duanedesignmorning all10:32
karlocan you put website in ubuntu one cloud ?16:49
duanedesignhello karlo16:52
duanedesignyou can put an html ifile in your Ubuntu One folder and share that file publicly16:56
karloyea.. but then when you try to open it you must save it..16:57
karloduanedesign, do you know working way ?16:59
duanedesignkarlohere is an html file I have in my Ubunt One folder that I published. http://ubuntuone.com/p/GYg/17:02
karlohmm.. when I put website then browser ask me to download or open the file..17:05
levukarlo: i can open it in browser17:05
levuwhere in launchpad i can file a bug for the u1 server software?17:06
karloduanedesign, but when you change website it change url..17:17
duanedesignkarlo: you mean changing the domain name? Ubuntu One really is not an ideal platform for serving a website.17:26
duanedesignlevu: did you find the place to file your bug?17:26
karloI mean changing website17:27
levuduanedesign: yes i did, thanks too :)17:27
karlono name17:27
duanedesignkarlo: oh i see. If you made an edit, your URL would be different17:28
levuthis whole url scheeme is poorly designed, i just filed a bug with an security issue because of this...17:31
karloyea you van open files from other people.. so what xD17:32
karlocan* (no van) lol17:33
karlois there any group public shearing .. where you can share fails with other people17:34
levuomg in the moment i just can give you the advise not to publish anything on u1 until you're very sure it should be published. there are some big security problems...17:43
levukarlo: well, i reported a private bug and i'm waiting for the response of the u1server team...17:55
karlolevu, duanedesign.. I make "secret" page.. you can see it if you type this in terminal: lynx --source http://ubuntuone.com/p/GZB/18:11
karloand I can edit it..18:11
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