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ScottKWould someone please take the current koffice from maverick and test backporting it to lucid (no PPAs, just normal lucid).  You can see the existing backport for what needs changing.01:59
ulyssesScottK: I've got the mesa/drm updates now, it seems to work05:45
ulyssesScottK: after ~15 minutes the X freezed again, update didn't help06:04
ScottKulysses: OK.  Then I'd go to -> #ubuntu-x and see if they have suggestions.06:49
lucidfoxShame I switched to KDE so late in the release cycle, otherwise I'd have ported Akregator to the messaging menu like i did with Liferea.07:47
lucidfoxAh well, something to do for Natty, I guess.07:48
persiaCan always do the work in advance (not that there isn't other stuff to do)07:48
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* apachelogger_ is wondering how he ended up with a suffix08:44
apachelogger_Sput: your new core made me get a _ :P08:45
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Riddellpersia: boud from upstream ported the koffice arm patch to trunk, could you review it? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25186610:28
ubottuKDE bug 251866 in general "KOffice does not compile on ARM" [Normal,New]10:28
Riddellanyone tested amarok on lucid?10:35
sheytanRiddell i'm updating now10:38
sheytanRiddell well, works fine, but the applets still don't resize as they should :D10:42
Riddellsheytan: what version of amarok?10:42
sheytanRiddell 2.3.210:42
sheytanjust upgraded10:42
Riddellsheytan: on i386?10:42
sheytanRiddell x6410:43
Riddelloh groovy, that's published now10:43
Riddellthanks sheytan, I'll put it on the website10:43
sheytanRiddell, the applet does resize when you unlock and lock back the layout10:43
sheytanbut on next run it's back as it was10:44
sheytani mean it's not resized10:44
sheytananyway, upgrade works :D10:44
Riddellvoila kubuntu.org/news/amarok-232-backports-ppa10:48
Riddellshadeslayer: what's the status of KDevelop and Qt?  I see you got kdevplatform in thanks.  Do say if you need help.10:49
sheytanWow, the new installer now 'knows'  that you're on virtualbox :D10:50
* sheytan wishes to have the possibility to use " ' " charakter in the computer name10:50
sheytanto make it something like Sheytan's PC10:51
valoriesheytan, really?10:51
valoriewe thought we had that fixx0red10:51
sheytanvalorie yes, it changes the computer name to "username-VirtualBox"10:51
sheytanand the slideshow is still cuted ;(10:51
valorieno, I mean "the applets still don't resize as they should :D"10:52
valoriesorry for the confusion10:52
sheytanvalorie oh, yep, it doesn't :)10:52
sheytanRiddell you know what would be cool for the new website we're working on? A screenshot of Amarok or KDE for the news :D10:53
valorieI'm pretty sure someone will want to talk to you about that10:53
sheytanvalorie sure :)10:53
Riddellsheytan: well that's easy enough to do with the current one, I've just got lazy and out of the habit10:53
sheytanRiddell i already like the ppa box. You made that faster, couse i was working on this for the new website :D10:54
sheytanand a screenshot would be cool10:54
Riddellcooler than a screenshot would be the splash screen a la http://dot.kde.org/10:55
Riddellsheytan: do you want to add it to the story?10:55
sheytanRiddell you mean splash for the news? :D10:56
persiaRiddell, Thanks for the pointer: that's *lots* faster than I'd do it.10:56
valorieriddell, thanks for your quick action on getting that story published10:56
valoriemy first attempt at writing for the Dot10:57
Riddellvalorie: thanks for writing it10:57
Riddellsheytan: yes10:57
sheytanRiddell sure, why not :)10:57
valorienightrose has the full-size in the release doc10:58
valorieI'm glad you scaled it down for the dot, though10:58
sheytanvalorie well, mine context is tabbed with playlist10:59
sheytanbut this shouldn't be a problem, right?10:59
valoriemy context is tabbed with collection11:00
sheytandoes it resize good?11:00
valoriebut if you want a screenie, I can do one quickly, untabbed....11:00
persiaRiddell, Looks good to me: the only note is that in other places in the code tree (added between our version and current trunk) literals are done as e.g. "qreal(0.0)" rather than e.g. "(qreal) 0.0", but the provided patch uses my "(qreal) 0.0", which may have very minor performance issues *AND* means the code isn't consistent in style.11:00
valorieor tabbed, as you prefer11:00
valoriesheytan, markey would appreciate a screenshot showing the applets funky sized11:01
Riddellpersia: best say so on the bug :)11:02
* persia tries to figure out how to "log in" before commenting is enabled11:03
sheytanvalorie just a sec ;)11:03
persiaUgh, that requires reading mail :(11:03
valoriesheytan, can you send the screenshot with funky applets to kretschmann@kde.org11:04
valoriewe would appreciate it11:04
sheytanvalorie will do :)11:04
valorietake your time11:04
valorieniters all11:04
Riddellagateau: I did an interview for a French magazine?11:04
agateauRiddell: you did :)11:04
RiddellI hope my French was good enough11:05
agateauRiddell: and I am bringing an issue to prove it at next UDS11:05
agateauRiddell: it sure was11:05
Riddellformidable :)11:05
agateauyou see11:05
agateauRiddell: I think you are going to enjoy the issue: it comes with a CD of Mint 9, Isadora!11:06
agateau(which is just a little less funny than the one which come with Ivanka issue: Fedora 13, KDE version, I am sure she'll love it!)11:07
sheytanvalorie well, looks like it works now :D :D11:10
apacheloggerbug 644980 is epic11:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 644980 in app-install-data-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "translation qtcreator "QT Ersteller" is silly" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64498011:24
apacheloggerso is rekonq's inability to view anything properly11:24
sheytanapachelogger is this really needed to translate applications names?11:31
sheytanwhat if someone would translate digikam :D11:32
dpmsheytan, it is needed in some cases, and it's up to each translation team to decide. We translate things such as "Power Manager", for example11:32
sheytandpm well, power manager isn't really the same as i.e qtcreator :D11:33
dpmsheytan, noticed that I said "in some cases"11:33
sheytandpm yes, i see :P11:33
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Riddellpersia: so boud says you can commit but I don't think you have svn access, want me to commit?12:10
sheytanulysses hey, looks like the thing with kde/system language is fixed now :D12:20
sheytanjust installed from the latest build and choosen polish from installer. KDE is now in polish too :D12:20
ulyssessheytan: good, I can test only later, lessons now and from 16-17:3012:21
sheytansure ;)12:22
ulyssesand it's only 13:2312:23
shadeslayerRiddell: working on Qt now12:24
persiaRiddell, Sure: I'l push a patch tomorrow (tonight I just have no available time).  It will be on the bug before you wake up.12:42
persiaThanks :)12:42
shadeslayerqt started compiling :>12:51
Riddelltime to sleep, it'll be done around whenyou wake up12:52
shadeslayerRiddell: 8 hours? :P ... its 5.30p, here anyways 12:53
shadeslayertoo bad compile output doesnt how much is done12:55
debfxRiddell: could you sponsor kubuntu-notification-helper from bzr13:29
debfxfixes bug #64494713:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 644947 in kubuntu-notification-helper (Ubuntu) "Install of additional packages (e.g. for rekonq) fails via notification helper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64494713:29
Riddelldebfx: yes indeed, give me ten minutes13:31
shadeslayerdebfx: i saw that at college... was thinking of fixing.. :P13:32
debfxshadeslayer: why didn't you say so? :P13:33
shadeslayerdebfx: because IRC is blocked at college :P13:33
shadeslayerwell.. i can come through webchat.. but i dont like it13:33
shadeslayerdebfx: anyways... its done now :)13:35
debfxI wonder which constructor is used to initalize QStringList with 013:35
debfxas QString(0) is ambiguous since qt 4.713:36
shadeslayerdebfx: hmm? 13:36
shadeslayerdebfx: wheres the code at? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/kubuntu-notification-helper/maverick ?13:38
debfxshadeslayer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-notification-helper/trunk/revision/20213:39
shadeslayerqt so far so good :D13:41
apacheloggersheytan: I agree with dpm, sometimes it makes sense, and those times depend on the language but probably even more on what in particular the name is, if it is indeed a name, like say amarok, you should not ever need to translate it 13:46
debfxshadeslayer: it looks like they didn't change anything since the current qt snapshot13:47
debfxshadeslayer: http://qt.gitorious.org/+qt-developers/qt/releases/commits/4.7.013:47
shadeslayerdebfx: *shrug* ... still needs to test packeged once :>13:47
Riddelldebfx: uploaded, thanks13:58
shadeslayerRiddell: im using http://computerpartsdirect.us/images/june/mothmnfanx01_2_efs.jpg to cool my laptop :P14:08
shadeslayerduring qt build14:09
shadeslayer\o/ power outage 14:11
apachelogger-j17 \o/14:46
shadeslayerwheeee.... qt FTBFS http://pastebin.ca/194655915:31
Riddellhum, dunno15:45
RiddellI'll take a look15:45
Quintasanoh yeah15:47
* Quintasan just got his CAE certificate and CD straight from Japan15:47
Riddellwhat does that mean?15:48
Quintasanwhat means what?15:49
QuintasanCertificate in Advanced English15:49
Riddellcan you spell antidisestablishmentarianism?15:49
QuintasanI think yes15:50
QuintasanBut let me read it once more :D15:50
yuriy_workno kubuntu-ppa for karmic? :(15:51
* yuriy_work should really upgrade already15:51
QuintasanRiddell: I have absolutely no idea what it means but it sounds, well, classy15:51
Riddellwe don't have infinite space I'm afraid15:51
RiddellQuintasan: it's the opposite of disestablishmentarianism of course15:52
Quintasanantidisestablishmentarianism is an opponent of opponents of established order?15:53
Quintasanmakes perfect sense15:53
shadeslayerRiddell: also... after running  dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -nc in ftbfs shell..it works fine :S15:57
shadeslayersoooo... what do you infer from that ? :P15:57
Quintasanshadeslayer: it's almost party time for us15:58
Quintasankdebindings 15:58
QuintasanQuintasan 15:58
Riddellshadeslayer: that qmake is evil15:58
shadeslayerQuintasan: apart from that :P15:58
Quintasanoh my, sorry15:58
Quintasanshadeslayer: I mean, we have almost everything marked yellow on packaging list15:59
shadeslayerand then list missing spits out a bunch of not installed headers15:59
* Quintasan is accepting bets on kdebindings FTBFS15:59
shadeslayerQuintasan: whee15:59
sheytanlooks really professional, right? http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/3606/indexov.jpg :D16:00
Quintasanshadeslayer: what is this madness? fix it right away16:00
shadeslayerQuintasan: should we get neon.kubuntu.org? :P16:00
shadeslayerRiddell: ^16:00
shadeslayersheytan: i hate so much blue on the top buttons... too bright :*16:00
Quintasanshadeslayer: tone down the blue and it will be great16:01
sheytanshadeslayer, i'll propably reduce is  ;P16:01
Quintasansheytan: ^^16:01
Quintasanand give me a logo for Project Neon, using amarok logo is evul16:01
shadeslayerQuintasan: we haz project neon logo16:01
shadeslayerQuintasan: http://amarok.kde.org/files/Image/Neon/Neon.png16:02
shadeslayeryou cant find a better logo that that :>16:02
shadeslayeror if sheytan can better that one :P16:02
sheytani'll try ;)16:02
QuintasanI'm sure we'll get something more sophisticated :P16:03
Quintasanshadeslayer: http://pastebin.ca/1946571 <-- no, seriously, fix it nao16:03
Riddellwhen should we start advertising neon?16:03
shadeslayerQuintasan: fix0ring in progress please wait :)16:03
shadeslayerRiddell: middle of october i guess16:04
shadeslayerwe should be able to fix0r most bugs till then16:04
shadeslayerand all the yellow stuff on the list should be done till end of this week16:04
shadeslayerQuintasan: kdebindings is left16:05
shadeslayerFIX IT!!!!16:05
shadeslayer!search qwebframe.h16:11
ubottuFound: 16:11
shadeslayer!find qwebframe.h16:12
ubottuFile qwebframe.h found in libqt4-dev, libqtscript4-doc, python-qt4-doc, qt4-doc-html16:12
shadeslayer!find qwebframe.h maverick16:12
ubottuFile qwebframe.h found in libqtscript4-doc, libqtwebkit-dev, python-qt4-doc, qt4-doc-html16:12
shadeslayerQuintasan: ^16:12
shadeslayerwe haz different package for webkit16:12
shadeslayerRiddell: what do i do with these webkit headers?16:12
shadeslayerdocument in not-installed?16:12
Riddellshadeslayer: can do yes16:13
shadeslayerwell then16:14
shadeslayerRiddell: qt done.. can i uploadz to ninja ppa?16:14
Riddellshadeslayer: well you said it didn't compile..16:14
shadeslayerRiddell: it does after it drops to shell and i resume compile16:15
Riddellnot entirely reassuring that16:15
Riddellbut yeah, go ahead an upload.  do you have enough bandwidth?16:15
shadeslayeryep :P16:15
Riddellgo for it16:15
shadeslayerjust the build log is 10MB :O16:17
shadeslayerW: qt4-x11 source: dbg-package-missing-depends libqt4-webkit-dbg : hehehe16:22
lex79we should have this in our final release: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25119217:01
ubottuKDE bug 251192 in kdecore "either KArchive or KZip libs have problems extracting files from zip files" [Major,Resolved: fixed]17:01
Riddelllex79: go for it17:06
lex79Riddell: what about qt 4.7 ? are you doing?17:07
Riddelllex79: shadeslayer has uploaded it to ninjas PPA for testing17:11
shadeslayerRiddell: s/uploaded/uploading :P17:15
shadeslayerRiddell: ok done17:18
shadeslayerlex79: you uploaded kdepim-runtime 4.6? 17:19
lex79I don't remember17:19
shadeslayerIIRC that was not supposed to go in 17:20
Riddellit's 4.5 we don't want17:20
Riddell4.4.6 is fine17:20
shadeslayerohh.. ok17:20
Riddellthat 0.0.4 makes all the difference17:21
* shadeslayer missed a 4 there in the version17:21
shadeslayeraha! so finally i have debs in /var/cache/pbuilder/result/17:26
seele_any git experts in here?17:28
* Riddell hides17:29
Riddellagateau it a git man17:29
shadeslayerseele_: ssup?17:30
shadeslayernot a git expert but maybe i can help17:30
shadeslayerseele_: also #git :P17:30
seele_shadeslayer: #git is scary :(17:31
shadeslayeri know ... but anyways.. whats the issue? 17:31
seele_shadeslayer: i cloned a repository, but when i go to pull updates it complains there is no .git file17:31
shadeslayerseele_: you didnt remove it right? :P17:32
seele_no.. i dont think it was ever there17:32
seele_can i just use the git url again?17:33
shadeslayerseele_: just git clone url again17:33
shadeslayerin a new dir that is17:33
shadeslayeryou can  git diff your current work and save that as a patch17:34
seele_ooh, that's easy17:34
seele_thanks, sorry for the stupid question17:34
shadeslayerand if youve commited any stuff, git diff -r rev 17:34
Riddellgit diff won't work if you don't have a .git directory17:35
shadeslayerRiddell: erm.. he has a .git dir but not a .git file i think17:35
seele_Riddell: but i can use the new .git directory, yes?17:35
shadeslayerwhich is weird tbh17:35
shadeslayeror you can run diff -Nur between the 2 source tress17:36
Riddellseele_: yes17:36
neversfeldeI do not remember, if  told you that amarok is in backports 17:39
shadeslayer\o/ qt building in ninja17:43
Riddellneversfelde: it's on kubuntu.org17:44
debfxgreat, they added google-analytics scripts to all qt doc pages17:49
debfxnow we need adblock for qt assistant ^^17:49
shadeslayerdebfx: lol17:56
debfxor we just disable javascript17:59
ScottKlucidfox: Before you port Akregator, make sure you're familiar with how message indicator (and it's more of an indicator still) works in KDE.  Also we have been pretty insistent that such patches be accepted upstream (all of them are so far) - We have been very successful in getting the ayatana changes we've adopted upstream and want to keep up with that.18:00
Riddellakregator doesn't have much of an upstream maintainer currently18:01
Riddellmaybe lucidfox can take over upstream :)18:01
ScottKWell that would make it kind of interesting then.18:01
lex79pbuilder is broken http://pastebin.ca/194665818:15
lex79something is wrong with bzip218:15
ScottKlex79: You got libbz2-1.0 from -updates and bzip2 from lucid.  I'd pbuilder-update and try it again.18:18
lex79ScottK: it works, thanks18:23
ScottKYou;;re welcome.18:24
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shadeslayerapparently i haz no more qt4-X11 build log -.-18:35
macoshadeslayer: seele isnt a he18:37
shadeslayermaco: ohhk... :)18:38
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Quintasanno, seriously19:00
QuintasanWhy I was thinking that when I would print a *.gif it would still move?19:01
macoQuintasan: hahaha19:11
lex79ScottK: can you accept kdelibs? I tested the patch, it works. Thanks19:17
ScottKlex79: I will look at it.19:18
Quintasanmaco: I'm dead serious about that, I spent a minute honestly thinking: "Why the hell it won't move?!"19:20
Quintasanthen I came to realise my own foolishness19:21
ScottKlex79: Accepted.19:21
lex79ScottK: thanks19:21
macoUDS flights booked19:22
Quintasanargh still no response19:28
neversfeldeno UDS for me again :(19:28
Quintasanneversfelde: no sponsoriship or you are just unable to go?19:29
neversfeldeQuintasan: unable to go19:29
neversfeldeif Kubuntu will not change the release dates, I think I will never be able to go there :)19:30
Quintasangah, if I don't get any response I won't be able to go there too19:31
lex79shadeslayer: still around?19:33
fejjeraishadeslayer: ping22:12
fejjeraishadeslayer: need to reboot the core real quick22:12
howlymowlyhi poeple...  in maverick...  (i just installed it) kopete does not work yet right? 22:19
howlymowlyit does not even show upin the taskbar on my system...22:19
ScottKhowlymowly: It's in the message indicator.  No need for a separate icon cluttering the systray.22:41
howlymowlyScottK: but what If I do not use the message indicator :)?22:42
howlymowlykopete just doesn't seem to work..I dont know...22:42
ScottKhowlymowly: Then start in manually and change the config.  It's just a default.22:42
ScottKIt's working on my maverick system, so the problem isn't general.22:43
howlymowlyScottK:  I just found out:  for some reason my kopete seemd to ahve problems with the old configuration file from kubuntu lucid22:44
howlymowlyafteer I deleted the kopete directory from .kde/share/apps/  eerything works fine :)22:45
howlymowlyas expected...22:45
ScottKAh.  My maverick system is a fresh install.  That's worth a bug I think.22:45
howlymowlyScottK.. i guess so...  I just can not reproduce the bug anymore since I just deleted the configuration ehe 22:46
ScottKRight, but at least file it.22:47
howlymowlydoing it right now...22:47
JontheEchidnadebfx: thanks for the fix. I wrote that bit of code back before I really knew how ctor member variable initialization worked. (I do know ;-))22:55
claydohScottK:  you still looking for me? or was it some other good looking dude23:38

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