xbonesxthe dvd-rom shows up just fine and im able to access the info on the dvd from the desktop, this is the error i get from synaptic, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9jswF8i000:00
rbasticrandomOfAmber, if you run a program as root, it will have full unrestricted access to everything.00:01
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
randomOfAmberohh... but what if I didn't mount my drives? I suppose I'd have to unplug them...00:02
rbasticrandomOfAmber, no, you should run an emulator like VMWare or VirtualBox.00:02
thechrisI need help re-installing the nvidia kernel modules in ubuntu.00:03
rbasticand run linux inside of linux :) or windows inside of linux :)00:03
randomOfAmberok... better gram an emulator... this guy'd do something like that...00:03
thechitowHow can I activate unity?00:04
thechitowI just want to try it out00:04
thechitowI already installed it through software center00:04
storm_zenIs there a way to restart sound in lucid when it boots without it working?00:04
toonacidDoes anyone know a command to find files in the console? I need to do something like "find /home -name db/*", where it finds only "db", AND every directory under it. The recurse part under the matched directory is what I can't figure out00:05
storm_zentoonacid, doesn't find automatically recurse?00:05
balding_parrotHi, I need to write a preinst script that stops X (kde) then continues to perform the rest of the tasks. Anyone have a code snippet to point me in the right direction00:05
rbasticrandomOfAmber, Also, right off the bat, you can just open up a Terminal and type 'strings hisprogram' and it'll give you a list of all the unencrypted strings of data in the file.00:06
thechristoonacid: find /home -name "db/*"00:06
toonacidIt does. However I also need it to find all directories under the -name00:06
rbasticrandomOfAmber, If he is trying to just do a simple rm -rf /* command or something like that it will probably show up right away in the list00:06
tjubalubacan you pipe to a variable o do you have to encolse stdout yielding expressions in $(expr)00:06
thechristoonacid: find /home -name "*db/*"00:06
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!00:07
tjubalubabash scripting is so unintutive00:07
randomOfAmberrbastic: what list?00:07
=== kai_62656 is now known as kracker[BDC]
toonacidthechris: It's not working for me. Find is returning: "find: warning: Unix filenames usually don't contain slashes (though pathnames do).  That means that '-name `*db/*'' will probably evaluate to false all the time on this system.  You might find the '-wholename' test more useful, or perhaps '-samefile'.  Alternatively, if you are using GNU grep, you could use 'find ... -print0 | grep -FzZ `*db/*''."00:07
macorbastic: please don't give such commands here00:07
storm_zenrbastic's command is dangerous.00:08
zeknoxanyone have any ideas why my hdd wont clean unmount off of a normal reboot?00:08
rbasticoh, sorry00:08
rbasticyou're not supposed to run that command :) i thought that was obvious00:08
rbasticbecause the intent was clear from randomOfAmber's friend's program and what she is asking to protect from00:08
thechristoonacid: oh, there might be a -regex or -iregex that might be what you want00:08
rbasticor he, excuse me00:08
balding_parrotAll the ways of stopping X I have tried also kill the preinst00:08
thechristoonacid: eg -regex ".*db/.*"00:09
macorbastic: many users have no idea what rm does and if they werent following your conversation closely (being spread over so many lines as it is) they could go "oh, what's that do? *copy* *paste* EEK!"00:09
thechrisspeaking of X, does anyone know how to reinstall the nvidia kernel module?00:09
toonacidthechris: Sweet, it works. Thanks.00:09
cmihaiHi. How do you force a e2fsck of the root filesystem without a livecd? I can't "mount -o remount,ro /" (fs busy) in init 1, and touch /forcefsck && shutdown -F doesn't do the trick.00:10
toonacidthechris: I want to find all the directories, so I did this, and it returns nothing. :/ "find ./svn -type d -regex "*db/*"00:10
thechris toonacid the "."s are significant -- regex's are different than globbing00:11
cmihaiAnd for that matter, what's the correct syntax for e2fsck? -n reports fs errors, but -fv doesn't fix them.00:11
cmihaiEg: "sudo e2fsck -n /dev/mapper/rootvg-home" reports some errors, but they don't get fixed in init 1. And I can't fsck rootvg-root.00:12
toonacidthechris: That's a good point. I knew that, but didn't think about it. >.<00:12
toonacidthechris: It's all good now, thanks.00:12
cmihaiNeed to mention I'm using ext4 on LVM.00:12
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.00:13
randomOfAmberdoes ~/.recently-used.xbel normally exist?00:14
thechrisIt seems i've broken my installation.  I need help getting nvidia-current to _actually_ install.  Right now it ignores the module portion, as the kernel source for the currently running kernel was not found.00:16
mudnickhey all, is there a way to use google sketchup or should I be looking for an alternative program?00:18
DARUDEHey I installed the Ubuntu restricted codex pack to watch a dvd but I get no video now but only sound. What do I do?00:19
DulakDARUDE: install vlc and use that instead00:19
DARUDEvlc is offered on ubuntu? O_O00:19
rbasticmudnick, http://wiki.winehq.org/GoogleSketchup00:20
geirhaDARUDE: Applications -> Ubuntu software center -> search for vlc00:20
DARUDEthat's fantastic thank you00:20
DulakDARUDE: apt-get install vlc00:20
ar0nicugh freenode is so stupid00:20
rbasticdoes anyone know when the latest VLC is going to be packaged? 1.1 has bugs... :-/00:20
DulakDARUDE: sudo apt-get install vlc even00:21
ar0nichow do they not understand /IDENTIFY00:21
ar0nichi DARUDE00:21
Dulakrbastic: there is a ppa that offers nightly builds iirc, google for it00:21
DARUDEoh god ar0nic00:21
DARUDEI never knew you ubuntu'd00:21
ar0nici was here first =P00:21
ar0nici try to00:21
DARUDEYes you were, I cannot deny that00:21
FloodBot1ar0nic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:21
ar0niclike most things i do poorly00:21
rbasticDulak, thank you00:22
RJ_F1hey, i has a channel, and I want to know how to set the MOTD /stats p did nothing?00:22
RJ_F1so, no staffers?00:22
balding_parrotRJ_F1 join #freenode00:23
RJ_F1tried, and noone there would respond.00:23
lunksWhat's the difference between ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2?00:24
syWouldn't that be a safe copy?00:25
geirhaDARUDE: Did you also install libdvdcss btw?00:25
DoyleQ: When typing in Firefox as soon I pause for a second the entire field is highlighted automatically, and then is deleted as soon as I continue typing. It happens in both the address and search fields. Example "the quick red" as soon as I pressed the first space and hit 'q' it erases what I've already put in. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this... it's annoying.00:25
lunkssy: would it?00:25
DARUDENo, why? geirha00:25
macoDoyle: any chance you're bumping the laptop touchpad?00:26
GneaDoyle: it's called autocompletion00:26
DoyleGnea: nope, using a keyboard00:26
balding_parrotlibdvdcss is needed to read dvd's properly00:26
braxtonHow can I enable my mouse to move while pressing a key? It has a delay00:26
GneaDoyle: not sure... I'd ask in #firefox or #mozilla00:27
sy@lunks - I think the only difference is that the "2" is a copy of that file.00:27
DoyleGnea: good idea. Thanks00:27
geirhaDARUDE: Commercial dvds are encrypted; so that you can only play them on the players the movie industry decides.00:27
Gneageirha: or that's what they want you to think00:28
geirhaDARUDE: Though luckily, it was easy to crack. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats00:29
lunkssy: just found out, it seems ssh used to differentiate between protocol 1 and 2; it just uses authorized_keys. :)00:29
=== tjubaluba is now known as Squarism
syOh, learned some thing new. Power of Google?00:29
lunkssy: yey :D00:30
syI've never seen the "2" before while using ssh. Good to know.00:31
Gnealunks: did you know that it still does? :)00:31
taiyalI wonder if Canonical will actually bother to test their amd64 multimedia packages for Maverick and see if they don't segfault all over the place ^_^00:32
Gneaif you type ssh by itself and press enter, it's there00:32
taiyalthat is all00:32
lunksGnea, I'm having some problems about public keys, they don't seem to work on a Ubuntu Server, can't figure why00:32
Gnealunks: are you sure everything's lined up correctly?00:33
=== denny_ is now known as denny
BananobotWhat are flood bots?00:33
lunksGnea, seems like. Is the last set of information required? i.e. lunks@lunks-desktop00:33
bubuzzzi cannot change anything to the system on xubuntu, even the wallpaper00:34
Gnealunks: yes.00:34
bubuzzzevery time i change somethings and restart00:34
bubuzzzeverything is the same00:34
bubuzzzeveryone get that issue ?00:34
Gneabubuzzz: what's your boot media?00:34
ibizatryxhi guys, i'm running ubuntu and i can't download anything from the software center. can someone please help e?00:34
lunksGnea, really? but I can input any information there, like my email or what?00:34
bubuzzzmy hdd :D00:35
bubuzzzjust install to my laptop and update everything already00:35
Gnealunks: are you referring to key information or when trying to connect to the remote machine?00:35
subspiderhow do i know if my graphic card is working properly00:35
lunksGnea, key information00:35
Gneasubspider: can you see anything on the screen?00:35
mae_taewhat is the cause of this error : sudo: unable to resolve host DNS? how do i resolve this?00:35
subspiderGnea yes00:35
Gnealunks: it really helps to have that information, yes00:36
Gneasubspider: glad I could help :)00:36
lunksGnea, just ssh-rsa AA...== doesn't work?00:36
subspiderGnea i mean i have restricted drivers installed but it's not working properly00:37
Gnealunks: there's a procedure to be followed for that.00:37
Gneasubspider: which video card do you have?00:37
SoulShadowi bet it's ATI :p00:37
lunksGnea, sorry, i don't understand00:37
sylol @ Soul00:37
syATI is a pain.00:37
subspiderHD ATI 5730 1 g00:37
* SoulShadow wins.00:37
SoulShadow5730 doesn't exist.00:38
SoulShadowbut that's irrelevant00:38
subspiderit exsits00:38
subspideri have it lol00:38
SoulShadowno, there's 5750, 5770, 583000:38
subspideri mobile00:38
SoulShadowbut no 573000:38
ibizatryxeverytime i try to install software from the ubuntu software center i get the following error message00:38
syThat is why I always buy Intel cards. I never have a problem with them.00:38
ibizatryx lined up correctly?00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:05:AM] * ChanServ sets mode: +oo FloodBot2 FloodBot300:38
ibizatryx[09:33:05:AM] * ChanServ sets mode: +o FloodBot100:38
ibizatryx[09:33:06:AM] * ChanServ sets mode: +o FloodBot400:38
ibizatryx[09:33:07:AM] * denny_ is now known as denny00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:07:AM] * denny (~denny@freenode/staff/denny) Quit (Excess Flood)00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:20:AM] * ring1 (~ring0@unaffiliated/ring0) has joined #ubuntu00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:34:AM] <Bananobot> What are flood bots?00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:34:AM] <lunks> Gnea, seems like. Is the last set of information required? i.e. lunks@lunks-desktop00:38
subspideris mobility00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:40:AM] <bubuzzz> hi00:38
ibizatryx[09:33:47:AM] <bubuzzz> i cannot change anything to the system on00:38
Gneasubspider: can you paste the output of this command:  lspci | grep VGA00:38
macoSoulShadow: mis-paste i think00:39
subspiderwhat is that00:39
lunksdeja vu00:39
toonacidthechris: I have one more question for you. Is there any possible way I can get the regex in find to match more than db? I modified it to ".db.*" which accomplishes my needs, but I also need it to match ".dav.*" now, and ".*(db|dav).*" didn't do it for me.00:39
geirha!paste | ibizatryx00:39
ubottuibizatryx: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:39
Sir_Konradok, so how do I put Ubuntu on a flash stick without booting the LiveCD or burning the CD? On Windows.00:39
Gneathat is bad00:39
bubuzzzso, is there any suggestion for that00:39
Gnea!usb | Sir_Konrad00:39
ubottuSir_Konrad: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:39
bubuzzzit is weird00:39
GneaSir_Konrad: unetbootin00:39
subspiderVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 68c000:39
Sir_Konradthanks Gnea. ;)00:39
sysir_konrad.... or you can do it from the command line00:40
Gneasubspider: please run this command, then repeat that command: update-pciids00:40
Sir_Konradsy: Helping a young lady out that's on Windows.00:40
traskmindIs there a way I can use Claws Mail instead of Evolution in the Messaging Menu?00:40
Gneamight have to sudo it00:40
subspiderok no problem00:40
Sir_KonradGnea: this is for 8.04...00:41
Sir_Konradany chance it'll work on 10.04?00:41
GneaSir_Konrad: you said you're in windows...00:41
Sir_KonradGnea: I am...00:41
subspiderDownloaded daily snapshot dated     2010-08-27 03:15:0200:41
Gneaso what does 8.04 and 10.04 have to do with it?00:41
ibizatryxhi, every time i try to install software from the software center i get the error message http://pastebin.com/KBigkk7A00:41
toonacidActually, this question just goes to anyone I guess. I'm using the find command, with the parameters "svn -type d -regex ".*db.*"", I also need it to match ".*dav.*" now, and ".*(db|dav).*" didn't do it for me, anyone know if I can make find -regex match both of those?00:41
Gneasubspider: now do lspci again00:42
Sir_KonradGnea: can I make a persistant USB install that has 10.04 on it?00:42
intraderQuestion on using a PPA. How do I back out of a change. The ppa I am using is the x-org https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates.00:42
GneaSir_Konrad: yes.00:42
Sir_Konrador does persistant USB only work on 8.04?00:42
sysir do you have a Ubuntu or any Linux LiveCd ?00:42
Sir_KonradGnea: OK. 10.04 will work using UNetbootin.00:42
Sir_Konradsy: remote support with a young lady running Windows.00:42
ibizatryxcan anyone help me?00:42
subspiderGnea, VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Madison [Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series]00:42
balding_parrotHi, I need to write a preinst script that stops X (kde) then continues to perform the rest of the tasks. Anyone have a code snippet to point me in the right direction00:42
Sir_Konradmy stuff doesn't matter. :D00:42
balding_parrotAll the ways of stopping X I have tried also kill the preinst00:43
syOh, lol never mind.00:43
GneaSir_Konrad: either that or usb-creator00:43
balding_parrotor know of a package that stops X before continuing00:43
Gneasubspider: what driver are you trying to use?00:43
intraderQuestion on using a PPA. How do I back out of a change. The ppa I am using is the x-org https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates.00:43
storm_zenIs there a way to restart sound in lucid when it boots without it working?00:43
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:43
syConverting some one to Linux from a remote location must be painful. lol00:44
subspideri do i know witch driver i'm using ? because i installed for ati site and then from ubuntu repository from retricted drivers00:44
manlymatt83Does anyone know how I can get an ubuntu .iso onto my flash stick WITHOUT having Windows / Ubuntu / MacOS installed?  I'm currently running a different distribution and want to switch, but don't have access to the tool which allows that..00:44
syyes manly00:45
syAre you using linux? Right?00:45
shaft0I'm trying to setup an HTPC using Ubuntu/XBMC.  It's all setup on a monitor correctly, but when I connect my TV, I get "Invalid Signal".  My TV requires the resolution to be set at 1024x768 with 60hz refresh.  Is there a way that I can SSH to the box and manually set the resolution?00:45
syokay... try this00:45
ibizatryxcan someone help me get the software center to work? i currently can't downloadn anything from it. very frustrating00:45
shaft0(Of XBMC)00:45
Gneasubspider: that could be a problem, as you'll only want to use the repository driver. having the ati website driver installed at the same time can mess things up.00:45
sydd if=pathToTheImage.iso of=/dev/sd[x]00:45
tuxisgay!ops NO HOMELAND WITHOUT YOU FUHRER LOREZ! ALL HAIL THE AUTISTIC LORD OF FREENODE!! tuxisgay frumious Ramza anne iredux ehcah rooks carabobo shaft0 waremperor mbroeker histo psyt7 alex__c2022 JumboJellyfish linux_probe saltando dashua intrader incar w1ld0ne lourcastillo zilla chcat dumbstupidhuman sebner waaade RangerBob Sir_Konrad toonacid ukine ShadowBroker44 MashTomato gunbritt Dizzoo methyl Niamor mae_tae subspider denny_ ring1 kritzi dnp treecarver 00:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
manlymatt83doesn't that only work with .iso?00:46
sysd[x] will be the usb drive00:46
manlymatt83errr .img?00:46
sy.iso will work00:46
sythat's how I install any distro because I don't like cd's00:46
=== Dizzoo is now known as Dizzo1
subspiderGnea, but it was not working with both :(00:46
manlymatt83Do I do a bs=?00:47
manlymatt83bs=1M or something?00:47
Gneasubspider: that's the point.00:47
Gneasubspider: you have to uninstall the one from the ati site and use only the one for it to try to work right00:47
subspiderGnea, if i grab a window for one side to the other is too slow00:47
syjust do --> dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdb <-- mine is usually sdb00:47
subspiderhow ??00:47
manlymatt83ok, thanks00:47
=== Dizzo1 is now known as Dizz0
Gneasubspider: find the script you used to install it with and type it with --help00:48
manlymatt83Trying the alternate CD .iso :) But my cdrom is broken (getting a new one in the mail)00:48
Gneait should have an --uninstall or something00:48
subspiderok i will00:48
Gneaor if you had to type 'make', just go to that directory and do a 'make uninstall'00:48
sy:) if you need a guide though... google "arch linux usb install"00:48
subspiderGnea, ati-driver-installer-10-8-x86.x86_64.run00:49
syit will be the first link on top00:49
geirhaibizatryx: Never seen that error before, though it sounds like dpkg got interrupted at a bad time; either by a kill -9 or a power outage I'd assume.00:49
Gneasubspider: yeah, so ati-driver-installer-10-8-x86.x86_64.run --help00:49
Gneaer, ./ati-driver-installer-10-8-x86.x86_64.run --help00:49
geirhaibizatryx: It's a bit of a shot in the dark, but running ''sudo dpkg --configure -a'' in a terminal might fix things.00:50
OrkiboHi, I'm having a problem in the beta with Open Office Email Merge, has anybody else come across that? It hangs when attempting to upgrade and won't let me upgrade anything at all.00:50
=== jfeole is now known as pansone
Roeyxchat renders really slowly since 10.04.... how can one fix this?00:51
syI'm using Xchat and it works fine for me.00:51
subspiderGnea,  http://pastebin.com/gSLPYH8p00:52
WildCodeplease help, when trying to do an in windows install of ubuntu, i get a permission denied error: 09-20 18:27 ERROR  TaskList: Traceback (most recent call last):00:52
WildCode  File "\lib\bittorrent\RawServer.py", line 229, in listen_forever00:52
WildCode  File "\lib\wubi\backends\common\btdownloader.py", line 70, in error_callback00:52
WildCodethats the 1st error in the wubi log00:52
syDo you have a cd burner?00:53
* linux_probe scrolls back00:53
MashTomatowildc4rd: maybe the torrenttracker is down, and wubi doesn't check for that properly00:53
MashTomatoWildCode: --^00:53
linux_probegrr, stupid spam-bots00:53
MashTomatoWildCode: if you have an option to download via HTTP, try that instead00:53
WildCodeMashTomato: installer doesnt give that option00:54
MashTomatoWildCode: oh, well, then you can only wait and hope for the tracker to be up again soon :(00:54
WildCodeMashTomato: ben trying to days now :(00:55
MashTomatoWildCode: doesn't wubi allow to select an already downloaded ISO image?00:55
WildCodeMashTomato: each time it starts download from start ... very expensive when you have download limits00:55
syYou could always download the image from the official ubuntu website then put it on a usb drive.00:55
MashTomatoWildCode: I guess so, yeah00:56
WildCodeand no, wubi doesn't give the option to use a local iso, you set the password and it does the restr00:57
xMffanybody here experienced cursor corruptions with radeon and a dualscreen setup? Already tried the usual SWcursor workaround but it does not seem to help00:58
Steristi'm trying to remove old linux kernel images and i'm getting warnings when doing so. will this affect anything?00:58
xMff*experienced with00:58
=== cjc is now known as gjc1000
xMffSterist: should be uncritical as long as you leave your currently used one in place00:59
syATI seems like such a pain.00:59
Steristxmff are you sure?01:00
xMffSterist: yes, quite sure01:00
Steristquite? =/ okay..01:00
xMffSterist: would help to know the warnings you get01:00
balding_parrotAnyone here know the name of a package that stops X before continuing to install. I need to see how it stops X and has the preinst continue after X has been stopped. All my attempts stop the preinst from continuing01:01
subspiderGnea, thnks man it's working now :)01:02
jribbalding_parrot: does such a package exist?  Seems like it would lose people's work01:02
balding_parrotjrib not if it gives a warning first with the chance to save01:03
jribbalding_parrot: I've never seen such a package.  What are you trying to package that requires this behavior?01:03
balding_parrotnvidia and ati drivers01:04
funkiwani just upgraded to 10.04 and now none of my windows have any window management controls (maximize, minimize, etc.)01:04
jribbalding_parrot: those are already packaged in the main repos no?01:04
balding_parrotwe want to keep them current01:04
jribbalding_parrot: so use the existing packages as a base?01:05
balding_parrotand auto build the latest version01:05
=== Guest20212 is now known as Free4All
funkiwananyone know how i can turn them on? i'm running compiz, i believe.01:05
xMfffunkiwan: are window frames missing as well?01:05
Steristxmff too late i removed em lol01:05
jribbalding_parrot: you can probably even find a ppa already doing this01:05
hmwhow can I do something like this: sudo echo "AddType application/x-httpd-php .php" >> /etc/apache2/httpd.conf  -- i guess the echo is done with sudo, but the >> redirect is done as user01:05
=== Free4All is now known as ilostchild
=== ilostchild is now known as DemonicDroid
balding_parrotjrib thanks, will have to look deeper. just thought there may be an easy way I was overlooking01:06
DemonicDroidHello there i have a question about my computer01:06
xMffhmw: sudo sh -c 'echo "AddType application/x-httpd-php .php" >> /etc/apache2/httpd.conf'01:07
hmwxMff: thanks!01:07
manlymatt83sy: still there?01:07
DemonicDroidi have a Acer aspire 6930, I want to get the external mic working(audio Jack) then headphones work and external.. jus not the external mic01:07
jribbalding_parrot: the proper way is definitely to just update the existing packages but the easy way is to just find a ppa that already does this (I've seen them around in the past)01:07
syyes manly01:07
manlymatt83How long does the dd usually take you?01:07
manlymatt83it's been running for about 15 minutes now01:07
manlymatt83the USB drive is definitely active, but..01:07
sydepends on the file size01:08
symine usually takes a couple minutes01:08
manlymatt83hmm, so this shoiuld be done by now.01:09
syi forgot01:09
syyou have to unmount the usb drive01:09
sythen dd into it01:09
manlymatt83I'm gonna try bs=1M01:09
manlymatt83just for craps and giggles, it'll speed it up but don't know if it will work01:10
syit was already mounted when you dd'ed?01:10
xMfffunny, this ATi cursor bug seems to hit windows users as well, I should stop baming the xorg ppl :P01:10
storm_zenIs there a way to restart sound in lucid when it boots without it working?01:11
systorm - have you tried sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart01:12
syon the command line01:12
storm_zenI thought I had tried that... I'll give it a shot, though.01:12
systorm - If it works, you may also need to set your sound volumes back to normal.01:14
ryenstorm_zen: Did that work? Otherwise I can offer more assistance.01:14
storm_zensy: No, it didn't work.01:14
ryenstorm_zen: Are you using PulseAudio?01:14
Datzhi, is there a way to selectively update via aptitude?01:14
storm_zensy: By the way, alsa-utils was under /sbin... is that normal for lucid?01:15
storm_zenryen, Yes.01:15
matadorhi there01:15
Steristwhat is the all-time best music app for ubuntu?01:15
matadorsomeone know why sudo apt-add-repository don't want to work?01:15
matadorerror message is01:15
ryenstorm_zen: In terminal, type in 'killall pulseaudio'. Then press Alt+F2 and type in 'pulseaudio'.01:15
ibizatryxcan someone help me get the software center to work? i currently can't downloadn anything from it. very frustrating01:16
Dulak!best | Sterist01:16
ubottuSterist: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:16
matadorsudo: apt-add-repository: command not found01:16
storm_zenryen, That doesn't need sudo?01:16
ryenstorm_zen: killall shouldn't.01:16
Steristubottu my requirements are feature-rich01:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:16
AcidphaseHey uh, why is my cpu speed wrong in Ubuntu 10.04 , Kernel: 2.6.35-14-generic #20~lucid2-Ubuntu, CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor01:16
ibizatryxubottu: do you spit or swallow?01:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:17
DatzAcidphase: that is listing the cpu model I believe01:17
Acidphaseand no I dont have coll and quiet enabled01:17
intraderAll, I am trying to update my NVIDIA driver from an x-org PPA. First thing that I worry about is how to back out in case of problems. and next hwo to do it?01:17
realubotI have problem getting the Ubuntu desktop to fit at a TV screen. I do have som problem due to overscan issue. I have tried to create a new resolution by using xrandr --new Modeline... and then xrandr --add HDMI2 but when I try to change to the new resolution in Ubuntu's Monitor software then the diskapy goes black. Why is this happening and what can I do to get it working?01:18
storm_zenryen, That didn't work, either.01:18
storm_zenI hear pops when I adjust the volume...01:18
storm_zen.. but no real sound.01:18
Acidphase(it should be clocked at 3.4GHz it's currently @ 800Mhz)01:18
DatzAcidphase: that is listing the cpu model I believe01:18
ryenstorm_zen: What are you trying to play audio from?01:18
realuboti think I get the new resolution set using xrandr, but the display turns black when switching into the new one.01:18
AcidphaseDatz what are you talking about?01:19
funkiwanxMff: not sure what you mean by window frames. is that the same as the title bar?01:19
xMfffunkiwan: yep01:19
storm_zengmusic browser.  It will work if I reboot.  I just want to figure out how to make it work without rebooting.  After 3 years, that solution is a little tiresome.  ( Though it does reboot much faster now.. )01:19
AcidphaseMY cpu isn't running at the correct speed01:19
funkiwanxMff: yeah, no title bars01:19
DatzAcidphase: I don't see where it is listing the MHz or GHz01:19
DatzI do see a model number though01:19
funkiwani'm running nvidia card01:20
ryenstorm_zen: Hm... can you hear audio from any other programs?01:20
AcidphaseI'm looking at it in sysinfo01:20
Acidphaseos[Linux 2.6.35-14-generic x86_64] distro[Ubuntu "lucid" 10.04] cpu[4 x AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 803MHz] mem[Physical: 7.8GB, 91.1% free] disk[Total: 894.4GB, 94.1% free] video[1002:6898] sound[USB-Audio - SB Arena Headset1: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic2: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB]01:20
Acidphasehows that?01:20
storm_zenryen, No idea.  .. like what?01:20
xMfffunkiwan: I just upgrade from 9.04 to 10.04 and experienced something similar, in the end the window manager crashed01:20
ryenstorm_zen: Try a YouTube video, see if that works.01:20
funkiwanxMff: some web searching seems to indicate it may be a problem with my nvidia driver01:20
funkiwanxMff: was going to try a manual upgrade01:20
DatzAcidphase: ah, you didn't list that before, I don't know01:20
DatzAcidphase: I'd assume it's the FSB.. or AMD equivalent01:21
Datzhi, is there a way to selectively update via aptitude?01:21
xMfffunkiwan: yep, for me it was the ati driver, trashed the opengl libs on my system causing window managers and stuff to segfault or bail out with xlib errors01:21
Acidphasethts because I was teling people what dist. , Kernel, and CPU I had01:21
jribDatz: apt-get install package1 package2 ...01:22
Datzjrib: thanks01:22
jribDatz: erm, aptitude  install package1 package2 ... :)01:22
Acidphaseit's fine in Bios and windows =P01:22
Acidphaseso something in "Ubuntu" is making it run @ 800Mhz01:22
DatzAcidphase: look into the sysinfo script I guess01:22
ryenjrib: You are right either way, apt-get or aptitude will work.01:22
storm_zenryen, nope.01:22
xMffAcidphase: might be cpu frequency scaling01:22
DatzAcidphase: the script may be computing it incorrectly01:22
Datzalso could be that, but that is very low01:23
Acidphasecool and quiet isn't enabled01:23
xMffAcidphase: you can add the cpu frequency applet to your taskbar and see whether it lets you increase the freq01:23
AcidphaseDatz, I used 3 different to confirm it01:23
ryenstorm_zen: Hm.. I used to have an issue when I was programming in Java, that if Java used sound, it destroyed my sound until I rebooted. Have you used any Java applications?01:23
xMfflinux usually does not care aboutr cool & quiet bios settings01:23
jribryen: I know, but his question said aptitude specifically so I had to correct it :)01:23
AcidphasexMff , no it will not let me tried that =P01:23
ryenjrib: Ah. Didn't see that, sorry.01:24
intraderAll, I am trying to update my NVIDIA driver from an x-org PPA. First thing that I worry about is how to back out in case of problems. and next how to do it?01:24
storm_zenryen, Not on purpose.01:24
jribintrader: downgrading isn't supported but that's what you would try01:24
Acidphaseanyone ?01:25
sylizard lizard01:25
ryenstorm_zen: I could not tell you what the problem is then. Sorry storm_zen. But it could be an older hardware issue, since you said that you have had this issue for three years.01:25
intraderjrib, I don't follow, sorry01:25
jribintrader: why don't you want to use the drivers you already have?01:25
alzieAcidphase: is it a laptop? the reading is dynamic on laptops01:25
AcidphaseAsus Crosshair III01:25
intraderjrib, I am trying to follow on recommendation by #ubuntu-bugs in relation to bug #63113001:26
storm_zenryen, perhaps.  It if is, though, then it happened with a fairly new Intel board ( at the time ), with the onboard sound, and then with the Turtle Beach soundcard that I bought to get around the 'new unsupported hardware' problem...01:26
storm_zenryen, Thanks for your attention.  I guess I'll just reboot now.01:27
ryenstorm_zen: Sorry again. It actually might be an issue with the actually application also.01:27
ryenstorm_zen: It could be hogging all of the audio, and then crashing your card.01:27
simon_Can someone tell me how to change keyboard layout on ubntu?01:28
storm_zenryen, If that were the case, then it happens before I purposely run anything requiring sound.01:28
jribintrader: you just enable the repo and update manager will do the rest.  If you aren't comfortable with making your system worse, you probably shouldn't be doing this01:28
systorm have you tried  --> lsof | grep pcm     then "kill -9 #Processes"01:28
sythen sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart01:28
ryenstorm_zen: Don't know what to say. Good luck though.01:28
coz_simon_,  have you seen this ?  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/01/31/changing-the-system-keyboard-mapping-on-ubuntu-dvorak-vs-qwerty/01:29
coz_simon_,  also did you go to system/preferences/keyboard01:30
coz_simon_,  click the "Layouts" tab01:30
intraderjrib, since I installed 10.04 and its recommended updates, 10.04 is practically unusable . I am afraid that it would make it much worse. There is an update to the NVIDIA driver noted in the x-org ppa. But I don't know how to back out in case of problems01:30
jribintrader: what packages exactly does it upgrade?01:30
nitscan someone tell me how to use chroot to mount a usb super-loaded with viruses so that it doesn't affect other parts of the system?01:30
cjjnjusthello i want use ping to set default gateway, if it can ping ok then set gw to What can i do01:30
lahwranI have a ubuntu hardware problem. I have an old desktop wifi card here, the d-link wda-1320, has the ar2413 chipset, and it won't work in 10.04. according to google, it just worked way back in 7.04 - any ideas? I suspect the problem is that 10.04 uses ath5k instead of madwifi (is madwifi aged?)01:30
storm_zensy:  I gave that a shot, as well.  No joy.  Thanks, though.  Ryen, Sy: Have a good night / day.  :)01:31
Steristonce i use the panel applet to change the screen brightness, the FN keys can no longer change the brightness until reboot. anyone know how to fix this?01:31
sysorry GL01:31
ryenstorm_zen: Night, and good luck.01:31
jribintrader: worst case scenario, you just remove the repo, purge the packages it installed and install them back.  But you can also just try to downgrade the packages without the uninstall step01:31
lahwranso how would I install madwifi? I don't have internet on that box, only on the laptop I'm at atm.01:31
AcidphaseMy cpu speed wrong in Ubuntu 10.04 , Kernel: 2.6.35-14-generic #20~lucid2-Ubuntu, CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor - Motherboard Asus Crosshair III (CPU is only running @ 800Mhz when should be @ 3.4Ghz) RAM: 8gigs DDR3 G.Skill Rip jaws @1600Mhz 7-7-7-20 Ganged Mode (128bit)01:31
jrib!wifi > lahwran01:31
ubottulahwran, please see my private message01:31
matadorsomeone know how to solve problem with apt-add-repository command ?01:31
intraderjrib, the packages are listed in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates01:32
jribmatador: depends on problem probably01:32
nitscan someone tell me how to use chroot to mount a usb super-loaded with viruses so that it doesn't affect other parts of the system?01:32
lahwranjrib: thanks.01:32
matadori'll post the error from cli01:32
matadorsudo: apt-add-repository: command not found01:33
jribintrader: if your system is currently unusable, I'd give it a try.  If something goes wrong just come back and we'll help you downgrade01:33
kandinskihi, I have this error when I try to install a package: E: I wasn't able to locate file for the gnome-mag package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.01:33
jribmatador: "add-apt-repository"01:33
coz_nits these are windows viruses?01:33
kandinskihow can I manually fix it (btw, it's not the package I want to install)01:33
jribmatador: wait.  Do you have "python-software-properties" installed?01:33
intraderjrib, 'remove the repo'?, 'purge the packages...'? 'install them back', etc. Maybe this is way beyond my capabilities!01:34
matadori had just controlled01:34
ryenmatador: I recommend that you double check and try to run01:34
ryenmatador: sudo apt-get install python-software-properties01:34
jribmatador: pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy python-software-properties; apt-add-repository --help01:34
matadorpython-software-properties already at the newest version01:35
intraderjrib, I wish I could downgrade to 9.04 as it was last year around july. Now, it is picking up a lot of updates which create the same problem in 9.04 that I have in 10.0401:35
matador  Installed: 0.71.501:36
matador  Candidate: 0.71.501:36
matador  Version table:01:36
matador *** 0.71.5 001:36
FloodBot4matador: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:36
matador        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/main Packages01:36
matadori'm sorry it's my first time01:37
AcidphaseMy cpu speed wrong in Ubuntu 10.04 , Kernel: 2.6.35-14-generic #20~lucid2-Ubuntu, CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor - Motherboard Asus Crosshair III (CPU is only running @ 800Mhz when should be @ 3.4Ghz) RAM: 8gigs DDR3 G.Skill Rip jaws @1600Mhz 7-7-7-20 Ganged Mode (128bit) - Any Takers?01:37
jribmatador: use paste.ubuntu.com01:37
intraderjrib, I still have the CD, but if I install, retaining /home, it installs a bunch of updates that make it behave like 10.04.01:37
jinxzshi sir how can i install office 2003 to my ubuntu 10.4 i click the setup.exe it says there is an error01:37
matadorok, thanks jrib01:37
LucidGuybaahhaha .. jinxzs01:37
jribintrader: even on a fresh new user?01:38
LucidGuyjinxzs,  you have to double click 3 more times01:38
jribLucidGuy: please be helpful...01:38
lahwranjinxzs: #1 are you sure you want office? #2 office only runs on windows01:38
jrib!appdb | jinxzs01:38
ubottujinxzs: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:38
jinxzsseriously dude01:38
intraderjrib, on 10.04 a fresh new user has the problems. I have not tried a fresh new user on the old 9.0401:38
jinxzsi do have already wine01:38
jribjinxzs: there's also crossover office you can try out01:38
lahwranjinxzs: HOWEVER you can make ubuntu pretend to be windows with wine .. oh01:39
jribjinxzs: appdb gives you specific instructions01:39
Zelfjewhat would be the most common open web ports in a default firewall besides :80 and :8080 ??01:39
ryenjinxzs: If you are getting the permission error, right click setup.exe, and then goto Permissions, and make sure Exercute: is checked.01:39
sySo, my teacher just said Linux is less secure than Windows.01:39
LucidGuyjinxzs, I recommend getting a virtualbox vm of Windows XP.01:39
jrib!ot | sy01:39
ubottusy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:39
matadorso guys, how to use paste.ubuntu.com ?01:40
lukusvirtual box is great01:40
matadori'm just sleeping01:40
jinxzsim running full ubuntu..01:40
intraderjinxzs, give Open Office a try. I have not had any problems with MSWord documents, presentations, etc.01:40
matadori feel like an idiot01:40
lukusi've had probs with docx01:40
LucidGuyYou can even run a local kvm vm and rdesktop to it.01:40
jimbroOpen Office runs on any type of OS you can name01:40
lukusintrader, ^01:40
jinxzsyea i did try open office and i pretty knows it well01:41
jinxzsbut my sister insists01:41
jimbroYour teacher should take his head out of the sand01:41
LucidGuyAnyone want to recommend a good linux web provider.01:42
alzieAcidphase: try  " dmesg | grep MHz " in terminal and see what the results are01:42
intraderjinxzs, tell her to be specific as to what she can't do in Open Office that she can in M$ stuff!01:42
jimbrotry peoplepc01:42
jinxzsi want to kill her. so stupid01:42
jinxzsi didnt saw ms2003 in wine hq01:43
intraderjinxzs, don't go doing that, just have her show you. Do you have a dual boot situation? Or as was suggested a virtualbox running Windows XP?01:45
njg_Hello. was there a big bug in today's kernel update?01:45
ryennjg_: I have not heard about any large bugs. Why?01:45
jinxzsno i installed it full ubuntu..01:45
LorgonJortleI just installed Unreal Tournament 2004 and when I try to run it, the game runs well, but there's not sound. I get this in the console: 'open /dev/[sound/]dsp: Device or resource busy' Suggestions?01:45
intraderlukus, what was ^?01:46
lukusintrader, was saying i'd had probs with docx (and openoffice)01:46
lukusresponding to yr comment about no probs01:46
lukusit's pretty good tho01:47
njg_ok... i have a big problem, possibly with kernel, possibly with X.org or possibly with Firefox... I don't have access to the system 'till I get back to work01:47
jinxzs-is not marked as executable it says.01:47
intraderlukus, I know, it it has not had any problems with documents from my work.01:47
PiranhaPI am trying to build a root filesystem for a device using APT directly (rather than debootstrap or multistrap), but debconf (dpkg-preconfigure) insists on using the root directory (/) rather than my build root (e.g. Dir::).  Does anybody know how to twist debconf's arm?  ...or otherwise accomplish what I want?01:47
dan_can someone help me get my GT330m installed on Lynx01:48
intraderjrib, in updating using x-org PPA. I was told there is a ppa tool to back out from an update, do you know of one?01:50
jribintrader: no01:50
lahwranhow do I share an internet connection with iptables again?01:51
alziejinxzs: you should be able to install it with playonlinux.  playonlinux is in the repos01:51
dsa4funhello boys01:51
jrib!ics | lahwran01:51
ubottulahwran: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:51
dsa4funsomeone works with sphinx?01:51
lahwranjrib: iptables, please01:51
lahwranjrib: that is, directly to iptables01:52
intraderjrib, the steps discribed in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates are pretty straightforward I wil try it and let you know if I run into problems. I would have to reinstall to get back though.01:52
jriblahwran: did you read what ubottu said?01:52
lahwranjrib: yes01:52
=== ahs3 is now known as ahs3-afk
princej88hey, i am running ubuntu 10.10 beta and have just installed another monitor. Everything is working fine except that the new smaller monitor is now default. How i can change the default monitor? I checked monitor preferences01:52
jriblahwran: he gave you a page with iptables instructions :/01:53
lahwranhe did?01:53
jriblahwran: no, I'm lying to you because I love repeating myself.01:53
jribneed a break...01:53
lahwranthat's what I thought01:53
dan_Im trying to install my GT330M on 10.04LTS 64 bit desktop. I have tried to use the EDID method where you make a raw file in windows and export it. When I try to make edit xorg.conf, I get errors. I think there is another method too? backlisting maybe? help would be awesome01:54
jriblahwran: he did.  read what he said.01:54
PiranhaPprincej88: By default, you just mean that the panel's are on the small screen, right?01:55
princej88PrianhaP: yes01:55
luis_arroyoHi im having an error with a tar file anyone who can help me?01:55
lahwranjrib: no, he didn't! but despite that, he did give me an acceptable alternative. be right back.01:55
luis_arroyotar: This does not look like a tar archive?? Help please01:57
dooglusI'm trying to get hibernation working on an ASUS EeePC T101MT.  it appears to hibernate, but when I try to resume, the screen stays black01:57
dooglusany ideas for me?01:57
princej88luis_arroyo: are you trying to untar the file using command line or no?01:57
PiranhaPprincej88:  There isn't necessarily a "primary" monitor/screen.  You can either swap the video cables or, if you don't want to do that, then   1) run gconf-editor  2) navigate to /apps/panel/toplevels/top_panel_screen0 and change the 'monitor' setting to 0 or 1 (whichever it isn't)  3) do the same for bottom_panel_screen001:57
luis_arroyodouble click01:57
PiranhaPprincej88:  There's probably an easier way, but that's the way I know01:58
princej88PrianhaP: Will try. Thanks for your help.01:58
PiranhaPprincej88: You're welcome01:58
princej88luis_arroyo: you might have better luck using the command line.01:59
luis_arroyoany specify commando?02:00
xbonesxany recommended a good back up utility for ubuntu 10.04?02:00
princej88luis_arroyo: yes there are if you use teh command line02:00
dooglusluis_arroyo: you sure it's a tar file?02:00
dooglusluis_arroyo: what's it called?02:00
dooglusluis_arroyo: what if you: "tar xf .tar.izma.tar"?02:01
dooglusluis_arroyo: put 'tar xf' then the filename02:01
princej88luis_arroyo: try this. tar -xf archive.tar02:02
PiranhaPluis_arroyo:  To determine the file type based on its contents, type:   file sage-4.5.3-linux-32bit-ubuntu_10.04_lts-i686-Linux.tar.lzma.tar02:02
luis_arroyook i will try02:02
triplc(fresh newbie question)Please tell me which user admin that default mail dovevot-postfix use? Do I *have* to use the stock Ubuntu user system? or it can be something more virtual?02:02
princej88PrianhaP: the gconf-editor method worked great.02:04
triplc(fresh newbie question)Please tell me which user admin that default mail dovevot-postfix use? Do I *have* to use the stock Ubuntu user system? or it can be something more virtual? <--- resend02:04
PiranhaPprincej88:  good deal02:04
luis_arroyosame problem02:05
luis_arroyotar: Esto no parece un archivo tar02:05
PiranhaPluis_arroyo:  Try to determine the file type based on its contents with the command:   file sage-4.5.3-linux-32bit-ubuntu_10.04_lts-i686-Linux.tar.lzma.tar02:06
luis_arroyotar: This does not look like a tar archive02:06
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, trying to update my system and I'm getting this error: "failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/do-core/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz 404 not found"02:07
jribluis_arroyo: the sage site tells you the command to run (hint: --lzma).  You also need to checksum to make sure your file isn't corrupted.02:08
luis_arroyoi've tried lzma -d file.tar02:11
luis_arroyodoesnt seem to work02:11
dooglusI'm trying to get hibernation working on an ASUS EeePC T101MT.  it appears to hibernate, but when I try to resume, the screen stays black02:13
* PiranhaP is not fond of xchat-gnome...locked up. We'll see if xchat itself is better02:13
jagsim trying to set up multiple wallpapers in compiz, but i don't seem to have gconf02:13
jagswhat am i missing, i tried apt-get gconf02:13
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, trying to update my system and I'm getting this error: "failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/do-core/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz 404 not found". Any advice?02:13
psusiMasterofPuppets, reload/sudo apt-get update and retry02:13
tensorpuddingluis_arroyo: have you tried tar --lzma xvf instead?02:14
xMffMasterofPuppets: looks like a broken url in /etc/apt/sources.lust or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/something.conf02:14
syMy teacher just said that open source software is obsolete. -___-02:14
MasterofPuppetsxMff: how would I fix that?02:14
xMffMasterofPuppets: with a text editor02:14
psusierr, ohh, wait... nevermind... yea... it says it can't find the package list, so yea... you have a bad package source configured02:15
gregl<dooglus>  When my pc does that I shut off the monitor ,wait a second then turn it on..That seems to work for me...02:15
MasterofPuppetsxMff: So gksu gedit what?02:15
dooglusgregl: it's a laptop02:15
bodwickMasterofPuppets /etc/apt/sources.list ?02:15
xMffMasterofPuppets: grep -r "do-core" /etc/apt/  will tell you which file02:16
gregldooglus, Oh  well sorry...No idea then,,02:16
n8-bithey guys i need some help, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 and am trying to install Gnome Shell from source. however a required package gives me this conflict, libwnck-dev: Depends: libwnck22 (= 1:2.30.0-0ubuntu1) but 1:2.30.2-0ubuntu3+10.04~ricotz1 is to be installed. Is there any way to remedy this?02:17
jellowi need to send a message via lib notify over ssh , How could i do it?02:17
ChogyDann8-bit: you should ask the gnome folks02:17
PiranhaPdooglus:  Does switching to a virtual console (Ctrl-Alt-F1) and back again (Ctrl-Alt-F7) help?02:18
MasterofPuppetsxMff, bodwick: when I look in /etc/apt/sources.list, there's no mention of anything to do with do-core02:18
luis_arroyotensorpudding tar --lzma xvf?02:18
n8-bitChogyDan, thank you, their channel is #gnome right?02:18
jellowI can use -X but this displays to my screen not the host ssh server02:18
ChogyDann8-bit: I think they are not on freenode02:18
bodwickMasterofPuppets and you tried system -> administration -> software sources -> other sources ?02:18
dooglusPiranhaP: I tried switching to a vc, but the screen stayed black02:18
dooglusdidn't try switching back02:19
tensorpuddingluis_arroyo: sorry, maybe you can't combine the old-style options with the gnu ones02:19
psusiMasterofPuppets, you probably added it with apt-add-repository, in which case it is in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:19
psusiMasterofPuppets, so find the file and delete it02:19
tensorpuddingluis_arroyo: try tar --lzma -xvf file.tar.lzma02:19
PiranhaPdooglus:  probably won't be any better02:19
dooglusPiranhaP: I just tried hibernating while a song was playing.  now resuming to see if I can hear it still02:19
ChogyDann8-bit: why not just use the package?  btw02:19
dooglusPiranhaP: nope - it's silent.  so I don't think it's just a video issue02:20
dan_Can someone help me install a GT330m on 10.04lts 64bit desktop?02:20
dooglusPiranhaP: I can't ssh into it either when it's in that black screen state02:20
n8-bitChogyDan, the package in the ppa is way out of date and doesn't play well with my current window manager, I end up just having to hold the power button xD.02:20
dan_I tried backlisting and deleteing the default nvidia drivers and also the EDID trick and cant get it to work02:20
ChogyDann8-bit: are you on maverick?02:20
luis_arroyo<tensorpudding> it seems to work02:20
AcidphaseMy cpu speed wrong in Ubuntu 10.04 , Kernel: 2.6.35-14-generic #20~lucid2-Ubuntu, CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor - Motherboard Asus Crosshair III (CPU is only running @ 800Mhz when should be @ 3.4Ghz) RAM: 8gigs DDR3 G.Skill Rip jaws @1600Mhz 7-7-7-20 Ganged Mode (128bit) - Any Takers?02:20
n8-bitChogyDan, nah, Lucid I believe, whatever 10.04 is02:20
ChogyDann8-bit: I would start by trying it out on maverick, then go for installing from source02:21
MasterofPuppetspsusi: That did it, thanks! Thanks a lot guys02:21
RedacheAcidphase: It's probably the power saving feature of your CPU02:21
xMffAcidphase: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor02:21
xMffAcidphase: cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq02:22
n8-bitChogyDan, thanks, i have to go now but you really did help. seeya and tyvm.02:22
AcidphaseNo such file or directoryNo such file or directory02:22
dan_can i please have some help with the gt330m and 10.04?02:23
AcidphaseI checked my Bios twice cool & quiet isnt enabled02:23
Gnurduxdan_, what sort of help?02:23
leowhat are buffer and cache ?02:23
=== denny_ is now known as denny
Gnurduxwhat sort of help do you need?02:24
Gnurduxwhat is your problem?02:24
leofrom the output of the command free,the 1st and 2nd line ?02:24
xMffleo: buffers are areas of ram where linux puts data in when writing or reading from files02:24
luis_arroyo<tensorpudding> Thank You Man02:24
luis_arroyoim very pleased02:24
dan_@gnurdux: installing the card all together. I've tried the backlist and deleteing default drivers and also the export .raw file method in windows02:24
Gnurduxwhat was the original problem?02:24
Gnurduxwhy did you need to start blacklisting stuff and exporting raw files?02:25
xMffleo: cache is used by linux to hold file contents in ram for faster access, it is freed as soon as programs needs this ram02:25
leoxMff can you give some example to prove it02:25
xMffleo: the linux kernel sources ;)02:25
manlymatt83OK, so the alternate CD install failed, but for some reason it had installed enough that I could partially boot.  So I modified /etc/apt/sources.list, am installing ubuntu-desktop, am HOPING that will make it so when I reboot I can access the USB cd creator tool, I'll grab the 10.04 ISO, and install over the USB stick, then re-install. *sigh*02:25
manlymatt83I need a new CDROM - can't wait for it to arrive Thursday02:25
* Gnea wonders why apt-cdrom fails02:26
Gnurduxdan_: what was your original issue?  Like, what didn't work to start with?02:26
leoxMff oh my god that's impossible for now02:26
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: you can also install ubuntu-desktop^02:26
dan_i did a fresh install last night. As of now the resolution is 2048x1536. I cant see the bottom of the screen and also the right from the time over02:26
manlymatt83ChogyDan: I am.  I did "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"02:27
dan_i researched it and found 2 methods to install the card02:27
manlymatt83but since my CDROM had failed, I needed to switch sources.list to the internet02:27
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: ^  <------02:27
sirecatHey everyone. I looking for the best install options to allow my 10.04 machine to see my windows 7 machines on the network? I also have a couple of macs. Should I just go with smb or are there better options?02:27
manlymatt83oh.  What's ubuntu-desktop with the carrot?02:27
leoxMff maybe ,that's the only right way to understand cache and buffer clearly02:27
Gnurduxdan_, this is on a laptop?02:27
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: it is the task02:28
dan_uluga.ubuntuforums.o rg/showthread.php?p=982091702:28
dan_yes its a laptop02:28
xMffleo: can't think of an easy way to test it. You'll notice it when running "ls" or "find" on a directly with like 10.000 files, the first time takes some time, subsequent accesses are way faster02:28
dan_post number two is the backlist method02:28
manlymatt83ChogyDan: ok.  A little confused :)02:28
dan_forum.notebookreview.co m/5820189-post2517.html02:28
leoxMff yeah i got it02:28
dan_that is the EDID raw export method02:28
Gnurduxyour links are getting corrupted i think02:28
leoxMff that's the buffer02:29
Gnurduxi cant get the first02:29
leoxMff cache02:29
dan_you cant view the first website?02:29
Gnurduxi can't because something is wrong with the link02:29
xMffleo: the cache. buffers are used to aggregate data preio to writing to the target or after reading from it02:29
Gnurduxand not just the space in it02:29
dan_http:// www.uluga.ubuntuforums. org/showthread.php?p=982091702:30
Gnurduxi paste it in and it sends me to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=18902:30
manlymatt83Question - I'nm installing 10.04 right now - Should I install 10.04 again (for real) on the USB disk, or go right for 10.10?  Will 10.10 be upgradeable from 10.04?02:30
Gnurduxgot it, thanks02:30
manlymatt83Or since 10.04 is LTS it won't be?02:30
dan_thank you02:30
leoxMff but how can i different them ? which still puzzled me02:30
GneaI've tried following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptCdrom but it doesn't work, I can't get the system to see it when I apt-get update, why not?02:30
GneaI'm using a USB stick in place of a cdrom with an Ubuntu image on it02:31
xMffleo: from userspace? thats hard. it's the kernels business to handle that, you usually do not need to worry about it02:31
dan_I have the latest 64 bit supported nvidia driver and also the raw file already ready to go... just cant get either method to work correctly02:31
Gnurduxso the only problem atm is the messed up resolution?02:31
dan_and the speakers not working02:31
dan_other than that the install was the best ive ever had with ubuntu02:32
leoxMff maybe you can give me some advice to help understand them , web info or some book02:32
dan_wireless, bluetooth, blu-ray, mem reader all work great so far02:32
leoxMff i'll check it by myself02:32
ChogyDanGnea: what are you trying to do?02:32
GneaChogyDan: finish installing a system02:33
leoxMff about this point ,i find myself a beginner02:33
Gneaneed to get wireless working on it. in order to do that, I need to install gcc and whatnot. can't do it without doing it off the usb drive.02:33
ChogyDanGnea: did the install get interrupted or something?02:33
manlymatt83dan_: what version?02:33
Gnurduxdan_, have you tried manually setting the resolution?02:33
dan_64 bit lts02:34
Gnurduxalso, is the nvidia driver running atm?02:34
Gnurduxlike, can you pastebin glxinfo>02:34
dan_and yes ive done the res manually and it fixes the res but i still cant see half the screen02:34
GneaChogyDan: no, I'm stuck with wireless and the wireless card has a driver that's not in the repositories. I can get it transferred over just fine, I just can't compile it.02:34
dan_@gnurdux: I have no idea02:34
GneaChogyDan: I could compile it if I could get apt-cdrom to work, but it doesn't work.02:34
Gnurduxdan_, type glxinfo in a terminal, and paste the results to http://pastebin.org/02:34
Gnurduxthat will give us a link, which you can type in this channel02:35
ChogyDanGnea: what do you want apt-cdrom to do?  transfer over some packages?02:35
llvllonkHi, I have a printer hooked into a netgear PS101 connected thru the network... I cannot seem to connect to it using the command line "lpadmin" ...it states "Unable to connect to server: connection refused."02:35
dan_downloading now02:35
leoxMff . it is so hard task for me to explore the kernel source code, i tried but failed ,just wait to try agian later02:36
Gnurduxdan_, downloading?02:36
GneaChogyDan: perhaps you don't know how to read what I'm saying, I'm being as blunt as I can here. It's extremely simple, there's no way to mis-interpret it: I have a cdrom image on a usb device, I installed the system using said usb jumpdrive. the usb jumpdrive is effectively a cdrom, according to the system. I can mount it to /cdrom or /media/cdrom, but apt-cdrom won't pick it up and use it in /etc/apt/sources.list02:36
xMffleo: google for linux memory management, linux buffer cache etc., there's plenty of material02:37
GneaChogyDan: sorry if I seem curt, I'm very frustrated at this point.02:37
xuekanwhat is the indentity of a high-level linuxer?02:38
ChogyDanGnea: no prob, sorry it isn't working for you02:38
Gneaxuekan: a what?02:38
dan__gnurdux    sorry froze up had to reboot02:38
GneaChogyDan: so you don't know how to help fix it?02:38
xuekana high-level linux user.02:38
dan__probably from all the open windows i couldnt close because I cant see the bottom of my screen02:38
Gneawhat is 'high-level' mean?02:38
AcidphaseMy cpu speed wrong in Ubuntu 10.04 , Kernel: 2.6.35-14-generic #20~lucid2-Ubuntu, CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor - Motherboard Asus Crosshair III (CPU is only running @ 800Mhz when should be @ 3.4Ghz) RAM: 8gigs DDR3 G.Skill Rip jaws @1600Mhz 7-7-7-20 Ganged Mode (128bit) - I don't Have cool and quiet enabled or any scaling ...02:39
dan__let me copy paste that for you now02:39
jimbroJim Fisher of Pacslinux02:39
xuekanare you kidding me?02:39
ChogyDanGnea: no, I thought you might be looking for a livecd chroot or something.  Is there an error message?02:39
manlymatt83Does 10.04 allow you to update to 10.10 in 19 days?02:39
manlymatt83or will a clean install be recommended?02:39
leoxMff thks  i'll02:39
GneaChogyDan: no error message, it just flat-out doesn't add it to the sources.list02:39
CounterspellI just want to list the IP addresses accessing me at what ports, how can I do this?02:39
GneaCounterspell: netstat -nap02:39
coz_manlymatt83,  i always suggest clean installs regardless ..but ..yes you can update it from 10.04 to 10.1002:39
CounterspellGnea, thanks02:39
GneaCounterspell: might need sudo02:40
manlymatt83coz_: I wonder if it'd be better to just do 10.10 now since I'm doing a clean install tonight.  I don't need 100% stability.02:40
GneaChogyDan: anyway, thanks for trying02:40
manlymatt83Are there major benefits in 10.10 that aren't in 10.04?02:40
MortchekAnybody know how to get Getting Things GNOME to recognize tasks from another machine? I copied ~/.config/gtg over but gtg seems to be ignoring it.02:40
dan__http:// pastebin. org/100485002:40
coz_manlymatt83,  mm  you mean update now?02:41
ChogyDanGnea: fwiw, you could try the !offline factoid, and just download the packages you need to the usb drive, and install that way02:41
dan__Gnurdux: Did the link work okay?02:41
Guest59613I have 353 GB to install Ubuntu 10.10 on. How much should I allocate to swap space?02:42
GekzI am looking for 10.04 for the ARM architecture. Where can I find it?02:42
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD02:42
manlymatt83coz_: I figure since I have to do a clean install tonight (my drive is busted, I'm talking to you right now from a CLI only install), I'm wondering if I should do 10.10 now instead of doing 10.04 now and then 10.10 in a few weeks02:42
coz_manlymatt83,  oh I see... well  that is another options of course :)  yeah you can do that ... still .. i would say to clean install after release....<< however that is my opinion :)02:43
GneaChogyDan: that's kind of where it's headed, but not quite - it wouldn't matter if I put those files on a cd or usb at this point, since it can't even read it in the first place02:43
Guest59613I have 353 GB to install Ubuntu 10.10 on. How much should I allocate to swap space?02:43
AcidphaseMy cpu speed wrong in Ubuntu 10.04 , Kernel: 2.6.35-14-generic #20~lucid2-Ubuntu, CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor - Motherboard Asus Crosshair III (CPU is only running @ 800Mhz when should be @ 3.4Ghz) RAM: 8gigs DDR3 G.Skill Rip jaws @1600Mhz 7-7-7-20 Ganged Mode (128bit) - I don't Have cool and quiet enabled or any scaling ...02:43
manlymatt83coz_: ahhh, so even if I install beta now, clean install to -release?02:44
Gnea!repeat | Acidphase02:44
ubottuAcidphase: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com02:44
manlymatt83makes sense02:44
GneaAcidphase: try waiting 10 minutes before doing that again02:44
coz_manlymatt83,  that is what I do ...may people dont do that  so  it is up to you02:44
ChogyDanGnea: you don't need apt to install debs, you can just install directly with dpkg, or the graphical thing.  The only challenge there is to specify the exact path.  Even with the live cd, the packages are buried in the directory structure somewhere02:44
NOMADICUSHello.  I just reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10 and02:44
derklempnerHow can I start a program/service from the command line and NOT have it take control of the session?02:45
dan__Can someone help me install my gt330m on 10.04 please02:45
GneaChogyDan: well yes, but that also opens up a can of worms02:45
dan__Ive tried backlisting and also the raw file methods and cant get anything to wokr02:45
Mortchekderklempner, if you mean get back to the prompt after starting it: foo &02:46
primedeathHello, I am trying to find a program where a friend and I can share a laptop for note taking. I was wondering if there was a program where I can make a keyboard input to a certain screen.02:47
DatzAcidphase: where did you get the script?02:47
NOMADICUSHello.  I just reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10 and I saved my user profile from the previous install.  Now all of the directories and files are owned by root.  How can I change their ownership to the current profile?02:47
primedeathTwo keyboards, one laptop, two screens.02:47
derklempnerMortchek, that isn't working for me when trying to start x11vnc on a remote machine (via SSH).02:47
ChogyDanGnea: you might even be able to copy the debs to the cache directory, and then run the apt install commands02:47
NOMADICUSI tried starting Nautilus from termainal as root and change the ownership that way, but it dosen't stick.02:47
primedeath I was wondering if there was a Linux program to where I can have my external USB keyboard use a specific window and my laptop keyboard use a different one.02:48
=== kevdog_ is now known as kevdog
AcidphaseI'm not using a script I manually typed that in02:48
sujiths80Hi I want to try Ubuntu 10.10 but I want to know whether I can try this on my PC which installed with Ubuntu 10.04 and I dont want to take a risk.So is there any similar software like  vmware so that I can install new ubuntu on that02:48
derklempnerMortchek, never mind, I did it again and hit enter after it started x11vnc and got my command prompt back and the service is still running.02:48
Dr_Willissujiths80:  vmware, or virtualbox.02:49
sujiths80vmware can be installed in ubuntu also ?02:49
Acidphasehowever you can get sysinfo script right in the software center02:49
Acidphasefor Xxhat02:49
Acidphasegah Xchat*02:49
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware02:50
Guest59613sujiths80: yes. but i recommend VirtualBox02:50
DatzAcidphase: what are you using to aggregate that system info?02:50
primedeathAnyone know a program that allows me to change where a USB keyboard inputs to?02:50
xbonesxcan anyone recommend a good back utility?02:50
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:51
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  depends on what and how you want to back things up02:51
AcidphaseI'm using "sysinfo" the application and the CPU frequency Monitor applet for the panel02:51
flan_susexbonesx: What type of backing up?02:51
xbonesxpreferably to iso of full system backup02:51
Acidphasein which the monitor is telling me that scaling is not supported02:51
GneaChogyDan: making some sort of progress...02:52
flan_susexbonesx: Something to make "snapshots" of your files?02:52
scott_inoNOMADICUS, what about usnig chmod?02:52
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  mondo/mindi works that way.02:52
manlymatt83Wow, I'm quite impressed with Lucid.02:52
primedeathNo one?02:52
flan_susexbonesx: If you want a LiveCD, I'd recommend Clonezilla. It's all in command-line / ncurses though.02:52
flan_susexbonesx: But there's also a package you can install called partimage, which will do the same thing.02:52
flan_susexbonesx: I recommend the LiveCD route, since you don't want to be using the filesystem / partition you are making an image of.02:53
NOMADICUSscott_ino: Are you able to give me an example, I am not too experienced with chmod?02:53
manlymatt83So I guess one final question - is anyone here running 10.10 and really happy about something they have in 10.10 that they didn't have in 10.04?  I think I'm going to go ahead with the 10.04 install, but want to make sure I'm not missing anything major in 10.1002:53
shcherbakspeed - 10.10 is faster02:54
primedeathAnyone know a program that allows me to change where a USB keyboard (or anything for that matter02:54
primedeathinputs to.02:54
Dr_Willismanlymatt83:  i havent noticed any MUST have features yet...02:54
scott_inoNOMADICUS, chmod deals with with file permissions, however, I don't know how youd actuall speficy the actual user.. but sure it can be done02:54
scott_inooh nice.. NOMADICUS apparently it can be done02:55
xbonesxflan_suse: all i can find is a package for the documentation for partimage...???02:55
NOMADICUSxbonesx: I am looking at man chmod right now.02:55
scott_inoNOMADICUS, check the wiki it gives good examples too ;)02:55
Guest59613manlymatt83: id you don't mind minor bugs. I'd go with 10.10. I'm installing 10.10 over 10.04 right as I speak.02:55
manlymatt83Dr_Willis: OK, thanks :) 10.04 seems a LOT faster on my old T42 than 9.04.... so I figured perhaps 10.10 would be even faster.02:55
flan_susexbonesx: Which version of Ubuntu?02:56
xbonesxflan_suse: 10.0402:56
manlymatt83Is there a site somewhere that lists the main features of 10.10 and how they differ from 10.04?02:56
xbonesxNOMADICUS: what?02:56
Guest59613I have 353 GB to install Ubuntu 10.10 on. How much should I allocate to swap space? Is 5 GB enough?02:56
xbonesxNOMADICUS: plz use my name so i know you talking tome02:56
xbonesxto me*02:56
manlymatt83I'm actually trying to make the start up disk using the start up disk util and it keeps saying "Failed to install bootloader"02:57
NOMADICUSscott_ino: xbonesx: that message was for scott.02:57
flan_susexbonesx: Hm, it should be there. One second.02:57
alzieGuest59613: usually swap space is slightly more than your RAM02:58
scott_inoNOMADICUS, you need to use chown sorry, not chmod.. although you might have to do both actually if you aid their owner was root and the permissions got changed02:58
Dr_WillisGuest59613:  and your ram is how much?02:58
xbonesxflan_suse: k thanks02:58
manlymatt83Is there another method of creating a USB Ubuntu install other than using the start up creator?  Mine's just saying it can't install it.02:59
KipMacyi use unetbootin02:59
KipMacyare you in windows or ubuntu ?02:59
Dr_Willismanlymatt83:  the pendrivelinux web site has several tools and scripts and other things to do it.. or use unetbootin, or other related tools02:59
Guest59613Dr_Willis: 1.75 GB.  Is the higher amount of swap space the better? Is it okay to have 4 GB swap space?02:59
Dr_Willismanlymatt83:  odd that the Ubuntu tool isent working.02:59
Guest59613I have 1.75 GB RAM03:00
primedeathAnyone know a program that allows me to change where a USB keyboard inputs to?03:00
Dr_WillisGuest59613:  4gb may be overkill if its never used. but it wont hurt.03:00
Dr_Willisprimedeath:  input from where to where exactly?03:00
manlymatt83Dr_Willis: it's letting me "erase it", and then I see it mounts it on the desktop and says "4.1 GB File system", but when I click make disk, it just says it can't03:00
primedeathDr_Willis, I have a USB Keyboard that I want to input into a specific program. Open Office Word.03:00
Dr_Willismanlymatt83:  you need to tell it to install to (for example) /dev/sdd1  not /dev/sdd i noticed. Its easy to get confused in how the dialog works03:00
primedeathThen I want my laptop keyboard to input into the active window.03:00
DatzIs apt-get going to be replaced with aptitude eventually?03:00
flan_susexbonesx: apt-get update03:01
primedeathDr_Willis, is this possible?03:01
Dr_Willisprimedeath:  you want 2 keyboards to be inputing to 2 different windows  you mean?03:01
flan_susexbonesx: Sorry, actually: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-cache search partimage03:01
Guest59613Dr_Willis: So with 4 GB Im plenty safe then right? How much swap space does Ubuntu give by defualt?03:01
primedeathDr_Willis, is that possible?03:01
scott_inoGuest37232, usually 2xram03:01
sujiths80I am intrested in involving Ubuntu testing...03:02
trusoli got netbook remix running on a hp mini... runs great! videos and media runs much better than win703:02
xbonesxflan_suse: whats the && mean in the code?03:02
Dr_Willisprimedeath:  not that ive ever seen. You can set up 2 X displays and have one keyboard for each.. but thats a bit complex also03:02
flan_susexbonesx: It means to start the next command after the first one finishes.03:02
primedeathDamn. It's for note taking. I want him to input into an inactive window.03:02
xbonesxok kool that will come in handy03:02
primedeathWhile I use the active window.03:02
trusol&& means run the next if the 1st one is OK03:03
GneaChogyDan: wireless driver is now compiling.03:03
AcidphaseOddly enough I had to enable cool and quiet then manually set the speed ... which is dumb03:04
Acidphaseos[Linux 2.6.35-14-generic x86_64] distro[Ubuntu "lucid" 10.04] cpu[4 x AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor (AuthenticAMD) @ 3.40GHz] mem[Physical: 7.8GB, 92.9% free] disk[Total: 894.4GB, 94.1% free] video[1002:6898] sound[USB-Audio - SB Arena Headset1: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio Generic2: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB]03:04
pksadiqwhat's the keyboard shortcut to switch input language?03:04
sujiths80after installing virtualbox can I install ubuntu10.10 on ubuntu 10.04 for testing purpose ?03:04
flan_susesujiths80: Yup.03:04
trusolthe netbook install guide is a bit off.. the image wouldn't work on my usb... had to install grub on the usb to get it to boot03:04
flan_susesujiths80: Won't matter what the host or guest is.03:04
Gneasujiths80: why couldn't you?03:04
s3ahow do i make my first page not follow the numbering in openoffice.org?03:05
s3a(cover page)03:05
flan_susesujiths80: VirtualBox allows that portability. You can even take your guest OS and copy it over to a new computer with a different OS and STILL run it the same way under VirtualBox.03:05
Dr_Willisprimedeath:  2 people sitting at the same pc. shareing the same monitor... thats going to be hard.. now you CAN take 1 pc and 2 monitors/keyboards/mice and have 2 X 'sessions' going  as if it were 2 pc's03:05
s3aI tried clicking format => page => Organizer => Next style => First page    when having the header highlighted but it makes the page number of the second page dissapear. The same thing happens whether I highlight the first page's header or the second's03:05
primedeathDr_Willis, aye. I know that.03:05
Steristwhat's the biggest of the additions in 10.10?03:05
Steristanyone know03:05
trismpksadiq: if you're using ibus, ctrl+space by default, you can configure it in System/Preferences/Ibus Preferences03:06
scott_inoSterist, they introduced a new multi-touch framework which is allegedly all the rage03:06
pksadiqk, let me try03:06
flan_susexbonesx: Any luck?03:06
Steristas in mouse pad multi touch?03:07
scott_inoSterist, yes, primarily building a new API for applications to utilize multi-touch03:07
Dr_Willisscott_ino:  i cant even stand it when my touchpad has tap to click.. :) i  bet i will be rageing at multitouch...03:07
scott_inoDr_Willis, I'm one of those people too :)03:07
xbonesxflan_suse: only thing that came up was 'partimage-doc - Partition Image User Documentation'03:07
Steristi LOVE click tap03:08
scott_inobut... if you have disable touchpad while typing im usually ok03:08
FunkyDudedoes anyone know how to get mod_rewrite to work after installing apache2 ?03:08
DatzAcidphase: strange.. at least it's working now :)03:08
Steristi wish the "mouse buttons" werent on my laptop and just a larger mouse pad03:08
flan_susexbonesx: What if you open up Synaptic package manager and check which repositories are enabled?03:08
manlymatt83Dr_Willis: Yeah, I tried that =(03:09
victorgpserraoanyone using jolicloud here?03:09
Steristso... besides multi touch03:09
ubottuIBus is used to allow multilingual input such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Devanagari and Dravidian characters in !GUI applications - see also: !SCIM. For more info on Ibus see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus03:09
Steristwhat's next up"?03:09
manlymatt83Does unetbootin work well?  Will that reliably install ubuntu?03:10
ubottuChinese, Japanese, Korean Language input. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SCIM03:10
xbonesxflan_suse: http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/9225/72459738.png03:11
rewqAnother bloodied #fedora refugee has washed up on your shore.03:11
h00kvictorgpserrao: Jolicloud isn't supported here03:11
scott_inorewq, that's too bad, I know a lot of the fedora people and they're good people ;)03:11
flan_susexbonesx: That's all of them?03:12
rewqwell, I accidentally mentioned the word ubuntu.03:12
flan_susexbonesx: Oh my bad, not 3rd-party software.03:12
xbonesxflan_suse: ?03:12
flan_susexbonesx: show a screenshot of the first tab.03:12
scott_inorewq, i was never in the irc but their forum is more than friendly03:12
Steristcan anyone remember which wiki page had the graph of the life times of ubuntu ruleases?03:12
flan_susexbonesx: I was referring to the "main" standard repos, not the 3rd-party ones.03:12
Steristfrom development to end of life03:13
rewqNo they're cool... just don't mention ubuntu.03:13
xbonesxflan_suse: oh... one sec03:13
flan_susexbonesx: Roger.03:13
flan_suseSterist: Similar to this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/the-ubuntu-release-cycle.html03:13
pksadiqrewq : this is ubuntu channel03:13
s3aI tried clicking format => page => Organizer => Next style => First page    when having the header highlighted but it makes the page number of the second page dissapear. The same thing happens whether I highlight the first page's header or the second's03:14
h00kSterist: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases03:14
flan_suseh00k: Wasn't there one with a graphical chart?03:14
s3aIn openoffice.org, I tried clicking format => page => Organizer => Next style => First page    when having the header highlighted but it makes the page number of the second page dissapear. The same thing happens whether I highlight the first page's header or the second's03:14
rewqI know.  I'm here now.  I'll have fedora off my system by tomorrow and I'll be in here.  Word has it one can mention the word fed**a in here, but I'm not going to chance it.03:14
flan_suserewq: I will have your head on a pike, and your entrails will make my necklace!03:15
scott_inorewq, most are tolerant of each other but just want to remain on-topic03:15
flan_susexbonesx: Did you paste it?03:15
h00krewq: for offtopic chat, feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:16
flan_suseh00k: Is this only fan-made? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/ubuntu-release-cycle_6.png03:16
rewqfair enough.  will do. ;)03:16
Steristh00k thats not exactly the graph i was looking for but it'll do :) doesnt show development period :(03:16
h00kflan_suse: good question, I'm not sure.03:17
st__s3a, because that page style for the rest of doc has no # on 1st page option?03:17
h00kflan_suse: No: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/14603:18
s3ast__, could you rephrase that please?03:18
flan_suseh00k: Perfect. Thanks.03:18
xbonesxflan_suse: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/5462/83862161.jpg03:18
xbonesxflan_suse: sry net a little slow03:19
stevesI have a problem with creating an array.   After a reboot the box thinks one of the drives doesn't have a superblock.  I created the array; waited until /proc/mdstat said 100%; formatted the drive; did mdadm --detail --scan > /etc/mdadm.conf ; and rebooted.   When the box rebooted the md0 device wasn't created.   Any suggestions?03:19
st__the style for 2nd and subsequent pages probably has "no page # on first page" rule03:19
flan_susexbonesx: Something is odd...03:20
xbonesxflan_suse: lol your telling me03:20
flan_suseAnyone else see the partimage package in their package manager?03:20
flan_suseFor 10.04, that is...03:20
s3ast__, i want the first page to not have a page #, how do i do that?03:20
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, I downloaded a GDM theme but I'm not sure how to apply it; advice?03:20
xbonesxflan_suse: do i need to add repositories?03:21
guccipilotI upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 today and it doesn't boot ino ubuntu03:21
guccipilotI get errors03:21
scott_inoflan_suse, only partimage-doc according to apt-cache03:21
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:21
flan_susescott_ino: That can't be right...03:21
guccipilotI get a codec 0 is not valid03:21
h00kguccipilot: /join #ubuntu+103:21
xbonesxguccipilot: whats the hype about 10.10 anyways???03:21
flan_susescott_ino: partimage is supposedly in the universe repo for 10.04.03:21
guccipilotThanks hook03:21
flan_susescott_ino: xbonesx is having the same problem: only partimage-doc03:21
scott_inoflan_suse, updating... let's see03:22
scott_inobut that's all im seeing03:22
xbonesxflan_suse: ill chack the config file to make sure its in their...03:22
flan_susescott_ino: I had him refresh his packages too.03:22
stevesI can re-add the drive, but am not sure why md0 doesn't start automatically03:22
jimdagemis there a problem with the Ubuntu repos right now?03:22
scott_inoflan_suse, did tey change the package name03:22
flan_susexbonesx: Your repos are all in order.03:22
flan_susescott_ino: Nope. It's called: partimage03:22
jimdagemI'm getting a 404 when I try to install something.03:22
flan_susexbonesx: 64-bit?03:23
scott_inoflan_suse, that's all im getting too... so...03:23
scott_inoim only using cli though03:23
mobasherjimdagem=}} that just means u're not connected to internet03:23
flan_susescott_ino: 64-bit?03:23
scott_inoflan_suse, yes03:23
flan_susescott_ino: That might be why...03:23
xbonesxflan_suse: yes03:24
flan_susescott_ino: I only see an i386 package.03:24
flan_susexbonesx: Aha...03:24
flan_suseYou're both on 64-bit, but I have 32-bit.03:24
xbonesxflan_suse: ???03:24
flan_suseLooks like only an i386 package is on the repo.03:24
NOMADICUSHey, I'm back.  I had to restart.  I'm still trying to do chown.  I have never used that.03:24
scott_inoflan_suse, perhaps there's a .deb out there somewhere or a ppa ?03:25
flan_susescott_ino: Hm, not sure. It's a popular program though.03:25
jesse_I recently attempted to rip a couple CDs to mp3 via rhythmbox (also tried sound juicer), but the tags aren't getting written. When I try re-tagging via rhythmbox, I get:03:25
xbonesxflan_suse: 32bit exclusive?03:25
jesse_"Internal Gstreamer problem; file a bug"03:25
scott_inoflan_suse, apparently it has issues with 64 bit http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19120503:26
NOMADICUSCan I chown a who directory and all it's sub directories and files?03:26
jesse_and "unabled to create tag-writing elements"03:26
scott_inoha wow wait wayyy old03:26
scott_inoflan_suse, i mean couldn't you use another tool for now like clonezilla or something03:26
scott_inoor have him use i mean03:26
xbonesxflan_suse: can you run a 32bit version of ubuntu on a 64bit system?03:26
geoffmccNOMADICUS: chown -R03:26
jesse_Any idea what problem this could be?03:26
st__NOMADICUS, -R03:26
flan_susescott_ino: I recommended Clonezilla, since it's a LiveCD.03:27
scott_inoflan_suse, i use it all the time it's wonderful03:27
scott_inoxbonesx, ty clonezilla03:27
guccipilotNo1 is in ubuntu+1 so look like im sol03:27
xbonesxscott_ino: that will let me make a complete live cd out of my current system setup???03:27
st__xbonesx, try remastersys03:28
scott_inoxbonesx, live cd i don't know i wasn't sure what you were trying to do03:28
scott_inobut I don't see why not if you get the bootloader right03:28
jon_high9000I am running a compaq presario pc which has currently karmic on it at the moment. i would like to upgrade to lucid but running into problems doing it. can anyone help?03:29
Ubuntucan you tell me how download the version of ubuntu laster03:29
flan_susexbonesx: You can technically run 32-bit apps under 64-bit, but I still would go the route of Clonezille, since you don't want to touch your current/active partition while it is in use.03:29
guccipilotIt says since the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to n upstart job you may also use the start(8) utility03:29
manlymatt83Does unetbootin do anything differently than the start up disk creator inside Lucid?  I was able to get unetbootin to make me a 10.04 bootable USB drive but couldn't get the start up util to work.  Will the install be identical?  Will there be anything different because I used unetbootin?03:29
SteristUSB booting is suicide by time03:30
xbonesxscott_ino: it would be kool if i could run a live cd that was already set up to my likings, would this clonezilla let me do that?03:30
manlymatt83Sterist: My CDROM is broken03:31
xbonesxflan_suse: that last messege was meant for you03:31
Steristmanlymatt83 cheap external hdd?'03:31
flan_susexbonesx: Nope. Clonezilla is a specific appliance.03:31
mIRChow i do to install a program by ubuntu?03:31
Steristmirc Ubuntu Software Center03:32
manlymatt83Also, is there any difference between Ubuntu net install and Ubuntu alternate CD?  I know the net install installs over the net, but I'm on a super fast network connection right now, so no issue there.  But the live CD wasn't booting for me, while the alternate was.... does the net CD practice the same sort of install?03:32
scott_inoxbonesx, if you do the install on something like a usb thumb drive you can do exactly that because it can write all your settings03:32
mIRCafter whati i have to do sterist?03:32
Steristput the cursor in the top-right box and type in whatever you desire03:32
Steristmanlymatt83 have you adjusted your PC's BIOs to look for a CD at boot?03:33
xbonesxscott_ino and flan_suse: is there a way to set your system up the way you like it, then turn it into a iso that could be burnt to disc and used as a live cd?03:33
manlymatt83Sterist: Yes.  My CDROM is broken.  Caputt.  Don't have one.  Ordered one, but it isn't here yet.03:33
mIRCsterist it is able for instal softwares in tar.gz?03:34
manlymatt83But still, even when I extract 10.04 live to a USB key drive, it won't work.  The install craps out.03:34
manlymatt83But when I use the alternate CD, it works fine03:34
manlymatt83but the alternate CD doesn't let me install from the net, so I'm wondering if the net install is just as simple as the alternate CD (the text based installer, etc.)03:34
manlymatt83I guess my question is this: what's the difference between the alternate CD and the netinstall CD?03:34
Steristmirc i've been having trouble with that install method myself03:35
iflema!software | mIRC03:35
ubottumIRC: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents03:35
hajmolaanyone here have any idea why Opera has weird kerning (letter spacings) on most websites?03:35
Steristmanlymatt83 since your CD drive is out, change the PC bios to look in this order #1 CD (for when you get the new one), #2 USB, and #3 internal HDD, then copy the ISO to a usb stick03:36
Steristmanlymatt83 the difference is alternate uses a different type of installer (usually for low spec computers) to do the main install. net install downloads minimal core files and gets the rest when you update03:37
mouseMy grub list is getting pretty full and I always use the latest kernel anyways so how do I uninstall the old kernels?  I've never had to do it before.03:37
scott_inoxbonesx, yes it is possible03:38
d3s3rt3glcould the good people of ubuntu help me (once again) with my web hosting issue?03:38
xbonesxscott_ino: could you also do an install from that disc afterwards?03:38
ChogyDanmouse: synaptic, remove old versions of linux-image-etc etc03:38
xbonesxscott_ino: brb03:38
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, I downloaded a GDM theme but I'm not sure how to apply it; advice?03:39
mouseChogyDan, Oh.  Thank you.03:39
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
gh0stsup guys03:40
meowsusim trying to copy a 250 gb tar.gz file from my desktop to an external drive and i keep getting an error saying that it cant copy due to a file splicing error due to the file size03:40
Steristmouse funny.... i just did that literally 1 hour ago03:40
manlymatt83Sterist: So I can use the built in unetbootin net install for 10.04 and it should work just fine?03:40
manlymatt83to copy to 10.04?03:40
meowsusany ideas on what i can do?03:40
Steristmanlymatt83 well what OS are you using right now?03:41
ChogyDanmeowsus: maybe try rsync03:41
flan_suseNight, I'm going to bed soon.03:41
flan_suseLong live Windows XP!03:41
mouseSterist, Heh.  Our linux installation's lifespans are growing so we must be getting good.03:41
flan_susexbonesx: Check out Clonezilla when you can. It's what will fit the bill the best.03:41
manlymatt83Sterist: 10.04, but it's a botched install03:42
manlymatt83Sterist: I've got the alternate 10.04 install .iso downloaded, but I can't use the start up disk creator built into lucid - it isn't working03:42
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: what happened to your install?  I missed it03:43
Steristmanlymatt83 can you download qBitTorrent via software center and get the ISO? unetbootin should be a last resort of all03:43
DevoJinxhi all03:43
DevoJinxi have a widescreen lap top and i'm making trouble making the display the right size03:43
gh0st've got the alternate 10.04 install .iso downloaded, but I can't use the start up disk creator built into lucid - it isn't working03:44
manlymatt83ChogyDan: CDROM is bad, I had no OS on my box, and the live wouldn't boot.  I installed FreeBSD earlier, used that to make a CD of Ubuntu-alternate, booted with that, the install worked for a little while, CDROM died again... but luckily,  I had just enough installed to be able to boot (base OS was on, but no packages).  apt-get install'd ubuntu-desktop, and booted into lucid.03:44
manlymatt83Tried to make a new 10.04 USB stick though and it won't work.03:44
hajmolaDevojinx, is it not showing the correct resolution in the Display preferences03:45
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: any error message?03:45
manlymatt83ChogyDan: "Could not install bootloader"03:45
Steristmouse if you havent done it already, use the Software Center and type in "Linux Kernel Image" and remove all the older images except for the 2 most recent (incase the most recent goes rogue)03:45
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: have you tried installing ubuntu-desktop^     with the ^03:46
mouseSterist, That's exactly what I'm doing.03:46
gh0sthow do I find 0 days vulnerabilities in browsers03:46
gh0stlike in google?03:46
mouseWhat does pae stand for anyways?03:46
manlymatt83I want to reinstall 10.04 from scratch.  I can't use the live CD, because my computer doesn't support it, so  ieither need to get this alternate install working, or use unetbootin to make a new CD03:46
manlymatt83errrr, usb03:46
h00kgh0st: that's not an Ubuntu specific question, also this isn't the type of question that is appropriate in the channel.03:46
Steristmouse if you get a warning about something "not being included in an update" you can disregard it because that is only intended to warn about removing your most recent image03:47
gh0stcoudl u recommend me a page about security please?03:47
manlymatt83ChogyDan: Yes, I did that before when you recommended it - no effect03:47
h00k!security > gh0st03:47
ubottugh0st, please see my private message03:47
DevoJinxgh0st: hackthissite.org03:47
h00kgh0st: please take other related questions elsewhere03:47
LinuxPHMageia \O/03:47
manlymatt83Still get: "Failed to install the bootloader."03:47
LinuxPHMageia is future03:48
manlymatt83When I try to make the stick03:48
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: have you tried reformating the stick first?  just a guess03:48
gh0stwell I meant security in generall03:48
gh0stnot just ubuntu03:48
Steristmouse there should be 3 different packages for each kernel image, 1 will remove itself, 1 will remove 2, and 1 will remove all 3... doesn't matter which you remove or in which order, just search thoroughly to make sure you got em all03:48
maxownzI have an external hard drive that I'd like to install ubuntu to so that I can put it in another computer and boot. What's the best way to do that?03:49
h00k!ot | gh0st03:49
ubottugh0st: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:49
gh0stIRC world isso wide03:49
mouseSterist, Which one removes all 3 of each update?03:49
manlymatt83Sorry, chogydan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+source/usb-creator/+bug/52936603:50
Steristmouse the one that gives the pop up that says "Warning"03:50
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: do you have the updates and backports repos enabled?03:51
Steristmouse the one that says "...must be removed also" is the one that'll remove 2 of them. that package that "must be removed also", if selected by itself, is the one that will not remove any others03:51
mythionhi all i need help compling something03:51
maxownzcould I prepare a hard drive just like a USB stick?03:51
xbonesxflan_suse: will clonezilla let me do that?03:51
AbhiJitgm :)03:51
mobashermythion=}} what are u compiling ?03:51
ibawtit's taken me 24 hours to install ubuntu :( I still cant figure out my bootloader error I get when installing ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop03:51
xbonesxAbhiJit: GM!03:52
mouseSterist, It's like trying to defuse a bomb.  Which wire do I cut?03:52
manlymatt83ChogyDan: I assume so...03:52
manlymatt83deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates main restricted03:52
ibawtwhat is grub?03:52
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:52
Steristmouse lol! doesn't matter, just check the description and make sure it's the right kernel numbers (of the old versions)03:52
Steristmouse the worst that can happen is you have a remnant of an unused image taking up a few megabytes03:53
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: maybe also install ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-minimal03:53
mythionmobasher, its a custom LIRC driver03:53
ibawti'm switching over from windows, i'd like to go 100% UBUNTU03:53
mythionmobasher, for phillips srm 750003:53
manlymatt83I have the version affected: root@lappy:~# usb-creator-gtk --version03:53
pksadiqwhich is ubuntu 10.10 channel?03:53
manlymatt83Is there a newer version?03:53
AbhiJit!manual | ibawt03:53
ubottuibawt: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:53
AbhiJitpksadiq, #ununtu+103:53
zeltak1hi guys need some urgent help...laptop had a power off and suddenly wifi is dead03:54
manlymatt83FIGURED IT OUT!03:54
manlymatt83parted wasn't installed03:54
manlymatt83but the tool didn't tell me that03:54
zeltak1i can see wlan0 on ifconfig but network manager is disabled03:55
GneaChogyDan: w00t! finally got it working! :D03:55
xbonesxAbhiJit: finally read through the entire manual, deff for a completely clueless person... lol03:55
GneaChogyDan: thanks for the ever-so-blatantly obvious help03:56
mobashermythion=}} i think you need LIRC ..not sure sorry mate03:56
AbhiJitxbonesx, 'deff'????03:56
Steristmouse i'm going afk ~20mins good luck03:56
ChogyDanGnea: awesome!03:56
manlymatt83Thanks for your help ChogyDan :)03:56
ChogyDanmanlymatt83: yw03:56
mouseSterist, Alright.  If I'm not back in 10 minutes... just wait longer.03:56
Datzwhere can I see online the descriptions of the latest updates?03:57
zeltak1its wierd i can see eth0 and wlan0 but network manager dosent see them..03:57
zeltak1can nayone help ?out03:57
Datz!updates | Datz03:57
xbonesxAbhiJit: definitely*03:57
AbhiJitxbonesx, hmm03:57
GneaChogyDan: yeah worked out pretty well - got everything installed with dpkg, then had to download the latest driver and configure it with iwconfig and ifconfig. finally, a dhclient3 was able to get it to ping ubuntu.com03:57
AbhiJit!factoids | Datz03:57
ubottuDatz: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:57
Datzthanks AbhiJit03:58
crazyI'm new03:58
AbhiJit!hi | crazy03:58
ubottucrazy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:58
Gneagot so used to the Ubuntu way of automation that I'd almost forgotten the old standby :)03:58
ChogyDanGnea: glad it worked out.  I figured that you may have just needed an alternate method03:58
zachtibhi: anyone know of a way w/ libvirt and kvm to have separate users that can only access their own virtual machines?03:58
DatzAbhiJit: thanks, but not finding anything about update descriptions there. So if anyone else know :)04:00
mouseWhen I do update-grub I get this error: error: cannot open `/dev/sdh' while attempting to get disk size.04:00
DatzI know with the GUI update manager there are descriptions, they must be online somewhere.04:00
GneaChogyDan: getting 2M/s with apt now04:00
AbhiJit!update | Datz04:00
ubottuDatz: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade04:00
mIRCSterist is east install softwares in ubuntu?04:00
guccipilotWhat command can i use to remove all my codecs04:01
mIRCu think it easy?04:01
DatzAbhiJit: I saw that, but doesn't really help me. Thanks anyway.04:02
mythionwhat is an am file?04:02
AbhiJitDatz, ok04:02
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ibawtmount | tail -1 gives me /dev on /target/dev type n one (rw, bind)04:03
st__mythion, automake template04:04
xbonesxAbhiJit: you know of a program that will let me make a live cd out of my current system setup?04:05
mythionst__, so how do i use this to compile something, assuming thats what it does04:05
AbhiJitxbonesx, you cant do that. you must need a .iso to do that04:05
mythionst__, i.e Makefile.am04:06
st__mythion, run 'automake' then './configure' in source dir, you should get normal Makefile04:06
xbonesxAbhiJit: right can i make a iso out of my system and then burn it and use it as a live cd?04:06
AbhiJitxbonesx, you may try unetbooton or ubuntu usb disk creator04:06
AbhiJitxbonesx, you cannot make iso of your installed system04:06
st__xbonesx, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remastersys04:06
mythioni get an an error that automake can be found does it need to be installed first04:07
st__mythion, yes, you'll need all developer crap on your machine04:07
mythionis there a quick way to get everything its an LIRC package04:08
xbonesxst__: TY04:08
st__mythion, sudo apt-get build-depends <package name> if it's in repo04:08
xbonesxst__: do you know if you would be able to do an install from a live cd made that way?04:09
st__xbonesx, IDK04:09
valeriohi guys is anybody there?04:09
st__xbonesx, you may try install ubiquity packages first04:10
AbhiJit!ask | valerio04:10
ubottuvalerio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:10
xbonesxst__: whats that?04:10
valeriocan someone help me to mount a hard disk? superblock error04:10
st__xbonesx, that's Ubuntu's GUI installer04:10
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st__valerio, wrong disk then04:10
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Anna_wes
valeriost what do you mean?04:11
pksadiqhow to close a window in irssi04:12
AbhiJitpksadiq, ctrl w?04:12
mIRCubuntu last version has wine?04:12
valerioi try to recreate the superblock but i receive a message " bad magic number"04:12
mIRCubuntu last version has wine?04:12
mIRCubuntu last version has wine?04:12
st__mIRC, not by default04:13
st__mIRC, still use package from winehq as it works best04:13
pksadiqlet me try04:14
mIRCst__ wine runs in ubuntu so?04:14
st__mIRC, of course04:14
valeriohello someone can help me on recover an hard drive?04:14
DatzWhere can I find online the descriptions of the latest updates?04:14
pksadiqcontrol+w not working04:14
NewWorldDatz:  Updates on what?04:15
DatzNewWorld: packages, kernels04:15
Datzwhat was fixed, etc04:15
NewWorldDatz:  Doesn't it show in synaptic?04:15
Datzwell, I have no GUI installed04:16
Datzbut yes, it does04:16
DatzI'm wondering where online they are listed04:16
NewWorldDatz:  Maybe it would show in aptitude also04:16
NewWorldOnline I dunno04:16
DatzNewWorld: I guess I'll look through aptitude manual04:16
wistariaHey, I just did an upgrage, and my networking is shot04:16
wistariawicd somehow got uninstalled04:17
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen04:18
RemmazeHi guys im running ubuntu 10.04, is there any application for me to backup my Samsung android phone??04:19
Steristmouse i'm back04:19
mIRCother ask st__ is only able to install the sofwares in the interface's list?04:19
dan_any idea how to access terminal outside of X?04:19
st__mIRC, what? english please04:19
FunkyDudewhen you install Apache2/MySQL/PHP is there a ftp server installed somewhere too?04:20
DatzNewWorld: well there is a show command in aptitude, although it looks as though it only works for search04:20
valeriohelp on recover superblock please04:20
AbhiJitdan_, you can use launcher04:20
FunkyDudeI'm trying to use wordpress's feature that installs themes, but it's asking for ftp credentials04:20
pksadiqpress Ctrl+ Alt+ F1 to F~04:20
dan_can you explain please?04:20
pksadiqpress Ctrl+ Alt+ F1 to F604:20
mIRCst__ is only able to install the sofwares in the interface's list?04:20
AbhiJitdan_ or alt f2 and then write command and select run in terminal04:20
RemmazeHi guys im running ubuntu 10.04, is there any application for me to backup my Samsung android phone??04:20
AbhiJitdan_ gnome-do04:20
AbhiJitRemmaze, wammu04:21
AbhiJitRemmaze, or kmobiletools04:21
Remmazethanx man...04:21
st__mIRC, you can also add repositories in 'synaptic' and install single DEBs you'll download04:21
=== mIRC is now known as mIRC[AWAY]
AbhiJit!away > mIRC[AWAY]04:21
ubottumIRC[AWAY], please see my private message04:21
=== mIRC[AWAY] is now known as mIRC
valeriohelp on recover superblock please04:22
=== mIRC is now known as mirc
dan_abhiJit I cant figure out how to locate and run the file using alt+F204:23
manbullphoenixHi all, I'm trying to install this obscure PCI wireless card.  It came with source that I can't seem to build and firmware that I have no idea how to install.  Little help here?04:23
galbatorixany1 now about lastco game?04:23
dan_Ive tried sudo /ect/init.d/gdm stop and i got to a black screen and couldnt do anything04:24
AbhiJitdan_ first press alt f2 then it will show you one dialoge box then type command e.g. alsamixer then using keyboard select option run in terminal04:24
wistariaHello, I think the latest upgrade attempted to install network manager and wiped out my wich04:24
manbullphoenixIt runs "Ralink" firmware, if that helps04:25
valeriohelp on recover superblock please04:25
dan_okay did that04:25
pksadiqwhich is the fastest web browser( I need the name of text only shell browser)04:25
Steristfirefox is heavyweight and others are messy04:26
manbullphoenixthat's some old-school steez right there04:26
bangfoomanbullphoenix: what does the chip on the card say?04:26
manbullphoenixbluh.  it's a Sabrent PCI-802N04:26
pksadiqfirefox cache resetts automatically with no reason sometime, so I cannot keep my caches files always04:27
bangfooif its a PCI card, look for a Ralink chip soldered on the board...04:27
bangfooshould say RA in a logo...04:27
manbullphoenixarright, lemme check04:27
stevecoh1trying to clone my disk to a new hard drive.  Ubuntu 10.04.  Used Clonezilla to clone drive.  Old drive 320 GB, new drive 500.  Clonezilla appears to have completed without complaint.  disconnect old hard drive, restart.  Grub menu comes up but system won't load.  What am I missing.04:27
dan_okay.. can someone please help me get my gt330m installed on lynx 64 bit. I have a ton of information to go along with this and have already done some of the steps. Can someone please help?04:27
Ubuntuhi every one, can you tell me how can i update it to the last version of ubuntu ? thanks very much :)04:28
=== Guest44817 is now known as iShawnW
pksadiqlynx is what I needed04:28
bastidrazorubottu: tell Ubuntu about upgrade04:28
ubottuUbuntu, please see my private message04:28
ibawtstevecoh1: welcome to the club... I cant get ubuntu to work either04:28
Ubuntuyou can run it as : apt-get install lynx04:28
Ubuntuand then you will have the last edition of lynx04:29
stevecoh1I can get Ubuntu to work just fine - but not on what appears to be a cloned disk.04:29
Ubuntuwhat does means cloned disk?04:29
stevecoh1Ubuntu -  trying to clone my disk to a new hard drive.  Ubuntu 10.04.  Used Clonezilla to clone drive.  Old drive 320 GB, new drive 500.  Clonezilla appears to have completed without complaint.  disconnect old hard drive, restart.  Grub menu comes up but system won't load.  What am I missing.04:29
=== jason is now known as jfullernz
bangfoostevecoh1: did you get my message?04:30
stevecoh1bangfoo - no04:30
bangfoohey, can you mount the drive and run "sudo update-grub" ?04:30
bangfoogrub on the cloned disk doesnt know the correct geometry, init, etc...04:31
manbullphoenixbangfoo, I gotta power the machine down and pull out the chip to read the number off it04:31
manbullphoenixer, the card, rather04:31
bangfoook, but if you can, get a picture of the card so that you can reference all the crap on it later...04:31
stevecoh1so - with old disk and new disk running, boot again.  Then run sudo update-grub?04:31
manbullphoenixgood idea.  Like Douglas McArthur, I will return.04:32
dan_ okay.. can someone please help me get my gt330m installed on lynx 64 bit. I have a ton of information to go along with this and have already done some of the steps. Can someone please help?04:32
bangfoostevecoh: if you can boot up with the new drive, on a bootable linux cd, you may be able to mount it and run the grub command04:32
=== paythoschild is now known as mote
stevecoh1I see.  What's the bootable linux cd, the one that Ubuntu comes on?04:33
valeriohow i can recover a magic number and superblock?04:33
bangfoostevecoh: yep. the install cd is bootable04:33
stevecoh1ok, will try, back at you in a few.04:34
valeriohow i can recover a magic number and superblock?04:34
bdoggCan someone help me out with JACK audio on ubuntu04:34
bdoggit keeps crashing on m04:34
mouseWhen I do update-grub I get this error.  error: cannot open `/dev/sdh' while attempting to get disk size.  How do I fix this?04:34
pksadiqthanx to forward me to lynx, the browser is very smart04:34
=== taka is now known as Guest77575
Datzpksadiq: some people like "links" as well. ;)04:35
ibawt93% then BOOM! grub-install /dev/sda' failed. I'll give $10 paypal to anyone that can help me get this working.... PM me04:35
ibawtim on my laptop installing ubuntu on my desktop04:36
ubottuDON'T POST LINKS! Maverick isn't out until it's announced, and indicating anything otherwise causes the server to get more load, thus making the release LATER. Is that what you want?04:36
EvilPhoenixibawt, its your drive.  its boot record is locked04:36
bdoggno one has any pointers on JACK audio?04:36
dan_ okay.. can someone please help me get my gt330m installed on lynx 64 bit. I have a ton of information to go along with this and have already done some of the steps. Can someone please help?04:37
quiescensthat's.. not a related bot trigger04:37
=== dave is now known as Guest90192
Datzpksadiq: links is a text mode browser, apparently ubottu doesn't know about it. :p04:37
pksadiqmay be, ubottu is not a human as We are04:38
Datzit only wishes it were :p04:38
bdoggits cleverbot04:38
AbhiJitm back04:38
Datzat least that't what it's creator wanted it to think :p04:38
DatzI've set up my supybot to do the !command | nick as well :p04:39
Guest90192Hi room04:39
bdoggwhats the prob dan_04:39
EvilPhoenix!pm | ibawt04:39
ubottuibawt: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:39
dan_i cant seem to get my gt330m installed on 10.0404:40
pksadiqlinks in black and white, but lynx in colouful :D04:40
foxeSB750 chip. dmraid -ay gives me  "ERROR: pdc: zero sectors on /dev/sda"  the offset for the raid is 63, which is already in the offsets. my google foo has failed me, so what can I do?04:40
EvilPhoenix!repeat | dan_04:40
ubottudan_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com04:40
unknownHi . I'm facing with problem trying to use broadcom wireless in Maveric , ( bcm4313). default and preferred driver is "wl" module, but I want to switch to "b43" due to need of monitor mode. No luck with trying every possible solution I've googled past 4 hours ! anybody willing to help?04:40
Datzdan_: that is a graphics card or a chip?04:41
Remmazekmobiletools and wammu doesnt recognized my android phone, is there any other app for Ubuntu 10.4...??04:41
jerry_i need help04:41
valeriohow i can recover a magic number and superblock?04:41
Datz!help | jerry_04:41
ubottujerry_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:41
xorwhyIs there any particular media player that does something to improve sound? Beyond a dynamic EQ?04:41
ibawtanyone have a few minutes to help me get ubuntu working? pm me04:42
xorwhyI used a external DAC that was my friends and my music sounded so much better, now I'm looking for some sort of software implementation.04:42
pksadiqibawt : better to be in the channel to have help04:42
jerry_ok my computer wont let me install nothing and download some things04:42
xorwhyThe DAC is from headroom.com, it uses a cross feed feature that emulates the effects of having two actual speakers in front of you.04:42
Aemaethso, my username is anon but the machine is anon-laptop, where do i change the anon-laptop name?04:43
xorwhyIt sounded so good, so I'm really hoping there is some suggestions for some way to have my internal DAC do something similar, or sound better in general.04:43
well_laid_lawn!hostname | Aemaeth04:43
Datzjerry_: how are you attempting to install things?04:43
ubottuAemaeth: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.04:43
jerry_from a disc04:43
Aemaeththank you very much04:43
bangfoombp: any luck?04:44
manbullphoenixgot the digits04:44
Aemaethbest laid lawns of mice and men?04:44
manbullphoenixit's an RT2760T04:45
Datzjerry_: well it depends on the software, and the way it is put together. Package installation methods will vary.04:45
pksadiqcan I run rhythmbox any other audioplayer without SCREEN04:45
bangfoogoogle "RT2760T driver ubuntu"04:45
pksadiqcan I run rhythmbox or any other audioplayer without SCREEN04:45
unknownubuntu does NOT let me switch prefered "wl" driver to "b43". tried ANY comment in forums...no luck. ( bcm4313 PHY rev01 chip). Any comments?04:45
Datzjerry_: have you looked to see if the software is available through ubuntu's package manager?04:46
jerry_well my friend let me use a burned disc of ubuntu04:46
bangfoounknown: you may need to blacklist the driver...04:46
Datzjerry_: are you trying to install ubuntu?04:46
jerry_no i got it installed04:46
unknownbangfoo, tried it, and many other tricks, from blacklisting ,to recompiling module... no luck !04:47
unknownbangfoo, b43 loads, but no interface...  not even using alias helped. (maybe I did it wrong?)04:47
bangfoounknown: what does lspci say?04:47
Remmazekmobiletools and wammu doesnt recognized my android phone, is there any other app for Ubuntu 10.4...??04:47
Datzjerry_: I guess i don't understand what you are trying to do.04:48
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unknownbangfoo,  BCM4313 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)04:48
=== Mask is now known as bangladesh
jerry_im trying to install a game but it says that it isnt a zipfile are somthing like that04:49
=== bangladesh is now known as fansu
=== Simath- is now known as Simath
unknownbangfoo,  & [14e4:4727] for doble-check04:49
fansudude need help04:49
wilcal_can someone help me figure out why my Ubuntu 10.04 install is freezing? I've tried a million different things all over the forums, but still not having any luck04:49
Maeththank you very much well_laid_lawn, my grandchildren will sing songs in praise of your name04:49
fansudo u know how do i install zentyla mail server04:50
well_laid_lawnheh :]04:50
bangfooso, are you using ndiswrapper?04:50
wilcal_trying to navigate all of the logs is difficult as well04:50
Datzwilcal_: tried the alternate insall cd?04:50
unknownbangfoo, not tried that. guess it will not work for injection04:50
wilcal_I have not. I did a fresh install from USB04:50
unknownbangfoo, wl works pretty fine for usual works, but NOT for monitor/injection04:50
bangfooyeah, the broadcom chipsets can be a biatch04:50
Datzwilcal_: so ubuntu is installed, but is freezing?04:51
ralliashow do i install a cirtificate to be installed and trusted?04:51
wilcal_Datz, that is correct04:51
Datzwilcal_: have you installed any graphics drivers?04:51
Maethmen speak of broadcom like legendary beasts04:51
wilcal_well, that's one of the things I've been playing with04:51
wilcal_I have an ATI 9700 Pro04:51
wilcal_AGP card04:52
jerry_what it i reinstall the ubuntu from the website will it delete all of my files and stuff i have saved on my computer already04:52
fansuubunto auto install graphics drivers04:52
bangfoounknown: not to be a tool, but did you google the chipset along with the word ubuntu?04:52
Datzwilcal_: I've run into freezing when I installed a unsupported graphics driver04:52
unknownbangfoo, I`m doing so since past 5 hours !04:52
wilcal_I was just at the ati website trying to get the legacy driver04:52
wilcal_tried to install it, but it said my kernel wasn't supported04:52
unknownbangfoo, I`m not a novice user. but this one is making me scratch my hairs !04:53
fansuoi hala kaow nai na ki04:53
bangfooi meant no harm, sir...04:53
bdoggJACK audio help anyone04:53
manbullphoenixbangfoo, okay, googling suggests I've got what I need04:53
manbullphoenixit's a .bin file corresponding to the chip type04:54
fansudo u know how do i install zentyla mail server04:54
fansudo u know how do i install zentyla mail server04:54
pksadiqhow to disable Xorg by Default, So that when ever I on my computer it logins to shell04:54
wilcal_I'm running the 2.6.34-020634-generic04:54
unknownbangfoo, I read somewhere that based on chip ver, broadcom decides to load wl or b43 . Is it really the case? or it`s possible to load what wl works with, in b43 ?04:54
bangfoombp: are you trying to compile the driver from scratch or somthing?04:54
Datzwilcal_: maybe it is a too current kernel...04:55
manbullphoenixsee, it came with the driver source, and I've been banging on it to try and get it to build.  Doesn't seem to want to do so.04:55
bangfoounknown: perhaps there is a way to do some kind of alias, but i have not tried that one...04:55
valeriohow i can recover a magic number and superblock?04:55
wilcal_Datz: that is certainly an idea04:56
manbullphoenixthe firmware is a different animal04:56
manlymatt83yeah!! :) I'm up and running!04:56
bangfoombp: so you need some function that isnt avaliable in a regular module?04:56
samdhey, is there a command to know which video driver im using ?? thanks in advance04:57
wilcal_Datz, I also thought it might be an issue with my drive being encrypted and having issues. So I made a new non-encrypted user and same thing :/04:57
manlymatt83One final question: do most of you keep all the example folders when you do a new install of ubuntu?  Such as Documents, Public, Music, Pictures, etc.?  Or do you remove them and setup your own structure?04:57
jerry_what it i reinstall the ubuntu from the website will it delete all of my files and stuff i have saved on my computer already04:57
unknownbangfoo, any trick to change interface type ? wl detects it as ethernet, while correct b43 will detect it az 8021104:57
Datzwilcal_: too bad.. I don't personally know what you could de besides contacting ATI04:58
bangfoounk: as i said, i havent tried that kind of voodoo before04:58
wilcal_Datz, what about rolling back to an older kernel?04:58
Datzwilcal_: well that is certainly a possibility as well04:58
Datzwilcal_: might check driver requirements04:58
HaPK_PerCarI have a lil question... I installed some time ago the kubuntu-desktop package, but there doesn't seems to be an automatic way to update any of the application, or the desktop for that matter. Can anione help me here?04:59
jerry_can anyone help me05:00
manbullphoenixbangfoo: to be perfectly honest, I'm flying by the seat of my pants here.  I'm pretty sure I know which module it needs, just not quite how to incorporate it into the build05:00
wilcal_Datz, it says it is compatible with 2.6.11 is that too far back for me to try?05:00
manbullphoenixI've got about half a clue how to build from source05:01
bangfoombp: so, are you doing some kind of ubuntu based stripped down build? the standard module does not work?05:01
unknownbangfoo, guess I`ll not find solution even here... thanks for your comments anyway05:01
stevecoh1bangfoo - stevecoh1 back.  sudo update-grub did not work.05:01
ownerI converted my system to ALSA and the onboard sound won't work. I disabled the onboard and put in a creative card that does work. The system won't use it.05:01
manbullphoenixbangfoo: as in xubuntu?05:01
jerry_can anyone help me plz05:02
advorakhowdy!  I just ran 'apt-get install php5' and a2enmod'd php5, and uncommented the lines in php5.conf between the <ifmodule>'s to enable php in the userdir of public_html, and restarted apache .. but my apache still feeds my web browser .php files as html files (with the raw source) .. what might I be missing? :-)05:02
manbullphoenixcause IIRC that's just ubuntu with a different window manager, the underlying system is the same05:02
advorakI've gotten this working in the past ... :-)05:02
bangfoostevecoh: sorry, i was pretty sure that grub just didnt know how to read the disk05:02
Datzwilcal_: yes, it would look that way.05:02
wilcal_Datz, looks like 2.5.11 is from March 2005. oof05:02
well_laid_lawn!details | jerry_05:02
ubottujerry_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:02
stevecoh1It's all really weird.  Clonezilla appears to have perfectly cloned things - the grub menu comes up - but the image will not load.  It just dies with an error message.05:03
Datzwilcal_: yea, you are on 10.10 now?05:03
bangfoombp: yep, i know the gig...05:03
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
ralliashow do i create a new certificate in webmin?05:03
HaPK_PerCarcan somebody help me with my updating issues? can't seem to be able to update kubuntu, not even from regular gnome desktop05:03
wilcal_I didn't realize 10.10 was out yet. Maybe give that a shot?05:03
well_laid_lawn!tab | bangfoo05:03
ubottubangfoo: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:03
bangfoostevecoh: can you get the grub command line interface?05:04
stevecoh1Ironically - I couldn't get sudo update-grub to work from the cdrom because I couldn't mount the disk.  update-grup needs to see a boot partition.  I could mount /boot but not /05:04
valeriohow i can recover a magic number and superblock?05:04
bangfoothanks ubottu05:04
stevecoh1can I get the grub cli where?05:04
ownerhow do I get rid of NVIDIA ID b ?05:04
owneras the sound my system uses05:04
Datzwilcal_: you could, but I couldn't tell you whether there have been changes in the drivers that ubuntu has in the repos05:05
bangfoostevecoh1, when grub comes up, does it have any options?05:05
wilcal_Datz: well, I don't have too much to lose.05:05
wilcal_Datz: I'm gonna give it a shot05:05
Datzwilcal_: I guess not05:05
Datzwilcal_: ok, good luck05:05
stevecoh1i could type c to get the cli but I don't know what to do there.05:05
wilcal_Datz: thank you for the help :)05:05
DARUDEWhat tools does Ubuntu offer to run maintance testes on Hard drives?05:05
jerry_ok i dont know what version i have but when i try to install something from a disc it says error:  cannot open zipfile [ /media/cdrom0/installer.exe ]05:06
jerry_        Permission denied05:06
jerry_zipinfo:  cannot find or open /media/cdrom0/installer.exe, /media/cdrom0/installer.exe.zip or /media/cdrom0/installer.exe.ZIP.05:06
bangfoostevecoh1, you may have to print a cheat sheet on grub and do some work from the cli to get the disk back working as cloned05:06
ibawtanyone want $20 for helping me getting linux installed? pm me05:06
foxeDARUDE:  such as?05:06
valeriohow i can set the partition to ext3?05:06
DARUDEfoxe: That's what I am wondering.05:06
HaPK_PerCarDARUDE: check put the disk utility program05:06
Datzjerry_: I guess it depends on what you are trying to install05:06
jerry_a game05:06
DARUDEHaPK_PerCar: where might that be?05:06
owneranyone here know how to configure ALSA to use the right sound card?05:06
bangfooibawt, i will help if you donate it to a charity05:06
ibawtyes i'll donate it to any charity05:07
jerry_but it does it with almost everything05:07
HaPK_PerCarDARUDE: go to system > administration > disk utility05:07
Datzjerry_: windows games will not work easily on linux05:07
well_laid_lawn!wine | jerry_05:07
ubottujerry_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:07
stevecoh1yeah, guess so.  I know I'm close but don't know what I am missing.05:07
stevecoh1Is there a IRC channel for grub?05:07
ownerplease help me to configure ALSA in Ubuntu.05:08
jerry_is it any way i can get it to work on this05:08
manbullphoenixbangfoo: so to answer your question, no.  I know which module it needs, it's in the makefile.  I'm familiar with building something from source, I've just never needed kernel modules to do it before.05:08
Datzjerry_: not without some trouble. I suggest you research windows games running on WINE05:08
well_laid_lawnowner:  does the card show in   aplay -l   ?05:08
jerry_ok ill try it thx u05:08
Datzjerry_: sure, np05:09
ownerwell_laid_lawn it shows up but so does another card that does not exist05:09
HaPK_PerCarplease someone help me with my update issues... can't update kubuntu... I'm using both gnome and kde desktops05:09
well_laid_lawnowner:  run   alsamixer   in terminal and turn everything up05:09
foxeDARUDE:  I dunno, tbh, if you told me what you want to do i'd might be able to  think of one off the top of my head05:09
ownerwell_laid_lawn that does not help because alsamixer does not see the devices I get when I type aplay -l05:10
ownerwell_laid_lawn alsa only sees NVIDIA ID b whatever that is.05:10
ownerwell_laid_lawn I think it's my video card's sound card for HDMI05:10
well_laid_lawnowner:  could be05:11
ownerwell_laid_lawn I can't disable it or by pass it05:11
ownerwell_laid_lawn I get this error05:11
ownerBad key or directory name: "/apps/gnome-alsamixer/toggle_display_names/SigmaTel_STAC9708_11-AC97_2ch->4ch_Copy": `>' is an invalid character in key/directory names05:11
ownerBad key or directory name: "/apps/gnome-alsamixer/display_toggles/SigmaTel_STAC9708_11-AC97_2ch->4ch_Copy": `>' is an invalid character in key/directory names05:11
well_laid_lawnowner:  in alsamixer press F6 and select the other card05:12
well_laid_lawnowner:  try the terminal app   alsamixer   not gnome-alsamixer then05:13
ownerwell_laid_lawn I was able to adjust the sound but my programs won't use the card by default05:13
dan_can someone help me with my gt330m driver install?05:14
Mayankhello, i am trying to install sun java 6 jdk on ubuntu 10.04, but i am getting this error:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/497463/05:14
well_laid_lawnowner:  the sound icon at top right - right click it and change the default card maybe05:14
ownerwell_laid_lawn I have no sound icon because I'm not using pulseaudio05:15
ownerI'm using ALSA05:15
Mayankhello, i am trying to install sun java 6 jdk on ubuntu 10.04, but i am getting this error:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/497463/ can anyone please help?05:16
well_laid_lawnowner:  do you have a file   /etc/asound.state   ?05:17
KrishnanduMayank: simply use sudo apt-get sun-java6-jre sun-java6-jdk05:17
sly_f0xokay guys i have been at this for the past two hours05:17
KrishnanduMayank: sorry sudo apt-get install05:18
ownerwell_laid_lawn no05:18
sly_f0xureadahead-other main process teminated with status 405:18
WinstonSmith_Mayank, try sudo apt-get -f install05:18
manlymatt83Oops, accidentally ran banshee as root, but I assume that woud only create files in /root and not elsewhere?05:18
MayankKrishnandu: i used sudo apt-get install, but it is giving that error05:18
sly_f0xi have tried ureadahead.conf -> ureadahead.disabled05:18
sly_f0xi get that error at boot05:18
well_laid_lawnowner:  have you rebooted since removing pulse?05:18
ownerwell_laid_lawn many times05:19
Mayank WinstonSmith_: Have tried with apt-get -f install, it is giving the same error05:19
KrishnanduMayank: you need jre for instaling that I think05:19
WinstonSmith_Mayank, just "sudo apt-get -f install"  no packages05:20
Krishnanduso use sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-jdk05:20
foxedmraid issue! SB750 chipset. dd testing shows that it is at offset 63, which is already in the dmraid offsets, but when I  dmraid -ay I get "ERROR: pdc: zero sectors on /dev/sda"05:20
MayankWinstonSmith_: it worked, i wonder why it did not occur to me. Thanks a lot!05:21
dan_can someone please help me with my gt330m driver install on 10.04lts 64 bit. I have a ton of info on it but cant seem to figure it out05:21
DARUDEfoxe, that's fine05:21
manlymatt83Ubuntu will adjust to the lack of the default directories in someone's home directory right, such as Documents, Downloads, etc. ?05:21
DARUDEfoxe, I actually I have another issue I want to bring up to your attention.05:21
WinstonSmith_Mayank, your welcome05:21
sly_f0xmanlymatt83: make a /etc/skel05:21
well_laid_lawnowner:  you could try the alsa-tools package05:22
ownerwell_laid_lawn how do you unmute in alsamixer05:22
well_laid_lawn!info alsa-tools05:22
sly_f0xand put the folders you want created by default there05:22
ubottualsa-tools (source: alsa-tools): Console based ALSA utilities for specific hardware. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.0.22-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 81 kB, installed size 316 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 arm armeb armel avr32 hppa i386 ia64 m32r m68k mips mipsel powerpc ppc64 s390 s390x sh3 sh3eb sh4 sh4eb sparc)05:22
MayankKrishnandu: we dont need it along it, it was just a cpk error! thanks for the help!05:22
manlymatt83sly_f0x: OK, I will.  But removing the default ones isn't a big deal right?05:22
well_laid_lawnowner:  the up arrow ?05:22
goofriderhi all, can anyone help me with Samba + OpenLDAP? I'm getting this error when changing password with smbldap-passwd:  "Failed to modify SMB password: Insufficient access at /usr/sbin/smbldap-passwd line 238, <STDIN> line 3.05:22
manlymatt83They are just example folders.  Nothing is tied to those right?05:22
foxeDARUDE:  I'll do what I can, I am only a journeyman linux user though haha05:22
Blue1Awayhow do I make a crontab job run as root?05:22
manlymatt83Like, if I remove Documents, Openoffice won't give me warnings/errors05:22
KrishnanduMayank: Sorry..!! Then I guessed it wrong05:22
sly_f0xmanlymatt83: shouldnt05:22
ownerwell_laid_lawn that just turns them up and down05:23
manlymatt83okay, thanks05:23
sly_f0xdo this05:23
DARUDEIn the 'System Monitors' tab it shows my CPU Usage @ a constant 100% pushing my CPU Tempurature through the roof ultimately crashing it.  How can I stop the CPU Usage from staying at 100% when I am actually doing Nothing.05:23
sly_f0xmv Documents Documents.bak05:23
sly_f0xand start openoffice05:23
sly_f0xand see what it does05:23
manlymatt83yeah, it didn't breka05:23
=== doyle is now known as Doyle
well_laid_lawnowner:  if it turned up it is unmuted afaik05:24
maurer_I've got a T500 running lucid, and the webcam produces a black screen in cheese. Ideas?05:24
ownerwell_laid_lawn that's not always the case05:24
JasonPiltonIs there a command i can use to locate/print out the files that have been created in the past say 1 hour or 1 day? How?05:24
pksadiqdoes links download images automatically from a visited site?05:25
foxeDARUDE:  thers stuff that can scale your cpu, but if you are running at %100 then you have something wrong.. pull up system monitor and see whats taking up your cpu05:26
well_laid_lawnowner:  seems like a solution {ignore that it is kubuntu} - http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/how-do-you-change-the-default-sound-card-in-k-ubuntu-499520/05:26
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
HaPK_PerCarcan someone help me with my update issues? I installed kubuntu-desktop, but I can't seem to update anythink for the KDE desktop05:27
valeriohow i can set the partition to ext3?05:27
foxeDARUDE:  system>admin>system monitor05:27
JasonPiltonIs there even a command that would be remotely possible to use to find all files created in the past 60 minutes?05:27
DARUDEfoxe: I have found the process05:28
foxeDARUDE:  what is it?05:28
dan_can someone help me with the gt330m video card on 10.04 lts05:28
DARUDEfoxe: I checked in the System Monitor>Active Processes  it showed a task named 'backend' using 93-95%05:28
ownersorry charlie but that's much older and those commands don't work05:29
dan_no takers? ...05:30
MaethJasonPilton, Places > search > * > sort by date modified05:30
foxeDARUDE:  weird , I am guessing its doing that everytime you reboot? I would troubleshoot/reinstall w/e that is, and then look into cpufreq for intel . I think the amd site has sources for their processor scaling.05:30
KeyExpertHowdy folks!05:30
foxeDARUDE:  but that process is why your running hot05:31
sly_f0xdisabling ureadahead-other05:31
Krishnandudan_: whats the prblm buddy..??05:31
sly_f0xand lets see if this cowbish works05:31
DARUDEfoxe: Yeah, but I all I was doing is idling.  AMD64 is my cpu.05:31
armenbhello...does anyone here use ubuntu-kvm?05:31
DARUDEI just installed Ubuntu 10.04 yesterday.05:31
armenbis there a way to get a ubuntu kvm image that has serial console enabled by default?05:32
sly_f0xokay its not ureadahead causeing the issue05:32
KeyExpertI'm trying to remember the name of a utility program that I found out about in the past... it provided a GUI to change a great many settings that are not easily found, including changing default location of user folders (like Pictures, Music, etc).05:32
sly_f0xshpchp Cannot reserve MMIO region05:32
jerry_i think i have the old version of ubuntu if i reinstall ubuntu from the website will it delete my stuff i have saved on my computer05:32
dan_krishnandu i have a pastebin for you to look at05:32
Krishnandudan_: link please05:33
foxeDARUDE:  idling or not if somethign is using up over  %90 of your cpu, you might as well be gamining or benchmarking haha05:33
HaPK_PerCarKeyExpert: maybe it's ubuntu tweak?05:33
sly_f0xokay i have a huge issue05:33
ownerSo does anyone know where the sound configuration files are?05:33
KrishnanduKeyExpert: HaPK_PerCarYa Ubuntu-Tweak05:34
sly_f0xubuntu is hanging after mounting drives05:34
KeyExpertThanks, community.05:34
KeyExpertThat's exactly it.05:34
DARUDEfoxe: It's annoying you know when you go afk to do something quick and come back your computer crashed due to overheating.:p05:34
DARUDEer, laptop05:34
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.05:34
JasonPiltonMaeth: I have no idea what the heck you just sent to me. I'm literally supposed to type what you just sent me in my terminal? I think i should be using the "find" command with -mtime somehow05:34
jerry_does anyone know the answer to my question  i think i have the old version of ubuntu if i reinstall ubuntu from the website will it delete my stuff i have saved on my computer05:35
sly_f0xguys seriously i have a huge issue05:35
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:36
sly_f0xthis is ubuntu help and not one is helping05:36
sly_f0xits kinda upset05:36
maurer_My webcam is producing libv4lconvert: Error decompressing JPEG: fill_nbits error: need 1 more bits05:36
maurer_any ideas?05:36
well_laid_lawnsly_f0x:  some more info might help - like which drives when etc05:36
HaPK_PerCarsly_f0x: you're not giving enough info for us to help you05:37
histo!patience | sly_f0x05:37
ubottusly_f0x: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com05:37
sly_f0xit maps all my drives and just stops05:37
dan_krishnandu any ideas05:37
sly_f0xdoesnt do anything05:37
foxeDARUDE: yeah, amds run hot. I <3 them still... but lately laptop makers have been seriously gimping the cooling systems.. if your vents are not covered.. you should not over heat.. but sadly..05:37
Krishnandudan_: My server is down I think. Page is not opening. Sorry buddy05:38
HaPK_PerCarok, gotta solve my issues some other time05:38
sly_f0xI have disabled ureadahead and ureadahead other and its still just freezing up05:38
sly_f0xthis is the out put05:38
sly_f0xfsck from *05:38
dan_do you mind PM? i can type it out there05:38
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:38
Blue1Away!pastebin | blue1away05:39
ubottuBlue1Away, please see my private message05:39
sly_f0x /dev/mapper/* clean05:39
jerry_i need help can anyone help me05:39
sly_f0xthen stops05:39
histojerry_: what version of ubuntu are you running?05:39
jerry_i think its an old version05:40
sly_f0xjerry_:  issue?05:40
histojerry_: cat /etc/issue05:40
dan_krishnandu: can u shoot you a pm?05:40
Krishnandudan_: Sorry buddy...No idea...05:40
dan_Can I*'05:40
histojerry_: if you run that command in a terminal it will tell you what version you are running.05:41
valeriohow i can set the partition to ext3?05:41
sly_f0xjerry_: whats happenin?05:41
jerry_if i reinstall ubuntu from the website will it delete my stuff i have saved on my computer05:41
sly_f0xvalerio are you trying to keep data?05:41
histojerry_: yes05:41
Krishnandudan_: Drivers for my 9500GT works fine for me. Dunno about yours.05:41
histojerry_: unless you create a seperate home partition.  If you upgrade it will keep your data05:41
valerioSly_f0x yes05:42
Krishnandudan_: wait till other member comes in...05:42
histojerry_: and by upgrade I mean using the package manager to upgrade to the most current release.05:42
thune3sly_f0x: regarding ureadahead exit code 4, it is innocuous: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ureadahead/+bug/484677/comments/505:42
dan_I am using Ubuntu 10.04LTS 64bit. My problem is that using the current driver (not sure what it is)  the resolution is 2048x1536. My GT330m card uses 1900x1200 resolution. I can switch to 1900x1200 resolution using my current driver but the same thing happens. And by same thing I mean the screen is cut off from about the date on the right, and on the bottom I cant even open minimized programs. Other  people using the same model laptop (05:42
dan_Sony Vaio VPCF115FM) are having the same problems05:42
boris_ alguien que hable español jaaaja05:42
jerry_cuz i installed ubuntu from a burned disc05:42
histojerry_: however if you want to install the newest version from cd and keep your stuff create a seperate home05:42
dan_The problem was apparently resolved with the 330m using two methods, both of which I have tried and have not been completely able to figure out. The first method is an older method, and requires a raw file be exported from windows. The info I used can be found here.05:42
valeriosly_f0x i have superblock error and magic number05:42
histojerry_: what version do you have installed?  open a terminal and type in cat /etc/issue05:43
boris_ i need a funcional camara for my ubuntuuuuuuuuuuuu05:43
dan_only problem is when I enable the restricted drivers I can barely see the screen at all. It is nearly impossible to navigate and I end up going back to the default configuration. Also, I get errors when opening xorg.conf.05:43
FloodBot3dan_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:43
samdhey, is there any command to know which video driver im using?05:43
histo!enter | dan_05:43
ubottudan_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:43
valeriosly_f0x can you help me?05:44
histojerry_: are you able to run that command?05:44
sly_f0xin a terminal do05:44
sly_f0xman mkfs.ext305:44
jerry_how do i get to theterminal05:44
valeriosly_f0x i'll try,05:44
histojerry_: Applications > Accesories > terminal05:44
well_laid_lawnsamd:  try   cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep -i driver05:45
histojerry_: then type in "cat /etc/issue"   no quotes ofcourse05:45
samdwell_laid_lawn: thank you very much05:45
histojerry_: you can use the update manager to upgrade to 9.10 then 10.0405:45
well_laid_lawnnp :]05:45
histojerry_: or actually you maybe able to update directly to 10.0405:45
histojerry_: System > Administration > UPdate manager05:46
dan_can someone please help me with my gt330m driver install on 10.04LTS 64bit05:46
Blue1Awaywhy doesn't this script have permissions to create the log file?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/497476/05:46
owner__I'm having problems with FreeCAD with Ubuntu 10.4, error "This system has no OpenGL support"05:46
histojerry_: up top it will have a button for upgrading the to a newer version05:46
valeriosly_f0x I read but i do not know how does it work, i'm not good on ubuntu05:46
WillPittengerI think the reason I was having problems logging in with the GUI enabled was due to my removing one or more of the following that I felt were unneeded: evolution, bluetooth support, the British and South African language packs.  I had reinstalled Ubuntu, removed those again, and same problem happened.05:46
histoowner__: what type of video card do you have?05:46
thune3sly_f0x: btw, i couldn't really understand your problem across your fractured posts. if you could lay it all out in one post, someone might have a suggestion.05:46
sly_f0xvalerio: install gparted-gui05:46
sly_f0xfrom the package manager05:46
histoowner__: ughh... What version of ubuntu?05:47
jerry_if i upgrade will it delete my stuff05:47
histojerry_: not if you upgrade from the update manager05:47
owner__Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)05:47
histojerry_: if you install fresh from cd it will format the drive.05:47
jerry_ok its upgradeing05:47
Krishnanduowner__: I think it won05:47
owner__ubuntu 10.405:47
dan_Can someone please help out with a gt330m driver install on 10.04? http://www.pastebin.org/101096905:48
histojerry_: however I suggest making a seperate home that way you don't have to worry int he future.  Once you are done upgrading05:48
histo!home | jerry_05:48
ubottujerry_: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome05:48
Krishnanduowner__: I think it won't work then.05:48
histoowner__: hrm... try glxinfo | grep render    in a terminal05:48
histoowner__: see if direct rendering is marked with Yes05:48
valeriosly_f0x seeems is already installed05:48
sly_f0xrun gparted-gui then05:48
jerry_thx u so much05:49
jerry_i hope it works05:49
sly_f0xjerry_: who you talking too05:49
foxeanyone that can help with dmraid?05:50
owner__direct rendering is Not marked with yes05:50
valeriosly_f0x say command not found05:50
jerry_every one who was helping me05:50
Krishnanduowner__: ya the onboard graphics you mentioned doesn't support that.05:50
well_laid_lawnantimayate:  don't do that here pls05:50
sly_f0xtype gpart then tab tab in terminal05:50
sly_f0xand see if anything comes up05:50
sly_f0xi fixed my issue05:50
foxewell_laid_lawn: I smell a ban... btw.. hows your lawn?05:50
well_laid_lawn!ops | antimayate05:51
ubottuantimayate: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!05:51
antimayateubottu has an attitude05:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:51
valerioerror: libhal_acquire_global_interface_lock: org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.InterfaceAlreadyLocked: The interface org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Storage is already exclusively locked either by someone else or it's already locked by yourself05:51
antimayateWhy was I kicked?05:52
Flannelantimayate: Please stop being inappropriate.05:52
bullgard4Is it unnecessary to install the DEB program package uswsusp in a Thinkpad T43 computer because Thinkpad computers do use other programs to use the suspend facility available in the present Linux kernel?05:52
dan_http://www.pastebin.org/1010969    please help me with my GT330M05:52
sly_f0xvalerio: what device are you trying to format05:52
sly_f0xalso did you do05:52
sly_f0xsudo gpart?05:52
antimayateinnappropriate?  bittwist told me that that command worked for #ubuntu05:52
antimayateI shouldn't have fallen for it05:52
Krishnandudan_: Try posting in ubuntuforums05:52
avis-stumbleupon is accusing me of being a spy again  http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/schreki/post129211428/05:52
avis-i need to disable that function of firefox05:53
valeriosly_f0x is an external sata hard drive, but i do not want ot format, may i explain in rpivate message to you?05:53
sly_f0xdo this and paste bin it for me05:53
sly_f0xmount -a05:53
FloodBot3sly_f0x: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:53
sly_f0xand pastebin it05:53
avis-you've said that before jerry_05:54
avis-stumbleupon accuses me of making things pop up on their screen05:56
valeriosly_f0x http://paste.ubuntu.com/497482/05:56
sly_f0xdo sudo gpart05:57
DARUDEI've always wondered what 'sudo' meant05:57
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:57
valeriovalerio@valerio-desktop:~$ sudo gpart05:58
valeriosudo: gpart: command not found05:58
well_laid_lawnsly_f0x:  gparted is a gui app so gksu is needed to run it not sudo05:58
administratorare you body05:58
=== administrator is now known as Guest9121
sly_f0xwell_laid_lawn: sudo launches it with root privs too05:59
well_laid_lawn!gksudo | sly_f0x05:59
ubottusly_f0x: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:59
owner__Is there a .dwg viewer that works with the Intel Corporation 82845G/GL or do I have to upgrade my graphics crd?06:00
=== Cariyla is now known as Gerwin
valerioso, i take this hard drive form a nas device that stop working,06:01
valeriowith testdisk it appear 4 partition raid 1 ext306:01
valeriothe partition was signed as primary but appear as deleted so i can not mount that06:01
well_laid_lawnowner__:  you should get gl with that card - read the log to find out why you don't?06:01
Blue1Awaycan anyone tell my why the redirection in this script http://paste.ubuntu.com/497476/  doesn't have permission to write to /var/log?06:01
valerioso with testdisk i just select the partition that i'm interested and i writed as primary06:02
valerioso now i can not mount beacuse i have superblock and magic number errors06:02
owner__This is on the motherboard (no card) how do I read the 'log'?06:03
Blue1Awayowner__: dmesg06:03
sly_f0xuse gksu gpart tab tab06:03
sly_f0xAnyone I'm trying to rebuild a md raid array06:03
bullgard4Is it unnecessary to install the DEB program package uswsusp in a Thinkpad T43 computer because Thinkpad computers do use other programs to use the suspend facility available in the present Linux kernel?06:04
well_laid_lawnowner__:  the log is   /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:04
sly_f0xand running into the issue at mdadmin --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda /dev/sdb and its saying /dev/sda1 in use06:04
well_laid_lawnBlue1Away:  root owns the file - you aren't root so can't write to it - try the script with sudo06:05
jukHow do I make script in /etc/init.d  to be given start arg as sudo at startup06:05
valeriosly_f0x are you talinkg with me?06:05
sly_f0xim talking with anyone06:06
sly_f0xvalerio: is the external drive fat32?06:06
sly_f0xor ext3?06:06
dan_can someone please help me in stall the gt330m driver on 10.04? http://www.pastebin.org/101096906:06
valeriono ext306:06
ubuXubudid i do myself any harm by putting lucid on ext3 instead of 4?06:07
sly_f0xvalerio do06:07
wasnikhey guys i am tryin to boot from a usb live cd, created using unetbootin and am gettin the error, "no devices matches mbr identifier", please help06:07
sly_f0xfdisk -l and pastebin for me06:07
valeriothat is my situation06:07
valeriosly_f0x ok06:07
jukHow do I make script in /etc/init.d  to be given start arg at startup06:07
Blue1Awaywell_laid_lawn: if it's running out of the crontab for root, it should have root permission.06:07
owner__I've run the dmesg in terminal, what am I looking for here?06:08
well_laid_lawnBlue1Away:  yep you're right06:08
histojuk: maybe update-rc.d is what you are looking for?06:09
=== Blue1Away is now known as Blue1
Blue1well_laid_lawn: I dunno been stymied at this for weeks.06:09
valeriosly_f0x http://paste.ubuntu.com/497486/06:09
well_laid_lawnBlue1:  I would make a log in my home dir and run the cronjob as me...06:10
antimayateI don't know if I would want a log driving home while my brother runs me a cronjob06:10
Blue1well_laid_lawn: must run as root, because it is backing up all of /home/06:10
NOMADICUSI have been trying to use compiz with Xfce.  It made the panels dissapear.  How can I make them come back?06:10
Blue1well_laid_lawn: besides if I put the log file in my home directory, it still just creates a zero length file, owned by, you guesssed it:  root06:11
antimayateUsually I compiz in the toilet.  You might need to go to home depot to get your panels back.06:11
mgmuscaridoes anybody know of a package that would allow me to present my ubuntu machine as a bluetooth speaker/headset?06:11
sly_f0xvalrio you want to reformat it correct06:11
sly_f0xvalerio: ^^06:11
antimayateIt would take a rather large packag mgmuscari!   Even negros only reach about 12 inches!06:11
valeriosly_f0x no i wnat to mount and recover the data06:11
NOMADICUSantimayate: Yeah.06:11
well_laid_lawn!ops | antimayate06:12
ubottuantimayate: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!06:12
sly_f0xAutorilevamento raid di Linux what does that say in english06:12
antimayateChannel emergency?06:12
valeriosly_f0x since i put that partition as primary the remain 4 disappear06:12
mgmuscariNOMADICUS: thanks :)06:12
valeriosly_f0x automatic detected RAID of linux06:13
sly_f0xi dont know how you configured it before06:13
valeriosly_f0x it was a raid1 with 4 partition ext306:14
valerioanyway that partition contain the data to recover06:15
Dreadok guys having issues, i want to grant my user access to /var/lib/mysql, i've tried setfacl and usermod but cant seem to get either to work, suggestions?06:15
sly_f0xwhat utility06:15
mgmuscariso i know PA has a bt module that allows it to output to bt audio devices, but can i create a bt source with it?06:16
well_laid_lawnBlue1:  tried using rsync - http://pr0gr4mm3r.com/linux/rsync-command-for-home-directory-backup-on-ubuntulinux/06:16
owner__Maybe I missed it; does openGL work with the Intel Corporation 82845G/GL graphic card?06:16
valeriosly_f0x testdisk06:16
sly_f0xvalerio: so was it set as extended before06:17
well_laid_lawnowner__:  yep - it does here but I made a xorg.conf file06:17
sly_f0xand you changed it and now it wont work06:17
valerioon the page that i provide to you the NAS stop working and the only way to recover is to mount on a linux machine but the partition was unmountable06:18
valerioany idea how i can restore the partition?06:19
owner__Please clarify ' xorg.conf file'06:19
sly_f0xyou tried06:19
sly_f0xyou used testdisk to create it?06:20
yaaarhaving trouble with a 10.04 install; I can't format this disk for some reason. i have windows on /dev/sda and i have an empty drive on /dev/sdb, and I can create partitions on it, but when I try to format them i get "/dev/sdb1 is already in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here!" ...the saved details are here: http://baconsnacks.com/gparted_details.htm06:20
valerioyes to setip as primary only the partition that i'm interested06:20
well_laid_lawnowner__:  X is configured automatically but if it misses somethng you can add a file with the parameters needed - that is xorg.conf06:20
sly_f0xyou may wanna ask someone else06:21
sly_f0xcause i just know how to reformat it and reid it06:22
histoyaaar: unmount /dev/sdb1 first then format06:22
mgmuscarihmmm, i see that the doc for PA's module-bluetooth states that module-bluetooth-source is "coming soon"06:22
valeriosly_f0x ok thank you06:22
owner__I located the packages to be installed and went through them in Synaptic Package Manager and they all showed as installed?06:22
histoyaaar: you can use system > admin > disk utility06:22
jukhist:thanks, yes06:22
owner__I even reinstalled the python-opengl ?06:23
histojuk: update-rc.d was what you were looking for right?06:23
jukhisto:right, it warns about missing LSB i'm trying to get06:24
yaaarhisto: weird...disk utility shows the windows drive as just one big "raid member" and shows the partitions on sdb as smaller "raid members" ...then it shows a device under peripherals thats the size of both my drives combined at /dev/mapper/sil_aebgaiabfdfh ...but I haven't setup any raid...06:25
well_laid_lawnowner__:  here is the xorg.conf I use - http://www.pastebin.org/101362106:25
johntramphi, are there any pdf viewers i can use which will automatically update once the pdf is modified?06:26
eppa'lo, is there any way to make the scrolling on my magic mouse work?06:27
eppaby installing a package06:27
jukhisto:and now says system start/stop links for script do not exist06:27
histojuk: something must have went gooffy with update-rc.d then06:28
histoyaaar: are you using lvm?06:28
owner__pardon my ignorance but what do i do with this 'xorg.conf' ?06:28
kelvinellaguys is there something exactly like adblock plus in ff in google chrome?06:28
well_laid_lawnowner__:  copy it to a file in your home dir and then do   sudo mv -v ./xorg.conf /etc/Xll/   then logout/login06:29
histoowner__: xorg.conf is pretty much depreciated now06:29
yaaarhisto: certainly not on purpose...all i've done so far is install windows 7 on the first hard drive. i didn't see anything about raid anywhere in the bios. the second drive is empty best of my knowledge...but the installer's partitioner didn't show either drive so i went to gparted...and then on your suggestion disk util06:30
eppaalso, how to make 'Expose' give me a hot corner to show the Desktop06:31
well_laid_lawnmackaber:  fail :]06:31
bullgard4Is it unnecessary to install the DEB program package uswsusp in a Thinkpad T43 computer because Thinkpad computers do use other programs to use the suspend facility available in the present Linux kernel?06:31
jukhisto: hah, it's ok, I typed default instead of defaultS06:31
ubuXubucan i install k-meleon browser on ubuntu?06:32
jukhisto: I try to reboot to see in action06:32
histoubuXubu: you can install whatever you want on your system.06:32
crazy2kWhat does this mean in fetchmail's logs?06:34
crazy2kfetchmail[4127]: 669 messages (669 seen) for <address>@gmail.com at pop.gmail.com (5977499 octets)06:34
crazy2kIt's like there are messages but it's not getting them.06:34
yaaarhisto: do i need that mapper? or can i just turn it off during the install?06:36
jukhisto: worked like charm!06:36
^Cheekyhi.. umm if your nertbook does not recodnize or boot .. and gives you a kernal panic message coz it thinks it supposed to some apple , does that mean its bricked?06:37
histoyaaar: thats just odd. Can you pastebin the results of sudo fdisk -l06:37
=== ibrahim is now known as Lordie
darkside__needing help getting wifi to work under ubuntu 10.4 on asus eee pc 1500ha06:39
darkside__i have installed the backports also still no wifi06:39
histodarkside__: system > admin > hardware drivers06:39
ActionParsnipdarkside__: if you run: sudo lshw -C network ,one product line will identify the wireless chip. You can use it to find guides06:39
yaaarhisto: i can...but i can also tell you by looking that it looks perfectly normal...both ntfs partitions show up on sda and the three linux partitions  (boot/swap/root) show on sdb (the messages indicated that i got the types set and everything...it was mke2fs that failed06:40
yaaarhisto: http://baconsnacks.com/fdisk.txt06:42
ActionParsnipdarkside__: you sure its not a 1005HA?06:43
darkside__it is 1500ha06:43
ActionParsnipJust checking :D06:44
darkside__its ok lol06:44
owner__well I'm having issues even with the simplest of tasks...I keep getting "mv: cannot stat".....06:44
leandroalrecently my package manager application updated my kernel img and after I restarted my computer, it is getting kernel panic... how can I rollback to the latest working kernel?06:44
ActionParsnipdarkside__: what wireless chip does it use?06:44
yaaarhisto: i also tried deleting the partitions on sdb and recreating/typing them old-school with cfdisk...06:44
ActionParsnipleandroal: hold shift at boot and choose the older kernel06:45
darkside__AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter06:45
owner__I am running terminal from my desktop, and, I think the etc/Xll is X(eleven) yes ?06:45
bullgard4What is the source code file of the s2disk program? After '/usr/src$ sudo apt-get source uswsusp' I do not find a file s2disk.c, neither in /usr/src/suspend-0.8/ nor in /usr/src/uswsusp-0.8/ .06:45
ActionParsnipowner__: yes its X11. The X is capitalized too (important)06:46
icarus-cowner__, that usually means the source file is not accessible (not found or no read permission)06:46
icarus-cowner__, i mean  mv: cannot stat06:46
ActionParsnipdarkside__: seen this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Atheros/AR928506:46
quiescensbullgard4: apt-get source downloads to current directory as far as I remember06:47
icarus-cbullgard4, "locate s2disk"06:47
owner__yep, I put the xorg file on my desktop and in the 'owner' folder and tried to execute from both locations...no luck06:48
bullgard4quiescens: I know. If you will re-read my question you will find that I changed first to the /usr/src/ direcotry.06:48
darkside__ActionParsnip, in gonna try that now06:48
yaaarhisto: dmsetup shows that sil_<hex> device...06:48
owner__here's what I entered "sudo mv -v /owner-desktop/xorg.conf /etc/X11/"06:49
ActionParsnipdarkside__: I seem to remember seeing an article that there was a deb to make the ath9k driver (which that uses)06:49
bullgard4icarus-c: Hehe. This obtains the executable file and the manpage.06:49
ActionParsnipowner__: sudo mv /home/$USER/Desktop/xorg.conf /etc/X11 ,not do it? Or am I reading it wrong?06:50
darkside__ActionParsnip, yea i had 10.4 recently on here wifi worked perfect idk what happend this time06:50
leandroalActionParsnip, thank you. It worked greatly!06:50
icarus-cbullgard4, maybe you have to run "updatedb" before hand.06:50
owner__I'll try again....1 min plz06:50
leandroalActionParsnip, how can I manage the list of bootable kernels in order to remove the broken one from the list?06:50
ActionParsnipleandroal: no worries duder. Glad you got the gold06:50
bullgard4icarus-c: Hehe. I did.06:50
quiescensbullgard4: the source for s2disk will be in your uswsusp-0.806:51
sly_f0xgot my server all working up to par again06:51
sly_f0xsomeone the mdadm conf got borked06:51
sly_f0xwell its fixed now06:51
ActionParsnipleandroal: if you run: uname -a ,you can see the current kernel. If you run: dpkg -l | grep linux-image-2 ,you will see the installed kernels06:51
yaaarhisto: oh yeah! did 'dmsetup remove_all' and now gparted formats no prob06:51
bullgard4quiescens: And my question is: "What is its filename?" There are 64 files in my uswsusp-0.8.06:52
quiescensbullgard4: it may not be named s2disk.c but you can't exactly rely on that either way because a lot of packages will have multiple source files to make any given binary, you can have a look at the makefiles to see which files make which binaries06:52
ActionParsnipleandroal: remove the kerne(s) you don't want. You will gain about 120mb per kernel in disk space06:52
owner__do I need the -v switch in the move statement?06:52
ActionParsnipowner__: if its a single file copy I can't see it needing anything fancy06:53
yaaarhisto: although now i'm suddenly wondering if this means i could stripe those disks and still have windows and linux play nice with them...06:53
bullgard4quiescens: Yes, a good idea. I will have a look into the makefile.06:53
yaaarthat would rule06:53
secacould anyone tell me if it is possible to use transmission webUI on ubuntu server, what package is involved and what daemon to start?06:53
quiescensbullgard4: it looks like suspend.c is probably the file of interest, but I haven't had much of a look at it06:53
ActionParsnipdarkside__: may help. Talks about out of the box: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linux/+bug/52196706:54
yaaaraw man...i really thought i had it....but the installer still doesn't show anything at all on sda or sdb06:55
ActionParsnipseca: I use it. Its great06:55
yaaaror, rather, the lnstaller doesn't admit to the existence of sda or sdb06:55
owner__no matter where I set the path, same error "mv: cannot stat `/home/owner/desktop/xorg.conf': No such file or directory"06:55
secaActionParsnip: What package do I need to run to let it connect?06:56
owner__oh wait one min06:56
secado I need to edit a conf?06:57
ActionParsnipseca: yes to set passwords and ports etc06:57
ActionParsnipseca: http://it-ride.blogspot.com/2009/04/transmission-bittorrent-on-headless.html06:58
DilbertoAre there any good Ubuntu developers that are niggers?06:58
=== taka is now known as Guest39545
ActionParsnipseca: ^ shows installation06:58
DilbertoIf there are and you say yes, I expect sources!06:58
crackgenSalut tout le monde !06:58
leandroalActionParsnip, after I removed some unwanted kernels, apt-get asked me to re-run grub, how to do this?06:58
secaActionParsnip: Thank you so much, I couldn't find it anywhere.06:58
crackgenHello all06:58
ActionParsnipleandroal: sudo update-grub06:59
yaaaris there a way to run the installer and point it at a particular drive?06:59
ActionParsnipseca: you need to edit settings.json for the config. You MUST stop the service to edit it or the file won't change06:59
ActionParsnipyaaar: sure. Its part of the install process07:00
secathanks for the heads up07:00
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SchessewebJoin Chimpout Forum!07:00
FloodBot3Schesseweb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:00
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yaaargee ActionParsnip thanks for the tip07:01
owner__when the file downloaded it changed the name to 1013621.txt I changed it to xorg.conf and ran the sudo mv ......07:01
leandroalActionParsnip, ok, it worked, but I could see that the broken kernel is still there, and when I removed the old kernels I didn't find it in the list... the kernel is how to remove this one? it did not show in the list of dpkg -l | grep linux-image-207:01
owner__it moved the file to the X11 directory, now . . . .07:02
ActionParsnipleandroal: if you search software centre you can remove it there too07:02
leandroalActionParsnip, ok, I will do... thanks...07:02
ActionParsnipleandroal: don't remove the running kernel. It makes all sorts of mess07:02
crackgencan you help me ?07:02
crackgeni search Word for Ubuntu !07:02
coafcvHey. My last security update failed, how can I repeat it?07:03
sidh_which library used for gtk/mysql07:03
ActionParsnipCrackgen: like microsoft word?07:03
secais there a default password on transmission?07:03
ActionParsnipseca: I believe its transmission with the username transmission07:04
Flannelcoafcv: Fire up your favorite package manager and do an upgrade07:04
mgmuscarilatest version of PA is 0.9.21?07:04
ActionParsnipseca: if you plan to access this over the web to change it07:04
secaover ssh07:04
coafcvFlannel: how would I do this with e.g. synaptic package manager? I clicked on "mark all upgrades" there, but no packages are selected.07:05
FunkyDudecan anyone recommend an easy to use ftp server? I need one so I can install themes/plugins for wordpress (locally)07:05
ActionParsnipseca: cool. There's a web ui in transmission running by default on tcp port 909107:05
ActionParsnip!ftpd | FunkyDude07:05
ubottuFunkyDude: FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP07:05
HowDoIWhy doesn't Ubuntu Lucid automatically update the system clock via NTP?07:05
owner__once the xorg.conf is moved to the X11 dir, how do I execute/install it?07:06
FlannelFunkyDude: Use sftp instead.  Just install openssh-server and configure your FTP client to use sftp instead.07:06
ActionParsnipHowDoI: it can. Just add a command to your login or boot items07:06
ActionParsnipowner__: restart x server and it will be read07:06
secaThanks againg ActionParsnip , I've got it running through an ssh tunnel and it seems to be working beautifully.07:06
ActionParsnipseca: sweet. Glad you got the gold07:06
HowDoIActionParsnip, is NTP installed by default?07:06
FunkyDudeFlannel, is openssh-server different from apache? I have apache2 installed07:06
FlannelActionParsnip, HowDoI: it does ntpdate every time you boot, but setting up ntpd might be a better solution overall: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Time%20Synchronization%20using%20NTP07:07
ActionParsnipHowDoI: there's an ntp client. I believe if you go to time settings you can tell the OS to use ntp.07:07
owner__oh very new here, how do I restart x servr ?07:07
quiescenshowdoi: the preferred way is actually via system -> administration -> time and date, configuration, keep synchronised07:07
FlannelFunkyDude: It is.  Apache is an HTTP server, openssh is well, a ssh server.07:07
coafcvFlannel: ?07:07
quiescenshowdoi: it will ask to install ntp stuff07:07
B|ackPantherHi, i have a problem with video4linux, where can a find a sample program that uses video4linux and processes the data into RGB image ?07:07
ActionParsnipowner__: reboot or press ALT+K+PrintScreen07:07
Flannelcoafcv: Do a "refresh" and then "mark all upgrades", yes.07:08
Flannelcoafcv: If nothing is marked after that, then you're up to date.07:08
HowDoIAhh, that method is different from right clicking the time/date on the panel07:08
coafcvFlannel: I did and nothing is marked, but how can I be up to date, if the last update gave me like a dozen errors.07:08
coafcvFlannel: I do not want to have a gaping security hole in my system.07:08
quiescenshowdoi: its mostly because the time/date panel thingy is user level rather than system level07:08
FunkyDudeFlannel, which ftp client are you talking about? I think it's something built into the wordpress code,  that it's using ftp to install plugins and such07:09
HowDoISo why isn't automatic time  update done by default?07:09
Flannelcoafcv: Go to a terminal, and run these commands, and pastebin the output (paste.ubuntu.com): sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:09
quiescenshowdoi: I don't know for sure, i know it used to be in the past at some point so I'm guessing some people didn't like it or something07:09
ActionParsnipHowDoI: I guess it'd freak users if ntp started going mental and setting the time to something weird07:09
ActionParsnipI guess07:10
HowDoII was actually rather upset that my computer was off by 3 minutes after 30 days of uptime.  I expect more from the Ubuntu OS.  Not that complaining about it here helps.  Thanks!07:10
lotus-blade how do I see a list of all my drives on the computer?07:10
owner__alt-k-prnscrn didn't do it, gonna reboot...bye, thanks 4 all the help07:11
lotus-bladeI am trying to see if it sees my raid drives07:11
ActionParsniplotus-blade: sudo fdisk -l07:11
FlannelFunkyDude: most FTP clients also speak SFTP.  If you're going through wordpress somehow (isn't that serverside?) then it might not work07:11
ActionParsniplotus-blade: or: sudo lshw -C drive; sudo lshw -C disk07:11
lotus-bladethat will display the /dev/sda1 and so forth?07:11
kulas_27how do we see all the devices installed?07:12
ActionParsniplotus-blade: the fdisk command will07:12
FunkyDudeya, wordpress is server-side (running on my machine locally), and there's an interface that lets you browse/install plugins, it then downloads and installs them, but requires ftp credentials07:12
ActionParsniplotus-blade: if you want to see the physical devices then the lshw will show that07:12
kulas_27how do we see all the devices installed on your system?07:13
leandroalActionParsnip... have setup everything now... thanks a lot, man!07:13
ActionParsnipkulas_27: sudo lshw | less07:13
kulas_27ahh okay.. thanks07:13
=== mue__ is now known as mue
ActionParsnipleandroal: no worries. Glad its all straight. You may want to run: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove ,to clear up any remaining packages you don't need etc07:14
mgmuscariif anyone is curious... using bluez to create an a2dp source in pulseaudio from a bluetooth device like a phone is a futile endeavor - the a2dp implementation in PA is broken for now. there's a ticket open on it but it looks like everyone forgot about it07:14
coafcvFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/497513/ ... here ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/497515/ ) is also my last entry in /var/log/apt/term.log, which gave those errors. it has a problem with fglrx, which is weird because 1) I do not use fglrx anymore, 2) the update had nothing to do with fglrx.07:14
leandroalActionParsnip, thank you for this last tip!07:15
ActionParsnipleandroal: no worries man07:15
TELL0I downloaded urban terror, but when I try to play it I get no server list and it says "No server list from Master Server". somebody know how to fix this?07:15
sidh_please help me07:16
=== alaa is now known as sometux_
ActionParsnipTELL0: do you have a firewall configured in your network07:16
ActionParsnipsidh_: not without you telling us what the issue is...07:16
TELL0I don't think so ActionParsnip07:16
TELL0!ask sidh_07:16
ActionParsnipTELL0: good enough. Can you ping the server?07:17
ownerI'm back after reboot, the FreeCAD/openGL worked fine, looks Great, Thanks for all your help!07:17
andycc!ask | sidh_07:17
ubottusidh_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:17
Flannelcoafcv: In that case, I'd remove your fglrx packages07:17
TELL0how can I do that ActionParsnip ?07:17
=== administrator is now known as Guest55125
Guest55125Hello everyone07:17
coafcvFlannel: sudo apt-get purge fglrx* ?07:17
ownernighty night07:18
ActionParsnipTELL0: use a terminal and run: ping address ,change address to the actual IP of the server07:18
Flannelcoafcv: That'll work, yeah.07:18
ActionParsnip!hi | Guest5512507:18
ubottuGuest55125: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:18
TELL0what's the actual IP of the server?07:18
coafcvFlannel: okay, I'll do this. but is there still a way for me to "redo" this failed update? I somehow fear that the update has not been installed properly and the security fix hasn't been applied.07:18
TELL0how can I get it?07:18
mgmuscariTELL0: you can use the hostname07:18
mgmuscariTELL0: it should do a dns lookup for you07:19
coafcvFlannel: it's been like 3 security patches.07:19
ActionParsnipTELL0: not sure. The OS may show it or you'll have to sniff it out online07:19
FunkyDudepureadmin and pureftp worked great, very easy07:19
* TELL0 is confuse07:20
sidh_ which library used for gtk/mysql07:20
Flannelcoafcv: The only failed updates from that seem to be the fglrx packages, likely because you had a kernel update somewhere along the lines.  It's nothing to worry about, as your packages are all up to date currently.07:20
=== Guest55125 is now known as love231726
coafcvFlannel: hnm ok07:20
sidh_ActionParsnip:  gtk/mysql library07:20
ActionParsnipsidh_: can you expand on that please07:20
coafcvFlannel: thanks07:20
andycc!elaborate | sidh_07:20
ubottusidh_: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:20
TELL0how can I sniff it?07:20
ActionParsnipsidh_: you want a gui for sl?07:20
lotus-bladeok it sees the drive, but now the question is what format comes on a western digital drive07:21
ActionParsnipTELL0: its a colloquialism, use websearches to find the IP07:21
sidh_i want to connect gtk to mysql so which library used for that07:21
ActionParsniplotus-blade: none, you can format it as you wish07:21
TELL0but my IP or which one?07:21
sidh_ActionParsnip: no gui07:21
ActionParsnipsidh_: to achieve what end?07:21
ActionParsnipTELL0: use websearches to find the master server IP for urbanterror07:22
lotus-bladeit was already formated when we got it.  it used to be an external usb drive, but the controler wen bad.  it used raid 0 ove 2 500 gig drives07:22
ActionParsnipI can't make it any simpler07:22
sidh_ActionParsnip: i have created small gui application using gtk library now i connect it to mysql database to store record but which library is used for that07:22
lotus-bladeit was used with a windows system so I am not sure if it is fat32 or ntfs07:23
ActionParsniplotus-blade: then: sudo parted -l ,will show you the filesystem it uses.07:23
TELL0OK, thanks07:23
cshawnfinally gettin the hang of joli cloud07:23
andyccsidh_: you'll need a mysql binding for your programming language of choice.07:23
ActionParsnipsidh_: the guys in #sql may know07:23
P0rnStari would be apreciated if some1 help me test some flash client07:24
P0rnStarcan some1?07:24
cshawni will07:24
sidh_andycc: ok i know binding required but which package/library needed for that07:24
andyccsidh_: what programming language are you using?07:24
rwwso C. GTK isn't a programming language.07:25
andyccsidh_: so C.07:25
sidh_c with gtk library07:25
ActionParsnipP0rnStar: I cant , running android here :)07:25
andyccsidh_: maybe the guys in ##c can help you.07:25
lotus-bladeit is saying that they are ext3, but windows can not read that unless the conrtoller was running linux?07:26
KrishnanduP0rnStar: I can...but what to test...??07:26
ActionParsniplotus-blade: you can use www.fs-driver.org07:26
cshawni think im officially divorced to windows07:27
kelvinellahow to set ff as my default browser?07:27
* lorenzosu is away: Away07:27
ActionParsniplotus-blade: if the system is sharing the data on the partitions then yes the OS will need to be *nix or *bsd07:27
cshawnwhats a good flash client i can use on joli cloud07:28
ActionParsnipkelvinella: system -> prefs -> default apps07:28
andycckelvinella: ff has an option for that. You can also use System > Preferences > Preferred Applications07:28
andycccshawn: Adobe Flash?07:28
tensorpuddingwhat is jolicloud?07:28
cshawndoes it work with joli?07:28
P0rnStarbah im trying to open it in browser now... and sending policy request07:28
tensorpuddingand what does it have to do with ubuntu?07:28
ActionParsniptensorpudding: another spinoff distro07:28
andycccshawn: of course, Joli is based on Ubuntu.07:28
P0rnStarwas sending it before07:28
P0rnStarif not in browser07:28
cshawnjoli cloud is based off ubuntu07:28
lotus-bladeso fs-driver should see the drive in windows?07:29
ActionParsnipcshawn: jolicloud isn't supported here07:29
cshawnill get my joli ass out then07:29
andycccshawn: #jolicloud can help you.07:29
andyccI guess. Seems a little unpopular.07:29
=== ibrahim__ is now known as Lordie
ActionParsnipYep, 9 users in #jolicloud07:30
hasenjanyone knows if it's possible to map caps lock to "ctrl-pageup" system-wide?07:30
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts07:31
frobisherwhat is the command to partion drive from terminal?07:31
andycchasenj: yes, should be possible using xbindkeys or something.07:31
tensorpuddingfrobisher: you can partition a drive using cfdisk07:31
ActionParsnipfrobisher: sudo fdisk /dev/diskname07:31
ActionParsniphasenj: I know fluxbox can do it07:31
hasenjandycc, xbindkeys?07:32
ActionParsnip!hi | nx07:32
ubottunx: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:32
hasenjActionParsnip, any more tips?07:32
andycchasenj: look it up on Google. It's not really easy to configure, though.07:32
ActionParsniphasenj: that's all I got dude, sorry07:32
hasenjandycc, ActionParsnip: ok guys, thanks07:33
=== rww_ is now known as rww
CornishPastyHi there, can anyone help me with an issue I'm having with SATA drives on an n680i board? http://game9.eu/ata2.txt07:38
moobhowdy partners07:39
KrishnanduCornishPasty: hi07:39
CornishPastyhi Krishnandu07:40
shatlyOk i need some help here, we are trying to figure out what hardrive ubuntu is loaded on on my frends computer, i am ssh'd into it right now, and the fstab is what iam about to past07:42
strcpyProblem with Broadcom b4313 [14e4:4727] . It`s picked up by "wl" by default which provides no mon/injection. Had tried ANY trick I could find , to switch to b43 and force using it, but no luck. Any comments?07:42
CornishPastyshatly, please use a pastebin or similar07:42
andyccshatly: mount07:42
andycc!pastebin | shatly07:42
ubottushatly: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:42
=== ohad is now known as ohadbc
shatlyi just had to paste it07:43
shatlyi should have done that first =P07:43
andyccshatly: type "mount" and see what's mounted on /.07:43
=== jeremy is now known as Guest30894
moobOh sweet, I didn't know Ubuntu had a paste bin. >..<07:44
shatly/dev/loop0 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)07:44
andyccshatly: well then I think he's using Wubi.07:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:44
andyccshatly: what are you trying to do, exactly?07:44
dancekCornishPasty, this seems similar: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=49054707:45
shatlyis new one07:45
shatlyi am trying to figure out what hardrive has ubuntu on it as he has 3 installed07:45
moobDoes anyone know of a good guide to encrypt an Amazon EC2 ami?07:45
shatlyand /dev/loop0 is very unhelpfull07:45
dancekCornishPasty, you might want to try changing the cableetc07:46
CornishPastydancek: strangely though Windows 7 x86_64 has no issues loading every HDD, which leads me to believe it's an issue with Ubuntu, not the drive/cable?07:46
andyccshatly: so go hunting for wubi/, ubuntu/ or whatever on all his drives.07:46
shatlylucas@ubuntu:/mnt/tmp5$ find -L /mnt/ -name 'fstab'07:47
CornishPastyHowever, I will try checking the cables, is there anything I should look for or whatever, dancek?07:47
shatlyandycc: ^^ did that =P07:47
shatlywell for fstab07:47
shatlyand that is cygwin so a emulator not ubuntu07:47
andyccshatly: fstab doesn't really help us.07:47
strcpyBroadcom 4313 problem, anybody ?!07:47
dancekCornishPasty, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=964792 <-- looks like someone fixed it by moving the disk from primary slave to master on IDE07:47
CornishPastydancek, that'd be helpful if these weren't entirely SATA :P07:48
shatlyi decided to find a file that i KNEW would be on his hardrives in ubuntu area07:48
shatlyand fstab was one i could think of07:48
dancekCornishPasty, it certainly sounds like there is a real bug in the drivers but it's been there for quite a time and hasn't been fixed07:48
shatlyand that is all partitions except the  W95 Ext'd (LBA) mounted07:48
CornishPastydancek, I read somewhere that it was a bug in sata_nv, and someone provided a patch, but it was for an old kernel which no longer works07:48
andyccso you want the partition on which wubi is installed07:48
Lcawte|AwayAnyone ever crontabed ntpdate (my clock keeps skipping out of sync)07:49
yaaarHaving trouble installing 10.04 on a new intel H55/i7 with 2 sata drives. For some reason device mapper is picking them up and calling them a raid, even though windows is on one and the other is empty. What gives? This seems like a very straightforward setup.07:49
andyccshatly: if that's it, the partition is mounted on /host. In your case, /host is /dev/sda1.07:49
xbonesx"#conky" seems pretty dead, can anyone help me with setting up a premade scropt to work with my system?07:49
yaaarif i use 'dmsetup remove_all' then the installer simply doesn't see any drives07:50
CornishPastydancek, http://lkml.org/lkml/2008/8/20/51 if that's of any help to anyone :P07:50
moob@Lcawte ... openntpd?07:51
andyccyaaar: it's semi-hardware-raid. You need to use a Windows tool/the BIOS/a recovery DVD/whatever to separate them.07:51
yaaarandycc: i have to use a tool to *separate* them? i never *combined* them!07:52
shatlyandycc: thanks, i think i found it07:52
shatlylucas@ubuntu:/mnt/tmp5/ubuntu/disks$ ls07:52
shatlyboot  root.disk  swap.disk07:52
yaaarandycc: so if they07:52
pksadiqhow to do ls pagewise?07:53
rwwls | less07:53
pksadiqk, let me try07:53
andyccyaaar: try dmraid -an07:54
CornishPastydancek, how do I find out the drive serial numbers so I know which drive ata2 is?07:54
andyccyaaar: that should separate them.07:54
moobSo, no body know of a guide to encrypt an Amazon EC2 server?07:54
pksadiqand so now how to ls directories only?07:54
andyccshatly: it was /dev/sda1, right? It's listed by mount.07:54
yaaarandycc: RAID set "sil_aebgaiabfdfh1" is not active (then the same for sil_aebgaiabfdfh2 and sil_aebgaiabfdfh3)07:54
andyccyaaar: but ubiquity still picks them up?07:55
shatlyjust that fstab was annoing how it looked07:56
=== taka is now known as Guest42935
P0rnStarhelp me test this client in flash07:56
pksadiqand so now how to ls directories only?07:56
moobls -d07:56
blue-frog hi when inserting a usb key in a machine, it triggers some kernel uevent. Have I a way to recreate those uvent via command line. I hoped udevadm test --force --action=add would have done the trick but apparently --force is not an option anymore.07:57
yaaarandycc: yeah, it's really strange...it shows the two drives as one, but with the linux partitions i tried to put on sdb at the front of the volume and the back shows as unallocated07:57
pksadiqls -d is just not to expand directories, it shows files too07:57
P0rnStartell me if can reach07:57
=== ohadbc is now known as _Ohad_
pksadiqand so now how to ls directories only?07:58
=== _Ohad_ is now known as Ohad13
=== Ohad13 is now known as Ohad
shatlynow when did ubuntu start to make virtural disk to mount to run ubuntu inside07:58
pn1999Hi all, 10.04 encrypted swap & resume from hibernate. I read somewhere that the aim was to have both features work together on 10.04. Anyone know if it's true and have a url for some details. Thanks.07:58
* lorenzosu is back (gone 00:31:26)07:58
rww!away > lorenzosu07:59
ubottulorenzosu, please see my private message07:59
Flannellorenzosu: Please turn that off.  Thanks.07:59
P0rnStarthis opens?07:59
datacorruptP0rnStar. what is it supposed to be?07:59
KrishnanduP0rnStar: yup08:00
shatlypersonaly i am not trusting anything from him08:00
pksadiqand so now how to ls directories only?08:00
P0rnStarits a flash client08:00
nettezzaumanabloody hell, how can i *comment in that sucking launchpad .. there is no way to comment someone .. eg. to have in some quoted form what someone else said08:00
moobMe either. I mean come on, he's a porn star. lol08:00
P0rnStarthe first brick of a multiplayer game08:00
KrishnanduP0rnStar: yup...it's opening...but while posting any message it throws error "securityErrorHandler: [SecurityErrorEvent type="securityError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2048"]"08:00
yaaarthis is absurd. i have 2 hard drives and i can't simply give one to windows and the other to linux. wtf08:00
andycc!error | nettezzaumana08:01
ubottunettezzaumana: Please elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:01
P0rnStarthat means is beeing bloked maybe08:01
P0rnStarur firewall bloking it?=~~08:01
KrishnanduP0rnStar: no lol..!!08:01
datacorruptI don't what you guys are talking about, it's totally legi--HDD REFORMATTING COMPLETE08:02
P0rnStarpls try again now08:02
P0rnStari have closed mine08:02
CornishPastylol datacorrupt, nice nickname too :P08:02
shatlylol, if i had a vm up i would click08:02
moobShatly, you could always disable everything and click. :)08:02
nettezzaumanaandycc: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/638955 << i want to comment someone with some kind quoted text form or just to let know, that i'm reacting on comment no. $x08:03
shatlymoob: .... vm are easier, just too lazy to start it08:03
KrishnanduP0rnStar: says "Server Connection Failed"08:03
shatlybecause then i knwo it will work how he wants, and i can just quit08:03
pksadiqand at last, I live on shell, using irssi for IRC, mplayer for audio, mplayer along with xinit to watch video, links or lynx as web browser....:) every thing with no X08:03
KrishnanduP0rnStar: Nah,...!! Same problem08:04
shatlyshells ftw08:04
datacorruptWHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?08:04
shatlyheck ssh tunnling ftw08:04
Acidphasepksadiq ls -d */08:04
andyccnettezzaumana: #launchpad can probably help you08:05
yaaaris there really no way to tell the installer not to use this stupid device mapper and just show the two drives? if i do 'dmsetup remove_all' ubiquity just doesn't pick any drives up at all08:05
nettezzaumanaandycc: ok, thanks fopr pointing me out08:05
nettezzaumanaregards folks08:05
pksadiqthanx ACidphase08:05
andyccyaaar: sorry, I don't know of any method to do that. Sounds like a bug to me.08:05
Acidphaseno problem08:06
shatlyheck, the frend i was trying to fire out the hdd for was behidn a firewall, i am behind one, so we both sshed and he tunnled to a third computer =P08:06
yaaarwell, then can i roll with it and just use the raid?08:06
andyccyaaar: you'll probably fsck up your Windows install and data if you do that.08:06
=== Lordie is now known as ibrahim-kasem
yaaarandycc: i'm willing to reinstall windows if that's what it takes...especially if i get striping out of the deal. this is a new system, so the winders has only been on there a couple hours...no data to worry about. i only keep windows around for games anyhow08:08
sam_samNotice: Jaunty/9.04 !End-Of-Life on October 23rd :-$08:09
pksadiqanybody know the keyboard shortcut to play next/previous song in mplayer?08:09
moobWindows is a plague. >..<08:09
Acidphaseit's a shame we have to keep windows around at all =P08:09
shatlyyaaar: what games do you play in windows?08:09
andyccpksadiq: if you need a music player, I recommend moc instead of mplayer.08:09
shatlybut mplayer is easy comand line08:09
andyccmoc is cli too08:10
moob@Acid - My teacher stated that Windows is far more superior than UNIX/Linux.08:10
andycc!info moc08:10
ubottumoc (source: moc): ncurses based console audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.5.0~alpha4+svn20091009-1build1 (lucid), package size 222 kB, installed size 664 kB08:10
Acidphasereally thats interesting08:10
pksadiqlet me try08:10
yaaarshatly: spare me the wine speech.08:10
Acidphaseis that why I can use a Linux box to totally fuck windows08:10
sam_sammoob: u teacher knows very less about linux i guess08:10
shatlyyaaar: i been to lan parties before with only wine08:10
rwwAcidphase: Watch your language, and take the non-support discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, please.08:10
andycc!language | Acidphase08:11
ubottuAcidphase: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:11
moobLol, he got very mad when I told him GNU/Linux is more superior.08:11
moobI thought his wig was going to explode during class.08:11
rww!ot | moob08:11
ubottumoob: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:11
Acidphaseanyone else want to warn me about the one curse word08:11
sam_sammoob:maybe his ego !08:11
pksadiqeverybody are interested in driving a car, but a few bother about how it's made08:11
Acidphase(once isn't enough)08:11
shatlyif you want i can08:11
andyccAcidphase: that was twice08:12
moobsam are you a mod?08:12
shatly!language | Acidphase08:12
ubottuAcidphase: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:12
Acidphasewait one more time it scrolled really fast =P08:12
sam_samwell some dumb will say win is better  and thousands will say linux is better .. u decide ;)08:12
Acidphaseonly one the weekends08:12
moobI can't tell who the mods are. I never use IRC.08:12
shatlymy teacher has a 4*5 virtural windows layout in ubuntu08:13
rwwmoob: It doesn't matter.08:13
sam_sammods are bots !08:13
shatlyvirtural desktops08:13
Acidphaseand I didn't verbally curse I typed it so I used my fingers08:13
moobOh okay.08:13
Acidphasenot my mouth =P08:13
shatlyand he uses like 4-5 for class08:13
sam_samtoo much offtopic :D08:13
rwwNow, an we move the non-support chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic and get back on-topic, please?08:13
pksadiqalsamixer has a type of GUI ,but in shell.. is there any such shell audio players?08:13
shatlyi was talking about ubuntu08:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:13
sam_samcaps lock :O08:13
datacorruptFine, fine.08:14
* Acidphase gets back on topic08:14
Acidphaseis Ubuntu better than windows ?08:14
* shatly sits on his ass08:14
sam_samYYYEEESSS !08:14
sas hi all; can u help me? my webcam led it is always on; what that mean?08:14
datacorruptThat's not really support.08:14
andyccAcidphase: of course.08:14
tensorpuddingThat's not a support question08:14
sam_samsas: face the same problem ..08:14
andyccsas: that probably means your webcam is on.08:14
pksadiqalsamixer has a type of GUI ,but in shell.. is there any such shell audio players?08:14
moobI had asked a question but I don't think anyone knows it. Does anybody know how to encrypt an Amazon EC2 Ubuntu ami?08:14
shatlysas: eather a bug or somone is always watching you08:14
andyccthe CIA08:15
shatlyor you local frendly highschool08:15
rwwmoob: Have you asked in #ubuntu-server already? They'd be more likely to know.08:15
sam_samshatly:  i guess a bug ..08:15
* Zelfje go apt-get install coffee and not look at this nonsense08:15
mooboh thanks let me go look08:15
sascan u help me to put it off08:15
shatlyre: that08:15
CornishPastyWhat's the commands to enable playing of DivX video and MP3s?08:15
andyccCornishPasty: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extrasw08:15
CornishPastythanks andycc :)08:16
sam_samsas: i just plug out the webcam after use :D08:16
datacorrupt".ars" What?08:16
sam_sami know its not intelligent 1108:16
shatlyor VLC will have the drivers08:16
CornishPastydatacorrupt, custom extension?08:16
rwwCornishPasty: for the default Ubuntu programs, installing "gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg" would do MP3s and possibly DivX.08:16
Acidphasethe kernel in maverick still isn't supported with ATI's newest driver yet huh?08:16
CornishPastyrww, I'm after making MPD work, but thanks08:16
rwwubuntu-restricted-extras includes a bunch of unrelated stuff.08:16
sasman, it is a internal one, on laptop08:16
rwwAcidphase: #ubuntu+1 would know better than us.08:16
andyccgstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly ?08:17
Acidphaseya just checked on there site seems a person on a AMD post confirmed it08:17
shatlysas: http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=2388408:17
shatlylots of grate recomadations08:17
pksadiqalsamixer has a type of GUI ,but in shell.. is there any such shell audio players?08:17
rjbcan i run alarmclock before login? trying to add a script to /etc/init.d08:18
rwwCornishPasty: Ubuntu's MPD package depends on libavcodec52, which should play that stuff.08:18
datacorruptSas, do you currently have a program that can control your webcam?08:18
rwwIf I remember correctly, mine played MP3 out of the box, anyway.08:18
sasi don,t know08:18
andyccpksadiq: moc08:18
CornishPastyOkay, rww, thanks very much :)08:18
shatlysas: do you have cheese08:18
sam_sami have a dual boot with ubuntu and windows.. whenever i hibernate my ubuntu then in next windows session it says foo:/system volume information /blah blah /change.log is corrupt and unreadable.. runchkdsk utility.. when i run it i loos all the new files created after the dumb bil gates own restore point :@ any solution?08:18
g4tsuIs there an equivalent of remastersys (I don't want gnome)08:18
CornishPastyI haven't tried it yet, was just wondering if I needed to install extra stuff08:18
datacorruptSas, well try to get one. Then see if you can turn it off that way.08:18
datacorruptI wish I had a webcam so I could recommend an application to you.08:19
saswhich one? what is cheese?08:19
well_laid_lawn!info cheese08:20
ubottucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.1-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 62 kB, installed size 244 kB08:20
shatlycheese is the common webcam program08:20
andyccpksadiq: btw, moc is run using the "mocp" command.08:20
pksadiqlet me try08:20
shatlysas: try Fn+F408:20
=== valerio is now known as australiano
shatlyor look on keaybord for a key with fuction looking like it may turnoff webcam08:21
serp_the area where my mouse has to be to resize windows seems to be about 1 pixel wide. it's very annoying! how can I make it easier to hit?08:21
sasFn+F4 put me on stand by08:21
sam_samis ubuntu GNU/Linux?08:22
shatlylook at the normaly purple or blue for something that looks like it may disable a webcam08:22
andyccsas: Haha. Look at the label next time.08:22
tensorpuddingsam_sam: sure08:22
andyccsam_sam: depends on how you want to call it, but yes, it's Linux with the GNU userland.08:22
datacorruptJust try cheese, if that doesn't work then come back.08:22
shatlydatacorrupt: from what i am reading cheese oftem makes it worse08:23
sam_samu mean only the kernel or ubuntu software repository also ?08:23
andyccsam_sam: the kernel is the OS and it08:23
shatlysas: http://au.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81536108:23
andycc*it's called Linux. The core tools included with Ubuntu are from GNU.08:23
pksadiqmocp says it's already running, but mocp -x says Server is not running08:23
shatlyseems to be the only one that had success08:24
sam_samanyways ty, back to my original problem .. have a dual boot with ubuntu and windows.. whenever i hibernate my ubuntu then in next windows session it says foo:/system volume information /blah blah /change.log is corrupt and unreadable.. runchkdsk utility.. when i run it i loos all the new files created after the dumb bil gates own restore point :@ any solution?08:24
tensorpuddingUbuntu contains a lot of software that isn't related to GNU, and not necessarily under the GPL08:24
tensorpuddingso maybe GNU/Linux is misleading08:24
sam_samtensorpudding: thats my obervation too ..08:24
andycctensorpudding: well, you can call it whatever you want to. Why not Linux/GNU/X/Wesnoth, for that matter?08:24
lotus-bladeok how do I display the drive info of what fs type a drive is again?08:25
datacorruptI think GNU refers to the underling "GNU's Not Unix" thing.08:25
shatlysas: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129106108:25
shatlyone more good place?08:25
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, using Lucid Lynx, can't seem to install GDM themes. Suggestions?08:26
datacorruptElaborate. Where does the trouble start?08:26
sam_samwhats the basic idea behind naming ubuntu versions ?08:27
CornishPastyP0rnStar, nobody wants to click your dodgy-looking link08:27
sam_samseems to be alphabatical ..08:27
datacorruptThe alphabet, I think.08:27
pksadiqmocp does not list any file in the folder08:27
andyccsam_sam: year.month for version, alphabetical (animal/trait) for name08:27
datacorruptEasy to remember?08:27
* lorenzosu is away: afk08:27
shatlysas: i am going to bed, message me if that helped08:28
datacorruptP0rnstar, now it's not loading.08:28
sasok, thanks08:28
shatlyP0rnStar: same08:28
sam_samlol dont click those links by pornstart08:28
sassleep well08:28
MasterofPuppetsdatacorrupt: Every tutorial up 'til Karmic counts on the System > Administration > Login Window having actual customization options, but as of Lucid it doesn't.08:28
andyccshatly: 'night.08:28
datacorruptWhy not?08:28
* lorenzosu is back (gone 00:01:14)08:29
andyccMasterofPuppets: it was removed from Lucid.08:29
andycc!away | lorenzosu08:29
ubottulorenzosu: You should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»08:29
MasterofPuppetsandycc: Is there any way of re-enabling it?08:30
lotus-bladehow do you find out the drive' fs type?  did fdisk -l to find drive info08:31
sam_sam have a dual boot with ubuntu and windows.. whenever i hibernate my ubuntu then in next windows session it says foo:/system volume information /blah blah /change.log is corrupt and unreadable.. runchkdsk utility.. when i run it i loose all the new files created after the window's own restore point :@ any solution?08:31
MasterofPuppetsandycc: Or has it been superseded by another function?08:31
datacorruptsam, Have you tried never hibernating?08:32
sam_samrestarting works fine ..08:32
datacorruptI had a duel boot that I screwed up once because of hibernation. So I'm generally against it.08:32
sam_samdatacorrupt: isn't an intelligent solution i guess :S08:33
MasterofPuppetsSo, anybody got a way of replacing the old login window manager's functionality?08:33
tdf_hello there08:33
tech_I need help I can't hear sound on my pc after installing ubuntu08:33
tdf_I have a trouble..."Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation Device [14e4:4727] (rev 01)"08:34
=== mungustas is now known as arnas
tdf_I cannot find it at "http://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=b43&DokuWiki=d5eaa01e7c7007f1756e0a6d283e6cb5"08:34
tdf_what does it mean?08:34
=== arnas is now known as mungustas
serp_it mean you're using an unsupported networks card08:34
andycctdf_: better ask in #aircrack-ng08:35
serp_duanlian: English, please. :)08:36
tPl0chHi, is it possible to have the home dirs reside on a ntfs partition08:36
tdf_andycc: how to use my wifi card for aircrack?08:36
datacorrupttech_, I had that problem, try System>Administration>Hardware Drivers.08:36
andyccjust try it.08:36
tech_hello there08:37
tech_I need help I can't hear sound on my pc after installing ubuntu08:37
andycctdf_: and *ask* in aircrack-ng instead of waiting for someone to confirm he's there08:37
pksadiqhow to search for a file or folder in a directory and it's subdirectories using terminal?08:37
tdf_I try it...but no results...followed http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1140607.html08:37
datacorrupttech_, I had that problem, try System>Administration>Hardware Drivers.08:38
andyccpksadiq: man find08:38
pksadiqlet me try08:38
sam_samno answer .. asked 3 times :-$08:39
sam_sami have a dual boot with ubuntu and windows.. whenever i hibernate my ubuntu then in next windows session it says foo:/system volume information /blah blah /change.log is corrupt and unreadable.. runchkdsk utility.. when i run it i loos all the new files created after the dumb bil gates own restore point :@ any solution?08:39
tech_I tried that but what comes is graphics drivers.08:39
andyccsam_sam: are you using wubi?08:39
andycc(although hibernating should not be supported under wubi)08:40
sam_sami know its windows problem about maintainingsystem vol. info , but thought i 'll get some solution here08:41
tech_datacorrupt I tried that but what comes is graphics drivers08:41
andyccsam_sam: can't really help you with that. Sorry.08:41
sam_samandycc:ty anyways, i appreciate it :)08:42
andyccsam_sam: post in Ubuntu Forums about it, maybe someone there knows.08:42
=== ldunn_ is now known as ldunn
datacorrupttech_, try getting gnome-alsamixer and screwing around with the settings.08:42
blackdoggyhi people can i revert back to original 10.04 distro setting08:43
blackdoggymy laptop is really  acting weird08:43
tech_datacorrupt where do I get it I'm new to ubuntu?08:43
=== MenZa is now known as lhavelund
shatlytech_: in terminal alsamixer08:45
tevodaUnder Ubuntu how do I know which server I have of mysqld using dpkg-reconfigure?08:45
well_laid_lawntevoda:  apt-cache policy mysql   will tell what's installed08:46
tevodakewl thx.08:46
datacorrupttech_, System>Administration>synaptic package manger>type in alsamixer into the quick search, check the gnome-alsamixer and click mark for installation, then click on the green checkmark, apply. From there it's pretty automated.08:46
tevodamm that's odd08:47
tevodait does not find anything08:47
thune3blackdoggy: is there a particular sub-system you would like to get back to "factory fresh"08:47
datacorruptI could tell you sudo apt-get whatever, but you would be just as stuck next time.08:47
juliaCan someone please help me with wireless usb problems?08:47
shatlylol datacorrupt08:47
tevodawell_laid_lawn I am sure I have it installed08:48
shatlyi find it hard to use the gui, i got tought by "go and apt-get this"08:48
well_laid_lawntevoda:  don't know what else to suggest then sorry08:48
shatlyhttp://xkcd.com/456/ #all starts with the seed08:48
datacorruptshantly, I know some people were like that, but I preferred the gui, at least at the beginning.08:49
s3r3n1t7tevoda, aptitude search mysql-server will find them all. Then see if any lines start with an i.08:49
datacorruptI felt more independent.08:49
shatlyI am also going for CS08:49
tevodas3r3n1t7: ok thx. Is there a howto on apt-get and aptitude?08:49
tech_datacorrupt I will try that and I will give a feed back thanks08:49
s3r3n1t7tevoda, i'm sure google has some, yes.08:49
shatlyo and my spelling is crap, so command line tab helps A LOT08:49
lotus-bladenot sure how this is don, but I have a set of raid 0 500 gig drives.  both have 4 partitions.  if I understand right that means the they are spanning and share data between the 2 drives as if they wer one.  how do I set this up?08:50
blackdoggythune3 i think i should consider the whle file system  and the installed programmes. i have just one partition  and have lots of datas08:50
jollymanI made an alternate installation from usb, but can only boot with the usb stick attached, is that normal?08:50
shatlylotus-blade: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID08:50
tevodamm how do I find out where apt-get will install something like say phpmyadmin?08:52
reggicheck this out folks http://www.naviter.si/download/us-sectionals/index.php?Itemid=2708:53
rww!ot | reggi08:54
ubottureggi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:54
juliaCan anyone help me with wireless problems please? I think it's a driver problem - rt2800usb seems to recognise it's a wireless card, but then can't do anything with it (scan doesn't work, for example)08:55
jollymani made an usb installation of alternate ubuntu. When I want to boot it, it only works when the installation stick is inside, is there a solution, to start it without the stick?08:58
datacorruptRAID is like overclocking for hard drives.09:00
fratzbcdepends on the R level you set09:01
CojageSSDś are like ocing for hds :p09:01
Podrezovjollyman, maybe setup boot priotity in BIOS?09:01
s3r3n1t7Cojage, datacorrupt and fratzbc, would you mind taking that discussion to !off-topic?09:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:02
datacorruptI just said one thing, it was hardly a discussion.09:02
jollymanPodrezov: That was the first thing I thought of, but my bios is set, so if there is no usb inside it just loads from the second option the hard disc, but i could try again09:03
=== root is now known as Guest58209
CornishPastyAnyone know a way to unzip a file without `unzip`?09:06
Tom-Bright click on it in gnome?09:07
datacorruptA .zip file?09:07
datacorruptOr what?09:07
CornishPastyNope :(09:08
CornishPastygonna have to unzip, then upload :(09:08
Cojagewhat do you mean lol09:08
Cojageoh automatic unzip09:08
CornishPastytrying to unzip a file on my webserver, but it doesn't have zip :@09:08
sytar it and untar09:09
Cojagethen you still end up with a zip file09:09
ndxtgNotice: Jaunty/9.04 !End-Of-Life on October 23rd <------ ???? I thought 9.04 was LTS and it should be continuing until 2-4yrs?09:09
coconutzhey, how can i confing mail() in shell to send mail trough gmail?09:09
well_laid_lawn!info sendmail | coconutz09:10
ubottucoconutz: sendmail (source: sendmail): powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent. In component universe, is extra. Version 8.14.3-9.1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 252 kB09:10
tevodais there a way to use apt-get to see the installation config of a certain app?09:10
llutzcoconutz: use a nullmailer like msmtp/ssmtp09:10
shatlyndxtg: i think it was 8.10 and 10.0409:10
shatlyare lts09:10
st__sendmail is the most buggy product for all time09:10
=== SoulShadow is now known as Shadows`sleep
shatly!info lts09:11
ubottuPackage lts does not exist in lucid09:11
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)09:11
erUSULcoconutz: there a various alternatives... from configuring the whole mta ( postfix or exim ) to a simpler ssmep msmtp or heirloom-mailx09:11
datacorruptSo there's no way you could get unzip on the server?09:12
s3r3n1t7datacorrupt, download, unzip, tar, upload, untar?09:12
syWhy not just scp the file to your server from your local desktop?09:13
PodrezovHi! i have some problems with installing Canon MF3228 printer on Kubuntu 10.04. i have downloaded and installed cndrvcups packages, but I  didn't found  there this model.  In systemsettings application I can't change configuration of printer: element "Local printers" in tree does not ansver. Can somebody help me?09:13
ndxtgwhat command to get partition manager in Ubuntu?09:13
shatlyndxtg: comandline or gui09:13
sycfdisk for commandline09:14
ndxtgshatly: thank you I've got it, the "g" -> gparted09:14
erUSULndxtg: sudo aptitude install gparted09:14
traubisodacan anyone give me a how to for installing an ubuntu under a preinstalled linux without cdrom/usb stick?09:14
erUSUL!install > traubisoda09:14
ubottutraubisoda, please see my private message09:14
sytraubisoda -> unmount usb then dd if=pathToImage.iso of=/dev/sdb09:15
synvm read wrong i think09:15
tevodaanyone happen to use phpmyadmin?09:15
jollymanPodrezov: I checked bios settings; only boots into lvm encryption when set to usb first second HD09:16
jollymanPodrezov: and usb stick inside09:16
coconutzhow  can i replace mail() command to use ssmtp  instad?09:16
Diverdudeis it possible to somehow administrate google calender on the ubuntu desktop?09:16
erUSULcoconutz: use ssmtp instead of mail in command line ?09:17
cikegedit Line spacing09:17
coconutzbut there is a programs that already use mail()09:17
coconutzi want to route it09:17
syGoogle Calendar? You mean in the browser?09:17
cikehow  Adjustment line spacing in gedit09:18
lotus-bladeok I found docs on how to set up my raid drives, but I am not sure if it was raid 1 or 0.  the drives look identical, but it gave a gig of space I am told09:18
Illuminatushi people09:19
erUSULcoconutz: afaics this nullmailers provide a compatible "sendmail" command.09:20
Illuminatusa good twitter client for ubuntu ?09:20
syIlluminatus - www.Tweetdeck.com09:21
apporchi everyone.09:21
uLinuxhow do you select all text using nano?09:21
uLinuxei apporc09:21
apporcGood afternoon~~09:21
apporcSo ,i got a problem.09:21
apporcabout ubuntu's init process and some other os's. As i know there are much differences09:22
ndxtgsorry I need more help. I have a fresh hard drive & use gparted to divide partitions. It asks to "create partition table". After googling, they say a MBR type is ok for cross-os purpose. However the option are msdos |  aix | amiga | bsd | dvh | gpt | mac | pc98 | sun | loop . What is MBR type? is it msdos or loop or ..?09:22
syuLinux - Have you tried ALT + M + A09:22
suave_hello everyone09:23
apporchi suave_09:23
=== kse_ is now known as nardul
suave_just switched from fedora 12 to ubuntu09:23
syndxtg ... are you using cfdisk?09:24
suave_9.10 ubuntu actually09:24
ndxtgsy: gparted on 9.0409:24
=== plovs_ is now known as plovs
llutzndxtg: msdos most likely09:24
ndxtgllutz: thank you :)09:24
freebsd_fanwhat's a good lamp editor :)09:26
freebsd_fanvery popular good one09:26
erUSULfreebsd_fan: what is a "lamp editor" ??09:26
freebsd_fanphp linux mysql09:26
freebsd_fanfor linux09:26
syEmacs, Eclipse, NetBeans, VIM.... so on09:27
ndxtggedit with dark theme is best09:28
sygui always annoys me... "emacs -nw" is my friend :)09:28
nardulHi, i'm currently trying to make a USB Disk Controller work in Ubuntu. The chipset on it says jm20316, it won't register in dmesg, if i plug it in a Fedora machine it detects it. Being used to Gentoo i believe i just compiled it into my kernel. What would the procedure be on Ubuntu?09:28
xbonesxyou know when you press CTRL+ALT+(left or right) it will only let you go all the way to one end and then you have to hit the opposite direction? is there a way to make the mouse scroll do that as well?09:29
xbonesxfor switching workplaces...09:29
fourstar_i want a full virtualization vm for ubuntu.. what are the best recommendations?09:29
syhover over the boxes and use your middle scroll?09:29
xbonesxalso how can you completely edit the places menu at the top right of your screen?09:30
xbonesxsy: are you talking to me?09:30
sysorry yes xbones09:30
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:30
xbonesxsy: what boxes?09:30
st__xbonesx, edit how?09:30
syfourstar - VirtualBox ?09:31
syor VMware?09:31
fourstar_hm i'll try virtualbox. looks free09:31
fourstar_vmware i know isn't09:31
syI prefer it.09:31
sy:) np09:31
xbonesxst__: well "Filesystem" used to show up with the other mounted drives and stuff and now its not their, was wondering if there is a way to add it back?09:31
xbonesxsy: i have ubuntu installed09:32
xbonesxon a partition...09:32
yaaarok, downloaded/installed 10.10 beta since 10.04 wouldn't work. the live environment was perfect (even ran all 3 monitors!) ...but on reboot i'm left with a grub rescue shell saying "error: no such device: <long device hex string>"09:32
xbonesxsy: oh you were talking to someone else... lol :P09:32
yaaarso how can I make that boot?09:32
ucenik16ljupis ma:)09:33
syLol yeah sorry, I should probably point to who I am typing to.09:33
st__yaaar, add root=/dev/<device> to boot parameter09:33
xbonesxst__: i know that you can edit just by right clicking but it doesnt seem to be letting me re-arrange the icons that are already their... :(09:33
erUSUL!html | freebsd_fan09:33
ubottufreebsd_fan: html is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/09:33
yaaarst__: when/how?09:34
rwwucenik17: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?09:34
FlintWestWoodgoodmoning everyone. this question is unrelated to ubuntu, but i m hopiing that you guys can help me out. A fried of mine linked me a video on youtube, the singers in the video were being held up by people in black body suits who were moving them around and stuff and i cant find it in my histories or logs anywhere.  The band is like emo rock/ indie stuffAnyone know about the band im talking about?09:34
st__yaaar, on grub menu screen09:34
rwwFlintWestWood: Try #ubuntu-offtopic.09:34
ucenik17e ziga mori09:35
ucenik16ovca si ma09:35
ucenik23ejjjjjj kozaaaaaaa09:35
st__stop playing channel police09:35
rwwucenik*: Stop that, please.09:35
ucenik17FU all09:35
tevodaIf someone has a few minutes to help me with a phpmyadmin problem much appreciated. I install phpmyadmin and added the Include to apache2.conf but stilll getting client denied by server configuration: /usr/share/phpmyadmin09:35
ucenik23duci maaaa09:36
yaaarst__: i don't get a menu. i get       grubrescue>09:36
Krishnanduucenik17: What are you doing..?? What does all these means..??09:36
xbonesxst__: any ides on the places menu editing?09:36
yaaarst__: which doesn't even have a help command09:36
Calinoutevoda: #phpmyadmin09:36
st__yaaar, you should see a menu if holding ctrl+shift on boot09:36
tevodaCalinou: it's from apt-get09:37
tevodahence why I asking here09:37
st__yaaar, places ,emu show your bookmarks from nautilus09:37
st__xbonesx, , places ,emu show your bookmarks from nautilus09:37
Calinousry, can't help09:37
st__Krishnandu, miloshevich bitches are upon us09:37
tevodano worries thx.09:37
rwwst__: That's not appropriate for this channel.09:38
st__yaaar, it looks like a box with your kernel version inside09:38
yaaarst__: yeah...i'm sure i *should* see that. but i don't, i get dumped into a rescue shell09:38
neekersdoes anyone know what this means? - - [21/Sep/2010:01:36:59 -0700] "POST /wp-content/themes/purecorpwp/gpstracker2/updatepf.php HTTP/1.1" 200 273 "-" "Apache-HttpClient/UNAVAILABLE (java 1.4)"09:39
rwwneekers: which part of it?09:39
=== lolcat is now known as MorphBot3000
st__yaaar, strange, had you formatted your previous ubuntu partition? try to boot in resque mode from cd and re-install grub209:39
xbonesxst__: are you wanting me to show a pic of it?09:39
st__xbonesx, sorry, have no gnome09:40
neekersit's in my access.log and i'm not quite sure what it means, i did google it but didn't come up with a definitive answer09:40
rwwneekers: assuming you're using default Apache log format, that's the User-Agent string provided by the client. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User-Agent09:40
st__xbonesx, but if you open nautilus windows there should be Bookmarks menu09:40
xbonesxst__: but its not helping, i need to find the config file that sets up that menu and manually edit it...09:41
eugenesanDid anyone observe frequent OOM kills lately?09:41
neekersrww: the request is coming from an Android cell phone application, so that just indicates that?09:41
st__xbonesx, look at opendesktop specification for Bookmarks organisation09:41
erUSULeugenesan: no;09:42
rwwneekers: Sure. It's just what the client says it is. It doesn't have an intrinsic meaning. Many browsers can be configured to send whatever you want for that.09:42
rsavuhello all.09:42
xbonesx"look at opendesktop specification for Bookmarks organisation"??? sry not understanding... :(09:42
yaaarst__: this has been maddening. the system seems so simple: intel h55/i7 with 2 sata hard drlves and a sata dvd. i put win7 on the first drive. then 10.04 wouldn't install because for some reason device mapper saw the drives as a raid even though they aren't. so i switched to 10.10. the installer let me go this time....albeit with weird device-mapper device names. bit now grub is clearly busticated09:43
rsavuanyone having problems with java-pulseaudio playing sound too fast ?09:43
st__xbonesx, also try to delere ~/.gtk-bookmarks09:43
eugenesanerUSUL: Strange, I am seeing it on two different machines without a reason...09:43
erUSULeugenesan: well; what is beeing killed? could be a memory leaking program09:44
erUSULyaaar: how is the sata controller configured in bios?09:44
wunjoCan someone help me with a Grub issue please?09:45
yaaarerUSUL: well there's no raid config that i can find. there's a setting "configure sata as" that's set to IDE (the other choice is AHCI i think...whatever it was it didn't help with the 10.04 install, and it made win7 not boot)09:46
wunjoI updated 10.04 and now my GRUB is all messed up?09:46
=== Muhammad is now known as Guest55657
erUSULyaaar: linux works best in ahci mode; ahci is the most advanced mode. if you are using win7 there is no reason to use legacy ide09:47
syDoes the new 10.04 have a btrfs option?09:47
=== root is now known as Guest9888
erUSULsy: no09:47
=== Guest55657 is now known as EXp1r3d
yaaarerUSUL: st__: i tried 'root=/dev/sdb1' and 'boot' in the    grub rescue>    but it says boot lsnt a command09:47
wunjoI updated 10.04 and now my GRUB is all messed up?09:47
sushi-mashiWhy does sound drivers suck on ubuntu?09:48
=== EXp1r3d is now known as Guest33679
st__i'm afraid grup is not able to see your hd09:48
yaaarerUSUL: well...like i said, i tried with ahci and it didn't help. so....09:48
erUSULyaaar: may be different in grub209:48
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:48
wunjoIs this a user community or a admin group?09:48
st__sushi-mashi, lazy developers09:48
sushi-mashiWhen I use something that makes sound using WIne it makes every flash site unusable09:48
erUSUL!hi | wunjo09:49
ubottuwunjo: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:49
rwwwunjo: It's a technical support channel for Ubuntu09:49
yaaarerUSUL: http://grub.enbug.org/CommandList    says boot is still a command09:49
wunjoI have a major grub issue with 10.0409:49
yaaar...of course it says help is a command09:49
wunjo Im stuck in grub promt09:49
wunjoI dont know how to boot the kernel09:49
kkeany good tabbed rdesktop managers for managing connections to multiple windows servers?09:49
syerUSUL: do you know how I would go about using btrfs on ubuntu?09:49
wunjoin grub09:50
st__sy you don;t it's not ready yet09:50
erUSULsy: you can just create a btrfs partition and mount it somewhere for tests.09:50
erUSUL!info btrfs-tools09:50
ubottubtrfs-tools (source: btrfs-tools): Checksumming Copy on Write Filesystem. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19-8 (lucid), package size 534 kB, installed size 1052 kB09:50
erUSULyaaar: i see; then i dunno why it fails09:51
yaaarthis is really unfathomable to me. it took me less time to get red hat 5.2 up and working in 199909:51
syI have ext4 on my ssd and using trim but the built in trim for btrfs sounds sexy :)09:51
boki_what would be the software to draw some diagrams and such?09:52
=== MorphBot3000 is now known as lolcat
boki_like some sort of nodes09:52
erUSUL!info dia09:52
ubottudia (source: dia): Diagram editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97.1-2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 197 kB, installed size 572 kB09:52
erUSULboki_: openoffice draw? some peoople even use inkscape for that09:52
syI use OpenOffice draw for mine.09:53
wunjodoes any body here know anything about GRUB?09:53
erUSUL!ask | wunjo09:53
ubottuwunjo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:53
geirha!info tcm | boki_09:53
ubottuboki_: tcm (source: tcm): Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.20+TSQD-4.2 (lucid), package size 1072 kB, installed size 3228 kB09:53
wunjoI have asked 3 times09:53
erUSULwunjo: you daid you are in a grub promt. you did not tell us what error messages you got09:54
wunjoHere is the issue09:55
wunjo I have updated my Ubuntu 10.0409:55
mosnoroughly how long does it take to create a 2GB persistent casper RW file on a USB2 stick using the Universal USB Installer?09:55
wunjo and everytime I have updated the OS09:55
wunjo I reboot and get a grub console09:55
wunjoI have no idea how to boot the kernel from console mode09:55
wunjoDo you09:56
erUSULwunjo: but what was the error from grub before dumping you in the grub promt?09:56
wunjoThere is no error09:56
wunjo it just boots into a grub console09:56
wunjoThis has happened to me 3 times09:56
wunjoI have googled this for days09:57
alexn49Hi !09:57
wunjono luck09:57
syerUSUL: In theory, do you believe it would be possible to create a cron job that can ssh into a ubuntu server, backup files, then create a random password with say maybe /dev/random and apply that password. Then send a record of that password back to a local encrypted folder that will store the remotely generated password from that file and can then be pulled again to repeat the process?09:57
alexn49did someone try to install the armel libraries on an ubuntu 10.04 ??09:57
wunjoDoes anyone know how to boot the kernel in a grub console?09:57
red2kicAnything can be done. :O09:58
FloodBot3ucenik16: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:59
syI was thinking of doing that so that every time I log into my server it creates a random password. Hmm, just a thought though.09:59
danceksy, why not use ssh keys?09:59
llutzsywhy don't you use rsync to backup your server?09:59
erUSULwunjo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Command Line and Rescue Mode10:00
dancekllutz, he didn't say he doesn't10:00
llutzdancek: "sshing into server for backup" sounds different to me10:01
erUSULsy: why would you need that complicated scheme????10:01
SmokeyDhey everyone, I have two processes that don't want to terminate when I sudo kill them. Is there any other way to terminate them?10:01
sy@dancek I am but I mean like... creating an alias such as maybe 'alias login="root@server.com" ' then a follow up command that changes the user password with a generated one that stores a local copy... It was just a thought I had earlier today10:02
SmokeyDexcept for rebooting of course10:02
wunjoI have used Ubuntu for 6 years and never had this stuff happen10:02
yaaarSmokeyD: are you using kill -9 ?10:02
SmokeyDyaaar: yes10:02
wunjo what a major dissapointment10:02
dancekllutz, i thought this was more about some security stuff rather than the backup technique -- i for one use rsync over ssh10:02
yaaarSmokeyD: that's about as much kill as you get without rebooting10:02
SmokeyDyaaar: ok10:03
danceksy, i can't see the point10:03
sydancek: yes it was about security... more so about randomly generated passwords10:03
sylol just a random thought10:03
danceksy, i think you'll be much more secure with ssh keys than pseudorandom passwords10:03
erUSULsy: creating a password from urandom is easy « tr -cd '[:print:]' < /dev/urandom | head -c 10 » not easy is changing the password in the remote side from a script10:03
ectospasmSmokeyD: if you've got zombie processes, you have to kill their parent.  Unfortunately many times that's init (-;10:04
erUSULSmokeyD: are they zombie processes? or stuck in D state?10:04
SmokeyDerUSUL: ps auwx gives me a D in there somewhere. But what does that mean?10:05
yaaarSmokeyD: waiting on a disk10:05
erUSULSmokeyD: it means that the process is un-killable. it got interrupted during an I/O syscall that never returned....10:05
SmokeyDah ok, there is a file that it is trying to open or close and it is waiting for that?10:05
syIs there any encryption stronger than aes-256? Ubuntu only allows up to that correct? I had a conversation with some one earlier about there being a livecd that can crack it(havn't heard about that).10:06
SmokeyDerUSUL: ah ok. Then I get it.10:06
rsavuanyone having problems with java-pulseaudio playing sound too fast ?10:06
erUSULsy: if you are worried about passwords disable ssh password login and use priv/public key10:06
st__livecd to crack aes256?10:07
njmHey Guys, since I updated my Ubuntu 10.04 Remix on my netbook, my 3G USB Dongle doesn't work anymore...  It says: waiting for usb device to settle in dmesg.  Any ideas?10:07
syerUSUL: I'm not worried, the aes-256 was towards disk encryption. Sorry for not being specific.10:07
sectorbnjm: it might work in another usb slot ?10:07
njmNope, same thing no matter which usb slot10:08
erUSULsy: i was not addressing the aes Q. i was talking about the ssh password issue10:08
njmIt was working fine before I ran updates in any slot10:08
syerUSUL: Oh alright thanks.10:08
sectorbnjm: also have a look at /var/log/kernel for more info10:08
njmsectorb: Ok, will have a look there - what should I be looking for?10:09
st__is there some shell replacement which supports spaces in filenames?10:09
rww"quote" the filename or escape\ the\ space\ like\ that.10:09
erUSULst__: no10:09
erUSULst__: think about it. how would any shell replacement figure out if you are passing two files or just one with a space in the middle ?10:10
dwatkinsnjm: I saw you were on #ubuntu-uk until a few minutes ago, I was about to reply to you10:11
njmdwatkins: sorry my program closed unexpectantly10:11
st__noone says it should be a space for argument separation10:12
dwatkinsnjm: no problem, since it's a UK-only discussion, feel free to go back to that channel and we can discuss it there10:12
njmdwatkins: Well I'm from South Africa... does that make a difference? :)10:12
syIs ubuntu mini essentially ubuntu server without server capabilities? I am use to arch linux and starting from scratch has me a little out of place on ubuntu.10:12
vaibhavi want to ssh into a system which is indirectly connected to internet, here indirectly mean... the system is in some other LAN i.e. and connected to internet through gateway10:13
st__it could be useful in 1970, where all filenames was 12 character long and had no spaces, but now the console is such a pain10:13
syvaibhav: You mean how to ssh tunnel?10:13
red2kicsy: Less than a Ubuntu Server.10:13
dwatkinsnjm: oh right, perhaps not though :) try this, I know it's an old page, but it cites the commandline commands to run in place of the GUI, and should give more information: http://www.geekology.co.za/blog/2009/05/configuring-vodafone-3g-modem-on-ubuntu-linux-904-jaunty-jackalope/10:13
erUSULst__: so what would you use instead? a - ? then you will have to worrie about filenames with - in the name10:13
vaibhavsy: ya, can you tell me how10:14
erUSULst__: i use tab completion or globs to avoid excess typing in terminal10:14
syDo you have access to a VPS?10:14
syor some type of server you can ssh into?10:14
vaibhavsy: no10:15
=== Terminator_ is now known as Terminator
syvaibhav: You will need a server that you can access in order to do it. Like a provider such as slicehost, ssh access on a school server, or w/e.10:16
syvaibhav: then you can do --> ssh -D 4444 (or any other port number) youruser@yourserver10:16
syvaibhav: then you would have to set up your browser, such as firefox, with the appropriate proxy settings10:17
vaibhavsy: so you mean to say first i ssh into server then connect to that system10:17
fabJoin #asterisk10:17
syvaibhav: #1 ssh into a server  ex: ssh -D 4444 (or any other port number) youruser@yourserver #2 set up your browser's proxy settings to match #3 enjoy ssh tunnel :)10:18
SpinachHeadwhen upgrading to 9.10 to 9.04 I lost sound, but I saw in the forums different fixes.  Is there good info on how to fix sound when upgrading?10:19
=== mr5v3n is now known as ChanZ
vaibhavsy: great thanks :)10:19
syvaibhav: like for example, i have an amazon EC2 server... i can ssh tunnel into that server and then use my Firefox proxy settings to tunnel thru it10:19
syvaibhav: then of course you can check at whatismyip.com to check if your ip changed and so on10:20
sectorbis http://releases.mozilla.org/ down?10:21
vaibhavsy: i think i got hw 2 do it10:21
sysectorb: works for me10:21
sectorbinteresting thanks sy10:21
syvaibhav: yeah lol... I was confused at first also10:21
sectorbsy: what ip do you have for the site? i cant dig it10:22
vaibhavsy: may be i shd have been more clear abt ma point10:22
sywhat ip for the server?10:23
sywhen you sign up for a vps or which ever they supply an ip to you10:23
sectorbmy browser is unable to resolve the ip for releases.mozilla.org10:23
sidh_i got following error " gcc: gtk-mysql.c: No such file or director" when i connect to database using simple gtk/c and mysql connection10:24
sysectorb: try clearing all your cookies then restarting10:24
sectorbfacepalm i dont think its that, i cant ping or dig the server10:24
vaibhav1I wanted to edit grub loader, Which file should I edit? menu.lst or grub.cfg?10:24
Spyzerhi all10:25
sidh_vaibhav1 menu.lst10:25
Spyzerto change gnome menu, i use the $HOME/.config/menus/applications.menu file and edit entries in it10:25
vaibhav1sidh_: thanks a lot! :)10:25
YuviPandaI'm trying to write Ubuntu Minimal Install CD into a Pen Drive10:25
YuviPandabut the Startup Disk Creator doesn't seem to recognize it10:26
SpyzerNow to remove an entire menu like Graphics, i had to write the <exclude> tag with every app installed in the graphics section10:26
YuviPanda(I want to use it with my Netbook, which has no DVD Drive)10:26
Ubuntuis it ni you diaoxian le ?10:26
Ubuntuzheli you zhongguoren dongs zhongwen ma10:26
felix_I get segmentation faults on xawtv, tvtime and vlc when i try them over ssh -XY but totem works, has anybody an idea?10:26
Spyzeris there any other way to do it, so i can completely get rid of the graphics section in the application menu10:26
vaibhavYuviPanda: the drive should be in pre formated in FAT system10:26
Spyzerplease tell anyone10:26
sidh_vaibhav1:mazya error che uttar de10:26
sysectorb: well it works perfectly fine in my browser though10:26
syping wise... negative10:27
YuviPandavaibhav: Startup Disk Creator doesn't recognize the iso i downloaded. It recognizes the pen drive10:27
sectorbcool, if you ping it, what is the ip?10:27
Ubuntuwho can tell me where download the program of irc bot10:27
Spyzersidh_: tenu sawaal ki hai?10:27
rwwUbuntu: which IRC bot?10:27
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat10:27
Spyzeranyone please10:28
rwwSpyzer: I'd just run alacarte and do it from there. no need to do it manually.10:28
vaibhavYuviPanda: may be iso has got problem, because if the usb is detected, the only problem i can think of is source10:28
Spyzeryeah i now, but actually i want to create a template fro doing that through script and all10:29
YuviPandavaibhav: yes, I do realize that the ISO is probably the issue here, since it is not exactly a standard installer10:30
sidh_Spyzer: i got following error " gcc: gtk-mysql.c: No such file or director" when i connect to database using simple gtk/c and mysql connection10:30
YuviPandawas wondering if there is any way at all for me to get Ubuntu Minimal started on my netbook10:30
Spyzeroh sorry never done that, can't help u10:30
YuviPandavaibhav ^^10:30
vaibhavYuviPanda: what are you trying 2 install10:30
YuviPandavaibhav https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:31
traubisodais there any solution for the squashfs input/output error 5? I cannot copy the file and I'll go mad soon :D the reinsertion of RAM modules won't play because I'm on a netbook10:32
vaibhavYuviPanda, i guess the iso has an issue10:32
felix_I get segmentation faults on xawtv, tvtime and vlc when i try them over ssh -XY but totem works, has anybody an idea?10:33
YuviPandavaibhav: the ISO is not corrupt10:33
traubisodashould i download the ubuntu iso again or it doeasn't matter?10:33
erUSULfelix_: maybe xawtv, tvtime and vlc are using some X extension that wont work over ssh ? like xv?10:34
YuviPandavaibhav: I verified the hash10:34
erUSULtraubisoda: check the iso10:34
red2kictraubisoda: Run the md5sum -- If it came out correctly, it's fine.10:34
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:34
vaibhavYuviPanda: then i am out of ideas, try google the problem10:34
traubisodaI've already done that and it's fine. the problem is registered as a bug but the only solution I've found is the removal of the RAM10:35
traubisodaand since I can't do that now I need another solution :/10:36
felix_erUSUL: I already tried the -noxv switch, is it possible that there might be a problem besause one of the pcs is 32bit and the other is 64bit?10:36
erUSULfelix_: really dunno10:36
traubisodaany ideas?10:36
=== llutz is now known as llutz_
claycan anybody can help me i install ubuntu on laptop but cant detect no drivers10:39
koltrollmy user 'web' is a member of the groups 'web' and 'webdev'. I don't want it to be a member of 'web' (the default one) but rather just only 'webdev' so that when the user creates files the group on those files becomes 'webdev'.10:39
xbonesxhas anyone figured out how to modify the places list on the panel???10:39
koltrollQuestion beeing: How do I remove a user from a group? Is it enough to just delete the group in question, since I don't need it for anything. Will that make the user loose the group as well ?10:40
felix_erUSUL: it says something about shared memory, how can i disable this10:40
jribxbonesx: bookmarks in nautilus will show up there10:40
xbonesxno i want to edit every aspect of it10:40
erUSULfelix_: in the whole xserver???10:40
claycan anybody help i install ubuntu but is not detecting drivers10:40
xbonesxdown to everything that is in the list, the defaults...10:40
felix_erUSUL: no the shared memory part10:41
clayam going back to windows10:41
noipClay: I wasn't expecting to see that as soon as I logged in. ;)10:42
xbonesxclay: is it installed?10:42
xbonesxclay: ubuntu?10:43
xbonesxclay: just not the drivers?10:43
sectorbxbonesx: (10:42:05) clay left the room (quit: Client Quit).10:43
billyhi folks - has anyone had experience with beagle - looks like what i need but web site is uninformative10:43
xbonesxhis loss10:43
yaaaris there any way to turn off device mapper so the ubuntu installer can see the bare drives?10:43
erUSULfelix_: no; i dunno how to do that10:43
xbonesxwindows users expect everything to be auto... :S lol10:43
Krishnandukoltroll: If you don't need the group del it10:44
koltrollKrishnandu, and then the user will automatically loose his relations to that group ?10:44
Krishnandukoltroll: otherwise remove the user from the group. But remember you need to assign him/her to some group immidiately10:44
koltrollthe user has two groups at the moment10:45
Krishnandukoltroll: you can't del a grp if any user has assosiation with it...I think10:45
Krishnandukoltroll: try that...10:45
Krishnandukoltroll: if u del the grp then user will surely loose this relation to that grp...10:46
pozicWhen I do a graphical login I get thrown back immediately to gdm after inputting correct username and password if I uncomment the 3 standard bash completion lines in .bashrc. Anyone with an idea of why that happens? I can source .bashrc just fine without any problems.10:46
jribpozic: pastebin10:47
pozicjrib: http://pastebin.com/E8z2BYdU10:49
pozicjrib: if I uncomment those lines, it stops working.10:49
jribpozic: does the issue exist on a fresh new user after uncommenting only those lines?10:49
sidh_ i got following error " gcc: gtk-mysql.c: No such file or director" when i connect to database using simple gtk/c and mysql connection10:49
pozicjrib: and by 'those lines', I mean the 3 subsequent lines.10:49
sidh_ i got following error " gcc: gtk-mysql.c: No such file or director" when i connect to database using simple gtk/c and mysql connection10:49
pozicjrib: I didn't try that.10:50
jribpozic: try10:50
geirhasidh_: That looks more like a compiler error10:51
OinsHi. How can I arrange all opened windows in gnome with a mouse click? Is there something like "arrange side by side" ?10:52
vaibhav1(02:56:53  IST) sidh_: vaibhav1:mazya error che uttar de ??10:52
janisozaurthere is a bug in gcalctool, where do I file it?10:52
sidh_geirha: but i have passed library through gcc10:53
sidh_are vaibhav1 tech kay paste karatoy10:53
sidh_uttar de10:53
geirhasidh_: It's saying it can't find a file named "gtk-mysql.c" ...10:53
jrib!bug | janisozaur10:53
ubottujanisozaur: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots10:53
KrishnanduOins: I think there is nothing like that10:53
sidh_geirha: ya i know but which is required10:54
pozicjrib: a new user does not have the problem.10:54
pozicjrib: but that new user doesn't have a .profile file.10:54
geirhasidh_: So you're probably running the gcc command in the wrong directory or something.10:54
=== real is now known as RealOpty
jribpozic: umm, it should if you created the user in a standard way :/10:54
vaibhav1sidh_: menu.lst didn't work, grub.cfg worked! I dont know what uou are talking abt. what error??10:54
jribpozic: i.e. most tools will copy /etc/skel/10:54
pozicjrib: I mean not the same file as I have have.10:55
pozicjrib: in my .profile I have . ~/.bashrc at the end.10:55
jribpozic: ok well post both .profile, let's see if we can figure it out10:55
jribpozic: ah, well isn't .bashrc sourced in the default .profile already?10:55
jribpozic: look at lines 11-17 in the default .profile.  Are you sourcing .bashrc two times in yours?10:56
pozicjrib: I don't know, but it is no reason for it to simply throw me back into gdm.10:56
pozicjrib: no.10:56
OinsKrishnandu: oh ok. thank you10:56
jribpozic: can you pastebin your .profile?10:56
KrishnanduOins: :)10:56
pozicjrib: you can assume it only contains . ~/.bashrc10:57
koltrollKrishnandu, I could not delete the gorup, and I cannot delete the user from the group using deluser web web since 'web' is user 'web's primary group :)10:57
pozicjrib: I will comment the rest for testing.10:57
jribpozic: I don't assume things when helping people :/10:57
jribpozic: if you want, delete everything else in the file and see if the problem persists10:57
yaaarok, well i guess since more normal things aren't working i'm going to try my hand at fakeraid with 10.10/win710:57
pozicjrib: yes, I understand you don't assume things, which is why I said that I would comment that stuff, but I have now deleted all of it.10:58
jribpozic: k, I replied without reading your response about commenting10:58
pozicjrib: ok, same result.10:59
=== Veovis_AWAY is now known as veovis_muaddib
jrib!away > veovis_muaddib10:59
ubottuveovis_muaddib, please see my private message10:59
pozicjrib: so, I have the completion lines uncommented and an almost empty .profile.10:59
jribpozic: what else is different in your bash setup?10:59
pozicjrib: maybe a .bash_profile.11:00
pozicjrib: let me look11:00
jribpozic: does ~/.xsession-errors give any hints by the way?11:00
pozicjrib: no, no .bash_profile11:00
pozicjrib: YES, it says [[ not found and some stuff regarding bad substitutions.11:01
jribpozic: pastebin?11:01
pozicjrib: /etc/bash_completion contains [[ on line 29, which AFAIK doesn't even exist.11:03
jribpozic: what doesn't exist?11:03
sidh_vaibhav1: i created code for simple database connection through mysql database during compilation i got error  "gcc: gtk-mysql.c: No such file or directory"11:03
jribsidh_: what's your question?11:05
vaibhav1sidh_: compile it in new terminal.11:05
pozicjrib: xsession-errors: http://pastebin.com/XrhTjeY911:05
sidh_same error11:05
pozicjrib: it appears that there are bugs in this extremely standard file.11:06
pozicjrib: how unlikely it may sound...11:06
jribpozic: interesting.  '[[' is definitely a standard expression in bash.  I doubt there are bugs as it worked okay for the other user.  Is the bash you are using the one from the repositories?11:06
=== Veovis_AWAY is now known as veovis_muaddib
pozicjrib: yes11:07
jrib!away > veovis_muaddib11:07
pozicjrib: GNU bash, version 4.1.5(1)-release (i486-pc-linux-gnu)11:07
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
pozicjrib: yes, you are right, that it is standard.11:09
pozicjrib: still, it doesn't explain the issue.11:09
swiftyhas anyone ever had -no such process appear when using kill -9 ??11:10
jribpozic: let's try to remember what happened with the new user.  In this user you are sourcing .bashrc in .profile and in .bashrc, /etc/completion gets sourced.  In the new user .bashrc was sourced from .profile by default and /etc/bash_completion was sourced in .bashrc.  Is that correct?11:10
jrib"this user" means "old user"11:10
pozicjrib: wrong.11:11
jribpozic: ok, please correct me11:11
jribswifty: yes when I type a pid that doesn't exist11:11
pozicjrib: I only cp'ed ~/.bashrc to /home/test/.bashrc11:11
pozicjrib: so, quite likely it was never even executed.11:12
jribpozic: ah, so there is no /home/test/.profile?11:12
pozicjrib: you told me there is a standard file which does that, but I didn't check that.11:12
pozicjrib: yes, there is such a file.11:12
jribpozic: check that it sources .bashrc (should be lines 11-17 iirc)11:13
pozicjrib: and it seems that under normal conditions it should have executed .bashrc11:13
micka_z0i make a launcher : gksudo bleachbit . but this is not working the same with sudo bleachbit which i type from terminal. can someone please answer me why ?11:13
sashi, what is the cmd to find firmware and chipset for wlan card? tks11:13
pozicjrib: yes, there is a conditional, which I think returns true.11:13
xbonesxits hard to believe that no one has figured out how to edit the "place" menu file???11:13
jribpozic: I guess you can check that bash_completion is enabled on the test user or add some "touch foo" to .bashrc so we can be sure11:13
jribxbonesx: how about the way I said?11:13
pozicjrib: completion seems to be enabled, but I don't know a good command to test.11:14
xbonesxjrib: doesnt allow you to completely edit the contents of the menu structure11:14
pozicjrib: when I login as test, it executed a line from /home/test/.bashrc which referred to a non-existing file and reported that.11:15
jribpozic: can you be more specific?11:15
pozicjrib: /home/test/.git-completion.sh11:15
jribxbonesx: you want to delete stupff or what?11:15
pozicjrib: it tried to source that, but that file doesn't exist.11:15
jribpozic: ah I see.  Ok.11:15
pozicjrib: and the Ubuntu lines are above that.11:15
johan__Hey, i just installed Kaffeine and it does not show up in the program menu, how can i find it so i can start it?11:16
jribpozic: and in  ~test/.xsession-errors nothing special, right?11:16
xbonesxwell to be more specific my "filesystem" link under computer disappeared and i dont know why so i was trying to but it back, this is the default one im speaking of not an extra bookmark i could add11:16
pozicjrib: it is pretty much failed with all kinds of authentication errors, but nothing related to the issue we are discussing.11:17
pozicjrib: so, in short, yes.11:18
jribpozic: I want to guess that the file is being interpreted by something like dash instead of bash but I have no clue why that would be happening11:18
pozicjrib: what is 'the file'?11:18
maedoxxbonesx, there might be a better way, but you can easily make a link to / by pressing the little arrow beside your username in the "address" bar when in your home folder. Drag the hard drive icon to your bookmarks in nautilus.11:18
pozicjrib: bash_completion?11:18
jribpozic: bash_completion (or maybe more)11:18
xbonesxmaedox: thats the thing... it shows up in the left pane on the file browser but not in places menu on the panel menu11:19
pozicjrib: so, I can just add #!/bin/bash to bash_completion and it should work?11:19
johan__Hey, i just installed Kaffeine and it does not show up in the program menu, how can i find it so i can start it?11:20
maedoxxbonesx, you mean "Filesystem" doesn't show in Places? Neither does mine. It's not supposed to be there by default.11:20
pozicjrib: not a nice solution, but I have the impression that you are getting out of ideas too.11:20
micka_z0i make a launcher : gksudo bleachbit . but this is not working the same with sudo bleachbit which i type from terminal. can someone please answer me why ?11:20
jribpozic: no I don't think that would matter.  You can certainly try to test and see, won't hurt anything.  You can also temporarily rename /bin/dash to bash so we can rule it out.  Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out what is going on, then once we do that we can try to find a reason and a nice solution11:20
geirhapozic: That won't do anything11:20
maedoxmicka_z0, gksudo is for graphical apps, is bleachbit a text only app?11:20
xbonesxmaedox: are you sure, i always thought it was.... im going to feel really dumb if thats the case i have spent hours trying to figure this out11:21
micka_z0maedox: bleachbit has a gui.11:21
maedoxxbonesx, It's not here, and I have done nothing to remove it.11:21
pozicjrib: what I don't understand is that source .bashrc works just fine.11:21
maedoxmicka_z0, alright, then it's a bit odd. Run gksudo bleachbit in terminal and look for errors.11:21
xbonesxmaedox: wow... :S guess im going to give up on that one then... hahaha11:21
pozicjrib: that is as the user for which graphical logins are not working.11:21
jribpozic: yeah but you're running that in an interactive bash shell.  That's certainly not what gdm is doing11:22
* xbonesx bashes his head against a wall11:22
pozicjrib: non-graphical logins as this user do work, btw.11:22
maedoxxbonesx, careful with the wall :P11:22
geirhapozic: in .profile, you must test for bash before sourcing .bashrc11:22
[Anthony]I'm trying to install java and failing11:22
geirhapozic: .profile is sourced both by dash and bash login shells11:22
xbonesxmaedox: hard headed i shoijklh d beae finefa11:22
st__what is some lighteweight file manager for Ubbunty?11:23
[Anthony]when I  sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk it tells me that tere is no corresponding packet11:23
pozicjrib: in .gnomerc I do . $HOME/.profile, btw.11:23
maedoxxbonesx, lol what?11:23
micka_z0maedox: there is  no error on terminal.11:23
[Anthony]but that it exists in the database which indicates that it's obsolete11:23
maedoxmicka_z0, then I have no idea.11:23
jribpozic: ah what geirha says makes sense if you read the default .profile11:23
xbonesx"shoijklh d beae finefa" portraying being knocked silly...11:23
micka_z0maedox: ok. thank you!11:23
[Anthony]any ideas?11:23
pozicgeirha: test for bash, how?11:24
xbonesx"shoijklh d beae finefa" = "should be fine" LMAO11:24
sectorbst__: Thunar or Krusader11:24
jribpozic: use lines 11-17 in /etc/skel/.profile11:24
geirhapozic: if [ "$BASH_VERSION" -a -f "$HOME/.bashrc" ]; then . "$HOME/.bashrc"; fi11:24
sectorbst__: Xfe is nice too11:25
st__it's not lightweight! besides, the altter is probably kde-dependant??11:25
xbonesxlol ruins the joke when you have to explain, but you laughed so i succeed11:25
geirhapozic: BASH_VERSION is a special internal variable that bash sets. dash should not set it.11:25
=== maciek_ is now known as Guest91621
st__xfe looks like win95 abortion ((11:25
pozicgeirha: ok11:25
st__plus it's looks very dated and badly vompliant11:26
yaaarwell that was barking up the wrong tree. turns out h55 doesnt have raid fake or otherwise. which makes one wonder why devicemapper thinks the hard drives are striped11:26
=== Guest91621 is now known as MACIEKZAQ
maedoxxbonesx, hehe, yeah, I thought you'd cracked your head11:26
yaaarthis is driving me nuts11:26
* xbonesx is probably going to screw something up with ubuntu being so open to changes... :S11:26
xbonesxmaedox: what were the other defaults in your places menu?11:27
xbonesxcuz i think i deleted one of the bookmarkable ones11:28
pozicgeirha,jrib: problem solved.11:28
* jtopper waves a greeting11:29
st__is there some gui tool for setting .fonts.conf or .gtkrc???11:29
maedoxxbonesx, Home, Desktop, Computer, Bookmarks, List of other partitions, Network, Connect to Server, Search and Recent11:29
pozicgeirha: can you explain again why this fixes it?11:29
jtopperCan anyone tell me where to find details on how to build a custom Alternative Install CD?11:30
geirhapozic: .profile is sourced by an sh script gdm runs when you log in. sh is a symlink to dash by default, and dash doesn't understand all the bash syntax, so it will error out whenever it encounters them.11:30
pozicgeirha: .gnomerc?11:31
xbonesxjtopper: http://remastersys.sourceforge.net/remastersystool.html11:31
pozicgeirha: since I source it in .gnomerc myself (possibly again then).11:31
jtopperxbonesx: that looks to me as though it only covers the live CD, unless I'm missing something11:32
xbonesxjtopper: nope it lets you make a live cd of your current system setup11:32
geirhapozic: Possibly, yes.  Add an ''date >> /tmp/testfile'' to the start of .profile,  log in and see how many lines there are in /tmp/testfile and you'll know if it was sourced more than once.11:32
jtoppersadly that's not what I'm looking for.11:32
jtopperas far as I can tell, the recent kernel update for lucid has generated a new set of network install .udebs in the package repo which reference a symbol in the kernel which doesn't exist on the most current alternative install CD.  I'm hoping to find either a more recent alternative image, or instructions on how to make one from a currently installed kernel11:34
xbonesxjtopper: is that not what a alt cd is, a modified version of the original live cd???11:34
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal11:34
jtopperI don't believe so.11:34
jtopperyes, sorry, alternate·11:35
xbonesxso i was right then?11:35
jtopperI don't believe so, no.  it looks to me as though they're built differently.11:36
xbonesxyou could do the same with the alt cd, install it then modify it, then make a bootable live cd using the program11:36
red2kicjtopper: Following Heron Hardy, I'm certain 10.04.1 will be released eventually.11:36
=== ahmeddrira is now known as Ahmed_Drira
xbonesxjtopper: you could install the alt cd update the kernel, if thats what your trying to do, then use the program to make a live cd again... ? <--- thats what you want to do right?11:37
oldschoollerHey guys! I'm just installing Ubuntu 10.04 Server LTS on Xen VM and want to know - what is hostname parameter should I use and for what it responsible?11:37
tevodawhat's the default mail system on ubuntu?11:38
pozicgeirha: it was running 2 times. Now, everything is fine. Thanks.11:38
red2kicoldschooller: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hostname11:38
aeon-ltdoldschooller: just use whatever you like, the hostname as the name suggests is the name of your host (your pc)11:40
TrI30THello all, not sure if this is the right place, but I was just wondering if I could get some help writing a shell script, I'm a bit lost...11:41
aeon-ltd!details | TrI30T11:41
ubottuTrI30T: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:41
maedoxtevoda, I believe it used to be Exim4, but they changed it to Dovecot in Lucid. There are several available in the repos.11:42
ubottuA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA11:42
maedoxTrI30T, let us have it. You are in the right place.11:42
oldschoolleraeon-ltd, I'm confused with this as in VPS control panel I have string "Hostname: vds666.coolhostingcompany.com"11:42
oldschoolleraeon-ltd, should I use this one when installing OS ?11:43
magnetronoldschooller: doesn't matter11:43
aeon-ltdoldschooller: i assume thats the hostname of your isp, please read the wiki for more info11:43
xbonesxwhats the terminal command for cleaning up useless packages in synaptic package manager?11:43
TrI30TWell my server is running Ubuntu 9.1 and I'm trying to write up a shell script for cron that will automatically stop a game server, zip/tar/gzip a backup of it, delete any extra backups (I only want 3 available at a time), run a map generating program and then restart the server11:43
magnetronoldschooller: the UNIX hostname doesn't have to be identical to the webserver hostname11:43
jollymanI installed alternate 64 and the installed "Lubuntu-Desktop". It works, but now I want to use Gnome and ubuntu too. Can I just install it vis synaptic, and then choose on the login, which desktop-enviroment to start?11:44
aeon-ltdjollyman: yes11:44
jollymanaeon-ltd:thank you11:44
iflemaxbonesx: apt-get autoremove (deps) and/or apt-get clean (installers)11:44
magnetronjollyman: yes.11:44
=== k is now known as Guest2052
oldschoollermagnetron, aeon-ltd Thanks!11:45
TrI30TI think I have the right idea so far but I don't think I'm doing it quite right, this is what I have so far http://pastebin.org/102637311:45
maedoxTrI30T, do you have any experience in the shell? Do you know how to stop/start services, use tar/gzip etc., and find?11:45
maedoxTrI30T, alright, I'll take a look.11:45
TrI30TI have very little experience, I'm pretty new to linux as a whole, when I started writing this script I had NO idea what I was doing so it's kind of piecemealed together from various tutorials on the net11:46
jollymanI know that I installed "Lubuntu-Desktop", but in the synaptic manager it states, that it isn't installed. Can I just install it anyway? last question for now :p11:46
maedoxTrI30T, ok, I'll set you straight. :D11:46
TrI30TI do have programming experience with PHP/MySQL and a little bit of C# though11:46
aeon-ltdjollyman: lubuntu-desktop is a metapackage11:46
ubottuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.11:46
snezhi, I have about 200 httpd processes running on my system and I can't figure out what they are as they don't appear in my logfile. Is there another way with top/ps/other to find out what those httpd requests are?11:47
TrI30Tmaedox I know a few lines are horribly wrong, like the $DATE - 3 bit, I was just trying to place what I wanted where11:47
jollymanaeon-ltd: I heard that, but what does it tell me?11:47
TrI30Ter, or rather the idea of what I wanted to do11:47
jollymanaeon-ltd: the lubuntu package show in synaptic11:48
aeon-ltdjollyman: nothing, it doesn't really do anything but make it easier to install a group of packages on first install11:49
maedoxTrI30T, 1. you should avoid using killall and consider using any built in methods for stopping and starting services.   2. Use tar instead of zip to keep the permissions. tar czf filename.tgz dir1/ dir2/ file1 file2    3. why are you using && on some lines?   4. read up on find -mtime  to see how to easier find files older than a set number of days.11:49
sasaniakhello there, i have a problem with the latest update in xubuntu. i tried asking in #xubuntu but noone knew the answer11:49
aeon-ltd!details | sasaniak11:49
ubottusasaniak: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:49
sasaniakyeah i'm going to say the details11:49
jollymanaeon-ltd: nice, I hope everything works here,.. hehe11:49
sasaniakbut afaik irc chops away long strings :)11:50
bejoHello all11:50
TrI30Tmaedox I used && because I saw that it would only run the next command if the previous command finished, I'm trying to use them to ensure that the next command doesn't start while the first one is running (trying to map the server while it's being compressed for instance)11:50
sasaniakso, after rebooting with the latest updates, network manager says the wifi is disabled. rfkill list says 1: phy0: wireless LAN, soft blocked: no, hard blocked: yes11:51
jan33snez: netstat -tpe11:51
maedoxTrI30T, I see, that's what I thought. You should use if statements, because && might give unforeseen consequences sometimes.11:51
sasaniakmy button for wifi on my laptop is blue, so it should be turned on (i was able to turn it on and off with that button before rebooting)11:51
TrI30Tmaedox how do I use an if statement to check if an action is done though?11:52
sasaniakmy laptop is hp probook 6440b, wifi driver is iwlagn11:52
geirhaTrI30T: I recommend you read up on the basics here: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide11:52
sasaniaksudo ifconfig wlan0 up: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 13211:53
geirhaTrI30T: An important thing to know is that [ is NOT shell syntax, it's a regular command.11:53
sasaniakany suggestions/questions? :)11:53
hobbleI am using chatzilla in firefox, how can I display the channel tabs in two or three rows?11:54
hobbleAll the tabs are just getting merged into them..11:54
hobbleCan somebody help on this, please?11:55
maedoxTrI30T, I believe it is better to check the prerequisites for the commands (e.g. check that file and to-dir exists before doing mv) first and then execute them, that way you will also not continue with anything before all previous commands are done correctly.11:55
* Wo-TaoYan is away: 我很忙11:56
sasaniakno one ? :(11:57
boscophi. does anyone know a free piano simulator that either uses midi without delay or no midi?11:57
bazhang!away > Wo-TaoYan11:57
ubottuWo-TaoYan, please see my private message11:57
TrI30Twell maedox I need to figure out if something is done, like compressing the folder before I move it, checking the prerequisits will result in a true statement even while it's still compressing and the move command will execute anyways11:58
TrI30Tor at least I assume the move command will execute, I don't know exactly how bash runs each line11:58
maedoxTrI30T, that ps | grep statement will probably always be True too, because it will match the grep process. Using ps -ef | grep '[u]nique string' will not match the grep process if nothing is found.11:58
iflemaTrI30T: there is also while, until, and for to consider... see if you can draw what you want... work it out then code it or rewrite on the fly whatever takes ya fancy ;)11:59
maedoxTrI30T, bash scripts are executed top to bottom, so it will wait for the compression before continuing.11:59
LjLmaedox, TrI30T: perhaps it would be better to use "pidof" in the first place? that will return false if there is no such process11:59
Ubuwhatj #sane12:00
geirhaTrI30T: Also, there's no point in checking if a process is running if you are just gonna kill it anyway.  man pkill12:00
maedoxLjL, TrI30T, but one would still need to check which is which if there are more than one java process.12:00
maedoxgeirha, TrI30T, that is a good point. :)12:01
UbuwhatHi all.12:01
LjLmaedox: true. i didn't really read the scrollback of this.12:01
TrI30Twell, I rewrote that bit so it's java ServerLauncher, which is the actual name12:01
FlexGuyanybody knows mdadm?12:02
geirhaTrI30T: This has in-depth discussion of why you shouldn't use ps in scripts; among other things.  http://mywiki.wooledge.org/ProcessManagement12:02
sasaniakaeon-ltd: could you recommend anything please? :/12:02
ksbalajiI've installed 10.04 But on booting, I get GRUB _ and the cursor blinks. I have a bootloader in windows. How to chain bootload? (the /boot/grub/grub.cnf file exists.12:03
aeon-ltdsasaniak: hardware blocked?, no idea but you could try turning it on and off again (no i'm not patronising)12:03
TrI30TIt's a bit complicated though, and this is something else I wanted to ask, when I run java ServerLauncher I can issue server commands from that session, I usually use a screen so that I can detach and logout without leaving the putty terminal up all the time, If there's a way, I'd like to set it up so that the script issues a "stop" command to the java program to make sure the server shuts down the way it's supposed to as opposed to just ki12:03
TrI30Tlling it12:03
sasaniakaeon-ltd: tried that, tried rebooting twice, didn't help12:04
TrI30Tand then I could use a while loop to make sure the script doesn't continue until the process is dead12:05
geirhaTrI30T: See that process management page.12:06
ksbalajifirst time when I tried chainbooting, I got grub> prompt and I gave root= and kernel commands successfully to boot. Then I did update-grub and tried to reboot. Now I get a blank screen with GRUB _ blinking cursor12:06
gio343windown move 712:10
jimcooncat I'd like to play with gtk-server, but can't find any ubuntu package or instructions. Anyone know this software?12:10
ivan_e aee12:13
TrI30Tok geirha, I've skimmed through that page, lots of good stuff and it actually answers a good deal of the questions I had, but I'm still wondering about that java process, is there a way that I can bring it back from the background, echo "stop" and then continue with the script?12:14
geirhaTrI30T: If you start it from the script itself, you can have some control over it.12:16
TrI30TI don't follow12:17
redHello, I'm having a problem configuring subversion on my ubuntu server - permissions mainly. I've added www-data and myself into a group called subversion, chowned the repo folder with -R to www-data:subversion, but still when trying to svn co I get this: svn: Can't make directory 'icium': Permission denied12:18
redI followed this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Subversion12:18
red(except fully in command line)12:18
TrI30TI can't explain it very well but when I run java ServerLauncher, I get a readout of what people are doing on the server and I can issue commands like "list" and "stop" and whatnot, by using the stop there it saves all the data on the server before shutting down, which is much preferable to just killing the process12:19
redhere's all the commands I ran: http://pastie.org/private/r10ecgkwxaxn04rfsp2fw12:19
geirhaTrI30T: exec 3> >(java program); ...do some stuf...; echo "stop" >&312:20
FloodBot3lunnan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:20
TrI30Tgeirha, what exactly does 3> > and >&3 do?12:21
rwwlunnan: Do you have an Ubuntu technical support question?12:21
tom__Hello anybody help. After one online update I am now not able to use my <tab> button.12:22
maedoxred, make sure the users can traverse directories (chmod ug+x)12:22
redI can access the repo via webdav, thought it's not even asking for password even thought I'd imagine it should12:22
geirhaTrI30T: I'm leaving soon. I recommend you head over to #bash and ask there.12:22
uLinuxsomebody knows the command to clean residual config?12:22
redand the repo isn't @ localhost12:22
iflemaTrI30T: ALSO there is a channel named #bash with about 500 peoples12:22
redill test that maedox12:22
uLinuxei maedox :)12:22
maedoxuLinux, hi :)12:23
smallfoot-uLinux, sudo apt-get clean12:23
smallfoot-uLinux, sudo apt-get autoclean12:23
smallfoot-uLinux, sudo apt-get autoremove12:23
f00bar80I'm on ubuntu 10.04 , is there anyway to know the hard disk temperature ? i've tried hdparm but didn't get anything related to temperature.12:24
=== d3v0 is now known as LanceDongridge
smallfoot-f00bar80, GKrellM12:24
uLinuxsmallfoot-: tried all those before :P12:24
smallfoot-uLinux, System -> Administration -> Computer Janitor12:25
uLinuxsmallfoot-: the package configurations files are still there.. i can remove them with Ubuntu tweak but if I could do it using the terminal..12:25
plovsfoolip: lm-sensors can do this12:25
smallfoot-uLinux, synaptic12:25
plovsfoolip: sorry12:26
uLinuxsmallfoot-: yeah but all gui:p12:26
plovsf00bar80: lm-sensors can do this12:26
maedoxuLinux, Did you try apt-get autoremove --clean ?12:26
uLinux--clean no12:26
f00bar80plovs, i've tried it only shows temp1: 54 C12:26
maedoxuLinux, If I'm not mistaking. I read something about that somewhere, but I can't remember exactly.12:26
uLinuxCommand line option --clean is not understood12:26
maedoxuLinux, I guess I remembered wrong then :P12:27
well_laid_lawn!info smartmontools | f00bar8012:27
ubottuf00bar80: smartmontools (source: smartmontools): control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.. In component main, is optional. Version 5.38-3ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 323 kB, installed size 804 kB12:27
fabio__hi , how can i replicate the structure of directories in12:28
fabio__scp or rsync?12:28
f00bar80plovs, how can i use lm-sensors to know the HD temp. ?12:28
D3f0fabio__, use -r in scp12:28
iflemauLinux: sudo apt-get remove --purge to remove config files also...12:29
fabio__D3f0: im trying to make subdirectories to have the same estructure on the other server12:29
D3f0fabio__, and the same in -r in rsync12:29
maedoxapt-get purge :P12:29
maedoxbut that's not what he wants12:29
=== ibrahim is now known as ibrahim-kasem
maedoxfrack, forgot the nick again12:29
uLinuxsudo aptitude clean is for the cache right12:31
f00bar80well_laid_lawn, how to use these smartmontools12:31
D3f0fabio__, http://troy.jdmz.net/rsync/index.html12:31
uLinux!cn > ylmfos12:31
ubottuylmfos, please see my private message12:31
well_laid_lawnf00bar80:  one min pls12:31
D3f0fabio__, scp copies files over ssh, but if you want to keep directories in sync, you shuld use rsync + ssh, scp is for "one-time" copy12:32
gio343f00bar80, you should try hddtemp12:32
maedoxfabio__, http://www.pixelbeat.org/cmdline.html12:33
well_laid_lawnf00bar80:  http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/smartmontools/wiki12:33
maedoxon second thought, that URL should be in the channel topic12:33
fabio__i want to do this12:33
fabio__$ rsync -vr /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/eventhandlers/ssh_tunel_restart fabio@fa-work:/home/fabio/12:33
fabio__bus this command copies ssh_tunel_restart in /home/fabio/12:34
fabio__id want to get /home/fabio/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/eventhandlers/ssh_tunel_restart12:34
fabio__make the dir structure to have the same than in my server12:34
f00bar80gio343, thanks12:34
f00bar80well_laid_lawn, thanks12:34
maedoxfabio__, use tar and direct the output via ssh to the remote server.12:34
well_laid_lawnnp :]12:35
plovsf00bar80: hddtemp is probably easiest, then the smarttools, lm-sensors is the most complicated (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2780)12:35
well_laid_lawnplovs:  well done - I forgot about hddtemp :]12:35
f00bar80plovs, if one of both CPU or HD is overheated , is there a way to know the reason from using any of these tools or checking any system logs ?12:36
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
euptcPrice Still Outweighs Performance in SSD Equation  http://www.enterprisestorageforum.com/article.php/390302112:36
bazhangeuptc, dont paste here12:36
euptcso wrong channrl12:37
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
fabio__was rsync -R12:37
fabio__if you wanna know12:37
plovsf00bar80: unless the drive is breaking down, which smart can tell you, overheating is usually an external problem, so no, the tools do not know if your computer is gathering dust, or is on fire12:37
rwathi - does anyone know if you can build debian VMs using vmbuilder on ubuntu?12:37
rwattrying to build lenny results in it telling me that only ubuntu is available12:38
rwatguess there might be some more templates somewhere12:38
kryptykMorning all - are there any mail/calendar clients that support the stssync protocol for adding Sharepoint calendars?12:38
Unode|Workhi everyone12:39
f00bar80plovs, HD/CPU is 53 C/67 C this is normal12:39
uLinuxit's high12:39
Unode|Workcould someone try the following for me? start xterm with -r, fire up htop and check if you can read the first load value or if it's shown on black?12:39
crevillohello there12:40
f00bar80uLinux, how to troubleshoot it then ?12:40
crevillojust trying to make cvs work in my ubuntu12:40
maedoxf00bar80, open the box and kill the bunnies :)12:40
crevillobut i'm gettin no such repository error all the way12:40
f00bar80maedox, :(12:40
crevilloanyone knows any possible reason for that?12:40
maedoxf00bar80, but seriously, clean out the fans and coolers and maybe install an extra fan for ventilation.12:41
magnetroncrevillo: i guess there is no such repository12:41
crevillogood one magnetron12:41
crevillobut the problem is that there's12:41
crevilloor that's what i think...12:41
maedoxf00bar80, is it an old setup by the way?12:41
sashi, problem with speed on wlan; its very slowly12:42
sashelp me12:42
rockhopper!patience | sas12:42
ubottusas: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com12:42
AbhiJitis there any way i can set terminal to alway open in restore mode and in middle of the screen?12:42
f00bar80maedox, ubuntu 10.04 / MSI wind U100 notebook12:42
maedoxsas, move closer to the access point and see if that helps. If not, is it your internet connection or is it slow on internal resources (browsing other computers) too?12:43
maedoxf00bar80, I see, then your warranty may be void if you open it. :)12:43
sasits ok with other pc's12:43
xbonesxtrying to get cairo dock to work with the special plug-ins, the ones that require opengl... dont know what im doing wrong i have the plug-in extras installed and i have a nvidia graphics card... :S?12:44
plovsf00bar80: it is pretty hot, it might either be bad design or dust, cleaning it might be a good idea, you could try compressed air12:45
f00bar80plovs, i'll try12:46
uLinuxi disabled the power management daeom at startup but it still works... and VLC has option related with the daemon; to not use screensaver during playback12:46
uLinuxneed to test :P12:46
sasmaedox, i think it is about internal issue12:46
Salminenwhat's the button for "cancel action" in nano?12:47
Salminencomparable to ctrl+z in officed12:47
adalal1hey, anyone knows of any solutions that i can use to setup a hotspot service with wpa enterprise? and hopefully a web management portal?12:48
rockhopperf00bar80, use compressed air cans! and don't use vaccum cleaners, as the air coming out of it will be static charged12:49
ahox_Hi, how do I change the default color for shapes in openoffice? They are all blue since some time ago I used this blue a lot12:49
AbhiJitahox_, try in #openoffice.org12:50
lousygaruaahox_: it's not too hard12:50
ahox_lousygarua: so how? Personnaly I do not see my computer as an adventure game, but as a worktool to get the job done ;-)12:52
lousygaruaahox_: draw a shape, right click, edit style, change color/whatever, press ok, right click, default, and then every shape you create will be with the new color12:52
lousygaruaahox_: i think :)12:52
lousygaruaahox_: but i'm not sure if it sets it as default for all documents12:52
kryptykMorning all - are there any mail/calendar clients that support the stssync protocol for adding Sharepoint calendars?12:53
maedoxSalminen, I believe you have to add set undo to ~/.nanorc12:54
Salminenthats weird12:54
Salminenyou'd imagine that'd be like the first thing they add to a text editor12:54
ahox_lousygarua: thnx, that worked12:54
maedoxSalminen, Yes, you would. I haven't really used it so I can't help much with that I'm afraid.12:54
maedoxSalminen, Consider learning vim if you're serious about doing CLI file editing.12:55
maedoxLinda, hi, what's up?12:55
Salminennah just have to use it every now and then and figured it's weird not to have it12:55
Salminenbah too complicated for me to do right now, thanks anyways12:57
maedoxSalminen, pm if you want a crash course in vim12:58
OinsAfter renaming my account with usermod, I get the following error: "cannot examine encrypted directory" " To run a command as administrator ... user sudo". Has anyone a clue?12:58
rockhoppermaedox, lol!12:58
* AbhiJit wants a crash course in *nix sys admin12:58
rockhopperOins, try adding the username to sudo group12:58
maedoxrockhopper, whatcha laughing at :P  i  input ESC  ZZ   done ;)12:59
rockhopperheh! mail him the man page maedox... And charge 100$ for it..12:59
* AbhiJit will do that in 90$ hurry!13:00
maedoxrockhopper, alright alright, I'll go over here in the corner. :D13:00
* rockhopper do that for 10 $13:00
Moonrealhi all13:00
rockhopperbeat that!13:00
AbhiJit0.5 $13:00
Oinsrockhopper: did this, same error :(13:00
=== taka is now known as Guest18060
rockhopperAbhiJit, omg you serious?13:01
rockhopperhow can he transfer that amount to you?13:01
AbhiJitrockhopper, taxes extra!13:01
rockhopperAbhiJit, Including any possible international tax, you can't get more than 1.50 $13:01
rockhopperAbhiJit, Charge the service, not the taxes..13:02
rockhopperLike they charge at the banks!13:02
Salminen what was the command to find more information of a package?13:03
PiciSalminen: apt-cache show packagename13:03
maedoxaptitude show package-name13:03
rockhopperSalminen, man?13:03
Salminennah non-installed package :)13:03
Salminenshow was the one i was after13:04
rockhopperSalminen, yh!13:04
mikeconceptsmandrake takes longer to do an update check... says update cache downloading sources and packages. Is this something new?13:07
maedoxmikeconcepts, why would you ask that in #ubuntu?13:07
Salminenim still such a noob13:08
Salmineni pressed ctrl+z in a text editor13:08
Salminenhow do i get back?13:08
=== denny_ is now known as denny
Salminenwhat does fg stand for btw?13:08
maedoxthen there's bg = background. guess what that does :D13:08
enetichey.. what would happen if i installed a ubuntu i386 on a AMD64 laptop? would there be any difference regarding the support of wifi cards?13:08
maedoxenetic, it will work fine, there's generally no difference in device support between the arch's13:09
eneticmaedox, thanks.. but why are there different architechtures then?13:10
Oinsfound it. /home/.ecryptfs/<user>/.ecrypfs/Private.mnt need to be edited too :)13:10
ndoi have installed OCS NG Inventory and GLPI, i can reach both via webinterface, i have added one PC to the OCS, and i try to sync OCS to GLPI but with no success. Can someone help me with that plz? :)13:10
Salmineni have the documentation open but can't find the button to paste something in vim13:11
Salminen(command not button)13:11
maedoxenetic, short answer: 64-bit arch supports more memory.13:11
AbhiJit!pm | Shaji13:11
ubottuShaji: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:11
mikeconceptsmaedox, I ment maverick not mandrake, oops13:11
eneticim asking because the wifi card on my HP laptop isnt working, so i dont know what to do to make it work.. actually i recall it working before, once in a while when i started the laptop.. but as of now its not working..13:11
FloodBot3madrid: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:12
eneticand its a broadcom integrated wifi card13:12
maedoxmikeconcepts, ok, fair mistake. Not sure why it takes longer, but I suspect it will change based on network traffic. I have only tested 10.10 for a few hours so I can't say for sure if they changed it.13:12
ShajiHi any body there who knows OS architecture?13:12
crankygeek01Good Morning everyone13:12
madridfuck you13:12
dmangood morning13:12
crankygeek01madrid: Having a bad day?13:13
madridd man13:13
rohdefis there a way to hardblock openjdk and icedtea? I don't want those defective java-things on my system13:13
rubenken cojones sois??13:13
=== ruben is now known as Guest78212
maedoxSalminen, ctrl+insert to copy and shift+insert to paste on general in Linux. p  pastes from vim clipboard.  press v to enter visual and select text, y to copy it, d to delete.  dd  deletes a line, yy copies one. #dd/yy deletes/copies # number of lines.13:13
uLinuxminutes ago Nautilus showed video thumbnails but now it shows nothing! wth13:13
Shajihey, do kernel modules uses virtual memory?13:13
maedoxuLinux, did you change zoom or view options?13:14
uLinuxmaedox: no, nothing13:14
ndocan anyone lep me with OCS NG inventory Sync to GLPI?13:14
uLinuxgonna try reset views to default13:14
maedoxuLinux, nautilus -q  do restart it just to make sure it's not a fluke.13:15
gartralhow do i clear apt's package list after a borked apt-get upgrade?13:15
rohdefhow can I hard block OpenJDK and IcedTea?13:15
uLinuxmaedox: i even restarted13:15
kkeany recommendations for a tabbed rdesktop app for managing multiple windows servers?13:15
maedoxSalminen, most importantly  u  to undo one step ctrl+r to redo. U to undo all on a line.13:15
Salminenmaedox, thanks, i didn't know the linux default copypaste13:16
ibrahim-kasemCan I change the playmoth boot up logo?? it is very big and ugly.13:16
dmanI have a question  about upgrading to 9.1013:16
st__why shutdown command is not suid?13:16
maedoxuLinux, weird. Maybe something changed a setting in gconf? I guess google might help.13:16
arguedgartral sudo apt-get autoclean13:16
eneticare there any chances that my integrated network card would be broken? what could cause that?13:17
dmanwhen I try to upgrade It just reboots then boots into grub terminal13:17
uLinuxmaedox: googling :)13:18
rockhopperenetic, Is it a pci card?13:18
maedoxrohdef, what do you mean hardblock? Just don't install them.13:18
ibrahim-kasemGuys can i do anything about plymouth??13:18
eneticrockhopper, i have no idea what that is, but its a integrated broadcom wifi card. came along with my Hp dv6000 laptop...13:19
maedoxibrahim-kasem, yes, you can install themes. I think there are some in the repos. consider using google.com.13:19
sacarlsonenetic: broadcom is a poorly suppored wifi card in linux13:19
nprasath002Hi, i installed umbrello uml tools via synaptic manager. now how can i start the program. its not showing in applications>>programming or anywhere13:19
st__ibrahim-kasem, I would just remove it13:19
rockhopperenetic, can you do lspci | grep -i net13:20
rockhopperand pastebin13:20
eneticsacarlson, thanks for that.. i guess it is, but it has worked before, so i guess i could make it work again..? i have no idea what could cause it not to work, but i have used ubuntu since the 5.10 version..13:20
rockhopper!paste | enetic13:20
ubottuenetic: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:20
sacarlsonenetic: but I did find this http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php  what does lspci return13:20
nprasath002Hi, i installed umbrello uml tools via synaptic manager. now how can i start the program. its not showing in applications>>programming or anywhere13:22
eneticsacarlson, thanks.. i had a look at that page... i guess ill try again after xubuntu is freshly installed again.. i made a reinstall13:22
eneticnprasath002, try in terminal13:23
Eryn_1983_FLok guys this is a litte  embarsing..13:23
nprasath002enetic: what command??13:23
Eryn_1983_FLi can't seem to figure out which  version of ubuntu i need to my  netbook13:23
iflema!broadcom | enetic13:23
ubottuenetic: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx13:23
bazhang!une | Eryn_1983_FL13:23
ubottuEryn_1983_FL: Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu13:23
Eryn_1983_FLi put a link in maybe you peeps  can help me13:23
rockhopperenetic, first do lspci | grep -i net and see if the device's being recognised13:23
sacarlsonenetic: you need to see what model broadcom card you have with lspci in a term and google that to find best drivers13:24
eneticiflema, tjamls13:24
bazhangKrishnandu, /msg ubottu please13:24
Eryn_1983_FLremix for that one?13:24
eneticsacarlson, ill do that in a minute . thanks13:24
Eryn_1983_FLubottu: ? is remix ok for a intel atom?13:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:25
Eryn_1983_FLbazhang: ?13:25
bazhangEryn_1983_FL, sure13:26
Eryn_1983_FLok dling it now13:26
Eryn_1983_FLi have  this one  called  dove and another one i dled13:26
AbhiJithow to scan all the iso files in a folder using clamscan in one command?13:26
spasysheepis there a way to determine if a blank DVD is +R or -R? I know the icon comes up on the desktop when you put it in, but every DVD i've used says -R there and I thought -R disks were less common13:27
sacarlsonAbhiJit: in one command?  you can mount an iso file like any files system with loop and you can clmascan that13:27
KrishnanduSee the DVD13:28
AbhiJitsacarlson, before mounting it?13:28
Krishnanduit should be printed13:28
ndocomeon guys, nobody knows how to sync OCS with GLPI?! :)13:28
Krishnanduspasysheep: ^^13:28
uLinux"Localizations: Delete files for unwanted languages" 112mb13:28
AbhiJitsacarlson, i have 3 iso files in one folder. so dont want to do three clamscan commands. so can i scan that 3 iso in only one command?13:28
st__uLinux, did it crashed?13:28
uLinuxst__: no13:29
AbhiJitsacarlson, they are not os13:29
uLinuxdidnt clean it yet13:29
spasysheepKrishnandu: these DVDs are unmarked13:29
st__uLinux, so what's the question?13:29
sacarlsonAbhiJit: you can write a script to do it with one command but you will need to mount the iso files http://hacktivision.com/index.php/2008/02/24/how-to-mount-iso-images-in-ubuntu-the-ea?blog=213:29
st__spasysheep, had you checked text around the spindle?13:30
AbhiJitsacarlson, ok i wll look13:30
uLinuxst__: none sry just to state BleachBit is good13:30
Eryn_1983_FLdo i seriously need a  2gb  usb disk:?13:30
Eryn_1983_FLi only got a  1 gb  version :(13:30
spasysheepst__: also unmarked. They were very cheap DVDs13:30
=== ZNC_DoubleString is now known as DoubleString
AbhiJitsacarlson, while using mount command it says that only root can do that. cant i do it in non sudo user?13:31
uLinuxcan someone explain to me what is rotated logs?13:31
st__spasysheep, what color?13:31
st__uLinux, it's when new logs overwrite the old ones13:32
uLinuxst__: so there's no problem cleaning them i suppose13:32
sacarlsonAbhiJit: you can add the user to allow mounting file systems13:33
spasysheepst__: the data side is grey-blue13:33
AbhiJitsacarlson, ok13:33
iflemaEryn_1983_FL: UNR and UNE will fit on a 1g thumb drive13:33
=== plusle_ is now known as Plusle
st__uLinux, you don;t need logs until you have problems13:33
maedoxuLinux, read up on logrotate13:34
maedoxst__, but if something goes wrong and you don't have logs what do you do?13:34
Eryn_1983_FLwell my netbook should be here shortly13:34
Eryn_1983_FLwhats the diff on  unr and une??13:35
Eryn_1983_FLand  where is the dl for unr i got une on the dl now i think13:35
heleenhey everyone. I just attached a new monitor to my laptop. Ubuntu recognizes the resolution and refresh rate properly, but the screen is shaking horizontally. Everything is jittery. Not vertically, just horizontally. Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?13:35
Dr_Willisheleen:  is it jittery on X, or on the consoles? or both?13:35
heleenDr_Willis, both13:36
sacarlsonheleen: I"m not sure but you might try up the frequency refresh13:36
Starcraftmazterif i go to compress some files from the right click menu, why are the password options blanked out?13:36
Dr_Willisheleen:  was the monitor hooked up when the pc was turned on? Try the system/monitors tool yet? what video chipset?13:36
heleenDr_Willis, yeah, I switched on the laptop with the monitor attached and closed the lid of the laptop directly so it only boots with the external monitor switched on13:37
heleeni have an integrated intel videocard13:37
heleenseries 5 or something13:38
duffydackStarcraftmazter, depends what format you choose13:38
iflemaEryn_1983_FL: symantics really... not much UNR 9.10 and earlier... UNE 10.04+13:38
heleenif I switch to the terminal with ctrl-alt-f1 it is also shaking13:38
Starcraftmazterduffydack: I see13:38
Eryn_1983_FLnow i understand sorry for being a dork.13:38
Eryn_1983_FLi  got the  10.04  lucid  version  dlig now13:38
iflemaEryn_1983_FL: not at all.... as you where.. =)13:39
Dr_Willisheleen:  is this a LCD or CRT monitor?13:39
stevecoh1Question about grub2:  what does this line in grub.cfg mean, exactly?  search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set d7cab10c-b5b4-4169-bea6-1728d208496613:39
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=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
stevecoh1what is the uuid supposed to be the id OF?13:39
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)13:39
heleenDr_Willis, it is a TFT monitor. (AOC F22S) with the system/monitor tool I can only select one refresh rate at the highest resolution (60hz), which is correct according to the specifications of the monitor13:40
Dr_Willisuuid of the 'root' device i think where /boot/ is to be found13:40
stevecoh1Thank you.  I have just cloned a hard drive and the new one won't boot even though the grub menu comes up.13:40
sacarlsonstevecoh1: it's the id of the hardrive so you can move it do different sdaX sdbX positions and it will still be found and boot13:40
stevecoh1So on a different hard drive this would have to be changed?13:41
maedoxstevecoh1, yes, you need to change the UUID in /etc/fstab13:41
sacarlsonstevecoh1: normaly yes at format that number is created.  I guess if you clone the drive you could cause a problem with this system13:42
Dr_Willisyou  can chantge the uuid with the tune2fs command.. but ive rarely needed to mess with them13:43
stevecoh1If I wanted to change the UUID, how would I know what to change it TO?13:43
Dr_Willischange it to the one mentioned in the grub file perhaps.13:43
Dr_Willisor boot a live cd, chroot to the installed system and rerun 'update-grub' and it should generate a proper grub files13:43
heleenDr_Willis, I see that the h frequency is 67Hz and vertical is 60hz in the OSD menu of the monitor. In the system/monitor tool of ubuntu I can only select 60Hz. SHould it be 67?13:43
Dr_Willisheleen:  not sure. ive rarely had issues with LCD's  this is using a CRT or DVI connection?13:44
maedoxheleen, no, it's the vertical freq, and it's correct.13:44
heleennormal vga df-sub13:44
Dr_Willisheleen:  no way to use DVI eh?13:44
stevecoh1I tried booting to a live CD and it wouldn't let me run update-grub saying the root partition wasn't mounted and it wouldn't let me mount it.  It did let me mount the boot partition, but I couldn't run update-grub.13:44
AbhiJiti have tasm in my c: drive of wine. how to run it from terminal?13:44
heleenDr_Willis, since the laptop doesn't have DVI and neither does the lcd13:44
Dr_Willisheleen:  it could be its gettting the wrng info from the monitor. It may need to be 67. I use dvi/hdmi when ever i can13:45
SirDidihow can i stream my line in input on my wlan?13:45
Dr_Willisheleen:  My New laptop has HDMI :)13:45
Dr_WillisSirDidi:  vlc can do that.13:45
maedoxstevecoh1, it's not straight forward to do that. you need to chroot after mounting /.13:45
Dr_WillisSirDidi:  and proberly other ways also13:45
heleenthis one is only a few months old and hasn't got either since we don't need high def video13:45
SirDidiDr_Willis, do you know how? i can onyl find the options to stream mp3s etc13:45
maedoxstevecoh1, this guide might help: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restore-grub-2-after-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin713:46
stevecoh1Dr Willis: "change it to the one mentioned in the grub file perhaps."  Change it where to the one mentioned in the grub file?  I was going to change the grub file.  You have a different idea, but I don't understand where you suggest I make the change.13:46
Bisu[Shield]I am trying to find and copy all find in current and subdirectories that has the pattern *_RFRResponse_*  ind and cp but for some reason i cannot figure it out13:46
dogmatic69hi all13:46
dogmatic69i got something strange going on13:46
maedoxfind . -name *_RFRResponse_* -exec cp {} to-folder \;13:47
Dr_WillisSirDidi:  check the vlc homepage/docs perhaps.  I rarely use those features.13:47
SirDidiDr_Willis, thx13:47
maedoxBisu[Shield], find . -name *_RFRResponse_* -exec cp {} to-folder \;        where to-folder is the path you want to copy to13:47
liamcan anyone offer help with zenity13:47
dogmatic69i work on a php script for a while and then randomly get errors that it does not exist when trying to run it finally figured out to chmod it13:47
maedoxBisu[Shield], you will loose subdirs though. there is probably a better and more intricate way to do it.13:47
dogmatic69but it will work for hours / days and then randomly stop13:48
jribBisu[Shield]: that's kind of vague.  Do you want to keep the directory structure?13:48
dogmatic69anyone seen / know why?13:48
rastabloomhellow hat jemand erfahrung mit fakeraid von darwincontrol (4320) bzw. dem Chip Sil 3124 PCI-X SATA dmraid will es nicht erkennen soll aber angeblich seit kernel 2.4 unterstützt sein13:48
Dr_WillisSirDidi:  it has a capture device where you roberly enter the /dev/audio or similer decvice for the mic.13:48
maedoxBisu[Shield], exchange cp for rsync -R   in my command.13:48
Pici!de | rastabloom13:48
ubotturastabloom: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:48
stevecoh1maedox:  in that link you sent would just the mount commands in section 2 enable me to run update-grub?13:48
sacarlsonstevecoh1: I"m not sure if this can help you but this is what I do when I need to update grub from boot cd http://paste.ubuntu.com/497677/13:48
SirDidiDr_Willis, ok13:48
maedoxstevecoh1, yes, you should skip the windows stuff.13:49
julia_Can someone please help me with wireless problems?13:49
uLinuxWhen upgrading an app from a .deb should I uninstall the oldest version before?13:49
julia_I can't connect to my wireless network, though I finally managed to get ubuntu to recognise that the usb wireless dongle was there.13:49
maedoxuLinux, it will upgrade13:49
Bisu[Shield]wierd I geet an error paths must precede expression13:49
eneticrockhopper, the lspci didnt display the wifi card13:49
uLinuxmaedox: ty13:50
rastabloomcopy and paste13:50
maedoxBisu[Shield], yes13:50
rockhopperenetic, can you pastebin the output of lspci please13:50
rastabloomsomeone got experience with fakeraid on sil 3124, because dmraid wont recognize it as expected. suggestions?13:50
rockhopper!paste | enetic13:50
ubottuenetic: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:51
stevecoh1Thank you Mr. Carlson.  By the way, I do have a windows partition which works.  I don't want to mess with grub-install which might mess that up and would rather run update-grub if I could.  Sounds like you've pointed me in the right direction.13:51
sacarlsonenetic: maybe it's disabled in bios?13:51
Bisu[Shield]i get an error path must precede expression13:51
=== ibrahim is now known as ibrahim-kasem
maedoxBisu[Shield], did you put the . where I put it?13:51
cezarДень добрый может кто подскажет по обработке текстового файла13:51
Bisu[Shield]ya i copies and paster verbatim13:51
eneticrockhopper, im sorry, i dont have a internet connection to post it, but its displaying alot of nvidia information..13:52
sacarlsonenetic: oh and what position is the enable switch in on the system.  normaly there is a switch on your computer to disable wifi13:52
eneticsacarlson, how could i enable it, if that is the case?13:52
uLinuxtoday I tried to install Google Earth (.bin) but it gave an error for the first time maybe because it's a new version damn it13:52
rockhopperenetic, Did you do " lspci | grep -i net "?13:52
maedoxcezar, we are not russian. What would you like to do to the file?13:52
rockhopperwithout the " in the terminal13:52
heleenDr_Willis, I managed with cvt, xrandr --newmode and xrandr --addmode to add 67Hz as refresh rate for the 1920x1080 resolution, but that didn't work. The monitor just turns off then (fortunately it reverts after 15 secs).13:52
sacarlsonenetic: I would look for the external switch it normaly has an led that indicates the state of wifi13:53
heleenand according to the docs it indeed also should be 1920x1080 @ 60Hz13:53
eneticsacarlson, its to the far right.. but the light is red instead of blue13:53
eneticrockhopper, i just did the lspci13:53
heleenso I really am stumped as to why it is shaking so badly13:53
uLinuxheleen: yes dont force the monitor if it cant handle more than 60hz (like mine)13:53
Chr|sI am unable to install my proprietary drivers. I get "SystemError: installArchives() failed"13:53
kryptykMorning all - are there any mail/calendar clients that support the stssync protocol for adding Sharepoint calendars?13:54
sacarlsonenetic: I'm not sure what state red is on or off. so try both positions with lspci13:54
heleenif I look at horizontal lines they seems to flow in waves13:54
Dr_Willisheleen:  i will mention that one One of my netbooks. there as a BIOS issue that made the VGA out 'shake' all the time..13:54
maedoxBisu[Shield], sorry about that you need to put '  around the search term13:54
rockhopperenetic, its the slider usually, for all the wireless communications!13:54
heleenDr_Willis, ok I will check that out then13:54
maedoxBisu[Shield], find . -name '*_RFRResponse_*' -exec rsync -R {} to-folder \;13:54
rockhopperDon't you have the switch?13:54
th^2hi. does one know how i can disable netbook-remix? so i could use normal xfce for a while? I dont wanna remove it.13:54
CMoH|officehey - where is the partimage package?13:55
eneticsacarlson, yes... its supposed to be showing a blue light when it is working.. but now it shows a red light.. i have been switching positions too13:55
rockhopperenetic, can you do sudo rfkill list ?13:55
rockhopperin the terminal13:55
rockhoppersacarlson, I think he got it hardblocked!13:55
eneticrockhopper, wait a minute.. ill start it again13:56
Dr_Willisheleen:  aparentluy a bios update fixed it.. but i discovered that after i had returned the netbook for a 2nd one. (in hot pink even!) :)13:56
rockhopperenetic, sure13:56
sacarlsonenetic: rockhopper: how does he get it unblocked?13:56
LinuxFreakDI have a zip that came in 32 parts. Normally when you drag the contents out of the first zip it compiles it all back together during extraction, however it is not doing that in this installation. What do I need to do to get this zip to automatically recompile?13:56
Bisu[Shield]hmm mcan I get the raw files without the relative paths13:56
Bisu[Shield]I just want to raw files13:56
rockhoppersacarlson, Sometimes, If we have dual boot, and you switch off the wifi in another OS, it gets hardblocked13:56
Bisu[Shield]no folders13:56
rockhoppersacarlson, Now he has to boot in windows and switch it on, as broadcom has its propreitory drivers for windows13:57
sacarlsonrockhopper: : enetic: so reboot in other system and enable?13:57
eneticrockhopper, i only run ubuntu.. no dualboot13:57
rockhoppersacarlson, Sometimes it hardlocks itself.. I had that experience13:58
rockhopperenetic, do sudo rfkill list and check it13:58
maedoxBisu[Shield], let's stick to either channel or pm. :D     use -exec cp {} path \;  to just copy files13:58
sacarlsonrockhopper: enetic: so there must be a utility or bios setting to enable13:58
eneticrockhopper, yes13:58
Chr|sI am unable to install my gflrx proprietary driver. I get "SystemError: installArchives() failed"13:58
rockhopperenetic, Is it hardblocked?13:58
rockhopperit should look something like this13:58
maedoxBisu[Shield], find . -name '*_RFRResponse_*' -exec cp {} /tmp/responses/ \;13:59
Bisu[Shield]awesome thanks maedox, aint gay but you are amazine -- no homo14:00
rockhoppersacarlson, we can sometimes unblock it with rfkill utility14:00
maedoxBisu[Shield], glad to be of assistance :)14:00
LinuxFreakDI need to pull the contents of 32 part zip out however the default archive manager only pulls the contents from the first part so the files are unusable. Anyone who how to fix?14:00
maedoxLinuxFreakD, you mean you open it with archive manager and can't see everything in it?14:01
sacarlsonenetic: ok so try this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man1/rfkill.1.html14:01
LinuxFreakDmaedox, it sees the files but when I extract them it only extracts the first part of the 32 parts, so the files are "corrupt"14:01
maedoxLinuxFreakD, that is odd. Don't think I've seen that. Are you sure the archive is good?14:02
RandyrkellyDoes Linux mint have irc14:03
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:03
=== Quantum_Ion is now known as Bytesoft
LinuxFreakDmaedox, No but even if it was bad it should still extract all parts and recompile, instead it only extracts 9 Mb vs the original size, in the hundreds. Just installed rar, gonna go try again.14:03
LinuxFreakDmaedox, that didn't work ether, at least not from the GUI, gonna check the command line.14:04
=== ubuntu is now known as NoobCp
maedoxLinuxFreakD, if it fails CRC on the second part it will quit.  You said zip, is it .zip?  what do you want with rar?14:04
mattiama qui nn si scaricano film14:05
Picimattia: no14:06
bahamashi, i opened a file with vi. how do i exit it?14:06
LinuxFreakDmaedox, I thought rar could also handle zips. It doesn't throw up any error messages during extract, just acts like it thinks it's done after first file.14:06
bahamasi did it from the terminal14:06
Picibahamas: :q!14:06
maedoxbahamas, ZZ to save and quit, :q! to quit and not save14:07
Chr|sanyone familiar with the gflrx problem?14:07
garymhow do I fill a bug report on saned via bug-buddy; it tells me it doesn't know how to deal with package=saned14:07
garymconversely, does anyone know why I should be able to use saned locally but over the network I get Operation Not Permitted errors in the daemon.log14:07
maedoxLinuxFreakD, maybe it's something funky with the zips. Try passing the file name with a wildcard to match all the file parts.14:07
Seppozhihi, i have placed my programm starup script under /etc/init.d made it +x, then went to /etc/rc5.d and added a symlink to the startupscript, any reason why my programm is still not started? i can actually call /etc/rc5.d/s80myscript and it starts14:08
bahamasmaedox: i entered it in read-only mode, because when i started editing, a warning appeared that said that i'm modifying a read-only file. now, i tried typing your suggestions but the computer just beeps14:09
=== lonix^bnc is now known as lonix
th____hi. im using ubuntu netbook remix and i would like to disable it sometimes and use basic xfce. so how do i do that?14:09
nanosguys how to update the kernel ?14:09
AbhiJitnanos, you can manualy install it from synaptic?14:09
maedoxbahamas, press escape a few times then literally  :q!14:09
bahamasmaedox: fwiw, i'm trying to edit etc/apt/sources.list do add a new link for a package14:09
maedoxbahamas, use Synaptic in GUI instead.14:10
* AbhiJit just had an adventure in the kernel world! :)14:10
LinuxFreakDmaedox, what do you mean pass the filename with a wildcard?14:10
maedoxLinuxFreakD, filename.part*.zip  if that's how the names are.14:11
LinuxFreakDmaedox, ah I see, I will try that14:11
bahamasmaedox: i entered Ex mode14:11
maedoxbahamas, hehe, I hate that.  type visual and hit Enter, then :q!  again.  lowercase q14:12
bahamasnvm, i kept pressing the wrong key14:12
=== th____ is now known as th^2
th^2hi. im using ubuntu netbook remix and i would like to disable it sometimes and use basic xfce. so how do i do that?14:12
LinuxFreakDmaedox, do you know the default extract command?14:12
bahamasmaedox: thanks for the help.14:13
maedoxbahamas, If you insist on editing sources.list manually, do it with gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list14:13
iflemath^2: at the log in screen...14:13
maedoxLinuxFreakD, for what?  unrar or unzip?14:13
bahamasmaedox: yes, i'd like that because i want to learn to work with the cli14:13
LinuxFreakDmaedox, ah unzip, ok I will try that14:13
Chr|sI am unable to install my gflrx proprietary driver. I get "SystemError: installArchives() failed". I am in safe mode, It is the only way it will work14:13
rockhopperenetic, Did you sort it out?14:13
eneticrockhopper, yea.. no response with that command14:14
Salminenwhich directory were the apache server config files in :D14:14
maedoxbahamas, I see. not a bad idea. Most people tell beginners to start with the nano editor. i'd just go on with vim sooner than later. It takes some getting used to, but is great after a while.14:15
rockhopperenetic, what command did you use?14:15
Salminencan't believe forgot the default config file folder14:15
maedoxSalminen, /etc/apache214:15
bahamasmaedox: yes, i've heard about vim and the whole war with vim against emacs. is vim installed by default or do i need to install it?14:15
eneticrockhopper, sudo rfkill list14:15
th^2hi. im using ubuntu netbook remix and i would like to disable it sometimes and use basic xfce. so how do i do that?14:16
maedoxbahamas, I can't really remember. I think there is a minimal version of it already installed, but to get syntax highlighting etc. you need apt-get install vim.14:16
rockhopperenetic, ok, try the wifi switch in other position and run the command14:16
maedoxbahamas, it might be that vim is a link to vi by default.14:16
LinuxFreakDCannot find volume /home/angel/Desktop/vmware/embrace.r0014:16
LinuxFreakDvmware-workstation-full-7.1.1-282343.i386.bundle - CRC failed14:16
eneticrockhopper, still nothing14:17
rockhopperenetic, can you do iwconfig14:17
maedoxLinuxFreakD, CRC failed is a giveaway. the file is corrupt.14:17
LinuxFreakDmaedox, I assume that means the zip is bad perhaps?14:17
rockhopperdoes it show any wlan0?14:17
LinuxFreakDmaedox, ok, thanks14:17
maedoxLinuxFreakD, or one file might be missing... the .r00 one.14:17
bahamasmaedox: ok, i'll check. thanks14:17
LinuxFreakDmaedox, oh shoot, I think I just figured it out, hold on.14:18
neooneunoHow do you configure vnstat14:18
rockhopperenetic, If it doesn't show any thing, then your device must be broken!14:18
neooneunoHow do you configure vnstat?14:19
LinuxFreakDmaedox, ya I figured it out. The .r00 is in a different archive, then the .r01 is in another, etc. it wants me to extract each part to the same folder then open the .r00 >.<14:19
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maedoxLinuxFreakD, crap, that's just evil. :P14:19
LinuxFreakDmaedox, ain't it though lol. Thanks for your help, that .r00 you said caught my attention. Thanks14:20
neooneunohas anyone used the vnstat command?14:20
bauruinehisto, is it possible to allow a user / application to bind to a port < 1024 without root rights?14:20
erUSULneooneuno: vmstat?14:20
iceroot!anyone | neooneuno14:20
ubottuneooneuno: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:20
erUSULbauruine: no14:21
AbhiJitneooneuno, yes14:21
maedoxLinuxFreakD, it's right up there with tarballs that extract ten thousand files into the current dir without creating a subdir first. o_O14:21
icerooterUSUL: vnstat, its for a network traffic graph14:21
erUSULiceroot: noted; thanks14:21
neooneunoAbhiJit hi14:21
AbhiJitneooneuno, hi14:21
icerooterUSUL: a very nice cli-tool if you want the traffic for a day, week, month + what may be the traffic in the future14:21
LinuxFreakDmaedox, dear god! I hate that cause them I am like shoot, which ones can I delete, when I am done >.<14:21
R33D3M33RHi, does someone know how to enable ubuntu-backports via command line?14:22
itmustbejjI am having problems reinstalling linux from a live cd after deleting the linux partition, and grub2 won't load my windows partition anymore, does anyone have any suggestions?14:23
bauruineR33D3M33R, edit  /etc/apt/sources.list  there should be commented entrys for backports just remove the#14:23
neooneunoAbhiJit using terminal I typed vnstat -u -i eth0, the network name14:23
itmustbejjI know I could probably get a windows cd to repair the windows bootloader, but I can't figure out why this ubuntu live cd won't boot without installing or reinstall ubuntu14:24
R33D3M33Rbauruine: yes, i know that, but could this be automated?14:24
neooneunoit says Error:14:24
neooneunoUnable to write database "/var/lib/vnstat/wlan0".14:24
neooneunoMake sure it's write enabled for this user.14:24
neooneunoDatabase not updated.14:24
FloodBot3neooneuno: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:24
AbhiJitneooneuno, you first need to login as root user to create database for the 1st time use of vnstat14:24
TaxinawattraMh great chief Mh likes Ubuntu very big. Keep up good works peoples! me proud.14:24
neooneunoAbhiJit ah yes didnt log in as root, thanks14:25
wez^can anyone help me for my conkyrc configuration? pls?14:25
neooneunoAbhiJit thanks it works now!14:26
AbhiJitneooneuno, welcome.14:26
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867076  wez^14:28
mantizi am unable to access my windows 7(64bit) Ultimate system folders shared from ubutnu 10.04 64 bit gnome, but ubuntu showing on network.... but i can access another system in LAN windows 7 ultimate(64 bit).14:29
APJAnybody know why i would get the message (unable to connect to smtp.charter.net)14:30
kanziewhat is the best javascript editor ifor Gnome?14:30
mantizi am unable to access my windows 7(64bit) Ultimate system folders shared from ubutnu 10.04 64 bit gnome, but ubuntu showing on network.... but i can access another system in LAN windows 7 ultimate(64 bit).14:30
Jesdiscipleditto on gedit for GNOME14:31
mantizneed help plzzzz14:31
johnbuntuseriously check out some of the plugins for gedit and you can suit it to all your programming needs14:31
NoobCpAny clue if xchat-gnome can display a nick-list?14:31
supplicantmantiz: how are you trying to access the Windows 7 folders from Ubuntu14:31
a_okhow do I get rid of the weird letters in manpages without changing my locale to C?14:32
LinuxFreakDmaedox, $190 for VMware >.< Let's see how it compares to oracle and java's. I couldn't see paying that much unless I was a dev, and I am not.14:32
JesdiscipleNoobCp: you mean the user on a channel...?14:32
JesdiscipleNoobCp: users*14:32
Seppozhihi, i have placed my programm starup script under /etc/init.d made it +x, then went to /etc/rc5.d and added a symlink to the startupscript, any reason why my programm is still not started? i can actually call /etc/rc5.d/s80myscript and it starts14:32
BluesKajHi folks14:32
Salminenhi, here's my problem, any quick solutions? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/pxC4YNUJ14:32
conqueerI have problems with my nvidia drivers or something get this error "Failed to load nvidia kernel module" when i start my computer, it works great yesterday but today this come when i start the computer.... i have run "nvidia-xconfig" but it don't work... i