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ScottKyeshuah: The ubuntu server guide (see /topic) tells how to do this.01:38
* e_t_ is away: Gone away for now02:41
wizardslovakhello ppl03:34
wizardslovakwhats the command if i want to install packages LAMP, i forgot it03:35
wizardslovakthat which brings you same screen as on server install03:35
wizardslovakits not ap-get03:35
wizardslovakthat blue screen03:38
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zachtibalso posted in #ubuntu: anyone know of a way w/ libvirt and kvm to have separate users that can only access their own virtual machines?04:00
zachtibtrying to set up a vm server for our LUG so that new users can have a machine to learn on04:01
DatzIs there a way to see descriptions for updates using aptitude or other?04:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #644074 in ec2-api-tools (multiverse) "upgrade ec2-api-tools to 1.3-57419 (api version 2010-08-31)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64407404:41
JasonMSPTrying to get virtual users to work with VSFTPD.  this http://howto.gumph.org/content/setup-virtual-users-and-directories-in-vsftpd/ hasn't worked.  Error 530 Login incorrect when trying to login.05:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #644097 in clamav (main) "clamAV's scan stop on /sys dir." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64409706:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #644095 in dbconfig-common (main) "dbconfig shouldn't attempt to configure a database when no database server is available" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64409506:23
blue-froghi when inserting a usb key in a machine, it triggers some kernel uevent. Have I a way to recreate those uvent via command line. I hoped udevadm test --force --action=add would have done the trick but apparently --force is not an option anymore.07:56
zaashi, i have question about php fast cgi (fcgid) and php.ini08:07
zaascan i use a master php.ini and extend it with a .ini per user?08:07
zaasmy setup it with suexec and having a /var/www/username dir per site08:08
moobtesting 1 2 308:17
zaashi moon08:19
moobYou wouldn't happen to know any thing about Amazon EC2?08:19
zaasno, only s3, never worked with EC208:20
zaasanyone knows how to use a 2nd php.ini?08:27
remix_tjzaas: i've used it08:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #644156 in clamav (main) "package clamav-base 0.96.1+dfsg-0ubuntu0.10.04.2 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 10 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64415608:46
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ttxmathiaz: I'd fix it for maverick release. This has security implications and is realtively self-contained, I suppose12:06
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uvirtbotNew bug: #644288 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (universe) "mysql-server-5.0 on 08.04 LTS leaks filedescriptors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64428812:41
domasmy bug12:45
domasI certainly don't understand why people use distro mysql packages12:56
domasdistros should treat 5.x.* as patch-levels, not as separate versions12:57
domasonly bugfixes go there usually12:57
domasnow distro maintainers think they will do better job at bugfixing than hundred-people-teams12:57
alvinHow do I set a default printer? Man lpadmin tells me it's # lpadmin -d [destination], but lpstat -d still reports the wrong printer as default12:57
alvinDo I have to restart cupsys for this?13:01
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_rubendomas: easy of maintenance (have the distro maintainer keep track of the versions/issues/etc) .. but as always, its a double-sided knife ;)13:06
alvinok, I tried lpadmin -d on different systems with multiple printers. It doesn't work anywhere.13:07
domas_ruben: hehe, true. but still, I think distros should be more aggressive about getting patchlevel releases13:07
domasI'm sure more people get bitten by old bugs than new ones :)13:07
_rubendomas: hard to tell, as even known-to-be-bleeding-edge distros (like ubuntu is often categorized) still lag behind quite a bit ;)13:08
domaswell, ubuntu hardy never had anything else than 5.0.5113:09
domasI guess lucid is now lagging with 5.1 ones13:09
_rubenyeah, should be 6.x ;)13:09
domasthere's no 6.x13:12
domasit is 5.1.41 in ll13:13
alvinsetting default printer reported as 644304. Would this qualify as a server papercut?13:14
alvinbug 64430413:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 644304 in cups "lpadmin -d does not set default printer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64430413:15
_rubenah, 6.0 has been abandoned13:16
domas5.5 is next13:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #644308 in unixodbc (main) "package odbcinst1debian1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: impossível acessar arquivo: Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64430813:26
_rubenhrm, needa brush up my perl/xml skills stat .. the code i've been producing lately is ugly as fuck :p13:29
pmatulis!language | _ruben13:30
ubottu_ruben: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #644310 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64431013:31
maedox_ruben, isn't that a feature of perl, to create self-obfuscating code? :D13:38
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bobslaedeHi. Im trying to set up some virtual hosts, using libvirt, kvm and qemu and following all guides on the ubuntu website. I used ubuntu-vm-builder to create the guest and everything seemed to work just fine. However i cannot connect to this new guest, and it seems that its not getting an IP thru the default NAT setup. Also I cannot connect to the console via virsh13:41
sorenbobslaede: "virsh console" is only for text consoles. Use virt-viewer instead.13:45
smoserttx, arond ?13:47
ttxsmokie: o/13:47
ttxsmoser: o/13:50
smosersigh to you too13:50
ttxnow I have to type 4 characters to tabcomplete you13:50
smoseri was going to ask what i should need to do to get https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ec2-api-tools/+bug/644074 in13:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 644074 in ec2-api-tools "upgrade ec2-api-tools to 1.3-57419 (api version 2010-08-31)" [Undecided,New]13:50
DigitalDeviantIs there a way I can keep chown the same on ftp uploads using pureftpd ?13:52
ttxsmoser: discussion of benefit vs. risk with the release team. Note that this is technically multiverse, so the rules are relaxed.13:52
ttxI'd say... given that it's binary-only, the risk is contained13:53
ttxsmoser: when were those released ?13:54
smoserwell, at least announced yesterday.13:54
ttxso you can't really say they had field testing yet.13:54
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smoseri can't say for certain that the binaries were not available without mention piror to that.13:54
ttxthat's my only gripe about it. It's a young release.13:56
ttxsmoser: if my vote is asked for, I'd +1.13:56
ttxbenefits outweigh risks.13:56
smoserwell, yes. the only thing that i have to alleviate that is a.) its multiverse b.) we've never (and they've never) released a bug fix release soon after.13:57
ttxsmoser: sounds like you have a good case.13:58
_rubenpmatulis: my apologies, i actually had to reread my own text a few times in order to notice the profanities, what's this world coming to :(13:58
smoserso i should right up a justification for this and then upload ?13:59
bobslaedesoren: sorry for the delay. This is a headless server14:00
sorenbobslaede: So?14:07
bobslaedesoren: no X14:18
sorenbobslaede: Is it headless or is it X-less?14:19
bobslaedesoren: both14:22
sorenbobslaede: So you're not going to be at its console when you're doing this anyway.14:23
sorenbobslaede: again: virt-viewer is your friend. Run it on your desktop.14:23
bobslaedesoren: i dont have any access at all to the guests14:23
bobslaedesoren: also, my desktop is a windows machine14:24
sorenbobslaede: Then you're screwed.14:24
sorenout-of-the-box at least.14:24
bobslaedeI do have access to the servers console14:24
sorenYou can set up a serial console in the guests or whatnot.14:25
sorenbobslaede: I thought you said it was headless?14:25
bobslaedesoren: thru virsh console?14:25
bobslaedesoren: well, i can connect a screen to it14:25
bobslaedesoren: its just not at my current location14:25
sorenit's really quite simple. qemu (and hence kvm) emulates a framebuffer. To look at a framebuffer, you need something that can show graphics.14:26
sorenLike, say, a monitor.14:27
bobslaedesoren: which should work thru ssh no?14:27
sorenmonitors? No, they require VGA cables.14:27
sorenOr similar.14:27
sorenMy knowledge may be slightly outdated.14:28
bobslaedesoren: does it matter if im connected to the server thru ssh, or at the console?14:28
sorenAll I'm saying is that the solution to your problem is virt-viewer. You can use other VNC clients, but you need to do your own connection forwarding and whatnot.14:28
sorenbobslaede: Depends on what you want to do. If you want to look at the framebuffer of one of your VM's, it certainly helps to in an environment where such a thing can be easily represented. This could be a modern Linux desktop, like Ubuntu, or maybe Windows if you're happy to do your own ssh+vnc connection plumbing (and generally endure using it).14:30
bobslaedesoren: so in order for me to access a guest system, i need something with direct access to the guest, X, and virt-viewer (or whichever vnc client)14:30
sorenbobslaede: What do you mean "direct access to the guest"?14:30
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bobslaedesoren: since the guest apparently doesnt have an ip address14:31
sorenbobslaede: Yes, but what does "direct access to the guest" mean?14:31
bobslaedesoren: on the host system i suppose, since i wouldnt have access to any guests from outside of the host14:32
sorenbobslaede: You're not really answering the question. You're asking me to verify this: "so in order for me to access a guest system, i need something with direct access to the guest, X, and virt-viewer (or whichever vnc client)". I can't do that when I don't understand what you mean by "direct access".14:33
sorenbobslaede: You don't have to be logged into the host machine.14:33
sorenbobslaede: You need a) a vnc client, and b) way to connect to the guest's vnc port.14:34
sorenbobslaede: The guest's vnc port is on the host.14:34
bobslaedesoren, but the guest doesnt have an IP, or anyway to connect to it?14:34
soren13:34 < soren> bobslaede: The guest's vnc port is on the host.14:34
sorenbobslaede: The guest doens't run a vnc server. The hypervisor does.14:35
bobslaedebut shouldnt the hypervisor then be able to connect to the console? Im asking here because i cannot find any info about libvirt or any of this on google, theres only the default guides, none answer my questions14:36
sorenLet's start over.14:36
bobslaedealright :)14:37
sorenYou want to log into the guest.14:37
bobslaedeYes, which Ive created with ubuntu-vm-builder for libvirt14:37
sorenDoesn't matter.14:37
sorenIts network is screwed, so you can't use ssh.14:37
sorenSo you want to connect to its console.14:37
bobslaedeSeems like it14:37
sorenYou (wrongly) assume you should use "virsh console".14:37
sorenI tell you: 12:45 < soren> bobslaede: "virsh console" is only for text consoles. Use virt-viewer instead.14:38
bobslaedebut is a text console not enough?14:38
bobslaedethere is no X on the guest aswell14:38
sorenbobslaede: What happened when you tried?14:38
bobslaede'error: no valid connection'14:39
sorenAnd no, a text console is not enough, because 13:26 < soren> it's really quite simple. qemu (and hence kvm) emulates a framebuffer. To look at a framebuffer, you need something that can show graphics.14:39
bobslaedealright, sorry, wrong error before14:40
bobslaede'Failed to connect to the hypervisor'14:40
sorenThat sounds like a different problem.14:42
sorenBut it really doesn't change the fact that you need a vnc client.14:42
sorenQEmu emulates a framebuffer.14:42
sorenOn real hardware, even if you decide to just show text, the monitor still shows it as pixels. Same here.14:43
bobslaedesoren: so then i would still need X on the host, or a vnc viewer on my windows desktop?14:44
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permalac_hi, amb looking for a landscape(canonical), spacewalk(red hat), xCat (not-debian) suitable alternative for my .deb based infrastructure. Does anyone know any server-management solution with web-based frontend which supports .deb systems? thanks14:45
sorenbobslaede: You can put the VNC client whereever you want.14:46
jribpermalac_: umm isn't landscape such a thing?  Maybe ebox?14:46
jrib!away > dendrobates14:47
ubottudendrobates, please see my private message14:47
sorenbobslaede: I can't really say putting anything on a Windows desktop is a good idea, but a vnc client on a server also doesn't sound good.14:47
bobslaedesoren: i will try a viewer on windows14:49
permalac_jrib: it is the thing, but it cost like 30k a year. And there is no way to link unsupported machines. And most of my machines will have no support cause we have some libraries done by ourselfs. :(14:51
jribpermalac_: does ebox do what you want?  Don't really know much about either14:53
permalac_jrib: ebox , as I see , and if nobody else replays, it's a suite to manage services, almost like  webmin. What am I looking for is a system manager, like puppet, cfengine or chef, but with web-based frontend. Something to be able to delegate some administrative tasks to others on the corporation.14:57
jribpermalac_: I see14:57
smoserkirkland, you around ?15:18
kirklandsmoser: barely15:21
pmatuliswhy would one use iptables "downrules" when the interfaces are going down?15:21
smosercan i call?15:21
RoyKpmatulis: erm ... to stop the firewall so that people can get into the now "down" interface? :þ15:22
kirklandsmoser: sure15:22
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pmatulisRoyK: how can you access an interface that is down?15:23
RoyKpmatulis: ever heard of something called irony? :)15:23
pmatulisRoyK: ok15:24
shaunoI imagine if you had rules that NAT'd to that interface, you'd want to replace them when that if goes down15:24
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RoyKpmatulis:  I guess it's just how ubuntu works - you want to get rid of anything not related to the current setup once you don't need it15:26
pmatulisshauno: replace them with what?15:27
Raboois this a good channel to get help with setting up a IPSEC tunnel using racoon and ipsec-tools?15:33
RoyKwell, just shoot - someone might know15:34
* RoyK doesn't15:34
_rubenracoon *shiver*15:36
_rubenmessed with it ages ago, its quite flexible, in fact, its flexibility makes it near useless for the average task15:38
Rabooshould i like pastebin my error?15:39
_rubenthat'd be a decent start (though i doubt i'd be of any help personally)15:39
Raboowell it's like 2-3 lines of error15:40
Raboowill i get beaten for pasting that here?15:40
_rubenpastebin allows for easier referencing in case you need to restate your issue15:40
Raboowell i have problems with my phase 1 negotiation due to send error15:41
Rabooit also says IPsec-SA request for xx.xx.xx.xx queued due to no phase1 found.15:43
_rubendont bother with debuggin ipsec-sa issues as long as your phase1 doesnt work ;)15:44
Rabooso if someone here has setup ipsec using racoon before, please let me know and i will expalin further and show my configuration file15:44
RabooWell, the thing is, it did work.. I think..15:44
_rubenjust out of curiosity, why use racoon and not strongswan/openswan/etc? they tend to be much more user/admin friendly15:44
_rubenif it stopped working without you changing anything, perhaps the remote end changed something :)15:45
Raboowell i choose racoon, cause i thought it was the easier method15:46
_rubenracoon is very low-level15:47
Rabooso which is best, strongswan or openswan15:47
_rubenneed to define every detail "by hand"15:47
_rubenmatter of personal preference really .. i prefer openswan, but must also admit i never used strongswan ;)15:47
_rubenboth are forks of the old frees/wan15:48
Rabooare they both up-to-date?15:48
_rubenopenswan is actively maintained, dunno about strongswan, but i think it is as well15:48
Rabooohh yea, it was freeswan that was the obsolete one15:48
Rabooipsec gives me headache15:49
_rubenipsec sure is a complex matter15:50
Rabooi think starcraft 2 is the solution to my headache15:50
Raboois that like cussing in here?15:50
Rabooa game, that requires windows or OS X15:50
_rubenas far as im concerned: no :)15:51
_rubeneach os has its purposes15:51
_rubenwe dont expect you to run ubuntu-server on your desktop ;)15:51
hggdhDaviey: another go at euca lucid?15:51
RabooYou don't? :-)15:51
_rubencorrection: *i* don't ;)15:51
_rubeni cant speak for others obviously15:52
Raboowell i will have a look at the *SWAN15:52
Raboose which one has easiest documentation15:52
\sh_ruben: my laptop is running -server kernel on my laptop ;) but that's me15:52
_rubenfor openswan be sure to check #openswan (not that active) and its mailinglists, the website is kinda outdated (most resources go into the code, not the web)15:53
\shoh my...now I repeat already words ... too much server deployment today error15:53
_ruben\sh: still, running -server on a desktop isnt the same as expecting others to do so ;)15:53
_rubendesktop in the broadest sense, thus including laotops :)15:54
_rubenwoah, laptops :)15:54
_rubenanyway .. time for me to head home .. bbl15:55
smoserkirkland, ami-7238cd1b16:19
smoseris ebs/ubuntu-maverick-daily-i386-server-2010092116:19
smoseruse that16:19
kirklandsmoser: would prefer 64 bit16:21
smoserprice goes up16:21
smoserus-east-1 ami-7638cd1f canonical ebs/ubuntu-maverick-daily-amd64-server-2010092116:21
SpamapSkirkland: do you want my "maverick" script that automatically spawns the cheapest possible instance given the size (defaults to c1.medium because I find myself doing builds more often than anything else)16:37
Datz Is there a way to see descriptions for updates using aptitude or other?16:47
hggdhDatz: aptitude changelog xyz16:48
Datzhggdh: thank you :)16:49
smoserSpamapS, i want ot see it16:49
Davieyhggdh, i386 is fail on my local :(16:51
Davieyhggdh, testing amd64 lucid -> maverick is more useful at this stage, i think16:51
Datzhggdh: I'm tring somethign like this with no result:" aptitude changlog linux-headers-2.6.32-24-server16:51
hggdhDaviey: pretty much all the failures I got are related to the apparmour bug ttx raised16:51
Datzhggdh: I realize my error, working, thanks16:52
sbeattiehggdh: which bug?16:52
\sh_ruben: that's right :)16:53
hggdhsbeattie: looking16:53
hggdhDatz: try linux-headers-generic16:53
ttxhggdh: but you got instances running ?16:54
ttxhggdh: or you had to disable apparmor to get them running ?16:54
hggdhttx: yes, about 40%16:54
hggdhttx: no, I did not disable apparmour. Which is weird, but ah well16:54
Datzhggdh: having a look, thanks16:56
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ttxhggdh: hrm16:56
ttxhggdh: please comment on that bug, that will prove I'm not insane16:56
hggdhttx: what is the bug#? I cannot find it16:56
hggdhttx: I will do more, I will add a link to the logs16:57
Datzhggdh: lastest -generic and -server changelog is the same FYI ;)16:57
hggdhDatz: darn!16:58
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hggdhDatz: well, if it is installed you can always look at /usr/share/doc/<packagename>16:58
ttxhggdh: Bug 62805516:59
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 628055 in libvirt "Instances don't start correctly: Security Labeling error running aa_change_profile()" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62805516:59
ttxhggdh: maybe there is a eucalyptus bug in there, after all.16:59
hggdhttx: thank you; sbeattie ^16:59
Datzhggdh: tis not, just wondering if I needed to update to latest kernel right away. :)16:59
ttxsbeattie: our latest suggestion is that it's not an apparmor bug, rather a libvirt bug that leaves a strange error message pointing to apparmor17:01
ttxand potentially a eucalyptus bug triggering a weird libvirt behavior triggering an apparmor-related error message.17:01
ttxthe whole thing being a bit clouded by bug report hijacking.17:02
* ttx will be back in 2 hours17:02
hggdhttx, sbeatie: I will be uploading full logs (that is, the whole of /var/log) plus the test programme, and will add a link on the bug17:03
sbeattiehggdh: okay. It *is* possible that there's a bug in the apparmor kernel code where it might not be logging a rejection of something when it should.17:06
hggdhttx, sbeattie: rephrasing: on Lucid, I had 63% success; on Maverick, all failed17:06
hggdhsbeattie: so it is consistently failing on maverick, after all17:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #644481 in multipath-tools (main) "95-kpartx.rules uses invalid -Q argument to modprobe(8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64448117:11
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crankygeek01When I log into my server I am getting this error message17:31
crankygeek01                      "/usr/bin/xauth:  /home/matt/.Xauthority not writable,17:31
crankygeek01                      changes will be ignored" This was not there yesterday and17:31
crankygeek01                      I am not sure what it means....any help?17:32
crankygeek01When I log into my server I am getting this error message "/usr/bin/xauth:/home/matt/.Xauthority not writable,changes will be ignored" This was not there yesterday and I am not sure what it means....any help?17:34
pmatuliswith virt-manager, is it normal that i cannot remove guests image files when deleting guests?17:50
pmatulis(there is a yellow triangle with and exclamation mark)17:51
pmatulisfilesystem permissions look ok17:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #644489 in multipath-tools (main) "constantly changes /dev/disk/by-id/{scsi,wwn}-* LUN symlinks with multipathing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64448918:01
Davieyttx / hggdh: My local i386 Maverick... 2 instances ran, one went from pending -> running -> terminated... the other seemed to go from pending -> terminated18:02
hggdhDaviey: were you able to copy the console.log and .mxl from them?18:02
* hggdh is, meanwhile, netbooting to Maverick18:03
Davieyhggdh, didn't attempt to :(18:03
Davieybut i'm pretty sure it's the same failure18:03
Davieyhggdh, Give me some good news :)18:03
hggdhI am falling from the tenth floor, right now at the third, and all looks good so far ;-)18:04
hggdhDaviey: I should have them in about 30min18:04
mathiazSpamapS: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-devel-announce18:14
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uvirtbotNew bug: #644538 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.7.0-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 75" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64453818:36
hggdhmathiaz: could you adjust the flowcharts on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/SRUPolicy -- where is says 'verification-succeeded' to 'verification-done'18:39
hggdhmathiaz: alternatively, if you give me the sources, I can do it18:40
mathiazhggdh: I've attached the origianl dia files18:45
hggdhmathiaz: thank you18:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #644549 in dovecot (main) "package dovecot-postfix 1:1.2.9-1ubuntu6.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64454918:46
hggdhsmoser: there?18:56
hggdhwhat happened with --use-loader from uec-publish-tarball?18:56
smoserwhat do you mean ?18:57
hggdhI just tried it, from a netbooted install of Maverick -- it is not there anymore18:58
hggdhcloud-utils https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/SRUPolicy18:58
hggdhcloud-utils 0.11-0ubuntu118:59
smoser$ apt-cache policy cloud-utils18:59
smoser  Installed: 0.15ubuntu118:59
smoser  Candidate: 0.15ubuntu118:59
hggdhI know what I did :-(19:00
hggdhinstalled bloody lucid instead of Maverick :-(19:00
hggdhah well. since it is there, I will test upgrading19:01
hggdhsorry smoser...19:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #644562 in drbd8 (main) "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: drbd8 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64456219:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #644566 in drbd8 (main) "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: drbd8 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64456619:07
Four2zerohello everyone. I'm running samba and i have installed webmin, and i am noticing multiple entry's displaying in my Network that are from the same box: http://www.upload3r.com/serve/210910/1285092388.jpg I have checked the smb.config and it does not show any other entries19:08
Four2zerohow can i fix this ?19:08
nakhlawiAs far as I know, webmin is not supported anymore in Ubuntu. Maybe others can verify?19:11
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.19:11
Four2zeroah crap...lol19:14
Four2zeroneed to remove it then19:14
_rubenwhat tend ppl to use nowaydays as fs for a fileserver?19:21
nakhlawi_ruben: come again please19:23
Four2zero_ruben ext419:23
_rubenwoah, kinda cryptic indeed now i read it back :p19:23
Four2zeroor reiserFS19:24
_rubenwhich is the recommended filesystem to use for a fileserver .. was kinda defaulting to ext4, but curious how others might think of it19:24
Four2zero_ruben http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems19:25
nakhlawiI use ext3 for Samba sharing, on a small installation though.19:25
Four2zeroim using ext4 on ubuntu-server19:26
Four2zeroext3 for boot19:26
_rubenfor /boot i tend to use ext2 even19:26
ScottKreiser is pretty unmaintained for a long time.19:26
_rubenmy previous install was using xfs, but heard quite some horror stories about that one in the mean time ;)19:27
Four2zerostick with ext419:27
Four2zeroits made for high performance19:28
_rubensoftware raid5 over 6 1tb disks .. performance isnt the key here ;)19:28
pwnguinso i get in today and my ubuntu vm has crashed pretty badly19:28
pwnguin"task apache2:<pid> blocked for more than 120 seconds"19:28
_rubenoh well .. 686mins to go for raid volume initialization ;)19:28
pwnguinunresponsive on ssh19:29
pwnguinunresponsive on http19:29
quentusrexpwnguin, that is a kvm issue19:30
quentusrexI have had the same issue before.19:30
pwnguinits vmware =/19:30
pwnguinvmware console isn't responding to keyboard input19:31
pwnguinwell not true19:31
pwnguini can switch vts19:31
pwnguinbut i cant log in19:31
pwnguinshort of rebooting, is there anything else one can try?19:31
pwnguinquentusrex: indeed, a lot of googling suggests kernel bugs19:32
Four2zeroshould i change the default port that ebox uses for better security enhancement.19:35
ScottKHow would that improve security?19:35
quentusrexpwnguin, I was able to resolve the issue with "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"19:35
pwnguinquentusrex: i can't log in =/19:36
quentusrexif you can get in any other way19:36
quentusrexyou can't do it over standard networking19:37
pwnguinits a vm19:37
AqazIf spamassasin can filter spam why one need to use SquirrelMail plugins?19:37
quentusrexkvm has a recovery console19:37
pwnguinive tried ssh, ive tried the vmware virtual console interface19:37
quentusrexand I can get in over that.19:37
pwnguini can switch vts on the virtual console, but the login prompt isn't responding19:37
pwnguinit kinda looks like reboot territory. it's not a mission critical system, and it's already as bad as it can get19:38
pwnguini guess the only question is what logs will still be around after a reboot19:40
slybootsJsut notced some new behavior from my Ubuntu-server; its set to forward on email from root to my email account, and the last two three weeks been getting this email about.. twice a ay?19:52
slyboots"start: Job is already running: anacron"19:52
axisyshow do I let another group to install pkgs ? giving them full sudo is the only option ?19:52
u92I cant find an up to date package for ClamAV19:54
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ScottKu92: What release are you on?19:55
slybootsIm not even sure what Anacron is; I was under the impreeion that you just used.. cron; I checked Crontab but I have no tasks running19:55
slybootsSo; Im unsure whats calling anacron; or what its supposed to be doing that its producing the error19:56
u92hardy 8.0419:56
ScottKu92: The version in hardy-backports is ~ up to date.  We're working on testing the new release now.19:56
u92the 0.96.* release,   cause i updated apt, and i keep getting 0.92.*19:57
ScottKu92: Then you don't have -updates enabled.19:57
ScottK0.95.3 is in hardy-updates and 0.96.1 is in hardy-backports19:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #641771 in samba (main) "caplock not active when the remote to the computer windows" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64177119:57
kevinashHi, I don't want to mess this up, so could someone help me write a crontab command that runs 'apt-get update' then 'apt-get safe-upgrade'?20:03
=== lau is now known as Guest51281
=== Guest51281 is now known as lau
pedahzurkevinash: Which file are you editing?  The user's crontab?20:10
pedahzurFor y'all's information, I just reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/64463220:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 644632 in libnss-ldap "nssldap-update-ignoreusers needs to be configurable to ignore users" [Undecided,New]20:10
kevinashpedahzur: the admin user I've set up (a sudoer)20:11
pedahzurkevinash: So you invoked 'crontab -e' as that user?20:11
kevinashpedahzur: From the command line I do 'sudo crontab-e'20:12
pedahzurkevinash: OK, what schedule to you want for the update commands?20:12
kevinashpedahzur: daily at about 5am (I'm actually OK with doing the timer bit, though)20:13
pedahzurkevinash: 0    5    *    *    *    apt-get update && apt-get safe-upgrade20:14
pedahzurkevinash: You can do tabs between columns, instead of spaces.20:14
kevinashpedahzur: Ah, so the && means 'wait until the first command has finished'?20:15
_Techie_just wondering, whats the flag safe-upgrade do?20:15
pedahzurkevinash: Basically, execute the next command if the previous command completed successfully (exited with an exit code of zero), but yes, 'wait' is implied.20:15
kevinash_Techie_: Truth be told, I'm using 'aptitude', but I was told that most of you folks use apt-get, so I thought I'd phrase it that way.20:16
zoopsterkevinash: any reason you wouldn't just install unattended-upgrades? and use the /etc/cron.daily/apt script to manage it?20:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #644632 in libnss-ldap (main) "nssldap-update-ignoreusers needs to be configurable to ignore users" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64463220:16
kevinashpedahzur: Thank you so much. That's extremely helpful20:16
pedahzurkevinash: no problem20:16
_Techie_kevinash, if you were told that the otehr day, it was me who told you20:17
kevinashzoopster: If I knew that was possible I'd have done it that way! Thanks for the tip.20:17
kevinash_Techie_: <g>20:17
kevinashzoopster: Do you know if this is available for aptitude too (Don't answr if it's a RTFM, response...)20:18
zoopsterkevinash: this==unattended-upgrades?20:18
kevinashzoopster: yes. sorry.20:19
zoopsterkevinash: looks like it uses the python apt:: library? so I'd say no20:21
kevinashzoopster: thanks for looking. I guess I'll use pedahurz cron script20:28
zoopsterkevinash: it's a project on launchpad.net so you can dive into the code, just a FE for what's already there for apt20:28
kevinashzoopster: I'll take a look. Thnanks for your help20:30
theyranosAnybody know a reference comparing Postfix and Exim? I'm rebuilding my mail system from scratch and not sure whether I should stick with my old MTA?20:30
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javatexanhowdy all20:32
pwnguinquentusrex: well, alt+sysrq+e seems to have fixed part of it20:32
pedahzurtheyranos: no reference off the top of my head, but in my (somewhat limited) experience, Postfix has been easier to configure.20:32
pwnguinsilly question: what log files are deleted on reboot?20:32
theyranospedahzur: i've heard that too, which is why I'm considering the switch.20:33
* theyranos will now go read the postfix manual20:33
pedahzurtheyranos: How complex is your setup? You may be able to configure everything you need for Postfix just from the Debconf install questions. :)20:33
javatexanwhere is the ubuntu custom error page for apache2 on ubuntu server?  Is it just the apache default or...\\20:33
_rubentheyranos: a rather common response to such a question is: use whichever you are (currently) most comfortable with20:34
nakhlawipwnguin: that depends on the logrotate configuration. Also syslog configuration.20:34
pwnguinnakhlawi: i know dmesg is gonna dissapear20:34
pwnguinjavatexan: check /usr/share/apache2/error/20:34
_rubentheyranos: if you're used to exim and know how to tell it to do what you want it to do, why bother switching to an alternative?20:34
theyranospedahzur: Not very. It's the primary MX for my domain. Messages get dumped in a dovecot maildir.20:34
theyranos_ruben: While I've been using exim for several years, I still get hopelessly confused every time I try to change even the slightest thing about its configuration. So the idea behind possibly switching is hoping to find something easier to manage.20:35
_rubentheyranos: ah ok, that's a pretty valid point then ;)20:36
pedahzurtheyranos: Yeah, sounds pretty easy.  I'd install postfix, answer the basic questions, and see how far that gets you.  You can always 'apt-get remove --purge' if you want to start over.20:36
theyranospedahzur: Fair enough.20:36
_rubenif you got the resources, you could setup 2 vms, one with exim and one with postfix, try to configure them identically (the way you want), and see which works best for ya ;)20:36
_rubenpostfix+dovecot integration is quite simple indeed20:37
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theyranos_ruben: On one hand, cloning VMs is trivially easy on my host machine. On the other, your suggestion, while intriguing, probably doesn't get me off the backup MX today :-)20:38
_rubentheyranos: i wasnt aware of you being pressed for time :)20:38
_rubena "decent" mail solution takes a fair bit of planning and research20:39
theyranosnot so much pressed as frustrated with the limitations of the backup20:39
_rubeni know the feeling, i've been wanting to overhaul the corporate mail infra for years now, just cant find enough time for it20:40
_rubenby the time i get halfway making plans, so much new software and other changes have occured, that i might as well start from scratch again ;)20:40
theyranoswell, i discovered recently that the boot files on our primary MX have been corrupted for so long that the "good" backups have been overwritten20:40
theyranosso it's an opportunity to start from scratch, albeit an annoying one20:41
theyranosodds are nobody ever would've noticed had the building containing the primary MX's host machine not needed to be rewired.20:41
_rubenthat as well, is a feeling/scenario/whatever i'm too familiar with unfortunately .. been planning and designing for weeks, am like half-way and *boom* .. the current live environment burns down in flames and you need to deploy a replacement like yesterday20:42
_rubentheyranos: nice20:42
theyranosi'm grateful the backup MX exists in the first place... it's relatively new :-)20:43
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javatexanokay, that didnt work, i changed both bottom.html and top.html and restarted apache2 with no change in error message20:51
javatexanI really just want to add a picture to the page and take away the information line at bottom below the spacer20:51
javatexanfor all the error pages20:52
PiratedUnderwearHello :)20:55
PiratedUnderwearDoes anybody know how to encrypt an Amazon EC2 ami?20:57
veenenenhey, how is sasl handled by default in postfix? I'm having an issue transferring over my old postfix configurations.20:57
veenenenI'm switching over to maverick (long story), and the ubuntu+1 chatroom doesn't seem to have anyone that knows anything about postfix.20:58
veenenenmy mail relay provider is throwing an error saying I'm not passing my username and password20:59
PiratedUnderwearDid you check the documentation for it on the website?20:59
veenenenbut I am, or atleast this same config file used to on my old server.20:59
veenenenI can't really find anything obvious that has changed.21:00
pedahzurveenenen: Does anything about SASL on this page help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix21:00
pedahzurveenenen: Do you have control over the SASL provider? Or is that someone else's box?21:01
veenenenIts a third party21:01
veenenenSo, nothing helpful there.21:01
_rubenveenenen: you are a sasl client right? as in sending the credentials, not the one checking 'em?21:02
veenenenThat community page told me to install a totally new sasl library, but that seems silly21:02
veenenenIt used to just work21:02
veenenenyeah, I'm the client21:02
_rubensasl client config is fairly simple afaik, never hadda use it though21:02
veenenenI have the credentials in the main.cf file21:02
_rubenmight wanna ask in #postfix .. quite active and a fair ammount of very knowledgable ppl, though they're also likely to tell you too rtfm though ;)21:03
_rubenpostfix.org has a sasl page iirc21:03
_rubengrmbl .. phpsysinfo package is still broken21:04
veenenenugh. this is going to be painful.21:04
pedahzurveenenen: All the howtos I just browsed through seem to assume your SASL provider is on the same host as your postfix install, and that you have control over said SASL provider.21:05
pedahzurveenenen: I'd also try the Postfix mailing list if #postfix doesn't work out.21:05
veenenenalright, thanks21:05
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_Techie_php no longer seems to be working after a failed update21:18
pedahzur_Techie_: Oh goody...What updated?21:26
_Techie_was using webmin this morning to update21:26
_Techie_had to close the browser half way through21:26
guntbert!webmin | _Techie_21:27
ubottu_Techie_: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.21:27
_Techie_it in turn raped my apache, ive since recovered apache, but still havent got php5 working21:27
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox21:27
guntbert_Techie_: I don't like ebox, to be honest, tried it twice and removed it "immediately"21:28
pedahzurguntbert: And eBox has now turned into this: http://www.zentyal.com/21:29
_Techie_ive been sticking with webmin, as it makes it really easy to manage users virtualhosts in apache21:29
pedahzurebox has gone from being a config front end to wanting to be "the server"21:30
pedahzurMaybe that's just marketing. Maybe you can still use it just for your configuration.21:31
guntbertpedahzur: I never used it for config because it uses its own files - not the system config files as webmin does21:35
_Techie_well if ebox can manage my virtualmin GPL servers, maybe ill switch21:36
guntbert_Techie_: I never trusted it - but as webmin damaged your system...   but be warned...21:38
_Techie_yeah, i dont trust it fully either21:38
_Techie_i have mine so it only allows localhost logins, and i use apache to proxy to it and force SSL on the connection21:39
_Techie_thats how much i trust it21:39
_Techie_also, i have apache map it to a subdomain21:39
_Techie_i cant quite get php5 workign again21:42
_Techie_im about to fully purge anything php5 related21:45
=== ivoks is now known as ivoks-afk
_ruben_Techie_: define "doesn't work" .. as you reinstalled apache, it *could* be as simple as sudo a2enmod php5 && sudo restart apache221:48
_Techie__ruben, i havent re installed apache, that works, ive re installed using apt-get remove and install, php5* and libapache2-mod-php521:48
_Techie_also enabled php5 and restarted apache21:49
_Techie__ruben, http://pastebin.com/FZB2WaLx21:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #644707 in clamav (main) "FFe for clamav 0.96.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64470721:51
_Techie__ruben, any idea on that error?21:55
_rubendo you really need libapache2-mod-php5filter ?21:56
_rubenthen remove it21:56
shaunothat looks like you just did apt-get install php5* ?   that's almost terrifying21:56
_Techie_phpfilter isnt installed21:57
_Techie_and yes atm im being lazy21:57
_Techie_once i figure out how to recover it, ill remove it and be picky21:57
_rubenah, installing using wildcards is asking for trouble21:57
_Techie_im in the middle of class so i cant fully concentrate on selecting individual packages21:58
javatexanare webalizer and awstats the only 2 in repos?  I am sure there is a bot answer for this  ;)  Looks like that last love either of these packages got was back in 200821:58
_rubenif you just want php5 support for your apache2, all you need to install is libapache2-mod-php5 (and its dependencies)21:58
_Techie__ruben, done that, but ill purge and re install21:58
_Techie_php module is purged21:59
pedahzurjavatexan: The last releaes for AWStats was December 2008.  The package in the repositories is up to date.22:00
_Techie_gimme a sec and ill restart apche22:00
_Techie__ruben, okay, this is where im at22:01
_Techie__ruben, purged both libapache2-mod-php5 and php5* and restarted apache22:01
_rubenmight even wanna purge *php5* or atleast check with dpkg if you have any more php related packages hanging around22:02
_Techie_*php5* returned E: Regex compilation error - Invalid preceding regular expression22:03
_Techie_   and some other stuff, but that was the error line22:03
_rubendpkg -l \*php\* should give some insights22:04
_rubenespecially the lines starting with 'ii'22:04
_Techie_http://pastebin.com/RNEkAVM4 *22:05
_rubenlooks clean enough22:05
_rubeninstall libapache2-mod-php5 again22:06
_rubenyour apache2 config looks quite botched22:08
_ruben"Warning: DocumentRoot [/etc/apache2/!] does not exist" sounds way wrong22:08
_Techie_its been poked and prodded alot22:08
_Techie_it was doing that before the screwup22:08
_ruben/etc/apache2 should exist, but should not be your docroot22:09
_Techie_i dont think it is22:09
_rubenoh .. the ! is part of the path22:09
_Techie_ill restart apache, a2enmod php5 and then restart again22:09
_Techie_that sound good with you22:09
_rubensearch your apache2 config files for any stray exclamation marks22:09
ehcahHello. When setting up DDNS, do zone files get created/saved in /etc/bind/ or /var/cache/bind/ ?22:09
_ruben/var/cache/bind iirc22:10
_ruben/etc/bind shouldnt be writable by bind itself22:10
ehcahcool thanks.22:10
ehcahI'm using a tutorial, but I'm not 100% it is Ubuntu 10.4.22:11
ehcahNot safe...22:11
Four2zerowtf, ebox or zentyal will not remove from the system....lol...i ran "sudo apt-get remove zyntal" and im still getting the web configuration page, how do i completely remove it ?22:11
_Techie__ruben, i supressed that error via sudo mkdir /etc/apache2/\!22:12
Four2zeroand ran command sudo autoremove22:12
_ruben_Techie_: nasty ;)22:12
_Techie_i wouldnt mind re installing and starting again, but its too much work atm22:12
_ruben_Techie_: though assuming your apache config isnt *too* botched, and you did a full restart of apache2 (not just reload), php oughta be working again22:12
_Techie_always restart22:13
_Techie_never reload22:13
pedahzurehcah: Unless you have a need for Bind, you might look at dnsmasq.  It does DNS caching, and DHCP serving all in one.22:13
_Techie__ruben, still not working, http://phpsysinfo.technz.info/22:13
ehcahI'm trying to setup DYNDns22:14
_ruben_Techie_: works for me22:14
_Techie__ruben, really, green page with info?22:14
shauno_Techie_: ditto22:14
pedahzurehcah: Then you shouldn't need bind at all.  Just a client that updates dyndns when your IP changes.22:14
_Techie_hrmm, doesnt work here, ill reload my web browser22:14
ehcahpedahzur: The tutorial I'm using suggests I create files rather than use a client?22:15
shaunonot sure you really need 6Gb of swap, but it's not showing me php errors :)22:15
_Techie__ruben, im stil getting prompted to save the php file22:15
pedahzurehcah: What's the URL?22:15
_ruben_Techie_: try different browser to rule out cache?22:16
_Techie__ruben, it asks to save the file both in firefox and IE22:16
_Techie_ill give firefox portable with socks a stab22:16
pedahzurehcah: Yeah, that's setting up dynamic DNS and DHCP on your local box.  Is that what you want?  Or are you setting up http://www.dyndns.com/22:17
_Techie__ruben, okay, portable firefox via socks usign ssh is workign22:17
qman__ehcah, there are two kinds of dynamic DNS -- one kind is to have an internet-based subdomain service like dyndns point to your changing IP, this kind does not require BIND at all22:17
ehcahI'm fairly sure this URL is what I need?22:17
qman__the other kind is to dynamically set local DNS to all your DHCP clients on the LAN22:17
qman__which does require BIND, and is probably what you're following a tutorial for22:18
ehcahqman: You have me thinking now.22:18
_ruben_Techie_: clear the caches of your browsers then, or do a force reload (ctrl-f5 i think)22:18
qman__if you're using dyndns, all you need to do is wget the URL they give you at regular intervals22:18
ehcahI'm trying to replicate a different service I tried.22:18
ehcahThe other service was using Open DNS on Fedora.22:19
ehcahI liked it.22:19
qman__I use afraid.org22:19
ehcahRegardless, I'm 3/4 down the path I started.22:20
ehcahI just wasn't sure I was going to create files in the right directory.22:20
qman__what I'm getting at, is that these are two completely different things22:20
qman__so what are you after, exactly?22:20
ehcahEverything to this point has been mostly editing, not net new.22:20
ehcahAccessing my box through URL like ACME.homelinux.com22:21
ehcahOr something like that.22:21
qman__then you don't need BIND at all22:21
ehcahYou're killing me.22:21
qman__you just need a dynamic DNS service like dyndns or afraid.org22:21
qman__and a simple wget script at regular intervals22:22
ehcahUsing their client?22:22
qman__the BIND tutorial is for using DNS on your LAN, instead of things like hosts files or netbios22:22
qman__yeah, or their client22:22
qman__there are a number of ways to update it22:23
ehcahhost access is what I wanted my lan. Ie. router.mylan.com22:23
qman__I do the wget route with a script in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-exit-hooks.d/22:23
ehcahor brother7440n.mylan.com22:23
pedahzurapt-cache search dyndns will give you a list of clients that come with ubuntu.22:23
qman__so you want internal DNS, or from the internet?22:23
qman__because they're separate22:24
qman__also, you shouldn't use .com22:24
qman__not unless you own that domain name22:24
qman__it'll cause problems22:24
qman__use something like .lan22:24
ehcahI know, but thought I needed both if I'm using my server for DHCP and other lan services.22:24
ehcahMy telco gateway only provides internet connectivity.22:25
hggdhDaviey: bug 644733 ;-)22:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 644733 in eucalyptus "On upgrade from Lucid to Maverick CC entries in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.local.conf are commented out" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64473322:25
qman__yes, but what I'm asking is, do you want to access your box by a DNS name from the internet, or from your LAN?22:25
ehcahI may not be answering you correctly, but both???22:25
_Techie_qman__, lemme try, ehcah do you want other people to be able to use the domain name?22:26
_rubenhmm .. should see if can get working temps on my sysinfo as well .. http://jupiter.ipv6.tun0.nl.ipv4.sixxs.org/phpsysinfo/index.php?disp=dynamic22:26
qman__and you want all your names to be internet accessible, such as router. and brother.?22:26
_rubenthen again, time for bed now22:26
qman__because that's incredibly risky22:26
ehcahonly my server.22:26
qman__ok, then you need to do both things22:26
_Techie__ruben, its not hard22:26
qman__the BIND tutorial will provide the local DNS22:26
ehcahand just for vpn or ssh.22:26
qman__and dyndns/afriad.org/etc will provide the internet name22:27
_ruben_Techie_: depends on whether the hardware is supported or not ;)22:27
=== wieshka_ is now known as wieshka
_Techie__ruben, most likely it is22:27
qman__I'd also suggest using two different names22:27
_ruben514minutes left to init the raid volume, should be done by morning .. i hope22:28
_rubenbbl :)22:28
qman__your internet name could be yournetwork.dyndns.com, while your local DNS could be mylan.lan22:28
ehcahIn my last config, everything was .com.22:28
qman__using a .com domain for local DNS can cause problems22:29
qman__as can any real TLD22:29
qman__don't use .local either, that can cause problems too22:29
qman__but pretty much anything else is okay22:29
_Techie_often people use .internal22:30
qman__you could call it .omgwtfbbq if you wanted22:30
ehcahIf it makes any difference. I actually own the .com domain name that I'm using.22:30
ehcahThe .com is not published or active.22:30
qman__you just want it to be distinctly fake, because it doesn't work from the internet22:30
ehcahgot it.22:30
ehcahKnowing that I control if that domain ever goes active, I thought I was safe.22:31
qman__you would be safe, but it's still a good idea not to use it22:31
qman__some applications are dumb22:31
qman__and expect .com to be on the internet22:31
ehcahso is me22:31
qman__even when it clearly isn't22:31
qman__now, if you own your own .com domain, you could have that point to you from the internet22:32
qman__but that's beyond the scope of that tutorial, it's a separate task22:32
ehcahFunny as it sounds, I feel a bit safer with ***.dyndns.com domain rather than a ***.com domain.22:32
ehcahIt is also a different DYN service.22:33
qman__sorry for the confusion, I simply assumed you were looking for one or the other22:34
ehcahNo worries. I'm the problem as I'm not able to articulate my requirements clearly.22:34
ehcahMy life would be easier if I could just hire someone to do this for me.22:35
qman__on a related note, if you're serving SSH to the internet, make sure you take steps to protect it, such as a limiting firewall or fail2ban22:36
qman__also suggest using key based auth22:36
qman__there are bots that constantly scan for and brute force them22:37
ehcahThe other setup I ran for a bit was on Fedora.22:37
ehcahI have had enough trouble learning bits and pieces of Ubuntu.22:38
ehcahI also have 5 desktops running ubuntu, so to me, it only made sense to go full in.22:38
ehcahMy original goal was to replicate WHS.22:38
qman__well, the debian way is quite a bit different from redhat/fedora22:39
qman__as I'm sure you've figured out22:39
ehcahBig time.22:39
ehcahEvery box I have is different too.22:40
ehcahhardware wise.22:40
qman__I first tried ubuntu with 5.10 and fell in love with the way it does things22:41
qman__I was never much of a redhat fan22:41
qman__but that's all personal preference22:41
ehcahand based on one's experiences.22:41
qman__in my opinion, it's worth the effort to learn the differences, because in the end, it'll make things easier22:42
_Techie_that bad update did more than rip apart my php22:45
_Techie_now i gotta re tweak lighthttpd and my sockets22:45
_Techie_along with checking all the required php stuff is installed22:48
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hggdhDaviey: and... bug 64475923:12
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 644759 in eucalyptus "After upgrade Lucid->Maverick, all nodes need to be re-registered" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64475923:12
Davieyhggdh, oh joy.23:13
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hggdhDaviey: aye. So two of them so far (not counting the images being lost)23:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #644759 in eucalyptus (main) "After upgrade Lucid->Maverick, all nodes need to be re-registered" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64475923:21
ghalebhello, I have files in range of 3 to 5 GB on two vpn sites, I would like to use rsync to keep them synchronized, moving the whole file is a heavy process over the internet, is it possible to move only the difference within the file ?23:23
theyranosWhat can cause "ssh main process terminated with status 255"? openssh-server works for the first five or so minutes the server is running, then kicks off any logged in user and dies with that message in /var/log/syslog. If I manually restart with /etc/init.d/ssh start it works for about the same amount of time. I already have ListenAddress in my sshd_config.23:35
pwnguintheyranos: oom?23:36
theyranospwnguin: eh?23:36
pwnguinout of memory23:37
pwnguinalthough i guess ssh shouldn't exit in that case23:37
pwnguinas the kernel will straight up kill it23:37
theyranosGot 200 of 512 MB free.23:38
pwnguintheyranos: 255 means that the ssh connection died, not the process you're trying to run23:42
pwnguinthat's about all that you can glean from that message23:42
pwnguinyou can turn on debugging23:43
theyranosoddly, setting LogLevel to DEBUG2 seems to have solved the problem23:43
theyranosspoke too soon... just took longer to die23:44

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