Pertheriahey, with 10.10, is there a known issue where the workspace switcher doesnt show the preview? I thought in all the previous versions it was on by default?00:00
Pertheria(so you can see if something in window changed by glancing at taskbar's mini-icons )00:00
Pertheriaand it is already added to the bar, so dont need to add workspace00:02
RBeckerwell then, my netbook decided to suicide00:07
bp0no good00:09
bp0did you try to install the nvidia driver again00:09
RBeckerrunning now00:10
RBeckerthe installer is i mean00:10
RBeckerugh, fucker netbook\00:10
AndrewMC!language | RBecker00:10
ubottuRBecker: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:10
thechitowHow can I try unity, I installed the package?00:11
RBeckerbp0: ERROR: Unable to create `/usr/lib/nvidia-current/xorg/nvidia_drv.so` for copying (No such file or directory)00:11
RBeckerok, I gotta go eat, bbs00:13
Pertheriais there any simple reason why installing the ati driver from ubuntu software center would give a kernel includes do not match current kernel, they are versioned as "" instead of 2.6.34-22-generic ?00:13
Pertheria(and fail obviously)00:14
Pertheriaactually, error is that utsrelease.h no exist00:15
sevenseekerhowdy folks, just wanted to say something that is not said enough... great work guys, I had some probs, got help, fixed, and I have an AWESOME system, thanks again00:19
Pertheriacome make my system work seven:P00:20
sevenseekerheh :)00:20
sevenseekerwhat probs you having?00:20
Pertheriacant install ati drivers, neither ones from ati's site, nor from software tool.. the compile/installer complains that kernel include versions arent set00:21
Pertheriathey are blank00:21
Pertheriaso the driver wont install hehe00:22
sevenseekersame here, I just am using the OSS radeon drivers for now00:22
sevenseekerthat required me to completely uninstall fglrx*00:22
Pertheriaoh fun00:22
sevenseekernot bad really00:22
sevenseekerthey take up uneeded space if not utilized00:23
sevenseekerdpkg -l | grep -i fglrx00:23
sevenseekerthat will tell you what is installed btw00:23
Pertheriathanks :)00:23
sevenseekernp, btw, what ati card do you have?00:23
sevenseekerok, mine is the 465000:24
sevenseekeryou may not get 3d with a 5k series00:24
sevenseekerbut you should have normal 2d resolutions00:24
sevenseekerhonestly I wouldn't recommend 3d anyway, even with the latest gl extensions (mesa) installed, I get a lot of screen nastiness in fullscreen opengl apps (like Glest)00:25
Pertheriai was just wanting to play with compiz, which requires 3d :)00:25
sevenseekerATI is working on the kernel compat issues, so by 10.10 release I am told it will be bueno00:25
sevenseeker:( sorry, me too00:25
sevenseekercompiz is the shiznit lol00:25
Pertheriai've never used it00:26
DaekdroomAll I wanted 3D for is light gaming00:26
Pertheriaah well, thats what we get for playing around with a beta i guess :)00:26
sevenseekervery true, very true00:26
Pertheriaonly 20 days left, not too worried about it00:27
* Pertheria pokes update-grub .. run darn you!00:28
thechitowHow can I try unity, I installed the package?00:32
bjsniderbp0, the nvidia blob with the bugfix is now going into the x-updates ppa00:38
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bp0RBecker, I'm out, since you couldn't get the new nvidia drivers installed, try removing the old ones like this: http://fedorasolved.org/video-solutions/remove-nvidia-installer01:00
bp0then use the ones from that ppa that bjsnider mentioned01:00
bp0good luck01:00
pecosdoes prelink and/or preload have sense on Ubuntu maverick...?01:27
pecosdoes prelink and/or preload have sense on Ubuntu maverick...?01:29
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bp0bjsnider, somethings up with the nvidia driver in that ppa02:57
bp0it builds modules called nvidia and nvidia_current02:58
bp0uses nvidia, what is the nvidia_current module for?02:58
bp0when you open the additional drivers app, it shows that nvidia_current is active but not in use02:59
bp0and lspci -v | grep nvidia shows02:59
bp0Kernel driver in use: nvidia \n Kernel modules: nvidia-current, nouveau, nvidiafb03:00
bjsniderbp0, the changes in the proprietary drivers were brought over from mandriva to ubuntu. the modules all have different names so they can all be installed at once without overwriting each other03:21
bjsniderkeep in mind that the regular ubuntu packages are all like the ones in that ppa03:21
guccipilotI upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 today and it doesn't boot ino ubuntu03:23
guccipilotI get codec 0 is not valid [0xfe0000] as well as pulseaudio configured for per user sessions with an orange star next to it03:24
guccipilotWhat do i do to get it to boot i don't care about codecs or sound for that matter03:24
guccipilotThere are 4 codec errors 18.191789, 18.199574, 18.207245, 18.21947303:26
guccipilotIt says since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to n upstart job you may also use the start(8) utility03:26
guccipilot218 ppl here and no1 can help me03:28
guccipilotIt says since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to n upstart job you may also use the start(8) utility03:32
guccipilotI have no computer03:33
scott_inoguccipilot, yeah it's still beta dude.... it's possible you might get errors like that03:33
scott_inobest thing you can do is check and find people that have similar hardware03:33
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guccipiloti tried removing pulseaudio... now im removing virtualbox03:46
pksadiqanybody here>03:54
guccipilotHow do i remove codecs04:00
guccipilotWhat's the command04:00
pksadiqis there small panel player for Rhythmbox in 10.10?04:06
ChogyDanpksadiq: is there anything in the audio control?04:07
ChogyDanguccipilot: I think you would need to pastebin the whole dmesg04:08
guccipilotI have no computer that works im on my samsung epic... i can't even make a live cd04:09
guccipilotI removed alsa and pulse04:09
guccipilotit boots and i get 4 errors04:10
ChogyDanguccipilot: so you can at least install stuff, I take it04:10
pksadiqI haven't yet used04:10
guccipilotI have internet access and i have tty104:10
guccipilot[18.535487] codec_read: codec 0 is not valid [0xfe0000]04:11
ChogyDanguccipilot: have you tried startx?04:11
guccipilotI have 4 of those04:11
bdoggcan someone help me install JACK on maverick04:11
pksadiqI need to know , will swear to avoid an upgrade, that's all04:11
guccipilotDon't know what start x is04:11
bdoggi have no idea how to get it working04:11
ChogyDanguccipilot: it is a command04:11
ChogyDanguccipilot: first install ubuntu-desktop04:11
pksadiqnot start x . but startx04:11
guccipilotI had ubuntu 10.04 and then updated today to 10.10 and it wouldn't boot04:12
bdoggAnyone usind JACK in maverick04:12
guccipilotI typed startx now what04:12
ChogyDanguccipilot: well, you are getting a sort of boot, but the gui is failing04:12
pksadiqwhat is the error? gucc?04:12
ChogyDanguccipilot: hit enter, see what happens04:12
guccipilotI get 4 errors...04:13
guccipilot[18.771929] codec_read: codec 0 is not valid [0xfe0000]04:13
guccipilot4 just like those04:13
guccipilotOk well when i do startx i get failed to load errors04:13
ChogyDanguccipilot: can you pastebin those errors?04:13
guccipilotHow do i do that04:14
ChogyDanI don't really know!04:14
guccipilotIt says ee failed to load/ usr/lib/xorg/extra-modules/nvidia_drv.so04:14
ChogyDanguccipilot: nvidia card?04:15
guccipilotIt seems like its nvidia related04:15
guccipilotSo now what04:15
ChogyDanguccipilot: I would remove the nvidia drivers04:15
guccipilotHow do i do that04:15
guccipilotWhat do i type04:15
ChogyDanguccipilot: sudo apt-get remove nvidia-* maybe04:16
ChogyDanguccipilot: and then mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.not_working04:17
pksadiquse sudo before mv04:17
guccipilotIt says cannot start no such file when i did the mv command04:18
bdoggisnt the command now Xorg -configure?04:18
ChogyDanguccipilot: ok, if /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesnt exist, that is fine04:18
bdoggyeah you have to tyep sudo Xorg -configure in recovery mode04:18
ChogyDanbdogg: that configures xorg?04:19
guccipilotSo reboot o wait?04:19
ChogyDanguccipilot: yea, reboot, see what happens04:19
bdoggit generates a xorg file04:19
guccipilotI already removed pulseaudio virtualbox and alsa04:20
bdoggin your home directory04:20
ChogyDanguccipilot: oh yeah, install ubuntu-desktop04:20
guccipilotVirtualbox and pulse were other errors04:20
bdoggits going to be called xorg.conf.new04:20
bdoggafter lucid i think04:20
bdoggthe Xorg file is not used anymore04:20
ChogyDanbdogg: do you have a link explaining this?04:20
bdoggi kind of gathered it from different places04:21
guccipilotso no i just have the ubuntu logo04:21
bdoggbut works for me04:21
guccipilotLike it was to boot but it doesn't04:21
guccipilotHard drive isn't spinning or aything04:21
ChogyDanguccipilot: did you install ubuntu-desktop?04:22
guccipilotThe ubuntu logo is hi res tho04:22
guccipilotNo i already rebooted04:22
guccipilotWhat do i hold to get into tty1 agin04:22
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.04:22
pksadiqany additions from ubuntu brainstorm in 10.10?04:23
guccipilotTats not putting me back to tty04:24
guccipilotUi held ctrl alt f1 down and nothing04:26
guccipilotThe ubuntu logo is stuck04:26
ChogyDanguccipilot: try alt+sysrq+k04:26
ChogyDanguccipilot: sysrq depends on the keyboard.  mine is printscreen04:27
guccipilotMine is too but it doesn't brng me to tty104:28
ChogyDanguccipilot: does it do anything?04:28
guccipilotwhen should i press or how long should i hold it for04:28
guccipilotI got it to say sysrq sak or something but its stuck again04:28
ChogyDanguccipilot: I would try booting into recovery mode if that doesn't work04:29
guccipilotHow do i do that04:29
guccipilotMy drivers are being checked for errors04:30
ChogyDanguccipilot: it is one of the options at boot.  Hold shift at boot if you don't get the menu04:30
guccipilotAnd now its back to the waiting game04:30
guccipilotThe lights stay orange they don't go white unless i ctrl alt del04:30
guccipilotIt said my drives*** not drivers04:30
bdoggcan some one help me out with JACK in maverick04:31
bdoggi've been struggling for ever to get it working04:32
guccipilotK recovery now i have to wait04:32
guccipilotNow what do i select in recovery menu04:32
ChogyDanguccipilot: can you select "with networking" or something?04:33
guccipilotDo i select netroot?04:33
guccipilotK now install ubuntu-desktop right04:33
guccipilotAnything else04:34
ChogyDandid it install anything?04:34
guccipilotIts installing04:34
guccipilotOrange asterix near pulseaudio configured for per-user session04:35
guccipilotIts done installing sudo reboot now?04:35
ChogyDanguccipilot: ya04:35
ChogyDanI gota go, but hopefully that fixes it for ya04:36
guccipilotHopefully if not anything else you can suggest04:36
ChogyDanwell, you got what you got, the tty with networking.  Keep upgrading04:37
guccipilotThank you so much chogydan for at least trying to help me04:37
bdoggJACK audio in maverick?04:37
lapionsomeone forgot to leave a window open for i8xx chipsets with patch   * debian/patches/206_intel_8xx_default_to_fbdev.patch:04:43
lapion\I cannot force kms to load with latest xserver04:43
bdoggJACK audio help anyone04:53
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DanaG1oopsie, that was me having two computers with pidgin open.05:13
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edgyHi, when I use kpackagekit to install software I get a message "You have failed to provide correct authentication.05:16
edgyPlease check any password" but it's not even asking me about a password, what's wrong?05:16
lruis it possible to avoid upstart in Maverick?05:19
ldunnHi, I'm trying to install Maverick Beta, and the installer only seems to detect one of my two hard drives. It takes a long, long time to find it, as well. :/05:48
ldunnApparently restarting the installer enough times fixes the issue.  :D05:53
lruis it possible to avoid upstart in Maverick?05:58
Tetsuo55awesome a flash update07:44
vega_lru: no08:13
archerwhat file is the kernel config please08:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 523027 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "DRM Framebuffer crash; invalid framebuffer id; Thinkpads with Intel X4500HD" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:42
archeri have read this post08:43
archerit is said to ad a config para to fix my ca08:43
archer!kernel config08:48
archerit appears to be this one /usr/share/kernel-package/config08:59
* archer has to reboot to try his luck08:59
knittlhi. menu entries are totally broken here, they only display font garbage (like a font was not found)09:04
knittllooks similar to this: http://en.dogeno.us/2010/01/fix-garbage-menu-fonts-in-evince-karmicubuntu-9-10/09:14
knittli tried changing fonts, but it didn't help09:14
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archerwhat is the kernel config file09:26
twagerarcher: Have you googled for it ?09:30
archerfrom debian and intel forums09:36
archerit seems that integrated video cards with multiple output terminals will meet this issue09:37
archere.g. intel xxx hd, ati xxx hd09:37
archerbut i did find the kernel config ..09:38
archercan someone help me to locate the kernel config?09:45
popeyarcher: /boot/config-<your_kernel_version>09:48
archerreboot now09:50
archerno good10:01
archerseems ati really drops its support10:01
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MarkusTDoes the Ubuntu One music store work for you? I'm trying to access it with maverick, but I can't get past the "connecting" screen. Since I can't find a bug report, I guess it's only a problem for me? How do I debug the music store integration?11:40
plovshi! got most things working (video, flash etc), just picasa still segfaults11:43
maxbHmm. *something*, and I can't figure out what, rewrote my /etc/hosts after an update to maverick, including the local host name against the address11:45
maxbThis is wrong, and broke my MTA11:45
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ItsYouhey all13:03
rohdefis there a way to hard block openjdk?13:10
rohdefI have to admit I don't get why people are so fond of IcedTea on OpenJDK, it's simply too defective13:11
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Machtinhey guys, anyone here able to help me set up my xonar DX? It somehow works, but speaker-test is anything but 5.1.. tried via "speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -l1 -twav". another strange thing i noticed: in alsamixer it says AV200, but on the alsa page the DX has AV10013:43
Machtini'm on kubuntu 10.10 btw.13:45
bullgard4Why is the executable file /usr/lib/klibc/bin/resume not in the default path?15:05
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:26
Slasher`anyone know how to get xvid working in ubuntu 10.10? i can't seem to get it working no matter what player i try15:30
leeb9972hi folks, anyone help me, ive upgraded to 10.10 and now get black login screen :(15:38
bullgard4leeb9972: Can you access a virtual terminal?15:39
leeb9972i had ati driver for dual monitors on 10.4, can this be the prob?15:40
bullgard4leeb9972:  Yes it can.15:40
leeb9972hmm, any ideas on how to fix15:40
bullgard4leeb9972: I would suggest that you read the dmesg output.15:40
leeb9972sorry n00b here, how do i get that15:41
leeb9972i do startx and i get lots of errors15:42
bullgard4leeb9972: In a virtual terminal: '~$ dmesg > dmesg.log20100921'. Then '~$ more dmesg.log20200921'. Read it for error messages and warnings. If you cannot find them, nopaste this file in a nopaste service.15:43
bullgard4fpr attention to would-be helpers15:44
bullgard4leeb9972: You should also nopaste the contents of the file /var/log/Xorg.1.log for attention of would-be helpers.15:46
leeb9972i cant15:46
leeb9972accessing here via laptop15:47
leeb9972PC is not working15:47
bullgard4leeb9972: Why can you not?15:47
leeb9972only have terminal access on pc15:48
leeb9972big black terminal screen15:48
leeb9972covers whole desktop15:48
bullgard4leeb9972:  The PC is the culprit?15:48
bullgard4leeb9972:  All the operations which I suggested , you can perform on a virtual terminal of your PC.15:49
leeb9972nope sorry15:49
leeb9972thinks i reinstall 10.4 :(15:49
bullgard4leeb9972:  Why are you sorry?15:50
leeb9972lol, u can probably fix, but im a ubuntu n00b15:50
bullgard4leeb9972:  But I have given you the commands almost literally.15:51
leeb9972yep, lots off errors15:51
leeb9972i get Gtk-Warning **: cannot open display15:51
bullgard4leeb9972: What is the first error message on the virtual terminal?15:51
bullgard4leeb9972: Is the first error message on the virtual terminal this " Gtk-Warning **: cannot open display"?15:52
leeb9972i get ~$: command not found15:53
bullgard4leeb9972: "command not found" seems to be an answer to a command that you typed in. What command did you type in?15:54
leeb9972~$ more dmseg.log2010092115:55
bullgard4leeb9972: Replace dmseg with dmesg.15:57
leeb9972Maybe because i have uk keyboard etc15:57
leeb9972same error15:59
bullgard4leeb9972: Your PC seemed to work with Ubuntu 10.04. If so, I have no doubt that your present trouble is not due to you UK keyboard.15:59
leeb9972same error ~$: command not found15:59
leeb9972i will re-install 10.416:00
leeb9972lol, hope this problem will not happen when 10.10 is finally released16:01
Slasher`lol, i might have to go back to 10.04 myself soon16:03
Slasher`can't get xvid to play even with vlc16:03
bullgard4I believe that Ubuntu 10.10 in its present configuration will not change much until official Ubuntu 10.10 relase next month.16:03
leeb9972ill reinstall 10.4 then upgrade without installing ati driver16:03
Slasher`did you get xvid to play?16:03
bullgard4leeb9972: That is a reasonable.16:04
leeb9972will let you know16:04
kklimondab 317:08
traskmindIs there a way I can use Claws Mail (instead of Evolution) in the messaging menu (running 10.10 right now)17:19
benstehi, is it correct that sony-laptop module has been remove for maverick ?17:23
benstedon't find anything in synaptic which could help getting my FN keys working again17:23
benstedid my message arrive in the channel (sometimes my IRC just keeps the messages for his own)17:25
traskmindbenste, I see your message, I can do a quick apt search for you if you like?17:25
benstetraskmind: you can check yours - but I've already checked mine :-(17:26
traskmindbenste, ah, I see. Probably been removed then :(17:26
benstewhy the h*** - this would cause every Sony Laptop not to work properly17:26
benste-- is there some kind of log where I can get more informations about this ?17:27
benstetraskmind: I remember someone over @GPM fixed a bug in gnome-power just to work together with Sony laptops - and now i can't even use my keys ??17:27
traskmindbenste, hm, I'm not sure. Possibly Google for solutions?17:29
benstethat's what I'm already doing for some time now17:29
traskmindI saw multiple results for just "sony-laptop ubuntu". Possibly you could install an old sony-laptop package by hand?17:30
benstetraskmind: FN Keys on Vaios with Nvidia brightness were in issue since my first ubuntu installation back in 200517:30
benste- installing another package isn't a solution as maverick should aim to support as much hardware as possible17:30
benstemaybe someone else here will know more about this special problem17:31
maxbOK, wtf? Something modified my /etc/hosts file after I upgraded to maverick, rewriting the localhost lines to include the hostname of the computer. I modified it back. Something has now REAPPLIED THE BREAKAGE?!?!17:31
traskmindI agree that the package should be included (if it still works with everything else in Maverick, of course) but installing an old version might help you out temporarily.17:31
benstetraskmind: strange even the sny module seems to be remove17:34
benstesomeone else here using a VAIO or knowing how to reenable FN keys in maverick ?17:38
maxbUgh, this is network-manager mangling the world, isn't it17:38
jaapzbenste, do you have a sony vaio z-series?17:41
benstesadly not :-)17:42
benstejust vgn-fe series17:42
benstebut if you're owning it - use speed mode and we've got the same problem17:42
benstedo you ?17:42
benstejaapz: ?17:43
philsfbenste, my Fn keys stopped working in lucid, but they've all come back in maverick17:43
philsfbenste, I have an Asus, though17:43
benstephilsf: which vaio ?17:43
benste-- ausus is something completly different17:43
philsfjust wondering if it might be related17:43
jaapzBenste, no i was just googling on vaio in ubuntu and found this: https://launchpad.net/~sony-vaio-z-series17:43
philsfbenste, try an older kernel image17:44
benstejaapz: vaio z's main problem is related to the pre nvidia optimus technology they're using, my vaio doesn't have anything special except the combination of Vaio FNs and Nvidia card which is the badest one i know on the market17:47
bensteat least for linux17:47
benstephilsf: i don't know whether it's really kernel realted, i remember having a package in lucid and pre called sony-laptop17:48
benstethis one use to enable the keys17:48
benstejaapz: I'll report a new bug against X and ask the Zseries list for help on this one too17:48
philsfbenste, my lucid install had functioning Fn keys with the first kernels, then an upgrade took away most of the Fn keys (this included volume and sleep)17:49
philsfbenste, I'm almost sure it was a kernel upgrade, but it might be someting else. just tipping you in the direction I might look17:50
benstephilsf: strange thing, my lucid one is still working17:50
jaapzbenste, it does relate to the kernel, as the sony-laptop package just installed some modules, or modified, or whatever17:50
benstephilsf: did you open a bug report ?17:50
philsfbenste, yes, but as you said, asus and sony use different quirks. I just assumed all of those are controlled by the kernel17:50
philsfbenste, I didn't bother, since none of my missing Fn keys were critical17:51
bullgard4leeb9972: I am not very well versed with dual monitors. I have been using two monitors at the same time using the program xrandr. Did you try xrandr?17:59
DoubleStringHello, I'm dealing the problem of tray icons in maverick17:59
DoubleStringxchat,skype and other programs close to 'tray' which is somehow not displayed17:59
DoubleStringand I have to manually close them by 'killall'18:00
mamposi am awesome18:00
m1ke_lhello ubuntu+1:  i'm testing out netbook ubuntu 10.10 and the unity interface is wicked slow...i'm googling but was wondering if this was a currnet known issue18:13
lapionsomeone really most definitively killed off i915 driver load for i855-xorg18:14
lapionBeta version i915 works just fine, latest update i915 is totally disabled18:15
lapionsomeone forgot to leave a window open for i8xx chipsets with patch   * debian/patches/206_intel_8xx_default_to_fbdev.patch:18:15
andyccm1ke_l: Unity is in beta. It also probably uses Clutter. So yes, it's slow. What are your hardware specs?18:15
leeb9972anyone know how i can get dual monitors set up on 10.10, i have ati card18:15
m1ke_li totally agree and understand that, honestly do.   this is a netbook atom n2790 cpu18:15
lapionin the meanwhile the beta disc i855 was allready working perfectlty, and did not seem to need a blacklisting18:15
m1ke_lgnome runs just fine, which points to a unity "issue"18:15
andyccleeb: maybe system > preferences > monitor18:16
andycc*leeb9972: ^18:16
leeb9972doh! lol, thank you .....18:16
m1ke_lthanks andycc, i'll just mark it up as "beta" software and try again in a few weeks18:18
uzi__my sound device is not working. can someone help?18:23
mrandrzejakhello! my printing no longer works after upgrading to maverick. is there a simple way to report this to launchpad? "printing" does see my printer, but trying to print a job leaves it in "processing" mode forever.18:27
DoubleStringis anyone also getting the same problem with tray icons?18:30
uzi__DoubleString: what problem?18:30
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.18:30
DoubleStringon 10.04, XChat, Skype and Evolution had their tray icons, now upgraded, there's no more tray icons18:31
DoubleStringAND when I close them, they don't close themselves, therefore need killall them18:31
Slasher`do you have the system tray applet on your panel?18:31
uzi__!sound | uzi__18:31
ubottuuzi__, please see my private message18:31
DoubleStringSlasher`, you mean notification area? yes18:33
Slasher`yeah, sorry18:33
Slasher`if you have, then i can't help you, sorry... but always worth checking anyway18:34
RanjanI am having some issue with Xcat sound notification ... It is not working @ my place and it is giving an error msg as failed to read the file .. Presently I am on ubuntu 10.10 beta version ..  Any help on this regard would be of great help .. Thanks in advance18:34
uzi__!sound | Ranjan18:35
ubottuRanjan: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.18:35
Ranjanuzi__: sound is working with charm but this xchat sound notification is not working18:36
Mohan_chmlHello. I have an Issue. While I tried to make my Live USB, The startup disk creator  worked fine. But when I booted from It, It shows Boot Error. Any suggestions18:36
Mohan_chmlRanjan: you tried playing the sound you chose at settings->preferences-> sound ?18:39
Tetsuo55something strange is going on since the update i got yesterday, my wireless icon is now on the right side of the OFF button instead of the left side of the clock18:39
Tetsuo55how can i correct that?18:39
RanjanMohan_chml: yes18:40
Mohan_chmlRanjan: Is it playing there?18:40
RanjanMohan_chml: no18:40
Mohan_chmlyou can see the play option in bottom right. Try it and If you are using 2.8.6, then there will be an issue I think and It has nothing to do with Ubuntu sound =]18:41
uzi__Tetsuo55: right click -> unlock -> move left side of the OFF button18:41
uzi__*move to18:41
RanjanMohan_chml: It is showing an pop-up window gaving an msg as cannot read sound file18:42
Tetsuo55uzi__:  rightclick gives me a list of connection options instead of the usual panel options18:42
uzi__Ranjan: probably the notification audio file is missing.18:42
Mohan_chmlRanjan: then It has the error in opening the sound files location. let me version you18:42
Mohan_chmlWow. you are using 2.8.818:43
uzi__Tetsuo55: do u see three small dashes before the wireless icon?18:43
Mohan_chmlRanjan: try brosing and add the sound file18:43
Tetsuo55uzi__:  yes18:43
uzi__Tetsuo55: right click there18:43
Tetsuo55uzi__:  ok that gives me the normal menu, but move is greyed out18:43
uzi__Tetsuo55: uncheck lock to panel?18:44
RanjanI have already broused and added the files .. but it is not working on 10.10 where as it is working normally on 10.0418:44
Mohan_chmlit has error in reading sound file18:45
Mohan_chmlUbuntu versions has nothing to do with that18:45
Ranjanso how to fix it18:46
Tetsuo55uzi__:  win! that worked thanks18:46
uzi__Tetsuo55: you're welcome.18:46
Mohan_chmlAndrewMC: Ranjan is using 2.8.8 and  It is showing an pop-up window gaving an msg as cannot read sound file18:47
AndrewMCRanjan: i do not think there are any xchat sound files in ubuntu18:48
AndrewMCRanjan: i get the same message myself18:48
uzi__how does mixer device node name looks like?18:49
uzi__could someone plz lookup for me under /dev/snd plz?18:50
RanjanAndrewMC: I have assigned some  of the sound files .. and it should play those .. does it requires mplayer for those file to read18:51
AndrewMCRanjan: i am not sure... i wouldnt think so18:51
AndrewMCRanjan: what type of music files are they?18:52
AndrewMCor sound files rather18:52
RanjanAndrewMC: .wav18:53
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RanjanMohan_chml: Is this your problem as it is being listed on launchpad    https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/608382      please have an look @ this link it is have the solution for boot error  please have an look18:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 608382 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Lucid) "Maverick images burned to usb key on lucid fail to boot - different syslinux version" [High,Fix released]18:56
Mohan_chmlRanjan: ty :)18:56
RanjanMohan_chml: you are welcome18:57
MTecknologyThis is sad... I can only burn cd's and my usb drives are max 512... I want to toss 10.10 on this thing though....18:58
AndrewMCRanjan: try asking in #xchat18:59
RanjanMTecknology : I hope you can try it by using grub / by using virtual box tooo19:00
RanjanAndrewMC: thanks19:00
bullgard4 /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.35/linux-source-2.6.35/arch/sh/kernel/swusp.c titles: " * swsusp.c - SuperH hibernation support." What is »SuperH«?19:01
MTecknologyI guess the beta iso was released within the right size.. that'll work :)19:01
zniavregood evening19:02
zniavreany news about nvidia-legacy 173.14.xx drivers please?19:02
zniavrethey are usable now ?19:02
ulziibuyanbullgard4: lmgtfy.org/q?=superh19:02
sujithAnyone have any idea online linux jobs in Canonical19:02
bullgard4ulziibuyan: shut up19:02
ulziibuyansujith: you could try canonical website.19:03
ulziibuyanbullgard4: i think google has an answer19:03
Piciulziibuyan: Thats not helpful here.19:03
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.19:03
Mohan_chmlsujith: it will be good if you have off-topic away from here.19:03
ulziibuyanbullgard4: sh is short for superh. its name of an architecture19:04
sujithsorry I am new to IRC...19:04
bullgard4ulziibuyan: Ah! I will take taht into account.19:05
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:08
sujithhow can be part of official ubuntu testing team ?19:08
Picisujith: #ubuntu-qa would be a good place to start I suppose.19:09
jiohdiI installed 10.10 beta... when the real deal arrives, will it be just an easy update?19:12
ulziibuyangood question. will it?19:13
Mohan_chmlPici: he is asking for jobs and not contribution19:13
jiohdior will we have to re-install19:14
PiciMohan_chml: oh19:14
jiohdiwhat happened last time?19:14
jiohdiwere those of us who mastered beta given a hand?19:14
ulziibuyani'm having a missing mixer device node. how can i re-create it?19:22
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.19:23
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MTecknologyIf I'm not worried about data loss, what options will give me the best performance for ext4 when I'm compliling and moving around thousands of small files19:50
andyccMTecknology: I think ReiserFS is better suited for that.19:50
Jordan_Uandycc: Reiserfs has been dyning ever since Hans was convicted though.19:51
MTecknologyandycc: really? I thought reiserfs was slow but good for batter life (just from my experience with using it on a laptop)19:51
MTecknologyJordan_U: He was innocent!19:52
andyccMTecknology: reiserfs is known for good performance with lots of small files and bad performance with few large ones.19:52
* MTecknology quotes OJ trials19:52
MTecknologyany options I could try with ext4 for my other stuff?19:52
MTecknologyand /home ?19:52
MTecknologyI've always used defaults19:53
andyccI think K.Mandla posted something about that a long time ago.19:53
andyccHere you go: http://kmandla.wordpress.com/projects/set-up-ubuntu-for-speed/#ext319:54
MTecknologythanks :)19:55
andyccThe tips are for ext3, but should apply to ext4 too (I think).19:56
veenenenanyone know why maverick is breaking sasl in postfix?19:56
andyccveenenen: You aren't using Maverick on a server, are you?19:57
veenenenyeah, I'm working with the new uec workflow19:57
ulziibuyanwhats the major minor number of the mixer device for card0?19:59
veenenenif I could get lucid to work, I would use it, but the image > kvm > ec2 only works right now in maverick.19:59
MTecknologyandycc: 'sync' do you know if that means async or opposite of that?20:00
andyccMTecknology: simply "sync".20:01
fusion44I have rendering problems in kubuntu maverik beta20:03
fusion44windows just disappear and reappear in parts20:04
andyccDid you enable KWin compositing?20:04
fusion44I haven't noticed this problem yesterday20:06
andyccWell, try disabling it.20:06
Jordan_Ufusion44: What graphics card?20:09
fusion44seems to work with kwin disabled20:10
fusion44Jordan_U: Geforce GTX 460 with latest stable drivers from nvidi20:10
fusion44installed from the nvidia package instead from the repositories20:10
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MichealHfusion44: Trythe repos20:11
MichealHThat MAY be your issue20:11
Jordan_Ufusion44: Problems like you described are usually caused by driver bugs, but at the same time nvidia's drivers are usually pretty good. I agree that you should try the packaged drivers, and if they have the same problem see if you can reproduce the problem with another compositing WM like compiz.20:12
fusion44I'll propabyl have to uninstall the driver first before I reinstall them from the repository?20:15
andyccfusion44: I guess you'll have to.20:16
fusion44ok thanks20:16
FloridaGuyim useing ubuntu 10.04...running update-manager -d to upgrade to ubuntu 10.10..but im geting this message....  http://img844.imageshack.us/f/screenshotfv.png/20:33
andyccFloridaGuy: well, maybe it's caused by "Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu".20:35
andyccFloridaGuy: I suggest you wait until 10.10 goes final. In the mean time, do a clean install of the beta in another partition or in a VM if you want to test it.20:36
FloridaGuyandycc, so your saying cant do like i do in mandriva....go from stable to the testing releases20:37
pietro10After upgrading to 10.10 g++ is now giving me the following warning]20:37
pietro10or something20:37
pietro10ambiguous else after if, suggest braces20:38
andyccFloridaGuy: you can, but it's not guaranteed to work. Actually, it's more like guaranteed to not work. You'll get a lot of problems and bugs.20:38
pietro10however every time it happens, it's a false positive20:38
pietro10since there ARE braces20:38
pietro10is this a known bug or not?20:38
andycc!error | pietro1020:38
ubottupietro10: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)20:38
FloridaGuyandycc, how do i find out why it wont upgrade thow20:39
pietro10andycc: I want to know if the above problem I have (gcc warnings showing up when they shouldn't) is a known bug yet or not20:40
pietro10if { if(x)y(); } else z(); makes g++ warn me about "ambiguous else"20:41
andyccFloridaGuy: run apt-get dist-upgrade or something from a terminal.20:41
pietro10this only happened AFTER the 10.10 upgrade, so I assume it's a change made by the 10.10 maintainers20:41
andyccpietro10: Well, from my knowledge of C/C++, I guess g++ wants you to use "else { z(); }" instead of "else z();", or something.20:42
FloridaGuysudo apt-get dist-upgrade.....  0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:42
andyccOr maybe it asks you to indent your code. It's an ambiguous error message.20:43
andyccFloridaGuy: OK, not really. First, do you have important data on that 10.04 install?20:43
FloridaGuyandycc, no20:43
pietro10andycc: meh20:44
pietro10also I use strict K&R20:44
pietro10it's not a big problem anyway; it just doubles the # of warnings I usually have20:44
andyccFloridaGuy: open /etc/apt/sources.list with gedit, nano or something (sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list);20:45
andyccFloridaGuy: and replace all occurrences of "lucid" with "maverick"20:45
andyccFloridaGuy: then, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:45
andyccFloridaGuy: no guarantees though.20:45
FloridaGuyandycc, copy and paste maverick in place of lucid20:46
andyccyes, replace lucid with maverick20:46
andyccyou might also have other files under /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:46
andyccyou should probably replace lucid with maverick in those too.20:47
andycc...and now I'm going to bed. FloridaGuy, hope it works.20:49
FloridaGuyapt-get dist-upgrade told me the problem.....   The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libdrm-nouveau1: Breaks: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (< 1:0.0.16) but 1:0.0.15+git20100219+9b4118d-0ubuntu5 is to be installedE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.20:49
duffydackshould really just set to show normal releases in update manager..20:50
duffydackI forget if update-manager -d does same...20:52
Pici-d is for upgrading to the latest development release.20:53
OverHelsingI am with problems in Default audio mixer.20:53
OverHelsingSomeone can help? Its not working.20:54
duffydackPici, both method would work though right?20:55
Piciduffydack: You shouldn't really continue to use '-d' once you've upgraded to the development release.20:55
duffydackbut showing normal release in update manager will show maverick ?20:56
duffydacklike, now20:56
duffydackits lts only with lucid isnt it20:57
Piciduffydack: Are you on Maverick already?20:57
duffydackI`m dual boot.. its FloridaGuy that wants to20:57
duffydackreplacing lucid with maverick in sources.list is a bad idea.. so I just suggested alternatives20:57
PiciYes, I agree that its a bad idea.20:58
PiciUse update-manager -d or do-release-upgrade -d   instead.20:58
FloridaGuyi uninstalled the package that was giving trouble so see what happens now21:02
duffydackFloridaGuy, dude, really woul be better to use update-manager -d21:03
FloridaGuyduffydack, thats what im useing21:04
duffydackdist-upgrade after changing your sources to maverick ?21:04
FloridaGuyduffydack, what the 1st guy said to do..showed me what was causing the problem21:05
duffydackusing update-manager properly will take care of any dependencies and removal of packages...  dont replace lucid with maverick in apt and dist-upgrade.21:06
FloridaGuyduffydack, useing update-manager -d21:06
FloridaGuyand it works now21:06
FloridaGuyduffydack, i had this problem.... The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libdrm-nouveau1: Breaks: xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (< 1:0.0.16) but 1:0.0.15+git20100219+9b4118d-0ubuntu5 is to be installedE: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages...i uninstalled...   xserver-xorg-video-nouveau....added git-core21:09
vinokhi guys just want to check with you how is the new gnome version doing in 10.1021:15
gnomefreakvinok: new gnome is same as Lucids version 2 api changes or so but same21:17
Some_PersonMy audio is broken21:20
Some_PersonSeems like a fairly recent update broke it21:21
* gnomefreak not sure what "broke" means21:22
Some_PersonNo sound playing, despite it not being muted and the volume all the way up21:22
volodya_Some_Person: if you run pavucontrol, and play music, do you see level monitor showing anything. (Select output devices tab, of course)21:28
volodya_Some_Person: I assume you use pulse as audio level21:29
Some_PersonWhere is this "level monitor"?21:30
DanaGhmm, compiz ppa has 0.9.0 compiz with 0.8.2 ccsm.21:36
volodya_Some_Person: right below volume sliders21:37
volodya_how many output devices do you have?21:37
gnomefreakSome_Person: are you playing music in the screenshot?21:41
Some_Persongnomefreak: yes, there is audio attempting to play21:41
Some_PersonRhythmbox isn't working at all (playing something doesn't advance past 0:00)21:42
gnomefreakthere should be a progress line(wrong word) it should pulse to the music just under the silence max line21:42
Some_PersonWell, it isn't there21:43
gnomefreakSome_Person: does it work if you change the internal audio analog... to use amplifier?21:43
gnomefreakassuming it is a choice21:44
Some_PersonI don't see any "amplifier" setting21:44
gnomefreakif not try another output device (\audio port)21:44
Some_PersonAll 3 choices (Analog Speakers, Analog Output, and Analog Headphones) produce the same results21:45
gnomefreaki only have ampilfier in the drop down, most likley since i am using only 1 output device21:45
Some_PersonThis is a laptop with internal speakers and one headphone output21:46
gnomefreakthat could be why ;)21:46
avisis it safe to update / upgrade today with a daily build ?21:47
gnomefreakavis: define safe21:47
avisanything break within today or yesterday ?21:47
avisanything that would not permit me from logging into my own computer21:48
gnomefreakavis: you will not know until you upgrade unless ther eis big issues. i am not having any but i know what i am doing (cant workaround or fix)21:48
gnomefreakavis: it depends on your system21:49
aviscould i get some assistance disabling a firefox addon ?21:49
avisits not appearing in my maverick21:49
avisnothing does21:49
avisits not a plugin so i can't about:plugins21:50
gnomefreakSome_Person: give me one sec. uploading what i see21:51
gnomefreakavis: what do you mean21:51
avisi got it thank you21:51
gnomefreakSome_Person: http://img265.imageshack.us/f/screenshotdqu.png/  that is what it should look like21:52
gnomefreakin gerneral21:52
gnomefreakbeb smoke21:52
avisit was actually fixed, seemingly over night21:53
avisthank you21:53
Some_Persongnomefreak: Well, I don't have that21:53
gnomefreakSome_Person: if you click on the speaker icon in the control dialog does it help?21:57
Some_PersonYou mean the mute button?21:57
gnomefreakSome_Person: yes21:57
Some_PersonNo, it just greys out stuff21:57
gnomefreakthan im not real sure. i dont do laptops or sound often enough to be much more help21:58
Some_PersonLucid screwed up my audio around this time in its prerelease state too22:02
gnomefreaka few days ago (maybe this time last week) my sound finally started working. it finally started saving its settings22:06
Some_PersonThat could be when mine broke22:08
* volodya_ even has bluetooth headset working22:13
DanaGhmm, compiz ppa has new compiz, but not new ccsm!22:25
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Some_PersonAnyone know how to fix my audio?22:42
wirechiefSome_Person: read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting22:45
Some_PersonThat doesn't help much, especially considering it was working as of last week22:49
micahganyone having issues with cpu frequency scaling?  in Lucid, it would stay if I set it for performance at maximum, in Maverick, it jumps around as if it's not set22:56
* duffydack removes /etc/init.d/ondemand to gain performance. this is a desktop replacement machine :L)23:05
wirechiefSome_Person: do you have pavcontrol installed, it might be helpfull23:13
Some_Personwirechief: I have pavucontrol23:14
wirechiefok, by default its not installed, i use it to control my mic23:14
wirechiefi just got 10.10 to test and see if they fixed the control, it kept knocking my vol down in 10.4.1 and others.23:15
dakirahi. I found a regression in Evolution. You can't sync to Google Calendar anymore. The calendar-type "Google" is just gone. This is on a vanilla installation of maverick with all updates installed.23:20
bdoggcan someone help me with JACK audio in maverick23:30

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