neerajdfarning, I have updated the usr-meta package, but I don't think we can send the package to maverick now.01:42
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manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar.15:30
dipankarmanusheel, hello sir15:30
manusheeldipankar: Did you look at the file I had send you?15:30
dipankarmanusheel, just a minute15:32
manusheeldipankar: Back.15:36
dipankarmanusheel, I am unable to find the file, can you please send it again?15:37
manusheeldipankar: sure.15:39
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manusheeldipankar: buddymenu.py15:41
dipankarmanusheel, found it15:43
manusheeldipankar: Great.15:46
manusheelmukul_afk: Hi Mukul. Kindly change your nick to mukul.15:46
dipankarmanusheel, sir, I have already checked that, line no. 60 is the required portion of code15:47
manusheeldipankar: Yes, correct.15:47
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dipankarmanusheel, and the function : friends.get_model().has_buddy(self._buddy) also works perfectly fine15:50
manusheeldipankar: Right.15:51
dipankarmanusheel, after that how to proceed?15:51
manusheeldipankar: There is one clear method that I thought would work out well.15:52
manusheeldipankar: Let me discuss that.15:52
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satellit_dfarning: re USR 907 Is CP software update able to be used? just did apt-get update apt-get upgrade.....16:18
dfarningsatellit_, It should work.... let me spin a new one16:19
satellit_shows a large number of available applications to upgrade16:19
satellit_does it point to aslo or your repo?16:19
dfarningsatellit_, ok 921 will be done in a couple of hours. the apt-stuff is debian/ubuntu specifc packages but the updater in the control panel is stil point to ASLO16:21
satellit_ok will not do it and wait for next build :  ) thanks16:22
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satellit_afkIan-Daniher: I like your Maple-syrup17:56
satellit_afkhave to leave.....17:57
satellit_afkDr appt17:58
satellit_afkIan_Daniher: hello19:28
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mukulhi alsroot20:20
alsrootmukul: hi20:20
mukulcan you help me identify what is the actual problem with bug #484. I'm not able to comprehend it.20:23
ubot2mukul: Bug 484 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/484 is private20:23
dfarningmukul, do you have a running version of sugar handy to watch what happens before, durning, and after a file download to the journal?20:27
mukuldfarning: I have only sugar-emulator on Lucid20:28
alsrootmukul: not sure, maybe it is about renaming "Cancel" to "Dissmiss" or about adding "Open in Journal" option, you'd better to ask bug submitter when he appears on #sugar20:28
dfarningmukul to understand the bug you will have to actually watch what happens.20:29
dfarningmukul, with out trying it for yourself it will never make sense.20:30
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