZok, non-maverick specific question then...00:25
stcrucialhoax, OEM one?00:25
bazhangWXZ, no, you are running maverick, so questions there00:25
prayiiiShawnW: my friend says he averages 6 hours or a little less00:25
crucialhoaxst: Yes. It was the OEM drive that is failing00:25
nellielooking to buy a good agp nvidia graphics card to run with ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10 and found the geforce 5200 and 6200 but need to know if there are any problems running any opengl or linux games with them00:26
iShawnWprayii: thanks dude, sounds good I may take the switch then and go back to a no windows setup.00:26
stcrucialhoax, no, but you could just clone hd and it should not invalidate activation00:26
ectospasmnellie: why such an old chipset?00:26
nellieI only have agp slot00:26
ectospasmnellie: ah, that'd do it00:26
crucialhoaxst: I know I can do that, but what software do I use? Clone Zilla?00:26
spitziAny idea about the pysdm issue ?00:37
spitziAh, is my nick identified ? Can you see what I write ?00:38
orgthingyhello, how do i change a folder's permission-settings (as in, who can write, read, who is it for..etc) using the terminal?00:38
sonerorgthingy: man chmod00:39
orgthingyah, right, chmod00:39
orgthingychmod +x i think00:39
sonerchmod +x makes a program executable00:39
ComradeHaz`Gentlemen, is there really nobody around who is able to make some suggestions about my little issue?00:39
orgthingyoh >.<00:39
sonerchmod 777 e.g. makes a file read and writable for everyone00:39
orgthingysoner: so what command do you suggest me to write?00:40
orgthingychmod <whatever> 777 ?00:40
b0tzComradeHaz` what issue00:40
sonerorgthingy: do you want to change the rights for a file or a folder?00:40
ComradeHaz`Trying to install Ubuntu on a machine but having video problems. The menu to select 'run live cd', 'install', 'check disc for errors' etc shows up but as soon as I select one of those the video output turns off. If I leave it having selected run from cd I get the ubuntu startup drums, so it's clearly booting. FWIW, Windows installs and runs fine.00:40
orgthingya whole folder with subfolders, soner00:41
b0tzAhhhh... I had the same error before.. hm00:41
b0tzi think its something to do with monitor modes00:41
b0tzi used a different monitor and it loaded & i installed just fi ne00:41
b0tzthen when i plugged in other monitor it booted into gnome perfectly00:41
ComradeHaz`It also appears to be GPU dependant.00:41
sonerthen you have to use chmod -R <permissions> <folder>00:41
orgthingysoner: ah, ok i see00:41
sonerorgthingy: just replace <permissions> with the numbers :D i don't know which permissions you want to set00:42
abadabad00could someone help me transfer files on my network between two Ubuntu 10.04 machines? When I try to connect to folders that are shared for everyone on the network I get "Unable to mount location" "Failed to retrieve share list from server" errors00:42
root_   gcqsdf00:42
ComradeHaz`abadabad00, look into nfs00:42
sonerorgthingy: I'm not really familiar with chmod myself00:43
abadabad00gee... thanks00:43
etrnlnyone have experience with manual touchscreen calibration? Trying to figure out the logic with minx, maxx, miny, maxy values00:44
ComradeHaz`lol abadabad00, look into it. Ask more questions when you get stuck :D00:44
abadabad00etrnl: look into x00:44
etrnlabadabad00: any suggestions on where to start with that? x graphics?00:45
abadabad00etrnl: ask comradeHaz00:45
ComradeHaz`abadabad00, you asked a very general question that begged a fairly general answer.00:45
ComradeHaz`No, don't, I'm too busy heloing abadabad0000:45
sonerComradeHaz`: It's night here :p00:46
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ComradeHaz`00:45 here. Morning.00:46
ComradeHaz`Very, very early morning.00:46
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lappyI just have a quick question. I need the command to check for what wireless chipset I have..00:47
etrnlabadabad00: just not sure where to start with looking00:47
sonerheh, that's kinda night00:47
abadabad00etrnl: join the club00:47
ComradeHaz`etrnl, welcome to our world!00:47
bazhanglappy, lspci if pci lsusb if usb00:47
ComradeHaz`I know, soner, but it's deffienately not evening00:48
etrnlI mean it doesn't seem like the values have anything to do with screen position00:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:48
ComradeHaz`and 'night' doesn't really work as a greeting.00:48
lappybazhang, Thankyou.00:48
sonerComradeHaz`: you're right. it sounds strange greeting with a "good night everybody"00:48
abadabad00etrnl: sounds like classic open source logic00:48
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* ComradeHaz` tentatively pokes b0tz00:49
abadabad00etrnl: :)00:49
spiztiHi. Can you see what I write ?00:49
ComradeHaz`Did you have anything else to add about my little issue/00:49
ComradeHaz`spitzi, Yes.00:49
Scouphow can I restart the wireless driver?00:50
sonerScoup: try rmmod then modprobe00:50
sonerScoup: tell us if it worked ;)00:51
Scouprmmod needs the module name00:51
spiztiAnd ... can you see what I wrote now ?! "1234"00:52
bazhangspizti, yes. ask a question00:52
spiztiOh good, [hew00:52
flowbeeis there a way to paste into the ubuntu command line terminal window (without using the mouse)?00:52
nogoyour capcha sucks00:52
bazhangnogo, ?00:53
sonerScoup: yeah, you need to know which module you want to unload00:53
prayiiflowbee: ctrl+shift+v00:53
sonerScoup: do you know if the module starts on boot?00:53
nogosoner, /etc/modules00:53
Scoupsoner, i dont =/ I'm trying to install a newer wireless driver00:53
flowbeeprayii, cursor changes for a second but nothing happens00:53
Scoupand my first try didnt work, i guess is because i didnt restart00:54
nogosoner, you can add what you want, if ubuntu doesn't pick them up00:54
prayiiflowbee: are you sure you have something copied to the clipboard?00:54
spiztiAnyway, the question is: why does pysdm show paritions sda1 and sdb2 to be both mapped to same device /dev/sdb2, even though sda1 is definitely my WinXP partition on another hard disk ?00:54
flowbeeprayii, yes i even right clicked copy after highlighting something on my terminal window00:55
prayiig copied to the clipboard?00:55
prayiig copied to the clipboard?00:55
prayiiwhen you right-click and Paste it works, but not with ctrl+shift+v?00:55
KageWhen ever I play a dvd the image looks very \00:55
nogospizti: maybe you can use uuid mount00:55
sonerScoup: since I am not using ubuntu I am pretty useless for you now.. perhaps someone else is able to help you here00:55
flowbeesetting up top level get repo.  any point to having the tag/branch/trunk mentality we had with subversion; or should i just put my app code in root git repo?\\00:56
Scoupsoner, ty for help, I guess I will restart the ubuntu, will restart the wireless, right?00:56
nogoScoup: so?00:56
ZekeS... question: how would I go about changing what wireless driver I use?  The system has iwlagn loaded, whereas the wiki indicates that my Intel 5300 should be using iwlwifi.  (this would also help fix my network working at 1/10 the speed it does in windows, I bet)00:57
sonerScoup: i guess so00:57
Scoupill try that ?P00:57
Evan0hi, how do you sudo an account? i have this server running and it has its own username and everything00:59
sonerEvan0: try visudo01:00
soneras root01:01
sonerEvan0: then navigate to the part commented with "User privilege specification"01:01
victorhugoHi, i used "make install" command to compile and install a program. But, how do I remove this program now?01:02
sonerEvan0: and add the user name in the exact format as the user root01:02
sonervictorhugo: did you install the program via the packet manager?01:02
Scoupsoner, no lucky with wireless, do u know if wireless kernel have a channel?01:02
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sonerScoup: I'm sorry I don't have a clue01:02
victorhugosoner: no, i didn't.01:02
crucialhoaxWhat free software e.g. Clonezilla will allow me to clone and restore a hard drive?01:02
sonervictorhugo: I'm not very familiar with the make command but I always thought make install just creates a package for your packet manager which you have to install manually01:03
prayiicrucialhoax: gparted?01:03
ethereticcrucialhoax: partimage?01:03
bazhangcrucialhoax, clonezilla remastersys01:04
victorhugosoner: thank you! but, if I use apt-get remove program, then I will remove it01:04
nogocrucialhoax: can clonezilla handle ubuntu's hard links well?01:04
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Evan0soner: thanks01:05
sonerEvan0: np01:05
nogoin ubuntu, there are so many hard links01:05
sonervictorhugo: yes you can remove the program with aptitude01:05
victorhugosoner: well, i tried it here but it did not work01:06
crucialhoaxbazhang: Will clonezilla allow me to reimage a widows hard drive? my parents windows drive is failing01:06
sonercan you execute the program?01:06
nogoaptitude, synaptic and ubuntu software center, which should we use?01:06
crucialhoaxnogo: either will work, persnally i never use aptitude I use apt-get01:07
nogocrucialhoax: did you image it in offline mode?01:07
victorhugosoner: if I install the same program via apt-get, will I have conflicts?01:08
crucialhoaxnogo: I have not imaged it yet, I am asking if it will work..01:08
bazhangcrucialhoax, windows in ##windows please01:08
nogoi guess, the clonezilla is just a dummy cloner01:08
nogofor daily backups01:09
ZekeSbazhang: look up SysRecCD?01:09
bazhangZekeS, for what?01:09
Emanonhey all trying to set up a vpn server on lucid followed instructions on ubunut wiki but i cant connect to the server any help?01:09
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ZekeSwrong hilight01:09
ZekeSI think01:09
bazhangZekeS, crucialhoax I bet01:10
sonervictorhugo: no you won't have problems because apt-get will check for conflicts with other packages (i hope.. I don't use ubuntu)01:10
ZekeScrucialhoax: try SysRecCd, it shounds like what you're trying to do01:10
Emanonoh my mistake the wiki was what i was on earlier i tried another tut01:10
Emanonstill any help would be appreciated01:10
ZekeSbazhang: yep.  Now, to fix my wifi card01:10
crucialhoaxZekeS: Ok, Ill try that.01:10
prayiisoner: what do you use?01:12
sonerprayii: archlinux01:12
prayiisoner: just bored and feel like helping out tonight?01:12
crucialhoaxZekeS: Sysreccd is a no go01:12
nogothere is a archhurd now01:12
sonerprayii: kind of :D01:12
nogothe archlinux is closed01:13
nogothe channel01:13
sonerprayii: I'm just bored ... since everyone is idling in nearly EVERY other channel I'm hanging around in a more comfortable chan like #ubuntu01:13
bazhang!ot | nogo01:13
ubottunogo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:13
spiztinogo - what's a uuid mount. And how the &^%* do I make my XChat stop telling me who joins and leaves the channel ?01:14
bazhang!blkid | spizti01:14
ubottuspizti: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)01:14
bazhangspizti, right click channel hide joins parts, or set in preferences01:14
prayiiQuestion: What would be the recommended way of removing a windows partition located after Ubuntu? Just loading up gparted and formatting?01:15
bazhangprayii, removing and then resizing ? gparted live cd? ubuntu live cd?01:16
knoedel_hi, will texlive 2010 be inluded in ubuntu 10.10?01:16
prayiibazhang: gparted live cd - not sure if i would merge with ubuntu or load a different OS yet01:17
bazhangknoedel_, #ubuntu+1 for 10.10 discussion and support please01:17
knoedel_ok, sorry and thanks01:17
bazhangprayii, gparted live cd is what I would yes01:18
prayiibazhang: could I just delete the partition and resize the ubuntu partition to include the extra space without harm to ubuntu?01:19
spiztibazhang - huhhhhhh ... much better01:19
scriptfreezehey all01:19
MarkSSWhat is a good program to teach yourself C programming language with in Ubuntu?01:21
HumleStudy the Linux kernel.01:22
etrnlwhy not?01:22
HumleBecause the Linux kernel is written in C.01:23
HumleAnd machine asm.01:23
prayiiMarkSS: the best way to learn C would be to get a good book01:23
spiztinogo - back to the original question: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/jU79tiCT01:23
HumleK&R is the book on C.01:23
benkong2hey all01:23
HumleC was invented when Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie wrote Unix, the first portable OS.01:23
benkong2I did something that causes nautilus to start up in my home directory each time01:24
etrnlReally wish I could understand how these x,y values work for touchscreen calibration01:24
KageBest way to *start* learning programming is a book01:24
benkong2I checked .config/autostart /etc/xdg/autostart and startup programs not there01:24
Kagebut you do need to study code examples of real cases01:24
sonerbenkong2: you can change the starting directory of nautilus in the settings01:24
benkong2where else can I look I am running lucid x86_6401:24
etrnlYeah its always good looking at code examples01:25
PaulBwhen isntalling ubuntu how much is a good amount of swap space to give?01:25
crucialhoaxI have Miro internet tv installed and it is now the default program that handles torrents, how do I change it back to Transmission?01:25
benkong2soner: no I don't want it to start01:25
crucialhoaxPaulB: Usually Double your ram01:25
crucialhoaxPaulB: It depends tho, if your running a high end machine with 6GB its unlikely you even use the swap space.01:25
sonerbenkong2: did I understand your problem correct? you start nautilus and each time you see your personal folder on start?01:25
frobisher MarkSS:install google chrome from the brepo's.Type in c programming.01:25
benkong2soner: no when I login in nautilus starts and I do not want that01:26
prayiicrucialhoax: right click on a .torrent file and go to Properties >> Opens With01:26
crucialhoaxprayii: Darn it, I knew it was something simple!01:26
sonerbenkong2: oh ok .. then I got your question wrong01:26
benkong2soner: ok01:27
benkong2it must be in some autostart somewhere01:27
etrnlok have my resolution at 1280x1024, and calibration at 800, 2560, 800, 204801:28
crucialhoaxprayii: I did that and it still defaults to Miro..01:29
etrnlthis doesn't make sense at all and I've googled the crap out of this01:30
prayiicrucialhoax: odd.. sounds like Miro is trying to hold onto them. See if theres a setting in Miro to turn this off?01:32
bazhangcrucialhoax, do you even use Miro? why not just uninstall it01:32
seeirHi.  I'm an Ubuntu newbie - just installed Mint, and am looking for "linux-backports-modules-jaunty" to fix a wireless problem on a Compaq CQ-61 laptop.  apt-get says it can't find the package.  :-(  Is there maybe a newer version of the package appropriate for lucid lynx?01:33
crucialhoaxbazhang: I dont use it, So I am going to uninstall it. prayii I will try that as well just to see :)01:33
bazhangseeir, check mintsupport as thats not supported here01:33
bazhang!mintsupport | seeir01:33
ubottuseeir: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:33
jfcaron_Is this an inappropriate channel to ask for help running World of Warcraft in wine?01:34
jfcaron_(Under Ubuntu_01:34
rusiviMay one perform an advanced Launchpad query where it filters for just 'package' (ubuntu) ?01:34
etrnlthink it would be worth it to downgrade to Hardy to see if these drivers work?01:34
etrnlfor this touchscreen01:34
bazhangjfcaron_, #winehq would likely suit better01:34
seeirThanks, all.  I'll look there for help, though I think in this case the problem is a more general one, since I've seen trouble reports on the issue relating to Ubunto:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7717667 .01:35
jk_I have an NFS problem: I'm exporting the entire directory tree of one machine specifically to another, but on the receiving machine the exported /home directory (/net/xubuntu/home) shows up as empty. All other directories show their full content; only /home seems to be blocked. It actually contains two user directories plus lost+found, and has r-x permissions for everyone. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?01:35
jfcaron_bazhanh: Thanks, I had tried #wine, I'll go to #winehq.01:35
bazhangseeir, you running ubuntu or mint01:35
seeirAt the moment I'm running mint.01:35
bazhangseeir, okay then check their support01:36
seeirI've tried Ubuntu and Debian also.01:36
seeirUbuntu and derivatives have a problem on this machine that seems related to BIOS support.  The machine sometimes hangs up right after login to the GUI interface.01:36
spiztiAaargh, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7vhqZM7V01:38
ralliaswhere do I find the current kernels configuration file?01:40
etrnlin xorg.conf.d/, what's the number prefix for each file? is that load order?01:42
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etrnleg: 05 would run before 1001:42
subspiderwhat prgram can i install to scashule hibernation and wake up linux01:42
ultratekwhere do i go for maverick qs?01:42
bazhang#ubuntu+1 ultratek01:42
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seekrHi.  I'm an Mint newbie - just installed Mint, and am looking for "linux-backports-modules-jaunty" to fix a wireless problem on a Compaq CQ-61 laptop.  apt-get says it can't find the package.  :-(  Is there maybe a newer version of the package appropriate for lucid lynx?01:43
bazhangseekr, please stop asking for mintsupport here.01:43
seekroooooooooooooooooops - wrong channel  --  sorry01:44
mattfuryhello i thought kernel 2.6.35 had atheros ar1xxx support?01:44
seekrbazhang - I slipped - meant to send that note to #mint...01:44
wasnikhi installed ubuntu lucid, but no sounds. system does not detect sound cards. lshw does not show up any audio hardware either01:44
lee_>> seeker < mint 7 will support laptop wifi no proplem01:44
sonerwasnik: did you add yourself to the "audio" group?01:45
sonerwasnik: gpasswd -a <user> audio01:45
wasniksoner: yeah did that too01:45
mattfuryim trying to install atheros wired eth0 support and no sucess01:45
wasniksoner: still have same problem01:46
=== mkaay_ is now known as mkaay
wasniksoner: actually i dont have a proc/asound file01:46
sonerwasnik: sry, I don't have a clue..01:46
lee_is there a site to get pre-configed compiz settings??01:46
wasnikhey guys i dont have a proc/asound file. no sound cards detected in lshw or aplay-l, just installed ubuntu01:47
lee_wasnik, you'd be best checking the forum.. with the make of your sound card..01:48
wasniklee_: I have a compaq laptop with integrated sound, how do i figure out make of soundcard01:49
lee_oh sorry,, i thought u said sound card01:49
niteshadei guess you could google your model of laptop, and find the specs01:49
niteshadethe make and model should be on the bottom01:49
wasnikniteshade: nothing comes up, all that comes up is that it is integrated sound01:50
steve3030Do I copy my .ssh folder off of my other machine if I want to have the same identity on both?  In terms of git repositories and things?01:50
mattfurywhere is the linux mint channel anyone???01:50
lee_wasnik, u get ur drivers?? graphic drivers etc??01:50
niteshadehave you already erased windows on it?01:50
bazhang!mintsupport > mattfury01:50
ubottumattfury, please see my private message01:50
wasniklee_: the compaq website has drivers only for windows01:50
niteshadeyeah, but if you go into windows, and go to device manager, it should show you what "it" sees, and if it works on windows you at least have something to go on01:51
FloridaGuyisent jockey supose to show a list of video drivers01:51
spitzi<sigh>, last attempt. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7vhqZM7V01:51
lee_using the hardware driver search : system / Admin / Hardware Drivers <01:51
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
niteshadeof course, if it came with windows, all the specs it shows you should be the right ones01:51
mattfurythx bazhang01:52
niteshadethen, you just google linux drivers for the shit you wrote down from device manager in windows01:52
niteshadeof course, that is unless you wiped out everything and installed linux overtop (idiot)01:52
IdleOneniteshade: no need to insult01:53
Trian3Hey all...01:53
niteshadeit's just that when you do that you have nothing to fall back on if the install didn't go well.01:53
niteshadeit just kinda an idiot move01:53
niteshadesorry for being harsh tho01:54
Trian3Do any of you have a few minutes to help a linux newbie having boot issues?01:54
niteshadebrb, i'm getting a soda01:54
IdleOneniteshade: be helpful without the harshness please01:54
nellieGeForce 7600 agp has opengl 2.0 support. is this any good for playing linux games and or basic ms games under wine?01:55
Trian3Nothing I've tried has worked.01:55
Trian3I'm sure it's something ridiculously simple.01:55
IdleOneTrian3: be more specific about what is not working01:55
=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
niteshadeit does kinda feel good when i get a question that i can actually answer tho.  It makes me feel like i'm not a total idiot01:56
bazhangnellie, sure will do01:56
=== JW is now known as Guest22342
lee_nautilus restart command??01:56
Trian3IdleOne:  Upon trying to boot, I get the following error:01:56
bazhangnellie, check appdb if the game itself will run01:56
sebaSorry I have a problem with the game "Tremulous", when start it say "monitor out of range"01:57
nelliebazhang,  thanks, not playing anything too high end just simple games01:57
=== viki is now known as Guest30656
niteshadeuh, how did you install the filesystems when you were installing, trihan3?01:57
Bridge|how do i find out a partitions current name the type of name that looks like 78b4bfb8b4fbb6aa??01:57
dewmanI am waiting for "floodbot4 kicks floodbot2"01:57
niteshade* trian301:57
IdleOneBridge|: sudo blkid01:58
niteshadei guess what i'm saying is: did it ever boot?01:58
lee_Trian3, try going into BIOS and setting to default setting.. might be u have a couple of hard-drives.. BIOS will find boot-able 101:58
sebaSorry I have a problem with the game "Tremulous", when start it say "monitor out of range"01:58
Trian3I've reinstalled multiple times, but as of this latest install, no it hasn't booted successfully.01:59
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
Trian3I can boot off the liveCD, of course, but otherwise...01:59
niteshadeseba: it sounds like the resolution it's trying to run at is too much for your monitor01:59
brandon__anyone experiened gimp users? id like to make GIMP have a photoshop-like interface (MDI) and read a few posts about a buggy modification made a few years ago to do it, is it any better now or is there another way to do it?01:59
lee_try that tho,, BIOS to default01:59
coerciblegerm@seba: check autogen.cfg and make sure the screen resolution matches your actual resolution01:59
niteshadeIf you can find a config file for it and adjust that then it would probably fix it01:59
tensorpuddingbrandon__: there is such a thing already, called gimpshop02:00
bazhangbrandon__, there's a gimp channel02:00
Trian3Lee, I currently only have 1 drive connected.02:00
brandon__figured someone could answer here bahzang, but thanks for the info02:00
brandon__thanks tensorpudding02:00
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lee_kk,, laptop / pc / notebook?02:01
sebaOK... It was playing good but... something hapend02:01
Trian3SATA HD's02:01
brandon__tensorpudding, have you used it?02:01
Trian3I partitioned as follows:02:01
tensorpuddingbrandon__: no02:01
brandon__thanks for the info though, hopefully its not as bug as people were saying it was in 200702:02
tensorpuddingbrandon__: actually now that i think of it, i'm not sure gimpshop is still supported02:02
Trian3boot - 100GB, root - 20GB, home - 610GB, swap - 7.7GB02:02
Trian3Boot is set as bootable02:02
tensorpuddingbrandon__: it probably is matched to a really old version of gimp02:02
brandon__tensorpudding, their forums seem semi-active02:03
bazhangTrian3, 100GB for /boot ?02:03
niteshadewhy would you set the boot partition to 100gb?02:03
Bridge|Grub2: No such device: 78B4BFB8B4FBB6AA  / Grub2 Line 2: No such partition    /    using sudo blkid confirms device name is correct, this is same name in grub.cfg, tried sudo grub-install, it findws windows 7 but nothing changes02:03
niteshadeand exactly how HUGE is your friggin hard drive!?02:03
idefixxcan anyone tell me what greeter xubuntu uses? I mean does it use the gome greeter or some other package (name would be nice if its a different package)02:03
=== canthus14 is now known as canthus13
lee_Trian3, run in termin > sudo update-grub .. what comes up?02:03
Trian3HD is 640GB02:03
niteshadedamn, how much did you pay for it?02:04
Bridge|p.s. backtrack4 live cd is what fubars my grub02:04
lee_terminal : sudo update-grub02:04
niteshadeanyway, is boot on the start of the hard drive?02:04
Trian3"Could not find /boot/grub/menu.lst file."  Asking to create (y/n)02:04
niteshadecause you can't just partition it like any other partition02:04
Trian3BTW, I just reinstalled GRUB in an attempt to fix this.  I noticed that it installed grub, but uninstalled grub-pc.02:05
bazhangTrian3, what version of ubuntu02:05
Bridge|prob hav grub2, menu.lst is for grub(1)02:05
Trian3Ubuntu 10.0402:05
niteshadewhat i would suggest is that you boot into a live cd (maybe knoppix?) and try to install grub manually.  Never done it myself, but i think it's possible02:05
tensorpuddinggrub-pc is grub 2, you probably shouldn't get rid of it02:05
Trian3Ok, it created the menu.lst file02:05
bazhangTrian3, there is not menu.lst for 10.0402:05
tensorpuddingbecause it might well be that ubuntu's kernel packages will break in the future without grub 202:06
lee_Trian3, run : sudo apt-get install grub202:06
Trian3Bazhang: What do you mean?  It just created one.02:06
bazhangTrian3, that seems wrong02:06
i_is_brokehow do you reset the taskbars in gnome?02:06
Trian3Hold on a sec...  I'm getting help from several people at once now.02:07
bazhang!grub2 | Trian3 please have a read02:07
ubottuTrian3 please have a read: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:07
niteshadelee_ if his system won't boot, then how would he get into a terminal and type that?  (Let alone getting on the net with it)02:07
Bridge|anyone an idea as to why grub2 isnt finding this windows 7 partition after backtrack fubar'd it, it has the right name...02:07
bazhang!resetpanels | i_is_broke02:07
ubottui_is_broke: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:07
Trian3I'm going to have to zero in on one.02:07
lee_live CD02:07
tensorpuddinglee_: you'd have to chroot02:07
niteshadeeh, but that would install it to a ramdisk and not the hard drive02:07
IdleOneTrian3: see the grub2 factoid and re-install grub2 (10.04 comes with grub2)02:07
niteshadeoh yeah02:07
i_is_brokebazhang, thanks that worked.:D02:07
bazhangBridge|, you're using backtrack or ubuntu02:08
tensorpuddingwhich means, making a bunch of mount points for your partitions02:08
Bridge|i just stuck bt3 in once02:08
Trian3IdleOne:  Ok.  Installing Grub2 will uninstall Grub1, yeah?02:08
Bridge|and this is what happend02:08
IdleOneTrian3: yeah it should replace it02:08
tensorpuddinglee_: yeah, if you run that command from the live cd, it will try to install the package on the livecd02:08
bazhangBridge|, the grub2 wiki should fix that for you as well then02:08
Trian3Ok, doing that now through the package manager02:09
lee_no it wont02:09
=== prayii_ is now known as prayii
Bridge|i tried grub-install --recheck /dev/sdb and it finds windows 7 but nothing changes afyer02:09
tensorpuddinglee_: it won't?02:09
amtoonFor the first time try Xchat :)02:09
Bridge|i still get the cant find device: <name> // cannot find partition02:10
lee_ive used it to re-install grub02:10
niteshadewell, as much as i enjoy chatting, i'd like to go tagging.  [Look for NITE, louisvillians!]02:10
vbabiyhow can you find out how any file descriptors are being used?02:10
Trian3IdleOne:  It brought up a window, Configuring grub-pc, asking for some kind of input.  There's a line which reads "Linux command line:"02:10
IdleOneasking for what Trian3 ?02:11
younderwhy can't I enter dirsectory 'drwxrwSr-x  2 root programmer  4096 2008-05-28 17:10 lib' ?02:11
dotIs there a way to manage applications that are open and be able to force close them?02:11
lee_dont input Trian3 ,, it will do it ok <<02:11
jk_I'm exporting the entire directory tree of one machine specifically to another, but on the receiving machine the exported /home directory (/net/xubuntu/home) shows up as empty. All other directories show their full content; only /home seems to be blocked. It actually contains two user directories plus lost+found, and has r-x permissions for everyone. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?02:11
younderI am a member of programmer.02:11
Trian3IdleOne / lee:  It's not clear.  Above the input line, it simply says "Linux command line:"  The "Forward" button isn't greyed out, so i guess I can just push ahead without entering anything.02:12
tensorpuddingyounder: i think you need to have execute permissions on every directory along the path to that directory02:12
Cmdr_W_T_Rikeryounder: the group doesn't have eXecute permission on that directory02:12
IdleOneTrian3: yeah go forward02:12
lee_Trian3, just TAB to ok02:12
Cmdr_W_T_Rikervbabiy: lsof perhaps?02:12
younderI can enter 'drwxrwsr-x 13 root programmer  4096 2008-01-19 22:00 src'02:12
IdleOneTrian3: follow lee_ on this. he seems more confident then I do :)02:13
younderThere is something about that capital S.02:13
i_is_brokeok now how do i get the x_and folder to the right side of the top taskbar?02:13
Trian3Ok, it's asking for the install devices.  I'm selecting /dev/sda (only drive connected) and clicking Forward.02:13
Trian3Ok, thanks IdleOne.02:13
lee_top one,, SDA?02:13
Trian3Lee:  Yes, /dev/sda.  Top and ONLY.02:13
lee_pick the sda one02:14
etrnlAnyone have experience with evdev drivers and/or calibrating touchscreens?02:14
youndertensorpudding, Thanks..02:14
Trian3Ok, did that.  Now there's a checkbox - "GRUB installation failed.  Continue?"02:14
i_is_brokegot thanks anyways..:D02:14
tensorpuddingyounder: that S really is capitalized there?02:14
bazhang!controls | i_is_broke02:15
ubottui_is_broke: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side02:15
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
lee_any1 know how to get nautilus-scripts onto right click?02:15
lee_Trian3,  : sudo update-grub02:15
youndertensorpudding, It is capitalized if there is no x02:16
tripelbre dual boot: I have windows on a drive and I want to put Ubuntu on it-also. Right now Ubuntu wont boot. What could it be. The disk integrity is ok and it's new. I* began the life of the disk by partitioning and repartitioning it. Then gparted would unexpectedly quit. --- after being stuck, I installed WinXP on it. No problems. Cound I have something funny writen on the HD or in the boot secor. Please advise.02:16
bazhanglee_, there is a plugin for that iirc apt-cache search nautilus02:16
Cmdr_W_T_Rikervbabiy: when the suid bit is set (s), but the owner execute bit is off, ls will display a capital S in that case02:16
etherealiteetheretic testing notify02:16
Trian3Lee:  /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannto find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).02:16
Cmdr_W_T_Rikervbabiy: so for that directory the group lacks execute persmission02:16
etherealiteetherealitetesting notify02:16
etherealiteetherealite testing notify02:16
bazhangetherealite, please dont02:17
etherealiteit works02:17
youndertensorpudding, I Think it is to make it more obvious that it is missing. It is very difficult to see. Certainly chmod has no S option.02:17
Trian3Lee:  Any ideas?02:18
lee_is file system mounted?02:20
Trian3Lee:  It appears to be...  That is, if I'm reading this correctly.02:20
Trian3I typed "mount" and it showed me all the mounted devices.02:21
Trian3Lee:  /dev/sda1 is among the mounted partitions.02:21
veebullanyone know where to find a description or explanation of the install options presented by the Server install CD?02:22
veebullThey don't seem to be covered in the official docs, and the pages on boot options and boot parameters in the Community Docs are for the Desktop Live CD version... which doesn't appear to match.02:22
veebullSpecifically I'm curious about the 'F4 Mode' options, which used to be graphic mode options but now are labeled 'Normal', 'OEM Install', 'Minimal Install', 'Install virtual machine'...02:22
fedora_newbcan anyone tell me why when i minimize firefox it disappears off the screen...sometimes also when i open it, it doesn't appear eithe r:(02:22
lee_Trian3, have u tried before with the BIOS to default?02:23
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: what do you mean by "disappears off the screen"?02:23
tensorpuddingyou mean there is no taskbar entry for it?02:23
Trian3lee:  I'll take a look in the BIOS now and see if there's any such option.02:23
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: is it possible that it ended up in another workspace?02:23
lee_i think its f11 / f1202:24
Trian3lee:  Are we talking about 2 different things?  You mean to go into the PC BIOS, right?02:24
fedora_newbright now, i have it opened, and there is like not title for it in the bottom panel...02:25
fedora_newbsame with thunderbird as well :/02:25
fedora_newbtensorpudding, no where to be seen02:25
fedora_newbtensorpudding, nope02:25
fedora_newbbut nothing02:25
FloodBot1fedora_newb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
mrcleanJust installed apache2 and not sure about document root.  Not seeing the httpd.conf file.02:25
mrcleanI see an empty httpd.conf in /etc/apache2 but....?02:25
fedora_newbtensorpudding, any idea whats going on?02:26
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: maybe it has crashed, i don't know02:26
fedora_newbsigh...always something...02:26
Trian3lee:  I can change boot order, but that's about it.  Here's the current order:  1-removable, 2-CDROM, 3-Hard Disk02:26
FloridaGuyanyone have an idea... on why jockey-gtk..isent giving me my video card drivers02:26
lee_and still no grub boot.. this the 5th time youve installed? same prob?02:27
fedora_newbFloridaGuy, cause like everything else in ubuntu... its broken l:(02:28
Trian3Lee:  Well, I'm still in the BIOS.02:28
Trian3Lee:  Saving/exiting now.02:28
lee_are u on a virtual machine?02:28
FloridaGuyfedora_newb, could be02:28
Trian3Lee:  No.02:28
whosjosequestion, http://pastebin.com/gHirRFfg how can i fix that error?02:28
lee_then how can u see the bios?02:28
Trian3Same error:  Disk boot failure, insert system disk....02:28
gwernhas anyone run into a situation where mplayer plays normally, but when a sound file is finished, mplayer seems to hang for 1-3 seconds and then exit normally?02:29
Trian3I'm on 2 different machines.02:29
Trian3I'm chatting w/ you on my laptop.02:29
Trian3Windows box.02:29
gwernmy mplayer problem doesn't seem to have anything to do with my mplayer config or options - removing them entirely or running mplayer inside another app entirely (mnemosyne) doesn't change it02:29
KDC1956trian3 what are you trying to do02:29
lee_kk,, when u put the disk in,, do a check disk.. make sure its ok.. also u can down load an iso grub-loader disk.. or install lilo from package manager to try that..02:30
Trian3KDC:  Bootup.  :P02:30
KDC1956ubuntu or windows02:30
Trian3Lee:  Lilo, hmm?  I've used that in the past.02:30
wizzhi all. anyone know how to install wireless driver into system02:31
Trian3KDC:  Ubuntu...  on my other machine.02:31
wizz!install wireless02:31
KDC1956did you use a cd or a peddrive02:31
Trian3KDC:  Getting Disk Boot Failure.02:31
Trian3KDC:  CD02:31
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:31
Trian3KDC:  Ubuntu 10.0402:31
gwernwizz: you use the hardware driver dialogue in the System toolbar?02:31
KDC1956I would do a reload make sure you boot with cd first after it is loaded take cd out befor you restart02:33
Trian3KDC:  On a previous install, it installed and booted successfully, but I decided I wanted to try to get RAID working and since then I've been unable to get it to install again even after I abandoned the RAID idea.02:33
wizzgwern, what is that? i just download wireless driver and got tar.gz package. how to install it.02:33
Trian3So, reinstall from scratch?02:33
gwernwizz: never mind then02:33
KDC1956Oh I see then you would be better or reloading it02:33
KDC1956yes reinstall02:33
lee_lol,, get news.. now u tell me raid02:33
nanzaloneHello all.  My touchpad dies whenever my laptop hibernates.  I found some doc on a similar problem fixed by upgrading grub, but it was for 9 and presumably grub is already updated w/ 10.  Anyone have any suggestions?02:33
dotLast question, Where can i find proper drivers so i can get my logitech webcam to work?02:33
Trian3Lee:  Sorry, didn't think it was part of the picture as everything is back to standard.02:34
Trian3Lee:  RAID is currently inactive.02:34
lee_is it onboard or PCI?02:35
Trian3Lee:  Onboard.  ie fake-RAID02:35
skylI lost the sound control on my panel.  What was that program?02:36
lee_i wouldnt think onboard is fake.. i mean ur motherboard was build with the raid02:36
skyldefault gnome 10.0402:36
Trian3Yes, but according to reviews it's still fake02:36
skylgwern, tyvm02:36
KageI hear that ubuntu 10.10 is switching to KDE02:37
Trian3I think I just fixed the problem.02:37
nimbioticshello ya'll. How do i find out a device's name? TIA!02:37
bazhangKage, no02:37
Kagenimbiotics: dmesg might help02:37
FloridaGuyguess fedora_newb was right..jockey was broken..i uninstalled it...reinstalled it and on reinstall it added the nvidia stuff and ati stuff...so it dident install all needed packages on install02:37
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: lspci / lsusb02:37
lee_strange.. well if its onboard ud know u have to set it up in the bios screen02:37
Trian3Although I didn't have RAID setup (no arrays established), it was still technically enabled in the BIOS.02:37
Kagebazhang: why not?02:37
Trian3After disabling that, it  now boots.02:37
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: if it is assigned a device name, it will appear in the /var/log/dmesg.log02:37
bazhangKage, feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic02:38
nimbioticstensorpudding: thanks a lot!02:38
lee_load 3rd party drivers probably02:38
TschackoHere is: The King!02:38
Tschackohello i am a profi02:38
Tschackohow are you?02:39
bazhangTschacko, support question?02:39
tensorpudding!ot | Tschacko02:39
ubottuTschacko: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:39
Trian3So I'm up and running!02:39
elijahI updated kubuntu last night and now my wifi will not list my ssid02:39
yanick_hi, I just bought a Lexmark S408 printer, and the manufacturer says that it supports Ubuntu 8.04, but I cannot seem to install it. Ubuntu sees that it's a S300-S400, but when it ask to select which printer it is, it's not in the list. Please help02:39
Trian3Damn, why is everything so difficult when you're a newb?!02:39
Tschackoyes, okay. why not? Tell me02:39
FloridaGuyI dont see a King02:39
bazhangTschacko, this is not a chat channel02:39
bazhangTschacko, #ubuntu-offtopic for that02:39
fedora_newbWell, all my programs are disappearing when I minimize them...nothing showing in taskbar02:40
fedora_newbany fix for this?02:40
whosjosequestion, http://pastebin.com/gHirRFfg how can i fix that error?02:40
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: are you sure you're minimizing them?02:40
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: and not closing them?02:40
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: can you reach them when you use alt+tab?02:40
fedora_newbnot an idiot, so yes, i know i am minimizing them02:40
Trian3Lee, KDC, LiveOne -- Thank you all for your help.02:40
FloridaGuyfedora_newb, are they showing on taskbar while maximized02:41
fedora_newbyes, i can get to them by alt-tab, but why are they not showing in taskbar?? tensorpudding02:41
TDNethello can i get help with bluray and what rpm package is availabe that conatins bluray playback software for ubuntu 10.10 beta?02:41
fedora_newbFloridaGuy, nope02:41
ThisGuyNew to Ubuntu - does anyone want to help me get setup? Send me a PM :] <-- Please? Hardy har har.02:41
Trian3Bye all...  <waves>02:41
nogonot me02:41
bazhangThisGuy, ask here02:41
* nogo runs away02:41
xanguawhosjose: right clic>properties>give it permissions02:42
yanick_Hi, can someone help me install a printer that suppose to support Linux, but Ubuntu does not have a driver for?02:42
ThisGuyHow do I get an IRC setup on the laptop with Ubuntu?02:42
tensorpuddingfedora_newb: maybe try removing the taskbar widget and then putting it back02:42
fedora_newbtensorpudding, ill give it a try...02:42
will_Hi. Installed 10.04 with an nvidia card along with the restricted drivers. But the resolutions provided isnt the native resolution of the monitor. How can I add it?02:43
FloridaGuyfedora_newb, right click on taskbar...click add to panel...select windows list...then hit add02:43
tensorpuddingThisGuy: Install xchat from the software center, then read http://xchat.org/docs/start/02:43
NiwatoriCan i install ubuntu onto a usb hdd without deleting my documents?02:43
ThisGuytensorpudding: You're a doll.02:43
whosjosexangua: You are the best! Thanks:)02:44
fedora_newbFloridaGuy, thanks, that did the trick :P02:44
tensorpuddingNiwatori: Are your documents on the USB hard drive?02:44
fedora_newbFloridaGuy, any idea how that feature disappeared from me?02:44
shadyabhiNiwatori: Which documents? Be clear02:44
xangua!usb | Niwatori02:44
ubottuNiwatori: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:44
tensorpuddingNiwatori: If so, you'll need to repartition, or move the documents off of it02:44
FloridaGuyfedora_newb, welcome...i fixed my problem to...i uninstalled jokey reinstalled it and it added everything that it needed02:45
mrcleanAnyone have any luck getting The Powered Access Bible to come up and run on Ubuntu's apache2?02:45
ethereticNiwatori: wubi may work. dunno.02:45
Tschackoi am the gnome of linux.02:45
fedora_newbFloridaGuy, so kinda the same fix to a diff problem ;) gj02:45
Niwatoritensorpudding: so i have to reformat, install ubuntu, then put them back on there?02:45
FloridaGuyfedora_newb, have no idea...unless you removed something from the taskbar and remove it02:45
bazhangTschacko, stop that02:45
PuffTheMagichow do i get java working in chrome for firefox02:45
PuffTheMagici have java installed02:45
tensorpuddingNiwatori: That is one way, and the easiest way if you don't mind backing up your documents to another drive02:45
PuffTheMagicbut both browsers say i dont have a plugin02:45
AreioWolfI'm having a major issue:  I just upgraded a partition on my computer from Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.04... and accidently replaced the "menu.lst" file that allows me to-- by default-- boot into Windows.  There also seems to be an issue booting into Ubuntu... I'm getting all sorts of errors while trying to boot into ubuntu, and my main concern is needing to get quick access to my Windows partition again for the less02:46
AreioWolflinux-savvy in my family.  Can anyone help?02:46
FloridaGuynow reboot so my nvidia driver works02:46
Tschackoin offtopic nobody answeres, thats boring and disapointing. I was looking for flirting and chatting. :(02:46
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: 10.04 uses GRUB 2, which doesn't use menu.lst02:46
Niwatoritensorpudding: how much is the installation going to occupy?02:46
tensorpuddingNiwatori: Do you have Windows installed on this drive?02:46
AreioWolftensorpudding - Ah... okay  How would I go about getting to Windows then?02:46
bazhangTschacko, again, this is not the right channel for that. please stop02:46
fedora_newbDoes anyone know if ubuntu has a feature to have like all the same apps into 1 like windows 7 has, like 3 firefox windows into one taskbar?02:47
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: If there is a Windows install on the disk, it should have been detected02:47
Tschacko:( okay.. Where can i go?02:47
tensorpudding!grub2 | AreioWolf02:47
ubottuAreioWolf: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:47
lee_AreioWolf, are u in windows or ubuntu now?02:47
nimbioticstensorpudding: I found the device using lsusb (Bus 001 Device 005: ID 13fe:3100 Kingston Technology Company Inc.), but i still cant determine the device name ... can you help me? TIA!02:47
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: There is a configuration file in /etc/grub.d for windows i believe, the format is somewhat similar to the old grub02:48
fedora_newbAh nm, i got it :D02:48
tensorpuddingNiwatori: Do you want to keep Windows on the drive?02:48
AreioWolftensorpudding - I'm typing here from my laptop.  I can't get into anything that's not a terminal screen.02:48
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: It looks like a USB flash drive02:48
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ThisGuyIs there anything on Ubuntu that I can use that works with an ipod touch/itunes type thing? :]02:48
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: Look in the dmesg log to see if it is assigned an sdX device02:48
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: So it doesn't boot into Ubuntu?02:49
Niwatoritensorpudding: sorry, i meant i have windows on my internal drive, my external is just storing documents, no OS02:49
AreioWolftensorpudding - I'm getting a "Undefined video mode number:  2f6" error of some sort... and when it boots into the graphical login screen, it doesn't seem to recognize either my mouse or keyboard.02:49
tensorpuddingNiwatori: Ah. Well if you back those files up elsewhere, you can reformat, and then use as much space as you want for Ubuntu when you install Ubuntu02:49
Niwatoritensorpudding:ok thank you02:50
ultratekI upgraded to maverick beta this evening and it says there is no fglrx driver and cannot detect my displays..so X will not load. anyone with similar problem?02:50
tensorpuddingNiwatori: There is a lower limit on how much space you can set aside for Ubuntu...I'd recommend at least 10 GB, generally more02:50
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AreioWolftensorpudding - Wait... I rebooted and it magically booted normally into Ubuntu.  I still can't see Windows, though.02:50
xangua!maverick | ultratek02:50
ubottuultratek: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:50
ultratekan so.. anyone?02:51
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: Okay, well once you log in you can fix your GRUB 2 configuration, the config files are in /etc/grub.d now02:51
bazhangultratek, #ubuntu+1 for maverick02:51
FloridaGuyanyone have any idea when ubuntu will get the nvidia 256.5302:51
AreioWolftensorpudding - Hold on, let me open that up.02:51
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: under 30_os-prober I believe02:51
tensorpuddingAreioWolf: or maybe the custom entry02:52
AreioWolftensorpudding - Okay... I see both files.  What do you recommend I do to allow the computer to boot into Windows from GRUB?02:53
lee_AreioWolf, just check that ur windows filesyetem shows in your 'places'.02:53
nimbioticshow do i look in the dmesg log??02:53
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: run 'dmesg | less' in the terminal02:53
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: you can scroll using the arrow keys02:53
AreioWolflee_ - Yep, it does.02:53
lee_k,, jus thought u might have deleted it..02:53
ThisGuyIs there anything on Ubuntu that I can use that works with an ipod touch/itunes type thing? :]02:54
bazhangThisGuy, rhythmbox and others02:54
ThisGuybahang - Thanks02:54
ThisGuybazhang* Sorry.02:54
lee_ThisGuy, > get itunes through 'playonlinx'.02:55
Tschackoinstall moorhuhn02:56
martianIs there a way to steal a process which is running via a remote terminal on a different system?.. attach it to my terminal02:56
tensorpuddingmartian: what do you mean by steal?02:56
Tschackothen it stops02:56
tensorpuddingmartian: you just want the output to be piped to your terminal?02:56
barryHello, everybody02:57
martiantensorpudding: yeah, that's all I really want. Basically I forgot to run it via screen.02:57
tensorpuddingi think there is a way to do that, but i'm afraid i don't know it02:57
nimbioticstensorpudding: i cant find it ... could it be cause i inserted the usb device after booting?02:58
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: the dmesg log will include messages from after the boot02:58
martianTschacko: unfortunately, this is something running through a Putty window on a server with no X server.02:58
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: try removing it, then reinserting it, and check 'dmesg | tail'02:58
mrcleanI'm having a hard time with apache2.  Can not get The Powered Access Bible to run on it.03:00
mrcleanAnyone know what could be the problem?03:00
tensorpuddingmrclean: there is an #apache channel i think03:00
bastidrazortensorpudding: #httpd03:01
martianmrclean: You should be more specific with your questions03:01
tensorpuddingah, but still, apache's config isn't really an ubuntu question03:01
whosjosewhat's a good IM client?03:02
tensorpuddingempathy comes with ubuntu03:02
whosjoseuh its annoying tho03:03
whosjoseanyhting else?03:03
tensorpuddingthere is pidgin03:03
mrcleanI see:  "script not found or unable to stat: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/powerbible03:03
mrcleanin error.log03:03
AreioWolfDoes anyone have any advice on how to restore a Windows XP entry into GRUB after having accidently overwritten it?03:03
vasyWas there any open source virtualization servers for hosting websites? Just like xen servers / vmware03:04
lee_AreioWolf, over written the MBR or the grub entry?03:04
nogoyou are going to wrong direction03:05
u|coreAreioWolf: what disk/partition is your win install on?03:05
nogotry chroot/bsd jails/vserver and open vz03:05
tensorpuddingvasy: xen is open source?03:05
longcatim trying to install unbuntu 10.04 on an old pc...  installing i386...  when i select 'install to hard disk' grub/bootloader says 'live-install' and never attempts to boot linux03:05
longcatthis happened with multiple versions03:05
longcatwhat's going on here03:05
longcatit has 384mb of ram03:05
AreioWolfu|core - It's on a seperate partition, on the same disk.03:05
vasytensorpudding: thanks for the reply03:05
longcathow do i make it install instead of doign nothing?03:06
elijahI am running Kubuntu 10.10 beta, everything has been working pretty well, last night I downloaded the system updates and installed then went to bed, I just rebooted for first time and now my SSID is not being identified via wireless. Any ideas on how I can get it back? I just wired to my router and downloaded latest updates for tonight but no cigar, last nights updates put a new kernel line in me GRUB too.03:06
xangualongcat: better try lubuntu03:06
u|coreAreioWolf: well i cant give you any info unless i know "witch" it is03:06
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu03:06
AreioWolflee_ - I'm not entirely sure.  I'm assuming it's just GRUB, because this happened after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.0.03:06
psycho789where is the trash folder located03:06
nogoha, lxde03:06
longcatxangua: it's not even booting the kernel03:06
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AreioWolfu|core - what do you mean by which disk?03:06
xangua!maverick | elijah03:06
ubottuelijah: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:06
longcatit's not even attempting to boot the kernel03:06
u|coreAreioWolf: you mean you lost the entry in your grub menu when you boot your system right03:06
elijahBtw, my Andorid identifies and connects to my SSID just fine, just me Kubuntu that won't see it nor connect.03:06
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash03:06
tensorpuddinglongcat: what is it doing instead?03:06
Adzyhello all!03:06
longcattensorpudding: a popup says, with a title, 'Boot loader' then 'live-install' for the content03:07
AreioWolfu|core - Yes.  The list that GRUB uses got overwritten while upgrading.03:07
Bridge|ok so i redid grub and when i type update-grub now i get this:03:07
elijahxangua: Thanks for the pointer!03:07
Bridge|ls: cannot access /media/WiNDoWs/boot03:07
Bridge|Boot: No such file or directory03:07
Adzyjust wondering does ubuntu 10.04 come standard with b43-fwcutter?03:07
nimbioticstensorpudding: i found this line:([124818.323892]  sdb: sdb1) but when i try fdisk -l /dev/DEVICE, OS cannot open device03:07
tensorpuddinglongcat: and then what happens?03:07
longcatwhen i select 'Test memory' a popup says 'memtest'...  it doesnt seem to actually be executing anything03:07
Bridge|where before it would find windows but still give me no should partition when i selected it from boot menu03:07
longcattensorpudding: it says a [  ok   ] and...  i pres it, and i go back to the menu i started from... try/install/check/test/boot03:07
Bridge|/media/WiNDoWs is my mounted windows fs03:08
tensorpuddingnimbiotics: are you using this command as root?03:08
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rahdukeplease someone help me out, was trying to change my DNS Server as per these instructions... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/how-to-switch-to-opendns-in-ubuntu-for-faster-browsing/03:08
Bridge|anyone any ideas? p.s. this all stems from running backtrack live cd03:09
tensorpuddinglongcat: that's odd. what install media is it? the basic install cd?03:09
rahdukeonce i set the DNS and clikced apply, and apply to all users my eth0 dissapeared from network connection manager, after reset I'm on the same DNS server as before and now for some weird reason no other computers on my network can see my NFS shares03:09
elijahIs upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 easy when it comes out?03:09
rahdukepleas help im bugging out03:09
longcatit's a cdrw...  the file i burnd was ubuntu-10.04-netbook-i386.iso...  but this happened with ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso too03:10
u|coreAreioWolf: you know how to manualy edit your grub config?03:10
edbianrahduke, I'm here man.  Reading your link03:10
rahdukealso for some weird reason I cant get into IRC using Pidgin, I'm on empathy03:10
rahdukeedbian: thank u so much man03:10
tensorpuddingrahduke: if you set your DNS server to something outside of your LAN, it can't resolve host names on your LAN03:10
tensorpuddingrahduke: which would explain why your NFS isn't working03:10
elijahIf I do apt-get clean that is safe to get rid of files I am not immediately needing to free up disk space right?03:10
edbianrahduke, What is the problem you're experiencing?  I have the guide open.  What are you trying to accomplish?03:10
rahduketensorpudding: well the problem is eth0 no longer shows up in network manager so i cant change back the settings03:10
AreioWolfu|core - Not really, no.03:11
rahdukeedbian: i just wanna go back to how it was, it was working perfectly I just hate my ISP's DNS nonsense03:11
tensorpuddingrahduke: what do you mean?03:11
tensorpuddingrahduke: you can't change your connection?03:11
rahduketensorpudding: in network connections, the little box is now empty....no eth1 no eth0 no nothing03:11
longcati even tried hitting ^M instead of enter03:11
rahdukeso i cant get into the settings for eth0 and change em back03:12
tucemiuxanyone knows how to configure cups so that the share can work for any user on any machine connected to your network?03:12
tensorpuddingrahduke: that's pretty weird03:12
nimbioticstensorpudding: nope ...got it working now ... Thanka again!03:12
u|coreAreioWolf: im not on ubuntu atm so have no clue to how its defaults are, but generaly its /boot/grub/menu.lst (it may be grub.conf) and you should only need to add a few lines to it for the windows boot part.03:12
edbianrahduke, You're going to be have to be more specific.  What is wrong with Ubuntu for you right now?03:12
rahdukeedbian: my NFS is shot03:13
bazhang!grub2 | AreioWolf u|core03:13
ubottuAreioWolf u|core: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:13
edbianrahduke, Your network file system is shot?03:13
rahdukenoo computers on my network can see my NFS shares anymore03:13
elijahCould I install Ubuntu 10.4 stable over Kubuntu 10.10 beta?03:13
tensorpuddingrahduke: how did you configure your NFS exports?03:13
edbianrahduke, Messing with DNS should not have messed that up.03:13
rahdukeedbian: it wasn't right before I tried changing my DNS server via that guide03:13
u|corei see, well then im not helping realy03:13
bazhangelijah, yes03:13
edbianrahduke, Can you ping the other computers from the serveR?03:13
edbianrahduke, Can the other computers ping your server?03:13
rahduketensorpudding: i configured it like a year ago, it was working fine for over 9 months03:14
rahdukeedbian: yes03:14
tucemiuxelijah, you mean you want to dual boot 10.4 and lucid beta?03:14
edbianrahduke, Yes to both?  What errors do you get when you try to mount the nfs shares from a client?03:14
bazhangtucemiux, lucid is 10.0403:14
tensorpuddingrahduke: you can hand-edit /etc/resolv.conf to point to your ISP's DNS server03:14
wizzi install lucid in my laptop. installation is worked fine, but my wireless device wont active. can someone help me?03:14
rahdukeedbian: errors say can't find share03:14
tensorpuddingrahduke: it will get reset when you renegotiate DHCP though03:14
edbianrahduke, Is nfs running on the server?03:14
tucemiuxbazhang,  semantics!  what is the lucid +1 called?03:15
elijahtucemiux: No, I don't have enough disk space for that at the moment, I just want to install Ubuntu stable right over my Kubuntu 10.10, because I need wifi right now03:15
rahdukeand i can ping from and too03:15
tensorpuddingrahduke: though more likely if you're on a LAN you were using a DNS server on your LAN03:15
edbiantensorpudding, Why would changing DNS mess with his nfs?03:15
AreioWolfu|core - I'm not sure how to do this either... the documentation that ubottu linked to mentions that the grub.cfg file shouldn't be edited.  I think I found the files... 30_os-proper and 40_custom... but I'm not sure what to add to either of them.03:15
bazhang!wifi | wizz please read this03:15
ubottuwizz please read this: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:15
elijahbazhang: Thanks, I will do that03:15
tensorpuddingedbian: because if he configured his NFS exports to use hostname-based authentication, it won't work if it won't resolve the local IP's to hostnames03:15
neoalexhi guys, I'm having some trouble with rsyslog template03:15
edbiantensorpudding, gotcha03:16
tucemiuxelijah, so youre going to get rid of kubuntu and install ubuntu stable???03:16
neoalexdo you see anything wrong with it:03:16
bazhang!meerkat > tucemiux03:16
ubottutucemiux, please see my private message03:16
neoalex$template DynaFile,"/var/log/%HOSTNAME%/%syslogfacility-text%.log"03:16
rahduketensorpudding: how do u explain the fact that im not on a new DNS server, for somereason that guide didnt work for me03:16
elijahtucemiux: Yes03:16
tensorpuddingrahduke: which guide is this?03:16
tensorpuddingrahduke: you're not on a new DNS server?03:17
rahdukeomgubuntu's guides almost always eff something up on my setup03:17
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
edbiantensorpudding, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/how-to-switch-to-opendns-in-ubuntu-for-faster-browsing/   his guide03:17
tensorpuddingrahduke: what does your /etc/resolv.conf say?03:17
rahduketensorpudding: no the settings didnt take, i dunno what happen but when i goto opendns to check it says im not on their server03:17
tucemiuxelijah, you can do that safely, first make sure you back up all your data somewhere, make note of what partitions kubuntu is using right now and make ubuntu use those partitions, ubuntu will install itself without a hiccup get rid of kubuntu and leave your Mac OX/Windows 98 installation intact!03:17
rahduketensorpudding: edbian: when i try to restart NFS it says command not found now03:18
edbianrahduke, sudo aptitude install nfs-kernel03:18
edbianrahduke, although it's probably because it's not NFS it's nfs03:18
rahdukeresolv.conf "# Generated by NetworkManager03:18
edbianrahduke, Use tab completion.  It's probably nfs-kernel or something.03:18
tensorpuddingrahduke: does your LAN have NAT?03:19
elijahtucemiux: Good to know! I don't really have any real data on that partition yet, it has all been a playground for me so far. But it will be nice to just install and let it wipe everything behind.03:19
rahdukeedbian: i have NFS installed03:19
rahduketensorpudding: no NAT to my knowledge at least03:19
edbianrahduke, Well then you should be able to start it :)03:19
rahdukeedbian: "sudo: /etc/init.d/nfs: command not found"03:19
edbianrahduke, I'm gonna let tensorpudding help you.  I don't wanna get in the way.  Doing 2 things at once is annoying.03:20
rahdukelol i realize that, thats why im bugging03:20
tensorpuddingrahduke: okay, so are etc. the OpenDNS nameservers, or your ISP nameservers?03:20
tucemiuxelijah, again -- the trick is knowing what partitions kubuntu is using, if you use the wrong partition then you could potentially wipe something you dont want, that is the only thing you have to worry about03:20
rahduketensorpudding: according to the guide i was using the openDNS server is at ","03:20
rahduketensorpudding: so that must be my ISP03:20
edbiantensorpudding, rahduke is correct about the openDNS servers03:21
tensorpuddingrahduke: okay03:21
tensorpuddingrahduke: can you ping other computers on your LAN by hostname?03:21
rahdukehow can it not let me start nfs, and at the same time say that its installed03:22
rahdukeyes i can ping all computers on my home network03:22
rahdukeand vice versa03:22
edbianelijah, All you have to worry about is accidentally deleting all of your data...03:22
elijahtucemiux: I know exactly what partition I am using, I am safe there.03:22
edbianrahduke, Can you ping them by HOSTNAME?03:22
rahdukeinteresting question03:23
longcat /!\ ATTN /!\  Ubuntu hates me.  I boot ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso and whn the cd boot it pops up a windows-esque dialog box with a title of 'Boot loader' that has a content of 'live' with an [ ok ] box, but when i press enter, it doesnt boot, just goes back to the menu.  i cant boot ubuntu.03:23
rahdukehow can i quickly pull up my host name?03:23
tensorpuddingrahduke: i think it might be /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server03:23
tensorpuddingrahduke: hostname03:23
elijahexcept it seems I am out of cds to burn03:23
elijahI have Linux Mint 9, Ubuntu 8.04 and Kubuntu 10.10 beta,, hmmm03:24
ZekeSDo wireles cards actually work properly in mint?03:24
rahduketensorpudding: pinging my host name works but the response time is a joke over 16ms03:24
tensorpuddinga computer's hostname can be set by DHCP, or it can be set locally, usually there is an /etc/hosts entry for it03:24
Flannellongcat: Are you looking to install Ubuntu?03:25
tensorpuddingrahduke: what about other hosts on the network?03:25
rahdukeand i have the nfs-kernel-server running, so thats installed03:25
elijahCan I burn a Ubuntu iso to a DVD?03:25
longcatFlannel: yeah03:25
bazhangZekeS, check mintsupport for that03:25
rahduketensorpudding: pinging from other "nodes" to my host works as well03:25
longcatnothing happens, it's like the grub/bootloader/whatever it's called is just tellng me what im telling it to do instead of doing it03:25
Flannellongcat: Grab the alternate CD instead if you can.  It'll install without having to go through the live environment03:25
bazhangelijah, sure or to usb stick if computer can boot from that03:25
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longcatalright then ill try that03:25
rahduketensorpudding: just really slow response times03:26
foul_owlhow do i modify iso contents with ubuntu?03:26
tensorpuddingrahduke: but what about the other way?03:26
rahdukeboth ways03:26
bazhang!remaster | foul_owl03:26
s_ongsi'm in trouble : there's nothing wrong with xubuntu lucid.. it's kind of disturbing, anyone could help me create an issue?03:26
ubottufoul_owl: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility03:26
rahduketensorpudding: they work both ways just really slow03:26
bazhangs_ongs, no03:26
s_ongssigh ok ty :]03:26
tensorpuddingrahduke: okay, then i'm not sure03:26
elijahbazhang: Wow, it's working, on a 5 year old (at least) DVD-R I found!03:27
tensorpuddingrahduke: did you use hostnames or ip's when you were configuring NFS?03:27
rahduketensorpudding: its so weird, i've been cut off at the knees without my NFS shares my network is useless03:27
elijahbazhang: Not sure if I have a 1GB drive anywhere.03:27
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foul_owli mean i have an iso, but i need to add some files to it03:28
Bridge|ok grub2 os probe is finding win7 then appending a windows 7 entry to grub.cfg, but when i restart and select this entry grub is saying no such devie: uuid and no such partition, but the uuid and entry in grub point to the correct places (uuid is correct and hd(1,0) is correct for wind7, anyone can please help me??03:28
rahduketensorpudding: its been so long i forgot what the NFS file is called, i think its exports but i forgot where its located03:28
ThisGuy_Anyone familiar with setting up a ventirlo server with ubuntu? :]03:28
foul_owlpermissions are set to read write, but it still says readonly when i open with the archive manager03:29
tensorpuddingrahduke: /etc/exports03:29
bazhangfoul_owl, yes, please check the link I sent you03:29
rahduketensorpudding: thanks, "/home (rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)"03:29
foul_owlawesome, thanks!03:29
rahdukethats an example of what the lines look like03:29
tensorpuddingrahduke: huh03:29
stBridge|, I doubt Grub2 supports several HDs03:29
Bridge|it does03:29
tensorpuddingrahduke: and nfs-kernel-server is running?03:29
rahduketensorpudding: thats one of the lines from my exports, and yes nfs-kernel-server is running03:30
Bridge|this was working perfect for months and multi reinstalls untill backtrack4 fubar'd my grub203:30
tensorpuddingrahduke: those exports are to local ip's, can you reach those machines using local ip's?03:31
tensorpuddingrahduke: more specifically, that export line suggests you are behind NAT03:31
tensorpuddingrahduke: since those IP's aren't publically-routable03:31
rahduketensorpudding: the IP listed "" is my IP running the NFS server, and its set in a range from to this way I cover any IP that hops on my network03:32
tensorpuddingrahduke: that netmask should allow anything on 192.168.1.xxx right?03:32
rahduketensorpudding: i really dont think im on NAT man, its a junky lil linksys router and ive never setup any NAT anything03:33
rahduketensorpudding: yes thats the idea, and its always worked int he past03:33
tensorpuddingrahduke: NAT is setup on routers by default, generally03:33
rahduketensorpudding: then maybe I am, I'm really not familiar with NAT, i've never looked into it03:33
tensorpuddingrahduke: it allows you to have as many machines as you want on your local network without having to buy as many ip's from your isp03:33
tensorpuddingrahduke: but anyway03:34
rahduketensorpudding: well that would make sense, I mean I have a network setup on the*** range03:34
stdoes anyone here use gedit in maverick? can it hide tabs in recent version?03:34
rahduketensorpudding: i have 3 pcs and 4 HTPC's on the network all running Ubuntu03:34
tensorpuddingrahduke: this doesn't explain why NFS isn't working, which is odd03:34
nogorahduke: ubuntu owns you03:35
rahduketensorpudding: i know thats why im freaking out....lol03:35
tensorpuddingrahduke: since they all have local ip's03:35
tensorpuddingrahduke: and you configured the exports to work with the whole local range03:35
bazhangnogo thats not helpful03:35
rahduketensorpudding: i know this sounds n00bish but in network connections my option for eth0 has always been there, the minute i changed the DNS settings and checked "make available to all users" it dissapeared03:36
tensorpuddingrahduke: i don't actually know what the "make available to all users" option does03:36
rahduketensorpudding: yea everything worked perfect for over a year, thru upgrades on all machines from 9.11 - 10.0403:36
ThisGuy_Anyone know how to setup a ventrilo server on ubuntu? If so please send me a message... lol03:37
LinuxFetusHey.  I was ILessThan3Linux earlier today.  I am running a 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04, but free is not showing it.  All 4096 MB show up in my BIOS, and they have passed a RAM test. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/M6zf0GiM03:38
LinuxFetusErr sorry that wasn't clear haha.03:38
tensorpuddingrahduke: hmm, but generally there is a DNS server running on the router03:38
JoeMaverickSettThisGuy_: take a look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-559894.html03:38
rahduketensorpudding: all this DNS stuff is over my head, i really hate networking....03:39
hobbleHello. How to start iBus Preferences in startup?03:39
rahduketensorpudding: all i was trying to do is get off optiumonlines crappy horrible ad based DNS03:39
u|coreanyone got a nice guide to make a bootlable usb memmstick with maverick without having ubuntu installed? (im on archlinux)03:40
LinuxFetusAs of yesterday, I had a 2 GB stick of RAM in my computer.  Today, I put in a second.  The Ubuntu 10.04 64 Bit that I have wasn't showing all of it (it was acting like a 32 bit OS in regards to RAM, but uname -a was saying x86_64).  Someone suggested that I run a live copy of 10.04 64-bit to see what happens, and I have done so.03:40
ldiamondHow do I make grub load Windows by default? (other than changing the DEFAULT value to 4...03:40
ThisGuy_JoeMaversickSett - thanks i tried this and step 9 wouldn't work.03:40
LinuxFetusldiamond, Are you using Grub?03:40
tensorpuddingrahduke: i have bad residential DNS too, so i am running a caching DNS server on a machine on my LAN03:40
ldiamondyes, new install of 10.04, grub203:40
ldiamondLinuxFetus: see above03:41
LinuxFetusAlright, I'll tell you what I do, but I'm not sure if it's the "best".03:41
rahduketensorpudding: is there a way to completely remove nfs all the settings and everything and start over? and do u think that will help?03:41
ldiamondThe content of the menu seems to be dynamic with what's installed. but the default value is static :S...03:41
hobbleHello. How to start iBus Preferences in startup? Can anyone help?03:41
=== Bridge| is now known as Bridge|A
rahduketensorpudding: even better is there a way to reset your DNS server from command line?03:42
AreioWolfDoes anyone know how to manually add an entry to GRUB under Ubuntu 10.04?03:42
yanick_please help ; I have a printer connected to my Wifi (even if connected via USB is the same, btw) and I/Ubuntu cannot find the driver for it, even though the manufacturer says it's Ubuntu 8.04 approved. It's a Lexmark Interpret S408.03:42
yanick_how can I install it?03:42
tensorpuddingrahduke: the first thing you need to do is figure out how to configure NetworkManager back to the way it was03:43
rahduketensorpudding: exactly, thats what i want to do03:43
tensorpuddingrahduke: you can try creating a new connection03:43
rahduketensorpudding: but without seeing my netowrk card in there is like impossible, i tried making a new conne03:43
=== disturbedmime is now known as NVI-ADMIN
longcatLinuxFetus: check ur chipset.  some computers have a 32bit chipset and 64bit cpu.  that means you cant access more memory than 32 bit cpu03:44
LinuxFetusldiamond, use a text editor to view /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:44
kisukeanyone know how to get bundler work from bash without having to type the full path03:44
tensorpuddingrahduke: it should be fine, I think03:44
LinuxFetuslongcat, It says 4096 MB in my bios03:44
rahduketensorpudding: how can i reset my connection from command line?03:44
longcati didnt ask what your bios said03:44
hobblerahduke: Can you help me to start iBus Preferences in startup? I don't know.03:44
ldiamondLinuxFetus: but that file is overwritten whenever it's regenerated by update-grub03:45
LinuxFetuslongcat, Okay, let's say what you're saying is true.  How would I verify it?03:45
LinuxFetusldiamond, I said view not edit.03:45
rahdukegarr ill just reset, brb03:45
LinuxFetusldiamond, View it... and you'll see menuentry ... {}03:45
longcatLinuxFetus: look up the chipset/mem controller of your motherboard.  look at the specs for it and it should be apparent.03:45
tensorpuddingrahduke: you can disconnect and reconnect03:45
longcatlets see... i think i945 is a chipset03:46
longcatas an example of whaT To look for03:46
ozzloyi just installed kubuntu-desktop to try kde instead of gnome.  now i have no sound.  my internet searching hasn't helped so far.  how do i troubleshoot this sound issue?03:46
LinuxFetusldiamond, Each one of those corresponds to what grub displays... to change them you have to change this file... I'm trying to find it.  I hope it's not inside root.03:47
longcatfor example, mine is 945GM chipset.  only supports 4GB ram, even though it has a 64bit cpu03:47
rahduketensorpudding: well that didnt work03:47
longcatwhich means if i put 4gb ram, i can get about 3.2GB03:47
ldiamondyou mean /etc/grub.d/... ? LinuxFetus03:47
will_longcat, Only in a 32-bit environment03:48
rahdukelol actually it did03:48
longcatwill_: ok, you're right.  im wrong03:48
LinuxFetusldiamond, Well you need too go there, too.03:48
rahduketensorpudding: i dunno what that was about or what happened but reseting both server and node worked!03:48
p1und3ris there any way to revert a package update in apt?03:48
LinuxFetusldiamond, Sorry my mind is scattered, yeah go there.03:48
longcatin a 32bit environment pae can be used to remap 4gb+.  but unless it's physicall wired, it cant be done.03:49
LinuxFetusldiamond, Open up 40_custom and put the menuentries where you want.03:49
tensorpuddingrahduke: so NFS works now?03:49
rahduketensorpudding: yup03:49
LinuxFetusldiamond, Like one after another, in whatever order.  You can also rename them.03:49
longcat945GM doesnt physicall support more than 4gb physical address space.  which means 4gb of ram will give you about 3.2GB of accessible ram03:49
tensorpuddingrahduke: heh03:49
rahduketensorpudding: so weird03:49
LinuxFetusnext back up your current boot/grub/grub.cfg03:49
tensorpuddingrahduke: but like i said, i get pretty good DNS performance running my own DNS server on my LAN03:50
LinuxFetusso like cp /boot/grub/grub.cfg /boot/grub/grub.cfg.bak03:50
rahduketensorpudding: how'd ya set that up?03:50
tensorpuddingrahduke: I used BIND 903:50
rahduketensorpudding: i tried opendns like a year ago but it was a nightmare03:50
tensorpuddingrahduke: it just caches DNS requests locally03:51
=== NVI-ADMIN is now known as disturbedmime
LinuxFetusnow, use chmod to remove executable permissions for everything for 10, 20, and 30.03:51
rahduketensorpudding: u dont need a dedicated machine as a DNS server right?03:51
test34opendns redirects you to their server if the address doesnt exist... that is not good03:51
LinuxFetusldiamond, I'm not 100% sure you remove it for 10_... but I'm pretty sure.03:51
SkandranonBeen years since I got on IRC.. I am having a problem installing Ubuntu 10.04. The pc I am trying to install on had the same version working a few days ago. I decided to reinstall. Was getting a error I dont remember now. Redownloaded 10.04 and burnt a new disk. Seemed to be having a partion problem. Ran gparted and deleted all the partions on the drive. Rebooted from the 10.04 cd. Loaded to03:51
Skandranona blank (not quite blank maroonish weird design you see when you first load) with a working mouse and nothing else. No task bar or option to run from the cd or install. Before I deleted the partions I would get the option to install, after doing so, I ended up on this same screen. I can move the mouse around but do nothing else. Out of ideas. Any help would be great! :)03:51
tensorpuddingrahduke: i use it on my server, which also hosts a zfs array and a webserver03:51
LinuxFetusldiamond, so like cd  etc/grub.d/ then chmod ugo-x 10* 20* 30*03:52
rahduketensorpudding: oh thats wayyy beyond the setup that I have, just running my main comp as my network share server03:52
=== _pg__ is now known as _pg_
tensorpuddingrahduke: bind9 isn't big on resources unless you use a lot of web traffic, or you're using it as an authoritative DNS server for a website03:52
LinuxFetusldiamond, And then run update-grub.  Then view grub.cfg again to see what the menu entries are ... to make sure I didn't give you a bad instruction and that you did everything right.03:52
tensorpuddingand said website gets a ton of hits03:53
rahduketensorpudding: lol well I have no webserver running, I think im just gunna deal with my ISP's DNS, every time i try to change things i run into lots of issues03:54
LinuxFetusldiamond, When you install a new OS or kernel and you need to get the menuentry for that, chmod ugo+x 10* 20* 30* and update-grub, view grub.cfg and modify 40_custom as neccesary... you can't just chmod ugo+x * because if you give the README executable permissions, it doesn't like that.03:54
tank__is there a channel for FOSS gaming? if so can someone point me in that direction? ty.03:54
JoeMaverickSettThisGuy_: have you sorted it out yet?03:55
bazhangtank__, development or chat03:55
SkandranonI dont want to spam but is anyone here willing and able to help me with my problem? I dont mind waiting my turn but I just want to know someone can help sooner or later03:55
ldiamondLinuxFetus: I actually created a file 05_custom and put the menuentry for Windows there. It generated it in front of the rest. I suppose this is good. If you don't see me here again tonight it's cause it worked :p03:55
LinuxFetusldiamond, It does them in order.03:55
rahdukeSkandranon: whats your issue?03:56
LinuxFetusldiamond, So things in 10_.. then 20_... then 30_ ... etc will be displayed.03:56
test34Skandranon, be patient.. ?03:56
ozzloyi just installed kubuntu-desktop from a regular ubuntu install.  now i have no sound.  how do i fix that?03:56
LinuxFetusldiamond, Windows will not be default.03:56
Skandranonrahduke... I am having a problem installing Ubuntu 10.04. The pc I am trying to install on had the same version working a few days ago. I decided to reinstall. Was getting a error I dont remember now. Redownloaded 10.04 and burnt a new disk. Seemed to be having a partion problem. Ran gparted and deleted all the partions on the drive. Rebooted from the 10.04 cd. Loaded to a blank (not quite03:56
Skandranonblank maroonish weird design you see when you first load) with a working mouse and nothing else. No task bar or option to run from the cd or install. Before I deleted the partions I would get the option to install, after doing so, I ended up on this same screen. I can move the mouse around but do nothing else. Out of ideas. Any help would be great! :)03:56
D-coym4v, o/03:56
=== _pg__ is now known as _pg_
LinuxFetusldiamond, To see, view your grub.cfg file and see what the first menuentry is.03:56
rahdukeSkandranon: my guess would be a bad burn, or the computer your trying to run your livecd on does not have enough ram03:57
SkandranonI have tryed two burns.. the pc was running it fine till I reinstalled (4 gigs ram) .. I could try a third burn at a lower speed03:58
test34Skandranon, install the instant-answer app on facebook03:58
tank__bazhang: chat, unless they're looking for python proggers :P03:58
Artemis3Skandranon, did you try the test disc option? and memtest?03:58
rahdukeSkandranon: maybe the drive on the install PC, try memtest or discoption03:58
bazhangtank__, /msg alis list *gameyouwant*03:58
RealOptyhow can i clone a HDD?03:58
Bithoundtry clonezilla03:58
Skandranonno artemis3.. I know how to do memtest, how do I use the test disk?03:59
ldiamondLinuxFetus: yea it's in front, so that should work03:59
Artemis3Skandranon, its in the same menu where you pick memtest, when you boot cd and press a key at the purple screen03:59
rahdukeits an option on the live cd, while its loading the disc hit the keyboard03:59
Skandranonthank you both gonna give that a shot now04:00
kisukeanyone know how to get bundler work from bash without having to type the full path?04:01
JoeMaverickSett!welcome | Vast04:01
ubottuVast: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:01
LinuxFetusldiamond, Sweet.04:01
LinuxFetusldiamond, Oh sorry I thought you wrote 50_04:01
LinuxFetusldiamond, That was actually very smart.04:02
tensorpuddingkisuke: you need to add the path to the bundler executable to the PATH variable04:03
kisuketensorpudding: um not sure how to do that one, the command is path right?04:03
junioralguem sabe o endereço do forum ubuntu no brasil?04:03
tensorpuddingkisuke: or better, create an executable script that points to the bundler executable and put that script in the PATH04:03
Adzycan someone help me! im trying to install b43-fwcutter and keep getting this error message  "DEPEND   dep/md5.d04:04
Adzy     DEPEND   dep/fwcutter.d04:04
Adzy     CC       obj/fwcutter.o04:04
Adzymake: *** [obj/fwcutter.o] Error 127"04:04
FloodBot1Adzy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:04
tensorpuddingkisuke: PATH is a variable, that contains a colon-separate list of paths to search for executable files in04:04
Vasti have a problem with booting into a new image of UNR.04:04
Vastmy previous image got corrupted (due to a hard quit during a freeze) and when i boot into that image i get popped into the (initramfs) screen04:04
Vastso my thought was to boot into ubuntu from another live cd, but for some reason grub isnt recognising the second live cd04:04
Vast*live usb04:04
Vastany thoughts?04:04
FloodBot1Vast: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:04
kisuketensorpudding: *shudder* it'd be easier to symlink bundler to /bin/ but that dont work to well04:04
JoeMaverickSett!br | junior04:05
ubottujunior: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:05
tensorpuddingkisuke: if you type something like 'bundler' into the shell, it will search each one of these paths in order until it finds an executable named bundler04:05
tensorpuddingkisuke: you installed bundler by hand, right?04:05
tensorpuddingkisuke: this is generally not so great an idea04:05
kisuketensorpudding: via gems04:05
tensorpuddingkisuke: usually install scripts will install binaries to /usr/local/bin, which is contained in PATH04:05
tensorpuddingkisuke: gem install?04:06
Vastso apperantly my messages are being interpreted as flooding. did anyone see my question, or were they fuzzed?04:06
tensorpuddingkisuke: that should put them in /usr/local/bin, I think04:06
kisuketensorpudding: "sudo gem install bundler"04:06
JoeMaverickSett!pastebin | Vast04:06
ubottuVast: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:06
kisuketensorpudding: how about i just symlink it to /usr/local/bin/?04:07
tensorpuddingkisuke: well where is the binary?04:07
monokromeHey. Has anyone had success with XFi in Ubuntu with Pulse Audio?04:08
GalikHi. I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 and my keyboard is set to US but I need UK. I added a keyboard layout for the UK and deleted the US layout in the keyboard manager. That works but when I restart the computer the UK one has disapeared again and the US one has returned. How can I make my changes permanent?04:08
avi_Is there any way I can get certain actions to be run (like bash scripts) each time a file is downloaded via a browser to ~/Downloads? I'd be happy writing something in Python/Bash script, but I just don't know if theres a way to watch for changes to the directory..04:08
tensorpuddingkisuke: generally, symlinking will work, but sometimes it does not04:08
kisuketensorpudding:  /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/bundle04:08
tensorpuddingkisuke: ugh, really? they put it under /var?04:08
tensorpuddingkisuke: i've never seen a gem do that04:08
kisukeit came with ruby-gems, and i dont think it installed right, but it wont od any thing else04:09
LinuxFetusHow can I tell if my chipset is 32 bit, or not?04:09
tensorpuddingkisuke: one option is to add /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin to PATH04:09
Vastis there any reason that grub wouldn't recognise a live usb?04:09
LinuxFetusVast, You mean you've plugged in a USB and you want it to appear as a menu entry on grub?04:10
tensorpuddingkisuke: did you install rubygems from Ubuntu's package or by hand?04:10
Vastyes, exactly04:10
LinuxFetusVast, Grub doesn't probe for things to boot when it starts up.  Grub probes for things to boot from inside an OS when you tell it to update.04:11
=== sejuk is now known as uuuu
kisuketensorpudding: a PPA actually04:11
Vastso how would i boot from a live usb?04:11
LinuxFetusVast, If you want to boot off of something other than your HDD, you should change your BIOS settings.04:11
=== uuuu is now known as z4|_m1L
Vastoh dear. alright, thats the f2 menu?04:12
Sebass_Rebellionwhere i can ask if i have a question abuto transmission (the torrent client)?04:12
LinuxFetusVast, You have to tell your BIOS to look for a USB.  Usually it's F2, F8, F10 or F12.  Yeah, it'll say, thought, when your manufacturer logo is displayed.04:12
tensorpuddingkisuke: what does 'file /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/bundler' return?04:12
LinuxFetusVast, You're looking to change the BOOT ORDER.04:12
LinuxFetusVast, (Or something like that).04:13
divertedcan anyone read russian / kyrilic?04:13
tensorpudding!ru | diverted04:13
ubottudiverted: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:13
LinuxFetusVast, Should have been though, not thought.04:13
GalikWhere is my xorg.conf located in Ubuntu 10.0404:13
kisuketensorpudding: standard no such file04:13
divertedwell i can't but i need someone to do me a favor04:13
tensorpuddingGalik: by default xorg.conf is not created, it does autoconfiguration04:13
Kane_Hart_2could or anyone be willing to offer me a example of what I exactly would type to make a ramdisk of 1024mb please?04:13
Vastalright, trying that now.04:13
tensorpuddingkisuke: what?04:13
divertedi have a russian site which i wanna download something from but i cant understand anything04:13
tensorpuddingkisuke: the file doesn't exist?04:13
monokromeNobody knows about XFi / Ubuntu? :/04:14
Galiktensorpudding: Oh, thanks :)04:14
divertedtensorpudding, do you understand russian?04:14
kisuketensor not as bundler, but as bundle it does04:14
tensorpuddingkisuke: ah, that is the name of the executable?04:14
SpyderBiteGoogle translator, diverted04:14
tensorpuddingkisuke: what does file return on it04:14
divertedSpyderBite, i cant put every single link from the site into a translator..04:14
kisuketensorpudding: yep, one sec, ubuntu>win clipbord does not always work04:15
tensorpuddingdiverted: find a friend who speaks Russian? choose a different website? maybe the website comes in multiple languages?04:15
Sebass_Rebellionwhere i can ask if i have a question about transmission (the torrent client)?04:15
kisuketensorpudding: /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/bundle: a /usr/bin/ruby1.8 script text executable04:15
geoffmccdiverted: hover over link and look where directs too, sometimes filename in url - other than that, learn russian04:15
tensorpuddingkisuke: the salient part is whether it says it is an ELF executable or a ruby script04:15
tensorpuddingkisuke: there's a decent chance that if it is a script, it will fail if you symlink it04:16
kisuketensorpudding: its a script, now what?04:16
tensorpuddingkisuke: because of the filepaths04:16
kisuketensorpudding: i noticed that04:16
tensorpuddingkisuke: it might, for instance, think that it is in /var/lib when it is in fact in /usr/local/bin, and you'll get errors for things not found if it uses relative paths04:16
tensorpuddingkisuke: you can avoid this by writing a short shell script instead04:17
LinuxFetusdiverted, Have you tried Chromium?  I *believe* it can translate as you surf.04:17
tensorpuddingkisuke: or by adding that path to PATH in your shell config04:17
VastLinuxFetus, im still not able to see it. also, how do you shutdown out of an initramfs screen?04:17
Kane_Hart_2could or anyone be willing to offer me a example of what I exactly would type to make a ramdisk of 1024mb please?04:18
kisuketensorpudding: ok i get the shell script bit, but what would the contest be #!=/bin/bash <newline> /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/bundle?04:18
xxxxxcan anyone tell me how i can burn xbox 360 iso files in xubuntu04:18
LinuxFetusVast: I'm not sure what you mean, exactly.  Did you change the setting in your Bios?  Are you loading Ubuntu off a Live USB and getting that error?04:19
tensorpuddingkisuke: basically, but that should be #!/bin/sh instead04:19
divertedLinuxFetus, wow never heard of it, i will try it thanks04:19
kisuketensorpudding: thanks04:19
tensorpuddingkisuke: don't forget to make the script executable04:20
LinuxFetusdiverted, It's the version of Chrome you get when you're using Ubuntu.04:20
LinuxFetusdiverted, You should see it in the software center.04:20
=== Kane_Hart_2 is now known as Kane_Hart
VastLinuxFetus well i have a partition of linux already on the disk thats giving me that error.04:20
hobbletensorpudding: How to start iBus Preferences in startup?04:20
tensorpuddinghobble: what the heck is iBus?04:20
Vastthats why im trying to get the liveusb to work, to boot back into linux from that and fix it from there04:21
LorgonJortleI'm on a live CD right now, and I'm trying to figure out how to get GRUB back where it needs to be after a Win7 install04:21
LinuxFetusVast, okay so you have a computer with how many OS's on it and you're trying to load a Live USB instead of the OS?04:21
rahdukei just popped whats supposed to be a 2gb stick of ddr2 memory into my box and now my ram capacity is only 3.45gigs.... did i get ripped off?04:21
LinuxFetusVast, Sorry, I didn't see that (mention my name :P )04:21
rahdukei already had a 2gb stick in there04:21
LorgonJortleMany tutorials say to "find /boot/grub/stage1" but grub finds nothing04:21
tensorpuddinghobble: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup maybe04:22
LinuxFetusrahduke, pastebin: uname -a04:22
Vastlinuxfetus two, UNR and windows seven.04:22
hobbletensorpudding: System > Preferences > IBUS Preferences. I need it to active another keyboard.04:22
rahdukewhy would i need to pastebin my uname?04:22
strahduke, switch to PAE kernel04:22
rahdukeLinux rahduke-desktop 2.6.32-22-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 22:02:19 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux04:22
rahdukethat just shows kernel04:22
LorgonJortleSo, can I get some help putting GRUB back into the MBR?04:22
yanick_alright, so the Lexmark S408 has no amd64 driver.... what is the best color InkJet printer to buy?04:22
kisuketensorpudding: save as /usr/local/bin/bundler correct?04:22
Vastlinuxfetus i can get into the windows seven partition just fine, but i cant work with the broken partition from there04:22
yanick_I know it's an HP... but which model?04:23
rahdukest ohh04:23
kisukeLorgonJortle: what version of ubuntu?04:23
LinuxFetusrahduke, Well it also shows your 32-bit version of Linux.04:23
nimbioticswhere can i paste graphics?04:23
LorgonJortle10.04, kisuke04:23
kisuke!grub2 > LorgonJortle04:23
ubottuLorgonJortle, please see my private message04:23
LinuxFetusrahduke, Oh sorry... yeah it's only one line.04:23
tensorpuddingkisuke: that works04:23
bazhangrahduke, linux-generic-pae to get all 4GB04:23
LinuxFetusrahduke, But yeah, i686 is what kind of processor?04:23
LorgonJortleSo I can't get help about GRUB in here?04:23
yanick_hello ?04:23
rahdukebazhang: thanks :)04:24
tensorpuddingLinuxFetus: Anything made by Intel or AMD04:24
tensorpuddingLinuxFetus: that is newer than the 38604:24
yanick_I've asked like 10 questions so far.... can anyone actually read what I write?04:24
tensorpuddingLinuxFetus: and isn't an Itanium04:24
LorgonJortleyanick_: Yeah, I can.04:24
kisuketensorpudding: mmm, after looking at what a diasapora install put there its tempting t ojust  ad /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/ to $path04:24
styanick_, you don't choose hardware to fit OS, you choose OS to work with your hardware04:24
rahdukebazhang: are there any issues with this PAE kernel? and can i switch back easily?04:24
yanick_LorgonJortle, goodie! I thought I was on mute or something.....04:25
tensorpuddingkisuke: it might be a better solution in the end04:25
bazhangrahduke, no issues here.04:25
yanick_st, I need to change my printer....04:25
divertedLinuxFetus, thanks thats exactly what i needed! Yes, it does translate the whole page if you press a button!04:25
drjoanyone using gedit-latex-plugin here ?04:25
rahdukebazhang: i'll have to reset right?04:25
yanick_st, so I need to choose a hardware for my os :)04:25
bazhangrahduke, reboot? yes04:25
LorgonJortlekisuke: I'm trying to get GRUB back on after a Win7 install. I don't see why I wouldn't be able to get help in here.04:25
rahdukesame diff04:25
LinuxFetusdiverted, Awesome.  Firefox/Iceweasel isn't best at everything.04:25
bazhangLorgonJortle, read the grub2 wiki yet?04:26
LinuxFetustensorpudding, I was asking rhetorically... I meant what is the bit (32 or 64) of i686?04:26
bazhangLinuxFetus, 3204:26
divertedLinuxFetus, yes i use firefox for default but for rare occassions like this there are better alternatives04:26
rahdukehey can i swap out my mobo and processor to another 775 asus board without any major issues?04:26
yanick_st, and I want some tips to help me choose a good printer from anyone who would coincidentally know of a good printer to suggest04:26
tensorpuddingLinuxFetus: It is for 32-bit x86-compatible processors04:26
kisukeLorgonJortle: ther should have been an mention of recovering grub in there, other wise yo ucan try openBCD04:26
=== vincent is now known as Guest12849
drjois there a irc plugin for empathy?04:27
rahdukecurrently using an asus 775 board now04:27
stwhatever, amd64 build sucks and should be avoided like plague04:27
tensorpuddingLinuxFetus: It works on 64-bit x86 processors also, but it is 32-bit.04:27
LorgonJortlekisuke: Alright. I appreciate it.04:27
bazhangyanick_, this is not a hardware support channel; check the hcl04:27
LinuxFetustensorpudding, Right, which is why the person I was asking wasn't seeing the full 4 GB of RAM.04:27
bazhang!hcl | yanick_04:27
ubottuyanick_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:27
kisukeLorgonJortle: sure, its what we are here for04:27
rahdukedrjo: im on empathy irc right now04:28
drjohmm do i have to install anything to get that ?04:28
rahdukedrjo: just get the latest build i believe...04:28
LinuxFetusdiverted, Err.  I like the algorithm Chromium uses to resize images with [Ctrl] + [+] and [Ctrl] + [-] better04:28
drjorahduke: compile from source?04:29
rahdukedrjo: i didnt04:29
LinuxFetusdiverted, And I like that you can middle click Javascript controlled links in Chromimum and it actually loads it in a new tab... whereas firefox will just show the javascript code, forcing you to open it in a new windows instead of tab.04:29
kisuketensorpudding: man path works right?04:29
LinuxFetusdiverted, And, of course, it loads faster.04:29
tensorpuddingkisuke: what?04:29
drjorahduke: what version are you using?04:29
rahdukeEmpathy 2.30.204:30
kisuketensorpudding: for adding a dir to path04:30
MuNghow can i find my ip address04:30
LinuxFetusMuNg, I'm guessing here... but whatismyipaddress.com04:30
drjorahduke: i have the same, but no irc pane in accout setup, hmmz04:30
rahdukedrjo: have a look at this04:30
VastLinuxFetus, two; UNR and Windows Seven04:31
rahdukeI was originally having a problem finding IRC in Empathy.04:31
rahdukeBut after I added my AIM account on the initial account create, IRC became an available option when I went to add addtional accounts.04:31
LinuxFetusVast, Oh sorry I forgot about you!04:31
tensorpuddingkisuke: you can add a director to your path using something like 'export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin' or whatever in your .bashrc04:31
LinuxFetusVast, Alright, we have you successfully changed your BIOS boot order?04:31
kisukeMuNg: inside you network or on the internet side of your router?04:31
LinuxFetusVast, *well04:31
divertedLinuxFetus, having used it for about 5 minutes now, all i can say is that i like the reduced visuals. im very.. umm i like basic stuff ;p04:31
rahdukedrjo: looks likea  bug...04:31
kisuketensorpudding: ok ty for pointer, now off to google04:31
drjorahduke: guess ill add my facebook account then04:32
LinuxFetusdiverted, Haha, that, too.  I take it you don't like KDE? :P04:32
LinuxFetusMuNg, You're welcome.  May I suggest installing Tor on Firefox for anonymity?04:32
VastLinuxFetus, yeap. but im still not booting into the liveusb. grub pops up like usual04:32
drjoim trying to force myself not to install anything outside repos or use the cmd too much, i wasted so much time on gentoo and arch, now i just want something that works, so far so good :)04:32
sttor makes browsing ultra slow04:33
LinuxFetusVast, Are you sure you made the Live USB correctly?  How did you make it?04:33
LinuxFetusst: True.  Do you know of any faster proxies?04:33
LinuxFetusst: Free ones, of course.04:33
sti think one should stop playing spies04:34
rahdukebazhang: changing kernels didnt help, even bios shows 3456mb ram04:34
MuNgand how can i find my wep key04:34
drjoanyone know how to get a symbol list in gedit-latex-plugin?04:34
VastLinuxFetus, yup, pretty sure. this is the liveusb i used to install linux in the first place, before grub. i used the ubuntu live-usb utility04:34
strahduke, bios has nothing to do with PAE, obviously04:35
rahduke3456gb cant b the limit on 32bit architecture that would be a complete ripoff04:35
rahdukest obviously04:35
divertedLinuxFetus, well i use gnome, is that kde? actually i'm quite happy with my desktop and overall screen, i have 2 slim bars on top and bottom and thats it04:35
MuNgLinuxFetus : what is Tor04:35
LinuxFetusVast, Well if you've successfully used that USB, then I don't know what the problem could be with that.04:35
yanick_is it possible to install a i386 driver into an amd64 machine?04:35
rahdukeTor is a kiddie porn palace04:35
tensorpuddingIf the BIOS shows 3456 MB RAM, then it isn't an issue of the OS.04:35
rahdukemung dont mess with Tor04:35
LinuxFetusMuNg, I'm not trying to sound rude, but have you considered Googling something instead of asking in an IRC, first?04:35
rahdukeit is the last dirty dark corner for peedos online04:36
MuNgrahduke : how can i find my WEP key04:36
VastLinuxFetus then is there any other way you know of to fix an error taking me into initramfs?04:36
rahdukemung are you kidding?04:36
sedulousrahduke: do you have an onboard gpu by any chance?04:36
bazhangMuNg, yours? you should know it. or you mean cracking wep04:36
tensorpuddingMuNg: you can find your WEP key by checking your router.04:36
rahdukesedulous: i do but dont use it04:36
sedulousrahduke: that might explain the missing RAM. check the BIOS for that04:37
MuNgI dont have a router im jacking it from my neighbor04:37
LinuxFetusVast, I have no idea how to overcome that error.  Does it even take you into the login screen?  Have you tried the safe mode choice or whatever in Grub?04:37
rahdukesedulous: good idea, didnt think of that04:37
bazhangMuNg, that is not supported here so dont ask again04:37
sedulousyou can usually configure the amount of RAM that's reserved for the onboard GPU there, rahduke04:37
sedulousMuNg: i hope your neighbor runs an upside-down-ternet transparent http proxy04:37
tensorpuddingMuNg: I'm sure your neighbor would be happy to tell it to you when you ask.04:37
MuNghe is my friend he doesnt know how to get his wep key so im trying to get it for him04:38
bazhangMuNg, stop04:38
tensorpuddingMuNg: this has nothing to do with Ubuntu04:38
VastLinuxFetus nope, it boots strait into it, even in recovery mode.04:38
rahdukechange your nick and come back then reword your question...lol04:38
drjologged in from empathy now :)04:39
rahdukedrjo: thats a weird issue04:39
drjorahduke: yeah all i had to do was add my facbook account and remove it again :p04:39
VastLinuxFetus if i had to guess, intramfs means initial ram failsafe, and its its own command line, just04:39
VastLinuxFetus 'under' the filesystem04:40
rahdukewhos using tor here?04:40
LinuxFetusVast, I would try Googling that error.  The only thing you would be able to do without loading an OS live would be to use the command-line for Grub... either that or somehow edit the Linux file system/grub from within Windows.04:40
stis it possible to fix a pendrive after it has been used as bootable media?04:40
rahdukei really can't justify any legit reason to use that thing....it should be shut donw04:40
bazhangst sure04:40
tensorpuddingI used to use Tor, but it's pretty slow.04:40
LinuxFetustensorpudding, What do you use now for the same effect?04:40
tensorpuddingthis is not relevant though04:40
rahduketensorpudding: yea i tried it too, its way to slow and it has real kiddie porn, i wrote to fbi about it never got a response04:41
nimbioticshi all. using ubuntu 10.04, ive got the partitions shown at http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2wlspjo&s=7 . i tried gparted live cd to resize sd6 (my ubuntu partition) and take all free space, but i cannot resize, nor move none of the partitions. how can i do what i want> TIA!04:41
LinuxFetusrahduke, Kiddie porn?  What do you mean?  I know Child porn is illegal, but I've never had it do anything but take me to the sites I ask it to.04:41
tensorpuddingJust because it is used by child pornographers, doesn't mean that it should be illegal, that's awful logic.04:41
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:42
LucidGuyRecommendations.. Best Single player capable Linux FPS game?04:42
kneauxwhere can i get a list of keymap names04:42
rahdukeLinuxFetus: this is real deal child porn, with like peedos describing how they molest and groom kids, pointers all sort of really messed up stuff04:42
bazhangrahduke, lets move on please04:42
rahdukelol yea 4real04:42
rahdukeLucidGuy: nexuiz04:42
rahdukeoh single player04:43
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, I presume you're trying to edit your only OS partition from a Live CD?04:43
rahdukegood luck04:43
rahdukePrey or doom 3 prolly04:43
=== true1023 is now known as Mtank
nimbioticsLinuxFetus: yes04:43
LucidGuyrahduke, thats new to me .. checking now.04:43
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, Good.  do you see the lock icons next to the partitions?04:43
nimbioticsLinuxFetus: yes04:44
LorgonJortleI just tried installing GRUB after a Win7 install, and when I booted back up, I had GRUB, but only the GRUB prompt, and no boot options.04:44
rahdukeLucidGuy: Wine now runs a lot of good windows FPS games, wine has gotten pretty good in 2.*04:44
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, That means the partitions are currently mounted.  Right click and then unmount and you should be able to edit them.04:44
LorgonJortle!grub > LorgonJortle04:44
ubottuLorgonJortle, please see my private message04:44
rahduke1.2 rather04:44
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, Note that you cannot resize the extended partition without first unmounting ALL logical ones.04:45
hmorelhi i am new to all this and i need some help,,,,,, can someone here didicate some time to me in private?04:45
bazhanghmorel, ask here04:46
LucidGuyrahduke, whats the best game you were able to get running on wine?04:46
LinuxFetusSince people are constantly coming and going, I'll restate my question:  Can anyone tell me how to determine if my chipset is 32-bit or 64-bit?04:46
nimbioticsLinuxFetus:i thought that by booting from live cd (on usb), none of those partitions would be mounted (not sure i do understand that concepet)04:46
rahdukesometimes i just want someone to remotedesktop and fix my problems for me....lol04:46
LucidGuyrahduke, I've had no luck with my games of interest04:46
hmorelissue one (i have a DELL D400 laptop running on ubuntu 9.10 when i close the lid the computer freezes up and i am forced to do a hard shutdown.04:47
rahdukeLucidGuy: sorry to hear that, but you will find that lots of windows games are compatiable in wine04:47
nimbioticsLinuxFetus: how do i unmount those logical partitions?04:47
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, It will automatically mount them, but don't worry; you can unmount them and they'll be fine.  Mounted just means that you can access the data on them and you can use them (like your swap is mounted so your Live CD is currently using it, I believe.  You might need to do something in the terminal before you can unmount it).04:47
extraclassicLinuxFetus: there's a program called Ailurus that'll give system settings and it'll tell you04:47
XuMuKhi there! My trouble is that after I append Pidgin Developers PPA the notifications under envelope on the top panel has disappeared! Could someone tell mi how can I fix it for get it back?04:48
LinuxFetusextraclassic, Thanks, I'll try it.04:48
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, Read what I wrote earlier.  (That means the...)04:48
hmorelOh no! am i left alone04:48
Skandranonback again... checked the cd for errors, none found, ran mem test passed 8 passes... installed from the install prompt same menu as memtest and back to the same purple maroonish screen wit lights n stuff... working mouse nothing else... cannt even clt alt del to reboot. 10.04 was working before the reinstall I dont understand the #&@! problem04:48
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, Actually, that may not have been super clear.  Right click, and you'll see a menu.  On that, click "unmount".04:49
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, There will only be a few options that aren't gray-ed out.04:49
nimbioticsLinuxFetus: thanks, will try that!04:49
hmorelsomeone? please help me04:49
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, Do that for all three.04:49
wasnikhi guys ubuntu is not detectin my conexant hd smartaudio 221 card. please help04:49
LinuxFetushmorel, When you close the lid, what do you see when you open it again?04:50
hmorelblank pc frozen unable to do anything04:50
toshiinserting an SD card gives me an error message: "unable to mount SANVOL" not authorized. google turns up nothing. 10.0404:50
wasnikhi guys ubuntu is not detectin my conexant hd smartaudio 221 card. please help04:51
toshilspci shows SD reader has been detected04:51
wasnikhi guys ubuntu is not detectin my conexant hd smartaudio 221 card. please help04:52
Kane_HartI'm guessing no one here uses xen hehe04:52
Skandranonreinstall problems... been trying to get this work all day.... need help please04:53
LinuxFetushmorel, Please address someone by using their name.  You should be able to type the first few characters and then tab until their name shows up.04:53
afzal-bigbellI want to do this chat04:54
wasnikhi guys ubuntu is not detectin my conexant hd smartaudio 221 card. please help04:54
LinuxFetuswasnik, If someone knows the answer and has time to explain, they will.  No one had joined since your first question, so reposting did nothing.04:54
XuMuKwasnik, try adding your user to plugdev group04:54
hmorelokay ut i've never done this before and its so confusing, infact i don't even know who is helping me..04:54
XuMuKwasnik, sudo gpasswd -a wasnik plugdev04:54
=== Guest30656 is now known as viki
hmorelsomeone please don't let me drown04:55
LinuxFetushmorel, type [L][I][N][tab]04:55
LinuxFetushmorel, Does my name show up?04:55
XuMuKhi there! My trouble is that after I append Pidgin Developers PPA the notifications under envelope on the top panel has disappeared! Could someone tell mi how can I fix it for get it back?04:55
LinuxFetushmorel, Alright do that when you're talking to someone.  We sometimes minimze the window and we will get notified when someone addresses us like  that.04:55
wasnikXumuK,  this is still what i get aplay -l04:56
wasnikaplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found..04:56
hmorel<LinuxFetus>okay i understand,,,can you please help me?04:56
LinuxFetushmorel, I'll try.04:56
GordonSheya all04:56
LinuxFetushmorel, Hold one for 30 seconds.04:56
snadg3what is the default boot option for the ubuntu 10.04 usb install, if you leave it and dont do anything.. boot from hard disk?04:57
LinuxFetusextraclassic, I'm not too good with Hardware.  From what I understand, my chipset is on my Motherboard and it can be 32-bit even though my processor and OS can be 64-bit.  When inside Ailurus, I go to Information > Hardware information, but, from what I can tell, my chipset isn't listed.  It does say 64-bit, but I believe that is only in reference to my processor.04:57
GordonSis there a way to download the various preseed files without having to pull down the whole iso image?04:57
hmorel<LinuxFetus>thank you, okay i will04:57
snadg3i accidentally left my usb key in the drive on my machine at work, and i need to reboot it, i think it defaults to booting usb :/04:57
GordonSsnadg3: and it won't fall back to other boot options?04:57
Nim_thats a prediciment, snadg.04:57
LinuxFetussnadg3, have you changed your BIOS so it looks for HD before USB?04:57
LinuxFetushmorel, Alright, So what's your issue?04:58
Nim_I think snadg is remotely accessing the pc :P04:58
snadg3LinuxFetus, i don't think so, i cant remember04:58
snadg3i think usb might be higher priority than hard drive.. from memory, im not sure :/ thats why im wondering what the usb boot does by default if you dont select anything04:58
XuMuKwasnik, sorry, I though it was some SD card...04:58
extraclassicLinuxFetus: i was talking about the listing that says "64-bit computer" but beyond that I don't know04:58
XuMuKwasnik, what do it say aplay -l04:59
LinuxFetusSnadder, Well as far as I know, from a default install, Ubuntu won't change your boot order in terms of optical/USB/Hdd/etc. so if it was USB when you left, it'll still be USB.04:59
geoffmccsnadg3: i think if it doesnt find something to boot it will move on to next04:59
XuMuKwasnik, lspci|grep -i audio04:59
toshiXuMuK, what theme are you using? it looks like an OSX rip?04:59
Skandranon10.04 reinstall weird problem.. anyone able to help?04:59
LinuxFetusextraclassic, Ahh... yeah I'm looking for my chipset; my computer is only showing 3.5 GB of RAM, even though I have a 64-bit processor and I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu.04:59
LinuxFetushmorel, Alright, So what's your issue?04:59
hmorel<LinuxFetus>okay i have a Dell Latitude D400, i can't get ubuntu 10.04 or higher isntalled so i was forced to use 9.10, everything works great but when i close the lid on the laptop the system freezes up and i am force to do a forced shutdown)05:00
XuMuKhi there! My trouble is that after I append Pidgin Developers PPA the notifications under envelope on the top panel has disappeared! Could someone tell mi how can I fix it for get it back?05:00
GordonShmorel: lemme guess, video issues?05:00
LinuxFetushmorel, Oh, and sometimes I forget what I'm doing when I'm talking to people, so if I post like 3+ times without talking to you and it's been over a minutes or two, you can post again.05:00
SkandranonLinuxFetus only showing 3.5 gigs of ram is the same thing windows xp 32 bit used to do... noob at ubuntu though05:00
FloridaGuyis there away to ujust the rss-glx screensavers in gnome like you can in kde..for there different settings05:00
LinuxFetusSkandranon, ARe you saying you or I are a noob?05:00
formolQCsomeone know if this green cable named "P4" is normally used on a standard cheap ATX motherboard http://hwt.dk/literaturedetails.aspx?TeaserID=3269 ?05:00
Skandranon<-- I05:01
LinuxFetushmorel, I've never used 9.10, so my help will be limited.  What happens when you open the lid.05:01
bazhangformolQC, try ##hardware05:01
LinuxFetusSkandranon, Ahh... yeah :/05:01
GordonSformoIQC: the connector names are not standard05:01
XuMuKtoshi, yes, it is05:01
SkandranonLinuxFetus sorry just saw your problem and I remember having it on xp b4.. guess that wasnt really helpful, sorry05:01
GordonSthat's just the labels the manufacturer picked05:01
LinuxFetushmorel, After closing it, of course.05:01
wasnikXuMuk: I dont get any output with that command05:01
formolQCthx for the answer05:01
LinuxFetusSkandranon, It's okay.05:01
hmorel<LinuxFetus> dark but turned on screen and nothing response05:01
LinuxFetusSkandranon, I'm still new, too *points to name*05:02
GordonShmorel: what did later installations do?05:02
LinuxFetushmorel, So you've tried moving the keyboard aroudn and mouse and everything?05:02
formolQCbazhang, #hardware is invite only05:02
hmorel<LinuxFetus> they would freeze when ubuntu logo shows as booting05:02
LinuxFetushmorel, Huh?05:02
bazhangformolQC, ##hardware05:02
=== Out_Cold is now known as Guest57563
hmorelyes nothing moves and later versions wont install05:03
formolQCoh, it works :)05:03
GordonSwhat do you mean by "won't install"?05:03
LinuxFetusformolQC, Sometimes ##CHANNEL is different from #CHANNEL; Sometimes it redirects.05:03
geoffmcchmorel: i had that prob b4 but couldnt rembmer why, did quick serch- is it set to hybernate when close lid?05:03
LinuxFetusgeoffmcc, That's what I was going to ask.05:03
Guest57563i'm trying to get wifi going in straight openbox. I was following this http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1176169&postcount=1 but i'm not getting a dhcp IP. any hints?05:03
hmorel<LinuxFetus> those options i have turned off05:04
Guest57563nick Out_Cold_05:04
geoffmccLinuxFetus: i knew i had that b4 but couldnt remmber how fixed and soon as saw post i remembered05:04
=== Guest57563 is now known as Out_Cold_
EdMoneyfor a laptop, should I use ubuntu netbook or ubuntu desktop?05:04
XuMuKwasnik, in fact, it doesn't recognize it... you're right. It always were so or before it was working fine?05:04
LinuxFetushmorel, What options have been turned off?05:04
GordonSEdMoney: depends on how much of a laptop it is :)05:04
XuMuKEdMoney, as you want...05:04
EdMoneyok, just trying to trouble shoot why my install isn't working05:05
Out_Cold_EdMoney, the unr has plain gnome if you want to switch between both05:05
hmorelfor the lappy to do nothing upon closing lid05:05
Nim_:D lol05:05
wasnikXuMuk: I just installed ubuntu and m havin the problem since then05:05
LinuxFetusIs there a way to have my clipboard act as a stack (first-in, first-out)?05:05
sisterdhello guys on lucid lynx here. having trouble printing -- it keeps asking me to authenticate, but all my printers are shared with everyone having permissiobn, and the authenticationr equest does not identify what user is meant to be authenticated. any clues on how to fix this?05:05
LinuxFetushmorel, In System > Preferences > Power Management what does it say it does when the lid is closed?  That entry may not exist because the menu layout may be different (i.e. it may not be called quite power management).05:06
Skandranon10.04 reinstall weird problem.. anyone able to help?05:06
rames2hi all, i am having a really hard time getting ubuntu netbook thingy booting from a usb drive... read tons of docs but i don't know how to troubleshoot bootable usb05:07
extraclassicsisterd: the user would be whoever is logged in that has access to the printer on the computer where it's installed05:07
sthow to convert pdf file to normal format in ubu ntu?05:07
Out_Cold_rames2, use unetbootin.... problem solved05:07
rames2out_cold_: is that packaged?05:07
sisterdextraclassic: that's what i would have thought. But, no user/password combination that exists on either computer is being accepted (it only asks for a pw, no username provided)05:08
Out_Cold_st pdftotext <file.pdf>05:08
Out_Cold_rames2, yes05:08
Out_Cold_rames2, unetbootin is the ultimate bootable usb creator05:08
sisterdboth computers have both users established as a member of the administrator's group on each computer. So, i'm really at a loss and confused why there is even an authetication request in the first place.05:08
extraclassicsisterd: then it's probably a user/password that you have to assign in a .conf file05:08
hmorel<LinuxFetus> the option is set to bank screen, i have already tried it with suspend, hibernate and shutdown and none of the options work....05:08
sisterdhow/where do I find that information out? never had a password for the printer in the past05:09
rames2out_cold_: i've ~burned~ 2 usb devices (master is a mac, trying to upgrade crappy netbook to ubuntu) ... dd if=... of=..., etc...05:09
extraclassicsisterd: if you're using cups then there are walkthroughs if you do a search...i can't remember the files offhand05:10
rames2out_cold_: netbook doesn't want to "take" the bootable media ... i've been in and out of bios, disabled all other devices, etc.05:10
sisterdi'm a newbie. how do i know if i am useing cups?05:10
Out_Cold_rames2, try the unetbootin... if that doesn't work then come back and work on another solution. it's possible your stick just doesn't have a boot flag05:11
extraclassicyou are i think...just find a guide for cups....search for "cups linux printing" or something05:11
rames2out_cold_: get message "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key"05:11
Out_Cold_rames2, what are you doing to get that msg?05:12
sisterdok, i think i am using cups because when i do a system/administration/printing and check the properties/try to print a test page i get /usr/lib/cups/dnssd failed and then the same but with usb failed at the end for the other isntance of the printer.05:13
rames2out_cold_: asus eee pc 1000, go into bios, disable all built-in HD's, enable only *detected* USB device and list that as first last and only boot device / boot order / boot priority05:13
geoffmccsisterd: although i havent done printing in samba i know it supports. good thing with samba if u create a user and pw on computer a and have same on computer b u will never be prompted for a pw05:13
Out_Cold_rames2, then most likely, there is no boot flag for the usb... it's all in the creation.. i'm still recommending unetbootin..05:14
sisterdgeoffmcc: I am sorry for such a lack of knowledge. but what is samba?05:14
Arafangi1nHey, does Ubuntu 10.4 Beta 2 contain NTFS support by default in Live CD Mode?05:14
rames2out_cold_: ugh... any mac-ish ones to look for?05:14
geoffmccsisterd: file and print sharing. i use it for filesharing between ubuntu + windows05:15
rames2out_cold_: i don't have a linux gui box a.t.m... that's what i'm trying to d/l ubuntu for.  :^) ... anyway, i'll look aoround some more, thanks for the tips05:15
sisterdok. i'm doing between osx and ubuntu. i take it samba is the proper name for the protocol that begins with smb://   ?05:15
Out_Cold_rames2, it may be available in mac, i am nearly certain it is in windows05:15
geoffmccsisterd: yes05:15
hmorelokay maybe someone can help me getting school admin installed?05:15
geoffmccsisterd: looking threw smb.conf i see setting for printing05:16
Skandranon10.04 reinstall weird problem.. after installing loads a desktop picture and nothing else, mouse works, no task bar, will do nothing at all. anyone able to help?05:16
sisterdgeoffmcc: ok. right now, both of my printers are showing up automatically without me establishing the configuration manually like you have to on windows and osx. so the cups vs samba discussion was a mystery but I think I am catching up.05:16
geoffmccsisterd: then if u have an account on osx with same user and password as account on ubuntu u will get no password requests - otherwise just log in with aprop account05:16
rames2out_cold_: http://www.docstechnotes.com/2009/05/create-bootable-usb-drive-using-os-x.html05:16
Arafangi1nsisterd: Actually...  There's a bunch of names for it, but it's not samba. samba's the only widely used non-microsoft program that can service it, though. :)05:16
rames2out_cold_: this is pretty much exactly what i'm doing05:17
Out_Cold_rames2, if you dd'd the image, there may be an fdisk type util (not sure on mac) that sets boot flag05:17
hmorelhelp  installing schooltool on ubuntu05:17
sisterdarafangi1n: thank you. (there never is an easy quick true definition it seems.. but the clarification usually ends up really solving problems in the end.)05:17
rames2out_cold_: k... and actually i'm reading up at the top "some will function as usb boot some won't"05:17
Arafangi1nsisterd: The name "samba" was chosen by searching /usr/dict/words for names that contain 's', 'm', and 'b'. :)05:19
LinuxFetushmorel, Sorry, I was gone.05:19
juniorubuntu br05:19
EdMoneyI'm getting the error "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run so that you many investigate the problem or try installing again". When I press ok, goes to black background screen with the top line saying "(Process:325): GLib-Warning **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0), more errors, and then a bunch of Buffer I/O error, dev ar0...eventually05:19
EdMoneygets to purple screen, but after 50 minutes of waiting, I kill the install. Used ISO ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso, running Windows 7 Home Premium, Sony Vaio, 64 bit, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.2 GHz. Any suggestions? I can post pictures of error screens on a forum if helpful.05:19
Arafangi1nsisterd: smb, netbios, and cifs are probably as close as you'll get to the proper protocol names, although each of those talk about different aspects.05:19
LinuxFetushmorel, Hmm I'm not sure.  Sorry.05:19
LinuxFetushmorel, I mean, I'm not sure what to say after that.05:19
hmorel <LinuxFetus> can you halep me install schooltoll05:19
junioralguem sabe o canal do ubuntu br05:19
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=== tits is now known as m00se
LinuxFetushmorel, Is that a windows-based program?05:20
sisterdarafangi1n: ok. well i had heard of netbios in the past, and had used but not named "samba". cifs - thjios is the first time i've heard it.05:20
hmorelno ubuntu05:20
geoffmccjunior: ubuntu-br05:20
LinuxFetushmorel, Well generally you can get software by going to the Software Center.  Try Applications > Ubuntu Software Center.05:21
juniornaum acessou05:21
LinuxFetusIf you're decent with computers and they seem to "make sense" normally, you may also want to try the Synaptic Package Manager.05:21
hmorel<LinuxFetus> it doesn't come up05:21
LinuxFetushmorel, What doesn't come up?  The software doesn't show up when you search for it?05:21
hmorel<LinuxFetus> yes05:22
bullgard4_Synaptic: "XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using {a} simple set of shell commands in {a} similar way it is done for plain text files using {the} UNIX commands grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc." How can I use xmlstarlet to search in the directory ~/abc and its subdirectories for the...05:22
bullgard4_...string "abc"?05:22
hmorel<LinuxFetus> please look at here showing my previous problem05:22
hmorel<LinuxFetus> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58280205:22
hmorel<LinuxFetus> i am cofused and not know what to do05:23
LinuxFetushmorel,  believe there should be something called "add/remove programs" for Ubuntu 9.10, from a quick Google search.  Not sure where it would be.  Maybe System > Administration.  I'll look at the link now.05:23
Skandranon10.04 reinstall weird problem.. after installing loads a desktop picture and nothing else, mouse works, no task bar, will do nothing at all. anyone able to help?05:23
EdMoneyAnyone help with this -- I'm getting the error "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run so that you many investigate the problem or try installing again". When I press ok, goes to black background screen with the top line saying "(Process:325): GLib-Warning **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0), more errors, and then a bunch of Buffer05:24
EdMoneyI/O error, dev ar0...eventually gets to purple screen, but after 50 minutes of waiting, I kill the install. Used ISO ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso, running Windows 7 Home Premium, Sony Vaio, 64 bit, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.2 GHz. Any suggestions? I can post pictures of error screens on a forum if helpful.05:24
extraclassichmorel: that happens on my laptop, but I just let mine hibernate and don't close it...i just leave it sitting on table and don't take it anywhere though05:24
hmorel<LinuxFetus> <extraclassic> but i am on the go and i need to move from class to class since i am a teacher05:25
LinuxFetushmorel, Does that mean you won't be able to be here for a while/05:26
geoffmcchmorel: is this still laptop freez on lid close? and hibernation wasnt the problem?05:26
hmorelno at at home now05:26
LinuxFetusgeoffmcc, On the link hmorel gave, it appears it may be a driver issue (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=582802)05:27
hmorelyes for instance if i close the lid regardless the settings/preference i have on the system crfashes05:27
sisterdok. lucid lynx... just downloaded an hplip driver for my printer which came as a .run file it has been associated with gedit (dont know why?) and when i open a terminal and type in the command to run the shell script (as instructed at the website) i get a "sh: Can't open hplip-3.10.2.run" response.05:27
zeleftikamhow can i find out what sort of hardware my computer is running from the command line? i'd like to know the processor type and speed.05:28
xbonesxneed help stopping x-server so i can install this... http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_amd64_100.14.09.html05:28
tensorpuddingsisterd: did you do 'sh hplip-3.10.2.run'05:28
geoffmccLinuxFetus: oh ok, must be different from when i had issue05:28
rames2zeleftikam: cat /proc/cpuinfo05:28
rames2zeleftikam: i think... cd /proc and start poking around (carefully! :^)05:29
zeleftikamrames2» perfect, thanks!05:29
zeleftikammodel name: Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2374 HE05:29
sisterdtensorpudding: yes, that is the command that generated the "can't" response05:29
tensorpuddingsisterd: are you in the right directory?05:29
tensorpuddingsisterd: i.e. are you in the directory where the file is located05:29
sisterdtensorpudding: yes, they told me to put it in my desktop and then do a "cd desktop" before executing the command. so, yes my prompt defines me as in desktop05:30
rames2zeleftikam: out of curiosity what are your bogomips?05:30
zeleftikam4400.17 per core05:30
zeleftikamwhat does that mean?05:30
Skandranon10.04 reinstall weird problem.. after installing loads a desktop picture and nothing else, mouse works, no task bar, will do nothing at all. anyone able to help?05:30
rames2i'm showing 3203 on a intel atom 1.6ghz (netbook)05:30
rames2bogomips == "bogus mips" mips == millions instructions per second05:31
hmorel<LinuxFetus> okay if my first problem can't be fixed can we please work on my second05:31
tensorpuddingsisterd: that is odd then05:31
zeleftikamrames2» ah. this is a rackspace cloud server. it seems limited.05:31
tensorpuddingsisterd: have you tried right-clicking, and making the file executable?05:31
rames2it has to do with timing loops for the kernel ... sometimes it needs to wait a second and it kindof makes up "eh: loop 3000 times and that'll be about a second"05:31
tensorpuddingsisterd: under the right-click menu, properties -> permissions tab -> check the box after Execute:05:32
sisterdtensorpudding: yes, I have. and, that's where I notice that the file has been associated with the program gedit. which doesn't seem liek what i would want if i want it to be an executable. but that's a guess.05:32
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hmorelanybody,,, help me installing a program05:32
tensorpuddingsisterd: if it is marked as executable then double-clicking should ask you if you want to execute it05:32
LinuxFetushmorel, Alright try putting this in your terminal: sudo apt-get install pastebinit | cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit05:33
tensorpuddingsisterd: it should say "do you want to run the file or view its contents"05:33
LinuxFetushmorel, That installs a pastebin program and then puts the output of that file into pastebinit05:33
sisterdtensorpudding: ok that seems to have done the trick. just wouldn't let me do it from within terminal for some reason.05:33
LinuxFetushmorel, It gives you a link, that you can then post in here.05:33
tensorpuddingsisterd: you'll want to run it in terminal05:33
sisterdtensorpudding: it doesnt let me05:33
EdMoneyCan anyone help with this install error : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157688105:33
tensorpuddingsisterd: hmm05:34
sisterdbut, it seems to be working fine as a self-extracting doohickey05:34
tensorpuddingsisterd: okay05:34
sisterdtensorpudding: ok, installation notes tell me to enable the universe/multiverse repositories... any clue on that?05:34
hmorel<LinuxFetus> i don't know how to do it, there is a free program i use for giving support called teamviewer can you help me by giving me the support05:35
zetheroo1I am trying to use Pitivi in Ubuntu Lucid and it won't render anything ... there are no error messages either ... even when run from within the terminal05:35
LinuxFetushmorel, did you try the command I gave you?05:35
TiK_question there is no /dev/dsp so what is my soundcard? :P05:35
LinuxFetushmorel, You don't know how to do what?05:35
bullgard4_Synaptic: "XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using {a} simple set of shell commands in {a} similar way it is done for plain text files using {the} UNIX commands grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc." How can I use xmlstarlet to search in the directory ~/abc and its subdirectories for the...05:35
bullgard4_...string "abc"?05:35
LinuxFetushmorel, Please be specific (i.e. refrain from pronouns a bit more than you've been doing) as it saves time.05:36
hmoreli am a slow typer and i don't know how to use the sufu or respository i am just plain not linux smart so please forgive mehttp://www.teamviewer.com/download/index.aspx?os=linux05:37
Arafangi1nWhat's the difference between the "desktop" and "netbook" versions of ubuntu?05:37
bazhanghmorel, have a read of the ubuntu manual first05:37
bazhang!manual | hmorel05:38
ubottuhmorel: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:38
LinuxFetushmorel, Do you know if you're using 32-bit or 64-bit?05:38
bazhanghmorel, not a good idea to ask people to remote your computer05:38
tensorpuddingsisterd: go to Software Sources in the Ubuntu menu05:38
tensorpuddingsisterd: and check to enable those repositories05:38
lludwArafangi1n: one is optimized for a desktop and the other is optimized for a notebook.05:38
tensorpuddingsisterd: most likely they should be enabled already05:39
bazhangArafangi1n, small clickable icons on the remix, not very configurable05:39
LinuxFetushmorel, Oh wow I didn't even see what program you're trying to use.  Yeah, that's not a good idea.  I'm not going to abuse that, but I don't want you to gain a false sense of trust because of someone like me, because while most people in #ubuntu are really nice and you can trust them.. it only takes one to mess things up.05:39
sisterdtensorpudding: thank you.t hat is simpler than where i was heading (the ubuntu repositories page.. which gives me a terminal command that requires me to know the repository location....)05:39
Arafangi1nlludw: That is implied...  The question is what's the _difference_.05:40
bazhangArafangi1n, I just told you05:40
Arafangi1nbazhang: So... Different window manager?05:41
LinuxFetusbazhang, I think Arafangi1n means how is the optimization better: does it have less graphically intensive things that make it lighter, but less pretty and whatnot?05:41
bazhangArafangi1n, small clickable icons to bring up different apps05:41
zetheroo1how do you get the touchpad double-click feature work where you can double-click and dray a window or pull a scrollbar?05:42
Arafangi1nSo it's merely has a different UI that results it being more suitable for tiny screens?05:42
MTecknologyAre any of you using the 64bit flash plugin? Adobe is no longer offering it and I'd really like to get a hold of it. They offered it during a beta trial period. I linked to it on my blog and really should have uploaded the file... :(05:42
bazhangArafangi1n, right05:42
Arafangi1nbazhang: Sounds good. :)  I wonder why they don't say so on the site... "Optimised for smaller screens".05:42
[R]MTecknology: they just annouced its coming back05:43
MTecknology[R]: linky?05:43
[R]MTecknology: google.com05:43
zetheroo1drag not dray *05:43
Skandranonone last time b4 I give up for the night: 10.04 reinstall weird problem.. after installing loads a desktop picture and nothing else, mouse works, no task bar, will do nothing at all. anyone able to help?05:43
bazhangMTecknology, webupd8.org05:43
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Are you looking for a 64-bit flash plugin for firefox and Ubuntu?  Someone gave one to me the other day here.  I scanned the binary for viruses using "Virus Scanner."  The person said I could give it to someone else... do you want it?05:43
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: sure05:44
hmorelokay i understand05:44
zetheroo1Skandranon: fresh install?05:44
Skandranonzetheroo1 yes.. I went so far as to wipe the partion table05:44
zetheroo1Skandranon: looks like your profile is not loading for some reason05:44
brenthow do I stream /dev/input/js0 to the terminal window?05:44
[R]brent: stream?05:45
_raghuI am running an ubuntu server (aws machine). When I run top, load averages is always above 1, however my cpu utilization is well below 5%. How do I find out whats causing the high load05:45
Skandranonzetheroo1 total noob to linux, not sure what that means. I did check the disk for errors and run mem test, all good there05:45
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Alright I'm gonna send it to you via IRC, unless you have objections (I haven't done this in forever -- is it safe to send files over IRC?)05:45
bullgard4_What program package provides the framebuffer driver fb?05:45
=== rmk__ is now known as rmk
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: sure05:45
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: unless you want to email instead05:46
[R]bullgard4_: none... its the kernel05:46
zetheroo1Skandranon: can you do Alt + F1 while seeing the wallpaper?05:46
brentR: how do I print whats currently being sent to it as if it were a file05:46
Skandranonzetheroo1 let me check, brb05:46
zetheroo1Skandranon: that should usually show a menu05:46
[R]brent: cat05:46
brentcat /dev/input/js0?05:46
bullgard4_[R] Ah! Thank you very much for your help.05:46
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Here were the instructions I was given: http://pastebin.com/KBzwTU2t05:47
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: thanks :D05:47
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: btw - that's not the best place to put it :P05:47
=== cristiano is now known as Guest34273
LinuxFetusMTecknology, you mean the directory in the instructions?05:47
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: ~/.mozilla/plugins/ :)05:47
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: the directory05:48
nimbioticsLinuxFetus, thanks again, your tips worked05:48
Skandranonzetheroo1 didnt know that.. that might help.. I rebooted to see what would happen and nothing at all did.. so I am gonna reinstall and try alt f1.. will return with an update in a bit..ty for the help!05:48
hmorel<LinuxFetus>? this is what i got when i typed in what you told me to (hmorel@hmorel-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install pastebinit05:48
hmorel[sudo] password for hmorel:05:48
hmorelReading package lists... Done05:48
hmorelBuilding dependency tree05:48
hmorelReading state information... Done05:48
hmorelThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:05:48
hmorel  linux-headers-2.6.31-14 linux-headers-2.6.31-14-generic05:48
FloodBot1hmorel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:48
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, no problem :)05:48
s14shyamhey guys05:48
s14shyamthis is my first day in linux05:48
Guest34273no terminal como eu faço para atualizar a distro ?05:48
zetheroo1Skandranon: why are you going to reinstall?05:48
linuxrunnerI am trying to switch to openDNS, but when I enter the addresses, the apply button won't activate?  Can I get an assist?05:48
LinuxFetushmorel, Don't paste long output like this.. go to pastebin.com and paste it and send the URL.05:48
brentThanks R :)05:48
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: thanks much :D - they do seem to have released the newer version here too - http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html05:49
zetheroo1how do you get the touchpad double-click feature work where you can double-click and drag a window or pull a scrollbar?05:49
nimbioticsow do i 1) delete an entry from GRUB and 2) have GRUB boot immediately to ubuntu? TIA!05:49
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Would you recommend using that link instead?05:49
s14shyamcan somebody help me with compiling software from source. i have the tarball of firefox 4 beta. please help05:49
Skandranonzetheroo1 after I took the disk out and rebooted it would pass the post line of boot from cd for some reason.. b4 it would reload to the wallpaper, but not this time05:49
Skandranonwould = would not that is05:49
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Also, the directory you gave would be user specific, since ~ == /home/[user]/05:49
hmorel<LinuxFetus>http://paste.ubuntu.com/495702/ is this correct?05:49
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: let me try it first - if it works for me - then it'll work for anyone05:50
bullgard4_[R] When I cold-started my laptop computer this morning I obtained the message: "[12.787603] fb: conflicting fb hw usage inteldrmfb vs VESA VGA - removing gen." Is my laptop computer configured all right?05:50
zetheroo1Skandranon: you should not boot with the disk in the drive05:50
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: ya, then you don't toss random files on the file system though05:50
[R]bullgard4_: what did you change05:50
Skandranonzetheroo1 that is what happened after I took the disk out and rebooted.. stuck on post05:50
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Ahhh, true.  I guess if other people use it and you're not too sure about it...05:50
LinuxFetushmorel, ctrl + shift + c is copy in there and ctrl + shift + v is paste.05:50
zetheroo1Skandranon: are you sure then that you installed Ubuntu?05:51
linuxrunnerI am trying to switch to openDNS, but when I enter the addresses, the apply button won't activate?  Can I get an assist?05:51
zetheroo1Skandranon: or were you running the Live session?05:51
bullgard4_[R]: I upgraded to Maverick Beta.05:51
LinuxFetushmorel, Do you have any other package managers open right now?05:51
xbonesxneed help installing nvidia drivers from repository.05:51
[R]bullgard4_: upgrades are evil... and betas are evil05:51
LinuxFetushmorel, You can't update software but from one package manager/terminal at a time.05:51
brentSo my laptops battery no longer holds a charge. How bad is it for the computer when it's suddenly shut down (for hardware and the OS)?05:52
AegNuddelHow do I upgrade to maverick?  I know it is still in beta05:52
MTecknology[R]: I've been on 10.10 for ~3mo now :P05:52
[R]brent: hardware doesn care... filesystem its bad when its not shutdown cleanly05:52
etrnlSo I have a script that relies on gdm being started already, what runlevel would I want to start it up in?05:52
[R]MTecknology: wow... do you want a medal?05:52
s14shyam@xbonesx : do you see a green colored icon in the top left area of your screen05:52
xbonesxI goto /system/administation/ hardware drivers/ and it has an option to install recommended driver for my card, but it just hangs and doesnt install05:52
LinuxFetushmorel, Well if you're sure, and you trust ubuntu forums (http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-157896.html) then try "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock" then the command I gave you.05:52
MTecknologyAegNuddel: do-release-upgrade -d05:52
xbonesxs14shyam: no05:53
etrnlCurrently it doesn't seem like it's being run at the right time05:53
nimbioticswhere is GRUB.CFG LOCATED?05:53
LinuxFetusAegNuddel, 10.10 gave me some graphics errors.  Try running it live first.05:53
LinuxFetusAegNuddel, If you can.05:53
s14shyam@xbonesx : u sure your internet connection is fine ?05:53
etrnlAll it does is invert the x axis of my touchscreen05:53
Skandranonzetheroo1 no I dont belive so.. I had just finashed the install (for the 7th time today) wallpaper loads nothing else... although this time the install screen is telling me that there is a 10.04 installed... but it will not load.. might have gotten a bios setting changed.. gonna check that real quick make sure the disk is set to second boot device05:53
AegNuddelI will not put it on yet then05:53
LinuxFetusAegNuddel, There's a reason it's still beta...05:53
bullgard4_[R]: Yes. But I would like to talk about a Maverick feature in the local Ubuntu computer club at the Ubuntu Maverick release party next month. So I need to prepare myself with the new features.05:53
[R]nimbiotics: /boot/grub05:53
[R]bullgard4_: so file a bug report05:53
AegNuddellast beta worked out fine lol05:53
LinuxFetusAegNuddel, Windows + D is now minimize, though, that makes me happy lol05:54
nimbiotics[R]: thanks05:54
zetheroo1Skandranon: how many hdd's in that machine? Desktop ... laptop?05:54
brentR: So far I've only had corrupted files from it once... nothing I couldnt fix... I just don't want to mess up my HD or something because I'm too cheep to buy a new battery05:54
LinuxFetusAegNuddel, Well go ahead if you want (not being sarcastic), but I think it's better safe than sorry.05:54
s14shyam@xbonesx : this happens even if youre just surfing. try to stop all other netork activity and then install05:54
zetheroo1Skandranon: are you dual booting or is the whole drive being used for Ubuntu alone?05:54
LinuxFetusAegNuddel, My philosophy for stuff is if it isn't broke, don' fix it.05:54
[R]brent: well your hardware will be fine... but your filesytem CAN get corrupted05:54
AegNuddelgood point05:54
AegNuddelI will wait05:54
thune3s14shyam: you could look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo , but I'd probably recommend getting a daily of firefox-4.0 from the daily-build ppa: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa , being careful not to update other software and disabling it after you are done installing.05:55
xbonesxs14shyam: i also have this file that i can run but when i do it says something about stop x server05:55
brent[R]: what's worst case with filesystem corruption?05:55
[R]brent: you loose everyhting05:55
=== Professo1Bacon is now known as ProfessorBacon
brent well I can always go in with a live cd and grab the files...05:55
[R]brent: grab the files?05:55
lludwxbonesx: in a terminal window type uname -r and tell me what version your kernel is05:56
isadorahey all: question. how do i set file permission rules in /sys/class/ for after reboot05:56
imagehi. does anyone know of a program that can do direct-to-dvd imaging of an entire drive?05:56
Jerk_I downloaded WUBI, which then installed Ubuntu on my desktop. so now I have a dual-boot system, with WinXP and Ubuntu. however, whenever I boot up Ubuntu, my pc reboots automatically after some time.05:56
s14shyamthune3: thanks. ill check them out05:56
brent[R]: boot with a live CD, plug in a usb drive, and transfer any files I need, to the usb drive, then reinstall the OS05:56
Jerk_so, I just wanna know, what is going on? can you help?05:57
xbonesxlludw: 2.6.28-19-generic05:57
[R]brent: what files are you going to transfer? the ones off the corrupted filesystme that won't mount?05:57
rames2image: command line would be "dd" but it is usually unlikely that  it would all fit on one dvd05:57
bullgard4_[R]: Yes, I was going to do that. My problem is that I need to know the appropriate DEB program package for fb. Is it »linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic«?05:57
LinuxFetusJerk_, Wait a bit for reposting a question, (or "bumping" it) if someone knows the answer, they'll answer05:57
=== Jerk_ is now known as Jerk
[R]bullgard4_: its the kernel05:57
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: both work great :D05:57
[R]bullgard4_: whatever package that is05:57
trelaynedoes anyone know what beam.smp is?05:57
imagerames2: dd would write to dvd?05:58
bullgard4_[R]: Thank you.05:58
lludwxbonesx: you want to update the kernel before you attempt to install the nvidia driver05:58
trelayneit seems to run every so often and take up like 98% CPU05:58
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: maybe... not able to click anything in this game...05:58
LinuxFetusMTecknology, Awesome!  I don't really use flash, except the occasional YouTube video; I think flash ads are annoying :P05:58
xbonesxi already did05:58
LinuxFetusMTecknology, On the one I gave you :/05:58
xbonesxlludw: i already did last night05:58
brent[R]: how corrupted are we talking? wost case I can imagine, you completely trash all the boot code, so the files themselves should be intact unless you somehow managed to trash the HD itself...05:58
[R]brent: corruepted to the point that you can't mount it05:58
[R]pretty sure i just said that05:59
xbonesxlludw: im running 9.04, havent upgraded05:59
[R]brent: what is "the boot code"05:59
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: must have just been the one thing - there's so many incompatibilities between flash versions..05:59
xbonesxlludw: but i installed all the updates for it tho05:59
LinuxFetusMTecknology, if it's the one I'm using, send me the URL and I'll forward it to the dude who gave it to me.05:59
brent[R]: Do you know how a computer goes from BIOS to functional OS?05:59
lludwxbonesx: ok05:59
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: I'm trying to one I grabbed - he'll be interested in the link anyway - http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html05:59
* [R] just shakes his head05:59
s14shyamxbonesx: take a look at the article here : http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=79966. It should give you a clear idea of instaklling from .run files05:59
Skandranonzetheroo1 1 drive connected.. disconnect the other.. whole drive being used for ubuntu... rebooted without the disk twice more.. once with cd then hd boot order once with hdd first... its sitting on a blank line, passed post, verifiys the drive, and pci devices, verifying DMI pool data (w/e that means) and stops on a blank line... when the cd was set to boot first, it stoped here with one more05:59
Skandranonline of boot from cd...   if I put the cd in it will boot it.05:59
* [R] wonders why people argue with him05:59
ngephartHello everyone. I'm trying to install 10.04 on a desktop machine, but when Ubiquity needs me to tell it how to partition disks, I get a screen that says "Prepare Partitions" at the top but no drives or partitions listed. Any ideas?06:00
s14shyamxbonesx: but do it onle if the beforementioned way doesnt work06:00
LinuxFetusMTecknology, I'm sure he's aware of that lol.  His job is flash.  What's the game url?06:00
lludwxbonesx: NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-100.14.09-pkg2.run requires you to change run levels before it will install06:00
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: oh!06:00
zetheroo1Skandranon: hmmm ... this sounds like something that has been happening here too06:00
=== Maco_MOTU is now known as Qwert
LinuxFetusngephart, You mean ubuntu?06:00
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: http://armorgames.com/play/6898/ninjas-vs-mafia-deluxe06:00
bullgard4_Synaptic: "XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using {a} simple set of shell commands in {a} similar way it is done for plain text files using {the} UNIX commands grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc." How can I use xmlstarlet to search in the directory ~/abc and its subdirectories for the...06:01
bullgard4_...string "abc"?06:01
MTecknologybazhang: spiffy site- thanks06:01
Skandranonzetheroo1  where is here?06:01
brent[R]: I'm not arguing with you :P I'm just trying to plan for the worst. I apologize if you think I was trying to.06:01
ngephartLinuxFetus: I do mean Ubuntu, but I'm referring to Ubiquity, the installer.06:01
[R]you asked what the worst was and i told you it06:01
zetheroo1Skandranon: I have two desktops running Lucid and both from time to time will not go into the GRUB menu or boot into Linux (for the one which is not dual booting)06:01
nimbioticshow can i make GRUB not stop or last the least possible at startup?? TIA!06:01
Skandranonzetheroo1 I might add that 10.04 was running on this same machine with the same hardware just before the reinstall..06:01
Guest34273comando para atualizar a distro no ubuntu 10.0406:01
QwertI installed bittorrent-gui package from synaptic but unable to open it. How can i open it?06:01
xbonesxlludw: how do you change run levels?06:02
[R]Qwert: what do you mean "unable to open it"06:02
lludwxbonesx: most other linux system use an xorg file but ubuntu went to an old unix system called an rc file.06:02
zetheroo1Skandranon: have you tried shutting the system off altogether and disconnecting the power, pressing the power button for 10 secs to clear the circuts and then plug in and power back on?06:02
WiesshundQwert its under the internet menu in applications06:02
Qwert[R]: Unable to see the interface - is what it would mean06:02
Skandranonzetheroo1 nope but I am about to06:02
brent[R]: I know. I'm just not sure of how the filesystem functions, as a whole.06:02
zetheroo1Skandranon: why did you reinstall? :)06:02
LinuxFetusngephart, I'm not familiar with Ubiquity.06:02
xangua!upgrade | Guest3427306:02
ubottuGuest34273: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:02
xbonesxlludw: rc.local?06:02
[R]brent: that sucks06:03
[R]Qwert: open your eyes?06:03
QwertWiesshund: Yeah, it usually goes there but its not present there06:03
Skandranonzetheroo1 I updated the ati drivers and then everything got all screwy... being a noob at ubuntu i decided a reinstall would be must easyer than just fixing that.. boy was i wrong :p06:03
zetheroo1Skandranon: ouch06:03
Qwert[R]: Huh?06:04
xbonesxlludw: brb restarting06:04
[R]Qwert: you said you can't see it06:04
zetheroo1Skandranon: in the future try sticking with Nvidia when using Linux ;) ... it just seems to be a smoother ride overall06:04
Qwert[R]: The interface doesn't open. Got it now!06:04
s14shyamxbonesx: this article has complete explanations06:04
[R]Qwert: how are you trying to start it?06:04
Wiesshundi dunno, ive no problems with ati under linux06:05
ngephartLinuxFetus: Okay. Well, the Ubuntu installer keeps giving me trouble. It's not giving me any errors if I try to run it from the command line, so I don't know what's up.06:05
gryllidaThe 'lshw-gtk' program lists my hardware, but USBs are seen as 'controllers', it doesn't specify the device types. Is there a way to list all mice, keyboard, scanners, printers, disks, etc. that are installed on the system?06:05
s14shyamguys please suggest a good alternative to rhythmbox thats not a kde app06:05
AthyriaThis may seem like a really strange question, but how would one go about recovering grub after installing ubuntu? I have three ubuntu installs and one of them ate the grub and I don't even know which.06:05
Athyriavlc works well for music.06:06
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.06:06
LinuxFetusngephart, Can you run Ubuntu live first?06:06
Qwert[R]: It usually available as option under internet from applications. But it wasn't there. Secondly, i tried running bittorrent-gui from console. Still no interface06:06
isadorareally no help on getting a /dev/* to change /sys/class/dev/ file permissions at boot up?06:06
Wiesshundgryllida lsusb06:06
LinuxFetusMTecknology, So you can't click on stats or inventory or anything?06:06
ngephartLinuxFetus: Yeah, I quit the installer and it dumped me in the Live CD. Everything seems to work just fine except that.06:06
[R]Qwert: so its not that the interface doesn't open... you just dont know hwo to start it06:06
[R]Qwert: which is completely differnet06:06
AthyriaI checked the grub recovery howtos; they require knowing which ubuntu ate it.06:07
Qwert[R]: Oh! Then how should I be opening it?06:07
LinuxFetusOkay, so if you're running live, what happens when you go System > Administration > Gparted?06:07
LinuxFetusDoes anything show up?06:07
[R]Qwert: you can use dpkg to list the files the pacakge installed and figure out what the name of it is06:07
gryllidaE: Couldn't find package lsusb06:08
Qwert[R]: Name of what?06:08
Skandranonzetheroo1 unpluged, 10 sec power button, turned back on.. stuck in same spot. Its my girls pc, no control over what she has in it. I just get to make it work :) So far in the past 3 days I made it go from fine to annoying to not working at all. Shes not happy, neither am I. Spent hows searching online and trying anything I could. Gotten no further in the past 2 days.06:08
gryllidaWiesshund ^^06:08
[R]Qwert: the program06:08
WiesshundQwert what client is it? transmission?06:08
ngephartLinuxFetus: It runs, it shows me partitions. I just resized an ext4 partition and created a new one for Ubuntu -- everything worked perfectly. It's the installer that seems to be on the fritz...06:08
zetheroo1Skandranon: during installation was it connected to the Ethernet?06:08
Skandranonzetheroo1 yes06:09
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: nope06:09
Wiesshundgryllida if you type lsusb in terminal it says its not there?06:09
LinuxFetusngephart, Well if gparted is showing it, then I don't know what's up.06:09
zetheroo1Skandranon: maybe try with it disconnected06:09
LinuxFetusMTecknology, I can.. maybe you should use the one I sent :P06:09
Skandranonzetheroo1 worth a shot, ty for your help either way :)06:09
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: maybe... I'm recompiling a kernel now - I'll try after that06:09
zetheroo1Skandranon: and just skip any online stuff it wants to do06:09
QwertWiesshund: Well i just want to have bittorrent gui, w/o installing transmission/ktorrent/azerus06:09
MTecknologyLinuxFetus: Hugs you you! :)06:10
zetheroo1Skandranon: did you update the drivers from the ATI website or from the System Updates?06:10
[R]Qwert: so you want bittorrent... but you dont want to install bittorrent... right06:10
LinuxFetusMTecknology, lol06:10
Qwert!info bittorrent-gui06:10
WiesshundQwert, you will have to see what the name of the gui you installed is then.06:10
ubottubittorrent-gui (source: bittorrent): Original BitTorrent client and tracker - GUI tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.2-11.1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB06:10
Qwert!info bittorrent06:10
ubottubittorrent (source: bittorrent): Original BitTorent client and tracker - console tools. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.2-11.1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 52 kB, installed size 300 kB06:10
datacrusheris it possible on a ubuntu server, text mode installation the resolution of the text mode passes a little more horizontally in a regular lcd monitor?06:10
=== sloopy is now known as pixelated
datacrusheri mean, theres n x server, gnome, kde... is there something as this "text mode resolution"?06:11
LinuxFetusHmm I'll ask one more time --- to #ubuntu: Can anyone tell me 1) if there'd be any reason why my 64-bit processor with 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 run live (i.e. I haven't configured preloading or anything) is only recognizing 3397 MB of ram instead of 4096 when my bios sees 4096?06:11
Skandranonzetheroo1 ati website.. was trying to fix a problem of any and all media players randomly closing durning playback.. instead the update caused the screen to jerk when scrolling and make it so that nothing could be put into fullscreen06:11
QwertWiesshund: I have installed bittorrent-gui06:11
[R]datacrusher: framebuffer...06:11
zetheroo1Skandranon: was this with desktop effects running?06:11
datacrusherLinuxFetus, maybe because youre using an onboard vga06:11
datacrusher[R], how do i change this?06:12
WiesshundQwert yes but is that the name of the executable?06:12
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, What is that and can I fix that?  I have a PAE-capable processor.06:12
[R]datacrusher: what kind of video card do you have?06:12
QwertWiesshund: I am not sure06:12
zetheroo1Skandranon: I hate it when ppl tell me that I should just switch off desktop effects ... ha06:12
LinuxFetus[R], was that to me?06:12
zetheroo1Skandranon: whats your ATI card?06:12
[R]LinuxFetus: huh?06:12
LinuxFetus[R], OH wait nevermind...06:12
gryllidaWiesshund, I installed lsusb, and it lists the USB devices when I run 'lsusb'. Is there also a full hardware list program (not USB only)?06:13
LinuxFetus[R], If I tried to explain it, it would only further my apparent stupidity and it's irrelevant lol06:13
QwertWiesshund: How can I run the gui?06:13
datacrusherLinuxFetus, im talking about the gpu interface. maybe if you dont have a vga at all, the memory may be dedicated to that hardware06:13
Wiesshundgryllida lspci will list the others06:13
Skandranonzetheroo1 if they are on by default prolly... donno what setting she changed but guessing not that... the card is a ati 3650hd I think, not 100% but its definitly ati 36XX hd something06:13
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, I have an ATI FireGL V5200 256 MB.  I don't know if it's onboard or not.06:14
datacrusher[R], just a sec, ill ask here.. im helping a ubuntu fella in another language channel06:14
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, I think it's dedicated, though.06:14
zetheroo1Skandranon: if the card/drivers can support desktop effects then they are automatically enabled06:15
QwertWiesshund: Is the gui package used to give interface to clients?06:15
WiesshundQwert i think you just click a torrent link?06:15
datacrusherLinuxFetus, well... take a look at your bios06:15
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, notebook check says it's not shared http://www.notebookcheck.net/ATI-Mobility-FireGL-V5200.2164.0.html06:15
QwertWiesshund: I'll see06:15
=== [styx] is now known as namechange
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, What should I look for in my BIOS?  It says 4096 MB of memory under system information.06:15
nimbioticshi ya'll. How do i go about making GRUB NOT stop start ubuntu immediately?06:15
AthyriaNimbiotics - Set the timer to -1.06:16
magicLemoneveryone know what i need do to my sockets in java using netbeans ide work? i have try to execute this with a simple user, but it's not work... in the root mode it's works06:16
AthyriaIn some grub configuration thing.06:16
=== namechange is now known as [styx]
AthyriaSomewhere. *shifty eyes*06:16
WiesshundQwert try /usr/bin/btdownloadgui.bittorrent06:17
LinuxFetusnimbiotics, start stop ubuntu immediately?  Do you mean it doesn't give you a chance to select another partition to boot from?06:17
QwertWiesshund: Yes that is what it suggests06:18
nimbioticsLinuxFetus: rite. i'd like it to start ubuntu immediately. ive read its possible but all documentation i find is complicated for me06:18
datacrusherLinuxFetus, some firegl permits on bios the user to reserve more memory than its dedicated on the gpu06:18
Wiesshundnimbiatics you can edit grubs config and add a time delay06:18
datacrushersearch for something like that06:18
zetheroo1Skandranon: is ti a card or onboard?06:18
AthyriaI want to turn my server install into a workable desktop. Is there any way to do this without a display manager?06:18
nimbioticsAthyria i cant find 'timer', closest is 'timeout'06:19
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, I don't think my BIOS has that... Is it like a number you'd be able to specify?  If so, I'm pretty sure I can't do that.06:19
chelzAthyria: gnome-desktop metapackage06:19
AthyriaThat'd be it.06:19
WiesshundAthyria gnome-desktop package06:19
QwertWiesshund: The reason why i went for that is that Ktorrent use to take up 50% of memory06:19
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, But is there a way to see how much ram your GPU is using, then, like free-graphics or something?06:19
AthyriaThat's... what I'm trying to avoid.06:19
Skandranonzetheroo1 card.. just restarted the install with no internet connected, and wiping the drive again. hope this works running out of time b4 I have to leave to go pick her up, was hoping to make it work b4 then hehe06:19
chelzAthyria: er actually ubuntu-desktop metapackage06:19
gryllidaWiesshund: Oh, I see, 'lsusb' and 'lspci' seem to list all hardware. Is there an X frontend for them?06:19
zetheroo1Skandranon: well it should be done in 20 min or less06:20
WiesshundQwert dunno, i use transmission, it works fine for what little i use it06:20
isadorano one who know udev rules here?06:20
chelzAthyria: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:20
LinuxFetusOh and here's my second question lol:  Someone suggested that the reason my 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04 isn't seeing my full 4 GB of RAM is because my chipset could be 32-bit even though my processor is 64-bit... so can anyone tell me how to find out if my chipset is 32-bit?  thanks.06:20
gryllidaisadora, #ubuntu-dev ?06:20
Wiesshundgryllida not that i know of, but that doesnt mean much06:20
zetheroo1Skandranon: are you letting Ubuntu use the hard drive automatically?06:20
AthyriaNo gdm, no kdm, just good old terminal go to shiny graphical thing that I can kill at any time and go back to terminal without some annoying gdm or kdm mucking everything up. How?!06:20
QwertWiesshund: Yeah. Thanks06:20
gryllidaAnyone: 'lsusb' and 'lspci' seem to list all hardware. Is there an X frontend for them?06:20
datacrusherLinuxFetus, go to synaptic and install hardinfo06:20
datacrusherit should give you more infos06:20
Skandranonzetheroo1 yea its pretty fast, dont think it will take that long even... I do have twon monitors connected, dont think that might be cause a problem do you? (same as last time i installed and it worked) and yes I am letting it use it auto06:21
chelzAthyria: install it all, then disable gdm. i'm pretty sure gnome's packages are set to depend on gdm, so gdm would need to be installed06:21
zetheroo1Skandranon: only have one connected06:21
chelzAthyria: i don't know for sure though, that'd be something to look into06:21
Wiesshundnimbiotics edit /etc/default/grub change the time out values, save, then run update-grub06:21
zetheroo1Skandranon: keep it as simple as you can upon installation06:21
Skandranonzetheroo1 well I alrdy started it... pull one mid install or power down and restart with only one?06:22
AthyriaGDM does not like being disabled. Not one bit. o_O06:22
zetheroo1Skandranon: just detach the secondary one06:22
JesdiscipleI wouldn't like being disabled either...06:22
zetheroo1Skandranon: where did you get the ATI driver from?06:22
zetheroo1Skandranon: do you have the link?06:22
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, What am I looking for?  PCI Devices?06:22
Skandranonzetheroo1 no, I found it on her pc and that was before I wiped the drive.. was ati site.. i will see if i can find it again06:23
AthyriaHow do you apply package changes with a gui package program thingy?06:23
zetheroo1Skandranon: ok ... so support.amd.com ... probably06:23
Jesdisciplejust hit the Apply button06:24
Skandranonzeth http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
WiesshundAthyria Synaptic package manager?06:24
AthyriaNo... it's KDE. Everything's all scary.06:24
Wiesshundsynaptic comes in gnome only?06:25
Jesdisciplethat should be Kpackage then, I think06:25
Wiesshundyea kbuntu has synaptic06:25
Jesdiscipleyes, Synaptic is a GNOME app06:25
Jesdiscipleor at least I thot...06:25
chelzyou can run gnome and kde stuff on either gnome or kde06:25
AthyriaSo what does xfce use?06:25
chelzi just use synaptic06:25
Qwertabhijit: Namaste06:25
chelzand aptitude06:25
datacrusherLinuxFetus, most likely all stuff. you said youre not familiar with the hardware you got there06:26
abhijitQwert, hi06:26
AthyriaI'm trying to install synaptic. I can't figure out how.06:26
chelzAthyria: call up a terminal and use apt-get06:26
qwebirc74580how to download flash videos from youtube and metacafe and otheres..06:26
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, When I go to Devices > Resources, I can see the memory addresses for things.06:26
WiesshundAthyria apt-get06:26
bullgard4_Synaptic: "XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using {a} simple set of shell commands in {a} similar way it is done for plain text files using {the} UNIX commands grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc." How can I use xmlstarlet to search in the directory ~/abc and its subdirectories for the...06:26
bullgard4_...string "abc"?06:26
AthyriaI can't find the terminal, either...06:26
isadoranot really, gryllida: just need someone who knows udev rules in lucid06:26
=== qwebirc74580 is now known as uralponkhi
chelzbullgard4_: grep -lr abc directory/06:27
WiesshundAthyria term should be in your programs menu06:27
abhijitqwebirc74580, wget, xvideothief, or just play them in browser and after they fully played you can copy from your /tmp06:27
JesdiscipleI just checked06:27
nilldig  +short  irc.tor.freenode.net  cname06:27
Jesdiscipleand there is a #kubuntu channel =D06:27
abhijituralponkhi, ^^^^06:27
AthyriaWait... this menu seems to have other submenus, but clicking on them doesn't do anything. Does kubuntu have minimum system requirements or something?06:27
chelzAthyria: ctrl+alt+t might work. alt+f2 almost always works. also yeah #kubuntu06:27
abhijit!nick | uralponkhi06:28
ubottuuralponkhi: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.06:28
zetheroo1Skandranon: ok that's what I found too06:28
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, Here's the output: http://pastebin.com/8t5JwnaV06:28
=== [styx] is now known as styx4542
chelz!hi | nill06:28
ubottunill: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:28
zetheroo1Skandranon: and I am guessing you went through the installation instructions06:28
WiesshundAthyria i thin in kde you dont click them you just point and wait a sec06:28
=== styx4542 is now known as Styx4542
nillfree the fish06:28
Athyria...okay, it crashed. It's not supposed to do that, is it?06:29
Skandranonzetheroo1 hrm... first time seeing this: Instalation failed. The installer encountered a error coping files to the hard disk.   [errno 5] Input/Output error06:29
WiesshundAthyria what crashed?06:29
zetheroo1Skandranon: oh ...06:29
chelzAthyria: crashed how?06:29
AthyriaKDE. o_O06:29
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:29
Skandranonzetheroo1 wasnt that long after pulling the second monitor cable mid install... and I havent seen it b406:29
AthyriaXorg, too.06:29
chelzAthyria: you might want to start with standard Ubuntu Desktop with Gnome so you can learn some basics like terminal commands before getting into all you're getting ino06:30
martianIs there a way to attach to the stdio of a process which is not running through screen? (X-less server)06:30
Jesdisciple0_0 s/he's a newbie and doing this?06:30
AthyriaI tried that. It wouldn't install. It kept failing partway through copying. Any idea why? Wasn'T the disk.06:30
WiesshundAthyria ctrl alt f1 2 etc will give you a console prompt by the way, if you cant get to terminal in kde06:30
zetheroo1Skandranon: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/errno-5-input-output-error-639355/06:30
chelzmartian: that's process-specific, usually people just relaunch whatever with the pipes they want. btw there's nohup and dtach in place of screen06:31
datacrusherLinuxFetus, very nice. but I have to go now. try this paste in #hardware, most people there would know by memory if your processor is 32 or 64, memory, vga and stuff06:31
AthyriaThe ttyv thingies don't render for some reason.06:31
chelzAthyria: install pastebinit and pastebin the output you get06:31
LinuxFetus*##hardware lol06:31
LinuxFetusdatacrusher, I think #hardware is invite-only06:31
chelz!pastebinit | Athyria06:31
ubottuAthyria: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com06:31
datacrusherLinuxFetus, ##hardware06:31
martianchelz: I'll look into those. It's just a php script running via the commandline...looong process though, and I forgot to screen it :-/06:32
EdMoneyhow long would it typically take for ubuntu 10.04 to boot up when using "Try Ubuntu without installing" on a 2 Ghz machine with 4 GB of RAM? More than an hour??06:32
WiesshundEdMoney not unless you got a really slow cd drive06:32
chelzmartian: screen and similar tools are good for if your ssh connection dies. you might also have the php script itself write to a file instead of stdout optionally06:32
WiesshundEdMoney like 1X proprietary drive slow06:33
davefromcampif I want to start mpd when my computer starts how do I do this?06:33
vasezIs there a pacage that will check for duplicate mp3s?06:33
Jesdisciplesweet, I didn't know about the Ctrl+Alt+Fx thingy... glad I found F tho lol06:33
martianchelz: oh yeah, this is really a matter of I forgot to run the script in a better way and don't want to have to bother driving back to work over the weekend :)06:33
Skandranonzetheroo1 based on that post I am going to try with one stick on memory (they passed mem test but what the heck) and if that doesnt work I will try with a third new cd (this one passed the check) burned slower and one stick.. but unfortinily I cannt do that now... got to get moving and leave the house... thank you so much for all your help!!06:33
bullgard4_chelz: The directories which I would like to search, contain html files. I tried grep before I posted here. It produced clobbered output where I could not detect the wanted information. I cannot see how the -l switch would change the situation.06:34
chelzmartian: ah. well i have heard of some discussion out there about it. google for attaching to an existing tty06:34
chelzbullgard4_: well it'll give you a list of what files contain that string, so you can then filter just through the filename list rather than all the matches grep would output otherwise06:36
zetheroo1Skandranon: good luck!06:36
AthyriaChelz, output from what? KDM keeps crashing and the virtual terminals won't display. At least, I assume that's what's happening because it's what happened last time...06:36
WiesshundAthyria you started out with text only server right?06:37
=== Styx4542 is now known as [styx]
chelzAthyria: you said gnome wouldn't install, i mean from when you try something like   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktiop06:37
AthyriaNo, that was a different computer. I have four computers, all of which don't work.. in different ways.06:38
davefromcampmy xmpc won't uninstall06:38
davefromcampany thoughts?06:38
chelzAthyria: that really doesn't make it easy to help you if you switch between talking about a bunch of different problems06:38
WiesshundAthyria yea i am confused now as well06:38
fedora_newbhas anyone gotten counter strike source to work on ubuntu on here? Appears as it has been done, but its really kinda laggy for me06:39
Wiesshundif you pick 1 pc at a time, we might be able to help ;)06:39
magnetronfedora_newb: there's great instructions on Wine's AppDB for getting good FPS in CS06:39
Wiesshundfedora_newb steam or retail?06:40
AthyriaOkay, the kubuntu one - it wouldn  install ubuntu, and now kubuntu, which would install, is proving... problematic?06:40
fedora_newbmagnetron, link?06:40
magnetron!appdb | fedora_newb06:40
ubottufedora_newb: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:40
EdMoneygoddamn ubuntu, I did "Try Ubuntu without installing", as suggested here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes if you get the error "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error...", it's been nearly an hour, and now that i see the icon "Install Ubuntu 10.04 1 LTS", I double click on it and nothing happens. Why is this so damn slow06:40
marginoferrorDoes anyone have ideas on why I might be able to access a host on Windows but be unable to connect on Ubuntu, even though they're on the same network and can access all other websites equally?06:40
=== skyred|laptop is now known as skyred
WiesshundAthyria 1st question, how old is the PC and what version of ubuntu is on it?06:40
magnetronmarginoferror: DNS issues.06:41
AthyriaAbout ten years, and I'm not even sure at this point. o_O06:41
marginoferrorI am trying to access plurk.com and on my Ubuntu clients I cannot connect reliably but on Windows I can.  I suspected DNS but they are resolving to the correct IPs - however, telnet plurk.com 80 works from Windows but does not connect from Ubuntu most of the time06:41
JesdiscipleSystem > About gives your version... in GNOME but I think in KDE as well06:41
Athyria9.04, apparently. Odd, since that's the one I've had the most luck with out of any of them...06:42
marginoferrormagnetron: are there any other possibilities?06:42
WiesshundAthyria ok, well for starters a 10 year old PC probably wont run ubuntu 10.04 very well. You might want to run a different distro of ubuntu, or possibly puppy which is based on ubuntu but tailored to lower end hardware and old hardware06:42
magnetronmarginoferror: not that i can think of now06:42
magnetronmarginoferror: it might also be temporary06:42
Olognmarginoferror: You want to narrow everything down06:43
marginoferrorIt is intermittent but a very persistent problem.  And it only affects Ubuntu, not Windows clients06:43
Olognmarginoferror: Do a "telnet IP 80" from Windows and Ubuntu06:43
=== EdMoney is now known as register
marginoferrorOlogn: From two out of three Ubuntu clients that fails (gets the IP address but stalls).  From Windows it works.06:43
Olognmarginoferror: Then you will know it has nothing to do with DNS06:43
WiesshundAthyria you might also have a hardware issue on that machine since ubuntu install failed and kbuntu is puking on itself. niether is exactly normal for either distro06:44
=== register is now known as Guest42333
=== Qwert is now known as newnick
Olognmarginoferror: Can you telnet to port 80 of other web sites from them, like www.google.com ?06:44
marginoferrorOlogn: Yes from all clients06:44
=== newnick is now known as Qwert
AthyriaFar as I can tell, kubuntu always does that. (At least around me; did it on the laptop too) The really weird thing is that it was working just fine before I made the stupid mistake of updating it and had to reinstall.06:44
chelzEd_Money: you might try the alternate installer disc06:45
AthyriaIs it a coincidence, then, that it happens now?06:45
Olognmarginoferror: Also do a traceroute and ping from the good one and the bad ones06:45
bullgard4_chelz: I followed your advice. It helped! Though it is a bit clumsy. --  Thank you very much for your help.06:45
QwertAthriya: Whats the issue?06:45
WiesshundIf you did a clean reinstall, nothing you did prior would have any bearing on its operation06:45
Jesdisciplekubuntu always pukes06:45
AthyriaUbuntu won't install. o_O06:45
QwertAthyria: Whats the issue?06:45
Olognmarginoferror: You want to narrow down every possibility06:45
chelzbullgard4_: good to hear. learning sed grep and awk is super useful. also a good stepping-stone to perl06:45
AthyriaWell, I just tried to install it on top of what I had before. Bad idea?06:46
WiesshundAthyria er yea bad idea probably06:46
Jesdiscipledid you format before reinstalling?06:46
QwertAthyria: You are trying to install ubuntu or kubuntu?06:46
marginoferrorOlogn: From Windows, traceroute gets into a loop between two hosts midway.  But again Windows is working properly.  From the Ubuntu client that is working right now, traceroute completes in ten hops properly.  From the Ubuntu clients traceroute finishes in ten hops regardless of whether the clients can actually access the site or not.06:46
AthyriaFormatting would defeat the purpose of installing it right on top.06:46
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
QwertAthyria: Format first, it usually does that06:47
AthyriaI'm trying to install ubuntu. Kubuntu is horrifying.06:47
bullgard4_chelz: Ugh! You are burden a heavy load onto my back. :-)06:47
JesdiscipleOSs can't go on top of each other unless u have a virtual machine...06:47
WiesshundAthyria its not generaly a good idea to "install it right on top" especially when the previous incarnation got messed up06:47
QwertAthyria: Why you want to install it right on top?06:47
AthyriaSo for desktop versions it does need a reformat first? I never had any trouble doing this with servers...06:47
Olognmarginoferror: Does traceroute end somewhere out there on their network side or is it all stars (*s)?06:47
chelzbullgard4_: you don't have to do it all at once :P06:47
AthyriaSo it keeps all the user informations and histories and configuration files, of course.06:48
QwertAthyria: Do you want to save data of previous installation?06:48
marginoferrorOlogn: No stars, every host shows proper times and it ends at the correct destination IP06:48
JesdiscipleI am baffled about what you mean by right on top... afaik Ubuntu won't even allow that06:48
WiesshundAthyria thats why you mount those things in separate partitions on servers06:48
WiesshundJesdisciple it will, all linux will06:48
Jesdiscipleunless u mean update?06:48
AthyriaI mean downdate. o_O06:48
JesdiscipleI might recall the Live CD option you';re referring to now...06:49
WiesshundJesdisciple you you can reinstall, but tell it not to erase the system. which isnt a really great idea06:49
AthyriaSo was that why the server had no trouble?06:49
WiesshundAthyria i cant answer that because ive not seen how the server was set up06:49
QwertAthyria: Would you please address the user you are posting to?06:49
Olognmarginoferror: Also try "telnet www.plurk.com 443", that is a different port - ssl06:49
marginoferrorOlogn: Again, works for the clients that work (windows and 1x Ubuntu), doesn't for the client that doesn't06:50
QwertAthyria: Whats the issue exactly?06:50
AnxiousNut$wc is giving me false info, when uaing -w option for counting words, it tells me ther eis 15 words only, while in gedit tells 152(true)! How can i get it to tell the correct number of words?06:51
marginoferrorOlogn: Thank you for your patience with all of this.  I am at wit's end ;;06:51
magnetronAnxiousNut: check if there is any alias for wc06:52
Olognmarginoferror: I get TTL exceeded when pinging www.plurk.com, which is a little unusual06:52
AthyriaQwert - ubuntu won't install.06:52
AnxiousNutmagnetron, what do you mean? why alias?06:52
AthyriaWhich, on second though, has nothing to do with the not formatting because it didn't even get that far.06:53
QwertAthyria: What are you trying to install? Desktop or server?06:53
marginoferrorOlogn: Yes, that happens with both working and non-working clients.  Also, the TTL exceeded message is coming from a different IP than the plurk servers supposedly are on06:53
QwertAthyria: Ok.. how are you installing it? Live CD?06:53
okapi14Hi all, I have a system that hangigng at "loading Hardware", no other error. How can I find the faulty hardware?06:53
AthyriaQwert - desktop... I'm used to the server which is all nice and friendly and doesn't do crazy crap, but sadly it doesn't work so well on desktops. *shifty eyes*06:54
WiesshundAthyria as i said, that machine could be having some kind of hardware failure. it is old06:54
Olognmarginoferror: I'd also check if I had iptables or ipchains running on the bad machines...as processes or as a kernel module (lsmod)06:54
AthyriaWiesshund - so why would kubuntu install, then? Or are they really that different?06:54
chelzAthyria: alternate installer06:54
marginoferrorOlogn: One of them is a fresh install (as in, today) and was working an hour ago.  I'll check but I don't expect they are running anything outside of what is on a fresh install06:54
QwertAthyria: No they aren't so different06:55
QwertAthyria: If you are using kubuntu, you can transform it to ubuntu06:55
uLinuxhow can I make backup of every software installed and its preferences?06:55
=== chuck__ is now known as lazyPower
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning06:56
WiesshundAthyria different installers. 2 similar but non identical apps, wont crash in the same place and time. one might make it past install then puke.06:56
marginoferrorOlogn: Nope, nothing like that running06:56
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe06:56
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate06:56
AthyriaWait, konqueror was crashing it. Er... nevermind.06:56
chelzuLinux: google for: list all install packages with dpkg ubuntu06:57
QwertWiesshund: What is he trying to install? Desktop/server? Which OS is he on now?06:57
lazyPowerHaving an issue with the beta on updating grub-pc. the update just hangs apt. When i ps aux | grep dpkg it shows its running some kind of perl script update and never finishes.... as in i left it for a day and it never makes any progress. Not seeing the google answer if there is one readily available. Anybody have any ideas?06:57
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+106:57
lazyPowersorry about being vague, its 10.10 beta, x86.06:57
QwertlazyPower: #ubuntu+106:58
WiesshundQwert his 10 year old pc flaked out after an update. but now it crashes even trying to run ubuntu install. kbuntu installed but crashes out of the kdm. I think the hardware is having issues06:58
okapi14Hi all, I have a system that hangigng at "loading Hardware", no other error. How can I find the faulty hardware?06:58
Olognmarginoferror: mail for plurk.com seems to be down06:59
AthyriaWiesshund - it was konqueror crashing it. KDE seems to actually just be fine, aside from slowness. so nevermind on that computer.06:59
QwertWiesshund: Oh.. Did he try to do complete format of it?06:59
marginoferrorOlogn: mail?06:59
chelzAthyria: you should boot into recovery mode and finish the update, if you haven't deleted yoru old system06:59
QwertWiesshund: Oh.. Did he try to do complete format of hd?06:59
Olognmarginoferror: I telnet to port 25 of each of its mail servers and it hangs...I'm just looking at their domain06:59
WiesshundQwert no06:59
Athyriachelz - Are you crazy? Updating's what got me into this mess int he first place!06:59
chelzAthyria: if you can't boot to recovery mode, boot to a livecd or alternate cd and chroot in, then finish the update06:59
chelzAthyria: well you're going to need to install those updates sooner or later, you might as well keep what you have if you can06:59
marginoferrorOlogn: Lots of stuff is weird about their setup, they have really desperate and low-budget load balancing.  I just can't figure out the discrepancy between Windows and Ubuntu results in accessing them.07:00
QwertWiesshund: Before coming to hardware fault, we need to check other things as well :)07:00
chelzAthyria: btw a good way to keep from hectic upgrades is to stay on LTSs07:00
chelzsorta ot, but worth mentioning07:00
xbonesxwhen i try to click nvidia driver rev 180 from hardware drivers and click activate, i get a error messege, http://i54.tinypic.com/2cxdcgh.jpg07:00
QwertAthyria: Have you tried doing format of your hard disk?07:00
Athyriachelz - what's lts?07:00
QwertAthyria: Complete format?07:01
QwertAthyria: Long term support07:01
WiesshundQwert when the live cd wont boot and run, there isnt alot else to check aside from a bad burn07:01
AthyriaQwert - I tried using a different hard disk, does that count?07:01
chelz!lts | Athyria07:01
ubottuAthyria: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)07:01
QwertWiesshund: There are other installation method to comment on hardware.. like the dvd player may be faulty07:02
h3ojGood night, what's is the command for suspend the ubuntu in xterm?07:02
AthyriaAnd is it a bad sign when the live cd boots into gmone and then the gnome panel crashes over and over again?07:02
QwertAthyria: Good, even that gave errors?07:02
chelzAthyria: this would also be good07:02
WiesshundQwert that is hardware07:02
chelz!manual | Athyria07:02
ubottuAthyria: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:02
QwertWiesshund: Yeah.. i am coming to it :)07:02
QwertAthyria: Have you checked your cd player?07:03
Dr_Willisive often seen optical disk issues.  Seems either the media is getting really cheap and flakey these days, or the drives are getting cheaper and less reliable.. or both. :()07:03
Olognmarginoferror: yes, I'm perplexed07:03
AthyriaQwert - in what fashion do you mean?07:03
WiesshundDr_Willis both07:03
Dr_WillisI tend to generate a bootable USB flash and install from that. Seems Much more reliable. and faster07:03
QwertDr_Willis: Yes that is what07:03
marginoferrorOlogn: I feel better now that I am not the only one.  Thank you =)07:03
QwertAthyria: Have you tried usb install?07:04
marginoferrorOlogn: do you know of any other places I might ask for help?  Maybe a specialized linux networking channel or something?07:04
WiesshundDr_Willis i just unetbootin the iso and bypass the whole cd burn usb thing07:04
AthyriaQwert - the bios doesn't  support that. O_o07:04
uLinuxchelz: tks07:04
WiesshundQwert the PC is 10 years old07:05
QwertAthyria: OH07:05
QwertAthyria: Yeah.. surmised it no07:05
QwertAthyria: Yeah.. surmised it now07:05
h3ojWhat's is the command for suspend the ubuntu in xterm? thx =p07:05
xbonesxwhen i try to click nvidia driver rev 180 from hardware drivers and click activate, i get a error messege, http://i54.tinypic.com/2cxdcgh.jpg07:05
QwertAthyria: Umm.. Are you sure that the disk reader is not faulty?07:06
AthyriaQwert - not entirely. But if it was, this would be some pretty selective faultiness.07:06
AthyriaQwert - Since it seems to work with everything but regular ubuntu disks.07:06
Olognmarginoferror: You can ask on Ubuntu forums...I would mention everything you did already.  I don't think they'll have a solution, but who knows.  Because it is working for everything except that one web site.07:06
h3oji found thx07:07
marginoferrorRight.  Okay, thanks.07:07
QwertAthyria: Have you burned the iso or used shipit cds?07:07
chelzxbonesx: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18007:07
xbonesxchelz: ty07:08
dooglusI'm getting pretty bad 'tearing' while watching videos on ubuntu.  any advice?07:08
AthyriaQwert - I've burnt them plenty of times. Wot?07:08
Olognmarginoferror: Also go to http://status.plurk.com first try from one of the machines it doesn't work on07:08
marginoferrorOlogn: That loads for all clients, yes.07:09
Dr_Willisdooglus:  if using compiz, theres a 'enable sync to vblank' (i think) option that helped  my system a lot.07:10
thune3dooglus: watching web videos or through a player?07:10
Olognmarginoferror: That is on their 183 subnet.  It has a lot of info on network problems, which is odd07:10
dooglusDr_Willis: I have 'visual effects' set to 'none'.  it's an old laptop07:10
dooglusthune3: local .avi files, using mplayer_nogui or totem07:10
chelzh3oj: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:ubuntuforums.org+sleep+ubuntu+terminal07:11
QwertAthyria: With proper md5 sums check? Usually it doesn't affect but..07:11
Olognmarginoferror: It says their pingable machine is ping.plurk.com07:11
dooglusDr_Willis, thune3: lspci reports I have: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]07:11
marginoferrorOlogn: Yes, recently the entire site was down.  The problems I have been experiencing intermittently are only since then.  But nobody else I have talked to (none of them on Linux) has experienced troubles with their network since then.07:11
marginoferrorOlogn: ping.plurk.com?  Interesting setup.  Thank you07:11
Dr_Willisdooglus:  not sure what else to tell you then. mplayer has some flitering options that may help. but ive never used them much07:11
AthyriaQwert - if that's what a check disk equates to, sometimes.07:11
chelz!bootoptions | Athyria07:11
ubottuAthyria: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions07:11
thune3dooglus: you can try the -vo gl or -vo gl2 in mplayer, sometimes the default xv gets tearing (without compiz)07:12
xbonesxchelz: after i run 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180' then what do i do?07:12
chelzAthyria: have you tried the alternate disc?07:12
thune3dooglus: maybe -vo sdl might work, not sure.07:12
QwertAthyria: Since your bios is old, we cannot try other means07:12
dooglusgosh.  I just clicked 'cancel' in the visual-effects dialog07:12
Athyriachelz - Alternate disc?07:12
dooglusI only went there to check I had 'none' selected07:12
chelzxbonesx: after it's done you should have something telling you to restart. even if you aren't told that, you should save your open stuff and restart07:12
chelzAthyria: yes07:12
dooglusand hitting 'cancel' has killed my window manager!07:12
Wiesshunddooglus what kind of laptop? it also might be stuggling a bit to decode the video07:13
xbonesxchelz: ok ty07:13
chelz!alternate | Athyria07:13
h3ojchelz, rly thx07:13
ubottuAthyria: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal07:13
dooglusWiesshund: it's an old toshiba satellite07:13
dooglusWiesshund: an A21007:13
QwertAthyria: Yeah, have you tried that?07:13
chelzAthyria: what os was your server running before?07:13
Qwertchelz: I was trying to remember the name :)07:14
Athyriachelz - An install mode that install prettily like freebsd would? *kitty eyes* Can you tell it everything? Does it go pretty? Is it all lovely?07:14
Wiesshunddooglus you know what cpu it has? not familiar with the models07:14
chelzAthyria: it looks like the debian installer, http://www.shtylman.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/debian_installer.png07:15
Athyriachelz - Er, not the server. The server just hates me. This is the desktop. That's not working. Whereas the server is just being hateful.07:15
chelzAthyria: but still, you haven't formatted and it's just not booting from a bad upgrade, boot to the alternate disc and get a shell, then finish the update07:15
dooglusWiesshund: model name: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-5507:15
Athyriachelz - Oh... debian... so vaguely prettily? Not gentoo pretty, but still ish...07:15
Athyriachelz - it's not an upgrade, though. I'm trying to go to an older version. The updates worked... they... did things. Horrible things. Terribly things.07:16
Wiesshunddooglus oh thats not so old and decrepid :) it should play back video fine, might just have to tweak some with what the others suggested07:16
xbonesxchelz: after i restarted i went back into /system/administration/hardware drivers and activated, do i need to restart again?07:16
chelzxbonesx: wouldn't hurt07:17
Athyriachelz - but now nothing but kubuntu or xubuntu will install, and kubuntu's too slow to change... and xubuntu just doesn'T work.07:17
okapi14Hi all, I have a system that hangigng at "loading Hardware", no other error. How can I find the faulty hardware?07:17
dooglusWiesshund: while playing, the CPU is 75% idle...07:17
xbonesxchelz: ok07:17
dooglusWiesshund: can I find out what video driver it's using?07:17
chelzAthyria: as in xubuntu won't boot? or what?07:17
QwertAthyria: Well if you can install kubuntu, i t would be better to reinstall kubuntu with proper format. And then transform to ubuntu07:18
Wiesshunddooglus you can click system > admin > hardware to see if its running propriety drivers07:18
chelzQwert: a lot of hdd space could be saved by just using the ubuntu alternate installer07:19
dooglusWiesshund: I ran the 'hardware drivers' thing from the system>admin menu yesterday.  it told me no prop. drivers we in use or available07:19
chelzi'd really recommend xubuntu if the desktop is 10 years or so old07:19
dooglusWiesshund: but there is a proprietary ATI driver isn't there?07:19
Qwertchelz: Right if my option doesn't work. Moreover, tranforming would not take disk space07:20
Wiesshunddooglus there is but it only goes back so far. the older ati hardware isnt supported by them07:20
thune3dooglus: not 100% sure, but I think your graphic X1200 is no longer supported by the proprietary driver from ATI07:20
zetheroo1where can I get documentation of devicekit in Ubuntu?07:20
Wiesshundthune3 it isnt07:20
woodyjlwanyone know a easy program to change wma into mp3 ?  kicking myself for using windows media player to rip my cd's......kicking myself for using MS to try do anything right!07:20
ibrahim-kasemsuddenly no sound on lucid and to fix this I have to restart.07:20
dooglusthune3: I'll try different -vo options then.  thanks07:20
Qwertchelz: I mean after trying your option. he may try what i suggest  (And yes if xubuntu works that's better. And if he want ubuntu, he will have to tranform)07:20
zetheroo1can you enable SHMConfig through DeviceKit?07:20
chelzQwert: i was thinking unless one does a --purge to delete all the kde files, they'd still be installed and taking up space07:20
Wiesshundwoodyjlw ffshow07:21
h3ojchelz, thanks man, or on apci or pm-suspend. Good night and thanks07:21
chelzh3oj: good to hear07:21
Wiesshundwoodyjlw windows does rip cd's in mp3 format btw. just have to change the setting in media player.07:22
armenceHello all. How do I find out where a binary is? I know it's in my path because I can just type its name, but I want to know where it is stored...07:22
chelzwoodyjlw: SoundConverter07:22
Dr_Willisarmence:  'which binaryname'07:22
chelzwoodyjlw: sudo apt-get install soundsonverter07:22
Qwertchelz: Now if xubuntu is getting installed, forget about installing kubuntu and tranforming. I would like to see if he is able to use alternate install :)07:22
h3ojGod bless, i run07:22
chelzwoodyjlw: then Applications -> Sound & Video -> Sound Converter07:23
uLinuxWhy the splash screen doesnt use 1920x1080 resolution?07:23
doogluswow, that's great.  mplayer -vo gl (or gl2) fixes it07:23
chelzQwert: oh yeah. using a xubuntu alternate disc would be ideal07:23
dooglusthanks guys07:23
Wiesshundarmence locate filename ?07:23
chelzuLinux: depends on your graphics card/hardware07:23
armencewhich worked07:23
uLinuxchelz: the splash saying Ubuntu is small for my monitor07:23
chelzzetheroo1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeviceKit and http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/DeviceKit07:23
Qwertchelz: If that what he wants. Otherwise ubuntu alternate disc07:24
Dr_Willisarmence:  'which' specifically searxches the path. 'locate' would look everywhere07:24
WiesshunduLinux join the club07:24
Qwertchelz: You suggested him.. what did he say?07:24
zetheroo1chelz: ok thanks07:24
chelzQwert: haven't seen anything in a while07:24
armenceDr_Willis, which is what I needed, thanks07:24
QwertAthyria: There?07:24
uLinuxWiesshund: i tried to use startup-manager but it only allows up to 1600x120007:24
dooglusDr_Willis: I prefer 'type' to 'which'.  it's a builtin07:24
chelzuLinux: some nvidia gfx devices have good resolutions starting up. it really depends07:24
WiesshunduLinux the boot logo?07:25
uLinuxyes Wiesshund07:25
woodyjlwk  thanks guys now I can try to get these wma fixed :)  I knew I could switch wma to mp3 in MS but did not think it mattered till I started using linux and found MS is a pain and intentionally sabotaging files to make it harder for any one ells to use them07:25
uLinuxchelz: maybe i did something wrong but when i boot from livecd it shows splashscreen perfectly07:25
freesbieHi, is there a way to limit/restrict the directories with nautilus? Just want to have only the home directory for browsing within nautilus.07:25
WiesshunduLinux heh i couldnt get mine to go to 1440X900, so you are doing better than i am07:25
QwertDr_Willis: How to open gtk/ot applications from tty1?07:25
QwertDr_Willis: &Qt07:25
AthyriaQwert - er...07:26
uLinuxWiesshund: if i use livecd it looks nice07:26
chelzuLinux: that's odd07:26
Dr_WillisQwert:  type its name...   .. but you mean from the alt-ctrl F1 CONSOLE? and have it run on your X destop? You may need to07:26
uLinuxchelz: btw i installed ubuntu when i had another monitor07:26
Dr_WillisQwert:  export DISPLAY=:0.0   first07:26
chelzuLinux: oh! you must have an nvidia card and installed the proprietary driver07:26
QwertAthyria: Yeah.. what is your plan now?07:26
QwertAthyria: alternate disc?07:26
uLinuxchelz: i do..07:26
WiesshunduLinux yea i didnt spend alot of time fussing with it, its only on the screen for a few seconds07:26
chelzuLinux: the livecd uses the nonproprietary nvidia driver, which allows for good resolution stuff during boot07:27
QwertDr_Willis: No i mean when one uses recovery mode from boot, tty1 opens07:27
chelzuLinux: i have nvidia too, that happens to me :)07:27
=== ceros_ is now known as firojj
AthyriaQwert - I was going to wave a breadstick and command the spirits within to stop dithering about, but that might be a better idea.07:27
uLinux:) they could fix it :P07:27
Dr_WillisQwert:   those are 'consoles'07:27
chelzuLinux: you have to pick between having the nice boot resolution and whatever the proprietary driver gives you07:27
QwertDr_Willis: From tty1 i was trying to open network tools07:27
chelzuLinux: ehh.. i guess they're working on it. talk to nvidia :P07:27
Dr_WillisQwert:  you have X going? if not.. then you are not going to 'see' a X gui app from the consoel..07:27
zetheroo1what happens with nvidia?07:28
chelzAthyria: how old is your desktop computer?07:28
Wiesshundwoodyjlw the files arent sabatoged, its just that wm format is proprietary. mp3 didnt use to be an open format either once upon a time07:28
zetheroo1chelz: ^^07:28
QwertAthyria: Huh? I am only to trying to help. Sarcasm not the option :)07:28
bobstroWiesshund:  is it open now?07:28
zetheroo1Athyria: ha .. that may just work :P07:29
AthyriaQwert - that wasn't sarcasm. O_o07:29
QwertAthyria: Oh.. sorry i read that wrong.07:29
uLinuxchelz: im gonna send an email to them :P07:29
chelzzetheroo1: plymouth (ubuntu's boot stuff) supports high resolution splash screen stuff, while the proprietary nvidia driver doesn't (at least with plymouth)07:29
Wiesshundbobstro well kind of. you dont have to go paying mony for a set of L&H codecs anymore07:29
QwertAthyria: What about alternate install?07:29
chelzuLinux: you could try posting on the nvidia linux forums. that's actually a pretty nice place07:29
Athyriachelz - oldish. But apparently the main problem is somewhere else entirely.07:29
abhijitbye all!07:29
zetheroo1chelz: ah, yes ... I also don't get a highres boot splash image ...07:30
chelzAthyria: just see if an alternate cd works at all. if it does, you should see if ubuntu is fast enough, and if it isn't, try xubuntu07:30
QwertAthyria: Yeah.. read it wrong. What about alternate install? :)07:30
chelzzetheroo1: yeah. that's the way it is right now with the proprietary driver afaik07:30
QwertAthyria: Yes same is what i suggest as by chelz07:30
zetheroo1chelz: with Intel I always have it highres  ...07:30
AthyriaQwert, chez - actually, no. kubuntu works as an install. In other words, I give up.07:31
Wiesshundzetheroo1 yea i dont think intel has any proprietary drivers07:31
AthyriaQwert, chez - but thank you for trying.07:31
Dr_WillisPlymouth is a bit of a 'fail' with my 3 nvidia systems also.07:31
zetheroo1Wiesshund: none at all? ..07:31
chelzblame nvidia not plymouth07:31
QwertAthyria: Hey!! I guess it possible for you to use ubuntu07:31
Dr_WillisI do see the Plymouth animations when i close down :)07:31
chelzAthyria: aw, giving up's no fun07:32
uLinuxDr_Willis:  me too after fixing splash screen lol07:32
WiesshundDr_Willis i see the animations, for the few seconds that screen is up, it just wont go full screen07:32
Dr_WillisI blame the Decision to include plymouth, and not make a easy option to disable it...07:32
uLinuxor if the image was black you would think it's fullscreen07:33
Dr_WillisuLinux:  at least you can see somthing. :)07:33
QwertAthyria: As you say, you can call us back. Many from channel would be willing to help. Welcome :)07:33
Wiesshundeh its just a boot screen, not really of much importance07:33
uLinuxfor me every detail is important :p07:33
chelzAthyria: yeah, when you're ready to try ubuntu again you're welcome anytime07:33
AthyriaQwert -  what about my other computer? Can you fix that?07:33
QwertDr_Willis: Well tty1 are consoles right?07:34
Dr_WillisWiesshund:  ive seen several people in here this week that couldent 'easialy' enter their encrypted home/whatever password due to the Plymouth issues...07:34
chelzAthyria: could try07:34
WiesshundI would actualy prefer the old red hat coloured ansi text interactive type start up07:34
QwertAthyria: What you want to try on tyhaT?07:34
Dr_WillisQwert:  You have 7 consoles by default,. alt-ctrl-f1 through F7, X normally runs on 'f7' yes.07:34
chelzWiesshund: you can always customize it to that if you really want :)07:34
QwertDr_Willis: Ok.. I'll see. Thanks07:34
Wiesshundchelz hmm, i couldnt find any info on doing that07:35
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:35
Dr_WillisWiesshund:   its not real 'trivial' :) unless you use the text option, and launch gdm from rc.local. but thats a bit of a kludge.07:35
Grazihoi tem aguém aii07:35
AthyriaLaptop, newish, recently reformated. Some arbitrary number of partitions... ubuntu and ubuntu most recently installed. One ubuntu ate the other one's grub or something. But the other other one's grub is the one being used and it's pointing to the wrong things. How do I override it?07:35
Grazihafim de conversa07:36
QwertDr_Willis: Hey! Thats fine. I was thinking if there is a possiblilty to gui applications from console.(Bringing mouse in console to begin with) :)07:36
RealOptyhow can i clone a hdd? i wanna mainly backup my restore partition.07:36
rww!pt | Grazih07:36
ubottuGrazih: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em brasileiro. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:36
Dr_WillisRealOpty:  theres sevarl tools to do that. 'dd' can be used. but theres more dedicated tools.07:36
QwertAthyria: What is the configuration of other system?07:36
Dr_Willis!info fsarchive07:37
ubottuPackage fsarchive does not exist in lucid07:37
Dr_Willis!info fsarchivee07:37
ubottuPackage fsarchivee does not exist in lucid07:37
AthyriaQwert - what do you mean?07:37
maestrojedMy computer locked up and now boots to a bunch of errors and ends in a command line called [initramfs]. Following advice I was going to boot from a cd run fsck. But the CD won't boot. It sites on the purple ubuntu splash screen with the dots showing progress. Any help?07:37
chelzAthyria: you should reinstall grub so that it's pointing to the install you want to use primarily, then once you boot in, install Startup Manager07:37
QwertAthyria: What you want to try on it? What is the problem with it?07:37
chelzAthyria: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD07:38
Athyriachelz, Qwert - the problem is, I've tried reinstalling grub. It's not writing to the mbr or something, though, because the old one is still being used.07:38
Wiesshundmaestrojed how long did you allow it to sit?07:38
Qwert!info fsarchiver07:38
ubottufsarchiver (source: fsarchiver): file system archiver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.8-1ubuntu0.1 (lucid), package size 94 kB, installed size 280 kB07:38
Qwert!info fsarchiver | Dr_Willis07:38
ubottuDr_Willis: please see above07:38
maestrojedWiesshund: not sure, 15mins+07:38
chelzAthyria: you need to run something like: sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdX07:38
Wiesshundmaestrojed oh :( ok that was long enough then07:39
rickmastaHey guys, I just installed webmin, does anyone know how I can go to it by just using the ip? Right now, it's saying I have to use the hostname, but I don't have a host name set up yet.07:39
chelzAthyria: see that link07:39
Athyriachelz - and I think following what that said may have been what got me into this mess in the first place... or something.07:39
WiesshundDr_Willis rather than shooting plymouth, id rather shoot UUID07:39
greezmunkeyrickmasta: try "localhost"07:39
QwertAthyria: MBR - Master boot record is for Windows. Is that dual boot?07:39
chelzAthyria: we can go through it step by step. just boot to a livecd.07:39
=== Selac414 is now known as Selac
greezmunkeyrickmasta: http://localhost:1000007:40
chelzQwert: MBR is what dos-type partition tables call the beginning of the disk.07:40
QwertDr_Willis: Is that what you were looking for?07:40
Dr_WillisWiesshund:  ive had very few issues with the UUID system.. in fact its saved me many a time07:40
Dr_WillisQwert:  i just dident want to flood the channel more. :) i use the app every so often.07:40
Qwertchelz: Yes07:40
chelzQwert: basically all x86/x64 computers use MBR or GPT partition tables07:40
QwertDr_Willis: Ok:)07:40
xbonesxanyone know the directory for xchat? trying to change the conf and prevent file for colors, but the websites default directory isnt where mine was put from synaptic install07:40
WiesshundDr_Willis Its not so fun when UUIDs change07:40
freesbieDoes anyone know a way to show only the home directory in the file browser or an alternative file browser which shows only the home directory?07:41
AthyriaQwert - try quadruple boot with spare hard drive with two more operating systems...07:41
chelzQwert: grub docs usually refer to installing grub on an hdd as installing it "to the mbr"07:41
chelzfreesbie: as in lock a user so they can only see their own home dir?07:41
Athyriachelz - it's booted from the live cd now. Problem is, I already tried that.07:41
Qwertchelz: Yes. Got that.07:41
Mkaysixbonesx: I think it is /home/username/.xchat07:41
abhijitm back!07:42
QwertAthyria: You want to try that?07:42
QwertHello Abhijit07:42
chelzAthyria: please pastebin the output of:   fdisk -l07:42
AthyriaQwert - no, I mean that's what it is.07:42
chelzAthyria: actually   sudo fdisk -l07:42
QwertAthyria: also dmesg07:42
freesbiechelz: not exactly. I just want to limit what's visible in nautilus. I don't mind command line usage07:42
Dr_WillisWiesshund:  change them back.   ive had to many flash/live installs that dident use UUID's that i have had to fight with,,  many more times the issue for me . then having UUID's change. Actually i cant recall the last time a UUID changed on me07:42
abhijitQwert, :D07:43
chelzfreesbie: is this just for cosmetics/looks or security?07:43
Qwertchelz: He is making it complex i guess07:43
Athyriachelz, Qwert - I can't paste; I'm on the other other machine and ubuntu versions since 9.something don't by default list universe packages.07:43
ibrahim-kasemabhijit, hi :)07:43
abhijitibrahim-kasem, hello07:43
chelzAthyria: does the computer booted to the livecd have internet access?07:44
WiesshundDr_Willis its easy to figure out whats /sda5 sdb1 etc, trying to fix something and figure out what 09820398123234 was sucks07:44
RealOptysomeone test this link for me http://realopty.co.cc/muninlite/07:44
greezmunkeyfreesbie: check here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/527876/how-to-restrict-a-linux-user-to-be-only-able-to-read-home-user-and-nothing-else07:44
xbonesxMkaysi: TY i didnt know you had to put the '~' in front... :p07:44
xbonesxMkaysi: why is that?07:44
Dr_WillisWiesshund:  ive had much more issues with /dev/sdXY changeing. but do what you want. :)07:44
=== Maahes__ is now known as Maahes
chelzxbonesx: ~ means your home directory in bash07:45
Athyriachelz... sort of?07:45
xbonesxah ok07:45
xbonesxTY! :)07:45
chelzAthyria: can you go to http://paste.ubuntu.com07:45
QwertAthyria: You simply want to use ubuntu right?07:45
GhostWolfhi all, whats the best software for ubuntu 10.04 for webcam?07:45
chelzxbonesx: you can do stuff like "ls ~" even07:45
JesdiscipleGhost: I'd like to know too, tbh07:45
greezmunkeyfreesbie: do you see the problem with locking them down...07:46
freesbiechelz: I'm preparing a locked down account (with gconf settings) for a kiosk. Just need to worry about nautilus for now.07:46
AthyriaQwert - no, I want my grub to find my ubuntus.07:46
WiesshundDr_Willis heh my dev/sdX always changes, depending on what slots i poke the drives back in07:46
okapi14Hi all, I have a system that hangigng at "loading Hardware", no other error. How can I find the faulty hardware?07:46
GhostWolfJesdisciple, i used before cheese, but i don't certain sites didn't detect i had a webcam07:46
chelzfreesbie: i would call that a security context. you should use filesystem permissions for that. that like greezmunkey said looks good07:46
QwertAthyria: Is there any data in it?07:46
greezmunkeyfreesbie: Ah, got that...07:46
xbonesxwhats the copy file command?07:46
* abhijit is busy finding new 'unique' nick! :(07:46
AthyriaQwert - it looks like a perfectly ordinary bootloader... except it's all wrong and I can't even find it.07:46
AthyriaQwert - so... er, yes?07:47
xbonesxgoogling NVM07:47
freesbiegreezmunkey: any ideas?07:47
chelzfreesbie: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/05/27/how-to-lock-down-gnome/07:47
GhostWolfJesdisciple, so i had to use it on my windows comp but since i only have one monitor and i used remote connection to connect to it, it doesn't do a good job as if i was running it without remote desktop07:47
QwertAthyria: Which system are you on now? Old or other?07:47
Athyriachelz - apparently not from the livecd...07:47
chelzfreesbie: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+lock+down+ubuntu+account+kiosk07:47
Jesdisciplewell I just booted a 10.04 ISO on VirtualBox and it said I had just under 6 MB on a USB device...  I have an 8 GB USB and no other07:47
AthyriaQwert - I'm trying to get the laptop to work now.07:47
Jesdisciplewut the heck?07:47
greezmunkeyfreesbie: did you check the link I posted, there are some decent ideas there, but there is kiosk software freely available, have you checked into that?07:48
chelzAthyria: how do you connect it to the internet? ethernet cable to a router? home wifi?07:48
QwertAthyria: Laptop, so it stucks at grub and cannot boot ubuntu right?07:48
GhostWolfJesdisciple, did you check to make sure nothing else was on the device? nor refortmat it to make sure its empty?07:48
Dr_Willisfreesbie:  i saw a tool called 'Ofris' the other day its a 'deep freeze' like tool for ubuntu.  used by cafes and so forth.  Ive not tried it  but it may be of use to you ---> http://www.webupd8.org/2010/08/ofris-deep-freeze-like-application-for.html07:48
Qwertchelz: You want to try network install?07:48
JesdiscipleI formatted it before booting VirtualBox07:48
WiesshundJesdisciple does your pc have one of those instant on OS's?07:48
chelzQwert: Athyria mentioned there are multiple ubuntu installs and grub is pointing to the wrong one07:48
JesdiscipleWiesshund: huh?07:49
GhostWolfJesdisciple, then i don't know sorry07:49
chelzQwert: no i'm just trying to get internet access for pastebin stuff to make the reinstalling grub2 easy07:49
Jesdisciplehere's the guide I'm foloing: http://mintarticles.com/read/operating-systems-articles/how-to-install-portable-linux-ubuntu-on-a-bootable-usb-flash-drive-from-sun-virtualbox,13641/07:49
WiesshundJesdisciple expressgate/splashtop/lenovo ?07:49
Athyriachelz - normally with whatever, but it doesn't seem to work from the live cd.07:49
Qwertchelz: Okay.. lets see07:49
GhostWolfdoes anyone else know a great webcam software for ubuntu? i am using the 10.04 64bit version07:49
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abhijitGhostWolf, cheese?07:49
Jesdiscipleno, I'm running Ubuntu07:49
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  software to do what exactly?07:49
Jesdiscipleon the host system07:50
GhostWolfabhijeet, is that the best one07:50
chelz!usb | Jesdisciple07:50
ubottuJesdisciple: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:50
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  theres 'webcamstudio' thats fun to play with...07:50
AthyriaQwert - and the grub is only messing up with the new installs; the old install and the windows are just fine; it hasn't bloody updated.07:50
chelzJesdisciple: you want a persistent usb install07:50
GhostWolfDr_Willis, everything for webcams07:50
freesbiechelz I'm using Sabayon (i.e., pessulus + couple of things) and some hand editing of gconf values. Didn't find a way to actually limit nautilus use. I'm checking your links btw. Thanks07:50
uLinuxHow can I run an executable in terminal and them minimize/hide it?07:50
chelzAthyria: if you bring up firefox, what does firefox say?07:50
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  'everthing' tells me very little..  check out webcam studio i guess..07:50
WiesshundJesdisciple yea eh thats not what i was reffering to :) you said your showing some oddball usb storage device?07:50
GhostWolfDr_Willis, i had cheese but aslo when i use a website or even amsn to use my webcam it gave me issues07:50
Jesdisciplechelz and ubottu: Yes, I was at the Ubuntu Wiki07:50
chelzfreesbie: this channel is for Ubuntu support only07:50
Qwertchelz: Go to recovery mode and click update grub loader.. let us know what it says07:50
Jesdiscipleand it directed me to the guide I linked to07:50
freesbieDr_Willis: thanks for think. I'm cheking07:51
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GhostWolfDr_Willis, well its a webcam what do you do with webcam? take pictures, videos have video chat with other people you know. its not that complicated in my book07:51
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  webcamstudio is designed to work as a 'middleman' btween your webcam and various chat/video chat programs to let you expand the features of the cam. or even use alterantives to a actual webcam07:51
Athyriachelz - the usual? Server not found.07:51
freesbiechelz: Yep, I'm working on a Ubuntu system. Just looking my way around. Thanks for the reminder though :)07:51
JesdiscipleWiesshund: yeh...?07:51
GhostWolfDr_Willis, ok..07:52
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  cheese lets you take pictures and videos.. vlc can also work as a front end to the webcam.  as for the 'chatting' its all about what the chat programs support.07:52
QwertAthyria: Go to recovery mode and click update grub loader.. let us know what it says07:52
JesdiscipleWiesshund: not sure where you're going witht hat07:52
=== abhijit is now known as Abhijit
WiesshundJesdisciple if your motherboard has one of those instant on OS's embeded on it, those are usualy on a USB drive thats soldered to the motherboard. which somethimes show up as some stupid sized usb drive, to linux anyways07:52
AthyriaQwert - which recovery mode? There are three... and a cd...07:53
Ed_MoneyStep 4 of 7 on install, prepare disk space, my 2 choices are "Erase and use the entire disk" (dont want this) or Specify Partitions Manually, I get to the next screen "Prepare Partitions", not sure what to do. help?07:53
GhostWolfDr_Willis, like i said programs like msn or for linux users, amsn, those kind of things uses allows video chat and stuff07:53
uLinuxif i run a program ./program how can I close the terminal without closing the program ?07:53
JesdiscipleWiesshund: =\07:53
QwertAthyria: I mean does the grup load on starting system? Do you see recovery mode option as well?07:53
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  so you are looking for a 'instant messaging' client then?  or a WebCam Recorder program?07:53
KritoslapHello, I'm using the latest proprietary drivers from ati and I would like to remove them and install those from hardware drivers. How do I remove them?07:53
WiesshundJesdisciple is the dumb sized drive the only one showing?07:53
AthyriaQwert - I see three.07:53
JesdiscipleSo what should I do to make my 8GB appear to VB?07:53
chelzQwert: you sure karmic has the grub option in the recovery menu?07:53
Jesdiscipleand yes it is07:54
AthyriaQwert - Well, three sets. o_O07:54
QwertAthyria: Iike what?07:54
GhostWolfDr_Willis, no im looking for a program that does like what my webcam program in windows does..07:54
hallelujahnew here07:54
Qwertchelz: Thats what i asking him now07:54
WiesshundKritoslap disable them, use synaptic to download the ones from the repository07:54
JesdiscipleHi Hallelujah07:54
Qwertchelz: as far as i remeber, it does07:54
KritoslapWiesshund,  I don't know how to disable them07:55
hallelujahhi Jes07:55
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  i have no idea what your webcam program in windows does..07:55
GhostWolflike i said i don't know if its my webcam with the other programs like amsn or on sites that give me these errrs07:55
AthyriaQwert - Each ubuntu listed has its own set of recovery modes listed.07:55
GhostWolfnevermind then Dr_Willis..07:55
KritoslapWiesshund,  From were....07:55
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  every pc/laptop i have.. has its own 'webcam' toy programs..07:55
Dr_WillisThe one that came ith my Toshiba - is a lot of fun. :)07:55
cyborgsmurfany program for ubuntu where you can copy sms from cellphone to PC?07:55
GhostWolfDr_Willis, im not talking about prebuilt ones into laptops..07:55
JesdiscipleWiesshund: the 6MB is the only shown USB drive07:55
AthyriaQwert - dunno if they're actually pointing to anything, though.07:55
WiesshundJesdisciple just to check, pull out the 8gb drive and see if you still see an odball drive07:56
chelzAthyria: and none of those is the ubuntu you want to boot to?07:56
QwertAthyria: Thats better. Can you choose recovery mode and inform about what happens on update grub loading option. Try it..07:56
WiesshundKritoslap synaptic package manager07:56
LinuxFetusHey, I'd like to suggested that pastebinit be include with Ubuntu by default -- where do I go to do that? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages#Requesting a new package for Ubuntu seems to be for requesting packages to be in repositories.07:56
KritoslapWiesshund,  I did it, thanks.07:56
Jesdisciplesec...  I'm having to minimize memory usage to run VB, so xchat gets cut07:56
Dr_WillisGhostWolf:  if you want to do .. webcam -> special effects --> Some IM chat program that uses the cam..      webcamstudio can do the 'effects' stuff. If the program handles 'v4l' standard devices.. v4l2 device support is comming soon to webcam studio07:56
Athyriachelz, Qwert - Oh... they do work. How odd.07:56
GhostWolfnevermind Dr_Willis07:57
KritoslapWiesshund,  I am having some major problems with latest drivers. God, never buy ati...and I made a ticket..they don't even care.07:57
QwertAthyria: Aren't you on the same system?!07:57
chelzAthyria: did they not work at some point?07:57
KritoslapWiesshund,  You pay a lot of money and for what...to only use it with wind0wz07:57
KritoslapWiesshund,  Anyway thanks very much07:57
chelzQwert: all the entries sound like kernel updates07:57
freesbiechelz: Oh, I meant the sabayon tool (a frontend to pessulus) not sabayon linux :)07:57
Athyriachelz, Qwert - the recovery modes work. They... one dropped me to a ubuntu... that... I removed? Er...07:57
WiesshundKritoslap sorry to hear that. ive got all ati though here. no troubles.07:57
chelzfreesbie: oh, i was unaware of any kind of sabayon tool07:58
Guest74926LinusFetus:also imagebinit would be good for nubs07:58
chelzAthyria: is there any os installed on that laptop besides linux?07:58
QwertAthyria: If the recovery mode is working, choose update grub menu07:58
cyborgsmurfHi everyone! Any software for Ubuntu that can copy sms to PC?07:58
Wiesshundcyborgsmurf copy sms from where?07:58
Abhijitcyborgsmurf, wammu07:58
Qwertor gammu07:59
cyborgsmurfWiesshund: from cellphone07:59
AbhijitQwert, its same07:59
chelzQwert: i'm not sure why grub would need to be updated if the recovery options boot, which really would mean that if the main ubuntu isn't booting, then the cause isn't grub07:59
AthyriaQwert, chelz - it has three ubuntus and a windows. Telling it to update grub didn't do anything.07:59
chelzcyborgsmurf: depends on the cellphone07:59
Wiesshundcyborgsmurf you got me there, it depends on the phone and how it is set up to do pc access07:59
Qwertchelz: Well i want to see the what it says07:59
chelzQwert: ah alright08:00
QwertAthyria: Its doing nothing?08:00
Abhijitcyborgsmurf, wammu has supported cell phone list on their website08:00
Qwertchelz: Which command helps to see grub version?08:00
AthyriaQwert - oh, it did update the grup. It just updated the wrong grub.08:00
freesbiechelz: it's actually pessulus + xephry plus a UI. apt-get install sabayon08:00
QwertAthyria: Could you see the grub version? Can you go to tty1 console from recovery?08:01
chelzQwert: grub --version08:01
Wiesshundcyborgsmurf the one phone ive got here that can be accessed via usb uses a propriety app to access the sim memory, and yet the SD card reads like a normal usb storage device08:01
Qwertchelz: No when in tty1 console from recovery. I hope it works there as well08:01
cyborgsmurfI will check it out, Thanks chelz, Abhijit, Wiesshund08:02
Abhijitcyborgsmurf, welcome08:02
AthyriaQwert, chelz - 1.97 beta, yes, and now grub just went away and dropped to an ambiguous maintenance shell.08:02
chelzQwert: maybe some kind of dpkg thing to list the grub installed commands08:02
WiesshundIve got a tap cell phone, and ive yet to be able to access it in linux08:02
Qwertchelz: We can suggest him to open grub.conf text from console and make necessary changes if he knows thepath08:03
QwertAthyria: Yes, hold on there08:03
chelzAthyria: so you're sure you installed multiple ubuntus on this laptop? since even if you install ubuntu again, it should put the old ubuntu in the new grub list08:03
AthyriaQwert - I don't know the path. I don't know which, if any, ubuntu this grub belongs to.08:03
Athyriachelz - I was under that impression, but that's not what happened.08:04
QwertAthyria: You still didn't say if its dual boot..08:04
QwertAthyria: Ok08:04
AthyriaQwert - I said it's a quadruple boot, three ubuntus and a windows.08:04
QwertAthyria: Ok.. yeah08:04
JesdiscipleWiesshund: Yes, I ejected the 8GB and the tiny one (536 MB I think - not 6 MB but .6 GB)08:04
Guest74926LinuxFetus:also imagebinit would be good for nubs08:04
Jesdisciplestill shows as the hard drive that I'm to partition and install onto... which is rather comical08:05
Qwertchelz: What can be suggested, installing grub2 can make problems or will it recognise all os?08:05
chelzQwert: os-prober, which is part of grub2 and would run during the install, would actually do the job just fine08:06
QwertAthyria: All the os were installed propelry?08:06
chelzAthyria: what version(s) of ubuntu are installed?08:06
Qwertchelz: Then i guess from console of recovery we can suggest about grub2 installation. Shall we?08:06
Guest74926how called cross compiler for arm I cant find in aptcache08:07
AthyriaQwert - they seemed to think so at the time, and chelz - 2 9.10 xubuntus and a 10.04 ubuntu08:07
whosjoseHow can I change the smtp port on Evolution? There is no settings to change08:07
chelzQwert: i'm thinking checking if any crucial data is in any of those installs, and if there isn't, just reinstalling ubuntu. or at least growing one of them and deleting the other two08:07
chelzAthyria: why did you install ubuntu all those times?08:07
AthyriaQwert - and grub2 is installed according to at least one of them. This I remember clearly.08:07
Athyriachelz - ...reasons. *shifty eyes*08:08
=== Guest74926 is now known as juk
Qwertchelz: Well that would not be possilbe from console of recovery if that is what he is able to access08:08
QwertAthyria: Alright.. Whats the third linux distro name?08:09
AthyriaQwert -  as in?08:09
whosjoseHow can I change the smtp port on Evolution? There is no settings to change how can i do it?08:09
QwertAthyria: No prbs. Its fine08:10
jukcan write be used for remote host?08:10
chelzAthyria: eh well wait, so what's the issue? is the ubuntu you want to use primarily not in the list?08:10
QwertAthyria: So which one is working properly?08:10
jukhow called cross compiler for arm I cant find in aptcache08:11
Jesdisciplewhosjose: I don't think anyone here knows, try ##gnome08:11
chelz!cn | juk08:11
WiesshundJesdisciple htm that is odd...08:11
ubottujuk: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk08:11
Qwertwhosjose: #ubuntu-server08:12
whosjoseI got it08:12
jukhow called cross compiler for arm I cant find in aptcache08:12
chelzjuk: consult the developer documentation for the arm device you are trying to develop for08:12
whosjosehost name ends domainname.com:port08:12
whosjoseeasiest thing feel stupid08:12
jukcan write be used for remote host?08:12
Nobody_ubottu, have ubuntu vietnam irc yet ?08:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:12
Qwertwhosjose: yes08:12
chelzjuk: depends on the host08:12
Dr_Willisjuk:  what 'write' are you refering to?08:12
ubottuĐể được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ08:12
Jesdiscipleubottu: But it's fun to show how dumb bots can be08:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:13
zvacetjuk: arm-linux-gcc I think08:13
AthyriaQwert, chelz - The... vista is working properly... the ubuntus, not so much.08:13
jukDr_Willis: write(1)08:13
chelzNobody_: #ubuntu-vn08:13
AthyriaQwert, chelz - grub's not pointing to them.08:13
AthyriaQwert, chelz - properly.08:13
chelzAthyria: what happens when you try to select one of the ubuntus in grub?08:13
Nobody_chelz, ^^ , bot has anwers ^^08:13
chelzNobody_: ah yeah i saw right after i said that08:14
=== SolidLiq is now known as solid_liq
Jesdiscipleso no ideas how to mount my USB to my virtual 10.04?08:14
deusrsomeone the use pack macbuntu?08:14
Athyriachelz - some drop to maintenance shells, some complain, some do nothing, some result in a system restart. It also varies by which kernel.08:14
chelzJesdisciple: the proprietary virtualbox allows block device access to usb deices08:14
Dr_WillisJesdisciple:  you use teh Virtualbox version from the VBOX homepage, and configure it to access the real USB device. then use the  vbox menus to actually enable it.. then mount it via the mount command, or it may automount08:14
=== khaled is now known as ktiger
Jesdisciplechelz: yes, I'm on the proprietary08:15
chelzAthyria: is there any data on any of the ubuntus that you don't want to lose?08:15
Athyriachelz - three even bring up the recovery menu.08:15
Nobody_chelz, but thank for your help ^^08:15
JesdiscipleDr_Willis: I'm not sure I know how to do all that08:15
Jesdisciplefor some reason the Settings dialog doesn't even see the USB08:16
Dr_WillisJesdisciple:  one step at a time.. #1  get birtualbox from the Vbox homepage...08:16
Dr_WillisJesdisciple:  the OSE version in the repos does NOT have the feature08:16
JesdiscipleI have the proprietary ;)08:16
Dr_WillisJesdisciple:  step 2 - read the vbox docs, to see how to use the feature.08:16
Athyriachelz - are you suggesting reformatting?08:16
chelzAthyria: yes08:16
QwertAthyria: Yes, if there is no data or if you can take backup08:17
Dr_WillisJesdisciple:  ive seen some guides/wiki pages that detail how to do it with images.. but ive not done it in ages.08:17
chelzAthyria: you can boot to a livecd and recover files you want, recovering preferences is a per-application kind of thing08:17
QwertBut again window got to be installed after ubuntu else it will get messy08:17
AthyriaQwert, chelz - unfortunately, windows installs do not appreciate being moved, and I have already tried reformatting individual partitions.08:18
docbrownhey everyone08:18
WiesshundJesdisciple what ya trying to do? i dont think i saw the beginning of it?08:18
chelzAthyria: if you used ubuntu as your primary os for a while then you should try recovering that ubuntu08:18
chelzAthyria: specifically just deleting the partitions of the ubuntus you have installed manually from GParted on a livecd then when installing ubuntu select "use largest contiguous free space"08:18
docbrownhey everyone08:18
Qwertchelz: He said only windows is working08:18
chelzAthyria: make sure you're installing Lucid 10.04 too08:18
chelzQwert: we don't have to move windows08:18
JesdiscipleWiesshund: I'm installing Ubuntu 10.04 to my USB, for plug-and-play Linux action08:19
Qwertchelz: But how will he use gparted?08:19
=== DaveWM_ is now known as DaveWM
WiesshundOh making a portable linux. what os are you in now?08:20
dobakfuck windows08:20
chelzQwert: standard ubuntu livecd08:20
dobakfuck ma08:20
dobakfuck mac08:20
JesdiscipleWiesshund: I'm on 9.10 right now, the physical/host OS08:20
chelz!ot | dobak08:20
ubottudobak: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:20
dobaklunux the best08:20
Qwertchelz: Ok08:20
WiesshundJesdisciple ok in ubuntu 9.10 if you plug in usb drive, what size does it appear as in nautilus?08:21
bazhangQwert, ?08:22
JesdiscipleWiesshund: almost 8GB total08:22
Jesdisciplebut it's partitioned in two for the installation08:22
WiesshundJesdisciple have you thought about using unetbootin?08:22
JesdiscipleWiesshund: it was mentioned, but VirtualBox seemed preferred08:23
chelzAthyria: ?08:24
WiesshundJesdisciple hmm not sure why a virtualbox is preffered, must be some reason i suppose. i use the unetbootin though, great for installs where no usb or cd drive is available too08:24
QwertAthyria: Ther?08:25
jimlovell777I was using Maverick for a while and had to stop because my sound stopped working after an update. I then installed a fresh copy of Lucid. Just an hour or two ago there were a few Linux Header updates. I installed them and now don't have sound again, this time on Lucid. Any ideas?08:25
Athyriachelz, Qwert - aye...08:25
Abhijitjimerickson, same exactly same thing here08:25
Abhijitjimlovell777, ^^^^^^08:25
JesdiscipleWiesshund: from what I can see, it only does Live USBs, not full installations?08:25
QwertAthyria: Why initramfs?08:25
AthyriaQwert - that's what it said. O_o08:26
=== xx is now known as Guest43157
WiesshundJesdisciple it will let you do both08:26
=== Abhijit is now known as AbhiJit
AbhiJitjimlovell777, try insatll alsa-utils package its missing from my pc so check if its there on your pc or not08:27
chelzAthyria: were you trying to boot to a livecd? or what?08:27
WiesshundJesdisciple typicaly you do a frugal install, then boot the installed device and finish it to a full install, theres lots of diff ways to run it though08:27
chelzAthyria: also, what version(s) of ubuntu do you have installed and what version is your livecd?08:27
jimlovell777AbhiJit: "alsa-utils is already the newest version." :-/08:27
JesdiscipleWiesshund: frugal install?08:28
AbhiJitjimlovell777, but6 is it installed there? necuase after updations its automatically got deleted from my pc just 15 min ago08:28
WiesshundJesdisciple kind of a lite install, but not compressed like the live CD08:28
chelzjimlovell777: have you looked over this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting08:28
jimlovell777chelz: Yes. I did that with Maverick and it was of no help. Everything is unmuted, supported, enabled, installed and loaded, as verified following the steps listed on that very page.08:29
Jesdisciplebtw, what do you suggest for the partition sizes?08:29
Athyriachelz - I tried booting a ubuntu that had been fount more recently. It's been sunk too! And the versions are 9.10 32 and 64 and a 10.04 that I dunno, and the disc is 10.04 64.08:29
jimlovell777AbhiJit: Yes, it's installed and there.08:30
AbhiJitjimlovell777, ohh08:30
xjkxbr.archive.ubuntu.com is off, what server can i replace it for08:30
JesdiscipleWiesshund: the guide that uses VirtualBox says to limit file space to 3GB - seems small to me08:30
AbhiJitxjkx, main server08:30
=== root is now known as Guest24884
xjkxwhich is...08:30
Jesdisciplehis example device was also 8GB08:30
xbonesxhow do you set superuser inside gnome08:30
AbhiJitxjkx, archive.ubuntu.com08:30
chelzAthyria: i really recommend booting to that livecd, running a "Check disk for defects", then going into GParted08:30
xbonesxnot terminal08:30
Jesdisciplefile space = /home, etc08:31
chelzxbonesx: what are you trying to do?08:31
Guest24884 08:31
=== geowany__ is now known as Geowany
AbhiJit 08:31
xbonesxadd a theme package through the theme installer and it says access denied08:31
in5ern0hi all08:31
WiesshundJesdisciple not sure on the virtualbox guide. how come 2 partitions on the usb drive though?08:31
Guest24884Is it a Sandisk U3?08:32
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  what 'theme installer' are you refering to?08:32
xjkxAbhiJit: thanks08:32
AbhiJitxjkx, welcome08:33
JesdiscipleWiesshund: "In order to separate the operating system from the documents you would like to save on the flash drive, it is advisable that you divide your USB flash drive into two partitions."08:33
Dr_WillisJesdisciple:  those U3 gizmos can cause all sorts of annoyances. :) i always repartiion and remove the U3 stuff.08:33
chelzxbonesx: in a terminal you do   gksudo program08:33
JesdiscipleWiesshund: U3?08:33
JesdiscipleI can't see my msgs nemore...08:34
Dr_WillisI just use the installer and do a 'normal' install to my flash drives. :) but i have a 16gb flash drive.08:34
Athyriachelz - and what?08:34
Jesdiscipleonly some are disappearing08:34
=== pat|nG is now known as coolroot--
xbonesxchelz: i entered that in a terminal and it didnt do anything, it hanged for a minute but didnt do anything... ???08:34
xbonesxDr_Willis: not sure how can i tell?08:34
ish_nittiAnyone know why the Ubuntu Xchat2 package doesn't include sound for alerts?08:34
ish_nittior how i could get them installed? i tried to look for a xchat sound pack on google, but i only found other people with the same issue :(08:34
JesdiscipleWiesshund: USB 3 maybe?08:34
uLinuxany Mint users?08:35
WiesshundJesdisciple im not sure it there is alot of point into mounting /home in a spearate partion on a usb drive08:35
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:35
AbhiJit!mint | uLinux08:35
ubottuuLinux: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:35
coolroot--hi! i got a problem regarding to my ubuntu 10.04...yesterday when i try to right click my mouse i got this options....but now....when i try to right click the mouse...i can't see those options anymore...how can i get back those options?08:35
uLinuxfew ppl there :P08:35
bazhanguLinux, in the mint support channel, ie not here08:35
chelzAthyria: then deleting all the old partitions and installing ubuntu into the free space. you can resize windows in gparted at that point if you want to, also08:35
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  theres a dozen ways to install themes... start from the beginning and tell the channel in details what you are doing. personally I use the 'gnome-art-ng' program and isntall them to my users .theme directory. I DONT install them 'system wide' so I dont need root access08:35
AbhiJituLinux, then try their forum or mailing list08:35
ish_nitticoolroot--, you switched your mouse to left handed?08:35
chelzcoolroot--: those options chance depending on where you are right clicking08:35
JesdiscipleWiesshund: disk corruption is what I've seen cited in other contexts... still relevant?08:35
coolroot--ish_nitti: nope!08:36
xbonesxwell whatever is default for a ubuntu 9.04 install is what im using synaptic says gnome-theme-manager08:36
chelzcoolroot--: do you remember where your cursor (the white arrow pointer) was when you right clicked yesterday to get those options?08:36
WiesshundJesdisciple for a usb drive, not really. if they corrupt its generaly the entire thing08:36
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  and how are you truing to install these themes? where are they comming from?08:36
chelzxbonesx: gksudo synaptic-theme-manager08:36
Athyriachelz - I already did that. o_O08:36
AbhiJituLinux, 105 users there08:36
chelzAthyria: you sure stuff is the way you want it? did you hit "apply" in gparted?08:37
ish_nittiAnyone know why the Ubuntu Xchat2 package doesn't include sound for alerts? Or how i could get them?08:37
chelzAthyria: btw make sure you're not deleting stuff you want08:37
Athyriachelz - the old ubuntus went away just fine...08:37
coolroot--chelz: i still got my cursor...but i dont know what happnd...just now when i boot up i can't do the rightclick thingy...i can't find those options no more08:37
WiesshundJesdisciple http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/unetbootin/wiki/installmodes (full usb install info)08:38
Athyriachelz - But now the new ones aren T showing up on the grub anymore after the latest attempts to install one.08:38
chelzcoolroot--: those options change depending on where the cursor (the white arrow pointer) is08:38
chelz!manual | coolroot--08:38
ubottucoolroot--: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:38
Athyriachelz - which is a problem.08:39
greenmang0hello friends, i have multiple printers of same make in different depts over same LAN.. i am trying to add the printer in my lab through cups webinterface, cups finds all 4 printers and displays their names, since all printers are of same make their names are same, how can i distinguish printer from my lab out of them?08:39
greenmang0of course all 4 printers have different ips but i can't see those ips on cups web interface08:39
chelzAthyria: when you install ubuntu it should install grub again. backup data you want, delete the old partitions, doubleclick on Install ubuntu08:39
greenmang0any help?08:39
Jesdisciple(I just noticed that Xchat has an Open Link in Opera option...  Kinda odd since Opera's not even recognized...)08:39
chelzAthyria: then for partitioning select "use free space"08:39
chelzgreenmang0: renaming the printers "Printer-Lab01" or something would be good08:40
xbonesxDr_Willis: figured it out, when i open synaptic package manager it required my password which gavethe desktop superuser priv and then i redownload the theme file and it worked08:40
xbonesxDr_Willis: or maybe its cuz i typed 'gksudo program' in terminal... ??? idk08:40
greenmang0chelz: for that i will have to go to each dept and change the host name.. right?08:41
xbonesxDr_Willis: either way tho i got it too work, ty08:41
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  you use 'gksudo THEPROGRAMYOUWANTTORUNASROOT'   not 'programname' litterly08:41
Athyriachelz - aye, it does install grub again, but for some reason the old grub is still there. And using free space wouldn't work anyway because of another partition some idiot decided to put flat smack in the middle of the thing. *shifty eyes* But that's another matter.08:41
Dr_Willis!manual | xbonesx08:41
ubottuxbonesx: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:41
chelzgreenmang0: well you only do it once. depending on how the printers are shared08:42
greenmang0chelz: yeah... that's right08:42
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  you run the synaptic package manager as root.. correct... you have to be root or enter the root password to have the rights to install packages.08:42
chelzAthyria: you can move partitions around. make it so your partitions are all at the beginning or end of the disk. click and drag in GParted in the Ubuntu livecd08:42
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  theres other ways to install themes on a per user basis.08:42
billpicocom escape character is C-a, what does this mean? I cant quit picocom08:42
chelzAthyria: make sure you're actually deleting the old partitions, ubuntu adds entries to the grub menu for other OSes it finds08:43
Jontabill: C-a - Ctrl+a?08:43
Athyriachelz - while they have stuff on them? Say, windows? Without breaking the windows?08:43
xbonesxDr_Willis: correct but i dont know if it worked becuz of the entering of the password for synaptic package manager or if its cuz i typed 'gksudo program' in the terminal.08:43
chelzAthyria: is windows in the middle of the disk?08:44
billJonta, thats what I thought as well08:44
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  'gksudo program' would run 'program' as root.. what program did you run?08:44
Athyriachelz - ...maybe. *shifty eyes*08:44
Jontabill: But an escape character can be something completely different08:44
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  you could use 'gksudo synaptic'08:44
billtried many combinations08:44
Ed_Moneyduring install how can i tell which partition is my windows partition08:44
AbhiJitEd_Money, one tith fat fat16 fat32 or ntfs partition08:45
Jontabill: Tried Ctrl+x ?08:45
Jerkhello everyone. i asked a question before, but I didn't get an answer adn had to sign off anyway, so i present it again: I used WUBI to download and install Ubuntu 10.04 desktop ed. now I have a dual-boot system, but when I choose Ubuntu my pc restarts abruptly. why is this?08:45
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  the synaptic menu item is set up where it asks for the password. if you just run synapatic as a user.. it wont ask. and you can look. but  not install things08:45
billlol yea got it08:45
chelzAthyria: eh well that's not exactly bad. as long as there's a decent amount of space on either side. you can move vista then "fix" it though: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/using-gparted-to-resize-your-windows-vista-partition/08:45
billthanks jonta08:45
UbuXubuthe huge graph in ubuntu will show it too u Ed_Money08:45
billi didnt read the man page properly08:45
Jontasure bill (googled "quitting picocom" (:08:46
* AbhiJit is wondering if his is unique now!08:46
AbhiJiti mean nick*08:46
JontaHehe, they _can_ be confusing08:46
AbhiJit:D lol08:46
UbuXubuEd_Money, i just did two windows/ubuntu dual boot installs08:46
xbonesxDr_Willis: when i typed 'gksudo program' in terminal, thats all i typed nothing after it08:46
Athyriachelz - so how would that solve the whole grub not being overwritten problem?08:46
xbonesxso im guessing that typing the pass for getting into the synaptic package manager is what gave me the privs i needed to install the themes08:47
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  if you used 'gksudo program' and did it EXACTLY like that with 'program' then you basically did nothing.. Understand?  program is not a valid 'command' name.08:47
Dr_Williswillis@cow:~$ program08:48
Dr_Willisprogram: command not found08:48
chelzAthyria: well i'd make sure that all the disks gparted sees have no partitions besides the windows partition, then if somehow grub isn't installed properly after a fresh install, we'll install grub manually from the livecd08:48
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  if you do 'gksudo synaptic' then synaptic gets ran as 'root' - thats teh core of the whole sudo/gksudo thing.08:48
Athyriachelz - and if that fails?08:50
xbonesxDr_Willis: what is the difference in the gksudo and sudo?08:51
chelzAthyria: only do the vista repair if it won't boot after being moved. the gparted included with Lucid is quite new and i'm pretty sure doesn't have the issue that used to break vista08:51
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  when using X apps use gksudo.08:51
xbonesxi know that if im running things from the desktop that i will prompted for the password...08:51
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  when using console apps use sudo08:51
chelzAthyria: we'll if it fails when we try to install from a livecd, it'll output some error messages and we'll find out what those mean08:51
JesdiscipleWiesshund: How to get to Parted Magic?  The manual isn't clear...08:51
chelzAthyria: make sure you have an internet connection on your laptop08:51
coolroot--how can i disable this password confirmation everytime my laptop goes unattended?08:51
WiesshundJesdisciple you wont need that part, your not splitting a windows drive etc08:52
Dr_Williscoolroot--:  its in the screensaver/power saver settings08:52
chelzcoolroot--: System -> Preferences -> Screensaver08:52
xbonesxDr_Willis: unlike windows, a program can be installed anywhere and executed, correct? or at least for most programs...08:52
AbhiJitcoolroot--, its setting in screensaver taht when resume form screensaver ask for passworde disable that setting08:52
JesdiscipleI think it's the same scenario, just with linux instead of Windows08:52
Athyriachelz - it's not going to work. I just know it.08:52
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  depends on the program.. same goes for windows... you can make 'portable apps' for windows taht can go anywhere08:53
AbhiJit    ok08:53
chelzxbonesx: that really depends on the program. you're advised to use your package manager (synaptic, apt-get, etc) for everything. if you really want to install your own stuff you should look into stuff like checkinstall08:53
ranahello every one08:53
chelzAthyria: won't know until you try08:53
Jontarana: Hello rana08:53
ranacan any budy help to configur willowng08:53
xbonesxDr_Willis, chelz: thanks for the info!08:54
chelzxbonesx: make sure to read that ubuntu manual!!08:54
JesdiscipleWiesshund: am I correct to be reading from "Making a full, standard hard disk install if you can't use a Live USB"?08:54
Jontarana: Write your question clearly, and somebody might be able to help you08:54
xbonesxchelz: i know its so long tho lol08:54
chelzxbonesx: read only a bit of it a day then :)08:54
Jerkwas I too abrupt with my question?08:54
xbonesxchelz: and is there on out their specifically for 9.04?08:54
bullgard4_!punctuation | tensorpudding08:55
ubottutensorpudding: Punctuation is good, but its overuse hurts readability:  Please refrain from adding many ?'s or !'s to the end of your sentences.  See also !enter08:55
JesdiscipleJerk: I think you should ask again08:55
Jesdiscipleif you don't get a response, no one knows08:55
chelzxbonesx: yeah but support for 9.04 ends in Oct of this year. so you should probably think about upgrading.08:55
ranai want to configure WillowNG a content filter application08:56
JerkJesdisciple: I do that and I'll get a growl from a bot08:56
chelzxbonesx: actually it seems the main official ubuntu manual is only for Lucid atm. there are other newbie guides for older versions of ubuntu out there though08:57
xbonesxchelz: what would be the recommended version?08:57
JesdiscipleJerk: you don't have to copy-paste...08:57
Jesdiscipleshorter might be better in this case08:57
ranaplz help08:57
chelzxbonesx: Lucid 10.04, you can upgrade right now if you want.08:57
chelzxbonesx: 9.04 -> 9.10 -> 10.0408:57
xbonesxchelz: would i have to bother messing with any changes, ive already made?08:58
xbonesxchelz: themes, programs. drivers etc...08:58
chelzxbonesx: depends on the changes. stuff like themes carry over.08:58
JerkJesdisciple: all right08:58
rana i want to configure WillowNG a content filter application08:58
rana i want to configure WillowNG a content filter application08:59
ranapllllllzzzzzzzz helpp08:59
xbonesxchelz: would it be recommended to download full distro and do a fresh install?08:59
Jerkwhen I boot froM Ubuntu, mys system reboots automatically08:59
Jerkwhy is that?08:59
chelzxbonesx: drivers should upgrade fine, almost all programs are fine, but there is a chance for some issues. to avoid upgrade issues you can try sticking with LTS versions of ubuntu, which are supported for much longer than non-LTS versions of ubuntu. Lucid is one such LTS release.08:59
bazhang!helpme | rana08:59
ubotturana: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude08:59
Dr_Willisrana:  you ahve checked its docs?08:59
Dr_Willis!info willowng08:59
ubottuwillowng (source: willowng): content filtering web proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 14 kB, installed size 180 kB08:59
xbonesxchelz: would it be recommended to download full distro and do a fresh install?09:00
ranano docs09:00
bazhangJerk, you said dual boot; this is a wubi install though09:00
JesdiscipleJerk: Only other thing I know to suggest is the forums.09:00
chelzxbonesx: some people will tell you to reinstall, but i've always found that to be much more of a headache than anything. i've personally only upgraded, new installs talk so long09:00
Jesdisciplethey are a bit more reliable09:00
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Dr_Willisrana:  check its homepage, also check in /usr/share/docs    If theres no docs.. then  you may want to find other solutions.. also check teh package manager to see what files it installed.. there may be some doc files somewhere09:00
xbonesxchelz: is there much of a difference in the desktop?09:00
chelzJerk: you might try uninstalling the wubi thing and just installing ubuntu as a dual-boot normally09:01
xbonesxbetween 9.04 and 10.0409:01
xbonesxchelz: is it still gnome based?09:01
Jerkbazhang: yeah, I thought dual boot meant that when i started my pc, it would ask me if I wanted to boot from ubuntu or WinXP...09:01
chelzxbonesx: there are some new features and stuff. you can get all that info in the release notes. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicKoala/ReleaseNotes and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes09:01
chelzxbonesx: yes it is09:02
JesdiscipleJerk: it does09:02
Jerkchez: actually i am back from that09:02
JerkJesdiciple: So, that's EXACTLy what's happening09:02
xbonesxchelz: which one do you recommended; karmickoala or lucidlynx?09:02
JesdiscipleJerk: (Well, it doesn't have to be Linux & Windows, but that's most typical.)09:03
JesdiscipleJerk: But the restart doesn't make sense09:03
chelzxbonesx: to upgrade to Lucid 10.04 you need to upgrade to the version (which is Karmic 9.10) inbetween the version you're currently on (Jaunty 9.04)09:03
JerkJesdiciple: I know.....what to do then?09:04
ranasorry no mome page for that application09:04
chelzxbonesx: LTS ("Long Term Support") releases can upgrade directly to eachother. Hardy 8.04 can upgrade directly to Lucid 10.0409:04
chelzxbonesx: this is short, read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:04
Athyriachelz - should there be a partition that doesn't show up anywhere that just happens to have been deleted that just happens to still be there that just happens to look exactly like the one the grub came from?09:04
xbonesxchelz: im going to download a full version and to an install, do you know where to get 10.04?09:05
JesdiscipleJerk: What is Wubi exactly?09:05
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContentInternetFiltering/Willow rana09:05
JesdiscipleJerk: I'm not familiar with that...09:05
chelzAthyria: there shouldn't be any partitions that you don't want around anymore. delete it in gparted, hit apply, then close and reopen gparted to see if it's still there09:05
JesdiscipleJerk: duh *searches*09:05
coolroot--xbonesx: better to do it on terminal....from my experience on the update manager...i get mostly errors...and i dunno....but in terminal...u can go smoothly...u'll just have to wait until it's done.....09:05
JesdiscipleJerk: Oh yeah09:06
chelzxbonesx: ok, just so you know, you have to do all the tweaks you've done so far again. also make sure to back up any data you don't want to lose.09:06
xbonesxchelz: ok understood09:06
xbonesxchelz: link for 10.04 release plz?09:06
Athyriachelz - It doesn't show up in gparted. Yet... somehow... I just mounted it.09:06
JesdiscipleJerk: I remember it now, and I know it's not recommended09:06
chelzxbonesx: http://www.ubuntu.com/ - click on the "download ubuntu" button. using torrents is preferred but you can use the normal links if you want.09:06
AthyriaI'm so confused.09:06
JesdiscipleJerk: You might try to get a Live CD or Live USB09:07
xbonesxchelz: i dont want the beta09:07
JesdiscipleJerk: Or you can use unetbootin as I'm in the process of doing09:07
chelzxbonesx: 10.04 is not the beta09:07
coolroot--xbonesx: it's not a good thing to install fresh copy of 10.04 lucid...u'll just end up regretting to what u've done...u'll have to config all back to zero..if u'll just have to upgrade it...nothing much change except u'll have to do those tweaks....09:07
xbonesxchelz: that download button will get me the 10.4 one?09:07
chelzxbonesx: yep!09:08
chelzAthyria: in the upper right of gparted there are two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down, this is how to select between the harddisks and disk devices gparted sees09:08
JesdiscipleJerk: But I'm really not the best person to be giving advice, I'm just following a lead that was given by someone else09:08
xbonesxcoolroot--: its ok i havent done much tweaking, i only installed 9.04 like yesterday or the day efore09:08
=== Out`Of`Control is now known as Viper
maitreyhi guys, question. How is the situation around ati drivers, did it improve a bit with 10.04? I have ati hd 4350.09:08
xbonesxcoolroot--: worst thing will be getting my wifi card working again but i have that figured out now so it will be a breeze...09:09
chelzAthyria: if you have internet access in your livecd environment, please pastebin the output of:  sudo fdisk -l09:09
chelzxbonesx: your wifi card might "just work". you'll know when you boot the livecd09:09
Jontababtux: hi babtux09:09
coolroot--xbonesx: that's what i'm talkin...but as far as u know how to handle then...go on! #ubuntu is the best place if u're out of track hehehe09:09
chelzxbonesx: once you have lots of data in ubuntu you'll probably find it's a lot easier to just upgrade than backup everything and do a new install each time, especially since there aren't many clear gains09:10
chelz!hi | babtux09:10
ubottubabtux: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:10
xbonesxchelz: i have 64bit system is this 'ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent' what i want to get?09:11
chelzbabtux: for ubuntu iran, fyi, #ubuntu-ir09:11
babtuxmy graphic is nvidia geforce 7600gt i installed driver from nvidia but now why quality of most pictures is very low also most of fonts what do  i have to do?09:11
coolroot--for me i can't make my built-in wifi card work...wew...still dunno...hehe...i got a dell 1545 inspiron...up until now i can't work with a wifi...not unless if u'll use my vbox ubuntu on my win7...haha09:11
chelzxbonesx: yes, you can run 32bit if you want though, you don't have to get the 64bit.09:11
coolroot--32-bit works fine09:12
xbonesxcoolroot--: i figured that card out want me to tell you how09:12
xbonesxcoolroot--: i have the 1505 one09:12
coolroot--mind to tell me how then?09:12
xbonesxcoolroot--: PM easy09:12
coolroot--just paste it all on how to config then09:12
coolroot--but for now09:12
chelzcoolroot--: are you on lucid?09:12
coolroot--chelz yup09:12
coolroot--xbonesx just do first ur thing09:12
coolroot--we still got more time for my wifi to work09:13
Shvonderpeople what is the correct way to install a theme from gnome-look.org. I can't do it.09:13
coolroot--i can still wait09:13
xbonesxcoolroot--: its kool i have to wait for it too download, i can help you in the meantime...09:13
chelzShvonder: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme (tab) -> Install... (button)09:13
coolroot--but im still busy for now..hehe..i'm at work09:14
Dr_WillisShvonder:  depends on what the theme is for also.. you can drag/drop the archives onto that appearance-theme tool   for most of the theme parts09:14
coolroot--in 2mins i'll be back again for work it's just my breaktime for now09:14
chelzxbonesx: please keep discussion that might be useful to other ubuntu users in the main channel and not pm09:14
xbonesxcoolroot--: just a quick question, whats the bcm43xx number for that card???09:14
Athyriachelz - urg.09:14
chelzcoolroot--: you gotta figure out how to stay on irc while working09:14
chelzAthyria: pastebin?09:15
xbonesxchelz: ya ok sure, i was thinking about submitting a tut on how to get those cards to work properly09:15
Shvonderchelz: Dr_Willis that isn't work for me. (there is started Compiz & emerald)09:15
chelzxbonesx: sure. the ubuntu forums have a great place for that stuff09:15
xbonesxchelz: k when i get a chance i will09:15
chelzShvonder: are you on Ubuntu Lucid? or xubuntu or kubuntu?09:16
chelzfor the people i'm helping - i'll brb in a sec09:17
Dr_WillisShvonder:  emerald has its own theme stuff.. and gui tool.. personally.. i wouldent bother with emerald any more09:17
Athyriachelz - I plead incompetence.09:17
babtuxmy graphic is nvidia geforce 7600gt i installed driver from nvidia but now why quality of most pictures is very low also most of fonts what do  i have to do?09:17
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com09:18
Shvonderchelz: I use ubuntu 9.1009:18
alex_718need tech support09:19
Jontaalex_718: Just post your question09:19
dooglusoh, I have another question...09:20
dooglusthere's a dial on the front of this laptop that turns the volume up and down.  I keep knocking it accidentally, so would like to disable it completely09:20
alex_718regarding sound issue in ubuntu 10.04. No sound at all, but think has to do with my graphic card ATI HD Radeon 4200, when OS uses it as sound output.Need sound.09:21
dooglusI've removed the binding in 'keyboard shortcuts', but it still affects the mplayer volume.  is there any way to stop that?09:21
=== dani is now known as Guest36921
chelzAthyria: that's no defense! never give up, never surrender!09:24
dooglusnow answer my question, dammit!  ;)09:24
chelzdooglus: hmm well something is recognizing the input from that dial. you have to find it and destroy it09:24
babtuxmy graphic is nvidia geforce 7600gt i installed driver from nvidia but now why quality of most pictures is very low also most of fonts what do i have to do?09:25
Jonta!repeat babtux09:25
doogluschelz: I have an input.conf for mplayer that defines all the inputs - '9' turns the volume down, and there's a line: "9 volume -1" making that happen, etc.09:25
sheepzanyone got any ideas? http://superuser.com/questions/189360/aptitude-package-manager-randomly-opens-up-nicotine09:26
babtuxJonta: my graphic is nvidia geforce 7600gt i installed driver from nvidia but now why quality of most pictures is very low also most of fonts what do i have to do?09:26
dooglusI changed all the 'volume' lines to 'ignore', but the dial still affects the volume, so I'm lost now09:26
alex_718Sound issue in ubuntu 10.04. No sound at all, but think has to do with my graphic card ATI HD Radeon 4200, when OS uses it as HDMI sound output.09:26
Jontababtux: Type "!repeat" into this channel09:26
Jordan_Uwieshka: Did you ever get Ubuntu installed successfully?09:26
Athyriachelz - Too late. But thank  you for trying... at least this isn t as far gone as the time my filesystem riddled itself with holes, anyhow.09:27
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com09:27
babtuxJonta: !repeat09:27
dooglussheepz: while nicotine is running, open a terminal, and do: ps -Hef > ps.txt09:28
dooglussheepz: then pastebin the ps.txt file09:28
Jontababtux: Read ubottu's message to you (:09:28
dooglussheepz: I mean while nicotine is running as started by aptitude, of course...09:28
ReadPleasecan anyone tell me how to increase default font size in terminal from terminal?09:28
sheepzok, that will be a little bit more difficult to reproduce09:29
ReadPleasegoogle, vim, linux, bash, and vim haven't been any help, so far. XD09:29
sheepzi'll try, dooglus09:29
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tensorpuddingReadPlease: Have you tried the Edit menu?09:29
ReadPleaseThere's no edit menu in my terminal.09:29
tensorpuddingWhich terminal is it?09:29
Jontadepends if that can change default tho09:29
ReadPleaseit's the one that's built into the mini cd.09:29
dooglusReadPlease: can you run 'gconf-editor'?09:30
JontaReadPlease: You mean live-cd?09:30
JontaJust checking09:30
ReadPleasemini.iso installed, not live.09:30
Guest75910good day09:30
chelzAthyria: eh, well i would help as i can, out of curiosity, what's the issue you're currently encountering?09:30
dooglusReadPlease: oh, so not a gnome-terminal, but a console?09:30
dooglusReadPlease: like the whole screen is just text?09:31
tensorpuddingdooglus: i don't think you can change the font size in the terminal09:31
dooglustensorpudding: I'm not sure what mini.iso is - are you?09:31
tensorpuddingerr, console09:31
=== GoneHome is now known as Home
tensorpuddingi don't know either09:31
tensorpuddingbut "built in" seems to imply that it's the console09:32
Athyriachelz - the hard drive has too many partitions for the number of partitions it has. Which brings me back to I give up.09:32
=== Home is now known as hg1
chelzAthyria: well do you need or want all of them? can't they just be combined and/or deleted?09:33
Athyriachelz - as far as gparted is concerned, the odd one isn't even there... so hell if I know.09:33
dooglustensorpudding: you can specific vga= to the boot loader to get a different video mode, I think09:34
ReadPleasedooglus, yes.09:34
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
ReadPleaseIt's console only.09:34
sheepzdooglus: http://pastebin.com/jGM59Xf909:34
chelzAthyria: did "sudo fdisk -l" (without the quotes) list it?09:34
dooglusReadPlease: http://wiki.antlinux.com/pmwiki.php?n=HowTos.VgaModes talks about the various vga= values for different screen resolutions.  if you use a lower resolution, the text will be bigger09:35
sheepzok, so I get a tree of which process start what?09:35
sheepzand check those?09:36
Athyriachelz - I m not sure. Either that or the contents of the dev directory were what revealed it, though.09:36
dooglusReadPlease: try vga=768 for example.  that should make the text big09:36
sheepzok, looks like the updatemenus command triggers nicotine09:36
ReadPleasei'll bsee if i can09:36
chelzAthyria: did you ever get internet access on your livecd'd computer?09:36
dooglussheepz: right, it should be indented to show what ran what09:37
ReadPleaseIs that going to cause a conflict if I am using a virtual machine?09:37
dooglusReadPlease: I think you'll need to do something as soon as you boot, to set the vga= option - in the boot loader or some such.  do you see a grub screen?09:37
chelzReadPlease: any reason why you're using the minimal cd over say the alternate or desktop cd?09:38
dooglussheepz: is that how it's written?  "updatemenus"?09:38
Athyriachelz - not under livecd.09:38
sheepzhmm, dunno where its conf file is though09:38
chelzAthyria: say you were going to connect to the internet with your vista, what would you use?09:38
Athyriachelz - same thing as I'd use with a ubuntu with the drivers.09:39
chelzAthyria: which would be?09:39
dooglussheepz: it's certainly weird that it would run nicotine09:39
Athyriachelz - wired or wireless?09:39
chelzAthyria: which do you use more often?09:40
dooglussheepz: google is amazing, eh?  I just found your pastebin that you did 6 minutes ago...09:40
dooglussheepz: didn't see you already pasted the link to it...09:41
Athyriachelz - either...09:41
sabgenton i want to modprobe loop max_part=6309:41
sabgentonbut it looks like loop is a builtin09:41
chelzAthyria: so say when you plug in an ethernet cable, what would Network Manager say?09:41
sabgentonas it doesn't show in lsmod09:42
sabgenton can I achive this?09:42
AthyriaFrom the live cd, nothing, since it cannot find the network card. It's apparently a problem with this computer.09:42
etherealitehey so is it better to mount partitions using the UUID?09:43
chelzAthyria: same with the wifi card?09:43
Dr_Willisetherealite:  yes09:43
dooglussheepz: what's the name of the package with nicotine++ in it?09:43
chelzetherealite: in order of best to worst: uuid, label, sdaX09:44
etherealiteDr_Willis how do I get the UUID of my partitions?09:44
=== No_one|gone is now known as No_one_at_all
chelzsabgenton: that is a good question. i'm googling around but not coming up with much. i would like to know the answer though09:44
chelz!cn | freeast09:44
ubottufreeast: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:44
dooglussheepz: ok09:45
sabgentonchelz:  recompile your kernel probabley :(09:45
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)09:45
Athyriachelz - it's the same thing on this thing.09:45
chelzsabgenton: maybe, but i'm not sure09:45
ytaewsI'm following this (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449) guide and I get to the general help step 3, where it asks to find which ALSA driver is appropriate for my soundcard, but the link it gives doesn't work, how do I find which driver I need?09:45
xbonesxhow do you change the splash screen in ubuntu 9.04?09:45
zetherootrying to run Openshot and suddenly it's doing this in the terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/495772/09:45
dooglussheepz: what happens if you run: sh -c /usr/share/menu/nicotin09:45
dooglussheepz: (with an 'e' on the end, sorry)09:45
xbonesxi have this file 'Splash-DarkCleanLinux.png'.09:46
chelzAthyria: that is pretty tricky. do you have a usb stick around you could use?09:46
sheepzsurely it opens up nicotine09:46
dooglussheepz: is this ubuntu 10.04?09:47
sheepzyes, dooglus09:47
Athyriachelz - I just realised... I'm going about this all wrong. gparted may not find the thing, but it was probably partitioned with the windows one. So...09:47
dooglussheepz: can you paste the 1 line of output from: ls -l /usr/share/menu/nicotine09:47
sheepz-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 8189 2010-02-18 05:45 /usr/share/menu/nicotine09:48
chelzzetheroo: are you on karmic or lucid?09:48
chelzAthyria: if the partition is there, gparted should see it09:48
dooglussheepz: that's weird.  you should reinistall nicotine I think09:48
sheepzweird in what sense?09:49
dooglussheepz: mine is tiny: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 254 2009-11-07 01:59 /usr/share/menu/nicotine09:49
zetheroochelz: lucid09:49
dooglussheepz: and looks like this: http://pastebin.com/W5xQQdJd09:49
chelzzetheroo: did you install any openshot stuff from a ppa?09:49
dooglussheepz: it's 8189 bytes long, and executable.  it should be 254 bytes, and not09:49
dooglussheepz: can you pastebin the file?09:49
sheepzwhatversion are you running?09:50
zetheroochelz: let me check09:50
sheepzit's a python script09:50
zetheroochelz: if so?09:50
dooglussheepz: 10.0409:50
chelzzetheroo: well i have a command that'll work either way09:50
sheepzof nicotine I mean09:50
dooglussheepz: try: ls -l /usr/share/menu/n*09:50
sheepzthere's nano and nautilus09:50
dooglussheepz: you should see all the files are around 200 bytes long.  your nicotine one is 8000 though09:50
zetheroochelz: looks like I got it from the main repos09:50
chelzzetheroo: sudo apt-get --reinstall install libcairo2/lucid frei0r-plugins09:50
dooglussheepz: see the numbers after 'root root' and before the dates?09:51
chelzzetheroo: alright. that should fix the issue i think.09:51
dooglussheepz: that's the file sizes09:51
sheepzyeah, I get it :D09:51
Athyriachelz - it didn't, though. Neither did the file browsers and whatnot, but anyhow. It's solved now. Good old kill everything methods...09:51
sheepzbut is that the contents of the file you pasted?09:51
dooglussheepz: that's right09:51
zetheroochelz: ok ...09:51
sheepzbecause mine is totally different09:51
dooglussheepz: what's the contents of yours?09:51
sheepza whole blown python script09:51
sheepzi'll paste it09:51
chelzAthyria: huh interesting. well move windows then install ubuntu. :)09:51
dooglussheepz: right.  I've no idea why - it's meant to be just the details about the menu entry for running nicotine09:52
zetheroochelz: nope ... still get Seg fault09:52
ashwinhey anyone well versed with qt-octave ?09:52
XuMuKHi there! Could somebody tell me how to add some command on the boot line? Thanks09:52
Dr_WillisXuMuK:  to do what exacly?09:52
sheepzdooglus: http://pastebin.com/5aaVz8H209:52
sheepzmaybe i'll just replace it with yours?09:53
XuMuKDr_Willis, it's about acpi on acer...09:53
chelzzetheroo: sudo apt-get install frei0r-plugins09:53
Athyriachelz - I still need three ubuntu installs, so why move it? They can go all around or something. Anyhoo.09:53
dooglussheepz: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall nicotine" I think09:53
chelzAthyria: you need three?09:53
Athyriachelz - Yes. For... reasons.09:53
zetheroo chelz: frei0r-plugins is already the newest version.09:53
zetheroofrei0r-plugins set to manually installed.09:53
ashwinAnyone know why in qt_octave I keep getting undefined at line 22 when the code is just 3 lines long ?09:53
XuMuKDr_Willis, I need to add this 'acpi_apic_instance=2' at boot...09:54
stevenhow do i get my web cam to work i just installed two days ago09:54
dooglussheepz: did you install it from somewhere other than the official repos?09:54
sabgentonchelz: any revelations?09:54
Sakethey guys i running lucid and it is not detecting my broadcom wifi driver09:54
stevenits a dv4-2169r09:54
sheepzyes, dooglus09:54
sheepzfrom the site09:54
Athyriachelz - okay, I deleted that. I definitely deleted that. Why is that still there?!09:54
sheepzbecause the one in repos was crashing09:54
Dr_WillisXuMuK:  edit /etc/default/grub09:54
dooglussheepz: I guess that's the problem then.  you can install it from aptitude09:54
dooglussheepz: oh, I see09:54
Jordan_USaket: Are you offered anythin to install by System > Adminstration > Hardware Drivers?09:54
dooglussheepz: I didn't use it for years now09:54
Sakethey guys, how can i make my lucid to detect the drivers?09:55
TomassoSKHi all, I have problem with framebuffer in lucid, I have kernel 2.6.32 and when I wrote to grub higher resolution, I have no screen when kernel boots.09:55
steveni am running ubuntu 10.04 and thats the last thing to fix09:55
XuMuKDr_Willis, and where exactly should I put it there?09:55
chelzAthyria: boot to a livecd, do "sudo fdisk -l | tee ~/Desktop/fdisk.txt" (without the quotes) then copy it to a usb flashdrive, then plug the flashdrive into the computer you're on now and pastebin it09:55
SaketJordan_U: nope, nothing is shown09:55
Athyriachelz - It's hopeless. It's definitely hopeless. I'ma go do something less futile. Toodles.09:55
chelzsabgenton: not just yet09:55
Dr_Willis!grub2 | XuMuK09:55
ubottuXuMuK: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:55
=== macode is now known as macode|afk
dennis_can anyone help me with this error im getting while trying to install an app: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6 (>= 2.11) ... but when I check package manager it says the latest version is 2.10.1 ?09:56
dooglussheepz: so the answer to your question of why it's running nicotine is that you installed a buggy nicotine package which has a python script where the menu file should be...09:56
=== macode|afk is now known as macode
Dr_WillisXuMuK:  theres some default entry that gets adeed to the end of every kernel line in that config. You want to add it there. and rerun update-grub09:56
chelzhaha wow that was a waste09:56
chelzsabgenton: not yet09:56
jribdennis_: what exactly are you attempting to install?09:56
chelzzetheroo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openshot/+bug/61746909:56
jrib!away > macode09:56
coz_dennis_,  which applicatoin is this?09:56
ubottumacode, please see my private message09:56
dennis_im trying to install Xplico09:56
matejanyone know of good shoutcast radio app that would let me save songs that I like? I use Exaile but it won't let me do that :(09:56
coz_dennis_, ok and is this from the repository?09:56
XuMuKDr_Willis, ok, thanks!09:57
dennis_no its off the web09:57
coz_dennis_,  do you have alink to this application09:57
Dr_Willismatej:  streamtuner/tunapie/streamripper can save streams.. but they may not do it exactly how you like.09:57
Jordan_USaket: What is the card's PCI-ID? (explanation on how to find it here: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/b43#Known_PCI_devices )09:57
SaketJordan_U: when i tried to see the hardware drivers by running the live cd of lucid i got to see the drivers as broadcom b43, broadcom sta09:57
dennis_coz: http://www.xplico.org/download09:58
sheepzdooglus: guess so, a bit weird that this behavior ensues even though I changed the config file09:58
sheepzwith yours09:58
matejYeah, I want it to work like old analogue radios did it, just more modern :)09:58
jribdennis_: please pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy libc609:58
Jordan_USaket: Can you connect to the internet via ethernet temporarily?09:58
coz_dennis_,  ok did you download the ubuntu 10.04 package?09:58
chelzsabgenton: what do you get from:  sudo modprobe -r loop && sudo modprobe loop max_part=6309:58
dennis_coz: im on ubunto 9.10 and downloaded that package09:58
SaketJordan_U: nope, even the ethernet is not working09:58
coz_ah ok09:58
coz_dennis_,  ah ok09:59
dooglussheepz: did you build it from the .tar.gz file yourself?  or did you find a .deb somewhere?09:59
jribdennis_: well you can't use it on 9.10....09:59
sheepzdooglus: I think it was a deb09:59
dooglussheepz: at http://nicotine.thegraveyard.org/#download I'm not seeing any .deb package09:59
sheepzdon't remember building09:59
dennis_jrib why?09:59
sabgentonchelz: is that a website on mounting lvm?09:59
Mugambomy cd/dvd drive is not working properly in ubutnu 10.04 , what i should do now ?09:59
jribdennis_: because it's for 10.04.  Isn't that what the site says?09:59
dennis_jriib there are versions for ubuntu 10.04 and 9.10 (scroll down)09:59
Jordan_USaket: Is your ethernet card listed at all in "ifconfig"?09:59
coz_dennis_,   ok this is a .deb package  open a terminal   cd to it's location   sudo dpkg -i  nameofpackage   if the erros occure try   sudo apt-get install -f10:00
sheepzdooglus: that's the old version10:00
chelzsabgenton: yes. i'm curious if loading the module would work, even if lsmod doesn't list it10:00
jribdennis_: are you using the version for 9.10...?10:00
sabgentonchelz: and it won't work cause loop is not comipled as a modual10:00
dennis_jrib: yes10:00
jribdennis_: what exactly did you download?10:00
SaketJordan_U: i followed the instructions in the readme file when u download the 32 bit version of the driver but still nothing works10:00
chelzsabgenton: what do you get from    sudo modprobe loop max_part=6310:00
SaketJordan_U: yes, i get to see the Auto eth0 when i do ifconfig10:01
sabgentonchelz: if the site is http://www.thegibson.org/blog/archives/467  I just happend to be folloing it when this problem occurred10:01
dennis_jrib : the "Ubuntu 9.10 package"10:01
jribdennis_: there's more than one.10:01
coz_dennis_,  make sure you download the .deb package10:01
sabgentonchelz: FATAL: Module loop not found.10:01
dennis_jrib: oh the most recent one, and yes the .deb package10:01
jribdennis_: just tell us the name of the file.10:01
dooglussheepz: still not finding .deb files?10:01
SaketJordan_U: right now i am on my winblows10:01
jribso we can stop playing guessing games...10:02
sabgentonchelz: as I said I think ubuntu distros comiple it as a modual10:02
sabgentonfor some forsaken reason10:02
dennis_jrib: xplico_0.5.8_i386.deb10:02
jribdennis_: k, now look at http://www.xplico.org/download.  That's a package for 10.0410:02
Jordan_USaket: Assuming your network has a DHCP server, what happens when you run "sudo dhclient eth0"?10:03
sabgentonchelz: sory they compile it as a builtin10:03
dennis_jrib: i am on ubuntu 9.1010:03
sabgentonkernel built in10:03
coz_dennis_,  ok open a terminal  cd to that location of the file....  sudo dpkg -i xplico_0.5.8_i386.deb10:03
jribdennis_: I know.  And you downloaded a package for 10.04.10:03
sabgentonI WISH the comipled it as a modual10:03
coz_dennis_,  if that error shows up again  do   sudo apt-get install -f  and let me know what happens10:03
Jordan_USaket: It's incredibly uncommon for an ethernet card to not be supported out of the box.10:03
jribdennis_: xplico_0.5.8_i386.deb is for 10.04, NOT 9.1010:03
sheepzdooglus: thanks so much10:03
sabgentonchelz: looks like older ubuntu verrsions   had it as a modual but not anymore10:04
sheepzdooglus: well, the weird behavior is gone at least10:04
SaketJordan_U: i have not executed that command10:04
dennis_jrib: then their website is pointing to the wrong file? that is what is listed for 9.1010:04
dooglussheepz: you're welcome.  I still don't really understand though...10:04
SaketJordan_U: even i am amazed why my ethernet card is not being detected10:04
Saketi am on my windows machine so i have to reboot and chk with that command10:05
chelzsabgenton: well i found someone saying this: "howdy.  I installed ubuntu 10.04 server 64-bit last night and given they compile the loop module into the kernel I added loop.max_part=63 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub and ran sudo update-grub2.after reboot I'm stuck at a grub prompt;  ls shows my partitions and ls (hd0,2)/ shows the root of my /boot partition but ls (hd0,2)/boot says "error: out of disk".which I gather actually mea10:05
chelzns that grub can't access that far into the filesystem.what's the best path forward here?"10:05
jribdennis_: no, the website says: xplico version 0.5.6 has a 9.10 package.  Here is the directory: (sourceforge link).  Then you didn't click 0.5.6, you clicked something else.  All the packages are in the same directory10:05
sabgentonchelz: sudo modprobe -l |grep loop  doesn't return anything usefull either10:05
SaketJordan_U: what is supposed to happen after executing that command?10:05
chelzsabgenton: you could try that but it might make your system unbootable, so you might try adding that line in grub itself. pressing e while highlighting the entry you want to edit10:05
chelzthe edits are temporary btw10:05
SaketJordan_U: tell me so that i can verify when i am on lucid10:05
sabgentonchelz: exellent I wil do that10:06
Jordan_USaket: You should have a working connection after running that command.10:06
dennis_jrib: thanks lol..10:06
jribdennis_: so either go with 10.04 or attempt to build the latest from source (http://wiki.xplico.org/doku.php?id=doing_a_deb_package)10:06
SaketJordan_U: hmm, okay, any thing else u want me to try ?10:06
chelzsabgenton: this has some more stuff: http://www.google.com/search?q="loop.max_part%3D63"10:07
dennis_thanks guys, appreciated10:07
chelzsabgenton: so apparently that's how you pass options to nonmodule things10:07
Jordan_USaket: I can give you instructions for getting your wireless working without an internet connection now if you'd prefer, but it's somewhat complicated.10:07
xbonesxchelz: what can i type to find out what version of grub i have?10:08
sabgentonchelz: yeah I never new that was possibal10:08
chelzxbonesx: grub --version10:08
sabgentonfor builtins10:08
chelzxbonesx: --version and --help are pretty universal commands10:08
Sakethmm okay, i can giv you my email id, will you mail me the instructions?10:08
Jordan_Uxbonesx: chelz: grub-install --version10:08
chelzsabgenton: yeah i've only added a few things to the linux line in grub and i don't think any were for builtins10:08
SaketJordan_U: hmm okay, i can giv you my email id, will you mail me the instructions?10:09
sabgentonchelz: I thought if you compiled the thing as a builtin instead of a modual you were stuffed10:09
chelzoh that might be the way for grub2, i personally am still on grub1 ;/10:09
chelzsabgenton: heh well rebooting isn't exactly ideal in a lot of environments, but i guess it's better than recompiling10:09
Jordan_Uchelz: grub-install --version works for both grub legacy and grub2 wheras grub2 has no "grub" command.10:09
chelzJordan_U: good to know, thanks10:10
sabgentonyeah unless you run gentoo or somthing10:10
Qwertchelz: Was the problem solved?10:10
sabgenton(and gentoos a  hastle)10:10
Jordan_Uchelz: You're welcome.10:10
xbonesxchelz: grub (GNU GRUB 0.97), so i have grub1?10:10
chelzQwert: no.. that person gave up pretty epically. wouldn't pastebin anything either. seemed really against solving their problem or some reason.10:10
Qwertchelz: Oh..10:11
chelzxbonesx: grub2 was added in karmic, the version right after the one you have, which is jaunty10:11
Jordan_USaket: Yes, give it to me in a PM to keep it from the email harvesting spam bots.10:11
xbonesxok then10:11
ashwinAnyone can help me with octave ?10:11
chelzxbonesx: when you install lucid, it will install grub210:11
SaketJordan_U: okay10:11
chelzashwin: the octave mailing list would probably be the best place for help. you can feel free to try in here though :)10:12
shaiHi :) I connected my cell phone to my Ubuntu 10.04 and while I'm able to send an SMS using this cmd (sudo gsmsendsms -d /dev/ttyACM0 +972xxxxxxxxx "test") ; I can't seem to do the same with Hebrew fonts. 1. When I swith the layout to Hebrew, the text is typed backwards in the command line. 2. The SMS does get sent out, but arrives in gibirish. Can anyone help me out with this?10:12
Qwertashwin: Yes..10:13
chelzshai: you need to make sure whatever you're doing supports unicode10:13
ikoniashai: I'd bet it is s simple bug/limitation you'll need to log a bug against the package for that10:13
chelzashwin: please keep stuff in the main channel. and no problem. :)10:13
shaiI see....10:14
shaitoo bad then...10:14
SaketJordan_U: how can i send you a PM?10:14
chelzshai: it might work with what you have, you just need to use a special flag or something10:14
Saketis it /msg?10:15
chelzsabgenton: if you're doing that stuff now i'd be curious if that line worked for you10:15
sabgentonsorry haven't got there10:15
Jordan_USaket: Type "/msg Jordan_U hi"10:15
sabgentonhold on10:15
chelzSaket: /query opens a new window/tab thing, /msg sends individual messages10:15
chelzsabgenton: sure, no rush10:16
SaketJordan_U: did you get it?10:16
Jordan_USaket: Yes.10:16
sabgentonheres another question how do i know what the loop modual = at the moment?10:16
shaichelz, yea... gsmsendsms doesn't have that option ..10:16
chelzshai: i found this "The GSM default alphabet is used for encoding. ASCII and Latin-1 characters that can not be encoded using the GSM default alphabet are converted to the GSM delta character (GSM code 16)."10:18
shaichelz, what does it mean?10:18
chelzshai: if hebrew characters aren't part of the GSM default alphabet, it can't send them.10:19
chelzshai: you might try asking on some hebrew-oriented ubuntu or linux mailing list10:19
rocket16how can i limit the number of virtual consoles in Ubuntu 10.04?10:21
Jordan_Ushai: The hebrew channel for Ubuntu support might be helpfull. /join #ubuntu-il10:22
Dr_Willisrocket16:  edit the proper /etc/init/ files.10:22
rocket16Dr_Willis: Thanks, :).10:22
Dr_WillisQwert:  Huh? accept what file?10:22
lixujiaHello guys10:23
chelz!hi | lixujia10:23
ubottulixujia: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:23
Dr_WillisQwert:  most irc clients have 'dcc' commands to send files. I never use the feature.10:24
lixujiaHI chelz10:24
Dr_WillisQwert:  pastebin is much easier to use10:24
rocket16Dr_Willis: Should I delete the number of tty3.conf to tty6.conf files, to take away 3rd to 6th consoles?10:24
chelz!cn | lixujia10:24
ubottulixujia: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:24
Dr_Willisrocket16:  or rename them to tty3.DONTSTART10:24
Dr_Willisrocket16:  but i dont see the reasons for it..10:24
rocket16Dr_Willis: Oh, thanks.10:24
rocket16Dr_Willis: Just for a possible small speed-boost.10:25
lixujiahow are you doing chelz10:25
chelzrocket16: it's almost always better to rename than to delete, a lot easier to revert10:25
Dr_Willisrocket16:  i doubt if it will matter.10:25
chelzlixujia: pretty good. welcome. this channel is for support stuff only though. to talk casually please go to #ubuntu-offtopic10:25
rusiviWhat package allows ./configure ?10:25
ikoniarusivi: none, configure is normally a script10:26
Dr_WillisI imagine the cpu used by a login: on a console.. is rather minimal.10:26
ikoniarusivi: what are you trying to build10:26
lixujiaOh thanks10:26
rusiviikonia ty10:26
rocket16chelz: Sure, thanks.10:26
chelzrusivi: configure scripts are almost always bash or sh scripts and the ./ means "run the script in this directory" since random directories aren't in one's $PATH10:26
coz_hey guys I have a question.. on Edubuntu/lucid  and noticed an old problem from years ago...menus dont always update when installing new application...there used to be an update-menu command  apparenlty not there there now...any other solutions ?10:26
rusivichelz: ty10:26
chelzcoz_: System -> Preferences -> Main Menu10:27
coz_chelz,  yes I am aware of that and of course I can untick and re tick the missing app menu item but wanted a  command to refresh menus10:28
SaketJordan_U: hey, i tried sudo dhclient eth0 but it was just giving outputs like ping10:28
norenhi all, i m having trouble connecting to internet from the newly created login how to chare internet here10:28
doogluscoz_: /usr/bin/update-menus10:28
chelzrusivi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall10:28
coz_doobeh,  ok let me try that10:29
rusivichelz: ty10:29
dooglusdoobeh ?10:29
coz_dooglus,   sorry that was for you  but  none avialable here10:29
xbonesxwhats the keyboard shortcut to switch desktops?10:29
coz_dooglus,  /usr/bin/update-menus is not onboard10:30
magnetronxbonesx: ctrl+alt+left10:30
No_one_at_allchalcedny? chalcedony?10:31
chelzcoz_: are you on lucid?10:31
coz_chelz,  yes  edubuntu / lucid10:31
noreni created a new user in ubuntu but cant access internet from it ?? how to solve please10:32
chelzcoz_: make sure you have the menu packages installed10:32
chelzcoz_: sudo apt-get --reinstall install menu10:32
iShawnWanyone have win7 and try to ftp/smb into 10.10? mine fails with path was not found even though its correct10:33
xbonesxmagnetron: sweet thank you i love keyboard shortcuts, almost dont need a mouse10:33
jribxbonesx: you'll probably enjoy  using a tiling window manager then10:33
chelziShawnW: smb between linux and windows is an art10:33
coz_chelz,  ah ok menu wasnt installed  let me check now10:33
chelzcoz_: that package contains the update-menus command10:33
iShawnWchelz: no its finger painting with xp10:33
magnetronxbonesx: also try ctrl+alt+shift+left/right, it moves the current window to another desktop10:33
coz_chelz,  never even corssed my mind...thanks  :)10:33
chelzcoz_: i found that through http://packages.ubuntu.com/ at the bottom10:34
iShawnWwin7 is a Special ED student10:34
chelzcoz_: "Search the contents of packages"10:34
chelzcoz_: i just left everything as default and put in the box:   update-menus10:34
coz_chelz,  understood    I will book mark that for later use  ...thanks again :)10:35
xbonesxmagnetron: very nice is there a list of keyboard shorcuts somewhere?10:35
sabgentonchelz: worked a charm!10:35
chelzcoz_: np thanks for using ubuntu10:35
r45c4lhello, here is the o/p of my lspci of xubuntu 10.04, i am not able to connect it to my wifi10:35
sabgentonjust stuck it on the boot line before quiet10:35
chelzsabgenton: great to hear! i was afraid it wouldn't boot or something. so that guide is working?10:35
coz_chelz,  ok and thanks for using compiz and cairo-dock :)10:35
r45c4lcan anyone help me please10:35
sabgentonchelz: I just edit the boot line in the boot menu at start up10:35
Jordan_Uxbonesx: One of the popular tiling window managers is even called "ratpoison" :)10:36
sabgentondidn't grub-update10:36
sabgentongurb2 still confuses me a bit10:36
magnetronxbonesx: it's in the keyboard shortcuts in the system menu10:36
sabgentonso just did the easy way10:36
rocket16If any contact is shown "not authorised", does this mean, that I have been blocked by that user? Or has he/she removed my contact? I suspect the same, but still, just for confirmation.10:37
rocket16In Pidgin.10:37
chelzr45c4l: are you on lucid?10:37
chelzsabgenton: ah, well that one line i found where you add it to the /etc/grub/default i would think would work fine10:38
r45c4li am not sure i just know i am on xubuntu 10.0410:38
=== wilson is now known as Guest42545
chelzr45c4l: oh right. yes 10.04 is lucid.10:38
r45c4lthis is the o/p of lspci http://dpaste.com/245356/10:38
chelzrocket16: some IM networks require you to get approval from a person before you can add them to your buddy list or talk to them, i think that means that the request is pending10:38
r45c4lokk okk chelz i was not aware of that, thanks10:38
sabgentonchelz: well I only need a one shot anyways but yeah now I know how it works the worlds my oyster :)10:38
SaketJordan_U: hey, did you mail me?10:39
norenmy nm-applet not working when logged in with new user !!10:39
chelzr45c4l: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:markus-tisoft/rt309010:39
rocket16Oh, thanks chelz. But till yesterday, he was there, and I added him as well. From today, I can see it to be "not authorised"10:39
amanita_Anyone using dual cpu servers (like HP Proliant) with standard Ubuntu here?10:39
r45c4lok chelz let me try that10:39
chelzr45c4l: sudo apt-get install rt309010:39
chelzrocket16: he might have removed you10:40
=== manio_ is now known as manio
rocket16Thanks chelz.10:40
chelzr45c4l: do those in order10:40
chelzrocket16: i'm not sure though. you could try the support for the IM network you're using10:40
r45c4lok chelz10:40
Jordan_USaket: No, since you're here and dhclient eth0 failed I might as well just tell you (the instructions aren't that long).10:40
=== heather is now known as Guest81439
SaketJordan_U: okay10:40
rocket16chelz: Thanks again.10:40
Guest76361I have a problem with empathy and {internal} microphone10:40
=== miguel is now known as Guest268
Jordan_USaket: How comfortable are you with the terminal?10:41
r45c4lchelz, i am getting this on ur second command10:41
r45c4lr45c4l@h4ckb0x:~$  sudo apt-get install rt309010:41
r45c4lReading package lists... Done10:41
r45c4lBuilding dependency tree10:41
r45c4lReading state information... Done10:41
r45c4lE: Couldn't find package rt309010:41
FloodBot1r45c4l: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:41
=== Guest76361 is now known as hzam
SaketJordan_U: i am not that bad with terminal10:41
SaketJordan_U: u can tell me10:41
chelzr45c4l: sudo apt-get install rt3090-dkms10:42
chelzr45c4l: sorry about that10:42
sahili can not believe you guys are talking about the rt309010:42
chelzsahil: is that why you're here?10:42
sahilchelz: I have read tons of forums on this very issue tonight10:42
r45c4lokk thanks chelz10:42
Jordan_USaket: Download these and extract them to /lib/firmware/ http://jordanu.dyndns.org/b43-firmware-lucid.tar.gz http://jordanu.dyndns.org/b43legacy-firmware-lucid.tar.gz10:42
ashtray¶Ô aaronyy ˵: .10:43
chelzsahil: we're currently trying a ppa10:43
dr0idguys my system has gone pretty slow, can't understand why so , can anyone help me out ?10:43
sahilchelz: I was going to build something similar10:43
chelzsahil: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:markus-tisoft/rt309010:43
chelzsahil: sudo apt-get install rt3090-dkms10:43
chelzis what i'd say you should try10:43
sahilchelz: question is isn't there support for rt3090 in the kernel?10:43
chelzsahil: no idea10:43
chelzsahil: i would guess not10:44
SaketJordan_U: okay, as i am on my windows machine, i ll copy every step u tell me and then execute them on my lucid10:44
sahilchelz: from my reading there is...10:44
sahilintegrated with the rt2860pci driver-I was going to compile a kernel with it working10:44
Jordan_USaket: That's actually basically the only step, if you're already familiar with using the tar command.10:44
SaketJordan_U: i am familiar with tar command10:45
dr0idguys my system has gone slow, can anyone help me out ? extremely slow10:45
SaketJordan_U: :)10:45
sahilchelz: if the kernel didn't work i was going to follow the howto build the RaLink guide and build a deb10:46
chelzsahil: eh well you could try the ppa first. should be quick test.10:46
Jordan_USaket: Ok, once you've checked that the directories /lib/firmware/b43 and /lib/firmware/b43legacy exist run "sudo rmmod b43; sudo modprobe b43" (or reboot).10:46
amanita_dr0id what cpu do you have and how many gb ram?10:47
sahilchelz: ppa is fine but i'm interested in this for two reason-i sell these laptops to customers so i need a longterm solution10:47
dr0idquad core 2.33ghz and 2gb ddr2 ram I hope10:47
amanita_dr0id try install htop, then run it in a terminal to see what hogs your sys10:47
chelzsahil: make sure maverick gets support for it then get a package for it released in lucid-backports10:47
dr0idI executed this command -> top10:48
dr0idand this is what I got -> http://pastie.org/private/g1pewb6ak0xn37qjzi7rg10:48
sahilchelz:im concerned about maverick not lucid10:48
SaketJordan_U: okay10:48
chelzsahil: or maverick is frozen actually, so maybe make sure natty gets it10:48
SaketJordan_U: anything else?10:48
coz_dr0id,  you will get better info and more options with htop10:48
Jordan_USaket: Most of the people who I've explained this to needed the exact command for every step, including mounting their windows partition. That's the only reason why I said that it was complicated / long :)10:48
chelzsahil: LTS releases have a much longer support lifecycle than normal releases, depending on who your customers are it might be better to keep them on LTS releases10:48
dr0idcoz_: I have it, executed10:48
dr0idgot some similar things :P I don't understand all those lol10:48
sahilchelz: desktop-endusers -they're laptops10:49
SaketJordan_U: oh okay, i am not that bad :)10:49
coz_dr0id,  well you could screenshot what it is reporting now and upload to picpaste.com for us to look at :)10:49
chelzsahil: eh well for lucid users i sure hope it get a backport10:49
coz_dr0id,  i would full screen that first10:49
r45c4lchelz, i am getting this http://dpaste.com/245364/10:49
Jordan_USaket: That's should be it, though you might run into the same problem with DHCP with the wireless card as you had with the wired connection.10:49
amanita_dr0id: hey you run virtualbox?10:50
dr0idcoz_: it's a huge list how do I show you everything ?10:50
SaketJordan_U: Thanks for the help, i ll be right back and let you know the result, thank you very much10:50
dr0idamanita_: yeah, virtualbox ose10:50
Jordan_USaket: You're welcome.10:50
dr0idafter starting it, my system went slow10:50
chelzr45c4l: sudo apt-get install rt3090-dkms10:50
chelzr45c4l: rt3090-dkms not rt309010:50
coz_dr0id,  just screenshot that at fullscreen  the main culprits will be at the top of the list anyway10:50
r45c4lohh sorry10:50
amanita_dr0id: and do you wonder why your sys is slow dude.10:50
chelzr45c4l: sure np10:50
dr0idno, I don't know10:51
coz_dr0id,  uploaded yet ? :)10:52
dr0idno, picpaste is slow10:53
coz_dr0id,   try speedyshare.com10:53
r45c4lchelz, now see this http://dpaste.com/245365/10:53
coz_dr0id,  I cant read that one :)  way too small10:53
chelzr45c4l: oops sorry about that10:53
chelzr45c4l: run this:    sudo apt-get update10:53
chelzr45c4l: then run that apt-get install again10:54
coz_dr0id,  full screen htop  hit printscreen and upload to speedyshare.com10:54
sahilthe smallest steps chelz10:54
r45c4lokk chelz thanks :) let me do that10:54
dr0idcoz_: ^^10:54
coz_dr0id,  according to that snapshot cpu is at 0%10:55
dr0idcoz_: did you see my top results?10:55
coz_dr0id,  ok that one says virtual box + a few other things have cpu at 10%10:56
coz_dr0id,  thats not much of a cpu load10:56
dr0idcoz_: lol, things are getting hanged here, just pidgin is running barely10:56
coz_dr0id,   ok what do you have running other than virtual box....compiz?  ???10:57
chelzr45c4l: after those you have to reboot i think10:57
r45c4lsure chelz10:58
coz_dr0id,  out of curiosity    in terminal   lspci | grep -i vga10:58
r45c4lthanks for all the help chelz :)10:59
chelzr45c4l: sure. as soon as you reboot plz tell me if it fixed it or not.10:59
norencant get nm-applet to work with different login?? some d-bus error !! help needed here10:59
chelznoren: what error do you get?11:00
r45c4lsure chelz i will sure tell u11:00
eiseHi guys after restart i can't get any sound out of this... it has worked perfectly before.. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/UDJv2SkA11:01
coz_eise,  first thing to check is in terminal     alsamixer   see if any sliders are down or muted11:02
dr0idsorry coz_ system crashed at last :P11:02
dr0idI think I need to move from kde to gnome :(11:03
coz_dr0id,  yikes... oh kde is definilty a hog at times11:03
SaketJordan_U: thanks, everything is working fine11:03
eisecoz_ ; canno open mixer...11:03
amanita_dr0id: wise man use gnome only11:03
coz_dr0id,  if you like kde apps but want gnome I suggest trying edubuntu  nice mix of the two11:03
coz_eise,  oooo11:03
SaketJordan_U: i am on lucid11:03
coz_eise,  see if you have alsa-uitls istalled11:03
dr0idthe thing is so much projects and so many things goin on, and I am on kde11:04
dr0idshifting to gnome would be easy ?11:04
bazhangdr0id, sure11:04
coz_dr0id,    sudou apt-get install  ubunt-desktop11:04
dr0idbtw, seems like vista is more stable than kubuntu11:04
bazhangdr0id, got only kde installed now?11:04
dr0idkde and gnome, bnoth11:04
bazhang!puregnome | dr0id11:05
ubottudr0id: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome11:05
bazhangdr0id, follow that link on how to make it gnome only11:05
eisecoz_ when i check Hardware through the speaker (the small icon) he list no availible hardware..11:05
dr0idI would'nt want to do that now, I am afraid, as I said, too many things here, I can't even think of taking backups :P11:05
dr0idmay do that later, for now some quick fix maybe helpful heh11:05
bazhangdr0id, okay, well bookmark it for when you do11:05
eisecoz_ alsa-utils give me: Usage: /etc/init.d/alsa-utils {start [CARD]|stop [CARD]|restart [CARD]|reset [CARD]}11:05
dr0idsure :)11:06
coz_eise,  ooo  thats not good...11:06
r45c4lhey chelz it worked perfectly11:06
eiseBut i can see it in the list of lspci...11:06
r45c4lmy wifi is working now :)11:06
r45c4lthanks a lot11:06
Spyzerhi all, can gwibber manage system based accounts. I mean suppose i have more than one user account on my pc, so shall all of them receive their own personal updates??11:06
Spyzerand not the updates of others11:06
eisecoz_ and i know, when i try to restart the laptop some times.. i may work11:06
coz_eise,   ok I am not always the best for sound issues  ,,,,if no one here knows the next troubleshooting steps you couls try either #pulseaudio or #alsa channels11:06
chelzr45c4l: great to hear :)11:06
r45c4lthanks chelz :)11:07
dr0idafter this crash google toolbar on firefox is entirely broken, can't see any options :(11:07
dr0idlike the quick search, page rank, and most of them, can see just 4 options no11:07
dr0idgmail and other 311:07
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=== macode|afk is now known as macode
miyamotoaudio out put is not workin in my dell inspiron n4010 laptop so can any one help me..........11:09
airtonixSpyzer, sorry i can't understand you, it seems all the keys on your keyboard just print exclamation marks11:10
Spyzerumm okay i shall then write it again11:10
kaikan blom len11:10
Spyzercan gwibber manage system based accounts. I mean suppose i have more than one user account on my pc, so shall all of them receive their own personal updates??11:10
vasezwhere does wine install icons into?  I deleted .wine and now I have links that obviously won't work11:10
Spyzerairtonix: please wud u tell me??11:11
airtonixSpyzer, you should probably ask the gwibber author(s)11:11
Spyzeri am behind a proxy so am unable to utilize gwibber functionalities11:11
chelzvasez: http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-9893ae50079ca7a959258f0bc9a17aaf2e69b39111:12
antivirtelnetwork proxy setting is equial with apt-cacher server?!11:12
airtonixvasez, when you install windows programs on linux and you have wine installed, it contains a helper app that will create .desktop files in your ~/.local/share/applications11:12
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vasezchelz, airtonix thank you11:12
airtonixantivirtel, you need to provide more information11:13
=== Qwert_ is now known as Qwert
antivirtelairtonix in the end of ubuntu setup there is "Advanced", then: http proxy field... this http proxy is an apt-cacher server? or it isnt..?!11:14
airtonixantivirtel, no. it is merely the network proxy setting that you will have if you went to system > preferences > network proxy11:15
airtonixantivirtel, also, I do not recall such a setting during install are you sure you are using Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) ?11:15
antivirtelairtonix yeah lucid :D what other?! sry, not "advanced" but "other"11:17
airtonixantivirtel, i think you can safely assume it is a normal proxy is it auto fills the port number with 808011:18
abhi_Hello, Ubuntu One Service is not running as expected. Files and notes are not able to synchronize. Any help regarding this is appreciated11:18
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
antivirtelok, thanks11:18
airtonixantivirtel, as far as i know, apt-cacher and apt-proxy work on another pport by default11:18
antivirtelyeah really...11:19
shaiJordan_U, chelz: I decided to give 'gnokii' a try, and it works great with Hebrew... the only problem I have now, is that Hebrew, when typed in the console, is backwards ... But even when sent, it arrives correctly.11:22
shaiAny thoughts?11:22
shaiThe Hebrew channel is kinda dead... no-one talks there (yet)11:22
abhi_Hello, is the Ubuntu one service down right now? I am not able to sync the files. Somebody please check it...11:22
datuneI have a file with the following permissions: -rw-------  1 postgres postgres 13081 Feb 16  2010 I874894.JPG, I am trying to access this file via http, but obviously apache does not have the correct permission. So I figured I could just add www-data to the group postgres, but that does not work either. The problem: Changing either file permissions or the fileowner is not an option. How can I solve this?11:23
will_datune: Looks like the user only has access to read and write11:26
airtonixdatune, out of luck then11:26
will_datune: Interesting that the postgres user owns a JPG...11:27
datunewill_: I know, it's a very complex story, trust me when I say I can't do anything about that...11:27
will_You can make it world-readable...11:27
alexb_can symbolic links have different permissions from there target?11:27
datunewill_: Like I said, I can't...11:28
will_oh sorry11:28
will_You can't solve it with the given statements... though, maybe it would be interesting to hear the whole story...11:29
Jordan_USaket: You're welcome.11:30
iShawnWokay wtf does it take to just ftp/smb from win7 into 10.1011:30
iShawnWeven mac can connect, xp can connect, I have no vista so didn't test that11:30
guntbert!language | iShawnW11:31
ubottuiShawnW: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.11:31
iShawnWguntbert: I refrained from dropping the full out fbomb11:31
guntbertiShawnW: even so11:32
airtonixiShawnW, i guess that question depends on what software you are using... (it's my assumption that every iteration of windows undergoes enough changes to make it incompatiable with other OS)11:32
sheepzany reason why there's no main.cf in my /etc/postfix?11:32
airtonix!bots > Qwert11:33
ubottuQwert, please see my private message11:33
guntbertalexb_: the permission of the link files don't matter (they are 777 usually), only the permission on the original count11:33
Gneasheepz: it was never delivered11:33
iShawnWairtonix: its really felling like Bill blocked like smb port11:33
FusionXi recently installed xubuntu 10.4 using wubi under my windows C: drive (4 GB). Now sometimes after booting up xubuntu, the screen crashes at random times and starts blinking white stripes on half of the screen. And also when xubuntu boots up the logo appears very pixelly and looks as if it is run in safe mode and after the logo disappears a quick green color flashes on the screen. My xorg.0.log --> http://pastebin.com/uAy3NS4f . I use Samsung syncma11:33
FusionXster 794mg monitor and my driver is intel 82845G11:33
sheepzGnea, what do you mean?11:33
airtonixiShawnW, why?11:33
Gneasheepz: well, what created /etc/postfix in the first place?11:33
sheepzi installed via apt11:33
iShawnWairtonix: every other box i have can connect but yet win7 can't11:33
Gneawhat did you install, exactly?11:33
alexb_thanks guntbert11:34
guntbertalexb_: you're welcome :-)11:34
hiexpomorning all11:34
airtonixiShawnW, you must be forgetting a step, because i have win7 clients at work that make use of a ubuntu 10.04 ebox server11:34
iShawnWairtonix: 10.10, I'm begining to regret it11:34
airtonixiShawnW, ok you need to ask in ubuntu+111:35
iShawnWairtonix: do you know how to purge every part of samba? every dependancy?11:35
airtonixiShawnW, normal ubuntu channel is just for current release candidate. and #ubuntu+1 is for upcoming releases11:35
Gneasheepz: well, according to my 10.04 system, /etc/postfix/main.cf is not part of the postfix package. have you ran through the mail server setup?11:35
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airtonixiShawnW, apt-get purge packagename ?11:35
=== a is now known as xy
iShawnWthat leaves the dependancies11:36
Gneasheepz: try the postconf command11:36
iShawnWI need to get rid of it all11:36
sheepzGnea, i'm on 10.04 as well, i'm just following a tutorial on setting up a mail server11:36
Gneasheepz: cool11:36
iShawnWit was a 10.04 upgrade and I think it sees packages from 10.04 and they must not be workign11:36
djordjehi, i have problem with update on 10.04, rhytmbox update is grayed so i cant check it, it says LP-PPA -eugenesan11:36
sheepzpostconf: fatal: open /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory11:37
airtonixiShawnW, upgrades are bad, repeat after me.11:37
guntbert!fud | airtonix11:37
ubottuairtonix: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt11:37
iShawnWairtonix: it was first time thing, I was feeling to lazy to download the iso... it cam back to bite me in the butt11:37
airtonixguntbert, its the truth. viz the scenario many fall into when they come here with problems caused by failed upgrades11:38
iShawnWguntbert: ... fud yourself, it cases issues. isssues that have come back to bite me in the butt11:38
airtonixguntbert, denying it is mis-information11:38
Gneaairtonix: that's quite enough out of you.11:39
babtuxi want change my resulation when i tupe gnome-display-properties from ctrl+f2 and select 1920*1080 it dont appear and this error appear could not set the configuration for crtc 434 how solve this problem?11:40
Gneaairtonix: if someone has issues with their upgrades, help them solve the problem please, don't talk trash about them.11:41
airtonixGnea, i wasn't, maybe you mis interpreted what i said.11:41
sheepzGnea: any ideas?11:42
Gneaairtonix: I'm sorry, there's no other way to interpret this: 05:37 < airtonix> iShawnW, upgrades are bad, repeat after me.11:42
Gneasheepz: on? you haven't told me what you've done11:42
iShawnWGnea: it is a fact though, the upgrade causeed huge issues11:42
sheepzGnea: haven't done anything really besides installing the postfix package via apt-get11:42
iShawnWGnea: so many packages say they are there and don't work11:43
sheepzaccording to the tutorial which I think is a bit dated11:43
sheepzit should be sufficient11:43
Gneawell, I upgrade all the time and very rarely do they lead to small, medium or huge issues11:43
GneaiShawnW: file a bug.11:43
Gneasheepz: url of the tutorial?11:43
Gnea!bug | iShawnW11:43
ubottuiShawnW: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:43
airtonixiShawnW, for a long time now i make it a point to never upgrade, and to help with clean installs, i assign partitions to directories that i want to retain during a clean install, (a common one is to make /home use the majority of a hard drive)11:44
GneaiShawnW: what did you upgrade from-to anyway?11:44
sheepzGnea: http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix/11:44
iShawnWairtonix: I do have a seperate /home, I was to lazy to boot to a live cd/usb11:44
iShawnWGnea: 10.04 to 10.1011:44
GneaiShawnW: you ought to be asking for help in #ubuntu+1 then, since 10.10 isn't a final release yet11:45
=== the-real-chibi is now known as chibihogoshino
airtonixiShawnW, just a note though, if its a server with something like apache or mysql running you'll want to do the same for the /var directory11:45
iShawnWairtonix: it was my desktop, trying to use smb/ftp to copy files to new lappy11:46
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:46
Gneaairtonix: and you should know better than to carry on anymore talk about the upgrade in here11:46
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unimatrixis it possible to use bind9 to redirect a website for a specific client inside the local network?11:48
joecamelrunning latest ubuntu, plug in iphone, several options come up to listen to music and view photos, iphone icon appears on desktop.  None of the options work right.  Amorak comes closest by listing .m4a's, but doesn't recognize them or play them. directly clicking on the iphone results in an error.  what am i missing?  gtkpod doesn't see the device at all.11:48
Gneasheepz: okay, that tut isn't too terribly dated (7/10), so if postconf doesn't do anything, try this:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix11:48
sheepzok :)11:49
Gnea!iphone | joecamel11:49
ubottujoecamel: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/P