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htorquehello everyone! i just had a mutter crash after closing an app after hovering over its menus - any idea against which package i should report it?08:56
didrockshtorque: hey, there is a bug report about it and i think it's fixed in trunk08:58
didrockshtorque: look for unity and mutter bugs, you should find it (both package and upstream)08:59
didrocksyou can add your backtrac08:59
htorquedidrocks, thanks, i know this bug report but this one doesn't say anything about xerrors09:02
didrockshtorque: it's more about a race in fact, maybe njpatel who made the fix can know if it's related ^ (apps crashing after hover menus)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/497552/09:03
htorqueoh, that indeed could be, as the system was under load at that time and the menus were a bit laggy09:04
htorquewill try trunk then, thanks09:04
njpatelhtorque, didrocks hey, what's up?09:05
didrockshtorque: try the trunk and keep us in touch, please :)09:07
htorquedidrocks, njpatel: i found the report in mutter - bug 641561 - but now i'm not sure which package's trunk to try ;-)09:24
ubot5`Launchpad bug 641561 in mutter (Ubuntu) "mutter crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance() (affected: 2, heat: 16)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64156109:24
didrockshtorque: unity09:24
htorquedidrocks, thanks, already compiling09:24
htorquedidrocks, i'm afraid bug 641561 is not fixed in unity trunk10:24
ubot5`Launchpad bug 641561 in mutter (Ubuntu) "mutter crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance() (affected: 2, heat: 16)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64156110:24
htorque<htorque> didrocks, i'm afraid bug 641561 is not fixed in unity trunk10:42
ubot5`Launchpad bug 641561 in mutter (Ubuntu) "mutter crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance() (affected: 2, heat: 16)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64156110:42
didrockshtorque: ok, njpatel, is it something known or to add to your plate?10:44
njpateldidrocks, add to plate please10:45
didrocksnjpatel: ok, doing it10:45
Ciminjpatel: are you in millbank?10:52
njpatelCimi, nope10:53
didrockshtorque: btw, I've set it up for this release's goal. you were asking me against which package opening the bug, I still think that unity + unity upstream is a good choice. We will invalid it if it's not the case11:06
didrockshtorque: thanks again for your testing and good work :)11:07
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doctormompt: ping13:32
klattimerdavidbarth: who do I contact regarding udev/upstart/kernel for bluetooth related issues13:40
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faganklattimer: try pitti13:43
jcastrohey klattimer13:45
klattimerhey jcastro13:45
jcastroklattimer: chrisccoulson says that he can reproduce the tomboy bug if you're not using the indicator13:45
chrisccoulsonhi :)13:45
jcastroklattimer: so I guess remove it, log out and back in13:45
jcastroand it should be broken13:45
klattimerI've found the source of our bluetooth bug, udev /dev/rfkill broken :/13:45
jcastrothat makes sense now why it's broken in XFCE13:45
klattimerjcastro: what's that?13:46
chrisccoulsonklattimer, that explains the console messages i see then ;)13:46
klattimerok, cool13:46
klattimerso that's tomboy fixed?13:46
klattimeror do we just know more about the bug?13:46
chrisccoulsonklattimer, so, consolekit isn't setting the ACL's correctly on /dev/rfkill, it seems13:47
klattimerI've just filed a udev bug13:48
ubot5`Launchpad bug 644329 in udev (Ubuntu) "/dev/rfkill has the wrong permissions (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]13:48
klattimershould be an easy fix?13:48
klattimerjcastro: can you make sure that bug is addressed?13:49
chrisccoulsonklattimer, well, it's just adding a new tag "udev-acl" i think. but, i think there's a reason that's only writable by root13:50
chrisccoulsonis the applet trying to use it directly?13:50
* jcastro defers to chrisccoulson 13:51
klattimerchrisccoulson: the applet opens and reads/writes with it13:51
jcastrochrisccoulson: I need your help with this one, without seb I am pretty useless13:51
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that seems wrong doesn't it? for network-manager, i think the backend uses /dev/rfkill13:51
chrisccoulsonjcastro - need help with which one?13:52
klattimerregardless of how network manager does it13:53
klattimerwe need to be able to do it gnome-bluetooth's way right now13:53
chrisccoulsoni've just asked pitti how that's meant to work13:54
jcastrochrisccoulson: the one you're asking pitti about now. :)13:54
jcastroklattimer: are you in #ubuntu-desktop?13:54
davidbarthklattimer: hi, udev/upstart i'd say Scott (James Remnant)13:57
klattimerdavidbarth: you're a little late13:58
klattimerchrisccoulson: is helping out with this one13:58
davidbarthklattimer: ah awesome ;)13:58
klattimerkenvandine: I think I've fixed both the bluetooth issues now, the fix for udev is in the works which will do the turn on/off and now I can test again the visible problem should also be fixed when I test and see what broke14:22
klattimerdidrocks: ^^ you might be interested in the above14:22
didrocksklattimer: oh great! congrats for the hunt :)14:23
didrocksklattimer: keep us in touch!14:23
kenvandineklattimer, great14:24
klattimerkenvandine: just testing now and I'll give you the patch :)14:24
klattimerkenvandine: can you make sure this gets pushed out https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-application/+bug/55884114:28
ubot5`Launchpad bug 558841 in indicator-application (Ubuntu Lucid) "bluetooth "devices" menu item not working in bluetooth indicator (affected: 21, heat: 127)" [Low,Triaged]14:28
kenvandineklattimer, ok, how different is that from the last patch i updated?14:30
kenvandinei'll grab udev from unapproved and build it locally to test14:30
klattimernot greatly but instead of using gtk_widget_set_sensitive it uses gtk_action which doesn't throw an error14:30
klattimeralso removes some stray prints14:30
didrockskenvandine: wait on indicator-application before pushing as we will deal with the API and ABI breakage too14:31
kenvandinedidrocks, ok, good point14:31
kenvandinedidrocks, i'll prepare it though14:31
didrockskenvandine: yeah, no change apart from a rebuild, but one is better than 2 ;)14:31
didrocksthanks kenvandine, klattimer14:31
chrisccoulsonklattimer, jcastro - gnome-bluetooth fix is uploaded now14:35
jcastrogo team!14:35
klattimercool, now what about tomboy?14:35
chrisccoulsonheh :-)14:36
chrisccoulsonhave you not fixed that one yet? ;)14:36
klattimeri've looked at it like a dog being shown a magic trick, does that count?14:36
klattimerchrisccoulson: my understanding is, that when tomboy is loaded, and the indicator applet isn't in the panel14:39
klattimerthat's when it stops working right?14:39
chrisccoulsonklattimer, yeah, pretty much. i just did some testing where i did "chmod -x /usr/lib/indicator-application/indicator-application-service"14:39
chrisccoulsonand then killall indicator-application-service14:39
chrisccoulsonso i got the fallbacks14:40
klattimerso, that implies the menu is being lost either in dbusmenu or in libindicator as libindicator picks the fallback to status menu as the correct thing to do as there's no applet14:43
klattimerthe question is, why would this be specific to tomboy?14:44
klattimerah, I've reproduced it14:44
chrisccoulsonnice :)14:45
klattimerwe need tedg on this one14:45
klattimertedg: can you see any reason that tomboy's menus would show up in the indicator applet but if you remove the indicator applet and tomboy bounces off to the notification area the menus are not visible?15:16
klattimerthe only thing different is that it's coming from mono15:16
klattimerlibdbusmenu mono bindings perhaps, or app indicator mono bindings?15:17
tedgklattimer, Hmm, no when we move to the notification area we're just using GTK at that point.  No dbusmenu involved.15:18
tedgklattimer, directhex has a patch for the mono bindings though.15:19
klattimerreally, what does that fix do?15:19
LBoIs it possible with the python libindicate bindings to start the server in one process and add messages to that server in another process?16:13
Ciminjpatel: ping16:15
njpatelCimi, pong16:15
Ciminjpatel: we need to get UIF exceptions for compiz, light-themes16:16
njpatelLBo, i assume you'd need a bridge between the two processes, with only one in charge of actually adding messages to the server, and the other requesting additions over dbus or something16:16
Ciminjpatel: it's really important16:16
njpatelCimi, sure, but not really my thing dude16:16
njpatelCimi, dbarth would need to orchastrate16:16
CimiI perfectly know16:16
Cimibut otto forced me to speak with you :P16:16
njpatelCimi, do you want him here, I can poke him to log on16:16
njpatelCimi, heh16:17
njpatelchaotic, stop creating more work for me dude!16:17
Cimidavidbarth: ping16:17
njpatelah, of course, he has a different nick here16:17
davidbarthCimi: pong16:17
Ciminjpatel: I'm in pvt dude :P16:17
chaoticnjpatel: sorry man ;)16:17
Ciminjpatel: In the last two months I have spoken more with otto than with my parents :D16:18
njpatelchaotic, Oh, that's fine, let my unity releases be finished tomorrow and see how much time I start spending on "otto" bug reporting :)16:18
njpatelCimi, heh :)16:18
Cimidavidbarth: we need to get the UIF exception for the two packages I have sent the mail16:18
chaoticCimi: hopefully your parents get back to you a bit sooner ;)16:18
Cimichaotic: you should be proud of the preivous sentence :P16:18
LBonjpatel: No, I want to run the server in one process and add messages to the server in another process16:18
njpatelLBo, sure, but process 1 (in charge of server) can just export a couple of methods on dbus so process 2 can add/remove messages.16:19
chaotic 16:19
njpatelLBo, it might be doable with the framework, I'm not 100% sure, tedg would know16:19
LBoah, i see16:19
Cimidavidbarth: it's really important, it also contains a performance boost people were complaining about16:20
LBoCreate my own dbus methods16:20
davidbarthCimi: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the moment16:20
LBoI've been looking at the org.ayatana.indicator.messages bus but I really wouldn't know if it's possible with those methods16:22
Cimidavidbarth: can I write that mail and then could you send it for me? I'm not subscribed in any of them16:22
LBotedg: could you shine some light on this issue?16:24
Cimikenvandine: at the same time could you update gtk2-engines-murrine? just after the approval for the exception16:25
kenvandineCimi, we can update gtk2-engines-murrine, did you do a release?16:26
kenvandinewe have been looking forward to a release :)16:27
Cimidamn, true16:27
Cimiwill do once I'lll have the freeze16:27
Cimivincent untz was asking that too16:28
Cimidavidbarth: I subscribe to the mailing list and send the mail, even though I'm not an employee16:38
Cimimmm subscription is not required as long they'llapprove the message16:38
davidbarthCimi: super, thanks16:42
Cimidavidbarth: I have sent both emails, you were cc'ed17:01
Cimidavidbarth: who can I ask to approve my messages to the mailing lists???17:01
davidbarthCimi: ping dpm on #ubuntu-desktop for i18n17:03
davidbarthCimi: and i don't know who for the other list, robbiew probably17:03
Cimithe useless list since there's no translation change required :)17:04
davidbarthwell, then it's a no-op, no need to bother them i guess17:04
Cimicompiz landed17:12
Cimicool :)17:13
Cimimpt: hi dude :)17:17
mpthi Cimi, I saw you talking smack about Ubuntu Software Center17:17
mptWe must settle this with a duel17:17
Cimiif it0s the same issue we have in eclipse17:18
Cimithe treeview is using text[SELECTED] instead text[ACTIVE]17:18
Cimimpt ^^17:18
Cimimpt: are you talking about the bug otto has just shown me or my rant in twitter? :)17:19
mptCimi, the latter17:20
mptI have no idea what bug Otto has just shown you17:20
Cimichaotic: show mpt the bug17:20
Cimimpt: so you could understand why I was speaking about text :)17:20
chaoticCimi: just shown mpt - he says thank you17:21
mptCimi, I've updated bug 635208, thanks17:22
ubot5`Launchpad bug 635208 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Unfocused selected item in software list is white on light grey (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63520817:23
Cimimpt: for the sidebar, I don't like the fact it's a huge white block by default. maybe having something like nautilus's sidebar proposals could help a bit. but it's my concerns, don't mind ;)17:24
mptCimi, people thought it was even weirder in 1.0 than they do now, but it's gradually filling up.17:25
Cimimpt: anyway it's something absolutely not interesting for maverick, let's go back to the bug17:25
Cimimpt: yeah definitely, it's much better as it is now17:25
Cimimpt: OSS is about continuos evolution17:25
Cimimpt: I have subscrivbed myself to that bug, ping me if you need any help17:31
Cimimpt: is the color specified by the software-center "theme"?18:01
Cimimpt: I've downloaded the source in order to fix it for you18:02
Cimimpt: I would like to know which file is responsible of that :)18:02
mptCimi, it's probably in softwarecenter/view/ somewhere18:02
Cimiwhat's mkit mpt ?18:03
mptCimi, a small collection of widgets written by mmnz18:03
mptI think18:03
* mpt -> home18:04
Cimibye mpt !18:04
seif__bratsche, u there?19:20
seif__bratsche, how do i detect if the mouse is over the edge of the screen in python19:20
bratscheseif__: I don't understand what you mean.19:21
seif__bratsche, lets say i want to do something like docky19:21
seif__where when i move to the bottom of the screen19:21
seif__the dock appears19:21
seif__how do i detect that the mouse is on the edge of the screen19:21
bratscheI dunno.. I would first try just creating a window that's 1-pixel tall (maybe rgba and fully transparent).19:22
bratscheThat's at least the way I'd try going about it first, it seems most straightforward.19:23
Cimiseif__: iirc docky simply checks for the cursor position19:23
bratscheThat's a bad idea, because you would have the poll the cursor position.19:23
Cimiso I am wrong19:24
seif__Cimi, i am trying to avoid polling the cursor position19:24
bratscheI think that's what notify-osd does in order to get the proximity effect working, but in general it's not a good thing to do.19:24
seif__bratsche, good call I will try that19:24
seif__bratsche, +119:24
seif__so window transpartent and 1 pixel :)19:24
bratschePolling the cursor is a good way to drain your battery.19:25
bratscheseif__: Cool, good luck!19:25
bratscheseif__: Or actually, I think you can make the window input-only.19:28
seif__bratsche, explain19:28
bratscheYou can make a window input-only, so that it doesn't draw.  Then you don't need to worry about making it rgba and drawing itself transparently.  It would only be used to capture mouse events.19:29
sensetedg: Could you please take a look at merge review <https://code.launchpad.net/~sense/indicator-application/fix-608219>? (Bug number not related to the fix). It adds the extra API calls of indicator-application to the Python and Mono bindings.20:22
senseChanges to the packaging are required to make sure that the extra Mono policy file will be installed as well.20:23
tedgsense, Ah, okay.  I looked this morning... you can't keep making it better so quickly! ;)20:24
sensetedg: This morning I hadn't added Jo Shields' solution for the assembly dependents to it. :)20:25
sensePlus: I removed a change to src/app-indicator.c that should not be in there, but slipped into the branch unfortunately.20:31
tedgsense, You still have a conflict in your merge request.21:14
sensetedg: Really? What's wrong?21:14
tedgsense, Policy stuff in Makefile.am21:15
senseAh, I see.21:15
senseI'll look into it!21:15
sensetedg: Pushing the solution as I'm writing this.21:18
seif__bratsche, u still there22:41
seif__how do i make a window input only?22:41
bratscheseif__: If you're using gtk then you would make a realize method in your class and set the wclass member of your GdkWindowAttr struct to GDK_INPUT_ONLY22:43
seif__bratsche, awesome22:43
bratscheLook in gtk and grep for GDK_INPUT_ONLY.. there are several widgets which use it.22:44
bratscheI don't know how to do it in Python though, so you'll have to translate what I say into that language. :)22:44

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