krabadordo you think maverick may change something in artwork, from today's build?00:14
doctormokrabador: It's unlikely00:48
thorwilvish: heh, look who commented here: http://thorwil.wordpress.com/2010/09/19/ubuntu-artwork-crisis/#comment-340817:44
thorwilmakes me recall my april fool's mail17:46
vishthorwil: ha nice!17:46
vishthorwil: what mail?17:46
thorwilvish: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2009-April/009615.html17:47
vishthorwil: from what i read, mairin *really* hates mark17:52
vishthorwil: i think more so after the unity vs shell thingy..17:54
thorwilvish: as much as one might disagree on a design, strategic or technical standpoint, such things shouldn't be taken personally17:57
thorwilof course hearsay is no basis to know if she actually does ...17:57
vishthorwil: well , she went out-n-out blasting marks comments17:58
vishon some blog..17:58
vishit was more nasty and kinda odd seeing those comments from mairin17:58
vishthorwil: i'm wonder if that comment was really an invite thinking you dint know about Fedora process or a stab..17:58
thorwilvish: i see it as a reminder. and a stab :)17:59
thorwildinner time, bbl17:59
thorwilhmm i guess http://pickpic.parcodiyellowstone.it/ does not not use a vcs, design-hub is intended to use git18:58
thorwilour natural choice would be bzr, but relying on gitorious shouldn't hurt18:59
thorwilvish: do you think the xubuntu and edubuntu people have a good enough idea of what a briefing should look like?19:18
vishthorwil: well , thats a secondary issue .. but we should encourage them to think about a pov too :)19:19
vishthorwil: IMO, it would be nice if they are involved in the process as well ;)19:20
thorwilvish: nice? a must, almost19:20
thorwilvish: one mail from a representative of each project, with their thoughts on the matter so far would be a good start19:21
vishthorwil: yep.. but saleel's mail started off without any starting point, so twas just a reminder19:22
vishthorwil: charlie is for xubuntu19:22
vishhe already replied..19:22
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lightgraphitehi i'm new in irc chat, i'm daniel planas(if anyone knows me) www.lighgraphite.com20:57
lightgraphitei'm doing somthink like that: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ayatana/Windicators/DanielsWindicators20:58
lightgraphiteA few days ago I see much movement in the mailing lists, is going with the theme: What would you like to work on?21:00
lightgraphitecan someone tell me?21:00
thorwillightgraphite: welcome. how could we not know who daniel planas is? ;)21:04
thorwillightgraphite: tell you what exactly?21:04
lightgraphitethis is the thread21:06
lightgraphiteI have not watched mailing lists lately and I'm not very good at English21:06
lightgraphitebut I have the feeling that something important is being discussed21:07
lightgraphiteartwork community seems to want to take more strength and go beyond the wiki is not it?21:08
thorwillightgraphite: the idea was to see how many people are on the list that are actually interested in getting some work done21:08
thorwillightgraphite: yes21:08
lightgraphitehowever, it seems as if the contributions of the community artists were never included in the distribution.21:09
lightgraphitewhich could be done?21:09
thorwillightgraphite: well, there's the community-themes package21:10
thorwillightgraphite: and we could do a wallpaper package, perhaps21:11
lightgraphiteI always thought it was keeping  crux and industrial themes for example, no one uses.! But modern themes as elementary or equinox everyone downloaded, so why not keep a number of good art themes? not much difficulty21:12
thorwillightgraphite: for xubuntu and edubuntu, we could even do default artwork21:12
lightgraphitethe artwork-comunity could be keep21:13
thorwillightgraphite: sure, collecting and packaging a few selected themes shouldn't be too hard. it's just somebody has to actually do it21:14
lightgraphitecould open a new topic in the mailing lists and make a collection of 3 or 4 themes that were included on ubuntu with the official themes and replace the old ones.21:17
lightgraphitethe community could give his vote and so everybody's happy.21:17
thorwilvish: what do you think of that? ^21:18
thorwili have to run, good night!21:18
* vish reads..21:19
vishhi dani!21:19
lightgraphiteVish you have read my conversation with thorwil, you do you think?21:19
vishjust reading it now..21:20
lightgraphitegood night thorwil21:21
vishlightgraphite: yes, thats the plan.. we want people to be more active on the mailing list , more chat/discussion about art.. the community has been too silent for too long21:22
vishlightgraphite: did you see my latest reply to the list?21:22
vishabout equinox and newer themes?21:22
lightgraphiteno, you can post me a link?21:23
vishlightgraphite: are you subscribed to the list?21:23
vishthis is the mail i'm referring to : https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2010-September/012330.html21:23
vishequinox uses its own engine , if we are to package such themes then we need to get the engines into Ubuntu as well21:25
vishotherwise they wont work21:25
lightgraphiteadd new engines also means less space is to need consider21:26
lightgraphiteit's true21:26
vishlightgraphite: i would suggest you subscribe to the mailing list too, and reply that you want to take part in artwork.. :)21:26
lightgraphitebut even if not add new engines have many themes to be included right before the old gnome themes21:26
lightgraphiteok? i'm subsribe now21:27
vishwe need people to say that they are interested in doing work … it would be nice to know there are active people on the list ;)21:27
dylan-mOkay, I need ideas: what's a good fake name for the user in screenshots for the installer slideshow? :) (I'm terrible at both remembering and inventing names)21:28
vishlightgraphite: dont worry about your english though.. I do understand most of what you are saying, your english is good :)21:29
lightgraphitethanks xD i'm studying now21:29
vish well, well , look who is here! if it aint dylan-m himself ;)21:29
vishdylan-m: what installer screenshot?21:30
lightgraphitei'think de user name could be: user21:31
lightgraphiteSimple and recognizable21:31
dylan-mall of them! The 8 or so screenshots we have in Maverick's installer slideshow. I'm hoping to avoid that all-too-common situation where we have a generic username and pictures where nothing is happening21:31
vishdylan-m: oh you mean the top right username?21:32
dylan-mYep, that one.21:32
dylan-mThe current stuff (swiped from the web site) does the latter part quite well, but the username (which we see in a few places) is “ubuntu”, which strikes me as odd.21:32
vishdylan-m: one way we could do is look for inspiring names.. related to computing.. ex: "ada"21:34
vishthats too short though ;p21:34
lightgraphitejohn? lol, i think the better solution could be: user name21:35
dylan-mI do like that line of thought. Nice idea :)21:35
lightgraphitebecause everyone know what is written there21:35
vishlightgraphite: yea, but that becomes impersonal.. having/using a real name makes the screenshots feel like it was taken from a real user21:36
lightgraphitethen we must use a name widely used international21:36
lightgraphitefor example, michael? i dont now which are the most common names21:37
vishdylan-m: googling lead to : http://shibuvarkala.blogspot.com/2009/08/famous-personalities-of-computer.html21:38
vishdylan-m: "Claude"  ?21:38
vishmaybe we could look for more open-sourcy...21:39
lightgraphiterichard stallman21:40
vishdylan-m: or " doctormo "  ;)21:40
vishdoctormo: just naming a famous person in ope source ;p21:41
vishdoctormo:  <dylan-m> Okay, I need ideas: what's a good fake name for the user in screenshots for the installer slideshow? :) (I'm terrible at both remembering and inventing names)21:42
vishdoctormo: i suggested : one way we could do is look for inspiring names.. related to computing.. ex: "ada" … any suggestions?21:42
doctormovish: Alan Turing, certainly. He needs more bumb.21:43
vishdylan-m: ^21:43
lightgraphiteWe could have lots of fun with this, perhaps SteveJ, for people who are fixed, it will be fun.21:44
dylan-mThat would work. Alan is longer than three letters :)21:44
* dylan-m wonders if this industry could survive another person named Steve21:45
dylan-mSorry, I timed out there. The wifi in this building has gone completely downhill :(21:52
dylan-mErr, then the kernel died :/22:00
dylan-mI think I'll go with Alan. It's a solid name and it looks pretty with the new font.22:02
dylan-mThanks for the suggestions!22:02
* darkmatter throws a hefty blunt object at vish22:40

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