rebirthman, can someone help me? i'm trying to do some pretty basic stuff and i haven't been able to get anything to work quite right. i created a composition in rosegarden and i want to now record a live instrument via a mic using the composition as a guide07:40
rebirthrosegarden keeps crashing and not recording the audio in sync, audacity won;t import the midi and i can't figure out how to use aurdour07:40
holsteinhey rebirth08:07
holsteinsorry to see your having so much trouble08:07
holsteinone way to do it would be08:07
holsteinroute the MIDI tracks into audacity08:08
holsteinthen you can record them08:08
holsteinthen record your audio in a separate track08:08
holsteinthen as long as you keep the 'zeros' lined up08:08
holsteinyou can go back and re-do the MIDI if needed08:09
holsteinand add the audio you already recorded08:09
holsteinthe guys in #ardour are usually very helpful too08:10
rebirththanks holstein i'm sure i'll figure it out08:21
holsteinrebirth: :)08:21
vattsyaaaaaaaaay it boots10:54
vattsok where is now the video editing app?*Sights*10:54
astraljavavatts: Maverick install?11:05
vattsastraljava, eeeeeeeeeeeee?11:05
vattsdled last one11:05
vattscouple weeks ago... not more than 1 month11:06
vattsi went for video editing core...^11:06
astraljavaOk, probably Lucid then.11:06
astraljavaJust asking as I have trouble testing the maverick amd64 install.11:07
zylogz80hi everyone. I am trying to better understand latency with JACK. What are reasonable expectations for latency? What are latencies other people are using? I've got a Core i5 system with 4GB of ram and an MAudio USB interface. I can't seem to attain latencies under 20ms without problems like distortion or audio artifacts and latencies below 10ms result in xruns and hangs.16:30
zylogz80I had an older slower machine that I recorded at 45ms and didn't really notice a problem. With this new i5 machine I wanted to know what I should be shooting for. I saw the ubuntustudio JACK how-to and the example shows sub 6ms. If I try those settings I get hundreds of xruns right on start16:32
zylogz80hmmm. well. maybe I just hit on something. I was able to start with 5ms with no xruns when I selected "none" for the midi driver16:34
zylogz80can raw and seq cause xruns?16:34
zylogz80too easy I guess. the xruns started as soon as I started an application.16:36
holsteinhey zylogz8016:37
zylogz80holstein, hi16:38
holsteinthere are lots of factors16:38
holsteini had a P4 with a gig of ram16:38
holsteinand a presonus firepod16:38
holsteini could get under 5ms stable16:38
holsteini could push that to around 2ms for live softsynths16:39
holsteini would usually use a JACK preset for around 60ms to mix though16:39
holsteinseemed faster with a bunch of plugins running16:39
holsteinand at that point i wasnt worried about the latency anymore16:40
holsteinzylogz80: i think the first question should be 'do i need lower latency?'16:40
zylogz80holstein, well I felt ok at 45ms on my old computer but some things felt a bit laggy, like playing guitar and what now. I was hoping by buying a faster computer I could help that16:41
holsteinopen a terminal16:42
holsteinand run16:42
holsteincat /proc/interrupts16:42
zylogz80holstein, want me to pastebin it?16:42
holsteinyou can16:42
holsteinthis is showing what all is sharing an IRQ address with your sound device16:43
holsteinand the USB port that is controlling the sound device16:43
zylogz80holstein, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/n8YAZV8N16:43
zylogz80holstein, ok let me try to read it and understand it16:43
holsteinyou go in the bios and get both of these off by themselves16:43
holsteinzylogz80: actually, i think that looks good16:45
holsteinyou can check the bios, and see what it says16:45
holsteinbut that pastebin makes me think you got it all seperated pretty well16:45
holsteinzylogz80: what kernel are you using?16:46
holsteinin terminal16:46
holsteinuname -a16:46
zylogz80holstein, thanks16:46
zylogz80holstein, Linux adam-laptop 2.6.32-24-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 16 14:17:33 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux16:46
holsteinyou can try a different kernel16:46
holsteini like the realtime one16:46
holsteinbut it is suggested to try the -lowlatency one first16:47
holsteini usually just skip to the googs :)16:47
holsteinsudo apt-get install linux-rt16:47
zylogz80holstein, hmmm. I ran my old machine off the realtime kernel16:47
holsteinthen you need to16:48
zylogz80holstein, I was going to use it on this one but I have some hardware problems with it :( I was hoping to avoid it.16:48
holsteinOH, nvidia graphics?16:48
zylogz80holstein, I asked around in #jack and I couldn't get a real clear answer on whether or not the realtime kernel was required16:48
holsteinzylogz80: no16:48
holsteinits not required16:48
zylogz80holstein, no I specifically picked a machine without an nvidia or ati card16:48
holsteinand work is being done so that the generic one will have preemnt-ing16:49
holsteinbut, i still need the RT one16:49
zylogz80holstein, I'll need to boot into the realtime kernel and see what I get on this hardware16:49
holsteindid you try https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa16:49
holsteinabogani's -realtime kernel?16:50
zylogz80holstein, but I am unable to use wifi on the realtime kernel which is a bummer :( I didn't mind the realtime kernel on my last box because I could just efault boot into it but on this one I think I'll have to boot into it for audio work and back into a normal kernel regular16:50
holsteinthe linux-rt kernel in the lucid repos is the one from karmic16:50
zylogz80holstein, no I haven't seen that. let me take a look16:50
holsteinzylogz80: OH16:50
holsteinis this a laptop?16:50
zylogz80holstein, yes16:50
holsteinthat can throw up an xrun16:51
holsteini like to try and do wired16:51
zylogz80holstein, wifi?16:51
holsteinOR no internet16:51
holsteini network and do netjack though16:51
holsteinbut with my laptop16:51
holsteini wire it16:51
zylogz80holstein, ok. I can see where that gets me.16:51
zylogz80holstein, what are you getting for latency?16:52
holsteini got a new box16:52
holsteina dual core AMD16:52
holsteinwith 3 gigs of ram16:52
holsteinso i can do 2ms stable16:52
holsteinand i can push it under 1 ;)16:52
holsteinbut i dont16:52
holsteinand again16:53
holsteini mix with it set at like 20 or so16:53
zylogz80holstein, I would really love to get to that. I bought a new laptop specifically for audio. my old one was fine for every day stuff. I'd really hate to not fegire this out. I really apprecieate your help though. :)16:53
holsteinim not sure about with the USB16:53
zylogz80holstein, what do you use for an interface?16:53
holsteinyou shoud be able to get 5 or so though16:53
zylogz80holstein, yeah 5-6 would be more than great coming from almost 5016:54
holsteinpresonus firepod16:54
holsteinzylogz80: if you use abogani's PPA, the RT kernel is called linux-realtime16:54
holsteinzylogz80: you might also benefit from16:55
zylogz80holstein, cool looking peice of gear. I'd need to get a firewire express card interface or something16:55
holstein^^ some of the stuff in falks ppa16:55
holsteinfrom what i read16:55
holsteinutilizes multiple cores16:56
holsteinzylogz80: IF you get a firewire card16:56
zylogz80holstein, interesting16:56
holsteintry and get a texas instruments chipset16:56
holsteinOR save the recipts ;)16:56
zylogz80holstein, thanks for the tips. I really appreciate the help. These ppas look interesting16:57
holsteinzylogz80: i use http://ubuntu-tweak.com/16:57
holsteinthere is a PPA purge option added16:58
holsteinSO if you get falks ppa going16:58
holsteinand it borks something16:58
holsteinyou can get out16:58
holsteinhe's got abogani's kernels in there too16:58
holsteinzylogz80: there are a bunch of KXstudio specific packages in there that i would avoid16:58
holsteinother than that, i think its safe to add the PPA16:59
zylogz80holstein, cool. yeah I would be looking mostly at the realtime kernel and some soundfonts for qsynth16:59
holsteinand do an upgrade16:59
zylogz80holstein, ubuntu tweak looks really helpful16:59
holsteini started using it for PPA purge17:00
holsteinbut some of the gconf tweaking is easier to find with it17:00
zylogz80holstein, so if I mess something up it'll remove all the packages I installed form that ppa?17:00
holsteinzylogz80: you just open tweak17:00
holsteinand say 'purge PPA'17:00
holsteinand it'll remove what you installed from that PPA17:01
holsteinand downgrade whatever needs to be downgraded17:01
* holstein tested17:01
holsteinwith that PPA acutally17:01
holsteini tested on my laptop17:01
zylogz80holstein, very cool. ubuntu tweak seems really neat17:01
holsteinbefore doing it on my main studio machine17:01
holsteini wanted to make sure there was an 'easy' way back to JACK 117:02
zylogz80holstein, I've got great backups and I may test in a virtual machine first just to make sure I understand the process17:02
holsteinzylogz80: i totally understand that17:02
holsteini just wanted to let you know that its pretty much 'safe'17:03
holsteinand that i have tested it17:03
holsteinbut i would do the same :)17:03
zylogz80holstein, thanks very much. you've given me a whole bunch of leads to chase down. I really apprecieate it.17:04
zylogz80holstein, I'll check if you're on later and let you know how everything panned out17:04
holsteinzylogz80: OH17:04
holsteinand one more17:04
holsteinvery helpful folk :)17:05
holsteinzylogz80: good luck17:05
zylogz80holstein, thanks!17:05
ronjhi there17:16
ronjtoday's daily spin of ubuntustudio fails to install at "select and install software" step and presents a red screen asking to retry or skip, even if I uncheck all of the four choices (2d3d, audio, dssi, video). should I file a bug or report on the ML or provide more info here?17:18
holsteinronj: i think its already there ??17:19
holsteinits known17:19
holsteinronj: are you on the email list?17:19
ronjholstein, ok; didn't know17:19
holsteinyou might want to send an email there so its documented17:19
holsteinbut it was yesterday or the day before i say some talk about hat17:20
ronjholstein, yup but I stopped looking at it a long time ago and now that I bought a machine dedicated to testing I'm trying to get back on the train :P17:20
holsteinronj: HEY17:20
holsteinthats great :)17:20
holsteiniso testing is greatly appreciated17:21
ronjholstein, were you mentioning the user of devel list?17:23
holsteinronj: i think devel would be appropriate17:24
holsteinyou can ask over in ubuntustudio-devel too17:24
prepBrasero is not burning correctly, ejects disc when trying to burn, just started recently18:41
holsteinbad discs?18:41
prepNope, was burning ok last time I burned last week, just started18:42
* holstein is using gnomebaker18:42
holsteinprep: i would try and rule out hardware and discs18:42
holsteinmaybe use a live CD18:43
holsteinand try burning something18:43
holsteinor use a different optical drive18:43
prepUsed the built in cd/dvd creator software, it burned all the tracks, but only track 1 would play, for 1 min, all the others were blank18:43
holsteinwhat is 'built in cd/dvd creator' software?18:44
prepNo, another one. Not at the PC at the moment, not sure the exact name. Came with the distro18:45
holsteinyou have tried 2 different pieces of software18:45
holsteinin the same linux distro18:45
holsteini would probably install gnomebaker18:46
holsteinand then, try burning from a live CD18:46
holsteinthen, i would start thinking its hardware18:46
holsteini got a stack of bad optical drives :)18:46
holsteinthey die18:46
prepweird it just started. Was burning fine18:46
prepwas thinking maybe a software conflict18:47
holsteinwhen my LG died18:47
holsteinthat how it went18:47
holsteinbut LG replaced it :)18:47
prepWhen 10.10 is out, i'm staying put18:47
holsteinprep: probably not going to have a software conflict18:47
holsteinif you stay pretty much in the repo18:47
holsteinthings are pretty well tested18:47
holsteinyeah, it could be a maverick thing18:48
prepyeah haven't added any disc burn software18:48
holsteini would try a lucid live disc18:48
prepyeah dont forget I'm a Maverick cripple18:48
holsteinnow you know18:48
prepaight, at work. I'm out. Be easy18:48
holsteinprep: laterx18:49
prepwe'll try to troubleshoot it tomorrow. .18:49
vattsonce it boots, once it doesnt20:15
* vatts slaps his vbox20:15
* vatts deletes it anyways20:19
Somtinhello.  i can run jackd, and hydrogen runs fine and plays, however, mic input doesn't seem to work at all. i'm running ubuntu 10.04 and it worked fine before the upgrade. any ideas?21:21
rlameirois it showing up on jack the mic?21:31
ronjinstalling todays ubuntu-alternate iso to check if my iso issue is ubustu specific or not22:51
rlameiroronj: that is a good idea22:52
ronjweeeeeeell it seems to be ubuntustudio specific, the ubuntu alternate iso installs fine23:09
ronjI'm filing a bug and reporting to the devel ML23:09
ronjjust created LP #64240523:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642405 in Ubuntu Studio "package conflict (foomatic-db / foomatic-db-compressed-ppds) causes Ubuntu Studio installation to fail" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64240523:30
holsteinronj: i think last time it was failing because of another packages23:36
holsteinso thanks :)23:36
ronjholstein, uhm yes I see on the iso testing tracker dholbach reported a similar issue with linux-headers-rt23:38
ronjwelcome :)23:38

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