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ana_Hi all! some folders in my windox partition are not available when I try to acces via dolphin, files and folders with ñ, á, é, etc.... in their names...01:21
mueslihey guys... my openoffice just keeps crashing. when i start the app i can see the mainwindow appearing quickly and then disappearing instantly01:24
paulo_\O/ Mageia01:25
avihaymuesli: try reinstalling it01:27
ana_I googled it but nothing is clear to me...8-(01:28
James147ana_: what do you mean by 'not available'?01:28
ana_dolphin says it doesn't exist01:29
ana_the latin caracter is replaced by a "?"01:29
ana_yes the file manager01:30
James147ana_: not sure how to get dolphin to reconise them, but you could rename them in a terminal replacing the troublesome charater with a ?01:34
James147( ? matches any single character in bash )01:34
ana_I guess that's  a solution but...01:35
James147ana_: afraid I dont know of another way... although I dont have much experience with it so there could be...01:35
ana_replace all files!!! I'm spanish, there's a lot of them in my hd!!!01:36
ana_thanks a lot anyway!01:36
LinuxPHI love Mageia Linux01:38
jarrettany straight edges here01:48
jarrettalright?... any hardcore fans?01:49
julius__hi all02:22
julius__i have a question concerning kubuntu02:23
julius__i had to install 10.10 cause there is a bug with 10.04 concerning Raid02:23
julius__i cant install nvidia drivers automatically, is it normal ?02:23
julius__are you all sleeping ?02:24
well_laid_lawnjulius__:  someone in #ubuntu+1 might know02:26
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:26
julius__thank you02:27
well_laid_lawnnp :]02:27
Neurotrophinis there a speech recognition app for kubuntu?02:31
well_laid_lawnNeurotrophin:  there's a search function in kpackagekit  - I never bother with speech stuff :]02:37
well_laid_lawnor apt-cache search speech02:37
Neurotrophinyes.. I also did google searches.. apt-cache search does show some dev libs for speech recognition.  kpackagekit shows all speech synthesis stuff..02:41
Neurotrophinand julius02:45
James147Neurotrophin: jovie is the text to speech system for kde... never got it to work very well though :(02:50
James147dont know of a speech reconision program though02:51
well_laid_lawnspeech > text is way harder then text > speech02:52
James147and I never got text > speech working very well ;)02:53
darthganeshIs there any way I can acess touchpad data in my c program.03:09
darthganeshIs there any way I can acess touchpad data in my c program/03:13
darthganeshIs there any way I can acess touchpad data in my c program?03:15
James147darthganesh: no need to repeat your question so frequently, we heard you the first time03:15
James147darthganesh: unfortintally no one seems to know the answer, you might want to consider asking in ##c03:16
darthganesh /join ##c03:17
darthganeshJames147: How can I join to ##c in quassle?03:20
darthganesh_When I tried /join ##c I get message ##C: Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services03:49
well_laid_lawnyou prob need to be registered with freenode darthganesh_03:52
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:52
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lucidfoxAny idea why I have no shutdown option in KDE?04:18
lucidfoxonly log off04:18
macois > 1 user logged in at once?04:18
macoand are you maybe running as not your usual admin account?04:18
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lucidfoxjust me, and I'm running the only account04:18
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lucidfoxIs it possible with QtCurve to make Qt and GTK applications use the same file dialogs (not important if it's the Qt and GTK one, just that they look the same)?04:26
dasKreechlucidfox: are you using GDM?04:44
lucidfoxYes... Do KDE shutdown options only work with KDM?04:44
dasKreechIt's a long long long annoyance of mine04:47
dasKreechGDM will only allow  Gnome as passthrough to shutdown the computer04:47
dasKreech all other Environments can only logoff04:48
dasKreechSimilar with KDM04:48
dasKreechXDM i think will allow either to shutdown but it's ugly enough that you won't turn back on the computer :(04:48
jmichaelxhow does one shut down with xdm? i have not seen that it even gives the option04:50
jmichaelxi have a server vmon which i installed icewm and xdm, but to shutdown i just use 'halt'04:51
dasKreechActaully no You are right04:52
dasKreech XDM doesn't give users that right04:52
Tukonhi all05:21
Tukoninstalled a 10.10 amd64 daily build, and on the desktop there is a faint outline where it seems like a plasmoid should be but it's just transparent05:22
Tukonany idea how to get a list of running plasmoids?05:23
lordganeshis there any opensource software for gesture recognisation in touchpad?05:27
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rackITdasKreech: greetings!06:10
rackITI'm looking for an sftp gui client that supports keys for authentication. any sugestions?06:11
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greenmang0which package do i need to install to get qcanvas.h file?07:27
greenmang0i am getting errors in compiling flash4linux07:27
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coz_hey guys..konqueror  4.4.5..out of curiosity...is there a way to change the default background image when konqueror opens?08:24
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cjaehow do i acesss a floppy usb?09:12
noaXesshiey all09:17
noaXesshow can i fix my dolphin hang problem? sometimes if i drag and drop or mark anything in dolphin, dolphin stops working fpr eg. 1 minute..09:18
frogonwheelscjae: when you plug it in, it should appear in your system tray 'last plugged in' - or open dolphin and it should be on the lhs09:19
cjaefrogonwheels: thats what I thought09:20
cjaebut its not09:20
frogonwheelscjae:  see if it's in ls /dev/disk/by-id09:21
frogonwheelscjae: or in lsusb09:22
horseatingweedsDoes anyone know how to get into the Ubuntu room? It asks me to type the first number in 123. I do and I get an access denied error09:22
cjaefrogonwheels: dont see it09:24
frogonwheelscjae: are you talking a standard usb thumb drive?09:26
cjaefrogonwheels: floppy usb drive09:28
frogonwheelscjae: probably needs some drivers :(09:29
frogonwheelscjae: but that's rather surprising09:31
frogonwheelscjae: presumably you've tried different ports?09:31
cjaeno but was just using a usb thumb drive on it, it tried accessing the disc thou09:32
frogonwheelscjae: hmm.. it should show up in lsusb  regardless.09:32
frogonwheelscjae: i'm pretty sure.09:33
cjaedont see anything in dmesg either09:33
frogonwheelsdoes the drive need power?09:33
cjaeoh wait09:34
cjaeits on a usb hub09:34
cjaeID 0424:0fdc Standard Microsystems Corp. Floppy09:36
frogonwheelscjae: .. so is it showing up in :     ls -l /dev/disk/by-path/*usb*09:38
sk_what is??09:48
horseatingweedsI need help joining #ubuntu. It won't take my answer to it's bot test.09:52
cjaefrogonwheels: ok so it installed kfloppy but it needs a /dev/* user defined since it is not internal09:53
sobczykis there something like "update-manager -d" for Kubuntu (upate to maverick)10:15
sobczykok, nvm ford deep in wiki :)10:17
frantaHi! Where to report missing package? I am missing amarok 2.3.2 ... after update 2.3.1 was uninstalled, amarok-common 2.3.2 was installed....10:38
franta... it kinda sucks being without amarok:)10:40
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jawadsafiany helper available12:22
jawadsafi??? sleeping ???12:23
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:23
sobczykI thought upgrade to maverick will be good idea since it should be RC now, but fglrx is not building, radeon crashes the X server and vesa somehow does not want to work, I wonder how many more obstacles is there...12:26
well_laid_lawnyou could ask in #ubuntu+1 :]12:27
sobczykany app that can read ext4 files from windows without the need to install drivers?12:29
alvinsobczyk: As far as I know, such an app does not exist.12:30
sobczykhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/498410/ does the crash BT ath the end suggest that it's the libglx faul?12:38
zegeniesobczyk: yes12:38
sobczykis there a way not to load it?12:39
sobczyksince I noticed vesa and radeon crashes12:39
sobczykI have ext2explore and works good12:39
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Rapphi everyone13:05
Rappi have got a static desktop Kubuntu machine. how can i make the networkmanager settings apply to the whole system? i need the wifi connection even when i am NOT logged in.13:06
Rappi know how to manually set up using iwconfig, wpa_supplicant et al., but i want to do it "the ubuntu way" ...13:06
abdellatifsalut tout le monde comment aller vous13:06
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:07
Rappno one?13:07
well_laid_lawnthe only thing I know about wireless is you use whatever will get it working Rapp13:08
Rappwell it IS working. but obviously only when i am logged in, since it is using networkmanager and kwallet.13:10
Rappi'll probably just roll my own iwconfig & wpa_supplicant config...13:10
tish_how can i put kmail in the system tray?13:10
tish_and launch it when kde starts ?13:11
zegenietish_: launch kmail, click settings -> configure kmail13:11
zegenieunder "appearance" there is a "system tray" tab13:11
zegenieclick "Enable system tray icon" and "Always show ..."13:12
zegenieto always start kmail - are you running kde 4.5?13:12
sobczykis there a reason why radeon driver allows max 1680x1680 resolution?13:12
zegenieif so, open up system settings (menu -> system settings, or alt+f2 -> "systemsettings") and go to "Startup and shutdown"13:13
zegeniethere is an "Autostart" section there13:13
zegeniestupid enter key13:13
zegenieclick "Add program" and type in "kmail" or navigate to kmail in the tree list (under internet)13:14
zegeniepress enter and "ok" in the dialog that pops up13:14
zegenieyou should now have a kmail entry in the autostart list13:14
lordganeshIs Synaptics(touchpad) sdk abailable for ubuntu?13:15
zegenielordganesh: have you tried this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151165213:16
tish_thanks zegznie13:16
zegenietish_: did you get my reply to your autostart question? :)13:16
sobczykis there a way to enable screen size bigger that largers of my monitors?13:41
sobczyknow I can't span across 2 screens, xrandr disallows it13:41
xwarman_Hello. My kde has problems with logout, shutdown, restart... can someone help me?13:46
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KiranosHi, I'm testing kubuntu 10.10 and I want to boot to kubuntu-netbook desktop but I dont know how this is done? even after I installed these apps, after reboot I'm logging in to default desktop14:08
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BluesKajhello all14:31
BajKwhat's that neat little application called that enables you to display simple message boxes and notifications? (as well as open file dialogs etc) for scripts. knotify or something like that?14:43
BajKah kdialog was it14:45
alvinIs there a good alternative to akregator? One that integrates with konqueror/rekonq and kontact?14:48
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avihayKiranos: usually there's a menu in the login screen that lets you choose what DE to use. I think it should be listed there, I don't remember.14:50
sobczykhow to set the resolution of the login screen?14:50
sobczykI'm not using fglrx not, and it's the minimal resolution14:51
Pici!fr | elhassane200515:07
ubottuelhassane2005: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:07
Kiranosavihay, thanks I have default, KDE, failsafe. No netbook :(15:08
avihay:-< , sorry15:09
EvilRoeyhola de nuevo yall15:09
EvilRoeyavi, ubottu15:09
sobczykKiranos: in system settings there is plasma workspace settings15:12
sobczykyou can set netbook there15:12
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Kiranossobczyk, thanks, I wonder how fast a new user would find that option there after initital installation of the package from the package :)15:16
Kiranosmaybe add it as default after the installation or atlreast notify that it's needed15:16
Kiranosthink I got it now! thanks again15:16
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James147Kiranos: in maverick the netbook and desktop iso are being merged, and which is used will be auto detected... not sure if it warns the user how to switch though15:18
KiranosJames147, ok maybe its not yet implemented correctly, I'm using the beta15:20
Kiranoseven after I choose netbook as sobczyk said, after a reboot I'm back at desktop plasma instead of netbook I just set15:21
James147Kiranos: your on maverick? ... the netbook and desktop where both installed on my netbook when I tested it15:21
KiranosJames147, yes I'm on maverick, I was not allowed to choose desktop envirment at installation so I installed netbook-launcher, kubuntu-netbook etc but did not get to choose which one I want to use15:23
James147Kiranos: the installer dosent let you chose... but expect you to change it after if it got it wrong15:24
James147Kiranos: netbook-launcher? dont think thats part of the kde15:25
James147Kiranos: although the plasma-netbook should ahve been installed... and you should be able to change it at System settings > Workspace   (which should stick after relogging)15:26
KiranosJames147, yes it works I could change it there15:26
James147Kiranos: if its not then test a new user15:26
Kiranosbut nothing in the system said I should go there after I instelled netbook, its kinda bad for new users to think they will automatically understand that you must change that15:27
Kiranosinstall and it should ask what you want to do, keep default or change to newly installed netbook workspace15:27
James147Kiranos: Its ment to auto detect to keep the choices in the installer down (an extra option would confuse most new users)15:28
James147(or at least thats what I think)15:29
James147Kiranos: although there might be something that can be done to hint the user to the options... although I dont know how..15:31
BajKanyone encountered that weird thing in chromium that every second youtube video ujses html5? So I start a video, e.g. Part 1, it is html5 and runs nicely (because html5 video is sooo much better than flash video), then I click on that recomend video section on part 2, those are then played in flash (which sucks) and then part 3 is html5 again15:33
hyper_chhi there, how to install the debug symbols for dolphin? can't find any package for it15:34
James147BajK: they have started using html5? they might be inthe middle of changing over then15:34
* James147 is glad its finally happenening15:34
BajKJames147: http://youtube.com/html515:35
BajKit is there for ages15:35
BajKyou can switch15:35
* James147 dosent really go on youtube...15:35
BajKand now in fullscreen the progress slider automatically hides15:35
BajKand html5 is so much better when watching videos on fullscreen15:35
sobczykmaybe not every video supports html515:35
BajKbut many15:35
BajKbecause in flash, if you click anywhere else than the video is restored to normal size..15:36
James147BajK: its restored when flash losses focus (dam anoying when you have focus follow mouse on)15:36
BajKJames147: yes. they recall it a "security feature" (i read that somewhere) but i call it "sucks ass" :D15:37
* James147 got use to closing it by moving his mouse to the other screen :S15:37
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BajKJames147: hehe15:37
BajKbecause the buttons don't seem to work15:37
BajKonly escape closes it (or clicking on other screen)15:38
James147BajK: because I am lazy :)15:38
BajKbut I use strg+mouse wheel and zoom in on that page, press f1 and except for a few borders its fine watching like that :D15:38
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terryhello everybody16:57
terryi cant get any sound16:57
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dsgsdhi all,  what pdf-reader do you affer me... best pdf-reader fo linux?   All that I have is bad, because thay can not scroll pdf as "undivided", "whole" document.... only as collection of sheets!17:29
dsgsdMisha____  rusoturisto... tell me17:30
dsgsdantworte mir bitte17:30
BluesKajdsgsd, try acroread17:31
dsgsdBluesKaj thanks...  your name is acquainted me17:32
dsgsdsources.list   is old!!   how to update! remind me please17:34
Picidsgsd: What do you mean its old? What version of Ubuntu are you using?17:35
dsgsdsudo apt-get install acroread17:35
dsgsdMisha____ 8!17:36
DarthFrog!update | dsgsd17:36
ubottudsgsd: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Karmic (9.10) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading17:36
dsgsdmisha xep17:36
Misha____Иди зачем17:36
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:36
dsgsdotvali deug17:36
BluesKajPici, I think he's using a translator app, it's not working too well17:37
PiciWell maybe the bot will help then17:37
dsgsdfuck russian... we are from usa17:37
dsgsdyes misha?17:37
Picidsgsd: Please mind your language here.17:37
BluesKajsure you are dsgsd , your ISP is in moscow ussr :)17:38
IdleOneThought we were from Earth17:38
BluesKajerr russia17:38
DarthFrogBluesKaj: USSR?? :-)17:38
dsgsdPici  xep te v rot balabol17:38
BluesKajoops , I show my age :)17:38
Picidsgsd: English please.17:39
dsgsdBluesKaj old ?17:39
Misha____vot chem otlichrtsa slavane mat na mane17:39
BluesKajyup, I'm old17:39
dsgsdMisha____  otebis eblonka17:39
dsgsdMisha____  dolbil tebya v ***17:39
Misha____i kto kogo17:40
BluesKaj!ru | Misha____, dsgsd17:40
ubottuMisha____, dsgsd: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke17:40
Picidsgsd, Misha____: This channel is english only, for other languages please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:40
dsgsdsudo apt-get install acroread  .... kubunt8 have not it!!!! what alternative is ?17:40
dsgsdMisha____ vodka?  valinok? matreshka?17:41
dsgsdBluesKaj mmmmaaaan17:41
NamShubdsgsd: okular17:41
dsgsdtell me~!17:41
dsgsdNamShub was not founded!!!17:42
dsgsdpam pam pam17:43
Backglasshi people can any help with command cute plx?17:44
PiciCan you rephrase that?17:45
BackglassI'm trying to get only processes starting with the letter g and for this I use the ps command and the command grep17:47
Backglasscan help me pici?17:50
BluesKajwell, have some errands to do etc,.... BBL17:52
PiciBackglass: Do you need th process names, or just the PIDs?17:52
IdleOnePici: I am curious to know how that would done re: Backglass' question18:01
IdleOnebut with both process name and PID18:01
IdleOneif you have the command handy :)18:01
DarthFrogps aux | cut -b 66-  Will get you the processes.  But they're a dog's breakfast to parse. :-(18:04
PiciIdleOne: I suggested pgrep -l '^g'   in PM, but he wanted to use ps, grep and cut instead.18:05
IdleOnethe ^ means what ?18:05
IdleOnebegins with?18:05
PiciIts regex syntax.18:06
ScottyKwhen upgrading distros (9.10 to 10.04 for example), is it better to wipe the HD then install, or is the upgrade process stable? When it is a good idea to wipe and install?18:06
IdleOnethank you18:06
DarthFrogScottyK: That's not an easy question to answer.18:07
IdleOneSo if I read that right, the command says "grep process and list all the begin with g"18:07
BackglassI use18:07
Backglassfor example18:08
Backglassto parse with cute for example18:08
DarthFrogScottyK: Which ever way you choose, it's best to have a backup of your /home directory before you start.18:08
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Guest23235I need to buy a new videocard for my parents PC, who run Kubuntu18:09
ScottyKdarth - thanks! All the user important info sits in /home?18:09
Guest23235the old one was a Nvidia 7600 GT18:09
DarthFrogScottyK: Personally, I normally wipe and install when I feel that's less work than cleaning out accumulated cruft.18:09
Guest23235but now I'm trying an ATI, which is temporary18:09
Guest23235now I notice, that the nvidia was slowing down Kubuntu a lot, even with properitairy drivers18:10
akssps011How to stop any installation going in background ?18:10
Guest23235now I can chose between Nvidia and ATI18:10
DarthFrogScottyK: Other considerations might be: if your root partition is too small and you wish to enlarge it.  If your system has been compromised.  If you're upgrading from more than one release back.18:10
Guest23235if you look between the original drivers, which works currently the best with Lucid?18:10
Guest23235because in the years it's always a fight between ATI and Nvidia18:11
akssps011I am trying to install a plugin in my eclipse installation but it says : "waiting for background process to finish"18:11
ScottyKdarth - that's a good idea. I'm dualbooting and I made the kubuntu side smaller than I wanted. fragging it gives me the chance to resize it.18:11
Guest23235but because of the recent changes from ATI's site, I'm currently not sure which I should choose18:11
DarthFrogGuest23235: Don't bother with the drivers from the ATI site.  Use the fglrx drivers in the Kubuntu repos.18:13
Guest23235DarthFrog, are they good enough for HD video and basic "gaming"?18:13
DarthFrogGuest23235: I have an ATI 5770 card and the ATI drivers work just tickety-boo.18:13
DarthFrogGuest23235: Yes.  And by staying with in the Kubuntu repos, they'll be upgraded properly when new ones are released.18:14
DarthFrogGuest23235: They are drivers provided by ATI and have been "ubuntu-fied".  :-)18:15
Guest23235ah, so they are almost the same as from the ATI site?18:15
Guest23235or are there differences in support?18:15
Guest23235because on this system by brother plays TrackMania and PES 2010 on WINE18:15
DarthFrogGuest23235: Correct.  They won't be the latest and greatest flavour of the month but they are proprietary ATI drives.18:16
Guest23235ah ok, well if those work ok, even with HD video, I can chose ATI safely18:16
DarthFrogGuest23235: Make sure you're installing the fglrx drivers and not the radeonhd drivers, though.18:17
Guest23235the nvidia card couldn't handle compiz quiet well, and that slows a lot down18:17
ares_Guys who can help me ? :)18:17
ares_I have problem with wine18:17
DarthFrogares_: Stop drinking?  <grinning, ducking and running>18:17
Guest23235DarthFrog, ah ok, I shall take a note of that. I'm very advanced with Linux so I know what I'm doing, although currently no knowledge about Graphics Cards ;)18:18
ares_Why wine not work for me ? I'm using Kubuntu18:19
Guest23235ares_, WINE does work for me18:19
Guest23235ares_, so it should work correctly18:20
ares_but why for me it don't work :)18:20
Guest23235ares_, what doesn't work18:20
Guest23235ares_, running EXE files?18:20
DarthFrogares_: And how is anyone supposed to help you with that utter lack of information?18:20
ares_no error18:20
Guest23235I mean what part of WINE doesn't work18:20
Guest23235ares_, running lucid?18:21
ares_Sorry I not  understand :( I'm not english man :/18:21
DarthFrogares_: What is your native language?18:22
rodolfoHi, all... I have instale kubuntu 10.10 in my notebook, and it have a Broadcom wireless card (BCM4313). I instaled the broadcom driver, and bluetooth works fine, but wireless dont find any network18:22
DarthFrogrodolfo: Try the wl driver.18:22
rodolfoDarthFrog: tkx, I will try it ^^18:23
rodolfoDarthFrog: how do i install it?18:25
ares_So what I can do for wine ? :(18:26
Guest23235ares_: can you aptitude -y purge wine wine-gecko18:27
ares_First thing where I cna get good wine18:28
DarthFrogares_: You can ask for help in Italian in #ubuntu-it.18:28
ares_I need Lithuanian :D18:28
Guest23235ares_: can you use the commandline?18:29
Guest23235ares_, use these commands on the commandline: http://pastie.org/117493118:30
Guest23235to install WINE18:30
DarthFrogGuest23235: It should be wine1.3 for the install command.18:30
Guest23235winecfg should be runned after wine is installed as normal user (not as root)18:30
Guest23235DarthFrog, wine is a virtual package right?18:31
Guest23235DarthFrog, or in Lucid not anymore?18:31
DarthFrogYes, but it'll install wine1.218:31
ares_FIRST WHERE I CAN GET Wine I reinstalled Kubuntu before 10 minutes18:31
Guest23235ares_, reopen this link: http://pastie.org/117493118:32
DarthFrogares_: Guest23235 just told you how.18:32
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BluesKajGuest23235, open a terminal/konsole and follow the instructions in the link above , however use sudo in fron of each command18:51
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Guest23235BluesKaj, sorry, what do you mean?18:51
Guest23235BluesKaj, do you read DarthFrog his comment correctly? ;-)18:51
Guest23235BluesKaj, thanks for the help though. It's nice that people are prepared to help. ;-)18:53
BluesKajGuest23235, ares_,  sudo should be used with those commands in the link18:53
ares_I found help18:53
ares_in ubuntu-LT18:53
Guest23235ares_, ok18:53
ares_Thanks for codes18:53
ares_it helps me!18:53
PiduxHallo zusammen18:58
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keldronaI need help! I can't find the configure file for a tar.bz2. I don't know hot to install it. This is the message I get:bash: ./configure: No such file or directory19:11
Torchkeldrona: what is it and where did you download it?19:12
bulldog98keldrona: maybe it’s cmake based or qmake based?19:13
keldronaTorch is a Flash editor. the name of the package is f4l-0.2.1.tar.bz219:13
* Torch reads http://f4l.sourceforge.net/19:14
Torchkeldrona: maybe you should, too ;-)19:14
BajKDoes the nvidia ion support desktop compositing?19:18
terran4000Hey all. I have a problem with 10.4 and my ATI HD video card. It works and all, but each time I log into my account I have to reload the compositing stuff (ie, change a setting in desktop effects, save, wait for screen to turn black and then on again), and if I don't Xorg will crash if I do anything like minimize and then un-minizime a window. Any ideas?19:30
illunaticterran4000: i don't know, but maybe set it to save each session?19:38
terran4000illunatic: thanks for the suggestion, though that is not related to a driver/Xorg issue in Kubuntu :)19:40
illunaticwasn't sure if it would keep you from reconfiguring19:40
illunaticis this with kde4.5 or w/e?19:41
terran4000KDE 4.5.119:44
terran4000I'm thinking of going back to fluxbox and see if the problem persists there. Then again ... I have no clue how to enable pretty effects and eye candy in fluxbox. Hell, if I go to fluxbox I might as well go old school and use a larger terminal :)19:45
terran4000Speaking of window manager ... does anyone know how to install ubuntu stuff from kubuntu? Was it just: sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop ?19:47
rodolfo_ I have instale kubuntu 10.10 in my notebook, and it have a Broadcom wireless & bluetooth card (BCM4313). bluetooth works fine, but wireless dont find network "/ can sameone help me?19:47
rodolfo_terran4000: try apt-get install ubuntu-desktop19:48
terran4000rodolfo_: awesome. thanks.19:51
rodolfo_terran4000: ^^19:52
rodolfo_yordan: hi19:54
yordanhow to configurate shorewall to allow skype19:55
yordansorry for my english :)19:56
volodyaShould I expect xorg to start eating 50% of CPU just because I switch between some windows?20:03
vbgunzI just ran this 'sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda2 | grep extent' and see I do have extent under filesystem features **but** does that mean it's enabled?20:25
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tjingboemis there a way to regenarate the entries (and new ones) from the Menu?20:48
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vortex_channel spanish :S21:25
vortex_como instalo sun java ? tengo el kubuntu 10.10 beta :D21:27
vortex_Como instalo java en kubuntu 10.10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!21:29
real_atevortex_: not spenish, but "entiendo" :)21:29
vortex_algun foro en spañol ?? para kubuntu21:30
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.21:30
vortex_sale gracias :D21:30
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yordanhow to configurate shorewall to allow skype22:00
mrenhi, it's my first kubuntu install (on the other machines I have Gentoo): I'm looking for something like /etc/rc.local but for system shutdown22:06
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giannishi guys...i would like to get some help about configuring the apache server on ubuntu. I've installed apache2 but when i edit the "DocumentRoot" from "/var/www" to "/home/user/public_html" it can't run php files! what else should i confugure to run php from "/home/<user>/public_html"? Thanks!22:23
howlymowlyhi poeple..  in kubuntu maverick...  kopete doesn't work, yet. Am i right about this?22:40
Torchhowlymowly: sounds unlikely.22:46
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