tweakedehHello, I'm changing smb.conf and everything is going good but I can't get the log on to work, It prompts for a username and password and I put it in and it just keeps asking. Any Ideas?    http://pastebin.ca/194543200:03
thechrisDoes anyone know how to reinstall the nvidia kernel modules?00:04
James147tweakedeh: have you added your user/password to the samba database (i think that can be done by smbpasswd)00:05
tweakedehJames147: I have not... thanks, I'll try that now00:06
tweakedehJames147, That fixed my problem, Thank you!00:08
e_t_thechris: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current" or maybe "sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current"00:12
thechris"module build for the currently running kernel was skipped since the kernel source for this kernel does not seem to be installed"00:14
e_t_In that case, "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic" and then what I said before.00:15
e_t_thechris: You may want to install build-essential (sudo apt-get install build-essential) too.00:17
thechrisI should have that installed.  This all came up because I wanted to see a file in the kernel source, and typed the wrong apt-get line00:18
thechrisand I have no idea how to undo apt-get.00:18
e_t_"sudo apt-get remove [whatever]"00:19
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PoserCan someone here help me out for a little bit. I just moved from ubuntu to kubuntu and one thing i used in ubuntu isn't working maybe someone could help me (proably a newbie issue)01:46
James147!ask | Poser01:47
ubottuPoser: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:47
PoserI can't seem to simply open compressed files by clicking on them i double checked and have gzip and 7 zip installed but dbl click it opens up a menu to select a program but neither show up01:48
James147Poser: in dolphin I presume?01:49
Poserok new mistake it's a rar file might have to install rar support :p01:50
lahwranhey all - how do I use networkmanager to share an internet connection from kubuntu?01:50
Poseryes in dophin01:50
e_t_lahwran: I don't think you can do that with networkmanager.01:51
Poserok still doesn't work from dolphin01:51
lahwrane_t_: really? i've heard that you can do it from the gnome networkmanager client01:51
James147Poser: the menu that opens is the "Open with..." menu?01:52
Poserit's the kickoff app luancher menu01:52
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e_t_lahwran: I know you can do connection sharing with Firestarter, but I don't recall seeing that option in networkmanager. It's been a while since I've used GNOME system tools though.01:54
lahwranoh wait01:54
James147Poser: ?? really... right click the file > properties > the spanner icon (on the general tab at the end of the "type" line)... What type is listed and what apps are listed for it?01:54
lahwranI found it01:54
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:54
lahwran^ someone in #ubuntu threw me this, and the first one has the method I wanted01:55
Poser.r05 RAR archive02:00
Poserno app assoctiated with it02:00
James147Poser: ... ahh a split archive :( ... your gona need to add the program "Ark" to the list for each *.rXX  file you want to click on (or jsut click on the same one each time, prefebally the *.rar )02:02
* James147 hates split *.rars02:03
Poser*smacks forhead*02:03
PoserI even knew that thank you :)02:04
James147(also, the list of programs that came up... I am guessing it was the "open with..." dialog..)02:04
Poserthat fixed it thanks02:05
James147(it should ahve a checkbox at the bottom, "always use this programs for this file type" or something similar)02:05
Poseroh when arc installed it just worked02:05
Posererm arc02:06
Posercontext menu is there to now extract here there and archive02:06
Poserthank you02:07
Posernow brb bio break02:07
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Poserhave one more question how do i buy world of goo for linux?02:31
=== Zor is now known as Zorael^1
James147Poser: http://2dboy.com/games.php  has a buy now button with tux on it :) I guess that would work02:32
Poserthanks james I downloaded it free but just payed for it :)02:33
Poserwish i could install the chameleon bootloader without ihackintosh :p02:35
Posermuch sexier then grub202:36
James147Poser: grub 2 is themeable (kubuntu just dosent have a theme for it)02:36
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:36
James147Poser: see section 10 Splash Images and Theming of that link02:37
Poserkewl some look kind of sexy02:40
* e_t_ is away: Gone away for now02:40
sirecatFor some reason 10.04 isn't able to list out the windows shares when I double click the workgroup name. I have added mappings to hosts for the windows machines. I also have a macintosh on the "Workgroup" and it sees and connects to it just fine. The message I receive is that it can't retrieve a list of file shares from server. Can someone help me troubleshoot what is going on?02:42
Poser*does a lil dance*03:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:20
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nasi do have a problem with kubuntu lucid  dpkgerror how to fix it03:23
James147!details | nas03:24
ubottunas: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:24
dasKreechJames147: nice  :) Need to remember that one03:25
nascannot update the above03:26
dasKreechnas: delete the file03:26
nashow to delete this file03:28
dasKreechsudo rm the path you gave03:29
James147nas: run: "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.32-24-generic_2.6.32-24.43_i386.deb" in a terminal (without quotes)03:29
James147dasKreech: there are probally allot more hidden away :) wish you could query ubottu for them03:30
dasKreechYou can03:30
PoserI cheat I use the clean up selections in ubuntu tweak, aslong as you don't use the gnome part of it, it works03:30
Poseri know that from using it in xubuntu03:31
dasKreechPoser: :-)03:31
James147dasKreech: how?03:32
Poserhow do i whisper back?03:32
jennifern00b here need help my screen is massive03:33
James147Poser: wisper?03:33
James147Poser: do you mean pm or just highling a line?03:33
dasKreechjennifer: as in you can push the mouse to the edge and it scrolls the whole screen in any direction03:33
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Poserhighlight i guess like you just did i thought it might be for me only :p03:34
jenniferdaskreech no03:34
James147Poser: thats you client, I jsut type your name and you client highghts it..03:34
Poseroh ok03:35
James147Poser: well, by type, I mean press "P" then <TAB>  (yey auto complete)03:35
Posernot use to Quassel IRC03:35
dasKreechjennifer: what do you mean huge? very Low resolution? very high resolution ?03:35
James147Poser: most clients support both name completion and highlighting of you nick03:35
James147Poser: it makes things allot easier to follow if people use it :)03:36
Poserher resolution is probably 800x600 dessktop would be larger03:36
jenniferhigh resolution like its made for the blind03:36
Posermeaning she can only see with in part of it03:36
Poseri only had that issue when i ran windows :p03:37
jenniferthats nice to know....03:38
Posergo into system settings click Display and Monitor03:38
Posertell me what it says in size & Orientation03:39
jenniferim in window behaviour and totally lost03:42
James147jennifer: there should be a "back" button in the top left of the window03:44
James147(on the toolbar)03:44
Poseri think the resolution selected might be to high for your monitor driver03:44
Poserjennifer if your good with guides this should help if not someone can walk you through ( like me or James147 )https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:45
* James147 might have to duck out of that one... really should be in bed *yawns*03:47
PoserJames147 night03:48
* James147 notes that is almost counts as morning here :D03:49
James147But, night anyway03:49
jenniferi'll figure it out thanks for the help anyway bye03:49
zeltak1hy guys need some urgent help . wifi is dead after a reboot in kubuntu lucid. ifconfig sees it but not network manager03:56
dasKreechjennifer: Ping04:03
frogonwheelszeltak1: possibly stale file ...ermm04:06
zeltak1frogonwheels: whats a stale file?04:06
ubottuDebian bug 571331 in network-manager "[network-manager] stale state file disables networking (after suspend)" [Normal,Fixed]04:07
frogonwheelszeltak1:  ^^04:07
frogonwheelsooh cool04:07
frogonwheelshave a look at:   /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state04:07
frogonwheelsyou can delete it and   sudo restart network-manager04:08
frogonwheelszeltak1: there's a good chance that will fix it.04:08
zeltak1kk thx frogonwheels dping it now04:08
zeltak1frogonwheels: HALELEYA04:09
zeltak1after 4 hours it lives04:09
zeltak1thx man appriciatye it :)04:09
frogonwheelsnp I had a similar problem with a wired connection a couple of days ago :)04:10
zeltak1man what a nasty bug04:10
frogonwheelszeltak1: Indeed04:10
zeltak1kk finallly of to sleep :) thx again :004:10
frogonwheelsotherwise I woulda had no clues - i ended up putting a manual entry int /etc/network/interfaces04:10
frogonwheelszeltak1: but I've tried puttting manual wireless entries in there, and it's a right royal pita04:11
zeltak1hehehe yeah i know04:11
zeltak1kk gdnight04:11
zeltak1thx again04:11
frogonwheels:) night04:11
astrocubwhere is kdevelop located in the repository?04:33
astrocubHere is a copy of my sources.list: http://pastebin.com/aDvfrr6c04:34
well_laid_lawn!find kdevelop04:35
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ubottuFile kdevelop found in c-cpp-reference, fvwm-crystal, icewm-themes, kde-icons-crystal, kde-icons-mono, kde-icons-noia, kdelibs-data, kdevplatform1-libs, libclanapp-1.0, nuvola-icon-theme (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=kdevelop&mode=&suite=lucid&arch=any04:35
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=== frogonwheels_ is now known as frogonwheels
astrocubwell_laid_lawn: I'm not seeing it04:36
well_laid_lawnI think it is a ppa thing now04:37
well_laid_lawn!info kdevelop04:37
ubottuPackage kdevelop does not exist in lucid04:37
astrocubso...  no support for it anymore?04:37
dasKreech!info kdevelop04:37
ubottuPackage kdevelop does not exist in lucid04:37
well_laid_lawnseems not04:38
dasKreechastrocub: ah wait I think that kdevelop asked for it to be removed04:38
dasKreechYou can find a PPA for it but it's not the final version and presumably incomplete from the kdevelop team's standpoint04:39
astrocubokay, you put deb http://ftp5.gwdg.de/pub/opensuse/repositories/home:/amilcarlucas/xUbuntu_9.04/ ./ into your sources.list04:39
* dasKreech raises brow04:40
well_laid_lawnthat has xubuntu on the end :]04:40
well_laid_lawnwith opensuse in the middle    /pub/opensuse/repos04:41
HaPK_PerCarI'm having a bit of an issue... I installed the whole kubuntu-desktop package from ubuntu, but I haven't been able yo update anything from the KDE desktop... can somebody help me here?05:17
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nazrthhow are you ?08:20
Guest43334fine thamks and you?08:20
nazrthim ok ,just heading off to bed you08:21
nazrthGOOD NIGHT ALL!!!08:22
PodrezovHi! i have some problems with installing Canon MF3228 printer on Kubuntu 10.04. i have downloaded and installed cndrvcups packages, but I  didn't found  there this model.  In systemsettings application I can't change configuration of printer: element "Local printers" in tree does not ansver. Can somebody help me?08:58
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skaftihey does someone know how to make speedtouch cordless adapter work with kubuntu09:38
skaftiits just dead...09:38
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mvkim using a t500 thinkpad laptop intel mobile chipset 4, intel 4500 graphics card, with desktop effects10:12
mvkbut when i use the wobbly window plugin, my system hangs sometimes> and i cannot use it anymore then (not even cltr+ alt + f1/f2 works to spawn a tty)10:13
mvkthis happens on both 10.04 and 10.10 maverick10:13
=== mr5v3n is now known as ChanZ
mvksame with the 'snow' plugin, altough i cant care much about that one (till its christmas, maybe ;)10:19
ulverhi all10:27
steven__ok anyone now to fix games to work10:33
omnomon what flavor?10:33
omnomand what game?10:33
steven__emipre earth 210:34
omnomDid you try the WineHQ?10:34
steven__its got bugs10:35
steven__it well not run my crack10:35
omnomDid you try running it in VMware?10:36
steven__dont have that i think10:37
ulverheh...the best way for the games - dualboot...10:37
omnomlol yeop10:37
omnomOr use VirtualBox10:38
omnomGoogle it10:38
omnomit allows you to run other OS's within your current OS10:38
ulverso try to play native games10:38
ulverlike HoN or something like that10:38
omnomHow is HoN...I've never played it...I played DotA back in the day...are they similar?10:41
ulverHoN runs great on ubuntu or Other distr's10:43
ulvernice picture10:43
omnomIs it free?10:43
ulverno :(10:43
ulverit is online10:43
omnomah I see...10:43
ulver30 eur10:43
ulverbut i like it more then Dota10:44
ulveru need a trial key10:44
ulveror trial invite10:44
steven__i hate that i dont have xp no more10:44
ulverbets test was closed10:45
ulveriam using windows only for kings bounty oblivion and dragon age ^)10:45
ulveronly games.10:45
steven__wish my drve was bigger 20gb10:46
ulverfor other things i have pretty linux.10:46
steven__500gb usb is killer thow10:46
ulverhah )10:47
steven__wish i could get xp on that10:47
steven__man my girls black ass is nocked out10:48
PodrezovIs it realy to use Canon MF3228 MFU on Kubuntu 10.04? I didn't found drivers in "cndrvcups" packages.12:49
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russoturistopom pom pom13:37
innovatorТрэш =(13:39
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russoturistoТрэш тэш тэш13:42
russoturistoпендосы, привет13:42
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:42
russoturistoдавайте ка будем все тут писать по-русски... сколько уже можно.13:43
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Guest75795need someone to help me out. when i start kubuntu/ubuntu on the boot screen where it shows the logo for say 10 seconds then continues onto the user accounts screen i get all this crap scrolling saying like dfgdfdfgdfddf___________OK! over and over again and to bypass this screen i have to mash the keyboard keys otherwise it won't stop. any soloutions?13:45
russoturistoис хир рашенс?13:48
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russoturistosorry frends for my trolling13:56
Podrezovэй рашн14:04
Pici!ru | Podrezov14:06
ubottuPodrezov: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:06
Podrezovok, thx!14:08
BluesKajHi folks14:32
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indigitПриветствую всех присутствующих.14:42
indigitЛюди добрые, помогите новичку?14:42
BluesKaj!ru | indigit14:43
ubottuindigit: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:43
KukuNutamarok 2.3.2 in ppa/backports or lucid-backports?15:10
=== Authority_ is now known as Authority
ZoraelKukuNut: Neither, I think15:28
akssps011I installed kubuntu 10.04 and when I boot in, the fan speed of my system increases abruptly15:31
akssps011What could be the problem ?15:33
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lubun2is amarok 2.3.2 going to Lucid LTS?  still at 2.3.116:38
MichealHlubun2: Probably i 10.04.216:40
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MichealHOr in maverick16:40
* MichealH disappears16:41
BajKhey, today I started Kubuntu and now I don't have sound o.O16:55
BajKdragonplayer and amarok seem to hapily play the files, all sound devices are un-muted and volume is full, speakers are on and there are no error messages but there is no sound16:56
sobczykhi, anyone has problems with too big fonts in kubuntu? I'v done some update recently and have bigger fonts in many kde/qt4 apps17:00
BajKsobczyk: did you check dpi settings?17:01
BajKsobczyk: System settings -> appearance of applications -> fonts -> DPI setings (there is 96dpi and 120, you might wanna disable it)17:01
macoive only had that in gtk apps im using in kde, and the trick for that is to set the "general" font to something (and then revert if you want) so that gtk-qtcurve knows what to do for fonts17:01
BajKmaco: qt curve does use kde's settings17:02
sobczykBajK: I've got disabled forcing17:02
BajKbut well I got qtcurve for both kde and gnome applications, so I don'T notice^^17:02
macoBajK: there's a bug where it doesnt do it unless youve changed kde's settings17:02
macoit needs to have the font actually be in a config file in order to handle gtk apps inside kde properly for font sizes17:02
macoi made a change in maverick that i *think* should work around it17:03
sobczykie. konversation looks like this http://img841.imageshack.us/i/fonte.png/17:03
sobczykthe window title is ok but the rest is screwed up17:04
sobczykthe same is with dolphin and skype17:04
sobczykthe normal font looks like bold, but none of the fonts are bold...17:05
sobczykcould it be, that the last update removed some font?17:06
sobczykcan anyone tell me what are the default fonts in System settings -> appearance of applications -> fonts  ?17:12
BajKjust restarted and sound is working now o.O weird17:14
howlymowlyhi poeple...  I am running kubuntu 10.04...  is it possible to activate the "global menu" there somehow? my personla preference would be haveing some kind of "globl menu" plasma widget, which I could put into  the taskbar...17:22
macoinstall kde 4.5 from the kubuntu ppa and then yeah, global menu plasmoid17:22
howlymowlymaco: I did that.. but I can not find that plasmoid for some reason...17:26
macohowlymowly: its "window menubar"17:27
macofor the plasmoid name17:27
howlymowlyhmm.  I still can not find it...  maybe I need to isntall some special debian package, maco ?17:29
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howlymowlywhow...  I am sorry maco for me beeing a little tedious...  but I just don't have that package.. I mean I have already installed kde 4.5 for some time..  with alle the widgets and stuff..  but I just can not seem to find that package. Are you sure you aren't just using kubuntu 10.10?17:37
macoi am using 10.10 but im pretty sure i had it when i had 4.5 installed on 10.04 before i upgraded....let me check the repos again though17:38
macoah im sorry, you're right17:38
macodownload the maverick deb from packages.ubuntu.com/plasma-widget-menubar17:39
howlymowlythx maco...  works like a charm, now :)17:47
howlymowlyi got one last question though, maco: I guess its normal, that the global menu in it scurrent state does only work with kde-applications?17:55
macohowlymowly: it works with gnome apps for me too, but not for cross-OS apps like firefox and OOo which dont use gtk or qt18:14
howlymowlymaco: yeah I see..  I found out for gtk apps I need the package "appmenu-gtk"18:15
howlymowlybut thx for the help, anywayy18:15
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jhutchins_ltHow is *buntu doing with the Intel 855 graphics problems in xorg?18:57
anirudhathere is no sound on my vlc player, plz hgelp me out19:15
=== Drachenblut is now known as Lord_Drachenblut
fusion44has anybody else rendering problems with latest maverik beta?19:40
MichealHfusion44: Try #ubuntu+1 ?19:56
terran4000Hey all. How do I change which application opens magnet links?20:01
terran4000I hear kde-open handles all of that jazz, but I can't find any config files nor magnet links association setting anywhere for it ...20:02
fusion44MichealH: thanks I'll ask there20:03
saravananHello Every one20:03
saravananis there any one good in Veritas Clustering ?20:04
MichealHMaybe try #ubuntu-server20:05
terran4000Any way to associate magnet links with a particular program?20:08
terran4000Back again ...,20:16
terran4000Does anyone know how to get google chrome to use a specific application to open magnet links?20:16
EvilRoeyI'm trying to convert unicode text files generated with Windows Notepad to files I can edit with Jed or any other editor.  I tried this line:  uniconv -in 20100725.txt -decode unicode  -encode utf-8 > 20100725; if I leave the "> 20100725" off, I see lines of English.  When I cat the file or try to edit it, I see only @@@@'s.  What's going on here?20:26
avihayEvilRoey: did you try opening the document in Kate and savaging it in a different format? or do you need to do it automatically?20:28
EvilRoeyavihay:  that's my last-ditch thing.  I want to do this through the command-line because I have many files like this20:29
EvilRoeyavihay:  thanks though :)20:29
avihayit also looks like you're missing a pipe20:29
EvilRoeyhow so20:30
avihaysorry, my bad20:31
EvilRoey100% achi20:31
avihaycan you try "uniconv -in 20100725.txt -decode unicode  -encode utf-8 | tee 20100725"   ?20:32
miniBillSome events seems to have disappeared from kontact. They are still present in the .ics file, how to recover them?20:34
avihayEvilRoey:  /|\20:36
avihaycan you try "uniconv -in 20100725.txt -decode unicode  -encode utf-8 | tee 20100725"   ?20:37
EvilRoeyah, just saw your suggestion20:37
EvilRoeyAvi, it gave me lines but when I try >'ing it from tee into a file, the file still shows up as @@@@@@s.20:38
avihayalso could be that cat/nano isn't utf-8 aware? though I doubt that, but try opening it with kate too afterward20:38
avihayyou don't need to > from tee20:39
miniBillanyone? :(20:39
avihayit writes stright to the file20:39
avihayman tee20:40
EvilRoeyfile still shows up as string of @@@@@@s20:40
EvilRoeyavihay:  msg you ok?20:40
avihayalso could be that cat/nano isn't utf-8 aware? though I doubt that, but try opening it with kate too afterward20:40
EvilRoeyI thought it might be because of that actualluy20:40
EvilRoeyIn the end I'll just open it with kate and finish this20:41
EvilRoeyavihay:  ya know there is an #israel too20:41
avihayI'm saying that maybe the convert is successful but it fails the autodetection of format20:41
EvilRoeyhmm.  So it's cat and jed that are in the wrong here, then.20:42
EvilRoeyI'll open it with kate at home20:42
EvilRoeyyalla, I'm out.  Ciao and thanks :020:42
EvilRoey* :)20:42
avihaytry to open the file after it has been converted, and force the encodeing20:42
FloodBotK1EvilRoey: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.20:42
EvilRoeyFloodBotK1:  your mother wears green suspenders during breakfast.20:42
avihaydon't argue with floodbot, not good for your IRCing...20:43
EvilRoeyfine ;)20:43
EvilRoeyyalla, bye :0920:44
EvilRoey* :)20:44
EvilRoeydamned 0 key20:44
Destonedhello, i have a question20:45
Destonedsound will not work on my ubuntu linux 10.04, im running it on the macbook pro 5.520:47
Destonedanyone here be able to assist me please?20:47
miniBillDestoned: are you aware that this is #kubuntu, and not #ubuntu?20:49
=== bandi is now known as Guest13802
serverisYra LT ?21:28
serverisnick ares21:28
serverisPeople who can help me with kubuntu ? :)21:28
=== Destoned is now known as ubuntu
real_ateserveris: if you want help just ask the question :) I'll help if i can21:41
jhutchins_ltHow is *buntu doing with the Intel 855 graphics problems in xorg?21:42
serverisoo lt21:42
serverisLIETUVIS ?21:42
FloodBotK1serveris: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:42
serverisI have 2 sound cards and i want use audio card in mother board but it don't work sometimes it work :( Sorry for my language i'm not English man21:43
serverisKubuntu sounds works but music and something else No sound21:45
serverisHow to use i Wine I'n newbie on kubuntu!21:46
real_ateserveris: sorry i can't really help you with sound. it is a bit of a mine field sometimes, my computer compains that the hardware is not supported every so often but it still plays sound21:47
serverisHow To use Wine program ? i click on exe file wine doing something and after 1 minute be nothing. :( Someone please help me!21:48
real_ateserveris: what are you trying to install on wine?21:48
serveriswindows mIrc21:48
serverismaybe need another software ?21:49
real_ateserveris: is there any reason why you want to use mirc? there are quite a few good IRC clients for linux21:49
real_atehow are you connecting to this channel ?21:49
serverisI want Use a lot of windows programs21:49
serverisI connected with linux mIrc but I just tried wine21:50
real_ateserveris: you may be able to use SOME windows programs but because they are not supported on linux by microsoft (for obvious reasons) it is always recommended that you find a good alternative21:50
real_ateserveris: you will also be able to use the website http://appdb.winehq.org/ to check the compatibility of your windows programs on linux21:52
real_ateserveris: as for mIRC ... I would recomend that you use Konversation , it is a very good IRC client21:52
serverisI think I got broken wine because it drop error21:53
real_atewhat did the error say?21:53
serveriscan't open C: Browser21:53
serverisonem inute21:53
serverisUnable to run the command specified. The file or folder file:///home/serveris/Documents/.wine/dosdevices/c: does not exist.21:54
real_ateyes that does seem to be a problem with wine itself21:55
real_ateone moment21:55
real_ateserveris: what version of kubuntu are you running?21:56
serverisI did upgrade now is 10.4 i think21:56
serverisFrom winehq i can't download or I'm don't understand how instal21:59
ares_Waiting for answer :D22:01
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real_ateserveris: what link did you download mIRC from?22:02
serveristhis mirc i found in kubuntu22:02
real_ateserveris: have you tried konversation?22:03
serverisI don't know what is konversation. One minute i will watch to dictionary22:04
real_ateserveris: it is a play on words22:04
real_ateserveris: look up the word conversation in dictonary22:04
real_ateand "Konversation" is a KDE application for IRC , an alternative to mIRC22:05
real_ateconversation and Konversation are pronounced the same :)22:05
serverisWhere I can get good wine ? :(22:08
real_ateserveris: for now, have you tried Konversation?22:08
real_ateserveris: it is always better using applications that are native to linux22:09
real_ateserveris: there are some cases where there would be unexpected behaviour22:09
real_ateserveris: but with regards to mIRC, I was able to install it and run it there now with no problems22:10
serverisSo i need wine22:10
real_ateserveris: you do not NEED wine22:10
serverisWhat i need to do now ?22:11
real_ateserveris: try Kubuntu22:11
real_ateserveris: and i will try and help you to fix wine22:11
real_ateserveris: sorry22:11
serverisI'm using  Kubuntu22:11
real_ateserveris: try Konversation22:11
* real_ate is tired :P22:11
serverishow to do it ?22:12
real_ateserveris: do you know how to install new programs in kubuntu?22:12
real_ateserveris: click the K icon in the bottom left22:12
serverisand ?22:13
real_ateand then click the "computer" tab on the bottom22:13
real_ateprobably 3rd from the left22:13
serverisand ?22:13
real_atethen choose package kit22:13
real_atewhich could be called "install programs"22:13
real_ate"software manager"22:13
real_ateor something like that22:13
* real_ate isn't runing kubuntu right know so cannot verify what it is called22:14
serverisSowftware managament22:14
real_ateserveris: yes22:14
real_ateyou will have an oportunity to search for packages22:14
real_ateput konversation in the search box22:14
serverisAnd I found 2 programs22:15
real_atewhat are they called?22:15
* real_ate thought there should only be one22:15
serverisdebbuging symbols for konversation and IRC client for kubuntu22:16
real_ateserveris: you do not need the debugging symbols, they are there to help you understand what happened when a program crashes22:16
real_ateserveris: just install the IRC client for kubuntu22:17
serverisbut i want22:17
serverisanother programs22:17
serverishow to install it in future ? :)22:17
real_ateserveris: there are other alternatives to windows programs out there22:18
serverisi know22:18
real_ateserveris: but when it comes to fixing your wine installation22:18
real_ateserveris: you will probably have to reinstall wine22:18
serverisfrom where i can get wine22:18
real_ateserveris: so uninstall it and install it again22:18
serverisi got not from wine hq22:18
real_ateserveris: in the same software management tool you are currently installing Konversation from22:19
real_ateserveris: this should be your first stop when looking for new programs22:19
serverishow uninstall programs :[22:22
serverisI'm newbie22:22
serverison kubuntu22:22
real_ateit should be similar to how you installed Kubuntu22:22
real_atei meant konversation22:22
real_atesorry for confusing you22:22
real_ate... first you search for the program ( Wine )22:22
serveristhen ?22:23
real_atethen you select it and choose "Remove" or "Uninstall" or something like that22:23
real_ateand then apply changes, just like installing programs22:23
real_ateserveris: hope i was able to help you tonight :)22:27
real_atewell thats my good deed done for today! :D22:32
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