doctormoWell yes01:42
pleia2doctormo: ok, with art.ubuntu-owl.org do you want to do an initial bzr pull over what exists there now?17:26
pleia2I went ahead and did the symlink for the .htaccess17:27
doctormopleia2: Yes, pull over what we have, we can fix any mistakes.17:29
pleia2can you give me instructions for doing that?17:29
pleia2or is there a way you can do it?17:30
doctormopleia2: mv existing_dir somewhere_temporary; bzr checkout lp:~ubuntu-owlers/ubuntu-learning-materials/art-website original_dir_name17:48
doctormosorry for the delay, didn't catch your response.17:48
doctormoI can't do it because of the protected files in there.17:49
doctormoThen you would just move the 3 symlinks back in and we'll do a test by running the sync command and seeing if it kills those symlinks17:50
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