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j0nrwhy isn't bought music just put in a 'Music' folder within the Ubuntuone folder?09:04
j0nrWhy does it have to be hidden and unobvious?09:05
duanedesignmorning all12:35
duffydackoo, my old u1 account that was hosed suddenly works ok now..13:00
duanedesigna user cannot add computer. Gets this from xdg-open. http://paste.rtg.in.ua/94155ea0a2ce83f87c2124e446455626/14:20
ryeaquarius, are you using unity? If yes, are you able to open new tab in case there are more than one profile defined for gnome-terminal?14:56
aquariusrye, yes, I am. Let me check (I don't use gnome-terminal)15:00
aquariusrye, ctrl-shift-t opens a new tab fine. the menu item doesn't work, though15:01
ryeaquarius, that's what I've faced :-/15:01
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duanedesignhello mr rye15:36
ryeduanedesign, mr rye says hello15:36
duanedesignrye: i was working on some bugs and just had one that I was stuck on. Wasn't sure the next step...15:38
duanedesignbug 607538 this is what returns from xdg-open http://paste.rtg.in.ua/94155ea0a2ce83f87c2124e446455626/15:39
ubot4Launchpad bug 607538 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "Like bug 504978 but different sympton at end (affects: 1) (heat: 61)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60753815:39
ryefor maverick only Tomboy notes and ubuntuone-preferences will be able to support proxy, all other components are not ready :(15:39
duanedesignahh, thank you for the update15:40
duanedesigni couldnt find any recent bugs on xdg-open. other than gvfs not being installed on non gnome desktops. But i do not think that fits this bug15:41
ryeduanedesign, you used my testing pastebin :) When I was giving a talk here about couchdb and such kind of example the people turned out to be unaware about pastebins completely so mine one was like o_O15:42
ryeduanedesign, operation not supported by gnome-open? That is extremely wrong15:42
duanedesignbug 617842 but not much here15:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 617842 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Error showing url: Operation not supported (affects: 1) (heat: 100)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61784215:47
ryeduanedesign, asked for strace of that since it looks weird16:10
duanedesignthanks rye16:14
bachey beuno, you know anything about bindwood?16:41
beunobac, not as much as urbanape16:42
beunobut a little bit16:42
bacbeuno: so i recently installed it and now i get this when running LP windmill tests:  http://people.canonical.com/~bac/Screenshot-Authentication%20Required.png16:42
bacbeuno, urbanape: seem related?  anyway to make it stop?16:42
urbanapeI don't know why that'd be related.16:42
urbanapeNone of that seems bindwood-ish.16:42
bacurbanape: ok.  i found this bug and thought they might be related, since this just started happening:  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/couchdb-breaks-basic-auth/+merge/2982116:43
bacurbanape: but i am grasping at straws a bit16:43
urbanapeI understand.16:43
urbanapeThere was a point in Bindwood development when we were getting hit with lots of Basic Auth challenges.16:44
urbanapebut I thought we were past that long ago.16:44
baci'll disable it before i run another test suite16:44
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mkarnickihi guys :) after tiresome 8,5 hours on slow, Polish train, I'm back in Warsaw.18:36
mkarnickibeuno: I read your Launchpad related paper on the train. quite interesting :)18:37
mkarnickibeuno: that must have been a crazy ride, I'm glad all went well and launchpad is all good and getting better :)18:37
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kklimondamkarnicki: so, for how long are you staying in Warsaw?20:24
beunomkarnicki, it was an interesting ride  :)20:24
mkarnickihello kklimonda :) my academic year starts on in 9 days, so apart from Christmas, I'll be here about next 9 months20:24
mkarnickikklimonda: hopefully contributing much to open source ^ ^ that's one of my plans for this year20:25
mkarnickibeuno: :)20:25
kklimondamkarnicki: ah, we should meet then at some point.20:25
mkarnickikklimonda: wow, you'll be around??20:25
kklimondait's good to meet with other people working on Ubuntu or so I've heard20:25
kklimondamkarnicki: I do live in Warsaw after all20:26
mkarnickiwhat xD are you kidding me hahahah20:26
mkarnickikklimonda: that's so awesome20:26
mkarnickikklimonda: tell me you're a Pole and I'll laugh out even louder!20:26
* mkarnicki in a positive sense, naturally!20:27
mkarnickikklimonda: how come I didn't know that before :) ? I'm so surprized!20:27
kklimondamkarnicki: no idea20:27
kklimondawell, I don't really shout that loud and you are not on #ubuntu-pl ;)20:27
mkarnickikklimonda: so, what's your nationality then ^ ^! suprize me!20:27
mkarnickiindeed I'm not20:28
kklimondamkarnicki: I'm a 100% Pole, just like you20:28
mkarnickithat's so awesome, we should definitely meet!20:28
* mkarnicki can't stop laughing20:28
* mkarnicki & kklimonda plan a meetup for friday20:36
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