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ChogyDanmicahg: What you describe for maverick, I had on lucid as well01:02
* ChogyDan responds 2 hours later :)01:02
micahgChogyDan: ah01:03
ChogyDanmicahg: I would like it set at 'conservative' myself, but it refuses to stay, even after going to sleep, it will reset to something else01:03
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krabadori'm using today's daily build and i can see a general speed improvement, specially with firefox 3.6.10 newest flash plugin and mesa drivers02:06
bdoggcan someone help me with jack audio02:11
bdoggi cant get it working02:11
wirechiefbdogg have you used fuser to find out what might be holding your audio system ? something might be keeping your jack from working02:13
bdogghow do i do that02:14
wirechiefsudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/*02:14
wirechiefthat will show you whats using it now.02:14
wirechiefbefore and after you try jack so you know whats going on02:14
wirechiefalways a good tool when trying to find out why sound doesnt work02:15
bdogg/dev/snd/controlC0:  brian     10193 F.... pulseaudio02:15
bdogg/dev/snd/seq:        timidity   1113 F.... timidity02:15
bdogg                     brian     10162 F.... qjackctl02:15
wirechiefgeeze we are suppose to get hit with hail, large as golfballs02:15
wirechiefwell pulseaudio might be normal.02:16
wirechiefdont know about the timidity a02:16
bdoggright now i have it configured so that02:16
bdoggit starts minimized to tray02:17
bdoggbut if i start it from JACK controll02:17
bdoggit crashes02:17
bdoggand sometimes crashes the whole system02:17
wirechieflook at your systems error log maybe a clue there.02:17
bdogghow do i check system log?02:18
wirechiefwith tail /var/log/syslog02:18
wirechiefalso you can check dmesg for errors02:19
wirechiefyou will probably have to google the errors for help02:19
wirechiefyou run those before and after crashes to get a idea whats going on.02:20
PertheriaI'm assuming 10.04->10.10 will be a seamless upgrade? or will it require a re-run of live cd, and reinstall and re-setup?02:22
wirechiefjust make sure you have 10.04 fully up to date before you try it02:23
wirechiefstill could have issues though02:23
Pertheriaso if i am reinstalling anyway, should wait for it to go live and just install straight, ok02:23
wirechiefthats a users choice, i always like to have a up todate version for testing and fixing things, if you zsync it you can have it completely up to date02:24
julius__someone ih there ?02:25
julius__someon can help me ?02:25
Ian_cornejulius__: just state your question02:30
Ian_corneAnd if someone can help you, they will02:30
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bp0is there a package that puts colored icons back in the user menu?02:41
bp0the gray speech bubbles all look the same02:42
bp0having colors actually made them useful02:42
krabadori can see a big improvement on flash with mesa drivers, what is changed on both, on maverick?02:54
bazhangBobPOW, add the wine repos to your sources.list02:57
bazhang#winehq can help02:58
BobPOWOk, thanks02:58
Dr_WillisBobPOW:  if You have no internet connection on that PC. you proberly DONT want to be using 10.10 at this time.02:58
Dr_Willistheres so many updates every day..  (havent checked today)02:58
Dr_Willis24mb of updates since 8 hrs ago.. :)02:59
IdleOnewithout internet on that machine you are going to have a hard time03:01
IdleOneI suggest going to packages.ubuntu.com and downloading the .deb file and dependencies from there03:02
BobPOWOk, thanks for the url, I'm checking it out now03:03
IdleOneBobPOW: welcome03:04
BobPOWThanks for helping me out.  I need to get off the computer for now.  See you all later.03:13
crucialhoaxI cant install 10.10! It kees freezing at retrieving file 2 of 603:17
alex_mayorgappa removal anyone?04:10
alex_mayorga!info ppa04:11
ubottuPackage ppa does not exist in maverick04:11
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.04:11
bjsnideruse ppa-purge04:12
alex_mayorgabjsnider: thanks!04:13
headstrongwould ubuntu 10.10 be a lts version in the future?04:16
bjsniderno it would not04:16
headstrongoh, i have know all what i want to know04:17
jiohdiwhen the real arrives, can beta just be upgraded?04:22
alex_mayorgacrashy telepathy-butterfly  anyone?04:22
bjsniderjiohdi, yes04:23
jiohdi10.10 beta seems a bit sluggish on a nettop04:23
MTeckSo... I screwed up my computer and removed something I shouldn't have.....04:24
MTeckI can connecto to both wireless and wired networks. I can ping IP's. But I can't resolve hostnames to IP's. Any ideas why?04:25
alex_mayorgaBug #59738104:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 597381 in telepathy-butterfly (Ubuntu) "telepathy-butterfly crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in _signal_text_received()" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59738104:25
jiohdiMTeck: just a guess, but seems like DHCP related?04:29
jiohdinot sure if I got those letters right04:29
MTeckgall dangit....04:29
MTeckI setup the chroot.... but this cd I have is for 32bit04:30
MTeckI'm guessing I'm screwed here - until I can get a 64bit live cd...04:32
MTeckunless I knew exactly what I was missing so I could grab debs04:32
ChogyDanMTeck Im curious, what happens when you try to run apt?04:39
MTeckChogyDan: apt works fine04:40
ChogyDanMTeck so why doesn't it work?04:40
MTeckI can't resolve dns - so while apt works fine, it can't download anything04:41
ChogyDanMTeck how about: sudo mount --bind /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/resolv.conf          or something like that04:42
MTeckChogyDan: I usually just cp -L04:42
MTeckbut that won't help me..04:42
MTeckI can't chroot into it04:42
MTeckI'm on a 32bit live cd (only normal sized cd I have) and the system is 64bit04:43
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loutaskerhey is meerkat stable enough to install atm?05:32
loutaskeri really don't want to have to download and install 10.04 then 10.10 in 3 weeks05:32
loutaskerand i want to update today05:32
Tukonhi all05:33
Tukoni installed a clean 10.10 kubuntu amd64 daily alternate build and it has a faint outline of a plasmoid stuck on the desktop05:33
Tukonany idea how to get a list of running plasmoids?05:34
Tukonor just any idea as to what it might be?05:34
dlbike76Hello.  How stable is the current dailybuild?05:34
IdleOneloutasker: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta it is stable FOR ME. YMMV.05:34
loutaskerthanks IdleOne05:34
Tukondlbike76: seems pretty stable to me05:34
Tukondlbike76: from here on out, should just be bugfixing until release05:35
loutaskerrelease is in 3 weeks right?05:38
Tukonrelease on 10/10/10!05:39
cactaurHi guys. Testing out Maverick beta on an old laptop here, but ran into a problem and I was looking for advice. My laptop had 10.04 on it with no sweat, so I decided to do a fresh install of 10.10. I do a fairly standard procedure, use custom partitioning and preserve the partitions (/dev/sda1:swap, /dev/sda2:/boot, /dev/sda3:/). But this time I decide to experiment and set / as btrfs. Install goes well from there and I restart. On booting I get a 06:28
gr0kk3dhi folks. I am having problems getting fgrx running on ATI in Meerkat07:07
gr0kk3dI tried the x-swat solution from the ubuntu forums, however I get a segmentation fault during startx07:07
gr0kk3dany fixes? I really need multi-monitor support. the default driver gives me weird resolutios (un-workable)07:08
kklimondaI don't think amd has released a working fglrx for maverick yet07:16
gr0kk3dkklimonda thanks07:17
shcherbakcactaur: strange that it did not pass my head07:27
cactaurshcherbak: Seen anything like it?07:31
bullgard4The file /sys/power/resume on my Ubuntu 10.10computer contains: "0.0". What does this value effect?07:43
bullgard4The file /sys/power/resume on my Ubuntu 10.10 computer contains: "0:0". What does this value effect?07:43
papegaaijhi all07:45
papegaaija few weeks ago, i tried to install 10.10 beta, but it didn't detect my hdd's07:46
papegaaiji found this: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1660607:46
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 16606 in Serial ATA "sata_sil no longer detects sata hard disk" [High,Resolved: code_fix]07:46
papegaaijwill this go into the 10.10 release?07:46
MTecknologyI think it's time to give up making this system work for tonight.....07:46
MTecknologyat least I have more than one..... (I wish true anyway)07:47
vega_papegaaij: kernel freeze was sometime ago.. so don't know08:21
vega_download the kernel source package and see if the patch is there08:21
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alvinAgainst what package would one report errors with hibernate (or actually waking up again)?10:48
howlymowlyhi poeple...  short question:   I just installed maverick on my computer.. and for some reason X always consumes 100% cpu power from one of my processors... any ideaß11:44
TheInfinityhowlymowly: control logs, raise debug levels, ... the usual thinks to do :)11:46
sandGorgonalvin, there is an existing bug for sleep/hibernate and resume - bug56871111:52
alvinsandGorgon: Thanks!11:54
alvinbug 56871111:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 568711 in linux (Ubuntu) "Resume from suspend does not work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56871111:54
sandGorgonalvin, this bug is really, really frustrating and is why I'm being forced to use Win7 frequently. It's marked as confirmed, but medium importance and "unassigned"11:56
sandGorgonI would pay for a bounty towards fixing this bug11:57
alvinsandGorgon: I see. It's indeed strange. I have several computers who couldn't resume from hibernate anymore since Lucid. (i would pay bounties for several bugs, but that's another discussion)11:58
alvinWell, I marked the bug as affecting me. Pity you can't say on how many computers ;-)11:59
Trewascomment number 100 wraps up that bug nicely :)11:59
sandGorgonalvin, seconded on the "several bugs" part ! I actually sent a mail to Linus asking him to start a unified bounty system for linux bugs - so that people vote on features with their purses. never got a reply :(11:59
Trewassuspend/resume bugs are often very hardware specific and such broadly titled bug reports become quickly useless for anyone to actually work on fixing the bug12:00
alvinsandGorgon: That doesn't surprise me. Linus only (well, it's a lot) does the kernel12:01
sandGorgonTrewas, it was triaged and confirmed : does that imply the cause was located ?12:01
sandGorgonalvin, Linus is the fulcrum. A bounty system blessed by him, would quickly become the defacto - all for the good for those of us who earn through linux.12:02
alvinNo, but it does imply that there is indeed a problem. hibernate is tricky because (quote Linux: ACPI was written by monkeys on crack). A lot of hardware has to receive exceptions and blacklisting and so on,...12:03
TrewassandGorgon: not really12:03
sandGorgonalvin, did you by any chance give Tux-on-Ice  a try ? I'm leanng towards giving it a try12:04
alvinParts of the kernel already receive funding through the Linux foundation and developers from several distro's. Money should go to the distro's so they can pay their developers. Of course, that's only the kernel part. Ubuntu has ubuntu-specific bugs. Linus has nothing to do with that. (I'm looking at upstart)12:05
alvinsandGorgon: No, not heard of it.12:05
g0bl1nhi, are custom keyboard shortcuts working ? netbook edition here12:06
alvinI chose Ubuntu. I do consider that choice a lot, but I do think it's still a viable option. It's fun to switch distro's when you're a student, but when you deployed close to 50 Ubuntu systems, you don't change them overnight.12:06
g0bl1nneed Mod4+T to open a gnome-terminal12:06
g0bl1nalvin, that's the reason for LTS to exist ;-)12:06
alvinYes, and that's a good thing. Unfortunately, LTS does not mean 'more stable'12:07
sandGorgonalvin, true. the problem is that enterprise funding does not always intersect with desktop user needs. And that is what I propose on wanting. A way for the common man to put his $0.02 (literally) to vote for the features that he/she wants. And a stackoverflow like mechanism to upvote/downvote... the bounty being earned by the developer who implements it. crowdsourcing linux funding.. if you will12:07
sandGorgong0bl1n, same issue exists in lucid as well - that being the primary reason I tried out maverick in the first place12:07
alvinsandGorgon: True. this hibernate bug for example is not important for most enterprises. I miss it on my notebook, but that's about it.12:07
g0bl1nsandGorgon, I had it working very well on 10.0412:08
alvinI's give more importance to a reliable boot process12:08
g0bl1nalvin, are you talking about the hibernating bug on a low batt status ?12:09
sandGorgonalvin, for me my work is affected to a degree that I dont mind throwing money on it. and on getting a svgalib backend to the plymouth monstrosity12:09
sandGorgonbug 568711 | g0bl1n12:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 568711 in linux (Ubuntu) "Resume from suspend does not work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56871112:09
g0bl1noh ok12:10
alving0bl1n: No, hibernating works (tested while plugged to the net), but resuming doesn't.12:10
alvinsandGorgon: Me too. Lucid (yes, the LTS) caused a whole network to have troubles with the network cards.(all mac addresses are wrong and several reboots are needed before the network connects. Manually running dhclient also works, but normal users don't have access) The bug is supposedly fixed, but I have not noticed it on any computer. still get daily phone calls with complaints. I might just switch network cards on all computers...12:11
alvinI'm hoping Maverick fixes it, but I didn't want to upgrade from the LTS release :-(12:13
g0bl1nI'm loving Maverick netbook gui. really loving it12:13
mikeconceptswhy does updating cache take so long, like over 15 minutes. is this normal or is there something broken?12:15
mikeconceptsit has been this way since the install several days ago and I've never seen this problem before12:16
mikeconceptswhen I refresh update manager is when it takes over 15 minutes to complete, this isn't right, normally I expect a check of the repros to go rather quick12:19
mikeconceptsplease someone comment as I feel something is broken12:20
alvinA lot of things change in the maverick repo's. Maybe you are on a slow connection?12:20
mikeconceptsalvin, I have a fast connection and never had this issue with years of linux distro usage12:21
sobczykI unserstand that fglrx will not work on maverick?12:35
sobczykanyone can suggest a fix for http://paste.ubuntu.com/498410/ ?12:41
sobczykthe same happens for radeon driver12:41
alvinsobczyk: Have you tried filing a bug report?12:48
sobczyknot yet, installed 10.10 while ago and was disappointed that there is no fglrx12:49
sobczykis it normal that after crash I cant switch to console?12:50
alvinsobczyk: I think so. I don't have an ATI card, but after a crash switching to console gives a blank screen too. (nvidia)12:51
sobczykI'll try disabling glx and see if it help, then file a bug report12:51
GutZuWiSSeNive updated to 10.10 .. but xorg needs up to 100% cpu ...  is that a known bug?12:53
volodyaI've got nvidia 3100M and nvidia's driver, and kwin often tells me the "compositing was slow and disabled", which is not expected. Any ideas what could be wrong?13:12
mikeconceptsone of the updates today includes update manager, perhaps this will resolve really slow cache update13:21
krabadori look a good general speed improvement on maverick, how was it possible?13:25
duffydackfglrx is a bit of a deal breaker for me, unless there is a way to turn this damn fan down.13:34
GutZuWiSSeNive updated to 10.10 .. but xorg needs up to 100% cpu ...  any ideas?13:52
Billis there an evolution mail group?13:53
pegasusbillanyone around?14:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:04
pegasusbillwhat is causing (send/receive icon to be grayed out in evolution mail client14:07
AkramAnd to understand very well show images and share them in this site : http://imgur.com/14:08
sobczykas I updated to 10.10 I lost all sound, I knew that I had to install linux-alsa-driver-modules from dev repos, reboot and all worked fine, but it's not the case for maverick, even the hdmi audio is not working, any help?14:14
cwillu_at_workanyone else lose the ability to mouse-scroll the volume control?14:19
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PiciDoes anyone else notice openoffice.org spamming apt-listchanges with changelogs? Or is something messed up on my system?14:51
bcurtiswx_hey all, whats the best gmail app for the indicator applet ?15:14
bcurtiswx_this can be opinion based :P15:15
Slasher`well since i use amsn anyway, i use amsn to notify me of new mail15:16
bcurtiswx_for gmail?15:16
Slasher`yeah theres a pop3 plugin for it15:16
Slasher`actually wait15:17
jbroomebcurtiswx_: there's only about 3, try them and see what you like15:17
Slasher`the plugin i use is called gnotify15:17
bcurtiswx_does one of them work with the indicator applet?15:18
bcurtiswx_or all?15:18
Slasher`i have no idea15:21
bcurtiswx_found one that fits what i want exactly! gm-notify15:24
nemoI have no sound under maverick15:50
nemothis machine has not had any version of ubuntu before, so it could be a long-standing issue15:50
* nemo hunts around for some older CDs15:50
xfactnemo, Did you upgrade?15:55
nemoxfact: this was a fresh install16:00
nemoxfact: laptop originally had, oh, windows 7 or something16:00
nemois now nestled on a lil' partition that I haven't fired up16:01
nemofound a CD that says "jaunty nightly"16:02
nemolet's see what happens..16:02
goshawkhi i'm experiencing a big problem with maverick: just installed and upgraded and the screen doesn't refresh if i don't type something in the keyboard or i move the mouse and system load is at 4.15 without doing nothing and the most consuming cpu process is the gnome-system-monitor at 8%16:07
nemogoshawk: what's your graphics card model?16:08
nemoand driver you're using for it?16:08
nemoxfact: BTW. not hearing anything under jaunty too16:08
nemosooo, presumably not a regression16:09
goshawknemo i'm using a ati radeon16:09
goshawki didn't install any driver, no proprietary driver16:09
nemogoshawk: can you not get more precise, like, output from lspci?16:09
nemook. so not using fglrx16:10
goshawk01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series16:10
nemohm. I don't know much about graphics in maverick, but I wonder if they have tried enabling 3d support yet16:10
goshawkyep no fglrx16:10
nemoin the radeon driver16:10
goshawknemo, yep it's not about 3d16:10
nemois compiz enabled?16:10
goshawkit worked flawlessy16:10
goshawki think it's also in the tty1 this problem16:11
goshawklet me try16:11
nemohm. so you're using radeonhd ?16:12
nemosooo *does* it impact TTY? that would help narrow things down a bit at least16:14
goshawkyep but it seems a problem of kslowd00016:14
goshawkit appears on my top16:14
goshawkand yes16:14
goshawkit happens on tty1 too16:14
goshawksystem load is 5.96 now with only xchat + gnome-terminal + top16:15
goshawknemo, found the problem16:16
goshawkThis sounds exactly like the issue I've been seeing on a T500 laptop, as16:16
goshawkwell (GM45 board). The slowdowns render the system essentially16:16
goshawkunusable, as it can spend a loooong time just moving the mouse cursor a16:16
goshawkfew pixels on the screen. During this time, nothing else on the display16:16
goshawkis updating (glxgears drops to 0fps). Things generally seem to be16:16
goshawkworking fine if I am not moving the mouse, or if I'm not running X.16:17
goshawkhttp://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/linux/kernel/1238374 it seems a kernel problem16:17
nemogoshawk: maybe you can solve my problem :)16:18
nemoalthough it doesn't seem to be maverick related unfortunately16:18
goshawknemo, say what's your problem maybe i can help16:20
nemogoshawk: no sound on this Sony VPC-B11KGX16:22
nemodevices all seem to be showing up in the panel fine16:23
nemodidn't seem to work in jaunty either though :(16:23
goshawkin lspgimem the output of lspci16:24
goshawki had the same issue16:24
goshawklet's see if it's the same audio card16:24
nemoyeah. 'sec16:25
nemomachine is under Windows 7 partition I kept around16:25
nemowanted to make sure sound worked there16:25
nemoseems to be working, but really really soft...16:25
nemoah. cranked up volume. is fine16:26
nemotwo sound devices listed in windows, I assume one is the hdmi, and the other is the analog16:28
nemoalrighty. rebooting16:28
nemohm. actually... my lspci is already in the kernel oops bug report I filed :)16:29
sobczykanyone had problems with kopete not in system tray?16:29
nemogoshawk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/640154/+attachment/1591721/+files/Lspci.txt16:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 640154 in linux (Ubuntu) "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in ips_adjust in intel_ips on Sony VPC-B11KGX " [Undecided,New]16:30
nemogoshawk: for that one I just disabled intel_ips for now - looked like a total failure to correctly detect the HW16:30
goshawknemo, no it's a different16:31
goshawkaudio card16:31
goshawkfrom mine16:31
sobczykI see you discuss intel-ips, what the module is for? it spams the logs16:31
nemosobczyk: heh. was reading the code yesterday...16:33
goshawknemo, did you try to alter the detection via alsa ?16:34
nemoran a quick search for intel_ips on google codesearch...16:34
nemogoshawk: haven't tried anything except enabling the audio group ppa16:34
nemogoshawk: any suggestions happily taken16:34
nemogoshawk: oh. and fiddling around in the settings of course16:34
nemotrying to switch in gui between the various sound systems16:34
nemosobczyk: anyway. is right in the header of the file16:35
nemoI'll message to avoid spam16:35
nemobut yeah, apparently about allowing the cpu and gpu to cooperate16:36
nemosince my system is totally failing on detection of cpu and gpu, seems like blacklisting for my HW is probably best16:36
nemomight be what the ubuntu team will end up doing anyway16:36
nemothis code looks to be fairly new too16:36
sobczykis it intel graphics only?16:36
goshawkoptions snd-hda-intel model=auto16:38
goshawkon /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf16:38
nemosobczyk: looks like... but obviously I haven't looked into it too much16:39
nemook. not that sure. but seems likely16:39
MTecknologywhy does gcalctool depends on liblaunchpad-integration1 :S16:45
MTecknologythat isn't making sense to me16:45
nemogoshawk: BTW, killing pulseaudio is a great way to completely lock up gnome in maverick :(16:49
nemoeven the simplest processes max out CPU16:49
nemoonly way I could solve was restarting gdm16:49
goshawknemo, did you try  to restart after the editing of alsa-base.conf ?16:49
nemogoshawk: this also happened if I tried switching to a silly audio device in the list in sound config (an input one instead of output)16:49
nemorestarting now16:49
nemoanyway, just selecting that device was enough to completely lock everything up16:50
splashotehi, how to update to 10.10 on the netbook edition16:51
nemogoshawk: no change16:52
goshawksplashote, serioudly, don't do it16:53
splashotegoshawk: not usable yet?16:53
goshawksplashote, it's the worst beta i've ever seen with bugs at kernel level which makes my system sluggish16:54
splashotegoshawk: ok, thanks for your advice. i think i'll try lxde then16:54
djznis maverick a car?17:07
djznwhich is the possibility of17:08
djznhaving the ability to lasso files in list-view in nautilus17:08
djznMteck: google images, returns a car... lol17:09
djznlasso files in list-view (brasero OK) , nautilus (no go)17:11
cwillu_at_workbug #64537017:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 645370 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Suspend locks the screen despite gconf settings to the contrary" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64537017:34
cwillu_at_workbug #64537917:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 645379 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "[regression] mousewheel over indicator volume control no longer changes volume" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64537917:34
MichealHI think Evolution should have the Ubuntu  branding18:07
KipMacydoes the kernel that comes with maverick respond slow?  maybe it's in a debug mode I am unaware of?18:10
MTecknologyHow dangerous would data=writeback be to use for /?18:16
MTecknologyKipMacy: there's a lot of debugging enabled in the generic kernel18:17
KipMacyis there a quick way to turn it off, or do i just have to wait for release date18:17
MTecknologyit'll always be there18:18
MTecknologyit helps sith bug reporting18:18
MichealHLike apport18:18
MTecknologyI didn't notice any performance decreases this time though18:18
MichealHThat needs access18:18
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, do you recall the ext4 troubles with empty files?18:19
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: not really..18:20
cwillu_at_workKipMacy, you're probably leaping to conclusions that you shouldn't be :p18:20
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, well, you'll have the same sorts of troubles :p18:20
* MichealH seconds cwillu_at_work 18:20
cwillu_at_workKipMacy, what's slow, such that you think the kernel is the problem?18:20
MTecknologyfiles that were removed but the inode stayed?18:20
MichealHcwillu_at_work: Do you think the first Email you get form evolution should have the Ubuntu branding18:21
MichealHAnd the sender is "The Ubuntu Community"18:21
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, file metadata should be fine, but the contents are not guarenteed:  you may find files with old data, or empty, or any number of things after a unclean reboot18:21
cwillu_at_workMichealH, I think such "welcome" emails should be banished from email clients18:22
BajKohh I am so much looking forward to 10.10.. that package manager is just awesome! and network manager seems to be polished as well (no more stupid tray application but plasmoid)18:22
cwillu_at_workthey're just spam.  That they come from the client itself doesn't change that.18:22
MichealHcwillu_at_work: :L18:22
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: ok.. makes enough sense - probably not worth resking on a laptop - except for the partition that rarely has new content - I use it for compiling a lot of crap18:22
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, if you have lots of memory, do your compiling on a tmpfs :p18:22
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: can you tell the kernel to compile inside of a tmpfs when the content sits on a permanent fs?18:23
MTecknologyI'm using tmpfs for /tmp18:23
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, yes, but this has nothing to do with the kernel18:23
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, it's just a matter of telling the makefile where to build18:23
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: that's the biggest thing I compile in it18:23
cwillu_at_workoh, you mean the kernel source, yes18:24
MTecknologyI might have to play with that though...18:24
MTecknologyI think most time is spent off the hard drive though18:24
cwillu_at_workyou'd be surprised18:25
cwillu_at_workgranted that cache is supposed to get you basically all of the benefits18:25
cwillu_at_workbut there's alot of small files generated and mucked about18:25
MTecknologymy kernel fully compiled is also 2.5MB without any modules :P18:25
* cwillu_at_work guesses MTecknology thinks that's relevant, although he can't imagine why :p18:25
MTecknologyonly relevant because we're talking about me compiling a kernel18:26
MTecknologyI have one last question.... the sync mount option - how does that work18:26
MTecknologyI know how I 'think' it would work - but the term async comes to mind18:27
cwillu_at_workMTecknology, sync is... not what you want :p18:27
MTecknologyhelpful man page18:28
cwillu_at_workit means that no write calls return before the data hits the disk, which is basically never what you want18:28
cwillu_at_workit's an implicit fsync after every call18:28
MTecknologythat sounds kinda really slow18:28
cwillu_at_workit has its uses18:28
MTecknologyremovable media.18:28
MTecknologyso async would be default then..18:29
cwillu_at_workalthough you have to realize that in many situations, such writes represent partial work by an application, and aren't valid anyway18:29
cwillu_at_worksuch applications are broken to begin with, but...18:30
MTecknologythere's no fun mount options to play with for swap18:34
MTecknologyonly what you do with swap18:34
cwillu_at_workyou can put swap on a compressed loopback18:35
MTecknologythat sounds super efficient :P18:35
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: you ever do that?18:36
cwillu_at_workyes, on a compressed btrfs rootfs18:37
cwillu_at_workmade cmason cry, it did18:37
MTecknologyI can specify a max for tmpfs.. I know I can...18:38
MTecknologythere... just had to remember how to work the new google18:39
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: maybe I should put /var/log on tmpfs too :D18:40
cwillu_at_workthat's kinda silly18:40
cwillu_at_workpersistent log files are your friend18:40
cwillu_at_workdon't hurt your friends18:40
MTecknologyhttp://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?t=16450 <-- about half way down18:41
MTecknologythat would definitely be a solid definition of a memory leak..18:41
MTecknologythe longer you run, the more ram you use18:41
MTecknologyI tried to add data=writeback on /opt but mount didn't like that..18:43
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: You happen to have logs for this channel where you could do a grep for MTecknology and http ?18:45
MTecknologyI apparently didn't turn on logging for this channel18:46
cwillu_at_workyes, why?18:46
cwillu_at_workwhat are you looking for?18:47
MTecknologyI was hoping you could maybe tell me the link given to me18:47
MTecknologywas that the last one?18:47
cwillu_at_workbut, have you looked at the mouse config page?18:47
MTecknologyIt was about ext418:47
cwillu_at_workmight have been when I was out of channel18:48
MTecknologyit was a blog by somebody.. they might not have hilighted me..18:48
cwillu_at_workwell, then grepping for MTeck isn't gonna help now is it? :p18:48
cwillu_at_workSep 21 12:54:09 <andycc>        Here you go: http://kmandla.wordpress.com/projects/set-up-ubuntu-for-speed/#ext318:49
cwillu_at_work-C5 option to grep :p18:49
* MTecknology hugs cwillu_at_work 18:49
* cwillu_at_work checks the link for excessive silliness18:49
MTecknologyI'm not goign to try it - just wanted to get the bookmark18:50
cwillu_at_workthe tune2fs is sufficient, the rest of the options are just going to confuse matters18:50
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cwillu_at_workyes, there's some excessive silliness in that link18:51
cwillu_at_workred flags go up when people say "Like relatime and noatime, nobh is a flag for ext3 that might improve disk performance, and maybe even overall speed. As with every tweak, the results will depend on the hardware and the system."18:51
cwillu_at_worki.e:  "I have no idea what I'm talking about, duhr"18:52
MTecknologyand the stability18:52
cwillu_at_workignore the existence of nobh, it's a low level detail that should only unbreak really _really_ broken apps which probably don't exist anymore18:53
MTecknologyaight.. brb18:53
MTecknologynoatime,nodiratime <- should be pretty safe for non / partitions?18:55
MTecknologyor pointless?18:55
cwillu_at_workrelatime is the default, has 99% of the benefit of noatime, and 99% of the benefit of having updated atimes18:55
cwillu_at_workwow, he both recommends wiping a drive before reinstalling (as if the data on old partitions needs to be wiped before repartitioning), and recommends a full utility cd for the task rather than a simple dd18:55
MTecknologywhat about the tune2fs part of what he said?18:56
MTecknologysudo tune2fs -o journal_data_writeback /dev/sda118:57
cwillu_at_workthat's the right way to change the setting, setting it in the fs metadata itself rather than depending on a runtime setting18:57
cwillu_at_workhonestly, if you're gonna run beta software anyway, you might as well use btrfs :D18:57
MTecknologymaybe I'll play with that on my other system18:59
cwillu_at_workmost of that page is pretty questionable18:59
MTecknologyand .. brb18:59
MTecknologyboot time cut in half by removing ureadahead19:01
MTecknologycwillu_at_work: how's that for uber? :P19:05
MTecknologythere's not enough for it to read for the read to really help..19:06
BajKwill Kubuntu 10.10 as well support multitouch or is it ubuntu only?19:16
krabadorhi people, i'm trying today's daily build , and it's really fastest than up-to-date 10.04. What's changed for this result?19:22
krabadorhi people, i'm trying today's daily build , and it's really fastest than up-to-date 10.04. What's changed for this result?19:51
cwillu_at_workkrabador, any one of a million things depending on your hardware and what you installed in 10.04?20:13
krabadorcwillu_at_work, the same machine20:13
cwillu_at_workthat's not at all what I meant20:13
krabadorcwillu_at_work, i mean a fresh up-to-date installation of the 10.04 and today's maverick daily build20:14
cwillu_at_work"I bought a new car, and it runs faster than my old one.  What changed?"20:15
krabadorcwillu, speed on the machine i'm using, is the same, on 9.04 9.10 10.0420:16
krabadorcwillu_at_work, speed on the machine i'm using, is the same, on 9.04 9.10 10.0420:17
cwillu_at_work"my 99, 2001 and 2004 toyotas ran at the same speed"20:17
krabadoris an athlon 1800+ 1gbram20:17
cwillu_at_work"is a 2.2L V4"20:17
krabadorcwillu_at_work, isn't the same for today's maverick20:18
krabadori'm only ask what is realy changed20:19
cwillu_at_workkrabador, a million things20:19
cwillu_at_workyou haven't said what changed for you even.  "Faster" doesn't mean anything.20:19
cwillu_at_workIs it "faster" because it boots quicker?  Or is it "faster" because the visual effects are disabled?  Or is it "faster" because the menu fade-in time was decreased?20:20
krabadorcwillu_at_work, faster on general gui using, and sure on firefox with flash20:20
* cwillu_at_work headdesks20:20
krabadorwith the same machine, on the 10.04 i have the worse prestation that all previous version20:21
cwillu_at_workyou have no idea what is faster in particular, and so I won't be able to figure out why it's faster.20:22
krabadori told you, gnome use (i tried all the themes), and browsing flash sites20:22
krabadorthis test machine, is the same by years, and now, i had the same flash prestations by years20:23
krabador*and now i haven't the same prestation that was almost the same with all previous versions20:24
krabadori believe the worse, version by version, and now i can't tell it20:25
jbroomei'd check for a changelog and poke through that21:04
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BUGabundoanyone can advise me, on how to get my all OS back to english»21:23
BUGabundosomething is really messed up with the Language Support tool :(21:23
MaximLevitskyWith maveric for first time ever,  compilation of few libraries I do can't seem to find includes21:30
MaximLevitskyCould somebody help me?21:30
MaximLevitskyfor example I compile pixman now and its test suite can't find the gtk.h21:42
MaximLevitskyOf course because its not included in CFLAGS21:42
MaximLevitskyglib.h more correctly21:42
MaximLevitskyThanks for (no) help. I figured that out22:14
MaximLevitskya disto update downgraded the pixman version and that made pkg-config to fail to get cflags for many gnome libraries22:15
MaximLevitskynow reinstalled, and works fine22:15
MaximLevitskyThanks again for no help22:15
christophoroshello i just installed ubuntu 10.10 and got a problem. i already search google  and documentation and got nothing. i got USB speakers connected on my PC and i cant hear any music. speakers are : Creative Z CInema... please someone give me some help :)22:21
MaximLevitskychristophoros: don't know much about that, but I could help a bit22:23
jbroomeMaximLevitsky: you realize this is a beta and things are likely to go wonky, right?22:23
christophorosi will appriciate it  :)22:23
christophorosso what we can look first? (am kinda new to ubuntu )22:23
MaximLevitskychristophoros: first let see if you got the device listed in lsusb output22:24
christophoros<MaximLevitsky> sure can u guite me throught terminal pls?22:25
jbroomechristophoros: you sure you should be running 10.10 right now?22:26
MaximLevitskychristophoros: you pretty much just need to open gnome-terminal22:26
MaximLevitskyits in Applications22:26
christophoros<MaximLevitsky shall i paste u here what i get ?22:27
christophorosi ant see any speakers on22:27
christophorosi only see my wireless kayboard card reader etc22:28
MaximLevitskychristophoros: since there could be many different problems I would like to attempt to approach the problem from low level up22:28
MaximLevitskyit could be that just volume is muted or something like that22:29
christophorosalready checked that22:29
MaximLevitskyso, look at output of aplay -l22:29
MaximLevitskyI think you should see 2 cards there22:30
MaximLevitskythe internal and usb22:30
christophoroshmm what shall i write in term ?22:30
MaximLevitskyaplay -l22:30
christophorosyeh i can see my z cinema there22:30
MaximLevitskycould you put output of aplay -l to a http://paste.ubuntu.com/22:31
MaximLevitskyok, now open 'sound preferences' . Just click on the volume icon on top and select that from menu22:34
christophorosi can hear some music when i test them but its toooo low22:36
christophorosand the sound is maxed22:36
MaximLevitskychristophoros: you are on hardware tab, right?22:36
Dinkchristophoros, I had to mess with pavcontrol to get my usb speakers working. Had to unmute,enable and increase volume there.22:36
MaximLevitskychristophoros: indeed, but first be sure you selected the usb speakers as output device on output tab22:37
christophorosmy wireless speaker controller can unmute and mute and turn speakers on and off but i can increase volume22:38
christophorosthey are selected on output22:38
MaximLevitskyok, now in the console run 'alsamixer -Dhw:1'22:39
MaximLevitskyas the Dink suggests22:40
MaximLevitskyI must say that its somewhat a regression when gnome removed the alsa mixer22:40
MaximLevitskyah, and be sure that in sound preferences the output volume is on 100%22:41
christophorosam at alsa mixer and everythink as i see are normal22:41
MaximLevitskyand in sound preferencies, the output volume is ok?22:42
christophoroshmm i think its ok now everythink is maxxed but in the speakers screen is half the volume22:43
christophorosonly way to turn the volume up is by remote control22:43
christophorosi can use remote for almost every faction exept for volume22:43
MaximLevitskybtw how you measure the volume now?22:44
MaximLevitskythe Test button?22:44
MaximLevitskyif so its new feature22:44
christophorosi have a movie running22:44
MaximLevitskyAh, ok22:44
christophorostes buttons is helpfull tho hehe22:44
MaximLevitskyif so, maybe the totem volume isn't maxed?22:44
christophorosi use vlc22:45
christophorosand its maxxed22:45
christophorosnow the problem is the wireless remote tat i cant turn music up22:45
christophorosthats the problem now22:45
christophorossoftware problem solved22:45
christophorosi dont know22:45
christophorosi can use all the factions of the remote exept that22:45
MaximLevitskyyou mean the remote has the volume up button?22:46
christophorosits the logitech remote22:46
MaximLevitskynote that there is a probability that this function is implemented in software22:47
christophorosthats my speakers22:47
christophoroswhat u mean implemented in software ?22:47
MaximLevitskythe button might send a keypress to the OS22:47
christophoroshmm in win7 works fine dunno whats wrong22:48
christophorosbtw in alsa its should be a volume up colum right ?22:48
MaximLevitskychristophoros: you mean alsamixer?22:49
MaximLevitskywhat controls btw you see there?22:49
christophorosBass treble and PCM22:49
MaximLevitskyand PCM is on 100% I guess22:50
MaximLevitskybtw if you play with PCM, does output  volume change?22:50
christophorosjust  tryed it22:50
MaximLevitskyAnd if you remember, W7 had a volume slider for the speakers?22:51
christophorosyeh software22:51
MaximLevitskywhat do you mean?22:52
christophoroswhen i was using the remote tha dialog box was poping up and showing me what i was doing with the remote22:53
christophorosbut the strange is that i can use the remote now22:53
christophorosbut i cant use the volume22:54
MaximLevitskyAnd you did install some 'drivers', right?22:54
christophorosin ubuntu no thought it doesnt support the disk i have22:54
MaximLevitskyOf course, I mean in W722:54
christophorosyes in w7 i did but without drivers when i just installed w7 the remote was working22:55
MaximLevitskyincluding volume up/down?22:55
MaximLevitskybut when you pressed volume up/down, did you see some screen feedback or not?22:56
MaximLevitskyI am thinking that this vol up/down is just a keypress22:57
christophoroswhat u mean keypress22:58
MaximLevitskycould you give me an lspci -vvv output via pastebin?22:58
MaximLevitskyI mean it shows up as an additional keyboard22:58
christophoroslet me restart the pc a sec23:00
MaximLevitskyI just want to tell you one thing23:03
MaximLevitskyusb device can show themselfs as all kinds of devices23:04
MaximLevitskyLike modems often present a mass storage device with W drivers...23:04
MaximLevitskyIn out case the speakers might present a keyboard device in addition to speakers themselfs23:05
MaximLevitskychristophoros: so, lets look at lsusb -vv23:05
christophorosterminal cuts me off the first lines23:08
MaximLevitskywhich are the importaint23:10
MaximLevitskyyou go to edit->profile preferencies23:10
MaximLevitskythen scrolling tab23:10
MaximLevitskyand select unlimited23:11
MaximLevitskyor even better just write output to file23:11
MaximLevitskyit done this was23:11
MaximLevitskylsusb -vv > output23:11
MaximLevitsky> redirects the output to file23:11
MaximLevitskyand the 'output' is a name of the file23:11
MaximLevitskycould be anything23:12
MaximLevitskynot bad...23:12
MaximLevitsky'bInterfaceClass         3 Human Interface Device '23:12
MaximLevitskyYep, it defines a keyboard...23:12
BUGabundoMaximLevitsky: christophoros: fyi that's why we have pastebinit app23:13
christophorosoh go listen to this23:13
christophorosi connected them with AUX (made room up site down to find one wire ) volume WORKS23:14
christophorosBUT sound is not23:14
MaximLevitskychristophoros: could you explain what AUX means in your case?23:14
BUGabundoinstall paman and pavucontrol and check it23:14
christophorosaux cable23:15
MaximLevitskychristophoros: the 3.5in jack?23:15
MaximLevitskyIts very simple23:15
MaximLevitskyWith USB, your speakers appear as a separate sound card23:16
MaximLevitskyAnd a keyboard...23:16
christophorosyey i fixed it23:16
christophoroseverythink fixed now hehe23:16
MaximLevitskyWith 3.5 inc cable your internal sound card drives the speakers23:17
MaximLevitskyand they probably do the volume in hardware or so23:17
MaximLevitskybtw when you press volume buttons23:17
christophorosi was looking in google and found this article about bunch of people had same problem23:17
MaximLevitskyDo you see any screen feedback now?23:17
christophorosand someone told them to try the aux cable23:17
christophorosno i cant see any pop up screen now but the sound works the remote too23:18
MaximLevitskyyou probably don't have usb conected23:18
MaximLevitskyso its not possible23:18
christophoroshmm so i think everythink is fixed now on my pc expt my 52'' screen i have connected and dont show anythink now but ill figure it out hehe23:19
MaximLevitskychristophoros: just one thing, you use a kind of fallback configuration23:19
christophoroswhat u mean23:19
MaximLevitskyI mean that it should work with USB23:20
MaximLevitskyits kind of better23:20
christophorosi think wth jack gives better quality cause its connected throught sound card23:20
MaximLevitskyIt should be the opposite, because through USB digital data is sent23:21
MaximLevitskyand then speakers play it23:21
christophorosah yeh23:21
christophoroswell i search deaper in the forums maybe ill find a solution23:22
MaximLevitskyI am just curious about that volume thing23:22
MaximLevitskylook at /dev/input/23:22
christophorosdunno same here cause its notnormal to wirk with jack and nto with usb23:22
MaximLevitskyin console just do ls /dev/input23:22
MaximLevitskyls /dev/input/23:23
MaximLevitskythen plug the speakers via usb23:23
MaximLevitskyand see if you have new file in /dev/input/ directory23:23
MaximLevitskylook carefully23:23
christophorosby-id  by-path  event0  event1  event2  event3  event4  mice  mouse023:24
christophoroslet me put the usb now\23:24
christophorosyeh i got 1 new now23:24
MaximLevitskyevent5 I guess23:25
MaximLevitskynow install the 'evtest' program23:25
MaximLevitskysudo apt-get install evtest23:25
MaximLevitskychristophoros: and open the new input device in it23:26
MaximLevitskychristophoros: by doing sudo evtest /dev/input/event523:26
christophorostesting it23:27
MaximLevitskynow press the volup/down keys and see if you get output23:28
MaximLevitskyand won't hurt trying other keys23:28
christophorosstill speakers volume is not going up23:29
MaximLevitskybut you get output?23:29
MaximLevitskyvolume won't magicly change, I only want to confirm that volume up/down keys are software ones23:30
lukushi - my update manager never resets .. reports last update as 12 days ago23:31
lukusdoes anyone here get the same?23:32
christophorospc restarted for the resolution and the volume is fixed now23:32
MaximLevitskylukus: must me something broken23:32
MaximLevitskylukus: I have just installed 10.10,don't know if I get that too23:33
MaximLevitskylukus: but did you try the refresh button?23:33
christophoros<MaximLevitsky> thanks alot23:34
MaximLevitskychristophoros: with USB?23:34
MaximLevitskychristophoros: wierd...23:34
christophorosu know i formated the pc 3 times23:34
christophorosback to w7 cause of this problem23:34
christophorosnow its fixed never going back to windows23:35
christophorosits was the only problem i had23:35
MaximLevitskychristophoros: I didn't fix it!23:35
MaximLevitskychristophoros: the problem probably will appear again sooner or later23:35
christophorosi hope not ><23:36
MaximLevitskychristophoros: but just curious, did you get output from evtest?23:36
christophorosdidnt  manage to see that cause pc wanted to restard cause i was messing with x screen23:37
MaximLevitskyok, lets leave everything as is23:37
MaximLevitskyBut really I didn't in any way helped fix this23:37
christophorosits was the conversation tho23:38
christophorosi was meesing thinks up23:38
christophorosmaybe that helped hehe23:38
MaximLevitskyI also remember myself reinstalling trying all kinds of distros...23:38
MaximLevitskyNow I more or less understand the system and never reinstall anything23:39
christophorosthats what i was doing in my laptop23:39
christophoros3-4 formats every day lol23:39
MaximLevitskymy desktop (that I just updated) is from 7.0423:39
MaximLevitskyIt still has 32 bit version 'cause I don't want to break the sequence...23:40
christophorosi have the 10.10 64bit23:40
MaximLevitskyon my desktop I have just (few hours ago) updated from 10.0423:40
christophoroscool :)23:41
christophorosbtw what u suggest me to get to get some graphics in my desktop ?23:41
MaximLevitskychristophoros: what graphic card you have?23:41
christophorosmsi nvidia n250gts23:41
MaximLevitskyThen install the nvidia drivers and it should be all right23:42
christophorosi done it23:42
MaximLevitskyNow 3D apps work?23:42
christophorosshall i get compiz?23:43
MaximLevitskyFirst lets make some 3D app work23:44
MaximLevitskyI'll suggest you a neverball game23:44
MaximLevitskyFun game btw23:44
christophorosi need 6 min to finish the updates23:45
christophoroslet me finish so i go make a smoke fast and well take it on from here23:46
MaximLevitskyI noticed that search doesn't work in nautilus if I start it with gksu23:48
MaximLevitskyAny ideas if a bugreport is filled for that?23:49
christophorosback :)23:54
MaximLevitskychristophoros: How you installed nvidia drivers?23:54
christophorosit poped me a windows and told me that ubuntu had to download the driveras23:55
MaximLevitskychristophoros: got to System->Hardware drivers23:55
MaximLevitskySysttem->Administration->Additional Hardware drivers23:55
christophorosnvidia driver is enabled23:56
MaximLevitskynew lets just install the neverball ok23:57
christophorosits installing the updates23:57
javatexanhow do I add openvpn connection to the gnome network applet?  or can I...not sure if that normal or problem23:57
christophorosand takes some time23:57
MaximLevitskyYou can also run glxgears, glxnfo in the terminal23:57
MaximLevitskyBut a game really shows if 3d works on no23:57
MaximLevitskyor no23:57
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christophoros3d are workign now23:58
christophoroson visual effects i got it on Extra23:58

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