klattimeranyone know where sense is these days?09:43
kklimondaklattimer: he has been here yesterday evening10:34
klattimerkklimonda: cheers10:34
klattimerneed to get a hold of him, if you see him later will you let him know10:34
kklimondaklattimer: either send him an email or leave memo.. email is the best though10:34
kklimondaklattimer: I may not remember or miss him10:35
klattimerk yeah, that's probably a better idea10:35
om26ernumber of workspaces in unity is 1 is that intended?10:36
kklimondaom26er: it makes sense - most new users don't use virtual desktops at all. But I have no idea whether it's a design decision or some late bug :)10:39
om26erkklimonda, wouldnt that kill the purpose of a workspace switcher ?10:40
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Cimimpt: any idea on how to fix the bug?12:13
Cimiyesterday I tried (1 sec, no more as was night :D) something like state = widget.get_state()12:14
Cimibut it gives me something like gtk.STATE_NORMAL12:14
klattimerCimi: what are you trying to do?12:18
Cimihttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/635208 klattimer12:19
ubot5`Launchpad bug 635208 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Unfocused selected item in software list is white on light grey (affected: 1, heat: 10)" [Low,Triaged]12:19
klattimerCimi: try checking the state of children and parents12:21
klattimersee if they differ12:21
klattimerah hang on12:21
klattimeryou're using the cell's state for the colours?12:22
klattimerthat's not going to work12:22
klattimeryeah, you want to get the parent's state12:22
Cimiklattimer:  not me12:22
klattimerwell, whoever12:22
Cimiklattimer: it's software center, mpt just pointed me that bug12:22
Cimiklattimer: widget.get_parent() is enough in python?12:24
Cimidon't have the doc installed :D12:24
klattimeroff the top of my head, maybe12:24
klattimerCimi: just checked, yep12:26
klattimerthat'll do it12:26
Cimibut doesn't seem to work :)12:26
Cimior parent is still problematic12:26
klattimerwell, I'd need to dig further in order to figure it out12:27
klattimerthat was just an off the top of my head thought12:27
Cimiklattimer: maybe mpt or whoever wrote that code knows why he did the state in that way12:28
Cimi(checking if the cell is selected)12:28
mptI say I say12:28
klattimerwell, it looks like a custom cell renderer12:28
mptIs someone accusing me of writing code?12:28
Cimino mpt :P12:28
klattimerCimi: check the blame log12:29
mptThat code is probably Matthew McGowan12:29
Cimimpt: is he subscribed to the bug?12:31
Cimimpt: now he is :P12:31
klattimerkenvandine: can we close this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/56927312:43
ubot5`Launchpad bug 569273 in Application Indicators "memory leak in gnome-power-manager (affected: 60, heat: 319)" [Medium,In progress]12:43
klattimerfix should have been released by now, and the remaining memory leaks are either deep in gslice or false positives12:43
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
OwaisLhello friends... i just installed maverick on a friends laptop but notify-osd is not showing.. instead old notification are showing up.. notify-osd is already installed.14:44
hyperairyou need to kill the original notification daemon14:46
hyperairthen notify-osd should get start up automatically.14:46
OwaisLand that would be pkill notify-osd?14:47
OwaisLthe original one...14:48
OwaisLi mean what is the process name14:48
OwaisLthanks got it.. removed the notification-daemon package.. thanks14:53
jcastroklattimer: kenvandine is wondering about vino14:58
klattimerjcastro: what about it?14:59
jcastrois it finished?14:59
kenvandineklattimer, hey!14:59
klattimerkenvandine: there were two things wrong with vino, first an upstream race condition we couldn't really do anything about, and secondly it didn't show the names of the people connected via telepathy15:00
klattimerthe bug is deep and I noticed it gone from my buglist on monday, so I assumed it just got shelved for now15:00
kenvandineklattimer, the get_alias thing looked tough...15:01
jcastrowhat of bug 56927315:02
ubot5`Launchpad bug 569273 in Application Indicators "memory leak in gnome-power-manager (affected: 60, heat: 319)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56927315:02
klattimerah, I was just about to report on that bug when you popped up15:02
klattimerseems gslice always throws crap valgrinds15:02
klattimerthere's no longer a memory leak which we can solve, there are leaks, in X15:02
klattimerbut I don't think I'll be touching that with a 10ft pole15:02
jcastroklattimer: ah, porting deluge would be a quick and easy win since upstream is willing to take it, likely just go upstream and we'll snag it during N.15:03
klattimersense actually said he wanted to take that one back, so I left it for him, but if he's busy with other things I'll go for it15:03
klattimerapparently it should just be a matter of hooking signals15:03
jcastrohe usually comes around nowish15:03
klattimerit'd be spooky if he just appeared then15:04
kenvandine1 2 3, now!15:04
chrisccoulsonhi Cimi, would you mind taking a look at bug 617192 please? :-)15:07
ubot5`Launchpad bug 617192 in light-themes (Ubuntu) "[maverick-beta] Disabled menu items unreadable (affected: 20, heat: 123)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61719215:07
jcastrodo we care about bug 52649915:10
klattimerkenvandine: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/56927315:10
ubot5`Launchpad bug 526499 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "Application Indicator users launched at start-up skip the applet and fall back instead (affected: 7, heat: 68)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52649915:10
ubot5`Launchpad bug 569273 in Application Indicators "memory leak in gnome-power-manager (affected: 60, heat: 319)" [Medium,In progress]15:10
klattimertwo branches still need to be merged for that to be fixed15:10
jcastroand that leaves just bug 52215215:11
ubot5`Launchpad bug 522152 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "indicator-application does not send signals when a menu is shown/hidden (affected: 3, heat: 33)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52215215:11
klattimerjcastro: I think the menu open/close signals are implemented in the API15:13
klattimertedg: ^^ that's correct now isn't it?15:13
jcastroklattimer: if that's the case resolve the bug please, I bet those 2 guys are aching to use appindicators. :D15:13
tedgklattimer, Those signals aren't coming down right now :(15:14
klattimertedg: what's the issue?15:14
klattimerdo you have other related bug reports15:14
klattimermaybe i'll file this as a dupe?15:14
jcastrolooks like we found something for you to do!15:14
klattimertedg: what package are the signals implemented in and what's the signal spec string for them, that'd make it easier to get started15:18
tedgklattimer, Uhm... it may take a diagram :)15:22
jcastroyou see ted, this is why we can't have nice things15:22
klattimertedg: ok if you could do that, that'd be awesome15:22
tedgklattimer, libindicator -> libapplication.so -> dbusmenu15:22
jcastrotedg: today's your chance to offload bugs to karl15:23
tedgklattimer, We *just* got this working for indicator-appmenu15:23
tedgklattimer, So you can't even do it with the libindicator in the distro today :)15:23
klattimerso basically the appmenu works but the other indicators don't send the signal15:23
tedgklattimer, libindicator didn't have the function to call.15:24
tedgWhen I say *just* I mean like *just* :)15:24
klattimerright :/15:26
didrocksklattimer: just a question on bug #558841, can I just take the patch in addition to the previous one, nothing else needed?15:31
ubot5`Launchpad bug 558841 in indicator-application (Ubuntu Lucid) "bluetooth "devices" menu item not working in bluetooth indicator (affected: 21, heat: 127)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55884115:31
klattimernot in addition15:31
didrocksok, it replaces15:31
klattimerreplace the old patch with the new one15:31
didrocksawesome. Thanks a lot klattimer :)15:31
kenvandinedidrocks, btw i had kind of tested it... didn't blow up for me15:32
didrockskenvandine: and did I work? :)15:32
kenvandinebut i can't disable bluetooth so couldn't show/hide15:32
didrocksin the menu you mean? you can't disable bluetooth? or in the bios?15:33
kenvandinei think that needs udev15:33
kenvandinei think the udev in unapproved queue fixes that15:33
didrocksbut it's in the queue?15:33
didrockswill sponsor gnome-bluetooth then15:34
cndtedg, can you explain more about why you need to poll?15:48
tedgMacSlow, cnd was asking about the polling in NotifyOSD15:48
tedgcnd, To do the fading effect as the mouse moves within the bubble.15:48
cndI was thinking we should be able to just have a transparent window around the osd area15:48
cndand subscribe to MotionNotify events on the window15:48
cndand do the fading based on the position of the cursor given in the events15:48
cndinstead of polling 60 HZ (actually 120 Hz, which should be collapsed to 60 Hz)15:49
tedgcnd, I'm trying to remember what the issue was there.... I'm pretty sure we tried that.15:50
tedgMacSlow would probably be the guy to ask as he dealt with the bug reports :)15:50
MacSlowcnd, no window... or at least only very small one otherwise the "click-through" is not possible15:50
cndMacSlow, click-through?15:51
cndoh wait, I think I see what you are saying15:51
MacSlowcnd, you know that a user can work through windows (click through them on stuff below it)15:51
cndMacSlow, why are you listening to mouse clicks in the osd window?15:52
kenvandineklattimer, didrocks: i build udev locally and tested the latest gnome-bluetooth patch15:52
tedgAh, that's right, we couldn't make it not have input and get the Motion events.15:52
MacSlowcnd, the notification-bubbles therefore never get in your flow of work15:52
kenvandineworks great :)15:52
cndthey don't seem to do anything?15:52
MacSlowcnd, sadly there is no OutputOnly type in X1115:52
MacSlowcnd, so I had to implement it the way it is now15:52
MacSlowcnd, yeah... just render stuff and don't care for any input-events15:53
cndso the issue is mouse button clicks right?15:53
cndyou want MotionNotify15:53
cndbut not ButtonPress or ButtonRelease15:53
didrockskenvandine: works here even without the udev change :)15:53
didrockskenvandine: thanks for the info in any case!15:53
cndso why not just mask out the Button* events from the window's event mask?15:53
MacSlowcnd, any even the notify-osd window would swallow would be lost15:53
* kenvandine is glad udev fixes it... need to get that approved15:53
kenvandinepitti uploaded it15:54
MacSlowcnd, there fore it's input-event mask is a tiny tiny 1x1 rectangle at the top left of each bubble15:54
cndMacSlow, actually, this sounds just like what you want an active grab for15:54
cnddid you look into grabs?15:55
cndyou would grab and then replay events15:55
MacSlowcnd, I wanted to avoid any grabs15:56
cndMacSlow, why?15:56
MacSlowcnd, let me ask you something... :) what's wrong with the current approach?15:57
MacSlowcnd, I still didn't get that15:57
cndMacSlow, right now you wake up the cpu 120 times a second15:57
cndany time an osd is in effect15:58
cndthat drains batter15:58
cndand spawns a lot of unnecessary process context switches15:58
MacSlowit's 60 Hz as far as I know15:58
cndMacSlow, there's two timers unfortunately15:58
cndthey need to be coallesced into one15:58
cndbut that's still 60 hz15:58
cndideally and idle machine should wake up maybe 10's of times per second15:58
cndbut this wakes up the proc a lot15:59
cndalso, cpus have multiple sleep states15:59
cndthe deeper the sleep, the longer it takes to go into an out of sleep15:59
MacSlowcnd, I still don't know server-grabs are that simple to get in15:59
cndit may take 5 ms to go into C2, but 15 ms to go into the deeper C415:59
MacSlowcnd, this is certainly a  major change request to notify-osd15:59
cndso the kernel won't let you get into C4 with a 60 Hz timer :(16:00
cndMacSlow, yeah, I know it's not simple16:00
cndbut if we can fix it we really need to16:00
cndthis really will eat people's battery16:00
cndespecially people who run things like gwibber and have lots of notifications16:00
cndit's not something that likely *has* to make it into maverick16:01
cndbut it needs to be fixed16:01
MacSlowcnd, I would need/want a stand-alone test-case/program to verify I get the same click-through- and proximity-fade behaviour with server-grabs16:01
MacSlowcnd, proximity-fade is the next issue16:01
cndthat's fine16:01
MacSlowcnd, because they are meant to act upon the mouse moving closer to the bubble (but not withing the bubbles drawing rectangle) they need some other method of getting known to the notify-osd process16:02
MacSlowcnd, I'm not sure server-grabs would allow that16:02
jcastroklattimer: sorry I was doing something else, you fine now with some bugs?16:12
klattimeryeah for now16:12
cndMacSlow, XInput 2.0 has XIGrabEnter16:23
cndit may be possible to do something with that16:24
MacSlowcnd, hm... that wasn't in place when notify-osd was started :)16:24
cndgtk is supposed to have XI 2.0 soon16:24
cndmaybe already16:24
MacSlowcnd, this is something for the backlog for sure16:24
cndbut it really should be fixed for natty16:25
MacSlowcnd, feel free to file that as wishlist item against notify-osd on lp16:25
MacSlowcnd, assign me to it so I'll not forget16:25
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senseklattimer: ping18:47
klattimersense: do you have a fix for the mono bindings for app indicators hanging around?18:48
klattimerdirecthex said you were improving his improvements18:48
senseklattimer: I just read the merge request approval in my mail box, it should be in trunk already now!18:48
senseIncluding additions to the Python bindings.18:48
klattimerok, will it make maverick because it breaks this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomboy/+bug/62774418:48
ubot5`Launchpad bug 627744 in tomboy (Ubuntu) "note names are blank in applet menu (affected: 2, heat: 26)" [Medium,Confirmed]18:48
klattimerI believe18:48
klattimernot 100% sure on that18:48
senseklattimer: It should not, because it only adds the API additions that weren't previously available in Python and Mono.18:49
klattimerbugger :/18:50
senseklattimer: How reliably reproducible is that bug?18:50
klattimerevery time18:50
klattimerremove indicator applet from the panel and in the status menu it's got no menu items18:51
senseAh! The fallback only?18:51
senseklattimer: I'm on Unity now, so I'm afraid I cannot test this right away. You were hoping my branch would solve the issue because no one has been able to really pin-point the cause of this bug?18:53
klattimerwell someone said that directhex was working on some binding changes18:53
klattimerand he said you were18:53
klattimerso I followed the trail18:53
senseklattimer: This behaviour is not shown by, say, the GNOME Bluetooth AppInd in the fallback mode>18:55
Cimichrisccoulson: should be better with the new updates18:56
Cimito light-themes18:56
senseklattimer: I'm familiar with the Mono bindings, so maybe I could take a look.18:58
senseNo error messages anywhere to be found?18:58
klattimerif you would18:59
klattimernot that I could see18:59
klattimerit's just like they're getting misplaced at some point18:59
jcastrosense: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/deluge/+bug/58466918:59
ubot5`Launchpad bug 584669 in deluge (Ubuntu) "indicator for deluge (affected: 7, heat: 42)" [Wishlist,In progress]18:59
sensejcastro: Good. :) My question was more meant to check whether I should send you the information, but apparently you've got the bug!19:00
jcastrosense: since the upstream guy is keen on it let's just finish it and send it to him and pick it up for Natty19:00
jcastrolow hanging fruit19:00
jcastrook so for tomboy, basically the fix means adding these new API things (signs probably point to NO for those going in maverick)19:01
sensejcastro: You mean the app_indicator_set_label() stuff?19:01
senseThat was merged to trunk.19:01
jcastrothe thing that fixes the fallback19:01
senseWhat was that thing? :)19:02
jcastrook, so from my basic understanding, the tomboy fallback is broken19:02
jcastrook, and to fix that you did ... ?19:02
senseI did do nothing to fix that. My branch which was merged a few hours ago added support for the recent API additions to the Mono and Python bindings, i.e. extending their binding definition files.19:03
jcastro"It should not, because it only adds the API additions that weren't previously available in Python and Mono."19:03
jcastrois what we think so far right?19:03
senseTomboy cannot be using those already, because they weren'ta vailable previously and are still not in stable.19:04
senseklattimer: Have you checked your .xsession-errors file, or the indicator-application log?19:04
klattimerI didn't know there was an indicator log19:05
klattimerbut xsession seemed OK19:05
senseklattimer: I listed some ways of debugging at <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingAyatana>, I guess you know most, but just to be sure you could take a look.19:05
sensePlease extend the page if you have more debugging methods. :)19:05
jcastroklattimer: ok, make this bug a priority then, it's tough to convince people to take a patch when our fallbacks don't work. :)19:05
klattimeryeah true19:06
jcastroI think there's an xfce effort somewhere for app indicator support19:06
jcastrowhich of course is The Right Solution(tm), heh19:06
senseWhoops. The branch I used to fix the Mono and Python bindings was the branch I used to fix the AppInd part of the Deluge bug.19:08
senseThe few lines of code I committed in my own branch to solve that are gone now.19:08
senseAh well, it should be still there in the commit history. It's just that it is now harder to find because I removed the association with the bug.19:10
jcastrook sense now you are just confusing me19:17
sensejcastro: The last few lines were referring to the branch that was merged a few hours earlier into the indicator-application trunk. That branch contained a fix for the Mono and Python bindings, but I had previously used (and committed to) the same branch to fix the AppInd side of the Deluge Indicator bug. I had removed the code of the fix in that branch before it was merged, so it is not in any stand-alone branch anymore.19:18
jcastroany other burning indicator-application issues sense?19:30
jcastroI'd like to get klattimer a nice pile o bugs.19:30
Lollipop56hi is this the right place to talk about PPAs, USC, the Linux kernel and Darwin kernel?19:34
senseLollipop56: I"m afraid not. :)19:34
Lollipop56what would be the right channel then?19:34
sensejcastro: bug #601209 is one, but that's more of a feature. Maybe worth looking at bug #493966 and bug #536969 together? Bug #632996 might be something someone else is already working on, or something which Karl is already fully aware of, but I'm mentioning it anyway. Then there is bug #528097, which is an issue in the Mono bindings I promised to take fix, but haven't got around to it, because after spending a lot of time to try to fix that bug it slowl19:34
sensey drifted to the back of my consciousness.19:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 601209 in libdbusmenu (Ubuntu) "Indicator breaks gtk table menus (affected: 2, heat: 51)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60120919:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 493966 in Application Indicators "Finish gtk-doc and code samples (affected: 5, heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49396619:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 536969 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "The api docs are incomplete or missing (affected: 2, heat: 25)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53696919:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 632996 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "Vala bindings for libappindicator are incorrect (affected: 1, heat: 384)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63299619:34
ubot5`Launchpad bug 528097 in Application Indicators "ApplicationIndicator Constructor cannot be overriden in C# (affected: 1, heat: 3)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52809719:34
Lollipop56sense, do you know all those 4 things?19:35
Lollipop56or someone who does? I wanna talk about i19:35
ScottKLollipop56: PPAs are part of Launchpad, so #launchpad might be a start.19:35
senseLollipop56: this channel can be about the Ubuntu Software Centre, but the kernel people are on #ubuntu-kernel, the PPAs are part of Launchpad, which is at #launchpad and Darwin might be suitable for #ubuntu-offtopic, but I'm not sure what you want to say about that to who. :)19:35
Lollipop56kk, I'll try the kernel channel19:36
sensejcastro: For that last bug you should check if you want me to tell you more about it if there isn't enough info in the bug comments, because it turned out to be reasonably complicated.19:36
jcastrosense: that seems like an adequate pile for now19:38
jcastroklattimer: how's that?19:38
Lollipop56sense, it's the wrong channel I think19:46
Lollipop56do you have some basic knowledge about the 4 things?19:46
senseLollipop56: What do you want to know?19:46
Lollipop56can I pm you about it? I don't wanna start a flame war19:47
senseFine if you want to. :)19:47
senseBut this channel is not prone to burst into flames.19:47
senseAlthough we might be off-topic.19:47
gambsI've never seen this channel rise beyond temperate <.,19:48
* hyperair finds it very interesting that rhythm-e, aka rhythmbox-elementary, looks very much like banshee19:51
vishhyperair: chicken-n-egg? ;)19:52
hyperairvish: hmm?19:52
vishwhich was the inspiration?19:52
hyperairbanshee, obviously19:52
hyperairthe elementary project is a very recent thing19:52
hyperairsurely you've heard of nautilus-elementary?19:52
* vish part of elemenatry team, so i should know ;)19:53
hyperairwell considering banshee 1.0 was.... two years ago?19:54
hyperairi think banshee's new interface came first19:54
hyperairvish: i like the stuff the elementary team is doing.19:54
hyperairjust one issue: nautilus-elementary's breadcrumbs are buggy19:54
hyperairtry opening a deep path19:54
hyperairi mean a very long path19:55
vishyea, n-e has a lot of bugs , dont tell seb128 though ;p19:55
hyperairwhy not?19:55
visha lot of bugs filed in nautilus nowadays turn out to be due to users actually using n-e ;p19:55
gambshyperair: Or did iTunes blow them both out of the water by way of precedent?19:55
hyperairgambs: nah, itunes looks rather different.19:56
senseEverything draws inspiration from other sources, but sometimes it is just more obvious.19:56
hyperairgambs: rhythm-e is much more similar to banshee than either is to itunes.19:56
senseI would say that Rhythmbox is more like iTunes than Banshee.19:56
gambsStill pioneered the basic layout that both derive from.19:56
gambsControls in the upper left, track data and seek bar center-ish, search on right.19:57
hyperairsense: what about rhythm-e?19:57
gambsSide bar for organization.19:57
hyperairthe sidebar could have come from anywhere19:57
hyperairnautilus does it19:57
hyperairwindows explorer does it19:58
hyperairit's too common a concept to point at itunes.19:58
hyperairanyway nothing beats banshee's searching capabilities19:59
gambsI'm just saying, those things in conjunction, that layout, was made popular in iTunes. There's no reason to discount it other than unnecessary hate.19:59
sensehyperair: haven't looked at that19:59
hyperairgambs: who mentioned anything about hate? =)20:00
hyperairi personally think itunes UI is messy and cluttered.20:00
hyperairthey crammed too many things there20:00
hyperairbanshee's is just nice20:00
gambsI disagree on Banshee not having too many things crammed in there, but that's me. XD (The drop down from the next track button comes to mind immediately as very 'crammed in')20:02
kenvandineCimi, have you seen bug 622284 ?20:19
ubot5`Launchpad bug 622284 in light-themes (Ubuntu Maverick) "Font blur on some buttons in Ambiance/Radiance theme (affected: 5, heat: 24)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62228420:19
Cimikenvandine: just update murrine20:32
kenvandineah, that should be fixed with the murrine release?20:33
Cimikenvandine: yep20:37
kenvandinegreat, thx20:37
CimiI fixed that 13 days ago20:37
kenvandineCimi, that is uploaded, just waiting to get pushed through the queue to get built20:37
kenvandineCimi, thx20:39
Cimino worries :)20:40
gambsWhere would be a good place to bring up a discussion about applications stealing focus or not stealing focus? When they pop-up/where?23:00

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