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dumbstupidhumanHi, I am new, and trying to get pointed in the right direction for making contributions to ubuntu. I would appreciate any help.16:18
holsteinhey dumbstupidhuman16:18
holsteinubuntu? or ubuntustudio?16:18
dumbstupidhumanubuntu, im guessing this is the wrong place?16:19
holsteinnot necessarily ;)16:19
holsteinbut yeah, this is rather ubuntustudio specific16:19
holsteindumbstupidhuman: i would look at...16:19
holsteinsee if there is a local ubuntu team active near you16:20
dumbstupidhumanwonderful, thank you holstein16:20
holsteinand try and find the channel that matches what your interested in16:21
holsteinif your wanting to work with the kernel16:21
dumbstupidhumanI am a visual guy, interaction16:21
holsteini think there is an #ubuntu-kernel channel16:21
holsteini think there is an #ubuntu-kern ??16:21
holsteintheres an ubuntu channel for everything :)16:22
holsteindumbstupidhuman: :)16:22
wpotshello all i am debating whether to install ubuntu studio...how is the music production on it?18:05
holsteinhey wpots18:05
holsteinare you running ubuntu now?18:05
wpotsi have lots of experience developing with ubuntu..kub, linux mint18:06
holsteinAH cool18:06
wpotsbut it is not my primary system any more18:06
wpotsit was about 2 months ago18:06
holsteinyou can add the studio packages18:06
holsteinor just whatever software you want to use18:06
holsteincheck out18:06
wpotsok ok18:06
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation18:06
holsteinOR apt-cache search ubuntustudio18:07
holsteinor however you search18:07
wpotsok i will do that18:07
holsteinwpots: works great18:07
holsteintheres a podshow..18:07
holsteinand a channel18:07
holsteinwpots: in my opinion, if you have linux experience18:07
holsteinand your not tying to make ubuntu audio *be* something else18:08
holsteinyou'll love it18:08
holsteinJACK is great18:08
holsteinand ardour18:08
holsteinMIDI is coming along all the tie18:08
holsteinMIDI and video editing :)18:08
* holstein gotta run18:09
wpotsallright thanks for your help18:09
wpotsill give it a try!18:09
NOMADICUSHello.  I am trying to build a midia box suitable for capturing and processing audio.  What software will I need?  I also understand that there is some kind of an issue with realtime audio access, will someone please explain that to me?22:04
holsteinNOMADICUS: hey22:06
holsteinno issue really22:06
holsteinNOMADICUS: do you use ubuntu?22:06
NOMADICUSholstein: Yes, but I am in the process of migrating to Debian.22:07
holsteinwell, have a look at22:08
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation22:08
holsteinNOMADICUS: the ubuntustudio stuff is really just a collection of packages22:08
holsteinyou can search for ubuntustudio in synaptic or where ever22:08
holsteinor sudo apt-cache search ubuntustudio22:08
holsteinthose wont be in the debian repos22:09
holsteinbut all the software should be :)22:09
holsteinas far as realtime goes22:09
holsteini would just get into it, and see if you need it22:09
holsteinmost dont22:09
holstein^^ :)22:12
NOMADICUSholstein: Whenever I try to run Rosegarden it indicates to me that it requires realtime access.22:14
NOMADICUSholstein: These are great links!22:14
holsteinNOMADICUS: how does it indicate?22:15
holsteinwhat kernel are you running?22:15
holsteinNOMADICUS: are you using JACK ?22:15
holsteinJACK is really the key22:15
holsteinthis is a debian distro http://www.bandshed.net/AVLinux.html22:16
holsteinruns live22:16
holsteinyou can get a feel of what is normally in an audio distro22:17
holsteinthat being said, there is quite a community around ubuntustudio22:18
NOMADICUSholstein: 2.6.32-24-generic22:19
holsteinNOMADICUS: no reason why you *need* a realtime kernel22:20
holsteinfor rosegarden22:20
holsteini would start JACK22:21
holsteinand trouble shoot that to run with the generic kernel22:21
holsteinand start using RG :)22:21
NOMADICUSThis should help quite a bit, thanks.22:28
holsteinits do-able22:28
holsteinwith that generic kernel22:29
holsteinalso, theres linux-lowlatency22:29
holsteinsudo apt-cache search linux-lowlatency22:30

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