jo-erlenddcordes, I think I would have rephrased that question if I were you.00:00
dcordesjo-erlend: Sorry ?00:01
GrueMasterjo-erlend: I think he is referring to the Toshiba AC100 that ogra_ac is on.  And yes, it is a Tegra 2 system.00:02
jo-erlendah. :)00:02
* dcordes is waiting for decent qualcomm smartbook00:07
dcordesKeeping track of one SoC is enough00:07
dcordesOnly need to convince somebody I can't make it through the winter term alive without one :D00:08
dcordesDoubt it will work but I need to find a job anyway00:09
jo-erlendIs it possible that it is my monitor that causes this? http://pastebin.com/6hAjUwCW00:12
persiaI think it's unlikely.  I think you have to pass a framebuffer mode argument.  Are you booting from recent dailies, or something else?00:14
jo-erlendbeta. It seems to be the only readily available image?00:14
persiaOh, if you're using raw beta, that ought be passing a parameter00:15
persiahttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/ has some more recent images.  Mind you, those are entirely unvalidated, so might not work, or not exist, etc. on any given day.00:16
jo-erlendgrand! Thank you. I'll give that a go immediately. I couldn't find that earier today. Perhaps I gave up too quickly. :)00:17
rsalvetihm, ureadahead is now using a 8mb buffer, instead of 128mb00:18
rlameiropersia: did come out some upgrades to maverick today?00:18
GrueMasterpersia: I found my usb-audio device.  RCA & SPDIF in/out.  Tested ok on my laptop.  What were you suggesting I test it on?00:19
rsalvetiand should fix the oom killer messages at beagleboard00:19
persiaGrueMaster, Anywhere you can, once per kernel flavour.  No point on two devices with the same kernel, but otherwise.00:19
GrueMasterI'll add it to the to-do list.00:20
persiaGrueMaster, rlamiero was reporting that on IGEPv2 (omap3) with the kernel from "linux", usb audio didn't work.  I wouldn't be surprised to see other kernel flavours affected.00:20
GrueMasterAs it stands, my XM is the only one with spare USB ports, and it is borked.00:21
rlameirowell it work on i68600:21
persiaNo rush, but it would be nice to be able to tell folks they can use usb-audio in the event that we don't have working wiremaps for various boards.00:21
persiarlameiro, Sure, but that's a different kernel flavour: linux-generic vs. linux-omap (although it comes from the same source package, which means we're more likely to have it just work)00:21
rsalvetiGrueMaster: so, did you test the audio at the c4?00:22
rlameiroit is weird because the problem aplay output was about the bit rate or something like that00:22
rsalvetiif it's not working this could explain why the same behavior at the xM00:22
rsalvetiand a regression, as it worked fine for lucid00:22
rsalvetidifferent kernel tree though00:23
GrueMasterrsalveti: On my beagle, I had to tweak alsamixer settings to get the alsa speaker-test to work.00:23
rsalvetiGrueMaster: same for xM, am I right?00:23
GrueMasterMy xm has other issues.00:23
GrueMaster(like getting through a boot process).00:23
rsalvetibut last time you tested audio you said it worked after setting up alsa-mixer correctly, IIRC00:23
=== amitk is now known as amitk-afk
GrueMasterI thought I had.  With as much testing as I do, unless I find a bug, I tend to forget what I tested where.00:24
GrueMasterAnd it is very hard to test everything on everything.00:24
rsalvetihaha, np00:25
GrueMasterEspecially with special requests coming in fast & furious.00:25
rsalvetibut yeah, I remember you tested at the xM and you got it working after setting up alsa-mixer00:25
rsalvetithat's why we discussed it at our call00:26
rsalvetiand where we got the idea to test it on a normal beagle00:26
rsalvetibecause with lucid it just works00:26
GrueMasterBut now I can't get my XM to boot through a known good image.00:27
GrueMasterThese sudden audio issues eat at my soul.00:28
rsalvetithis is something weird, let me try to boot mine00:28
rsalvetiGrueMaster: what errors are you getting?00:28
GrueMasterOn which?  Audio or XM in general?00:31
jo-erlendcan someone translate this for me? "omapfb.mode=dvi:1024x768MR-16@60". It's the bootargs I've been told to use. :)00:33
rsalvetixM in general00:33
GrueMasterpersia: usb-audio device shows up and is configurable on dove.  Still no audio output from rythmbox.00:33
rsalvetijo-erlend: while setting up omapfb with dvi, this should be your default resolution00:34
rsalvetiotherwise you'll get 640x48000:34
persiarlameiro, Does GrueMaster's report on dove match your experience on the IGEPv2?00:34
rsalvetithat's the default one00:34
jo-erlendrsalveti, what would happen if my monitor didn't support that resolution?00:34
GrueMasterrsalveti: On my XM, it fails randomly.  Sometimes it is a corrupted filesystem on second boot, sometimes it gets most of the way through oem-config before it crashes.00:34
rsalvetijo-erlend: will probably give out of sync or something like that00:34
rlameirojo-erlend: use the Digital output of omap framebuffer driver with a res of 1024x768 with a bit depth of 16 bits at 60 hz refresh rate00:35
GrueMasterI have not seen any errors that could be traceable.00:35
rsalvetiGrueMaster: sounds like the random mem issues I'm facing with 51200:35
rsalvetimine just works when I add mem=256M00:35
rlameiropersia: i didnt used rythmbox, but yea, it is configured but no sound output00:35
GrueMasterI'll give it a try.00:35
GrueMasterHate hacking the boot.scr00:35
rsalvetithe interesting thing is that some times it just works fine, but most of the time I try to boot with 512mb it'll give me random segfaults00:36
jo-erlendI thought that since it fails to load the omapfb module, it might be because the modes were incorrect?00:36
rsalvetiwelcome to the club00:36
persiaHow about lower level sound tests?  Let's find the point at which it breaks.00:36
rsalvetijo-erlend: default should be safe, then you can try different resolutions00:37
rlameiroaplay should be a good ground level00:37
lagMorning all00:37
rsalvetijo-erlend: what's you problem regarding omapfb?00:37
rsalvetilag: haha, morning00:37
rsalveticrazy timezone00:37
persiarlameiro, I don't have an environment to help: tell GrueMaster :p00:37
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://pastebin.com/6hAjUwCW00:37
GrueMasterpersia: speaker-test works with usb-audio on dove.00:37
rsalvetijo-erlend: oh, ok, the missing fb000:38
rsalvetijo-erlend: can you grab your dmesg?00:38
lagOh, I see00:38
jo-erlendrsalveti, I'm currently overwriting the memorycard with todays daily to see if that works.00:39
persiarlameiro: Weren't you having issue with *any* audio?  I don't think you were using pulse.00:39
rlameiroi dont use pulse00:39
rlameirojust lasa00:39
rlameiroif alsa is broken, pulse will be also00:39
rsalvetijo-erlend: could be better, but it's probably not going to fix this weird missing fb0 error00:40
rsalvetibecause we didn't change our kernel much regarding this driver00:41
GrueMasterrlameiro: too true.00:41
rsalvetibut please try, let's see what happens00:41
rsalvetiif still doesn't work, you can try linaro's kernel00:41
rlameiropersia: GrueMaster http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/497342/00:49
GrueMasterrlameiro: Try "speaker-test -c 2 -t wav -Dhw:1"00:52
rlameiroGrueMaster: persia http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/497343/00:53
ogra_acseems not using andchat gets me a far more stable network00:54
rlameiroi should remind that this usb interface doesnt have software mixer00:54
GrueMasterrlameiro: try without the -D parameter.00:55
rlameirothat will play on the board.00:55
GrueMasterWorked on usb-audio here.00:56
jo-erlendthe daily image doesn't seem to have anything except the boot partition. Well there is another partition too, but it only contains lost+found.00:56
rsalvetithe daily should have 2 partitions00:56
rsalvetiboot and rootfs, that will get resized at the first boot00:57
rlameiroGrueMaster:  its working on the board output00:57
jo-erlendyes, it does, but the rootfs is empty.00:57
rsalvetijo-erlend: after or before the first boot?00:57
jo-erlendsorry.... Nautilus fooled me. :)00:57
jo-erlenduh. I get lots of io errors now.00:58
jo-erlendrsalveti, what do you mean? Everything should be on the board before the first run?00:59
rlameiroGrueMaster: speaker-test says this at the help file --- Recognized sample formats are: S8 S16_LE S16_BE FLOAT_LE S32_LE S32_BE00:59
rsalvetijo-erlend: sorry, after you putting the card and giving the first boot or before00:59
rlameirobut i am prety sure my board only send 24bit streams01:00
rlameiroany way it should work01:00
* rsalveti brb01:01
rlameiroi will try the interface with the advanced mode off01:01
rlameirolol another problem, each time I unplug a usb device, when i plug it back it cant be enumerated01:02
rlameiroi need to restart the board01:02
rlameiroGrueMaster, persia http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/497351/01:11
rlameirostrange is that the stream of the driver is defined to 44100hz when the board is capable and hardware selected to 4800001:12
rlameiroI forced speaker-test to the driver parameter and it worked, just the problem was that the audio file was at 48khz, so nothing happened01:13
persiarlameiro, That looks like a deep bug, and ALSA is probably doing some internal resampling.  Probably worth running the testing shell script and sending it upstream.01:13
rlameiropersia: is that test on the repos?01:14
* persia isn't sure01:16
rlameirofound this01:22
rlameiroit says nothing special01:22
rlameiropersia: unless this  ----EDIROL UA-4FX at usb-ehci-omap.0-1.2, full speed01:22
rlameirothis means that the driver is on the specific module usb-ehci-omap.0-1.2 ?01:23
rlameiroi dont have the sources of the kernel from rcn-ee so i cant check it out01:24
GrueMasterrlameiro: Unfortunately, I have a completely different usb-audio device.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/497363/01:25
GrueMasterAnd it supports 4800001:25
rlameirowell, then yeah, this driver is completely   broken01:26
rlameiroI just wanted to know where do i find the sources for it01:26
GrueMasterEither in the kernel or from http://alsa-project.org.01:27
GrueMasterWhat is loaded by Ubuntu is in the kernel.01:27
GrueMasteralsa-project.org may have newer updates that will be in the next kernel.01:28
rlameirowell, but it works on my laptop, i even helped testing the patch made for this device some years ago01:30
rlameiroand it went already to alsa release01:30
rlameiroand it is fully supported on ubuntu, so i dont get it, it shouldnt be platform dependent should it?01:30
GrueMasterNo, it shouldn't.01:32
rlameirowell i gues i will digg into it tomorrow01:33
GrueMaster/proc/asound/card1/stream0 should be identical across platforms.01:33
rlameirowell i will compare it with the one on my laptop01:33
rlameiro1 sec01:33
rlameiroGrueMaster: well its definetly an ARM/Board/ubuntu kernel issue or ubuntu driver01:36
GrueMasterSame kernel on both?01:38
rlameiroit seems something is wrong with the driver that doesnt detect the card correctly01:38
GrueMasterThe omap driver is part of the main stream kernel.01:38
rlameiroLinux studiobeta 2.6.32-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 20 14:24:04 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux01:38
rlameiroLinux beagleboard #1 PREEMPT Fri Aug 27 22:09:57 UTC 2010 armv7l GNU/Linux01:38
GrueMasterCompletely different alsa versions.01:40
GrueMastercat /proc/asound/version01:41
DanaGSay, is Tegra2 going to be an officially supported architecture?01:41
rlameiromy is 1.0.2301:41
GrueMasterrlameiro: on both?01:41
DanaGSupported as in, has kernels built and won't get illegal-instruction errors?01:41
rlameirothis is on arm, let me check the board01:41
GrueMasterDanaG: If someone pushes a kernel into the pool, sure.01:41
GrueMasterrlameiro: very possibly.01:42
DanaG"has kernels built" could even be unofficial, as rcn-ee's OMAPs are/were/are.01:42
rlameirowell, then i have to download the ubuntu beta to test it...01:42
GrueMasterrlameiro: Try downloading one of the ubuntu i386.iso files and run it live.  Compare results.01:42
DanaGA bigger concern is the CPU instruction-set support -- can't use NEON on it.01:42
GrueMasterrlameiro: I would try a daily.01:43
GrueMasterDanaG: Shouldn't be an issue.  Marvell doesn't either.01:43
GrueMasterMost apps don't care.01:43
DanaGMarvell doesn't even do armv7l, at least in any currently available products. =/01:43
rlameirooversized images...01:44
GrueMasterrlameiro: Write one to USB.  faster and doesn't waste a CD.01:44
GrueMasterUse usb-creator to make a bootable usb stick.01:44
rlameirowell downloading01:44
rlameiroi need to buy a usb stick for this stuff :D01:45
rlameiro1438 KB/s not bad...01:45
GrueMasterrlameiro: WIll your laptop boot from SD?01:45
rlameirodont think so01:46
GrueMasterI'm jealous btw.  My max speed is 468KB/s  :P01:46
rlameiroGrueMaster: never tried it, it does have an removable disk options01:46
rlameiroaxel rocks :D01:46
rlameirogreat downloader for the cli01:46
GrueMasterWhere are you on this great rock in space?01:47
GrueMasterAh.  Closer to our servers.01:47
GrueMasterI'm in Oregon, USA.  Much farther for bits to travel.01:47
GrueMasterYes.  Millbank, I believe.01:48
jo-erlendrsalveti, you're right. It didn't change anything. Which files do you want?01:48
rlameiroi will test some download from Oregon after the download finish01:48
rlameirodo you have some link to a mirror from a uni there or something?01:48
GrueMasterYou can try http://members.dsl-only.net/~tdavis/beagleboard-bug.jpg01:50
GrueMasterNot very big, but it is my ISP.01:50
rlameirotoo small to test01:50
GrueMasterThere is a mirror server at http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/ubuntu/01:51
rlameirobut i will try anyway01:51
rlameiroGrueMaster: Downloaded 694,7 megabytes in 8:14 seconds. (1437,95 KB/s)01:53
GrueMasterI hate you.  :P01:53
GrueMasterI have DSL here.  And I am paying premium for the fastest speed available.01:54
rsalvetijo-erlend: dmesg would help, for sure01:54
GrueMasterAnd I still get pidgeon-net speeds.01:54
rlameiroyeap, the connection to there is way worse than to the ubuntu server01:54
rlameiroGrueMaster: i have DSL to, my sync is about 17 MB/s01:55
jo-erlendrsalveti, rbelem has quit (Quit: Leaving)01:56
jo-erlend* o01:56
jo-erlendbah. :)01:56
jo-erlendrsalveti,  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/497379/01:56
rsalveti[    1.497497] omapfb omapfb: no displays01:57
rsalveti[    1.501312] omapfb omapfb: failed to setup omapfb01:57
rsalvetiprobably because of:01:57
rsalveti[    0.269592] omapdss VENC error: can't get VDDA_DAC regulator01:57
rsalveti[    0.269622] omapdss CORE error: Failed to initialize venc01:57
rsalvetiwhich points to bug 60725001:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 607250 in linux (Ubuntu) "omapdss: VDDA_DAC regulator on IGEPv2 (affects: 1) (heat: 65)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60725001:58
jo-erlendrsalveti, do you think changing the kernel would fix this?02:00
rsalvetiprobably not, as this was reported to linux-linaro02:01
jo-erlendany ideas at all?02:01
rlameiroGrueMaster: rebooting, going to test it now02:02
rsalvetijo-erlend: needs to find the missing patch for it02:03
DanaGIs there a page that that pic goes with?02:04
rsalvetijo-erlend: could be this one: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~beagleboard-kernel/%2Bjunk/2.6-stable/annotate/head:/patches/igepv2/0001-ARM-OMAP3-Add-S-Video-output-to-IGEPv2-board.patch02:08
rsalvetiwill build a new kernel for you to test, give me 10 min02:08
jo-erlendthanks :)02:08
rlameiroGrueMaster: well, back02:15
rlameirothe card was detected correctly, speaker test gave the same error but i think it has to do with the format of the streaming "SE24_LE"02:16
rlameirothe iso is not woking ok, it didnt booted completely after selecting try it.. lol i had to use ctrl+alt+F1 :D02:18
rsalvetijo-erlend: please test http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/kernel/uImage.igep202:18
rsalvetijo-erlend: just copy it over your uImage from the first partition02:18
jo-erlendrsalveti, then I simply replace the uImage with that one?02:18
rsalvetithen please get your dmesg for me again02:19
rlameirorsalveti: brasileir?02:21
rsalvetirlameiro: sim, portugues?02:21
rlameiroBOA !02:21
persia!pt :p02:22
ubot2Factoid 'pt :p' not found02:22
ubot2Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em brasileiro. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:22
rsalvetipersia: :P02:22
rlameiropersia: lol, we got it, it was just that moment of hapiness finding a language brother :D02:23
persiaI know :)02:23
persiaAnd since the two of you have such similar interests, I suspect there's going to be a lot of value to portuguese coordination for ARM audio :)02:24
rlameirorsalveti: also into audio?02:24
rsalvetihaha, not yet, still fighting with display issues :-)02:24
rlameiroi took that out of the picture,02:25
GrueMasterHey, alsa on armel sounds the same, regardless of language.  :P02:25
* rlameiro runs is board headless :D ssh rulezzz02:25
rsalvetihaha, for sure, but we need to get it working for our users haha02:25
* rlameiro ssh -X even better :D02:25
rsalvetihaha :-)02:25
persiaNot when your armel laptop is closer than your desktop :p02:26
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/49738802:26
rsalvetijo-erlend: [    0.000000] Linux version 2.6.35-22-omap (buildd@satinash) (gcc version 4.4.5 (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-14ubuntu4) ) #32-Ubuntu Fri Sep 17 09:09:03 UTC 2010 (Ubuntu 2.6.35-22.32-omap
rsalvetijo-erlend: still not my kernel02:26
jo-erlendrsalveti, what I did, was to rename uImage to uImage.old and then rename uImage.igep2 to uImage.02:27
rsalvetisame one as before02:27
rsalvetijo-erlend: hm, weird, could be a bug at u-boot02:27
rsalvetiwe got a similar bug with the older u-boot we used for panda02:27
jo-erlendI should delete uImage.old as well?02:28
rsalvetito make sure, copy your files to your pc, give mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sd<X> and then copy them again02:28
rsalvetiif you're facing the same bug, then it's not going to work even if you remove the older uImage02:28
jo-erlendrsalveti, I read somewhere that using -F 32 wouldn't work though. It was old, but still.02:28
rsalvetiwell, don't know much of igep202:29
rsalvetido it as you can find at your igep2 tutorial :-)02:29
rsalvetibut recreate it and then copy the new files02:29
rlameirowhat is the problem with it?02:29
rsalvetiin this case, just copy the new uImage02:29
rsalvetirlameiro: display not working for igep2 using default kernel for omap302:30
rsalvetiI found a patch but waiting jo-erlend to test it02:30
rlameirothis is mine dmesg02:31
rlameiroand boot args, sorry for the flood02:32
rlameirofatload mmc 0:1 0x80000000 uImage02:32
rlameirofatload mmc 0:1 0x82000000 uInitrd02:32
rlameirosetenv bootargs-base vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:hd720-16@5002:32
rlameirobootm 0x80000000 0x8200000002:32
rsalvetirlameiro: which kernel?02:33
rlameirorsalveti: Linux beagleboard #1 PREEMPT Fri Aug 27 22:09:57 UTC 2010 armv7l GNU/Linux02:33
rlameirorcn-ee one02:33
rsalvetirlameiro: cool, the patch I found was applied at his kernel02:33
rsalvetiand it's not giving you errors02:34
rsalvetiso it seems to fix it02:34
rsalvetionce confirmed will send to the kernel team02:34
rlameiroi can try to test it tomorrow on my hdmi tv, my girl is sleeping there now..... she will kill me if I wake her up :D02:35
rsalvetirlameiro: haha, don't need to worry, I completely understand you :-)02:35
rlameirorsalveti: lol, and I am Ricardo too02:37
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49739502:38
rsalvetihm, weird, same error02:39
rsalvetijo-erlend: could you try rlameiro's boot args?02:39
rsalvetivram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:hd720-16@5002:39
rlameirowell it is for a tv, but should be ok02:41
rsalvetibut now a different error02:42
jo-erlendrsalveti, I keep the others, I just add those arguments?02:42
rsalveti[    0.269592] omapdss VENC error: can't get VDDA_DAC regulator02:42
rsalveti[    0.269622] omapdss CORE error: Failed to initialize venc02:42
rsalvetiand now02:42
rsalveti[    0.255493] omapdss SDI error: can't get VDDS_SDI regulator02:42
rsalveti[    0.255493] omapdss CORE error: Failed to initialize SDI02:42
rsalvetijo-erlend: change omapfb.mode=dvi:1024x768MR-16@60 to vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:hd720-16@5002:43
rsalvetihm, currently you don't have vram02:44
rsalvetimem=512M console=ttyS2,115200n8 console=tty0 omapfb.mode=dvi:1024x768MR-16@60 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootwait text02:44
rsalvetithis is your current boot line02:44
rsalvetitry just adding vram=12M first02:45
* GrueMaster is calling it a day.02:45
rsalvetiwhile a look for an additional patch02:45
jo-erlendrsalveti, no change.02:51
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49740202:52
rsalveticould be another bug =\, just a moment, looking for other patches02:53
jo-erlendthank you. I appreciate it.02:54
jo-erlendwell. I did change the omapfb.mode setting. I had already done that when you told me to only add the vram setting. Does that matter?02:54
rsalvetinops, seems a different bug02:55
rsalvetibut wanted to check just to be sure02:55
rlameirorsalveti: do you want my uImage?02:55
rsalvetirlameiro: no thanks, I got the sources of it already, trying now to understand what's missing02:55
rsalvetiseems that it's just missing a regulator definition02:59
jo-erlendis that something you can fix? :)03:06
rsalvetijo-erlend: it seems I found the problem, working for a fix03:08
rsalvetiseems that the cause is another dss2 patch that we got at our tree03:09
rsalvetijo-erlend: give me some minutes and I'll send another uImage to test03:10
jo-erlendgreat! :)03:11
rsalvetibuilding a new kernel03:18
jo-erlendit would be really cool if that worked. I think the board is very cute, but it would be nice to be able to use it for something too :)03:19
rsalvetisure :-)03:20
rsalvetijo-erlend: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/kernel/uImage.igep2-v203:22
rsalvetisame procedure, please :-)03:22
rsalvetihopefully at least a different error message03:23
jo-erlendrsalveti, hey, I have something!03:25
jo-erlendI have text! It's kinda blue!03:25
devilhornsquick Q for those "in the know" ... the default netbook launcher (clutter one) ... what ships there for sound ? that depend on pulse ? or is it also using canberra ?03:25
rsalvetijo-erlend: awesome03:25
devilhornsoh nvm, I can find out via synaptic03:25
rsalvetiblue should be fine03:25
rsalvetiat least I get blue text at my panda03:25
rsalvetibut it works fine on X03:25
* rsalveti never tested the clutter based netbook launcher03:26
rsalvetijo-erlend: can you send me your dmesg03:26
rsalvetijo-erlend: even if you get something, to be able to login at your serial you probably need to create a ttyS2.conf file for your upstart03:27
rsalvetiwith correct parameters03:27
persiadevilhorns, I believe the default stack should be canberra-on-pulse: which layer a given app hits depends on the app.  More use of canberra for simple alerts would be appreciated.03:27
jo-erlendrsalveti, I have no serial :/03:27
rsalvetioh, that's fine03:27
rsalvetijo-erlend: so you should be able to see something at your monitor03:27
devilhornspersia, ok, just wanted to check if canberra was the way we want to go wrt the efl one03:28
jo-erlendI get a fatal error, missing files in /lob/modules/blabla. I noticed that before, I have no /lib/modules directory. Am I supposed to?03:28
rsalvetijo-erlend: that's ok for now, that's just because I got you just the uImage03:29
persiadevilhorns, I think we should go that way, as it makes it easier long-term to have global alert management.03:29
rsalvetistill missing the modules03:29
rsalvetijo-erlend: but does it stops at this fatal errors?03:29
devilhornspersia, fair enough :)03:29
jo-erlendrsalveti, it does.03:30
rsalvetijo-erlend: ok, let me get you the kernel modules03:30
jo-erlendrsalveti, and I get lots of "modules does not exist" in my xorg.log.03:31
rsalvetihm, could be another issue03:32
persiadevilhorns, That said, if you know of some reason why it's better not to use libcanberra, I'd be happy to hear arguments, but based on everything I've heard, it's a sensible direction.03:32
rsalvetibut can you see something from your X11 session?03:32
rsalvetiI mean, does it show something at your monitor?03:32
jo-erlendrsalveti, no.03:32
rsalvetione step at a time :-)03:33
rsalvetijo-erlend: can you paste me your dmesg?03:33
jo-erlendyes! I have characters on my screen. That's awesome :)03:33
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49741903:34
jo-erlendhmm... [    0.000000] Linux version (rsalveti@evatp) (gcc version 4.4.5 20100824 (prerelease) (Ubuntu/Linaro 4.4.4-9ubuntu2) ) #42 Mon Sep 20 22:15:20 BRT 2010 (Ubuntu 2.6.35-21.31-omap <-- Didn't it say that before too?03:35
rsalvetiyup, but check the timestamp03:36
rsalvetiit's now different03:36
devilhornspersia, no particular reason comes to mind ... I was just curious if canberra was the "preferred" way to go wrt sounds, or if it was just something the netbook-efl devs dropped in03:36
jo-erlendactually it isn't. It sais 1/1 2000.03:36
rsalvetijo-erlend: hm, with error and etc03:36
rsalvetiso same dmesg as before03:37
rsalvetiwere you able to login and get the dmesg?03:37
persiadevilhorns, it's currently used in many flavours (Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu UEC live, Edubuntu Desktop, Edubuntu Desktop KDE, Xubuntu Desktop, Mythbuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Netbook), so I think it's safe to say it's well-supported in Ubuntu.03:37
rsalvetiif not you're probably pasting the older one03:37
jo-erlendno. I had to eject the card and mount it in my laptop.03:37
persiaDoesn't seem to be in Kubuntu Desktop or Netbook, but since it's in Edubuntu Destktop KDE, I suspect there's some integration bits in place.03:38
rsalvetiwell, it's the same dmesg03:38
rsalvetisame kernel03:38
jo-erlendrsalveti, perhaps I can just remove the logs?03:38
rsalvetisame timestamp and same errors03:38
rsalvetitry generating a new one03:38
devilhornspersia, well, support wasn't my concern :) just didn't know if the netbook-efl devs picked it out of the blue or something :)03:38
jo-erlendright. Is it ok to simply delete them, or must I create a new empty one?03:38
rsalvetijust delete them03:39
rsalvetiit should create a new one when booting03:39
persiadevilhorns, At least everyone else uses it.  I can't say much more :)03:39
devilhornspersia, ok :)03:39
devilhornspersia, was wondering cause gonna be adding sounds back into the new one soon03:42
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49742403:45
rsalvetijo-erlend: still the old one03:45
jo-erlendheh, I deleted all the logs! :)03:46
jo-erlendbut you spoke of a bug earlier.. Perhaps I should try to create a new fat32 partition again?03:46
rsalvetihaha, not possible, at least the timestamp should be different03:46
rsalvetijo-erlend: please03:47
rsalvetiand remove all your logs again03:47
devilhornspersia, btw, new one supports changing icon sizes too :)03:48
jo-erlendrsalveti, I think I know the problem... :)03:52
jo-erlendgedit was smart enough to know that it already had the file open, but not smart enough to understand that the file had changed.03:53
jo-erlendrsalveti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/49743303:53
rsalvetiOK, now it's different03:54
jo-erlendyes. What are all those filesystem errors?03:54
rsalvetijo-erlend: probably because you're still using the pre-installed image without resizing the disk03:56
rsalvetiyou're only able to do that when using the uInitrd and giving at least one boot03:56
jo-erlendoh, ok. Does it have any consequences?03:57
rsalvetiyep, you're going to be able to do much work on it03:57
rsalvetithe good thing is that we now have the display fixes03:57
rsalvetiso I'll submit them and when we get them applied you'll need to change just the x-loader and u-boot, if needed03:57
jo-erlendyes. It looks to me that the missing /lib/modules is what's causing it to halt.03:58
rsalvetiI'm uploading the modules for you03:58
rsalvetibut for the moment you could try to mount your sd card at your host and get inside with qemu03:58
persiadevilhorns, careful now, you might make something so nice nobody wants the clutter version :)03:58
rsalvetiand try to run depmod03:58
rsalvetithis will create the modules.xxx files that the boot is complaining03:59
jo-erlendrsalveti, can you be a little more spesific? :)03:59
rsalvetior wait until I get my package uploaded, so you can install it by using qemu03:59
rsalvetijo-erlend: which ubuntu release are you using at your host?03:59
rsalvetiif you're using ubuntu :-)03:59
rsalvetiso you could get inside your partition with chroot and qemu, to install the needed packages04:00
rsalvetilike running it at your arm machine04:00
rsalvetimount your sd card at your host computer04:00
rsalvetithen get inside the rootfs partition04:01
rsalveticp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static usr/bin/04:01
rsalvetimount --bind /dev dev04:01
rsalvetimount -t proc proc proc/04:01
rsalvetiand then you can just give chroot /media/<rootfs>04:01
devilhornspersia, that's the idea :)04:01
rsalvetinow you're running an arm environment, and able to give apt-get normally04:01
rsalvetithen all you need to do is to get my kernel package and give dpkg -i on it04:02
rsalvetiumount everything, boot your arm board and be happy with it04:02
persiaOne may well have to install qemu-kvm-extras-static to make that procedure work...04:03
rsalvetiyup, was too lazy to find the package for it :-)04:04
jo-erlendrsalveti, I'm in an arm chroot with the rootfs from my memorycard.04:05
jo-erlend... now what? :)04:07
rsalvetijo-erlend: create the correct kernel directory for the kernel I sent you04:08
rsalvetimkdir /lib/modules/
rsalvetiI guess04:09
rsalvetithen run depmod with correct parameter, one sec04:09
rsalvetidepmod -a
rsalvetiplease try it04:11
jo-erlenduh, how? :)04:12
rsalvetiat your chroot04:12
rsalvetimkdir /lib/modules/
rsalvetidepmod -a
jo-erlendI did that. No response04:12
rsalvetithat's fine04:12
rsalvetils -l /lib/modules/ should show you some files04:13
rsalvetinow exit your chroot04:13
rsalvetiumount dev04:13
rsalvetiumount proc04:13
rsalvetiand umount the rootfs04:13
rsalvetiput your card at your board and boot it04:13
jo-erlendit does.04:13
jo-erlendyou mean I exit my chroot by issuing those commands?04:14
rsalvetino, after you get out your chroot04:15
jo-erlendhow do I do that? "exit"?04:15
rsalvetior control + d04:15
jo-erlendrsalveti, well. Some of the errors have gone, but I'm stuck with one: "mount: unknown filesystem type 'binfmt_misc'04:19
jo-erlendand that's where it stops.04:20
rsalvetihm, ok, so it's really missing some modules04:20
rsalvetijo-erlend: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/kernel/linux-image-
rsalvetiyou can find all kernel modules you need on it04:20
jo-erlendthen I enter a chroot again, download that package and install it?04:21
rsalvetijo-erlend: yup04:21
rsalvetijo-erlend: but I'm afraid you'll get fs errors04:22
rsalvetilet's see04:22
rsalvetijust dpkg -i <deb>04:22
jo-erlendhmm. it seems I don't have networking in the chroot?04:26
jo-erlendoh. nvm04:26
rsalvetiyou have it, could be a problem with your resolv.conf file04:27
persiajo-erlend, You have qemu-kvm-extras-static installed?04:30
jo-erlendpossibly. Why?04:31
rsalvetipersia: he was able to get inside the chroot before04:32
rsalvetiso it should be able to get inside it again04:32
jo-erlendrsalveti, when installing the package inside the chroot, I got _lots_ of "Unsupported ioctl: cmd=0xc020660b"04:32
rsalvetijo-erlend: that's normal04:32
persiaWell, rather, it's a bug, but it doesn't break installing a kernel04:33
jo-erlendrsalveti: dpkg: error prosessing linux-image-blabla: failed in write on buffer copy for backend dpkg-deb during /lib/modues/": no space left on device04:34
rsalvetijo-erlend: :-(04:34
rsalvetithat's the fs error I was afraid of04:34
rsalvetithis is because your kernel never got the resize04:34
rsalvetijo-erlend: so you need to start from beginning04:35
jo-erlendhow much from the beginning?04:35
rsalvetidd the daily build04:35
rsalvetiprobably by copying the uInitrd from the daily image04:35
rsalvetiand uImage04:35
rsalvetihere's the problem, you need to at least boot the image using the original uImage and uInitrd once04:36
rsalvetiit'll just resize it (with some additional things)04:36
rsalvetiand reboot04:36
jo-erlendoh. The guide from igeps wiki told me to delete those.04:36
rsalvetijo-erlend: yep, the guide is wrong :-(04:37
jo-erlendwell, everything except uImage.04:37
rsalvetiafter the first boot and reboot, you're able to do whatever you need/want with your image04:37
jo-erlendok. Is it sufficient to copy the uInitrd back into the boot partition and run it?04:37
rsalvetiwithout facing these weird fs errors04:37
jo-erlenddo I need MLO and u-boot.bin?04:38
rsalvetiyours should be fine04:39
rsalvetijo-erlend: just make sure you have the right commands to load uInitrd and uImage at your boot.scr or boot.ini04:40
rsalvetidepends on what you have04:40
rsalvetiexample from beagle04:40
rsalveti        fatload mmc 0:1 0x80000000 uImage04:40
rsalveti        fatload mmc 0:1 0x81600000 uInitrd04:40
rsalvetithan your boot cmd line04:40
rsalveti        bootm 0x80000000 0x8160000004:40
rsalvetiwith that you should be able to load uImage and uInitrd04:40
rsalvetithe uInitrd is the responsible for calling jasper, the one responsible for resizing it04:41
jo-erlendoh, ok.04:41
rsalvetijo-erlend: well, need to go now, quite late already04:42
rsalvetijo-erlend: please try using uInitrd and let me know what happens04:42
rsalvetiif not, the recommended step would be to start from the beginning, but without removing the uInitrd file04:43
jo-erlendwill do.04:43
rsalvetijo-erlend: just don't give up :-)04:43
rsalvetiI'm able to help you again tomorrow04:43
jo-erlendI've seen text! That gives me courage. :)04:43
rsalvetijo-erlend: :-)04:43
jo-erlendthank you very much :)04:43
rsalvetijo-erlend: if you're able to test, please update bug 60725004:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 607250 in linux (Ubuntu) "omapdss: VDDA_DAC regulator on IGEPv2 (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 24)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60725004:43
rsalvetionce we have a successful test, I'll send to the kernel team04:44
jo-erlendone more thing...04:44
rsalvetithe kernel patches, if you're interested: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=rsalveti/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/fix-igepv2-display04:44
jo-erlendin that fatload directive, you use some numbers. Are they ok to use?04:44
rsalvetiyup, should be fine04:44
jo-erlendwhat about those other lines?04:46
jo-erlend"fixrtc" should I add that? Should I add the bootm directive?04:46
rsalvetithe third one should be your own cmd line04:46
rsalvetithat you were using before04:46
rsalvetiyou could, should cause no harm04:46
rsalvetibootm 0x80000000 0x8200000 is just to load from the memory location04:47
rsalvetifatload mmc 0:1 0x80000000 uImage means to load uImage from mmc0 partition 1 to memory addr 0x8000000004:47
rsalvetithe bootm says that you should now boot from this memory location04:47
Martynah, the joys of uboot04:47
persiaMartyn, You have a grub port yet?04:48
rsalvetijo-erlend: time to go now, anything else I can do to help?04:48
jo-erlendI guess not today, but if you're around tomorrow, I'm sure I will have something. :)04:49
jo-erlendthanks again for your help.04:49
rlameirowow that was a tough ride04:50
rsalvetijo-erlend: sure, np!04:50
rsalvetisee ya04:50
Martynpersia : There will be no grub port.  Once we added Jason and Rob to the SStone team, we went for u-boot as the solution04:50
* rsalveti out for bed04:50
rlameirohours of debbuging04:50
jo-erlendrsalveti, sleep well. :)04:50
jo-erlendrlameiro, I got more normal text now! Improvement. :)04:50
persiaMartyn, Awww..  but...  :(04:50
Martynpersia : So we're concentrating on that, and adding what we need to u-boot to make the platform work04:50
Martynpersia : No buts .. it came down to return for the time spent on it .. and grub2 was going to be too much work to be worth it.04:51
Martynpersia : Michael's software bootloader also went by the wayside .. it's always the same story.04:51
MartynBUT .. we got pxe working .. and that's something04:52
persiaThat's something.04:52
persiaNow I just have to find another group that's more idealistic than underfunded :)04:52
rlameirois uboot beeing customized for ubuntu?04:53
rlameirodetection routines?04:54
persiarlameiro, I believe the plan is to mostly use linaro's uboot, and leave the coordination between the many uboot trees to the linaro project.04:59
Martynand eventually probably move to UEFI, but who knows when that will work...05:00
persiaWe're good at making a distribution, but we're less good at making individual bits of software good for everyone.  Some of us work upstream in various ways, but as a team, it's better to focus on integration.05:00
rlameiroI never got that linaro heads stuff05:00
persiaMartyn, UEFI works without a second-stage?05:00
MartynUEFI works when device tree is finished05:00
persiarlameiro, I don't understand linaro "heads" stuff either, but the linaro project does seem to be putting a lot of effort into collaboration between different trees, making it *lots* easier for us to select the right thing when building a general-purpose distribution.05:01
Martynand yeah .. UEFI is a complete little boot shell05:01
rlameirokinda lilo ? hehe05:01
persiaSo, what was the deal with all the amd64 grub2 stuff this cycle to make it work for UEFI?05:01
Martynpersia : Because I went to LinuxCon:Boston .. my boss won't let me to go LinuxCon Japan :( :(05:02
MartynI'm a sad panda05:02
persiaClearly you shouldn't have attended LC:B :)05:03
persiaMIssed you last time, but if you come visit when I'm actually on this side of the world, be fun to do something.05:03
MartynYeah :)05:03
MartynComing to UDS:Orlando?05:03
persiaThat's the current plan.05:07
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=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
MartynGreat :)  See you there :()05:11
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
DanaG1oopsie, that was me having two computers with pidgin open.05:13
=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
persiaDanaG, Thanks for sorting it quickly :)  By the way, you might be interested in using smuxi or bip or similar sorts of things if you often want to IRC from multiple computers.05:16
* GrueMaster uses quasselcore on a server and connects to it from multiple laptops.05:17
GrueMasterpersia: While i am thinking of it.  I filed two regression bugs; Bug 644028 & Bug 64403705:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 644028 in linux-meta-mvl-dove (Ubuntu) "Audio regression on Marvell Dove images (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64402805:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 644037 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "defaults need adjustment for Dove A0 for audible audio (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64403705:19
persiaGrueMaster, Why is 644037 a pulse bug?05:19
persiaSurely it's best to fix in ALSA or udev or the kernel.05:19
GrueMasterIt is a duplicate of Bug #45163505:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 451635 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 8 other projects) "defaults need adjustment on dove X0 for audible audio (affects: 1) (heat: 11)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45163505:20
GrueMasterThat was fixed in Lucid.05:20
persiaBut fixed with a dirty hack, and nobody went back to clean it up, and now we have a regression :(05:20
MartynSo much for getting 10.10 installed on an imac 27" ... display port detection is broken in the current kernel05:20
MartynI was kind of hoping I could convert this thing to a useful machine :)05:20
persiaGrueMaster, Grab a kernel guy, and make alsa/udev see the right thing and report the right thing to pulse :)05:21
persiaA good fix for 644028 might also fix 64403705:22
GrueMasterpersia: That may be part of the fix needed for the first bug.05:22
GrueMasterI'll test the Beta image on beagle tomorrow to see if it regressed as well.05:23
GrueMasterAt any rate, wife calls.  Must go veg in front of the TV before bed.05:23
DanaGI still have yet to see where you get one of those "dove" boards.05:34
Martynddon't bother05:34
Martynthe panda board is as good for development :)05:35
Martynthe Marvell boards were useful stepping stones, but I see the panda board as being a good measuring stick05:35
DanaGI mean, I've never even seen so much as a picture of said "dove" boards... the only things I've seen retail are the old Kirkwood.05:36
persiaI don't believe there are any retail dove boards.05:39
persiaI believe the only retail stuff on which Ubuntu is easily available is imx51 or omap3 currently.05:39
Martynthe Marvell boards I got were direct from the engineering group05:42
Martynthe whole point of the Dove boards is like the Lange boards .. engineering testing and development05:42
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ograbah, sigh12:00
ogratwo openoffice build. one linux-linaro and more linux builds in the queue12:01
* ogra guesses we wont see much from the buildds today12:01
amitkwhy two OO.org?12:04
ogramaverick and a lucid SRU12:05
persiamaverick is a good thing.  This one should build.12:10
ograits the same source for both12:15
mk0is it possible to install ubuntu-arm on very old dell axim x5?12:22
ograwhat CPU is in it ?12:22
hrwit is not12:23
hrwmk0: its armv512:23
ograshould be fine with jaunty12:23
hrwpxa27x iirc12:23
ograbut nothing newer12:23
hrwogra: jaunty works on 64MB ram?12:23
ogra(userspace at least, kernel and bootloader is up to you)12:23
persiaI'd recommend installing Debian on an ARMv5 device.12:23
persiahrw, Sufficiently stripped, yeah.12:24
ograhrw, yes, we offered an NSLU2 image in jaunty12:24
ograits super painful, but works ... kind of12:24
mk0oh shi... too advanced answers12:25
mk0for me12:25
hrwogra: nslu2 can have 256MB ram ;D12:26
hrwall depends on soldering skills12:26
ograwe only used the default12:26
hrwI want to drop my beagleboard to floor and jump on it few times12:30
persiaYou'd end up having to get a new one ...12:31
hrwpersia: I have other C3 here12:31
hrwbut it will not change situation. even worse12:31
persiamk0, Short answer: you'd do better to install Debian.  Ubuntu support for that device happened once, but isn't continuing.12:31
hrwboth my C3 have usb problem12:31
hrwbut one which I use has expansion header soldered so usb fix was easier12:32
mk0persia, thanks) will lurk towards deb12:32
ograbut even there you might need to do a kernel and bootloader setup on your own12:33
persiabootloader at least.  I believe there to be pxa2xx kernels in Debian12:34
zumbipersia: what?12:37
zumbipxa2xx kernels in debian :?12:37
zumbipersia: i use pxa270 board12:38
persiazumbi, Maybe it was just leftover (unused) config in a kernel source I read once.  I haven't looked recently.  I'll trust your word over my memory.12:38
zumbipersia: debian arm sadly does not provide pxa2xx support :/12:39
zumbipersia: i am fighting kernel guys and see if we are lucky to include mv78xxx machines12:39
persiaIt's always a matter of having kernel folk to support stuff.12:40
zumbibut kernel build takes so long in native that it is a blocker for adding more platforms12:40
persiaClearly you need more, faster, buildds :)12:40
zumbiwell.. now we have them, so we'll see if more platforms are added12:40
zumbibut with the freeze, all development is somehow stalled on bugfixing12:41
persiaThis is a good thing :)12:41
zumbiwell, it is good yes, for release (I hate releases :) )12:42
zumbibtw, are you guys playing on omap4?12:43
persiaSome folk have dev boards.12:44
hrw10.10 on arm require 768MB ram or 512MB is enough?12:44
ograzumbi, well, we release images for it :)12:44
zumbiogra: omap4 seems to be a beast12:44
ograhrw, 256M should be enough, 512M is recommended12:45
persia384 is the regular requirement.  256 may work, depending.12:45
ogra256M should kind of work12:46
ograwith -fun :)12:46
persiaJust don't try to do too many things at once :)12:46
hrwI need to kill plymouth, ureadahead and then maybe it will finally boot12:46
ogra+fun starts at 512M and above :)12:46
ograhrw, ureadahead is supposed to be fixed in the recent images12:46
persia+fun is *supposed* to happen at 384MB.  Do the requirements need a bump?  Do we need a general bloat reduction push again?12:46
ogra+ok starts at 38412:47
ogra+fun starts at 512 :)12:47
hrwogra: first I need to boot to be able to run apt12:47
ograyeah, booting is such a thing ...12:47
* ogra is really happy that all his ubuntu probs vanished when he started to use the tegra netbook12:48
hrwogra: how much it costs?12:49
ogra380-400 €12:49
persiaWhat do you mean "all ubuntu probs vanished"?  You aren't using Ubuntu anymore?12:49
hrwogra: too much ;)12:49
ograpersia, no, i have only android probs now12:49
persiaheh.  Ubuntu problems *exist* but aren't quite as intense.12:50
hrwnice... bb hang on12:50
hrwbeagle login: hrw12:50
suihkulokkiogra: bought from where?12:50
ograsuihkulokki, media markt in germany12:50
ograthey sell it off the shelf here12:50
ograbut its locked down and runs android ... i managed to unlock it and can run ubuntu chroots just fine for working ... but there is no way to access the bootloader to change the preinstalled os12:51
suihkulokkidid you write up hacking notes somewhere?12:51
ograsomeone did12:52
zumbisuihkulokki: pandaboard is very much near if you want A9 hw12:53
zumbinear in time12:53
hrwnice... /var/lib/dpkg/status trashed12:54
ograsuihkulokki, http://tosh-ac100.wetpaint.com/12:55
ograwow, the rooting howto is completely worng :P12:56
ogra /data is mounted noexec there is no way to run binaries in it ... funny12:57
ograi wonder if people test such stuff if they write howtos12:57
hrwin glibc systems noexec has no meaning iirc12:59
=== Neko is now known as NekoSchool
NekoSchoolouch, ac100 needs "rooting"? :D13:01
NekoSchooldamn toshiba :D13:01
ograNekoSchool, its android13:02
dcordesogra: I am sure there will be ways eventually13:02
NekoSchoolyeah sure but there isn't some nice standard bootloader in there like redboot or uboot with a serial console or something and some pads on the board for a serial cable?13:02
ograi dont think anyone ever shipped an andriod based device off the shelf with root enabled13:03
ograNekoSchool, nope, nothing like that13:03
ograits a patches down android fastboot bootloader it seems13:03
NekoSchooleven if you ship a completely locked down software on a device, this isn't a phone.. running ubuntu on it should be a nice feature for those who have the right SD card or something :D13:03
ogradcordes, ?13:03
dcordesogra: do boot your own kernel/initramfs13:04
ogradcordes, ways to install ubuntu you mean ?13:04
ograah, likely13:04
ograthe more people complain to toshiba the more likelier it gets13:04
ograit seems to use a raw partition for the bootloader stuff13:04
* ogra made a dd copy from the eMMC13:05
dcordesThey don't have to let you boot your own kernel so I think it does not matter how many people will complain.13:05
ografirst partition only starts at block 33 so there is "free space" before it13:05
dcordesogra: what's eMMC? Any documentation ?13:05
ograa builtin flash like device that exposes itself as MMC13:05
persiadcordes, It's the same as MMC, except you can't remove it.13:05
ograi think the e stands for embedded (not sure though)13:06
dcordesogra: can you provide the dd ?13:06
ogranot sure if thats legal, so not publically, no13:06
dcordesAre any system upgrades anounced by toshiba ?13:07
ograapparently there is an andriod 2.2 one expected in the next 4-6 weeks13:10
ograoh !13:10
hrweMMC describes an architecture comprised of an embedded storage solution with MMC interface, flash memory and controller, all in a small ball grid array (BGA) package.13:10
hrwIt is based upon the industry-standard MMC system specification version 4.1/4.2 and JEDEC BGA packaging standards13:10
* ogra just found a proper recovey mode by accident !13:10
hrwthats from JEDEC informations13:10
dcordeshrw: thanks13:11
dcordesAC100 looks real nice. Checking some videos13:11
zumbihrw: hey! i got that jedec document :P13:12
persiaogra, You mean that next time you brick it, you can recover without help?13:13
ograpersia, not sure, depends if the bootloader is in two parts :)13:13
* persia continues to hold off on a purchase decision13:13
* ogra doesnt know where that recovery mode lives ... first or second stage13:13
ograand i wont play with it right now13:14
* ogra has work stuff to do :)13:14
persiaOf course :)13:14
dcordesogra: Did you think about possibility to boot new kernel from within running system ?13:16
ogradcordes, that would require kexec support in the running kernel13:17
persiadcordes, Most kernels provide a userspace environment that prohibits that.13:17
dcordesgrep -i kexec ac100_defconfig13:18
dcordesogra: j/k :>13:20
dcordesogra: you have a 3g device ?13:21
ograyes, but no sim13:21
dcordesogra: I have a hard time finding the ac100 kernel source code. Do you have a link ?13:24
ogradcordes, i dont think its public, toshiba will liekly ship it to you if you give them the product id13:24
* ogra goes for some late lunch13:25
dcordesThat might apply to the MIT licensed userspace portions..13:26
dcordesI want to see the ac100 kernel sources and I don't have the device13:27
jo-erlendrsalveti, good morning! :)13:31
rsalvetijo-erlend: hey!13:31
jo-erlendrsalveti, I re-dd13:32
persiadcordes, Just convince ogra to make a kernel source request, and share it with you :)13:32
jo-erlenduh.. I re-dd'd my memorycard and booted it with uInitrd. It did change the partitions, but now I'm stuck. Where do I go from here?13:32
rsalvetijo-erlend: cool, you just need to boot it once13:33
rsalvetito get the resize, then mount it at your host, and use chroot to install my kernel package13:34
dcordespersia: I don't want to have to convince anybody to anything when all I want is to read kernel source13:34
dcordesthat is GPL licensed13:34
jo-erlendrsalveti, ah. I just replaced the uImage with the one you sent me. That didn't work.13:34
persiaThere's no requirement for GPL code to be public.13:34
rsalvetijo-erlend: it'll break the same way as before, because of missing modules13:35
persiaThere exist licenses that require code to be public, but most folk don't like them, and they fail the desert-island-test of freedom.13:35
persia(because if you're on a desert island with no connectivity, you'd be restricted from modifying the code, since you couldn't make the modifications public)13:35
ogra_cmpcGPL only7 requires that you give the source to a user you sold the binary to13:36
ogra_cmpcno requirement to make it public at all13:36
ogra_cmpcat least GPL v213:36
jo-erlendrsalveti, I still have two partitions, but now the second partition contains /boot and has some files in it. Is that the way it's supposed to be?13:37
ogra_cmpci think it changed a bit for v313:37
persiaogra, No, GPL requires you give the source to anyone who has your source or binaries, regardless of whether they use it or whether they paid for it.13:37
rsalvetijo-erlend: yep, that's fine13:37
persiaand there's still no public requirement for GPLv313:37
rsalvetijo-erlend: because u-boot uses the files from the first partition, so it just ignores the /boot13:37
ogra_cmpchow would one get the binaries without buying the device ?13:37
ogra_cmpcthats a moot point13:37
rsalvetijo-erlend: you should have vmlinuz and initrd.img from your kernel13:38
persiaogra, Maybe one got a developer sample.  Maybe one downloaded a recovery image.  Maybe someone posted a copy of the kernel on the internet.  Lots of ways.13:38
dcordesogra: 'CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y' ?13:38
dcordesogra: you have /proc/config.gz file ?13:38
dcordescan you pastebin ?13:39
dcordespersia: ogra mentioned they are planning an upgrade to new android version. as android makes many depencies on kernel level this will likely involve new kernel binary13:40
dcordespersia: the question is if it will be some OTR thing or also password restricted for the device buyers13:41
persiadcordes, So, when that happens, if it's an open download, download that binary.  Once you have it, request source.13:41
persiaCould be either way.  Doesn't really matter.  the kernel source can be made available as soon as someone posts it.  there's no restriction on posting except motivation of folks.13:41
persiaHence the value of convincing folk to do stuff :)13:41
dcordesActually I don't like the fact such things must be discussed.. I am just recovering of the DELL Streak gpl violation thing13:42
dcordespersia: so a 'leaked' binary can also be jurisdical base to enforce gpl ?13:42
* persia refuses to provide a legal opinion13:43
persiaThat said, it probably depends on how the leak happened, etc.  Quite possibly.13:43
persiathe GPL requires source to be made available to anyone to whom a binary is made available.13:43
persiaBut you'd have to make a GPL claim against the leaker, which may have repurcussions, rather than against the original patch authors whose code was included in the leak.13:44
persiaSo if the leaker was a friend, you might not want to do that.  If the leaker was a whistleblowing organisation, you don't help their cause by making claims against them.13:45
persiaGPL only gives you the right to request source code from the same folk that provided the binary.13:45
dcordeshow does nokia handle it with n900 and friends ?13:46
suihkulokkiwith a written offer13:46
dcordesthe whole source-for-device-owner-only thing is new to me13:46
persiaI believe they offer code for allthe GPL stuff.13:46
ogra_cmpcwith good lawyers13:46
rsalvetithey offer in the ftp servers13:46
rsalvetieasier way13:46
jo-erlendrsalveti, I do. They point to vmlinuz-2.6.35-19-omap13:46
rsalvetiinstead of waiting requests from everybody13:46
persiadcordes, It's not source-for-device-owner-only!  It's that the source only needs to be made available to folks that receive the binaries.  Most large projects end up with a public repo, but that's just a matter of convenience.13:47
rsalvetijo-erlend: sure, the default kernel13:47
rsalvetijo-erlend: now just install mine with dpkg -i13:47
persiadcordes, once any owner receives the source, they are free to post to the internet anywhere they like.13:47
rsalvetiyou should get new vmlinuz and initrd.img13:47
ogra_cmpci think toshiba plans that too, there is a URL in the license agreement13:47
rsalvetithen you generate your own uImage and uInitrd from it13:47
ogra_cmpc(which doesnt work yet)13:47
dcordespersia: yeah that's what I mean. Matter of convenience. I haven't seen that toshiba behaviour before13:48
* persia has often had such limits in contracts, because the client didn't want their code distributed, and I wanted to write GPL code.13:48
dcordesogra: can you pastebin the /proc/config.gz ?13:49
ogra_cmpcdcordes, toshiba hasnt provided android devices before13:49
dcordespersia: that's interesting. I once got a contract offering from people who wanted to make shanzai android phone.. it was same story13:50
persiadcordes, Not uncommon: lots of companies want to time their releases.  Doesn't make the code less GPL when users get it.13:51
dcordesin case of HTC you also see such delays but it's always in an acceptable frame13:51
suihkulokkiyou need to sell early publicing of code as "free QA review from community"13:52
ogra_cmpcthe ac100 got on the market 10 dys ago or so13:52
* ogra_cmpc wouldnt see that as inacceptable if it happens at some point soon13:52
jo-erlendrsalveti, how do I do that?13:53
persiasuihkulokki, I think that doing so requires a bit more stature than being able to require GPL which requires more than random coding.13:53
rsalvetijo-erlend: what exactly? generate uImage and uInitrd?13:53
rsalvetiwith mkimage13:53
dcordesogra_cmpc: if you understood it, I did not mean to compare to toshiba there13:53
suihkulokkipersia: well yes of course13:53
jo-erlendrsalveti, little more details please? :=13:54
rsalvetimkimage -A arm -O linux -T ramdisk -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n initramfs -d initrd.img uInitrd13:54
rsalvetimkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x80008000 -e 0x80008000 -n "Linux" -d vmlinuz uImage13:54
dcordesHere that was ridiculous story http://laforge.gnumonks.org/weblog/2010/09/13/#20100913-dell_streak_sources13:54
dcordesand it's not over yet.13:54
rsalvetijo-erlend: install package uboot-mkimage13:54
jo-erlendrsalveti, I have. I used it to create the boot.ini file.13:55
rsalvetiafter installing my package, run these commands with the new initrd.img and vmlinuz13:55
rsalvetithen you'll have a new uInitrd and uImage13:55
jo-erlendthey'll be placed in rootfs/boot?13:55
rsalveticopy them to the first partition, recreating it first13:55
rsalvetijo-erlend: after installing the package you can find them at rootfs/boot, but after generating the uI* files you need to copy them to the first partition13:56
jo-erlendrsalveti, I got the same error today when installing the package, although on a different file. No space left on device.14:00
rsalvetijo-erlend: this is weird, if you got the resize working, you should have enough space14:00
rsalvetihow much space left do you have at your sd card?14:01
ograGrueMaster, how was the oo.o testing ?14:01
ogra(doko just asked)14:01
jo-erlendrsalveti, well. Nautilus shows it as a 7.9GB volume, but from within the chroot, df -h displays it as 2.0GB.14:01
GrueMasterI didn't get to it.  Swamped with alsa testing.14:01
ograGrueMaster, well14:01
ograthe packages are in the archive now14:02
rsalvetihm, so it was probably not resized correctly, werid14:02
GrueMasterI had also downloaded them to my server.  Just never got a chance.14:02
rsalvetijo-erlend: did you boot it once with the original uImage and uInitrd, right?14:02
rsalvetijo-erlend: did you see if you got the reboot? or how long did you wait before turning the device off?14:03
jo-erlendrsalveti, I might have made a mistake along the way. It was 6am when I tried the last time, so I was a bit sleepy. I think I'll start over.14:03
rsalvetiyou should wait at least 5 minutes14:03
jo-erlendoh, ok.14:03
jo-erlendI don't think I waited that long.14:03
=== kmargar is now known as markos_
jo-erlendrsalveti, should I use the uImage you sent me for the first boot?14:15
rsalvetijo-erlend: use the original one, with original uInitrd14:16
rsalvetito be sure we don't face any issues14:16
rsalvetijust boot and wait for 5,8 minutes14:16
persiaThe original initrd has some extra code to resize the filesystem, etc.14:16
rsalvetipersia: that's why we're doing this14:16
bercodoes anyone have a beagleboard up and running who can quickly do "cat /proc/asound/cards" and report me the output?14:53
jo-erlendrsalveti, this is very strange. I booted the board with the original uImage and uInitrd and left it running for 15-20 minutes. When I mounted it on my laptop, Nautilus reports it as a 7.9GB filesystem, but also reports that is has only 298,7MB of free space.14:53
rsalvetijo-erlend: sigh14:54
rsalvetijo-erlend: for some reason the resize is not working, I believe14:54
jo-erlendcan I do it manually?14:54
rsalvetilet me try to find the command14:55
persiaberco, http://paste.ubuntu.com/497723/14:57
bercopersia, thanks14:57
bercopersia, I think we are missing the equivalent of that twl4030 field on pandaboard14:58
bercothis is why my alsa/SDP4030.conf file doesn't get read14:58
rsalvetijo-erlend: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ogra/jasper-initramfs/trunk/annotate/head:/scripts/local-premount/jasper_growroot#L8214:58
rsalvetiquite a few steps14:58
rsalvetiresize_partitions to change the disk size14:59
persiaberco, What does the pandaboard report?14:59
rsalvetithen e2fsck and resize2fs15:00
jo-erlendrsalveti, the disk size seems to have changed.15:01
rsalvetifdisk should show you15:01
rsalvetibut if you get it right at nautilus, it's probably changed15:01
bercopersia, pandaboard reports this http://paste.ubuntu.com/497729/15:01
persiaYeah, that's missing the machine configuration entirely.15:02
bercopersia: when I use iwatch I can see the file is not accessed whereas when I do the test on my PC, the .conf is accessed15:02
jo-erlendrsalveti, palimpsest shows /dev/sdb2 as a 7.9GB Ext3 filesystem+15:04
ograjo-erlend, what about df -h15:05
jo-erlendit shows 2.0GB.15:05
mpoirierrsalveti: in the meeting you talked about "a bug for the kernel and another for u-boot", it this related to sound ?15:05
rsalvetimpoirier: nops, LED15:05
ogrampoirier, no, to new panda HW15:05
ograoh, that one15:05
ograignore me :P15:05
mpoirierogra: I can do that !15:06
GrueMastermpoirier: bug 62679515:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 626795 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "Missing LED support for Pandaboard (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62679515:06
GrueMasterJust for clarity.15:06
persiampoirier, Do you have any recommendations for berco?  He's working on a userspace workaround in case you don't find a kernelspace fix, but the kernel isn't reporting enough to dynamically load the right configuration :(15:06
jo-erlendfdisk sais it's a 8GB disk...15:06
ograjo-erlend, fdisk and the gnome tool report partition sizes15:07
ograjo-erlend, df shows filesystem size15:07
rsalvetiso no resize15:07
mpoirierpersia: berco: I'm just getting started - give me a few days and I'll have an opinion.15:07
ograwell, resize_partitions has run15:07
ograbut not resize2fs15:07
jo-erlendah. Then palimpsest was confusing, since it sais "7.9GB ext3"15:07
rsalvetiweird, but without console and display working, no much to say, unless checking jasper logs15:08
jo-erlendrsalveti, I won't have to manually create the /lib/modules directory like I did yesterday?15:15
rsalvetijo-erlend: nops, because now you installed by kernel package15:16
rsalvetior, you will install it when you're able to resize it15:16
jo-erlendyes, it's being installed.15:20
ograGrueMaster, hmm, do you see update-manager popping up automatically on the images ?15:21
* ogra juts ran an apt-get update, that should trigger u-m i think 15:21
GrueMasterI haven't looked.  Had been focusing on a lot of other issues lately.15:21
GrueMasterwill look on omap4 now.15:22
rsalvetijo-erlend: so, did you resize it by hand?15:22
GrueMasterogra: apt-get update usually will trigger it within a few minutes.  Will let you know if I see any activity.15:25
GrueMasterI know it works on Lucid.  It shows up at least weekly on my babbage.15:26
ograno hurry, was just a question out of interest15:27
* ogra takes a break15:28
GrueMasterogra: The "Install OMAP4 addons" icon is in "Other" on 20100920, but the cmdline fails.15:35
jo-erlendrsalveti, does it matter if I create uInitrd and uImage from the chroot or not?15:38
rsalvetijo-erlend: nops15:38
jo-erlendrsalveti, I resized by hand, yes.15:38
rsalvetiso you should now have enough space to play with it later :-)15:38
jo-erlendyes, and the kernel installed properly. :)15:38
rsalvetinice :-)15:39
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
ogra_acGrueMaster, yeah, its partially fixed in 21.115:40
ogra_acbut needs a sw-center fix first15:40
ogra_acwhich is in the tree but wasnt uploaded15:40
jo-erlendrsalveti, I should use initrd.img-
* ogra_ac wishes he could find an IRC client for android with a lag meter15:41
GrueMasterJust so you know, I really have a hard time testing dailys and apps and special requests on a daily basis.15:41
GrueMasterI'm getting overwhelmed.15:41
ogra_acwhy is that ? because your boards are busy doing other stuff ?15:42
GrueMasterBoards are slow, and some of the tests can take hours.15:42
ogra_acwell, omap4 should be rather fine for quick tests15:42
ogra_aci agee for beagle and dove15:43
rsalvetijo-erlend: yep15:43
GrueMasterEven just running checkbox with only known supported tests can take a day.15:43
rsalvetisorry, seems my notification system is not working properly15:43
persiaogra, An 8-way 5Ghz 32Gb system would be slow for some tests.15:43
GrueMasterThis is part of why I haven't jumped on open office yet.  Install alone will take 20 minutes.15:44
rsalvetiogra_ac: what happens with your client?15:44
* ogra_ac pokes android in the eye15:44
ogra_acclient is fine, the wifi is unstable after some time15:45
ogra_acralink NIC15:45
ogra_acwith binary driver it seems15:45
rsalvetihm, ok15:46
ogra_aci have to connect to teh Ap with teh worst signal to make it work at all15:46
ogra_acmight be my local setup or some channel interference between the tree APs i have15:46
ogra_acseems the card is more fragile than my others15:47
ogra_acthe annoying part is that i cant find a client that shows me the lag so i dont even notice i'm disconnected15:47
ndecogra: hi! i have a question for you...15:51
ogra_acndec, shoot15:51
ndecogra: i want to mount the ext3 partition from the .img in qemu on my laptop... what is the magic command line?15:51
ndecogra: qemu arm i mean15:51
ogra_aci guuess you need to loop mount it, then use /dev/loop* for aemu15:52
jo-erlendrsalveti, I have graphics! Welcome to Ubuntu :)15:52
ogra_acfor the -hda option15:52
GrueMasterndec: First, run "file <img file>" to find out the partition info.  Then run "sudo mount <img file> <mount point> -o loop,offset=$((512*<partiotion start sector>))"15:52
ndecogra: GrueMaster: thanks. I will try this. I didn't realize I could a mount point to -hda, i was looking to a way to pass the offset to qemu.15:55
GrueMasterogra_ac: Looks like update-notifier is not working at all.  I also tried it on my netbook running maverick.15:55
ogra_acupdate-manager works though, i just did an update15:55
ogra_acanything in .xsession-errors ?15:55
ogra_acprobably the behavior changed and we just dont know15:57
rsalvetijo-erlend: nice :-)15:58
ogra_ac(the default i mean)15:58
GrueMasterogra_ac: I'm not seeing anything since it's startup note.16:01
* ogra_ac will ask mvo in #ubuntu-devel if there are deliberate changes16:01
rsalvetijo-erlend: so it did fixed, can you please then update the bug report?16:03
ogra_acGrueMaster, update-notifier --debug-update seems to be the magic to find out whats wrong16:07
GrueMasterLooks like the update interval is set ot 7 days in gconf.16:08
ogra_acyes, thats normal16:08
ogra_acwas like that in lucid too16:08
ogra_ac(and karmic)16:08
GrueMasterOk, so...16:08
ogra_acits just the cron timer, but u-n should run in the session too and pick up changes if you run apt-get update16:09
GrueMasterIt also says "/usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check returned 38 (security: 0)"16:10
ogra_acthat sounds right, weird that it doesnt pop up16:10
ogra_ac38 normal packages, 0 security updates16:10
GrueMasterYes, that sounds accurate since I ran apt-get update before restarting update-notifier.16:11
ogra_aci would think we miss something on arm in teh efl session, but if you see it too on x86 ...16:11
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
GrueMasterJust restarted on x86-64 desktop (my netbook).  apt-check returns 12 updates (0 security).  No notification there either.16:14
* GrueMaster grumbles and files yet another bug that should have been picked up elsewhere.16:15
ogra_acgruemaster ... why elsewhere ?16:16
GrueMasterIf it exists on x86, it should have been tested & reported there.16:17
ogra_acwell, its a bug ... we are just the lucky ones having teh idea to test it :)16:17
=== ogra_ac2 is now known as ogra_ac
jo-erlendrsalveti, I will. However, I see no signs of networking, either cabled or wireless.16:22
rsalvetijo-erlend: hm, then need first to find the chip responsible for networking16:24
GrueMasterogra_ac: Bug 644459 filed.16:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 644459 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "update-notifier not reporting updates available (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64445916:26
jo-erlendrsalveti, and I get a very low resolution, and I can't change it in System > Preferences > Monitors. All the controls are deactivated.16:27
ogra_acGrueMaster, thanks16:27
rsalvetijo-erlend: you can't, you need to specify the correct one by giving it to the omapfb parameter16:27
rsalvetiargh, seems I'm getting random temperatures report from my acpi16:29
rsalvetiand sometimes my kernel decides to halt to protect me16:29
rsalvetibut it's not hot, and I'm tracing the temperature, weird16:29
rsalvetimust be a bios issue...16:29
jo-erlendrsalveti, which omapfb mode should I use for 1920x1080?16:30
rsalvetijo-erlend: nops, omap 3 doesn't support it16:31
jo-erlendit's supposed to be able to use much higher resolutions than that16:32
ogra_acat 1bit depth ?16:33
rsalveti1280x1024@50 or 1280x720@60 I guess16:33
jo-erlendthey say it supports up to 2048x2048.16:34
jcrigbyogra_ac, who do I ping about build machine weirdness16:34
rsalvetiyou could get more than that, but need to adjust the timings and etc16:34
ogra_acjcrigby, lamont16:34
rsalvetijo-erlend: hm, if igepv2 is the same chip we have for beagle, probably not16:34
ogra_acjcrigby, whats wrong ?16:34
rsalvetithe pixel clock can't get that higher16:34
rsalvetijo-erlend: using 16bit16:35
jcrigbyogra_ac, we are waiting for a kernel build.  It starts up building, runs for a couple minutes then goes idle.  Seems to keep bouncing between hubbard and hawthorn16:35
jcrigbyI pinged lamont on #is but he is away16:35
ogra_acwell, he is the master of arm buildds and knows the queue software16:36
ogra_acnot sure whom to ping else on such an issue16:36
jcrigbyok, thanks16:36
=== NekoSchool is now known as Neko
jo-erlendrsalveti, ok. What do I use to get 1280x720?16:39
rsalvetijo-erlend: vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@6016:39
=== XorA is now known as XorA|gone
lagogra_ac: Stop using my name in vain - jerk16:42
* ogra_ac thinks lag meter is a valid device though16:44
jo-erlendrsalveti, hmm. The bootpartition is suddenly empty.16:45
* lag is |-..........................|16:45
rsalvetijo-erlend: ouch, shouldn't be16:45
jo-erlendthe boot fs, I mean.16:45
* lag is |-----......................|16:45
* lag is |---------..................|16:45
* lag is |-------------..............|16:45
* lag is |-----------------..........|16:45
* lag is |---------------------......|16:45
ogra_achow is asia ?16:46
lagHot and sticky16:46
ogra_acheh, nothing new then16:46
lagHave you been here?16:46
ogra_aconly once on my flight to the second UDS16:46
ogra_aci had a smoke break in singapore16:47
ogra_aclag, btw, ac 100 rooted :)16:49
lagWhere was the second UDS?16:49
ogra_acand i bricked one already16:49
lagWell done16:49
lagAnd not so well done16:49
ogra_acthat was in sydney16:49
lagHow did you do it?16:49
lagCold card?16:49
ogra_acwell, got an immediate replacement at the shop16:49
lagWow - when's the next Aus UDS?16:49
ogra_acno, more embarrasing16:49
lagGo on?16:49
ogra_aci accidnetially removed /bin/sh16:50
lagIsn't it just a simlink?16:50
ogra_acandroids init calls shell scripts16:50
ogra_aci wanted to link it to busybox16:50
lagSo do it16:50
ogra_acbut messed it up16:50
ogra_acit didnt boot anymore16:51
ogra_acno way to access it16:51
lagOh, I see16:51
lagThat was the first one?16:51
lagWhat about the new one?16:51
ogra_acso i carried it back to the shop "doesnt boot !!"16:51
ogra_acthey just handed me a new one16:51
ogra_acwithout words16:51
ogra_acthe new one is rooted and i run an ubuntu chroot on SD now16:52
ogra_acdont want to brick it again so i wait until someone else figures out teh bootloader16:52
lagSo, how did you root it?16:52
GrueMasterOdd that they make it impossible to recover.16:52
ogra_acthe chroot is fine for compiling etc16:52
ogra_acthere is a tool called rageagainstthecage that uses a kernel exploit by opening endless amounts of file descriptors16:53
ogra_acworks quite well16:53
ogra_acyou run it, the next shell you open is a rootshell16:53
ogra_acthen you can make busybox suid root and use the busybox su command in the future16:54
ogra_acGrueMaster, it apparently has a recovery mode i discovered today16:54
ogra_acbut its kind of a blind flight16:54
ogra_acand requires a specisl nvflash to access the device16:55
GrueMasterWhat did you expect, a bios prompt & boot menu?16:55
ogra_acwhich isnt in teh tegr4linux tools16:55
ogra_aci'd lobe to have USB serial, yeah16:55
GrueMasterWhat bootloader are they running?16:55
ogra_acfastboot i think16:55
ogra_acits android after all16:56
ogra_acthe normal recovery mode can only reset to factory or install update.zip16:56
ogra_acnothing more16:56
GrueMasterbtw:  linaro call in 3 minutes.16:56
ogra_acand update.zip requires a toshiba kesy16:56
ogra_acoh, thanks i forgot about it16:57
ogra_acas usual16:57
* ogra_ac goes upstairs16:57
ograbug 64211716:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 642117 in pencil (Ubuntu) (and 4 other projects) "[armel] QFloat / double / float confusion (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64211716:59
devilhornsnow this is much better: http://www.pastebin.ca/194589717:00
devilhornstho have to bring the Res down still17:00
ogradevilhorns, WOW!17:02
devilhornsogra, hmm ?17:03
ograawesome numbers17:03
devilhornsgetting there17:03
devilhornsstill a bit more work todo ... want to trim that Res down some more17:03
devilhornsideally I'd like to get to <= 10m17:03
ograwell, we still run half of gnome ... even these values are awesome17:04
devilhornsbut already trimmed roughly 10,000 from the Virt, and 1m from the shared17:05
devilhornsogra, half of gnome ? why ? ... wrt this new one, the only thing that will need to be running is a "window manager" to draw borders, handle minimize, etc, etc17:05
ogradevilhorns, we need to run the indicator applets and all the other ubuntu stuff17:06
ograeverything that hooks into the system needs to work17:06
ograand all the old things are turned into the new indicator things17:07
=== amitk is now known as amitk-afk
ogra(volume control, network management, time, app indicators etc)17:09
devilhornsahh yea, will still have to run the gnome-panel17:10
devilhornsnot much I can do about that tho :/17:10
ndecogra: not arm related problem... but I am trying to upgrade my laptop to maverick. i am running a custom lucid (i am running maverick lts backport kernel + a maverick thunderdird), when I try to upgrade the tool refuses to continue with 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'. is it safe to replace lucid by maverick in my source.list and run dist-upgrade? or is the upgrade tool doing more than 17:27
ograits doing more17:28
ograyou should talk to mvo in #ubuntu-devel, he maintains the upgrade tools17:28
ograhe will surely be intrested in your situation since he loves to cover all corner cases for upgrading17:29
Nekoguys any clue where the Applications Places System menu is defined in gnome or xfce or whatever config?17:50
Nekowe have a button size problem here and I'd like to go about hacking in a fix but it seems to be automagically created17:50
GrueMasterNeko: What are you referring to?17:52
GrueMasterLooks like an Ubuntu Desktop issue.17:53
GrueMaster(not armel).17:53
ograyeah, likely a question for #ubuntu-desktop17:54
Nekolike that17:54
Nekoit happens on GNOME too just so you know, but some people don't see it17:54
GrueMasterInteresting.  I'm not seeing it on my netbook, and it is running Maverick amd64.17:55
GrueMasterBut you might want to bring it up in #ubuntu-desktop.  They could probably help more on this.17:56
NekoI just did and they said they are in a meeting17:56
ograyeah, they have a silly policy to hold their meetings in their channel instead of using #ubuntu-meeting like all other teams17:57
* ogra got trapped by that several times already17:57
ogra_acoh, sweet, seems someone found acces to the ac100 bootloader18:05
davidmogra, sweet18:11
ogra_acno way to replace kernel etc yet, but they got access ... so linux is just a step away18:12
* ogra_ac got careful with his, i dont want to have to replace it again so i'll wait for someone else to figure it out18:12
davidmYep very nice18:12
prpplagueogra_ac: ac100?18:13
ogra_acprpplague, yeah, toshiba ac100 ... tegra2 based18:13
ogra_acsadly it comes with locked down android preinstalled18:14
ogra_acbut i rooted mine and use an ubuntu chroot for testbuilding packages for omap already ;)18:14
ogra_acpanda is better though ... but less portable18:15
prpplagueogra_ac: hopefully we can remedy the portable portion soon18:16
ogra_acyeah, a nice light netbook based on panda would be awesome18:17
ogra_ac(and indeed with ubuntu preinstalled)18:19
ogra_acsome stable wlan would be cool though18:25
* ogra_ac sighs about teh ralink adapter18:25
fredimHi, how can I copy the image ubuntu-4.10-server-armel omap.img for SDcard through the windows?18:33
fredimI can not mount the SDcard from Linux, I need to know the exact modules.18:37
fredimlearn how to copy the image through the windows18:38
GrueMasterprpplague: I hadn't had a chance to test it before now, but panda ES2 works on my hdmi switch now.  Way cool.  I might even be able to reduce monitor count back to 5 or 6.18:38
prpplagueGrueMaster: yea robclark and i spent some time testing18:38
Nekookay here's a question a bit generic but relevant to arm all the same18:39
Nekohow do I magically invoke the thing that makes an initrd for me18:39
Nekoseems if I installed a kernel package it'd do it for me but I don't have one yet18:39
Nekoand I need it18:39
GrueMasterupdate-initramfs I believe.18:39
GrueMasterprpplague: Thanks a lot for your efforts.  It really does help me a lot.18:41
GrueMasterUh, oh.  May have spoken too soon.  It just came up in X for oem-config.  Looks aweful on my 1440x900 monitor.18:42
GrueMasterWill reboot.  switch had lost focus for a bit.18:42
GrueMastersplash looks ok.18:43
NekoGrueMaster, with no arguments or so?18:43
ogra_acjust use teh right glasses :P18:43
GrueMasterprpplague: Ok, non-issue.18:43
GrueMasterogra_ac: I only have one pair.18:44
ogra_acah, thats the prob then :)18:44
GrueMasterNeko: There are only a few parameters.  use update-initramfs -h to list.18:45
ogra_acfor initial creation you want -c and -k18:45
GrueMasterNow I can effectively test both es2 boards in parallel.  (as if I didn't have enough to do).  :P18:47
Nekoand in theory it just copies a bunch of stuff from the modules directory into a ramfs plus some userspace stuff?18:47
Nekoso I can create a ramfs for another system as long as I have the modules around (and it's set to "most" or "all" or something?)18:47
ogra_acNeko, no, initramfs-tools provides a lot of files in /usr/share/initramfs-tools18:52
ogra_acand every package can put scripts or hooks in there18:52
ogra_acthey all end up in the initramfs18:52
dcordesHi again18:54
dcordesogra_ac: looked at some more ac100 stuff and the device is really nice. What is the canonical attitude towards adding images for additional machines ?18:54
ogra_acthere is none18:54
dcordesogra_ac: So if you would be up to adding ac100 images you could just put them ?18:55
ogra_aci wouldnt18:55
Neko.. I just want to know if I can generate an initramfs without booting that particular system18:55
NekoI mean all the stuff for an exactly the same userspace should basically be common right?18:55
Nekoexcept the modules?18:56
Nekoand I specify which one it trawls with -k18:56
ogra_acdcordes, such situations were the reason why i wrote rootstock18:56
ogra_acNeko, just chroot into your SD card and run update-initramfs ether18:56
ogra_acthen you can be sure all scripts and hokks needed by installed packages are in your initrd18:57
Nekoyes but imagine I am in rootstock and I have a bunch of kernel files there extracted somehow, and I run update-initramfs is it going to work18:58
Nekoconsidering this userspace will work on 20 different systems if I only put the right modules in place :D18:58
Nekoarmv7 is armv7 at the end of the day and there are no board-specific stuff required18:58
Nekoexcept the modules18:58
ogra_aci think rcn-ee once added an option for rolling initramfses inside rootstock18:59
GrueMasterNeko: Do you have an armv7 that you can use to modify SD cards on the fly?  That would be easiest.18:59
ogra_acthere might be no HW specific suff, but system specific stuff18:59
Nekoyeah I do19:00
ogra_acGrueMaster chroot under x86 would be even easier19:00
NekoI can boot the fs on my efikamx19:00
ogra_acthats why we have qemu-arm-static19:00
Nekobut I want to generate the one for the netbook without having to boot it on the netbook too19:00
Nekothen I can work out how to do it in a chroot on my x86_64 box19:00
GrueMasterogra_ac: I was thinking of something more stable.  Like a babbage or something.19:01
ogra_acapt-get install qemu-arm-static .... mount SD ... copy the qemu-arm-static binary into SD19:01
ogra_acchroot /sd-mountpoint19:01
ogra_acthats it19:01
GrueMasterogra_ac: Thats assuming you are running maverick, which isn't fully stable yet.  Otherwise you get an older version of qemu.19:02
* ogra_cmpc gibes up on 6teh ac100 wlan19:02
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, no, we have it since karmic19:03
ogra_acworks fine without any probs19:03
ogra_acand a lot faster than natively19:03
ogra_cmpcand the static chroot part was always stable19:03
ogra_cmpcapart from running mono19:03
GrueMastermono is another beast entirely.19:03
ogra_cmpcwhich is why we dont use it for image builds19:03
ogra_cmpcupdate-initramfs is just a script19:04
ogra_cmpcusing the chroot method your scripts run at host speed19:04
Nekono offense but the desktop on ubuntu is a horrible, horrible mess19:04
ogra_cmpccompiling runs at qemu speed though... thats why we dont use the chroot method for compiling either19:05
ogra_cmpcNeko, ? why19:05
NekoI have deep disdain for any system that has to dereference 20 different things to finally get down to a default, and then find that it is called "/usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png"19:06
ogra_acthats historically based19:06
Nekowhy didn't they just make it called default-backdrop.png19:06
ogra_acfile a bug19:06
ogra_aci think nobody ever cared19:07
Nekooh god I can't be bothered, nobody fixes this stuff. By the time it gets looked at, it'll be WONTFIX and someone will have posted "does this still happen in Narwhal?"19:07
ogra_acwell, you are free to use whatever value for teh gconf key anyway in a custom image19:07
Nekowhat I can't find is what is the canonical (pun intended) place to set that gconf key and how on earth I do it without dicking around as the "gdm" user in a logged in system19:08
ogra_acso just call it ... umm ... default-backdrop.png for example :)19:08
ogra_acyou do it as all system wide gconf keys under /usr/share/gconf/default19:09
Nekothe basic idea is that I can change something in a chroot or just in /mnt/usr/share/gconf or something and the system will be fine when it boots19:09
ogra_acyou can19:09
Nekoand that script is how I do it?19:09
ogra_acthats how we customize images19:09
Nekobut that is only run when update-gconf-defaults is run19:09
NekoI can't run that I can "only" edit text files19:10
ogra_acno, it needs to generate the xml19:10
ogra_acyou could probably do that too by hand indeed19:10
Nekoso if I edit that, where do I edit the xml?19:10
Nekoto match and so that it works first time and then forever after? :D19:10
dcordesis it possible to enable on screen keyboard in oem-config via configuration ? I am looking for a workaround to bug 626055 as it seems it is a 'wontfix'19:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 626055 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "oem-config: make on-screen keyboard available (affects: 1) (heat: 159)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62605519:11
ogra_acread rthe gconf source ... no idea19:11
ogra_acor do it properly19:11
ogra_acand roll a package19:11
NekoI give up for now we'll just ship with the horrible placeholder backdrop :D19:11
ogra_acthat carries your defaults19:11
dcordesGrueMaster: ping.. can you help with the above ?19:13
GrueMasterdcordes: Not really at this time.  I would have to learn how oem-config works, and I am really only a QA guy.19:14
dcordesOk thanks anyway19:17
Nekoogra, rsalveti19:19
Nekowhat is this line for in rootstock?19:19
Nekorm /usr/lib/ubiquity/plugins/ubi-tasks.py*19:19
rsalvetiNeko: ogra_ac should know it19:20
Nekopotentially it's the bit that sorta goes "which desktop do you want, dude?"19:24
Nekowhich is kinda pointless then19:24
Nekobut then again so is partition management and suchlike19:24
ogra_acit disables tasksel in oem-config19:24
Nekobecause of?19:24
Nekoa bug?19:24
ogra_acbecause you dont want to run tasksel if you already provided your tasks at buildtime19:25
Nekooem-config-prepare does not such thing so I would assume that it lets it stay in by default everywhere except a rootstock19:25
ogra_acother images use preseed files19:25
ogra_acso tasksel isnt run19:25
ogra_acit might not even be in teh maverick oem-config anymore19:26
ogra_acsince ubiquity was nearly completely rewritten19:27
Nekothat explains why it never f**king works :D19:27
ogra_acit does19:28
ogra_acin lucid and karmic19:28
Nekoregardless of what I do, if I run oem-config-prepare or just manually touch that /var/lib/oem-config/run thing..19:29
Nekoall I get is back to the gdm login prompt19:29
ogra_acyou shoudnt run -prepare19:29
ogra_acjust use teh touch19:29
Nekoall -prepare does is touch, rm -f persistent net rule, pop up a zenity dialog unless you said quiet19:30
ogra_aciirc it also creates a user19:30
Nekoand remove the oem-config-prepare-gtk.desktop from /usr/share/applications iirc19:30
Nekono not here19:30
ogra_acah, then thats the bit that runs during teh live env19:30
ogra_ac-prepare is in two parts iirc19:31
ogra_acjust dont use it19:31
ogra_actouching teh file after creating teh dir should be just fine19:31
Nekosigh, it doesn't :(19:31
ogra_acwell, works on our aily images19:31
Nekoit never runs. I have no initramfs but then I don't see how that makes any difference at all19:31
Nekothe file is not in the ramfs, and what is.. is just shit like cryptsetup19:32
ogra_acudev and dbus .... etc etc19:32
Nekoif you run rootstock that's not in the system anyway19:32
Nekoudev is the thing that runs it?19:32
ogra_acright, rootstock never gets you the same as an install19:32
ogra_acudev is in iniramfs19:32
Nekobut they're also in the rootfs so udev and dbus don't matter then19:33
Nekofriggin' thing it's supposed to start this upstart job but it's never run19:34
Nekogdm runs before it19:35
Nekoso since gdm is running.. it seems not to run since the display manager is taken19:35
Nekoubuntu hate++19:35
* ogra_ac gives up ... its no fun to help you if you offed all teh software we work on19:36
=== JaMa is now known as JaMa|AFK
Nekoit's no fun to work on this because everything is undocumented and somehow some internal canonical secret that doesn't exist on any other linux distribution.. all I can say is I am only glad this isn't SuSE because I would have ripped my eyes out before working on YaST plugins to do this :D19:38
GrueMasterNeko: Unfortunately, complaining and ranting doesn't help.  While ogra_ac has been trying to help, it is hard to work through all the rants.  And it keeps others from helping or getting help as well.  If you know anything about development cycles, you'd know that 30% is spent on development and 70% is spent on documentation.  We simply can't afford that 70% at the moment.19:41
GrueMasterIf you would like to help, the wiki is open for adding documentation.  Launchpad is open fir filing bugs.19:42
GrueMasterAnd we would certainly welcome the assistance.19:42
rsalvetiand it's not a internal canonical secrect19:42
NekoI have a good idea oem services charges for the stuff we're trying to do here and I know what you get at the end is a frozen, no security updates repository, with still no documentation for the money paid... I'm not sure what you mean by "afford" here19:43
GrueMasterWell, we are not oem services, for one.19:43
NekoI don't see what me adding to the wiki solves. I don't know what I am doing, or where I am looking, which is why I ask in here.. if I knew already why would I be looking for support? If I did know you can be sure I'd put it on a wiki or a blog somewhere19:44
NekoI don't even know what I'd file a bug against or what the description is besides "nobody knows how this works, but somehow it's broken"19:44
GrueMasterWe are a small handful of engineers (and one tester) trying to get working images on prerelease hardware.  We spend days trying to fix issues like broken kernels and video corruption.19:45
GrueMasterNot much time left in the day for documenting how to roll your own images on unsupported hardware.19:45
ogra_acthere is a ton of documentation on th ewiki19:46
ogra_acespecially for cutomizing stuff19:46
Nekowell, where I work, I do all that here too.. that is why I am here asking. We have one guy, which is me, no testers, besides me.. no experience, besides mine, which is admittedly tantamount to zero on this stuff19:46
Nekounfortunately the hardware is *retail* and was shipping 4 weeks ago19:46
Nekoor 8 months ago for the efikamx19:46
NekoI don't have the luxury of letting it break for another release, it is soul destroying to run karmic on an mx5119:47
GrueMasterSo if something is shipping we should arbitrarily just support it?  Intel has been shipping Poulsbo based systems for 2 years, but even they don't support it in Linux.19:48
* GrueMaster wanders off to do more testing.19:50
=== hrw|gone is now known as hrw
Nekono I just don't get to spend all my days fixing little issues like video corruption because we can't even get oem-config to work20:00
NekoI found a description of what is going on and I'm going to report it20:00
armin76feature :D20:01
Nekodo you think that it is possible that oem-config systems are meant to run tasksel such that gdm is installed after creating a user?20:03
Nekobug 64463820:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 644638 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "maverick oem-config gtk frontend does not start on first boot because gdm runs before it (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64463820:13
robclarkogra: I tried the cdimage.. very slick :-)20:13
robclarkbut: mem=460M@0x80000000 mem=256M@0xA000000020:13
robclarkis there a reason for omitting the last 256mb?20:14
GrueMasterogra_ac: ^^^20:14
rsalvetirobclark: the weird mem corruption bug we're facing with highmem20:18
rsalvetithere's a bug for it, one sec20:18
rsalvetibug 63322720:19
robclarkrsalveti: ahh.. so you are using 768 without highmem?20:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 633227 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "instabilities with highmem activated (affects: 2) (heat: 508)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63322720:19
rsalvetirobclark: we have highmem activated, but not using the last 256mb20:19
rsalvetiwhen we use it, we can easily get memory issues20:19
robclarkhmm.. ok, so it is last 256mb that is the issue?20:19
rsalvetijust try to build a kernel20:20
robclarkyeah, I've seen the issues..20:20
rsalvetiwe got a patch that improved a little bit, but it's still broken20:21
robclarkok, yeah.. I saw that.  I just wasn't expecting skipping last 256m would work around the issue.. interesting20:21
rsalvetirobclark: any idea if x-loader could be the culprit?20:21
rsalvetiwe wanted to test current upstream, but mmc is broken20:22
robclarknot sure.. I assumed it was highmem, but I don't know enough about highmem to know why it would make a difference, 768 vs 1024..20:23
rsalvetirobclark: yep...20:25
rsalvetifrom http://lkml.org/lkml/2010/9/8/425 it shows that this issue was happening with others too20:25
rsalvetibut then with the proposed fix we're still facing issues20:25
rsalvetibetter, but not yet fixed20:26
* rsalveti brb20:29
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robclarkrsalveti: w/ the cdimage filesystem (with initrd and all that), are there any special instructions to use my own (cross-compiled) kernel?22:32
robclarkie. does the initrd need to be updated w/ new modules or anything like that?22:32
rsalvetirobclark: I'm not that sure if you'll need a new uInitrd, as I generally get the new generated one when I install my package22:35
rsalvetiif you're running your board already, just install your new kernel package, that's enough to regenerate the initrd.img22:35
rsalvetithan I believe flash-kernel could do the work of updating it for you22:35
rsalvetiif the links are correct at /boot22:35
robclarkhmm.. and if I'm building the kernel on my laptop?22:36
robclarkok..  so scp over my uImage and modules, and then run flash-kernel?22:36
rsalvetirobclark: that's ok, what I mean is that if you plan to install it at your running panda or planning to mount the sd card at your host and then install the package22:36
rsalvetioh, what you're planning? to copy the modules by hand or to install the generated deb file?22:37
rsalvetiI generally run: make -j 6 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- CONFIG_DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH=y deb-pkg22:37
robclarkI could do it either way.. whatever is easier..22:37
robclarkhmm, ok.. there is a deb-pkg make target?22:37
rsalvetithen scp the kernel-image, dpkg -i, check the link and flash-kernel22:38
robclarkI guess that is something on the ubuntu kernel?  Or is that in upstream kernel makefiles?22:38
rsalvetirobclark: yep :-)22:38
rsalvetirobclark: upstream22:38
robclarkoh.. cool22:38
* robclark learns something new every day22:40
rsalvetihm..., raining a lot today, if I get off-line that should be the reason22:41
GrueMasterswim faster.22:44
robclarkweather.com says that we might get some rain tomorrow..   then again, the weather rarely does what the forecast says here22:44
* GrueMaster gets weather updates from Dr. Quid B. Wong.22:45
* robclark usually finds out about the weather after the fact22:45
* rsalveti uses the gnome-weather applet :-)22:48
persiadevilhorns, Earlier you said we had to run gnome-panel: would it not be possible to host indicators and/or menus somewhere else?23:30
devilhornspersia, ideally yes ... gnome-panel is very heavy :(23:30
devilhornstho the only other thing I know if is lxde-panel23:31
devilhornsor perhaps xfce-panel23:31
persiaThose share a common ancestor :)23:31
devilhornsyea :/23:31
devilhornspersia, I'd like to be able to make an efl panel that would be able to host them ... but that means I'd have to dig into the core applet system and figure out how they are expected to be hosted, etc, etc23:33
devilhornslots of issues there :/23:33
davidmpersia, devilhorns lets not go too crazy here please23:34
devilhornsdavidm, hehe indeed :)23:34
devilhornshence why I was just gonna forget about it for now :)23:35
davidmthat sounds like a natty thing (if at all) :-)23:35
persiadavidm, No worries.  Just idly chatting about lean and fast :)23:35
persiaMaybe even natty+23:35
persiaVery much not maverick23:35
davidmpersia, don't forget to remind folks that we need blueprint ideas this week, I've told everyone but ....23:35
GrueMasterpersia: alsa update.  I am able to play audio on beagle using paplay, but not any of the GUI apps (totem, rhythmbox).  I think it is mainly due to memory limitations.23:36
=== persia changed the topic of #ubuntu-arm to: Ubuntu ARM Discussion & Development | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM | Want to Submit a Bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug | Build a rootfs from scratch: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootfsFromScratch | wanna cross build ? see http://idlethread.blogspot.com/2010/09/cross-compilation-redux.html | Maverick is frozen: start submitting natty blueprints
persiaGrueMaster, Heh.  Thanks for testing that with paplay though.23:37

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