subspiderhow do i know if my graphic is working properlly00:33
subspidercus i think its not00:33
well_laid_lawncheck the log to see the driver being used maybe00:42
manbullphoenixSo how's this thing work?  Like AOL chat rooms back in the day?04:16
well_laid_lawnit's a support channel - someone needs support and asks - someone responds :]04:28
ubuXubugood morning06:00
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sasaniaki have a small problem and it would help a lot if you had some advice:10:07
well_laid_lawnyou'll need to tell us about it sasaniak :]10:07
sasaniaktoday i rebooted with the latest kernel update and my wifi stopped working - network manager says that wireless is disabled10:08
sasaniakrfkill list states that 1: phy0: Wireless LAN10:08
sasaniakHard blocked: yes10:08
sasaniaki tried googling, tried some advice with rmmod-ing and modprobing modules for hp_accel and iwlagn10:09
sasaniakbut that didn't help10:09
well_laid_lawnI don't do wireless - if noone else answers now ask again in a bit :]10:10
Sysisasaniak: right click on icon in panel10:10
Sysi"activate wireless" cecked?10:10
sasaniakSysi: it's greyed out, can't click10:10
sasaniaksudo ifconfig wlan0 up10:11
sasaniakSIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 13210:11
sasaniaktried googling for that too, found some open bugs in ubuntu but my HW configuration was different so I didn't know if i should file a new bug report or add a comment or what :)10:11
sasaniakmy humble assumption is that the "hardware switch" (a button on my laptop) doesn't work for some reason (maybe an updated package with a bug)10:13
YeahRighthow can i administer my xubuntu installation from xfce desktop?11:11
YeahRightgoogle suggests there seems to have to be some system -> administration menu but i dont seem to have that?11:13
SysiYeahRight: what do ypu mean by administrating11:13
YeahRighthostname for example11:13
YeahRightfrom the gui11:13
YeahRightthanks for replying btw :-)11:14
Sysiinstall system-config-something packages11:14
Sysimaybe with those11:14
Sysixubuntu doesn't have yast :P11:14
YeahRightthats not insatlled by default then?11:14
Sysinot at least all of them11:15
Sysiidk if you even could use yast on anything but suse11:21
YeahRightwell it sounds weird to me i cant configure anything from a gui in xubuntu..11:27
sasaniakhostname is something that you change once a year maybe11:28
YeahRightwell you need to configure it when setting it up11:29
sasaniakyou usually configure it while installing :)11:29
YeahRightand network settings need to be configured too11:29
YeahRightyeah well something changed11:29
sasaniakyou can use network-manager (it should be installed, it's the icon with two monitors)11:29
Sysisee what you can do with system-config-network11:29
YeahRighti just would have thought i wouldnt have to need to edit all kinds of config files manually in xubuntu11:30
Sysi*buntus aren't really made for hc configuring11:30
YeahRightwhats "system-config-network"?11:30
Sysiinstall it and see11:30
YeahRightwith synaptics?11:30
YeahRightdoesnt seem to be there11:31
sasaniakYeahRight: you can't configure it through network-manager ?11:33
Sysinot very much but something11:33
YeahRighti dont see any network manager either11:34
Sysiicon in panel11:34
sasaniakit's an icon with two monitors11:34
sasaniakif you don't have it (which would be weird), try installing network-manager11:34
YeahRightok i see that11:34
Sysi(i'm comfy with config files, they're usually easier than most GUIs)11:34
YeahRightdoesnt let me configure much..can only disconnect11:35
YeahRightand config files are only easier when you already know all about them11:35
sasaniakYeahRight: right click on it, there should be something like "settings"11:36
sasaniakor change connections11:37
sasaniakor something like that11:37
YeahRightyou're right11:38
YeahRightbut it doesn allow me to change the hostname11:38
sasaniakwell, not the hostname, i thought you wanted to change some network settings too11:38
sasaniak12:29 < YeahRight> and network settings need to be configured too11:38
YeahRightyeah i was interested in that too :-) so thanks11:39
sasaniakyou're welcome ;)11:39
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.11:39
YeahRighti guess xubuntu isnt too user friendly with respect to a gui then11:40
YeahRighti'll do that then ubottu .. thanks11:40
well_laid_lawnchanging hostname is the same in all ubuntus11:40
YeahRighti was just expecting some general place to look at / change certain system settings11:41
well_laid_lawnpart  of what makes xubuntu a lighter distro is the lack of reliance on "middleman" apps11:42
YeahRighti understand that but being able to modify system settings seemed too essential to me to just leave out :-)11:43
YeahRighti mean other less relevant stuff is still included in menus11:43
YeahRightanother question .. how can i force a disk check the next reboot?12:00
well_laid_lawnYeahRight:  try    sudo  shutdown -rF now12:02
YeahRightwell_laid_lawn : thanks for the reply12:05
well_laid_lawnnp :]12:05
YeahRightwell google suggested that too and i did do that but the weird thing is i cannot see any proof afterwards it did happen12:06
YeahRightand while booting it doesnt show anything either12:06
YeahRighti checked /var/log/fschk12:06
well_laid_lawnyou have the splash screen running?12:06
YeahRighti think so..can i disable that somehow?12:08
YeahRightxubutu is running in vmware12:08
well_laid_lawnat the grub menu select the kernel you want and press   e   (for edit) - arrow down to the kernel boot line and press   e   - move to the end of the line and remove the word splash - hit b for boot   iirc12:10
well_laid_lawnyou might have to hold the shift key down at boot to get the grub menu12:11
YeahRightcool..clear insructions :-)12:11
YeahRightthank you12:11
well_laid_lawnit's been a while since I've done that12:11
* Succorbenoth waves at everyone!13:56
likemindeadAny PCSX-Reloaded users in here? I just installed the latest version on my laptop (Xubuntu 10.04) and the audio is all screwy. FF7 played fine but Castlevania: SoTN is awful.18:38
* eeffoc waves at everyone! 'ello.18:44
Sysieeffoc: why you do that and then leave?18:45
Sysidifferent nick last time but same host18:45
eeffocI'm remoted into my server at home; networking issues. Gotta love comcast.18:46
eeffocJust switched my /nick.18:46
eeffocmaybe, can't remember; lot18:46
eeffocs  of problems happening, lol.18:47
* eeffoc apologizes.18:47
Sysii just wondered :)18:47
eeffoc's it going?18:48
eeffocHave you been using xfce/xubuntu for a while now?18:48
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke18:51
Sysi!botabuse | FYI18:56
ubottuFYI: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".18:56
MichealHSysi: It seems he calls that factiod to get accessto the channel19:03
MichealHHe calls !ru to get into the #ubuntu-ru channel19:04
Sysihe can do it in query too19:04
MichealHHe obviously uses xchat and the convenience of right clicking ... I understand19:04
MichealHWe need someone to tell him19:05
MichealHGive him a heads up19:05
* MichealH gets out Google Translate19:05
knomergnr, please do not use the factoids to join channels. with most clients, you can join any channel with /join #ubuntu-ru in your client.19:06
knomergnr, understood?19:06
MichealHknome: /win 2719:11
eeffocSo, does anyone know how to appropriately remove a user from xfce/xubuntu? I gave my sis-in-law an old laptop and installed xubuntu on it for her. User name is her name. She got a new laptop, gave the old one back. I created a new user; wanted to use the laptop for IRC, reading comics, etc. Anyway, went to remove the old user (hers) by running the sudo deluser command, and it says she is still logged on. I tried removing her the 'gu19:42
eeffocstill did not work.19:42
knomeeeffoc, applications -> system -> users and groups19:43
eeffocI can log into her account just fine; I've even tried logging out without saving the session.19:43
eeffocYea, that was what I meant by 'gui' way.19:43
eeffocIt seemed to delete the user just fine, but when I reboot, it boots right back into that username.19:44
Sysichange gdm config19:44
eeffocThat would basically leave the user, but allow me to have it auto boot into the user of my choosing, correct?19:45
Sysiat least19:46
eeffocMy only concern with that is the fact that I've only got 40 gig's of hdd space... O_o   LoL    which, it probably doesn't take that much space having an unused, empty username, huh>?19:46
Sysisystem → login screen19:47
Sysisudo rm -rf /home/deleteduser19:47
eeffocoooo, nice19:47
eeffocI'll give that one a shot as soon as I get home from work. =)19:47
eeffocDoes anyone happen to use Samba or anything to connect to a Windows shared drive?19:52
eeffocI'm able to connect to my drives perfectly.19:53
eeffocMy only problem lies with actually opening the files...19:53
eeffocMy hope was to keep my comic/ebook files on my network storage drives. The files are .cbr, .cbz and .pdf files, also some .chm. I use Comix on xubuntu, which works excellent locally, but I can't seen to open said .cbr or .cbz file through Samba.19:54
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.19:55
instal85iget stock on the 85%22:39
instal85what   happen there?22:40
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