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UbuXubugood morning coders, engineers, hackers and casual onlookers...08:50
FusionXi recently installed xubuntu 10.4 using wubi under my windows C: drive (4 GB). Now sometimes after booting up xubuntu, the screen crashes at random times and starts blinking white stripes on half of the screen. And also when xubuntu boots up the logo appears very pixelly and looks as if it is run in safe mode and after the logo disappears a quick green color flashes on the screen. My xorg.0.log --> http://pastebin.com/uAy3NS4f . I use Samsung syncm11:35
FusionXaster 794mg monitor and my driver is intel 82845G11:35
Kangarooohello in xubuntu i installed vino and cant connect unles i open vino-preferences in terminal .. is that solvable? how?14:31
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ader10Hi, is it possible to run xfce4-session over ssh?18:26
ader10I've set up X forwarding, and I've run xfce4-session, and it appears to be running but nothing has appeared18:27
ader10oh, it works now18:30
ader10no clue why it didn't work 5 minutes ago :)18:30
ader10actually, it doesn't work. Nothing is responsive :(18:31
charlie-tca!hi | DeM0nFiRe20:06
DeM0nFiReAnyone have any suggestions for what filesystem I should use? I definitely don't want to use ext2 again20:06
ubottuDeM0nFiRe: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!20:06
charlie-tcaI use ext3 on my stable systems, ext4 on my test setups20:06
charlie-tcaWhat's wrong with ext2?20:06
DeM0nFiReNot journaled. I do a lot of crashing the system so I need journaling haha20:07
charlie-tcaext3 is solid20:07
charlie-tcaext4 is working well, too.20:07
Sysii've used ext4 for like.. year20:07
Sysinever any problems20:07
DeM0nFiReYeah, I read something about no defragmentation? Is that just like defragmenting the partition as a whole or can you not defragment files?20:07
DeM0nFiRe(on ext3)20:08
charlie-tcaIt is seldom necessary to defrag, since ext# saves your files different than fat does20:08
Sysii'd say it works and therefore no much framentation20:08
charlie-tcafat scatters them, so you defrag to put them back in sequence20:08
DeM0nFiReI'll use ext3 then20:09
DeM0nFiReThanks for the help20:09
Sysii'd recommend ext420:09
Sysimaybe a bit faster20:09
Sysixubuntu uses it by default20:09
DeM0nFiReDoes it?20:10
charlie-tcaof course20:10
Sysisince 9.04?20:10
charlie-tcaSysi: knows these things20:10
charlie-tcaum, 9.10, I think20:10
charlie-tcalong time, anyway20:11
DeM0nFiReSo Xubuntu 10.4 does not have the latest version of xfce that has the menu editor right?20:11
charlie-tcaright. Xfce4 4.8 is not out yet, and it will have the menu editor20:12
DeM0nFiReWhen it comes out is that something that will be in the normal Xubunt updates or will it just not be included until 10.10?20:13
charlie-tcaIt won't even be in 10.1020:13
charlie-tcaIt will be in the release that is in development when it is ready20:13
DeM0nFiReOh I thought the new xfce was closer to release than that20:14
charlie-tcaWe had hopes, too20:14
DeM0nFiReIt sucks because the documentation on the menu file is sparse at best20:17
charlie-tcahm, in 10.04 and 10.10, the menus are freedesktop.org compatible, and you can install gconf editor and use it.20:18
DeM0nFiReOh, really? I will try that, thanks20:18
charlie-tcapackage name = gconf-editor20:19
charlie-tcaooops, that's the wrong one20:20
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Anom01y_Hey, I am trying to install Xubuntu on an Acer Aspire designed for Vista, but when I get past the "install xubuntu" or "try xubuntu" menu options, the keyboard and mouse turn off.20:58
LogicalDashThe tray applet for SCIM isn't showing up on login. I can go into the SCIM settings and enable it, and *then* it will show up, but I want it there all the time. What do?21:40
LogicalDash(I wanted to use ibus but it doesn't play well with Kupfer.)21:42
SubnucleoticPartmy wallpaper keeps getting cut in half and spliced with another one on my list on 10.04..... this happens when I connect an external monitor to my laptop, setting the wallpaper again doesn't fix it...22:06
theixleCan anyone offer some help with finding a samba shared printer? I've been all over the web and ubuntu/kubuntu but no luck yet.22:26
theixleI've got kubuntu installed running xfce22:26
theixleShouldn't matter, but I can't find the printer for some reason.22:26

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