paultag_jacob: prod00:43
paultag_lukjad: prod00:43
paultag_duanedesign: prod00:43
paultag_ /join #reddit-ubuntu, duanedesign, jacob, lukjad00:49
paultag_Bizurke: and #ubuntu-beginners-team for the off topic :)00:58
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duanedesignpaultag: pong01:42
Guest59613I have 353 GB to install Ubuntu 10.10 on. How much should I allocate to swap space?02:45
aveilleuxGuest59613, How much RAM do you have?02:46
Guest59613aveilleux: I have 2 GB of DDR2. I think 256 MB is being used by graphics though.02:47
bdoggcan someone help me using JACK in ubuntu04:13
bdoggi cant get it working04:13
aveilleuxbdogg, try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=503820304:16
bdoggwill check it out04:17
bdoggbut i have been trying forever to get it to work04:17
bdoggso i hope i didnt mess somthing up in trying04:17
hcs7dapam quite a noob... please can someone talk me through installing the new 64 bit version of flash09:27
duanedesignmorning all12:35
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duanedesignhello Silver_Fox_14:29
Silver_Fox_Hello duanedesign , how are you ?14:29
duanedesignSilver_Fox_: i am well, thank you14:33
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Silver_Fox_Hello songpu  :)14:56
songpufirst time, join a irc14:57
Silver_Fox_Welcome to irc songpu :D15:00
Puck`hi Silver_Fox_15:03
Puck`welcome songpu (:15:03
Silver_Fox_Hello Puck`  , how are yo u?15:03
Puck`doing okay (:15:03
songpuno ask question ?15:04
Silver_Fox_You can ask questions songpu ,  we are here to help you :)15:04
songputhanks very much. I just start to use Ubuntu.15:06
songpuany one install oracle 9i on Ubuntu?15:06
Silver_Fox_What version of ubuntu are you running ?15:08
aveilleuxsongpu, unfortunately the only enterprise database experience I have on Ubuntu was IBM's DB2, and it was .deb packaged for me.15:08
songpuMy ubuntu's version is 10.0415:09
AbhiJit!oracle | songpu15:14
ubot2songpu: If you -must- install oracle .... here's a good place to start: http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/linux/install/xe-on-kubuntu.html15:14
songputhanks, I find it is usefull15:17
AndreasI was wondering how to instal the driver for Nvidia GT8800, i have ubuntu 10.0415:32
Andreastried the ctrl+alt+f1" method, but could not get it to work15:32
Andreashelp much appreciated15:33
Andreascant turn the visual effect on...15:43
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Bizurkeum. Bye19:08
bobo123how do update-mime-database work? if I want to change the descriptions for filetypes in the filemanager, they are in /usr/share/mime/ but those files say <!--Created automatically by update-mime-database. DO NOT EDIT!--> but man for update-mime-database does not say what files is the source for the decriptions19:28
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bobo123Hmm.. I suppose I can cat togheter all those mime-description-files together into overide.xml and change the descriptions in it (and remove all those other languages)20:03
TheAberrantHi all - I'm struggling with iptables.  Trying to block all connections except through my VPN (10.8.0.X), but keep blocking all my connections and locking myself out (it's a remote VPS).20:25
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Silver_Fox_Hello master.20:48
* hobgoblin bows 20:48
* Silver_Fox_ bows 20:48
hobgoblinand tips20:48
Silver_Fox_... lower20:48
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* zkriesse falls on floor21:08
zkriessewazzup Silver_Fox_ and hobgoblin21:08
zkriessehobgoblin: you gonna go back to piskie?21:08
aveilleuxeek D:21:26
dumbstupidhumananyone know how to get control of all the buttons on a mouse?21:29
suprengrSo there I was - thinking of joining the u-b team, checked in Launchpad and found u-b "is a restricted team" -  ???21:34
pedro3005suprengr, there's a whole joining process21:37
pedro3005check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Membership21:38
suprengrpedro3005: thanks - was away just looking for that, cheers -  will do.21:39
suprengrthere appears to be a big conflict though... "Subscribe to the mailing list to ensure that you remain up-to-date with what the team is doing. "21:41
suprengrPolicy:  You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list.21:41
pedro3005haha fail21:42
suprengrboo hiss21:42
pedro3005take that, bureaucracy21:42
* pedro3005 shakes head21:42
Silver_Fox_Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing....21:49
suprengrJoining ubuntu-beginners team... when QA overtakes common sense.21:50
zkriessesuprengr: When you get taken on by a mentor you sign up to the mailing list21:56
zkriesseAlso, you don't have to sign up to it but send an email to the list introducing yourself/asking for a mentor is a good way to start21:57
TheAberrantWeird, why would my iptables -L command hand for a couple seconds before showing the rules?  It shows the table headers, then just wait for a second or two then spits them out22:02
TheAberrantnevermind - it's trying to resolve dns for something.  -n fixes it22:08
suprengrzkriesse: thanks, think I'm getting stuff sorted out right now.22:08
zkriessesuprengr: yah22:13
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