kmckinneyHello mclasen: I have been trying to find Davidz on GimpNet but I am not sure what channel he is on.. Would you know the channel he resides?02:13
mclasenhe's usually in #gtk+ or #fedora-desktop02:13
kmckinneythanks again02:14
kyanardag__ i remember reading about a software two connect two computers via wireless (without connecting to router), do you any of you guys know a software like that?03:16
OwaisLkyanardag__: What do you intent to do with the connection?03:38
OwaisLkyanardag__: Network Manager can do that. Try creating a new wireless connection by clicking the NM applet.03:39
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didrocksgood morning07:33
nisshhhey didrocks :)07:35
didrockshey nisshh!07:36
nisshhdidrocks: i thought you ran an irssi proxy? but you keep hopping on and off irc07:37
didrocksnisshh: I moved from Paris and consequently, my server is down right now07:38
didrocksnisshh: I used bip btw, not irssi proxy :)07:38
nisshhdidrocks: ah, right, i forgot you just moved :)07:39
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dpmgood morning didrocks. I've got a question: one of the recent unity updates wiped out all my launchers from the panel in the left (or whatever it is called). Is there an easy way to get them back? Or at least to get the default ones back?08:39
didrocksdpm: was it something like 2 weeks before?08:39
didrocksgood morning :)08:39
dpmdidrocks, I cannot tell, I hadn't been updating the notebook for a while. I would have thought it might have been rather a week, but it could have been two as well :)08:40
didrocksdpm: ok, I think that's because I reorganized the defaults to be more sane08:43
didrocksdpm: so, the easiest is to: gconftool-2 -u /desktop/unity08:44
didrocksand login again08:44
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dpmdidrocks, ok, cool, let me try that now08:44
didrocksdpm: keep me in touch :)08:47
dpmdidrocks, that did not seem to do anything. I've still got: a terminal launcher (that I had added some time ago), a launcher to bazaar notification (which I've never added there but somehow it's now stuck in there) and then workspaces, files, applications and trash08:48
didrocksdpm: oupss, sorry, it was gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /desktop/unity08:49
dpmdidrocks, no worries, trying that now :)08:49
didrockssorry again :)08:49
dpmdidrocks, that did it, thanks! I've got another question, though. How can I get rid of the bzr notification launcher? I cannot untick the "Keep in launcher" option, as it is not checked anyway, but that launcher comes back every time08:52
didrocksdpm: no, you can't I think you should open a bug against unity (for tracking) and bamf (for the component) and harrass Jason about it :)08:52
dpmdidrocks, ok, that will do, thanks! :)08:53
didrocksyou're welcome :)08:53
didrocksdpm: about OOo translation, can we do that for natty? maybe it doesn't worth crowding builders so close to release?08:58
pittiGood morning09:01
dpmdidrocks, sure. It would be cool if the fix could be committed, so that the next upload (be it in maverick or in natty) already includes it and does not import translations, as every OO.o upload puts thousands of PO files in the imports queue that take several days to process and block the ones from other applications. It would be ok if we were using those translations, but until there is a dedicated OO.o maintainer who can take care of them, we've di09:05
dpmsabled them, so OO.o is not translatable in LP and generally it is not useful to import them (unless they are needed for statistics).09:05
didrockshey pitti09:07
didrocksdpm: sure, will have a look this week09:07
dpmdidrocks, thanks a lot. It doesn't need a new upload, I just want to make sure that the next upload, if there is any, does not put all the translations in the imports queue.09:11
didrocksdpm: ok, will do :)09:11
dpmcool :)09:14
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njmHey Guys, since I updated my Ubuntu 10.04 Remix on my netbook, my 3G USB Dongle doesn't work anymore...  It says: waiting for usb device to settle in dmesg.  Any ideas09:58
milanbvnjm: this is a development channel, try in #ubuntu10:09
njmWill do thanx10:09
ftaslomo, uh?? https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libvpx/0.9.2-110:17
ftathought you did it, but it's not your name10:17
ftahm, he filed bug 63689410:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 636894 in libvpx (Ubuntu) "please sync libvpx 0.9.2-1 from debian experimental (main) (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63689410:19
slomofta: yes, the person filing the sync bug is listed as uploader10:39
didrockshum, seems I was disconnected10:40
didrocksdpm: did you receive my messages?10:41
dpmdidrocks, no, unfortunately not10:41
dpm(the last ones I got were when we were talking about oo.o)10:41
didrocksdpm: ok, so: I've made a patch for unity as I told you last week, with a new string10:42
didrocksit will probably land tomorrow10:42
didrocksit's an error message on people not having acceleration when starting unity10:42
didrocksunity was crashing before10:42
didrocksso, even if it's not translated in time, it's still a win :10:42
chrisccoulsonmilanbv - you there?10:43
dpmdidrocks, no worries. Can you point me to the patch, so I know which string it will be and I send an e-mail to translators?10:44
dpmor if there is a bug10:44
didrocksdpm: sure, one sec10:44
milanbvchrisccoulson: looks like ;-)10:46
chrisccoulsonmilanbv - can you easily trigger this g-s-d crasher?10:50
chrisccoulsonwell, that should probably be "anything with an indicator" crasher? :)10:51
milanbvchrisccoulson: no :(10:51
milanbvI think it happens when icons are changed, and gtk-update-icon-cache is run10:52
chrisccoulsonmilanbv, do you use the indicator-applet, or just the old notification area?10:52
milanbvwhich occurs often in development releases, but...10:52
milanbvjust the notification area (GNOME Shell acutally)10:52
milanbvthe crash is in GtkStatusIcon10:52
chrisccoulsonah, ok. i'll try with that too10:52
milanbvyesterday I got the crash hours after installing upgrades10:53
milanbvchrisccoulson: have you read the upstream report?10:53
chrisccoulsonmilanbv, yeah, i had a look at that10:53
milanbvrandom thoughts, but that could be useful10:53
didrocksdpm: bug #61408810:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 614088 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "unity should give an error to the user when not supported by the driver/graphic card (affects: 20) (dups: 5) (heat: 114)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61408810:56
didrocksjust linked the branch to it10:57
didrocksdpm: if you have a better idea for the wording, do not hesitate10:57
milanbvchrisccoulson: actually, I suspect OpenOffice might trigger the crash11:06
milanbvI've updated it yesterday, and I remember having seen the crash after updating it before11:07
rodrigo_didrocks, I was about to submit the translations for the u1 email in evolution, but have just seen an update to the evo package, but the ubuntu-desktop branch is not up-to-date it seems, so my submission will overwrite that one11:38
rodrigo_didrocks, can you have a look, please?11:38
didrocksrodrigo_: oh, did I forgot to push? let me see11:38
rodrigo_ah, it was you? :)11:39
rodrigo_didn't see who the did the change :)11:39
didrocksrodrigo_: no revision to push11:39
didrocksrodrigo_: let me see :)11:39
didrocks2.30.3-1ubuntu4 ?11:39
didrocksthat's my change from this morning11:39
rodrigo_ah, ok11:40
rodrigo_my fault, sorry11:40
didrocksno worry :)11:40
didrocksrodrigo_: ~ubuntu-desktop/evolution/ubuntu, right?11:40
rodrigo_didrocks, yes11:40
didrocksrodrigo_: all should be good then ;)11:40
rodrigo_my update is indeed 1ubuntu511:40
didrocksgreat, maybe waiting for tomorrow for the update? seeing if new things are queuing?11:41
didrocks(normally not, but we never know)11:41
didrocksbut still, I'll pull from your branch11:41
rodrigo_didrocks, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/maverick/evolution/add_u1_email_translations/+merge/36123 <- so if you can upload and merge, we should be good11:42
rodrigo_(no permissions for evolution package)11:42
rodrigo_didrocks, I'm going to talk with upstream to have the email thing translatable via gettext (with a intltool patch from danilo), because it's going to be a PITA to maintain this patch11:43
didrocksrodrigo_: I totally agree :)11:44
didrocksrodrigo_: no formatting for languages? like the enligsh one?11:44
rodrigo_didrocks, no, sorry :(11:44
didrocksrodrigo_: I don't really care, but that will be nice to have for Natty :)11:44
didrocksrodrigo_: you tested it and it's working?11:45
rodrigo_didrocks, but I wrote a script to integrate the translations, so working on trying to make it generate the HTML also11:45
didrocksrodrigo_: ok, I pull and merge that then11:45
didrocksrodrigo_: will wait before uploading11:45
didrocksthanks :)11:45
rodrigo_didrocks, yes, tested a few languages, both ones with no previous translation for the evolution mail, and ones with that mail already translated11:45
rodrigo_didrocks, dpm wants to be notified when the package is ready, so that translators for each language can check it11:46
rodrigo_didrocks, the problem is that the translations don't include the HTML formatting (<a href...) the English version has, so I need to parse it and guess where the formatting goes11:47
didrocksrodrigo_: yeah, that's a PITA :/11:47
rodrigo_didrocks, so, I prefer to submit a plain text one, and hopefully if I make it work, submit a 2nd version of the patch with the HTML11:47
rodrigo_yeah, a royal PITA indeed :)11:47
didrocksrodrigo_: well, I'll upload tomorrow, maybe some changes will pile up for unity until then11:47
didrocksthanks ;)11:47
rodrigo_np :)11:47
didrockspitti: not sure who is in archive admin task, but it seems that cheese is ignored, do you know why? it's not in the same rule than any other GNOME components?11:54
pittididrocks: it'll be reviewed; several people review the queue several times a day, but it might not be entirely FIFO11:55
didrockspitti: ok, just wondered about it. Thanks! ;)11:55
didrockschrisccoulson: hey, how are you?11:55
chrisccoulsondidrocks - good thanks, how are you?11:55
didrockschrisccoulson: busy, but good :)11:57
didrockschrisccoulson: do you strike still on the gtk/gsd bug?11:57
didrockschrisccoulson: if you think it's too hard to get, do not hesitate to drop it11:58
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, i'm trying to figure that one out atm11:58
didrocksgreat, thanks ;) good luck!11:58
chrisccoulsonthanks :)11:58
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didrockssession restart, brb12:30
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chrisccoulsonjcastro - did you ask in here a few days ago about an issue with tomboy not displaying labels in the indicator menu?13:37
jcastroI did13:38
chrisccoulsonjcastro, did you ever reproduce it?13:38
bilalakhtarI know this is a somewhat offtopic question, but can anyone over here hilight the process of joining the recently made app review board?13:38
jcastroisn't it on the wiki?13:40
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chrisccoulsonmilanbv, so, libappindicator does actually handle the changed signal from GtkIconTheme, and updates GtkStatusIcon. isn't that unnecessary? (doesn't GtkImage already handle this same signal?)13:42
jcastrochrisccoulson: neither me, vandine, or karl were able to reproduce it13:43
chrisccoulsonjcastro, i can reproduce it :)13:43
jcastrochrisccoulson: so far only the people on the bug seem to have reproduced it13:43
chrisccoulsonjcastro - it happens when you're not using the indicator (ie, with the fallback)13:43
chrisccoulsoni've just got a menu full of blank entries13:43
chrisccoulsoni just stumbled across it when looking at another issue13:44
jcastrook, I'll let karl know13:44
mvompt: could you please have a look at this http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/tmp/Screenshot-Ubuntu%20Software%20Centre.png - its a fix for the missing support to show further information about a channel, it used to be a feature of gnome-app-install that was not used much, but it would be good to get it back because otherwise the "enable channel" screen is a bit terse13:50
mvompt: please let me know if that makes sense or if you think it should be done differently13:50
mptmvo, is that for a whitelisted repository?13:51
mvompt: yes13:51
mptmvo, that looks fine to me, apart from the "Share" link13:51
mvompt: currently its only maverick-partner, but the TI folks want to ship some more13:51
mvompt: ok, I make the button go away13:52
mptmvo, is 100% of that description provided by the repository maintainer?13:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - /dev/rfkill is only meant to be used by the root user isn't it?13:53
mvompt: yes13:54
cyphermoxchrisccoulson, right, through the rfkill command13:55
klattimerany chance of a repaste of the last few lines13:55
bilalakhtarjcastro: It isn't on the wiki13:55
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, oh, i wasn't aware of that. the bluetooth-applet is trying to open /dev/rfkill directly, it seems13:55
chrisccoulson<chrisccoulson> pitti - /dev/rfkill is only meant to be used by the root user isn't it?13:55
chrisccoulson<cyphermox> chrisccoulson, right, through the rfkill command13:56
cyphermoxchrisccoulson, oh13:56
klattimerok, this isn't a brilliant state of affairs13:56
chrisccoulsonhow did this used to work?13:56
jcastrobilalakhtar: oh sorry, it was on the mailing list: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-August/031084.html13:57
bilalakhtarThanks jcastro !13:57
klattimerchrisccoulson: the code is pretty specific13:58
bilalakhtarjcastro: as I mentioned, the biggest mistake in my life was not joining ubuntu-devel but joining ubuntu-devel-*. the aftermath of not joining resulted in me missing 2 deadlines, one for this and the other for the UDs sponsorship13:58
didrockssession restart, brb13:58
klattimerchrisccoulson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/497680/13:59
klattimerand later to set the state it writes directly to the device13:59
chrisccoulsonklattimer, so, this hasn't really changed between 2.30 and 2.31.x14:00
chrisccoulsonso, we must have previously set ACL's on /dev/rfkill14:00
klattimermust have14:01
chrisccoulsonhmmm, /lib/udev/rules.d/61-gnome-bluetooth-rfkill.rules14:02
chrisccoulsonok, i think the udev rule for gnome-bluetooth is not doing the right thing anymore, but i need pitti's help here :)14:06
chrisccoulsoneverything else is doing TAG+="udev-acl", but gnome-bluetooth is doing ENV{ACL_MANAGE}="1"14:07
chrisccoulsonlooks suspicious to me :)14:07
chrisccoulsonok, that fixes it14:14
chrisccoulsonklattimer, i'll upload a fix for that in a minute14:14
klattimerchrisccoulson: brilliant14:15
pittichrisccoulson: I think the bluetooth applet might use it as well -- there was at least one thing which talked to it from userspace14:17
pittichrisccoulson: I remember an udev rule which allowed access to regular users14:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - it's ok, i've got a fix already14:17
pittichrisccoulson: ah, right14:17
chrisccoulsonthe current udev rule is wrong14:17
chrisccoulsoni'm just going to upload the fix now14:18
pittichrisccoulson: ENV{ACL_MANAGE} is supposed to be an internal implementation detail of udev-acl14:18
pittichrisccoulson: if you use TAG, it'll work14:18
pittichrisccoulson: ok, good14:18
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i just changed it to use TAG, and it works now14:18
pittichrisccoulson: sorry for delay, was out for lunch14:18
chrisccoulsonthat's ok :)14:18
didrockskenvandine: good morning :)14:26
kenvandinedidrocks, good morning14:27
didrockskenvandine: do you think you'll have some time today for updating the telepathy stack (folks, mission-control, gabble) to the version that upstream advised?14:27
kenvandinei'll make time for that :)14:28
kenvandineupstream advised?14:28
kenvandinespecific version?14:28
kenvandineor latest?14:28
didrockskenvandine: specific version, one sec14:28
didrockskenvandine: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/desktop-devel-list/2010-September/msg00037.html14:30
didrockskenvandine: don't look at the bullets, it's the requirement. The advise is in the next paragraph :)14:30
didrocksthanks kenvandine :)14:31
didrockssession restart, crossing fingers!14:31
milanbvchrisccoulson: you found a place where libappindicator is watching the 'changed' signal?14:42
milanbvI didn't notice this14:42
chrisccoulsonmilanbv - yeah, it's doing that14:43
milanbvof course it's wrong, since GIcon is meant to update automatically14:43
chrisccoulsonyeah, it does seem wrong14:43
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure if it has anything to do with the crash, but i'll start looking at it again in a bit14:43
chrisccoulsoni had to get a break and look at something else ;)14:43
milanbvcould be - if the signal handler is called before the default handler from GtkImage14:43
chrisccoulsonbefore my head exploded14:43
milanbvthe GIcon could be destroyed right after the custom handler uses it14:44
milanbvnasty bug...14:44
chrisccoulsonyeah, this bug is a bit of a pain14:44
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milanbvchrisccoulson: I confirm theme_changed_cb() should not exist14:56
milanbvthat may fix the bug, but it's hard to explain exactly why it crashes14:56
milanbvsince anyway it doesn't crash everytime you change theme...14:56
milanbvtedg: if you're looking for a nice bug to work on... :-p14:58
milanbvChris has found out that the gnome-settings-daemon crash could be linked with libappindicator updating the GtkStatusIcon when theme changes, which isn't needed14:59
tedgmilanbv, No, I'm in holding pattern.  It seems that OMG Ubuntu is down -- my life is in a holding pattern.14:59
kenvandinerodrigo_, i pushed more u1ms fixes to lp:~ken-vandine/ubuntu/maverick/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/gconf15:00
tedgmilanbv, It does need to handle theme changes as the icon could change when the theme changes.15:00
milanbvtedg: yeah, that's the point15:01
milanbvI guess this redundant signal causes weird things15:01
milanbveven if I can't tell why it doesn't at least work15:01
kenvandinerodrigo_, i proposed a merge https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu/maverick/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/gconf/+merge/3614715:02
rodrigo_kenvandine, looking15:10
rodrigo_kenvandine, oh, it's u1ms, sorry :(15:11
kenvandineno worries15:11
kenvandinethat is what aquarius gave you :)15:11
rodrigo_kenvandine, that's what aquarius had, yes15:11
kenvandinerodrigo_, but this actually works15:11
* rodrigo_ blames aquarius15:11
rodrigo_looking at the source branch now15:11
* fagan wonders if there is going to be any update to the u1ms in terms of functionality next release15:11
rodrigo_kenvandine, ah, it's the same branch :)15:13
rodrigo_kenvandine, ok, so approved15:13
kenvandinerodrigo_, only question i have is why it doesn't open the music store and go straight to the song15:13
kenvandineaquarius, ^^15:13
kenvandinerodrigo_, so don't upload yet... lets find out about that15:14
* aquarius is blamed15:19
* aquarius is on a phone call, though15:19
aquariusit *should* go straight to the song15:20
aquarius(sorry about the x- thing)15:20
kenvandineaquarius, no worries15:20
kenvandineaquarius, it doesn't :)15:20
aquariuskenvandine, what does it do? open rhythmbox?15:21
kenvandinebut not to the store15:21
aquariusif you start rhythmbox as "rhythmbox -D U1" from the terminal, and then click a link, what output do you get?15:22
kenvandineaquarius, one sec15:22
rodrigo_maybe it got broken with the last rb plugin API changes15:23
kenvandineTraceback (most recent call last):15:24
kenvandine  File "umusicstore/__init__.py", line 49, in activate15:24
kenvandine    shell.props.sourcelist.select(self.source)15:24
kenvandineAttributeError: 'U1MusicStorePlugin' object has no attribute 'source'15:24
kenvandinei see that when it loads the plugin15:24
kenvandinebut no output at all when i click on the link15:24
kenvandinei think that %s is getting eaten15:24
kenvandinelooks at the man page, it only takes options15:25
kenvandineaquarius, it probably needs to be rhythmbox-client --select-source=%s15:26
* kenvandine tests15:26
rodrigo_kenvandine, hmm, maybe it needs to be "rhythmbox %s" ?15:26
aquariuskenvandine, it worked for me first.15:26
rodrigo_kenvandine, in the gconf-defaults file?15:26
aquariuskenvandine, if you're getting that error above then the problem is that the plugin isn't loading correctly15:26
aquariusand so becuse the plugin isn't loaded, it isn't catching the URL.15:26
rodrigo_kenvandine, that object has no attribute 'source' thing was fixed some weeks ago, I guess you're running latest packages of everything?15:27
aquariusah, crapsticks15:27
aquariusrodrigo_, i thought this source thing was fixed?15:27
kenvandinerodrigo_, i am15:27
rodrigo_yes, it was15:27
* rodrigo_ checks15:28
aquariusrodrigo_, hasn't been in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-control-tower/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/trunk/annotate/head:/umusicstore/__init__.py -- was any fix merged?15:28
rodrigo_hmm, I don't get that warning at all, with latest rb and the plugin15:32
rodrigo_self.source is supposed to be from rb.Plugin, isn't it?15:32
aquariusI have 0.1.5 installed, and 0.1.6 is in the archive, so I may need to upgrade. kenvandine, which version do you have?15:33
aquariusI get the same self.source error15:33
kenvandinei have 0.1.615:34
rodrigo_0.1.6 just has the fix from kenvandine from yesterday about the tweet button not showing up15:34
aquariusrodrigo_, uh? so you run rhythmbox -D U1 and don't get that error?15:34
rodrigo_let me try with -D U115:34
rodrigo_I don't get that error, but the store is not selected15:35
aquariusthe store won't be selected because you have the "it's run before" key15:36
aquariusthat's why you're not getting the error :)15:36
aquariusdelete the gconf key /apps/rhythmbox/plugins/umusicstore/first_time_flag15:36
aquariusand I think the line that refers to self.source should actually refer to self.music_store_widget.source15:36
rodrigo_I have rhythmbox                                 0.13.1-0ubuntu415:36
aquariusand I didn't catch this bug because I already had the flag so that bit of code didn't get run :(15:37
rodrigo_is that what you both have?15:37
aquariusrodrigo_, yes15:37
aquariusrodrigo_, if you delete the key, I think you'll see the error15:37
rodrigo_hmm, let me try15:37
rodrigo_I'll propose a branch15:39
aquariustest it first ;-)15:39
rodrigo_yeah :)15:40
rodrigo_yeah, that line needs to be self.music_store_widget.source15:42
rodrigo_seems to work15:43
rodrigo_let me try now with -D U115:43
rodrigo_hmm, that doesn't seem to work15:43
aquariusdoes it throw an error?15:43
aquariusor does it just try to select the source but fail?15:44
aquarius(you may need to delete the key again)15:44
rodrigo_no error/warning on the terminal, no15:44
rodrigo_when I delete the key and activate it, it goes correctly to the music store15:45
rodrigo_but then quit, and run -D U1, and it just goes to the main library15:45
rodrigo_ah, but we have that in __init__.py#activate:15:46
rodrigo_# Select the source if it's the first time15:46
rodrigo_        conf_client = gconf.client_get_default ()15:46
rodrigo_        if not conf_client.get_bool(U1_FIRST_TIME_FLAG_ENTRY):15:46
rodrigo_            shell.props.sourcelist.select(self.music_store_widget.source)15:46
rodrigo_            conf_client.set_bool(U1_FIRST_TIME_FLAG_ENTRY, True)15:46
rodrigo_so it only does it when the key is False or doesn't exist, right?15:46
rodrigo_so, that is, -D U1 calls the activate in __init.py, right?15:46
rodrigo_right, if I unset the key, -D U1 works ok15:47
rodrigo_aquarius, so, why do we only do that on first run, do you remember?15:48
aquariusbecause it draws attention to the music store the first time you start rhythmbox, but doesn't ram it down your throat every time15:48
rodrigo_so if we don't check for the key there, it activates it always, right?15:49
* rodrigo_ checks15:49
rodrigo_yeah, but this makes -D U1 not work15:49
rodrigo_and there is no way for the plugin to check the command line15:50
rodrigo_and I guess rb u1ms://... calls activate in _init_.py, right?15:51
rodrigo_aquarius, ^15:51
rodrigo_aquarius, in fact, how does the url get registered in rb? how does rb know which source to show? U1MSLinks doesn't seem to do anything related to that15:53
* aquarius looks for the code15:54
rodrigo___init__.py only has code to activate / deactivate it15:55
aquariusit's in musicstorewidget15:56
aquariusdo_impl_want_uri and do_impl_add_uri15:56
aquariusu1mslinks is the thing that *provides* u1mslinks, not the thing that handles them15:57
aquariusthe musicstorewidget handles them, because it knows how to open the store15:57
rodrigo_so, I guess we miss a call to .activate there, in do_impl_add_uri15:57
aquariusthe plugin doesn't need to check the command line: when RB gets started with a url, it says to all the plugins "hey, I have a u1ms:// URL, do you want it?"15:58
aquariusrodrigo_, so the problem is that the store isn't appearing on first load?15:58
rodrigo_aquarius, on first load, with the fix I just did, yes15:58
rodrigo_but then -D U1 doesn't work15:58
aquariusor is the store not appearing in the RB user interface *at all* if it's started from a u1ms link?15:58
rodrigo_kenvandine, ^^15:59
* rodrigo_ tests15:59
aquariusnot sure what you mean about -D U1 not working?15:59
kenvandineit is for me15:59
kenvandinei have the store15:59
kenvandinebut the store doesn't get displayed15:59
kenvandinei have to select it15:59
rodrigo_aquarius, rhythmbox -D U116:00
rodrigo_aquarius, because of the first_time_flag we have16:00
aquariusrodrigo_, why does having the first_time_flag stop -D U1 working? confused!16:01
rodrigo_aquarius, because of the code I pasted above16:02
rodrigo_we only call shell.props.sourcelist.select(self.music_store_widget.source) if the first_time_flag is not set16:02
rodrigo_or is False16:02
aquariusso delete the key and then run rhythmbox, no?16:03
aquariusI'd stick a "print self.music_store_widget.source" just above the line where we select it, I think, to see if that code's actually being run and whether the source is correctly set16:04
aquariusI feel like I am missing your point :)16:04
rodrigo_aquarius, it works if I delete the key, but then after that, running rb -D U1 doesn't select the music store16:05
aquariuswhen you say "it works if I delete the key", does that mean "it correctly selects the music store the first time I run Rhythmbox after deleting the key"?16:06
rodrigo_aquarius, yes16:06
aquariusthat's what's supposed to happen!16:06
aquariushooray, you have fixed the bug.16:07
aquariusYou don't seem as happy about this as I would imagine you would be :)16:07
rodrigo_aquarius, yes, was looking at the other thing from kenvandine16:07
rodrigo_do_impl_add_uri is never called for me16:07
aquariusdon't know why that doesn't happen16:08
rodrigo_aquarius, is the return 100 in do_impl_want_uri what rb expects for knowing our plugin supports that?16:08
aquariusyou return a score, 0-100, saying how much you want this URL16:08
aquariusso you could say 80, and then if someone else says 100 then they win16:09
desrttedg: yes/no :)16:09
rodrigo_aquarius, do_impl_want_uri is never called neither16:09
* aquarius grumbles16:09
tedgdesrt, Actually have a TODO to write you a mail, looks like no :(16:10
aquariusit used to be, I promise16:10
aquariusrodrigo_, are you sure it's running the version of the plugni that you're editing?16:10
rodrigo_aquarius, yes16:10
aquariusthen...don't know.16:10
desrttedg: that's a shame :(16:10
rodrigo_aquarius, there were some API changes in one of the rb updates, so this might have broke then16:10
desrtcody is still in, i guess?16:10
aquariusrodrigo_, how are you starting rhyhtmbox?16:10
rodrigo_aquarius, rhythmbox u1ms://stores.7digital.com/corporate_1/artists/govt-mule/the-deepest-end-live-in-concert-1/16:11
aquariushow do you know whether do_impl_want_uri is being called or not?16:11
rodrigo_aquarius, added print's16:11
aquariusyeah, but if you don't have -D U1 you won't see the prints16:11
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
rodrigo_aquarius, with -D U1, same thing16:13
aquariusnow, impl_want_uri is weird16:14
aquariusI remember those functions being weird when I was writing this16:14
aquariusinstead of having it print something, try something a bit more permanent like writing to a temp file16:15
rodrigo_aquarius, kenvandine: for he time being, I've proposed this branch -> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store/fix-first-time-activation/+merge/3615716:15
rodrigo_aquarius, ok16:15
aquariusrodrigo_, branch approved16:16
kenvandinerodrigo_, that does fix the url problem though right?16:17
rodrigo_kenvandine, it doesn't, looking at that now, it doesn't work for me neither16:17
aquariuskenvandine, no. that just fixes the source error we were getting.16:17
aquariusnow, if a link doesn't take you to the right page in the store, it's actually a problem with the plugin16:18
aquariuswhich I will help debug just as soon as I've finished helping with desktopcouch ;)16:18
tedgdesrt, I agree.16:18
rodrigo_aquarius, I'll keep debugging on my side16:19
rodrigo_hey desrt!16:19
desrthopefully we can spend some time at UDS16:19
desrtrodrigo_: hey :)16:19
rodrigo_desrt, going to uds then?16:19
desrtpfft.  as if i'd miss that party!16:19
rodrigo_desrt, heh16:19
desrtwe're gonna go get drunk with mickey mouse, right?16:20
rodrigo_yes, and pluto is coming also16:20
desrtthe dog drinks me under the table every time16:20
desrt...it could be that i'm remembering things wrong, though16:20
desrtsomeone really needs to package an updated modemmanager for ubuntu16:27
robbiewhey RAOF...so is nouveau currently busted for us in 10.10?17:00
didrockshey desrt, how are you?17:27
didrockshum, meeting time17:30
* kenvandine waves17:30
didrockschrisccoulson, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox: hey17:30
didrocksam I forgetting someone? :)17:31
didrockshey tkamppeter ;)17:31
didrocksshort list this week :-)17:31
didrockslet's keep it short then17:31
didrocks(and chrisccoulson, did you bought a car? :p)17:31
chrisccoulsoni might have17:31
didrockshehe, but you prefered the meeting to buy one, great! ;)17:32
didrocksso, action from previous meeting17:32
didrocksI had a call for testing the migration tools with custom launcher on unity17:32
didrocksdid someone tried it?17:32
* didrocks ears desperatly only the wind :)17:33
didrockswell, I've retried it (forced due to a / FS corruption)17:33
didrocksand it worked :)17:33
didrocksit seems that I got some bug report with special caracter in the desktop name17:34
didrocksso, people may have try it17:34
chrisccoulsoni've not had a chance to try it, but i can try it if there's still some value in that17:34
didrocksthere is a pending fix :)17:34
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, it would be great!17:34
didrocksinstruction are from last week meeting17:34
didrocksok, let's move on so17:34
didrockskenvandine, parteners update?17:35
kenvandineU1 guys are testing a fix for couchdb that CouchOne thinks will fix replication17:35
kenvandinebug 42217817:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 422178 in couchdb (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "CouchDB needs to properly enable SSL support (affects: 2) (heat: 18)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42217817:35
kenvandinea bunch of fixes for u1ms plugin in rb, gwibber integration and url handler stuff17:36
kenvandinebut not completely fixed yet, it isn't opening rb to the store page as it should17:36
kenvandineubuntuone-client  - bug 64039217:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 640392 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "syncdaemon_metadata_get_is_synced always returns FALSE for post-generations folders (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64039217:36
kenvandineFixed to show proper emblems on folders in nautilus (rather than showing "updating" emblem across synced folders) -17:36
kenvandineand bug 617656  Causes nautilus to hang when u1 is asking for a lot of folders. Still trying to track down the root cause after many hours of debugging and troubleshooting.17:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 617656 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "nautilus hangs while asking for folders (affects: 3) (heat: 18)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61765617:37
kenvandinewill go in this week17:37
didrocksbefore thursday then?17:37
kenvandineby tomorrow, if they aren't in already, i think i saw a changelog for that17:37
didrocksgreat :)17:38
kenvandinethat's it for U117:38
didrocksso, desktopcouch should now replicate everything? We shouldn't have any known issue during it?17:38
aquariusdidrocks, not yet.17:38
kenvandineaquarius, there are other bugs?17:38
didrocksok, that's a separate issue?17:38
kenvandinei thought this fixed it for maverick...17:38
aquariusdidrocks, we're working with the couchio and erlang teams right now for an SSL fix.17:38
* aquarius does the long-suffering look.17:38
* didrocks hugs aquarius17:39
kenvandineso this only fixes part of it... dang17:39
kenvandinepoor aquarius17:39
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, so, nautilus is hanging rather than crashing, right?17:39
kenvandinei'll buy you another beer in orlando :)17:39
aquariuskenvandine, heh17:39
kenvandinechrisccoulson, yes17:39
didrocksnice, way better :)17:39
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, well, bug 635614 might be a good place to start17:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 635614 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Should use async dbus calls when talking to syncdaemon, and stop blocking nautilus UI (affects: 1) (heat: 426)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63561417:39
aquariuskenvandine, do you know how far rodrigo got with investigating why the music store isn't opening to the correct page with a link? I'm available to help now but he's gone :(17:39
kenvandineok, i'll make sure they are looking at that17:40
chrisccoulsondoing long synchronous dbus calls from the main thread is baaaaaadddd....17:40
kenvandineaquarius, nope17:40
chrisccoulsonthose calls hang the whole UI17:40
aquariuskenvandine, ok, I'll chase him later17:40
kenvandineok, i'll point them at it17:40
didrockskenvandine: can you show them this bug and suggest moving to that?17:40
kenvandineanything else on U1?17:40
didrocksthanks :)17:40
didrocksnot for me, you can go on17:40
kenvandinefor DX, the biggest thing is ABI change in libindicator17:41
kenvandinebug 637692 (shotwell import dialog won't close)17:41
ubot2Launchpad bug 637692 in unity (and 5 other projects) "Action for top-level dropdown menu item not activated (affects: 3) (heat: 155)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63769217:41
didrocks(API change in fact)17:41
kenvandinedidrocks, oh it is?17:41
didrockskenvandine: yeah, we discussed again this morning17:41
kenvandinemissed that...17:41
didrockskenvandine: but it's the ABI issue which is annoying17:41
didrocks(well, my morning :))17:41
didrocksit's basically changing a structure and adding an optional call17:42
kenvandineso this will require a bunch of rebuilds17:42
kenvandineanything more than rebuilds?17:42
didrocksjust on indicator-appmenu, adding the call17:42
didrocksbut rebuild for others17:42
didrocksso, that's the scary part17:43
kenvandinei am testing those builds now17:43
kenvandinewell trying too... had to free some space on this SSD :)17:43
didrocksgreat, I'll coordinate with the release team for getting that approved17:43
kenvandinealso got one more thing for design17:43
kenvandinehit me after i updated the wiki17:44
kenvandinethey are requesting a couple UIF exceptions17:44
kenvandinefor usability reasons17:44
kenvandinevery minor... and shouldn't affect screenshots or anything17:44
didrockson what component?17:44
kenvandinelight-themes and compiz17:44
didrocksshouldn't affect screenshots?17:44
kenvandinecompiz is tweaking shadows in the default settings17:45
kenvandinemoving them down 4 pixels17:45
kenvandinenot noticable17:45
didrocksand the other one? on light-theme N17:45
kenvandineone more change for compiz17:45
kenvandinethe inactive window decorations are no longer transparent17:46
kenvandinefor the theme17:46
didrockshum, this is some kind of visible :/17:46
didrocksdesign should learn the freeze…17:46
didrockssomething to work on at UDS17:46
Riddellspeaking of which, any word on the font?17:46
chrisccoulsoni was just thinking the same ;)17:47
kenvandinedidrocks, let me grab the link for the theme email , easier17:47
didrockskenvandine: can you follow that and ask them to do the UI freeze paperwork?17:47
kenvandineRiddell, nothing confirmed yet17:47
kenvandinedidrocks, already doing that now... :)17:47
didrockskenvandine: great, thanks :) (and yeah, if I can have the email, that will be good, thanks)17:47
kenvandinelast week they said they wouldn't push for the exception, but changed their mind... seems they are worried from a usability stand point17:47
didrocksany other question for kenvandine?17:48
kenvandinei'll update the wiki with the details17:49
didrocksok, moving on17:50
didrocksthanks kenvandine17:50
didrocksRiddell: kubuntu update? (not sure as you were on vacation IIRC last week)17:50
RiddellI was but since I'm never far away from Kubuntu I can do an update anyway17:50
Riddell * Qt 4.7.0 just got released, we'll probably upload it although it's just a version number bump compared to what we currently have17:50
Riddell * shiny new KPackagekit with applications view in the archive17:50
Riddell * component mismatches is tidied up for Kubuntu bits17:50
Riddell * possible samba sharing patches to be added yet, since this is broken anyway it can't get much worse17:50
Riddell * 18 tagged beasties http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3 mostly I expect them to be fixable or ignorable so I'm generally happy with where we are17:50
Riddelloh and thanks to persia for fixing koffice on ARM17:52
didrockswelcome back Riddell, btw :)17:52
didrocksso even "High" priority bugs aren't so high? the list is reasonable?17:52
Riddellthey're high but I'm comfortable we have time to fix them17:53
RiddellI'll start panicing in about a week's time :)17:53
didrocksheh, right, let's postpone panic :)17:54
didrocksany question for Riddell?17:54
Nekoanyone know where the size of the Applications button up top is defined?17:54
didrocksNeko: we are in a meeting now17:55
didrocksok, seems not, let's move on next topic17:55
NekoI'm patient :D17:55
didrocksthanks Riddell17:55
didrocksso, here is the most important piece of ubuntu: UNE :-)17:55
didrocks(sorry, kidding, that was my only chance to do that joke!)17:55
didrocksLot of bugs fixed (more than 40!) in one week. A lot of goodness thanks to the crazy unity team. Still a lot of fixes in the pipeline. Hurring for a wednesday's evening upload for final fixes.17:56
didrocksthe dx team is really rocking17:56
didrocksunity is in a way better state regarding crashes17:56
didrocksand a lot of goodness will come soon17:56
didrockskudos to them :)17:56
didrocksWe also got an issue this week due to a mesa upload breaking all clutter-based app (and so unity).17:56
devildanteyeah, from what I've heard, unity is exciting :)17:56
didrocksfortunately, the fix made his way fast enough17:57
didrocksthat's it for unity, any question?17:57
devildantebtw, hi all :)17:57
tremoluxhey devildante!17:57
didrockshey devildante ;)17:57
devildantehi :)17:57
didrocksok, next topic, tremolux, USC update?17:57
tremoluxhi didrocks, yep17:58
tremoluxBuy Something: new $1 test package uploaded, continued testing, target to open up for general testing this week17:58
tremoluxNew Apps: extras.ubuntu.com key added to default sources.list and to keyring, all pieces now in place for new-apps17:58
tremoluxMisc:  of course, lots of testing, targeted bugfixing17:58
tremoluxso, things a moving along  :)17:58
didrocksabout extras.ubuntu.com17:58
didrocksI got an issue with it yesterday17:58
didrocksI tried to apt-get source <whatever<17:59
tremoluxkeyring issue?17:59
didrocksas the repo wasn't there, it didn't want to source it17:59
didrockswell, I have to get a deeper look, but not sure it was only a keyring issue17:59
didrocks(fresh forced install from Sunday)17:59
tremoluxok, you may not yet have the package that sets it up yet18:00
tremoluxnot sure18:00
tremoluxmaybe we can talk after18:00
didrocksok, something to try then :)18:00
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didrocks(yes, no key from what I see)18:01
tremoluxso you don't have the extras.ubuntu.com repo at all?18:01
tremoluxor, you have it but not the key>?18:01
didrocksdo you need testing on the buy something?18:01
didrockslet's talk about extras after the meeting18:01
tremoluxsure!  would appreciate that18:01
tremoluxbut, it will cost you $1 to test  ;)18:01
didrocksfor rick's wallpaper, I can live with that :)18:02
tremoluxmaybe give it a few hours as I *think* we are working out issues still with the new $1 package18:02
didrocksok ;)18:02
tremoluxthanks didrocks18:02
didrocksnice to see it finally coming! awesome work ;)18:02
didrocksany question on USC?18:02
tremoluxthanks (on behalf of the team)!  :)18:02
* devildante wonders when it will be part of the USC team18:03
didrocksok, moving on, thanks tremolux18:03
devildantenot that it is a demand :p18:03
didrocksdevildante: discuss that with them after the meeting :)18:03
didrocksso, no pedro this week18:03
devildanteokay :)18:04
didrockswhich means, no new bugs \o/18:04
tremoluxdevildante: heh, well, you are part of the team for sure, on LP is just a formality18:04
didrocksmore seriously, I'm tracking bugs assigned to our team18:04
didrocksI assigned some already, nothing to be concerned about18:04
devildantetremolux, thanks :)18:04
didrocksso, no wasting time on that now18:04
didrocksok, so release status: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-10.10.html18:05
didrockswell… no activity which is normal as we should really focus on bugs18:05
devildanteI still don't understand these graphs :p18:05
didrocksplease please, update your WI, postpone them, close them18:05
didrocksseems to be the case, apart from RAOF (I will speak to him)18:06
didrocksand pitti!18:06
pittioops :)18:06
faganwin 718:06
faganwhoops sorry18:06
* pitti defers his18:06
didrockspitti: no worry, we are still under the trendline :)18:06
didrocksok, that's it for that part, any question?18:07
didrockshum, there is no mozilla update in the template, chrisccoulson, something to share?18:07
chrisccoulsondidrocks - i've not filled in my bit yet18:07
chrisccoulsonbut maverick is looking pretty good for mozilla18:08
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, I'm switching back to using firefox nowdays :)18:08
didrocksseems like you triaged a lot of bugs18:08
chrisccoulsondidrocks, you're the second person who's said that to me ;)18:08
devildantea silly question, is firefox 4.0 in 10.10?18:08
didrockschrisccoulson: good work!18:08
chrisccoulsonyeah, i spent some time looking at a bug report on friday, which looked like it might be a regression in lucid18:09
didrocksdevildante: will be updated when out as the new mozilla update policy18:09
devildantedidrocks, great, thanks :)18:09
chrisccoulsonand i spent nearly my entire day to then discover it wasn't, and the reporter flamed me when i closed the report :(18:09
didrockschrisccoulson: urgh, that happens… :/18:09
didrocksany other question on firefox?18:09
chrisccoulsoni've spent some time this week preparing things for natty18:10
chrisccoulsonone of those is to get the mozilla test-suite running on our builds in firerox 4.018:10
chrisccoulsonwhich i've done now :)18:10
didrockschrisccoulson: nice!18:10
didrockschrisccoulson: is there a ppa? :)18:10
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, there's the ubuntu-mozilla-daily PPA atm18:10
chrisccoulsonbut there will be another one soon for the FF4.0 beta's, which won't be daily builds18:11
didrocksok, natty will be cool, but maverick is our first top priority! Fixing bugs and update/install test should be our current focus :)18:11
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm doing that too ;)18:11
didrocksso, back on bug fixing/updating/crazy ABI migration handling! Let's keep maverick rocking and good work everyone! :)18:12
vishmvo / tremolux: someone just pointed out > http://fonts.debian.net/  !! ;)18:12
vishwhere did this guy go!!!!!  > http://twitter.com/mpt/statuses/669156210718:12
didrocksthanks all :)18:12
pittithanks didrocks18:12
vishoops.. meeting! :s18:12
didrocksvish: just finished, it's ok!18:13
devildantevish, I missed the discussion, what's that for?18:13
tremoluxthanks everybody18:13
vishdidrocks: phew! :)18:13
faganvish: thats awesome18:13
* kenvandine back to rebuilding18:13
vishdevildante: its for the font screenshots..18:13
devildantegreat :)18:13
vishseveral of the fonts have no screenshots..18:13
tremoluxvish: wow!18:14
vishwe should probably try to link to that.. :)18:14
faganand we should have one for the ubuntu font18:14
faganbut later18:14
faganvish: the best thing is that we can build from that18:14
faganthere is loads done18:14
tremoluxvish: that is seriously cool18:15
vish yea! seriously!18:15
chrisccoulsondidrocks - https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next18:17
chrisccoulsoncourtesy of micahg :)18:17
chrisccoulsonfor people who aren't brave enough for daily builds ;)18:17
didrockschrisccoulson: thanks, I'll take a look :)18:17
chrisccoulsonalthough, a fair bit has changed already between b6 and the current dailies18:18
chrisccoulson(ie, the statusbar has gone now)18:18
didrocksoh right, I read that18:19
chrisccoulsonalso, there's still a fair bit of discussion about what to do with the linux UI18:21
chrisccoulsoneg, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58537018:21
ubot2Mozilla bug 585370 in General "Implement the Firefox button on Linux" [Normal,Assigned]18:21
didrockshum, seeing that18:23
didrockswell… let's track that and see. given the ressource, we don't have a lot of options :)18:24
Nekomeeting over yet?18:38
and471Neko, yup18:39
Nekoanyone know where the size of the Applications button up top is defined?18:39
Nekothe button is called "Xfce Menu" but the .desktop that defines that is not seemingly used as the translation for it is Xfce Menu.. not Applications. I can't tell where that string comes from therefore I worry about where this menu and it's size and position are actually defined18:40
Nekoif I knew that I could just fix it :]18:41
Nekoso any ideas?18:41
NekoI'm also curious what settings defines the default backdrop etc. for the desktop, and the gdm backdrop.. older gdms I'd edit the theme but now it's seemingly some magical gconf somewhere..18:43
didrocksNeko: I think you'll find xfce guys on #ubuntu rather18:48
Neko.... it does the same for GNOME FYI18:48
Nekothere is some special magic being done to this button somewhere :]18:48
didrocksNeko: not the same applet and panel18:49
Nekoso where would it be for gnome just as an FYI18:49
didrocksNeko: for gdm, you should log in as the gdm user18:49
didrocksNeko: well, I think I know GNOME a little and no, it's not the same technology18:49
Nekoto change the backdrop for gdm?18:49
didrocksbackground, not sure what a backdrop is18:50
Nekosame thing18:50
Nekoyou use painting terms I use theater terms :D18:50
NekoI need to log in as gdm? I just want to know where it keeps the string that says "this is the png I load behind the greeter window"18:50
didrocksNeko: the gconf key is /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename as the gdm user18:52
Nekoso it's kept in /var/lib/gdm/.gconf/desktop/und/so/weiter then by that reckoning?18:52
didrocksNeko: exactly18:53
Nekookay consider that this does not exist here where is the default kept18:54
didrocksNeko: it's the default system one then, generated by update-gconf-defaults from /usr/share/gconf/defaults/16_ubuntu-wallpapers18:58
Nekohere that's "/usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png"18:59
NekoI have my doubts this has been valid for about 4 years18:59
didrocksbecause when you upgrade,  you still want people having their wallpapers19:00
didrocksso, we keep the same filename19:00
didrocksok, dinner time there!19:00
Nekoso warty-final-ubuntu.png is provided by some update-alternatives stuff then?19:01
dobeyhrmm. wonder when i can upload to narwhal19:01
bcurtiswx_dobey, gotta wait until after 10.10.10 at least19:02
mvovish: cool, fonts.debian.net - we should use this to generate font screenshots inside software-center19:42
vishmvo: yup! i'v added it to the unresolved issues too.. probably for the fonts category, we can make SC grab screenshots from there..19:44
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