dialtoneat this point I just want to disable it and redirect stdout and stderr to a file00:04
dialtonewithout having to repackage the instance00:04
progre55hi guys. I'm trying to run an instance, but can not connect to it. the console output shows "waiting for metadata service at  08:19:06 [ 1/100]: url error [timed out]"09:31
progre55Any suggestions, please?09:31
progre55hmm.. for some reason, all the instances I'm running have the same public-IP, although all of them are "running" at the same time, and the private IP changes to a valid-IP after a while with a message on nc.log saying "discovered private IP xx.xx.xx.xx for instance i-408F076D"10:36
progre55oh and cloud-error.log says "ERROR Found 2 vms with the same address: com.eucalyptus.net.util.ClusterAddressInfo@e30c8f0c ->  i-408F076D i-48A408AD"10:40
* progre55 is starting to dislike eucalyptus and thining to go back to amazon AWS )10:42
progre55smoser: hi14:09
smoserprogre55, i'm not sure why you would get multiple public ips to ssame instance.14:11
progre55sorry for disturbing, it's just, afaik you're the only one active in this channal =)14:11
smoserobviously thats not good14:11
smoserwe've seen the metadata service broken-ness from time to time (there are bugs opened).14:11
progre55smoser: well, I've already reinstalled all the machines )14:11
smoserwell, most people here have "real work" to be doing (myself included)14:11
progre55yeah I understand =)14:11
smoserthe one other place to go for support on eucalyptus is the eucalyptus forums14:11
progre55just wanted to ask..14:11
smoseroh yeah14:12
smoserno harm14:12
smoserwhat does euca-describe-addresses say (as admin) . can you pastebin that ?14:12
smoserwhile you have a couple instances running14:12
smoserand also14:12
progre55I've set up a machine as cc+nc+storage+walrus and another machine as nc14:12
smosereuca_conf --list-nodes14:12
progre55yeah, about that, list-nodes14:12
progre55so I have 2 machines, meaning 2 nodes14:12
progre55but list-nodes shows me 314:13
progre552 of them being the main machine  + the separate node14:13
progre55but the main machine nodes have 2 different IP addresses, one valid and one invalid14:13
progre55is that okay?14:13
progre55and although I have 8 cpu cores all together, euca-describe-availability-zones says I can run 10 instances with 1 cpu each..14:14
smoseri would ditch nc on the cc+storage+walrus machine14:14
smoserthat is not something so often tested.14:14
progre55oh, I have 6 cpu cores, 4 from the cc and 2 from the nc machine14:14
smosermost common test scenario was cc+storage+walrus and ncs14:15
progre55hmm.. I see14:15
progre55what if I have a 32bit 1 core machine for cc?14:15
progre55and 64bit quadro machines for NCs14:16
progre55would it work?14:16
progre55it's just, I have only 2 powerful machines, and plus a bunch of crappy machines.. =)14:16
progre55and I wanted to use the powerful machines as NCs14:16
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smoseryeah, i would want ot use powerfull for NC alos14:47
smoserso i might try cc+storage+walrus on "crappy"14:47
progre55smoser: thanks. but can cc be a 32 bit machine with no KVM?15:01
progre55oh, awesome =)15:02
progre55smoser: thanks15:02
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hallynsmoser: say, to run ec2-describe-images on stock lucid server, should that work with just ec2-ami-tools, ec2-api-tools, and sun-java6-jre installed?  bc i'm getting not-found java classes, but woudl prefer not to install the .zips from amazon.com18:48
smoserhallyn, yes. you should just be able to apt-get install ec2-api-tools from multiverse18:50
smoserit does work..18:51
smoserwhat errors are you getting ?18:51
hallynsmoser: http://pastebin.com/4VsiWEtr18:53
smoserjava is gcj18:54
hallyni wonder where that is specified18:55
hallynbc i dont' have gcj18:55
smoserupdate-alternatives --query java18:55
hallynBest: /usr/bin/gij-4.418:56
hallynsmoser: thx, i'm in business.18:58
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