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rhpot1991!iso | Gibby19:31
ZinnGibby: Storage Groups are a streaming method of transmitting material to a frontend, meaning they don't provide block-level access to the file in question. An ISO is a disk image, and requires block-level access. Upstream has a plan to simulate a block device across the network using NBD for 0.24. Until then you can use the following workaround: http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/719:31
rhpot1991Gibby: you may be getting that19:32
Gibbyrhpot1991: so that means i would have to use nfs mounts or move the iso to the frontend right?19:34
tgm4883Gibby, yep, until 0.2419:34
tgm4883it's already fixed in 0.2419:34
Gibbytgm4883: hmmmph...19:34
rhpot1991or stop using ISOs19:41
rhpot1991Gibby: pretty easy to just nfs share19:41
rhpot1991and then make the file structure look the same19:42
rhpot1991and it will behave just like storage groups19:42
Gibbyyeah yeah i know, i am just going to rip it, they are far and few between19:47
Gibbydoing that work around got rid of the rest of the storage groups19:47
KeithamusIs radiotimes xmltv data feed down for anyone else? It just shows me the copyright message and no listings...19:50
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