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RicardoPerezhi! anybody knows if there's a precompiled iTALC 1.0.11 Ubuntu package?20:14
stgraberogra: ping20:16
stgraberogra: I'll be arriving in Bangor at 14:49 on the Saturday (flying from Orlando to Philadelphia and then to Bangor)20:17
stgraberI still need to book highvoltage's flight but it'll very likely be the same20:17
highvoltageRicardoPerez: that might be something that we should include in the edubuntu ppa, I'm not aware of another repository where that version currently exists20:28
stgraberI still have 12 patches to port over to 1.0.11 (and see if some got merged upstream)20:34
stgraberafter that, it'll be in the italc ppa and possibly copied over to edubuntu-stable if considered stable20:35
RicardoPerezhighvoltage: thank you!20:46
RicardoPerezstgraber: that sounds great, thank you very much. could you please tell me where's the italc ppa?20:47
highvoltageRicardoPerez: thank stgraber, he's already working on a new package for you :)20:47
RicardoPerezof course, thank you very much in advance, stgraber :)20:47
stgraberRicardoPerez: edubuntu-italc20:47
stgraberor something like that ;)20:47
stgraberedubuntu-italc-devel that'd be20:48
RicardoPerezagain, thank you very much, stgraber :)20:48
vmlintuhighvoltage: it's quite hard to explain - myself I'm getting lost somewhere in between - ubuntu-server is talking about uec and edubuntu is talking about easy single classroom installs. This leaves all the stuff that I'm working on somewhere in the middle..20:48
highvoltagevmlintu: ah, I have similar problems :)20:49
RicardoPerezi'll take a look next week to see if there's any news in that PPA :)20:49
stgraberRicardoPerez: https://edge.launchpad.net/~stgraber/+archive/ppa/+build/197097520:50
highvoltagevmlintu: sometimes it works better for me to see those kind of problems as different problems that need to be solved on their own, but with the idea of solving things commonly where they can be done20:50
RicardoPerezstgraber: wow, great :)20:50
RicardoPerezstgraber: many thanks :)20:51
stgraberI don't guarantee it's going to build though ;)20:51
stgraberit's quite likely to fail the first time20:51
RicardoPerezstgraber: aside from that, thanks for your efforts :)20:51
vmlintuhighvoltage: also launchpad is full of great blueprints, but I have absolutely no idea what they are there for if they never will be implemented20:55
stgraberquick reboot for kernel update, will be back in a few minutes (hopefully)20:56
highvoltagevmlintu: yep, some people create them with the idea that other people will implement them. I'm not a big fan of people randomly creating blueprints, it just creates confusion.20:59
highvoltageespecially for blueprints that shouldn't even be blueprints in the first place.21:00
vmlintuI have actually implemented some abandoned blueprints in Puavo21:01
vmlintuldap+kerberos related21:01
highvoltagevmlintu: that sounds great21:10
vmlintuhighvoltage: the problem then is that I have no idea what I should do with the code now that it's in github if I wanted to get it included21:11
highvoltagevmlintu: what specifically did you implement? For Natty, we'd like to talk a metapackage that will be called something like edubuntu-server (or perhaps a bunch of packages) that would make a clasroom or school server(s) easy to implement on ubuntu server21:14
highvoltagevmlintu: the work that you did might be quite useful for that21:14
vmlintuThere's a bunch - tools to setup ldap+kerberos with a single command, a web based user management tool specifically for schools, hardware inventory using ldap for servers, laptops and thin clients with puppet integration, a new openldap overlay to integrate openldap + mit kerberos, ssl ca module to hand out ssl certificates,...21:16
vmlintuBasically tools to manage multiple organisations that each have multiple schools using a single cluster21:17
highvoltagevmlintu: wow, that's a lot. is it documented anywhere? I'd love to take a look21:18
vmlintuSo it's gosa + ltsp-cluster + ca-tools + others in a single package21:18
vmlintuNo existing code has been used, though21:18
highvoltagevmlintu: sorry if I asked you before about this, are you going to be at UDS next month?21:19
vmlintuoh, I just realised that the device management code is not public atm.. I'll get that done tomorrow21:19
vmlintuhighvoltage: no21:19
highvoltagevmlintu: ok. I'm going to take some time to look at this before UDS.21:20
highvoltagevmlintu: if these do what I think it does then it could potentially fast-forward edubuntu at least a year into the future21:21
vmlintuit's still under development, but we'll start using it in production in a few weeks21:21
vmlintuIt's all ldap based, so there's no sql anywhere21:22
vmlintuwhat we'll start working next is to integrate something like simpleSAMLphp to it to get web applications (moodle, elgg, wordpress, mahara, google apps..) to authenticate against it21:23
vmlintuDevice management side of it is close to ltsp-cluster (this is now missing in github)21:25
vmlintuUsing it with ubuntu provided openldap won't work though as it's too buggy..21:26
highvoltagevmlintu: ok, I guess ubuntu's openldap could be tamed :)21:46
vmlintuhighvoltage: it's gnutls that is buggy21:47

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