GrueMasterrsalveti: Where is this script for omap4 audio?00:22
GrueMasterIt isn't in bug 628217.00:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 628217 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "No audio output from analog ports on panda (omap4) (affects: 1) (heat: 252)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62821700:22
robclarkGrueMaster: amixer.sh?00:23
GrueMasterI guess.  I keep hearing about a script to make audio work on the panda analog ports.00:24
robclarkif rsalveti doesn't beat me to it, I'll fwd in a couple min00:24
robclarkGrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498061/00:30
robclarkrun amixer.sh -a00:30
rlameiroevening everyone00:33
GrueMasterrobclark: Still no audio.  Ran sudo sh amixer.sh -a.  Rebooted.  Now nothing shows up in gnome volume control.00:38
GrueMasteram I missing a driver?00:39
robclarkGrueMaster: oh, ok.. maybe still the updated default.pa is needed?00:39
robclarkhang on..00:39
GrueMasterThis is a base image00:39
robclarkGrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498064/ is /etc/pulse/default.pa.. and one more coming00:40
robclarkGrueMaster: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498068/ is daemon.conf00:41
GrueMasterOk.  Will test then add these to the bug report.00:42
robclarkthere is some TI package, I think, that configures everything..00:42
robclarkand still I think open point about how to do it without overwriting system files.. but that is a known issue I suppose00:42
GrueMasterWell, having these attached to the bug report will give the respective developers something to work with.00:43
rlameiroaudio problems too?00:47
rlameirothey are comming00:47
rlameiroEvening GrueMaster  :D00:47
GrueMasterhello, and welcome back.00:47
robclarkthere is lot of ongoing work for ASoC..  which is making audio a bit painful right now00:48
robclarkbut should make things better for the future00:48
GrueMasteryea, I've seen a flood of traffic on alsa-devel mailing list.00:49
rlameirowell, i see that i have some serious bugs on the audio setup on igepv200:50
rlameirobut seems to be the same problem with the beagle00:50
GrueMasterrlameiro: On beagle, there are a few steps you can take in alsamixer to get audio working.  Mainly unmute DAC2 Analog, HeadsetL Mixer AudioL2 and HeadsetR Mixer AudioR2, and increase volume for Headset and DAC2 Analog.00:53
rlameiroi did that on my igep00:53
GrueMasterDoes "speaker-test -c 2 -t wav" produce audio with those settings?00:54
rlameirobut even like that, the driver seems very buggy, as it cant handle big "WORKLOAD"00:54
rlameiroGrueMaster: never tried it out with those settings but it should00:55
rlameiromy problem is runnig puredata on it00:55
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persiaGrueMaster, robclark: the daemon.conf changes should not be needed.  default.pa is (unless either we find a way to recognise the chip for berco's conf fragment, or the kernel gets fixed)01:07
robclarkahh, ok01:07
persiaHrm.  Actually, might be able to do something with udev.01:26
* persia reads more docs01:26
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GrueMasterGah.  death by alsa.  After copying the default.pa and running the amixer.sh script, I am now getting kernel segfaults in alsa.01:50
* GrueMaster bangs head in silence.01:55
persiaSo it's obviously a kernel bug.  The kernel isn't supposed to segfault, regardless of what we do with userspace :)01:55
GrueMasterI know.01:56
GrueMasterBug 64482801:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 644828 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "BUG: scheduling while atomic: alsa-source/2058/0x00000002 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64482801:56
GrueMasterI think we are going to continue seeing these atomic issues in SOC systems until Cortex A9 is out in force and developers can fix their code.01:57
GrueMasterUntil now, no SOC was multicore, and some of the SOC specific code got a little free with the atomic stuff.01:57
GrueMasterIt's kind of the same growing pains that plagued x86 before SMP code was completed, just not as severe due to the lack of specific devices.01:59
GrueMasterpersia: I can verify that with the changes to default.pa and running amixer.sh from ti, I can now playback music in rhythmbox on panda.  Not bad.02:31
persiaamixer.sh makes up for the fact that 1) the kernel doesn't actually know what to do with it and 2) doesn't even provide enough information to userspace to use a userspace config file.02:32
persiadefault.pa is because 1) the kernel doesn't actually know what to do with it and 2) there currently exist no udev rules to explain (although this may be impacted by the same 2) as for amixer.sh: this remains to be determined)02:33
persiaUnfortunately, because of the 2) for amixer.sh, we are forced to fix this in the kernel somehow, as the userspace config trick won't work (unless we expect every single user to manually run amixer.sh)02:34
persiapulse is differently complicated, but because of how udev works, it may be possible to have a special "panda-pulse-enable" package that handles that.02:35
persia(and. absolutely worst cast, that hack package could run amixer.sh in postinst or something)02:35
GrueMasterWhat I have found is that I have had to run amixer.sh after each reboot.02:36
GrueMasterEven running it sudo doesn't save state properly.02:36
persiaUgh.  That's too painful for words.02:37
persiaRight.  Kernel patch!02:37
robclarkGrueMaster: I noticed same issue.. it used to work (saving settings on shutdown) with older internal fs that I had02:37
robclarkbut now I have to re-run script too :-(02:37
GrueMasterwell, it is after 6:30pm here.  I could be doing this while drinking a beer. brb02:39
persiaBother.  Making pulse's module-udev-detect work requires properly poplating sysfs.02:58
persiaCould someone with a panda check /sys/class/sound/card.../pcmC...../pcm_class and tell me what it contains?02:59
GrueMastergeneric for all.03:00
persiaberco, /lib/udev/rules.d/78-sound-card.rules might be interesting to you (let's hope it isn't)03:00
persiaThat's not helpful :(03:00
persiaYeah, I think we just don't have enough information in userspace to detect that we want to do special stuff right now :(03:01
GrueMasterAnything else I can do for you tonight?  If not I'm calling it a day.  12 hours is enough.03:03
robclarkpersia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498132/03:03
persiaGrueMaster, Have a good night.03:03
persiarobclark, Yep.  That just doesn't give us the information we want to be able to automatically populate something equivalent to http://paste.ubuntu.com/498064/03:04
persiaspecifically the "load-module module-alsa-{sink,source} device=..." lines03:05
ajayhi all, i have IGEP board unfortunately i saved wrong uboot parameter on it,now i am not able to boot from flash,sdcard as well not getting prompt on minicom03:15
persiaYou probably have to perform some sort of reset on uboot.  Check the docs for your specific board for low-level recovery instructions.03:17
persiaFor example, some boards allow you to hold down some special button to boot from an alternate bootloader03:18
ajaypersia, thanks but this board doesnot have any type of button as input03:19
ajaythere is no recovery mode inside flash03:19
persiaNo idea then.  If you can't boot anything, and have no input/output (serial or console), I'm not sure if we can help much.03:20
persiaI really think you'd do better with the IGEP distributors (although I may be mistaken, and there are other folk here who have similar boards)03:21
davidmajay, it may require the use of a hardware debugger03:24
ajaydavidm, i have onle serial port console that is minuicm03:25
davidmajay, if your board is: http://www.igep-platform.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=5503:26
davidmThen it has holes for a JTAG connector and that with special instructions will allow you to reflash the boot system03:26
robclarkwill IGEP boot off of MMC before NAND?03:28
robclark(or are there some DIP switch or jumpers to make that so)03:28
ajayrobbiew, yes it tryies to boot from mmc first03:28
ajaythen flash03:28
robclarkthen you should be able to put a good bootloader on an MMC card and recover that way03:29
ajayi did that as well for this i am getting white screen in LCD and no message over minicom03:30
robclarkhmm, is that different behavior than booting without MMC card?03:31
robclarkif so, then you know MMC comes first..03:31
robclarkthen it is "just" a matter of getting a correctly formatted MMC card with good MLO and u-boot.bin..03:32
robclark(there are scripts floating around to correctly format the MMC card under linux..)03:32
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furibondoxhave you had a similar problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/498254/07:58
persiaI haven't seen that reported previously.08:07
persiaPlease file a bug against qemu-kvm-extras-static (assuming you generated that on an Ubuntu system)08:07
furibondoxyes I've generated that using rootstock08:15
persiaWas that error produced as part of a rootstock build?08:22
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ogradmart_, fyi http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=56355&start=30&tstart=009:22
ogradmart_, so general bootloader access is there it seems, but nobody figured out the details09:22
furibondoxhi ogra09:22
furibondoxI'm always working with the boot process... I'm very frustrated with the new upstart mechanism (only few times all works fine, other times no: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498292/).09:25
persiaI don't think upstart is your issue there.09:26
furibondoxwith this asyncronous method seems that some daemons wait something else but I don't understand when and what09:26
furibondoxpersia... I think so, because some times all the boot process goes ok, sometimes no09:27
furibondoxand the problem is always similar to the one I reported in the pastebin09:28
furibondoxwhen the problem occurrs, all devices in /dev have a wrong datetime (01-01-1970) and ownership (root:root)09:32
ograthats with ubuntu kernel ?09:32
ograand does your system have an rtc battery and/or a network connection ?09:33
furibondoxthe rtc is taken from another processor (a secure processor)09:34
furibondoxso it's good09:34
furibondoxthe problem seems related to the devices generated by udev during the the initrd and the devices in the real filesystem09:35
furibondoxbut I'm using the same initrd of the ubuntu09:35
furibondoxit seems that udev fails to be killed in the initrd??09:40
ograudev is supposed to be carried over from initrd, how did you generate the initrd assuming you use a different kernel09:43
ograalso do your kernel config options match with the ubuntu ones09:43
ograif your devices are all tagged 1970 then your rtc part in the kernel that sets it on kernel bringup doesnt work (default in ubuntu)09:44
furibondoxI copied the initrd from the rootstock using this kernel: http://rcn-ee.net/deb/lucid/v2.6.35.4-l4/linux-image-
ograubuntu sets the rtc dircetly at unpackaing the kernel, if that doesnt work it falls back to ntpdate ... if *that* doesnt work you can still use the fixrtc cmdline option that sets the clock to last mount time of the disk09:45
ograyou should recreate the initrd if you use a different kernel09:46
furibondoxbut I don't use any modules...09:46
furibondoxso the initrd should be the same except that09:46
* ogra wonders why people always assume initrd is only for using modules09:46
ograi heard that three times this week09:47
furibondoxI have read all scripts inside the initrd09:47
ograit wont break but will gain you unexpected results09:47
persiaogra, leftovers from embedded development models09:47
furibondoxand they should work with my configuration09:47
ogralike for example udev misbehaving with broken RTC :)09:47
ograwhat HW is that exactly ?09:48
persiafuribondox, The key bit is not the scripts *in* the initrd, but rather the scripts used to genreate the scripts in the initrd which hardcode certain things depending on the kernel.09:48
ograa standard beagle ?09:48
furibondoxit's not a standard beagleboard09:49
furibondoxit's a custom board09:49
furibondoxwith omap 353009:49
ograbut you are trying to use a kernel that was compilde from a beagleboard defconfig ?09:49
furibondoxwe use our kernel09:49
ograwell, the above one surely is09:49
ograrcn-ee kernels are all beagle kernels afaik09:49
furibondoxI've only used the kernel I said you above in order to generate the initrd with the rootstock09:50
furibondoxonly for that09:50
ograhow much ram do you have on your board ?09:50
ograthe plymouth error is likely the ureadahead OOM09:50
ograyeah, that would fit09:50
ogracurrently uredahead needs more than 256M else it will OOM and tear down plymouth with it09:51
ogra(you should actually see OOM messages for both in dmesg)09:51
furibondoxyesterday i tried also to disable ureadahead and plymounth but the problems remained09:52
avinashhmhi, while booting omap4 sdp i am getting this error .."init: ureadahead main process (487) terminated with status 5" ...  any idea what status 5 suggests ??09:52
ograyou cant disable plamouth09:52
furibondoxogra: yes I saw ;-)09:52
ograavinashhm, that you are using an SD card which it cant sacn09:52
ograavinashhm, or any other flash device09:53
ograavinashhm, that message is fine, its only info, not an error09:53
avinashhmogra, its not related to network ... ?? it hangs after this .. i do nt get the prompt  ....09:54
ografuribondox, try removing ureadahead09:54
avinashhmI have removed all nw options from make menuconfig ...09:54
ografuribondox, which prompt on which console ?09:54
furibondoxjust disable in the /etc/init/ureadahead or aptitude purge ureadahead ?09:55
ograi.e. if you expect something on serial, did you make sure serial was enabled during rootstock with the --serial option ?09:55
ograapt-get purgs09:55
ogra(why do people always use aptiture is beyond me)09:55
furibondoxyes I use --serial ttyS209:55
ograand thats also the console you are looking at ?09:56
alf_ogra: Hi! For a BB xM with possible memory corruptions issues, is "mem=256M" a reliable workaround?09:57
furibondoxagain... my kernel command line is this: rw console=ttyS2,115200e8 vram=5M omapfb.vram=2560K,2560K root=/dev/mtdblock7 rootfstype=yaffs2 lcdType=QVGA mpurate=600 omap_vout.vid1_static_vrfb_alloc=y mem=227M09:57
ograalf_, yes, according to some testers09:57
* ogra never had these RAM probs on his XM so i cant tell for sure09:58
alf_ogra: Great, thanks. Hopefully this will make my BB xM experience more deterministic :)09:58
ograi think ricardo uses that option on his XM too09:59
furibondoxok now (w/o ureadahead) I've only this error in the boot.log09:59
furibondoxinit: procps main process (3090) terminated with status 13909:59
ograthats an issue with your kernel config10:00
furibondoxyes, I'm investigate on this...10:01
* ogra recommends pulling the ubuntu kernel deb and looking at the config file inside10:02
ograenabling devtmpfs is also helpful10:03
ograand there are a good bunch of other options i guess10:03
avinashhmogra, the next statement after the "init: ureadahead main process (487) terminated with status 5" is "Last login: " ... does this need any n/w support ??10:04
ogra "Last login: " ??10:04
ograthat looks like you have some kind of autologin going on10:05
avinashhmits tells ... Last login time ... and other things right ??10:05
ograthat line comes from motd iirc10:05
avinashhmyeah ... ubuntu @ ubuntu is logged by default ...10:05
ogran/w = network ?10:06
avinashhmyeah ... network ... :-) .. sorry for confusion.10:06
ogranetwork is only needed if you dont have an rtc battery or dont use the fixrtc cmdline option ... to avoid fsck on boot if your last mount time is worng10:07
ograbut apparently you dont get an fsck so it all seems fine to me10:07
avinashhmi am on AC supply ... so no rtc battery ... and i don't have fixrtc in my bootargs .. may be this is causing the erro r ...10:09
ograwhich error ?10:09
* ogra doesnt see an error in any of your questions above10:09
avinashhmnot error .. the hang .... it hangs after the print "init: ureadahead main process (487) terminated with status 5" ...10:09
ograi thought it gives you an autologin10:10
avinashhmyeah ... it give autologon normally ...but when i disable network in menuconfig, it hangs10:10
ogrado you disable the NIC or all network support ?10:11
ograindeed, as any linux system ubuntu needs a loopback device10:11
ograso you should have basic networking enabled10:11
avinashhmNetworking support  ---> Networking options  ---> TCP/IP networking .... whats NIC ?? and loopback ???10:12
ograugh, why do you play with these options if you dont know what you do ?10:12
ograNIC = network interface card10:13
ogra(your network card driver)10:13
ograand loopback is the lo interface lostening for localhost connections on the virtual address10:13
avinashhmthere are some stability issues ... like system crashes @ rt_worker_func once in an hour or 2 ... so this funciton was tracked to some network file ... route.c ... so we wanted to disalbe that ...10:14
ograsome apps expect loopback networking to be available to properly run10:14
avinashhmogra, so no way to boot ubuntu, with network disabled ???10:15
ograwell, i dont know10:15
ograbut i know that some apps look for loopback10:15
ograX wont start without it iirc10:15
ogranot sure about the low level, we never disable TCP/IP in ubuntu kernels10:16
ograso i cant really tell what would happen then :)10:16
avinashhmthanks for hlep ogra ... :) ...let me give some more time on this ... and see what happens ..:-)10:17
ograheh, ok10:17
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ograpersia, did you work with dyfet on the hdf issues ? where is that at ?12:30
dmartdyfet: ping?12:32
* dmart guesses it may still be too early12:33
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ograor to late (in care of persia)12:34
ogradmart, btw, did you see my ping this morning ?12:34
dmartogra: hmm, guess not.12:35
ogradmart, http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=218590&#218590 someone found access to the bootloader on the toshiba12:35
dmartogra: (very faintly) pong12:35
ograso it seems to be just a matter of time now :)12:35
* ogra already bricked one, so i'm waiting for others to do the hard work until someone figures out how to change the boot options12:36
persiaogra, A little, but doko just -marm'd it, which makes the issue not visible.  I believe dyfet was working on a test case for the underlying toolchain bug exposed in h5detect.12:36
ogradmart, ^^^12:37
persiadmart, If you want to investigate, remove -marm, rebuild, and then look at the detection macros in h5detect.12:37
ograpersia, there was discussion about bug #635199 in #linaro (why are you not in there ? :) )12:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 635199 in hdf5 (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[armel] the ./H5detect test segfaults when built for armv7 (affects: 1) (heat: 315)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63519912:37
persiaThe code does some things that end up being very ugly for any architecture that can handle more than one instruction set :)12:37
* persia doesn't currently have attention to contribute to linaro12:38
ograwe have a team wide agreement12:38
ograthat everyone will be in both channels12:38
dmartpersia: well, it's ubuntu too :)12:38
persiaYao Qi's comment is correct, and matches what dyfet was telling me.12:39
persiaI should have some spare attention soon, and will be there more :)12:40
dmartHmmm, the .diff.gz is almost twice as big as .orig.tar.gz for hdf5 :O12:45
dmartthat's a bit scary12:45
dmartpersia: yes, it doesn't look like a toolchain issue12:46
dmartI'm also wondering whether the kernel does something wrong with respect to alignment fixups.12:47
dmart(in addition to reporting them as SIGILL...)12:47
persiaThat's a deeper question than I can answer: best wait for dyfet.12:47
dmartno problem12:48
persiah5detect is a good way to exercise alignment issues though :)12:48
ograwow software-center is really a myth12:49
ograi wonder if the design team is aware that they overengineerd a bit here :)12:50
dmarthow do you mean12:50
dmartmore than less /var/lib/apt/lists/*Packages ?12:50
ograwell, i'm just testing a few things in it12:50
ograand i dont find it very intuitive12:51
ograi.e. trying to install all of OO.o i indeed click on the metapackage12:51
ograwhich only gets me an "update now" button (that in the backend seems to run apt-get update)12:51
ograyou actually have to click on something like "openoffice writer" and then select the metapackage under "addon packages"12:52
dmarthmmm, that sounds weird... surely installing the metapackage that ought to suck in everything?12:52
ograyes, it does, but only if you pick one of the sublevel packages and check a box12:52
dmartI would have thought "install it all" would be a sensible default for inexperienced users12:54
ograheh, yeah12:54
ograi'm probably to experienced to understand it though12:54
ograwho knows :)12:54
* dmart shrugs12:54
ograah, seems to actually be a bug :)12:55
sebjanogra: hi! we finally found a problem in the u-boot currently beeing used (we were searching into MLO, but the issue was u-boot). Basically, u-boot overrides the pin-mux settings done in MLO, and miss some recent pin-mux updates. Who shall I speak to for defining the best way to fix this issue and get it integrated? sakoman?13:20
ograsebjan, 1st a bug against u-boot-linaro 2nd yes, sakoman and 3rd we need to talk to slangasek and jcrigby to include the fixes in the package13:23
sebjanok, thanks13:35
sebjansakoman: we have this issue with the linaro u-boot used on omap4: bug 64516713:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 645167 in u-boot-linaro "omap4: u-boot overrides pin-muxing settings from x-loader (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64516713:36
ograyou filed it in the upstream project :)13:40
* ogra triages properly13:41
loolthat's ok13:44
loolas long as it indeed affects the git repo  :-)13:44
ogralool, well, both, git and the package :)13:46
ograi do care more about the package in maverick though :)13:46
ndecogra: hi... any chance we could upgrade systemtap to 1.3 for 10.10 or this is way too late? it's in universe.13:52
ndeclool: ^^^^13:53
ograndec, what does maverick have atm ?13:53
ograwe can surely try13:53
ndecogra: 1.213:53
* ogra hopes 1.3 is in debian13:53
ograit gets tricky if it isnt, should be easy if it is13:54
ndecogra: the 1.3 release notes mention they add support for .35, 1.2 is supposed to work up to .34... i am surprised that was not catched since 10.10 is on .3513:54
loolndec: Given that systemtap is not seeded, it would seem possible13:54
loolndec: We could take it from Debian experimental13:55
loolndec: Did you try the 1.3 as packaged?13:55
loolndec: if you could copy the 1.3 source into some non-virtual PPA and confirm the source built under maverick produces working binaries, that would help13:55
ogralool, oh, it is in experimental ? awesome13:55
ndeclool: no... we just realized that 1.2 does not work on omap4 with .35. right now I am still unsure if it's because of systemtap of because of our scripts.13:56
ograthat makes it easy13:56
loolndec: Would be nice if you could track this in a bug and report results of your testing of 1.3 as packaged13:56
ndeclool: ok. will open a bug, and we will do testing today or tomorrow ... so it's still possible to get something in 10.10... wouah.. I thought it was too late.13:57
loolndec: TBH new upstream releases are not the kind of things we're looking for at this point of time, but if you say systemtap is unusable with maverick kernels, it's a good reason to include it; <201009171327.17913.ubuntu@kitterman.com> has the detailed timeline for universe packages not on any media14:02
ograndec, i would have set the bug to critical, but then i end up in discussions with lool again about bug status :) "high"+milestone means its very important to have it fixed befoire release, critical would mean it affects everyone using ubuntu (which is not true)14:27
ogrampoirier, yo14:28
mpoirierogra: wazup !14:28
ogrampoirier, seems there is another bug with the IEGP2 that affects networking14:28
ndecmpoirier: hi... did you get your new wild animal?14:28
rsalvetiand it seems to be fixed already for linaro's kernel14:29
mpoirierndec: yes, thaming it right now.14:29
rsalvetijust saw the bug14:29
ogrampoirier, and it seems linaro has a fix for it ... but i have no idea how it would affect other omap3 arches ... see bug 61873414:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 618734 in linux-linaro (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "[omap/igep] No eth0 with Linaro kernel (affects: 1) (heat: 106)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61873414:29
mpoirierogra: hold on.14:29
ogra(i guess the main question here is why doesnt it work as a module though)14:29
rsalvetiogra: yep, doesn't sound like a correct fix for me14:35
ograbut seems to be a workaround if it doesnt affect other oamp3 subarches14:35
ograand i'm not sure about the latter14:35
rsalvetiogra: do we have one igepv2 around in our team?14:36
ogranope, only linaro has them14:36
rsalvetiseems lool has one14:36
rsalvetigot it14:36
ograright and some other folks in the linaro team14:36
rsalvetijo-erlend: maybe you could also help us testing this issue14:38
rsalvetijo-erlend: you said at the other bug that you don't have your eth0 working14:38
jo-erlendrsalveti, right. I have both wlan and wired on my board, but none of them is working.14:39
rsalvetifor wireless the cause is probably missing firmware14:39
rsalvetifor wired it seems that a workaround is to move the config to built-in14:40
rsalvetistill need to understand why this fixed the issue14:40
jo-erlendwhat does that mean?14:40
mpoirierogra: sorry for the delay - took me a while to find a wrothy tree.14:41
mpoirierogra: It may help with some arch but affect others.14:41
ograyeah, thats what i feared14:41
mpoirierogra: I'd like to have an explanation for what the real effect of turning off CONFIG_FIXED_PHY has.14:42
mpoirierogra: i.e, why it's fixing the problem on some arch and not others.14:42
ograask on the bug, i just stumbled over the fix in linaro (well, lool pointed me to it)14:42
mpoirierogra: looks like a work around to me.14:43
ograafter i had seen the request in the other bug you filed a merge request for14:43
jo-erlendrsalveti, "move the config to built-in"?14:43
ograyes, its surely just a workaround14:43
rsalvetijo-erlend: currently the kernel is generating a module for your ethernet adapter14:44
rsalvetithe workaround is to move to built-in14:44
hrwI have good news - armel cross compiler 4.5 landed in ubuntu (gcc-4.4 is on a way)14:44
ograhey you didnt post that to #ubuntu-motu (but in every other dev channel)14:44
jo-erlendrsalveti, ok.. I have no idea how to do that though. :)14:45
hrwogra: I am not on ubuntu-motu14:45
ograbut all universe developers are14:45
rsalvetijo-erlend: it's easy, we're just discussing if we're able to have this change to our kernel14:46
rsalvetibut first we need to understand why it's needed14:46
jo-erlendoh, ok. Can you tell me how to do it? :)14:47
rsalvetijo-erlend: you'll need to recompile the kernel, not that hard to do it, but takes a while14:48
ograespecially on omap314:48
rsalvetiif you want, I can easily generate a new uImage for you14:48
jo-erlendrsalveti, that'd be nice. Thanks.14:49
rsalvetibased on the kernel package I sent you14:49
ograndec, lol, you commented on the wrong bug :)14:49
* ogra was wondering which steve you are talking to in the systemtap bug14:49
sakomanogra, sebjan: I will prepare a u-boot patch for the panda pinmux corrections15:00
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
ograsakoman, yeah, i saw the bug comment, thanks a loit15:00
sebjansakoman: thanks!15:00
sakomanI was told that omap4 wasn't a priority, so I've kept all omap4 stuff on the back burner15:00
ograhuh ?15:01
rlameiromorning/afternoon/evening all15:01
ograits our highes prio in ubuntu15:01
sakomanogra: from a linaro perpective15:01
rlameiroomap4 is the fuzz :D15:01
ograwe're not linaro here :)15:01
ogra<- ubuntu.arm15:01
sakomanunderstood, but my direction comes from linaro ;-)15:01
ograbah, we should also pay you then :P15:01
rsalvetihaha :-)15:02
sakomanworks for me15:02
sakomanogra: patch is basically ready, but there is one pad I need to research a bit more15:02
sakomanthe panda x-load sets a few pins more than once15:03
sakomanand not the same each time :-)15:03
ograwe'll need to get it into the package too which will add some delay15:03
sakomanso I need to look at the schematic and see if that is just a screwup or might be intentional15:03
rsalvetisakoman: cool, thanks for working on it :-)15:03
sakomanyou might notice that I have a few other omap patches in my omap4-dev branch15:04
sakomanthey are still being tested and may be tweaked a bit15:04
ograuseful for us ?15:04
sakomansome of them15:04
ogra(if we need an upload anyway i would indeed like them in the package)15:05
ograoh, and note that we use linaros u-boot in ubuntu :)15:05
rsalvetiyep, to have all these new patches we would need it first to go to linaro's tree15:05
rsalvetithen a new release and then a package update15:06
sakomanI was just giving a "heads up" that new omap4 stuff was pending15:06
ndecogra: can I remove a comment from launchpad...15:06
rsalvetisakoman: cool, will take a look at the tree :-)15:06
ograndec, nope15:06
sakomanmistype above -- omap4-exp brnach is the right one15:07
sakomanbranch :-)15:07
ograok, i dont know where jcrigby pulls from currently though15:07
ografor omap415:07
sakomanI don't wither :-)15:08
sakomaneither! jees I can't type this morning!15:09
* ogra hands sakoman some good brazilian coffee15:09
sakoman7am is too early15:09
jcrigbyu-boot stable is just -rc1 plus a few patches for vexpress and mx5115:09
rlameirosakoman: coffe man15:09
jcrigbyomap is just upstream15:09
sakomanI'm drinking a brazilian/guatamalan blend (home roast)15:10
ograjcrigby, omap4 :)15:10
ograjcrigby, we'll need a fix for bug 645167 in your package15:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 645167 in u-boot-linaro (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "omap4: u-boot overrides pin-muxing settings from x-loader (affects: 1) (heat: 10)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64516715:11
jcrigbyI see that15:11
ndecogra: lool: we tested with systemtap 1.3 from experimental, our scripts compile again... the problem is related to a kernel trace API change that requires systemtap update. even on x86...15:14
ograndec, can you note that on the bug (especially the successfull test)15:14
ograi'll care for the rest15:15
ndecogra: it's done already!15:15
ograoh, cool, my mail is slow today :)15:15
ndecogra: only tested on OMAP4, but given the problem we have it's very likely that x86 has the same problem15:15
ndecogra: cool ;-) can you please let me know when you pull it in maverick?15:16
rsalvetisakoman: cool, some interesting patches15:16
rsalvetisakoman: new mmc driver, hm15:16
rsalvetisaveenv for SDP443015:16
sakomancould work for panda on sd card too15:18
sakomanbut would require raw partition15:18
rsalvetigot it15:18
ograright, i guess its mainly for the blaze eMMC15:18
ograwe plan to support that15:19
ograso we shoudl get these patches too15:19
fredimHi, I'm following https: / / wiki.ubuntu.com / ARM / BeagleServerInstall15:23
fredimI do the dd command, but nothing is copied to my sdcard15:23
fredimmmcblk0 what is?15:24
* ogra curses ....15:28
ogradamned, the panda installs to fast15:29
ograi was testing an oem-config fix and indeed i turned away the second where i should have watched now i need to start over15:29
ogra(the preparation takes longer than the install actually)15:29
ograndec, please build slower boards !15:30
ndecogra: well... this should be easier than the opposite ;-)15:30
ografredim, you need to adjust the command to match your device name indeed15:31
ografredim, some MMC controllers name them sdb or sdc or so, some (the real MMC controllers) name them mmcblk15:34
ograeasiest is to watch dmesg when you plug in the card15:35
ograthat should show the name15:35
sakomanargh! git meltdown :-( lost some of my patches in omap4-dev :-(15:35
sakomanogra, rsalveti: while I recover, you can review the pinmux patch here:15:37
loolsakoman: You might be able to recover them if you can dig into the git repo15:38
sakomanlool: yeah, doing that now15:39
loolsearching for files modified recently in the objects dir for instance15:39
sakomanotherwise will need to recreate them15:39
fredim1 - Plug SDcard in my notebook and use "sudo dd if = / part / to / img / file of = / dev/mmcblk0"15:39
fredim2 - take sdcard, place in BeagleBoard15:39
sakomanlool:  I build with OE, so I have a copy of the most recent state of the tree.  I would just need to recreate the patch sequence15:40
fredimplug in the keyboard and monitor BeagleBoard, then connect the power supply15:40
ografredim, /path/to/image/file needs to be a real path, /dev/mmcblk0 needs to match the SD card device name in your laptop15:42
fredim / Dev/mmcblk0 symbolics15:44
fredim / Media / disk files sdcard15:45
rsalvetisakoman: cool, at least it's setting the same values as x-loader15:45
fredim3 directories are mounted15:45
rsalvetisebjan: could you also check at http://www.sakoman.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=u-boot.git;a=commitdiff;h=56b18c5248a1478b6d6263e428ada02af174df77 ?15:45
rsalvetindec: ^15:45
rsalvetishould fix the pin mux at u-boot15:45
sakomanrsalveti: that was the intent, right? :-)15:45
fredimyou recommend me some good howto?15:46
ografredim, so you are sure your device is /dev/mmcblk0 ?15:46
rsalvetiyup :-)15:46
ograand what is the path to the img file you downloaded ?15:47
ograstarting from /15:47
ndecsakoman: your patch should apply on top of uboot-linaro-stable which is used by ogra for panda, right?15:48
ograthats the plan, yeah15:48
sakomanndec: I would expect so15:48
ndecsakoman: ok. we will give this a try. sebjan will confirm if it works.15:49
fredimsudo dd if=/home/ubuntu-10.04-server-armel+omap.img of=/dev/mmcblk015:49
sakomanndec: thanks!  I couldn't test becasue my panda is broken at the moment15:49
fredimbut nothing is copied to SDcard15:49
rsalvetisakoman: ouch, your es2?15:50
sakomanrsalveti: yes -- the serial port connector broke :-(15:50
sakomanI need to do some surgery later today15:50
ndecsakoman: what do you mean at the moment ;-)15:50
rsalvetiouch, not good for a u-boot/x-loader developer15:50
sakomanrsalveti: indeed15:51
ndecsakoman: the problem with the wrong pin mux was only affecting bluetooth, not sure if you have the firmware for this. do you?15:51
sakomanno, I don't15:51
sakomanso all the more reason for you to test :-)15:51
rsalvetijo-erlend: could you test http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/kernel/uImage.igep2-v3 ?15:51
ndecsakoman: rsalveti: so we should cherry pick this patch on top of current uboot-linaro-stable, right? this is a better test, no/15:52
rsalvetijo-erlend: i just removed CONFIG_FIXED_PHY from our config15:52
rsalvetindec: yep15:52
ndecrsalveti: do you build it native or cross in general?15:52
rsalveticurrently I'm building most of my things in a native environment15:53
rsalvetimy panda es2 6 layer is doing a good work, with an usb disk :-)15:53
ndecrsalveti: cool. root FS on SD and you build on USB? or root FS on USB?15:54
ografredim, are you sure ? the command is definitely ok15:54
ndecrsalveti: USB flash stick or USB external disk?15:54
rsalvetindec: rootfs on usb15:54
rsalvetiexternal disk :-)15:54
ografredim, oh, you need to make sure the card is not mounted before running dd15:55
rsalveti100gb, 7200 rpm15:55
ndecrsalveti: do you have scripts/instructions to install daily .img on USB? it shouldn't be too hard, and we were about to write such instructions... but if they exist already ;-)15:55
fredimSo, after successfully copying. what is the next path?15:55
ndecrsalveti: how long for kernel build? full .deb?15:55
ograndec, 2.5h15:56
rsalvetindec: usually 2 hours for omap4 and 3 for omap315:56
rsalvetiless modules I guess15:56
ograndec, mount SD, mount USB disk, cp -a ?15:56
ndecrsalveti: 2 hours for omap4 means that USB is faster than SD, since we are in the 2.5+ hours range15:56
ograndec, then add the UUID of the USB disk to boot.scr15:57
rsalvetindec: currently I'm not using the daily img, just a very simple rootfs built with rootstock15:57
ograand modify /boot/boot.script after booting and run flash-kernel15:57
rsalvetiwithout X11 and stuff15:57
ndecogra: remember I said instructions would be simple ;-)15:57
rsalvetito be just a build machine15:57
ograndec, that were all instructions :)15:57
ndecogra: can we run the installer from USB. e.g. cp -a everything before running the installer, and then add root=/dev/sda, and let it go?15:57
ograndec, no15:58
ograyou need to do the install on SD15:58
ograthen do the above15:58
ndecogra: why?15:58
ograbecause its designed like that currently15:58
fredimogra.. So, after successfully copying. what is the next path?15:58
ografredim, boot your beagle15:58
ndecogra: if we keep the boot partition on SD, flash-kernel should work as expected. the resize should be able to resize the USB disk too, no. then you should retrieve the UID of the USB and put this in boot.scr. what is missing?15:59
fredimsdcard shot the notebook, I put in BeagleBoard, correct?15:59
ograndec, if we wanted to install to USB we shouldnt have gone with a preinstalled image ... i'll try to either add such functionallity to the exiting preinstalled image in natty or just make the ubuntu installer work15:59
fredimorbarron, sdcard shot the notebook, I put in BeagleBoard, correct?15:59
fredimsry... orbarron16:00
ografredim, right16:00
sebjansakoman: looking at your patch, we had not identified a misalignment on PAD1_FREF_CLK3_REQ, but on PAD0_FREF_CLK4_OUT ? Can you please confirm?16:00
fredimI connect usb BeagleBoard -> notebook?16:00
ndecogra: well... good point...16:00
ograndec, the prob is that what you want to do is exactly what ubiquity does, i wouldnt maintain a preinstalled image for that (but for the cost of a 10x slower installation)16:01
ograndec, we can discuss live images with installer for panda at UDS16:01
ograone way or the other i would like to see USB rootfs support too16:01
ndecogra: by the way what triggers the resizer? are you parsing root= and if there is no UUID, you resize and update boot.scr?16:01
fredimogra, I turn BeagleBoard on the notebook via USB cable?16:01
ograits just not clear yet which way16:01
ograndec, right16:02
fredimogra, or just turn on my monitor and keyboard in BeagleBoard?16:02
ografredim, depends how your beagle is configured, if you use the lucid image you will likely need a serial console to tell it the right boot commands16:02
rsalvetisebjan: it's different because u-boot is setting it for LED16:02
ogralucid relied on the preinstalled bootloader on the beagle16:02
ograndec, though boot.scr is updated from a different script than the resizing16:03
ograndec, we have one srcipt only for configuration, the other one has the dangerous pieces (i.e. resizing)16:03
fredimogra, theoretically BeagleBoard sdcard should ride with, but in my dmesg shows nothing.16:03
ndecogra: ok.. sometimes I boot manually and overide the bootargs and use mmblk0p2... and I could see the resizer was run again!16:04
ografredim, well, if it boots you should see something on the screen thats attached to the board16:04
ograndec, then you didnt run the oem-config bit16:04
jo-erlendrsalveti, I just have to replace uImage, nothing else?16:04
ograndec, that removes the resizer (jasper-initramfs) at the end16:04
sebjanrsalveti: ok, for both pins?16:05
ndecogra: no the installer was run only once. but later on when I want to enable console, I change bootargs by hand, and this is when I used mmcblk...16:05
ograndec, well, it is definitely gone if you rean the configuration tool (the graphical bit)16:06
rsalvetisebjan: yep, FREF_CLK4_REQ is the first led and FREF_CLK4_OUT is the second one16:06
ograthere is no way it could start16:06
ograsince its not there anymore :)16:06
ndecogra: well, not sure what happens, but if I install the cdimage, then reboot and change root= to mmcblk0p2 by hand, then reboot it fails since UUID has changed.16:07
ograndec, if you see it after running the graphical installer up to the point where it drops you into a desktop then something is definitely screwed up during your installation16:07
rsalvetijo-erlend: please let me know if the newer uImage works for you, because then we can forward the change to our kernel16:08
ograthe last bit of the graphical installer removes jasper-initramfs and re-rolls your initrd16:08
ograif you see it resizing something *after* that (while using the newly created initrd), then we have a bug16:09
ndecogra: can you try this on your side? i am pretty sure that I did this. i don't have a setup ready right now. the only thing I did was booting with setenv bootargs console=ttyO2,115200n8 ro elevator=noop vram=32M mem=460M@0x80000000 mem=256M@0xA0000000 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 fixrtc, and booting without uinitrd.16:14
jo-erlendrsalveti, the first partition keeps getting wiped. I copied your new uImage and the boot.ini file, but it won't boot. Do I still need uInitrd?16:15
ograndec, i need a working install for that, i'm currently testing oem-config patches, but i guarantee you that there is no tecnical possible way that any part of the resizing tool remains after a successful install16:15
rsalvetijo-erlend: yep, you just needed to overwrite your uImage with this one16:16
rsalvetiand you still need to use the uInitrd16:16
jo-erlendwell, there was nothing to overwrite. All contents of the first partition is deleted every time I reboot the board.16:16
rsalvetijo-erlend: ouch16:16
rsalvetithat's definitely a bug, not sure where16:17
GrueMasterjo-erlend: Are you rebooting or are you letting the resize process reboot the system?16:18
jo-erlend_nbGrueMaster, I'm rebooting.16:18
rsalvetiif you still have jasper installed at your system it could be that it's affecting you somehow16:19
GrueMasterLet the script run it's course.  Part of what it does is copy off the first partition to ram, reformat for proper CHS allignment, and move everything back.16:19
ograndec, without uInitrd ?16:19
ograndec, the resizing happens *from* uInitrd16:20
ograits not possible that you saw any resizing at all without using it16:20
ndecogra: ok.. let me do this again. and I will let you know. i am not 100% sure of what I did16:21
ograndec, in any case the resizer lives inside the uInitrd :)16:21
ograsince we keep a backup of the old initrd around it could possibly happen if you use the uInitrd.bak file for booting16:22
ograbut surely not without16:22
jo-erlend_nbGrueMaster, that might be the case. After the first boot, I had to manually resize rootfs.16:24
jo-erlend_nbrsalveti, I still have no network. It sais "usb0: no such device". I tried setting up eth0, but that gave me the same results.16:25
GrueMasterjo-erlend: I would suggest you let it boot and monitor the console.  It should reboot in ~10 minutes depending on the size & speed of your SD card.16:26
ograand CPU :)16:26
ograpnada install just fly by nowadays16:26
GrueMasterogra: Same as beagle.16:26
rsalvetijo-erlend: please paste me your lsmod output16:26
ogra(apart from tehg SWAP creation)16:27
jo-erlend_nbrsalveti, I cannot paste from it since I have no network. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?16:27
GrueMasterogra: Is there any way we can have the swap creaded during image build?  It is a zero filled file, should compress to almost nothing.16:27
ograGrueMaster, yes, but it will require some heavy changes to the build scripts ... i'm scared ...16:28
rsalvetijo-erlend_nb: try loading module smc911x16:28
GrueMasterI've seen the build scripts.  Fear is justified.16:28
rsalvetisee if it makes any difference16:28
jo-erlend_nbrsalveti, just "modprobe smc911x"?16:28
rsalvetijo-erlend_nb: yep16:29
ograGrueMaster, i'm trying to leverage if its better to just live with 2-3min for SWAP creation or risk the build system16:29
ograits very late for such a change16:29
jo-erlend_nbrsalveti, no change.16:29
rsalvetijo-erlend_nb: ifconfig -a?16:30
rsalvetithat's weird16:30
ogracat /proc/net/dev16:30
ogra(lower level than ifconfig)16:30
jo-erlend_nbogra, that only gives me lo16:32
ograthen your kernel definitly doesnt know about other interfaces16:32
rsalvetijo-erlend_nb: check dmesg | grep -i smsc9 , see if your kernel says something about it16:38
jo-erlend_nbrsalveti, smsc9 or smc9?16:39
jo-erlend_nbwell. Neither returned any results.16:39
sakomanrsalveti, ogra, jcrigby:  I think I've recovered from my git meltdown, omap4-exp branch should be OK now:16:43
sakomanfeedback/test results most welcome16:44
rsalvetijo-erlend_nb: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/kernel/uImage.igep2-v4 new kernel, with the same changes from linaro16:44
jcrigbysakoman, thanks16:45
sakomanjcrigby: I'm sure there will be tweaks this week as I spend some time testing and tracking down a few issues16:45
rsalvetisakoman: cool, expansion stuff is now in16:46
jcrigbyrsalveti, is there sru info for the panda pinmux problem?16:46
sakomanrsalveti: it is in, but performance needs improvement and there is an i2c error message that shows up on beagle but not overo16:46
sakomanrsalveti: I'll be investigating this week, but let me know if you find fixes :-)16:47
ograeverybody who is intrested (and jcrigby indeed) i just switched the oma3 images to linaros u-boot as well16:47
jcrigbysakoman, latest git looks much better, I was wondering why no new mmc for beagle16:47
ograso we sue it on all images now16:48
jcrigbyogra, so now when I break u-boot everything breaks:)16:48
ograjcrigby, we'll be the first to complain, yeah :)16:48
rsalvetijcrigby: bt and wlan doesn't work with current u-boot for omap4, so that should fill the sru16:48
sakomanjcrigby: something went wonky while I was pushing the pinmux patch16:48
rsalvetiogra: cool16:49
ogratest image should be ready soon16:49
ogra(its building since a while already)16:49
GrueMasterogra: will this be 20100922.1?16:50
GrueMasteror a private test image?16:50
rsalvetijo-erlend_nb: smc911x is the wrong module, smsc911x should be the correct one =\16:50
rsalvetibut the latest uImage should have the correct one as built-in16:51
rsalvetiif it works for you than we need to understand why the module wasn't loaded by default16:51
ograGrueMaster, 20100922.1 (i only rebuilt omap3, omap4 will just be copied from 20100922)16:52
GrueMasterOk.  I had just finished pulling 0922.  Shouldn't take too much to pull with zsync.16:54
sakomanrsalveti, jcrigby, ogra: let me know whe you are happy with the testing of the pinmux patch and I will submit upstream16:59
sakomanit would be good to get the fix in this release17:00
rsalvetibut I guess we're depending on ndec and sebjan, as we don't have the bt and wlan firmware17:02
ograndec, so fyi, i tried what you proposed (with and without initrd and also by only switching root= from UUID to the device name) and i do not get any resie here17:02
ograyou must have done something really weird or the install didnt finish properly before you made that change17:03
ndecogra: ok... i am sure I have seen the UID change at some point. I had to generate a new boot.scr with the new UID which I took when mounting the SD on my pc.17:04
ndecogra: just installed unity on my laptop... and i am lost...17:04
ograwell, as i said above there is no techinically possible way resize runs again after a successful install run17:04
GrueMasterrsalveti: We should test it anyways to make sure it doesn't break something else.17:04
ograndec, i havent tried it since UDS :)17:05
ograndec, i think you are supposed to use the search bar a lot with it17:05
rsalvetiGrueMaster: sure, I just mean that we're unable to test if it actually fixed what we wanted :-)17:05
rsalvetiogra: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498575/17:07
rsalvetiI believe this should be enough to get the correct headers for the dkms module17:07
rsalvetiand I added linaro headers as an alternative17:07
ograright, thats how it should be17:07
rsalvetiwill push & test17:07
rsalvetilet you know about the result17:07
rsalvetithen I believe we should be fine17:08
ograi'll put uploading them to the archive and filing the bugs on my TODO for tomorrow17:09
ograwith luck we'Re ready by weekend :)17:09
ograthere are still bits to solve with the sw-center stuff, if thats done you can make up some thoughts about a nice icon for the driver install stuff :)17:10
ograwe'll need something on the desktop17:10
rsalvetihm, ok17:10
ograoh, and one of the postinsts needs some hack to remove icon and .desktop file17:10
ogra(in your packages)17:10
ograndec, see PM17:10
rsalvetisure, that's fine17:11
sebjanrsalveti, sakoman, jcrigby: I just tested the patch, on top of the ubuntu u-boot package, and it fixes the BT issue!17:11
jcrigbysebjan, thanks17:11
ograperfect !17:11
rsalvetisebjan: awesome, thanks!17:12
jcrigbyrsalveti, bug #60725017:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 607250 in linux-linaro (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "omapdss: VDDA_DAC regulator on IGEPv2 (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 24)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60725017:12
jcrigbyI need to grab that from ubuntu once it gets there right?17:12
jcrigbyrsalveti, grab you latest patch I mean17:13
rsalvetijcrigby: yep17:13
ograjcrigby, it should be in some tree already17:13
ograthere was a pull request on the kernel ML17:13
rsalvetiyou can find it at my tree, the one from the pull request17:13
jcrigbyogra, rsalveti, I have link to your tree17:13
rsalvetijcrigby: do you have an igepv2 around?17:15
rsalvetiif so then you could also help testing them17:15
jcrigbyrsalveti, no but some other linaro guys do17:15
rsalvetiotherwise I'd wait for an answer from our kernel team17:15
jcrigbyok, once I see it in a released ubuntu kernel I'll cherry pick it from there17:16
rsalvetijcrigby: hm, ok, would be nice to test them on top of linaro's kernel17:16
jcrigbyrsalveti, I'll see if torez can test it, she has an igep17:17
sakomansebjan: thanks for confirming your test results!  I will submit the patch to upstream u-boot list today17:18
sebjansakoman: great, thanks!17:19
* rsalveti out for lunch17:20
ograGrueMaster, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/20100922.1/ is there17:21
GrueMasterOk, pulling.17:22
ogrampoirier, looking at bug 644828, shouldnt we keep the sound work on bug 637947 ?17:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 644828 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "BUG: scheduling while atomic: alsa-source/2058/0x00000002 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64482817:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 1) (heat: 432)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794717:27
sakomansebjan: I just posted the patch to the u-boot list.  if you could respond with a "Tested-by" it would help move it into mainline more quickly!17:27
ograit really seems we fragment a lot here17:28
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
mpoirierogra: I'm not *actively* working on 644828.17:28
ogrampoirier, but you research the sound problems on panda17:29
mpoirierogra: i'm concentrating on 637947.  Fixing that one will most likely help fixing the other one.17:29
mpoirieryes, that's what I'm doing 12hrs a day.17:29
ogrampoirier, right, i was just wondering if it wouldnt be easier to keep all sound prob info in one bug, i'm not doubting your workhours :)17:31
ograit fells a bit scattered to me17:31
sebjansakoman: sure, can you CC me please?17:31
mpoirierogra: We need several bugs as it is extremely complex to address bugs within other bugs.17:32
mpoirierogra: as long as we all know sound on panda is taking care of.17:32
mpoirierogra: to the best of my knowledge, there is no way in lp to file bugs under and umbrella subject, that could be 'sound' in our case.17:33
mpoirierogra: /s/and/an/g17:33
ograyou could add a tag but that wont help much17:34
ograwhat i usually do is just add a comment with a link to the other bugs17:35
rsalvetisebjan: and about that weird issue you saw with our x-loader? the one that could be a compiler issue, any time to debug it?17:37
sebjanrsalveti: it's the same issue. We were suspecting an issue in x-loader17:38
sebjanrsalveti: ... since this is where I expected the pinmux to be done...17:38
orbarronhey all is there anyway to get the dailybuild for 20100914?17:38
rsalvetihm, ok17:38
sakomansebjan: done17:39
ograorbarron, nope, thats gone17:40
ograorbarron, why would you want such an old build ?17:40
orbarronlooking for an environment that will be tested thoroughly... will all omap4 stuff :D17:42
GrueMasterorbarron: I have a copy for omap4 only.17:42
* orbarron has a copy but thought the dailybuilds would be archive somewhere :D17:42
GrueMasterBut I wouldn't go as far as saying "thoroughly tested".17:42
* orbarron did not want to load up a build on another server17:42
ograorbarron, daylies dont recive much testing and such an old daily will have a lot more bugs than a recent one17:42
ograorbarron, use zsync to keep them up to date :)17:43
ograorbarron, the 14 build is way worse than anything recent17:44
GrueMasteriirc, oem-config was borked on it pretty badly.17:45
ograno, that was the one after 1417:45
ograor two of them17:45
ograafter that it improved daily17:45
rlameirompoirier: are you into making a ubuntu-arm-sound group?17:45
ograactually todays is pretty close to being good17:45
ogra(not perfect, but good)17:45
* orbarron is looking for an environment that I can send new users to that will 1. work 2. is available to public 3. is tested with MM, GFX, etc.. so far I believe that will be 20100914? Plz correct me if I am wrong17:46
mpoirierrlameiro: what a good idea !17:46
ograorbarron, dailies are movimg targets17:46
rlameirompoirier: i would glady help on what i can17:46
ograorbarron, and we dont test them much, wait for RC17:46
mpoirierrlameiro: but I was wondering if it couldn't be something like linux-omap-sound...17:46
rlameiroI have an idea for a project that will greatly benefit from it17:46
mpoirieropinion anyone ?17:47
rlameirowell, i just have one card to test...17:47
ograorbarron, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/20100922.1/ this one is really good, but it still has bugs17:47
ograorbarron, and it will be wiped in two days17:47
rlameiroif someone is into send me more caqrds i will hapily receive them :D17:47
ogrampoirier, i wouldnt make it arch specific17:48
ograonce you have the bugs fixed it will be dead17:48
ograwhile the team moves on to new HW and has new sound bugs17:48
mpoirierogra is correct - we will work with other processor, ubuntu-sound it is.17:49
ograi think ubuntu-sound exists17:49
rlameiroisnt there already a grup like that?>17:49
ograi thought you wanted something arm specific17:49
rlameirocrimsums group or something?17:50
ograpersia usually knows details about such groups17:50
mpoirierubuntu-sound now exists - go for it.17:50
ograyou might clash with an existing group17:50
ograwhich is probably differently named17:50
rlameirowell, the thing its that arm sound is far away from the other archs..17:50
mpoirierok, i'll fix.17:50
ograthats why it shoudl have arm in its name17:51
rlameiroarm is ok, mmaybe not omap just...17:51
ograand we should find out what that general sound group is :)17:51
rlameirobut on the description explain that for now is omap oriented17:51
ograto work together, since they mainly maintain the packages (alsa, pulse, jack etc)17:51
rlameirompoirier: when ogra said to dont lock to archs I think he meant ARM sub archs, like tegra omap, imx5 etc17:52
mpoirierhow do I delete my own group ?17:52
ograrlameiro, yeah17:52
ogrampoirier, #launchpad might know17:53
devilhornsif I install lucid, can I still run a "rootstock" for maverick ?17:54
GrueMasterdevilhorns: You will need to pull rootstock manually.  The lucid version has issues iirc.17:54
rlameirodevilhorns: i did it17:54
devilhornsGrueMaster, ok, but it can be done right ?17:55
rlameirojust need to put -dist maverick17:55
rlameiro*--dist maverick17:55
devilhornsok, looks like I may need todo a reinstall then :/17:55
devilhornsGrueMaster, thanks17:56
mpoirier #ubuntu-arm-sound has been created17:59
rlameiropersia: ping18:06
GrueMasterrlameiro: It is 2am where he's at.18:07
rlameiroahhh, ok18:07
rlameirowell, someone in here knows how to put an ubuntu bot on a ubuntu related channel?18:08
ogrampoirier, err, an irc channel ?18:08
ogrampoirier, a) we have policies for that, you need to talk to the IRC council ... and b) it would be better to keep the IRC discussion in one place (here)18:09
davidmdevilhorns, the board powers from USB :-)18:10
devilhornsdavidm, gotcha :) just figuring that out now w/ ogra :)18:10
devilhornsso I pretty much have everything then ... except the powered usb hub, which I can proally pick one up @ a local store here18:11
davidmdevilhorns, yea, I think most folks with a beagle use a powered hub18:11
devilhornsdavidm, yea :) he mentioned the power drain from keyboard when using the board via usb-mini ... so I'll have to run out to store today/tonight and grab a powered hub18:12
devilhornsnot a big deal18:12
GrueMasterdevilhorns: Eventually you might want to get a cable like this:  https://specialcomp.com/beagleboard/DSCN0401_s.JPG18:16
* ogra calls it a day18:16
devilhornsg'night ogra :) thanks again18:16
GrueMasterIt costs $8.  Or you can make one.  Real simple.18:16
devilhornsGrueMaster, not really into making my own cables ... they always shoot sparks :P18:17
GrueMasterIf you get a powered hub, make sure the PS is at least 2A.  I have one that is 1000mA and it is just not enough.18:19
devilhornsahhh good to know, thanks :)18:20
GrueMasterAnd if you can find a powered hub with ethernet, it makes life even simpler.18:20
devilhornsyea, that certainly would make life easier :)18:22
GrueMasterFor the serial port, I am using a serial cable that came with a motherboard with an internal port header.18:22
GrueMasterAt any rate, here is a link for a supplier that has good accessories.  https://specialcomp.com/beagleboard/order.htm18:23
devilhornsgotcha ... yea I may have one of those floating around here somewhere ... lord knows I have enough MBs laying around here from previous integration work18:23
GrueMasterMine came from an old 486 before it found the e-Recycling bin.18:24
Nekoogra, what exactly do you need from me re the permissions problem, I can get you the passwd stuff, but do you need anything else?18:35
NekoI can just drop you the entire archive, or a portion?18:35
GrueMasterrsalveti: Have you tried the mini-usb port on the ES2 yet?18:42
GrueMasterNevermind.  It isn't even enabled in the kernel.18:48
* GrueMaster files a bug.18:48
Nekooh neat maverick is frozen frozen??18:50
rsalvetidevilhorns: cool, got your board?18:50
devilhornsrsalveti, yea :) missing some items to actually make it work, but I'll go out tonight and grab em from a local place18:51
GrueMasterrsalveti: Can you mark bug 645420 as confirmed?  thanks.18:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 645420 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "OTG port not enabled for OMAP4 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64542018:52
Nekorsalveti, rcn-ee, have you guys built rootstock images with desktops and had oem-config-gtk run correctly, /var/lib/gdm permissions correct etc.? is it just me that is seeing this??18:52
rsalvetiargh, my notification system is still broken :-)18:57
rsalvetidevilhorns: cool, now you can test it on arm :-)18:57
rsalvetiGrueMaster: let me check18:57
rsalvetiNeko: last time I tested I used the console oem-config18:58
rsalvetiNeko: what is the issue you're facing?18:59
devilhornsrsalveti, yea, when I get the rest of the stuff I need to be able to run the board :)18:59
rlameiroI can i askt for the same IP address, but still have dhcp activated? for instance, only gets a different address if the default cant be given by thr router?19:00
GrueMasterdevilhorns: Make sure you use a >=4G SD card.  Image is 2.2G atm.19:00
devilhornsGrueMaster, indeed :)19:01
* rlameiro spelling sucks19:01
GrueMasterAnything I can tell you before you head to the store?  Want to make sure you have a proper shopping list.19:01
devilhornsdon't think so ... only thing I am really missing is the usb powered hub19:02
GrueMasterrlameiro: I have my DHCP server set to assign the same IP based on mac.19:02
rlameirobuy a cheap usb sound device:D19:02
rlameirothat small thingies that cost 3 usd19:02
rlameiroor something19:02
rlameiroGrueMaster: my router isnt so advanced :D19:02
GrueMasterrlameiro: Why?  Sound works on beagle.19:03
rlameiroGrueMaster: testing :D19:03
devilhornseh, not really needed in my case ... not going to be using it for any games or anything :) just need it to build the efl arm packages really19:03
GrueMasterrlameiro: You mean it isn't running linux?19:03
rlameiroGrueMaster: i almost sureit runs linux, but i dont want to fiddle with it, it haves a telnet connection...19:04
ogra_ac2devilhorns, well, you could play quake, we have it in the archive and rsalveti just packaged the GL drivers *g*19:04
rsalvetifor sure you could use it for games ;-)19:05
GrueMasterOr just run with the aalib drivers.  :P19:05
devilhornsogra_ac2, lmao ... who has time for games ? :)19:05
armin76ogra_ac2: bought another ac100? :D19:06
ogra_ac2armin76, no, the wlan disconnects often19:06
GrueMasterMore likely broke another.  :P19:07
* GrueMaster hides.19:07
ogra_ac2and that android client just attaches numbers it seems19:07
ogra_ac2GrueMaster, nah, i'm waiting for someone to hack teh bootloader19:07
ogra_ac2i wont risk that again19:07
ogra_ac2though it seems they are close19:07
ogra_ac2(someone managed to pull the partitions down via nvflash)19:08
armin76replace with omap4? :D19:09
jayabharathDoes Ubuntu on OMAP have a project registered on launchpad.net -- if so what's the URL... (Somehow I think https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap is not the right URL)19:09
ogra_ac2jayabharath, no we dont have a project19:09
ogra_ac2well, we do, its ubuntu :)19:10
jayabharathMmm.. I see. But, bugs can be logged at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap ??19:10
ogra_ac2depends what the bug is19:10
ogra_ac2the bugs should be targetd for teh specific package it is in19:10
* jayabharath is new to launchpad and its confusing...19:10
ogra_ac2just use ubuntu-bug to file them19:11
jayabharathhow will me average joe know where to log omap kernel bugs, bugs on omap ppa pacakges... and also on ubuntu packages... please advice19:11
ogra_ac2they wont19:11
ogra_ac2the average joe will get an automatic popup if there is an oops19:11
ogra_ac2which walks you through19:12
jayabharathThat presumes board has not reset or network is functional.. :)19:12
ogra_ac2a developer will use: ubuntu-bug linux19:12
ogra_ac2for omap319:12
ogra_ac2and ubuntu-bug linux-ti-omap4 for panda19:12
ogra_ac2even without network it will collect crash info in /var/crash19:13
ogra_ac2and tell syou wnt to do with it19:13
* jayabharath looks for a wiki page that tells this19:13
ogra_ac2i think there is one19:14
ogra_ac2persia ususally has the urls up his sleeve19:14
* ogra_ac2 searches19:14
jayabharathno worries.. I will search for it.. I am sure there is something on ubuntu.co19:14
* jayabharath bows to ogra_ac2 and thanks him19:16
ogra_ac2heh, just thank google :)19:17
rsalvetibug 62802919:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 628029 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "[maverick] panda ES1.0 does not suspend on beta image (affects: 1) (heat: 167)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62802919:45
rsalvetilag: ogra: ndec: this bug was created for ES1, but does any of you know if CONFIG_PM works for ES2?19:46
GrueMasterrsalveti: I would just try it.  Worst case is that it fails (I hope).19:48
rsalvetiyep, building a new kernel19:48
GrueMasterI think there was mention of work needed to be done for suspend to work properly and it was waiting on ES2.1.19:48
pirearaduhy all20:11
pirearadui can install ubuntu arm on my samsung omnia i900?20:11
GrueMasterIt would take a lot of work, but you can try.  Bear in mind that Ubuntu is currently working on supporting Arm Netbooks, not cell phones.20:13
=== ian_brasil___ is now known as ian_brasil
pirearaduubuntu for cell phones exists?20:15
GrueMasternot that I know of.20:15
=== hrw|gone is now known as hrw
hrwpirearadu: i900? jaunty (9.04) may work if you have kernel20:27
pirearaduwhat kernel hrw?20:28
hrwpirearadu: ubuntu does not support i900. if you want to run ubuntu on it you need to have kernel which will run on it.20:28
hrwpirearadu: if this is still black magic for you then forget about ubuntu on i90020:28
pirearadui know that20:29
pirearaduwhat kernel i need?20:29
hrwthe one which works on i900 - thats simple20:29
hrwhow to get it and from where is other thing20:30
ogra_acwe should probably also stop suggesting jaunty, given its only supoprted for another 4 weeks20:31
hrwogra_ac: or generally: if you do not have (list of all 4 supported boards) then you out of luck?20:32
ogra_acnah, then rootstock wouldnt make sense20:32
ogra_acbut jaunty will be EOL very soon20:32
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
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persiaNCommander, For qreal issues: isn't it best to instantiate for literals and declare correctly for members?  I'd think casting ought be avoided (potential for precision loss, etc.)22:43
rlameirowell, out of the channel :D23:01
rlameiropersia: the idea was to make a group really23:01
rlameironot a channel23:01
persiaWhy does it need a group?  What does it do that isn't achieved by ubuntu-audio and ubuntu-arm?23:03
persiaHow does this group increase collaboration and cooperation?23:03
rlameirowell, that was the disvution23:03
rlameiroi think that the problem is that, for now, there are some bugs arm related23:05
rlameiroand i dont think there are to much people interested in fix them23:05
persiaI'll agree with that, which is why I'm against a new team or channel.23:06
persiaSince there are only a few people currently interested, it makes sense to have the discussion in a broader area, so that knowledgeable folks who aren't especially interested can help share their expertise.23:07
rlameiroso, better inter communication beetween ubuntu-sound and ubuntu-arm?23:07
rlameiroi shal tag the bugs to ubuntu-sound also then23:08
persiaI'd rather "more overlap between ubuntu-audio and ubuntu-arm", but better communication may help if that fails.23:08
persiaPlease don't.23:08
persiaSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems for how to triage the sound bugs.23:09
persiaAnd be aware that the goal of that team is to address everything in the kernel, so ALSA just works, and everything on top of that just works.23:10
persiaWe may still have some issues with stuff like mad or pd, but it's more likely those will end up being solved by the ARM team or flavour teams, rather than the audio team.23:10
rlameiropersia: but i am not using an ubuntu kernel, i am using rcn-ee one23:17
persiaUbuntu can only support Ubuntu kernels.  To the best of my knowledge, rcn-ee regularly pushes patches into Ubuntu.23:18
persiaSo, if you want to solve this in an Ubuntu context, the target goal should be to get it working with an Ubuntu kernel.23:19
rlameiropersia: is there an easy way to install an ubuntu kernel inside my board?23:20
persiaMake sure flash-kernel does the right thing for you.23:20
rlameirofor instance if i install it where is the uImage and uInitrd23:20
persiaThen apt-get install linux-omap (or whatever)23:20
rlameironever heard of it..23:21
rsalvetirlameiro: you can easily install it by giving apt-get or downloading the deb and giving dpkg -i23:21
rsalvetiflash-kernel will replace your uImage and uInitrd with the new one23:21
persiarsalveti, Do you know this works for IGEPv2?23:21
rsalvetiat the first partition23:21
* persia is fairly certain flash-kernel is device-specific23:22
rlameiroi have them on my fat partition23:22
rsalvetishould work, I believe, but nobody tested I guess23:22
rlameirohere i go23:22
rlameirotesting freenzy23:22
rsalvetiif doesn't work, fill a bug :-)23:22
persiarlameiro, If you want to check the script first: install the flash-kernel package, and look at /usr/sbin/flash-kernel23:22
rlameiroI should make a backup :D23:22
rsalvetiotherwise install your package, generate the uImage and uInitrd with mkimage and copy them to the first partition23:22
persia(shouldn't that really be in /sbin, rather than /usr/sbin ?)23:22
rlameiroflash-kernel isnt neither in sbin or /usr/bin ...23:26
persiaapt-get install flash-kernel23:27
persiarsalveti, Maybe rootstock should encourage people to include flash-kernel?23:28
rlameiropersia: i did that already :D23:28
persiaAnd you don't have /usr/sbin/flash-kernel?23:28
* persia is very confused23:28
rsalvetidepends, as our current support at flash-kernel is not that good23:28
persiarsalveti, Shouldn't we fix that :)23:28
rsalvetiand generally rootstock should be recommended for hardwares that we don't officialy support23:28
rlameiroi didnt look at usr/sbin23:28
rlameirojust /usr/bin23:28
rlameiroits a binary23:29
persiarsalveti, Especially as ARM kernels converge, we'll find that the set of supported hardware grows wider than is well-understood.23:29
persiaSpecifically, the set of supported hardware is the set of hardware supported by kernels in Ubuntu plus any bugs anyone wants to fix :)23:30
persiarlameiro, From what I've heard, you probably want to install linux-linaro-omap rather than linux-omap for IGEPv2, but you might try each, and see which you like better.23:31
rsalvetiwe have bugs on both23:34
persiaNot surprising :)23:34
rsalvetithe only difference is that at linaro's the ethernet is working23:34
rsalvetiI sent the patches to fix the display, but not applied yet23:35
persiaReally?  Maybe I should try that: might make the internet on my board work.23:35
rsalvetipersia: do you have an igepv2?23:35
* persia decides to stop IRCing until there is enough awakeness to not mistype "ethernet" as "internet"23:35
persiarsalveti, Nope: beagleboard23:36
rsalvetibut the ethernet fix at linaro's is related with igepv223:36
rlameirorsalveti: there is comming more work from igepv2 side23:36
rlameirothey are to launch their expansion board23:37
rsalvetiI'd like to get one for testing, but needs to find a way to buy it23:37
rlameiroLCD/VGA/compositevideo etc etc23:37
rlameirowell, ask them to send 2 or 3 to canonical23:37
rsalveticould be :-)23:37
rlameirowell, true is that it is on their interest23:37
rsalvetisure, will send an email later :-)23:38
* rsalveti out for while, football game :-)23:38
rlameiropersia: flash kernel outputs "unsuported platform....23:43
persiarlameiro, It's a shell script: tell it how to store the kernel for your board, and file a bug :)23:44
persia(this is how platforms gret supported)23:45
rlameirowell, i wish i had the kwoledge23:45
persiaWhich part of the shell script don't you understand?23:46
rlameirojust started reading it23:46
persiaI'm certain you'll be able to figure out most of it, and I suspect that asking here will cause others to help you.23:46
rlameiropersia: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/498796/23:50
rlameiromaybe its in here on this case23:50
rlameiroi need to add IGEPv2 to it23:50
rcn-eeactually the igepv2 will be under omap.. in that script there should be a "beagle" case23:50
rlameiroit check for proc cpu info23:52
rcn-eethere should be "OMAP3 Beagle Board" check (from cat /proc/cpuinfo)23:52
rlameirothis is mine23:52
rlameiroand in hardware it is not the omap but igep :D23:52
rlameirothat is my cpuinfo cat http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/498798/23:52
rcn-eeyeap mine is that too... i forget where in flash-iamge it happens..23:53
rlameirobut from what i see it copy it to the NAND, is that right?23:53
rlameirobecause i dont want to mess with the nand23:53
rlameiroi prefer to copy it by hand to the partition23:53
rcn-eein the beagle case (lucid defaulted to nand) and with maverick mmc is first i think...23:53
rcn-eei'd really use mmc, less likely for bricks by new users...23:54
rlameirowell I dont know shell script, so i will not mess with it..23:54
rlameiroi think i will copy it by hand23:54
GrueMasterIf you have a fat partition, you can create /etc/kernel-img.conf file and add UBOOT_PART=<fat partition> entry.23:54
rcn-eerlameiro, here you go.. add the IGEVP2 machine id to this list: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/flash-kernel/maverick/annotate/head:/flash-kernel#L30623:55
GrueMasterSorry, /etc/flash-kernel.conf is the file.23:56
GrueMasterIt contains two lines, one for UBOOT_PART= and one for root=.23:56
rlameirobeagle routine23:57
persiaIf you set UBOOT_PART, that routine should just work.  The trick would be in ensuring that IGEPv2 boards trigger that routine.23:59
rcn-eerlameiro, this http://pastebin.com/2RWdavzp on top of https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/flash-kernel/maverick23:59
GrueMasterThe way flash kernel works now, if you are using our kernel and have /etc/flash-kernel.conf created, the script should work fine.  It looks for specific hardware based on grep Hardware /proc/cpuinfo.  Failing that, it uses uname -r.23:59

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