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MuscovyI've pushed an update that "fixes" the screenshot sorting issues.01:45
MuscovyI've put together https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Screenshots03:54
MuscovyNight all.04:57
MixCoolgood night04:58
UndiFineDgood morning07:25
aprilghmm. I should push to the main branch less often :(08:05
aprilganyway, hi all08:06
aprilgI've started the editing/proof reading process08:06
aprilgI've already gone thru these sections: about-ubuntu, desktop configuration, email, empathy, file manager, networks, firefox08:07
aprilgwill push more changes once I'm done with them08:07
Phaiaxsuggestion: use (self made) html format templates instead of defining the title format or anything else with constructs like08:29
Phaiax<div style="background-color:#FF6600;color:#FFFFFF;font-size:20pt;padding:5px;">Ubuntu Tour</div>08:29
aprilgphalax, in english please :) hehe I don't really get what you're saying08:37
aprilgPhaiax: uh, I don't really get what you mean :) I don't know anything about html08:41
Phaiaxsorry for my english :-D08:42
aprilg:) the english comment was a joke ;) I just meant I didn't really understand anything about format templates and such08:42
Phaiaxdo you know who is member of the programmers team?08:43
aprilgmadnessred, muscovy, laurent_ as well08:43
aprilgaltho, I think most of them are asleep right now08:43
Phaiaxwhere do they live?08:44
Phaiaxokay, added a NewYork-Clock in the tim applet08:45
laurent_Phaiax you're meaning a css template?08:49
laurent_Or using the python to pass the name to the head.html and having it all in there?08:50
Phaiaxmaybe... or use regex08:50
Phaiaxi don't care about the implementation08:50
laurent_I only added that orange bit a few hours ago after seeing the mock up in the mailing list08:51
laurent_I thought it worked well but I did it as quickly as I could, not the best way08:51
Phaiaxbut its inefficient to put the style information in every file....08:51
Phaiaxi think i should let you do :-D you are the pro :-D08:53
UndiFineDaprilg, why need to push less often ?10:11
aprilgUndiFineD hi :) I just felt like I was flooding hahaha10:13
UndiFineDyesterday I had almost an tire page filled here: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/ubuntu-tour/changes10:14
Phaiax_hey aprilg10:22
aprilgmy internet connection keeps getting cut off :( I should switch providers10:27
Phaiax_hm... why i am allowed to push changes into the branch?11:09
Phaiax_i tought bzr works different...11:11
Phaiax_i've fixed two bugs11:11
Phaiax_and i'm going to make some css-rules to use11:11
UndiFineDwhy ? because you make changes :)11:15
Phaiax_hey laurent_12:05
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UndiFineDMadnessRed is feeling sexy ? :P21:54

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