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vishthorwil: haha! the ML seems to be loosing more , another 4 down ;p07:54
vishthorwil: do you keep your old mails? or do you delete them periodically?07:54
thorwilvish: people who wouldn't do anything anyway unsubscribing is hardly an issue07:56
vishthorwil: nah , not an issue , but atleast we see an activity from them ;)07:56
thorwilvish: i keep some emails i deem important, where i think i will look at them again at some point. i delete everything else07:57
thorwileasy decision for list mail, as it's archived, anyway07:57
vishthorwil: if you have mails from the wiki subscription it would be neat! ;)  i had created a humanity wiki setup, but i deleted it.. would you have that?07:58
thorwilvish: no07:59
vishbah :(07:59
thorwilvish: what do you mean with wiki setup?08:00
vishthorwil: err! it should have been setup a wiki! :)08:00
vishthorwil: it was the humanity guidelines08:00
thorwilvish: and you don't recall the wiki link to roll it back?08:01
vishoh! we can do that?08:02
* vish thinks harder08:02
thorwilvish: a deleted page looks like a non-existing page, but you can access the history via the Info link, if i recall correctly08:03
vishnow , i need to remember the link :D08:05
vishthorwil: whats ruby on rails?09:10
thorwilvish: http://rubyonrails.org/09:11
vishthorwil: yea, i'v seen you mentioning a couple of times , but never took interest in finding what it is ;p09:12
thorwilvish: it's a web-development framework, using ruby as language09:12
vishthorwil: how will it help in design hub?09:13
thorwilvish: i mentioned it a couple of times? strange as i find pylons, lift, seaside and perhaps a few others more interesting09:13
thorwilvish: design hub is implemented on top of it09:14
vishthorwil: yeah, you talk a lot! ;p09:14
vishthorwil: now imagine how it is when troy talk to me :p09:14
thorwili hope my words to productivity ratio is still bearable ;p09:14
vishthorwil: i mean in the sense, about a lot of stuff..09:15
thorwilvish: interesting choice of words. he talks to you, not you talk with him09:15
thorwili replied to beyecixramd off-list, regarding email-etiquette. can't endure another top vs bottom posting "discussion"09:21
vishthorwil: i think we should hold off on those top posting problems for a bit09:22
thorwilvish: that's what i'm saying. note he asked to be informed about such matters09:22
vishthorwil: its annoying for me too ;)09:22
* vish wonders . if maybe we slow down the pace of adding a lot of suggestions! ;)10:57
vishthorwil: not all LoCo want material , some of them have their regular artists , so ..10:58
thorwilvish: better have people contact locos and see, then not to10:59
vishlets try one new idea a day .. something more paced.. if we rush too much it just looks too confusing.. :)10:59
vishthorwil: well, not many are as patient as you.. ;)   you dont bother if the team takes your idea or not.. but if we are pushing this as a TODO , it needs to be a TODO....11:01
thorwilvish: just send mail pointing to wallpaper guidelines/templates, as that is supporting material. guess i'm done now, anyway11:03
vishthorwil: done? we dont have any more work!!! :(11:04
thorwilvish: TODO? it's a suggestion. people need to manage their own TODOs11:04
thorwilvish: i meant done with sending mail that is not a response. for today11:05
* thorwil -> lunch11:05
vish..well, they dont know it.. its sounds like a TODO11:05
thorwilvish: how? i used phrases like "For those interested in", "Consider to"11:28
vishthorwil: yea, it sounds like an available TODO, for those interested to work on11:30
thorwilwonder how long it takes until someone asks what i will do :}11:31
vish lol!11:31
vishthorwil: i think our top priority should be in getting a design hub11:33
vishand being everything in one place11:33
vishright now, its too spreadout to be be effective..11:34
vishand we should encourage conversation about the work, so that its not just do and submit it somewhere..11:34
thorwilvish: a real everything in one place solution is too expensive11:37
thorwila documentation on the wiki, discussion on the list and artwork on some site approach shouldn't hurt too much11:38
vishthorwil: oh i meant that for all "artwork on some site" part..11:40
thorwilvish: we might be worrying about fewer than 10 who will ever get active, with only the tiniest fraction with the skill and endurance to make it worthwhile11:40
vishthorwil: well , my best guess is only around 50 might even be remotely interested in doing work..11:41
vishgetting those 50 to do is the tough part ;p11:41
thorwilvish: then the question is, if http://art.ubuntu-owl.org/ is sufficient, if there are features missing that ar trivial enough to add them11:42
vishthorwil: i think doctormo is willing to expand it , depending on the participation11:42
thorwilvish: or if design-hub is a better platform. but having one actual instance vs just a git-repo ...11:43
vishthorwil: pleia is currently hosting i believe , maybe we can move it to some official server, if it gets a whole lot bigger11:43
vishthorwil: what needs to be easy is>11:44
vish1: easier for people to request11:44
vish2: easier for people to submit11:44
vish3: easier for people to review11:45
vish4: easier for people to download!11:45
vishwiki , etc.. can be just a documentation resource..11:46
vishthat we can use for the other pieces too..11:46
thorwiloh, it's manual registration on http://art.ubuntu-owl.org11:50
doctormovish, thorwil: Should be able to do requests, not sure about surfactant.11:54
thorwildoctormo: surfactant?11:58
thorwilah, so it's not about the surface tension of liquids. phew :)12:00
doctormothorwil: This is why we need a more intelligent spell checker, I want something I can hover over any word and get 5 synonyms.12:31
doctormothorwil: I think cchost would server our needs and would keep us using the same tools as debian. We have another option of moving towards the new code used by openclipart.org which may be useful, but it may be too custom for our needs. But they do support everything we need to do.12:32
doctormoI'd be interested in a report on design hub.12:32
thorwilthe first thing i miss on a page like http://www.debianart.org/cchost/?ccm=/media/tags/logo is thumbnails12:58
thorwiland scale to fill is not so clever: http://www.debianart.org/cchost/?ccm=/media/files/dejan034/95812:59
doctormothorwil: They're using an old version of ccHost, but I take your point. I put in thumbnail generation of svgs into art.ubuntu-owl, pngs should be easier.13:11
doctormohttp://art.ubuntu-owl.org/people/sealv <- that's the generated thumbnail13:12
doctormoAlthough that page needs attention to fix issues.13:12
doctormoIt's kinda funny because cchost has everything for thumbnails built in, it just fell over on svg detection and a few html bits to enable their view.13:14
vish Hey, tell your admin...14:10
vish...to setup a 'welcome new users' page14:10
vishdoctormo: ^^ :D14:10
doctormovish: My admin? You mean you? :-D14:13
vishdoctormo:  art.ubuntu-owl.org admin ;)14:13
doctormovish: Yes, I'm waiting for you to join so I can admin you up.14:14
vishoh ok. :)14:14
* vish just joined..14:14
doctormovish: You should be an admin now14:16
vishdoctormo: \o/ thanks.. ;)14:17
thorwildoctormo: i created an account on art.ubuntu-owl.org (or tried to) a while ago and have been waiting for moderator action ;)16:18
doctormothorwil: What kind of moderator action do you need?16:18
thorwildoctormo: i don't recall the exact message, but it implied that a human will have to activate the account16:20
thorwili got no email message16:20
doctormothorwil: Perhaps I don't know how to use the system yet, but I've not seen any messages or any user lists.16:20
thorwildoctormo: hmm, then just let me try again and we'll see16:21
thorwil"That username is already in use or is reserved by the system." (thorwil). so something did happen. but i have no password16:23
thorwiltrying the "forgot password" feature16:23
doctormothorwil: It's hard because the admin interface doesn't have any user listing. So i can't actually see who has registed or manage users. :-/16:24
doctormoAh found you, and got admin links from your user, bit of a hard round about way though16:25
thorwiloh, how spartan16:25
doctormothorwil: Although it does have good logs, it shows when you registed and when I updated your password for you.16:27
thorwilok, logged in now16:27

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