akgranerpleia2, I just got home03:25
pleia2akgraner: got sorted, thanks :)03:25
akgranerthe meeting took a little longer than I thought it would...03:25
akgranerok cool03:25
akgranerso I can add all the App Dev stuff now then?03:26
akgranerdid that all get sorted out as well03:26
pleia2not sure03:26
akgranerthey told me 15 to 20 senior citizens and there was over 50 with a lot of questions - but it was a good meeting...03:26
akgranerpleia2, ahh ok - thanks03:27
pleia2nhandler has been working on some classbot stuff, he might be able to give a better update :)03:27
akgranernhandler, did you see what cjohnston was saying about App Dev Week stuff still showing up even though none of us could see it03:27
pleia2wow 50!03:27
akgraneryep and they all wanted CD's03:27
pleia2always fun when you get surprises like that ;)03:27
akgranerand they want to do an install fest03:28
pleia2that rocks03:28
akgranergotta round up more people for that - b/c there are some things I am just not able to fix or them03:28
nhandlerakgraner: It should be safe to add them. We had an old version of classbot running, so there wasn't much testing I could do at the time. I have gone ahead and updated it03:28
akgranernhandler, awesome!!! Thank you!03:28
akgranerI didn't want to add anything only to find out it needed to be redone :-)03:29
nhandlerakgraner: Even if ClassBot goes crazy again, you shouldn't need to redo your events (assuming you add them in the proper format)03:29
pleia2akgraner: oh, not sure if you saw but nhandler made great docs about how to add events, in case you ever need a reminder :) it's under "Calendar Format" on the classbot page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom/ClassBot03:31
akgraneryes  - I have it bookmarked :-)03:31
nhandlerpleia2: I still need to merge that page with the old one (that was not well linked to)03:31
akgranerI just have to remember - no re-occuring or repeating events :-)  I like to use that feature03:32
akgranerIt's ok on the Fridge and every other Calendar just not the one for Classroom...03:33
nhandlerakgraner: The issue with those types of events are that they are farily difficult to parse. For example, when I tried making a script to create the wiki markup for the upcoming meetings, I couldn't do it due to the recorring events and all day stuff03:34
akgranernhandler, no worries  - I just had to add a note for myself :-) otherwise I get in a hurry and forget which Calendar I am adding stuff too.. Being human just messes up my day sometimes03:35
nhandlerakgraner: Yeah, that can be a drag. I am working on fixing that issue ;)03:36
akgranernhandler, where can I file a bug on being human...03:36
akgranerI'll add a me too there03:36
* nhandler should ask in #launchpad / #ubuntu-bugs03:37
highvoltageakgraner: hey, what's up?03:37
akgranerhighvoltage, just getting things finished up :-/  it's been one on those Mondays...  Just took a deep breath and enjoyed a few minutes to regroup :-)  Now I can think straight...03:38
akgranerSomeone reminded me last week - the last 6-8 weeks I wasn't being very "Amberish"03:39
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akgranerThen they listed all the ways I wasn't being me - UGH!!!  That was not the reflection I was wanting to see  - so sorry y'all ... getting everything back on track now...03:44
akgraneranywho :-) it's all good - maybe this transparency stuff isn't so bad after all03:46
akgranerhighvoltage, ping07:30
akgranerwhen you are around can you ping me please... thanks07:31
akgranerhey all question for you about what to call a new section in UWN09:25
akgranerso we have people becoming MOTUs, or getting PPU, Universal Contributor, Kernel Package Set  that gives various upload rights etc09:27
akgranerSince people want to see who is approved like we have new members section in UWN09:27
akgranerI can't say welcome new members for these as some of these folks are already Ubuntu Members09:28
akgranerSo what should be call it?09:28
akgranerUbuntu Developers with new Status?09:29
akgranerUbuntu Developers granted new privileges?09:30
akgranerWelcome New Ubuntu Developers?09:30
akgranersuggestions? Thoughts?09:30
akgranerI'll go with Welcome New Ubuntu Developers for now unless you all can thing of something better09:33
highvoltageakgraner: pong12:34
highvoltageakgraner: ping12:34
highvoltageakgraner: yes, that sounds good!12:35
highvoltageI probably wouldn't suggested "New Ubuntu Developers" but I guess the "welcome" part is good :)12:35
akgranerI ran it past Colin :-)12:37
akgranerhe was around and took a look at it  - I wanted to make sure the format and wording would be good going forward12:38
akgranerhighvoltage, thanks for all the work you did on Issue 211 - I am about to post it....12:38
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:12:50
highvoltageakgraner: \o/13:04
akgranerhighvoltage, I have a meeting in an hour  - so I can't give you much feedback right this second - but if you take a look at the finished issue and have questions I should have some time later this afternoon13:08
akgranerinternalkernel, eek - I don't think your name is on this issue :-/13:08
internalkernelHOW DARE YOU!13:09
internalkernelit's all good... I dont do if for acknowledgemnet...13:09
internalkernelI love this I got a ton of cliches13:09
akgranerI'll add you in in just a sec before I post to the Fridge13:10
akgranersorry about that13:10
internalkernelits all good...13:10
internalkernelI totally dont have a feeling about it one way or another, so if it's a pain don't even worry about it13:10
highvoltageakgraner: just noticed the changes made, I'll try to make next entries more like that13:11
akgraneryour's were good...13:11
akgranerBut General Community News gets formated differently13:11
akgraneryou did great pulling those by they way13:12
akgranerno it's fine I am running on willpower at the moment13:12
akgranerDang I am having to relog into everything this morning :-/13:20
alourieakgraner: ping13:31
alourieakgraner: there's a small mistake in the weekly letter13:34
akgraneris it about the verify the links?13:34
akgranerI pulled that line :-/  or somethine else...   :-)13:35
alourieakgraner: no, it about Launchpad features13:35
alourieI'm not sure the author meant Jono Bacon :-)13:36
akgraneralourie, I'm in the wiki now - I can fix it  - what needs to be fixed?13:36
akgranerlet me look13:36
alouriehe was talking about another Jono13:36
alouriethe link is here: http://blog.launchpad.net/general/everything-in-launchpad13:36
alourieJono is Jonathan Lange13:37
akgranerI'm sorry I'll fix that  - thank you!13:37
akgraneralourie, Thank you - it's fixed now13:39
alourieakgraner: sure13:40
akgranerI don't know Jonathan Lange what is his IRC nick I want to apologize to him....  do you know off the top of your head13:40
alourieI think it's jvm13:40
alourieas that's his launchpad nick13:40
akgraneralourie, thanks!13:40
alourieakgraner: oh, it's jml13:40
alourie"jml on network irc.freenode.net"13:41
akgranerawesome thanks :-)13:43
alourieakgraner: is there a way to contribute/help to the letter/fridge? I remember you posted something like that a while ago13:44
akgraneralourie, yes :-) but I am about walk out the door for a meeting.. Can I ping you when I get back?13:45
alourieakgraner: sure thing13:46
alouriein couple of hours though, going to meeting myself13:46
akgranerno worried if not today them just catch me here in the morning...13:47
alourieakgraner: sure, just ping me when you're available and I'll catch you13:47
akgranerAnother awesome week you all!  Issue 211 has been published the -news mailing lists and the announcement that it is available has been sent to various mailing lists, posted in the various IRC channels, as well as The Fridge, The Planet, and The Forums and we are ready for a new week in Ubuntu News - Thanks agian!13:50
akgranerIssue 212 will cover September 19th-25th, 201013:50
akgranerHere are the links for working on next weeks issue:13:50
akgraner* etherpad for adding summaries -  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN13:50
akgraner* etherpad for adding links and titles only - http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN-Ideas13:50
akgraner* googledoc - https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdKZelXU8Y2LZGNrcHRkYmhfODlkODNxNnRnZA&hl=en13:50
akgraner* wiki page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue21213:51
akgranerI already added some things to the working docs :-)  Thanks everyone and I will catch you all in a couple of hours!  Gotta go plan a Goat Festival :-D13:51
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